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What Lies Ahead

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The quiet murmurs of conversation in the small hero agency break room cuts off into startled gasps as the door is abruptly kicked open by a black and orange combat boot. The impact of the door hitting the wall had been so hard that a crack was left in its wake.

All of the occupants in the room swivel their heads toward the commotion, eyes travelling up the boot that connects to none other than Bakugo Katsuki. He’s clad in his hero suit, save for the mask and gauntlets, and he’s sporting a mean scowl.

Stomping his way inside with his hands stuffed in his pockets, he makes a beeline for the red couches. All previously ceased conversation in the room begins to resume; it seems everyone has gotten used to the explosive teen’s behavior by now for the short time he’s been here.

“Fuck,” Katsuki sighs to himself as he drops down onto the couch. Once the back of his head hits the cushions, he begins to massage his temples, all while grumbling under his breath. A few occupants on the couch scoot away from the blond, reading the obvious bad mood he is in.

It’s been a really shitty week for Katsuki, a complete and total waste of time if you were to ask him.

With class 3-A just on the cusp of graduation, the top students were assigned to intern at some small time agencies for one week to “get the feel on what being real life pro hero will be like”.

Yeah, that’s bullshit.

With as much as his class has endured since their first year, Bakugo is more than qualified for this line of work by now. With the experience he already has coupled with his quirk, he’s going to be unstoppable.

So, that’s what brings Katsuki here against his will, surrounded by lame heroes and students from other schools. But finally, tonight is the last night he’ll be stuck in this hellhole, and then he’ll be taking the train back to UA in the morning.

Thank fuck, I’m so fuckin’ over this. He thinks to himself in exasperation.

Allowing his eyes to fall shut, he crosses his arms over his chest and exhales loudly to let his body language portray his blatant irritation. Attempting to relax proves difficult, between the television in the background and everyone’s chattering.

The relaxation gets cut short as he feels the couch cushions sink next to him, indicating that a body has sat down next to him a little too close for his liking. Obviously the idiot has a death wish, because after a few moments, a tapping is felt on his shoulder.

Red eyes snap open as he whips his head in the direction of the person, and he’s met with a girl who looks to be around the same age as him, with blonde hair up in bun. Her purple eyes are very large and inquisitive as they bore into his features almost hungrily. With her hands in her lap, she sits up straight as an arrow and leans into his face uncomfortably close, while sporting an enthusiastic grin.

“Hi! You’re Bakugo from UA! I saw you in action today, your quirk is really impressive!” She squeals with a voice loud in excitement.

His teeth grit in a grimace as he cranes his head away from the girl while she looms in on him.

“Oi, back the hell up, bug eyes! Ever heard of personal space?!”

Her eyes widen impossibly larger, and she immediately backs up into a normal sitting position. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I just get excited!” She squeaks in embarrassment and covers her face with her hands.

This bitch is weird as hell, and I’m not in the damn mood for it.

He clicks his tongue in agitation before completely turning his attention away from her to face the television. She’s really annoying, but the urge to bite her head off was barely resisted. Back in the beginning of his first year of high school, he would have never bit his tongue like this.

Bakugo has changed quite a bit in the past few years. All of the boiling rage of teenage anger and pain had simmered down after his fight with Deku during their first year. This fight resolved the mutual misunderstandings between the two, and in turn that took a huge emotional load off of him.

Though their relationship is not perfect, the two have rebuilt their friendship on trust and respect for one another, all while maintaining a healthy rivalry. It’s funny really; the way Deku used to be so timid around Bakugo. But now, he has a smart ass mouth on him, and confidence to boot. That confidence is a good look on the nerd, though. Bakugo’s thankful for the healing on their relationship, but he’ll be damned to ever admit something as sappy as that. Occasionally, the guilt from his past of bullying and tormenting Izuku haunts him, but he just stomps that shit down when it tries to come up.

This isn't the only relationship in Katsuki's life that had changed. During second year, his friendship with Kirishima had very much deepened as well. At first, the redhead clung to him like an unwanted growth, and Bakugo couldn’t get rid of him no matter how hard he tried, so he learned to live with it. Eventually, he realized that with Kirishima being around helped him to stay grounded before flying off the handle whenever he got riled up, which was almost constantly.

However, Kirishima was a package deal, surrounding Bakugo with Mina, Sero, and Kaminari. Before he realized it, he found himself enjoying his company around these dumbasses. They unknowingly taught him how to have a little bit more patience and compassion, two very foreign feelings to him. In the end, having his emotions a little more in check has been eye opening for him.

“Hey, you’re spacing out!” A manicured hand waves in front of Bakugo’s face, making his eyes blink down at it.

Dammit, go away!

He relents and turns his head to her demanded attention, and she continues on. “Anyway, my name’s Kaori, and I’m from the Niigata High!” She says as she points a thumb to her chest.

“I really don’t give a fuck.” He declares uninterested while leveling her with a deadpan look.

Even though Bakugo has changed in some positive ways, he’s still an asshole.

Her cheeks puff in anger and she places her hands on her hips. “Wow, rude much? I was just trying to be nice, geeze.”

With an irritated scoff, he rolls his eyes at her and furrows his brows. “Yeah well, I ain’t here to be nice. It’s real fuckin’ annoying to be wasting my time runnin’ around all damn week with shitty extras like you who have useless ass quirks. I’m gonna outshine all you motherfuckers when I’m the number one hero anyway.”

He’s really not in the mood for this. Maybe his sour attitude will scare her off, but he’s pretty sure it won’t.

She crosses her arms and arches a brow at him. “Hm, number one hero, huh? How can you be so sure of that?”

Why this little—!

“Because I’m the fuckin’ best, that’s why!” He growls while clenching his fists.

She rolls her eyes at his explanation. “You sure are full of yourself. You know, you could find that out for sure, seeing as my quirk allows a person to take a look into their future.”

The words stop his anger for a just a moment, and he looks at her with a bit of interest in his eyes.

No way, is she fucking with me? Doesn’t matter, I don’t need to see it anyway, because I know I’m gonna be number one.

But will he, though? What if Izuku catches up to him?

She feigns indifference by appearing bored, looking at her fingernails. “Yep, allowing someone a chance to sneak a peek and see what’s in store for their future makes my quirk pretty handy… but,” she shrugs, "seeing as my quirk is useless, surely it couldn’t be of any benefit to someone such as yourself.”

…Dammit, I just gotta see for myself that Deku won’t be taking the number one spot.

As she moves to stand up from the couch, he puts an arm out in front of her to stop her, and a coy smiles curves on her face at his change in demeanor.

“Hold the fuck up. Lemme see, and I'll prove to you that I’m gonna be number one!”

She taps her index finger on her chin, with a pondering look on her face. “Hm…well, all you’ve proven to me is that you’re a total asshole.”

His brows furrow and he grinds his teeth in anger, “You—!”

She cuts him off to continue, “But…you’re also really hot, so I guess I'll let you take a crack at it!” She punctuates her sentence with a playful wink, and he rolls his eyes at her seriously bad flirting attempt.


"Yeah yeah, just get on with it.” He mumbles impatiently, irritated with the fact that he’s nervous of the possibility of Deku being the number one hero.

She titters excitedly, and motions him to sit up straight. Doing as told, he sits up and pivots his body to mirror hers, then she holds out her hands expectantly for him to grab. With a grunt, he yet again rolls his eyes, because he’s got a feeling that holding her hands isn’t necessary for this. Regardless, he grabs ahold anyway and the stupid bitch snickers.

“Okay big guy, eyes on mine.” She instructs him and he follows suit, red eyes peering into hers.

“Just a few things before we start. You're not going to know what period of time in the future you'll be seeing until you actually arrive. You won’t be seeing it like a movie either, your body will be generated and placed in the setting for you to observe. You'll have free will to move around, however, no one will be able to see or hear you, so you won’t be able to interact. Lastly, the time limit on my quirk is short, but it can last up to 20 minutes. Understood?”

He grunts and nods, anxious to get this started.

She smiles. “Okay, let’s get to it!”

Her eyes slowly glow, and then flash bright neon purple. The sudden brightness makes his eye pupils eerily dot to pinpricks, and then his vision flashes white.


The white in his vision slowly starts to fuzz into shapes and colors. His eyes flutter in quick blinks as they adjust, and he shakes his head rapidly. Once his vision fully clears, he finds himself standing in the entryway hall of a home. He takes in the surroundings of the hall he’s in; grey walls, lightly decorated with a couple of abstract pictures, and down by his feet there are some unfamiliar shoes sitting by the door.

I’m guessing this is my home, or else I wouldn’t have wound up here. American style too, interesting.

Treading forward, he finds himself entering a decently sized living room. There are a couple of large windows, curtains pulled back and the blinds pulled up, allowing what appears to be early morning sunlight spill into the room. In the middle of the room sits a brown coffee table, with two dark brown couches adjacent to each other around it. A sizeable cream patterned rug lay in the floor underneath it all, and a large flat screen TV is mounted on the wall, playing the news. The house is sleek and modern looking, but also homey.

Not bad.

Straight ahead at the end of the living room is a connection to a dark open hallway. To his left, there is an opening into another room, and he catches the telltale sounds clanking kitchenware inside, so he treads towards it.

Once his head peeks around the entry, his eyes widen a fraction as he’s met with the unmistakable backside of himself standing in front of a stove. The same wild blond spikes are atop his head, but he’s a lot taller now and in even better shape, if that were possible. He watches as the cords of his back muscles shift under his black tank top while he cooks, and his grey sweatpants cling loosely to his waist that is still lean as ever.

Damn, I look good. He thinks to himself with a smug smile.

This doesn't surprise him in the least bit. Bakugo knows he’d never slack on his physical health. Stepping into the kitchen fully now, he makes his way to the counter to lean against it, getting an up-close view of himself.

With Bakugo currently being eighteen years old, his facial features are angular, but he still has that slight youthful roundness in his cheeks. But, this version of him has none of that. He’s got a sharp jawline now with prominent cheekbones that really show his maturity. However, he still looks young.

Hm, wonder what year it is, anyway.

Bakugo would wager that he’s in his late 20’s now.

It’s intriguing to watch his older self work, crimson eyes shifting as he’s focused on the task before him. He looks relaxed though, peaceful even. Those blond brows aren’t furrowed together as they usually are. Bakugo has always loved the morning time. Being an early riser, not many people are awake to bother him, so he really enjoys the solitude. It seems his opinion on that hasn’t changed.

The distant sound of a door shutting tears his gaze away from himself and into the entry way.

A roommate?

That’s interesting, and he’s curious to who it would be. It’s most likely going to be Kirishima. That rock head is stuck to him like glue, he probably won't ever get away from him.

With a bated breath, his eyes stay fixed on the entry as the pattering of footsteps gets closer and closer. Bakugo’s jaw goes slack and his eyes widen in disbelief upon seeing who enters.

“Good morning, Kacchan!”

A sleepy looking, yet cheerful Deku is in the kitchen now, and boy he's changed a lot. The first thing he notices on the nerd is his haircut. Those wild green curls sit atop his head, but the sides have been shaven down, giving him a nice undercut. The haircut makes him look more mature; however he still has round cheeks, guess he'll never outgrow those.

Much like Katsuki, Izuku has muscled up even more as well. He can tell his body is stronger with dense muscles even under his white pajama shirt and black boxers. His thighs are even more solid, which is slightly unfair. Bakugo watches said thigh muscles shift as he saunters up towards future Katsuki.

He's still shorter than Katsuki though. Hah.

Deku is my roommate? Well, it's not exactly ideal, but it's not the worst that could happen I guess.

Still, Bakugo does find it odd.

Future Bakugo grunts, and doesn't even look up from his cooking. "'Bout time you got up, lazy ass."

Deku scoffs at him, but smiles. The green haired man walks up and leans against the counter, almost mirroring exactly how young Katsuki is currently standing, except he's on the opposite side.

"Hey, I worked last night. You know I like to sleep in on my days off!" Izuku retorts as he crosses his arms with a pout.

"Cut the shit, you sleep in every day. You'd be late for work every damn morning if it weren't for me waking your ass up. I swear, you're like a giant baby, Deku." Bakugo chides as he flips an omelet.

"You know you love me, Kacchan." Deku sing-songs happily, bopping his head back and forth.

Older Katsuki snorts, and then turns his face toward Izuku, giving him some kind of expression that young Bakugo is unable to see. Whatever it was though, it made Izuku's eyes light up and smile grow wider.

Future Bakugo turns his attention back to the stove. "Gross, I don't fuckin' love you, you damn weirdo. Go away, I'm busy."

Katsuki just watches the pair’s interactions with interest. The way they act is... odd. It’s almost like how they act now to each other in their current young age, but there is something different about this that Katsuki can't put his finger on. Perhaps they've become too domesticated from living together. Or perhaps it's because Deku just insinuated that Katsuki loves him; the two of them made amends and all, but damn. Bakugo chooses to overlook the comment.

Deku leans into his space and looks down at the sizzling pan. "I want two omelets, please and thank you!"

Leaning in close just earns an elbow to Izuku's face. "Fuck off." He bites without any heat, and Deku whines.

Izuku steps away from the counter and circles behind Bakugo, almost like a predator. Those green eyes are fixated on Katsuki's ass, and a devilish smile is curling on his freckled face.

Young Katsuki tilts his head to the side in confusion. The fuck is this shitnerd doing?

Green electricity sparks around Deku's hand as he reels his arm back, palm open and ready to strike his target.


Before either Bakugo knows it, Izuku's hand has slapped his ass so hard that Bakugo garbles in shock, dropping his spatula on the floor with a clang.

Young Bakugo's eyes widen and his brows shoot straight up. The fuck?!

"What the fuck?!" His future self verbalizes simultaneously with his exact thought about the situation.

Katsuki is mystified by this, his mind reeling. Who does Deku think he is?! He can't just...slap my ass!

Older Katsuki grits his teeth and whirls towards Izuku. "Deku..." He snarls menacingly, glaring daggers at his assailant.

Deku just smiles oh so innocently, clasping his hands behind his back. "Yes, Kacchan?" He chirps sweetly while batting his lashes at him.

A vein pops out of older Katsuki's head, and he reaches behind him to turn off the stove; and at that moment, Izuku erupts in giggles.

"Catch me if you can!" The greenette cackles as he bolts out of the kitchen, green electricity sparking in his wake.

"Oh NO you FUCKING don't!" Katsuki screeches as he gives chase, racing out and leaving his completely stupefied younger self in the kitchen.

Bakugo can't even wrap his mind around all of this, but he decides to hop up and see what's going to unfold for the nerd. As he steps out of the kitchen, he stops as the two men zoom past him and down the small hallway.

He cranes his head to the hall and watches as the two run into a room on the right, followed by the door slamming shut.

"I've got you now, fucking asshole! You're dead!" His older self roars, the closed door slightly muffling his tone.

After a moment, a loud crashing sound is heard, followed by Deku's muffled screams of "No Kacchan, I'm sorry!!"

Katsuki smirks at Izuku's cries. Hell yeah, time to kick your ass. Maybe that'll teach you not to fuck around with me, stupid nerd.

Another loud thump, followed by Kastuki bellowing, "Time to pay up, Deku!", and then loud laughter and giggles from Izuku pierce through the air.

Wait, giggles?

Deku is pleading now, laughter cutting between his words. "Kacchan, hahaha- please stop! Ka-hahaha!" Izuku sounds completely out of breath.

Katsuki arches a brow. Why the fuck is he laughing? Isn't his ass getting kicked?

His laughter continues to chime, but after a few moments, the laughter slowly tapers off into what sounds like... a moan?

The hell was that?

Afterwards, it's completely quiet. Not another sound has come from neither Izuku or Katsuki, and this goes on for few minutes. The silence is... eerie. It piques his curiosity, so he starts to tread down the hall towards the room to see what's happened.

A peculiar noise starts up now, startling Katsuki and stopping his trek in mid step.

Squeak- squeak- squeak- squeak-

Stunned, his mouth parts open and his breath hitches slightly.

No fucking way, that is NOT the sound of a bed. He tells himself as he continues forward, tip toeing up to the door silently. He doesn't even know why he's trying to be quiet, seeing as he can't be heard anyway.

With a racing heart, he steadily reaches towards the handle. Grasping the knob, he slowly begins turning it, and then—

"Ohh, Kacchan..."

Now that was definitely a moan, all breathy and needy, coming straight out of Izuku's mouth behind that door.

Bakugo's eyes widen, and he retracts his hand lightning fast as if the knob has burned him. Gulping, he takes a step back, panic struck on his face. Katsuki's not an idiot, he knows exactly what this sounds like. But, that doesn’t mean he's not going to try and deny it.

The squeaking sounds have picked up in speed now, and Deku's responding with high pitched keens.

Okay, I don’t know what the hell's going on in there, but those are definitely not the sounds of us fucking, nope! Bakugo's determined to keep his denial game strong.

Then, he hears the gruff voice of his future self chuckling darkly, followed by a groan in satisfaction. Bakugo's chest seizes in anticipation, hoping that his future self will say something, anything to prove that what's happening behind those walls are not what it sounds like.

"Nngh, you fuckin' love getting your tight little ass pounded by my fat cock. Don't you, Deku?"

A furious blush explodes Katsuki from head to toe upon hearing his own self saying these filthy words, painting a complete picture of what is exactly going on in that room. There’s no room left for denial at this point, so Bakugo pivots on his heels and swiftly heads back towards the living room.

The escape proves fruitless as Deku's voice is carrying loud and clear throughout the hallway, "Mmhh— Kacchan's cock feels so good!"

Once Katsuki reaches the living room, he starts to completely short circuit.

“Holy shit, we're fucking! WHY are we fucking?! What the hell is going on?!” He questions aloud to himself, arms flailing around and absolutely hysterical. His heart has skyrocketed; his mind is so completely blown that his brain matter may as well be scattered around the house.

Izuku's moans are pitching even higher now, more urgent as he begs wantonly. "Ahh, hahh! Kacch—ahh~n! More, please!"

It appears that Bakugo has obliged to his pleading, because now the distinctive sound of the headboard slamming against the wall has accompanied the bed creaking, indeed giving Izuku more.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Izuku's responds in delighted moans, voice blending in with all of the other noises and constructing the filthiest of cacophonies.

Katsuki screws his eyes shut, blush still lighting him on fire.

Deku...! He's…he's so fucking loud!

Raucous moans are now emitting from older Bakugo, almost matching Izuku's voice in volume. "Fuck yeah, always taking it so fucking good for me, huh? My nasty, slutty Deku!"

Katsuki snaps his eyes open, in even more shock at his older self’s words. Always?! What do I mean, 'always'?! We've done this more than once?! Bakugo's still in total freak out mode, but he then tries his best calm his composure and reason with himself. He decides to sit on the couch and attempt to sort through this.


He places his head in his hands and takes a few deep breaths.

Okay, I know there's a logical explanation for this shit. I'm sure we're just blowing off some steam. There's gotta be no time for getting laid doing hero work, and we've known each other for so long now that it makes sense that we'd trust each other to be up for doing something like this. Yeah, that's it.'s just...fucking weird as hell, though!

What's weird to him is not the fact that he's sleeping with a man, it's just that it's with Deku of all people. Katsuki's never given a shit about sex or relationships, so when the pesky urges kicked in, he'd just jack off and be satisfied. He'd much rather stay focused on his success instead of who he wants to stick his dick in.

Now that he's calmed himself down a little, his next task is to find anything that can distract him from the filthy racket that the pair are making. He sits his back up straight and tunes into the news that's playing on the TV.

The black haired reporter on the screen drones on, "-yes, the start of this year has been exceptional for pro hero Red Riot, we are seeing him climb up the hero charts to claim the-"

"OH GOD— HARDER KACCHAN, HARDER! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" Deku's screaming now and it has completely drowned out the TV. So much for a fucking distraction.

With a blush burning his face once again, Bakugo shoots up from the couch angrily and yanks his hair in frustration. "Fuck, this is so embarrassing!" He growls to himself as he begins to pace around in a flustered state.

The banging on the wall and bed creaking has ramped up to an impossibly fast speed now, reverberating into the living room and causing the pictures on the wall closest to the hallway to shake. Bakugo just watches in muted horror, he yet again cannot even fathom that this is happening.

The voice of his older self roars out a long drawn out moan, "Yeahhh, that's it baby! C’mon, fuckin' cum for me!"

A clinking sound from a picture falling on the floor grabs Katsuki's attention, so he figures why the hell not, and stomps his way over to it to take a look.

Hovering over the cracked frame, he swoops his hand down to pick it up. Once it's brought to his face, Bakugo's eyes widen and he chokes on his breath.


His heart is thundering in his chest, a calamity so hard in his ribcage that it's pulsating in his ear drums. It almost drowns out the lewd sounds around him. Almost.

He swallows thickly, hands shaking as he brings the photo closer to his face to make sure he's really seeing what he thinks he's seeing.

No...! This isn't...!

In the photo shows Katsuki, adorned in a white tuxedo with a dark green tie. He's got a snarky cocksure smile on his face, but there are tears glistening in his eyes. Held in his arms is Izuku in a matching tuxedo, but with sheer crown veil is atop his head, and he is ugly crying. Both men are outside of a beautiful church, with various familiar faces of friends and family on both sides of them. The bottom of the white frame reads Bakugo Katsuki and Bakugo Izuku, with silver hearts and wedding bands under their names.

Katsuki's stomach is churning, nausea completely overtaking him as he can't seem to get a breath in. He's in a total state of shock, trembling hands clenching the frame even harder. There's a hurricane of thoughts crashing in his mind, and yet he can't seem to collect a coherent thought. The only thing clear in his mind is;

I can't believe it. No, I won't believe it!

All at once, a blinding white light pierces his vision. He scrunches his eyes tightly and hisses in pain. After a moment, his vision settles and he's back in the agency, hands still held with the girl and her big ass eyes in his face.

"So, how was it?!" She squeals, removing her hands from his to clasp them together in excitement.

His expression is dazed as he just stares straight ahead, seeming to not register a word. After a moment, he blinks once, snaps his face towards her, and his expression quickly morphs into fury.

With teeth clenching, he snatches her by the shirt and shakes her violently, throttling her back and forth as she squawks.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" He bellows as he stops his assault, looming into her face with the most threatening expression he can conjure.

Instead of fear, this snide bitch just laughs. "What? Didn't like what you saw? Not my fault, mister number one hero."

He releases her, and she falls back into the couch cushions with an oof.

"You trying to make a fool out of me?!" He fumes as his palms pop explosions uncontrollably. "You're a fucking liar, with a shitty ass quirk. Fuck you!" Storming away, he grumbles, stomping loudly and slamming the door shut behind him.

Stupid bitch, mocking me like that. That is not my fucking future.

And at that moment, Katsuki decides that he's going to deny what he saw until the last day of his dying breath.


The following morning, Katsuki enters the classroom visibly worse for wear; uniform wrinkled, blond spikes completely flat down on one side of his head while the other side is sticking out even more wild than usual. His usually flawless complexion is blemished with dark circles under his eyes too. Really, he just looks like a wreck.

Sleeping last night sucked, tossing and turning until daybreak for reasons completely unrelated to yesterday's events. Normally he wouldn't come into class looking like a bag of shit, but with being pressed for time since he slept through his alarm, he had no choice. No way in hell he was going to let one bad night ruin his perfect attendance.

Getting the usual good morning greetings from his classmates, he only responds by grumbling while keeping his eyes fixated on the floor as he makes his way towards his desk.

I feel like shit, but I'm still gonna make today my bitch.

As he reaches his destination, his eyes travel up from the floor to his desk, and all at once, his stomach does an unusual flip at the sight before him.

Just behind his desk stands Deku with his backside facing Katsuki, casually in conversation with another classmate. His arms are crossed and his head is tossed back in light laughter. The sight really is nothing abnormal by any means, but just seeing the nerd revs up his heart to acceleration as he's instantly reminded of the crazy shit he saw yesterday. A hot blush lights him on fire, burning across his cheeks and down his neck, and that really pisses Katsuki off. He's stopping those thoughts in their tracks right now.

No, there's no way that was my future. I don't know how, but that bitch was skewing my vision or some shit, that's all.

Yes, what Bakugo saw yesterday was just an illusion— a mirage conjured up by that girl simply just to make a fool out of him. With this being his decision on the matter, he crushes those anxious feelings and thoughts away into dust. He's Bakugo motherfuckin' Katsuki, he won't let something like this screw with his mind.

Now with a level head, Bakugo arrives at his desk and drops his bag onto the floor with a loud thunk. The sound alerts Deku on his arrival, so the green haired teen turns around for a greeting.

"Good morning, Kacchan! Oh, um..." Izuku trails off, eyes shining with mirth as he appears to be attempting on holding back a smile.

Katsuki arches a brow at him and grouses, "Got somethin' to say, nerd?"

Clasping his hands behind his back, Izuku averts his eyes away. "Uh, nope! Well, yes actually," deciding to meets Katsuki's eyes again, he allows himself a forced smile. "How did your interning go?"

The blond leans back against his desk and crosses his arms, nose tilted up as he side eyes him. "It sucked total ass and it was boring as fuck. Just had to be cramped in a small dorm with a buncha losers." He utters boredly, conveniently making sure to leave out last night's events.

Izuku responds with an understanding nod and hum. Just behind him, Kaminari approaches and glances at Bakugo, perplexed yet amused. "Woah, dude! Did you stick a fork in the toaster this morning or something?"

Izuku whips around his head to give Kaminari a heated glare that translates to really?! while Katsuki just glowers at the electric blond.

Evidently, Kaminari seems unfazed by this, proceeding to point at Bakugo's disheveled hair and cackling. "Your hair! It—"

"Looks perfectly fine," Izuku interjects as he swoops into Katsuki's space to smooth his hands through his unruly hair in an attempt to tame it.

This is something that Bakugo would not have let slide in the past. No one, especially Deku, would have ever been allowed to get in his personal space and touch him like this. But, with personal growth that has accompanied the years that have went by, Bakugo is way more tolerable with his handsy friends. In fact, he's completely used to it by now and usually just grumbles through it.

But for some bizarre reason, Katsuki's stomach is somersaulting at Deku's touch. The way those nimble fingers graze his scalp has the explosive teen frozen on the spot. This new feeling makes him feel really uneasy, but at the same time it feels like all brain function has ceased.

Moments pass and the shorter boy removes his hands from his hair, and then proceeds to give the top of Katsuki's head a couple of pats to convey he's finished. Bakugo exhales slowly, releasing a breath that he didn't even realize he held.

"There!" The nerd declares with a cheesy dork grin spread across his face. With his hands on his hips, Izuku puffs out his chest and nods, apparently proud of his work.

With a facial expression as blank as his mind, Katsuki attempts to look up at his now fixed hair, appearing cross-eyed as he does so. But after a moment, his hair just poofs back into the previously messy state it was in. Bakugo blinks a couple of times before all cognitive function starts to resume. Kaminari howls in laughter, doubled over and grabbing his stomach.

Deku attempts to hide his giggles behind his hand. "Sorry Kacchan," Izuku removes the hand hiding his smile to place it behind his head sheepishly. "It just looks like you had a rough night, and I didn't want to point it out." He utters modestly, but obvious amusement still stuck on his face.

In lieu of jumping down their throats, Bakugo just turns away from the two idiots to plant himself into his seat, trying to ignore the nausea created by the tidal waves crashing in his stomach.

After a few deeps breaths, his stomach decides to stop being a bitch and finally settles down. Katsuki huffs in irritation, mad at the fact that his body reacted this way from Izuku.

Bullshit, that didn't have anything to do with Deku. I'm just hungry is all, didn't have time for breakfast.

After coming to that obviously correct conclusion, he reaches down and pulls his bag into his lap. He rummages through it, pulling out his notebook and placing it onto his desk, followed by his pencil. Dammit, his patience is getting tested rather early, but he's still going to make today his bitch.

"Hey bro. Uh, you look like shit." A voice that sounds an awful lot like Kirishima pipes up from somewhere, and Bakugo grits his teeth in irritation, snapping the pencil in his grip in half. He swivels in his seat to face the red head, ready to launch a verbal assault.

"Shut the fu—"

"Alright everyone!" Iida's blaring voice booms in the classroom to grab everyone's attention. "Begin taking your seats now, as class will begin in just a few minutes!" He ushers while making his usual chopping motions, followed by the sounds of shuffling feet scuffing the floor as everyone settles down into their seats. Bakugo snaps his jaw shut and sits forward, grumbling to himself as he waits for class to start.


Class feels like it's been dragging on for hours and yet only 30 minutes has passed by.

With a cheek resting on his palm, Bakugo's dry eyes flutter as he struggles to keep them open. The effects from last night's insomnia is hitting him full force now, and the boring tone of Aizawa's voice isn't helping at all.

Bakugo always makes sure that he is consistently alert in class every single day, especially with graduation just around the corner. However, today's the last day before school is out for a week break, so he figures that he can slack off just this once. Thank God, Katsuki's not one to bitch and moan about the workload, but even he can admit that it's been a grueling year.

With Aizawa's voice droning on and on, Katsuki allows his eyelids to slowly shut. Damn, it feels so good too. The burning sensation in his eyes starts to seep away, and before he knows it, he's lulling into a nap.

Before he can doze too long, a gentle tap is felt on his shoulder, and his eyes snap open. After literal years in these assigned seats, he doesn't have to even look to know that it's Deku trying to get his attention.

Katsuki lifts his face from his hand pillow to turn to the side, giving Deku a view of his profile followed by a grunt in acknowledgment.

In his peripheral vision, Izuku leans in to bring his mouth up to Bakugo's ear, cupping his hand over it for a whisper. "Are you planning to visit your parents on break?" His warm breath ghosting over his ear gives Katsuki a slight chill.

Choosing to ignore the goose bumps rising up on his flesh, he mulls the question over for a bit. Not once had he thought about visiting his parents on his time off, he supposes he ought to.

Katsuki cranes his head back slightly to reply in a gruff whisper of his own. "Don't want to, but the hag will bitch at me if I don’t turn up at least once."

Deku nods. "Good, I'm going to visit mom sometime next week. So, I was wondering if we could go together, I'd like to see how your parents are doing."

Bakugo rolls his eyes. "Pft, I don't hafta be there if you wanna see 'em, you know where I live, dipshit."

Deku scoffs and furrows his brows, "Kacchan, I'm not going to just go to your house without you, that's weird!" He whisper yells, lifting his palm up in disbelief.

Bakugo scoffs back at Izuku, throwing that sassy attitude right back into the nerd's face, then turns around in his seat completely so he can face him for a retort. "Yeah well, it ain't my fault that-"

"Midoriya, Bakugo. I don't think your classmates appreciate having their lesson disrupted by your obnoxious flirting." Aizawa cuts in dully, and the class bursts into giggles and snickers.

Both boys turn back into their seats abruptly, a light blush dusting on their cheeks.

Damn it.


A lunch tray slams down on the empty table, causing the piled on noodles to shift slightly. Following after this is Bakugo plopping down into the seat before him. Vermillion eyes scan the surroundings of the lunchroom, looking for any of his classmates. None too many as of yet, at least ones that won't bother him. He's surprised; usually his friends are like sharks, sniffing him out like blood in water. It's really irritating at times. He sighs through his nose in relief.

Good, I've had enough bullshit already today. I'm not in the mood for any more.

He breaks apart his chopsticks, thanking the heavens that he can for once have a lunch period in peace and quiet. Digging his utensils into the food, he brings the steaming noodles up to his mouth and chomps down, reveling in the array of flavors. It's not even remotely spicy enough for his tastes, but it's still pretty damn good.

"Hey man!" Appearing out of nowhere is Kirishima, slapping the blond boy’s back in greeting. The action catches Katsuki off guard and he sucks in a breath, in turn causing him to choke on his food.

Unbothered by his hacking and coughing, the red head sits down on his left side, followed by Mina accompanying him on his right.

Mina shoots him a puzzled look; those black and gold orbs just watching him repeatedly hit his chest in an attempt to dislodge the food. "You know, if you actually took the time to slow down to eat, then maybe you wouldn't choke." She states matter-of-factly as she wags her finger at him. Apparently, she feels that lecturing him would better help his situation, rather than actually doing something about it. Shitty hair next to him begins to eat his lunch as if Bakugo's not dying right next to him.

Great, and now Kaminari and Sero set their trays down across from him, taking a seat to just watch him cough and sputter. This is just perfect.

With a snicker, Sero reprimands him while gesturing a hand to Mina. "Yeah dude, listen to mom!" She beams proudly at that, pleased with this self-proclaimed title in the Bakusquad.

With one final thump to his chest, the food finally dislodges out of his windpipe. After wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand, he shoots the entire table the most menacing death glare he could muster. If looks could kill, one by one they'd already be on the floor.

"Useless fucktards." He spits out before attempting to stand up, but is stopped abruptly when Kirishima puts a hardened arm around his neck to bring him back down into his seat.

"Hey man, turn that frown upside down, today's the last day of class! Aren't you excited?!" Kirishima chirps happily, squishing his cheek onto Katsuki's head with a stupid smile plastered on his face.

Bakugo grits his teeth and seethes angrily, "If you don't get the hell off me right now, I'm gonna tear your arm off and shove it up your ass!"

"Ooh, kinky! Who knew Blasty was such a freak?" Kaminari quips suggestively while wiggling his eyebrows.

Sero pipes in with a laugh and elbows Kaminari, "Hah! I bet he's into s&m! He seems like the type to want to beat up someone in the sack."

The manicured fingers of Mina start snapping to grab everyone's attention. "Alright boys, there will be no kink shaming at my table!" She tries to say that with a straight face, but fails at it and they all continue to giggle. She gives Katsuki an endearing look and continues, "Our angry boy here likes to act all tough, but I bet he'd be gentle and caring in bed."

This conversation is really bizarre, and it's pissing Katsuki off even more than he already is.

Kirishima tightens the iron grip on his neck, "Is that right bro? You gonna treat me right?" He snickers while wiggling Katsuki's head back and forth.

By now, a rather large vein is bulging out of Katsuki's forehead, and he's just about at the boiling point.

"Fucking— shitty hair! I swear to God I'm going to strangle you if you don't remove yourself from me!" He threatens, completely enraged as he claws at the arm around his neck.

The redhead relents and finally removes his arm, then places his hand on his chin thoughtfully. "Hm, can't say I'm into choking, but I'd try it once for you." He jests with a shrug, and Bakugo has had it.

Katsuki slams a popping fist on the table and screeches angrily, "Will you guys shut the hell up about this?! It's weird as fuck!"

Kaminari points an accusing chopstick to the others, "Yeah guys, stop talking about Bakugo's non-existent sex life." He jeers, making sure to emphasize on the non-existent part, and they continue to chuckle.

"It’s only non-existent because you're always emotionally constipated. If you ever want to get laid, you're going to have to be more approachable, you know." Pinky addresses as she stuffs a pork cutlet into her mouth.

These assholes just won't let up! Bakugo swears that one day these idiots are going to push him past the brink of his sanity, and will literally blow them all up. But alas, today is not that day. For now, steam is practically billowing out of his ears, and his face is completely twisted in anger.

Sero scrunches his face up in a grimace. "Yeah, wow. You're gonna stay a virgin forever if you keep up with that face."

Bakugo juts his chin out and eyes the black haired boy. "Fuck off, soy sauce! I ain't lookin’ to get laid. 'Sides, it’s not like any of you aren't virgins either."

A scoff comes from Kaminari after that, and the electric blond looks mildly offended. "Hey, you don't know that!" He says while smiling smugly, but he looks stupid because he has a piece of rice stuck on his chin. This dumbass is seriously insinuating he's had sex, as if.

This time, Kirishima snorts with an amused grin. "Dude, no offense, but no one would touch you with a ten foot pole!" Laughter and pffts erupt from the table, and finally the teasing is directed at someone else other than Katsuki.

Kaminari sags in his seat with a pout, and Mina reaches forward to flick the rice off his face and pat his shoulder comfortingly. "There there, Kami. Look at the bright side, at least you aren't Mineta!" She sniggers as she pinches his cheek.

"Yeah, that dude doesn't have a chance." Kirishima remarks with a mouth full of food.

At this point, Katsuki is so fucking over this; but at least they've directed conversation elsewhere. He stuffs his mouth full of his noodles and chews thoughtfully.

Assholes. What do they even know? Talking like they have sex lives or some shit. At least I know I'll have Deku screaming from my bomb-ass sex.

Bakugo's eyes widen.


The shocking realization of that thought even crossing his mind feels like a literal sucker punch to his gut, causing him to sputter and spit out his mouthful of food all over Kaminari.

"Dude, what the hell?!" He screeches in total shock. By the time everyone whips their head to gape at Bakugo, he's already out of his seat, sweating and storming away with a killer blush.


"Is that all you've got?!" Bakugo snarls in Uraraka's face, and she snarls right back with grit teeth. They're both clad in their blue gym suits, arms locked as they push against one another in an attempt to grapple each other down to the ground.

For PE today, everyone's been assigned sparring partners for non-quirk training, and Bakugo is so glad that he can finally let off some of this aggression. What's even better about this is that he has a partner that he knows he doesn't have to hold back on, not that he would have anyway.

Even though it's early afternoon, the sun is beating down hard on the students. Sweat trickles down both of their faces, and the heat causes her naturally pink cheeks to flush even deeper. She grins and huffs in his face.

"You're way too cocky, that's gonna be your downfall, you know." She says through grit teeth in an attempt to distract him while she sweeps a leg behind his ankle to try and make him lose his footing. However, he's already predicted that move and side steps out of it, looping his arm below to catch her leg and flip her behind him.

Landing on her back with an oof, she shakes off the rattling in her head to peer up at him. He towers over her, shaded silhouette of his shadow darkening over her features.

"Try again, you still got leagues to go if you wanna get on my level. Stupid pathetic bitch." He says maliciously, though he really doesn't mean those words. If there's one thing he's learned over the years, it's that Ochako's tough as hell, and she's neither pathetic or a bitch. But he hopes that patronizing will ruffle her feathers, because he's really craving a harder challenge than this.

She growls savagely and springs up to her feet to launch an attack at him. Too easy, he thinks. The taunting worked just like he predicted.

With his next move already calculated, the muscles on his body clench as he braces for her assault. But, before her fist can make any contact, the high pitched squeal of a whistle blows.

"Time! Get ready to switch!" Cementoss bellows and all movement screeches to a halt.

She throws her head back and groans loudly. "Uhg! I was just about to pin you down too!" She stomps cutely in a fit, cheeks puffed out and arms straight down at her sides balled up in tight fists.

He can't help to snort at her childish behavior. "Keep dreamin' round cheeks, you weren't gonna do shit," He muses, placing one hand on his hip while the other hand shoos her away.

She hmphs at him, but her pout curls into a smile when she catches a glimpse of Bakugo's next sparring partner approaching. Following her line of site is Deku, all smiley and shit as he steps into the spar circle, and a shot of adrenaline spikes through Katsuki.

No, he will not even believe for a second that the reason for his racing heart is caused from anything other than pre-fight jitters, especially since he had successfully repressed the memory from the intrusive thought he had at lunch.

With a smile still on his face, Izuku tags her with a high-five, but locks his grip in hers in somewhat of a handshake instead of letting go. This singular motion alone causes the muscles in his vascular forearm to shift. Stupid Deku is small, but what he lacks in stature makes up for in bulk; he's a solid powerhouse of muscle. Also, his gym uniform is damp with sweat, accentuating the carved muscles of his pectorals and plains of his abs even more.

Speaking of sweat, Bakugo seems to be perspiring copiously right at this moment, even more so than when he was sparring earlier. Damn, it's getting hotter by the minute out here, so hot that Katsuki has to pull the collar of his uniform out to try to get some air in there, ridiculous.

It's a good thing that they are assigned non-quirk training, because Deku would have been blown to bits with as much sweat Katsuki's accumulating.

"Kick his butt, Deku!" She exclaims with a wave as she trots away.

The greenette swivels to face him now. "Don't worry Uraraka," that oh so innocent smile morphs dangerously, demeanor changing predacious as he stalks toward Katsuki. "Kacchan will be limping by the time I'm done with him."

Scarlet eyes dilate, excitement bursts out of Katsuki's chest and surges all through his veins, right down into his fingertips. His hands start to twitch, just itching to take some sort of action. Yes, this is going to be the challenge that he craves. If there’s one person that knows how to push his buttons, it’s Midoriya Izuku.

A maniacal grin twists Katsuki's features and he begins to pop his knuckles. "Go ahead and keep talking shit like the little bitch you are. You know I ain't afraid to hit a girl." He goads, fixating his eyes onto Izuku's, just daring him to attack.

The small flicker of embers in Deku's eyes roar into life, blazing green orbs threating to destroy everything in his path. Deku has a mad competitive streak, so when he's riled up, it is intense. His energy matches Katsuki's like no other. The smaller teen squares his shoulders and Katsuki takes his fighting stance as well, both holding their breath. A small gust of wind tousles their hair as they stand still, waiting for their start signal.

Once the whistle blows, they are immediately on each other. Izuku strikes first, scarred fist going in for a right hook, but Bakugo ducks out of the way just to turn around to jam an elbow into him. He misses though, arm just barely grazing Izuku's side, which gives the smaller teen the opportunity to grab ahold of his arm.

With Katsuki's arm in his grip, he twists his body in attempt to throw the blond down to the ground. However, Katsuki kicks his leg out to hook it behind Deku's, effectively bringing them both down on their knees for a grapple.

Bakugo tucks his shoulder down and rams it straight into Izuku's chest, knocking a breath out of him. Before the smaller teen can register it, he's crashed onto the ground and flipped on his side, Bakugo's chest to his back.

Izuku pivots his hips forward, attempting to roll onto his back, but just as his hips lift up, Katsuki's strong legs are pretzled over his in a vice grip, effectively locking his backside against the front of his pelvis.

Katsuki hooks an arm around Deku's neck, digging his forearm deep and putting him into a chokehold. With both his hands still free, Deku attempts to jab him in the face with the back of one of his elbows. This is to no avail as Katsuki just hooks his arm around his to bend it back to a painful degree, earning him a hiss through his teeth.

Now with only one arm free now, Izuku attempts to pull at the arm strangling his neck to try to and loosen the grip, squeezing Katsuki's bicep as hard as he can.

It doesn't work, Bakugo's not letting up on his neck one bit, so Deku resorts to thrashing his body wildly, trying to do anything to loosen up.

Izuku is thoroughly trapped.

Bringing a mouth to his ear, Bakugo taunts with a rasp. "What'cha gonna do now, shitstain? N’ to think you had the gall to talk shit when your ass is getting handed t' ya." Deku responds by growling and thrashing his head, but the grip on his neck just tightens.

"Give it up, asshole!" Katsuki grits out before bending Izuku's arm back even more and the pain causes Deku to elicit a loud stuttering moan.

"Ahn! K-kacchan!"

Instantly, Katsuki's flinches, heart leaping into his throat from the sound that just ripped out of Deku. Though the moan was stemmed from pain, to Katsuki it sounded absolutely X-rated. And now, completely against his will, Bakugo is blushing. Deep hue of red is spreading throughout his cheeks and all the way down his neck.

Holy shit! That sounded like-

"Fuck!" Katsuki curses, train of thought interrupted as an elbow slams forcefully into his nose and jarring his brain. With his guard down for a split second, Izuku didn't miss the opportunity to tear free as all of the grips on his body loosened up.

Stars spackle in his vision, and Katsuki wasn't aware that he was rolled over onto his back until it was too late; the heavy body weight of Izuku is pressed down on his lap. He feels strong thighs begin squeezing his waist, steadily gripping tighter and causing him to wheeze. Then, his hands are yanked harshly above his head, and it's Bakugo's turn to thrash, body arching up and squirming in an escape attempt. It's no use though, Izuku has his wrists locked and firmly planted into the ground.

Emerald eyes rake over Katsuki's squirming body almost rabidly; the smaller man seems to be pleased with how he's gained the upper hand. Deku leans down, his freckled face twisted in a smile as he hovers just inches from Katsuki's own.

"What's the matter, Kacchan?" He pants tauntingly, warm breath fanning over his face. And hello, why did that sound so erotic?! Surely Katsuki's not imagining it to be that way, right?

Then, the whistle blows, and Katsuki's hands have been released. Izuku lifts himself out of his lap to stand, wiping dirt off of his legs. Katsuki however, continues to lay on the ground unmoving, with the exception of his chest heaving from exertion. He's also sporting a stupefied look as he just stares at the sky, squinting from the brightness of the sun.

Like a switch had been flipped, Izuku is out of his competitive mode and back to his sweet nature. "Good spar, Kacchan!" He says, smiling at Katsuki and extending a hand down for him. Once his senses come back, his face contorts to a scowl. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't take the offered hand and instead just swats it away.

He jumps up off the ground without a word, blush on his face refusing to leave as he storms away, leaving a confused yet concerned looking Deku behind.


Finally, it’s the end of this hellish school day. Classes have just ended and everyone is heading back to their respective dorm rooms.

Bakugo trudges sluggishly down the hall, bag dragging on the floor behind him as he makes his way to his room. He's absolutely exhausted, achy, and cranky. Today was a total crapshoot.

Thank fuck, now I can finally get some time to myself. He sighs to himself as he halts in front of his door to fish out the key from his pocket.

"Hey, Bakubro!"

Katsuki cringes, almost dropping his keys at the resounding holler echoing from the end of the hall.

He clenches his jaw and curses.

Shitty hair. You gotta be kidding me!

All he wants is just some alone time, dammit!

The redhead comes into view as he rounds the corner of the hall, bounding up to him like an excited puppy. Behind his stead trails Kaminari and Sero, and Katsuki's eyes widen.

Oh hell no!

The key is jammed into the lock urgently, and not a second later the door is swung open with the blond sweeping into the room as fast as he can. He pulls the door shut, but it's met with resistance and doesn't close.

"The hell?!" He fumes, repeatedly yanking the door back, only for it to just keep springing forward. Craning his head out, he spots Sero's tape wrapped around the door knob, along with said boy still attached to it. Kirishima and Kaminari flank his sides, and all three of the fuckers faces are split with wide toothy grins.

"Seriously?! I get enough of you idiots throughout the day, what's a guy gotta do to get some peace around here?!" He barks out, but quickly blanches as the three just push past him easily and enters the room.

His face quickly morphs back into anger, steam flaring out of his nostrils. "Oi! What do you assholes think you're doing?! Get the hell out!" He yells, shaking his fist animatedly.

Ultimately, he's ignored. Sero drops down to sit cross-legged in the floor, Kaminari takes a seat in his desk chair, and Kirishima has sprawled out on his bed. Bakugo is vibrating with anger at this point, and the others are impassive to it. The nerve of these idiots!

"Wow dude, your bed's way more comfy than mine!" Kirishima hums as he rolls over to snuggle into the pillows happily.

Growling, Katsuki stomps over to the bed and snatches the pillow out from underneath the redhead, causing him to whine. The whines quickly turn muffled as Katsuki holds the pillow down over his face in an attempt to smother him.

"Die, fucker!"

"Hey guys, guess who I am!" Kaminari pipes up and all heads turn to him. The electric blond has one of Bakugo's gauntlets secured on his wrist, and he hops out of the chair while twisting his face into the ugliest scowl he could muster. He proceeds to stomp around the room waving the gauntlet in the air, and tries to mimic Katsuki's deep voice. "Grr, look at me! I'm gonna beat you up! I want people to think I'm tough, but really I'm just mad all the time because I've got micro-dick!"

Everyone starts howling with laughter, and the pillow in Bakugo's trembling hand explodes, feathers flying in every direction. This is it, the last straw, and this fucker's dead meat now.

"I'LL KILL YOU, BASTARD!!" He screeches at the top of his lungs before lunging towards Kaminari. His eyes bug out and he squeals in terror, swiftly jumping out of the way to avoid the fuming blond's attack. In his panicked haste, he trips over Sero and crashes to the floor, sprawling on top of the tape hero.

"Wait!" Kirishima wails and springs off the bed, attempting to defend the two boys tangled in the floor before Katsuki's reaches them.


Screams and crashes, accompanied by the all too familiar sound of a certain fellow classmate's yells are echoing throughout the dormitory hallway. Iida, who is currently standing in the hall, is alerted at the troubling noises and quickly power walks (since quirk usage is strictly prohibited indoors!) his way to the source of the racket. Rounding the corner, he spots Bakugo's door cracked open, and there is no doubt that the noise is coming from within the room.

"Is everything alright?!" Iida bellows, hustling his way over to thrust the door open. He gasps and his eyes blow wide at the scene before him. Bakugo has his hands around Kaminari's neck, throttling him back and forth unmercifully, while Sero and Kirishima are hogtied together in the floor with Sero's tape. Muffled pleas come from the boys, mouths wrapped tight and their eyes watering as they look helplessly up at Iida.

Iida is simply aghast at the situation! But as the class president, it's his duty to quickly take control of all distressing affairs, no matter the severity.

"Bakugo! What's the meaning of all of this?!"

Katsuki snaps his head towards him, and he looks completely feral. He may as well be foaming at the mouth!


Kaminari croaks a pitiful help me, so the bespectacled man swiftly races over to the calamity in an attempt to apprehend Katsuki.

"Mind your damn business, glasses!" Katsuki roars, dropping Kaminari to the floor in favor of backing up to dodge Iida. The poor electric boy crawls away, scrambling to get to safety.

"Bakugo! You are being unruly; this is very unbecoming of you!" Iida scolds him, trying to crowd the explosive teen into a corner, but the smaller man just kicks out a leg in front of him to try to keep distance.

Katsuki is being quite unreasonable, though Iida really shouldn't be surprised of his behavior.

Bakugo miscalculates his steps, and trips over the tied up classmates on the floor, landing right on his butt. This seems to enrage him even further, so Iida must act quickly to take control.

He towers over him now, but Katsuki just throws open palms to him face readying and explosion. He really is out of control!

"I'M GONNA FUCKING— HAH?!" His threat is cut short. With confusion wrinkled on Katsuki's brow, it appears that he feels before he sees the two arms loop under his armpits to pull him up off of the floor.

"Kacchan, what's going on?"

Thank goodness, Midoriya's on the scene now. His presence is calm, voice soothing but stern, and his brows are furrowed down in worry.

Once Katsuki realizes he's been detained, he begins to thrash around in the arms locked around him, spewing even more vulgar curses.

Green sparks fly around their bodies as full cowl is activated, locking the blond tight against his chest in an unbreakable grip.

This proves to just infuriate him even more, screaming and raving. "Let me go, asshole! I'll kick your ass too!" He continues to fight, though he probably knows it's no use.

Despite the rabid boy thrashing around, Izuku is still completely calm, looking up at Iida with exasperation. "I'll take it from here Iida, please just untie them." He gestures his head to the two wiggling boys on the floor, and Iida nods in affirmation.

Izuku backs up and starts dragging him out of the room effortlessly, Bakugo still flailing in his arms. Deku can be heard saying "Kacchan, remember your breathing exercises," as he exits the room.


Not long after, Katsuki is found standing in front of the communal kitchen sink, teeth clenched and grumbling as he washes the dishes. After that whole fiasco, Iida had decided that apparently a punishment was in order- as if getting irritated by his annoying friends isn't punishment enough. Though at first, Katsuki had been assigned dish duty for a full week. But, Deku convinced him to lighten up the penalty to just dish duty tonight only, saying, "Kacchan's just on edge because it's been a stressful semester."

That pisses him off to no end. No wait; this whole day has pissed Katsuki off, so much idiotic fuckery that just blew his lid off. He grips the sponge tight in his grasp and scrubs a pan harder than necessary.

Tch. I ain't stressed about nothin'. I'm just surrounded by morons everywhere I go. None of this shit was my fault, dammit!

Perhaps Katsuki's been on edge since last night's events? Not a chance. He refuses to entertain the thought; it's already been erased from his mind again anyway.

He snaps out of his reverie when the sound of someone clearing their throat is heard just to the right of him. Looking up, he of course finds Deku standing there. Honestly, Bakugo's too tired to even say anything to the nerd, so he just grunts.

Deku scratches his cheek, chuckling sheepishly as he hands Katsuki a dirty bowl. Wordlessly, it's swiped out of the scarred hand and dunked under the sink water.

Katsuki continues working while Izuku just stands there, giving him an irritatingly thoughtful look, not verbalizing a thing. This goes on for a while, but it's not even awkward. Bakugo's used to this sort of thing after being stuck by him all of these years.

Sighing, the freckled boy finally speaks. "I know none of that was your fault earlier,"

Hm, that was Katsuki's literal thought just a moment ago. Izuku can be annoying, but he's excellent at reading Katsuki; always seeming to understand him better than anyone else, the fucker.

After pausing, Izuku leans against the counter next to the sink, folding his arms and continuing. "Well, you didn't have to resort to violence, so that was on you, but..."

Katsuki just narrows his eyes at him.

Deku's expression softens, "But, I know that those guys can be a little overbearing— "

"Tch, understatement of the year."

The interjection causes Izuku to huff a gentle laugh. "Yeah, I imagine that it can get exhausting really fast when you have to sit there and just take it when they irritate you— holding it all in while trying not to blow them up. You've gotten a lot better at controlling your temper."

