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Touching You

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There’s something magical about the domesticity that Reigen feels in the current moment. It’s not psychic powers, or telekinesis, or whatever else all of these espers surrounding him have. Pure feelings, a swell in his chest just because he is curled up next to his boyfriend’s warm body on his stiff couch in his dingy apartment.

On the TV they were playing an old movie Reigen wasn’t too interested in. Well, it was a movie that Reigen did enjoy somewhat, but there was a more pressing matter at the moment.

Serizawa Katsuya. This beautiful, warm man. Reigen runs his fingertips across Serizawa’s plush chest and down his stomach, rewarding himself with Serizawa’s airy laughter.

“Don’t tickle me, Reigen.” He says, mouth upturning into a small smile.

Reigen wants to do more than tickling to the man. He wants a lot more.

It had been a little over a year with Serizawa helping at the office, and several months of official dating. They move along slow, contrast to the quick pace of everything else in their lives. Neither of them minded, it was a welcome reprieve from the craziness that their lives were. Sometimes sitting together in quiet, doing nothing, was enough to fill the two with joy.

But, sometimes, Reigen got impatient about things. That is to say, Reigen gets horny when he thinks about his boyfriend. That’s a natural response, he thinks.

The issue here is everything was so new to them. Relationships were foreign to Serizawa, and it was something Reigen never really had the best luck in.

So they took it slow, Reigen made sure of it for Serizawa’s best interest.

And so Serizawa counted the time it took. It helped Serizawa to put dates to events, his fifteen years had blended together until he lost all sense of time and it scared him. Now he keeps notes.

They held hands for the first time two weeks into their relationship. They had their first kiss a month in. The first make out session was a month and one week in fueled by a night of drinking, and the memories still make the two blush. The first sober make out session was two months in. The first time Serizawa anxiously slipped his hands into Reigen’s pants was two months and three weeks.

He still doesn’t know if that was too early or too late. Reigen tells him not to worry, that whatever pace they wanted to move at was the right pace.

Now here they are, four months and one week later. The milestone of sleeping in the same bed was hit last week. Serizawa looks down thoughtfully at Reigen, who is already looking up.

They both lean into the other, their lips meeting in a sweet kiss. Serizawa laughs against Reigen’s lips, and Reigen laughs back as he places his hand on Serizawa’s upper thigh and rubs his thumb in circles there.

Immediately forgetting the movie, Serizawa cups Reigen’s jaw with both his warm hands and deepens the kiss. He slowly brushes his fingers along Reigen’s jaw until his hand reaches the back of his neck and twists around the hair at the nape of his neck. Reigen parts his lips and Serizawa nervously pushes his tongue past them, and it’s all over at that moment.

Reigen climbs into Serizawa’s lap to straddle his legs, wrapping his arms around Serizawa’s neck in a desperate attempt to pull him closer. There was too much space between them right now, and Reigen decided that was something that needed to be fixed. With a gentle breath of laughter, Serizawa tips his head forward and covers Reigen’s neck in languid kisses while his hands massaging into Reigen’s hips.

Reigen makes a noise in the back of his throat, glad he was able to hold back any moan that was trying to get out. He tilts his head back as far as he can and relishes in how Serizawa chases after him with his lips. Gently rocking against Serizawa’s thigh, barely holding back a low groan that almost bubbles up past his lips.

Reigen hears a deep groan, and suddenly his breath catches as Serizawa crushes his chest against Reigen’s. He’s so warm, and soft, and big, and Reigen feels almost delirious as he tries to keep himself grounded with his hands pressed into Serizawa’s back.

Serizawa grips the fabric of Reigen’s old sweatshirt and forces his nose into the crook between Reigen’s ear and neck. He knows it’ll rile the younger man up, and Reigen tries bracing himself by tensing but it’s really no use. Serizawa breathes deeply against Reigen’s ear, and that alone is enough to make his body jerk from the feeling.

“O-Oh.” Reigen stutters and twitches when Serizawa’s tongue presses against his neck. He feels heat pooling into his stomach.

Serizawa glances towards Reigen’s face, buries himself deeper into his neck and busies himself with wet kisses when he can’t see the other man’s facial expression. “Reigen, can we—”

“Yes.” Reigen instantly wheezes out, fingertips rubbing into the back of Serizawa’s neck. “God, yes. Just, don’t leave marks above the collar, big guy.” Serizawa’s chest rumbles with a deep groan at the thought but he nods enthusiastically.

They both cling to each other for dear life, grabbing at any part of the other they can get their hands on. Reigen moans and threads his fingers into Serizawa’s hair, which Serizawa reciprocates. It’s a lot. There’s a heat that Reigen can feel radiating from his core, pangs of pleasure and full body twitches from using Serizawa’s thigh to gain some friction.

Serizawa grunts and Reigen feels himself being lifted as the esper roughly picks him up to reposition their legs into the perfect angle to rut into each other.

Reigen takes a moment to inhale sharply and get his bearings before looking down at their interlocking legs. “It’s like puzzle pieces.” Reigen breathes out and Serizawa thinks he can hear the smile in his voice.

“I just wanted to do this.” Serizawa mumbles against Reigen’s neck, and when he finally moves away Reigen can feel the entire half of his neck being cooled as the air touches the spit Serizawa leaves behind. And without warning, Serizawa’s hands roughly grab Reigen’s hips and before he can get the chance to complain too much, Serizawa is pushing his thigh up into Reigen’s sensitive crotch while using his grip to force the smaller man into a grinding motion.

