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'Cause You Have Stars In Your Eyes, Darling

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Shen Yuan was an avid reader. He loved to read anything he could get his hands on. When he was younger his body was weak and he would easily fall sick making him be constantly confined to his bed, because of this he learned to enjoy the company of books. As he grew older and his body became strong enough to leave his “prison” he started to explore more hobbies, but none was able to make him leave his beloved books. 

Proud Immortal Demon Way was one of his favorites. Though not because of the plot, mind you. He in fact hated it very much. What he liked about it though, was the main character: Luo Binghe. 

Shen Yuan thought the stallion protagonist deserved the world. He was such a white lotus during his childhood arc he just wanted to warp him up in a blanked and never let him get hurt. During the Abyss arc the feelings grew stronger, and as the ending of the story approached, Shen Yuan could not help but want to hug the man. 

Once PIDW reached to an end Shen Yuan found himself spitting fire. He wrote a scalding review to the shitty author cursing him to hell and he might had said some other things... In the end, he was so enraged that in an effort to calm himself he had accidentally grabbed the carton of expired milk he had meant to throw away and chugged it down, not even taking notice of the flavor.  

He died.  


But the pain he felt certainly made him feel like death was the better option. 

The next three weeks he found himself stuck in the hospital because his food poisoning turned into a whole bunch of other issues and the doctors decided it was better for him to stay put. 

And thus, the end began. 

Or that was how to thought of it at the beginning. 

Let him explain. 

In the beginning Shen Yuan found himself without much to do. He was given sick live at his work, and his favorite novel had ended, so there was not much to do. Shen Yuan tried to re-read PIDW but he only found himself making his blood pressure elevate so he decided not to. It was also then that he learned that apparently the author of PIDW had passed away. No details were given but the notice was incredibly sketchy. 

It wasn't like it was his fault. 



He had only written a scalding review. Nothing more than Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky deserved. 




Despite the fact that his favorite novel had reached to an end, Shen Yuan found that his heart could not be settled. 


Because of the damned plot holes. 

So what did he do? 

He turned to fanfitction, of course. 

Before that, Shen Yuan had not seen the need to do so. He considered to be a critic of the fine literature and even if the works he read did not satisfy them he was of the mentality that he could simply pick another book and forget about it. Nevertheless, he found that he could not do the same with Proud Immortal Demon Way. 

Perhaps it was because he had spent years following the novel. Or perhaps he had invested himself a little too much on the story and the main character in particular, whatever the reason it might be, Shen Yuan found himself scouring the internet for any fan-made fiction that might fill the void Airplane had left with his writing. 

And he found it. 

It was by accident that he found a review of a story that not only seemed to fill the plot holes of PIDW, but had also delved into the characters personality and made them even more complex. 

All in all, the perfect story. 

The Empire by Steamy Buns Filled with Cream was a story with a royal setting, thought it still had much of the original's key factors. Luo Binghe was still an abused student that was cast away and managed to make his way back after discovering his secret heritage in order to extract revenge and sweep away his childhood sweetheart.  

Shen Yuan was vibrating with excitement when he learned about it and started to read the story right away. However, luck was not on his side. Four days after he had finished that wonderful story, he had managed to eat spoiled dumplings he had forgot to throw away. 

He died. 


When he opened his eyes, he was no longer in a world familiar to him.  

It took him a while to digest it, and in the meantime, he had to pretend to be someone he was not. Shen Yuan, courtesy name Qingyue was the son of a noble man and his main wife.  

And the twin brother of Shen Jiu aka Shen Qingqiu. 

Obviously, something was wrong here. 

At first he had thought he had transmigrated into Shen Qingqiu himself, but the belief was crushed soon crushed when a maid announced his brother was back and on his way to see him. 

After that, the domino pieced fell one by one and he was soon fully aware of his situation. 

Shen Yuan had transmigrated into a fanfiction of a fanfiction of Proud Immortal Demon Way. Or simply a parallel universe of The Empire


Let Shen Yuan enlighten you. 

It wasn't. 

Not only did he and Shen Jiu had to dodge attempt on their lives, courtesy of their father concubines, but they also had to avoid their older siblings’ (his father's concubines’ children) attempts to lose face while making alliances with powerful people. 

Shen Yuan might have been an adult and rich in his previous life, but he never had to deal with such things. 

Thank god (and wasn't that a shock) for Shen Jiu. If it wasn't for him, Shen Yuan was sure he would have been dead. He still felt bad, and sleep eluded him more often than not when he thought about the original goods. From what he had gather, he was not unlike himself when he was younger, weak and prone to sickness. Taking in consideration the medical development of the world, perhaps it was expected that he never was able to recover like Shen Yuan did, but at the same time it did not make sense, but perhaps it was simply because Shen Yuan was meant to be a cannon fodder. 

But wait... 

Did that meant that he fucked up the plot already? 



After his little revelation Shen Yuan decided that there was not much he could do with his present situation and decided make the best out of his situation. 

Shen Yuan learned that the goods’ brother was a little tsundere, and could not help but be endeared even if the was meant to be one of the main antagonists of Luo Binghe. He was such a good child that was simply trying his best to survive in the cutthroat world they had been trust into, while protecting his sickly older brother. Besides, if he changed Shen Jiu for the better, did that not mean that Luo Binghe's like would also be better? 