That he has, and he's worked damn hard on it too. In addition to the other factors of his mental growth, the memories of bullying Deku served him a reminder that he needs to get his act together. What kind of hero abuses people? That nagging guilt urged him to change, to lengthen that short fuse of his. So he did, and he's a better man now, letting the past go... for the most part.

Deku claps a hand on Katsuki's shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze, only for Katsuki to shrug it off with a sneer. "Don’t pity me, nerd."

The shorter boy just smiles at him genuinely. "I'm not. I'm just reminding you that I'm on your side."

This sincere bastard causes the tiniest bit of warmth to flare up in Katsuki's chest, rolling through him in waves of promising comfort. How annoying.

"Yeah yeah, enough with the sap. Get outta here, ya twerp." Katsuki flicks a wet hand in Izuku's direction, waving him away with a few droplets of water splashing out.

Green eyes widen, mouth parting open with an incredulous scoff. "Hey, I'm not a twerp anymore! I'm almost as tall as you are now!" He steps up to Katsuki's hunched form to straighten his own back, trying to make a height comparison.

This is true, Deku has grown a bit in the past few years. During their second year, he hit a small growth spurt, gaining a couple of inches in height, and even more inches in muscled width. But so did Katsuki, making him still taller than Deku.

Katsuki straightens his back as well to prove his point. "Yeah well, you're still shorter than me, which makes you a stupid nerdy shrimp. You ain’t ever gonna catch up to me, so you might as well stop tryin'." Katsuki jabs, now deliberately flicking water on him.

The shorter boy snorts, rolling his eyes and checking Katsuki with his hip playfully. "Whatever you say, Kacchan."

A smirk curves at Katsuki's lips as he checks him right back. He doesn't want to admit it, but talking with Izuku helped his frazzled nerves, and he finds himself winding down.

Evidently, Izuku feels the same with the way he's yawning and pulling his arms above his head in a stretch. "So glad it’s Friday, I'm wore out. I think I'm going to head to bed."

He gives Bakugo one final smile, looking all sleepy and dopey. "Goodnight Kacchan, I hope you sleep well." And with that, he turns around and strolls out of the kitchen.

The running faucet is the only sound in the room since Katsuki doesn’t bother to reciprocate a goodbye, even though the warm feeling from earlier still resides in his chest.


"Fucking finally..."

Katsuki groans to himself as he flops onto his bed face first, clad only in his red boxers. After finishing the dishes and showering, he's finally alone in the comfort of his own bedroom.

With a relieved sigh, those broad shoulders roll as he turns to lie on his back, reaching out to click off the tableside lamp before pulling the comforter over him. The room is dimly lit only by the pale moonlight peeking through the curtains to his balcony, just the way he likes it. He sinks into his pillows happily, body aching and his eyes are so heavy. At long last, his eyes fall shut to slumber.


Bloodshot eyes snap open.

Who the fuck is texting me?!

A hand slams on his nightstand, pulling his phone screen into view and squinting his eyes to read the text.

Shitty Hair: Hey! You comin to the mall with us tomorrow?

With grit teeth, he turns his phone off, flopping irritatingly back under the covers. His eyes shut again, and immediately, he's swept into a much welcomed slumber.

Chapter Text

Beams from the mid-morning sunlight peek in between the curtains of the balcony window, swathing the room in a radiant glow. The brightness is not at all bothering the sleeping form of Katsuki though; in fact he looks rather comfortable.

Spread eagle, he's sprawled out over his sheets; one arm is draped over his face and a small amount of drool is dribbling from his open mouth. The comforter looks like it had been kicked off long ago as the tail end of it is draped over his foot that lay dangled off the bed.

Even though he's all spread out, he's actually sleeping peacefully, broad chest rising and falling in tandem with his gentle snores. Usually he isn't one to sleep in, but after yesterday...well, let's say a morning of sleeping in was more than deserved.

A repetition of noisy banging starts up, and instantly he's startled from his slumber, body shooting straight up in high alert with a snort.

After blinking a couple times, his mind registers that the sound is a direct result of someone knocking on his door, and it's much louder than necessary.

"Hey Bakugo!"

That's the voice of Kirishima, what a surprise. Of course the moment Katsuki opens his eyes, shitty hair would want something. Being his dorm neighbor has its pros and cons, and this is definitely one of the cons.

Katsuki groans, squeezes his eyes back shut, and collapses back onto the mattress in aggravation.

Dammit, what does he want this early?

He places a pillow over his face and doesn't make a peep, just inhales deeply inside the fluffy softness. If he's lucky, Kirishima will leave him be if he plays dead.

"C'mon bro, I know you can hear me! Wakey wakey!"

Nope, that didn't work. That cheerfully annoying voice is still insistent. He doesn't even know why he tried, Bakugo knows more than anyone that this rock head is stubborn as hell and won't be letting up no matter what. Tossing the pillow into the floor, he resigns from his comfortable bed and trudges to the door.

Cracking the door open, he may as well have been met with the damn sun with as bright as this idiot's smile is. It's practically blinding, way too early for this nonsense.

"Whaddya want?" Katsuki grouses, tired eyes raking over Kirishima's outfit judgingly. Red v-neck, black shorts, and red crocs. Those shoes are a straight up abomination; Bakugo will never understand why the guy loves them so much.

"Did you get my text last night?" Kirishima inquires, pulling a face while being completely oblivious to the fact that Bakugo is mentally blowing his shoes up into smithereens.

He brings his irritated eyes back up to Kirishima's. "Yes, I got your damn text. And no, I ain't goin'."

The redhead's mouth folds into a pout and throws his arms out. "Aw man, c'mon! You still mad about last night?"

Katsuki doesn't respond. He just stares and purses his lips, but otherwise his face is lacking all expression. He's really not mad anymore, but maybe if he pretends to be then shitty hair will go away.

Kirishima just stares back idiotically, blinking expectantly for an answer. This goes one for probably a minute.

"Ooh~ bonjour, papa!" Ayoma says provocatively as he saunters by in the hall, throwing a wink Katsuki's way and interrupting their impromptu staring contest.

Both boys watch as twinkle toes continues on and disappears down the hallway, then look at each other with brows raised in confusion.

Katsuki then feels a draft on his backside. Oh yeah, he's basically standing in the middle of the hallway in his underwear.

The blond clicks his tongue in annoyance. "Christ. Get your ass in here," He says, pulling in a laughing Kirishima into the room and slamming the door shut.

Kirishima trots towards the bed, while Katsuki makes for his closet to start sorting through his hung up clothes and deciding what to wear.

"Wow, it's after 10:00! I can't believe you were still in bed, that's unlike you." The redhead muses while bending down to pick up Katsuki's discarded pillow and comforter from the floor and placing it back on the bed.

"Yeah well, I was tired as fuck. Had to stay up late cleaning, wonder whose fault that was." Katsuki grouches sarcastically, popping his head out from the closet solely to give him a stink eye. Said stink eye was fully effective, because Kirishima is giving him a rueful look now. That's right; feel bad, asshole.

Katsuki returns to dressing himself, pulling a tank top over his head and zipping up some black cargo shorts.

Once dressed, Kirishima is now standing next to him and looking inside his closet with amusement. "I think you should come to the mall with us, you need new clothes! Everything you own is black!"

Katsuki rolls his eyes. "You blind or somethin'? Look at my shirt. It's grey, stupid." He huffs incredulously while gesturing to the tank top he's got on. It's definitely not black, and it even has a white angry skull on the front of it.

"Oh c'mon man! You need a wardrobe upgrade or something." He berates halfheartedly with a laugh.

Katsuki rolls his eyes yet again at the remark. His clothes are fine. He has a lovely array of dark hues spread out in his closet, ranging from all the magnificent colors of a grayscale.

The blond stoops down to pull on his black tennis shoes, and while he's down there, he tilts his head towards Kirishima's feet. "Wardrobe upgrade? Oh, that's rich. Coming from the guy who's got that bullshit on his feet."

As Katsuki ties his laces, he hears a soft gasp from the boy above. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me!" He justifies, and Katsuki can see the idiot's toes wiggling through the holes in his crocs. Gross.

Once Katsuki's back up, he narrows his eyes at the redhead, but Kirishima is still all smiles.

"So, you should come." Kirishima presses on, tapping Bakugo's foot with his own to address the fact that his shoes are all scuffed up. "Those are looking rough, man."

Yeah, they are pretty jacked up. They're Katsuki's favorite pair, so wearing them more than his other shoes did seem to wear them down quite a bit over the years. He didn't have any intention on going shopping with them today, but looking for another pair probably wouldn't hurt. It seems shitty hair was successful in his persuasion, bastard.

Katsuki sighs. "Why the hell not."

"Yay!" Kirishima bounces around excitedly, grabbing Katsuki's arm and pulling him out towards the door.

Katsuki realizes it's too late to take back his word and instantly regrets his decision.


The mall is busy as hell today.

People surround the group on every side. Families are milling their screaming children around in strollers, cliques of teenagers are hanging out outside of stores, and the annoying sales people that try to pester you to try their crappy products seem to really be on their game today.

On top of that, Katsuki was under the impression that he was going to accompany dunce face and shitty hair today, only to find out that it is actually them doing the tagging along with none other than the nerd herd.

Walking in step on both of Katsuki's sides are Kirishima and Kaminari; and walking just ahead of them is Mina, Ochako, Asui, Todoroki, and Deku, all in that order with their arms linked like losers.

Katsuki scorns to himself.

Why did I do this again?

Then he looks down at his shoes for the internal reminder.

The group isn't too far ahead of him, but they are far enough to where Katsuki can't make out what they're chattering about, which is fine by him.

Bakugo observes from behind as Todoroki attempts to grab Deku's attention by tugging on the arm that's linked to him. When he acknowledges, half n' half points at something, and in turn Deku swivels his head to the line of sight. Whatever they see causes the nerd to snort a ridiculously dorky laugh.

Not only does Izuku sound like a dork; he looks like a dork too, in his khaki shorts and too tight blue All Might t-shirt. It's basically hugging him with the way his muscles bulge through it. What's even worse is that he's never seen the nerd in this shirt before, which indicates it was recently purchased.

Katsuki inwardly snorts.

Seriously, Deku?

Izuku has literally been working at All Might's side for years now. He's his damn successor for cryin' out loud! Yet he's still such a fanboy. It's borderline cringey at this point, someone needs to slap him and tell him that it's not okay to keep buying this shit.

And then, someone needs to slap him a second time for still sporting those garish red shoes.

"Ooh! Look!" Uraraka exclaims while pointing at an upcoming store on their left. The rest of the girls look at each other and squeal in excitement before breaking away from their chained arms to veer over towards the entrance.

Katsuki doesn't have to even go into the shop to know that there will be nothing of interest in there for him. The display window has an array of mannequins twisted in strange poses with bikinis on every single one of them.

He sneers internally. Yeah, no thanks.

Mina twirls around to face the boys, "C'mon guys!" She chirps while waving a beckoning hand towards the store entrance.

Kirishima and Kaminari begin making their way over, but Katsuki just continues to keep on walking straight.

"You not comin'?" Kirishima inquires while pausing his step and cocking his head at Katsuki.

Katsuki stuffs his hands in his pockets and hunches a bit, giving him a disbelieving look. "No, what the hell would I need to buy in there anyway?"

Kaminari basically leaps back towards Bakugo, crooked smile on his lips and eyes gleaming mischievously. "Dude, are you crazy?!" He stage whispers and a lecherous shadow shades his forehead. "What if they model some swimsuits for us?"

This motherfucking idiot. Katsuki thinks, while giving him the most deadpan look he could muster.

Kirishima just rolls his eyes with a smile on his face, used to his friend's perverse behavior.

Before Bakugo can verbalize to dunce face on how much of a moronic pervert he is, he catches sight of Deku and Todoroki leisurely strolling their way inside the store.

For a reason utterly unbeknownst to him, Katsuki's now feeling inclined to go inside as well.

Grimacing at the electric blond, Bakugo plants a palm in his face and pushes him out of his personal bubble.

"Tch," is all he mutters as he starts making his way into the store.

It's a fairly large shop, pastels of pinks and purples color the interior walls, and rows upon rows of swimsuits and lingerie types of items are lined up on racks. The girls are absolutely having a field day in here, bounding around excitably and clucking at each other like a bunch of hens.

With his hands stuffed back in his pockets, Bakugo stalks around in a hunched manner, eyes sweeping the area for what, he doesn't know exactly. He does notice that shitty hair is standing at one end of the store looking unsure of himself, as if he's stumbled into forbidden territory.

However, dunce face looks entirely opposite, as if he was put on this earth just to be placed in this precise location at this exact time. He's all up in the girls’ faces, nodding furiously and appearing to be intensely interested in the items in their grasps, stupid bastard.

I'm already over this. He thinks to himself, even though he literally just walked in a few minutes ago.

As he continues to wander around aimlessly, he eyes up a ridiculous black bikini that seems to only be made up of strings that are going straight up the mannequin's asscrack. What the fuck even is that?

Not too far ahead in the aisle is Icyhot, and he's holding up a purple bedazzled bikini that is fairly similar to the weird string-like one he just passed by.

Deku—looking even more like the dumb nerd he already is—has a scarred finger on his chin, attentively observing the piece of polyester fabric as if he's constructing some sort of deep analysis over it.

Katsuki saunters up and slips in between the two, both looking up at him upon his entrance. Katsuki arches a brow down at the article of clothing in Todoroki's hand.

"Put it down Icyhot, no one's gonna wanna see you in that." Katsuki jabs, earning him a disgusted glare from the heterochromatic boy.

Deku perks up with a snort, covering his mouth with a palm in an attempt to hold in laughter. Those stupid giant eyes say it all though; they shine with unbidden hilarity as they land straight on Katsuki, and Katsuki matches the look with a cocky grin of his own.

Half n' half snaps his heated glare to Izuku, giving him a look that easily translates to how could you, traitor?!

He then directs his mismatched eyes back to Katsuki before allowing his face to fall passive.

"Hmm, I was actually thinking that this would look much better on you, seeing as you are borderlining a D-cup." He says coolly, lifting the swimwear up to gesture it towards Katsuki's torso.

Bakugo bristles from the retort and his eyes basically pop out of his skull. He was not expecting a rebuttal at all.


Deku slaps his second hand over his mouth now, cheeks pink and shoulders shaking almost uncontrollably as he desperately tries to not let his laughter slip out.

Todoroki allows the most miniscule of smirks fold upon his lips.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Kirishima materializes on the scene to snatch the bikini top out of Todoroki's hand and places it against Katsuki's chest. "Yeah dude! This would totally accentuate your titties!"


Katsuki has to take a moment to process the offending word as it echoes in his brain; a transgression bouncing around in perpetual motion, repeating itself over and over in the most horrid sound akin to scratching on a chalkboard.

It's at that moment that Deku totally loses it, bursting out in unbridled laughter at Katsuki's dumbfounded face.

"Ka-hahaha! K-kacchan's titties!!" The green haired teen is doubled over now, hugging his stomach and eyes shut tight with flowing tears. It's loud, it's obnoxious, it's annoying, it's bright, it's charming, it's—

Before any more unnecessary adjectives describing a stupid laugh can be made, Bakugo comes to and rips the bikini top off of him and screeches. "I will fucking end you, bastard!"

Kirishima lets out a high pitched scream and sprints away for his life as Katsuki takes off after him.


As they continue their trek through the bustling mall, the explosive teen's face is contorted into a look comparable to one who has just sucked on a lemon.

Bakugo does not have boobs, he has pecs! And they are exceptionally masculine!

Fuck these guys, they're just jealous because I'm ripped as hell.

Katsuki may or may not have grumbled that thought aloud.

Yes, the blond is absolutely not pouting after that whole ordeal, but he is stomping with every step for good measure; fists clenched tight in his shorts as to prevent himself from blowing his pockets off.

Kaminari is definitely pouting though, lip jutted out and shoulders sagging because the girls wouldn't give him the time of day; serves the moron right.

Kirishima bumps his shoulder on Katsuki's, causing him to lift his eyes from the floor and onto the redhead. "Hey man," he says while gesturing his head towards the upcoming shoe store.

Thank fuck, now he can at least get what he came here for in the first place. He stands up a little straighter and walks a bit faster than the group, eager to get to his destination while the rest follows suit without question.

Upon entry, he makes sure to stay withdrawn from the group as they all begin to split apart to browse around. If he's going to find shoes that are up to par with his favorite’s, then he doesn't need any distractions to make him lose focus, dammit.


"Hm," Bakugo grunts to himself, finger and thumb hooked under his chin as he scrutinizes the shoes displayed on the rack before him. They've been in here for quite some time now and he's yet to find anything that's caught his eye.

Nope, none of these will do for Katsuki. He sighs to himself.

Dammit, can't even find some fucking shoes. Today really was just a waste of my time.

In spite of not finding anything to his liking, Katsuki continues on his trek, red eyes flitting up and down the rows of shoes on the aisle wall. Uninterested, he reaches out to grab a shoe, but is startled when a wailing shriek comes from the aisle next door.

"Holy crap!"

The shrill was caused by none other than Deku. It's a distinctive noise, one that Katsuki's keenly aware of; it's when the shitnerd is really fucking excited about something.

He definitely doesn’t care at all as to what's gotten Deku so riled up, but that's not going to stop him from finding out anyway.

Sneakily, his head tips up ever so slightly just above the separated aisle row so he can take a peek.

Just as expected, Deku is standing there along with Icyhot, and held in his grasp is a pair of shoes. Of course their bright ass fuckin' red too, with a solid gold stripe across the side that says–

"All Might!!" Deku squeals once again, shoving his face as close as humanly possible to the shoes. He looks almost deranged with the way those verdant eyes wildly dash around in examination while his face is split in half with a grin.

Katsuki rolls his eyes at the scene.

Of course this dumbass would go absolutely apeshit over another piece of All Might merchandise.

Todoroki just watches him with an amusement of sorts painted on his features. Well, as amused as that stoic face can get.

Izuku continues his meltdown. "Wow, I can't believe I've never seen these before! They must be a brand new release, and most likely limited edition! I can tell from the stripe that they are referencing All Might's signature look from the iconic fight scene he had between—"

And now the mumbling has started, which is also Katsuki's signal that he's finished listening.


With that being Katsuki's singular thought on the matter, he lets out an indignant snort before turning around to wander away.

Before he can get too far out of earshot's reach, he overhears half n' half speak up.

"Midoriya. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to buy them for you."

Katsuki's next step comes to a halt at this, ear perking up in interest.

"What?! But, I couldn't possibly—!"

A pang of something foreign strikes the inside of Bakugo's chest. It's a painful, throbbing ache; a feeling he's unable to dissect since he's never experienced it until this moment.

"I know they are out of your price range, but really, it's no trouble at all. They'd look very nice on you, so I insist."

The longer he eavesdrops on the conversation, the more that ache in his chest intensifies. It's throbbing harder and harder as the seconds tick by, and it's causing Katsuki to produce venomous thoughts.

Icyhot doesn't give a shit! He's just looking for an excuse to flaunt his money around, goddamn prick. He can go fuck himself on a—

"Thank you so much Todoroki-kun, that's very kind of you..."

Katsuki's thought process ceases. His brow scrunches and his fists begin to clench so tight that his knuckles are whitening.

"...but, I just can’t accept it. Please understand that I really do appreciate it!"

His face immediately relaxes, fists unfurling as undefined relief begins to gradually wash over him.

"Alright, if you're sure..."

Much like yesterday, he's held his breath without even realizing it. That tender ache in his chest begins to steadily fizzle away in tandem with the breath slowly exiting his lungs.

Not a moment later, the sounds of feet scuffing linoleum can be heard, signaling that they two boys are walking away. Katsuki doesn't know why, nor bothers to question it, but once the footsteps fade away, he urgently rounds the corner to snatch the shoes up before racing to the register.


After about an hour of shopping, the group has now made their way into the food court to grab some lunch.

However, Katsuki is skipping his meal, opting to just sip on some water since a wave of nausea stirred up in his stomach seemingly out of nowhere earlier.

What really pisses him off is that this is the same shitty stomach ache that he had yesterday in class, which by the way that one was a result from skipping breakfast. He's eaten breakfast today though, and right now the thought of food does not seem appealing.

He takes another swig from his water bottle as he stews in his irritation, trying to find out what's provoked the stirring in his gut. Yet his mind just keeps coming up empty...except for the fact that it started up shortly after departing the shoe store.

Shitty stomach, I must be getting the flu or some shit.

Absentmindedly, his ankles tighten around the one and only bagged purchase that lays on the floor between his feet. He still hasn't even bothered to deliberate on why he even bought it in the first place. But he doesn't plan to either, because right now he's feeling grouchy.

Also, making an effort to drown out conversation has proven almost impossible with the way Katsuki's sandwiched in between Izuku and Kirishima. The two bozos keep leaning in front of him to blab on and on about stupid shit, further irritating him.

Ultimately, he decides that ignoring the conversations won't work. Begrudgingly, he tunes in and leans forward to place his elbows on the table.

"The pool party's gonna be a blast!" Ochako squeals, practically bouncing in the seat directly across from Katsuki before stuffing her mouth full of vegetables. Both Asui and Mina who are flanking her sides nod and hum in agreement.

Ashido twists to her right, addressing the icyhot bastard that's sitting next to her. "Yeah, it was really nice of your dad to let us have the party at one of the rental estates. Those places are faaancy!" She enunciates excitedly while shimmying her shoulders.

Rather than responding, Todoroki takes what feels like a whole solid minute to just stare at her while slurping up his soba. Once swallowed, he finally decides to reply dully. "He's just trying to butter me up to keep me from going to a different agency after graduation, that's all."

Bakugo's lips curls in distaste around his water bottle.

Good goin' Pinky, you just had to give the idiot a perfect opportunity to whip out the angst.

This guy's really getting on Katsuki's nerves today.

Kaminari throws his head down on the table dramatically, forehead just about smashing into Icyhot's bowl of noodles that sits right in front of him. "Uhg, don't remind me about graduation! I haven't even decided on what agency I'm gonna go to!" He groans while gripping his hair despairingly.

Half n' half makes an uncomfortable face and pulls his bowl towards himself and away from the dunce.

Fluffy green curls invade Bakugo's vision as Izuku leans in front of him, addressing the electric blond who sits on the other side of Kirishima. "Don't worry Kaminari-kun, these things take time. I'm sure you'll find the right place to get plugged into."

With the close proximity, Katsuki realizes that the nerd smells good, like really good. What's strange though is that the scent isn't any different from how he usually smells; Katsuki must have never really paid any attention to it until now. Deku smells... nice and clean, that's most likely his shampoo. Along with that, there's a hint of a woodsy smell, similar to pine. Is that cologne? Since when did the shitnerd start wearing that? Cologne or not, he smells fresh as fuck and Bakugo is completely unaware that he's inhaling deep whiffs of it.

"Speaking of, have any of you guys decided on what agency you're going to after graduation? Ribbit."

Frog girl's question directs Katsuki's train of thought elsewhere. Leaning back in his seat, he crosses his arms and begins to ponder.

Of course Katsuki's put much thought into his after graduation plans; how could he not when he's already sprinting down the one way road to success?

Earlier in the year, he had decided that applying at Miruko's agency will be the perfect start on his journey to become the number one hero. He admires the bunny bitch because she's tough as nails, fierce and strong, and she carries a solid head on her shoulders. She's not to be taken lightly in the least bit; and with Katuski also sharing similar traits, he knows there won't be any problems getting employed there. Hell, they'll most likely be throwing applications at him the second he grabs his diploma. Katsuki smiles smugly at the thought.

But recently, All Might had called Bakugo into his office to discuss post-graduation options, and he was given a suggestion. It wasn't a bad suggestion by any means, in fact it was an annoyingly good suggestion. It was annoying because it's caused Katsuki to question his previously final decision.

On that day when Katsuki entered the office, the teacher was sat behind his desk, all smiles and in his giant signature hero look. He excitedly waved down Katsuki to take a seat and proceeds to tell him to "Strongly consider pursuing a career working alongside young Midoriya," because "you two are the twin stars of the class," and "imagine the dream team you would make, you two would save so many lives."

Bakugo isn't even capable of denying the man's words from that day. As a team, he and Deku work seamlessly together; what one lacks, the other is right there to make up for it. Sure, the boys tend to bicker with each other. But when it comes down to business, the two operate like a well-oiled machine; always emerging victorious, and there's nothing Katsuki loves more than victory.

Regardless, that doesn't sway the men from their rivalry. How is Katsuki supposed to be in front of Deku when he's working alongside him as partners? Right now, Katsuki's not willing to share the number one spot, even though the thought of becoming a duo has quite a bit of appeal. With as fiercely competitive as Izuku is, Katsuki's willing to bet the nerd feels the same way to some extent.

"...right, Kacchan?"

Oh shit, people are talking to him. Pulling away from his thoughts, he turns to his right to direct his attention to the freckled face that's addressed him.

Katsuki's mouth opens for a response, but one doesn't come as he's stilled for a moment. Izuku is right in his face, enormous eyes looking expectantly at Katsuki. Obviously, he knows that Deku has green eyes. But have they always been this green? They kind of resemble shimmering emeralds with the way they gleam in this light. Or perhaps they're more akin to an endless lush forest, one that someone can easily venture far too deep and find themselves getting lost in.

"Kacchan?" The smaller teen inquires again, slightly cocking his head to the side with a concerned pout on his lip. This pulls Katsuki from his thoughts, breaking his eyes away from Izuku's to travel down his face, all the way past his freckle dusted cheeks. Once his eyes fall down to his mouth, he notices there's a bit of sauce on the corner of his lip.

Without a thought, Bakugo places his hand under Deku's jaw, fingers splayed out on his soft cheek before swiping his thumb across those pink lips.

"Damn slob," He grumbles with a furrowed brow, harsh words betraying his gentle actions as he finishes wiping the sauce away.

The slightest blush is now beginning to bloom across Deku's cheeks at the action. Katsuki doesn't understand why, but knowing that he's the cause of pulling this reaction from the nerd is filling him up with an abundance of satisfaction.

"Uh, thanks Kacchan..." He mumbles timidly, eyes falling down to the large hand that's still placed upon his face.

That warm feeling Katsuki experienced in chest last night is beginning to return. It flickers in the center of his chest; slowly growing and traveling outwards. He can feel it expanding across his ribs, up his neck, and finally to his face.

The warmth that's arrived in his face is rapidly increasing in temperature, and Katsuki's now starting to feel a little hot. His eyes widen a fraction when he comes to the realization that this heat feels oddly similar to what blushing feels like.

What the fuck?!

With a snarl curled on his lips, Katsuki withdraws his hand from the shitnerd's face and aggressively wipes his dirty thumb all the down the front of his blue t-shirt.

The green haired teen's mouth parts open in a gasp of disbelief, looking down in aggravation at his now soiled shirt. "Uhg, Kacchan!"

Even though it certainly felt like it, the heat that was burning up Katsuki was definitely not a blush.

Dammit now I have a fever? Yeah, I definitely must be getting the flu, fuck this shit.


Not too long after lunch, the group of friends have now ventured into a geeky store. It's quite large; an array of comic books is stacked on one wall, and video games are lined up on the opposite wall. In the middle of the store sits several glass cases filled with figurines, alongside with racks of clothes and other various items.

After entering the store, Katsuki once again intentionally separates himself from the group. A pleased sigh escapes through his nostrils as he begins sorting through a rack of shirts. Yes, the solitude was exactly what he needed, because it's allowed him to recover from his shitty fever.

"Hey guys! Look, it's me!" The excited sound of Kaminari's voice causes him to look up. The electric blond is waddling about, arms wrapped around a gigantic pikachu plushy and shoving it towards Pinky and round face who also happens to be standing nearby.

"Aren't I so cute?!" He waves its large body around as best as he can and the girls giggle at his antics.

Since Bakugo is feeling better, he allows a small smirk to form on his face at the scene of watching his friend make an idiot of himself.

Shortly after, he directs his attention elsewhere and finds Deku, Asui, and Icyhot standing in front of one of the glass cases. The shitnerd's arms are gesturing wildly around him, followed by aggressively pointing at a figure behind the display.

Katsuki's unable to decipher the actual words that are spewing from the dork; all he knows is that Deku's mouth is a motor that's running a mile a minute. The poor fools around him just nod their heads, no doubt not even able to get a word in.

Deku's eyes are so lit up as he yet again geeks out about something for the second time today. Seriously, this guy is way too passionate about this shit.

Little by little, Bakugo's ever present furrowed brow is loosening up the longer he watches the scene, and his curiosity begins to grow as well.

What's he even going on about, anyway?

Squinting his eyes, he cranks his head just a smidge, trying to get a better look at the figure. He's able to make out that it's a small statue of the pro hero Gang Orca, and then he silently snorts.

At least it's not an All Might figure this time.

Bakugo's not in the least bit surprised about his behavior, because what can he say? The nerd is in his element. Heroes are—and always will be—Izuku's weakness.

A genuine, endearing smile is beginning to gradually curve up on Katsuki's lips, and he's blissfully oblivious to it happening, too.

At some point during the nerd's raving, viridian green meets carmine red as Deku's eyes glance around before falling onto Katsuki's. The words cease from his lips and he blinks, now becoming aware of the fact that he was being watched. He throws a warm smile Katsuki's way.

Katsuki hair bristles like a spooked feline at the sudden awareness of Izuku's attention. He was just looking at the nerd, he does it all the time. So why does it feels like he had been caught in some kind of heinous act?

Regardless, he attempts to save face by whipping his head back down to the shirts he was previously sorting through as if nothing happened. He grunts to himself, completely agitated now. Dammit, and now his stomach is acting up again! This flu is really pissing him off.

He sucks in a long, deep breath; in and out, repeating this as he wills his stomach to settle. It works, because after a minute, the twisted knots in his gut finally begin to unravel.

After releasing one final exhale, he's fully recovered and ready to press on.

Hell yeah. You got this Katsuki, not even shitty sickness can stop you, and that's why you're the fuckin' best.

Renewed after the internal pep talk, he straightens his stance, popping his neck left to right and rolling his shoulders. Leaving the clothing rack, he begins striding self-assuredly over to Kirishima who stands in front of the video game wall.

The redhead turns when he hears Katsuki's approaching stomps and flashes him a toothy grin. "Check it out bro!" He announces excitedly while waving a game around.

Bakugo plucks the game from his fingers, and instantly his eyes gleam with zeal as they roam over the cover of the new Super Smash Brothers.

"Hell fuckin' yeah! You buyin' it?" He asks enthusiastically, cracking a smile while turning the cover over to check out the back side.

In the rare event that Katsuki is granted downtime in between studies and training, he finds that he quite enjoys indulging in video games, and this is one happens to be a favorite of his. But, he's certainly not a nerd like the rest of his friends.

Kirishima snatches the game right back out of Katsuki's hand and gives him a look as if he's lost his mind. "Duh, of course I am! It's gonna be so awesome!" He squeals while hugging the game tightly.

Katsuki's delighted smile morphs into a wicked grin. "Yeah, it's gonna be real awesome when my Bowser wipes the floor with you." He boasts assuredly, poking a finger into Kirishima's chest to get a rise from him.

The explosive teen's taunting proves successful as it earns him a hardened punch on his bicep from the redhead.

"Talk shit, get hit!" Kirishima counters, howling out a cackle before sticking his tongue out at the blond.

Still with a smile, Bakugo grits his teeth and playfully socks him right back on the shoulder. "It ain't shit talking if it's the damn truth!" He barks right back, and that’s when the war begins.

They squabble back and forth for the remaining duration of the time in the shop, continuing even as they approach the register to cash out. The cashier's face is struck with fear, aware that she's dead center in the line of fire of the boys throwing hands at each other. Once the transaction is complete, the bagged item is basically thrown at them, and their roughhousing continues even as they exit the store.

His stupid ass friends may be annoying as hell, but Katsuki guesses things wouldn't be the same without them.


As the evening begins to draws near, the occupants in the mall are finally beginning to thin out. Bakugo finds himself in a lot better mood than the start of the day too, but that may be due to the fact that they are starting to head towards the exit.

The group has quieted down a bit now, just walking in an enjoyable silence while swinging their bags around. Katsuki hauls his shopping bag behind his shoulder, digging his phone out from his pocket to check the time.

6:30 already? Dammit, I gotta start getting ready for bed soon if I wanna get to the gym by 5:00 tomorrow.

Before he can continue calculating the next day's agenda, the girls have begun to squeal loudly in delighted glee.

"How cuuuuute!!!"

A small pet store sits right at the tail end of the mall, so the group comes to a collective decision that this will be the final stop for the day. Kastuki doesn't mind though, he likes animals, so he keeps up with the group as they skip their way inside rather than intentionally falling behind.

Katsuki watches as everyone basically molds their bodies into the front of the glass display cases, cooing at all the small animals and reptiles.

Katsuki meanders up to an enclosure that holds a miniature ball python, it's brown, and all curled up. Placing his finger on the glass, he very gently taps in hopes to get its attention. Once it unfurls its head from its coiled body, a tiny smirk curves on one side of his mouth.

Having a pet snake one day would be cool, Bakugo's entertained the thought before. Snakes are usually associated with being evil or conniving, but the reality of that is far from the truth. Katsuki thinks they are beautiful creatures, though he wouldn't ever admit that aloud. They'd be the perfect pet; they're quiet, they don't require constant entertainment, and plus they're just badass. Maybe he unknowingly identifies with a snake?

A tap that's felt on his ankle brings him out of his thoughts.

"Hey Kacchan,"

Down at Katsuki's feet is Deku crouched on the floor, green-ass eyes peering up at him while simultaneously pointing at the enclosure before him.

Katsuki places his hands on his knees and squats down with a grunt, crowding in Izuku's space as the smaller teen scoots over to give him some room. Katsuki mentally notes that the nerd still smells nice, even after a whole day of walking around.

Residing inside the enclosure is a group of chameleons. Nothing particularly special is going on though, they're just doing the usual slow as fuck walking.

"This one reminds me of you." The freckled teen says, dragging a scarred finger over the glass to direct Katsuki's line of sight.

When his finger stops, Bakugo finds a small chameleon sitting on a branch all by its lonesome in the right hand corner.

Katsuki quirks a brow at this. "Why?"

Izuku side eyes Katsuki with a simper, then turns his attention back to the reptile. "Because he looks like he's sulking, and look at that grumpy little face!" He snickers, still pointing at the lizard who just sits there with its eyes darting around.

Bakugo growls, then pinches his lips together sourly. For retaliation, he reaches a hand into the green bird nest of Deku's hair and grabs a fistful of soft curls.

"I do not sulk, you cheeky bastard!" He bellows, grinding his teeth and yanking that green head around playfully. An angry vein bulges from his head too.

Bright laughter bubbles out of Deku as he grabs for Katsuki's hand, "Oh c'mon, you sulk all the time!" The smaller teen retorts in between his giggle fit.

This just causes the blond to wring his head around even harder, but now his grit teeth turn up into a smile. "You're so full of crap, Deku! You’ve got a lot of nerve, you know!"

"Ahahaha– Kacchan! Okay! Uncle, uncle!" As the nerd begins to plead, Katsuki very mercifully releases the grip on his head.

"That's what I thought." He murmurs as Izuku catches his breath while patting his curls down.

Before Katsuki makes to stand up, his eyes swipe over to the enclosure just next door and smirks as an idea clicks in his head.

"Hey Deku,"

Izuku stops his hair ruffling and gives his attention to Katsuki.

"If that one's me," He stops to point at the previous chameleon, "then this one's you." he finishes by pointing at what's inside the second enclosure.

As Deku leans in to get a better look inside, Katsuki snickers.

Behind the glass sits a single leopard gecko. It's yellow, it has spots, and it has the goofiest smile plastered on its face.

Deku eyes bug out and he snorts, "What?! Why's that me?" He asks, yet again laughing.

They both watch the lizard twists and turns its head, mouth now opening with the dopiest look in the entire world.

A smile concocted of mirth and incredulity is thrown Izuku's way. "Seriously?! Look at this derpy ass motherfucker! It's like you're looking in a mirror!"

Deku pffts now, laughter never stopping; in fact, the more it grows, the more it becomes contagious, and now Bakugo's laughing with him.

Katsuki can't help it. Seriously, it looks just like Deku! The longer they stare at the cute reptile, the funnier it seems to get.

Wait, cute?!

The blond's laughter comes to a screeching halt. Did he just associate the word cute with Deku?!

Abruptly, he shoots up from the floor, and is zooming away without a word.

Izuku's laughing stops.



Upon immediate leave of the pet store, Katsuki was quick to confirm to himself that he certainly was not associating anything cute with Deku.

Katsuki likes lizards; they're cute creatures, and that's that. If any room for argument existed, Katsuki would have already trampled it down.

A relaxed sigh to escapes him as he finally enters his room for the night, already basking in the much welcomed solitude even though he's just walked in.

It was indeed a long day, but he guesses the day wasn't as shitty as he expected it to be, even though he didn't even buy himself some shoes.

Speaking of, he hadn't even bothered give any thought on when would be a good time to give Deku his shoes.

He doesn't know why, but the thought of it is making him feel antsy.

After tossing the bag on the bed, Katsuki purses his lips, looking at the box of shoes as if it's supposed to give him some kind of answer.

How will Izuku react?

That's a dumb question, because Bakugo knows Deku will absolutely flip his shit about it.

He can already imagine it, too. After presenting the shoes, the dork would be blubbering "Oh my God, thank you Kacchan!" in between hiccups as tears of joy spill from his eyes and snot dribbles down his nose. Gross.

That warm feeling from earlier sneakily ignites up in his chest, and before he knows it, he's fell victim to its flames once again.

Katsuki scowls and marches towards his bathroom. Tch, this flu is persistent as fuck, I need to take a shower.


Katsuki groans tiredly as the hot water beats down against his back. He had actually finished washing up long ago, now he's just here to appreciate being enveloped in comfortable warmth.

Having his own shower is a luxury he had to wait to experience until he was in third year. All seniors were upgraded into bigger dorm rooms with attached bathrooms, and he'll be damned to let it go to waste.

It's so nice that he allows his eyes to fall shut; he could probably fall asleep just standing up in here.

Before he can enjoy it any longer, a loud rapping can be heard starting up, all the way out of the bathroom and coming straight from his bedroom door.

His eyes slowly open and he groans again, but not out of relaxation this time.

Seriously? Goddammit.

Just when Bakugo thought he was done socializing for the rest of the night, someone has to want something from him. He supposes he had been in the shower long enough anyway.

It still pisses him off though.

After shutting off the water and slinging a towel on, he doesn't even bother to throw on any pajamas as he ambles his way out of the bathroom and up to the door, leaving a small trail of water behind.

Upon opening the door, he's met with none other than a pajama clad Deku. The green haired teen's eyes widen a fraction, probably not expecting Katsuki to open the door basically naked.

Aside from that, the nerd doesn't seem too phased; they've gotten dressed around each other since basically forever. However, Katsuki doesn't fail to notice that Izuku's eyes do a once over on his toweled body before following a trail of water that slides down his chest.

Why that causes Katsuki to slightly preen internally is beyond him, but that's not of any importance; what's important is that the sooner he finds out what Deku wants, the sooner he can go to bed.

After coughing awkwardly and averting his eyes, Izuku decides to speak up.

"Um, sorry to bother you. I know it's getting late— well, it's really not late at all, it's actually not even 8:00 yet. But I know that you are usually starting to get ready for bed at this time because you like to get the gym early on Sunday's, and I wanted to try to hurry up and–"

"Oh my God, Deku." Katsuki cuts him off with an impatient huff.

After Izuku's mouth clamps shut, Katsuki places his hands on his hips and continues. "So, are you gonna sit there and waste my time with your mumbling or are you gonna get to the damn point?"

With narrowed eyes, Izuku's mouth pinches before he responds snarkily. "Well, are you gonna get dressed, or...?"

Katsuki matches Deku's eyes by narrowing his own, blood boiling at this nerd's audacity. After rolling his eyes and clicking his tongue in annoyance, Bakugo opens the door wider, offering him an undeserving invitation. "Get the fuck in here, smartass."

Grumbling, he pivots inside his room and allows Deku to follow suit and shut the door behind them.

His eyes widen, realization slapping him square in the face that he left the bag of shoes sitting on the bed.


Power walking with a ferocity matched by Iida, he reaches out to snag the bag before running into the bathroom with it before Izuku could even catch wind of what just happened.

As the bathroom door clicks shut, Katsuki wipes away the sweat that's accumulated on his brow before resting his back against the door. The wood feels cool against his skin, offering a bit of relief from his flushed body.

His mind reels, wondering why he's struck by nervousness once again about the damn shoes. It's just a present, not a big deal.

It's not a present. The shitnerd was making a damn scene in the store about it, so someone had to buy 'em to shut him up.

However, he certainly recalls Todoroki offering to purchase the shoes, so Katsuki continues to reason with himself.

I wasn't gonna let Icyhot buy 'em either, like hell that arrogant asshole needs another reason to brag about his wealth.

After all consideration, Katsuki concludes that he's going give the not present to Deku another night, because he's unable to muster enough energy to put towards comforting a bawling Izuku.

After tossing the bag in the cabinet below the sink, he hurriedly dries off with his towel before throwing on the tank top and pajama pants that lay atop the sink.

With a collected composure, he struts out of the bathroom with self-confidence and finds Izuku standing in the center of the room looking around.

Katsuki takes a seat on the bed and crosses his arms, allowing displeasure to be written all over his face before grousing. "What's so damn important that you had to interrupt my bed time routine, huh?"

The bitter attitude he's giving doesn't seem to perturb Izuku, because now the nerd is blinding him with a beaming smile.

Deku prances over to the bed, practically hopping down on the mattress next to him before pulling out a bag from behind his back.

"I bought you something today!" He chirps, giddily shoving the bag into Katsuki's hands.

There's that warmth in his chest again, it's barely there, but Katsuki's too curious to find out what the nerd's bought him to acknowledge it yet.

Red eyes blink down at the bag, then back up to Izuku's face, giving him a puzzled look. "The fuck you buyin' me stuff for?"

Izuku folds his legs on the bed indian style and places his hand behind his neck sheepishly. "Well, I saw it at the mall today, and it reminded me so much of you that I couldn’t pass it up!"

Reminds him of me? Now I'm really fuckin' curious.

Izuku continues his explanation simultaneously as Katsuki's pulling the item out of the bag. "It's not much, I just thought it was funny and that you might like it..."

Pulled out of the bag is a folded yellow t-shirt, and Izuku pauses his words, holding a bated breath as Katsuki begins unfolding it.

Smack dab in the center of the shirt in big bold letters reads:

I'm a ray of fucking sunshine.


No words leave Katsuki's mouth as he just proceeds to study it. The longer he squints his eyes to scrutinize the fabric, the more nervous Deku appears to become.

After a few moments of silence, green eyes fall downcast as he presses his index fingers together in embarrassment. "It's stupid, huh? I'm sorry, I just thought you might've liked it. I've got the receipt still, so I can take it back if you'd like..." he shamefully trails off.

"Deku." Katsuki finally decides to speak, picking up right where Izuku had trailed off, and the freckled boy's eyes grow hopeful.

"You damn nerd," Katsuki's impassive expression morphs into a cocksure grin. "I fuckin' love it."

Deku's face absolutely glows with elation and his hunched posture swiftly uplifts. "Really?!" He squeaks excitedly, clasping his hands together and bouncing in his spot.

Bakugo places it against his chest to compare in size, and then barks out a laugh. "Hell yeah. Plus, the old hag will get a kick out of it too. Looks like you aren't a completely useless shitnerd after all."

Izuku gives him a playful shove at the insult, "You stupid jerk!" But, he chuckles nonetheless, and then stops to smile. "I'm really glad you like it though.”

The smile he's giving Katsuki is so sugary sweet, the way his eyes crinkle in the corners is almost too sweet. Katsuki feels undeserving of it, like it's too pure to be even thrown his way. It's causing his heart to swell in size, and he's more than aware that the residing warmth in his chest had already rekindled and spread out like wildfire.

A thought dawns onto Katsuki.

Oh, I guess I should thank him or something...

Katsuki starts, "Yeah, uh..." but then he stops to clear his throat.

He's so remarkably terrible at showing gratitude, and it's obvious as fuck.

All his life, Bakugo was showered with praise, never feeling that he was undeserving of a single thing. That was a direct result of being blessed with an incredibly powerful quirk. So thanking people had never been on his agenda. That's another unfavorable trait of his that's gradually changed over the years. But, he's working on it. He still sucks at it though, so he decides one of his trusty internal pep talks are in order.

You can do it, asshole.


Very steadily, Katsuki brings a hand up, and Izuku watches curiously as it just hangs over his green head unmoving.

Izuku tries his damndest to not make a face at the attempt of a kind gesture, but Katsuki can see right through it with the obvious amusement glinting in his green eyes and wobbling lips. Can't this asshole see he's trying to be nice?!

After much too long, the hand delicately lands in Izuku's hair for the second time today, and the greenette closes his eyes contentedly at the tender touch.

"Erm.." Katsuki murmurs with a pouty lip, before very gently running his fingers through those deceptively soft curls to rub at his scalp. The whole situation is so embarrassing to Katsuki that he can't even bear to face him.

Deku absolutely eats it up. He can see in the corner of his eye that the nerd is smiling so hard that Katsuki's willing to bet his cheeks will be sore the next day. Damn brat.

Sucking in a deep breath, the teensiest of blushes appears high on his cheekbones. With one last gulp, he mumbles out pathetically, still not looking at him. "Thanks..."

Fuck, that was hard.

After a mental pat on the back, he decides to take an apprehensive peek at Izuku.

When Izuku's eyes flutter open, he gives Katsuki a look that is utterly awestruck. He looks as if the blond is responsible for jumping right up into the night sky and hanging the moon and stars. Holy shit, if Bakugo thought the smile he was giving earlier was sweet, than this one takes the cake without question.

Katsuki's stomach begins twisting at the sight, and his heart has begun to pound heavily in his chest. The combination of these feelings are getting him worked up, and he absolutely cannot take it any longer. In a panic, he brings a bare foot to Deku's back and forcefully shoves him off the bed.

A squawk followed by an oof from Izuku is heard upon impact with the floor.

"Alright, get the hell outta here!" Katsuki yells, eye twitching while he points at the door.

Despite laying face first in the floor, a muffled laugh escapes Deku. "It's okay to be embarrassed!" He says matter-of-factly, with a palm up.



After kicking the stupid nerd out, Katsuki yanks the string to his tableside lamp off and flops angrily onto the bed.

As he shuffles into his covers, his face is contorted into a pout. Damn that stupid shitnerd for... well, calling him out on being embarrassed. He wouldn't be embarrassed if Izuku wasn't such an embarrassment himself by doing something stupid like buying presents for Katsuki.

His heart is still hammering in his chest, pulse rocketing to an ungodly speed while his stomach is persistent in trying to entangle itself into the most complicated knot in existence.

Rolling on his side, he brings his knees up to his chest and begins his deep breathing exercises in hopes to ease this infuriating tension.

After one last exhale, the last thought that crosses his mind for the night is:

Stupid Deku.


The delicious smell of breakfast permeates all throughout the air of the communal kitchen in the early hours of the morning.

Standing at the stove is Bakugo, plating the food he had just finished cooking before making his way to take a seat at one of the tables.

With his early arrival, he was anticipating on having some alone time this morning. But those hopes were quickly dashed when upon entering he found Deku already moseying around in the kitchen.

However, the nerd has been unusually quiet, not even bothering to give Katsuki a greeting when he walked in.

That's really unlike him, the nerd always has something to say. But Katsuki's not about to complain.

After dropping his plate of eggs down on the table, his chair screeches as he scoots it back before planting himself right next to the green haired teen.

The freckled boy still doesn't acknowledge him, he just carries on with his munching while looking down at his own bowl of food. Bakugo brings his chopsticks to his mouth to start eating as well.

Nothing changes as the time passes. Not a word is spoken, and Katsuki's already half finished with his meal. Usually he's happy when the dork's not bothering him with useless chatter, but this is starting to irk him.

Save for the clinking of utensils and chewing, the only sound bouncing around the room is deafening silence.

Okay, now this is really getting on his nerves, so he gives in.

"Oi. What gives, nerd?" He grumbles out, irritation lacing his words.

No response. Izuku doesn't even look up from his food, just continues to chew tiredly. The asshole is obviously blatantly ignoring him! What the hell did Katsuki do?!

He mentally begins to tick off a list of things he's done since last night to try to get to the root of this, but he's coming up empty handed. With a furrowed brow, he scoffs aloud pettily. Other than that, he decides not to verbalize his anger.

Well, fuck you too, douchebag.

Perhaps Izuku is sensing the angry waves rolling off of him like a radiator, because after a moment, he finally moves his head up towards Katsuki to make eye contact.

Katsuki opens his mouth, ready to spout off the nasty insult that was waiting on his tongue. It never comes though, because he notices that Izuku once again has sauce on the corner of his lip, just like yesterday at the food court.

Bakugo repeats his actions from the prior day by placing on his hand on the nerd's face, grimacing all the while. "God Deku, you're so disgusting." He sneers before starting to clean him off.

As Katsuki's thumb begins skimming over his lips, Izuku flicks out his pink tongue, catching the digit during mid-swipe.

His finger stops, whole body freezing at the inexplicable action, and his eyes blow wide as saucers. The cogs spinning in his brain have skid to a halt before Katsuki even had a chance to produce any form of thought.

He's unable to move, all he can do is watch as Deku darts his tongue out once again before slowly laving it over the full pad of this thumb.

A barely audible noise akin to a squeak escapes Bakugo, and now his heart is hammering in his chest. It's beating so hard that he feels like his heart is trying to jump right out of his throat.

Though he's physically reacting, mentally, he's unable to comprehend what the hell is happening.

Once Deku's tongue reaches the top of the finger, it's stopped all movement and just held there, all the while those green eyes peer up innocently at him.

Katsuki gulps thickly, completely stilled as he has no idea what to expect next. But, he's still in such an utter state of shock that words aren't able to form in his mouth.

In an instant, Izuku's demeanor changes. The shy look he's giving Katsuki has morphed into one that looks positively hungry. It's almost similar to the look that burns in his eyes when he's in competitive mode, but something about it is different. It's untamed, ravenous even, and Katsuki's not sure how to handle it.

Without breaking eye contact, Deku tantalizingly circles his tongue on the tip of his thumb. It's an action so risqué that Bakugo begins to sweat.

Then without a beat, Izuku opens his mouth to place his plump lips over the fingertip and begins to suck.

Katsuki's eyes enlarge even more; he is wholly, utterly, floored by the situation. His windpipe feels like it's locked up so tight that he'd never be able to take a breath of air no matter how hard he tried.

On top of not being able to breathe, he's still unable to think, and worst of all, he's incapable of doing anything about the all too familiar warmth of arousal beginning to boil in his lower stomach.

Now, Izuku begins to moan around the digit as he works his hot wet mouth farther down, all the way to the second knuckle. Bakugo can feel it; the vibrations from the absolutely sinful sounds that are spilling from Deku's mouth.

Katsuki's mouth parts open, because what else can he do? He's gone, so far gone, pulled in and drowned by the hypnotic waves of emerald green pools that fall half lidded in lust.

With his eyes still locked on Katsuki's, he begins bobbing his head up and down. Now, he's sucking with fervor, with purpose.

The boiling warmth of arousal in his stomach has spilled over, and the sweet heat scalding his insides is successfully burning him from the inside out.

There's absolutely no way he can hide his thick erection that now stands out at full attention, twitching with desire from Deku's ministrations.

Izuku's eyes fall away from Katsuki's and lands down to his tented pajama pants. Green eyes widen with excitement, and he begins mewling in pleasure at the sight. In turn, his reaction is causing Katsuki's cock to twitch even more, precum spilling out and dampening his pants.

Izuku has now placed his scarred hands on Katsuki's knees and begins sliding them up his thighs ever so slowly, all the while not stopping his shameless slurping.

A breath of air finally sucks into Bakugo's lungs in the form of a gasp. He has no control over the way he's acting like an animal in heat, panting and sweating with so much lustful desire and want.

This is the singlehandedly the most erotic thing he's ever experienced, and it's coming from Deku of all people.

Right before Izuku's hands reach their destination, he finally slides his mouth off the thumb with a lewd pop.

Sirens are blaring off in his head now, signaling that now's his chance to say something, anything to address the situation at hand. But, he doesn't. He can't, because he doesn't want this to stop; he wants to see what more Izuku's willing to offer.

All Katsuki can do is watch as Izuku bites his bottom lip seductively before allowing those hands to finally reach their target, and oh hell yes.

A breathy moan stutters out of Katsuki's mouth as Izuku's thumbs begin to tenderly brush the outside of his clothed cock.

Izuku's smiling lecherously now, obviously enjoying the way he's breaking Katsuki into pieces. Scarred fingers slowly make their way around his shaft, rubbing over the fabric of his pants before thumbing over the dampened head. As his thumb is placed on the head of his cock, he begins to circle it with the lightest of pressure. The motions are causing even more precum to gush out of the slit, no doubt wetting Deku's thumb even more than it already is.

