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Son Of Thor And Loki

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Son of Thor and Loki

Chapter One- Boy-Who-Lived

Charles Albus Potter was holding his arm Voldemort had him by the cuff of his robes dragging the replica of Lily and James Potter. Everyone gasped and Voldemort sneered and waved his hand and everyone was sitting in their seats stuck Dumbledore said ''Tom let the boy go.''

Voldemort sneered at his muggle name and said ''Oh I will let him go alright he's nothing to me but an annoying little cockroach'' and he threw the boy to the ground causing the boy-who-lived to cry out in pain and terror. He crawled to his parents and Voldemort looked Albus in the eye and said ''Are you sure that that's the boy who defeated me that Halloween night Albus if so you are losing your touch'' he cast a sonorous charm and said ''Charles Potter is not the boy who lived you idiots I used his blood only because I couldn't get the real boy-who-lived Harold Sirius Potter is the boy-who-lived'' he laughed with joy when he saw Dumbledore and the Potters faces pale at the news. Voldemort apparated from the field with a loud pop he was gone leaving chaos in his wake.

Harrison Odin Laufeyson-Odinson sneezed Loki his Daddy said ''Are you getting sick son''

Harrison shook his head and said ''I think someone's talking about me.'' Harrison had been blood adopted by Loki and Thor when he was found abandoned in a trash can in London England on Earth. Loki hummed and Harrison said ''I'm going to Midgard Daddy''

Loki looked up from his spell book and said ''Be careful and be sure to thank Heimdall''

Harrison said ''Yes Daddy I'll check in with Papa then I'm going to Wakanda'' Loki nodded and watched his son run off. Harrison was growing up so fast and Loki was proud of his youngest son. He smiled and went back to his book.

Thor looked up from his move when someone landed on the landing outside the Avenger's residence. He smiled and said loudly ''My son!'' and grabbed the fourteen-year-old and hugged him tightly. Harrison was 6''2 and had blond hair with black running through it and sea-green eyes he hugged his father back tightly and Thor said ''My son your getting stronger!''

Harrison laughed softly and said ''I know Papa''

Thor sat down and patted the seat next to him and said ''How's your mother?''

Harrison said ''You like sleeping in a spare room'' Thor had been calling Loki his mother ever since they found him and Loki always kicked him out of their bedroom every time Thor uttered those ghastly words.

Tony said ''Harry!'' Tony Stark walked in with Steve following him.

Harrison grinned and said ''Hey Tony Cap.''

Thor said ''So what do I owe this visit from my son.''

Harry said ''I just came because I told Daddy I would stop by I'm going to Wakanda to visit Zane''

Thor grinned ''Of course you are'' Harrison's cheeks turned red and said ''Shut up Papa'' he looked at Tony and said ''Is my suit ready Uncle Tony''

Tony looks at his boyfriend Steve smirks and said ''He says is his suit ready of course it is!'' Harrison said ''Awesome'' and followed his Uncle to the labs passing Bruce on the way down.

T'Challa stood in the shadows watching his youngest child with pride as he beat several guards without breaking a sweat. He had made sure they were his guards if he fought the guards that protected him, they would go easy on him. His youngest wasn't his heir that was Amare but that didn't mean T'Challa wasn't proud of him he was beautiful and smart like his sister and a perfect warrior like he was. His guards that were on the sidelines started to bow and he raised his hand to stop them he didn't want Zane to know he was there yet.

Zane took in his surroundings and knew his father was standing on the sidelines watching. He flipped the guard he was fighting on his back and when he tried to get up Zane broke his wrist snapping it like a twig. He spoke in Xhosa ''Ngaba uvelisa?'' (Do you Yield?)

The guard hissed in pain ''Ewe, inkosana yam.'' (Yes, my Prince)

Zane dropped his hand and stepped over him and moved his braid over his shoulder he looked and the other guards were bowing in respect. T'Challa clapped slowly and said in English ''Very good son.'' Zane bowed and T'Challa nodded and then grinned ''None of that now come let us go to the gardens'' Zane grinned and T'Challa held out his arm and Zane took it. T'Challa walked slowly with his son members of the court bowed at the King and the youngest prince some of the male teenage nobles ran into things when Zane smiled. T'Challa chuckled and said ''Zane''

Zane looked up at him with innocent eyes and said ''Yes father'' T'Challa hummed softly he looked up in the sky and saw a missile coming towards them. It landed in front of them they had moved the Heart-Shaped flower's outside but still inside the castle. The missile wasn't a missile but a suit like Tony Starks but it was light green and gold. It outlined the male's body and it started disappearing and turning into a chain on the boy's neck to reveal Harrison Laufeyson-Odinson.

Zane said ''Harry!'' and looked at his father and T'Challa nodded and Zane ran over to Harrison and kissed the boy on the cheek. Harrison bowed at T'Challa and said ''Hello sir'' he grinned at Zane and said ''I missed you Za''

Zane said ''Come on let's go visit Auntie Shuri'' and dragged him away and said ''Bye father'' and kept dragging his Fiancé away. T'Challa raised his hand in a wave and continued to the garden's smirking the entire way there.

In England

Dumbledore sat with the Order they had gone to Petunia's home where they had dropped off young Harry when he was a baby but the Woman hadn't seen him and she had been glad when she said it. Dumbledore said ''Silence please my friends'' They were in Grimmauld Place Sirius had only allowed them to meet there because he wanted his Godson safe when they did find him and he had made that point loudly and reminded everyone every time they met up. He said ''Sirius we are going to need your help''

Sirius was sitting next to his mate Remus Lupin who was Charles's godfather he said ''Why?''

Dumbledore said ''It seems young Harry has been blood adopted so Lily and James's blood won't work for the tracking spell you blood adopted Harry when you were named godfather correct it was needed in order to make him your heir'' Sirius grunted in agreement Charles was the Potter Heir since he was older and Harry was the Black Heir. Dumbledore said ''I just need three drops'' Sirius pricked his finger and Dumbledore placed the Mirror under his finger and watched the blood fall and disappear into the mirror Sirius cast an Episkey on his finger to stop the bleeding. He sat back and watched Words appear over the mirror Wakanda East Africa

Lily asked ''How did he get to Africa?'' James said ''We know now we can go get him right''

Dumbledore nodded and said ''I will take Lily James Charles and the Weasley's along with Sirius and Remus.''

Hermione said ''Can I go sir? I have always wanted to see Africa'' Dumbledore nodded.

Lily said ''I can't wait to see my baby boy again''

Sirius scoffed silently and Remus hit his arm and whispered ''Siri'' Sirius huffed at his mate.

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Chapter Two- Wakanda

They took International Portkey's to the village in front of Wakanda Albus, Lily and James landed first then followed by Ginny, Charles and the twin's then Molly Arthur and Remus and Sirius Charlie and Bill were away for their jobs and Percy didn't want to go he had job interviews at the ministry to prepare for. Lily looked around at the huts and frowned Harry had been living here for the past 12 years. They would get him back for sure if he lived in this place. James was thinking along the same lines but he kind of felt bad for the people here. Woman and Children stopped what they were doing to see the strange white people in dresses even the men.

The men of the village picked up spears Albus said ''No need for that gentlemen''

A voice growled ''They don't speak English'' Albus and the group looked and saw a dark-skinned male with several females with a few men dressed in blue behind him with spears.

Albus said ''We don't mean any harm to anyone we are looking for Harold Sirius Potter.''

The man said ''No one here has that name''

Albus said ''We tracked him here these are the boy's parents we aren't leaving until we talk with him my boy.''

The tall male walked over to him and got close to his face and he growled ''Do not call me that Old man my name is Prince Amare Kwame Son of King T'Challa of Wakanda and next in line for the throne I suggest you show me some respect or I will have you thrown from the highest cliff in Africa!'' He turned towards his guards and said ''Yibatye kubaba ngamathambo.'' (Take them to my father in handcuffs) the guards nodded they surrounded them and placed handcuffs on them and searched them taking several sticks from all of them. Amare said ''What are these'' and picked up the elder wand. He tried to bend it and Dumbledore yelled ''No!'' and Amare hummed ''So these are important to you are they Xoliswa take care of those if my father let's you go you may get them back.''

He said ''W'Kabi''

A male in blue walked over and said ''My prince'' he bowed.

Amare said ''I need a Rhino the others can walk I must inform my father of our guests.'' The older man nodded and whistled and the ground thumped and a rhino ran in front of the prince and stopped and Amare grinned and said ''Hello Kai'' and ran his finger's over the Rhino's head and the Rhino chuffed and snuggled into his hand and Amare jumped onto his back and the prince said ''Don't let them out of your sights.'' The Rhino turned and took off threw a barrier behind him.

The dora milaje turned towards them and one of the women said in English ''Follow us and don't touch anything.''