Reigen inhales sharply through his nose as Serizawa continuously grinds up into Reigen’s crotch with his thigh, getting his reward in the form of Reigen’s quiet, breathless grunts.

“Ooh, g-grinding on each other with our clothes still on...” Reigen reaches down into the waistband of his sweatpants while looking up at Serizawa through his light eyelashes and Serizawa nearly loses himself right then and there. “Do you think we’ll cum in our pants next, Serizawa?” Predictably, Reigen snorts at his own quip and the hand he’s stuffed into his pants starts to move around.

Serizawa doesn’t miss it, he’s watching Reigen like a hawk and the thought of that makes Reigen squeezes his eyes shut from some sick form of embarrassment that being on display gives him.

“Reigen.” Serizawa’s eyes dart from Reigen’s face to the hand currently down his pants. Reigen continues his deep breathing through his nose and slowly looks into his eyes.

Serizawa looks like he wants to say something about it, and a part of Reigen really wants him to. He just closes his eyes and groans at the thought of Serizawa grabbing his wrists with his rough hands. His sweet, gentle hands.

“Oh God.” Reigen tilts his head back but still tries his best to maintain eye contact with his fluttering eyes. “Come on, Serizawa.”

Something in Serizawa snaps, Reigen can see it in the way his eyes light up, and he thinks about how close Serizawa is and how pretty his eyes are up close and—and then he grabs Reigen’s hips with both hands and starts bucking and grinding together frantically.

“Shit—!” Reigen’s free hand flies up to cover his mouth as his jaw drops.

He decides rubbing his clit against Serizawa’s leg would be enough and that he’d rather be clinging to the man like he’s a tree, so he hastily pulls his hand out his pants to grip onto Serizawa’s wrist like some sort of lifeline.

It’s so new. The only times they had touched each other it had been mostly done in the office’s bathroom with slow and sloppy groping, neither of them reaching satisfaction from lack of time. Rare occasions included some pathetic form of humping that didn’t serve much purpose, but sometimes all you could do was make out on a desk and chase friction.

Now, Reigen feels everything building up low in his stomach and he can feel his clit throbbing and he is positive he has never been this wet before in his life.

Reigen whimpers, immediately feels his face turn red. It really is too much, and he quickly buries his face into Serizawa’s shoulder while he sloppily rolls his hips against Serizawa’s leg and does his best to grind his own thigh into Serizawa’s crotch.

“Oh, you’re…” Serizawa trails off and grunts, reaching up with one hand to hold the back of Reigen’s head. “Incredibly...incredible, incredible,” Serizawa stutters, tightens the grip in both of his hands.

There’s a sharp tug on Reigen’s hair that pulls his neck and back into an arch and he doesn’t even try to hold back the long moan that’s dragged out from him.

“Please don’t hold back.” Reigen is still being frantically ground down into Serizawa’s thigh, his fingers scrambling for purchase which is found on Serizawa’s thick triceps. “I didn’t know you could make these noises, it’s the first time—Ah,” he cuts himself off with a gasp and low whine as his hips desperately buck up into Reigen.

“O-ooh, we were at the office each time, so it’s only natural.” Reigen mumbles out, praying that Serizawa could still understand him.

Serizawa pulls him closer, their stomachs press together and the friction on his clit drives pleasure all the way into his bones. “Is it selfish that I just want to hear every sound you make?”

Reigen—with his head still pulled back and his pussy still being ground into—stares down at Serizawa. He’s got the sweetest eyes that Reigen has ever seen. Reigen tries to keep eye contact with a cool face, but Serizawa leans up and Reigen is bracing himself again. Then Serizawa kisses him gently on the lips.

The stark difference between the erratic grinding and the soft kiss drives Reigen’s stomach and chest to twist at the same time. He clings to Serizawa like he’s the only thing keeping him tethered to earth. Serizawa’s hand lets go of Reigen’s hair, stroking down his sides to resume the original place on his hips.

Reigen tries to kiss back, he really does, but when he’s desperately moaning and mumbling Serizawa’s name it kind of makes it extremely difficult.

“I think,” Reigen gasps for air against the corner of Serizawa’s lips, “I think I’m gonna cum.”

It’s whispered so breathlessly that Serizawa almost loses himself. He feels his power flare up and can feel Reigen almost floating away before he reigns it back in. Serizawa wishes he could say something cool and suave, but instead he just stumbles along broken words and wild moans as he pushes up and pulls down at the same time.

Reigen just trembles in anticipation, toes curling and thighs clenching around Serizawa’s body. “I-I’m…” He covers his mouth with the palm of his hand and both of their half lidded eyes lock onto each other at the same time. Reigen instantly switches over to use his hand to cover his red face instead of muffling his sounds.

He could push back some of the self consciousness about how he sounded, but the thoughts of Serizawa seeing his uninhibited facial expressions were too much for the moment.

Serizawa slowly leans in and caresses Reigen’s jaw with both of his hands, leaving Reigen wondering how in the hell he’s still getting ground into so hard until he realizes Serizawa is using his powers to rock Reigen against his thigh. Oh. He lets out a long, pathetic whine and furrows his brows so deep it hurts.

“Reigen, you can cum.” Serizawa whispers against his ear as one hand slides down his neck, stroking a gentle thumb along Reigen’s adam’s apple.