Bakugo's brows fold down in bliss as Izuku simultaneously uses his other hand to grasp his shaft and pump up and down torturously slow.

"Oh, shit..." He moans audibly now, not even caring that he's fallen victim into the euphoric pleasure of being touched by another person for the first time. He can't help it, but he doesn't care, because Deku's hands are taking such good care of him.

The delicious assault of senses overloading his cock feels so incredible, and all Deku's doing is just playing with it over his clothes.

At this point, he is aching with need so bad. He needs to see what else is in store for him because he’s dying to cum.

Katsuki finally manages to utter something to him; it's a weak, desperate plead of Izuku's childhood nickname.


Deku meets his gaze again, and those freckled cheeks are flushed beyond belief with arousal of his own.

Izuku must not need any more words from Katsuki, because he finally speaks for the first time.

"You want me to suck your cock. Don't you, Kacchan...?" He purrs with a coo, and it is an undeniably sexy answer to Katsuki's prayers. Izuku's words graze over his body, lighting his skin up and jumpstarting his heart into full speed.

Deku wastes no time pushing the chair back to allow himself room to drop onto his knees before the blond.

With one final look into Katsuki's eyes, Izuku licks his lips before he begins to work his hands inside the flap of his pants. The skin on skin contact feels so amazing. Before long, he's freed the engorged flesh from the confines, and the cool air hitting against it proves to further excite him.

Katsuki's trembling with nerves as he witnesses Izuku's head begin to lower down down down onto his lap and—

Bakugo's eyes snap open, and he shoots straight up from his bed with a startled gasp. He's no longer in the kitchen, but rather his dark bedroom.

He's drenched with sweat, chest heaving as he desperately tries to intake gulps of air, body trembling all the while.

Looking down, he finds that his cock is fully erect, and his tented pajama pants are a sticky wet mess.

Bringing a severely shaking hand up to his chest, he grasps his tank top; twisting the fabric tightly in his fist directly over his heart.

He doesn't even want to attempt to process what just happened. He can't bear to come to terms with it, because he knows exactly what had just transpired.

He shakily breathes in a whisper,

"Holy shit..."

Chapter Text

The booming sounds of fists repeatedly slamming into leather circles all throughout the school training room.

Katsuki pauses his assault on the worn punching bag that hangs before him; taking a moment to bring his boxing gloved hands back towards his body and using a forearm to wipe away the sweat dripping off his brow.

Speaking of sweat, the entirety of his body is soaked with so much perspiration that his workout shirt had been discarded to the floor long ago. If he had things his way, he'd shed off his shorts too if it meant he could cool off a bit more. But Kirishima— who's currently squatting under a barbell next to him— probably wouldn't appreciate having to stare at his junk for the sake of Katsuki getting a breeze between his knees.

After huffing out a harsh breath, he resumes back to the corrective boxing stance and begins laying into the bag once again with as much force as possible.

Bakugo is positively steaming this morning; because rather than having a peaceful night of rest, he lay twisted in his sheets all night while being cooked alive by his searing anger.

He cannot believe that he, Bakugo Katsuki, had a wet dream involving Midoriya Izuku.

Embarrassment burns his cheeks at the memory, and that further proves to enrage him. Gloved fists pound into the bag even harder, causing the attached stand to creak upon each brutal impact.

Typically, there's some form of excuse he's able to come up with to justify when dumb bullshit occurs in his life. But, he's absolutely livid that the fact that any form of excuse for this situation doesn't exist.

Dammit, there is no possible way he can deny what his subconscious fabricated last night, and the blatant fact of that is killing him.

Since denial isn't within the realm of possibility for Katsuki, he resolutes that he's not even going to dare on attempting to assess on why it happened in the first place. That would be a complete waste of his time for sure.

What he does attempt to do though is reason with himself for the sake of peace of mind, so that means it's pep talk time once again. He sucks in a breath in between punches and straightens up his posture

Okay, chill the fuck out, Katsuki. It was just a dream. Yeah, it happened, and it was bullshit. But dreams never make sense anyway, so that means this whole thing doesn't mean jack shit.

The slamming punches begin to lighten up just a hair as he steadily calms himself down. Now that is a flawless opening for an explanation. Katsuki is so smart.

Yes, it was just a dream.

An insanely erotic dream with the way Izuku was working his hands on him. In fact, the way he was fondling Katsuki was absolute perfection; the way he was rubbing and squeezing in all the right places had left Bakugo begging for more of that touch. Fuck, the nerd was on his knees preparing to show exactly what else that constantly chattering mouth is capable of doing, and Katsuki was more than ready to find out.

His previously calm state of mind has withdrawn itself, and now his heart is back to jack-rabbiting at full speed. An angry growl emits from him as he pummels into the bag at full force once again.

Dammit, this is the problem that plagued him all throughout the duration of last night and up to this morning! The longer he would spend time deliberating on the dream, the more his brain would start happily frolicking out of the land of rationality and down the alluring trail of sexual desire. All against his will!

A seething hiss escapes from the explosive blond while he delivers yet another grueling punch into the bag. Great, and now his stomach has began churning again too. This pisses him off even more because he's aware that this stomach ache isn't flu related this time.

This is BULLSHIT! Die, you shitty bag!

Steam is practically shooting from his ears at this point, and his face and neck are burned with a deep crimson mixture of humiliation and distress. Audible angry grunts and growls are continuously coming from him with each punishing swing he throws. The poor punching bag is swaying around wildly, chain creaking all the while with the way the blond is now pummeling it to death.

Kirishima makes a face that spells yikes at the scene of witnessing Katsuki going absolutely nuts. Little does Katsuki know is that the redhead has taken notice of his steadily increasing aggression since their arrival.

It's Kirishima's turn to start sweating now, and it's not from overexertion. Dropping the barbell to the hardwood floor with a clang, he decides to apprehensively approach the wild Katsuki to see what's causing his inner turmoil.

"Dude, that bag owe you some money or something?" He quips nervously, tilting his head and hissing a wince through his teeth.

Suddenly, Bakugo flinches and stops his assault as he's pulled out of his racing thoughts. While panting and sweating profusely, the blond cranes his head to Kirishima to acknowledge him, but doesn't make eye contact.

Kirishima's expression transforms to one of concern as he observes the way the Katsuki keeps his eyes glued to the floor; face red and chest heaving in and out deeply.

He clears his throat to ask warily, "Real talk though, is everything okay? I can clearly see you're raging about something."

Katsuki takes a minute to try to ignore his throbbing heart and twisting stomach to just have a single moment of mental clarity.

This is open invitation from Kirishima to confide in him about the situation. Should he take him up on the offer?

Shitty hair may be as dumb as a box of rocks sometimes, but he's irritatingly good at giving advice. In all of the years he's known Bakugo, not once has he ever passed judgement on him. That's one of the many reasons why Bakugo can admit he's proud of calling him a friend.

He stays silent as he continues mulling his decision over. It does seem tempting...

No. There's nothing to talk about, because he's deciding right now that all knowledge of this dream is going to cease to exist. There's a little box that sits in the corner of his brain that is strictly used for putting unsightly events in. In addition to a certain occurrence that transpired as of recently, this will be yet another thing that will be added to it and shut tight for the rest of his life.

Twin crimson eyes meet as he allows himself to finally look up from the floor and at the redhead.

Feigning indifference, he shoves a punching glove clad hand into Kirishima's face as he walks past him to the exit. "Worry about yourself, hair for brains." He mutters lowly, giving him a slight push just because he can.

Kirishima whines while he tries to not to lose his balance. Once the hand is removed from his face, he gains his footing and wistfully watches the hunched backside of Bakugo retreating without another word.

"Hmm..." He utters under his breath, brows furrowed down in worry as the sound of the door slamming shut echos in the room.


After a refreshing shower, Katsuki and Kirishima meet up once again to have a post workout lunch together. As the two begin making their way through the corridor and towards the kitchen, they walk in silence— though it's not an uncomfortable one.

As Katsuki stuffs his hands inside the pockets of his sweat pants, he stares at the floor and begins to reflect on how much better he's already feeling about this whole situation. On top of the strenuous workout easing some of his tension, the fact that he successfully buried the issue away as if it never happened is what really brought him the much needed relief.

Yes, all memories tracing back to the unfortunate event of last night has been tightly locked away for all eternity inside that special little box that resides in the back of his mind. The dream has been completely erased; wiped away permanently and leaving his mind with a fresh, clean slate.

How can he remember something that never happened? Exactly. Hell, Katsuki is so good at intentionally repressing memories that he wouldn't be surprised that the skill is some kind of second quirk he possesses.

Internally, he grins self-assuredly to himself.

Yeah, I got this. I'm not just some weakling that would allow stupid shit to get in my way, and that's why I'm gonna be the number one hero.

Underneath his skin and bones now sits a full armored plate of confidence. It's placed right over his chest to guard himself of any distracting inconveniences that try to worm their way into his heart. It's totally impenetrable, and now he's unstoppable.

Before entering their destination, the sweet smell of baked goods wafts all throughout the air and straight up their noses, bringing Katsuki out of his thoughts.

Kirishima takes a deep sniff and smiles dreamily. "Man, that smells good! Is someone making cookies?" He says eagerly while speeding up his steps just a tad.

Without a word, Katsuki just shrugs with indifference; and shortly after, they are rounding the corner into the kitchen.

Stepping inside, the two are met with Ochako, Tsuyu, and Todoroki all standing in a row in front of the kitchen counters. They're all adorned with aprons, bustling around busily and chit chatting with one another. The counters are an absolute mess with mixing bowls, pans, and other various cookware covered in batters and oils.

"Hey guys! What'cha doin?" The redhead chirps gleefully as he skips his way farther inside and towards the group.

The group turns around at Kirishima's greeting with hellos of their own and waves of oven mitt clad hands. Katsuki doesn't bother to greet anyone though; he just passes by them in favor of heading straight for the fridge. Dammit, he's ready to cook some food and all of these people are just in his way, how annoying.

With the fridge door open, his view of the group has been completely blocked off, so now he can focus on what ingredients to grab for lunch. His red eyes rake up and down the contents of the shelves thoughtfully. After that hefty workout, he's really craving some protein. Once his eyes land on some thawed beef, it's settled.

"Hi Kirishima-kun! We're making snacks for tonight's movie night!"

Katsuki's body jolts at the chipper voice of Izuku that's piped up out of literally nowhere and almost smashes the steak in his grip.

When the fuck did Deku get here?!

A small-scale fracture has somehow penetrated through that impenetrable shield of confidence Katsuki is wearing, and now his heart is starting to pound heavily.

Thankfully, the mist of cool air coming from the fridge is counteracting the hot blush that's rapidly beginning to creep along his cheeks. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he attempts to talk himself down.

Chill the fuck out, it's just stupid nerdy Deku. There's nothing to even get worked up for, remember?

He sucks in some deep breaths and wills his heart rate to settle down. Yes, there's absolutely not a single thing that has happened last night for him to even remember. He was just caught off guard right now, that's all.

You know what? Katsuki needs a side of vegetables to go alongside with his meat. Searching for one will be just the distraction he needs from this bullshit, so he begins rummaging around the shelved items.

A few moments later, he spots in the corner of his eye a hand that's snaked itself around to grab the fridge door. As the door cracks open a bit wider, he whirls his head around and finds a green head popping into view.

"Hi Kacchan! Can I get by to grab some eggs, please?" Izuku requests cheerfully, ever-present smile still plastered on his freckled face as questioning green eyes peer up into his.

Bakugo's mouth opens for an answer, but a response is unable to form on his tongue with how tightly his throat has felt like it's closed up. The longer he stares right back into those completely innocent and definitely not lustful eyes awaiting their answer, the more his heart repeatedly slams itself against his ribcage, rendering him useless.

Since verbal communication apparently isn't on the agenda today, he clamps his mouth shut and wordlessly scoots over to allow Izuku room to squeeze in.

As the nerd crowds in and bends to reach for some eggs in a drawer below, Katsuki turns his head away purposefully and begins repeating his earlier mantra in his mind.

It's just Deku, stupid shitnerd Deku. Stop freaking the fuck out, there's nothing to even freak out about anyway.

That's right, nothing at all.

Oxygen fills his lungs as he sucks in a deep breath, then exhales slowly to release all of the tension. Thank fuck for breathing exercises.

With his wits gathered up now, he turns his head back and allows his eyes to travel down Deku's bent form and—what's this? Tied around Izuku's backside is a large pink bow.

This causes a blond brow to arch. "What the hell are you wearing, dork?" He questions impolitely, cocking his head to the side to try and decipher what exactly he's seeing.

Once Izuku grabs his eggs, he stands back up to face the blond. With a bright toothy grin, he sticks out his torso proudly to give Katsuki a full frontal view of the bright pink frilly apron placed over his clothes.

Crimson eyes rake over him from the top of his green bushy head, all the way down to the bottom of his red shoed feet. His mind is processing how the garment sits delicately over Izuku's burly body, adding a gentle touch of feminine softness to his solid masculinity. It looks...not exactly terrible on him, in a weird-as-fuck sorta way.

Izuku puffs his freckled cheeks out petulantly and snaps at Katsuki. "Don't give me that look! We didn't have enough aprons so Ochako was kind enough to let me use hers."

Honestly, Katsuki has no idea what kind of look he was giving the nerd— just like how he has no idea that the sight alone is currently causing a minuscule fracture to crack throughout his the confidence shield.

Katsuki humphs at the nerd's answer. "Yeah well, you look even more stupid than you normally do. You done bein' in my way now?" He gripes, though his face is lacking expression.

Green eyes roll at the retort before stepping out of the fridge, freckled nose stuck up in the air with a humph of his own.

"Tch." Is all Bakugo mutters as he finishes gathering his items from the fridge before closing it with his foot.

With an armful of food, he makes his way all the way down to the clean end of the kitchen— which happens to be right beside stupid Deku.

Regardless of the spat at the refrigerator a second ago, the green haired teen presents Bakugo with a smile upon his arrival. Katsuki responds to it by apathetically pursing his lips and throwing his food down on the counter to begin his work.

No words are spoken between the two, so Izuku turns to his right hand side and starts up a conversation with round cheeks.

Katsuki notices that in between Uraraka and Tsuyu sits a giant mountain of cookies piled atop a plate, and Icyhot is steadily plucking them off one by one to slather icing on top of them.

The curious spiky head of Kirishima pokes in between the two girls, drooling and ogling at the pile of sweets that sit before him. Then the redhead musters up the biggest puppy dog eyes in existence in hopes that someone will throw him a treat; and it works, because Todoroki reaches over Asui and hands him a cookie.

Katsuki rolls his eyes as shitty hair cheers before chowing down on the dessert, all while wiggling his body like an excited pooch.

Come to think of it, the counter is littered with a multitude of desserts; ranging from cupcakes, doughnuts, and apparently brownies which Deku is currently mixing up in his bowl.

Without looking up from his task, Bakugo pulls a face to make a snide comment. "Damn, you guys trying to put us all in a diabetic coma or what?"

Round face snaps her head towards the blond before leaning in front of Deku to point her frosting covered butter knife in his face.

"Watch it, sourpuss! Or you won't get any tonight!" She threatens with a pinched look, waving the utensil in his face in what she probably thinks is intimidation.

An utterly un-enthused look from Katsuki is thrown her way as he eyes the weapon in front of him. "As if I want any of that sugary crap. I don't do dessert." He huffs snobbily before looking back down to resume his chopping.

"Uhg," She mutters with a scoff before backing off to resume her task.

Deku turns to face Bakugo, looking at him ignorantly and quirking a brow. "Kacchan's a liar, he likes dessert. In fact, ice cream is his favorite." He states as a smirk starts curling up on his freckled face.

The explosive blond's mouth opens in shock, feeling simply scandalized by Izuku's words before whipping his head to meet him face to face.

"Hah?! I'm the one who likes ice cream?! You're the one who can eat four sundaes in one sitting, asshole!" He jabs back angrily while poking a finger into Deku's stomach; but the digit is just met with hard abdominal muscles.

Rather than responding with some form of denial, Izuku just shrugs in acceptance, making a face that spells "You have a point."

Katsuki can't think of a retort, so he decides that giving him a squinty eyed glare will be a good way to end the conversation. He turns his attention back down to his cutting board grumbling, and Izuku turns his head back down to his bowl to continue on with his mixing.

While the others snigger at the two's banter, Kirishima makes his way to Katsuki's left side and hops up to sit atop the counter.

"So, have the movie been picked out for tonight yet?" The redhead inquires as he grabs a stray carrot off of the board and crunches down obnoxiously.

"Yep, it was decided on a horror film, ribbit." Froppy responds as she bends down to pull out yet another batch of cookies out of the hot oven.

"Sweet!" Kirishima whoops excitedly with a fist pump, and Katsuki just grunts with yet another eye roll.

How lame. I'll probably skip out on that bullshit.

For the duration of the eighteen years Bakugo's inhabited the earth, he's yet to find a scary movie that actually scares him. So he's sure that whatever they watch tonight will not be of any exception.

Izuku on other hand, hates horror movies, and Katsuki knows that more than anyone else since he's had the pleasure of growing up with him. The blond snorts when he sees the tremor of a shudder travel all throughout the nerd's body at just the mention of a scary movie. It's at that moment that he decides against skipping in favor of staying to laugh at the shitnerd when he pisses his pants.

Round face shoulder checks the green haired teen. "Aw, don't be a scaredy cat, Deku! It'll be fun!" She giggles with a sly wink, and his only response to her is a pouty lip.

Todoroki leans his icing covered face up and towards the sulky boy across the counter in an attempt to comfort him. "Don't worry— it's only a movie, none of it is real."

An incredulous huff escapes Katsuki's nose.

Of course Deku knows it's not real. Dumb icyhot bastard.

Izuku gives the two toned boy a wobbly smile, "Thanks Todoroki-kun. I know they're just movies...but I still get creeped out, okay?!"

Kirishima swings his dangling legs back and forth while laughing. "It's okay dude, we still think you're manly!" He says with a wink and a thumbs up.

Now that causes Katsuki to sputter a laugh and speak up. "Pfft, speak for yourself, shitty hair. You should'a seen Deku the first time we watched a scary movie together. He was practically shitting himself!" The blond teases while giving Deku a hard slap on the back.

Deku gawks at him, now it's his turned to be scandalized. "I was not! Kacchan's lying again! Yeah, I was scared but—"

"Scared? " Katsuki interrupts, placing his hands on his hips and looming into the nerd's face with snarling smirk. "Yeah, you were scared alright. After that night, you begged my mom to let me stay the night at your house for a week straight because you were too scared to sleep alone!"

Chuckles and giggles spout up from the rest of the group at the jeer, and the nerd's freckled face contorts into the poutiest glare with a deep furrowed brow.

"Oh yeah?!" Izuku huffs, crossing his arms and puffing out his apron clad chest against Katsuki's like he's trying to display some strange form of male dominance.

Katsuki just sneers at his shitty attempt at being intimidating. "Yeah, what?! The fuck you got to say about it?!" The blond retaliates by mirroring Izuku; puffing out his own chest against the nerd's and scowling deeply.

Izuku's height grows over Katsuki's head as he makes to stand up on his tippy toes, and now it's his turn to loom into Bakugo's face menacingly. He smiles down at the blond triumphantly through grit teeth.

This doesn't prove to be effective; in fact, this just causes Katsuki to stand on his own toes now, yet again being the taller one and serving his own cocksure grin down to the greenette below.

Izuku huffs childishly, then drops back down to normal height, and then Katsuki does the same.

Hah. I won, stupid.

However, Deku apparently decides that the battle hasn't ended.

The nerd sticks his neck out to place his forehead against Katsuki's own, lining them up nose to nose before using his head to give him a light push forward. Of course, Katsuki retaliates by using his own head to push down right back and growling. At this moment, he's way too busy trying to outdo the shitnerd to dwell on how close this physical contact is.

The rest of their friends just watch the two continue on and on. After a few seconds of the boys teetering their heads back and forth and growling at eachother like feral animals, Ochako finally puts her foot down.

"Okay boys, that's enough. We all feel your testosterone, okay?" She scolds before clapping loudly.

All guttural noises coming from the two boys promptly cease as they freeze from her command. Their eyes meet for a moment to squint at eachother, and then they pull away grumbling all the while.

"Stupid Kacchan." Deku mumbles as he goes back to spooning his brownie batter into a pan.

"Stupid Kacchan." Katsuki parrots back in a high pitch nasally voice as he goes back to his vegetable chopping.

A faint exhale escapes out of Katsuki's nose, and a minuscule smile has upturned on his lips. Inwardly, he's feeling good right now. Actually, this is the best he's felt all day. There's just something about messing around with the nerd that always puts him in a better mood. But, he'd sooner kill over before he ever admits something as sappy as that aloud.

After a moment of silence, a small laugh comes up from Froppy. "Not to cause another fight or anything, but I am curious to know more about Midoriya's first scary movie experience, ribbit." She says while placing a finger on her chin thoughtfully. The rest make noises in agreement.

"Tsuyu-chan!" He squawks indignantly, and the rest burst with giggles once again.

Katsuki even barks a laugh out too before turning his smug face towards Deku and—


The words that Katsuki had been preparing to say have instantly died in his throat, because witnessing in front of his very own eyes is Izuku's pink tongue flicking out of his mouth before licking a long, slow stripe up the brownie batter spoon in his grasp.

All form of coherent thoughts begin skidding into a crash, wrecking straight into his brain and causing it to catch fire upon impact. Any trace of a smug expression has been wiped away clean from Katsuki's face, leaving him now to only be stunned.

Red eyes are honed in on the way that tongue is now leaving the spoon in favor of swiping over dusky pink lips for a sensual lick. And yes, it is definitely a sexual sight. Izuku is being straight up filthy, and he appears to be completely oblivious about it, too! Katsuki is certain he isn't imagining it to be this way.

With a ramrod straight spine, Katsuki is rendered immobile as he stands frozen in his spot. Small beads of sweat begin accumulating on his temples, and now his lungs have decided to terminate all functioning processes. All he is capable of doing at this moment is swallow thickly at the sight before him.

That sweet tongue is darting back out of his mouth once again. Round and round it goes, swirling in circular motions on the back of the spoon. Katsuki has fallen under a seductive spell as blown pupils follow the tongue's mesmerizing movements. He couldn't avert his eyes away even if he wanted to.

The shield of confidence Katsuki is wearing is no match for a delectable sight such as this one. A giant fracture has now cracked itself dead center into it, and it's rapidly multiplying. Lines upon lines of cracks are splitting themselves apart— and now, it's totally shattered.

There's nothing left to guard his heart; it's left out in the open, bleeding raw and exposed for free game. It pumps with the velocity of a jackhammer, beating louder and harder in his ears as each second passes, and Katsuki is starting to lose control.

"You want me to suck your cock. Don't you, Kacchan...?"


Scorching hot blood is thrumming nonstop all throughout his veins at the memory of his dream. It travels at the speed of light in every which direction inside his body, including straight down to his groin.

After another gulp, he begins biting down on his trembling lower lip, zeroing in on the way Deku pops the spoon inside his mouth now. All attention is focused on the way those freckled cheeks begin hollowing just a tad as he suckles lightly on it. Worst of all, Izuku just looks so damn pleased about having it in his mouth with the way he's smiling around it.

He's burning up now— everything about this is so damn enticing and he's not equipped on how to handle it. Absentmindedly, he's licking his own lips now. Fuck, at this moment he would kill to find out what this nerd's bad little mouth can do.

Now that the dam of self control has been broken, rapid waves of dirty thoughts come roaring out.

Yeah, you like that, Deku? I've got something a lot bigger you can suck on. Get your ass over here you slutty nerd and I guarantee you'll fuckin' love it, 'cuz I know I will.

The spoon has now popped out and away from Izuku's mouth— and in that split second, Bakugo is jarred out of his shameless imagination.

The impending doom of mortification will begin in

Ear piercing danger signals begin blasting in his mind, and his eyes triple in size at the shocking realization of—


His head whips back down to his cutting board so fast that he's certain his neck will cramp tomorrow. Oh God, he hopes no one is looking his way because his face has combusted into the hottest blush possible with the way he's embarassed.

Katsuki mentally slaps the absolute shit out of himself for being so weak minded that he lost control over his thoughts for the second time today. Fuck, he wants to stab his brain with knife that he's holding— because maybe then he can cut out the portion that holds memories of dreams.

Nope, this is the final straw. He refuses to dwell on this shit any longer, because he'll be damned if he makes things weird between him and Deku just because of a dream. He's going to take charge of this problem once and for all, so he begins his deep breathing exercises for the umpteenth time today.

Get a fucking grip, Katsuki! You're acting like that perverted grape bastard! You're better than that, c'mon!

Another deep breath, in and out, in and out. Yes, perfect. The longer he drowns out the world to focus solely on his lungs, the more he finally starts to exit panic mode and enter into the world of rationality.

You got this, just fucking breathe. That was bullshit, but it's nothing you can't handle. I'm just not on my game today is all 'cuz I slept like shit last night. This was just a minor setback, and now it's time to fucking forget about it.

Yes, this was just a minor setback. Katsuki's human, okay?! And now the dream is going right back into that box right where it should have stayed, and this little event that's just transpired is going alongside with it too.

Not only is the box getting shut tight, it's now going to be buried so far down into the depths of his mind that nothing will have the power to bring it back up. He will never, ever, think of this again. He's going to be the number one hero; so nothing, especially something like this, will get in his way. Not now, not ever.

After more breathing exercises, he was miraculously able to grab a hold of his reigns and push past this manic episode he just went through. He sighs in relief as his heart has finally settled down and his face has cooled off. Now, he's smiling to himself, impressed on how quickly he can turn things around.

Heh, I'm the fucking best.

Before he can celebrate any longer on how amazing he is, something slimy slaps against his cheek— and not gently, either.

Blinking dumbly, his eyes travel down to the corner of his face at the impact, trying to comprehend what just happened. He brings a hand to his face, swipes over the goo, then brings it in front of his vision.

It's brown, it's goopy, it's—

"Deku..." Katsuki hisses demonically, bloodshot eyes blown wide in rage. He's practically breathing flames as he slowly cranks his head to face the culprit of this horrible crime.

The offender stares right back at him brazenly; shit-eating grin spread all over his freckled mug, and literally red handed (or rather, brown handed) with brownie batter.

"Yes, Kacchan?" He sings lovingly, fluttering his lashes like he's totally guiltless of slapping Katsuki in the face with sugary shit.

An unwarranted explosion crackles from his palm, and that causes Izuku to start snickering. "You've got a little something on your face Kacchan, you might want to clean that off." He states while pointing a brownie covered finger at his face.

Audible giggles and "oohs" erupt from the group, and now Katsuki's decided he's going to murder the nerd where he stands.

Katsuki doesn't even allow a millisecond to pass before he's aggressively swiping his own hand into the brownie pan, ignoring the annoyed "Hey!!" that comes from one of the girls.

"Got any last words, shitnerd?" The blond snarls as he takes a threatening step before Izuku. His pupils have basically transformed into fireballs with the raging wildfire blazing within his eyes, and the smile he's sporting is absolutely unhinged. Izuku doesn't stand down though– in fact, his grin turns even more devious.

"Yeah, I do, actually," The greenette challenges, stepping forward and squaring his shoulders to look him straight in the eyes with a matching fire of his own.

"Eat my dust!" He finishes with a yell, followed by slapping Katsuki's cheek again with his soiled hand before running away as fast as possible.

Instantly, Katsuki's bolting right after the nerd and screaming the whole way. "GET BACK HERE, YOU BASTARD!!"

Howling laughter uproars from the freckled boy as he continues sprinting his way out of the kitchen and all the way down into the dining hall.

As Deku weaves in and out between the dining tables, he tosses the chairs that he passes along into the floor behind him in hopes to create obstacles for the blond in hot pursuit.

This only proves to backfire on him, because Katsuki serpentines effortlessly around all of the obstacles. In fact, he uses last chair to his advantage by springing off of it and ends up gaining a foot on Deku.

Right before entering the common room, Deku turns his head back towards Bakugo without stopping his sprint. He squeaks and green eyes basically bulge out of his skull when realizes just how much closer Katsuki's gotten to him, and he somehow speeds up even faster.

They both have entered the common room now by swiftly jumping over one of the couches. This lands them both facing each other off while circling around the coffee table, both heaving and panting all the while.

A shark grin forms on Katsuki's face. "Hah, got you now, fucker." He pants as he flexes his batter covered hand menacingly, showing Izuku just what's in store for his stupid face.

While heaving gulps of air to catch his own breath, Izuku places his hands up in a placating manner. "Okay, okay— I give up, you win." He says in between breaths, looking defeated in the face and stopping his standoff.

Katsuki halts for a second.

Wait, what?

Deku is giving up already? Midoriya Izuku? Katsuki is immensly surprised at how uncharacteristic of this is for the nerd; he's always bullheaded when it comes to a challenge.

Not a second later, the placating hands whip around and change into upturned middle fingers, followed by an evil grin.

I fucking FELL FOR IT!

Katsuki screams.


In a flash, Katsuki twists his torso backwards to grab a stray pillow from the couch, launching it right at Deku's head with as much force as possible. The nerd wasn't fast enough to dodge it, so it ends up hitting him smack dab in the middle of the face. The impact of the cushion had been so powerful that it actually caused him to lose his balance and topple into the floor. Katsuki wastes no time pouncing on him all while cackling deliriously.

In between his giggling pleads of "No, no! ", Deku attempts to use his elbows to push up and scramble away from below the blond's body weight. But, it's far too late for that; Katsuki's already firmly planted his ass down to straddle Izuku's hips, and he even has a scarred hand pinned to the floor.

Izuku arches and thrusts his hips up repeatedly in a desperate attempt to buck the explosive boy off, but it's of no use because he isn't budging. While this is happening, Katsuki makes sure to display a show of licking a nice slobbery stripe up his batter covered hand before slapping it down towards Izuku's panicked face.

Instantly, Deku swiftly catches Katsuki's wrist with his free hand, gripping hard and stopping the assault just inches from his face.

Both boys are grunting in between grit teeth as they use all of their strength to push against each other. Each push from Katsuki down towards the face below is met with resistance. Slowly but surely, Katsuki begins winning the battle because his shaking hand is hovering closer and closer to freckled cheeks.

Green electricity from full cowl sparks from Izuku's grip, and Katsuki is now losing the battle as his hand is getting pushed farther away from his target.

"You're cheating, you asshole!" Bakugo bellows angrily, but not without a smile. Rather than responding back to the blond with words, boisterous laughter just spews out from the greenette.

I can fight dirty too, bitch!

In an instant, Bakugo goose-necks his face towards Deku's wrist, opens his mouth wide, and bites down on it hard. Izuku yelps at the pain with watery eyes and instinctively pulls his hand away, releasing the grip on Katsuki's hand.

This finally gives Katsuki his chance, and he wastes no time. Izuku knows it's too late for him, but attempts a last second talk down anyway.

"Wait, Kacch—!"

The batter and slobber soaked palm comes crashing down on Izuku, slapping against his scrunched up mouth and effectively shutting him up. Deku whines in repulsion and kicks his feet brattily as Katsuki just rubs his disgusting hand in circles all over that freckled face. The blond's laughter just booms louder and louder with each swipe. "Hahaha! How'd you like it, stupid Deku?! That'll fuckin' teach you!"

The green haired boy's flailing stops, signaling his white flags of defeat. Satisfied with his victory, Katsuki swipes the remaining goop on his hand to the front of Izuku's apron before standing up to walk away. He doesn't even make a step away before a red shoe delivers a kick to his butt on the way out.

This only causes Katsuki to turn around and jump back down on the nerd for another assault.



"How the hell do I keep getting roped into this shit?" Katsuki bemoans to himself as he's found pushing a shopping basket through the aisles of the local supermarket.

Well, he knows why he's here, but of course he's still going to complain about it.

After the whole fiasco between the duo horsing around in the common area, the girls had banished them away and forced them to the grocery store to pick up some drinks for tonight. Which is bullshit, because Deku was the one who started it!

Naturally, hair for brains had decided to tag along as well, because Katsuki's not meant to have any peace in his life. Speaking of that spiky idiot, he's currently getting elbowed by said boy in the ribs.

"Psh, when are you gonna stop pretending you don't enjoy our company?" He says with a stupid shark tooth grin as he walks in step next to Katsuki.

Katsuki rolls his eyes and decides not to respond. The blond rolls his eyes so damn much that he's certain they are eventually just going to roll right out of his head.

Deku— who's currently standing at the front end of the basket— places his hand on the cart to signal Katsuki to stop moving so he can survey something in the aisle.

They stand there for what Katsuki swears is ten minutes while Deku just taps his chin and observes the cases of soda in front of him. Great, and now Kirishima has rounded his way to the shitnerd to join him in staring at the damn aisle.

This is getting ridiculous. The aisles are small, it's busy as fuck with people surrounding them, and Katsuki's patience meter is rapidly depleting.

"Oi, if you don't hurry the hell up, I'm gonna make road kill outta you!" The blond threatens as he starts to ram the cart into their hips none too gently in an attempt to dislodge them from their spots. A nearby baby screams at his violent outburst.

"You can't rush perfection, Kacchan." The nerd informs, not even looking his direction while shushing him with a hand motion like he's speaking to a child.

This fucking shitnerd...!

Veins pop onto Bakugo's head while he vibrates in anger. Steam begins billowing from his underneath his palms, effectively melting hand shaped holes in the cart handle.

Before he can blast the shit out of his idiot friends, they finally decide on a drink choice and throw it into the cart. Wordlessly, they begin their trek forward towards the registers as if they hadn't just caused Katsuki to rage internally.

Bakugo grumbles, basking in his grumpiness while continuing to push the cart around. He's ready to murder these morons and get out of this market, like right now.

Out of nowhere, Kirishima decides that it's a great idea to hop his happy ass inside of the cart and sit cross legged. The basket squeaks with his added weight and Katsuki feels inclined to gripe at him for it.

"The hell are you doi—"

"Come on in, bro!" The redhead shamelessly ignores him in favor of gesturing excitedly to Deku to come inside. The nerd's eyes sparkle with elation at the invitation, not wasting a single second before hopping his heavy self inside as well.

As he plants himself in front of the redhead, they both wiggle around to make for more room. With both of their knees scrunched up to their chests, Izuku leans his back against Kirishima's shins. Once the boys deem this as the most comfortable position, they look up at Katsuki with beaming smiles.

The blond answers their smiles with a stony look and just accepts the situation for what it is; continuing to push right along like it's totally normal for two grown adults to cram inside a small shopping basket. The basket's wheels creak and threaten to pop off from their combined weight, and Katsuki not so secretly hopes that it'll break so they can fall on their asses.

Bakugo huffs, irritated that he's already starting to break a sweat from having to push these fat asses around. He keeps a straight face though; because like hell he's going to show any form of struggle in front of them.

"I swear to God, you two act like children." He insults in a mumble, followed by Kirishima whooping and clapping excitedly.

The green curly head of Izuku turns back to Katsuki, doe eyes gazing up innocently at him. "Does that mean I get to call you daddy?" He jokingly asks with a playful wink, and—


Katsuki's eyeballs widen to an unnatural degree at the bizarre question he was just asked. The sound of shattering glass reverberates in every corner of his mind, because his brain is currently breaking into billions of pieces.

No response comes from the explosive teen, because he isn't physically capable of doing so. He is shook beyond belief. Evidently, Izuku must be aware that he's killed Katsuki with the amused expression etched all over his face.

Katsuki just faces Izuku with his mouth open like he's trying to catch flies, ruminating on the words that were just spoken to him.

Why would Deku say that?! What kind of alternate universe is Katsuki living in for sweet little Midoriya Izuku to say such suggestive words? This is basically a crime against nature!

Is Deku's question a roundabout indication that he has a daddy kink? Wait, so does this mean that Deku is into daddies? Is this some kind of result of not growing up with a father figure in his life? What the hell does all of this mean?!

Oh no, no no no. Katsuki's putting the breaks on these thoughts right this instant. After having a mental breakdown of epic proportions already today— which by the way was forgotten about— he refuses to go down the rabbit hole that of what kind of kinks the nerd may have.

That is precisely why this is going inside that mind box right away, no questions asked.

There— now it's locked up tight. Wow, that was surprisingly easy. All is back to business as usual in the world of Katsuki, so now he can react.

"Don't fucking flirt with me you damn pervert!" Katsuki yells, though his body betrays him as a slight blush lights up his cheeks. By total reflex, he punches Deku on the top of his head, and the nerd whines at the contact.

"Ow, Kacchan!! I was just kidding!"

He grinds his teeth in anger and punches Kirishima in the head too, just because.

"Wahh! Why'd you hit me for?!

The blond decides to answer them with total silence as he petulantly keeps his eyes straight ahead, trucking his way along the store.

Unbelievable. Didn't Deku just make a comment two days ago in the kitchen about "How he knows his friends can be overbearing?" Stupid asshole.

The two boys rub their heads with a pout, then start rearranging themselves in the cramped cart to face one another. Katsuki narrows his eyes as he watches them hug their legs against themselves to allow for more room, huddling close so they can start gossiping.

"Geeze, over reaction much?" Whispers Deku as he cups a hand over his mouth, eyes darting up to Katsuki and back down to Kirishima.

The redhead cups his mouth too with a whisper of his own and leans into the greenette. "Blasty's just mad that he doesn't get to sit in the cart and have fun."

Izuku starts giggling, and his whisper picks up in volume just a bit. "Kacchan's fell under sway of the green eyed monster."

Now, Kirishima is giggling back. "I dunno what that means man, but that's tight!" He whisper yells as they fist bump each other, both of their shoulders shaking in laughter.

"You know I can hear you, dumbasses." The giggling abruptly stops, and Bakugo continues grousing. "Also, why the hell would I be jealous of a couple of dim-witted losers like you? I'm the fuckin' best, and I know it." He punctuates his statement by pointing a thumb to his chest.

The redhead furrows his brows and looks up at Bakugo. "You know that people who always act confident usually are the most self conscious, right?" He states while bopping his head back and forth with an mmhmm attitude.

Ooh, Bakugo's gonna kill this fucker. "Alright asshole, get the hell up because I'm coming in!" He screeches, throwing his arms inside the cart to manhandle the flailing redhead out before jumping in himself. He's not sure what exactly he's trying to prove to shitty hair by coming inside, but that's beside the point.

As he ungracefully lands inside, he looks foolish with the way his arms and legs spring out in every direction possible. Trying to situate himself around the other body in the cart is not an easy task since both of the occupants are quite large.

"It's cramped as fuck in here." He comments disgruntledly as he finally finds a way to settle down by not being completely squished.

With his back resting against the hard metal frames of basket, he bends his long legs and spreads them wide, resting his hands atop his knees. Izuku brings a hand to his mouth and chuckles at the blond.

With pursed lips, Katsuki arches a highly un-amused brow at the shitnerd. "What's so funny, jackass?" He queries as Izuku's ear to ear grin grows impossibly wider.

Rather than replying, Izuku pivots on his butt to turn his body completely around where his backside is facing towards Katsuki.

Evidently, Deku perceives the blond's body position as an open invitation to get himself nice and cozy, because now he's reclining himself backwards. Soft green curls tickle Katsuki's nose as the smaller boy's muscled back snuggles flush against Bakugo's broad chest.

Instantaneously, Katsuki's body reacts to their close proximity, eyes widening at the physical contact. Along with his heart rearing up in speed, his stomach is feeling rather funny. It's not the usual twisting ache he's been experiencing as of recent though, it's more of a light fluttery feeling, kind of like butterflies. And of course, that warm feeling in his chest has decided to make a full fledged comeback— rapidly spreading far beyond his control. It's weird though, because for once, these reactions aren't actually impacting Bakugo in a negative way.

Honestly, Katsuki can't pin an exact description on how it's making him feel. All he knows is that it doesn't feel bad— and he's not sure if that should concern him or not.

Izuku is flagrantly making a show of his obvious satisfaction of their current position. With eyes closed and a pleased smile, he shimmies his shoulders happily against the blond's body. He mirrors Katsuki's legs, spread out and bent at the knee, leaning them against Katsuki's own. Eventually, the green haired teen settles down, melting himself completely into Katsuki's body.

Like this, Katsuki is wholly surrounded by Deku. Or rather, he's the one surrounding him. Regardless, Bakugo hasn't a clue on why the nerd's presence is invading his senses like never before. He's completely hyper-aware of everything, from feeling the way Deku's back expands against him as he breathes, to hearing the happy little sigh that escapes under his breath. And of course, he doesn't fail to notice that Izuku smells as good as ever with the way his nose is buried into his locks.

"Mmm, Kacchan is the best pillow." He sighs contently, practically purring before turning his head to smile warmly up at Bakugo.

Bakugo has no idea how the nerd does it; but he's the only one in the world that is capable of flipping Katsuki's mood like a switch. Maybe he wasn't actually born quirkless, because how can someone have such a smile that holds so much power?

Yeah, it's gotta be a newfound quirk for sure, because Katsuki has no control over the way his lips are now curving up into a tiny smile. Feeling warm all over, his eyelids fall half mast and he absentmindedly tightens his legs around Izuku's body.

With a mouth buried in soft curls, he quietly murmurs against the back of Izuku's head. "Yeah well, don't get used to it, nerd."


A fine spread of baked goods, chips, and sodas are messily arranged on the tables in the dining hall, and each one the snacks all have dents in them.

Evening has fallen, and the entirety of class 3-A are pajama clad in the common room eagerly awaiting for the movie to start. Most of the students lay sprawled in the floor under their mountains of pillows and blankets, while some lounge around comfortably on the sofas.

Tonight, Katsuki chose to settle himself down on the couch in the likely event he'd fall asleep during the movie. However, what he didn't anticipate on was being smooshed in between Izuku to his left and Ashido on his right.

Bakugo actually wanted to sit at the far left end of the couch, but Deku took that spot before he had the chance to claim it. It's fine though, because Katsuki is feeling unusually gracious towards the nerd tonight, so he's deciding to not make a stink over it.

Boredly, he watches Izuku chat with Uraraka who sits directly in front of him on the floor. She leans back against the couch, getting cozy in between his parted knees and brings her legs up to sit cross-legged. On her right is Asui, who decides to lay down flat on the floor, placing her head comfortably in round cheeks lap to join in on their conversation. Not a moment later, Icyhot is now laying his head on frog girls lap, looking up at them to be apart of the conversation as well. The group has created this weird looking zigzag cuddle train of sorts, but they look comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable, Pinky decides to make herself right at home by stretching her body out on the couch unashamedly. She plants her ass in Kirishima's lap next to her, landing her head right in Katsuki's lap, all while dangling her legs over Kaminari and laying her feet on Sero.

Katsuki scoffs at the fact that she feels entitled to be queen of the couch or some shit. Truthfully, he doesn't actually care, nor does he plan on moving her. But he's got an image to uphold, so he's going to make a snide remark at her anyway.

"Yeah, okay. Just make yourself comfortable." The blond comments sarcastically, gently tugging on the soft pink locks of her hair to show his "annoyance".

"I will, thanks!" She titters happily, poking a finger to his squishy cheek while being completely pleased with the fact that she can get away this shit like this. Katsuki just deadpans down at her, and she just keeps on giggling.

A piece of popcorn in between pink fingers appears in front of his face now. "Say ahh, Baku!" Instructs Mina, opening her mouth as to guide him on what to do. Wordlessly he obliges, opening up wide and to accepting the buttery snack out of her grasp.

Usually, he does his best to not indulge in junk food, but this kind of thing is appropriate at movie time, so it's whatever.

"So, I heard this movie is super scary. I'm so pumped!" Sero pipes up from the opposite end of the couch while stuffing his face with a handful of popcorn.

Mina squirms excitedly in her spot. "Me too! I'm so ready for a good scare!" She chirps as she pulls a random blanket off the floor and onto her lap.

Kaminari makes a blatant public display of affection of resting an arm behind Kirishima's shoulders. "You can hold my hand if you get scared, I won't judge, bro." He addresses to the redhead smoothly while wiggling his eyebrows.

Katsuki snorts with an eye roll. Oh God. Here they go.

Shitty hair gasps dramatically, making a scene to flop around to face the electric blond while placing his hand over his heart. "I'm touched... you're the best bro that a bro could ask for!"

Dunce face places a hand over Kirishima's that is placed on his chest, leaning into his face. "It's because our love runs deep, bro."

Wiping away a feigned tear of joy, Kirishima sniffles and begins leaning in as well. "I love you so much, bro."

"Not as much as I love you, bro."

"Bro. "

Katsuki is absolutely certain that his ears will start bleeding if the word "bro" passes through his eardrums one more time, so now it's time to take action.

He whirls his head to the boys next to them for an insult. "Oi, how long is this gonna go on before you two start making out? You're givin' me a goddamn migraine with your bullshit." His remark caused the two boys to separate, looking absolutely appalled at Katsuki.

In all honesty, he wouldn't give a shit if their bromance turned into real romance. But, he'd rather not be less then a foot away from them if they actually started making out.

"Bakubro's jealous 'cuz he's not a real bro!" Pikachu yells while throwing a piece of popcorn from God knows where at Katsuki's head, which gets lodged inbetween his spikes.

The blond just squints his eyes at dunce face and looks at him incredulously. "What the hell does that even mean?" He argues back exasperatedly, and Kirishima plucks the kernel from his hair and pops it in his mouth. Ew.

"Real bros make out with each other, duh." Sero answers offhandedly, popping his head around to show Katsuki his facial expression that spells how do you not know that?

Kirishima crowds into Bakugo's space, getting uncomfortably close and wrapping him up in a hug. "I'm down with making out with you if that's what you want." He states suavely while making obnoxious kissy faces.

"Nuh-uh." Is all Katsuki says as he plants a palm into the redhead's forehead to push him away.

Mina below is giggling in her spot and wiggling around, obviously enjoying everything going on around her. If she thought she was about to witness some kind of boy kissing frenzy, then she needs to think again.

These stupid motherfuckers will be the death of him one day, he just knows it. Katsuki hates the fact that he loves his friends— just like how he hates the fact that he just admitted to loving his friends in the first place. Goddammit.

A moment later, the lights begin to dim, and the energy in the room changes as excited "oohs" and giggles start erupting from the class.

Izuku's spine shoots straight up, and Katsuki can basically feel the antsy vibes flying off of the greenette with the way he's fidgeting around in his seat.

Froppy extends a hand from her spot on the floor to pat his knee comfortingly. "There there Midoriya, it'll be just fine. We're all here with you, ribbit." She says with a genuine smile.

Affirmative mhm's and smiles come from round cheeks and half n' half below, and a pouty smile forms on Deku's face as he tries to take solace in their words.

A pfft comes from Katsuki, elbowing Deku's side to grab his attention so he can offer some of his own classic Bakugo-esque comfort.

"Don't be a chicken shit, nerd. We see all kinds of fucked up shit on the daily. Kinda pathetic that you're gettin' your panties in a wad over a movie." He says with a smirk before crossing his arms over his chest.

The nerd's freckled cheeks puff out in an even bigger pout, and his brows fold down in a furrow. "Gee, you're a real pal, Kacchan." He grumbles while folding his arms too.

A pink hand from below slaps Bakugo's cheek playfully. "Don't be a jerk, blast boy!" She scolds while Katsuki bristles at the blow.

She cranes her head backwards to look up at Deku and continues. "Midoriya, you're precious and we would never allow anything bad to happen to you! If you have nightmares you can come cuddle with me tonight." She jokes while lifting a hand to pat his fluffy head.

As he offers her a wobbly smile and thanks, Katsuki can hear the unbelievable whispers of "Dude, no fair!" coming from the boys to his right.

"Alright bubblegum bitch, you lost your lap privileges." The blond grouses while rubbing his cheek and pushing her out of his lap. She sticks her tounge out at him and lays down on the other side of the boys.

Moments later, Iida makes to stand up directly in front of the TV, grabbing everyone's attention by chopping his arms around wildly. "Alright everyone, settle down as the movie will be starting shortly. Does everyone have their designated snacks and spots picked out?"

Collective un-enthused answers of "yes" come up from a few students, and shitty glasses takes this as his answer to continue blabbing on.

"Excellent. Please refrain from moving around too much to prevent disturbances to your fellow class mates. I must advise to you all that this film is rated R, so please avert your eyes to any nudity— "

"Alright!!" The purpled balled bitch shouts rudely from his spot in the floor, followed by a cry as Oijiro slaps him in the back of his head with his tail.

Everyone murmurs under their breath about how their hatred for Mineta runs deep, and Iida just sighs and puts in the dvd.


It's approximately an hour into the movie, and Bakugo is bored out of his mind. Just as he predicted, the movie isn't scary at all. The plot line is cheesy, the special effects suck, and besides the sex scene that caused the class to laugh (much to Iida's dismay), nothing exciting has happened.

Everyone's rapt attention is focused the movie. Ashido is back to her sitting position rather than laying down, and the other three boys are huddled together with wide eyes at the screen.

The room is filled with high strung tension as everyone watches the lady on the screen tread quietly down a dark hallway. Out of nowhere, a hand reaches out and grabs her throat, and she screams. The majority of his classmates flail and shriek at the jumpscare, and that includes Deku.

Katsuki rolls his eyes. Bunch'a fuckin' babies.

A wide yawn escapes Katsuki's mouth, and even his eyes are starting to feel a little heavy with drowsiness. Pulling his phone out from his pocket and above the blanket over him, he squints his eyes to check the time.

Damn, 8:00 already? No wonder I'm tired. I'm outta here.

Before he can begin moving his cover off to stand up, he feels a tight grip yank on bottom of his shirt. Looking down under the blanket, he finds that the hand attached to him belongs to none other than Deku.

Crimson eyes travel from the bottom of Izuku's scarred arm all the way up to his face. Katsuki watches how the TV's glow reflects off of Deku's freckled profile, expressive green eyes darting nervously around on the different things happening on the screen.

Loud music screeches harshly, indicating a scary scene is happening in the film. Instantly, Izuku buries his face into Katsuki's shoulder, eyes clenched tight and whimpering all the while.

Surprisingly, Katsuki doesn't even so much as flinch at the contact. He just keeps his eyes focused on the boy holding onto him, not feeling the least bit inclined to recoil away.

Though on the outside he makes no move; on the inside, everything is now starting to go haywire. His heart rate is instantly escalating in speed, and his stomach is bursting with fluttering sensations. But just like earlier at the supermarket, the feelings are not impacting him in a negative way. Katsuki still doesn't understand why the feelings have changed from bad to... whatever this is. But he'll take it, because it's a hell of a lot better than feeling uncomfortable around Izuku.

Eventually, Deku does lift his face away from his shoulder to look back at the screen, but he doesn't release the vice grip keeping a tight hold on Bakugo's shirt.

Under the blanket, the greenette pulls his muscled legs up to his chest, and scooches his butt closer and closer to Katsuki. After a minute, the green haired teen leans his whole body against Katsuki's side, even resting his head on his shoulder.

Katsuki swallows thickly, eyes widening a fraction at such close contact, but he stares straight at the TV rather than the boy cuddled on him. A slow, deep breath of air inhales into Katsuki's lungs as the fluttering in his stomach intensifies, yet he makes no move.

Bakugo gives all of his best efforts to feel impassive about their bodies being so close like this. His friends lay all over him all the time, so what makes this so different?

Not knowing the answer to that is rather irksome. Since this is another thing Katsuki just can't grasp, he decides to focus on the crappy movie playing instead.

But how can he focus on anything other than the trembling body that's literally attached to him? It's far too distracting because Deku is warm, and he smells good, and he's seeking Katsuki for comfort.

Another violin screech cuts through all the noise as another frightful scene happens, and Deku's turns to hide his face in Bakugo's shoulder yet again.

Letting all instinct take full control, Katsuki slides an arm down behind Deku's back, gripping his waist tight and pulling him even more flush against his body.

The slight quivers that were shuddering all through Izuku's body comes to an abrupt stop. Cautiously, the greenette lifts his face from Katsuki's shoulder to look him right in the eyes, mouth parted just slightly.

Wide viridescent eyes blink a few times, almost in a confused manner of sorts. Deku is probably surprised that the blond responded to him with such a kind and intimate gesture.

Crimson orbs unabashedly stare right back. Katsuki doesn't understand why, but now his face is starting to feel a little warm with the telltale signs of a blush. Luckily, the heated flush he adornes isn't visible in the dark room, so he doesn't find any reason to shy away.

With the way those expressive green irises are slightly moving, it appears Deku is searching for something deep inside Katsuki. But for what he's trying to seek, Bakugo has not a clue.

The littlest smile appears on Deku's lips now, and it's so, so sweet; like it's specially reserved for Katsuki and Katsuki alone. This causes his racing heart to clench tightly in his chest. Now this is a new feeling.

Eventually, Deku turns his attention back to the screen, but neither boys make any kind of move to separate from their positions.

Bakugo's mind is reeling at this newborn feeling within his chest. It feels like Izuku is grabbing a hold of his heart and clenching it tight, not daring to let go for any rhyme or reason.

But again, it's not a bad feeling.

