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Zero to Hero

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Not everybody is made equal.
I learned that hard truth at the young age of 4.


"Hisashi, please! She's just a kid!" Izuku, now Izumi, the age of 4, is sitting, leaning against her bed, covering her ears and on the verge of crying. She still hears her mother plead.

"No, Inko" She hears her father say firmly back. "I will not allow myself to be subject to discrimination. We talked. You refused to put her up for adoption."

"Hisashi she's still our daughter-"

"No quirkless child is a daughter of mine, Inko."


"I am done. I don't want the burden of having a quirkless child"

Izuku heard the door loudly shut, and she looked up from her fetal position. She could hear her mother's shaky breaths.

That's the last time she ever heard her Dad.

Izuku was playing on the playground with his best friend, Kacchan.

"Ha! I won again! I'm so much faster than you!" Said the blonde child.

Izuku smiled. "Wow your so good at running Kacchan! I wish I could run that fast!"

"Yeah well. Girls are slower than boys anyways!"

Izuku's smile fell.

"Anyways we're gonna go skip rocks by the lake now, so- hey Izumi what's wrong?"

Izuku just faintly smiled back, not wanting to ruin the good time she was having with her friend.

"It's nothing, let's go."

"Okay, if you say so! Last one to the lake is a rotten egg!"

Izuku giggled to herself as she ran after her friend.


"Izumi you're throwing it wrong!" said one of the boys Izuku and Kacchan hung around with.

"I am? But I'm just doing what you guys are doing."

"And it still sunk? What a loser." The group of boys laughed. Izuku saw Kacchan laughing too, but he could tell he was forcing it.

"Girls are so weak." The winged child said.

Izuku hated that word, "Girl. There were no girls around them right now."

"Hey, I'm getting bored now, let's go get some ice cream." said one of the boys. The other two boys nodded, "Let's ditch the girl" whispered another.

At the mention of her, Bakagou looked back and saw the sadness on her face.

"You guys go ahead. I have to get back to my Mom soon." He said, knowing how reliable the excuse was.

"Oh yeah, your Mom is scary, best to do what she wants. See you later!"

The winged boy waved and the group of boys walked up the hill and out of sight.

Izuku was on the shore of the beach, playing with the pebbles that came up to shore.

Bakaguo walked up to her and squatted down where she was, staring at the pebbles at the bottom of the lake shore.



"Are you okay?"

"I guess. I'm used to it by now."

Bakaguo sighed and stood up. Reaching a hand out to his friend. "Come on, stand up"

"Huh? But why?"

"Just get up."

"O-okay" Izuku stands up, and then sees his friend pick up a pebble.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Izuku wonders.

Bakaguo comes from behind Izuku and puts the pebble in Izuku's hand.

"Teaching you how to throw."

"See, you aim for the other side of the lake, not the water."


The blonde guides Izuku's wrist and they both watch as the stone skips over the water.

"Just like that, just move your wrist a little bit. Try it on your own now."

Izuku picks up a pebble and flicks his wrist just as his friend showed him, the pebble skips over the water smoothly.

The blonde boy smiles. "See? There you go!"

"Thank you, Kacchan."

"Yeah whatever it's not a big deal. But thanks to me you might even win the girl's skipping competition" Bakaguo says with a laugh, that easily falters when he realizes that Izuku is starting to cry.


Izuku doesn't answer. Why does that word follow her around everywhere she goes. Girl. Girls. Pretty girl. Little girl. She can't take in any more. Her fingers grab at her hair as her crying gets louder.

"Izumi! Izumi what's wrong?" Bakaguo panics, shaking his friend.

Izuku still doesn't answer, to deeply trapped within his own thoughts.

Bakaguo gently grabs Izuku's arm and brings both of them to a bench, sitting his friend down. He keeps his arm there in case his friend passes out.

After a few minutes, Izuku's crying turns into whimpers and hickups. She wipes her eyes, but silent tears keep coming out.

Bakaugo knows that he can speak now.

"Izumi, what's wrong?"

Izuku can't take it anymore. He has to tell someone.

He takes a shaky breath. "I- I'm not- that"

Bakaguo has a confused look on his face. "Not what?"

"A girl."

"Oh, so you're a boy then?"

"Yeah." That's who he truly is.


"Cool?" That it? That what his response was. Izuku didn't expect this.


"You aren't mad?"

"Why would I be mad? Now I don't have to worry about getting cooties from you!"

Izuku felt relieved, in more ways than one, he had been holding this inside for as long as he can remember and he felt so happy to share it with someone.

He laughed. "Yeah, I guess your right."

"We should start heading back, it's getting dark," Bakaguo says, standing up off the bench. "Can you walk alright after that?"

"Yeah Kacchan, I'm fine." Izuku says, standing up himself.

"Oh, and Kacchan?"


"Can you call me Izuku now?"

"Sure." The other boy responded before smiling wildly. "First one to Auntie's house gets cookies!"

Izuku laughed to himself as he ran after his best friend.

He will be okay. He knows that no matter what happens, Kacchan will be there to support him.

And that's all he needs.

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“Say that about him again and you’ll regret it” Bakugou says, pounding his fists together.


Izuku and Bakugou, now 8 years old, are facing off against their old friends from kindergarten.


The winged one spoke first, saying, “Why do you still hang out around her? She’s a quirkless freak.”


“Yeah, and she dresses like she’s a boy or something, that’s weird.” Another one added.