They walked through the barrier they all gasped at the city behind the barrier. Hermione said ''Just think of all the knowledge here'' Lily Potter smiled at the brightest witch of her age and agreed with her.

The woman said ''You are not allowed anywhere but the throne room we do not let outsiders in Wakanda.'' They kept walking and after 20 minutes of walking Charles and Ron were complaining the entire way. The Dora Milaje were frowning at the teenager's complaining of the heat. They arrived at the castle and Kai was happily eating some juicy fruit that her master had given her. She chuffed at the group and took her fruit elsewhere walking away from them.

T'Challa sat on his throne and looked at the group of strangely dressed people. He said ''You may take the cuffs off of them Xoliswa'' The woman nodded and walked over they were uncuffed and the other guards were dismissed two stood behind his throne. He said ''Now what is this about a Harold Sirius Potter we don't have any white people by that name here except for my youngest son's betrothed he is visiting here Amare bring in Harrison. He's with Shuri and your brother'' Amare nodded stiffly and he walked away.

Amare was tackled when he walked into his Aunt's lab the smaller woman cooed ''Look at you Amare your so handsome'' and pinched his cheek.

Amare grunted ''Shuri please I need to see Harrison and Zane''

Shuri said ''Call me Auntie Shuri Amare'' Amare sighed and said ''Aunt Shuri I refuse to say Auntie.''

Shuri pouted and said ''It's as good as I'm going to get from you I guess'' she sighed and said ''The two love birds are checking out my new Black Panther suits they should be ready for you when you take up the mantle'' she hummed ''Oh and I made a suit for Zane also that will work with his power's.'' Zane had their mother's powers control of Earth's electromagnetic field and super strength he also had magic from their mother's prestress heritage. Amare was going to become the next black panther when his father died or gave up the position to him. Zane had medium white streaks in his black waist length hair and had mocha colored skin his eyes they were different they were a beautiful Amethyst purple storm had fallen in love with the color of his eyes. Amare was T'Challa's duplicate in everyway he had some white in his curly black hair but not that much. Their mother had been on a mission for four long months and they hadn't spoken to her since she had left.

Zane and Harrison looked up when there was a knock at the door Zane grinned and said ''Amare''

Amare smirked at his baby brother and said ''I heard you broke Nawa's wrist today little brother''

Zane hummed ''Yep''

Amare chuckled and said ''Good job but next time sprain it we do need him on guard duty.'' He looked at Harrison and said ''You are needed in the throne room Harry''

Harrison nodded and Zane took his hand and Harrison said ''Oh no you don't.''

He wasn't getting dragged like last time. He threw Zane over his shoulder and Zane hung limp over his shoulder and said ''It's not fair how tall you are Harry!''

Harry laughed softly and said ''It's not my fault you're so tiny Za'' Zane shifted and was now on his back with his arms wrapped around his neck Zane laid his head on his shoulder.

Harry placed his hands on his thighs and Amare said ''Keep those hands there''

Zane grumbled ''Amare'' and sighed getting comfortable on his betrothed. Harrison was talking softly about Asguard to Amare while walking towards the throne room.

They walked into the throne room and a woman's voice said ''Harry.''

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Chapter Three- Lies I don't like them

Harrison looked at the red head who just spoke and then his eyes looked at the other's his eyes briefly met the eyes of the twins for a moment and then he looked at the twinkling blue eyes of an old man with a white beard. He said ''Harry my boy we have…'' Harrison said ''My name is Harrison to you I am not your boy you will show me some respect I am a prince.''

The old man's mouth opened and closed like a fish and Lily gasped ''Harry!''

Harrison met her eyes and she froze he said ''I don't know you and I don't care you can call me my lord or prince Harrison do not call me Harry.''

T'Challa said ''Harrison do you know these people''

Harrison said ''No I don't your highness I'm sorry if I have caused some disturbance in with your people.'' He got down on one knee and bowed before him after Zane got off of his back.

T'Challa nodded and said ''Don't let it happen again Son of Thor you may stand'' Harrison got up and Zane interlocked their hands.

Dumbledore said ''If I can have just a moment of your time.''

T'Challa said ''As long as it is off my land take them away from Wakanda outside of the barrier.''

The guards nodded Zane gripped Harrison's hand and said ''Where are you going?''

Harrison said ''I need to find out what they want I would prefer this not happening again.''

Zane said ''You're coming back right''

Harrison nodded ''Of course I am love''

Zane nodded in acceptance and kissed his cheek softly he said ''Be careful'' Harrison nodded and followed the guards at a slower pace.

Outside the Barrier

Harrison said ''Follow me'' the group followed him to a hut and they walked in and saw a muggle themed house. He sat down on the sofa that was located in front of the fire place he said ''Sit and tell me why you're here you know me and I want to know how.''

Sirius and Remus looked at the blond black-haired teenager. He snapped his finger's and glasses of iced tea appeared in front of them. Sirius said ''How…''

The teen said ''Magic you obviously know about Magic considering I sense it in all of you.'' He took a drink out of the glass and said ''Hurry up before I send you back from where you came from.'' He stared Dumbledore in the eyes and Dumbledore said ''These are your parents James and Lily Potter and your older brother Charles Potter''

Sirius finished for him and said ''I'm your godfather Sirius Orion Black and my mate Remus Lupin'' Harrison stared at him and said ''I understand why you're here but them there is no reason for them to be here'' and pointed to the Weasley family and Hermione.

Dumbledore said ''They are just here for support for the Potter's''

Harrison sighed and said ''Don't lie to me again I'm the son of Loki God of Mischief and the Prince of Lies I know when someone's lying to me.''

Lily said ''He's not lying''

Harrison shook his head and said ''Just get on with it you aren't my parents anymore my parents are Loki and Thor of Asguard I was found freezing to death in a park by my father's they took me in and blood adopted me so you hold no place in my life if what you came here for is to tell me you have been looking for me then that is a lie if you came to tell me that I am the boy-who-lived I already know that and if you are here to ask me to come back and fight your big bad scary buggy man for you the answer is no I have to much to worry about as it is some madman that is only attacking a small part of Britain isn't part of that list I have more important things to do.'' He looked at Sirius and said ''I only let you into my house because I feel the bond between you and me and I will allow you and only you into my life because I believe you actually care about me and not because I can defeat your buggy man.''

Sirius's eyes watered he said ''I do care about you Harrison I looked for you I swear I did but I lost your scent at the park Petunia and Vernon left you in I swear on my magic.'' Harrison looked at the light that surround Sirius and Sirius cast a Patronus of a collie dog and it barked at him and licked Harrison's cheek it felt like a warm tongue without the wetness of a real one.

Harrison laughed softly and said ''Away with you'' and the Patronus was gone. Harrison nodded and said ''I will visit you in a week then Padfoot'' and he snapped his finger's and they were back in Grimmauld Place. The other's landed on their butts on the floor roughly except Fred, George, Sirius and Remus they were put on chairs.

Fred and George said ''Wicked we have to go again!''

Sirius said ''Remus did you hear what he called me he called me Padfoot he remembered my name'' Remus chuckled at his mate and said ''I heard it Sirius'' Sirius said ''Oh we have to clean this place up I wonder if we will meet Loki and Thor that would be interesting and his betrothed from what I saw they were really close'' he was talking to himself he said ''Kreacher!''

Kreacher popped in and sneered ''Nasty master be calling Kreacher.''

Sirius said ''My Heir is coming in a week this place better shine do you understand''

Kreacher nodded his head ''Old Kreacher will do as nasty Master say for Heir of Black family hopefully better then you's poor Kreacher has to serve blood traitors and Mudbloods oh the shame'' and was gone with a pop. He looked at Dumbledore and said ''You can leave now'' with a smile and the wards kicked everyone but the twin's out Sirius liked the twins who didn't like them Harry liked them since they didn't land on their bums like the rest of their family who went. Charles landed on his feet because Charles was Remus's godson after all.

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Chapter Four- Dumbledore

Dumbledore stood in the burrow and paced back and forth he couldn't understand where everything went wrong what had happened to his plans, they were ruined in less then a month and a half. He shook his head and said ''No I won't give up the boy needs to fight Voldemort maybe Tom would like to know where the boy who can kill him resides.'' He nodded with acceptance. He said ''Fawkes!'' the phoenix flashed into the room and he looked at his bonded. Dumbledore attached the note to his familiar and said ''Take this to Tom please'' the phoenix blinked up at him with shock and the paper burned up in his claw and the phoenix screeched at him and Dumbledore felt the bond between them shatter the phoenix flashed away while Dumbledore fell and screamed in pain.

In Wakanda

Zane blinked when he walked out of his bathroom wet from his shower and running a towel through his hair. He watched the Phoenix turn yellow and purple he tilted his head and said ''Well aren't you a beautiful bird.''