Katsuki's not even chalking this up to his earlier excuse about Deku having some secret soul crushing smile quirk, because he knows that was all bullshit.

An abundance of pride begins swelling up in his chest at the knowledge of Izuku is looking to him for comfort; because this is solid proof on such a huge step he's taken in the right direction of bettering himself.

A few years ago, those eyes would only look at him with repulsion, fear, and sorrow. A twisted pain stabs through his chest, wounding that pride and causing it to shrivel up pathetically. Bakugo is so disgusted with himself that he holds memories of laying hands on this boy in such a horrid manner. Fuck, if he had the power, he'd take it all back in a heartbeat.

But, he can't. The past is not going anywhere. It's here to stay, rearing it's ugly head in to stare face to face with Katsuki, perpetually reminding him of the sins of his youth.

Izuku drops his head back to Katsuki's shoulder, just getting himself even more comfortable.

A fresh breath of air fills Katsuki, reminding himself that things are different now, and they'll never go back to how they used to be. No more thinking about the past right now.

It's funny, this whole situation he's found himself in is so similar the first time he and Deku watched a scary movie together.

He smiles fondly to himself at the memory of the two of them huddled in his living room floor together. They were quite young, Katsuki doesn't even remember their age at the time. But, he knows that they were far too young to be watching a horror film.

Katsuki had double dog dared Izuku to watch the movie, and everyone knows you can't back out of a dare of such high degree, so the greenette was at a loss.

The whole time the movie plays, Deku is on edge, knees scrunched up to his chest. Meanwhile, Katsuki on the other side of him is almost bored to death as he rests his elbows on his crossed legs.

A loud jump scare of a rather fake looking ghost comes out, and Deku shrieks loudly and jumps in his spot.

Bakugo turns, pointing and laughing obnoxiously at the younger boy. "Oh c'mon Deku, that was totally cheesy!"

The green haired boy whines before gripping his knees again to continue watching the movie. The younger chews his lip nervously, eyes widened in fear as he stares intently at the screen.

A few moments later, another scary scene happens, and Deku jumps yet again. This time, he turns his body to Katsuki and hides his face in the blond's chest.

Bakugo looks down at him disgustingly and scoffs, "Uhg, get off me!" Though, he does have a hint of a blush on his cheeks from his embarassing friend.

Deku peeks up at him with tears pricked in the corners of his eyes and he whimpers. "Kacchan, it's too scary!"

The blond sighs in exasperation. "Fine." He grumbles, before pulling the smaller boy in his lap and wrapping the blanket tightly around them.

More sniffles come from Izuku, and Katsuki takes that as his sign he needs to offer even more comfort. He wraps his arms around Izuku's waist in a hug, hoping to finally shut him up.

"Geeze Deku, you're such a crybaby." He gripes with an indignant huff, face still warm all the while.

Katsuki's smiling even bigger now as the memory ends, and he squeezes Izuku's side just a little bit tighter.

Deku turning to him for comfort is way too nostalgic, reminding him of a simpler time before things fell apart in their lives. His heart feels warm, and his skin in buzzing with comfort.

Gently, he leans his mouth down into Deku's ear. "You're such a crybaby." He whispers quietly, lips brushing against the shell with every movement.

This insult can easily be translated to "It's okay, I'm here.", and Katsuki knows that Deku is aware of that.

Katsuki notices goosebumps raising on Deku's arm from the close contact, and it pleases him for some odd reason. Izuku looks up at him for a moment, and then wraps his own arm around Katsuki's back. The greenette turns his attention back to watch the tv, all while gripping Katsuki's waist firmly.

The reciprocating contact from the green haired teen feels...good. No one can see their cuddled embrace under the blanket anyway, so Katsuki allows it to happen.

Despite the weird ass few days that have went by, everything feels like...It's going to be okay, at least right now it does. Hell, Katsuki will take it. Everything right now just feels so...warm.


Cheers and excited chatter starts up as the ending credits of the movie begin to roll, and Deku uncurls himself from Katsuki.

Once free, the blond stands up and stretches, as well as the rest of the occupants on the couch.

"Now that was scary!" Mina squeals excitedly, and the rest of the group agrees with loud comments of their own.

Having no interest in wanting to hear the class's opinions regarding on "how scary" the shitty movie was, he turns around to start heading towards his bedroom.

He just barely passes the dining hall before he's stopped.


The blond halts his steps, and turns his head to the side to show his acknowledgment to the greenette approaching him from behind.

In his peripheral vision, he can see Izuku reach out a hand, but then retracts it.

"Thank you."

Katsuki turns his head back forward, so he can allow a small smile to curl on his lips without Izuku seeing it.

"Whatever, nerd." He mutters, stuffing his hands in his pockets and begins stalking back to his room.

The smile stays present on his face, all the way until he reaches his bedroom, and even until he tucks himself into bed for the night.


So warm... 

In the dead of night, Bakugo begins stirring awake from his deep slumber. Fresh, cool air from the opened balcony window sucks into his lungs as he intakes a slow breath, which turns into a yawned hum in contentment. As he steadily tip toes into the the state of consciousness, he doesn't dare open his eyes, because then that will mean he will no longer be wrapped up in this cocoon of tranquil serenity.

Katsuki is just so comfortable, so warm. He doesn't think he's ever slept so peacefully in his entire life.

The feather softness of the pillow beneath his head is providing him with so much more cushion than usual. The blanket lying over his body feels wonderfully plush to the touch. The legs entangled within his own are radiating such a pleasant body heat that's not too hot, it's just...perfect.

Wait...legs? With his eyes still closed, he begins moving his own experimentally, only to confirm that there are indeed another pair of legs wrapped around his. They're heavy, and they've grown on him like a vine.

Oddly enough, he's not concerned in the least bit about this, but he figures he should probably take a look. In his sleepy haze, he allows his eyes to slowly open, and he unhurriedly peels the blanket off of his torso to push it down over his waist.

Tilting his head down, he's met with a large scarred arm resting all across his bare chest. Turning his head to the right, he sees a hand, and he realizes that the hand is connected to an arm that his head is currently pillowed on top of. When he swivels his head back to the left, his vision is invaded with wild green curls that belong only to Deku.

Katsuki is... confused. Why is Izuku in his bed? He certainly doesn't remember inviting him in for some kind of impromptu sleepover. Lazily, he leans his head back in order to get a better view of all of this. Izuku is lying on his side; chest rising and falling in tandem with his gentle snores, and Katsuki realizes that his own left arm wedged in between his side and Deku's toned stomach.

Now that he's completely aware in the knowledge that there is another body laying in bed with him... he still doesn't do anything about it, because he's not feeling particularly bothered at all. It's bizarre that he feels this nonchalant about it.

Katsuki finds no need to wake the freckled boy up. He is feeling way too comfortable, and Deku definitely looks just as comfortable, so why mess all this up?

Gently, he stretches his free arm down to reach for discarded blanket to cover their torsos, and the movement causes Izuku to begin stirring awake.

Katsuki watches the way Izuku rolls onto his back now, arms stretching drowsily above him followed by a tired groan. Delicately, his eyes start fluttering open, looking up at the ceiling above. After a wide yawn escapes him, Deku's eyes fall back shut as he smacks his lips sleepily.

"What time is it?" He mumbles in a soft, sleepy voice that Katsuki hasn't heard since they were children.

Leaning up on an elbow, Katsuki turns on his left side to address him in answering the question. But when his mouth opens, he doesn't make a sound, because what he sees before him has him star struck.

Deku, encircled by Katsuki's pillows, has his muscled arms raised high above his head. The pale moonlight from the open balcony window has illuminated him, giving him an almost ethereal glow. Red eyes travel down past his arms to gaze over his bare freckled chest, and he finds pink nipples perked up from the cool air.

He trails his eyes back up to Deku's face, and then the boy's eyes begin to gently flutter open. When they finally open up completely, Katsuki is even more stunned at the sight before him.

Izuku's emerald eyes shine so bright that he can see a perfect reflection of the moon within them. The freckles dusted on the milky skin of his cheeks resembles the galaxy above. Soft, green locks are splayed on the pillow around his head, looking just like a halo.

Bakugo is astonished. He's never, ever seen Deku look like this. Honestly? Izuku looks angelic. No, more than that. He looks absolutely...

"...Beautiful." Bakugo utters softly, voice just barely above a whisper. Katsuki doesn't even think he's ever described another human being in such a way, but he doesn't have a care in the world right now.

The sight before him has him wholly enraptured, and now he finds himself overcome with the desire of just wanting to touch this man. Maybe he will run his finger tips along Izuku's soft cheeks to count his freckles, or perhaps he'll run a hand through those soft, bouncy curls.

Before he can make a move, delighted giggles come from the greenette, followed by a smile so bright that his eyes crinkle in the corners. "Kacchan, you're too sweet." He says while booping Katsuki's nose with a finger. What a cute gesture.

Confusion is now starting to flood his mind once again as he's unable to fathom what is happening. Why does he feels so utterly bewitched? It's mind boggling that this situation he's found himself in is not unwelcomed in the slightest. However, he's curious— he also really wants to know what's going on.

Bakugo decides to rearrange his current position. The elbow he's leaning on straightens out; and with his lower body still lain on his side, he lifts to twist his torso up and over the smaller man's chest, landing his other hand down flat on the other side of Deku's head.

Effectively hovering over him now, Katsuki bores his eyes into Izuku and decides to question him. "Deku... why are you here?" His voice betrays his focused gaze as the words he speaks come out to be completely breathless.

A sly smile forms on Izuku's face, and he places a finger on Katsuki's lips to shush him. "Don't be silly, you know why I'm here..." He answers back playfully, peering up at Katsuki with alluring bedroom eyes.

For some unknown reason, that answer is completely sufficient for Katsuki.

The finger Izuku has placed on Katsuki's lips begins slowly trailing down. Izuku's own eyes watch as he trails his digit past Katsuki's chin, down his neck, and stopping it in between hard pectorals.

With a sultry bite to his lips, Deku brings his other hand up to place it upon Katsuki's chest before fanning his fingers out. His hands begin exploring the expansion of the blond's chest, rubbing up and down every inch, even ghosting his fingertips along his hardening nipples.

Katsuki swallows thickly, but doesn't make a move; he just allows Izuku to do as he pleases. Being touched in such a personal manner like this is something Katsuki's never experienced, and his heart rate begins speeding up at the thrill of it all. He wonders what Deku is thinking about, because he knows that Deku can feel his thrumming heartbeat beneath his hands.

Scarred hands begin tenderly sliding themselves up past his chest, over his shoulders, and then resting on the back of his neck. Graceful fingers begin threading themselves in between the soft hairs on the base of his head, and the sensations on his scalp give the blond a slight shiver.

Now, those hands are gently pulling Katsuki's face down ever so slowly, and his heart is thumping even louder in his ears. His lips begin trembling; not out of repulsion, but out of fear, because he's not prepared for what is about to happen next.

As their faces inch closer and closer, Izuku pauses, taking a moment to look lovingly into Katsuki's eyes.

With the sweetest smile, Izuku soothes Katsuki's nerves with a hushed whisper. "Don't be scared, it's just me..."

Izuku's eyes begin to shut, and Katsuki follows suit, breathing in a silent, shaky breath. A second passes, and distance between their mouths have closed for a feather light, gentle kiss.

Due to inexperience, Katsuki just keeps his lips still, not opening his eyes as they stay connected like this.

Before he can begin to process the weight of what is currently happening, Izuku is pulling away all too soon. Their lips make a gentle smacking sound at their separation, and both boys open their eyes. Izuku smiles adoringly up at him, and Katsuki's mouth is just parted in awe.

What just happened has yet to hit Katsuki. Licking his lips, he tries to savor the lasting taste of the kiss. The aftershock of it all has left his lips feeling tingly, so he brings a hand up to touch them. His mind is blank of any and all thoughts, save for the exception of the name Deku Deku Deku swirling around in his head.

A gentle laugh huffs from the green haired teen at Katsuki's reaction, and then he pulls his head down again for yet another kiss.

This time, Katsuki's lips are met with a tongue at the contact, and his eyes widen. Deku slides that sweet little tongue over the seams of his lips, and instinctively, Katsuki's parts them open to allow entrance.

As Izuku's tongue begins to delicately lap against Bakugo's own, the blond stays frozen. A white hot surge of electricity courses throughout him, burning out every vein in his body.

Katsuki had no clue that an action such as kissing could create this feeling. It makes him feel...brave– it makes him want to just not think and live in the moment.

With inhibitions out the window, he closes his eyes and pulls into it, now sliding his own tongue along Deku's. Katsuki's responding tongue causes Deku to moan softly inside his mouth, and the blond drinks up the sound like a parched man.

Oh fuck, that naughty little noise that came from Izuku has just made Katsuki realize that what they're doing is not enough. He needs to pull more of those sounds out of him.

Forcefully, he brings his hands down to entangle them into Deku's curls, turning his head for allowance to deepen the kiss. Harshly, he swirls his tongue on top and around Deku's, licking filthily inside his mouth and not even caring if it's being done right.

"Mmh...!" Izuku moans louder, more urgent as desperate hands begin attaching themselves Katsuki's back. Gripping tight, blunt nails begin raking their way from top to bottom of his carved back muscles.

The pain and pleasure from being clawed like this is awakening a deep, primal need within the blond. The temperature in their makeout session is rapidly heating up as the seconds tick by; both are moaning and panting in desperate open mouth kisses, only occasionally breaking away for air.

Bakugo rolls his hips over to lay his body completely on top of Izuku now, and that's when realizes that both of them are completely naked as he can feel their erections meet.

"Fuck..." Katsuki breathes out in a humid huff against the lips on his own. The warm flesh of Izuku's cock just coming in contact against his own feels so good, and Deku would seem to agree with the way he's arching his back and sighing in bliss.

Breaking away from his mouth, Izuku looks up at Bakugo with a heavy lidded lustful gaze. The freckled body below is completely flush with arousal, and his mouth parts open for a question.

"Kacchan...will you– ahhn..." He moans in mid-sentence as Bakugo cuts him off with a languid roll of his hips, rutting their cocks flush together. It's a mind blowingly amazing feeling; it feels so pleasurable, yet so intimate. Katsuki wants to do it again, and again, and again.

So, he does, and both men pause their heated makeout to session to just feel each other. Katsuki takes his time to serve Deku gentle thrusts, just enjoying the way their skin feels as it pushes up against one another. It's so, so good, he could cum just doing this alone.

The freckled boy lays his head back against the pillow, eyes closed in total ecstasy as Katsuki continues to pleasure him with every fluid thrust he gives.

"Mmhh, keep going..." Deku begs in a breathy moan, lovingly rubbing his hands along the scratch marks lined up on the blond's back. Katsuki happily obeys the plead without a second thought, driving his hips more and more as Izuku spreads his legs wider for more access.

At this point, both of the men's cocks are leaking so much precum at this too-arousing stimulation. Every time the head of Katsuki's leaking cock slides up over Izuku's slit, it becomes more saturated, lubricating them and creating a smooth slippery slide.


The blond halts, heart stopping in shock at hearing his actual name come from Izuku's mouth. Red eyes meet green as he gives Izuku all his attention, anxiously awaiting the next words.

Soft, scarred hands cup Bakugo's cheeks, and muscled legs wrap themselves tightly around his back.

"Please...fuck me!"

Katsuki wakes up with a startled gasp. His bloodshot eyes snap open as his bare chest heaves desperately for air, just like the previous night.

Jumping up to lean on his elbows, his head whirls from left to right, searching for a certain freckled childhood friend, only to find none. He's alone, in his empty cold bed, just as it should be.

Swiping a hand over his brow to clear off the sweat, he looks down at his crotch and grimaces at the sight of yet again cumming in his underwear.

"Fuck, another dream..." He murmurs to himself as he helplessly flops back down to the bed to stare bleakly at the ceiling.

This wasn't just a wet dream, though. It was...warm, intimate, something Katsuki has never experienced before in his life. It was so surreal...Deku looked so different, so soft in a way that he didn't know was possible.

A shudder runs all through him as his mind replays the fresh memory with the way his proper name rolled off of Deku's tongue.

It's left his heart hurting, clenching tightly as a spike of anxiety runs throughout his entire being.

What the fuck is he supposed to do with this?

His body betrays him as his nose begins to feel a little prickly, and before he can stop it, traitorous tears are running down his cheeks.

Angrily, he clenches his teeth and wipes it away.

Perhaps the cause of this is due to the whirlwind of emotions Katsuki experianced lately. Trying to repress all of the bullshit that's happened must be taking a toll on him. Yes, that must be the reason he's crying, there isn't any other explanation, he's certain.

Don't be a weak little bitch, Katsuki!

Katsuki reigns in his emotions, and jumps out of his bed to head for a late night shower.

Chapter Text

The large double doors of the UA entrance burst wide open, and out comes a self-confident Bakugo Katsuki with his signature cocksure grin plastered all over his face.

As he steps out onto the courtyard's grass on this sunny afternoon, his eyes fall closed as he inhales a long, deep breath of the fresh outside air. The cool breeze is whipping all through his golden spikes, offsetting the hot sun and making for perfect weather for a run— which is precisely what he plans on doing as he makes his way towards the entrance of the wooded hiking trail.

The weather is not the only thing feeling wonderful today either. Yes, on this current day, Katsuki is feeling absolutely great.

Actually, great doesn't even hold a candle to describe his mood right now. Bakugo is feeling phenomenal, like he's standing on top of the planet at this very moment.

The blond basks in his glorious mood as he stops himself under a shady tree, bending down to stretch his legs in preparation for his afternoon run.

Yes, all things are right in the world of Katsuki because he discovered the reason why he had that dream last night. Not only that, he even found a solution on how to make sure it doesn't happen again.

During last night's shower, the blond found himself to be too mentally and physically wound up to try and process what had just happened. Hunched into himself under the streaming water, he tried his best to just not think about it. But, try as he might, he was unable to ignore the pain stabbing his heart. So, he did what he always did in situations where he was overwrought with distressing emotions.

Deep breaths, in and out, in and out; just keeping himself focused on filling his lungs with the humid air around him. Eventually, the hazy fog of anxiety began to slowly clear, and his body's tension steadily eased away.

Now that his mind had an opening for clarity, he was able to start over fresh and re-assess the inconvenient situation he found himself in.

Yet again, he couldn't deny having the dream; just like how he couldn't deny that is was hot as fuck, too. So, he reiterated his initial statement regarding the first dream he had.

Dreams don't mean anything. They are fabrications, non-reality; therefore, trying to make sense of something invalid of any meaning would be a total waste of time.

Usually— at least for Katsuki, certain events that happen during the day will carry over to his subconscious when he falls asleep at night. So basically, what he sees during the daytime normally would make some sort of an appearance in his dreams.

It was at that precise second that everything clicked into place for Katsuki. This was the pivotal moment of clarity he so needed to make sense of all the madness.

The dream was a total coincidence.

For almost the entire duration of the previous day, Katsuki spent his time with Deku. Now here's the kicker; during last night's movie, there was a rather intense sex scene. Seeing something of that nature so close to bedtime was the key that unlocked his brilliant conclusion.

Sex on the brain, plus being around Deku, equals steamy dreams involving your childhood friend. It makes complete sense!

It doesn't matter how pretty Deku looked, or how they ravished each other's mouths in a heated tongue lock, or how their bodies were entangled in the most passion-fueled erotic dance; grinding and sliding against one another in the most delicious way possible, almost toppling Katsuki over the edge—

"Phew." Katsuki huffs, stopping his stretching in favor of pulling his tank top out to fan some air inside the heated skin of his stomach. For whatever reason, the temperature outside decided to spike up out of nowhere. Where'd that nice breeze go?

Anyway, none of that matters, because the dream was all just a coincidence. This whole situation is just a stupid result of how the human brain works, and the knowledge of that subdued any doubts that tried to niggle their way in his mind. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he did have a weak moment last night when the tears were shed. But, that only happened because lately his emotions have been running a little more high than usual, and he was just overwhelmed. It's fine though, because in between the years of Kirishima beating into his skull that real men cry and the fact that he's in such a good mood today, he's not worried about it.

Yes, Katsuki is so relieved that there's not a single thing more to this. There are no underlying hidden causes, no blocked out events in his mind foreshadowing newfound feelings, nothing at all. Which is great, because the last thing he needs is unnecessary roadblocks getting in the way of his success.

However, this conclusion he's come to doesn't apply to his first wet dream incident... but, he doesn't even bother to give any thought to that. Why would he? It's a moot point now because he already buried the knowledge of shit away.

Okay, so now for the amazingly simple solution; he's just going to avoid Deku.

Surely avoiding the nerd at all costs will put an end to these distracting inconveniences. Yes, it's a perfect solution, a foolproof plan.

Katsuki is so incredibly intelligent that even he astounds his own self at times, and the thought of that makes him smile even more as he bends down in a stretch to touch his toes.

Now, Katsuki knows that he can't avoid Deku forever, nor does he want to. But, staying away from him for a few days will be necessary for clearing his head of all of this absurdity.

Standing back up, he balances on one leg, pulling his foot up to his butt so he can get a nice deep thigh stretch. He lets out a gentle sigh of relief.

Yes, nothing can ruin this perfect day. The blond will be able to breathe much easier when he doesn't have to hear the constant nagging of Kacchan, Kacchan—


Izuku's sudden yell from who the fuck knows where alarms Katsuki, jolting him from his stretch and almost causing him to fall on his ass from his loss of balance.

After gaining his footing back, he screws his eyes shut and scrunches his face up in irritation. "Fuck my life." He growls under his breath in between grit teeth, fists balled up in a clench so tight that they're violently shaking.

Not only are his fists shaking, but his whole body is starting to tremble, too. Wound up tight like a coil, he rigidly hunches his torso as his core clenches within himself. The rate of his pulse soars up to an outrageously fast speed, causing his heart to immediately begin stampeding in his chest. This is seriously pissing him off.

Remember when Katsuki said Izuku has the power to flip his mood like a switch? Well, it goes both ways. Dammit, leave it to Deku to magically appear out of thin air to find a way to ruin his fucking plans.

Nope, Katsuki's slamming breaks on this before it can even begin to start. He refuses to get worked up by thinking about the dream. Yes, there's absolutely no way he's going to allow his mind to wander to the fresh memory of Izuku lying underneath him, blissed out in pleasure while sighing and moaning and—

In a panic, crimson eyes snap open and he roughly shakes his head, trying to desperately will these lewd thoughts away. A giant gulp of air sucks into his lungs, and he straightens his posture before trying to talk himself down.

Katsuki, don't lose your cool! Ain't nothin' to lose your cool over anyway because the dream was just a fucking coincidence!

Maybe Bakugo can pretend he didn't hear the nerd and just make a run for it inside the forest. No, that's a bad plan, because Izuku is fucking relentless and will catch up to him— and when he does, he will attach himself onto Katsuki like a leech and never let go.

Behind him, the sounds of jogging footsteps rustling against grass draw nearer and nearer, and Katsuki knows that there's no escaping now. Only a few seconds remain until the shitnerd arrives, so he chooses to have one last pep talk before he has to face the music.

You got this, you're the fuckin' best, remember? You can't get away from him right now and it's fine. Just rip this shit off like a band-aid and get it over with.

This whole ordeal of a panic attack Katsuki's endured felt like an eternity, but in reality, only a minute has passed. After his last deep breath, he sighs to himself and turns his straightened form around to unwillingly face his green pursuer.

Much like Katsuki, Deku is also clad in workout shorts and a tank top, waving his hand stupidly while trotting up to the blond excitedly.

Butterflies come to life within his stomach as red eyes observe the way Izuku's toned legs shift with every stride he takes. The closer the nerd gets, the more Katsuki notices the freckles peeking out on his upper thighs as his shorts ride up.

Upon Deku's arrival, Katsuki is certain he's going to develop cataracts at the ripe age of eighteen with as fucking blinding the shitnerd's smile is. Deku is still waving at him, even after he's stopped and standing directly in front of the blond. Fucking nerd, why is he having dreams about him again?

Bakugo lifts his face up towards the sky and squints his eyes at the vast blueness, silently asking God why he's being tested like this.

When he looks back down to Izuku, he musters the most deadpan look possible, even though his heart rate is still flying sky high.

The freckled boy is still all smiles as he addresses the blond. "Hi, Kacchan! You going for a run too?" He inquires giddily, running a scarred hand through his green wind-whipped curls. For whatever reason, Izuku's small action causes those bastard butterflies to fly all the way up into Katsuki's windpipe, because when he opens his mouth to answer, nothing comes out.

Deku takes the blond's silence as a cue to just keep talking. "It's such a nice day outside!" With his hands on his hips and eyes closed, the greenette's chest heaves as he takes a deep breath of the air and sighs dreamily.

Katsuki just stares, not verbalizing a single thing. Izuku doesn't seem to mind Bakugo's responding muteness; he happily bends down into a leg stretch of his own and keeps blabbing on. "Mind if I join you? Don't worry, I won't bother you. I see you've got your headphones, they're sticking out of your pocket. Running is always better when you listen to music. But it's always just nice to have a running partner, especially when—"

The fucking muttering is already happening and the nerd has only been here for a few minutes. There's no hope for Katsuki, time to accept his fate and give in.

"S'fine, Deku." He grumbles through the nerd's chatter completely unenthused. Though Katsuki says it's fine, it's actually not fine, not one bit. How can it be? During the night time, dream Deku is sucking his face off, and in the day time, real Deku talking his face off. How the hell is he supposed to get a break from this? Katsuki needs to come up with a solution to this, and fast.

Izuku hops out of his stretch and jumps up and down gleefully. "You're the best, Kacchan!"

Yeah yeah, he knows he is. The blond turns away from the shitnerd, facing the forest entrance instead so he can tap a finger on his chin and cook up a plan.

Think Katsuki, think. You're smart as fuck, I know you got somethin'...

And then, an imaginary lightbulb clicks on above the of Katsuki's head, and a crooked smile curls on his lips.

Okay, this is just a minor roadblock, but I can still put this plan into motion.

Maybe right now avoiding the shitnerd isn't possible, but ignoring him is definitely within the realm of possibilities. Fishing out his earbuds from his pocket, the blond smiles even more at the knowledge of his flawless thinking. Yes, once the headphones are put on, Bakugo's going to blast the volume to max and pretend Deku doesn't exist.

Turning back around to face Deku, he makes an obvious show of popping the buds in his ears as if to say just try and talk to me, bitch. The freckled boy just gives him a thumbs up, signaling he's ready to begin his run, too.

Not a moment later, they're both off to start their cardio, exiting the courtyard end and entering inside the wooded trail.

Though Katsuki's been running for years, he always starts out first with a light jog rather than an all-out sprint, because shin splints are a bitch and like hell he's going to let himself get them. So, during the time of slow movement, Katsuki brings his phone up to his face to press play on his music app.

But, not a sound comes out.

Blond brows furrow in confusion at this. Tapping the buttons on the side of his phone, he checks the volume. The bar on his screen slides up and down, yet still, no sound emerges. Furrowed eyebrows change from confused to angry in a second flat.

No way, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

If cell phones weren't so damn expensive, Katsuki would have blown the one in his palm to bits from sheer rage at the fact that his fucking headphones are broken.

This can't be happening. Holy shit, God really is testing Katsuki, and he's about to fucking fail it miserably.

Multiple veins begin to appearing all along Bakugo's temples, and each one of them threatens to burst with the way they're pulsating. He growls angrily, aggressively ripping the headphones out his ears and yanking the jack out of his phone.

Without stopping the jog, the green head of Izuku turns to look Kastuki, watching the way he's having a breakdown over the corded gadget. "Uh, you okay Kacchan?" He says in a laugh while sweating nervously.

In lieu of answering the dork, the blond just throws his headphones down to the ground furiously, all while still growling to himself.

Deku gasps in a horrified manner, whipping his head down behind them to look at the headphones lying on the ground. Then, he looks back at Katsuki with utter shock written all over his face. "Kacchan! That's littering!" He scolds, and yet neither of them stop their jog to do anything about it.

Katsuki ignores him in favor of making up a second plan on the spot.

Goddammit! Okay, it's fucking fine, because now it's time for plan B!

Plan B is not flawless by any means, but he's a desperate man now, so trying it out won't hurt. What this plan entails is that if Bakugo decides to stay totally silent, then Deku should get the hint that he doesn't want to be bothered and just keep his trap shut.

With renewed vigor, Katsuki just keeps his eyes straightforward, doing his best to not even pay attention to the body next to him in his peripherals. No matter what, he's not going to acknowledge the fact that he can see Deku's head cocking to the side in a pouty concerned manner.

Don't fucking look at him, just act like he's not there. Deku, you better not say a fucking word to me or I swear I'll—

"Kacchan, you sure you're okay? You aren't acting normal, you hate litterbugs..."


When it comes to unfortunate shit going on in his life, litterbugs are the least of Bakugo's problems when he's running next to his childhood best friend/object of his wet dreams from the past two nights.

Don't answer him, don't look at him, don’t do ANYTHING.

Purposefully, he turns his head to look down at the ground beneath his feet, focusing on the way his scuffed up tennis shoes make the grass and leaves crunch with every step. Katsuki wants Izuku to be aware that he's blatantly trying to ignore him.

In his side vision, Deku is seen mimicking the blond's actions by staring at his own red shoes with each stride. "Kacchan, what are you looking at?"

Holy fucking shit, please shut up!

With a furrowed brow and twitching eye, Bakugo snaps his attention from the ground to face forward, gaining his jogging speed by a hair. He swears his teeth are going to start cracking with as hard as his jaw is clenched.

The nerd next to him easily matches his speed. "Wow Kacchan, I'm impressed with our speed times! Remember during our first year we could only run for ten minutes?"


The explosive blond's eyes stop twitching in favor of bugging out of his head in total vexation. Is Izuku physically incapable of not saying the word Kacchan in every sentence? Maybe Katsuki will start keeping a notebook with him so he can tally up the total times the name comes from Deku's mouth per day, and then slap the shit out of him with it afterward.

Bakugo is at the boiling point, he's literally going to snap any second now. Deku notices his anger and deems that it's a smart idea to move even closer to the blond to talk to him.

Worried green eyes travel up and down Katsuki's frame. "Kacchan, are you okay?"

There it is; the final straw, and not only has it broke, but it's also exploded into a million pieces. The blond's jogging comes to a screeching halt, and Izuku is so taken aback that he stops as well.



With explosive fists clenched and an angry face towards the sky, a long thunderous scream of rage rips from the blond's throat, causing Izuku's eyes to bug out of his head. The scream bounces all around the trees, disturbing many animals and even causes the birds to fly away.

Once he's done, his head snaps so fast towards Deku that his neck locks up in a cramp. "Do you ever shut the hell up?!" He screeches, face twisted in manic anger as he stomps over to crowd in Izuku's space.

With a confused expression, the green-haired teen keeps his hands to his sides and backs up a bit, probably giving the blond room in the likely event he will spontaneously combust.

Still glaring menacingly at the nerd, the explosive teen points a finger at his face and continues. "If I hear you say Kacchan one more time, I'm literally gonna fuckin' break all of your bones and bury them around this damn trail! I HATE THAT FUCKING NICKNAME!!" After hollering that last bit of the sentence, Bakugo is left desperately panting for air.

Wow, Katsuki just literally flipped the fuck out. But he'd be lying if he said he didn't feel better after that, though. Sometimes a good rage is what it takes to get a hold of yourself. A few moments pass, and not another word is spoken as Izuku just darts his eyes from the finger in his face back to the panting Katsuki.

A brow rises on Izuku's face, and his expression turns from confused to completely neutral, as if he wasn't one bit phased by his outburst. In fact, Katsuki can see a tiny smile trying curve upon his lips before he responds. "Okay, whatever you say, Katsuki."

The scratching sounds of a record screeching to a halt grates the inside of Katsuki's ears from within his mind. All of his functioning organs have stopped working as his body starts dying. He's stood frozen, completely unmoving even as his finger still points to the freckled face in front of him. Any and all brain activities have shut down instantly, wiping away all thoughts...except for one.

"Please...fuck me!"

Immediately, scorching hot embarrassment lights itself under Katsuki's feet. It starts from his toes and shoots all the way up, making his body tremble in a way that's akin to steaming tea kettle. Once the heat reaches his face, it bursts into flames; vivid red cheeks burning with the hottest blush he's ever had in his entire life. Holy shit, hearing Deku say his actual name in real life

"Weird, huh?" Deku says snarkily, crossing his arms with a pleased smirk. "If you hate me calling you Kacchan so much, you would have stopped me years ago." A freckled nose points up in the air with a petty humph that says haha, I win.

This smug little asshole! Can he not tell that Bakugo's having a literal external and internal meltdown?! No, he definitely can, because his shit-eating grin is growing bigger and bigger. Katsuki knows that the curly-haired freak loves the fact that only he can pull this kind of reaction from Bakugo.

The cogs in his brain start spinning themselves back into gear, followed by his fight or flight response kicking in; and it is not telling him to fight. The alarms resounding inside his mind are screaming FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

So, he does.

With his face still burnt to a crisp, he rips his hand away from the nerd's face and whirls himself around. He starts sprinting away as fast as his long legs can carry him, and the faint yell of Deku saying "Hey, wait up!" bounces off in echoes within their surroundings.


After a long while of sprinting as fast as possible, the boys have found themselves somewhere deep inside the thicketed forest of the trail. Both are doubled over, hands on their knees while panting heavily as they try to catch their breath.

Sweat pours off of Katsuki's face and drips to the dirt below; he's completely spent after such extreme over-exertion. But, he realizes that after such a strenuous activity, the embarrassment and anxiety have completely left him. Relief floods him, happy to be feeling much better about the humiliating situation he was found in. He sucks in one last hefty gulp of air and straightens himself out before wiping a forearm over his head.

Izuku follows suit, standing straight up and meeting Katsuki with an exhausted smile. Thankfully, Deku stays silent, not making any kind of mention on the way he embarrassed Katsuki earlier. The green-haired teen pulls an insulated water bottle out of his pocket and brings it to his lips for a drink.

While standing there, the blond just watches Deku, focusing on the way his adam's apple bobs as up and down with every swallow he takes. A tiny bit of water spills out of the side of his mouth, and crimson eyes follow the droplet's trail as it travels down past his chin and onto his neck.

Dammit, it's hot as hell outside, and Katsuki is feeling thirsty as fuck right at this moment. But only because of the run, of course; and now he's regretting not bringing his own water.

The bottle pops off Izuku's mouth now, leaving his lips to be nice and shiny from the sheen of water left on them. Katsuki's pink tongue slides over his own lips at the sight of this, because yeah, he's really fucking parched.

The greenette must notice the way Katsuki's dying of dehydration, because now a scarred hand brings the bottle to the blond's face in offering for a drink of his own.

Gratefully, he accepts the offered drink and brings the bottle up it to his mouth. Tipping his head back, the crisp cold water travels down his throat, and it is so damn delicious. It hits the spot so good that Katsuki doesn't even care that they're basically sharing an indirect kiss.

An unintentional breath sucks into his lungs at the thought his mind unhelpfully provided, causing him to choke in the midst of drinking. After coughing for what seemed like a minute straight, he rudely throws the bottle back to Deku.

A small giggle escapes from Izuku as he catches the bottle before stuffing it back in his pocket.

The greenette leans his standing form back to settle against a tree, crossing his thick scarred arms over his chest. "Wow, you were thirsty, weren't you?" He comments in amusement, giving Katsuki a playful grin.

Rather than responding, Bakugo just grunts and lifts his tank top, bringing the bottom up to swipe over his sweaty forehead. This action displays his hard washboard abs out to the world, glistening in the sunshine from his sweat.

When the shirt is pulled back down, Katsuki catches Deku swiftly turning his head away from the blond, and he looked obviously skittish about it, too.

Katsuki squints his eyes, because they must have deceived him. Did he just catch Izuku in the act of checking him out? He's pretty sure that's what it looked like. Actually, no; he's not pretty sure, he's certain that is what just happened.

The effect this has on the blond is instantaneous.

The knowledge of Izuku looking at Bakugo in this way has lit a fire right underneath him. Rapidly, his self-control is slipping away and turning itself into primal desire, and it makes him want to be dangerous.

Adrenaline rockets through every inch of Katsuki's body, effectively frying out each and every one of his nerve endings and jumpstarting his heart to a savagely wild beat. He doesn't know why he feels this way, but he's not one bit interested in elaborating over it.

When Izuku turns his face back to Katsuki, he looks almost startled, because red eyes sharpen deadly when they meet with his own green ones. A vicious smile curls up on Bakugo's face as he begins stalking over to Izuku, all while eyeing him up like the delicious prey he is.

Wide viridian eyes dilate under the shadow of Katsuki's arrival, and the blond slams both of his hands on either side of Deku's head. Clenching his grip around the brown tree bark, Bakugo doesn't even allow a second to pass before lowering himself down into Izuku's space, bringing a hot mouth to the shell of his ear.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who's thirsty around here." He rasps hotly, words dripping with liquid sex as he huffs a dark chuckle into Izuku's ear.

With this closeness, not only can Katsuki feel the shudder that runs all through Izuku's body, but he can see goosebumps raising up around the big pink fleshy scar of his arm. To say that this reaction pleases Katsuki is an absolute understatement.

Before Katsuki even knows what his next move will be, loud rustling from somewhere within the bushes around them starts up, alarming the boys and putting them instantly on high alert. Both lock themselves frozen on the spot, faces morphing to serious expressions as they keep an ear out for another sound.

By instinct, Katsuki leans his body flush against Izuku's to offer protection, even though he knows that the smaller man is more than capable of handling himself. After everything their class has had to endure over the past few years, one thing is for certain to these boys. Even though they're still on UA grounds, that doesn't mean they couldn't be stalked by a villain of some sort, so they're prepared for anything.

After another rustling sound and crackling of sticks, both men jump away from each other to take a defensive stance, ready to face any danger that presents itself. Up ahead, movement within a shrub starts up, and both boys watch it intently with bated breaths.


Coming out from the bush is a little black fluffy kitten with giant golden eyes, trotting it's way up to the boys excitedly.

Immediately, both of their bodies sag in deflation, expelling sighs of relief from knowing that they aren't actually in any danger.

The explosive teen rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. "It's just a goddamn cat." He scoffs to himself, annoyed that he got roused up over a tiny animal. In fact, he got himself so worked up that he'd forgotten all about what was about to transpire right before the cat made its appearance.

Izuku must have forgotten as well, but he's definitely not annoyed by any of this like Bakugo is. Shooting up from his spot, he practically shoves Katsuki into the dirt as he frantically scrambles his way over to the little feline.

"Oi, watch it, fucker!" He bellows as he tries to gain his footing, but Izuku doesn't care what he has to say. The greenette is way too busy scooping up the kitten in his arms, all while his eyes inflate into giant hearts.

The furry feline doesn't struggle one bit, nor does it even attempt to jump out of Deku's arms. Actually, it seems to be quite touch starved with the way it's blasting purrs and rubbing its head aggressively all over Deku's chest.

An annoyed growl escapes Katsuki before he starts stomping his way over to the shitnerd to take a look at the tiny animal.

When the blond arrives, Izuku's eyes are absolutely sparkling with elation, and his lips begin to wobble before opening his mouth to speak to the fluffball. "Oh my goodness, you're so sweet..." He coos softly, laying the kitten down in his arms gently to hold it like a baby. The kitten leans it's head against Deku's chest, peering up at him with its giant golden eyes.

Deku seems to be physically vibrating, unable to contain the cuteness overload he's experiencing because of this little furball, and it's not the least bit endearing of a sight. Katsuki knows more than anyone that Izuku is a giant softy towards all animals, so he expected this kind of reaction from the nerd.

Inaudible grumbles containing the words stupid and cute escapes under Bakugo's breath as he reaches a hand out to the touch the kitten. Immediately, it butts it's head against Katsuki's hand as it demands even more pets.

Even Bakugo's heart clenches at the cat's action, but he'll never make it known, so he settles on furrowing his brows to look mad. "This stupid motherfucker..." He grouses, not sure if he's insulting the cat or Deku before reaching out to take the feline out of scarred arms and into his own.

The black furball tucks it's head under Bakugo's chin, resting its cold wet nose against his neck before kneading its tiny claws into his forearm. It purrs, and purrs, and purrs; loving the way Katsuki uses an index finger to gently stroke the soft fur of its back.

Katsuki just purses his lips, looking completely neutral about this, but his mind says otherwise.

Goddamn, fuckin' stupid cute-as-shit animal...

Fuck, when the hell did Bakugo get so soft?

If Katsuki thought Izuku was vibrating earlier, then he's absolutely having a seizure right where he's standing. Maybe he should call an ambulance with the way the nerd is convulsing, because holy shit. He's never seen Deku's green-ass eyes blow so wide in his entire life. Izuku's mouth is curved into an unearthly smile, and his freckles begin standing out from how rosy his cheeks are becoming. The green-haired boy obviously looks to be utterly smitten beyond help, and all Katsuki is doing is holding a cat.

Instantly, Izuku crowds his body into Bakugo's space, looking almost insane with the smile on his face. "Kacchan, it likes you! Oh, how cute!" He squeals, opening his arms wide and looming down to the blond like he's trying to go in for some kind of hug.

With a face that spells yikes, the blond bends himself backward, trying to escape the nerd's arms attempting to circle around his body.

"You touch me, and I swear I'll fucking blow your head off!" Bakugo threatens, scrunching his face up in a grimace. At this point, his back is just inches from the ground, effectively putting him in a full limbo dance pose with the kitten still in his arms.

Once he's as low as he can go, the deranged freckled boy places his hands on the ground on either side of Katsuki's body to trap him in this weird pose.

The blond sneers in his face, "Oh my God, do you not know what personal space is?! And what do you mean it likes me? Of course it does, because I'm likable as fuck."

Izuku collects his composure for a second, leaning back up to a normal standing position. "Hmm, that's debatable...a likable person wouldn't threaten to blow my head off." He says in a questioning manner while tapping his chin.

The blond stands up as well and then squints his eyes at the shitnerd. "You think you're real fuckin' funny, huh? Well, too bad for you, 'cuz now you just lost custody." He scoffs before turning his body away from Izuku and shielding the animal from him.

An exaggerated gasp is heard from the greenette behind him. "You wouldn't!" Izuku circles around to Katsuki's front, but the blond keeps circling away with an evil smirk on his face.

"Kacchaaan! Let me see it!!" Izuku whines as they continue circling round and round each other. Eventually, Katsuki does relent and turns back to present the cat to Deku.

Izuku squeaks excitedly while clapping, and Katsuki just rolls his eyes. "Anyone ever tell you that you're a fucking brat?" He mutters, but still with a smirk.

The kitten turns its body around, giving a loud meow to Deku before it begins wiggling in Katsuki's arms. It looks to be attempting to jump from the close proximity of Bakugo's chest to Deku's, so the blond passes the kitten back to him.

Squealing in delight, Deku snuggles his freckled nose on the kitten's small head while shimmying his body around happily.

This sight of Deku acting this way is so fucking stupid that Bakugo can't help the way his lip curves from a smirk into a smile. His heart even begins jumping inside of his chest, but he doesn't even know what that's all about. It's probably just because Deku's such an idiot that the blond doesn't know how to process it, so he just rolls his eyes again.

Much like it did to Katsuki, the kitten tucks its tiny head under Deku's chin too, and all Katsuki can do is watch as Izuku goes from psycho mode to parental mode in half a second flat. The greenette flutters his eyes closed contently while he gently rocks the kitten back and forth.

For whatever reason, Katsuki's heart has went from simple jumping to doing the most intricate acrobatic somersaults from inside his rib cage at the sight of this.

He doesn't dwell on his heart trying to free itself from his body for too long, because he's taking notice of how thin this cat's body is underneath its long fluffy coat.

Bringing a hand up, he places his index finger and thumb around its body, gently rubbing up and down to confirm his suspicions that its stomach's circumference is way too small for a cat of this age.

Izuku opens his eyes to watch Katsuki's actions, seeming to know what he's doing before looking up to the blond's face for an answer.

"Just as I thought, severely malnourished. If we don't get—" Katsuki pauses his sentence, lifting up the cat's tail to look at its rear end before continuing, "her some food, she'd probably end up dying out here."

The very notion of such a thing happening causes Deku to gasp in terror, lifting the cat up by her armpits so he can bring her face to face to him. "No! I won't allow you to die!" He shrieks, totally distraught while the cat just meows in confusion.

Now, he pouts; lips wobbling and eyes watering as he begins babbling loudly to her. "You're such a beautiful girl! Don't worry, we're gonna go to the store to get you some food! Then we're gonna make you so fat and happy that even daddy Kacchan will love you, and then—"

Katsuki coughs, choking on his breath as the name daddy Kacchan passes through his ears. His cheeks begin lighting up with a blush for the second time today, and he turns away from Deku so the dork doesn't get a chance to notice his crimson face. Now Bakugo is mad, because what the fuck is he even getting embarrassed about?!

"Does that mean I get to call you daddy?"

Oh shit, now he remembers the comment from the grocery store...about Deku's possible daddy kink. He chews on his bottom lip as he replays the memory, crossing his arms over his chest as he mulls over it for an unnecessarily long time. His eyes fall closed as he lets his mind fill with questions.

Daddy, huh? Hmm…

Just how kinky is Deku, anyway?

Well for one, Katsuki has known Izuku basically his entire life. If there's one thing that Katsuki's certain about, it's that the nerd is kind of a freak...

The more he ponders about it, the more he's convinced that yeah, Deku is probably that type of kinky. Fuck, Katsuki doesn't know what to think about that information. He'll probably just bury it deep away in his mind along with all the other shit in there. Unconsciously, his tongue peeks out of his mouth now, and then it begins swiping over his lips for a slow lick.

Before his mind can delve any farther on thoughts of kinks and childhood friends, said childhood friend speaks up from behind him.

"Kacchan, are you ready to go?"

Katsuki bristles just slightly at the interruption, not knowing why he feels like he's been caught doing something he shouldn't have. He was just thinking, we all do it. But now he's flustered, so he clenches his fist and begins stomping away.

"Yeah yeah, c'mon you dweeb."


As the two make their way back, they walk in companionable silence. The reverberating buzzing of cicadas in the trees and the snapping of twigs underneath their footsteps are the only sounds around them. Not even the kitten is making a peep; she's made herself quite comfortable sitting on Deku's shoulder.

With his hands stuffed in his pockets, Katsuki silently contemplates on what to do with the furry little kitten once they get her fed. Katsuki's not exactly interested in wanting to take the time to care for an animal; he's going to be far too busy with hero duties after graduation for that.

But Bakugo knows Izuku inside and out, and his nerdy little heart will be demolished into a billion pieces if they don't at least try to keep her. Katsuki's dealt with enough shit lately; there's no way he has the patience to deal with a weeping Deku today. How could they even keep her, anyway? Pets aren't allowed in the dorms.

Maybe Deku can take her home to his mom, because Katsuki doesn't trust an evil hag like his own mom to take care of a cat. However, his dad would probably be totally whipped over her though...

Light and airy laughter begin bubbling up from the freckled boy to his right, causing Katsuki to take a look to see what's got him so giggly.

He finds Izuku looking absolutely beside himself in elation as the kitten makes her way up his shoulder and jumping into his hair. A wide ear to ear grin splits his face, and his freckled cheeks turn pink as the cat begins rustling her little claws around in his bushy locks.

"Easy girl, that tickles!" He laughs again, bringing scarred hands up to gently hold her in place as she plays around on his head.

This scene is way too pure for Katsuki, he has to look away, because he's not entitled the right to look upon such a sweet sight. So, his eyes dart to the ground in front of him.

But... he wants to look.

Without turning his head, crimson orbs side-eye the boy next to him. As he witnesses the pure joy written all over Izuku's face, an abundance of feelings begin washing over him.

Soothing warmth is bursting out of his heart, oscillating in waves and lapping through every fiber of his being. The butterflies that lay dormant inside his stomach begin waking up and immediately start flapping with reckless abandon.

But just like yesterday, these reactions aren't impacting him negatively. In fact, he feels light on his feet; almost like these butterflies are flapping so hard that it's causing him to float.

At this moment, Katsuki still doesn't know what the fuck these feelings are. But, he's starting to realize that he maybe kind of likes the way they make him feel. He also wonders if this realization should scare him, because right now, it doesn't bother him at all.

This smile– this happiness that Izuku's experiencing at this moment, Katsuki wants to protect it. Izuku has been through so much heartache in his life, and yet he still smiles through all the pain he's endured. Bakugo thinks that it's an admirable trait, and that's why Izuku's the perfect fit to be All Might's successor.

Begrudgingly, Katsuki admits that he cares deeply for his friends. However, he proudly admits that he'd die for every single one of them. But, there is just something about this nerd that affects Katsuki like no one else does. None of Katsuki's other friends can make his emotions go from zero to one hundred quite like Deku, and the blond doesn't know what to think about that.

But at this moment, none of that matters, because this little animal is making Izuku happy as fuck. So now, Katsuki swears to himself that no matter what, he's going find a way to keep this little kitten for Izuku.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he decides to shoot a quick text message to a certain cat-loving bedraggled teacher. After his phone dings with a response a few minutes later, a smile curves on the blond's face. The warmth in his body triples, and a soft sigh escapes through his nose.

A second later, he feels something bump against his right shoulder. Looking down, he's met face to face with a smiling Deku, still with a kitten in his hair. When did he get this close to Deku? Absentmindedly, he must have scooted closer during their walk, causing them to be shoulder to shoulder.

Neither boys move away from each other though; they just continue their trek back with no distance between their bodies.

For the second time today, this realization has dawned on Katsuki;

Dammit, when did I get so fucking soft?


The trees begin thinning out as the two draw themselves closer to campus grounds, giving them an open view on how the setting sun bathes the sky in hues of orange and pink. The boys are still quieted down, probably both tired from how long the day has been. At least Katsuki's tired; he only planned on taking a run today and didn't anticipate on any of this happening. But, he's not complaining.

To save time before it gets too late in the evening, the men end up going their separate ways for a little while so Katsuki could go to the store.

Of course, Izuku had already text pictures of the cat to the rest of his little nerd herd, so Katsuki instructed him to stay in the courtyard to meet up with them. Katsuki also told him it'd be better if he went to the market alone anyway because "he needs to pick up some stuff for himself" in addition to cat food.

Little does Izuku know is that the "stuff he needs to pick up for himself" are various toys, bowls, a litterbox, and pretty much everything you need and more to take care of a cat.

With several bags dangling on his arms upon exiting the store, Katsuki realizes that he may have gone a little overboard with his purchases. But then again, Bakugo doesn't half-ass anything around here. Go big or go home is a motto he uses frequently, and spoiling a nerd and his cat will be no exception to this.

With the ever-lowering sun casting a golden glow to the surroundings, Katsuki watches his elongated shadow on the courtyard concrete with every step he takes. Shortly up ahead on the UA doorsteps is Izuku's group of friends, all surrounding the nerd and gushing over the cat.

The closer Katsuki gets, the more his heart is starting to pick up in speed. He's nervous, and that irritates him because he doesn't know why his nerves are getting the best of him. He knows Izuku will literally give birth to a cow when he finds out he'll get to keep her.

Then again...Izuku never really mentioned anything about keeping the cat at all, Katsuki just assumed that's what the nerd would want.

Fuck, he let his emotions get the best of him and didn't think this through. He'll be screwed if Deku doesn't even want to keep her, because then that means he'll be stuck with the cat. On top of that, Aizawa's going to be doing a huge favor for him, so if this backfires then Katsuki's not going to hear the end of it from his sensei.

Dammit, this is what he gets for allowing himself to feel feelings. He clenches his jaw and tightens his grip on the bags before sucking in a deep breath to settle his nerves.

Think happy thoughts, motherfucker! I know Deku more than anyone on this fucking planet. He's gonna lose his goddamn mind over this cat and it's gonna be perfect. His dumb friends will be there when he starts bawling over it, so it'll save my shirt from being his snot rag.

With renewed vigor, he squares his shoulders and takes one final breath before stepping just outside of the circle of his classmates. The blond watches kitten get passed around between Ochako, Asui, and Todoroki, and all of them are cooing with baby talk at her.

Upon his entrance, Izuku perks up with the brightest smile before running up to basically wrestle one of the bags out of Katsuki's grip.

The blond plants a hand in the freckled boy's face, pushing it away as far as possible to prevent him from seeing any other items in the bag. "Oi! Back up, ya damn freak!" He scolds, and Deku whines before pulling himself away from the blond.

The cat meows at Katsuki from Ochako's arms, and he smirks at the little furball while pulling out a can of soft food. A second doesn't even pass before the greenette is snatching the can out of his grip to plop himself on the ground cross-legged.

Round face sits the cat down in front of Deku as he's cracking the can open, and the feline goes nuts.

"MEW, MEW MEWW!!!" She meows as mighty as she can, twirling in circles before stuffing herself face-first into the can to chow down.

Collective awws come from the group as they watch her fill her belly, happily purring with every bite she takes. It's certainly not a cute scene in any way, shape, or form, so Katsuki just crosses his arms boredly and leans against a lamp post.

