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For The Glory [Hiatus]

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“Do you think that this is enough to defeat me, huh?! You damn heroes!”

He is out of his mind. It is no more the Tomura Shigaraki they have been fighting against since their first year of high school. It’s a mad man now. A mutation of a bloodthirsty, brainless nomu and a human being who has lost his last threads of humanity. He turned himself into a monster, and as the new generation of the young pro heroes - they’re responsible for defeating him.

Chargebolt feels the electric currents jump and swirl around him, enveloping his tired muscles.  


The pain is gone. It’s so easy to manipulate his nerve system with his quirk.

"Stop it, Shigaraki!” Deku stands a few meters ahead of him. His fists are clenched and body is shaking with pure rage. Not only him, though.

“Make me!” he darts forward and hits Deku, whose body lights up in greens and reds. The force of the collision between the two opponents makes the air around them whistle and swirl in a small tornado which blows away small pieces of the crashed floor beneath them. Deku can’t stop him alone.

Ground Zero roars and soon enough the battle regenerates, even though they were all drained, bleeding. The battle cry of Shigaraki calls the other nomus. Deku and Ground Zero are against him, while the rest prepare themselves to face once again the unscrupulous monsters’ army dashing toward them. Uravity is the first to attack - she forces the crashes around them to float above her head and wrecks it upon the monsters.

Red Riot is the next to leap and smash the head of the closest one. 

Suddenly someone jumps at him from behind. “Come with me,” it’s Earphone Jack who grabs his palm. She is blood soaked as well. Her image is a little blurry in his eyes. When he thinks about it - everything is clogged and moves funny. He shakes his head, forcing his attention to the heroine. “There are still people in the building.”

Chargebolt’s eyes go wide and round, “Shit-” he breathes out, then looks at their friends struggling against the nomus - “But the nomus-”

“You’ll go stupid at any moment now, right? It’s not smart for you to use your quirk - so come with me!”

She isn’t wrong.

Earphone Jack signals to someone behind them that they are going, and both dart inside the crumbling building. They use the stairs -he thinks- and run to the upper floors. His mind is still clogged, it’s as if small clouds are floating all over the place, and no matter how many times he tries to blink them away they don’t leave.

He also can barely feel his body, and it’s’ weird - as if he isn’t the one using it. Chargebolt feels tired.

People scream in terror, their voices echo in the corridors and crack in his ears like drums when the fight outside make the building quake. “Hurry up!” Earphone Jack is leading them outside - when has she gathered all of them? They weren’t here a moment ago! - as Chargebolt checks if anyone had been left behind.

He doesn’t remember doing it.

“Is there anybody here?!” his voice is muffled by the explosion from outside. The whole building trembles, the floor crashes from above. “Fuck-” he swallows a lump of panic, his body is drained and he isn’t able to function properly. “We need to get out of here!” yells, knowing she will hear him. 

He pushes people to move faster down the stairs, sanding electrical zaps to explode anything that’s threatening to smash their heads off. The building is dangerously close to collapsing-

And in fact, it does. 

As soon as the last person comes out of the building, the ceiling collapses. Kaminari leaps forward and pushes Jirou out of the way, a squeak of a surprise rolls out of her lips. Her eyes widening in terror as he falls to the floor.

His face crashes in the rock below. The pain erupts inside him even though his mind is still fuzzy. But wait, isn’t that what happened- or…?

The pain is agonizing. He refuses move.

“Kaminari!” the voice is muffled, almost as if it isn’t here. He can’t lift himself, his legs are trapped; smashed under the collapsed ceiling. He doesn’t feel them anymore.

“Run-” he chokes out. 

Then another explosion shocks the place. 

The sound of a crash echos around him. A scream. Does anyone call by his name? He can’t tell. Nothing feels real anymore. His mind is torn away from the events more and more as an irritating beeping echoes in his ears so loudly that his eardrum is about tear-


The annoying buzz of his phone vibrating in his pocket woke him. 

Kaminari jolted up his eyes wide and terrified. Confusion took over him for a few moments before he remembered where he was. On his bed, in his apartment, after passing out from the drug. He couldn’t feel his arm like he fell asleep on it. But he could feel that he was trembling and shivering.

His forehead was sweaty, as cold drops of it dropped down his face.

Everything was so blurry. His head hurt, his mouth was dry and body sore. An anxious feeling spreading in his chest: He had had a nightmare, but he couldn’t seem to remember what it was about. Perhaps it was for the better. His nightmares weren’t welcoming at all.

Kaminari swallowed. Inhaled. Exhaled. Everything was alright. It was just a dream - but his body was aching. Especially at the places where his robotic limbs were connected to what was left of his original ones. He lifted his phone with the other arm, that wasn’t numb and trembling (was it even possible? He wondered). It took him a few moments before he was focused enough to read the name written on his screen - My Pretty Alien Queen - and tons of hearts. 