It’s not like he was really waiting for permission, he would have done it anyway without the go ahead from Serizawa. But, Reigen was a simple man, and he was always eager to please.

“Oh, fuck!” Reigen instantly bites his knuckles and throws his head back. He squirms and thrashes in Serizawa’s lap, and he’s still shouting out unintelligible things that Serizawa assumes are expletives as he continues to grind up into the man.

Reigen prepares to relax after his orgasm washes through him, but Serizawa’s hands go back to gripping Reigen’s waist and forcing him to roll his hips down. “O-oh…” Reigen’s leg jerks and he groans. “I-I really can’t...anymore...I’m…” It was hard to get his thoughts out when it took all his strength to keep his moans in.

“You’re so‒” Serizawa cuts himself off by kissing Reigen so hard their teeth bump together. He thrusts his hips into the air one last time before wrapping one arm around Reigen to keep him steady and presses his other hand into the heat between Reigen’s legs.

Reigen almost misses the grinding sensation, especially since he felt he could have quickly came again just from continuing.

And then Serizawa’s fingers press into the wet spot on his crotch and moves up to rub his clit in circles and Reigen forgets there was anything he was even remotely disappointed about.

“Oh, yeah.” Reigen shutters and slowly leans back in Serizawa’s lap. Serizawa definitely appreciates the view despite the loss of kisses

With his hips involuntarily bucking up, Reigen’s eyes dart from his boyfriend’s face, to his boyfriend’s hands against his crotch. He carefully moves his hands behind him to squeeze Serizawa’s knees as he leans back to expose more of himself. “Please, I’m so horny it’s fucking painful.”

“Ah, I’ve got you…” Serizawa whispers gently, but the way he grabs Reigen and pushes him down onto the couch is anything but.

“You--” Reigen tries to protest the shift but the words die off on his lips as he groans at the experience of being manhandled.

Serizawa’s eyes slowly move down Reigen’s body, to his three large fingers pressing against the fabric of the other’s sweatpants. At the feeling of the wet mess between Reigen’s legs, Serizawa takes in a shaky breath and slowly circles his fingers around in an attempt to soak the fabric even more. He could have never imagined how wet Reigen could get, especially since his experience with testosterone had the opposite effect on him, but Serizawa wasn’t really one to complain.

Reigen’s hips buck and grind into his hand, and when Serizawa finally pries his eyes away to look up at him he’s greeted with the sight of Reigen’s face, red and sweaty as he bites into the meat on his hand.

Swollen lips from when Serizawa couldn’t stop kissing him, hair disheveled and sticking up in all sorts of directions, eyes squinting then closing tightly with each whimper. It was new, and different, and Reigen was opening himself up in front of Serizawa both metaphorically and physically. He felt a pang of affection deep in his heart that caused him to bring his damp hand up and caress Reigen’s face with it.

“You look beautiful right now, Reigen.” Serizawa rubs his thumb along Reigen’s jawline, leaving a small sheen to his skin from where his wetness had covered Serizawa’s fingers.

Reigen removes his teeth from his hand, leaving behind dark imprints and spit that ghosts the faintest trail to his lips and Serizawa watches in hopes the image will be burned into his mind. The younger man scoffs and juts his chest out, dropping his head to one shoulder.

“I’m trying to be sexy, damn it.” He tries bucking his hips up against Serizawa to emphasize his point, but he just grinds up into nothing but air.

“You don’t think you can be both?” Serizawa gives a cheeky smile before he grabs one of Reigen’s wrists and gently pins it above his head, then moves his other hand back down to continue his rough rubbing.

Reigen jerks his head back and squeezes his eyes shut, pressing the back of his skull into the cushions of the couch like he might be able to disappear if he sank down far enough. He squeaks, gasps, and his free hand flies up to cover his mouth.

Something strong grabs his wrist before he can even get close enough, and he shivers and holds back a pathetic whimper when he cracks open an eye to see Serizawa’s deep purple aura surrounding his wrist.

There’s a shift in the esper that Reigen can see with his eyes and body language, and he would have thought more deeply about what it meant if he wasn’t so hazy.

“Is this okay?” Serizawa leans closer, stopping the rubbing at Reigen’s crotch as he loosens the grip of his other hand to gently slide their palms together. Reigen almost lets out a needy sob at the pure worry showing in the knit of Serizawa’s brows. “You just seemed to like it when I’ve done it before, so—”

“Yes,” Reigen, feeling his chest swell and his pussy throb, decided he was feeling way too many positive emotions that he desperately wanted to suppress as he arched his back and hooked a leg over Serizawa’s hips. “Katsuya,” he played with the name on his lips, face on fire, “I‒‒yeah, yeah, please,”

Serizawa jerks back like Reigen’s cheeks burned him.

He lets out the most anxious laugh Reigen has heard from him in quite a while, and covers his mouth and averts his eyes as the psychic energy around Reigen’s wrist begins to falter and surrounds other random objects in the room.

Reigen almost jumps up to ask what’s wrong when Serizawa speaks. “If...if you say my name like that, I might do something drastic…”

Reigen pauses, then, and sensing he may finally have the upper hand, he smirks and rocks his hips up slightly. He needs at least some illusion that he has any control or he might cum in his pants again. “Oh, yeah? Like what?”

Serizawa takes a deep breath through his nose and instantly both of Reigen’s wrists snap together in a tight hold, pulling out an unrestrained whine from the back of his throat.