Oh no, now Deku's vibrating once again as he just watches the cat eat. This stupid shitnerd can't handle anything remotely cute, so Bakugo has to do something about it before the nerd kills over from heart attack.

Bringing a foot up, he kicks Izuku's leg to snap him out of his freak out. "Chill the fuck out, dumbass. You're gonna give yourself a damn hernia." Though he says this with a grouse, he's feeling warm all over at the sight of Deku's elation.

It doesn't work; he's still giddy as can be. There's no hope for the nerd.

The other three laugh at Deku's not adorable behavior before bending themselves down to take turns giving the kitten soft strokes.

"She is so cute! And so small!" Round cheeks comments, pink cheeks turning even pinker at just looking at the little animal.

Frog girl is all smiles too, scratching the kitten's ear with her index finger. "She's really affectionate for a stray, I'm glad you guys found her, ribbit."

The green-haired teen is positively glowing at their words, preening and smiling like he's the proudest dad in the world or some shit.

"Yes, she is very cute. What do you plan on naming her?" Icy hot asks as he bends down to sit cross-legged as well.

Katsuki swears Deku's going to explode at the question he was just asked, and the greenette places a hand on his mouth and begins muttering to himself about names. The blond can hear names of famous pro heroes within his mumbling, unbelievable. Actually, it's totally believable. Fucking nerd.

Ochako places a hand on his knee to interrupt his muttering. "But Deku... pets aren't allowed here at the dorms." She says with a frown.

Izuku's eyes bug out, face turning ghostly pale as he's simply shaken to the core at the realization.

"Yeah, what are you going to do? Ribbit."

Inwardly, Katsuki smiles, because this confirms that the nerd wants to keep her, because of course he does. Katsuki doesn't even know why he was stressing about it earlier. Yes, his brilliant plan is falling into place.

Yeah, nerd. What'cha gonna do now, huh? He thinks to himself smugly.

The brows on his freckled face furrow deeply, and then a scarred hand is placed back over his mouth once again. His mumbling intensifies by tenfold now, but it's interrupted when the door to the UA entrance opens.

"Uraraka, it's getting rather late. Do you happen to be ready for our study session?"

Everyone (minus Katsuki) sputters in hysteria, because that is the voice of Iida who is now starting to step outside. Now they know there's no hope for keeping the cat because shitty glasses would never let that fly.

In a panic, Deku folds himself over the cat in an attempt to hide her from the bespectacled man. Everyone's eyes bug out when the kitten happily trots away from underneath the freckled teen and prances up to Iida.

A gasp comes from the blue-haired teen, and then there goes the flailing arms. "Midoriya! Were you just trying to hide this from me?!"

Deku makes a point to have his eyes look the other way before placing his hands behind his back. "No..."

"Lying is quite an unheroic trait. You and I both know that there is a strict no pet policy on school grounds!" He chops sternly down at Izuku's sitting form, and the freckled boy looks down ashamedly.

Uraraka jumps up to gesture to the kitten rubbing herself all over Iida's ankles. "But look at how cute she is! How can you deny such a cute thing?!"

The box-shaped man looks down at the kitten before pushing up his glasses. "I'm not in denial of how cute the cat is. But rules are rules, and I'm afraid she cannot stay."

Izuku looks back up to Iida's face for a plead. "But—"

"No buts," Iida says adamantly, pushing up his shitty glasses once again before continuing. "I'm truly sorry, but I have to alert Mr. Aizawa on this."

The enormous eyes that Deku is presenting to Iida begin to shine as tears threaten to spill from them, and now his lip is starting to wobble.

The group is so shaken at the scene of seeing Izuku so sad. Even Katsuki has to turn away from such a sight because it feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing his heart with a spear.

Iida bends down to give the kitten a small pat on the head before sighing to himself. "Now Midoriya...please don't fret. I'm sure there's a nice shelter you can drop her off at..." He says, albeit a bit sadly, before heading back inside and shutting the door behind him.

The kitten turns her head in confusion at Iida's exit, then whirls herself around to scamper up to the sad Deku. She sits directly in front of the green-haired boy and gives him a loud meow.

The wobbling lip on Izuku quivers more and more, and his glassy eyes become even more glazed as he stares back at the kitten.

And then, the tears start rolling.


Katsuki can't even handle this without his own lip threatening to wobble. The rest of the group crowd over him to offer comforting pats and hugs. "Aww, Deku..."

The tears don't stop flowing from the green-haired boy's eyes. In fact, they're flooding even more now. Scooping up the kitten in scarred arms, Izuku buries his face inside her soft fur and begins hiccuping. "N-no...I don't w-wanna let you go..."

Shortly after, the door opens and out comes Aizawa. Fucking finally, because Katsuki was about to lose his shit.

The rest of the group say their goodbyes to the kitten, before remorsefully passing by Aizawa to leave Izuku be for his own goodbyes.

From his spot at the door, the teacher crosses his arms in an irritated manner before beckoning Izuku with his head. "Problem child, come here."

With one last pathetic look at Katsuki and a hiccup, Deku holds the cat tighter as he stands up to begrudgingly hunch his way over to Aizawa.

Katsuki keeps himself leaned against the lamp post, staying behind to watch the scene with a racing heart. From here, Katsuki can't exactly hear the words Aizawa is saying, but he watches as the freckled boy hunches even lower as he sadly passes the kitten to the teacher.

And then, a loud gasp is heard. Katsuki smiles, and the beat of his heart begins accelerating to full speed in a thrill.

"Really?!" Izuku shouts, demeanor instantly changing as he's shooting up straight and flailing his arms around in a crazy manner.

The blond absolutely cannot help it, but a small laugh escapes under his breath at the endearing scene of Izuku bowing himself repeatedly in front of the teacher while thanking him.

The butterflies awaken themselves from inside his stomach. They flutter and flap around wildly, making him feel as if he's soaring up higher than the clouds. Seeing Izuku in this kind of elation and joy is such a rewarding experience, it's really made this whole day worthwhile. Katsuki is so emotionally enthralled that his cheeks begin tingeing with pink, and he doesn't care about it happening either.

During his bowing fit, Izuku doesn't even notice when Aizawa makes eye contact with Katsuki before nodding his head.

With a genuine smile and nod returned from the blond, the teacher turns around to step inside the school, still with the kitten in his arms.

When Izuku turns to face Katsuki, his heart's rapid beating stops in his chest at the sight. Izuku's smile is so very bright; a beautiful beacon shining high up into the purple and orange sky, and now... he's running towards Katsuki at the speed of light.


The blond only has a split second to react before the impact, and his eyes widen before their bodies collide. Down they go, crashing into the ground and rolling in the grass from Izuku's tackled hug. Once his view of the world has stopped spinning, he registers that he's laid down flat while Izuku is straddled on top of his hips.

Scarred hands are planted to the ground on both sides of the blond's head, and now Deku is arching himself up to hover his happy freckled face just inches from Katsuki.

Before Katsuki can get a chance to elaborate on this close physical contact, Izuku opens his mouth to start yammering. "Guess what! Aizawa-sensei said that we could keep her! Can you believe it?! He said he'd keep her in his lounge until graduation, and we can even visit her whenever we want!!"

After his outburst, more tears begin to accumulate in his shining, emerald eyes. Katsuki is silent as he witnesses one single tear of joy escape, sliding down Izuku's freckled cheek and right onto Katsuki's own.

With his mouth parted open just slightly, a realization has just dawned on Bakugo.

The two are now completely alone out here on this dusk fallen evening. It's quiet; save for the soft chirping of the crickets and the gentle breeze rustling through their hair. Not another soul is around to witness the way these two boys are wrapped up in each other. So, that means Katsuki doesn't have a need to keep up with his tough-guy image.

With a gentle smirk, he brings one hand up to rest it on Izuku's thigh, and the other hand tenderly rests atop of Izuku's shoulder blade. In the most minuscule of motions, he begins rubbing his hand up and down Izuku's back in a gesture of care.

"That's great, nerd..." He speaks in a voice so velvety soft; softer than he's ever spoken to anyone in his entire life.

Soft is not a word that Katsuki's ever been interested in associating with himself. But, that doesn't matter, because he's more than comfortable with letting his guard down for this boy at the moment.

The freckled boy leans back to sit upright and places his scarred hands atop his own thighs. This motion causes the blond's hand on his shoulder blade to slide down to rest on his lower back. Bakugo doesn't remove his hand from its new spot though, he just keeps on rubbing in gentle, circular motions.

Bringing one hand down to Katsuki's face, Deku uses his thumb to rub away his own tear that's wettened the blond's cheek. "Sorry, Kacchan..." He laughs apologetically, sniffling as his finger lightly swipes over the blond's face.

A smirk born from endearment curls up on Katsuki's lip, and the hand placed on Izuku's thigh squeezes ever so gently. "It's fine..." He says in a rasp, and it truly is fine.

Right now, Katsuki would be more than glad to take any form of this boy's tears. As they stay like this, Katsuki decides to give Izuku a look over.

Starting from hand connected to his face, red eyes move from the length of Deku's scarred arm, all the way up to his face. Izuku's freckled cheeks are tinged pink, and his eyes are little red from crying, but he's grinning. Bakugo allows his eyes to slowly start traveling down to the creamy skin of the greenette's chest. He notices above the low cut tank top that there are a smattering of freckles on his pectorals.

As carmine eyes continue traveling down the body that sits atop his own, he feels the weight of Izuku's bottom as it's planted directly on his crotch. Oddly enough, he's not affected by this, because it's purely innocent. Sliding his hand from Deku's back and placing it on his hip, Katsuki's muscles in his forearm shift as he gently squeezes the new territory.

Still, his eyes roam all over the boy sitting on top of him. As his sight slides over Izuku's spread legs, he's met again with even more freckles. They're dusted on his muscled thighs, he can clearly see them with the way they peek under his bunched up shorts. Katsuki has never seen so many freckles on a person.

During this quiet moment of Katsuki visually roaming Izuku's body, the greenette continues to brush his thumb over Katsuki's cheek, even though the tear had been cleaned off long ago. Deku must be feeling brave, because now not only is his thumb moving, but the rest of his fingers are now softly stroking the blond's face. Izuku is probably shocked that Katsuki's allowing them to touch each other in such personal ways; so surely he's taking full advantage of the blond's moment of having a softened heart.

The crooked fingers from years of repeated damage are so delicately gentle as they caress over his cheek. Everything about this is so peaceful; and surprisingly, both Katsuki's heart and mind are completely still. Only Izuku is capable of making Katsuki this docile.

Crimson and viridian eyes lock onto one another as they stay like this, not a single word escaping them as they have this private moment.

Until Izuku speaks up quietly under his breath. "Baby..."

Katsuki's eyes widen, and his breath silently hitches. Now, his heart is leaping up so fast that it's lodged itself right up his throat. His brain has suddenly kicked thoughts full throttle as he tries to process what Izuku just said. He's almost speechless at this, but not quite, because the blond manages to get one word out.

"W-what...?" Katsuki stutters in a whisper, completely and utterly confused at the word just spoken to him. Right now, he's unable to think of anything else in the world.

The scarred hand on Katsuki's face is removed in favor of placing it over his own mouth for a giggle. "We'll call her baby, because she's our baby and we found her together!" Deku elaborates happily, squeezing Katsuki's waist tight with his thighs and wiggling around on his lap eagerly.


The quietest shaky exhale breathes out of Katsuki's mouth as his heart begins descending back down to his chest where it belongs. The blond is a little shaken; he can't help it, because for a second, he truly thought that Izuku was calling him...

Instantly, a scorching blush burns him up at the realization he doesn't want to admit that he just had. It bursts his face into maddening flames of red, and in a manic frenzy, he removes his hands from the nerd's body and shoves him off of his lap.

This is so fucking humiliating! Katsuki feels like a complete and total moron now. Seriously, how many times a day is this nerd going to make Katsuki burn up in a blush?!

Deku grunts at the fall and Katsuki is fuming as he hops himself up from the ground, clenching his fists all the while before stomping away.

Loud laughter uproars from the green-haired teen from his spot on the ground. Holding his stomach, he rolls around from side to side as he laughs obnoxiously at Katsuki's discomfiture.

"Hahaha!! Kacchan's embarrassed because we had a baby!!"

The blond-haired teen jolts to a stop, face burning even hotter at the ludicrous implication such as them having a baby. Craning his head back, he gives Deku the fiercest glare he can muster. "Don't say it like that, you pervert! FUCK, you're so embarrassing!" He bellows loudly, turning back around to walk away angrily and grab his discarded bags on the ground.

This is so fucking stupid, but at least Deku thinks Katsuki's embarrassed is stemmed from his comment rather than thinking Izuku called him a pet name.

While still laughing, the freckled boy hops up and runs to Katsuki's side, placing a scarred arm around the blond's neck to squeeze him in close.

Katsuki doesn't address the cheeky giggly bastard; he just keeps his lips pursed on his un-amused face as they walk forward.

He can't even believe the nerve of this idiot! After all the shit Katsuki went through to make sure he could keep the damn animal! Albeit, Izuku has no idea that Katsuki was behind it, but still.

"Hey Kacchan," The freckled teen says, pulling his arm away from from the blond to beam stupidly at him.

With a pouty lip, Katsuki side-eyes him before grunting his acknowledgment.

"We made a really cute baby together." He jeers, because he's an asshole and knows that shit is embarrassing as hell.

Katsuki blanches, and the green-haired teen runs ahead of him, giggling all the way.



About an hour later, the two boys are found sitting on the couch together in the common room. On one end of the couch, Deku's sitting cross-legged with his nose stuck in a book. On the other side is Katsuki, leaning an elbow on the arm of the sofa while resting his cheek in his palm.

Katsuki's tired as hell and he's ready for bed. But, Izuku begged him to stay up so they can do some research on how to take care of a cat. The nerd is so stupid, there's no need to research anything because cats are independent as fuck. But, he let the nerd have his way for whatever reason.

Currently, cat research consists of Deku randomly spouting off cat facts while Katsuki tries his best to keep his eyes open.

Dry, red eyes begin fluttering as he tries to fight off the nap his body has been trying to make him take. He feels like he may lose this battle soon.

Fuck, I'm tired. Damn nerd keeping me up...

Bakugo moves to rest his bare feet on top of the coffee table comfortably, just the way he likes it. He even pulls a couch pillow into his lap to rest his other hand atop it. The more cozy Bakugo gets, the more he realizes that he hasn't heard a peep from the nerd in a while. Lazily, he turns his head to take a look at said nerd.

The greenette looks comfortable himself, still sitting in his cross-legged position while fixated on his book. Green irises move slowly from side to side as he reads the words on the pages.

Katsuki turns back to comfortably pillow his cheek back into his palm.

The silence that has blanketed over the two boys is soft and tranquil. A slow, deep breath inhales in Katsuki's lungs, and he allows his burning eyes to shut just for a moment. Yeah, he's definitely losing this battle, and now his mouth is slowly starting to open for a gentle snore.

"Hey Kacchan,"

An abrupt breath sucks into Bakugo's lungs at being interrupted from his nap, and he snaps his head over to the nerd to see what the hell he wants.

The book is shoved into Katsuki's face, and displayed on the page are various cat collars. A scarred finger taps on the page. "What do you think of this one?"

The blond scoffs. "You really woke me up for this bullshit?" He grouses in aggravation, sitting upright out of his reclined position to pull the book down and away from his face.

With the book out of view, Katsuki is met with the freckled-faced teen staring right into his eyes. Of course, those viridian orbs are shining so brightly in that gorgeous way that they always do. Izuku cocks his head to the side in await for an answer from the blond, but all Katsuki can do is stare at those pouty pink lips. They look so feather-soft right now...

Crimson eyes move up to make eye contact with Izuku, and then back down to those slightly parted lips. Up and down, up and down, his eyes flit between the two, almost like he can't decide which part of Deku's face is prettier.

Izuku takes notice of the way Katsuki's eyes examine his face, and the freckled boy grins at the attention he's receiving.

Yes, there it is— that smile Katsuki so loves to see. This cute motherfucker has no idea what he's doing to Katsuki right at this moment. The blond is powerless to the way that his entire being is getting magnetically pulled into this boy. But, it's okay; because he definitely doesn't want it to stop.

Now, it's time for their magnetic fields to make their much-needed connection.

Yanking the book out of a scarred hand, Bakugo tosses it aside to the floor carelessly. Deku doesn't even seem alarmed by the action one bit, he just keeps his eyes fixated on the blond's own.

Without a thought, Katsuki wraps one arm around Izuku's waist and the other slides underneath the smaller man's knees. In one smooth motion, Katsuki effortlessly scoops Deku up and turns the smaller body towards his own before sitting him directly onto his lap.

Izuku giggles, obviously loving the way he's being manhandled by the blond. Strong thighs straddle themselves on either side of Katsuki's lap, and he loosely wraps his arms around the blond's neck.

Katsuki places his hands on Izuku's hips for a moment, giving the flesh a tight squeeze before steadily sliding them up behind his back. One hand settles just above Izuku's rear, and the other slides up to rest on the back of the greenette's neck.

A small smirk curves up on the blond's face as he is pleased with their positions. Like this, the two's bodies fit so perfectly together.

Without a beat, Katsuki uses the hand placed on Izuku's neck to pull him forward, smashing their lips together in a deep, passionate kiss. Instantly, Izuku melts into it and reciprocates with fervor. Scarred hands find their way into Katsuki's spikes, gripping and turning his head to further deepen their lip lock.

Fuck, the feeling of their lips meeting together like this feels so right. It's loud; the way their lips insistently smack against one another in their full-bodied kisses. Though insistent, their kisses are actually not rushed by any means. Their mouths are getting to know each other in unhurried, rhythmic movements.

After a minute into their gentle makeout, the two finally pull their mouths away from each other. Both boys are mirroring dopey, lovey-dovey smiles at one another.

"Been waiting to do that all day..." Katsuki murmurs in a hushed tone, sliding his hands all over Izuku's thick muscled back, just because he can.

"Me too." The green-haired boy whispers, exhaling out a gentle laugh before leaning in to steal a chaste kiss from the blond. Katsuki closes his eyes and happily gives away the sweet little kiss.

"Kacchan..." Izuku whispers into the blond's mouth, before pulling his face away to continue. "Thank you for talking Aizawa-sensei into letting us keep the cat." He finishes with a dazzling smile.

Even though Katsuki's in an amazing mood, he still scoffs at this. "What the hell! That old man ratted me out, I told him not to fuckin' say anything!" He grunts incredulously with a hint of a pout.

Deku snickers at Katsuki's behavior before running one of his hands lovingly through blond spikes. "Kacchan is the best, I don't know how I could ever repay you for doing something so kind for me..."

This nerd is so fucking cute that Bakugo can't stand it, and this causes his pout to diminish on the spot. Placing one hand in soft green curls, Katsuki pulls Izuku down to bring their foreheads together.

"You know I'd do anything for you, nerd." Katsuki laughs gently, rubbing his nose affectionately on the freckled one lined up against his. Though Katsuki's actions are sweet as can be, a devious smile begins to curl up on his lips. "But, I know of one way you can pay me back..." The blond trails off, knowing that Deku will precisely read his insinuation.

Izuku bites his sultry lips, arching his back to bring his chest flush against Katsuki's own. "Yeah?" Deku asks, eyelids hooded down as he slowly brings his mouth close to Katsuki's.

Katsuki licks his lips, eyelids falling shut too as he husks right back, "Yeah..."

This is all it takes before they begin attacking each other with their mouths. Katsuki's tongue is immediately invading Izuku's mouth as their lips desperately slide together. Both men are moaning and groaning with the way their lips repeatedly smash against one another, and now both of their hands begin to urgently explore each other's bodies.

Everything about this is so enthralling; the way they mutually want each other in this way is driving Katsuki to absolute madness. The blond's cock is already fully hard, assertively pressing inbetween Izuku's ass cheeks over his shorts. Fuck, there's way too many clothes involved in this situation.

Without breaking their mouths apart, Katsuki lets his hands wander to explore Izuku's front side. They squeeze strong pectorals over the greenette's tank top for just a moment, before sliding their way into Izuku's inner thighs in haste.

The blond now decides to separate his mouth from Izuku's in favor of letting his eyes roam in between the freckled teen's legs. The stark outline of Izuku's cock from under his shorts stands at full attention; twitching and spilling precum as Katsuki rubs both of his thumbs in circles dangerously close to the hardened flesh.

Izuku whines, throwing his head back as Katsuki continues to tease him mercilessly. The way Izuku's exposing his neck like this is an irresistible display of submission, and every instinct in the blond's body is telling him to take action. He's so close to touching the younger man's cock, but he doesn't; because Katsuki is in love with the way he's causing Izuku to fall apart under his hands.

Fuck, Katsuki is so horny. This nerd is seriously going to drive him into literal insanity.

"Want you so bad, Kacchan..." Deku groans, pulling his face forward to make eye contact with the blond. Izuku looks completely fucked out just from his cock almost getting touched, and it's a beautiful sight. Katsuki watches the way Deku's adam's apple bob as he audibly gulps, and that alone is so fucking sexy.

Sliding one hand into green curls, Katsuki grips gently, pulling his head back to expose the full expansion of Izuku's neck. Not a second passes before he latches his lips onto it and begins roughly sucking a hickey into the skin.

This action pulls a pleasured mewl from the green-haired boy, and that only spurs him on to suck even harder. Katsuki feels a hand wrap around the wrist that's gripping Izuku's thigh, and now the greenette is trying to coax the blond into touching his cock.

"Holy fucking shit..." Katsuki growls as he pulls his mouth away from Deku's neck. This nerd is so damn tantalizing that Katsuki is only a hairbreadth away from losing total control in this situation they're in.

Katsuki none too gently yanks Izuku's head down to where his ear is lined up with his mouth.

"Mmm, you want me bad?" Katsuki rasps, licking up a wet stripe below his earlobe. He pants a hot breath into Izuku's ear and continues. "I bet you'd let me fuck you right here on the couch, and you wouldn't give a single damn if we got caught, huh?"

"Uh-huh...!" Deku answers in a desperate moan while gripping Katsuki's shoulder and wrist tightly. He now begins grinding his ass down onto Katsuki's cock with heated urgency, and oh shit it feels breathtakingly good.

A moan slips from Katsuki's mouth at the stimulation given to him, and he continues to spill filthy words into Izuku's ear. "'d take my cock anywhere, wouldn't you? Fuck, I knew you'd be kinky, baby. I'm gonna give it to you so good too...mmm, you're so nasty..."

Finally, he slides his hand onto Izuku's clothed cock and grips onto it tightly.

The green-haired boy bucks on his lap and moans loudly, "Ahn! K-kacchan...!"

The blond feels a rough shake.


The innocent voice of Izuku wakes him up. Red eyes snap open, and he whips his head to the right to find Izuku in his face with a scarred hand gripping his shoulder. Feeling disoriented, he wonders why the fuck is Deku sitting beside him on the couch instead of squirming on top of his lap.

And then, it all dawns on Katsuki at once.


With a piping hot blush, Katsuki jumps abruptly from the couch. He doesn't even give Izuku a chance to say anything as he zooms out of the room without a word. Deku is left behind, head cocked in confused upon Bakugo's exit.

While sweating profusely, Katsuki speedwalks through the hall, and passes Kirishima on the way to his bedroom. The redhead waves to say hello, but Katsuki ignores him in favor of shutting himself into his room and slamming the door loudly.

Once in his room, Katsuki kicks his desk chair angrily before gripping his hands into his hair despairingly.

"What the FUCK is wrong with me?!" He questions aloud to himself, completely confused and distraught.

These dreams are making me lose my mind!

Katsuki can't even take a catnap without subconsciously being all over the nerd. Also, Katsuki just now remembered the way he nearly jumped Deku's bones earlier in the running trail.

Shit, this is not good.

Katsuki is helpless to the way hot tears begin running down his cheeks once again. He presses his palms against his eyes, desperately trying to stop their endless flowing.

Sitting on the bed, he shakily attempts his breathing exercises to calm himself down.

Calm the fuck down, you're letting these dreams make you crazy. Remember, they don't mean anything, so stop overthinking shit!

His whole plan of avoiding Deku was an utter failure. Dammit, the nerd has made him feel so many emotions today that he ended up forgetting the plan!

He sucks in a deep breath and makes for a resolution.

This is happening because I didn't stick to my guns by ignoring that idiot. I just need time away! Tomorrow I'll avoid him at all costs. That'll fix all of this bullshit once and for all.

After making his decision, he tries to continue calming himself down before he settles into bed.

Chapter Text

This morning, the sky is darkened. The sun's rays are wholly blocked out with the way this heavy thunderstorm is currently rolling in. High up in the inky clouds, bright lightning flashes before striking down to the earth, followed by the inevitable booms of thunder.

A harsh, disgruntled sigh huffs out of Katsuki's mouth as he rests the back of his head against the train's humid window. Staring up blearily at the various advertisement posters strewn on the ceiling, he crosses his arms and manspreads himself wide in the seat to ensure that no one else will sit next to him.

Between being wrapped up in his soft black hoodie and the oddly relaxing rumbling of the train's movements, Bakugo may just fall asleep right here where he sits.

Katsuki is thoroughly, one-hundred percent exhausted. All last night and even up until this very moment, he has not been able to stop himself from anxiously dwelling on the previous night's dream. The way that the memory has been playing on a constant repetitive loop in his mind has resulted in him in having little to no rest, and it really, really sucks.

His bloodshot eyes are so dry that his tear ducts will not stop watering as they try to naturally accumulate moisture. Heavy eyelids droop lower and lower, before he finally allows them to fall shut to quell the burning within them. While settling himself a little more into his seat, he focuses on the sounds of the raindrops pelting against the window. If Katsuki's lucky, maybe he can get a small dreamless nap in before he reaches his destination. Fat chance, but what's he got to lose?

A toddler in the seat diagonal to him screams for literally no reason, causing his eyes to snap themselves back open. So much for that fucking nap. He blatantly expresses his displeasure by harrumphing and glaring daggers the kid in front of him.

Put a fucking cork in it, ya stupid brat...

Katsuki wants to say that aloud, but he's not exactly in the mood to get bitched at by the kid's mom, so he settles on mumbling expletives under his breath. Eventually, he stops his glare of doom to pull his phone from the pocket of his grey sweats to check the time.

It's not even 10:00am yet and I'm ready for today to end. This day can go fuck itself sideways to hell.

The constant disruptive nights of sleep are really starting to take their toll on Katsuki; and right now, he's in an absolutely atrocious mood. Besides kicking ass, sleeping is high up there on the list of some of his all-time favorite activities, and now he's mad because his bedtime routine is all kinds of jacked up. An irritated growl emits from his throat before stuffing his phone back in his pocket and crossing his arms once again.

Not only is Katsuki tired physically; but emotionally, he's downright worn out. His heart can only anxiously constrict itself in twisted knots for so long before it pathetically wrings him out to dry.

Ding— goes the chime on the speaker, signaling the train's next stop is approaching. Not his stop though, so he just continues to wait not so patiently. Once the train skids to a slow halt, more people begin piling on, and it gets more crowded and smelly as the seconds tick by.

Dammit, and now people are making their way to sit by him, this is just perfect. Begrudgingly, he pulls his spread legs inward to allow for more room for the idiot extras who decided to sit on both of his sides. Shortly after, a severely hunched old lady waddles up and holds on to the metal pole in front of him.

Grumbling inwardly, he shoots up from his spot to grab the lady's attention and motions his head towards the empty seat. After smiling and giving her thanks, she settles herself down in his spot and he grabs onto the pole. Katsuki may be in a shitty mood, but he's not that much of a fucking asshole to let an old woman stand.

Bakugo guesses he doesn't mind standing up, because maybe then he'll wake up just a bit. Besides, the stop closest to his neighborhood will be coming up shortly. He's not exactly looking forward to visiting his parents today; but if Katsuki values his sanity, then it is imperative that he gets himself out of the dorms and completely away from Deku.

The tiniest bit of guilt does incessantly poke at Katsuki though, because he recalls in class last week that Izuku wanted to tag along for a visit as well. The nerd will just have to deal, because Katsuki is running on empty fumes at this point.

The blond sighs to himself, rests his forehead against the pole, and closes his eyes.

Yes, Katsuki is absolutely certain that distancing himself away from the shitnerd will clear his mind of all Deku-related thoughts that sit in the forefront of his mind. In turn, that will cease the thoughts in their tracks from entering his subconscious, which will result in no more intrusive dreams. Honestly, he wishes that he didn't have to resort to doing this, because the dork is annoyingly good company. But, Izuku is a distraction right now, and distractions need to be eliminated if Bakugo wants to be the world's number one hero.

Speaking of distractions, Katsuki still cannot stop deliberating on last night's dream, and it's really eating at him from the inside out.

The rate of his pulse steadily quickens as he yet again begins to let his mind replay over it. This dream was...not like the others, it's affecting him in such an unusual way.

Since these annoying dreams began, Deku was always the one coming on to Bakugo. But, what makes this one stand out from the rest is that for the very first time, Katsuki was the one putting forth all of the initiative to make the first move.

Bakugo knows it doesn't matter, but he can't help to wonder why his subconscious made Deku out to be so...alluring.

Izuku's lips looked so amazingly soft that he wanted to kiss them all over. Those emerald eyes peering into his were even more glittery than usual with the way they were practically screaming "Take me, Daddy Kacchan!". The freckles on his taut, muscled body resembled sprinkles, making him look like a delicious Deku sundae. Katsuki does have a weakness for ice cream, so he couldn't resist pulling the boy into his lap to take a lick for himself. Most of all... the blond was more than ready, willing, and eager to have sex with the nerd right then and there on the couch.

A hot blush begins creeping on his cheeks at even thinking of such embarrassing things, and he swallows thickly. Katsuki doesn't kiss people, nor has he ever wanted to, and he feels the same way about sex. Don't get him wrong, Katsuki gets horny like any other regular guy. But, he's never wanted to actually connect bodies with anyone. To him, that just seems way too...personal. In that dream though, he wanted to do all of it; the kissing, the touching, the fucking. He can't even pretend that he didn't want it to happen.

What's even worse about this situation is that the main star of his dirty dreams just had to be sitting a few feet away from him on the couch while it was happening. This opens up a whole new can of worms as "what if" thoughts begin to flood his mind.

In the past, Katsuki has been told that he talks in his sleep. What if his dirty talk was said aloud? Or worse, what if he started moaning? Or even worse than that; what if he began touching himself in front of the shitnerd?!

His eyes snap open in terror at the mere thought of such a thing transpiring. Rapid waves of nausea begin crashing inside of him as his stomach begins churning in crazy circles.

If any of those things happened, he'd be forced to murder Deku, even though he knows the nerd wouldn't tell a soul. Following after that, he'd have to commit suicide, because there's no way he can live a life knowing he did something so embarrassing.

Also, what if Katsuki starts overthinking shit and makes their friendship weird? How the hell is he supposed to look Deku in the eyes knowing that in his dreams he wants to bang the nerd silly?

Bakugo can't deny that the dream was ridiculously arousing. But, he also can't help but feel shitty about it, too. Izuku is his friend, not some sex toy he gets to objectify in his dreams; he respects the nerd more than that. Katsuki is trying to take this whole situation with a grain of salt, because he knows that in real life he definitely does not want to do anything remotely sexual with Deku.

Katsuki hates that this whole ordeal is causing anxiety to twist barbed wire around his heart. He's not accustomed to this kind of pain; the way it constricts tightly, cutting deep and making him's excruciatingly painful.

Shit, how is he supposed to make sense of all of this?

With a furrowed brow and clenched jaw, he tightens his grip on the pole and reigns control over his emotions.

There's nothing to make sense of because these dreams don't mean a goddamn thing, never have and never will! I only had this dream anyway because I didn't avoid the shitnerd like I said I would.

His stomach puffs out as he intakes a big gulp of air, and then exhales slowly in an attempt to calm himself. Ah yes, his breathing exercises never fail him.

Alright, no more thinking about Deku today. I'm gonna stay away from him and fix this shit once and for all. I'm not a fucking weakling, so now it's time for me to let this shit go.

As if it's his saving grace, the train's dinging chimes all through the speakers, signaling his stop will be just up ahead.

"Thank fuck..." He mumbles under his breath, pulling his hood over his head in preparation for stepping out in the rain.


It's a good thing that the walking distance from the train station to Katsuki's house is not too far, because the blond is not a fan of this stuffy, humid rain. At least the heavy downpour from earlier has changed into a slight shower, so that's one less shitty thing to deal with. Regardless, people are still out and about on this dark day with their umbrellas as they walk up and down the streets.

The puddles splash below Katsuki's feet with every step he takes as he treads down his all-too-familiar neighborhood. Nostalgia begins stirring up inside his mind as he surveys the entirety of his surroundings. Small shops line up his path on either side of him, and he's been to every single one of them at some point or rather. Up ahead is one of his favorite ramen shops he used to love as a kid, and just past that is an arcade that he and Izuku would frequently visit.


Instantly, an electric current shoots all through Bakugo's heart at even just thinking the nerd's name. A curse in the form of a puff of breath escapes from his lips at his slip up. Shit, he's trying to rid his mind of Deku! But, no matter how hard he tries, how could he not think of the freckled boy right now? The pairs' name is basically written all over this town with the way they've ventured the entirety of it.

Upcoming on his right as the buildings end is an open field where a park resides. Now, this place holds way too many memories to even count as the two would visit it almost daily.

It's a fairly small park, but it's still lush with green shrubbery even after all of these years. Large, shady trees sprinkle the circular walking trail that lays just outside of it, and a few benches are scattered around. Nestled in the center of it all is a gravel-floored playground. He halts his movement, stopping to take a moment to just reflect on the view before him.

The empty swings on the swingset gently sway back and forth from the breeze that's accompanying the rain. So many swinging contests were held here, whether it be a race on who could swing the fastest, or who could jump the farthest, Katsuki usually won every time.

Or even the teeter-totter next to it— the boys would always try to outdo each other on who could push the other up harder. Katsuki was always stronger, so naturally, the force of his push would always cause Deku to topple off and land face first in the gravel. It was fine though, because Katsuki would always have All Might themed band-aids in his pockets to treat Izuku's boo-boos.

"Haha! I win again, that makes me the most super-duper strongest ever!" Young Katsuki would boast as he squished a band-aid onto the whining Deku's cheek.

A little farther out past the playground is a small, open pavilion where concrete tables sit for eating. The sight alone causes a sharp intake of air to suck into Katsuki's lungs, while searing pain slashes all through his chest.

Unfortunately, the older they aged, the injuries Katsuki inflicted on Izuku started turning less accidental and more intentional. Another memory is held here, but it is far from a pleasant one.

It was at a time before puberty, so Katsuki was most likely around eleven years old. He— as well as a couple of other nameless boys— had been sitting at one of these tables while eating their lunches.

Their very important chatter had been interrupted by a small, timid voice from behind them.

"Hi it okay if I sit by you?"

Katsuki knew that annoying voice more than anyone, and instantly he was livid at just the sound of it. The other boys quieted down as they could read the angry tension, while Katsuki placed his hands on the table to abruptly stand up from his seat. Turning around with a mean face, he was met with a scrawny little Deku, holding his own brown paper lunch bag looking absolutely terrified.

With every menacing step Katsuki took towards Izuku, the smaller would apprehensively back up.

"I-I'm sorry Kacchan, I—"

Izuku's lunch bag was snatched out of his hand and thrown onto the grown in front of him. With a wicked grin, Katsuki stomped on it before grabbing a hold of Deku's small wrist in a vice grip.

Enormous green eyes immediately begin to fill with tears as he desperately tries to yank his hand out of the blond's grasp. "Stop! T-that hurts!"

Not only did the young Bakugo grip tighter, but he began activating his quirk and effectively burning the smaller boy's flesh. "You think a quirkless weakling like you has the right to hang out with us? You're fucking PATHETIC!"

The smaller boy began hiccupping in sobs, and his tears infuriated Katsuki so much that he couldn't stand to see them any longer. With his other hand wound up a tightly balled fist, he socked Izuku right in the jaw with all of the strength he could muster.

It left a nasty bruise on Izuku's face for a whole week. Katsuki didn't care; it gave him some sort of sick pleasure knowing he had the power to assert his dominance over less-fortunate losers.

This is the last time he recalls being at the park with Izuku. This painful memory, as well as many others, are forever branded into his memory. The blond's head hangs low in shame, and his fists white knuckle themselves tightly inside his hoodie pocket.

Deku is not weak, he never had been. It was Katsuki who was the weak one, and he despises knowing that years of abuse had flown by before he realized this. How Deku had pardoned the blond for his transgressions, Katsuki will never know. What he does know is that he sure as hell doesn't deserve Izuku's forgiveness. Bakugo never even gave Deku a proper apology... it's like their painful past was swept under the rug to be ignored and forgotten.

Katsuki certainly hasn't forgotten, and there is no doubt in his mind that Izuku hasn't forgotten, either.

As he stares at his pathetic reflection in a puddle below, the blatant streaks of wetness line down Katsuki's cheek, and it's not from raindrops.

Fuck, Katsuki is having one of the worst days ever.


Not long after, Katsuki is found stepping up to the front door of his home. Once under the doorway and out of the rain, he pulls his hood down and turns the handle, rolling his eyes as the door just opens up. With brows folded down in a furrow, he scoffs petulantly. One of his biggest pet peeves in the entire world is when his parents leave the door unlocked. Do they not know there are villains running rampant outside?!

"Good thing I'm not a fucking murderer!" The blond angrily screams at the top of his lungs before slamming the door shut louder than necessary. Afterwards, he grumbles to himself while pulling his shoes off to replace them with house slippers.

After barely even making a step out of the front entryway, his dad has already rounded the corner to greet him in the form of engulfing him in a bear hug.

"Katsuki! What a pleasant surprise!" Masaru cheers gleefully, as if his son coming into the house yelling really is a pleasant surprise. The explosive teen grunts at the contact, but reaches his arms around lazily to reciprocate the embrace.

This hug has lasted way too long for Katsuki's liking, and it's only been about five seconds. "Alright, old man..." he muffles into his dad's shoulder while dropping his arms down unceremoniously.

When his dad pulls back, a bright grin is plastered all over the man's face. "So, what brings you over to our neck of the woods today?" He questions while clapping a hand to the blond's shoulder and leading him into their large living room.

As both Bakugo men make their way to the couch, Katsuki pulls his hoodie off and discards it on a nearby end table, leaving him in his usual black tank top. Once seated, Katsuki assumes his natural position of spreading out and resting his feet on the coffee table, while Masaru clasps his hands together.

After a tired exhale, Katsuki leans his head back and lets his body sink into the soft cushions of the couch. Lazily, he turns his head towards his dad to finally respond. "We're on a small break from school. Figured I'd come by."

Though vague, his answer is the truth, he did plan on coming by at some point. No need for anyone to know he's also in the process of trying to avoid a certain freckled childhood friend.

The smile Masaru is giving him turns warm, and he tenderly ruffles a hand through Katsuki's spikes. The younger is in too sour of a mood for unwanted affection, but nonetheless grits his teeth and allows it to happen anyway.

Masaru's hand retreats from his son's hair in favor of placing over one of his crossed legs. "Well, I'm glad you decided to visit. Who knows when you'll have the time to visit after graduation? I know you'll be a busy man with your hero duties."

Katsuki is impassive to the words spoken to him; so he just shrugs and looks away from his dad to stare at the cream-colored tiled wall across from him. The explosive teen guesses he loves his parents, but he's definitely not going to be actively trying to visit them after graduation. Sure, deep down he may miss them at some point; but right now, nah.

Once staring at the wall gets boring, crimson eyes flit down to his maroon slippered feet instead. Hopefully, his lack of response and eye contact will convey to his old man that he's through with conversing. Probably not though, because Katsuki hasn't even been here for five minutes.

"So, have you decided on what agency you're going to? I know you've had a couple in mind." Masaru inquires, rubbing his little brown mustache in a questioning manner.

"Dunno." Another vague answer. Katsuki has already been through a whirlwind of negative emotions this morning, so he's not sure he can handle pondering on any difficult decisions at the moment.

The older Bakugo hums, and afterwards, it's completely quiet. Finally, silence is just what Katsuki was waiting for, and for once, not much is going through his mind.

The rain drumming against the roof and distant thunder from outside are the only sounds that circulate between the two. With the way the teen's unfocused gaze is set on his feet ahead of him, he's unable to see the sympathetic look his dad is giving him.

"Son, is everything alright?" It's a simple, gentle question, but it also one that speaks volumes of concern.

Against his will, Katsuki's throat tightens up, and his heart constricts inside his ribcage. Fuck, Katsuki is so pissed at himself for being so weak-minded today, this is really unlike him. Regardless, he tries his absolute best to feign indifference by keeping his eyes forward. Right now, it's crucial that he keeps his eyes averted from his dad's own, because there is a high chance that he'll break down if he looks into those comforting brown orbs.

No dad, nothing is fine right now. I doubt you have any idea on what it's like to have confusing as hell dreams about fucking your friends.

Katsuki is forced to respond; because if he doesn't, his old man will know something is on his mind. The blond hates lying, even if it's for the most minuscule of things, so he's not exactly feeling inclined to tell his dad that he's keen as a fucking peach.

"What're you talkin' about?" Is what he settles on saying. It's not lying if you play stupid, but now he really feels stupid because his response has just opened up an opportunity for another question.

Of course, his dad takes the opportunity given. "You just seem... off. I know how you hate this kind of stuff, but if there is anything on your mind that you'd like to talk about, you know I'm always here." He explains while leaning to place a hand on Katsuki's knee.

There's something about the way his dad's words soothe him, offering a security blanket of trust and love that he can always hold onto. Crimson eyes focus on the hand gently gripping his knee, as if it's trying to persuade him into offering up his emotions. But, today is not the day to give in, because Katsuki is strong and can swallow these problems down like a big shitty pill.

Before he can even think of a response, the volume of the rain shower increases as the front door swings wide open, followed by the unmistakable voice of Mitsuki screeching, "Help me with these damn groceries!"

An unheard sigh of relief puffs under Katsuki's breath.

Dodged a fucking bullet. I owe ya one, hag.

When Katsuki looks back at his dad, the man looks positively love-struck at just hearing his wife's loud cursing. "Coming, dear!" He replies gleefully before shooting up from his spot to basically flutter towards the front door. The younger Bakugo stands up to follow suit, because the last thing he needs is his mother's griping.

Once the blond makes it to the door, he holds it wide open with his hip so his parents can make their way in. A wild grin curls on Mitsuki's face when she sees her son, and she skips her way over to him. "Well, look who decided to come pay a visit!" She muses sarcastically, but also in excitement.

In a flash, the grocery bags looped over her wrists get passed into Katsuki's own. With her hands now free, she places them behind his head and harshly pulls him forward to give him the biggest and most disgusting kiss on the cheek.

"Mmmmwah!" It smacks loudly when she separates, and the blond begins fuming in anger and audibly gagging at her affections.

"Dammit, old hag! You're fucking disgusting!" He screeches in total repulsion while making a show to "wipe off" the kiss from his face. Of course, his attitude earns him a solid slap upside the head, followed by an enraged growl ripping from his throat.

"I love you too, brat!" She titters with a shit-eating grin before folding up her umbrella and entering the house. After shutting the door after his dad, Katsuki grumpily begins trailing behind them in a hunched manner.

All three Bakugo's make their way into the kitchen, and Katsuki drops his grocery bags unenthusiastically on the table as he plops down to take a seat on one of the chairs.

"So, it's awfully kind of you to grace us with your presence. Seeing as you haven't visited in over a month." His mom says sardonically while she rummages through the refrigerator.

With an irritated huff, Katsuki chooses not to respond. Instead, he crosses his arms over the table to rest his chin atop his forearms in a sulk. When she turns to look back at him from his lack of response, his red eyes just narrow at her.

Katsuki is definitely not acting bratty today; he's just not in the mood to be messed with, especially by his mom.

Eventually, her matching scarlet eyes soften, and she gives him a sweet smirk. "Enough pouting, brat, I won't bother you anymore. I'm making some donburi for lunch if you're hungry." Thank fuck his mom can read the mood and know when to shut up, unlike his dad who always tries to have deep conversations.

After the blond grumbles out a "yeah", his phone vibrates from within his pocket. When the device is pulled out and brought to his face, his eyes widen just a tad. Completely out of his control, the teen's heart decides to do a little flip at the sight of the sender.

Stupid Deku: [Image]

Katsuki's lips purse in curiosity, wondering what the hell Deku is sending him. After tapping the message open, a tiny smile curls up on his face for the first time today upon seeing the image before him.

Heh, fucking nerd...

Shown in the picture is an up-close selfie of Izuku, complete with the nerd's cat squished against his face. The feline's eyes are shut as her mouth is wide open in a meow, and Katsuki's not sure if she's screaming "Hello!" or "Put me down, asshole!". Probably the latter.

Deku's round, freckled cheeks are as rosy as can be while a toothy grin is spread all over his face. The nerd's smile is so damn enormous that it's even causing the corners of his eyes to crinkle up. Speaking of Izuku's eyes...this phone's camera must be impeccable, because Katsuki has never seen those verdant orbs shine so vividly as they do now. There is text underneath the picture, so Bakugo flits his sight down to it.

Stupid Deku: Baby misses Daddy Kacchan!

Warmth born of embarrassment begins blossoming on Bakugo's cheeks at the nerd's message, and he inwardly facepalms. Dammit, this dumb (and possibly kinky) bastard is a professional at humiliating Katsuki! However, he can't help but be oddly charmed by Deku's stupidity.

Without giving it a single thought, he instantly swipes his thumb over the save option at the bottom of the screen. Katsuki is completely unaware of the goofy smile he's sporting, but unfortunately, his parents certainly aren't.

Mitsuki grins from her spot by the counter, leaning into her husband's chest as they focus all of their attention on their son. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think Katsuki might be texting a girlfriend with the way he's making googly eyes at that phone of his." She muses while Masaru wraps his arms around her waist with a laugh.

Ignoring the world around him, Katsuki's thumbs go to work as they begin typing up a message. However, he doesn't get too far into it, because his brain has now decided to catch up to him.


It finally registers in his mind what his mom just said, and all of his rapt focus gets ripped away from his texting.

He snaps his head up to the two, veins bulging out of his neck from the abundant amount of tension held in it. With carmine eyes throwing the sharpest of knives at them, he slams both of his popping fists down onto the wooden table.

"NO, I don't have a fucking girlfriend! I'm just texting Deku, damn!" For the millionth time this week, the blond's body betrays him once again as his small blush from earlier turns into a searing crimson burn.

Thankfully, his parents decide not to speak another word on this; they just laugh to themselves and turn around to resume their cooking preparations.

With lips puckered into a soured state, Bakugo grumbles stupid fucking parents on repeat under his breath. Before long, his phone buzzes again, so his attention gets directed to it.

Stupid Deku: Aww, Kacchan is so sweet!! ;) ♡

Blond brows fold down in confusion at the new message just received. Katsuki hadn't had a chance to text him back, so why is Deku sending him this? And why the fuck is it punctuated with a winky face and a heart?! Having no idea what on earth the nerd is going on about, he unlocks his phone and scrolls up to look at his texts.

Stupid Deku: Baby misses Daddy Kacchan!


Me: You look pretty


Stupid Deku: Aww, Kacchan is so sweet!! ;) ♡

In a nanosecond flat, Katsuki's eyes freakishly protrude from their sockets, threatening to bounce right out of his skull and onto the table in front of him.


A molotov cocktail containing mortification and sheer fury detonates within his mind, blowing him completely into fragments. If his stupid hag of a mother wasn't distracting him with bullshit, he wouldn't have unknowingly sent his unfinished text of "You look pretty fucking stupid." to the nerd!

The blond's fingers have never typed so fast in his entire existence.


Typos and all, Katsuki doesn't give a fuck; Deku will be able to filter through his rage texts and decipher what he's trying to convey. Before he can even start typing an explanation, another text pops in.

Stupid Deku: [Image]

With a jaw clenched so tight that it cramps up, Katsuki's blood begins boiling inside of him. The entirety of his body has started violently shaking as he witnesses before his very eyes a screenshot of their text conversation, followed by a written message.

Stupid Deku: Wow, I thought Kacchan never lied! For shame!

Katsuki is appalled at the fucking nerve of this shitnerd! He knows that he really shouldn't be, but he is! It's at this moment that the explosive boy makes an internal oath that he's going to wring this cheeky little smartass's neck the next time he decides to show his stupid freckled face.

The blond stops his death threat via text in its tracks as a strange realization immediately dawns on him. Though Katsuki has just cycled through an abundance of different emotions, he recognizes that he's on a bit of an endorphin high right now.

Huh, now that he really thinks about it...this is the best Katsuki has felt all day, and that is quite baffling in itself. Deku must be some kind of natural-born paradox, because how is it that the nerd is the root cause of all of his problems, and yet he's the one who makes Katsuki forget all about them?

Katsuki hasn't a clue on what the meaning of that is, but honestly? He kind of doesn't care right now, because it's nice to feel relief for the first time today, and all he's doing is just texting the nerd. He knows he's supposed to be avoiding Izuku at all costs, but... maybe it would benefit him if he invited Deku over after all. Also, with the shitnerd being the usual chatterbox he is, perhaps all of his parents' attention will be directed to him, rather than Katsuki. This sounds like a win-win situation in Bakugo's book, so now his final decision is made.

His thumbs get to work on typing up his new message.

Me: Get bent, you shitty dweeb! And to think i was gonna invite you over to my parents house for lunch today. Now you done fucked that up.

A cocksure smirk curves up on his lips, while his heart accelerates as he not-so-secretly hopes Deku will take the bait. Instantly, the nerd texts back.

Stupid Deku: Lunch at Kacchan's house?!? Wahhhhh I wanna come!!!

Hook, line, and sinker. Now, the blond's smirk morphs into a curved smile, and the familiar warmth in his chest that he's grown to love has begun flaring up.

Me: Nope. Eat shit and die, asshole!

The tiniest chuckle huffs under his breath at the speed of which Deku has replied.

Stupid Deku: If I died, you'd miss my pretty face too much! ;3

All chuckling stops, and is instantly replaced with growling while his cheeks tinge pink.


Nevermind that whole spiel about Deku being some kind of paradox; this nerd is the bane of Katsuki's existence.

Stupid Deku: Sure you were. So I can be there in about 30 minutes, is that okay??

Before Bakugo's fingers began typing up a response, it dawns on him that it's probably a good idea to ask his parents first.

"Oi," Katsuki barks. When his parents to turn around and acknowledge him, he continues. "Deku wants to bring his stupid face over for lunch." He finishes, voice stoic even though his pulse is quickening in unadmitted excitement.

Both of his parents' faces light up at his declaration. "Wonderful! You better tell that boy he's welcome over any time!" Mistuki says from her spot at the stove, while Masaru next to her just smiles and nods happily.


Me: I dont fucking care.

Stupid Deku: Yay!!!


True to Deku's word, the doorbell is ringing almost thirty minutes later; not that Katsuki was counting down the time or anything.

Even though his heart is dancing wildly, Bakugo casually stands up from his seat to leisurely stroll out of the kitchen and through the living room. As he steps into the entryway, the silhouette of the nerd's head can be seen through the oval glass window on the door, and this alone is an oddly nostalgic sight. How many years has it been since Izuku's came over?

When Katsuki yanks the door open, he's met with an absolutely soaked Izuku. The rainwater has flattened the curls atop his head, and it looks like he's ready to enter a wet t-shirt contest with the way his white "All M" shirt has clung to his muscled chest.

Regardless of being sopping wet, the cheesiest grin in existence is split on his face, paired with an overly-enthusiastic wave of a scarred hand. "Hi, Kacchan!"

"Hey ner— GAH!"

Katsuki would have finished his greeting, had his mother not just forcefully pushed him out of the way to smash him face-first into the entryway wall.

Izuku only has one second to flit widened eyes towards his blond companion basically kissing the wallpaper before Mistuki is all up in his freckled face.

"Oh my goodness, Izuku! Look at how you've grown!" She squeals, clasping her hands in elation while a smiling Masaru is coming up behind her for a greeting.

Somewhere behind his fawning parents, Katsuki is peeling his flattened face from the wall and angrily rubbing his aching nose.

Deku opens his mouth, but isn't able to get a single word out as a horrified gasp from Mistuki cuts through his greeting.

"Oh, honey, you're soaking wet! Where is your jacket?!" She scolds the boy in a loving motherly way while urgently pulling him into the house.

With a wobbly smile, the dripping nerd bows politely to the Bakugo parents. "Hi Auntie, hi Uncle, thank you for having me over! I was so excited that Kacchan invited me to lunch that I just came straight here instead of going back to my dorm and grabbing my hoodie. It's okay though, because a little rain never hurt—"

His mumbling is interrupted when Masaru places a hand to Izuku's cheek to gently pull his head up for eye contact. "No need for the formalities, son. You're basically family, and we're very glad you've stopped by!"

Mistuki is now cutting herself in front of Masaru to reach Deku again, and a tiny devilish smile curls on Katsuki's lips as he witnesses what is about to happen. He knows his mother more than anyone; she has that look in her eyes, and the shitnerd won't know what hit him until it's too late.