He walked over and the Phoenix nipped his finger and sung a beautiful tune that filled the room a voice said ''My name was Fawkes but conspiring I'm a girl that will have to change stupid Dumbledore thought I was a boy well I refused to speak to him even if he bonded us together when I was a hatchling.'' She shook her head and chirped at him and said ''Would you be my new master my name is Light it's because I can control fire and lightning.''

Back in England

Dumbledore was on the sofa in the burrow clutching his chest. He growled ''Fawkes!'' sitting up and the Weasley's except for Bill Charlie and the twin's and Potter's they were sitting around them talking and Dumbledore said ''What happened.''

Lily said ''We ran in from the kitchen and we found you screaming and clutching your chest''

Dumbledore sat up and said ''Can I please have some tea my dears?'' Molly nodded and took Hermione Ginny and Lily into the kitchen with her to just get some tea and snacks for everyone. Dumbledore said ''Has anyone seen Severus.''

James sneered and said ''He's probably making some potion making his hair greasier.''

Ron and Charles sniggered at the older man and Dumbledore said ''I need him to give a message to Tom for me Fawkes is unavailable at the moment I sent him on a quest for me.'' The four men nodded in acceptance at that answer.

At Grimmauld Place Severus stood in the corner of the kitchen he hadn't been kicked out with the others. Severus said ''So you kicked them out I suppose that was interesting.''

Sirius and Remus turned and almost gave them whiplash Sirius said ''What are you doing here?''

Severus rolled his eyes and answered ''I want you to be on the winning side right now my master is gathering his safety nets and is on his way to becoming sane again he's not right now but he will be soon enough and he wants to meet with the chosen one and discuss a truce of some sort.''

Sirius and Remus looked at one another and Remus said ''We will talk with Harrison when he comes here next week.''

Severus nodded and looked at the phoenix Patronus that flew into the room.

Dumbledore's voice came through and said ''Severus my boy I need you to come to the burrow I need to speak with you my dear boy.''

Severus sneered and tisked at the Patronus and said ''I will let my master know Wolf Mutt.'' He walked out of the house appearating to the Burrow and sneered at the tilting house.

He walked into the house and Lily looked at him from the stove she grinned and said ''Severus.''

Severus grunted ''Lily'' and nodded stiffly and walked past her to the table where Dumbledore was sitting at the head of the table like he owned the place. Severus eyed Arthur and he was poking at some muggle contraption he knew it was a remote Severus shook his head at the pureblood. He liked the twin's and the two oldest two the youngest were spoiled and selfish little brats.

Severus sat down and refused tea or anything to eat Dumbledore said ''I need you to give this address to Tom it's where the boy who lived is staying, he's surrounded by muggles but Tom should be able to deal with them.''

Severus sneered ''I'll let him know then if that's what you want, I'm going to leave now''

Lily pouted and said ''You can stay for dinner can't you''

Severus said ''No I have a potion on stasis it's a new creation that I've been making.'' He stood up and walked out of the Burrow and left the property and sneered to think Dumbledore would put muggles in harm's ways just for the boy. He used his mark to go to the hideout where Voldemort was at. He walked into the throne room and bowed and got on a knee he said ''My Lord I have some interesting news from Dumbledore you won't believe what he wants me to tell you.''

A deep voice said ''Rise Severus and tell me what Dumbledore wants me to know.''

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Chapter Five- Visit

Harrison got off of Tony's plane there was a rainbow bridge and his dad's Thor and Loki who was a brown-haired male and his eyes was grey instead of green like normal some people still remembered his attack on New York so he had to be careful. Zane got off and he walked over to Loki and grinned at him and said ''Loki''

Loki chuckled and said ''Hello Zane'' Zane interlocked arms and Loki asked ''How is your magic coming along.''

Zane excitedly said ''Doctor Strange has been teaching me when mother is home, she takes me to her school but she's normally on mission's so I Doctor Strange teaches me the most.'' Loki nodded.

Thor said ''Where are the other's Man of Iron I mean Tony''

Tony said ''Hmm Steve took the others on a mission something about Doctor Doom taking over a small village in Russia they will call us if they need us'' and shrugged.

Thor nodded and walked over to his son Harrison was frowning and slapped his back and Harrison grunted ''Dad!''

Thor laughed and said ''You are thinking to much my son! We are with you; they can't take you from us''

Tony nodded and said ''If they try, I'll sue them until they are under the poor house''

Harrison smiled at Tony and said ''Of course you will Uncle Tony'' Zane walked over and Harrison pulled him close with his arm around his waist. Zane and Harrison got into the car that was waiting for them. The adult's followed behind them.

At Number 12

Lily cried ''We have a right to be here Sirius he's our son!'' Remus said ''He's been adopted after you abandoned him.''

James said ''We didn't…''

Sirius hissed ''Yes you did you left him with Petunia when you knew they hated anything abnormal what did you think would happen when you left him on their doorstep they would open the door the next morning and Petunia would demand to keep your child when she knew you were still alive if you did then you're as stupid as you look right now.'' James opened his mouth in shock at his best friends since first year. Sirius said ''You will just have to see ask to see him through a letter and hope that he will forgive you and actually let you in his life but I refuse to let you in I can't and won't forgive you for giving away my godson.''

An hour later

Harrison got out and the other's looked at number 11 and 13 of Grimmauld Place Zane said ''There's a barrier in front of number 12 interesting''

Zane walked over and Harrison said ''You can see it?''

Zane nodded and Sirius appeared beside them and said ''You're here'' he grinned at Harrison

Harrison said ''So how do we get in''

Sirius hummed ''The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix can be found at number 12 Grimmauld Place'' they watched as the buildings moved and number 12 moved to the middle of number 11 and number 13.

Zane hummed ''Cool what is this called Sirius''

Sirius smiled at Harry's Fiancé he said ''It's called a Fidelius Charm it can conceal anything including homes.''

Zane nodded and they walked inside and Harrison heard a boom and Remus yelped ''You too are worse than we were in school you are demon's!'' Fred and George laughed with delight and ran and hid behind Zane and Harrison as Remus ran down the hall covered in paint and sparkles. Remus hissed ''I better be able to get rid of this you two.''

Fred said ''It should go away in two days after a shower''

George said ''Yes, Yes two days.''

Remus looked and said ''Harry'' and smiled at Harrison and the other's and Harrison grinned and said ''This is Remus Sirius Black-Lupin and Fred and George Weasley'' Harrison pointed to each one and then to his group and said ''My uncle Tony Stark and my parents are Thor Odinson god of thunder and my other dad is Loki Laufeyson-Odinson God of Mischief and the Prince of Lies and my mate and betrothed Prince Zane of Wakanda second heir of King T'Challa.''

Fred and George backed up and looked at Loki and Loki chuckled when they bowed before him and said at the same time ''We are not worthy please teach of oh mighty leader of pranks.''

Fred and George then kissed Zane's hand and Zane's cheeks turned red and said ''I'm a boy you don't have to''

He didn't get to finish before Fred said ''You are beautiful''

George continued ''So we want to Princess.''

Harrison smirked and said ''Hey he's mine'' and pulled Zane back to him and Zane giggled softly at him. They were led into the living room area and Harrison saw a dark-haired male he had a darkness radiating from his arm he said ''Who is he?''

Sirius said ''His name is Severus Snape he's a potion's master at Hogwarts and a member of the order but he's here to talk to you about the dark lord.''

Harrison asked ''I don't want anything to do with your stupid war didn't I tell Dumbledore this?''

Severus answered ''I'm not here on Dumbledore's orders I'm here on the Dark Lord's order's.'' Harrison stood in front of Zane instantly and green magic surrounded his hands and Severus said ''I don't mean any harm to you or your family''

Harrison said ''Then what do you want.''

Severus said ''The dark lord wants you to meet you''

Harrison said ''Are you sure he won't hurt me or try to hurt me because he won't be able to''

Severus said ''Yes he just wants to talk about your role in the war.''

Harrison said ''Well that will be a quick conversation then I want no part in your stupid war.''

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Chapter Six- The Dark Lord and Diagon Alley

Harrison walked into Malfoy Manor behind Severus Snape Sirius and Remus had taken Loki Zane and Tony to Diagon Alley Thor was behind Harrison. Harrison looked and saw black and blond-haired woman and a blond long-haired man with their son he had blond sliver hair like the older man he stared at Harrison and Harrison watched him back. Severus said ''This is Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and her husband Lucius Malfoy and their son Draco. This is Harrison Odin Laufeyson-Odinson and his father Thor.''

Draco walked over and put out his hand and expected to be rejected like Charlie rejected him in first year but he said ''Draco Malfoy would you like to be friends.''

Harrison blinked at him and said ''Harrison Odin Laufeyson-Odinson and yes I would like to be friends with you Draco.''

Draco grinned and then said ''Friends then'' Harrison nodded.

Lucius said ''The dark lord is waiting in the study for you Harrison.''