This wasn’t exactly what he planned, but he wouldn’t complain about being restrained by Serizawa so roughly. Reigen knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Serizawa began slowly trailing his fingers down Reigen’s sides. He can’t help when his body twitches and spasms as Serizawa’s hands reach the small bit of skin of his stomach, revealed from his sweatshirt steadily rising up his stomach. Reigen squirms and shifts his body, feeling overwhelmed at being touched so gently under such intimate circumstances. Serizawa had only rarely ever touched him this long and lovingly through his clothes, times when he would hold on to the smaller man to give him gentle kisses and soft squeezes before they closed the office up for the night. Reigen could tell he was savoring the experience in the way his hands stilled as his thumbs rubbed circles near his hips. He gulped and pressed his lips together but it did nothing to quiet his deep breathing. His body betrayed him through sharp twitches and fluttering muscles in his stomach.

Serizawa pushes his large, warm hands further under the shirt, splaying them out as he drags them across Reigen’s stomach and sides. Reigen nearly jumps out of his skin, straining against the psychic holds that are keeping his hands firmly over his head. Inch by inch, Serizawa lifts Reigen’s shirt with his wandering hands, dark eyes intense and focused in a way that made Reigen clench his thighs from arousal. It felt so gentle he thought he might cry from every emotion building up inside of him, the nerves, the excitement, the lust; This intense squeeze in his chest the conman was terrified to think of as the possibility of love.

“O-okay, alright,” Reigen babbles out like an idiot, there’s too many thoughts racing through his head that any kind of filtering seems impossible. “Well...well, Serizawa, Katsuya, ah‒”

Serizawa slows down his movements and pauses. Reigen jerks his head up to protest, but the words die in his mouth as Serizawa pulls his hands away and gently lowers Reigen’s hands down. The esper anxiously twiddles his fingers together, a nervous habit Reigen recognizes he hasn’t been able to shake for the past year as a Spirit’s and Such employee.

“Please feel free to stop me, Reigen. We don’t...” Serizawa trails off before he can blabber and stares down at the other man with eyes full of nervousness as he doesn’t finish his thought.

Oh. Reigen immediately sits up and pulls Serizawa into a soft kiss, pressing his hand into the back of his head and scratching at his hair with his fingernails. “I want this,” he pulls away long enough to breathe into Serizawa’s ear, “I want you.” He pauses before taking a deep breath, and finally decides to at least open a window in the walls he keeps around himself. “I’m only a little nervous, y’know, it’s not like I’ve had a lot of action before you came along.” Serizawa snorts and Reigen cringes, smacking his hand to his forehead out of exasperation. “You make me crazy! I can’t believe how suave and confident you’ve gotten over this past year. Feels like you’re gonna catch up to me any second,” he leans back and looks Serizawa in the eyes, giving him a genuinely goofy smile that gets Serizawa’s eyes to wrinkle with a laugh.

“I’m not sure I can see it, but I’ll take your word for it.” The esper smiles softly and Reigen’s stomach does a flip. “I just don’t want any misunderstandings.” He looks down between them and cautiously rests his hand on the inside of Reigen’s thigh, causing him a slight jolt at the feeling. “Did you want‒”

“Please, yes. My God, yes.” Reigen falls back onto the couch, dragging Serizawa down with him while grinding his hips into the air. “If I say anything stupid, just kiss me, alright?” Then, he makes sure to make eye contact with Serizawa. “Can you do that, Katsuya?”

Serizawa immediately beams and Reigen feels physical pain in his chest from how happy he is in the moment. “Should I do that outside of the bedroom as well?”
Ah, well.

“Shut up.” Reigen barks out laughter and grips the front of Serizawa’s shirt to yank him down, quickly wrapping his arms around the other man’s back and grasping at the fabric. “Why don’t you put that mouth to use?” Reigen tilts his head back and tries to hold off his self-righteous smirk when Serizawa immediately begins kissing his neck, licking slow stripes down to his collar bone where he begins to viciously suck and nibble at, finally reaching a point where his dress shirt would cover his skin.

“Oh…!” Reigen jolts, instantly reaching one hand up to clutch at Serizawa’s hair while the other claws at the shirt on his back. Serizawa grunts into Reigen’s neck and pauses, panting like a man who had just run a marathon. Reigen takes a deep breath to gain his composure, tilting his head to the side to look up at Serizawa. “Something wrong, big guy?”

Serizawa audibly gulps, snaking his arm down Reigen’s chest and stomach until it rests on that mortifyingly wet spot. He leans back and looks down at Reigen, pulling him closer by his hips so his ass rests on Serizawa’s lap and his crotch is pressed against Serizawa’s plush stomach. Reigen licks his lips, which were now feeling particularly dry, and rests his hand on the larger one pressed into his crotch. There must have been some kind of telepathic link between them, maybe Serizawa was able to do that. But Reigen would need to remember to ask later, because all he could think about now was the fact that Serizawa was slowly pulling his waistband down.

Their eyes meet, and Reigen bites his lip to fight back the moan threatening to escape him.

“Reigen.” Serizawa pauses. “Arataka…?”

Oh, that goes straight to Reigen’s dick. He slaps his hand over his mouth before any embarrassing noises can escape. The way Serizawa plays with the name in his mouth, more intimate than any gentle touches he covered Reigen’s body with. Is this what Serizawa felt when he heard his first name earlier? Reigen briefly feared the Pavlovian response that hearing Serizawa say his name would cause later down the line, but that wasn’t a priority in his mind. He needed Serizawa’s hands on his pussy. Now.

