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Join the Mafia, Kiddo

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It's been two years since that fateful summer in '99. He was 18, and Higashikata Josuke was (finally) in his last year of school. Summer break was just out of reach, and couldn't come soon enough.


Or so he thought.


Josuke was lost in his own thoughts, thinking about what happened;it crossed his mind at least once and a day and it would consume him for a good couple of minutes. He was pulled away by a familiar voice calling his name.


"Josuke!" The gruff voice called to him. He couldn't forget the voice of his best friend anywhere. He turned around and saw Okuyasu, with Koichi falling slowly behind.


"Hey guys!" He smiled at them. Okuyasu got to him before Koichi, who was slowly walking along.


"Koichi, are you good?" Josuke asked with actual concern.


"/No/." He responded in frustration. "Okuyasu, that was god awful."


Josuke rolled his eyes and he looked to Okuyasu, who was snickering to himself. "What did you do this time?"


"I may have, um-"


"On his way to catch up to you, he left me in his crop dust, if you understand what I mean." Koichi sounded frustrated. Although he was disgusted now, he knew that they wouldn't split up over this. Okuyasu and Josuke were crying laughing. "I love how you guys laugh about my pain." To try to hide his smile, he walked past the two of them.


"You know I can't help it, Koichi! I had beans for lunch, it just happens." They kept laughing as they caught up to him.


"Right, but I feel that at a certain point you would realize 'oh, this may not benefit my friends or the people around me', yes?" Koichi smiled and rolled his eyes.


The three of them continued on their way home, stopping their playful bickering over Okuyasu's stomach. Koichi talked about him and Yukako's relationship, Okuyasu talked about the stupid, but funny, prank he played on Rohan and the outcome of said prank, and Josuke complained about the new guy his mom was "dating". The continued talking until they reached Josuke's house.


"Hey, Josuke, what are your plans for summer?" Koichi asked him.


"Well, hopefully I can sit around and do nothing, or at least hang out with you guys. Unless my mom forces me into labor before I go off to university." They all laughed. "What about you guys?" Okuyasu and Koichi agreed. They continued talked a little longer before Josuke said bye and went inside his house.


The lack of homework Josuke had, because it was the end of the school year, made him not even think twice about throwing his bag onto the couch, taking off his school jacket, and turning on his gaming console. He went into the kitchen and got a snack before sitting down. Before he could even sit down, the home phone rang. He rolled his eyes;it was either his mothers "boyfriend" or a tax collector. He slowly got up and moved towards to phone.


"Hello, Tomoko's not home right now." Josuke spoke, tired and just wanted to just relax after school.


"That's good to hear, Josuke, 'cause I need to talk to you." It's been about two years, but he couldn't forget the voice of his older neice.


"Jotaro?" He wanted to make sure it was actually.


"Yeah, it's me idiot, who else?"


"Well, my mom's-never mind. It's been, like, two years. How are you? Are you okay?" Josuke asked. Jotaro would pop up in his thoughts randomly every now and again and he would always worry about him, hoping he was alright.


"Yes, I'm good and I'm okay. Thanks for your concern." Jotaro responded genuinely. "But right now I need to ask a favor of you."


"What kind of favor?"


"A mission. In Italy."


"O..kay? What's up?" He wasn't to up for this yet, but he was still intrested.


"The Speedwagon Foundation has found the son of a past enemy, Dio. We're concerned he could be a threat like his fathers. He's lived in Italy all is life, however, his mother is Japanese and his step-father is Italian." Jotaro sighed. "I can't go because I have legal issues to attend to in America, but that's where you come in. I just need you to go for a couple of days, find this kid, see what he's like, and report to me."


This was quite a but for Josuke to process. "Why me? Why can't Mr. Joestar go?"


"They prefer someone who's a Joestar to go and meet him. You, me, and the old man are the only Joestar's alive as of now. But have you seen the old man? He isn't strong enough to defend himself." Jotaro explained.


Josuke really had to think about this. He couldn't leave his mother here alone, plus he had to finish school. But he was doing well in school anyways. Plus what else does he have to do? Play video games? Sleep? He made up his mind then.


"Alright, I'll do it. Where do I start?"

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Josuke had never been on a plane before, and he’s definitely never left Japan, so this plane ride was exciting. He had only gone to one major city before, which was Tokyo, a trip his grandfather arranged for his mom’s birthday. But even that was still in Japan, so it was amazing to finally leave Japan. Although, even though he knew how tough she was, leaving his mom alone made him nervous. If something happened to him in Naples, what would happen to her? He tried not to think about it too much ; he was such a mama’s boy.