Harrison nodded and Severus lead him to the study and knocked and a voice said ''Enter''

Severus walked in and said ''Harrison is here with his father'' Harrison looked and saw a black-haired man seated cross legged on a throne like chair.

Harrison's blurted out ''I thought you would be creepier'' Severus smirked but fixed his face into a blank stare.

Voldemort said ''I wear a glamour in public when I go on raids Severus helped me become sane again''

Severus blushed on the inside he wasn't used to complements from the dark lord. Harrison waved his hand and chair's and a large table materialized in front of them. Voldemort raised an eyebrow Harrison said ''It's Asgardian magic.'' Voldemort nodded and sat down at the table and Harrison and Thor sat down Severus took his leave.

Harrison said ''I want to remain Neutral in this war I have more important things to worry about then Britain and their blood issues''

Voldemort said ''That makes the prophecy concerning us null and void'' in the hall of Prophecy's the orb with the names of Harry Potter and Tom Riddle underneath it split in half the mist inside of it coming from the orb.

In Diagon Alley

Zane walked into the pet shop and kept walking Fred and George followed him while Loki Sirius and Remus went to Gringotts to get some money in the case of Tony to exchange muggle money for wizardry money. Fred said ''Zane where are we going.''

Zane said ''My familiar is back here'' Fred and George looked at one another it looked like the room was just a storage area. Zane kept going and he walked through the opening and squatted in front of a cage he whispered ''Oh you poor thing'' he looked at the small tiger cub the tiger cub whined softly.

Zane opened the cage and the owner rushed back and said ''Don't it will…''

The cub walked out and licked Zane's chin softly and nipped at his chin and Zane hissed ''How dare you leave my familiar in a dark and disgusting cage!''

The owner gulped and Fred and George walked over to Zane and George said ''He's going to do the right thing and he's not going to charge you for your familiar and it's supplies right.'' The air filled with electricity they could hear popping and snapping and thunder.

The owner said ''Of course exactly what he just said'' Zane hissed at him and summoned the tiger's things to him food and treats alone with collar's and everything else and he walked out of the store with his tiger in his arms the tiger was chilling in his arms it looked over Zane's shoulder and meowed smugly at the owner of the store and then batted at Zane's hair happily.

Harrison met the others at the Leaky Cauldron with Draco and Thor, Thor kissed Loki's cheek and said ''So how was Diagon Alley?''

Loki said ''We went to the book store and then Knockturn to a potion's shop there''

Harrison was staring at the tiger cub in his consort's arms he asked ''This is?''

Zane grinned and answered ''This is my familiar I named her Dia'' The newly named Dia was laying on her back while Zane fed her treats and rubbed her tummy. Harrison reached over and Dia looked at him accessing him and then allowed him to rub her tummy as well. This one smelled like the smelled like the two red heads he was acceptable to be around her master. Zane cooed ''I'm going to make her a tiara back home yes you will be the most beautiful tiger cub in Wakanda well the only tiger cub but that doesn't matter.'' Dia purred in agreement with her master.

Harrison smiled at Zane and Zane looked at him and said ''Are you ok I know you had that meeting you don't look like you have been hurt.''

Harrison said ''I'm fine love now I can focus on training with magic and my weapon's.''

Zane nodded and Fred and George said ''So we won't see'' ''You again.'' Staring at Harrison and Zane they didn't like that.

Harrison said ''Well I'm going keep visiting Sirius and Remus that's not going to stop.'' Sirius and Remus grinned at him and Harrison looked at the twin's and said ''You can come visit us if you want to, I like you too and Zane does too.''

The twins nodded and Fred said ''We are going for our Apparition License's on April 1st our 17th birthday and we will be adult's we won't have to ask our parents for permission.'' George nodded agreeing with his older twin. Zane grinned and said ''I can show you two around Wakanda and Africa we can make a day out of it for your birthday.''

Loki said ''I might just come with you I believe there are some plants that can be used in potions in Africa.''

Harrison said ''Then it's settled then April 1st we can meet outside of Wakanda and work our way from there.''

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven- Happy Birthday Fred and George

Zane woke up to licking on his face he groaned ''Dia stop it'' the licking continued and Zane opened an eye and Dia was sitting on his chest meowing. Zane sighed and said ''Ok, Ok I'm up your hungry'' Dia yowled and Zane grinned and said ''Ok let's find you some hamburger how about that maybe some cream'' Dia yowled she loved cream. Zane giggled softly and said ''Ok get off me'' and she jumped from the bed to the floor and went to the door and waited and Zane waved his hand and his clothing changed into something new. He walked down to the dining area and the guards nodded at him and Zane smiled and Dia pranced next to him she jumped in a chair and sat down.

T'Challa chuckled at his son's familiar the server walked into the room and placed a bowl of cream on the chair and a plate of bloody hamburger Dia lapped at the cream before taking a bite of her hamburger. Zane looked up from his French toast and said ''Daddy.''

T'Challa looked up at him and said ''Yes my son''

Zane said ''Can I have two friends over they won't be here long I'm going to give them a tour of Africa afterwards''

T'Challa looked at his son and said ''Friends huh''

Zane turned red and said ''Daddy!''

T'Challa sighed and said ''Fine but I want to meet them first then you may show them around and I want you to have a guard with you at all times.''

Zane nodded and finished his breakfast and his brother walked in and Zane grinned up at him and Amare kissed his little brother's head and sat down and said ''I'm sorry I was late father little brother I was in a meeting with the heads of the New York Outreach program.''

T'Challa nodded and Zane said ''I have to go send the twin's a letter and call Harry'' he ran to each one and kissed their cheeks and picked up Dia who was licking her paws he said ''Come on Dia'' Dia meowed and climbed on his shoulder and sat down. He had gifts to wrap for his twin's he shook his head and thought the twins.

Fred and George Weasley were packing their things they were seventeen today they had saved up money to get a store that had an apartment above the store. They had invested their money in muggle companies and a few wizardries one's and Harrison had given them 200 galleons' as an investment in their joke shop. They walked downstairs with their things and Fred and George and into the kitchen. Molly looked up from the stove and she said ''You don't have to move out that silly joke shop isn't going to make you any money and you two know that it's best if you apply for jobs in the ministry like Percy.''

The twin's sighed and sat down and said ''We are opening our joke shop at the end of the summer.'' The owls flew in and Ron and Ginny stumbled in and sat down piling food on their plates. An owl the twins didn't know flew to them and held out it's legs. The twins took the package and letter they opened the letter and put their head's together to read it. The twin's looked at the two packages and opened them and Fred looked at the phone and George looked at his. Fred called the first number and Zane appeared over the screen he grinned and said ''Hi you guys.''

Fred grinned and said ''Zane you didn't have to get us a gift''

Zane hummed ''Well I wanted to give them to you my Aunt made these I sent one to Harry too it runs on Vibranium''

Harrison appeared next to him and he said ''Happy Birthday twin's''

The two twins said ''Thanks Harry'' at the same time.

Harrison asked ''Zane love what did your father say?''

Zane answered ''You are allowed into Wakanda for the day and you two have to meet my father first and then we will have a tour of Africa with a guard''

Harrison nodded and said ''I'll meet you two at the park outside of number 12 in an hour and then we can fly to Wakanda''

The twin's nodded and said ''Alright'' the two were gone and the twin's finished eating and took their things and left the house walking out the house and when they got outside the wards there was a pop signaling, they had left.

Molly didn't even have time to stop them Ginny whined ''I want to go! Harrison should be mine not some girly freak princes.''

Molly said ''Don't worry we will tell Dumbledore where he will be in an hour.''

An hour later

Charles pouted standing next to his parents he was the boy-who-lived not his brother. Lily and James Potter stood with the best robes on the twin's walked out in Muggle clothes and they stopped when they saw the Potter's Dumbledore and their parents and brother and sister. They frowned and a jet pulled into the park and Harrison walked out and said ''Fred George'' ignoring the other's he said ''Come on you don't want to keep Zane waiting he will kick my butt if we are late.''

Dumbledore said ''I'm sure a few more can come my boy''

Harrison said ''No only the twin's are allowed in Wakanda'' the twin's ran up the ramp and Harrison turned and Fred and George were poking everything in the jet he squeaked ''Don't touch that you're going to blow something up!'' and ran over to them letting the landing up as he went.

The plane took off and Harrison sat down and the twin's followed his lead and George asked ''How is the plane flying?''

Harrison hummed ''Jarvis is flying it Uncle Tony's AI Artificial Intelligence''

Jarvis said ''Hello Fred and George Weasley please buckle your seatbelt's''

The twin's listened and the plane took off into the sky and Fred and George cried ''Wicked!'' Harrison laughed softly and went back to reading his book that he had been reading before he picked the twin's up.