“Yeah, yes.” Reigen frantically nods, furrowing his brows together while he brings his hands up to cup his own face. It was hot, so incredibly hot, how had they not passed out yet?

It takes Reigen several seconds of squirming and panting to realize Serizawa hadn’t taken his sweatpants off yet. Reigen groans and slaps one hand against the cushions of the couch, reaching out with the other to grip onto the esper’s beefy arm.

Serizawa looks down at him blankly, just the hint of a smile curling at the corner of his lips. “This is the first time that we’ve gone this far.” He states simply. Then he runs his hand along Reigen’s arm and stops to gently grab his hand, rubbing his thumb against Reigen’s sweaty knuckles.


Serizawa cuts him off before he can say anything else. “I kind of want to hear the magic word from you. If it’s okay?”

Reigen groans and just barely rolls his eyes. “Please?”


Reigen scoffs and punches the cushion out of frustration. “What the hell, what other word is there?”

Serizawa is pointedly silent but continues rubbing into Reigen’s clit through his sweatpants, adding more force into it. He’s rewarded with the sight of Reigen’s frustrated face completely twisting into desperation as his legs kick involuntarily.


“There we go.” Serizawa abruptly stops and inches Reigen’s waistband down, eyes locked intently on the light blue boxers that Reigen was wearing.

“Seriously?” Reigen huffs and lightly smacks Serizawa’s arm. “Just your name? Does it get you gong or something like that?” Reigen pushes away the self-accusatory thought, the one saying he also had gotten extremely hot and bothered when the other man had said his name. He studies Serizawa’s face and glides his slender fingers down the esper’s hairy arm. “Katsuya.”

The cold air of the room suddenly hits Reigen’s legs and he yelps, watching as Serizawa flings his sweatpants over towards the bed.

“Please don’t say it so lightly.” Serizawa’s face is entirely red, and Reigen’s eyes trail down his neck to see the blush continuing past his shirt collar. It felt like that stupid piece of fabric was keeping some kind of secret from him. Reigen didn’t appreciate that.

Reigen looks bluntly up at Serizawa and pointedly ignores his comment. “You should take your shirt off, I feel like what we’ve got going on here is a bit uneven.”

“Maybe in a second,” Serizawa muses, then Reigen feels the hairs on his arms stand up as the same purple energy from before shackles around his wrists and pulls them up into the air.

“O-oh, this is so...unfair…” It’s nearly impossible to keep his composure as he looks up at Serizawa, thighs flexing in the search for some sort of stimulation. “God, I swear I’ll shut up, just touch me or anything.” Reigen throws his head back and groans, planting his heels into the couch cushions and rocking his hips in the air.

“That’s tempting, but I do like listening to you talk, Arataka.” Reigen responds to him with a drawn out groan. Serizawa pushes Reigen’s shirt further up his stomach, watching him closely for any signs of distress, until the hem of his shirt is pushed up right under his chin.

It’s the first time, for both of them. Reigen seems vaguely embarrassed about being the only one in the room almost naked, so Serizawa caves and decides to take his shirt off so they’re both seeing each other’s bare chests at the same time.

Serizawa’s chest is heaving with each breath, he’s covered in dark hair and Reigen knew it, he just knew it. The thick body hair trails its way down the pudge of his stomach and disappears into his pajama pants.

Reigen looks him up and down and groans loudly, spreading his legs further and using his feet as leverage to lift his hips off the couch. “Serizawa, Katsuya, please, you’re so hot, oh God, I can’t believe you’re my fucking boyfriend please please touch me‒”

Serizawa shushes him with a finger, face completely red, and he begins to pull the other man’s wet boxer briefs down. Reigen squeezes his eyes shut and pants like a dog, struggling to keep his thighs together from what Serizawa interprets as pure embarrassment. He finds it insanely endearing coming from a man who exudes confidence otherwise.

When Serizawa rids Reigen of the underwear, he firmly keeps his gaze on Reigen’s face. “Look.” Serizawa holds the pair of briefs up with both hands, much to Reigen’s chagrin when it stops the contact on his skin. “There’s a big wet spot.”

Reigen opens an eye, then lets out a strong moan before squeezing his eyes shut again. “What can I say? It’s all your fault, y’know.” Reigen gulps and turns his head up to nervously look in Serizawa’s general direction, his arms twitch in their psychic restraints.

“You soaked through enough that even your sweatpants are damp, Arataka, it...” Serizawa takes a shuddering breath before neatly placing the briefs on the couch next to him. “Nevermind, are you okay if I look?”

No matter how smooth Reigen pretends to be, there was no getting around the fact that no one had really seen him naked for a couple of years. The thought of Serizawa seeing him for the first time was so dreadfully exciting and nerve wracking all at once that all he could do was whimper and nod as he opened his legs.

“Ooh,” Serizawa breathes out and immediately bites down on his knuckles to prevent any noises he can’t hold back.

Reigen’s pussy was entirely too pink and wet from his build up of slick. Serizawa thought about how this was the best thing he had seen in his life—he had seen a lot in the past 4 years—and he wasn’t sure if he was just turned on by the sight of it, or if it was the fact it belonged to the man he’d been gradually falling for over the past year. Wow, it had been a long time.