Jotaro had called his home a couple days before he was supposed to leave and told his mother about the trip… kind of. Due to it being a stand user issue, he couldn’t give Tomoko the full scoop. All he told her was that he hadn’t seen his younger uncle in a long time and wanted to take him on a nice trip. The days leading up to the trip, he got calls from Jotaro with more info and a visit from a Speedwagon Foundation worker with a file about the boy they’re looking for.


Finally, the day came. He stepped outside with his luggage’s in one hand, meeting the black car out front. Tomoko walked out with him to say goodbye. Josuke and her hugged for a minute before she pulled away.


“I know you’ll be with that Jotaro, and you won't be gone for that long, but please be safe.” She looked up at her son. “And don’t cause him any trouble.”


“I wouldn’t cause someone like him trouble. But hey, it’s me! I can defend myself. There’s nothing to worry about.” Josuke smiled down at her.


“Yeah, well, that temper of yours may end up getting you in trouble.” Tomoko muttered, sighing. She looked back at him though, more genuinely, motherly. “But seriously, Josuke, please be careful. If you got seriously hurt… or worse… I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”


The look she gave her knew that she meant what she said. He understood why she was acting this way, and it really made his heart ache. “Yes, Mother.” He smiled a her, before hugging her again, this one a little tighter than the first. Soon she sent him off, waving until the car was completely out of sight.




Josuke walked through the aisle, trying to find where he sat. When he found the right seat, he stared out the window, thinking about nothing. Seeing that this might be a good time, since no one was sitting next to him, he looked through the file of the person he was looking for, looking for the name of him. Haruno Shiobana, huh? The kid had black hair and green eyes. He had a thin face and what looked like a skinny neck, but it was hidden under a blue tall collared shirt. He read about being half Japanese and half English, where he went to Middle, and more. When he saw someone getting ready to sit next to him, he tucked the folder away. He was ready to meet this Haruno,

However, what he wasn’t prepared for what would happen once they did.

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Josuke stepped off the plane. The air of Italy and the air of Japan were definitely different;something about the Napels air was crisp and cleaner. He walked inside the airport and tried to find his way out. He couldn’t read the signs, which looked like were only in English and Italian, and asking for directions probably wouldn’t help either. He just followed where the arrows pointed and hoped it would lead him to the outside, which it eventually did. He stopped to take a breather outside, taking a seat on a bench. While he did, he caught a very interesting scene play out.


It was a boy. His hair was braided in the back and from the side, he had a couple circular pieces of hair in the front of his head and he wore a dark blue jumpsuit. He stood in front of two police officers, who looked amazed. The blonde kid pushed the lobe and the shell of his ear into his ear. Josuke’s eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight. The two officers clapped.


“È incredibile!” One officer exclaimed. “Dovresti essere nel ragazzo del circo.” The three laughed at whatever he had said.


“Come si fa?” The other cop asked.


The blonde kid shrugged. “È il mio segreto” He winked at them. The kid waved them goodbye before passing a cigarette box to them with only a couple in the box. Odd… Josuke thought. He shrugged and g


“Can I offer you a ride?” He heard a voice from behind him, Josuke turned around and saw the blonde kid staring at him. He could speak Japanese? And something about him looked familiar, but what was it?


“No, I’m okay.” Josuke smiled awkwardly at him before turning away.


“No, please, I insist.” The kid followed him. “I’ll take you into the city for 180,000 lire.”


Josuke stopped and turned to him, doing the math in his head. 180,000 lires? That was… Josuke looked up at him once he figured it out. “180,000 lires is 10,000 yen! Are you trying to scam me?” He asked him. “And you look like you’re just a kid. Can you even drive?”


“Ah, I see. You’re not easy to trick. That’ll be handy when your here.” Josuke noticed how he completely beat around the age question. The kid sighed. “Fine, how about this: I’ll take you into the city for 10,000 and I won't ask for a tip. What do you say?”


“That’s only 500 yen..” Josuke thought. “No, it’s fine, I’ll just wait for a taxi-” The line for a taxi went completely passed the awning it was under. The kid gave him a look before motioning for him to follow. Josuke sighed, admitting defeat, before following him to his car.


He had a little teal car that seemed would be a cleaner option that a regular taxi. The kid loaded his luggage into his car, Josuke decided to keep hold of his smaller bag;it had the SWF file of the person he needs to find.


“So what’s your name?” Josuke asked him.


“Giorno Giovanna.” He told him. He searched in his pocket for his keys. “What about you?”


“Higashikata Josuke.” He introduced.


“Well, it was nice meeting you, Josuke.” Giorno says, stepping into his car and locking the door.




“Ciao.” He said to him before speeding away. Josuke panicked, chasing after him.


But eventually, the car, along with his luggage, successfully got away.