With that in mind, Shen Yuan worked hard to support and nurture his brother. After working as a preschool teacher, he had learned that positive reinforcement was the best way to encourage a kid, and while a child like Shen Jiu could be considered cold and calculative for his age, he was still a child at heart. Perhaps he could start with fixing the relationship between that friend of his. 

Not, where had Yue Qingyuan gone to. 



Shen Yuan could not stop the bubble of pride that filled his chest as he watched his brother and Qi-ge bow together at their wedding.  

Shen Yuan had done well. 

Ultimately Shen Jiu would always remain a little ice princess, and while he wasn’t able to stop his cold treatment towards anyone but Shen Yuan and Yue Qingyuan, he had avoided him developing an inferior complex and treating everyone around him like yesterdays’ trash. 

So definitely an improvement. 

Shen Yuan had mentally patted his back when he noticed that simply fixing Shen Jiu's relationship with Yue Qingyuan had improved the former's attitude significantly. It had been a misunderstanding that Yue Qingyuan hadn't wanted to clarify due to the fear of having Shen Jiu not want him around regardless. In the end it was also a plot of one of their older half-brothers so that the Shen twins could lose their connections to a formidable ally. Thank god Yue Qingyuan had been so insistent in staying near Shen Jiu. 

After that, they grew closer and closer Shen Yuan had grown a little bit concerned until one day they had sat him down and explained they were in a relationship now, and hoped to marry sometime in the future. 

And wasn't that a shock? 

Shen Yuan wasn't one to judge, but he had never thought that his brother would like men. 

Or perhaps it was only Yue Qingyuan. 

Whatever the answer was, ultimately it wasn't Shen Yuan's business, and as long as Shen Jiu was happy, he had nothing to complain about. 

Not too long after that, the Shen twins separated themselves from the Shen family, neither of them would inherit anything even if they were the legitimate children and became scholars under the master of Hua Hua Palace.  

Their courtship lasted almost ten years, but in the eyes of immortal cultivators, it was nothing. However, during those years the couple would sporadically leave to travel and more often than not Shen Yuan would find himself filling in for his twin. 

Which meant... 

Teaching... Luo Binghe? 


Shen Yuan did not question it. 

It seemed the boy was not being raised as a prince but was simply a servant the palace. Still, the Palace Mater seemed to be very fond of the boy and wanted him to have the best education possible, much like in the original PWID. So Shen Yuan did. 

Luo Binghe was the cutest child he had the pleasure to teach. Obedient and eager to learn, he was joy to have around, and for five years he indulged in his presence. However, the moment Shen Yuan realized that the Palace Master's reasons for having Luo Binghe around and so pampered he decided that he had to get rid of Luo Binghe. 

For his own good. 

Shen Yuan was not proud of his actions. He knew he hurt his little lamb, and perhaps doing the same thing Shen Jiu did in The Empire was not the best of ideas, but he had lost all rational thought when he realized his Binghe's virtue was at stake. The only thing that mattered to him was to make Luo Binghe leave for the Abyss so that he would come into his powers and become the Lord he was always meant to be. 

The Palace Master tried to pin Luo Binghe's disappearance on him, but with the lack of evidence and good connections there was no way for him to take out his anger on Shen Yuan without it biting him in the ass later. So he was “kindly” asked to leave after spending almost a month in the underwater prison. Shen Jiu and Yu Qi had been enraged, but after a few words from Shen Yuan they decided it was best to focus their time making sure he recovered. 

He moved with this brother and Qi-ge after that, continuing be a teacher. To his brothers it was easy to see that Luo Binghe's disappearance affected him deeply, but what they didn’t know was that Shen Yuan was more or less preparing himself since he was sure Binghe would turn him into a human stick once he returned. Ho only hoped Shen Jiu and Yue Qingyuan would not try to avenge him. 

When the day of their wedding finally came, Shen Yuan decided that perhaps leaving them a letter would help when his death finally came. He hated to think of such things during such a happy occasion, but it was necessary. 

He needed ink and paper. 



The day Shen Yuan heard of a mysterious young Lord from far away lands visiting Hua Hua Palace looking for someone, he knew that his end was close. He took a moment to acknowledge that he had a good second life, and mourn the fact that it soon would come to an end. 

When Luo Binghe finally arrived, Shen Yuan was surprised at the presence of what seemed to be a procession, and became even more confused when he saw Shen Jiu and Yue Qingyuan standing beside who he then recognized as Luo Binghe. 


404 gateway error message. 

That... was not what he expected? 

Was Luo Binghe planning to make his torture a public event?   

He remained frozen in place, his fan as his only shield, as Luo Binghe approached him; his face void of any emotion. Shen Yuan swallowed a yelp when the man dropped into one knee the moment he reached him. 

Surprisingly, a smile bloomed. 

“Shizun.” Luo Binghe's deep voice made Shen Yuan shiver, making the smile on the handsome man's face become even brighter. “I have come to ask for your hand in marriage.” 

Of cour- 

Wait, what?