“I like you so much.” Serizawa blurts out, then claps a large hand over his mouth as his eyes widen.

Reigen barks out laughter and turns his head to the side to hide himself into his shoulder, arms straining from the awkward angle they’ve been held at. “I really don’t know how to feel about that being the first thing you say to me when you see me naked.”

Serizawa gulps and leans down, propping himself above Reigen with one arm while his other hand gently rests on Reigen’s light happy trail. “Excuse me if this is blunt, but I’m going to...touch you…” Serizawa moves his hand down and finally rests on Reigen’s hard clit. He almost makes a comment about how cute his arousal is, but then he remembers that his boxers aren’t exactly bone dry either.

Reigen arches his back, biting his lip so hard that he can’t even make a noise other than strained breathing through his nose. It’d been far too long since he’d been touched down there by someone else, and the combo of extreme sensitivity and Serizawa’s large calloused fingers rubbing circles against his clit made Reigen’s mind shut off for a brief second.

“K-katsuya.” He had no idea what he wanted to say. Harder? Faster? Serizawa wasn’t even doing much and yet Reigen felt like he was almost done for.

Serizawa concentrated on keeping up the slow rhythm as he leaned down and kissed at the other man’s nipples. Reigen wasn’t extremely sensitive there, but he jolts from nervousness anyway. Serizawa shifts down and licks a stripe up from Reigen’s belly button to his scars and he lets out a combination of a yelp and a laugh.

“You don’t have to be gentle. At all.” Reigen tries to remind Serizawa, pushing his crotch harder against the esper’s hand. “I-it’s even more cruel than being rough, in my opinion.”

Serizawa humphs and begins to rub against Reigen’s protruding dick in quicker strokes, and Reigen eats his words as he breathes out a sharp gasp. He lifts his hips up higher and throws his head back, jaw dropping to let out small noises every now and then.

Serizawa leans forward, sliding one hand under the small of Reigen’s back to hold him up, the other hand continuing its rapid movements. “How’s this? You look like you’re really enjoying it.”

Reigen jolts and wriggles his hips around, then he wheezes out, “Gotta touch you, please.” A whimper. “Katsuya…”

Serizawa moans and buries his face into Reigen’s neck, instantly dropping his power’s hold on Reigen’s arms. Reigen is clinging to him in less than a second, panting and moaning into his ear and spreading his legs so far his foot finds purchase at the top of the couch.

“Katsuya… Katsuya, Katsuya,” It’s so easy to slip into, probably because Reigen had been spending an embarrassing amount of alone time shouting it out. Reigen mouths at Serizawa’s earlobe, and the shock of it causes him to falter his motions against Reigen’s clit.

“Fuck, one second,” Serizawa wraps one arm against Reigen’s waist and pulls him up so his back is propped against the arm of the couch. Serizawa kisses desperately at Reigen’s collar bone and chest, holding Reigen’s sweatshirt up once his hand becomes free.

Reigen sighs softly and pets Serizawa’s short hair, grabbing the hand that Serizawa is using to hold his shirt up. “What’re you doing?”

Serizawa looks up sheepishly before he ducks his head. “I want to finger you, if that’s okay with you.”

Reigen’s body is wrecked with a hard shiver. “Y-Yeah. Uh, gimme your hand…”

Serizawa lets Reigen take his hand that had been playing with his clit, and he watches intently when Reigen sticks Serizawa’s middle and forefinger into his mouth. Serizawa whimpers and rearranges himself so he can grind his crotch into Reigen’s leg.

It’s then that Reigen realized Serizawa hasn’t cum yet, and he groans against Serizawa’s digits at the thought of how turned on the esper must be.

The slurping sound that Reigen creates when he wraps his tongue around Serizawa’s fingers causes both men to turn red. Reigen suckles on Serizawa’s thick fingers one last time before pulling away, and he almost laughs when a string of spit still follows the fingers. He feels like he’s in some kind of fucked up porno.

“Gonna do it now…” Serizawa mumbles to himself and gulps, and it reminds Reigen that neither of them would be the best candidates for porn. They’re both too nervous and inexperienced and Reigen laughs lightly just from pure excitement and joy, spreading his legs and shifting to give Serizawa the best angle.

He fumbles as he reaches down and begins to rub at Reigen’s folds, fingertips searching around until they find his hole. Serizawa glances up at Reigen and slowly lifts him up with an arm under his waist, positioning himself so he can bend over Reigen. It was so warm and wet, and Serizawa was so nervous about hurting Reigen; at some point Reigen whispers his name and he realized he’d just been teasing Reigen’s lips for the past minute.

“Sorry,” Serizawa leans forward and presses his lips to Reigen’s temple. His finger slips in easily to the first knuckle, rewarding Serizawa with a soft moan from the man under him.

“Your fingers—Ah!” Reigen’s cut off by his own loud gasp as Serizawa pushes in deeper. “Oh, they’re huge,”

“Is it okay?” Serizawa bites his lip.

Reigen’s hand frantically moves across the couch until he can grip at the corner of the cushions. He looks up at Serizawa, pupils blown wide in his brown irises. “Go ahead and fuck me and I’ll let you know.”

Something snaps in Serizawa. Some sort of primal need to please Reigen, or maybe the fact that he has the chance to make Reigen scream and moan and whither around and cum on his fingers and maybe he could lick it off—Okay. Deep breaths, Katsuya.