“What’s wrong with you? Are you dumb? We already told you last year! Izuku is a boy!” Bakugou yelled out.


The winged kid laughs. “Yeah right, and I met All Might. We’ve known her for a long time, we know she’s a girl.”


“Well I know him better than you! I'm not an idiot like you!”


Izuku cowers behind his best friend, now scared of the fighting going around him.


“My mom says she’s a tranny.” A boy blurts out.


Izuku definitely doesn’t like that word. He doesn’t know what it means, but everytime someone says it, they look at Izuku with disgust. He doesn’t like that. He hates that word. He hates it even more than “quirkless”.


Izuku begins to cry, holding onto his friend. “I-I’m not… I’m not…” he tries to speak through shakey breathes.


“You dumbheads! Now he’s crying.” Bakagou yells, as his hands make small crackling sounds. “You’re gonna pay for that.”


Bakugou lunges at the group of boys, before the fight is interrupted by a teacher.


“Katsuki, what did I tell you about attacking other kids?”


“But they were saying-” Bakagou fights back.


Bakugou is quickly interrupted. “If you have a problem, come see me. This is your last warning. If I see you doing this again, I will have to schedule an appointment with your parents and I. Got it?”


“Yeah sure.” Bakugou responds back.


“Whatever” He mutters under his breath as the teacher turns around and attends to other groups of students.


The group of boys messing with them earlier laughed and ran away, obviously bored and going to find something else to keep their attention.


With them gone, Izuku gained back his courage to speak.


“Kacchan, you don’t have to fight people for me.”


“I know. I just. I can’t stand them. You don’t deserve that.” Bakaguo says, kicking pebbles on the sidewalk.


“It’s alright, Kacchan. I’m used to it.”


“It doesn't matter if you're used to it! Nobody should be treated that way!” Bakagou yells.


Izuku starts shaking and he hugs himself, unconsciously backing away from his friend. “O-oh.”


Bakugou widens his eyes and moves carefully closer to Izuku. “Wait wait. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell. I just-”


“It’s okay, Kacchan. It’s going to be fine! I promise.” Izuku says, as he grabs his friend’s hand.


“When I become a hero, I’m gonna fight everyone who is mean to you. AND WIN.” Bakaguo says, full of confidence, looking up at the sky.


“I know you will.” Izuku says, a small smile appearing on his face. He also looks at the sky, “And besides, your already my hero, Kacchan.”




Inko is working on dinner when Izuku comes home from school. Izuku places his backpack down and his mother greets him.


“Hello sweetie. How was your day at school?”


The word has been bothering Izuku all day. He wanted to know why he was called it this morning. He wanted to understand why people looked at him that way when it was said around him.


“Mama, what does ‘tranny’ mean?” He blurts out.


Inko almost drops the plate she’s holding. “Wh-where did you hear that word, sweetheart?”


Izuku shrugs. “Somebody called me it at school.”


“Izumi, come sit down please.” His mother says, pointing to the barstool across the counter from her.


“Di-did I do something wrong?” Izuku asks, puzzled.


“You aren’t in trouble. I just want to talk to you.”


“Okay.” Izuku says and sits on the barstool.


Inko places her plate down on the counter.


“Do you like being called a girl?” His mother asks him.


Izuku is surprised by the sudden question. “Um...I…” Izuku mumbles his answer under his breath, so quiet his mother doesn’t hear it. He fidgets with the hem of his shirt.


“It’s alright, Izumi. I won’t be mad at you.” Inko reassures him.


“I...I…” Izuku takes a deep, shaky breath before he speaks. “No, I don’t.”


“How do you feel when people call you a boy?”


“Happy. I guess.”


“So in your eyes, you're a boy?” Inko asks, careful not to be rude by accident.


“Mhm.” Izuku agrees, staring at the hem of his shirt.


“Do you want me to call you a different name?”


Izuku is startled by his mom’s sudden questions. “Yeah, I- I guess...” Izuku was confused about how the conversation got to this point. “What does this have to do with the tranny word?” He asks.


“Sweetie, look at me.” His mother says, sternly, but in a calm tone.


Izuku looks up from his shirt.


“That’s a word people use in a mean way, to make fun of people that go through the same things as you.”


“Same things? Being quirkless?” Izuku had never seen the other quirkless kid referred to as a tranny, ever.


“No, this is a different thing. This is about boys like you, who were born as girls, and sometimes, girls who are born as boys.”


“There's other kids like that?” The thought of that made Izuku faintly smile. He was glad he wasn't the only one, he felt like he was the only kid like that in the entire world. But at the same time, he wished he was. He didn’t want any other kid to suffer like he was.


“Yes, and that word is used by people who think there is something wrong with you. But-” Inko reaches over the counter and grabs Izuku’s hands.


“There is nothing wrong with you. If you are a boy, I will help you in anyway I can to help you look like yourself. I will always be here. You can count on that.”


Izuku’s tears started falling before he even realized it. He wanted to say so much at that moment, but he couldn’t find the right words to say. He couldn’t say what he was he feeling at the time into words, so he settled with what he knew he was certain of.


“I love you, Mom”


Inko faintly smiles at her son. “I love you too, Izum- or, uh..” she pauses mid-sentence.


Izuku knew what she needed to know. “Izuku.” he says, and then faintly smiles back at her.


“I love you too, Izuku.”