Instantly, Mitsuki grabs the back of Deku's wet curly head and pulls him in for a big, long kiss on the cheek.

Hah, you stupid nerd! Can't escape the hag's disgusting habits!

When Mistuki pulls her lips away from the freckled boy's face, he doesn't even so much as blush from the contact, and the blond's eyes bulge out in confusion.

What the hell?! Bakugo was so sure that the shitnerd would be embarrassed by such an action, but no; he's positively beaming with a radiant smile at being the recipient of such affections!

Oh yeah, he forgot that Deku had outgrown his timid shyness long ago.

The blond deadpans, now watching his dad pull the green-haired teen into a hug. Katsuki doesn't care what anyone says, this fucking nerd is a brat that loves attention.

Afterwards, an accusing manicured finger gets pointed at the explosive teen's face. "Katsuki! Why are you just standing there?! Go get this boy some fresh clothes before he catches a cold!" Mistuki screams while her face contorts into some kind of demonic angry face of sorts.

Bakugo's facial expression matches hers as he raises his voice as well. "Alright, alright! Calm the fuck down you ugly hag!" His retaliation causes another yell from his mother, which in turn makes him yell again, and now they're both screaming in each other's faces.

Both Deku and Masaru stand there, hands behind their backs and looking pleased as punch at just watching the blonde Bakugo's scream back and forth at each other.

After losing the yelling match, Katsuki huffs a sigh before turning around and beckoning the greenette with a hand motion. "C'mon, nerd." He grouses before stalking out of the entryway to start heading up the stairs.

Izuku happily obeys, pulling off his shoes and trotting up to follow closely behind his every step.

As they enter the upstairs hallway, Deku walks straight into the bathroom while Katsuki veers to the left for his bedroom to grab some spare clothes.

After pulling out the first shirt and pair of sweats in sight from inside his dresser drawer, Katsuki makes his way back to the bathroom and finds Deku slightly bent over in front of the sink while toweling his hair off.

"Here," Bakugo announces as he lazily tosses the clothes onto the sink next to Izuku. "Now you'll know what it's like to have a real sense of fashion for once in your life." He quips with a snotty little smirk.

When Izuku's curly head lifts back up, he throws Katsuki a smug little smile through mirror's reflection with a sassy retort. "It's okay, Kacchan. I know you're just insulting me because you're jealous of my style." He finishes with a shoulder check and wink.

A laugh in the form of a snort comes from the blond, and he shoulders Izuku right back, "Sure Deku, and I'm the queen of England." At that, he swivels around to exit the bathroom and leave the giggling Izuku to get changed. The door shuts in his wake, but it's also kept cracked open to allow for conversation.

After entering the hallway, Katsuki leans back against the wall just next to the bathroom door to give Izuku his privacy. As he tilts his head back, red eyes peer up through the narrow skylight built into the ceiling, watching the way the dark clouds slowly float by.

The sound of wet clothes slapping against the floor is heard before Deku decides to speak up. "I'm really excited to hang out with you today! Thank you again for inviting me over!" The damn nerd sounds way too happy in there, and Katsuki bets he's wiggling around gleefully as he speaks, too.

Even though Deku is unable to see it, the blond shrugs before craning his face towards the door. "I said I would, didn't I? 'Sides, if you found out I came to town without you, I wouldn't hear the end of your bitching." He replies in a bored tone while crossing his arms over his chest.

Looking back at the time in class where the conversation took place, Bakugo realizes he didn't actually give an answer to Deku regarding the invitation, but it's whatever.

A hum in agreement from Izuku is heard, followed by another splatting noise of clothes dropping onto the bathroom tile.

Speaking of the initial conversation, Katsuki recalls that Izuku wanted to visit his mother as well; and he sure as hell knows that Deku didn't forget that, either. Should he ask about making a visit? The nerd would have inevitably brought it up anyway...

With slightly pursed lips, the blond cocks his head while he internally deliberates.

Hmm, guess it wouldn't hurt to visit Auntie. S'not like I got shit to do today, anyway.

After mulling it over for literally one second, Katsuki decides that it's best to mention it, "So, we goin' to your mom's after this?"

A dorky, overly-excited squeal comes from Deku behind the door. "Ooh! Yes, I'd love to! That is, if you want to, I mean!"

The greenette's enthusiasm is so idiotically endearing that Katsuki can't help the one-sided smile curving up on his lips. He makes sure to sound rude in his reply, though. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to, dipshit."

"Yay! Kacchan's amazing! This is the best day ever! I can't believe I get to see your parents, and then you get to come see my mom! It'll be just like old times! I know mom is going to be really happy to see you, seeing that it's been so many years since—"

Even though a dumb mumbling fit is currently in progress, Katsuki is pleased with his overall decision of having the shitnerd over. In fact, not one single thought telling him to avoid Deku has even tried to cross his mind since the freckled boy's arrival.

Moments later, the mumbling stops as the bathroom door is being pulled open. "What should I do with my wet clothes?" Izuku asks as he makes his way to step out, and the blond pushes himself off of the wall to respond.

"Just put them in the, uhh..."

Uhh is not an intelligent answer by any means, but it's the only one Katsuki was capable of coming up with after turning around to face Izuku. A feeling akin to a bow shooting dead center into his heart seizes him, tinting the world in pastel pink and softly blurring the edges of his vision. Maybe his imagination is playing tricks on him, because is that the sound of harps playing somewhere in the distance?

The t-shirt adorned on Deku is a favorite of Katsuki's. It's the plain black one with a big white skull on the front side, and it has completely billowed over his torso. Even though the shirt is quite loose fitting on the smaller teen, the strong lines of his pectorals can still be visible underneath the skull. As crimson eyes roam farther down Izuku's body, he finds that even those thickened thighs carved straight by the shoot-style gods are hidden underneath baggy grey sweatpants. The waistband probably hangs low on his hips too, but Katsuki would never be able to tell with how long the shirt's length is.

A green curly head tilts to the side in pouty-lipped confusion. "Kacchan?"

Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump— that's the sound of Katsuki's deafening heartbeat within his ears, drowning out all noise and leaving Izuku's inquiry unheard.

Holy shit...

Katsuki has not the slightest clue on why, but seeing Deku dressed in his clothes is making him feel... some kind of way. It's a brand new feeling; one that makes his insides melt into sticky goo, placing him on a cotton candy sugar high that makes him want to do something incredibly stupid.

What exactly he wants to do is beyond him... but, he's going to start by taking two small steps to land himself directly in front of the green-haired boy. Minimal distance is now between the two as they stand face to face like this in the middle of the hallway.

Evidently, Katsuki must look as stupid as he feels, because a perplexed yet amused smile is curving up on Izuku's face. But right now, not a single care is given about it as the blond unabashedly stares right into those gleaming emerald eyes.

Sweet, airy bubbles begin fizzing within blond's stomach, making him feel really fucking funny. They begin ascending up from his tummy and traveling their way into his windpipe. Once the bubbles finally reach his throat, they force his mouth open as they try to escape, leaving him no other choice but to try and form words.

A thick gulp is swallowed down before the rasp, " look..."

He trails off, mouth still ajar from unspoken words while white-knuckled fists clench at his sides. Crimson eyes once again fall downcast to the clothes worn on Deku's body.

Looking sweet as pie, Izuku coyly folds his arms behind his back and begins teetering up and down on his toes with an expression that spells "Go on."

"Boys! Lunch is almost ready!"

The enchanting music those imaginary harps were playing have hideously screeched into a halt from the sound of Masaru's sudden holler from downstairs.

What feels like the biggest bitch slap hits Katsuki right across the face, ripping him out of the trance he had fallen under and leaving him wide-eyed. And now, all of that cutesy pink bullshit in his vision transforms into a blazing red from sheer, mortifying, rage.


With a panic-stricken face, Katsuki quickly pushes Deku away and finally finishes his sentence with an irate shout. "...LIKE A SAGGY-ASS FUCKIN' LOSER SHITNERD, THAT'S WHAT!" The volume of his scream was so loud that it blew Izuku's hair back, and the green-haired teen is left wincing after the outburst.

"Wahh, Kacchan's so mean...!" He whines as he sticks a pinky in his ear, and Bakugo ignores him by stomping angrily down the steps.


After all of that crazy bullshit, the boys arrive into the kitchen and take a seat next to each other at the table.

As Masaru begins sitting plates down in front of them, Izuku perks up in his seat and starts up his motor mouth. "Wow, this smells delicious! Thank you again for making lunch! It's been way too long since I've had Auntie's amazing cooking, I'm really looking forward—"

While Izuku is busy smiling and blabbing away to Katsuki's parents, the blond is looking severely constipated where he sits. With a ramrod-straight spine and hands balled up in his lap, he does everything in his power to not flip the fuck out on what just happened minutes ago upstairs, but boy is that proving to be a struggle.

Katsuki tries to hide his obvious labored breathing, but that's a feat in itself with the way his heart is still short-circuiting electric shocks throughout his being.

Surely, he's overreacting at the completely strange and totally unexplainable realization that he likes seeing Deku dressed in his clothes.

It's crazy, it doesn't make a lick of sense, but it is the undeniable truth. Shit, and now Katsuki's cheeks are tinting pink at just thinking about it; this is seriously pissing him off!

Yeah, Katsuki's clothes may be so big that they swallow Izuku's body whole, making him look endearingly dainty and even smaller than he already is. So what?

It's not like Deku wearing his clothes is symbolic to a sense that he belongs to Katsuki or anything, because that would just be utterly illogical. So, why on earth was Katsuki affected in such a bizarre way?

Dammit, he has to get to the root of this– and fast, because like hell he's going to get fucked up over something so irrelevant., the dumbass doesn't look half bad in my clothes, what's it fuckin' matter? I'm probably just ecstatic as hell to see him in something that's not nerdy.

Okay, Katsuki is definitely in desperate reach for an explanation on this one. Knowing that's a bullshit answer, he dismisses it right off the bat and continues to attempt rationalizing.

Yeah, no. Okay, I'm just delusional from lack of sleep is all and it's making me loopy as fuck. Can't think straight if I don't get any damn rest.

Yes, that's more like it. Honestly, this explanation makes perfect sense! Katsuki's problem-solving skills are immaculate.

But... what the hell did Bakugo intend on telling Izuku when he approached him?

" look..."

NOPE. Katsuki throws a big stop sign on that thought instantly, because it doesn't matter. He's already confirmed to himself that this is a result of repetitive sleepless nights, so no point in dwelling on such a meaningless question.

But still, he can't help to wonder...does Deku have any thoughts on the behavior Katsuki displayed? Not knowing the answer to that makes him even antsier, and his leg begins to bounce anxiously.

While bringing his crossed forearms to rest on the table, the blond allows himself to take a sneaky side-eye gander at Izuku. The dork looks cheerful as ever, eyes shining bright as scarred hands move animatedly while still talking his parents' ears off.

Hmm. Deku doesn't look affected at all, so it must have been nothing to freak out over. Yeah, I'm definitely overthinking shit and making it worse than what it is. Whatever the hell happened earlier meant nothing.

A silent, deep breath sucks into Katsuki's lungs, whittling all of that useless anxiety away. As the tension eases, his leg stops it's incessant bouncing as well, and now he's finally feeling calm. One day, this damn shitnerd is going to give him a stroke, but today is not that day.

Right as his thoughts on the matter end, Mitsuki steps away from the stove, bringing the pan of piping hot food to the boys and spooning a heaping serving onto their plates. Afterwards, both she and Masaru take a seat at the opposite ends of the table and serve themselves.

Fuck yeah, food. Is all that circulates in Katstuki's mind as he takes a big whiff of the meal's delicious aroma just inches from his face. Not a second passes before he has chopsticks placed in his hands and lowering them onto the plate below.


The sudden indignant chastise from Deku startles Katsuki, making him flinch and causing the chopsticks to fumble out of his hand. With an agitated eye twitch, he whips his head to the nerd and is met with a matching angry glare from the freckled face. "What the fuck is your problem?!"

While maintaining eye contact, Izuku slaps his hands together in front of his face, blatantly signaling to say a prayer. Red eyes roll at realizing what the shitnerd wants, and he scoffs incredulously before mimicking Izuku's hands.

An all too-pleased smile splits Deku's face in half, and he turns around to face forward while Katsuki follows suit. As both boys shut their eyes, they bow their heads down respectfully to give their thanks.

"Itadakimasu." They say in unison, one voice cheery while the other is grouchy.

"Thank you, Kacchan." Deku chirps sweetly after their heads lift back up, and he awards Katsuki with an even bigger grin for his cooperation.

"Whatever, nerd," Bakugo grumbles, rolling his eyes once again before filling his mouth with a hefty bite.

With the way both of the boy's heads are down as they stuff their faces, neither have any idea of the way Mitsuki and Masaru are mirroring amused expressions at each other from across the table.

After a few moments pass of silence accompanied by chewing, Masaru decides to speak up. "So boys, how does it feel knowing that in just a few short months you'll be pro heroes?" He asks with a pleasant smile.

Both crimson and emerald eyes light up at the question asked of them, and a wicked grin of excitement curves up Katsuki's face.

"Feels fuckin' amazing," Bakugo starts, while a full-mouthed Izuku nods vigorously in agreement. "Especially since I'm gonna be the number one hero in the entire world." The blond finishes, completely confident with a thumb pointing to his chest.

All nodding from the green-haired teen comes to a halt at hearing the words just spoken.

After swallowing his mouthful, Izuku turns around and quirks a brow at Bakugo. "Silly Kacchan, how can you be the number one hero when obviously I'll be the one taking that spot?" He corrects matter-of-factly while being snarky as can be.

This cocky little shithead! With a scoff at Deku's "correction", Katsuki gives him a pinched look.

"You can go fuck off with all of that bullshit, 'cuz we both know that ain't happening." He punctuates his sentence by pointing his chopsticks in Deku's face in an impolite manner.

"Beg your pardon?" Izuku replies with a furrowed brow, using his own chopsticks to bat Katsuki's away from his face and smirking all the while.

Katsuki rudely whacks Izuku's chopsticks right back, and then matches the freckled boy with a smirk of his own. "Then get to begging, bitch."

Rather than verbally responding to the insult, Izuku just makes a gutteral noise and hits Katsuki's chopsticks once again. Of course, this causes the blond to retaliate by doing the same; and before long, an all-out chopstick swordfight has broken out, leaving them to have their utensils crossed against one another.

A low growl comes from the blond as he pushes forward, "Dammit, Deku!"

"Stupid Kacchan!" A hiss from the greenette follows after while he pushes right back.

Their back and forth battle doesn't get to last too long, because now Mitsuki is snapping her fingers at the two to grab their attention. "Oi, settle down, boys! Don't think I won't kick you two out of the damn kitchen!"

The reprimanding chide instantly stops the duo's squabbling, so they turn back around in their seats to sit properly and resume their meal.

Moments later, Katsuki's phone vibrates, and he silently pulls it out of his pocket. Once it's brought up to his face, blond brows scrunch in a glower.

Stupid Deku: Haha, Kacchan got in trouble!

With a jut chin, he responds swiftly.

Me: So did you, fuckin dickwad!!!

BZZT! Goes his phone again.

Stupid Deku: No I didn't, because she's YOUR mom! Therefore that means it didn't count.

Urgh, you fucking—!

Instead of texting back, Katsuki coughs absurdly loud with the intention of getting Deku's attention. Once the younger teen looks his way, Katsuki not so subtly flips him off by scratching his cheek with a middle finger. A snort is heard from the freckled boy, and then the blond feels his calf get kicked from underneath the table.

By the end of it all, both of the boys are side-eyeing each other with stupid-ass smiles on their faces.


Once lunch was finished, the two waddle their way into the living room and decide that it would be best to be useless coach potatoes for a while.

After settling onto his side of the sofa, Katsuki leans back into the cushiony softness and lazily spreads his legs out wide while keeping his feet on the floor.

Sluggishly, he turns his head to address Izuku who's just sat next to him. "Damn, I ate way too much. I could seriously pass out right now." He states tiredly, placing one hand on his stuffed belly while the other loosely dangles off the end of the couch.

Izuku pivots his butt around, opting to change from sitting to a more comfortable position of laying down on his back. Once that curly head lands on the couch's opposite arm, Deku bends his legs up at the knee as to not hog the whole space between the two.

"You and me both, let's take a nap." Izuku declares, clasping his hands together on his lap while giving Bakugo a sleepy smile.

Returning the smile with a smirk of his own, a light chuckle comes from the blond before he responds back, "Don't threaten me with a good time."

With Katsuki's parents elsewhere, a peaceful silence now falls in between the two as they lounge around. Surprisingly, not much is going through the explosive teen's mind at the moment, so now he's left relaxed and fully sated. Lazy times like this are few and far between with as hectic as Bakugo's life is, so now's the time to fully appreciate it.

Katsuki's arms rise high above his head for a nice stretch, and the action makes his shirt to ride up a tad. As his body bends forward, a satisfying pop is felt in his back, and in turn he grunts in pleasure at the sensation.

Something ice-cold touches the side of his exposed stomach, interrupting the stretch and causing him to yelp in shock. Now instantly awake, his arms retract down while widened eyes quickly peer below to his body to see what the hell just happened.

Immediately, the blond deadpans when he finds a Deku sized bare foot pressed up flat against his oblique.


The only response Bakugo receives are stupid giggles of hehehe.

Unamused red eyes leave the offending foot, traveling all the way up the sweatpant clad leg, and then finally settle on the freckled mug that holds a seemingly innocent smile.

It's not innocent, not even in the slightest; because Deku thinks he's sneaky. He's not though, because Katsuki can clearly see the way Izuku's other foot is oh so slowly sliding up to join the one on his stomach.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" The blond questions in an oddly neutral manner, though his scrunched up mouth says otherwise.

The nerd's eyes begin darting around while his smile grows into a cheeky grin. "...dunno what you're talking about," Izuku mutters, twiddling his thumbs as he still tries to play that damn innocent card.

When the toes on Deku's other foot reach their destination, Bakugo flinches at the cold sting even though he was expecting its arrival.

With a rigid straight back, Katsuki screws his eyes shut and clenches his fists, all while wincing. "Goddammit, Deku! Get your cold-ass fuckin' feet off of me before I kill you!"

"But you're warm!" Izuku cries, eyebrows folded down in a pleading manner while he purposely begins sliding his freezing feet all the way up Katsuki's ribcage.

The icy sensations nipping all over Bakugo's flesh causes a blaring howl to rip from his throat, and in turn, his eyes bug out of his skull. Katsuki has had it with this bratty little bastard's antics, so now it's time to teach him a lesson!

"That's it!" In a flash, the blond snatches up one of Deku's ankles, and the smaller boy squeaks at the sudden grab.

After Katsuki yanks the foot into his lap, he shows absolutely no mercy when he brings the other hand down to dig his fingers at the bottom of Izuku's heel for a rough tickle.

Screeching laughter erupts from the greenette at Katsuki's tickle torture, and he instantly begins kicking his foot held in the blond's grasp. "Aiieee!! KACCHAN, NO!!"

"Kacchan, yes! " The blond repeats, maniacal laughter booming from him as he grips the thrashing limb tighter, all while never letting his dancing fingers up.

At this point, tears are spilling out of Izuku's eyes while his teeth are grit into a smile. "Hahahaha—! Kacchan, p-please, stop! " Now, he's wheezing while floundering around pathetically.

In a split-second decision, Katsuki decides to switch up his position to gain an even better upper hand. Without letting go of smaller teen's ankle, Katsuki swivels his body to sit on his knees and hover in between Deku's legs. "No can do, ya little shitstain! This is payment for using my heating services!"

Getting too lost in the fun, Bakugo wasn't able to calculate that this new position was going to land a kick square in the chin from Deku's other foot.


The punt that rammed straight into the bottom row of his teeth jars his brain, causing him to immediately lean up and away from Izuku's spread legs.

"Hah! Serves you right!" Izuku laughs, pointing a scarred hand right in Katsuki's face from the spot where he lays.

The blond just rubs his throbbing chin, cursing under his breath and giving Deku the most soured look he can muster. Once the pain and dizziness dissipates, Katsuki flops back into his original position of sitting on the couch, and he is definitely not sulking with the way his arms are crossed and eyes shut tight.

When something suddenly drops into his lap, it causes Katsuki to open his eyes. Looking down, he's of course met with the face of a stupid freckled nerd who thinks he can use Katsuki's lap as a personal pillow. As those green eyes peer up from below, Izuku bats his lashes cutely; completing his remorseful expression with a pouty lip.

As Izuku opens his mouth to speak, Katsuki expects an apology, but what he gets instead is this. "Rub my head since you won't warm my feet."

Katsuki's mouth drops open in total disbelief.


He bends his head down, face just inches from Deku's so he can make sure that the unimpressed look he's leveling to the shitnerd will be thoroughly conveyed.

Once they're nose to nose, Katsuki growls lowly in between grit teeth, "Go fuck yourself." With a snicker, he lifts back up, unable to resist the smile that creeps across his face.

Izuku scoffs, brows furrowing in annoyance while he crosses his arms. "You're a terrible host, Kacchan!" But, he smiles too.

"Tch," Is all he responds with an eye roll. Shitty Deku thinks he can just boss Katsuki around into getting what he wants, using his stupid nerdy charm to bend Katsuki to his every will. Well, it's not going to work.

Without even thinking about it, Katsuki unfolds his arms from his chest, draping one behind the couch while the other lands in his lap, hand on his thigh just behind Izuku's head. He's just getting more comfortable, is all.

Inch by inch, his hand steadily trails closer and closer to that green head, and this is not exactly a subconscious act, either.

Katsuki purses his lips as he now begins waging war with himself internally. So what if he gave in and let the nerd have his way? Right now, it's just the two of them, so no one would know about it. It's just a head rub anyway, so what's the big deal?

Katsuki subtly swivels his head around, scanning all of the open doorways leading into the living room as to make sure his parents aren't about to walk in.

Screw it, he may as well relent. Besides, the dorky idiot would have pestered him until he got what he wanted anyway.

With an overly loud and irritated sigh, Bakugo allows his hand to finally slide into the forest of curls, and fuck if the look Deku just gave him wasn't the sweetest. In fact, it's so embarrassingly sweet that it causes a tiny blush to line high on the blond's cheekbones.

With narrowed eyes, Katsuki grumbles. "You tell anyone about this, and I'll rip your fuckin' head right off of your shoulders." Though the threat is evil as can be, his hand is offering the lightest touches possible as it rubs against Deku's scalp.

Izuku chuckles under his breath. "Won't tell a soul." It's a whispered promise, one that says "Don't worry, you can let your walls down for me.", and before long, those green eyes flutter closed as he dissolves under Katsuki's touch.

Now that Izuku has shut his eyes, Katsuki lets the smile that he was trying to hide come out. It's surprising— the way these rough, powerful hands that Katsuki possesses are capable of being so gentle with Izuku. As his fingertips make their way around that green head, wisps of feathered curls slide in between his fingers, dancing under his palm and along the webs of his hand.

This is...actually quite pleasant, everything inside of his whole body is starting to feel warm and fuzzy, and damn does it feel great. Bakugo had no idea that he'd be enjoying himself this much. Maybe he will put the nerd to sleep? For some weird reason, the thought of that multiplies the warmth in him tenfold.

The fact of the matter is that he realizes that it's nice to make Deku feel good like this, because you know what? Deku fucking deserves it.

Katsuki watches the way the skull on his shirt rises on Izuku's chest as the greenette inhales deeply. Obviously, Izuku is in ultimate comfort mode; scarred hands are clasped together over his stomach, while his legs are straightened out and feet resting up against the couch arm. Ruby eyes decide to roam up to younger teen's face, taking in the way of how peaceful he looks while fingertips tenderly brush green bangs away from his forehead.

Not that it particularly matters, but...why is it just now that Katsuki is noticing how long Deku's eyelashes are? It's quite the feminine feature; however, that's not the only one he has. Countless freckles, slightly rounded cheeks, soft-looking lips...Izuku is masculine in his own way, but there is no denying that he also possesses such delicate facial features. This isn't a bad thing by any means, it offers a nice balance; it's a look that seems to work very well for him.

Before long, Katsuki decides to change his course. With his palm somewhat cradling the back of Izuku's head, he starts skimming those fingers down the freckled boy's neck, right underneath his ear.

This action causes Izuku to tip his head back farther into the blond's lap, exposing his neck in a signal that he wants more of that touch. "Feels good..." He softly moans with a pleasured smile on his face, and—

Oh, oh. Now that was a nice sound.

All of Katsuki's movements stop, eyes bugging out of his skull as a sudden breath sucks into his lungs. Beyond all control, his heart instantly begins cranking up in speed, and now bullets of sweat are running down his face.

Katsuki did that; he pulled a moan out of Izuku, and not only was it a moan, but it was a moan of pleasure. Oh,'s a good thing Deku's eyes are closed, because now a searing blush is starting to burn him up.

With a nervous bite to his lip, Bakugo swallows thickly as he wonders...what if he could make more sounds like that come out of the nerd? Is that okay? Well...why wouldn't it be? This situation is purely innocent; he's making the nerd feel good, so what's so wrong if he gets himself a little satisfaction, too?

Bakugo doesn't even get a chance to ponder on if this makes him a sick fuck or not, because a little shoulder devil that he had no idea existed begins stabbing the blond with his pitchfork, tiny squeaky voice screaming in his ear "DO IT, YOU FUCKING COWARD!"

Now with his mind on a one-track way to a goal, he brings his other hand down from behind the couch, placing it on Izuku's collarbone just beneath the shirt and begins lightly rubbing in tandem with other the hand on his neck.

A low groan that trails off into a sigh escapes those pink, soft-looking lips from the boy below. "Mmh...Kacchan...", and now, Izuku's head is lolling to the other side, obviously loving the way he's being touched. Katsuki even sees the way the freckled boy's toes are curling into the couch, and hell fucking yeah.

The blond's mouth parts open slightly at this delicious response, and he unconsciously slides his tongue along his top lip. Apparently, it doesn't take much from Izuku to make Katsuki drown into a sea of perversion, so now his mind begins to reel.

Mmm, yeah... that's it. Make those pretty sounds for me, dirty little Deku...

A distant yell from somewhere inside of the house snaps Bakugo back into reality. "Oi, Katsuki! I need you to come here for a sec!"

In an instant, Deku is shrieking because he's been pushed out of Katsuki's lap and thrown into the floor. When the confused boy looks up from his spot, he sees the fuming backside of Katsuki exiting the room.


Katsuki chooses not to think about what happened earlier ever again, and that's the end of it. Remember that box in his mind? Down this goes, straight into it and padlocked tight forever.

"Thank you for visiting, boys! Please, come back soon, both of you!" A bone-crushing hug from Masaru engulfs the two, both wheezing and eyes bulging out as they are lifted up from the ground.

Izuku coughs in between strained words, "It was a pleasure...", and all Katsuki does is growl angrily at the unwanted affection.

Once the smiling Bakugo dad releases the two, Mitsuki slides in between them to place each one of her arms over their shoulders. "I better see you two before graduation, you hear me?" She commands while grinning warmly.

A kiss to Izuku's temple, "Yes, Auntie."

And a peck to Katsuki's, "Whatever, hag."

"Alright boys, off you go." She finishes by patting their backs, and the two step off of the porch and begin their trek to the Midoriya household. With one final goodbye, Izuku turns to wave, while Katsuki just lifts a hand up without turning around.

Once the boys' retreating forms travel farther away out of earshot, Mistuki makes a comment. "Katsuki is so head over heels for that boy that it's not even funny." She throws a smirk her husband's way.

Masaru chuckles, then places a hand around Mistuki's side to pull her close. "Well, he does take after his mother, after all."

The two look at each other lovingly, before she snuggles her head underneath his chin and responds."You got that right. We can't help that we fall in love with nerds."

Chapter Text

"Hey nerd," A raspy chuckle comes from the blond as he points to a random tree in passing, "Remember when you fell out of that tree try'na pretend you could fly?"

When the freckled boy turns to the finger's direction, an airy giggle follows. "How could I forget? I rolled my ankle when I fell into the ditch, and then you laughed at me for an hour straight, jerk!" He finishes by delivering a playful punch to Katsuki's arm.

With a grit smile, Bakugo retaliates by looping an arm around Izuku's neck and wrestling him into a headlock, "Yeah well, it was funny as fuck. Besides, I carried your sorry ass all the way back to the house, didn't I?! Ungrateful little shit."

Growling, the blond grinds a noogie atop Deku's head, causing the nerd to giggle even harder. The laughter soon turns into complaintive whines, and Izuku wiggles his head in Katsuki's grip as he tries to break himself free. Eventually, Bakugo graciously relents, releasing the smaller teen with a snort while the grin on his face grows in size.

This is how it's been for the pair since the departure of the Bakugo household. Rather than the usual silence that Katsuki tends to offer, he's been unusually chatty, fully engaging in conversation on their small journey through the town to Izuku's apartment.

Nostalgia is everywhere. It surrounds the boys on all sides as they walk in step with one another on these all-too-familiar busy streets. With every turn taken and every building passed, there's some form of memory attached to it, and one of them would always have some sort of comment awaiting on their tongue for reminiscence.

It's been a long time— too long, since he and Deku have actually got to hang out one-on-one like this, and it's definitely a welcomed breath of fresh air.

An unexplainable deep-rooted feeling of peace has awakened within Katsuki, lighting him up and making him feel alive. Each one of the blond's friends brings something different to the table whenever he spends time with them, but none have ever given him a feeling such as this one.

It's funny how Bakugo's mood has drastically changed since the start of the day. It's almost like Deku is a little sun in Katsuki's orbit, encircling him to part rays of light through all of the gloomy clouds that shrouded him this morning. Sounds sappy as hell, but that's how it feels.

Now, the only dark clouds in Bakugo's world are the ones in high up in the sky, and even those have lightened up, making for an overcast day. Though the rain had stopped long ago, Katsuki aggressively insisted that Izuku wears his hoodie for no other reason than to keep him dry in the likely event of a returning shower.

(However, the blond doesn't fail to notice that the length of the hoodie's sleeves almost covers the entirety of Izuku's hands with the way it lays long on his body, but that's totally irrelevant.)

Speaking of, Katsuki's just realized that Izuku left his wet clothes back at home in the bathroom. Guess that means Deku will have to keep the ones he's borrowing, which is fine by him. Hell, the nerd can keep his clothes forever for all he cares.

Izuku will want his own clothes back eventually though, so Bakugo decides to bring it up, "You left your clothes at my house. I'll text the hag and have her wash 'em, so just keep mine until I bring yours back." He says as he pulls his phone out to do just that.

Evidently, Deku must not have heard a single word that was spoken to him, because the only response the blond receives is absolute silence.

When his head swivels up to face Izuku, all he's met with is the backside of a curly green head. The dork isn't even looking Katsuki's way as he is much too busy staring holes into something just up ahead on their right side. Curiously, red eyes follow Deku's line of sight to find out what on earth has caught all of the freckled boy's attention.

Inwardly, Bakugo snorts, because what he finds is a little streetside crepe stand placed in between two buildings. It sticks out like a sore thumb with the way it's painted bright yellow, and there's not even a line of people in front of it.

With every step taken closer and closer, it's like Izuku's face is glued to it. Even now as they begin to pass the dessert stand, his head is turning almost completely backwards just to keep an eye on it as his body continues to move forward.

An amused brow quirks up on Katsuki's face.

Stupid nerd couldn't make it anymore obvious that he wants a damn crepe, but why hasn't he said anything about it yet?

With an abrupt stop to his steps, Katsuki grabs the back of his jacket's hood to yank the green-haired boy backwards. "Oi, Deku."

The sudden pull back snaps him out of his crepe induced hypnosis.

"Huh?" Is his intelligent response before peering those shiny doe eyes up to Katsuki in a questioning manner.

Trying to cover up his smirk with an eye roll, the blond motions his spiky head towards the stand. "If you want one, just speak up already."

An apologetic smile curves on Deku's face and he sheepishly places a scarred hand behind his head. "Oh! Uh, well, I left my wallet back at the dorms since I didn't plan on going anywhere. It's no big deal though, we've just had lunch not too long ago anyway, and—"

Katsuki lands two strong hands onto Izuku's shoulders, boring his eyes into the nerd's with a look that screams shut your fucking trap. With the non-verbal message thoroughly understood, Izuku clamps his mouth closed without any further question.

Perfect. Now that Katsuki's silenced the rambling, he whirls the younger teen around to guide him forward before stopping him directly in front of the stand's display window. Bakugo makes sure to keep his current position of staying behind with both hands placed upon Izuku's shoulders, because he has to stand firm in this situation. Izuku has a mean sweet tooth, so no way in hell is he going to let the dork weasel his way out of this one without a dessert in hand.

Of course, Deku still tries though, because the shitnerd is stupidly polite. Apprehensively, he turns his head around in an attempt to be face to face with Bakugo. "Kacchan, a-are you sure? I mean, they look really good, but I don't need it, and—MMPH!"

In a flash, Katsuki shoots one of his hands up to Deku's face and pinches his lips shut. "Zip it! You know damn well I don't do shit that I don't wanna do, so get whatever the hell you want, got it?" Though his intentions are kind, the execution is rather poor with the way his words come out like a threat, but that's just the classic Bakugo way of showing care.

Underneath the blond's fingers, a huge smile curls up on that freckled face, followed by furious nods of excitement. He attempts to say, "Thank you, Kacchan! I'll pay you back, promise!", but the words come out completely muffled in between smashed lips, making him sound really dumb.

"Tch. I ain't worried about it." He grumbles before setting Izuku's mouth free and stepping back to let him pick his treat.

Not a second passes before Izuku's eagerly darting his head in every which direction to survey his options. Rows upon rows of sugary sweets are lined up, and the varieties seem endless as they range from straight-up plain to ones with extravagant toppings.

Now that Deku's full attention is directly ahead, Bakugo deems it safe to let that uncharacteristically soft smile he was trying to hold back upturn on his lips. The warmth in his chest that he's now well acquainted with flickers to life, and it's welcomed with open arms.

A scarred finger smashes against the glass. "Wow! This one looks good!" Then, it's swiftly sliding to another spot. "Ooh, this one looks even better!" And then, another spot, "No wait, this one looks the best!" So much enthusiasm is laced in Izuku's words while he bounces around like some kind of deranged bunny on crack.

The blond shakes his head with an eye roll at the nerd's excitable behavior, yet that fond grin still remains on his face. There's no point in bothering to deny that this is an endearing sight, because he's already come to terms with the fact that seeing Deku happy makes him feel happy, too.

Uhg, this bastard is making Katsuki so stupidly soft. He's going to kill this freckled freak if his reputation gets ruined because of this.

Bakugo crosses his arms over his chest, surprisingly patient as a saint as he continues to await an absurdly long time for the shitnerd's decision to be made.

Abruptly, all muttering and movement from Deku comes to a halt, and Bakugo's brows shoot up in confusion. The green-haired boy stands straight as an arrow while shaking fists are clenched at his sides, and before Katsuki even has a chance to ask, Izuku twirls around and hits the blond with the biggest pout he's ever seen.

"Kacchaaan! I can't decide!" He huffs with the longest whine. With freckled cheeks puffed out, he crosses his arms pettily, all while a red shoed foot stomps to the ground in an absolute fume.

The blond blinks in rapid succession in response to the deep scowl Izuku is giving him, because what else is he supposed to do when a fit like this is being thrown?

Wow, this is like next-level bratty behavior, even for Deku, and it's not the most adorable thing he's ever seen. Katsuki doesn't even know why he associated the word in this situation anyway, because he doesn't think anything is adorable, ever. But if he did, a spoiled rotten nerd would definitely be at the very bottom of his list of things he finds adorable. Why is he suddenly feeling compelled to buy every damn crepe in there just to make the dork happy?

Now, something is happening to Bakugo, something worrisome. His chest— it's tightening up beyond all control, almost like his heart is inflating and threatening to burst. Is Katsuki going into cardiac arrest? Oh God, is this how he's going to die?!

No, there is no way that Bakugo will allow such a thing to happen. He'd fucking roll in his grave if his obituary states something as stupid as a heart-stopping Midoriya tantrum ended his life.

Somehow he's able to keep his failing heart under wraps, and his face twists up in anger, "What the fuck are you lookin' at me for?! Ain't my fault you don't know what you want!" He bellows while throwing his arms up in exasperation.

With that, Izuku's demeanor changes instantaneously. His arms adorned by too-long hoodie sleeves have folded behind his back all cutesy-like, and now he's using the power of those green eyes to throw Katsuki a pleading look. "Help me pick one out?"

As if the request wasn't sweet enough, Izuku tops it all off with fluttery eyelashes, and oh shit— Bakugo just barely stops himself from falling to the ground as his knees buckle underneath him in weakness. Whatever voodoo Deku's just performed on Katsuki has made every instinct in his entire being scream "OBEY!" on repeat. Seriously, this nerd's polarizing emotions are a force to be reckoned with.

After exhaling out the most dramatic sigh he could muster, Katsuki admits defeat and grumpily stalks up to the display window, choosing to ignore the joyful "Yay!" coming from the fucking brat next to him.

Scanning over the desserts, it only takes literally half a second for those red eyes to find the perfect one. With a grunt, the blond points to a crepe that's drizzled with pink sauce and topped with an abundance of strawberries.

Izuku's eyes light up like it's Christmas Day, and now he's clapping his hands excitedly with a cheer. "That one's perfect! Wow, Kacchan is amazing!"

At this point, Katsuki looks completely dead inside.

The greenette turns to the old man running the stand and points at the desired treat, "May I please have this one, sir?" His request is extremely polite, as if he can fool the guy into thinking he's some kind of angel.

After the man nods, Katsuki steps up to the countertop and forcefully slams a few yen down, "Make it two, and keep the fucking change." He demands in a way that is quite opposite of polite, and the guy just makes a weird face with a nervous thank you.

Once the treats had been served and the boys walk away to continue their trek, Deku turns around to face Katsuki with an astounding look. "Huh, I didn't think you'd want dessert. I'm surprised this isn't too sweet for you!"

Even though he was expecting the comment to arrive, an involuntary bristle still runs all through Katsuki. After an irritated click of his tongue, the blond murmurs in the lowest of volume. "It's not for me."

Deku tilts his head to the side, eyes blinking in utter confusion as he awaits for elaboration.

With a long-suffering groan, Katsuki throws his head back in total exasperation, "Urgh, do I really gotta spell it out for you, ya dunce?! It's..." he trails off, bashfully placing a hand behind his neck while looking at the ground that's suddenly very interesting. With an embarrassed huff, he grumbles under his breath. "...for Auntie."

Total silence follows.

When no response comes for what feels like a whole minute, Katsuki looks up from the ground to Deku, and holy hell! The expression on Izuku's face is so astonishingly sweet that Katsuki almost wants to punch it.

Literal stars are shining inside of those gigantic eyes, and his irises ripple as unbidden tears pool within them. Quivering lips are upturning into a wobbly smile while freckled cheeks begin turning a vivid shade of pink, and oh shit— now he is physically vibrating. Is Deku even breathing right now? If the nerd passes out from lack of oxygen, Bakugo would have to perform CPR, and if he does that, then that would mean his lips would be on—

A sudden wheeze that's forced out of Katsuki's lungs instantly cuts off all train of thought. Before he knew what was coming, the muscled arms of Izuku had been thrown around his body for a bruisingly tight hug.

"KAAACCHAAAN!!!! " Deku is absolutely beside himself as he wails gleefully, constricting Katsuki even harder in the embrace as blubbering tears of joy finally spill from his eyes. Right now, the only thing Bakugo is capable of doing is standing wide-eyed and glued to the spot as the freckled teen aggressively snuggles his head underneath the blond's chin.


A massive explosion has been reported, and the source of the blast did not come from Katsuki's hands– but rather, his heart. The power of Deku's hug has burst his already inflated heart like a party popper, leaving him now to feel wobbly as confetti and streamers trickle down his insides.

Here comes the uncontrollable blush, it's starting at the blond's chest and rapidly traveling up to his dumbstruck face. The humiliation of being recognized for doing something nice coupled with unexpected physical affection is throwing him for a goddamn loop. Alarms are blaring inside of his mind, telling him to do something! But, what the hell is he supposed to do?!

Without a clue, he's forced to react in his default mode: flip the ever-loving fuck out.

A screech that sounds oddly similar to a pterodactyl rips from Katsuki's throat, and instantly he's slapping a hand to Deku's forehead to shove him away. As the red-faced explosive teen is stomping away in a fume, Deku is left behind with a hand covered over his mouth for a giggle.


Ten minutes have passed in their journey onward, and the damn nerd still can't get over what Katsuki had done.

A long, dreamy sigh escapes Izuku's lips, "Kacchan..." his voice is weightless— almost like the breath had been stolen away from his lungs.

When Katsuki turns to the boy next to him, his heart slams so hard against his ribs that it almost jostles him into a stop, because in front his very eyes is a picture-perfect image of such a swooned nerd that it's borderline comical. The viridian eyes meeting his own have fallen half-mast, and a huge, dopey smile is stretched wide over his rosy cheeks.

Wow, talk about being dramatic over a crepe. Then again, Deku's a mama's boy, so maybe Katsuki shouldn't be surprised about this reaction.

A whole minute has gone by and Izuku hasn't stopped staring at the blond like this. It's weird as fuck, but what's even weirder is that Bakugo finds he maybe secretly kind of likes the attention. Regardless, the stupid dork better watch where he's going before he runs into a pole or something.

Katsuki looks straight ahead at the street before him, but narrows a side-eye to the freckled boy before finally grumbling a response, "The fuck do you want?"

Rather than answering, Izuku happily sighs once again and scoots in close, leaving no space between the two as he entwines an arm around the blond's own.

Instantly, the action causes Katsuki's heart to dance frantically. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't flinch in the slightest at the touch, considering how he reacted to the hug from earlier— that was just too sudden of a move for him.

This though... is fine, because he's not-so-secretly liking this attention too, so he wordlessly allows Deku to mold himself into his body as they walk in step with one another.

With a tone laced with fondness, Izuku starts, "I... just wanted to thank you again," he pauses to squeeze Katsuki's bicep in his grasp. "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done. Kacchan is amazing..." The tail end of his words basically come out as a purr while he lovingly nuzzles his face into the crook of Bakugo's neck.

Katsuki's pupils blow wide at such intimate contact, and goosebumps are now involuntarily scattering all along his flesh. He tries— and fails— to not focus on the way his skin is left tingling as Izuku's lips and nose slide across his neck.

Katsuki does everything in his power to not show how affected he is by the nerd's touchiness, so he sucks in a hefty breath in preparation to act the part.

The blond scrunches his face into the most convincing pissed off look he can muster, "Will you drop it, already?! Besides, I ain't fuckin' nice." He makes sure to sound extra grouchy too, even though he absentmindedly leans into the nuzzles.

Not to be a little bitch or anything, but Bakugo can't help to believe the nasty words that roll off of his tongue. For far too long, Katsuki hasn't been a nice person. But, he's a work in progress, and he'll be damned if he doesn't turn out to be the nicest fucking asshole you'll ever meet.

Izuku unfurls his arm from Katsuki's bicep in favor of jovially looping it around the blond's shoulder. "Sure you are, don't sell yourself short like that! I've seen the work you've put into changing your behavior, so don't think for a second that your results have gone unnoticed." The smile he gives to Katsuki is so kind and full of honesty.

The explosive teen has to bite his lip to prevent it from trying to wobble at the sincerity that lies behind the words spoken, and he absolutely cannot help the way he wraps his now free arm around Deku's waist. Yet again, this nerd causes a burst of comfort to shoot all through his veins, because what else is new?

After taking a big bite of his crepe, the green-haired teen continues with a muffled mouthful. "Also, you can't fool me, I know you're a lot softer than you let on. Kacchan is squishy on the inside!"

That comfort left just as fast as it came, and fuck this asshole for calling him out like that!

Ready to spout off an insult, Katsuki whips his head lightning fast to the shitnerd. However, he's so taken aback at what he sees that a wide grin cracks on his face and this comes out instead.

"PFFFT!! Oh my God, Deku!"

Directly in front of his face is, of course, Deku's own, but the disgusting nerd has cream and custard all over his mouth.

The outburst completely shocks Izuku, and he beams with a smile that is a mixture of offended yet bemused. "What's so funny?!"

An answer isn't able to form, because Bakugo is now too busy bent over cackling like a mad man with a hand on his stomach. Eventually, he is able to at least point to Izuku's mouth while in his bent state.

When Izuku brings a hand up to wipe his face, he laughs with a dorky snort when he sees the mess on his fingers. "Oops. It's so good, though! Try a bite, I think you might like it!" He says as he shoves the crepe directly in front of Katsuki's face.

After standing upright and wiping a tear away, he accepts the offer from Izuku's hand and chomps down without a word. When he pulls back, he too has custard on his mouth, and now it's Deku's turn to start pointing and blowing up with laughter.

And of course, Deku's giggle fit is so contagious that the blond sputters yet again, and he just about spits out his mouthful while he chews between laughter.

Eventually, both of their laughter tapers down, and Bakugo's finally able to make a comment. "Heh, this shit's messy as fuck."

Bringing a hand up to his face, Katsuki wipes away the mess and then proceeds to slide his tongue up his palm to lick it up the residue. One by one, he pops his fingers into his mouth, taking his time to really get a good taste as he sucks off the excess cream.

Hmm, it's sugary as shit. Who the fuck could eat this kind of stuff all the time? The strawberries ain't bad, though. If I get a cavity from this, I'm killing the nerd.

Meanwhile, Deku's mouth is slowly parting open as he seems to be falling into a trance. Green eyes are honed in on the way Bakugo slowly slides his fingers in and out of his mouth, and now even his own tongue is starting to dart out for a lick to his lips.

Katsuki is way too busy internally judging the dessert to notice any of this happening.

After a minute, he turns his head to Deku so he can give his final assessment of, "It doesn't suck.", but the nerd loudly shrieks and jolts, completely red-faced while averting his eyes away in haste. That's very peculiar.

Huh. What the fuck was up with that?

Katsuki quirks a brow at the shitnerd's weird behavior but dismisses it immediately because Deku is stupid, no further question on the matter.

Feeling devious, the blond points a finger to Izuku's chest. "Oi, you're gettin' cream all over my hoodie, dumbass."

Unbeknownst to Izuku, there really isn't anything on the hoodie, and when he looks down, Katsuki flicks his nose and snickers.

Here comes the irritated whine, "Uhg! Kacchan!" The green-haired teen crosses his arms and sours his lips, and Bakugo shakes his head in disbelief.

"Seriously, Deku? That's the oldest trick in the book. You really are a dumbass." He chuckles evilly with a smug little smirk.

Izuku scoffs and gives Katsuki a shove before power walking on ahead. "Stupid Kacchan is so mean!"

"Yeah, pretty sure you were just gagging over how nice I am like five minutes ago." He retorts as he takes a step to start following Izuku's lead.

The greenette turns around and sticks his tongue out in a very mature way. "Well, I take it back!"

"Tch. Whatever, Dicku."

"Wow. Real classy, Kacchan."


Before long, the two finally arrive outside of the apartment complex where Izuku's home resides. As Bakugo surveys the area, he realizes that nothing's changed a bit; it's the same tall white building, with the same little decorative trees around the front walkway that he used to see all of the time. This is such a blast from the past that it almost seems surreal, and it kind of gives him a bit of excitement.

Once the boys begin approaching the staircase that leads into the building's interior entryway, the rate of Bakugo's pulse quickens as he is suddenly struck with unforeseen nervousness.

Oh, shit...

The recognition of what's causing this anxiety has hit Katsuki full force, so he makes sure to stay behind Izuku's every step in hopes of letting his fear go unnoticed.

Katsuki hasn't seen Auntie in years. In fact, he can't even recall the last time he'd been around, all he knows is that it was way before things soured between him and Deku. Knowing this, he's left with a throbbing heart as he wonders...

What does Auntie think of him?

Well, probably not very highly with the way he basically dropped out of Deku's life without notice. This poses another question...

Does she know about their toxic past?

If so, she'd hate Katsuki for sure, and a sharp stab of pain twists within his chest from such a dismal realization. If she despised him for his actions– well, she'd be rightful in doing so, and Katsuki would respect her decision in acceptance of consequence.

When the duo finally make it up the stairs, the door to Izuku's apartment is in sight at the end of the hallway, and Katsuki is finding it harder to breathe the closer they get.

Dammit, they're already stopping at the front door and now Deku is knocking on it!

The blond gulps, hoping to swallow down the fear that's trying to push his heart out of his throat.

When Bakugo feels a soft tickle to his nose, he's snapped out of his panic attack. Confused red eyes flit down and find that the source is Deku's curls, as Katsuki's face is almost buried in them. Not only that, he's realizing that his whole body is completely flush against Izuku's backside. When and how the hell did this happen?! Perhaps during his anxious episode he subconsciously sought out comfort and unknowingly attached himself to the nerd?

Well, too late to do anything about it now, because the door is opening up.

When Inko answers the door, her initial expression looks a bit taken aback. But not a second later, those big emerald eyes that are just the same as Deku's light up, and a wide smile curves on her face.

"Izuku! Wow, and Katsuki, too!"

"Hi, mom!" Izuku greets happily, instantly stepping in and engulfing her into the biggest hug. After all of these years, Bakugo's surprised at how short and stout she is— nothing wrong with that, it's just odd to see that Deku is literally a whole head taller than her.

With eyes closed in glee, she sinks into her son's embrace for a moment before squeaking in surprise as he suddenly lifts her up to twirl her around. She giggles and squeals in delight, and he then plants a sweet kiss to her cheek.

Katsuki's heart is flipping for a lot of different reasons right now, but even more so at the sight that is displayed before him, because holy shit this may be the purest thing he's ever seen.

When Deku finally sets her back down, Auntie gives her son a split second once over on his body with an almost confused expression on her face. Maybe she's assessing the too-big clothes he's wearing that are obviously not his?

Immediately, she turns to Katsuki and gives him a once over as well with the exact same face, and now panic is starting to rise within him under the scrutiny.

What is she thinking?! Is she gonna kick me out?! Fuck, I deserve it!

Just when Katsuki was ready to backflip out of there, her features soften and a warm smile curves on her face. This is greatly confusing to him, because who makes that kind of face when they're about to boot someone out of their house?

"Katsuki my dear, it's been such a long time. Please, come in!" She greets happily, stepping out of the way to allow him entrance with a motioning hand forward.


Holy shit, that is not what he was expecting to hear at all! The instant wave of relief that washes over him is an absolute godsend, and he's left feeling like a deflated balloon. Katsuki kind of wishes he could punch himself in the face right now, because he literally feels like the biggest dumbass on the planet for getting himself so worked up.

Well, it's safe to say that she doesn't hate him, so that puts the fear at bay. Now, Bakugo's next objective is to ensure that he doesn't make a fool out of himself by acting like the dumbass that he certainly feels he is. However, with the way he's still standing in the doorway while the two Midoriyas smile at him is not looking like too promising of a start.

After finally finding the mental capacity to put one foot in front of the other, he steps into the entryway wordlessly before pulling his shoes off. Okay, step one of entering the house is done, this is excellent progress.

But wait... Auntie was kind enough to welcome him into her house, so shouldn't that mean he should thank her or something? Oh fuck, Katsuki is the worst at showing manners!

Goddammit Katsuki, don't lose your cool! This is basic etiquette! C'mon, I know you can do this!

With straightened arms that are just as rigid as his back, Bakugo turns to face Inko head-on, completely unknowing of the constipated facial expression he's wearing. With stiff and robotic movements, he slowly, slowly bends forward in the most polite bow he can muster. Once fully bent over, he manages to crank his arm straight ahead to present the almost forgotten crepe to her, and he just about smashes it in his grip in the process.

With eyes screwed shut, he clears his throat in preparation of finally mumbling his well thought-out greeting. "Erm...hi, Auntie. T-thank you for... y' know, having me..."

Hell yeah, fucking nailed it! A quiet sigh of relief exhales from his lungs.

At this moment, the blond teen is not the only one in the room who's sighing. If Katsuki wasn't still bent over, he'd be able to witness the way that his sincere attempt at showing manners to Inko has Deku completely and wholly enamored.

With his mouth slowly parting open, a silent gasp escapes Izuku's lips, and those freckled cheeks of his begin turning a pretty shade of pink. He brings a scarred hand to his chest, gripping the fabric of Katsuki's hoodie directly over his heart, and even tears are pricking the corners of his shining eyes.

Inko however, has a knuckle to her mouth in pure amusement, obviously trying to hold back laughter at the poor boy's pathetic attempt of being courteous.

"Oh my, aren't you just a sweetheart! And so polite, too!" She chirps, tacking on praise hidden with mirth that secretly translates to "Bless his poor heart". Regardless, she is truly appreciative and takes the offered treat, and his hand retreats back down.

Damn straight, I'm the politest motherfucker in town!

A cocksure smirk grows on Katsuki's face, because operation: not looking like a dumbass looks like it'll be a success! So, that means all should be smooth sailing from here on out. Maybe Katsuki's not so bad at this whole 'being polite' thing, after all.

So...when the hell do I stop bowing?