At the first rough thrust, Reigen’s jaw drops. “Oh,” His leg kicks against the back of the couch on reflex and he feels his insides desperately clenching around Serizawa’s finger. “Oh, God—”

Serizawa huffs and curls himself in on Reigen and latches onto his earlobe, tugging against it in a way that has Reigen keening and arching his back. With his middle finger pumping in and out, Serizawa tries to regain his composure and slows down his thrusts to curl his fingers up, rubbing at the insides of Reigen’s wall. He hears small protests coming from Reigen at the change in pace, but if Serizawa is correct about his placement then he knows Reigen will be too busy screaming to complain.

“Ah!” Reigen’s high pitched gasp and bucking hips let Serizawa know he’s found the perfect spot. He’s so giddy about it that he laughs and kisses Reigen hard as he starts rocking his fingers up, starting with a slow pace. Reigen does his best to kiss back, but for the most part he’s gasping against the esper’s lips. Serizawa really can’t blame him.

He finishes with a soft kiss against the side of Reigen’s parted lips and raises himself back up so he can get a good look at his boyfriend. With a better angle, Serizawa presses his thumb against Reigen’s clit and watches the knit of his brows. He does his best to messily stroke and rub Reigen’s clit while thrusting into him.

It was a completely different experience to be able to watch as his fingers slowly slipped inside. Sloppily rubbing Reigen through his boxers in the Spirits and Such bathroom had its perks, but nothing could really beat this view.

“Katsuya.” Serizawa blinks and realizes he’d started to stare at Reigen’s pussy more than thrust into it. “You’re cute,” a slender hand trails up Serizawa’s arm and tugs at his body hair, “but if you don’t make me see stars right this second I—I don’t know what I’ll do, but you’re gonna regret it.”

Serizawa laughs at the attempt. It’s obvious Reigen tries to be sexy and suave, but for the most part he’s a desperate, sweaty mess. Serizawa wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You’re so needy. I just didn’t want to hurt you.” Serizawa teases and grins slyly. He slowly presses in a second digit and doesn’t miss the way Reigen bites his lip so hard it nearly turns white. With both digits in, he curls his fingers again and starts rubbing at Reigen’s wall. “Relax a little.”

Reigen narrows his eyes, seemingly ready to make a snarky comment before Serizawa’s slow thrusts cut him off. Everything drains from his face except for the expression of pure pleasure and relief. Reigen lifts his hips several inches into the air and lets out the most drawn out moan Serizawa has ever heard from the man. He studies every inch of Reigen’s face, sweat slicked enough that his bangs were beginning to stick to his forehead.

Reigen’s eyes focus in on watching Serizawa’s hand fuck into his pussy, so incredibly dirty, he shyly looks back up to Serizawa from underneath his eyelashes. Their eyes meet, and Reigen’s lips curl into a timid smile before he covers his mouth with his hand to hide the fact.

“So cute…” Serizawa gulps audibly and pulls one of Reigen’s legs over his shoulder, showering the parts of his leg he can reach with kisses. “So cute, Arataka.” Reigen’s leg twitches hard at the sensation.

He defiantly rocks his hips down onto Serizawa’s fingers, trying desperately to chase the feeling of being pounded into. “F-Fuck!” He tilts his head against the arm of the couch and arches his back. “Faster, please, please,”

Serizawa nods enthusiastically and speeds up the pace of his fingers. He watches Reigen squirming into the couch and grinding his hips onto the palm of Serizawa’s hand. Reigen takes a deep breath and holds it, small whimpers falling out until he reaches down and plays with his hard clit.

Serizawa feels a flood of relief at having that pressure taken off of him. It’s not like he didn’t want to play with Reigen’s dick for hours, more like he was one man who was currently too focused on fingerfucking his boyfriend into the couch. Speaking of which, he had a job to focus on.

There’s a slight hiccup in his rhythm as Serizawa readjusts into a better position, until he resumes the quick motions of his wrist again. He feels around in the warmth and makes sure to press his fingers deep into Reigen’s wall with each thrust. The way Reigen throws his head back, letting out a moan so loud it’s bordering on a scream, has Serizawa groaning and rolling his hips up in a search for friction.

“Katsuya-ah!” Reigen gasps for air as he starts to frantically rub against his clit, toes curling and legs desperately trying to hook onto any part of Serizawa’s body they can reach. “I’m gonna cum, again…” he pants loudly, his own hand rubbing even faster at his dick than Serizawa’s hand is thrusting, and the wet sounds they’re creating are almost shameful. “Don’t stop, don’t stop—”

Serizawa takes Reigen’s leg that is trembling on top of his shoulder and spreads it out. He squeezes Reigen’s inner thigh before slowly moving the palm of his hand to Reigen’s lower stomach. The muscles there are spasming from the task of keeping his hips raised into the air.

Serizawa wants to see how much a toy would wreck him, if the conman would scream, or moan, or maybe even cry with a vibrator spreading him open.

One day, but today Serizawa had to make sure he was focused in on Reigen’s blissed out face. There was the smallest hint of drool in the corner of his mouth, which was dropped into a large O shape that just brought Serizawa’s mind back to how Reigen would look stuffed with a dildo. Reigen was so good with his words, but even now his garbled pleas had such an intense affect on Serizawa. Well, more specifically, an intense affect on his dick.