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Chapter Eight- Twin's In Wakanda

Fred and George looked out of the window's and saw the plane landing in Wakanda. Jarvis spoke and said ''We are now in Wakanda Harrison'' the ramp dropped down and the three teens walked down and saw Zane standing in front of three guards his familiar Dia was sitting beside him. Harrison walked over and bowed and Zane hissed ''What did I tell you about bowing to me''

Harrison smirked at him and said ''You're a prince''

Zane sighed and shook his head and said ''Fine then'' and he bowed to Harrison and said ''Welcome back to Wakanda Prince Harrison…'' he had a hand over his mouth before he could continue.

Zane grinned and walked over to the twin's and said ''Hi you guys come on Dad's waiting'' and grabbed both of their hands and dragged them away.

Harrison looked at Dia and said ''He just abandoned us'' Dia looked up at him and meowed in agreement and she jumped on top of his head and Harrison chuckled. He walked quickly to catch up with them.

T'Challa looked up from the paperwork in front of him when the door's opened to the throne room. He saw his youngest son dragging two red headed twins' behind him and Harrison was following. He said to the guards ''You can leave us'' the guards nodded and bowed to him and left the room. The twin's bowed and T'Challa nodded at them and said ''Welcome to Wakanda''

The one on the left said ''Thank you''

T'Challa said ''Which one is which?''

The one on the left said ''My name is George Weasley''

and the other on the right said ''Fred Weasley''

T'Challa nodded and looked at them and said ''What are your attentions towards my son?''

Zane hissed ''Daddy!'' turning bright red.

The twin's said at the same time ''We plan on marrying him later on because our magic sings when he's around us he's our soulmate.'' Zane's eyes widened and the twin's grinned at him

T'Challa said ''I hope you know that you have to have my permission to court my son'' T'Challa stood up and said ''I will be watching you two'' he looked at Harrison and said ''Harrison'' Harrison bowed at him and T'Challa walked pasted them and out of the throne room where his guards were waiting for him and he said ''You may give the twin's their tours now Zane'' Zane nodded and hugged him and T'Challa rubbed his back softly and kissed the top of his head he said ''I have a meeting with the American's'' he walked away with his guards followed him.

Harrison walked beside Zane as he showed the twins to his aunt's lab he said ''Aunt Shuri made your phones.''

Shuri walked over and cooed ''Are these your twin's you have been talking about Zane.''

Zane turned red and said ''Shuri!''

The woman snickered and said ''Ok, sorry'' she smiled at them and said ''So how are the phone's?''

Fred said ''They are awesome we have never seen them before we have been in the magical world for our entire lives.''

Shuri nodded and said ''Interesting I would enjoy having a look around your world but Harry says there's a law or something'' the twin's nodded and Shuri pouted and said ''Oh well, I have work to do so shoo'' waving them out and they left the lab.

Two hours later

They were driving through Africa looking at the animals the twins really enjoyed the lions they were Gryffindor's after all. The twin's stopped to pick some plants to try them out in some of their prank items. They were driving back Harrison had Zane in his lap the boy was sleeping Dia was napping in George's lap with the teen rubbing behind her neck. Harrison was talking to Fred about a new Prank item they were making. When there was an explosion in the car in front of them. George shouted ''Protego!'' and the car was wrapped in a shield.

The guards said ''Stay inside the car!'' and they got out and two were shot but they were still alive taking cover.

Zane looked around in shock and saw armed gun men Harrison said ''We need to get back to Wakanda'' he saw the rest of the guards were killed or either down from the explosion or from being shot and they weren't prepared.

Zane said ''I can protect myself''

Harrison said ''Just stay here I'm sure they want you for ransom or they want you dead to hurt your brother and your father.''

Zane sighed and watched the three get out. Dia purred at him and Zane said ''Idiot's'' Dia meowed in agreement.

Harrison heard ''There he is Loki's kid!'' Harrison heard the American accent he knew that they weren't after Zane they were after him.

The wind picked up and lighting filled the sky Zane said ''What was that about them being after me Harry?'' the sand started to move and started making a wave and the shooter's where buried underneath the sand trapped.

Harrison rubbed the back of his head and said ''I could have done that''

Zane grinned and said ''But you didn't''

Fred and George looked at Zane and said ''Your awesome.''

Zane grinned and said ''I know'' he ran to the guards and started healing their wounds with his magic.

Back in Wakanda

T'Challa ran to his son who was being held up by Fred and George he was suffering from magical exhaustion T'Challa hissed ''What happened!''

Harrison said ''I'm sorry sir they were after me and…''

Zane said ''Daddy I'm fine honestly I just used to much magic''

T'Challa looked at George and Fred and said ''I'm going to allow you to court my son because the guards in your car told me about the shield you enacted around the car the backlash wave from the car in front of you should have at least crashed into the car so I thank you for your quick thinking.'' He looked at Harrison and said ''I heard from the guards outside of the car that you were the target it was because of the attack on New York most likely so it's not your fault Harrison'' he looked at his son and said ''Come on let's get you into bed and check you over.''

Zane kissed their cheeks and said ''Bye you guys.''

Fred and George said ''Bye Zane''

Harrison kissed the top of his head and said ''Get some rest ok'' Zane nodded and yawned softly and walked over to T'Challa and made grab hands to his father because he was taller than he was.

T'Challa chuckled and said ''You are 14 years old''

Zane grumbled ''So''

T'Challa sighed and picked him up placing him on his hip and said ''This is the only time I will do this for you''

Zane mumbled ''Uh huh'' and put his face into T'Challa's neck falling asleep T'Challa whistled for Dia to follow and the familiar meowed and followed the two out of the room.

Harrison said ''Come on I'll drop you guys off in England before I head back to New York'' the twin's nodded and followed him back to the plane.

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Chapter Nine- The Dark Lord

Severus looked at the dark lord and got down on one knee Tom Riddle sneered at him and said ''How do I know I can trust you Severus?''

Severus said ''I wouldn't have made you that potion to make you human again if I hadn't had believed in you my lord.'' He had stolen the Philosopher's Stone from the fake Boy-Who-Lived when the boy was knocked out after his fight with his lord he had given Dumbledore the fake stone he had created to be destroyed he had made the Elixir of Life for Voldemort so he would have his true form back. Tom Riddle looked at Severus and growled he had always had a soft spot for Severus Snape and Barty Crouch Jr they were his favorites.

He growled ''Stand Severus'' Severus did as he was told and lowered his head not looking him in the eye. Tom said ''Let me in Severus'' he looked him in the eye and Tom went inside Severus mind Severus let down his walls and Tom saw everything he pulled out slowly and said ''You are on my side still.''

Severus said ''Yes my lord but what are you going to do you saw that the real boy who lived wants nothing to do with the war I do not think he is lying.''

Tom sat on his throne like chair and sighed softly and put his chin on his head and said ''For now we leave him alone if he truly doesn't wish to fight then I will focus on my goal's by first finding creatures to be on my side of the war. Dumbledore thinks they will automatically fall for his light is so much better than the dark well that's going to change and get Fenrir I need to talk with him he can't keep turning children like he has been doing so far that will not change the view's on creatures if he keeps this up.''

Severus whispered ''Yes my lord''

Tom said ''Your allowed to call me by my name again Severus''

Severus said ''Yes, my…I mean Tom'' Tom nodded and shooed him out and Severus walked out and sneered at Fenrir who was eating in the dining room he said ''The Dark lord wants to speak to you Greyback.'' The werewolf stopped eating and stood up and slowly made his way to the door and he opened it and was hit by the Curcio curse as soon as the door opened, he was levitated into the room still shaking from the curse.

Tom had his Voldemort glamour up and he hissed ''Greyback who gave you permission to change children into werewolves!''

Fenrir whimpered ''No one my lord I just thought…''

Voldemort hissed ''You thought I would congratulate you ruining my plans ruining my chances to change England's views on dark creatures!'' he stopped the curse and then paced he said ''I do understand that I allowed it before he nodded and said ''I wasn't in my right mind then my goal's were messed up my mind in shambles but I have changed I except you to do the same if you do not you will be killed and your pack will be also do you understand nothing will stand in my way Greyback nothing do you understand!''

Fenrir was shaking he nodded and said ''Yes my lord I won't do it again I promise''

Voldemort nodded ''Good, Good now leave remember my warning you won't have another one'' Fenrir stumbled out and Voldemort took off his glamour and sighed putting two fingers on his nose. He hissed ''Nagini''

The snake came into the room and she hissed ''Yes Master''

Tom hissed ''Come to me we shall go into the garden to relax my lovely no eating Lucius's peacocks either he will scream like a female if you do''

She snickered in a snake like way and she hissed ''I shall try not to master'' they walked outside and he walked by Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini in a passionate kiss and his eyes widened but he didn't say anything and he kept walking. He sat down on a bench and sighed softly and leaned back listening to the sounds around him he could here the lake behind them and smell the different flowers. It was relaxing Nagini was hissing in contentment. He heard Severus walk over and sit down and Tom said and opened an eye ''Yes Severus''

Severus said ''I just want to sit with you''

Tom nodded and said ''That's fine''

An hour later

Tom closed his eyes again Severus did the same he growled when he noticed the time and said ''I have to go Order Meeting Dumbledore keeps going on and on about trying to make Harry see reason'' he sighed and stood up popping his back and said ''I'm getting to old for this.'' Tom chuckled and watched Severus walk way and popping away once he reached outside of the wards.