As if Bakugo's thoughts were read aloud, the love-sick Deku comes to his rescue by swooping in and winding an arm around his bicep to physically lift him up from the bow.

"Yes, he's been working very hard on his manners, haven't you Kacchan?" When the doting Deku addresses Katsuki, the blond's heart jumps at the unexpected sight of such a blushy, wobbly smiled nerd staring him in the face. And wait— is he seeing things, or have Deku's pupils transformed into hearts?

Damn, he must be really happy to see his mom today. Still— it's distracting, or rather... enchanting? Fuck, Katsuki doesn't know, but he can't look away, and the only thing he manages to say is, "Uh..."

The hand on his bicep is felt snaking downward, settling on lovingly caressing the entire length of his forearm, and now he's starting to feel a little hot. Bakugo's brain has momentarily stopped functioning, and he still can't look away from the nerd's eyes even with the knowledge of Auntie standing right there in front of them.

Of course, standing there isn't the only thing Inko's been doing. Those ever-calculating eyes of hers have been watching, not missing a single second of the way her son is rubbing on Katsuki while the boys are lost in each others' eyes.

An amused smile is starting to curve on her face, so she pivots on her heels to try and hide it. She folds her arms behind her back and slowly pads towards the living room.

"So, it's awfully cute the way you two are wearing matching outfits~..." She trails off with an odd lilt to her voice, and the question snaps the two away from each other and to her retreating form.

"Yeah, Kacchan's clothes are so comfy!" Is Izuku's only explanation before skipping behind his mother and dragging the dumb wide-eyed Katsuki along the way.

The faintest sound of Auntie laughing and saying "is that so?" can be heard, but Bakugo is unable to comprehend anything that's happening due to his still-fried brain. The explosive teen is just now registering that Deku has sat them down on the small loveseat while Inko takes the recliner adjacent to them.

With a pleased little sigh, Inko gets nice and comfortable in her chair by sitting cross-legged, and her son sitting on Katsuki's left mimics her actions. Bakugo takes a quick moment to flit his eyes around the room, and he's floored with how so little has changed over the years. This is a trip down memory lane like no other.

"I wasn't expecting company today, I'm sorry that the house is such a mess!" Inko says to the boys, motioning a hand around to the living room that doesn't look the least bit messy.

She then quickly places a hand over her mouth for a small gasp, "Oh, but please don't misunderstand, I'm very excited to see you two! It's really such a wonderful surprise!"

Now, she's clapping excitedly and bouncing in her seat. "I can't wait to catch up with you, Katsuki. You know, I've actually been thinking about you lately, and I can't believe you're all grown up now, so tall and handsome! It's lovely to see that you and Izuku are spending time together, and this is just—"

Honest to God, Katsuki is using every ounce of his willpower to try and follow Auntie's words as to not be rude, but he's having the most difficult time doing so. There are a lot of things going on right now; her hands are flying around animatedly, her facial expressions keep contorting into a dozen different ways, and the words that just keep on coming are so fast that his brain can't seem to keep up.

And then, Katsuki realizes it.

She's in a muttering fit. Just like Deku.

Holy shit.

Well, that explains why the words are going through one ear and out of the other. After all of these years with the shitnerd, his brain has conditioned itself to automatically tune out mumbling fits. Crimson eyes sneak a side glance at Izuku, and those giant eyes of his are glued to hers as he pays rapt attention to every word she spills.

All chatter suddenly stops, and Bakugo's attention is grabbed when Inko loudly clears her throat.

"I'm sorry, I was rambling, wasn't I?" She laughs self-consciously, hand placed behind her head with a sweatdrop. Well, at least she's able to recognize when she's doing it, unlike Izuku.

She starts up again, but normal this time. "So Katsuki, how has senior year been going for you so far?" It's an easy-going casual question, and yet Bakugo's heart rate is starting to anxiously quicken at the realization of oh shit, it's time to socialize.

The blond's posture sets stiff as a board, and those nervous hands of his begin digging fingers into the couch's fabric below.

Dammit, why is he so terrible at conversation?! Katsuki can laugh in the face of mortal danger on any given day, but throw him in a situation that involves small talk with an acquaintance and he shrivels up and dies.

Stop freaking out and say something you fucking moron! It's just Auntie, you grew up with her, remember? Hell, this lady's changed your diapers for crying out loud!

Okay, that's an embarrassing thought, and now he's feeling worse.

"Err..." Is his stupid-ass response, mouth left open while his mind draws into a blank. The heat of humiliation burns his cheeks as those questioning green eyes bore into him in await for an answer. Damn, looks like his plan of not acting like a dumbass has been flushed down the toilet.

A sudden warmth is felt on his hand, and the sensation pulls him away from his thoughts and back down to earth. Red eyes flit down to find that Deku's placed a hand atop his, and now those crooked fingers are slotting in between Katsuki's own, giving him comforting squeezes that easily say "Breathe, Kacchan."

With the message loud and clear, a breath of fresh air sucks into Katsuki's lungs, and he squeezes Deku's hand right back as he is so fucking thankful for the nerd's ability to read him like a book.

Loosening up considerably, Bakugo lets his legs spread a bit to sit back like a normal person, and he's now able to look into Auntie's eyes with renewed vigor for his answer. "S'been busy, and kind of a pain in the...uh, butt with the way the teachers have been cracking down hard on us for training. Nothin' I can't handle, though. But otherwise, it's goin' fine, I guess..."

Phew...that was hard as fuck.

Now that was a mouthful, and Katsuki even dodged a curse word! The blond gives himself a mental pat on the back, while Izuku next to him beams, looking so proud.

In lieu of answering right away, Inko just nods as her eyes slowly trail away from Katsuki's own to settle on the boys' hands that he has no idea are still laced together.

Quickly, they flit back up to his face before she responds with a smile. "That's good to hear, I'm glad it's going well for you. Are your parents doing alright? I admit, I feel a bit bad that I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to keep in touch with them."

Thankfully, Izuku is the one to pipe up and answer in his place. "Auntie and Uncle are doing great, we actually just visited them before coming here! Auntie made us some donburi for lunch, and it was so good that we ate way too much! I think that you and I should have dinner with them sometime and—"

Sometime during the muttering fit, Deku enthusiastically throws his hands up in the air, freeing Katsuki's hand that the blond still didn't realize was being held. Thoughtlessly, Bakugo places his arm along the top of the couch just behind Izuku's head and peers down at the chattering dork. Instead of trying to paying attention to the longwinded shitnerd, Katsuki opts to attempt on counting the freckles on his cheeks, because why the hell not?

It seems that Inko has tuned out Izuku's motormouth as well in favor of roaming her watchful eyes over the length of Katsuki's arm that lays around her son. Her sight now travels to Katsuki's face, really taking in the goofy smile that the blond unknowingly adorns as those carmine eyes intently drink up Izuku's facial features.

Freckle number sixteen is the last one Katsuki gets to tally up before Deku's turned to face him for the question that punctuates his rambling. "Isn't that right, Kacchan?"

The blond nods blankly, knowing fuck-all of what was just spoken to him and uses his never-failing default answer, "Sure."

The greenette smiles, seeming to be pleased with Bakugo's answer before turning back to Auntie. "Oh mom, before I forget! All Might wanted me to tell you that he'll be getting in contact with you very soon to discuss preparations for graduation, so just keep a lookout for his phone call."

Instantly she's perking up to give all of her undivided attention, and the slightest shade of pink tinges her cheeks, "R-really now?"

Deku nods, "Mhm, he also asked me if you'd been to that new coffee shop down the road, because he thought that maybe you'd like to meet up for the discussion. But I just told him that he'd have to ask you that himself." He says casually, feigning indifference with a bored shrug of his shoulders.

The words spoken seemed to have ruffled her feathers, because now she's getting all giggly and placing her hands on her cheeks bashfully.

"Oh! Well, I wouldn't want to miss a call from Toshinori, now would I?! Excuse me for a moment while I go grab my cell phone!" She squeaks excitedly while standing up from her chair to skip into her bedroom.

Once Inko is out of view, Deku leans into Katsuki's space and cups a hand over his mouth for a whisper. "My mom has a crush on All Might." He says before pulling away with a giddy little snicker.

With a smirk, Katsuki uses the hand placed on the couch to pull Deku's head in so he can deliver a whisper of his own. "Yeah, just like her stupid son." The blond jabs while playfully tugging a stray curl beneath his fingers.

The gasp of absolute horror that immediately comes from Deku's mouth is so loud that Katsuki swears all of the air in the room has just sucked up into the nerd's lungs.

"Kacchan!" He chides in a harsh whisper, pushing Katsuki's face away and looking scandalized beyond all belief while doing so.

The nerd is so offended that it looks like he's a hairbreadth away from literally exploding, and it is the best. The blond has to suck in his lips to keep himself from bursting at the seams in laughter from such a hilarious reaction.

"I can't believe you just said that! You're a terrible person!" Deku seethes quietly between grit teeth, narrowing his eyes at the blond and trembling in rage.

A sputter that couldn't be contained escapes between Katsuki's lips, "How am I the terrible one? You're the one that's the fuckin' fanboy around here!" He whisper-yells right back with the most amused smile he's probably ever had in his entire life.

The peeved boy points a scarred finger in Bakugo's face and threatens him with a growl under his breath, "You're a dead man, Kacchan!"

The smaller teen now begins to rear himself back in preparation to take some form of action, and the smug blond doesn't even move from his relaxed position as he is not intimidated in the least bit.

Just as Deku was about to lunge for his attack, the sound of Auntie's footsteps are heard pattering back in, so the greenette swiftly reverts back to his original position of sitting cross-legged. Not only that, he makes sure to put on a public display of affection by leaning against Katsuki's chest and snuggling his forehead under the blond's chin as if to say, "Look mom, aren't I so cute and innocent? I definitely wasn't just about to kill Kacchan!"

The blond purses his lips, eyes rolling and subtly shaking his head at this cheeky motherfucker. If they were anywhere else right now, you better believe Katsuki would have already pushed Deku onto the floor.

Seconds later, the smiley Inko returns to claim her spot back in the recliner, but when she notices how the boys are cuddled, her eyebrows lower just a tad. The smile on her face is still present, however, an unreadable glint is shining within in her eyes. She sits a bit straighter in her spot, green eyes intently flitting back and forth between the duo.

She clears her throat, "So, boys..." her tone is firm, yet gentle, "is there anything new going on that you'd like to tell me about...?" The tail end of the question is left open in the air, almost like she's fishing for something in particular, but fuck if Katsuki knows what.

Evidently, Izuku has no idea either. The green-haired teen places a hand on his chin with a pondering hum, and after a few moments, the nerd slaps a fist in his hand at his aha! moment.

"Oh, yeah! I can't believe I haven't told you yet!" Deku says eagerly, throwing an arm around Katsuki without warning and squeezing him tight.

"Kacchan and I..." he motions to himself and the expressionless blond, pausing his words as to build up the excitement, and Inko's eyes light up in pure engrossment as she awaits for the announcement.

"....we have a cat!" He finishes with a cheesy grin that screams TADA!

Why Auntie looks downright stupified at this is way beyond Katsuki.

"E-eh?" The tone of her voice definitely reflects her confusion, and now she's tilting her head and blinking non-stop. It almost appears that she had been expecting a completely different answer of some sort.

"Yeah, I'll show you!" Deku exclaims, hopping up from his spot next to the blond in favor of attempting to share the recliner with Auntie. It's a tight fit, but the nerd somehow squeezes that big ass of his in there without pushing her out.

Well, Deku's ass isn't huge or anything, but it is definitely on the bigger side, all thanks to that shoot-style. But unlike those thick thighs of his, Bakugo can tell that there's actually some fat in there with as round as those cheeks look. Hell, that's probably the only place on his entire muscular frame that holds any body fat.

A bead of sweat is starting to trickle down Katsuki's temple from the sudden temperature the air-conditioned living room, which is weird. They should get that checked out.

Anyway, it's not like Katsuki knows any of this because he checks Deku out or anything! It's just that the nerd's bubble butt can't be missed is all, especially when he's in his hero suit. Well, his school trousers also tend to fit a bit snug as well. Oh, and shorts are tight on him, too. And also—

"Oh my word, what a cutie pie!"

The sudden shrill that comes from Auntie startles Bakugo so much that all of the ass-related thoughts are instantly slapped out of his brain. And now he's feeling shameful, but why?! There isn't a reason to feel this way, because he was just thinking normal everyday thoughts...about her son's plump rear.

The two Midoriyas snuggled in the chair are cooing loudly at the cellphone that Deku has shoved in their faces. "I know, right?! Her name is Baby! Kacchan and I rescued her from the running trail yesterday. She's really sweet, and I love her so much already!"

"Wow, she's just the tiniest thing! Look at those gorgeous eyes, and that shiny fur coat! Did you make sure to plan a vet appointment? She'll need her shots, and to be checked for any parasites, and also—" Auntie's muttering again...

...and Deku's muttering right back, "Don't worry, Aizawa-sensei already has an appointment planned, and I gave her a flea bath today too, so at least she's clean right now. I read that in a few months I'll have to take her to get—"

Holy hell, a double dose of Midoriya mumbling is happening, this is real life! How long does this last? Does it ever actually come to an end? All Katsuki can do is watch the two go on and on with an involuntary twitch in his eyelid.

Sometime in the middle of the excitable chatter, Inko throws her hands up, "This reminds me, I've got to show you what I found in storage!" She hops out of the chair and motions Katsuki forward, "Come take a seat, honey. I think you'll want to see this, too!" and with that, she scurries off once again.

When the blond looks at Deku, the nerd is throwing a delightful grin his way while patting the now empty space next to him. What the hell, Bakugo's way bigger than Auntie, and if she barely fit with the way Deku's hogged all the space, then there's no way he's going to be able to!

But Auntie told him to take a seat, and he doesn't want to be rude by not doing what she says...

With a defeated sigh, the explosive boy stands up and trudges two large steps to the recliner, looming down over the smiling dork while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Move it, fatass." He commands, motioning his head to the side while wearing a highly unamused expression.

"Who, me?" The nerd asks coyly with a wink, making a show of turning on his side to flagrantly present his lower half up to Katsuki and giving his ass a little slap— and hello, that was not enticing at all, so whatever caused Bakugo's mouth to suddenly pool with saliva must have been completely unrelated to this.


Right. And now for whatever reason, Katsuki is feeling hot and flustered, which pisses him off. Guess it's time to take his frustrations out on the flirtatious shitnerd by aggressively manhandling him out of the way to make room.

Izuku squeaks with laughter as the blond wrangles him around, but otherwise lets Katsuki do as he pleases until the most comfortable position is achieved.

After a few moments of bubbly laughter and harsh grunts, they've finally situated themselves in a way that makes the most out of what little room they have. With the chair's recliner pulled out, Katsuki's sitting with legs spread and bent at the knee, while Deku's slotted in between his legs to rest his back against the blond's chest.

Izuku shimmies his way down to where the top of his head is right below Katsuki's chin, and he peers up at the blond with the biggest grin imaginable. This rotten nerd is so damn giggly right now too, no doubt loving the fact that he's allowed to lay all over Katsuki like this.

It's way too endearing, which is flustering Katsuki even more, so that means he has no choice but to murder the smile right off of that freckled mug.

With a furrowed scowl and soured lips, the blond brings his hands down to playfully pinch and stretch out Izuku's cheeks. "Oi, shaddup with that damn giggling, ya brat!", and oh those round cheeks underneath his fingers are so soft— which is an irrelevant observation, because it's not like somewhere deep in the back of his mind he wonders if Deku's other cheeks are just as soft.

"Never!" Izuku declares with giggles in defiance, wrapping his hands around Katsuki's wrists in a loose grip, and now the blond can't hold back his smile any longer. Fuck this idiotic nerd for being so freakin' cu—

"Sorry I took so long!" Uh-oh, Inko's trotting back in, which means it's time for Bakugo to play nice. In one swift movement, he removes the hands on Deku's face and drops them down to the chair's armrests.

At her arrival, she yet again makes a funny face at the boys, and Katsuki seriously has no idea what is up with that. She told him to take a seat, is he sitting wrong or something?

She gingerly places a small photo album into Deku's lap, and the freckled boy ooh's in interest before pulling his legs up to rest it against his thighs. Curiously, the blond leans forward a bit, burying his chin into green curls so he can take a look as well.

Once Auntie circles behind the chair to observe from beside Katsuki's head, Izuku flips the album open. The array of photos placed are all of Inko, starting as a baby and going up into middle school. Katsuki thinks it's interesting— in a weird sort of way— to see someone that you've viewed as an adult your whole life being at such a young age.

"Aww mom, look how cute you are!" Izuku points to a random photo of a candid shot where she has the biggest smile on her face and a few missing teeth. It's actually kind of a funny picture, because Katsuki has seen this very same smile on Deku. She seemed like a happy kid.

Turning the page, they're now into her highschool days, and boy there's a lot of pictures here. It looks like Inko did quite a bit of extracurricular activities, too. In one picture she's shown to be in a chess club, in another she's wearing a basketball jersey, and there are even pictures with her in a cheerleading outfit.

"Look, Katsuki," Auntie says, bringing a finger down to point at a picture below. When his sight follows, he finds a photo of his mother posing next to Inko in their school uniforms.

"That was our senior year in high school, we were your and Izuku's ages here." She comments fondly, and Bakugo can't help to smirk at his mom's very Katsuki-like behavior of smiling and flipping the camera off.

Deku turns his face to Katsuki, "Oh wow, Auntie looks completely identical to you!" He says in awe, and it's true— Mitsuki had her hair a lot shorter, making her straight-up look like his twin, "except with, know..." The nerd adds on, gesturing vaguely to his chest in an attempt to be modest.

Katsuki deadpans. Seriously, Deku?!

Whatever possessed this fucking idiot into thinking it was necessary to tack on that additional piece of information had earned him a chiding from his mother.


With bullets of sweat and a shameful blush, the green-haired boy's arms flail around wildly as he tries to defend himself, "I-I didn't mean anything bad by it, honest!"

The blond just shakes his head and rolls his eyes, because uhh no thank you.

Moving on past high school and graduation photos, they've now entered into the adulthood territory, which entails lots of pregnancy pictures of Auntie and his mom.

There are even a couple pictures of Bakugo's dad too, smiling like a big doofus while hugging his hugely pregnant mom. And, oh God no— there's a picture of a newborn Katsuki swaddled up in his mother's arms. The tiniest scowl is on his face, and there are three blond spikey sprigs on top of his head. Talk about embarrassing.

"Aww...Kacchan..." Izuku coos breathlessly, running his finger delicately over the picture like it's cute or some shit. Katsuki sneers, because it's not fucking cute at all. All newborn babies look like potatoes to him, and he's no exception to this.

Up next is Izuku's turn for newborn photos, and the dumb nerd "awws" at his own self! He's not cute, either. He's just a swaddled up ugly potato too, except with little green curls atop his head and a smile on his face.

Now it's the toddler stages, and of course, it's not just Deku in the pictures. Various photos show a little Katsuki and Izuku running around outside, making blanket forts, taking naps on the couch, and Bakugo's eyes widen because WHAT THE FUCK?!

Izuku must have found it too, because now the freckled boy has covered his face up with his hands in an attempt to conceal his searing blush. Auntie from behind is heard snickering under her breath.

Lo and behold, the picture before them is of Izuku and Katsuki as toddlers...taking a bath together. Both of them have their mouths wide open like they're babbling to one another, and each have an All Might toy in their hands.

That's not the worst part though, oh no. This is not a bubble bath they are taking, which means the water is clear, which also means that you can see everything...and now Katsuki's decided he's going to jump off a cliff to escape this traumatizing humiliation.

Deku flips the page over so fast that Katsuki swears he'd seen a little green lightning bolt in an indication that the nerd had used his quirk.

"Oh my God, mom! Why didn't you warn me about that?!" The crimson faced Izuku cries, jumping on his knees and turning his body around so he can glare daggers at his mother. Katsuki could see all of this happening too if Deku's chest wasn't the only thing in his view.

Now, she's full-on belly laughing, "I'm sorry, I must have forgotten all about that picture!" Yeah, she totally didn't forget.

After somewhat collecting his composure, Deku turns back around and plops back down with a huff, mumbling something incoherently under his breath about finding someone with a memory-erasing quirk.

Moving on yet again, all of the remaining pages they flip through seem to contain only pictures of Deku, starting from him being a tiny elementary schooler and ending up as the scrawny kid in middle school. The green-haired boy was mostly sporting some kind of All Might clothing or merchandise, regardless of what he was doing or where he was at. They say old habits die hard, but Katsuki has a feeling this particular habit won't actually ever die, fucking nerd.

Upon taking a closer look at each of the photos displayed, Katsuki takes notice of something.

Even though the boy is smiling brightly in just about every picture, something lies hidden behind Izuku's eyes. It's a clouding of darkness that not even the brightest of his smiles can conceal, and it seems to get progressively worse as the boy matures over the years.

Bakugo knows exactly what it is.

Heartache, despondency— these are the waves of emotions reflecting within those emerald pools, and a physical ache constricts the blond's chest at seeing it so blatantly apparent.

It's obvious that the news of being diagnosed year after year of being quirkless is what's whittled Izuku's heart down. A fate such as this had stolen away the very happiness that could have been all his. All of Izuku's heroic hopes and dreams that he held onto tightly had slipped right through his fingers, and it didn't help that Katsuki teased him relentlessly about it either. Thankfully, this all worked out in the end with Deku being All Might's successor.

Call it a hunch, but Katsuki can't help to feel there's another contribution to Izuku's childhood pain. But... what could it be?

And then, something suddenly clicks within Katsuki's mind, and he can't believe he hadn't thought about this beforehand.

In not a single one of these photos had Deku's dad been present.

Izuku doesn't talk about his dad, ever. What even is the guy's name, Hisashi, maybe? He's heard the name slip through in his parents' conversations once in a while, but other than that, Katsuki knows nothing of the man except that he just up and left years ago.

He can't help to wonder how it's impacted Izuku. Would he have been a different person if he had the support of a male figure in his life? Or, more importantly...

Does Deku feel...unloved?

To have the knowledge of your own father caring so little for you that he just walks out of your life is...unfathomable, and that fucking hurts.

A white-hot rage is now boiling every ounce of Katsuki's blood at the mere thought, and he instinctively tightens his legs around Izuku's own.

How can that guy just abandon his family like that?! That asshole can go fuck himself, 'cuz Auntie and Deku have been perfectly fine without him. Deku's already ten times the man that prick would ever be!

Katsuki means every one of those words, because it's the damn truth. Izuku is the most caring, gentle soul that Bakugo's ever met, and he'd never, ever abandon his loved ones as his father did, no matter the circumstance.

It's not fair that Izuku had to endure loneliness in this way, and Katsuki also finds it unfair that he isn't even able to relate to Deku in this. With how loving and supporting Bakugo's parents are, he can't even imagine what it'd feel like to not have his dad around, and now he's suddenly feeling a lot more thankful for his parents.

If Deku feels uncared for— well, then Katsuki's going to make damn sure that he'll never feel this way ever again. Oh yeah, he's gonna show so much care that the nerd will be shitting rainbows by the time Bakugo's done with him!

"That was really nice!" The cheery chirp from Izuku snaps the blond back to reality, and now he's shutting the album closed and handing it back to his mother. Had Katsuki really been lost in his thoughts for so long that he missed out on the rest of this?

Inko circles back to the front of the chair to face the boys, "Mhm, I thought you'd enjoy it," she says, hugging the album against her chest with a fond sigh. "My goodness, I was in tears last night when I looked through it. I just can't believe my baby boy is all grown up now!"

That warm smile of hers only lasts for a moment before it turns wobbly, and before anyone can stop it, big fat tears are falling from those shiny eyes. Oh shit.

Izuku immediately stands up from his spot to pull her into a hug, "Mom..." He soothes, cradling her small form while rocking her back and forth in gentle motions.

After a few moments of Deku murmuring comforting croons to his mother, a sniffle is heard coming from his nose, and Bakugo's eyes widen, knowing full well of what's coming.

It all happens so fast.

Izuku tosses his head back, and literal waterfalls of tears blast from his eyes, "M-mommm!! I l-love you s-so much!" he warbles loudly, gripping Auntie even tighter as his tears almost reach the ceiling, "Don't w-worry, I'll a-always be your b-baby!" Now, his gentle rocking motions have turned rather aggressive, and the poor lady is basically getting flung around.

And just like a domino effect, waterfalls shoot from Auntie's eyes too while she wails in return, "I-I love you t-too, honey! You're the best son anyone could ever ask for!!"

Katsuki's eyes blow even wider, totally gobsmacked at the scene of the two bawling Midoriyas before him creating a fountain of tears. It's almost impressive— but at this rate, he fears the living room will flood, so the blond grips the chair's armrests in hope to stay afloat in such an event.

Sometime in the midst of the bawlfest, Auntie lifts her sad blubbering face away from Izuku to peek at the blond, "K-Katsuki, s-sweetheart, you're my b-baby too, come here!" she hiccups, opening an arm out, and oh shit she's beckoning him in to join the hug!

Fuck fuck fuck!!

Instant panic washes over his features, and alarms begin screeching in every corner of his brain because physical affection is requested of him! And it's from Auntie of all people, which means he doesn't have the heart to deny her!

But he's so ridiculously bad at this kind of thing!

Dammit, he has to do it. He sucks in a quick breath and gives himself a second of much needed internal motivation.

Don't be a rude-ass douchebag! It's just a hug for fucks sake, you're acting like a coward! C'mon, show Auntie you care!

Alright, time to man the fuck up and hug the shit out of these sad Midoriyas.

With somewhat renewed vigor, the blond stands tall from his chair and rolls his shoulders for physical preparation. His limbs feel like jelly, and his heart is starting to pound, but like hell he's going to let his nerves get to him!

You can fucking do this!

In one fell swoop, Bakugo steps forward, screws his eyes shut, encircles his shaking arms around the two, and ungracefully pulls them into his chest for a surprisingly tight embrace.

OH FUCK he's hugging them! Sure, he may be trembling, literally melting from a scorching blush, and sweating so profusely that he may blow the apartment into smithereens, but he's doing it!

As if the feat itself wasn't amazing enough, the crying has now stopped just as fast as it came. Not even a hiccup or sniffle remains, and Bakugo's eyes snap wide open in total shock.

I...I did it, holy shit...

Now that the hardest part is over, Bakugo's able to rationalize with himself and admit that— okay, maybe this wasn't so bad. In fact, it was actually kind of...nice? Minus the fact that his tank top is now soaking wet.

Seconds later, Inko wiggles herself free, but Deku remains attached in allowance for a split second to tiptoe and bring his mouth up to the blond's ear.

"Good job..." the warm whisper is tender and so full of affection. Of course, Izuku knew that this was a struggle for Katsuki, and his heart roars to life from the praise.

The urge to squeeze Deku tightly in the embrace is strong, but his chance never comes as the freckled boy is already stepping down to separate. Both he and Auntie are all smiles now, while Katsuki's trying to recover from the adrenaline rush that just whipped him around.

Inko places a finger under her eye to wipe away a lingering tear. "Goodness, my emotions got the best of me for a moment there," she chuckles bashfully, "but now I'm feeling much better! Thank you, boys!" and with that, she ambles on out to return the album to her bedroom.

After one last breath expels from Katsuki's lungs, he's finally feeling right as rain again. Phew, these Midoriya mood swings are a wild ride, that's for damn sure.

A hollar is heard from the room next door, "Izuku dear, I found some of your old notebooks in storage as well. I put them on your computer desk, so make sure to go through them and let me know if you want to keep any!"

Izuku lights up in interest and yells back, "Okay, thanks!" Then, he beckons his head towards his bedroom, "C'mon Kacchan," and the blond silently obeys and follows in tow.


Upon entering Deku's bedroom, Katsuki is absolutely blown away when he finds that nothing's changed in the slightest after all of these years.

The bed, still adorned by a blue comforter set, is tucked away in the left corner. Directly next to it is the computer desk, void of a laptop now and replaced with various notebooks, and the same bookshelf stands on the opposite side of the room. Even a few All Might posters are still lined up the walls.

A swift wave of nostalgia pummels straight into Katsuki, knocking him back so hard that he's instantly transported into the past.

The time he's placed into is one where responsibilities don't exist, and warm sleepovers are replaced in their stead. This was a time reserved solely for blanket forts, pillow fights, and conversations of heroic aspirations. Katsuki swears that the whispers they shared underneath the covers can still be heard, and tendrils of warmth curl all around his heart.

It's unexplainable, but to Katsuki, this kind of feels like... he's right at home.

Stepping right next to Katsuki, Deku chuckles and shoulder checks him, "Been a long time, huh?" His words prove that he too, is on the same train of thought, and the blond's unable to respond as he is still re-living in the past.

Smiling to himself, Izuku huffs a gentle exhale and makes his way over to the computer desk to start sorting through his things. As the freckled boy sits in the chair, Katsuki decides to finally unglue his feet from the center of the room and saunter to the bed.

Since Bakugo's feeling right at home, he might as well make it known by taking it upon himself by laying down and getting himself cozy. When his head hits Izuku's pillow, he can't help but bury his face into the softness for a quick sniff. Fuck, it smells so good.

After his secret sniff, he rolls onto his back, places his hands beneath his head, and just basks in relaxation.

A calm ambiance sweeps over, leaving the boys to be surrounded in peaceful silence, save for the sounds of Deku flipping through pages of old notebooks.

Quiet times— Katsuki loves them. Today has been a hell of a day so far, emotionally speaking, so this silence is just what he needs to recharge. Red eyes flicker above, mindlessly making shapes into the popcorn ceiling as he replays over the day's events.

It's been...a really nice day. It sure didn't seem that way at the start, though. Relief floods Katsuki as he realizes that all of the fears he had this morning were for naught. Things haven't been awkward in the slightest, in fact, it's actually been quite the opposite. Sure, he may have had an internal meltdown upon seeing Deku is his clothes...but he's tired, okay? He's got a few screws loose from lack of sleep, sue him.

What's really great too is that there hasn't been an ounce of sexual strain, either. Not even earlier's moaning situation— because as far as he's concerned, that didn't happen since he's already buried that memory away. So all in all, he's had a good time with the nerd so far.

Something soft brushes against Katsuki's jaw.

Pulled from his thoughts, he quickly flits his eyes down and finds the source to be the backside of Izuku's fingers gliding across his skin, and the tempo of his heart instantly accelerates.

When the blond tilts his head in Deku's direction, he's met with a freckled face donned with a smile so comforting that it miraculously subdues his hummingbird heart. Belatedly, he realizes that Izuku has stopped his tasks in favor of leaning over in his chair to focus all of his attention on Katsuki.

Crimson and emerald eyes are locked together, irises slightly moving as they search deep, and they stay like this for who knows how long.

Bakugo hasn't a clue on what they're even doing right now, or why Deku is touching him like this. Thinking about it, he realizes that the green-haired boy has been quite touchy lately...

But then again, he supposes that he too has been a little more on the touchy side.

Regardless, his heart is swelling up. He's really, really enjoying this attention, and he opts in remaining quiet so the message that Izuku may do as he pleases comes across. Of course, it's received, and Deku takes the invitation by sliding his hand up from Katsuki's cheek and up into his spikes.

The blond's eyelashes flutter at the wonderful sensations. Those fingernails grazing against his scalp laps waves of shivers throughout his entire being, and goosebumps raise along the expansion of his skin from such a touch.

Izuku takes notice of the way the blond's body is naturally responding to his ministrations, and he lets out a soft laugh.

"Lean up for me?" Deku requests gently, pulling his hand away from Katsuki's head to motion him forward.

Too relaxed to resist— not that he was going to anyway— Bakugo grunts and lifts up to lean on his elbows, freeing up room behind his head, and Izuku slides right into the open spot.

The greenette sits cross-legged, places a pillow on his lap, and pats down gently for Katsuki's signal to lay back down.

Once that blond spiky head lands on the pillow, he peers to the upside-down face of the smiling Deku above, and even Katsuki is sporting a smile himself. Forest green eyes sparkle in endearment, and he silently begins lowering both hands down onto Bakugo's temples.

Izuku's hands go to work on him, and Katsuki melts.

Those scarred fingers are absolutely perfect. They trace his skin with the utmost precision, almost as if these hands were made just for touching Katsuki. Soft fingertips smooth over spots that he had no idea were sensitive, discovering areas that hadn't been touched by another before. They sweep underneath his chin, sliding their way around his jawbone, and even ghost along his ears. Bakugo just about dies when Izuku slides his hands down underneath the straps of his tank top to knead the tense muscles of his shoulders.

Fuck... so good...

The explosive boy lays basically lifeless, arms and legs unceremoniously spread out— this must've been what Deku was feeling when Katsuki rubbed him earlier. He's more than thankful at the green-haired man's decision to return the favor.

The physical aspect of this isn't the only thing that feels amazing. On an emotional level, Katsuki has never been so disarmed. Being handled with care like this is...something special, something he didn't know he needed.

No one's ever done anything like this before.

This is the most intimate experience he's ever had, and it's doing things to Bakugo, things that he doesn't understand. It's hard for him to put into words, but Deku is making him feel like he's...important, on the deepest of emotional levels. Every touch that Izuku serves cracks his hard exterior, prying his heart open and exposing his very soul to the boy above.

Surprisingly, he's not scared of such foreign feelings right now, because he feels safe, and maybe a little punch-drunk.

Regardless, he wholly trusts Izuku.

Eventually, Deku's hands make their way back up into his spikes, fingernails smoothing circles upon the crown of his head, and Katsuki shivers once again. Like earlier, Deku responds with a giggle, but the blond is way too blissed out to care, and the only thing he's capable of doing is bringing his half-lidded eyes up to look at the boy above.

"You look tired." Izuku murmurs, already looking at down at him, voice soft-spoken and so full of fondness.

"'Cuz I am." Don't stop touching me.

Another laugh comes from the greenette, "Take a nap, then. I'll wake you up when I'm done."

Katsuki responds with a snort and disapproving head shake, "Shit, that's the worst thing that could happen right now."

Bakugo didn't catch his slip up.

Izuku arches a brow with an odd face, "Huh? Why?"

"Because—" he stops himself, now finally catching it, and all previous relaxation disappears as anxiety blows out every vein in his body.


The lungs in the blond's body stop functioning.

Because if I do, I'll be dreaming about pounding that sweet ass of yours into the mattress.

OH, FUCK! The unbidden thought scorches Katsuki's face in a blush so hot that it literally sizzles his flesh.

What was all of that nonsense earlier about not having any sexual strain?

In a flash, he scrambles up and away from Deku, sitting at the end of the bed with his legs scrunched up to his chest. He twists his head over his shoulder just so he can scream, "None of your business, fucking stupid-ass bitchfaced nerd!", but then turns his face forward again.

An exasperated sigh from behind is heard, "Geeze Kacchan, you're such a drama queen."

The blond just grumbles in return of the insult, not daring to face Deku until his flushed face cools down.

Moments later, Katsuki jumps when strong thighs pretzel around his body, and ankles are crossed over the front of his scrunched legs to lock him in tight.

"What the—!" before he can register it, Izuku's used the power of his legs alone to toss Katsuki into the floor like he weighs nothing at all.

Now realizing what's happened, he shakes the stars out of his vision and contorts his face in demonic anger. "You asshole! What the FUCK was that for?!"

The freckled idiot falls backwards onto the bed and rolls around, completely beside himself in cackling laughter. "That was payback for saying I have a crush All Might!" He wheezes while pointing a finger off of the bed and towards Katsuki's face.

Literally, fuck everything Bakugo thought earlier about Deku doing things to him, because right now the only thing he wants to do is murder this nerd on the spot!


Izuku shrieks like a little girl when Katsuki jumps off the floor and tackles him.


Once the bedroom brawl comes to an end, the boys decide that they are ready to head back to the dorms.

When the two exit the room and approach Auntie for goodbyes, her eyes blow wide and she almost falls out of the recliner in pure shock from seeing how beat up they look.

"W-what happened?! Is everything okay?!" She shrieks, jumping up from her spot to flail in panicked circles around the duo.

Izuku beams brightly, "Oh yeah! We were just playing around in there." He giggles, giving Katsuki a smug side-eye because he ended up kicking the blond's ass pretty hard.

With a scoff, Bakugo rolls his eyes in return, but then smirks because it was all in good fun.

Inko sighs loudly and slouches in deflation. "I swear, you boys are going to give me a heart attack," she scolds gently, patting them both down to fix their clothes and mussed up hair. Once she's satisfied with her work, she steps back and crosses her arms with a little pout. It's such a Deku looking pout, too.

Izuku leans down and pulls her into a hug, "Kacchan and I do this kind of thing all the time," he separates with a smile, still holding her in his arms, "we'd never really hurt each other, so don't worry."

Katsuki nods in agreement. Damn straight.

Her pout morphs into a smile, and she fondly rolls her eyes while tucking a stray curl behind his ear. "I know honey, I just wish you weren't so rough with poor Katsuki." She finishes by turning towards the blond and giving him a worried expression.

The fuck?!

The blond jostles at her genuine comment, truly not realizing how much more battered he looks than Izuku, and the freckled boy sucks in his face to hold back laughter.

After feigning a cough to cover his snicker, Izuku speaks up again. "I know, sorry. But hey, I think we're gonna head out now. It's getting kind of late and we're both pretty tired. But it's been really nice visiting!" She oofs as he unexpectedly pulls her into his chest for yet another hug.

"Okay hun, let me walk you two out." She muffles with a face squished in pectorals, and Deku takes it upon himself to just lift her up himself and walk to the door.

After finally dropping her down, she smiles up sweetly at the duo. "Alright boys, you be safe."

When they both nod, she turns to Deku and yet again hugs him, "Text me when you make it back to the dorms, okay?"

"Of course." He squeezes her back with the biggest of smiles on his face, and then she gives him a kiss on his cheek at their separation.

Turning to Bakugo, she gives him a gentle smile. "Katsuki, I'm so glad you came by," and before he knew what's even happened, she's pulled him down into a hug, too.

Though he's already hugged her once today, he's still embarrassed as fuck and can't help the blush that lines his cheeks. But still, he's not going to deny her, so he very steadily lowers his arms down and gingerly wraps them around her small form. Somewhere in the background, Izuku almost faints from the sight.

As they pull away, she lovingly strokes his spikes. "I love you, honey. You be good, okay?" And without warning, she pulls him down to plant a kiss on his forehead.

Being totally caught off guard, Katsuki involuntarily bristles at the motherly affections and flushes even more. He clears his throat and stares at the ground when she pulls away, really struggling to give a response.

Thankfully he doesn't have to, because Deku comes to the rescue and answers for him. "We love you too, and we'll be good. Promise."

With one last smile from Auntie, she waves the two goodbye as Izuku opens the door, "Okay boys! Have a good night!"

After returned waves and goodbyes, they finally exit and begin their trek back to the dorms.


"Ngnh..." Katsuki groans in exhaustion as he flops face-first onto his bed.

After the boys made it back to the dorms and went their separate ways, the blond was quick to hop in the shower and get ready for bed. He didn't even bother to put on pajamas; he just threw on a pair of boxers and called it good.

Tired as hell, Bakugo manages to crawl himself up and shimmy down into the covers before clicking off his bedside lamp.

A content sigh expels from his nose, happy to be in his bed, and he starts getting himself nice and comfortable.

When his head lands on the pillow, instead of the dark ceiling above, he imagines Deku's upside-down smiling face hovering over him— just like earlier. The hairs on his neck stand on one end as the ghost of Izuku's touches still light up his skin, and warmth rapidly invades his chest.


Wouldn't it be nice if he were here right now?

Katsuki gulps, and then rolls over on his side to stare at the empty space between himself and the wall.

Now that was an odd thought. But then again, Bakugo is feeling a little weird right now. It's a strange feeling, one that's quite difficult to pinpoint.

There's a pang of something deep in his heart. It's an ache— a sweet ache, one that's left him feeling fulfilled and yet... empty?

It's almost like he, dare he say it...

...misses Deku.

Katsuki jolts at such a ludicrous thought, instantly pissed off.

I don't miss that dumb shitnerd! I'm...just not done wanting to hang out, that's all!

All huffy and puffy now, the blond aggressively flops on his other side to stare at his cellphone that sits on the nightstand.

Squinting his eyes at the device, he furrows his brows in thought, inwardly groaning as a desire to do something really stupid starts taking over his mind.

The longer he stares at the blacklit time of 10:00pm displayed on the screen, the longer this strange desire festers. It pokes incessantly at him as it grows larger and larger, not leaving him alone until it's too much to bear.

Soon enough, he gives in.

Snatching up his phone from the nightstand, he quickly opens up his text messages to Deku and lets his thumbs go to work.

Me: Its late as hell. You better be in bed you stupid bitch.

After hitting send, a nice little swirl of comfort warms him up, and he sighs gently in relief at his successful attempt at saying goodnight.

With a smirk and a pleased nod, he locks his phone and places it back on the nightstand, but is quick to instantly snatch it back up when it dings.

Stupid Deku: Goodnight to you too, Kacchan. I had a really great time with you today, and I hope we get to do it again soon. Sleep well. :)

A strange feeling of giddiness overtakes Katsuki from the response, and he can't help but smile like a damn idiot about it.

Ironically, with the way Izuku is currently on Katsuki's mind right now, he completely forgets about the fear of having Deku-induced dreams, and slumber easily takes over him.


The loudest, and most irritated sigh grates out of Katsuki's throat.

If there is one thing anyone knows about Bakugo Katsuki, it's that the man doesn't pout, ever. And, he most certainly does not throw fits under any circumstances.

But right now...he may be acting out just a little bit, to say the least.

The reason being? Well, for starters, Auntie has yet again sent the two off to Deku's bedroom so the nerd could go through his storage notebooks.

However, this isn't an issue at all.

What is an issue is that the blond has been laying on Deku's bed, arms crossed behind his head, and staring at the ceiling while he waits for the freckled freak to finish up.

Doesn't sound like too big of a deal, right?


The damn dork is taking forever this time around. Not only is he taking a literal eternity, but he's not paying Katsuki any mind at all, and the blond does not appreciate this lack of attention whatsoever.

With a blatant harrumph, the explosive teen leans up on his elbows and snaps his head towards the busybody Izuku sitting at his computer desk. The freckled boy is hunched over, nose stuck deep in a notebook while those green eyes skim over the paper before him.

The frowning lips on Bakugo's face morph into a sour pucker, and his eyes narrow in vexation at such an atrocious scene before him.

Just look at him— Midoriya fucking Izuku— reading, occasionally licking his fingers to turn pages, and ignoring Bakugo like he doesn't even exist!

Tch, see if I ever buy you any crepes again!

(He would.)

Since his "so-called" childhood best friend is acting like Katsuki isn't sitting just a few feet away from him, the blond takes the liberty of obnoxiously flopping down onto his stomach and stuffing his face into the pillow.

He inhales the deepest of breaths while burying his face even further into the fluffy softness. Fuck, it smells just like Deku, so fucking good. If the nerd would just hurry up and get his stupid ass over here, then Bakugo would be sniffing the real Deku instead of his pillows!

Okay, so maybe Katsuki is throwing a huge bitch fit. But, how could he not?

See, Katsuki's whole problem with this situation is that Deku should have been on the bed by now to shower him with affection. He specifically remembers it happening this way earlier in the day; they go in the room, Katsuki lays on the bed while Deku sits at the desk, and then BAM— he's getting the most loving head rub in existence.

But no, the shitnerd is obviously way too busy for him.

Psh, whatever. Who needs sweet smiles, gentle laughter, and tender touches anyway? much longer do I gotta stay here and wait?

A cough from Izuku is heard, and the blond flips himself in that direction so fast that he almost gets whiplash. Crimson eyes widen in excitement when he sees the boy scoot back in his seat and set the notebook down.

Fucking finally!

The nerd arches his back for a stretch, rolls the way too long black hoodie sleeves up his arms...and then rests his head against his palm to resume reading.

ARGH! Goddammit!

All huffy and puffy now, the blond decides to make a racket when he changes positions in hopes that Izuku will look over.

Sitting up, he throws the pillow on the floor before scooting his butt backwards, loudly making it known to the world when his back none too-gently leans against the headboard.

Nothing— not even a single glance is thrown the blond's way! Grumbling, Katsuki bends his legs up folds his arms over his knees to simultaneously brainstorm and sulk.

Up until this point, being subtle has been a complete and utter failure for Bakugo, so now it's time to whip out the big guns. He didn't want to resort to this, but desperate times call for desperate measures— and right now he's desperate as hell for some nerdy lovins.

A basic and direct verbal approach is in order.

"Deku," Katsuki grunts out, heart rate immediately skyrocketing in excitement when the freckled boy turns those bright, questioning eyes to him.


Ah yes, there's that curly-haired cutie's face.

Like a flip has been switched, all is right in Katsuki's world now, and a cocksure smirk curls up on his face at the attention received.

"C'mere, baby." Bakugo purrs, beckoning Izuku forward with his finger while throwing out the sultriest of come-hither looks.

Seeing the way Deku is quick to fall into his seductive lure fills Katsuki to the brim with all kinds of feelings— mostly ooey-gooey fuzzy ones.

When the greenette gets on the bed, he crawls his way over and plants himself directly in front of Katsuki's spread legs.

"Hi, Kacchan." He greets with a smile, sitting up on his knees and tilting his head all cute and curious-like.

You're all mine now.

"Hey, nerd." The blond answers coolly, even though his heart completely swollen in elation at their proximity. Not another second passes before he's reaching his arms out to pull Deku in for a much-too-long awaited kiss.

Both men flutter their eyes shut, and Katsuki happily sighs into Izuku's mouth as he buries his hands into those wild curls. Deku kisses in return, cupping a scarred hand over Bakugo's cheek while the other rests flat against the expansion of his broad chest.

Yes, this is just what he's wanted. Don't get him wrong, the head rub he was expecting would have been great, but getting lost in Izuku's lips is a much sweeter deal.

Snaking one arm down to Deku's back, he pulls the smaller teen even closer into his body and holds on tightly, never wanting to let go. Their lips are moving against one another oh so slowly, both savoring every moment as their soft smacking rings through the air.

Not long after, Katsuki's deepening the kiss by turning his head and swirling his tongue inside of Deku's mouth, and he absolutely cannot help the way he groans in delight when he feels the reciprocating tongue circling all over his own.

After quite some time passes into their lengthy makeout session, Izuku is the first to pull back, and Katsuki furrows his brows into a pout at the separation.

"Oi, where you goin'? M'not done," he whines, pulling Deku back in and diving his tongue deep. The greenette laughs against his lips before wrapping his arms around the blond's neck and eagerly tonguing right back.

"Mmph, Kacchan's needy today." He muffles in between their fervent lip-locking, and Katsuki hums an mhm inside of the green-haired boy's mouth.

Eventually, Bakugo does pull himself away to respond with kiss swollen lips, "Fuck yeah, I'm needy as hell. How can I not be? You're driving me wild, lookin' so goddamn sexy dressed up like this." He rasps, roaming his predacious eyes all over Deku's body that's head to toe in his clothes.

When the blond flicks his gaze back up into Izuku's face, he finds that the freckled boy is absolutely glowing as he preens from the praise.

Deku, the coy fucker, pooches out his lips and flutters his eyelashes up at the blond, "Kacchan thinks I'm sexy?" He punctuates his cuteness by winding his finger around a stray green curl all innocent-like.

The green-haired man knows full well that he's fucking gorgeous; he just wants to hear Bakugo say it again. And Katsuki will, because nothing turns him on more than a sassy nerd.

A wicked grin curves up on the blond's face.

"'Course I do, fucking brat." He pauses, mimicking Deku by sitting up on his knees and looming himself over the boy, "Got a lot of nerve ya know, bein' all cheeky and shit..." trailing off, he places his hands onto the greenette's back and slowly inches them downward.

Once they slide over the swell of his ass, Katsuki greedily squeezes handfuls of those perfectly plump cheeks before growling darkly, "What am I gonna do with this naughty little ass of yours, huh?" The heated question promises the dirtiest of things, if Izuku is willing to allow it.

With a smirk, Izuku unwraps his arms from the blond's neck in favor of tapping his chin questioningly and pointedly looking away.

"Hmm, I dunno..." Deku shrugs leisurely, "...but, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're the naughty one around here." He taunts provocatively, trailing his eyes down to Katsuki's fully apparent arousal tenting his sweatpants.

Without an ounce of heat in his words, the blond retaliates with a grit out snarl, "Tch, fuck you."

Standing taller on his knees, the green-haired boy brings a hot mouth to Bakugo's ear, "Mmm, you promise?" He husks, and Katsuki gasps when he feels nimble fingertips pet along his clothed shaft teasingly.

Such delicate touches coupled with the flirty invitation runs scorching hot blood through Bakugo's veins, causing his cock to pulsate and leak profusely beneath Izuku's hands.

The freckled teen giggles, and then removes his hands from the blond in favor of folding them behind his back while smiling innocently. When Deku sits back down, Bakugo notices that he too is sporting a lengthy hard-on underneath those baggy sweats.

Oh, he's going to fuck the living daylights out of this nerd— but not yet, because Katsuki's just thought of something amazing.

"Hell yeah, baby..." Katsuki groans, pressing a palm down against his straining erection for a bit of relief, squeezing out another dribble of precum, "But, I'm thinkin' that a tease such as yourself oughta work for my cock, so why don't you give me a little show, yeah?" He licks his teeth hungrily before making a twirling motion with his finger.

A thrilling sparkle shines behind Izuku's eyes, because he knows exactly what the blond wants, and he's more than ready to deliver.

"Anything for my Kacchan..." He utters breathlessly, and the blond shudders at the sense of ownership.

That's right, I'm your Kacchan.

Still on his knees, Izuku scoots back a couple of feet on the bed to allow Bakugo a full view of the striptease he's about to perform.

The nerd hasn't even begun yet and every single nerve ending in Katsuki's body is starting to combust from sheer excitement. Though he's pent up as hell, the blond somehow manages to get himself in a comfortable position by sitting cross-legged.

With a sharp emerald gaze locked onto Katsuki, Izuku starts the show by crossing his arms down and gripping the hem of his hoodie, throwing the sexiest of smiles his way. As he begins lifting the garment up, he takes his sweet time doing so, winding his torso in tantalizing circles for the entire duration. Just before it's completely lifted from his body, the freckled boy lightly tosses his head around, making a display of flipping his bouncy curls before dropping the hoodie off of the bed.

This is maddening, and Deku's only removed his hoodie! Katsuki is eating his fucking words right now, because there's a high probability that he's going to blow his load without even being touched.

Deku doesn't waste any time in continuing his performance. After licking his lips seductively, he goes to work on his shirt— Katsuki's favorite shirt— by repeating the same action of gyrating his body as it's slowly lifted up. Inch by inch, that toned freckled body is getting exposed, and the blond discovers that the waistband on those pants hang dangerously low. Bakugo's not sure what's more distracting— the perfect V-cut of Izuku's stomach, or the way his hard cock right below bobs with every fluid movement.

At this point, Katsuki is physically vibrating with desire, and he has to bruisingly grip his thighs in order to prevent himself from jumping Deku's bones. His heavy cock twitches needily, now spilling an alarming amount of precum and causing the dampness in his pants to quickly expand.

Still, the shirt steadily lifts on up, but it's stopped before getting too high. Rather than removing the garment, Izuku opts to grip the fabric in between his teeth, freeing up his hands and proudly displaying his bare chest. As if that wasn't sexy enough, he places his scarred hands upon himself and begins rubbing them invitingly up and down his body, all while spreading his stance and slowly rotating his hips.

Katsuki fucking salivates at such a delicious sight, and his eyes follow the hypnotic figure 8 patterns Izuku's hips keep making. Holy shit, if he had any money on him, you better believe he'd be throwing it at the man in front of him like they're at some kind of strip club instead of the nerd's bedroom.

Bakugo takes a moment to travel his gaze away from Izuku's body and up to his face, and what he finds is just as beautiful. Those freckled cheeks are completely flushed from arousal, and his viridian eyes are hooded down with a heavy clouding of lust that says I'm all yours, Daddy Kacchan.

When he roams his eyes back down to his body, Izuku begins to glide his fingers along his dusky nipples. Delicately, he circles his fingertips around those perky buds, and then begins tweaking them in between his fingers. With the way he's lolling his head to the side and folding his brows down, it would appear that Izuku's not being gentle, either.

Loving the delicious sting he inflicts upon himself, the freckled boy moans loudly in pleasure, causing the shirt to fall away from his wide-open mouth. Leaving one hand to continue pinching his nipple, Deku slides the other southward until it smoothes down the erection over his pants.

Izuku's knees are spreading out even more, allowing his back to arch beautifully, and the scarred hand loosely gripping his cock is visibly tightening. In a shameless display of erotic obscenity, Deku begins pleasuring himself by rhythmically pumping his shaft over the fabric of his pants. To top it all off, he throws his head back and sighs out a breathy moan, "Ahnn... touch me, Kacchan..."

It's at this moment that Katsuki fucking loses it.

In an adrenaline-fueled frenzy, the blond immediately pounces and tackles the sexy nerd down in preparation to eat him alive.

