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The First Night

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In his defense, it was only supposed to be once. It’s only ever once: one person, one bite, one confusing night they don’t fully remember and never should remember.  One person he would eventually forget.

So, all things considered, this was a failure.

The first time, Keith had been automatically drawn to him— too bright eyes in a too dark club, a trusting smile, an easy sway of hips. When Keith took him into his arms, he went willingly. It was the usual trick: a dance, a drink, a nearly drowned out exchange of names before tugging them closer and closer and farther and farther into a corner in a dark club until he could put them under a thrall. The boy— Lance, he’d said beneath the music— went down beautifully, eyes lidding sleepily and a small smile curving his lips. He leaned against Keith’s chest, nuzzling beneath his chin and grinding against his leg. It wasn’t an uncommon side-effect of the thrall— it was bliss, strengthening any desires that had been swirling before to turn a victim into putty in one’s hands, or in this case, against one’s hips.

They kissed him fervently, tangling fingers in Keith’s hair and pressing him against the wall. Keith kissed back, missing this part of the dance— this always was the best part of the hunt— and tugging his prey almost too tight against him. They only shivered, nodding and rolling their hips against Keith’s leg. Keith grinned, kissing down the side of his neck and shivering himself at the promise beneath the warm skin. He kissed his way back up, barely keeping his fangs from dropping as he worked back up to his ear, tonguing around the shell and letting his teeth scrape the tiniest bit.

“Let’s get out of here” Keith said, the sound nearly lost in the loud dark of the club, but more than enough for the young man in his arms, who nodded fervently. He kissed Keith one last time before turning them towards the exit.

“Taxi?” he asked breathlessly. Keith shook his head.

“What’s your address?” Keith asked tugging him down the block to his bike. Lance named a familiar street on Keith’s side of town and Keith smiled, handing Lance his helmet and ordering him to hold on. His arms locked tight around his waist and he rested his head against Keith’s shoulder. In a flash, they were taking off, Keith weaving through traffic far too quickly, but arriving safely at a brick apartment building. He helped Lance off the bike, following him into the building and letting him push him against the wall in the elevator.

“Inviting me to your place?” Keith asked, the question equal parts tease and necessity.  Lance only nodded, kissing a yes against Keith lips before the elevator dinged. He tugged him down the hall to a door with a navy welcome mat, and fumbled with his keys, stuttering out an awkward apology as he tussled with the lock. Keith pressed against Lance’s back, steadying his hand with his own and firmly turning the key, shifting the stuck lock and letting the knob turn.

“It’s a weird old building.” Lance explained, guiding them into the dark apartment. He reached to turn on the light only to find his wrist caught in Keith’s hand. Keith turned him around, pulling him against his chest and kissing him firmly. Lance fell into it immediately, arms wrapping around Keith’s shoulders as he walked carefully backwards. His back hit against the kitchen table and he giggled against Keith’s mouth, murmuring an apology between kisses. He loosed one hand from Keith’s hair, pointing in the direction of his bedroom only to have Keith shake his head.

“I think here is fine,” he murmured, kissing against Lance’s neck. Lance giggled as he found himself being lowered onto the kitchen table.

Usually, by this part of the night, this part of the hunt, Keith was feeding, or had even finished. His thrall would wear off soon, and he had yet to get his teeth on that beautiful neck. He kissed along the column of Lance’s throat, mouth watering as he worked his hands along the boy’s buttons. He kissed down Lance’s torso, unbuttoning his shirt along the way, and back up again, tangling a hand in his short brown hair and angling their faces towards one another. He kissed Lance deeply, exploring his mouth with his tongue, memorizing the taste of him and relishing in the way he began to shiver and pant beneath him as another wave of Keith’s influence washed over him.

When he pulled out of the kiss, Lance only sighed, lazy hands sliding through Keith’s hair and over his shoulders. Keith took a moment to simply gaze at the boy beneath him. A bright flush filling his cheeks and teasing Keith. His mouth watered and he leaned over Lance, trailing his nose along the side of his neck, sniffing along the thin skin.

Finally, he let his fangs drop, shivering as he sunk into that aspect of himself. He licked up Lance’s neck, nearly drooling against the tan skin as he kissed his way back to the juncture where neck met shoulder.

Feeling decadent, Keith took his time, kissing and nipping at the skin as Lance moaned beneath him, angling his head and lengthening his neck for Keith’s ministrations. Keith grinned, as Lance grew restless beneath him, arching his back against the table and grinding his hips up against him.