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Chapter Ten- New York

Fred and George looked up when a voice called out to them and they saw Harry and Zane walking hand in hand. Zane ran over to the Pygmy Puffs and he picked up a light blue one he said ''It's so cute'' he said ''I want one please''

Harrison grinned and took the puff and it chirped at him and bounced in his hand and then jumped back to Zane's shoulder and chirped. Fred and George walked over and said ''You can have him for free.''

Zane grinned and said ''Thank you'' and the puff chirped.

Harrison walked over to the instant darkness powder and grabbed ten of them to try it out. He then went over to Shield Cloaks and Gloves he said ''I want to buy a set of gloves and a cloak and ten packs of Darkness Powder'' George opened his mouth and Harrison said ''I want to buy it or I could just invest in your shop if you insist on it being free then I want to invest in your shop that would make it fair.''

Fred and George looked at one another and said ''Deal''

Harrison nodded and said ''I'll go to Gringotts then Sirius told me he has a trust vault for me we will talk more later'' the twin's nodded and a group walked in and they looked and saw the Potters and the Weasley's. Harrison said ''Oh we came by to invite you back to New York''

Fred said ''We can close up shop or ask Lee to run it for two days.'' He left to go fire call Lee Harrison hummed and nodded and said ''We have a ride waiting Uncle Tony gave us a car service to the airport where his plane is waiting.''

George said ''Plane is it like the plane that we rode in to Wakanda''

Harrison said ''No not really it's more comfortable.'' Fred walked back down with Lee following Lee looked at Zane and said ''Well hello gorgeous'' he walked past Fred and said ''Would you marry me?''

Zane grinned at the older boy and snickered when Harry grabbed Zane putting him behind him and said ''Taken''

Fred and George moved to his side blocking Lee's sight and he pouted ''Oh come on''

Fred said ''Sorry Lee''

George said ''Yeah sorry Mate''

Lee sighed and said ''Their always taken oh well go on then leave'' and Lee smiled at them and said ''I'm glad you two found someone.''

Lily and James watched Fred and George leave following Harry and Harry's fiancée out of their shop. Lily and James ran outside to follow and they got into a car that was waiting and they pulled out. Lily said ''Why won't he talk to us he's our son I gave birth to him James?''

James said ''We will get him back Lily he's the boy who lived once we get him back, he will have to accept that''

Lily sighed and looked at her husband and said ''Ok we just have to trust Dumbledore.''

An hour later

Fred and George walked onto the plane and their eyes widened and Zane hummed ''Tony likes to spend money.''

He was throwing his Puff in the air and catching him the Puff chirped happily there was a growl and Fred said ''Dia you're here.''

Dia was laying on a soft pillow she stalked towards her human her eyes locked on the thing in his hands. Harrison smirked and Zane said ''Dia no'' Dia looked up at him and jumped in his lap and hissed at the puff thing and then grabbed it with her teeth and tossed it into Harrison's lap and jumped into his arms and snuggled into his arms. Dia licked his cheek and Zane sighed and said ''You're such a diva Dia'' Dia purred up at him and her eyes narrowed at the puff who was chirping up at Harrison in anger.

At the tower

Steve looked up when Thor boomed ''Steve my good friend how are you!''

Steve smiled at Thor and said ''I'm fine Thor how are you''

Thor said ''I'm doing well on this day where's my son he spoke of visiting the man of Iron today when he left Asgard''

Steve said ''He should be here soon he went to get the twin's he and Zane spoke to us about.'' Thor nodded in acceptance and sat down beside him and Steve looked at Thor and he was thinking.

Steve asked ''Thor are you ok?''

Thor said ''I am worried Loki is too Heimdall has been checking on the wizards in Britain and it seems the old man is planning something involving my son and heir'' Thor stood up and paced back and forth and said ''I should fry him where he stands!''

Steve stood up and said ''We will be ready I have asked Fury to handle Britain and he assures me that he is handling it you're a hero not a murder Thor.''

Lighting stuck outside and Thor growled ''I know Steve I know this'' he calmed down slowly.

Jarvis spoke ''The plane is landing on the roof now Mr. Rogers''

Steve said ''Thank you Jarvis''

Thor went up to the roof just as the door to the plane opened Harrison walked out and he smiled and said ''Dad.''

Thor smiled and boomed ''My son I have missed you.''

He grabbed him and hugged him and Harrison yelped ''I just saw you this morning at breakfast dad I may be strong but you are stronger than me''

Thor rubbed his head and put him down and he looked and said ''Son of Black Panther'' and Zane giggled when Thor picked him up and hugged him softer than he did his son.

He said ''Hi Thor''

Thor said ''Call me father''

Zane said ''Father then'' Thor beamed at him.

Thor looked at the twin's and said ''Hello Red headed twin's'' he rubbed their heads and then said ''I shall leave you now my son I have to be back I have a meeting with All Father'' he looked up at the sky and said ''Heimdall'' and the sky opened up and Thor was taken.

Harrison said ''Come on I want to show you times square.''

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Chapter Eleven- The Order

Severus looked around at the Order he would rather be at Malfoy manor he sipped his tea Potter manor had so much red and gold it was disgusting. Kingsley walked in and said ''Dumbledore we have a problem.''

Dumbledore looked up with a smile and said ''What has happened Kingsley my boy.''

Kingsley took a cup of tea from Lily and said ''MACUSA has banned order member's from entering into America if we step one toe into America we will be persecuted there they don't care if you have the Order of Merlin or any of your titles you will be treated as a criminal.''

Molly Weasley gasped out loud ''How dare they!''

Dumbledore lifted a hand and said ''It's fine Molly dear we will be fine I'm sure of it we just won't go to America I'm sure young Harry will come to our side if we have some incentive if we get the Fiancé over on our side he will have to listen.'' Sirius had become neutral in the war he wanted no part of the war so he had quit taking Remus with him.

Lily said ''Are we going to kidnap him I don't think that's the best idea.''

Dumbledore said ''It will be fine Lily my dear it's not kidnapping we just want to talk to him.'' The order member's all nodded Severus was smiling on the inside so Dumbledore and his little order were showing their true colors finally he couldn't wait to tell his lord about this little plan of theirs.

Zane sighed softly when he went into his bedroom they had dropped the twin's off at their shop and Harry had dropped him off at home he had made sure to stop by the throne room to let his father and brother know that he had arrived back at home safe and sound. He had fun with the twin's and Harrison they had visited the statue of Liberty and had even gone to a magical alley in New York to window shop and shop in both the muggle world and magical.

Azure chirped and Zane grinned at the puff ball and rubbed under its tiny mouth. It churred and Zane grinned and kissed the top of its head and put it on the pillow next to him. Dia jumped on the bed and growled and Zane said ''Hey now no more fighting you two'' Dia growled softly and licked his chin and Zane grinned at him and he got dressed in boxers and a large shirt. He put his hair up in a bun he would comb out his her in the morning.

Dia growled when the bedroom door opened it looked like her master's guard but there was something off about the woman's smell she smelled like greasy foods. The guard said ''Shh…'' Dia growled at her and the guard walked over to Zane and Zane bolted up and head butted the guard he hissed ''Talia knocks before entering all my guards do who are you'' the woman screamed in pain. Dia jumped off the bed and attacked the woman mid jump she changed into a fully-grown tiger in a blink of an eye. She bit the woman's arm and she screamed bloody murder. Other guards rushed in and Zane hissed ''Take her away Dia let go we don't know where it has been.'' The bells rang.

Outside of the castle Talia smirked tied up ''It looks like the fat woman has been caught.''

Dumbledore grinded his teeth and hissed ''Avada Kedavra'' the dark-skinned woman fell to the ground lifeless.

Dumbledore said ''We have to go I'm sorry Arthur I thought Molly would be able to stun the boy.''

Arthur said ''We can't just leave her''

Dumbledore said ''We will come back I promise'' Arthur nodded and looked at the castle one more time and the apparated outside of Wakanda.

An hour later

Molly whimpered as the Polyjuice Potion started to wear off she was chained to the floor in front of the throne room her wand snapped in half. Zane asked ''You're the twin's mom why did you do this?''

Molly kept her mouth closed and Zane looked at his father T'Challa said ''Don't answer that's fine we kill trespassers here you could have been here to kill my son for all I know''

Molly said ''Dumbledore will come back for me''

Zane said ''He's behind this''

T'Challa said ''Dumbledore''

Zane said ''He's the old man from before Daddy he's the one who is trying to make Harry fight for him but Harry refuses.''