Reigen’s lower half spasms and Serizawa keeps his gaze fixated on the other man’s face. His eyes are rolled back and every thrust causes the tip of his tongue to loll out of his mouth. Serizawa remains transfixed until he feels something brush against the hand he has pressed into Reigen’s stomach, and the sensation of Reigen’s hand grasping at his is the only thing that breaks his attention.

“S’ good…” Reigen forces out, and every other sound that tumbles from his lips are just incoherent as he yanks Serizawa’s hand up to his mouth, leaving messy open-mouthed kisses against his palm.

It’s so much. It’s too much, Serizawa faintly thinks once he realizes how desperate he is to make Reigen feel good. He deserves it. Serizawa vaguely processes the TV remote floating next to him.

“Oh, God, Arataka,” Serizawa leans closer, looming most of his body over Reigen to cover him with his shadow. Reigen feels like he’s under a safety blanket. “Is it good? You deserve this, you deserve to feel good.”

Reigen chokes out a noise, something akin to the sounds of a dying man, but Serizawa thinks it’s so sexy and yes, he might be a bit biased.

“You’re doing so good, you’re always so good, you’re—”

“Katsuya.” Reigen wheezes out, digging his heels into the couch and raising his hips high, higher until his pussy is almost level to Serizawa’s chest. His hand is desperately rubbing against his clit and his insides are clenching around Serizawa’s fingers, and for a second Serizawa imagines their roles are reversed and can barely choke back a moan. Reigen sounds like every word knocks the breath out of him. “Gonna cum again, don’t look—”

Serizawa whines. “But I want to see.”

“Fuck, fine!” Reigen cries out and covers his beet red face with his free hand, gritting his teeth, rocking his hips into the air and his thighs tense so hard they start to cramp. “Please, please, I can’t,”

Serizawa whines again, long and drawn out, and he finally breaks. He focuses his powers on holding Reigen’s ass in the air and rushes to start rubbing himself through his boxers. He tries to focus, tries so hard, but his fingers are losing their rhythm until it dissolves into sloppy thrusts.

All Serizawa can do is watch hazily as Reigen’s bites down onto the hand covering his face and moves his other hand to dig nails into his thighs. He convulses in the air, twisting against the aura holding him in place, and keens around the flesh of his hand.

“Oh,” Serizawa breathes, wants to say more, but his mind is on autopilot and is slipping his fingers out with Reigen’s mess covering them. He immediately takes over rubbing against Reigen’s clit, pushing him through his orgasm. Serizawa humps against his own palm, frantically trying to reach his own peak.

“Ka…!” Reigen’s breath hitches and his jaw opens in a silent scream, dropping his hand to grip at the couch cushions.

Serizawa gazes at him, takes in his sweaty, spasming body. His sweaty face, blushing down to his heaving chest, and Serizawa wonders how soon is too soon to declare his love.

And then Serizawa feels the heat deep in his abdomen and the tension in his thighs, so he gives Reigen one last stroke before he drops his hand to the cushions.

“‘Taka,” Serizawa’s chest rumbles with a groan but his voice is so quiet. He slumps down and rests his cheek on Reigen’s trembling thigh, locking their half-lidded eyes together. He keeps eye contact while he brings his fingers covered in Reigen’s mess to his lips. Reigen’s breath hitches and his eyebrows furrow when Serizawa gently licks at his fingers, then gracelessly sucks them into his mouth.

It’s not delicious, Serizawa decides, but it is Reigen’s cum that he’s tasting and the thought drives him mad. Rubbing rough circles around his clit, he lets out soft moans against Reigen’s skin and his fingers, mixing together with the other’s gasping breaths, until his legs shiver and he cums against his own hand with a loud gasp around his fingers.

As soon as he’s done, Serizawa drops his powers. Reigen collapses back onto the couch with a thud, and there are several more distinct thuds from other objects around the room that Serizawa will apologize for later, when he has more energy. As for now, the esper decides to stay folded in on himself to leave his head resting on Reigen’s stomach, one arm slung over the side of the couch and his other resting on Reigen’s chest.

Reigen takes in several shuddering breaths, thighs still quivering. Serizawa smiles softly to himself. They stay like that for what feels like a long time in their blissed out minds.

Serizawa is the first to move, which makes sense to him seeing as he wasn’t the one who came several times. He lifts himself off Reigen and looks down at him. He looks fine if you ignored the fact his face was red and covered in sweat and drool.

Still, Serizawa strokes his limp arm with the hand not covered in spit and cum. “Are you okay?”

Reigen replies with a drawn out groan and tries to open his eyes all the way. “Gimme a minute, really no holds barred there,”

Serizawa snorts and traces further down Reigen’s arm until their hands meet, and he gently interlocks their fingers together. “You didn’t seem to mind.”

“Looks like we’ve got a wise guy here.” Reigen huffs, but he still squeezes Serizawa’s hand tightly.

The corner of Serizawa’s lip turns up as he fails to hold back his smile, his gaze follows Reigen’s happy trail downward until he’s staring at the shining mess between Reigen’s thighs. “Should we, uh, clean up?”

Reigen makes a face, tilting his head to the side and pursing his lips. “Hmm, let’s cuddle instead.”

He slowly moves into a sitting position and looks Serizawa in the eyes before leaning in to give him a gentle kiss. He pushes his hands against Serizawa’s chest, squeezes a little, and Serizawa lays back into the couch with Reigen sprawled out on top of him.

They fall asleep with the movie credits rolling in the background.