“Oh, c’mon,” he whined, the words barely a breath escaping his swollen lips.

“Ask me,” Keith whispered against his neck, letting his hands slide down Lance’s body. He gripped his legs, tugging them up round his waist and smiling when Lance hooked his ankles around his waist, holding Keith in the cradle if his thighs. He ground up against him.

“Please, oh god, please—”

“What do you want?” Keith asked, working another hickey into Lance’s neck. “What do you want from me—”

“Anything. Anything, Keith— aah!”

In a second, Keith sunk his teeth into Lance’s neck. Lance jerked in his hold at the shock of it and Keith tightened his hold on the other boy, keeping him in place as he began to drink from him. Lance panted into the air, pulse quickening as he began to panic. Keith ran his hands up Lance’s chest, holding him steady and soothing him as well he could with his mouth otherwise occupied. Lance shivered beneath him, whimpering quietly and tightening his hands in Keith’s hair. He tugged weakly, shaking hands moving frantically against Keith's head and down over the back of his neck.

Keith grabbed Lance’s arms pushing them above his head and shifting his wrists to one hand. He let another wave of his influence roll over him, and Lance stilled beneath him before melting against the table. Keith pressed his chest against Lance’s, covering him with his body. Lance moaned weakly beneath him, rolling his hips up against Keith, legs falling open where Keith was between them. Keith nodded against his neck, letting the hand not holding Lance’s wrists slide down his body to squeeze his ass. It was indulgent, but with someone so beautiful and willing beneath him, Keith found himself helpless to resist.

While he struggled to pull his mouth from the delicious font of Lance’s neck, he similarly struggled to separate his hips from the other boy. The entire time he fed, he found himself grinding against Lance. He drank slowly, drawing the usual five minutes into fifteen and simply reveling in the sounds coming from boy beneath him. When he pressed Lance’s hips hard against the table, he sighed high in his throat, the whimper nearly as sweet as the blood Keith was drinking. Lance’s thighs trembled on either side of Keith’s hips every time they brushed together and his moans came more and more frequently. His breath began to hitch on the inhales and even in his pliant state of the thrall, Lance began to mumble ‘oh god, oh god’ under his breath. His wrists twisted in Keith’s grip and his thighs closed tight on either side of Keith’s body.

Keith separated from Lance’s neck in time to see it happen, in time to watch as his back arched and he shivered against the table, and he keened long and low, hips pushing desperately against Keith’s as he came.

Keith couldn’t help a grin, he released Lance’s wrists, though his arms remained limp over his head. Keith leaned down and licked against the small punctures on Lance’s neck, lapping up the last of the blood and letting his saliva begin to soothe and heal the small wounds. Lance sighed, one slow hand lowering to comb fingers through Keith’s hair. Keith pulled away, letting his own hand brush through Lance’s hair as he gazed at the other boy. His eyes were half lidded, dilated to barely a sliver of blue from the combination of the thrall and his recent orgasm.

Carefully, reluctantly, he pulled away from Lance, who tried to sit up after him only to clutch his head and sink down on the table.

“Not so quick,” Keith murmured feeling a little guilty for so long and intense a feed. He gathered Lance into his arms, carrying him easily as he looked around the dark apartment. He found the bedroom and laid Lance on the covers. He tugged off his jeans before helping him settle under the blankets. He went back to the kitchen, searching briefly in the cupboards before finding a cup and filling it with water. He came and sat beside Lance on the bed, using the last traces of the thrall to convince Lance to hydrate before going and refilling the cup, leaving it on the nightstand.

Lance blinked up at him, the last traces of the thrall lingering in his dilated eyes. Were Keith thinking straight, he would have left then. Would have used the last of the fog in Lance’s eyes to make his escape, leaving him safe in his bed.

Instead, he found himself leaning towards him. They kissed slowly, a kiss Keith tried to convince himself was just a kiss goodnight. But, as Lance’s fingers clenched in the collar of his shirt, Keith’s resolve began to crumble. When Lance opened to him, flicking his tongue against his lips, Keith nearly broke entirely. With great reluctance, he pulled away, smoothing Lance’s hair back and pushing him back against the pillows.

“Rest,” he said gently, knowing that no matter what the two of them wanted, Lance’s body needed to recover from the taxing feed. He slipped out of Lance’s arms before he could respond, tiptoeing to the door and leaving Lance in darkness.

In the morning when he woke, Lance wandered into the kitchen and found a note on the counter. In curling script it listed an address downtown, a date and a time. Beneath it said:

“Til next time. — K.”