T'Challa nodded and said ''I will have to talk to Thor about putting up wards over our shield they won't get inside again don't worry angel.'' His eyes narrowed at the woman and then looked at his son ''You will sleep in my room until that time I don't sleep at night anyway'' he called in their guards and said ''Take her into the cells and keep a separate shield around her have four guards stick to her I will call for Loki in the morning.'' The guards bowed towards their king and said ''Yes sir'' and they pulled the heavy set woman to her feet and dragged her to the cells at the bottom of the castle.

The next morning

Loki and Thor walked into the castle and Harrison ran past them and he ran to Zane and looked at the bruise on his forehead he touched it and he said ''Are you ok? I'm going to kill her''

Zane put his hand against his and snuggled his face into his hand and said ''I'm ok Harry promise you should see her face I did this when she came over to my bed I headbutted her actually now that I think about maybe that's why my head hurts a bit.'' Harrison put his hand over his forehead and healed it and Zane grinned up at him and kissed his kissed him on the lips softly.

Harrison said ''What's going to happen to her?'' he watched his Daddy leave with a couple of guards to go put up some wards around Wakanda.

Zane said ''She's the twin's mom I don't want to kill her''

Amare hissed ''She tried to kill you Zane''

Zane said ''I don't know if she was or not, she was reaching for her wand yes but…''

Amare said ''Then she's guilty she trespassed on our land and Talia was found dead earlier this morning''

Zane whispered ''She's dead'' his eyes water Talia had been his guard since he was two years old, she had started guarding him when she was ten years old now he wouldn't see her laughing when he beat up a stronger man in practice anymore.

Amare went quiet and glanced at his father and T'Challa was frowning at him and Amare whispered ''I'm sorry baby brother it just came out father wanted to tell you later…''

Zane rushed over to him and hugged him and Amare rubbed his back and said ''Go on take Harrison to the garden's Father and I have to speak with Thor.''

Zane nodded and Harrison took his hand and kissed the top of his head and Zane gripped Azure tightly the puff chirped sadly up at him Dia had changed back into her smaller size and she jumped onto Zane's shoulder's and licked his ear.

Chapter Text

Chapter Twelve- Decision's

T'Challa paced back and forth in front of his throne the sentence for murder and Trespassing was death the woman may have been inside the castle when Talia was killed but she was apart of her murder even if she didn't kill the guard. T'Challa had allowed Talia a break for working long hours for the past two weeks if he hadn't have given her the night off. He stopped that thought it wasn't his fault he shouldn't blame himself Dumbledore was the problem.

He looked up when the door's opened and Amare walked in and said ''Have you come to a decision father.''

T'Challa said ''The law is simple so simple yet…''

Amare said ''She would have taken Zane father''

T'Challa said ''I know I know'' he ran his hands over his face and growled ''Contact that old fool I'm giving it back if they come back into Wakanda they will be executed on sight''

Amare looked at his father and said ''Alright father whatever you wish'' and bowed to his father.

The next morning

Dumbledore and his order stood outside of the Wakanda shield guards walked through and then the king of Wakanda walked through with his son's and Harrison had his hand interlocked with Zane's hand. T'Challa said ''I have decided to give the prisoner back if I find you near Wakanda again or near my son again you will be killed where you stand.'' The guards shoved Molly Weasley to the ground and tossed the broken remains of her wand at her feet.

Zane spoke and said ''Whoever killed Talia will be sorry once I find out who.''

His eyes locked onto Dumbledore's and growled softly. Harrison said ''Come on love let's go back inside ok.'' Zane looked up at him and hugged him and Fred and George walked past their mother who was on the ground covered in mud.

Fred said ''We didn't know we swear on our magic''

George nodded and Zane smiled at them and said ''I know''

T'Challa said ''You two may come into Wakanda anytime you wish to Loki has placed a magical barrier around Wakanda to keep out pests. But you two and Harrison may come as you please''

George said ''Thank you sir''

T'Challa nodded and said ''I only spared her life because you helped my son and you two are his mates''

Fred and George looked at their mother and father and Fred whispered ''Thank you she didn't deserve your mercy''

Arthur gasped ''Fredrick Weasley!''

Fred sneered at him and Arthur's eyes widened and he stepped away from his son. George hissed ''She didn't I agree with my twin and to think your members of the light side.''

Fred said ''Come on Gred we have to go back to our store'' he walked over and kissed Zane's forehead and Zane kissed his cheek and George kissed him on the cheek and Zane snickered.

George said ''Come by the store soon alright''

Zane grinned and nodded ''Ok.''

Fred and George said together ''Pranks galore'' and they were gone with a pop.

Zane walked over to Harrison and asked ''Can I go to Asgard with you Harry?''

Harry answered ''Sure love All father has been asking about you.'' He looked up and said ''Heimdall if you would''

A light struck them and Zane said ''Bye Daddy!'' and waved at him and Harry put his arm around his waist and they were sucked up into the air.

Zane looked around and Harrison walked past the maids and into the throne room. Harrison looked at the throne and his grandfather was sitting with his hand on his hand. Harrison got down on one knee and bowed and said ''Hello All father''

Odin said ''Ah Harrison my beloved Grandson stand, stand'' and he smiled at Zane and said ''Zane I saw what happened I'm sorry about your guard''

Zane whispered ''Thank you All Father''

Odin said ''I shall speak to you at dinner Harrison'' Harrison nodded at him and took Zane's hand and took him to the garden.

Zane laid his head on Harrison's stomach and Harrison ran his finger's though his hair here Harry didn't have to worry about earth wizards here he felt safe he could let down his guard his princely façade here he could be himself Harrison Odin Laufeyson-Odinson and just be with his Fiancé he would have loved to bring Fred and George but human's weren't allowed he had to beg Odin to allow Zane up here.

Zane had won Odin over in a second he just had that ability. He sighed softly and Zane looked up at him and asked ''Are you ok Harry?''

Harrison sighed and answered ''No they went after you Zane it's not ok, they can't get to me but they tried to take or kill you I can't let that happen'' he shook his head and said ''If I lose you…''

Zane said ''You're not going to lose me I promise I'm fine I know how to protect myself.''

Harrison said ''I know but…''

Zane said ''Stop worry about it Harrison if you don't like what they are doing then change it''

Harrison stood up and Zane yelped and Harrison caught his head before it could fall and he said ''That's absolutely right Zane'' he paced and said ''I know what to do'' and he started to walk away.

Zane said ''Where are you going Harry!''

Harrison grinned and turned to face him and said ''I'm going to talk to the dark lord''

Zane squeaked ''Excuse me!''

Harrison said ''Heimdall if you would send me to earth'' Zane stood there in shock and then the light hit Harrison and then it came back and Harrison rushed out and said ''Come on Zane'' and took his hand and they were beamed away. Zane looked at Malfoy manor in shock and Harrison said ''Come on love he won't hurt us I've been here before I just want to talk to him if the light side wants me in this war then they are going to have me in this war I just won't be on their side they made a big mistake by going to Wakanda I would have stayed away from the war all together but now'' he shook his head.

Zane said ''If you think this is the right idea I will follow you Harry'' Harrison smiled at him and kissed him on the lips and they stopped at the door to Malfoy Manor and knocked on the door.

Chapter Text

Chapter Thirteen-The Dark Side

The Dark Lord looked at his followers a house elf popped up and it said ''Lord Malfoy sir someone's here for the dark lord'' Lucius frowned.

Tom asked ''Who?'' the house elf shook in fear he whispered ''He be saying his name is Harrison'' Tom frowned and said ''Invite him in'' Severus had told him about failed kidnapping attempt he found it hilarious. Harrison walked in his back straight his eyes looking around the room taking in everything.

A brown skinned beautiful teen walked behind him his hair in a high pigtail. He took in the room too Bella cooed ''If it isn't the real boy who lived come to die huh Potter''

Tom opened his mouth but Bella started to choke she gripped her neck and Harrison said ''My name isn't Potter''

The Death eater's raised his their wand arms and there was a lighting strike and they all looked at the brown skinned boy his eyes where white his hair flowed out of the pigtail he growled ''Utter one word I dare you, you are all dead!'' the wind picked up in the room. Tom clapped slowly and those white eyes locked onto him.

He said ''So you are young Harrison's mate'' the younger boy stared at him and he nodded.

The boy said ''I am Prince Zane of Wakanda second heir to King T'Challa betrothed to Harrison Laufeyson-Odinson son of Thor and Loki of Asgard so yes I am his mate'' his eyes narrowed at him.