“Oh Jesus,” he mumbled under his breath and slided to answer, then put his phone on speaker and dropped the device next to him on the bed. “Hey,” his voice was hoarse. Denki cleared his throat. 

“Hey Kami, sorry, did I wake you up?” she giggled, her voice was happy and cheerful as always.

“Yeah,” he breathed out. “But it’s fine. I shouldn’t sleep all day,” he stretched his arm and moved it around until the numbness was replaced with prickly tickles and he could feel his arm again. 

“Oh well - Are you coming today?”

Denki frowned. “Where…?”

“To the bar, dummy. Bakuguo, Kirishima, Sero and I have a day off. Remember?” she chuckled. 

“Ah!” his eyes widened with the realization. “Right! Almost forgot, sorry.”

Mina laughed, but it wasn’t easing Kaminari’s discomfort for forgetting again something quite important. “It’s alright. You had your check up today, right?”

“Yah… I’ll probably be dead so excuse me ahead of time,” he joked, but felt that it wasn’t funny. He wasn’t even smiling. 

She wasn’t laughing either. “Then maybe we should-”

“No!” he jerked into a sitting position, and now his head was spinning. “No. It’s alright!” it wasn’t. He wasn’t feeling good. He hadn’t been for the past year and a half. Kaminari held his head and massaged his temples until the discomfort went away, even if just a little bit. “I’ll see you there, bye.” 

Mina sighed. “Bye,” she hung up.

Kaminari fell back and closed his eyes, trying to breathe in slowly. He was still shaking a bit from the dream, unable to remember it. But he could guess what he had been dreaming about. He shoved it to the back of his mind, out of his reach, as he always did.

“Fuck…” he whispered.

The bar was a very loud and messy place. Not that Denki minded, per se, he enjoyed crowded places and the music was nice - but not today. Today it just gave him a headache.

“Stop,” a large arm was shoved ahead of him and pushed him back. It was not strong enough to even make him stumble back, and he could just keep waking because despite how it looked like he could overpower the man easily but he obeyed. “You can enter only after the age of twenty-one.”

Not again. Sero and Kirishima looked back and giggled. “Sir, I’m twenty-six,” demanded Denki, shooting an irritated glance towards the guard. The man in the black sunglasses, even though it was ten pm, observed him for a few long minutes before he stumbled back with realization.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Chargebolt-”

Denki cut him before someone managed to hear him throughout the loud music. “It's alright, just let me pass.” he smiled a forced smile at the man, who nodded and moved away. Denki stepped towards his friends, sighing heavily. “Is this going to keep happening or will I have to be like forty for it to stop?” he murmured, Sero wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

“Who knows?” he poked his side playfully, Denki smiled tiredly, and they entered the club.

The dance floor was crowded with people who were probably half drunk, dancing to the rhythm of the loud melody. At least they were happy. 

The bar was full and they barely managed to find an empty table, miraculously, they had settled in before anyone else did. Pink, blue and purple lights flood the place, and it was dazzling. Honestly, he just wanted to sleep. But that wasn’t him speaking, it was the drugs.

“Sweet,” Kirishima chuckled as they receive their menus. “So what’s up, guys? How are you today?”

“Very tired,” laughed Sero.

“Mood,” Denki sneakered, leaning with his upper body on the table.

“I can’t believe that we got a day off. And that we managed to get the same day,” Mina beamed. “I missed you all so much, it’s not even funny!” 

“I would’ve gladly stayed home and sleep,” noted Bakugo, eyes glued on the alcohol menu. Kirishima smacked his head.

“He’s happy to see you too,” he translated. “Kami, how’s your new job has been?” he asked, looking at the blonde. 

Kaminari forced himself into a normal sitting position. “Fine,” he shrugged. Recently, he had started working at a small coffee shop, not that far away from his house. His state of body and mind still didn’t allow him to do a normal job, not that he knew exactly what he wanted to do, but he couldn’t live off what the government paid for a retired, handicapped pro-hero. The money was simply not enough to pay for everything, so he decided to work.

He couldn’t work for long hours, he couldn’t stay focused for a long period and needed a lot of rest. And it wasn’t because of his physical state… It was because of the treatment. And he could do nothing to change it.

“Why don't you find yourself a normal job?” retorted Bakugou. 

“Katsuki!” Kirishima snapped. Denki flinched.

"It's alright,” he reassured Kirishima. “He’s right… but Bakuguo, I’m just not able-”

“What would like to order?” a waitress cut them off.