Tom said ''Calm down I will not allow anyone to hurt your mate or you''

Zane walked over to Harrison and touched his arm and said softly ''As if you could hurt us Harry let it go'' Bella fell to the ground and Harrison smirked at her when she looked at him with fear. Harrison wrapped an arm around Zane's waist and kissed the side of his face softly Zane grinned at him.

Harrison said ''I am here to join your side of the war or at least help you with your plans I am not going to be able to help you every day because I have other duties to that are more important then this silly little feud I want to show the light side that they made a mistake coming for my mate'' he looked at the Dark Lord.

Nagini slithered into the room and the death eaters backed away and Nagini and sniffed Harrison and hissed ''You smell like my master well it's faded''

Harrison hissed ''It's because of the soul piece that was located in my scar it's gone now my daddy took care of it when they found me''

Tom hissed ''You were a horcrux'' Harrison nodded.

Tom looked at him and said ''Show me the scar''

Harrison said ''It's faded but it's still there'' he lifted his bangs and true to his word the scar was there but faded.

Tom touched the scar and he felt a bit of his magic still there he said ''That's the reason I was somewhat sane in my ghostly form it came back to me'' he looked at his followers and hissed ''No one touches this boy or his mate do you understand I will not hesitate to kill you'' his eyes bled red while he was talking to them.

The death eater's nodded and they said together ''Yes my lord.'' Tom walked back to his throne and sat down and said ''You will help me and I will help you when the Potter's or Dumbledore try to get you back'' he looked at Severus.

Harrison said ''Deal'' Tom nodded and a ringing filled the air.

Zane pulled out his cellphone and a picture of a dark-skinned woman with white hair she smiled at Zane and said ''My beautiful baby boy where are you love''

Zane grinned and said ''Mommy! I'm with Harry right now why''

She smiled at him and said ''I'm landing in front of the Manor now I was hoping to see you Amare is busy with your father. You can come to the manor I would like to see Harrison also.''

Harrison said ''Storm I'll flame over to the manor now mam.''

Storm looked at him and she said ''Thank you Harrison'' there was a boom and she cursed saying ''Damn it they followed us Beast if you would'' there was a roar and alarms went off and she looked at her son again and cooed ''Bye love I'll see you in a few'' her eyes turned white and she screamed ''Not now my son is on the way to see me!'' and the connection cut off.

Zane grinned and said ''Come on Harry let's go! Let's go mom is back from Russia''

Harrison whined ''Your mom hates me and she is the one person who I am afraid of second would be your dad''

Zane rolled his eyes and said ''Come on Harrison man up and she doesn't hate you she dislikes you'' and he wrapped his around his mate and said ''Well'' and Harrison sighed and they were gone from the room in flames.

Peter Pettigrew gulped and whimpered ''This isn't good'' he changed into his rat form and left the room.

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini saw the rat leave and Draco Malfoy said ''My lord''

Everyone looked at the boy Lucius hissed ''Draco!''

Tom said ''No Lucius let the boy speak'' Blaise gripped Draco's hand the dark lord might have been sane but he was still scary and he still gave out Curcio's.

Draco gripped his hand back and smiled softly at his boyfriend and he said ''The rat just left my lord''

Tom looked around and hissed ''Nagini be a dear and find the traitor and end him'' she looked up at him and hissed ''Yes Master'' she moved through the death eater's and left the room finding the traitor's smell and followed the scent. The rat had made it to the edge of the wards and he changed back into his human form he was sending a Patronus when Nagini struck him the man gasped and whimpered and looked at Nagini and the snake struck him again and again the rat Patronus captured his dying breaths and it was gone.

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Chapter Fourteen- Storm and Brother's

Zane walked away from Harry when they landed. He grinned when he saw his mother the brown skinned woman looked at him and smiled, she said ''There's my baby'' she walked over and hugged him and Zane grinned and hugged her back and sighed softly and snuggled into her chest he had missed her very much. Storm kissed the top of his head and whispered ''I missed you baby.''

Zane looked up at her and said ''I missed you too mom'' and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Storm looked at Harrison and said ''Hello Harrison'' putting Zane in front of her and wrapping her arms around him.

Zane grinned and Harrison said ''Hello Storm.''

Storm stared at him and Zane whined ''Mom be nice''

Storm said ''What I am being nice come on you two let's go into the city and have dinner ok.''

Zane grinned and said ''Ok mom''

Harrison said ''I would like that''

Storm nodded and said ''We can take my car'' she went to her room and grabbed her car key's and walked back down the stairs and Zane was holding Harrison's hand. She said ''Ok you two come on'' and the garage and Zane jumped into his mother's blue 1967 Chevy Impala into the front passenger's seat. Storm smiled and got into the driver's seat Harrison got into the back when she let the top down.

Storm looked at Harrison and said ''So Harrison I heard about the attack''

Harrison said ''It was about my Daddy just some fools…'' he closed his mouth when storm looked at him though the mirror.

Storm said ''I know what it was about it was because of the attack on New York I don't like that my son was attacked because of Loki''

Zane said ''Mom''

Harrison said ''I understand but I can't control people's opinion's and my dad was being controlled it's not his fault and it's not my fault people attack me just because I'm his son.''

Storm sighed softly and said ''I'm not mad I'm just saying if my son get's hurt, I'm going to get very angry.''

Harrison said ''He won't get hurt as long as I'm around I promise.'' Storm nodded and put her eyes back on the road.

Zane grumbled ''I can take care of myself gosh'' he turned on the radio.

Storm said ''So I also heard about Talia sweet heart I'm so sorry'' Talia had been born a couple of years after she had Amare and she had started training when the kingdom found out about her pregnancy with Zane. Sure Storm wasn't in Wakanda that much but Talia was like a member of their family she looked at her youngest and Zane was staring out of the window and Storm changed the subject she asked ''So how are Daddy and Amare?''

Zane grinned and said ''Amare still has a stick up his butt''

Storm snickered ''He was born with that stick love when he popped out he didn't even cry he just stared at the doctor until he got into your father's arms he smiled so brightly and he kept that smile when he was transferred over to me for the first time.'' Zane giggled and Storm continued and said ''But as soon as the nurse came in he put on his serious face it hasn't a changed a bit I called him the same time I did you his face was the serious face that we all know and love.''

They pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant Harrison changed his hair to blond and his eyes dark blue he gave himself a chubby face and Zane stared at his fiancée and Harrison said ''What?''

Zane snickered and Storm said ''You look like a baby Thor'' Harrison huffed and Zane grinned and said ''Your cute but I like my mixture of Loki and Thor better'' and Harrison smiled at him and put out his arm and Zane took his arm and they walked into the restaurant.

In England

Fred and George looked at their shop and grinned at their success their mother thought opening a joke shop was a stupid idea and told them so but she was wrong. Fred and George had been ignoring their parents ever since the Wakanda incident they couldn't believe they tried to kidnap Zane and they were not okay with that. The bell rang and they saw their older brother's Charlie and Bill in their store. Charlie looked at them and smiled at the twins Bill was frowning softly at them and Fred and George sighed and they invited their brothers to their apartment over the store Lee Jordan was behind the register like always.

They walked into their apartment and Fred went and got tea George sat down on the sofa and motioned for their brothers to sit. Charlie said ''This place is great you two''

George grinned and said ''Thank you Charlie''

Bill said ''You abandoned the Order why?''

Charlie grumbled ''Bill''

Fred walked in and said ''We didn't abandon the order they tried to hurt our soulmate they killed his bestfriend.''

Bill said ''What a minute soulmate''

George said ''Mum'' he sneered after he said that ''Didn't tell you that did she''

Fred interlocked their fingers and said ''Calm down George'' George huffed and Fred took a sip of tea and said ''This all started when they found out Charles wasn't the boy-who-lived they went to find Harry Charles younger twin brother he was adopted when they abandoned him Harry doesn't want to fight Voldemort he told them that and they tried to make him by using Harrison's betrothed as a bargaining chip they tried to kidnap him and it didn't work out too well.''

George said ''He's our mate too Zane he's a prince in Wakanda it's a nation in Africa the first time we met him we felt our magic snap into place we can't we won't be apart of the order after that I'm going back downstairs'' leaving his brother's sitting there.

Fred whispered ''He's having a hard time with it'' he motioned towards the cabinet and saw half of fire whiskey was gone.

Charlie said ''Well he was always underneath dad following him around I think it's shocking to see him following Dumbledore when he knows that Dumbledore is in the wrong''

Fred sighed and said ''Well now you know are you still angry?'' looking at Bill.

Bill grumbled ''No I'm not mad ok I understand I'm sorry for rushing up here and…''

Fred nodded and said ''I should go help George.'' His brothers followed him downstairs and left when Fred went to George who were replacing the instant darkness powder. Fred put a hand on his shoulder and George smiled stiffly at his twin and Fred smiled at him.

George grumbled ''Sorry Fred''

Fred said ''There's no reason to be sorry Georgie.'' Fred left to go back to the back of the store.