Denki shut his mouth and looked away, escaping Bakugou's piercing gaze. He could hear his friends talking in the background, but he wasn’t part of it. The heavy feeling washing over him yet again, and he found himself fidgeting uncomfortably with the fingers of his left, bionic arm. 

He was out of his trance when Mina poked his shoulder, it was his turn to order. He couldn’t drink alcohol today, so he just ordered a juice, he wasn’t hungry so he decided not to spend more money than necessary. The waitress smiled kindly- no, excitingly (probably because she served four, famous pro heroes) and left them alone. A heavy sigh escaped his pale lips.

“So-” Kirishima started, all of their attention went to him. He told a story, something funny about his day, involving Katsuki of course, but Kaminari wasn’t listening. He was more like, nodding as an acknowledgment that he heard him, and he felt a little bad doing it - but he still was. 

It was one am when they decided to head home. 

Denki hugged Mina the last, nuzzling a bit into her neck. “Maybe we can meet up someday, just the two of us?” he asked. Mina clicked her tongue, patting his back.

“I’ll text you. Is everything alright? You look off,” she broke the hug and looked at him from beneath. Denki refused to maintain eye contact and wasn’t answering. He didsn’t know what to answer - especially because it was the same as always: The pills. The pills just made his brain wrecked and miserable for twenty-four hours. “Kami… Is there no other treatment?” her voice sounded desperate. 

Denki shook his head. “No. At least nothing that they told me. Everything is just… Worse. Like way worse than this. It’s so fucked up...”

Mina grabbed his wrist and held it up, her yellow eyes observed it as if for the first time. He could feel her fingers rubbing against the cold metal, a new technology that Mei used on him without his permission - that was why he was also drugged by her. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” he chuckled softly. “Well, I gotta go. Is your car here?” only when she nodded and pointed toward the car, he allowed himself to say his farewell to her for the night and both parted ways. Denki couldn’t drive until tomorrow evening, thus he decided to walk home.

It wasn’t like his bionic legs could get tired or anything. 

The allies were dark, quiet. He liked the night time, especially because he was alone in the streets and didn't have to face the looks people gave him. It was ridiculous - he retired more than a year ago, it was time to let it go. Apparently not. 

The breeze was calming, and softly caressing his face. Shivers ran down his spine, but he was comfortable, he liked it. There was nothing scary about it. Denki never thought that he was the type of guy who enjoyed late night walks with only the moon and stars looking at him, but wonders never ceased. 

Denki walked slowly. It wasn’t as if someone was waiting for him…

Oh wow, he hadn't been dating since… His last year at U.A. After breaking up with his ex, he was so busy with work that he hadn't the time for a relationship. And then, the Shigaraki Incidence happened and… From there, it just went downhill. 

He shivered. Denki didn't want to talk about it. 

A knot was formed in his gut, despite his attempts to distract himself from it. He breathed, it came out shaky - and then suddenly he heard footsteps. 

Someone was running, toward his direction. It was followed by heavy panting, which made Denki tense. It could be some alcoholic or drug user, and he really, really didn't want to deal with it now-

Except, that he was wrong. 

In front of him appeared a man, wearing a white lab coat, a scientist maybe? Or at least he thought so. The man’s face had stubble from not shaving, dark hair was greasy, glasses covered in some weird liquid that dripped down his face and chin. He was sweaty and stinky, his body lean and trembling. The man leaned against the wall and his eyes fixed on Denki, who stumbled back a bit, unsure how to react. 

"Uh, sir-" Denki choked on his word. "Are you- are you alright?" 

Why did he care? He was not a hero anymore. He wasn't supposed to be helping people in need. No one helped him when he needed it the most. 

"Kid-" the man coughed harshly, and then his legs collapsed under him and he sprawled on the floor. Denki gasped in surprise and kneeled next to him, eyes widening a bit. 

"Sir, hold on! I'm calling-"

"No!" the man roared, and with what seemed to be his last force, he lifted himself with his arms. 

His long, pale fingers crawled into his pocket and pulled out an envelope. He held it out, his hand was extremely shaking as if it was on a breaking point. Only then Kaminari noticed the blood that stained his clothes and his body and continued to spread on the floor below him. The man coughed again, this time spitting blood from his mouth.

Denki's heart raced - he didn't understand, his fuzzy mind couldn't follow what was going on. 

"Take it, and don't -" the man spited more blood as he tried to talk, his arms gave up and he shoved the envelope to Denki - then bumped to the floor. "Don't let them have it…" 

"Wait!" Kaminari cried out, his face was pale and body trembling because he was just so confused. He needed to call an ambulance, the police, the man was about to die-

"Go!" he choked on his words, looking from beneath at the pale blonde. "Hurry-" then, his eyes rolled in their sockets, and he collapsed, leaving Kaminari to stare at him in horror.