Izuku gasps delightfully when his back hits the soft bed, and he's instantly starting to beg for it.

"Yes, Kacchan! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!! "

Right before Katsuki gets a chance to yank Izuku's pants down, the screeching sound of his phone alarm wakes him up.

Enraged, mortified, and extremely horny, he slams his hand onto the bedside table and launches his phone straight across the bedroom, and he then proceeds to stuff a pillow over his face to muffle his furious screams of "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!"

Chapter Text


That's the guttural sound of a frustrated, strangled whine grating its way out of Katsuki's throat.

Truly, it was quite the pitiful noise, but right now he's feeling so miserable that it just couldn't be helped.

At least no one was around to hear it since he's currently the only one occupying the communal laundry room. Thank fuck for that too, because the last thing he wants is for anyone to see how uncharacteristically pathetic he looks.

In his chair that's leaned against the wall, Bakugo sits slumped back while his arms dangle down uselessly on each side. No amount of shifting around has been able to alleviate the pressure digging into his tailbone, so he gave up long ago on trying to get comfortable in his seat. Not only is it rock hard, but it's freezing too, nipping at the exposed skin of his thighs any time his shorts ride up. You'd think a school as prestigious as UA would've invested in chairs that aren't plastic, but what does Katsuki know?

The artificial lighting from the florescent bulbs above drag black shadows of bags under his eyes, completing his zombified look of appearing visibly defeated.

Rows of industrial-sized driers are lined up on the opposite wall, but the only one in use is sitting directly across from him. Apathetic crimson eyes follow the way his clothes tumble in circles through the clear door, rattling inside the drum so harshly that it echoes throughout the room.

As stupidly cheesy as it sounds, watching his clothes dry is kind of like having a front-row seat of witnessing his own life play out before him with all the recent bullshit that's been going on. Emotions are at an all-time high, whirling him in circles and knocking him around with a force so strong that he's no longer able to think straight— pun intended.

"Tch..." a self-deprecating laugh is huffed under his breath, followed by a subtle head shake.

Yes, there's not a damn thing straight about Katsuki having to do laundry because he's yet again came in his underwear from a homoerotic wet dream. For fuck's sake, this is the third time this week he's made a mess like this! Shouldn't he be too old to be experiencing this kind of thing, anyway?!

Sighing gruffly and hunching forward, the blond shamefully hides his flushed face from the world by placing his head in his hands.

Worrying about last night's dream is the last thing Bakugo wants to do right now. But here he is, noon already struck and he still finds himself dwelling on this problematic situation. God, this is so frustrating!

Dammit, dammit, dammit! He curses inwardly, core clenched tight like a coiled spring.

This has gone on long enough— these dreams have got to stop! But, what can he even do? Avoiding Deku obviously isn't the best course of action, seeing as all that did was provide him a big fat goose egg of a result. Besides, at this point, he's not in the least bit interested in staying away from the shitnerd anyway.

Steadily, his blood pressure rises from the tension held within, making him a tad dizzy from pure frustration alone. Fuck, he needs to chill out, because getting worked up about it definitely isn't beneficial to the situation.

Sucking in a deep intake of the fabric scented air, the blond screws his already covered eyes shut and focuses on trying to calm down. Perhaps looking at his problem from a different angle may possibly help.

Exhaling a grunted hmm, Katsuki kneads antsy fingertips into his forehead while he begins to deliberate.

Alright, think Katsuki. This is just the same shit, different day. There's gotta be another way to stop these annoying dreams...

His covered up face scrunches in thought, really digging deep in his mind for something, anything...

Okay, here's an idea. It's apparent that these dreams aren't letting up anytime soon; so instead of trying to stop them, perhaps he should just...try to accept them? Just live his life, coexisting with the fact that his now questionable sexual orientation is slipping into his subconscious and distracting him from his goals?

...hell fucking no!

What is he, crazy?!

Seriously, that's the worst piece of advice he could've ever given himself, because what if he actually ended up working with Deku after graduation? There's no way Katsuki could pull his half of the weight in the "Wonder Duo" if all he'll be doing is mentally bending the nerd over in whatever sex position his previous night's dream conjured up instead of paying attention while they're out on patrol! That's career suicide for sure!

This simply will not do, because this whole ordeal is anything but normal for Katsuki, so treating it as such is unacceptable.

After inhaling a humid breath into his sweaty palms, Bakugo removes his hands from his face in favor of clasping them together and resting his forearms on his knees.

Weary thoughts of "this is so fucking stupid" plague his mind as he bleakly stares at the grey tiled floor beneath his black socked feet.

Katsuki can— and will— argue with himself until he's blue in the face that these dreams are void of any meaning. That's all fine and dandy, but it's not going to stop him from pondering on the many questions that he has anyway.

Is there a meaning to the dreams' reoccurrence? No fucking clue.

Will they ever actually stop? God, Katsuki hopes so.

Of course, he doesn't dare bother to ask himself on what's caused the dreams in the first place, because it's pointless to ask such a nonsensical question. Besides, there are much more important questions that actually matter anyway, such as:

Why does Bakugo's subconscious self desire Deku so fiercely? Seriously, out of all the people in the world to dream about, his mind just has to choose the biggest nerd in existence. Strangely enough... the thought of his dreams involving anyone else is absolutely repulsive. The fuck is that even about?

Who knows. Katsuki sure as hell doesn't.

The next question coming to mind is probably the most perplexing of them all.

Why is it that having the freedom in dreamland to do whatever he pleases with Deku feel so...


The blond swallows down his pulsing heart that's trying to make an escape attempt through his throat.

Yes, being in a world where the two were allowed to say and do whatever they wanted to each other had made him feel...unexplainably whole. It's undeniable, it doesn't make any sense, but it's just how it is.

Far away eyes continue to stare at the floor while absentminded fingers prod his lips, massaging the skin left tender from the phantom bruising caused by the abundance of kisses he and Deku shared.

In contrast to how happy he felt during the dream, upon waking up, Bakugo had been left feeling equally hollow and alone after the initial panic. Then again, focusing on the painful loneliness was impossible with how achingly horny he was, cock so swollen and ready to spill even though he'd already shot a load in his sleep. The reminder embarrasses him once again, burning his cheeks a vivid shade of pink.

All Katsuki can say is wow at how deliciously nasty last night's dream was. It was unreal! He literally had no idea his mind was capable of creating such a filthy scenario.

The smartest thing he could do right now is not dive into the dirty specifics of the dream. Yes, he knows that he definitely shouldn't think about it...but...

"Ahnn...touch me, Kacchan..." A flashback of beautiful green eyes hooded down in lust momentarily pops in his mind, trumping over any semblance of self-control he may have had.

Too hot— this dream was way too fucking hot.

"Goddamn..." he whispers in awe, both amazed and confused on such a tantalizing scene involving the dork. While simultaneously chewing on his bottom lip and folding his brows down, he allows the temptation to replay his late-night erotic fantasies win him over.

A feast to the eyes is the most accurate way to describe Izuku last night, and that doesn't even do the man justice. The nerd's body was utterly spellbinding, mesmerizing the blond as it whirled round and round in the most hypnotic of circles, all for his viewing pleasure. The knowledge of Izuku dancing for Katsuki and Katsuki alone lights a searing flame in both his heart and groin alike.

There's no denying that Dream Deku was literally the definition of sex appeal, lewdly touching himself while moaning aloud. God, he was so perfect. Oh, and don't even get Bakugo started on the begging...

"Yes, Kacchan! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!"

The echoed words raise goosebumps along the blond's arms, and he hastily rubs hot palms from forearm to tank strap in an attempt to will them away.

Fuck, Katsuki was actually going to have sex with the nerd...

That is... if his phone alarm didn't go off.

But if it hadn't gone off... hot damn, he would've given Izuku his all, and the mere thought of it happening makes his mouth water. Hell yeah, once the nerd would've opened up those muscled legs, Katsuki would have not wasted a second to get right in between them, stuffing his fat cock in that slutty little hole and ferociously drilling into Deku over and over until—


"GAH—!" There goes Katsuki, toppling out of his chair and face planting into the floor. The sudden screech of the dryer's finishing signal startled the blond out of his dirty thoughts and out of his seat.

The blond's smashed face grumbles incoherent curses before it's peeled off of the cold tile. Steaming like a kettle, Bakugo jumps up to his feet, kicks the chair— because obviously this is the chair's fault— and stomps over to the dryer to angrily pull his clothes out and throw them on the folding table.

See, this is what doesn't make any sense! Absolutely, without a doubt, no way in hell does Katsuki actually want to do any of that with Deku. He knows this for a fact, because...


Crickets are chirping somewhere in the silence of his mind.

...well, he's never wanted to fuck Deku before, so why would he now?! That should be a good enough reason!

He pauses his thoughts to begin aggressively folding his clothes and slamming them into separate piles of shirts, pants, and underwear. To anyone else, the sight of the blond angrily doing laundry would probably be quite comical, but they can just fuck off for all he cares.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand. So just like yesterday, he's feeling guilty of these lustful desires, because this whole thing is completely degrading to Izuku. Sure, the freckled freak of nature may be the epitome of dorkiness, but Katsuki cares about him, okay?! That nerd is completely undeserving of this level of disrespect, and the last thing he wants is Izuku to be sexually objectified.

But, you know what Katsuki does want? More of Deku's special attention from last night. You know, way before the dreams, when they were in the bedroom and the sweet little nerd was rubbing him down.

Something heavy weighs over his heart, halting all movement and leaving him to linger in stillness.

Admittedly, the memory of affectionate touches Izuku had given to Bakugo is making him feel weak, and not in a bad way. The gentle hands of his childhood best friend took him apart in the most intimate of ways, coaxing him into displaying a raw vulnerability that he's never shown to anyone before. It felt good, really good.

He shakes his head, snapping back to reality and resumes folding the shirt in his hand.

This all sounds so stupid, a complete and total overreaction of being on the receiving end of a head rub, but fuck...he wants more, and he wants to give more as well.

Katsuki is seriously feeling way too many conflicting emotions right now. This is a sensory overload like no other, and now he's left wading through a sea of confusion.

In all honesty? He's feeling a little bit alone in this.

He stiffens straight when the door behind him creaks, signaling someone's entering the room.

"Bakugo, my man!"

That's the cheerful tune of Kirishima's voice, instantly deflating Katsuki back down to his usual slouch.

A sudden realization strikes the blond, clicking on the lightbulb inside his mind.

Yes, that's right...he could always talk to Kirishima about this! Usually, Bakugo wouldn't be so quick to consider talking to someone about his problems, but desperation is outweighing his pride at the moment. And as stated before, Shitty Hair would never judge, so any type of advice for this situation would be appreciated at this point.

The blond looks over his shoulder to greet the pajama-clad redhead by simply grunting, also taking note that no one's followed the other man in.

Excellent. This leaves the window of opportunity wide open.

Once Eijirou rounds the corner of the folding table, he sets his laundry basket down directly in front of Bakugo and flashes him a smile over the mountain of clothes. "What'cha doing?"

Though bundled up nerves are causing his heart to quicken, Katsuki answers with his usual rude sarcasm. "Obviously I'm sitting here taking a shit. What's it look like I'm doing, stupid?" He levels the redhead a dull look and raised brow.

Unphased by the insult, Kirishima chuckles at his blond friend and turns around to open up a washer. "Yeah, guess that was a dumb question," he says while tossing his clothes in.

Resuming his work, Katsuki doesn't respond, mind elsewhere on when and how to bring up his not so little Deku problem.

So, what am I supposed to say? "Hey man, I wanna fuck Deku's brains out in my dreams, how the hell do I make it stop?" Argh, that sounds so fucked up!

Now he's frustrated because this is not going to be a simple task.

"So, I haven't really seen you since movie night. What have you been up to?" Kirishima asks lightheartedly, starting the washer up and taking his spot to stand across Katsuki once again.

Katsuki shrugs in indifference to play it cool, "I've been, uh..." shit, meeting Kirishima's eyes is making him nervous, "...hanging out with Deku the past couple of days." Well, that wasn't convincing, especially with the way his voice cracked at the end of his answer.

Sensing the obvious unease rolling off of the blond, Eijirou quickly averts his eyes away and busies himself by helping Katsuki fold clothes like the stupidly nice friend he is. "Oh, yeah? That's cool. What'd you guys do?"

Talked a lot, had some lunch, got in sappy tickle fights, laughed our asses off over the dumbest shit, rubbed each other down...

"Visited our parents."

Kirishima makes an ooh sound to match his amused face, "Nice, I bet that was fun! Probably felt like old times too, huh?"

Hell yeah, it was fun as fuck. Felt even better than old times too, but I dunno why...I can't explain it.


"Awesome. I'm really glad that you guys are hanging out again." He says genuinely, smile heard in his voice.

After sucking in a deep breath, Bakugo responds breathlessly with a swollen heart. "Me too."

Then, it's quiet for a moment, neither of the boys are looking at each other, which makes this the perfect opportunity for Bakugo to start talking.

Gripping the clothes in his grasp tightly, Bakugo opens his mouth, but then shuts it as his tummy is feeling sick with nerves. He takes another breath as he quickly tries to sort in his mind a way on how to bring it up. Oh no, he's starting to feel hot and sweaty. Fuck, and now he feels like vomiting. It's so pathetic how wound up he's getting!

Dammit Katsuki, stop being so fucking weak and just do it!

Bearing his reins, he clears his throat before finally grumbling out lowly, "Oi, Shitty Hair."

Attention grabbed, the shark-toothed boy looks up inquisitively at Katsuki's barely concealed strained face. "Yeah?"

With twin red eyes locked, Katsuki realizes there's no backing out now and swallows down the knot in his throat.

This is it.


The sudden squeak from the door abruptly swinging open spooks the blond, killing every word right off his tongue and jolting his heart. With Katsuki's back facing the entrance, he's unable to see who's arrived. However, Kirishima smiles at the newcomer.

"Well, if it isn't my two favorite boys!" When the singsong trill of Mina's voice echos throughout the room, Katsuki grunts in irritation and kisses the opportunity to spill his guts goodbye. Although, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't kind of relieved.

After a friendly greeting from Kirishima, the pink girl comes bounding up excitedly, carelessly tossing her laundry basket aside and flinging herself onto Shitty Hair's shoulder. "So, you guys super excited for the pool party tomorrow?!"

The blond shoots a blank expression at her, partly because he's still coming down from his heart short-circuiting, and also because he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Her mouth gapes open in shock, obviously offended by the confusion on his face, "What?! Don't tell me you forgot!" She scolds, jumping off the redhead in favor of leaning over the table to waggle a finger in Katsuki's face.

Kirishima chuckles and casually places his hands behind his head, "You really don't remember? We just talked about it at the mall a few days ago when we had lunch."

Yeah well, excuse the fuck outta me for not bein' able to think of anything besides nerdy Deku.

"Yeah, it's going to be at one of Endeavor's nice rental houses!" Ashido interjects excitedly with stars shining in her black eyes.

Ah yes, that rings a bell. "Yeah yeah, I remember now," Bakugo grumbles while shooing her out of his face. Maybe he's just reading off his current mood, but right now Katsuki's not interested in going to a lame-ass pool party with shitty extras.

The alien girl circles the table, standing next to Katsuki so she can obnoxiously place an arm around his waist and squeeze tight.

"Now Baku, I know that you're thinking," she pauses, souring her face in preparation for her best Bakugo impression, "I'm not gonna go to some lame-ass pool party with all those shitty extras," and wow, how did she get in his brain like that?! She clears her throat and continues normally, "But, you HAVE to go!"

With an eye roll and a sputter, the blond pokes a finger to Mina's forehead and pushes her away. "Pfft. Like I'm gonna listen to someone who wears half shirts." He snarks, sneering at her lime green shirt that doesn't even cover her belly button.

Kirishima snickers in the background when she gasps.

"It's called a crop top! How do you not know that? Your parents are in the fashion industry for crying out loud!" She scoffs in laughter while delivering a playful punch to his arm.

He knows what a crop top is, he just wanted to be an asshole. "Tch. Yeah well, why don't you give 'em a call for some fashion tips? You obviously need it." He retorts, not meaning a single word of it because her outfit is fine.

She motions a hand up and down Katsuki's black tank and black shorts ensemble he's wearing. "Oh please! At least I have some variety in my outfits, Mister I-never-grew-out-of-my-goth-phase! Want me to help paint your nails black, too?"

The spectating Kirishima places a fist to his mouth at the shade she just threw at the blond and makes a comment. "Damn, someone has their sassy pants on today!" Or rather, shorts, since she's wearing a matching lime green pair to go with her top.

Since she lacks stature and he's flexible, Katsuki easily brings a socked foot up to her face from where he stands. "Get to it, bitch. And make my toenails orange, I gotta match my hero suit n' shit."

The blond cackles when she cringes and swats his foot, "Eww, man foot! Get it away!"

After a long while of play fighting and goofing off, Katsuki finds his mood to be completely lifted. Sometimes all it takes for him to feel better is to fuck around with his friends.

Once they all settle down, Katsuki finishes his laundry and neatly stacks his folded clothes in the basket he brought in before hoisting it up.

Nodding to the two, Bakugo gives them his meaningful goodbye. "Alright, I've had enough of ya'll's bullshit," and then turns around after the two wave him farewell.

"So, you're coming to the pool party right?" Mina calls out after him just before he's out the door.

He stops for a moment, not bothering to turn around. "Yes, you stupid bitch."

Both her and Kirishima are heard whooping "yays!", and on the whole way back to his room, the blond has a smirk on his face.

He's thankful for his friends, making him better and whatnot. Sure, they're dumbasses, but he wouldn't trade them for the world.


After putting away his clothes, the blond finds himself yet again in the solitude of his bedroom.

Plopping down into his chair at the computer desk, Katsuki places his chin in one hand while the other drums fingers on the wood of the desk. Feeling so much better now that he's out of his head and no longer drowning in thoughts, Bakugo reflects once again, but rationally this time.

He didn't get a chance to talk to Kirishima about the dreams, but you know what? It's better this way, because he doesn't need any help. Katsuki is strong; he can handle this problem alone and crush it under his foot like the rubble it is. All he needs is to be in the right mind frame and stop letting himself get mentally bogged down.

These dreams, and the feelings that are accompanying them, they're weird and don't make any sense. But it doesn't matter, because right now Katsuki's feeling strong enough to let the issue go.

Yes, this Deku problem has plagued his mind for long enough, and as of this moment, he's deciding right now that he's no longer going to worry about it. Today is going to be a perfectly normal day, even when he inevitably sees Deku later, and that's the end of that.

From inside his pocket, his phone dings. Pulling the device out, he's shocked to see that the text is from Aizawa of all people.

Sensei: Problem child #2, today is your turn to feed the cat. The lounge is unlocked.

Not bothering to resist, Katsuki shoots back a quick "whatever" text before hopping from his seat to pull his shoes on and head out.


Upon entering the lounge, Katsuki is greeted by total silence.

Peering around the room lit by open-blinded windows, he finds that it's completely empty, not another soul in sight. All of the little cubicles with their desktop computers located in the back are barren, not showing a single sign of recent activity as of today. Guess the teachers are all out doing whatever on their time off, too.

After shutting the door none too gently, the blond begins his trek of finding his— he means, Deku's cat for her lunch.

He checks behind the green sofa, but only finds a couple of stray jingle toys laying around. Rounding behind the couch, he finds her little bed that sits by the bookshelf to be empty. Falling on his hands and knees, he places his head on the floor to level his eyes under the coffee table.

Not there either, the fuck. Leaning up on his knees, Katsuki attempts to make some kind of noise to lure her from her hiding spot.


His blond head swivels around, but no sign of kitty. Great, he just sounded like an idiotic internet meme for no reason.

Standing up and stomping around the room, he tries a direct approach of yelling as he looks under random objects he comes across. "Where the hell are you?!" This fails as well, dammit.

She's bound to be here somewhere. The lounge isn't too big, but she's so tiny that she could easily fit into any nook and cranny.

Irritated— because he's definitely not worried— Bakugo decides to start preparing her lunch anyway. He heads to the small attached kitchenette, feet padding on the tile floor as he makes his way over to the cabinet to pull out a can of cat food and bowls.

After filling up one bowl with water from the sink, he begins cracking the can of food open and—

"Mew! Mew! Mewww!"

The tiniest bit of relief washes over Katsuki at hearing those squeaky little meows from the other room.

Again, he wasn't worried about her absence! It's just that if she somehow got out and ran away, Deku's soul would be crushed, and Katsuki wouldn't be able to handle a heartbroken shitdork.

Here comes the little black fluffball, running as fast as her tiny legs can carry her, and Bakugo can't help the smirk that curls on his face when she arrives at his feet.

Those giant eyes get impossibly bigger as she opens her mouth wide for yet another loud meow that obviously says "HURRY THE FUCK UP AND FEED ME, BITCH!", and Katsuki shakes his head at her impatience. Well, that's what he'd imagine her saying anyway.

As he begins spooning the food into a bowl, she leaps up and grabs onto the fabric of his shorts and starts clawing her way up.

"Oi, calm down! Fat motherfucker," He growls as she makes her way up his body and hops onto the counter to stuff her face into the bowl. Sure, he calls her fat, but she's not— not yet at least. That'll change soon, because she's way too skinny.

Placing his hands on his hips, he stands there and just watches her eat. She makes excited purring sounds as she chews like she's never eaten in her life. The stupid little thing is so damn excitable and bratty, just like her green-haired dork of a dad.

Daddy Deku.

Katsuki bristles at the unsolicited thought.

What— where— why did such preposterous words suddenly pop up in his brain?!

Besides... Deku? Being Daddy material? Not like a father, but, you know...

...could Deku fit such a role?

Closing his eyes and tapping his chin, Katsuki takes a single second to imagine...

The deadly sharp emeralds of Deku's eyes shred Katsuki as they size his body up and down. Slamming one hand into the wall behind the blond's head, the green-haired man looms in to bring a humid mouth to the shell of his ear. Demanding in a tone Bakugo's never heard before, Izuku huffs out, voice thick and heady, "Is Kacchan gonna be a good boy for Daddy Deku?"

Panic slaps Katsuki in his now tomato-red face, snapping his eyes wide open while some kind of weird sound chokes out of his throat.


Furious that he's embarrassed himself, the blond shakes his sweaty face to physically will the thoughts away before stomping out of the kitchen.


Shortly after, Bakugo is found sitting on the lounge couch, arms crossed while he grumpily stares out into the sunny courtyard through the open window ahead.

Stewing in his irritation, the blond sinks lower into the cushions and grumbles an inaudible combination of words containing daddy, nerd, and kinky in between grit teeth. His fuming comes to a pause when he feels something soft swipe at his ear.

Knowing exactly who's responsible for this, he whirls his head to the side and meets face first with the cat perched atop the couch.

"'Bout time you finished," he mumbles, pursing his lips at the responding meow he receives. Just as he moves to stand from the sofa, he's stopped as the cat pounces from the cushion and onto his head. She then happily burrows her way inside the forest of blond spikes and starts clawing around.

Of course she wants to play. He sighs loudly and rolls his eyes.

Even though he's not in the mood for it, Bakugo drops back down onto the couch and lets the kitten have her way. Her claws aren't hurting him anyway, and judging by the blasting of purrs, she's having the time of her life in there, so it's whatever.

(Truthfully, his resistance to bratty behavior is now nonexistent. Gee, wonder who's responsible for that.)

Speaking of that spoiled little nerd... if he were here right now, he'd be getting a kick out of Katsuki allowing the cat to play in his hair. Maybe he should take a picture and send it to Deku?

Not even bothering to mull over it, Katsuki thinks "why not" and digs his phone from his pocket. This isn't something he'd normally do, but imagining the nerd smiling is making him feel all fuzzy, and he likes that shit.

After turning on the front-facing camera and holding his phone out, Katsuki finds himself a little befuddled as he stares into the eyes of his mirrored image.

What's the best way to approach this?

Should he try to smile? It's worth a shot. With raised brows and grit teeth, Katsuki attempts to curve his lips up to force a fake grin.

Wow, no. That was so terrifying that he even scared himself.

Hmm, will lifting the camera higher be better? Maybe. His reflected image gets smaller as he extends his arm out way above his head, and the cat almost falls out of his hair as he cranes his neck back to face the camera.

Okay, that's not going to work either.

He doesn't even try to take a picture from below his face, because even Katsuki knows that no one looks good at that weird double chin angle. What's he supposed to do now?

Look, he doesn't do selfies, okay?! Katsuki knows he's sexy as hell, a solid 10 for sure. So what's the point of taking pictures and showing them off if you're already good looking? Sounds superficial if you ask him.

Then again... he remembers the way Deku checked him out in the running trail a few days ago...

His thumbs go to work double time.

Click- click- click- click- click-

Listen, he's never been interested in attracting anyone— and he's still not! But... the possibility of the nerd ogling over a picture of him? That'd be a nice stroke to the ego, and Katsuki is all about his ego. This is definitely not an oxymoron to his superficial statement.

After filtering through probably fifty pictures in his camera roll, a smile curls on his face when he finds the one.

Oh yeah, this is perfection.

The devilish smirk he's serving the camera is one that would surely knock the breath right out of the nerd's lungs, and the alluring yet smug gleam in Katsuki's crimson eyes scream "betcha wish you could have this~". The icing on the cake is the little cat poking out of his hair, head tilted in curiosity as she faces the camera dead-on. Yes, her appearance is the perfect complement to his sexiness by adding just a touch of sweetness.


Bakugo is a fucking knockout, and the shitnerd has no idea what's about to hit him.

Feeling uncharacteristically giddy, the blond pockets his phone and wonders what kind of reaction he'll pull from Izuku.


"...seventy-five, seventy-six, seventy-seven..."

A concentrated huff of breath is taken in between every number counted.

Bright sunlight from the open balcony window pours into the room, glittering the droplets of sweat on his body that slide their way from his neck, into the dip of his collar bone, and finally down his bare, brawny chest.

The weight of the 50-pound dumbbell in his grasp causes the corded muscles of his vascular bicep to bulge, shifting up and down with every repetition of movement made.

A dark shade of pink begins to tinge his freckled cheeks from the over-exertion, yet his perseverance never wavers.

From the edge of his bed sits Izuku, teeth grit in strain while doing his daily bicep curls. He stays laser-focused on his exercise, making sure to keep his form correct as to not risk any injuries to his already damaged arms.


The sound of a text message causes his focused gaze to shift from the floor and up to his computer desk where his cellphone sits snugly atop Kacchan's folded clothes.

Without stopping his exercises, Midoriya brings his dumbbell with him as he stands up and saunters over to the desk. Glancing down at his phone, his heart does a loopdy-loop when he sees who's messaged him.

Kacchan Sugoi 💥: [image]

"A picture?" he questions aloud to himself while grinning ear to ear.

With tingly excitement taking over, he swiftly unlocks his phone with his free hand to see what Kacchan's sent him.

Izuku gasps.


The beauty that is Kacchan feels like a Texas Smash to the face from All Might himself. Blood squirts from his nostrils while his body literally knocks backwards, activating his quirk and causing the dumbbell to fly out of his hand and launch straight through the ceiling with a crashing boom.

The teen gasps again, but now in absolute mortification as he realizes what he'd just done. Panicked hands grip his curls while he rapidly shakes his sweaty head and flails around. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!"

The face of Kaminari eclipses over the gaping hole, eyes widened in total fear. "Dude! What the hell?!"

Completely red-faced, Izuku bows over and over furiously, "K-Kaminari-kun! I'm so sorry! It was an accident! I'll call Aizawa-sensei right away and I'll get this fixed! I'll make it up to you, promise! Oh my God, I can't believe this just happened!"

While Deku bows in his apologies, pieces of wood from the damaged ceiling fall into his bedroom floor, further reminding him of how stupid he feels.


After quite some time passes, Katsuki pretends he's not bothered at Deku's lack of response and decides he's finished spending time with the cat.

"Alright, we're done here," he grumbles, pulling the kitten off and holding her by the armpits in front of his face. She squeaks in response and playfully swats at his nose.

He scoffs, "fuckin' brat," because yet again, her attitude reminds him of Deku. You know, a lot of things about this animal makes him think of the nerd. She's small, she's got these big ass eyes that'll blind you with their shine, and all the stupid little endearing things she does makes Katsuki want to punch something just to earn his revoked man card back.

Definitely not cute at all.

After sitting the cat down, Katsuki raises his arms for a quick stretch and starts to stand up. However, something catches his attention and stops all of his movement.

He sits back down on the couch and whispers to himself, "What the...?"

Placed on the coffee table in front of him is a small stack of magazines scattered around haphazardly. What's caught his eye lies on one of the magazines that's buried at the bottom of the stack, almost completely covered up by the others.

Red eyes squint, making sure he's reading it right. Surely, these partially hidden words aren't what they look like...?

The compelling urge to find out overtakes him, and sneaky fingers delicately move the top magazines over just a hair to reveal the full text. His eyes widen considerably when he sees exactly what he thought he saw.

Standing out on the bottom left corner of the glossy sheened magazine cover are the words anal sex in bold white letters.

He stares, and stares, and stares, but the words never change, nor do they go anywhere. They mock him— his curiosity, his urge to unlock this secret door and bite into the juicy forbidden fruits held within.

No one mocks Katsuki, and that includes inanimate objects. Time to show this magazine who's the bitch around here!

He nervously places his hand atop the stack and quickly slides all of the magazines out of the way, and what's revealed beneath is one of those girly Cosmopolitan mags that Americans seem to love so much.

Uncaring of the scantily clad woman on the front, his eyes quickly fall down to the text he's looking for.

"Everything you need to know about anal sex! Tips, tricks, and more!"

Katsuki feels like he's just been kneed in the gut with the way the air's been knocked out of his lungs.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit—

First off, he's definitely not thinking of Deku right now! No way, never! He'll fight anyone to the death if they dare oppose him on the matter!

Secondly, why is this even here in the first place?! Oh yeah, it's probably Ms. Midnight's. But still! Any student could get their hands on it!

Like Bakugo, for example.

Crimson eyes squint from left to right, subtly surveying the area. He's been alone for quite a while now, but he has to make sure...

After one full rotation of his head, the blond deems it safe for his snooping to take place and snatches up the magazine like a snake catching prey.

While hunching over to somewhat shield the magazine, his impatient hands slap the pages as he turns them, trying his best to find it as quick as possible. His heart anxiously races, growing more nervous as the seconds tick by. Dammit, what page is this even on?!

Within the flashing colors of the changing pages, bold letters of the word "sex" appear in his vision, putting a sudden halt to his search.

The page he stops on says: The best sex positions for stimulating the clitoris!

"Tch," Katsuki rolls his eyes, not in the least bit interested in pussy and continues his rigorous page flipping.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally finds it, and his heart stops functioning at the sight. He might actually die right now.

The humongous letters at the top of the page read: Anal sex! Everything you need to know, and more!

Shaking hands bring the magazine so close to his face that his nose almost touches it. The paper before him may as well be shining up a beacon of light while an angelic choir sings, because what he's found is a goldmine!

Articles decorated with peach and eggplant emoji's line up both pages from top to bottom; it actually looks pretty stupid, but this is serious business for Bakugo! Information ranging from sex positions, foreplay, toys— you name it, is all held right here in his grasp. Katsuki can't help the way excitement bursts through his veins at feeling like he's doing something naughty.

A loud meow is heard, followed by a swat to his arm.

Snapping his face down towards the cat next to him, he twists his whole body away to hide the magazine from her view, "Back the hell up! You're too young to look at this shit!"

After the cat chirps and hops off the couch, the blond gets in his favorite sitting position of reclining back with his feet propped on the table. He rests the magazine against his thighs and dives right into the first article.

The beginners guide to anal sex:

1. Make sure to use a lot of lube! The more, the better! This will help reduce pain and make things much easier to—

Well duh, that one's a no brainer. Of course you don't do this shit raw! He quickly reads through and goes to the next item.

2. You'll want to start small. Don't just let him jump right in with his dick! Fingering is a great first option, or make use of some toys and—

Oh c'mon, these tips are weak! Even Katsuki knew all of that, and he's a virgin! Ugh, moving on.

3. Add some other stimulation to the mix. Try having him massage your clit, or even adding a finger into the vagina—

Katsuki scoffs. That bit of information is totally useless to him, so he doesn't even bother reading the rest of that one.

As he goes over the rest of the list, he's found himself displeased as this information is tailored for women and their bodies. Then again, what'd he expect? This is a women's magazine. Now he feels dumb for getting so excited, what a waste of his damn time.

Grumpily tossing the open magazine back onto the table, a few of the pages flip on their way down. After a huff, he goes to stand up yet again— and hello, what's this?

At the top of the newly displayed page says "For the guys!"

Intrigued, he sits back down once more, and crimson eyes almost explode out of their sockets when they rake over this page's article title.

Gay sex 101: How to be the top at— well, topping! These tips will ensure that you'll give your man the earth-shattering prostate orgasm he deserves!"

Katsuki trembles. He swears he can taste his heart with how far up it's lodged itself in his throat, and his lower stomach bursts into flames so hot that it causes his cock to twitch in interest.

"Oh, fuck..." he whispers, grabbing up the magazine again and gulping down the pooling of saliva that's gathered in his mouth. Not another second is wasted before he's resuming his seated position and eagerly jumping right back into it.

1. If you're a top that's new to sex, it may be a good idea to try getting the feel of bottoming for yourself if you're comfortable with it. Explore your body and feel around with your fingers— it'll help you in the long run to know what your partner will be experiencing.

Interesting...very interesting. Not once in his life has Katsuki ever considered fucking himself, seeing as he's always imagined being on the giving end. This certainly isn't a bad piece of information though. Chewing on his lip, he continues on.

2. Make sure he's relaxed. If you want to ensure your partner experiences the least amount of discomfort, make sure his muscles aren't tensed up. Penetration will go much more smoothly for the both of you if he's not clenching tightly the whole time.

Steam literally shoots out of his nostrils while his cheeks start burning a maddening red in— what? Embarrassment? Fuck, he doesn't even know; all he knows is that the nebulas in his galaxy brain are exploding at the thought of penetrating a tight hole in between a pair of freckled ass cheeks.

3. Communication is key. Encourage him to talk to you, and in turn, make him aware that you're mindful of his body. Trust us, he'll appreciate knowing that he can be verbally open with you.

"Pfft, verbally open," he sputters aloud at the very words. This certainly wouldn't be a problem for Katsuki, because if there's one person in the world that never shuts up, it's De—

The lounge door suddenly bursts wide open.

Bakugo yelps in shock and instantly explodes the magazine in his hands.

Trudging in the room is the ever-tired Mr. Aizawa, apparently returning early from whatever errand he had. "You damn kids are going to be the death of me," he grumbles, sounding completely done with life.

Neither knowing or caring what his sensei is talking about, the blond zooms out the door without a single word.


Hiding around the hallway corner just outside the lounge stands a wide-eyed Bakugo, hunched over with a hand twisted in his tank top. Minutes have passed by and he's yet to calm down, still struggling to get himself recollected. Though alone, the blond does everything he can to conceal the volume of his labored breathing.

Look, Bakugo's a curious guy. There's nothing wrong at all with wanting to do a little research on a subject you're not familiar with!

So, why's he freaking out so bad? It's not like this has anything to do with Deku! Fuck, why'd he even bring the nerd up, anyway?!

"Urgh!" Not bothering to be quiet now, Katsuki stomps a foot down and angrily straightens up his stance. With firey determination, he pops his neck left to right and decides right now that enough is enough! No more thinking about...whatever that was.

Yes, he's going to pretend all of that didn't just happen, and what better way to forget about your troubles is to literally eat them away? Well, it's not the best means to cope with your issues, but he's starting to feel hungry anyway, so it all works out.

Though his frazzled nerves are still present, they've lessened considerably, so he now begins his trek onward to the communal kitchen.


When the kitchen at the end of the corridor comes into view, Bakugo rolls his eyes when he sees Deku's posse of nerds have once again completely taken it over.

Todo-dorki hovers at the stove while Round Cheeks and Frog Girl flank his sides, yet the king of dorks himself is nowhere to be found. That's probably for the best anyway, seeing as Katsuki's still a little flustered. Actually, that doesn't matter, because what happened earlier has nothing to do with Deku, remember? Shit, he's supposed to forget about it anyway!

Entering the room in his usual hunched manner, the blond goes unnoticed by the busybodies as he strides his way through and opens up the pantry door. As he flits his eyes up and down the stocked shelves, the glum voice of Ochaco is heard in the midst of their bustling.

"Poor Deku..."

Katsuki stops, ear perking up in interest.

"I know. It makes me sad to see him like this, ribbit."

The hell?

"Me too, I hate seeing him so down." Icyhot says with a sigh.

Blond brows furrow at this. Deku is sad? Did someone do something to him?! Katsuki will not hesitate to kill whoever's responsible for this!

Slamming the pantry door shut and startling the group, the now pissed off blond whirls around to face them. "Whats'a matter with Deku?" He growls while a threatening spark pops out of his palm.

After the three quickly collect their composure, they return Katsuki with downcast expressions which does nothing to quell his anger.

Todoroki is the first to answer, sounding forlorn, "Not entirely sure. He had a bit of an accident this morning in his workout and—"

"Accident? Tell me that nerd didn't injure himself." The blond interrupts, voice rising in irritation while worry paints his features.

Icyhot puts up placating hands, "No, he's fine. He did put a hole in the ceiling though," when the boy pauses, Katsuki quietly exhales in relief and visibly loosens. "And when we asked him about it, he got really embarrassed."

"Like really bad. He was stuttering so much that he couldn't even form words. You should have seen his face, ribbit." Asui adds on, placing her hands on her cheeks for emphasis.

Ochaco nods enthusiastically, "Yeah, he was beet red! I've seen Deku get embarrassed plenty of times in my life, but never like this! It was honestly pretty weird..."

The other two are now nodding with Round Cheeks, and Katsuki raises a questioning brow. This information doesn't quite make sense to him.

"There's gotta be more to it than that," Bakugo grumbles, crossing his arms and shooting the group a skeptical look. "That clumsy nerd's always breaking shit, so I don't see why he'd make such a big deal outta this."

"Right. It wasn't until a little later his attitude changed. He began to get really short with us." Todoroki says with another sigh before turning back to resume his work at the stove.

"Yeah, he was just really distant and quiet, ribbit."

Katsuki rubs his chin in thought. Hm, a quiet shitnerd is usually a bad sign...

Uraraka huffs, "Then when we asked him if everything was alright, he looked like he was about to cry!" Her cheeks become even more round as she pouts and brattily crosses her arms. "But he insisted that he was fine..."

Tsuyu picks up where Uraraka trailed off and shrugs. "He's obviously not, but we decided to not question him anymore since he seemed so upset, ribbit."

Round Cheeks motions her head towards one of the wide windows down the corridor hall. "He's been sitting alone outside for a long time now. But when he comes in for dinner, he'll have a surprise bowl of katsudon waiting for him in the fridge! Hopefully, that'll help him feel better!"

Ah, cooking for the nerd. So that's what they're up to.

Katsuki is silent as he steps out of the kitchen and into the hallway. Arriving at the window, he folds his arms over his chest and peers out into the sunny courtyard, and sure enough, there's Deku. He's way out in the distance, sitting atop a hill under a large tree, all by his lonesome. It's hard to tell since Izuku's backside is facing Katsuki, but it looks like he's messing around in the dirt, which means he's nervous. Izuku always busies his hands when he's nervous.

A twist of pain constricts his heart at the sight of freckled boy's hunched form, because he knows exactly what Deku's doing. That damn nerd is going through some shit, and rather than talking to someone, he feels it's best to isolate himself because he "doesn't want to be a burden." He can even imagine Izuku's disheartened voice saying it, too.

"Tch..." Bakugo scoffs sadly, watching the curls on the back of that green head whip around from the gusty breeze.

Deku can think whatever the hell he wants, but he'd never be a burden, 'specially if he needs a listening ear. Stupid shitnerd should know that by now...

Katsuki decides that his own problems will now be pushed aside so he can focus all of his efforts on cheering up his childhood best friend, and he knows just how he's going to do it, too.

"Oi!" Katsuki calls out the group in the kitchen, "You extras better forget about any plans you had, 'cuz we're all having a fucking picnic with Deku, got it?!"

Pleased with their cheers of agreement, Katsuki takes one last look out of the window to Izuku and wonders...

What's got you, Deku?


Tweeeet, tweet, tweet~ Goes the little sparrow who's claimed home in the giant oak tree.

The trilly sound catches the attention of the boy sitting on the ground below. Craning his head up, Izuku roams his eyes over the foliage of leaves and twisting tree branches in search of the bird.

Awe, there it is. It's quite cute and plump, and very busy at work it seems— hopping around and pecking away at the little straws sticking out of its nest.

Midoriya sighs deeply, then lowers his gaze back to the ground below, heart heavy and crestfallen.

Everything hurts, and it's not fair.

He allows his eyes to flutter shut, then breathes in a deep lungful of the warm summer air, taking in the faint yet sweet smell of the honeysuckle patch that grows just near the lakeside.

Perhaps he can be granted a single moment of peace if he just keeps himself fixated on his surroundings like this. So, he tries and takes in another deep breath.

Try as he might, it doesn't help. Even when his eyes are closed, all Deku can see is him.

Wild ash blond spikes, eyes comparable to the rarest of rubies, and a smile so sharp it could cut anyone to pieces.


Another pang to the chest strikes him, jarring him into a startle and causing his eyes to snap back open. In an automatic response to stress, Izuku hunches over to get his hands busy in the dirt, digging restless fingers into the somewhat damp soil below. Hopefully, his attempt at self-soothing will quell the anxiety running through his nerve endings like a livewire.

He upturns his now soiled hand and looks at the smearing of dirt between the indentions of the puckered scars on his fingers. In contrast to his ugly misshapen skin, a pretty little flower Deku's uprooted lays delicately in his palm.

Izuku never told anyone, but he used to be self-conscious of his torn-up flesh. He'd often wrap his hands up in bandages to hide them, or wear long sleeves shirts at odd times.

Until Kacchan took notice, months after their fight in first year.

"I find it pretty pathetic," he'd said one day in the locker room, towel thrown over his shoulder as he walked by Izuku.

From his perch on the bench, the green-haired teen whipped his head up to the blond's retreating backside, surprised to be addressed at all.

Just before Kacchan exited the room, he paused, turning his profile and side-eyeing the wraps Deku was coiling around his palm.

"That someone who claims they want to be number one is ashamed of his own victories."

Though cryptic, the message was loud and clear, and Izuku had been left stunned when he walked out the door.

This was the first time Kacchan showed him compassion since their relationship had shattered, offering a piece of amendment to help rebuild their fragile bond.

...and, this also happened to be the time Deku's dormant monster crush for the blond had reawakened.

"Ngh..." Deku groans aloud, shoulders sagging in defeat. He's giving up— there's no way he can keep his mind off Kacchan.

Sometimes... it's easier to deal with his not so little Kacchan problem. But days like today, it's nearly impossible to push through his ever-growing feelings for his blond companion, especially with how close they've been lately.

Perhaps he's overthinking it, but yesterday, Kacchan seemed...different. His mannerisms, his words, everything— it all just felt so... gentle, so to speak.

There's been a lot of intimacy involved in their recent time together as well. That is definitely new, and not unwelcomed in the slightest. Kacchan touches him lovingly... and lets Midoriya touch him right back. It's amazing, and just thinking about it puts a dopey smile on his face and makes him feel all giddy inside, like his heart just wants to leap right out of his chest. Kacchan feeling something for Izuku, too?

The question lights a flame of hope within his soul, a hope that their friendship will one day grow into something more.

A hefty breeze whips in, blowing the flower out of his palm and snuffing out the flame. Some gritty dirt remains, but it's quickly rubbed away between crooked fingers before the entirety of his hand is wiped clean on his cargo shorts.

Sighing to himself, the green-haired teen screws his eyes shut and shakes his head sadly at such a stupid question.

It is true that their relationship is changing. However...

I'm delusional to think Kacchan maturing as a person is actually him developing romantic feelings for me...

Yes, all of this is just Kacchan turning into the man he's meant to be, and Izuku's foolish feelings are trying to mold the situation into something it's not. Get it together, Deku.

But, is it so wrong to wish it were true?

The painful yearning that gnaws in his chest digs itself deeper and deeper.

Knowing this is going to hurt and doing it anyway, Deku reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone to open up his text messages. A long, dreamy sigh escapes his lips while a wistful smile curves on his face at the picture Kacchan sent him earlier. Slowly, tenderly, his thumb brushes over his phone screen.

Kacchan is beautiful, so beautiful that it's heartbreaking, and it's not his fault that Izuku feels this way. Maybe it's yet again wishful thinking, but those gorgeous eyes staring at Deku— or rather, into the camera— clearly look like they're saying "I want you~", and oh geeze...that sexy smirk is making him break out into a sweat.

And aww, Baby is there, too! She looks so adorable in those golden spikes that almost match her eyes in color. Izuku would have loved to see that in person.

Sigh— hot guy, plus cute animal, equals swoon.

The smile on his face is quickly replaced with a cringe as embarrassment runs all through him, because holy crap he feels like such a fool. Seriously, he can't believe he busted a hole in the ceiling over this!

It all happened so fast! One second he was doing his daily routine, then the next his full cowl had activated— and then BLAM!

He could have easily taken Kamimari-kun's head clean off from the sheer force of the throw! Oh, and Aizawa was so mad when Deku called to tell him, which only made him feel worse because his sensei had to come in on his day off just to fix this mess.

Ugh, Izuku feels like a mess, too. Can someone come fix him next, please?!

Besides... Kacchan doesn't seem like the type to be into guys. Or anyone at all, really. Maybe he's aromantic asexual? Well, that'd be bad news for Deku, but he'd still support his friend no matter what.

Or, maybe he's just Kacchan-sexual, because he seems to really only be interested in himself, ha-ha.

Lame joke and all, a sudden urge to cry takes over, so he quickly locks his phone and stuffs it back in his pocket. This picture is not good. Well, it is good, great actually... but, not for his delicate little heart.

Resting his elbows atop his crossed-legs, Deku shamefully covers up his face and applies pressure to his eyelids to try and stop the tears from happening.

This issue is quite troublesome, not only for himself, but for his friends as well. Being the emotional individual he is, Deku wasn't able to conceal the worry painted on his face today, and of course the others had taken notice of it. His friends— bless them— were only trying to help as they kept asking him what was wrong, but they ended up only making things worse.

It's so frustrating, because being down in the dumps over such a trivial problem only burdens his loved ones. On top of that, he's not ready to talk about it— actually, he doesn't know if he ever will be, because confiding in someone about this would put him at risk of Kacchan finding out. It's not that he doesn't trust his friends to keep a secret or anything... but, you just never know.

The green-haired teen uncovers his eyes and looks down the front of his All Might shirt, hoping for encouragement. The hero is holding a thumbs up, signature smile on his face with bold letters saying "You can do it!"

With a brow furrowed in determination, Izuku nods to himself. He knows what he must do.

He has to bury these feeling down, lock them up tight and pray they go away, because if he doesn't... he's going to ruin his rebuilt friendship with Kacchan.

That's a hard pill to swallow, because Midoriya doesn't know if he's capable of not loving his firecracker friend in this way. But he has to try, because if he were to screw up their relationship by letting his silly feelings get in the way, he'd never forgive himself.

The fact of the matter is having Kacchan at his side as his best friend is better than not having him at all.

A hiccup rattles in him, throat locking up tight, and now he knows that he won't be able to stop the tears from flowing.

Despite all of this, he wishes Kacchan were here right now.


"Out of the way, Icyhot," Katsuki commands, cutting in front of the heterochromatic boy at the stove to see what the hell he's trying to do over here.

With an eye roll, Todoroki wordlessly moves over, probably figuring that it wouldn't do him any good to put up any kind of resistance to the blond's brash behavior.

Crimson eyes narrow down at the sizzling pan below. These onions— he doesn't trust them, not one bit. They're cut way too big, and also the broth they're cooking is not quite the right color of brown either. None of this is okay!

Bakugo plucks the discarded stirring spoon from the countertop and brings a scoop of the broth up to his mouth. When tasted, he bristles in a very not overdramatic way and whips his head over to Icyhot for a murderous glare. "You were seriously gonna feed Deku this crap?!"

With thin patience already showing on his otherwise expressionless face, Todoroki crosses his arms and sighs heavily. "What's wrong with it?"

Katsuki gnashes his teeth at such a stupid question, barely fighting the urge to break this wooden spoon over Half n' Half's stupid head.

Instead of assaulting the boy with the utensil, Bakugo settles on pointing it in his face while berating him, "I'll tell you what's wrong with it. It's bland as fuck! I'm taking over." He finishes with a mumble of "fucking moron" before pulling the skillet off the stove and dumping its contents into the nearby trash can.

Todoroki's mouth drops open in disbelief, and the girls behind the are giving each other wide-eyed looks that spell yikes!

Katsuki doesn't give two shits about how much of an asshole he's being, because he's a man on a mission now, and that mission is to cook Deku a damn delicious meal!

After stomping over to the sink to rinse the pan, Bakugo addresses Icyhot without even turning around to look at him. "If you're competent enough to not fuck it up, make yourself useful and chop up some more onions for me."

The fire side of Shouto's now strained face ignites from anger, and Ochaco quickly steps up to bravely pat the flames down with a kitchen towel. "It's for the greater good," she reminds him with a whisper while tendrils of smoke curl out from under the rag.

"Oh yeah, and cut 'em thinner this time. That's how Deku likes it." Bakugo adds on gruffly, and the two-toned boy collects himself by taking a deep breath and chanting greater good as he trudges over to the fridge.

After discarding the clean skillet, Katsuki reaches into a neighboring cupboard to pull out an assortment of spice jars and sauces. While doing this, Froppy is stepping up from behind and presenting him with an already fried pork cutlet on a plate.

She tears off a piece of the meat and hands it to him, "Uraraka and I made this earlier, she did the breading and I cooked it. Tell me what you think, ribbit." She says as Round Cheeks appears from behind her with a nervous smile.

Popping it into his mouth, he chews thoughtfully for a moment as they stare at him with giant hopeful eyes. In actuality, the pork's flavor is fine, but not good enough for Katsuki's standards as it needs a little extra oomph. Also, it's just a tad over-fried, which won't do at all. If he's going to feed Izuku, it must be perfect.

"It's edible, but add some garlic to the panko. And triple up your portions too since I'm gonna be cooking for all of ya'll." He instructs with an approving nod, and the girls high five each other with an excited "yes!" under their breath before skipping away.

When everyone takes their separate stations to prepare their part of the meal, Bakugo begins his own process of remaking the broth by combining his selection of sauces into a mixing bowl.

As the minutes tick by, Katsuki finds that the four of them actually work very well together, regardless of the way he bossily barks around orders from time to time. Guess that's what happens when a group shares a common goal.

Before long, the three bring their items over to the blond, and everything is now ready for Bakugo to begin cooking.

Proudly standing in front of the oiled pans on the stove, Katsuki cracks his knuckles and gives the group behind him a smirk from his profile.

"Watch and learn, bitches."


An array of delicious aromas waft through the kitchen's air, accompanying the localized sound of food sizzling and popping from the stovetop.

Icyhot, Round Cheeks, and Frog Girl are completely entranced— just as Katsuki knew they'd be— and the cocksure smirk that's been on his face since the get-go has only grown larger from the deserved attention.

That's right, I'm a fucking beast in the kitchen. He gloats internally as the star-struck faces of the three are caught in his lefthand peripherals.

The group next to the blond have scrunched together, basically piling on top of one another over the countertop in order to give Katsuki the wide berth needed for his extravagant cooking.

And extravagant it is— because watching Bakugo cook is like art coming to life right before their very eyes. Every revolving movement is fluid as he swiftly switches his hands from tending the frying pork on one burner, sauteeing the broth on the other burner, and finishing by fluffing up the steamed rice on countertop cooker.

Being in his element, Katsuki finds himself feeling great. Cooking is something he's always really enjoyed doing, so he's not surprised in the least bit that he turned out to be a bomb-ass chef. Also, he's fully appreciating the silence of his spectators— if hanging out with the nerd herd was always like this, he wouldn't mind their presence one bit.

Making a point to show off, the blond dual-wields a spice jar in each hand and skillfully seasons the broth with precise flicks of the wrists. Then, the spice jar in his left hand is tossed up in the air and juggled to the right, only to be caught easily without even so much as looking at it. With his now free hand, he grabs three eggs from the side in a one-handed grip and cracks them into another skillet before throwing the empty shells behind him. When they land straight inside of the trash can, oohs and claps erupt from the girls while Todoroki holds up a "10" sign.

Satisfied with his work, he sets his seasonings aside and gives the broth one final stir before scooping some up in the spoon.

"Taste," he demands, shoving the spoon into their awestruck faces. After each takes their turn sipping the broth, smiles and chatter of excitement breaks out.

"Wow, Bakugo!"

"Amazing! Ribbit."

"This is actually really delicious..."

"Heh, 'course it is," Katsuki boasts, hand on his hip while leveling them with a smug look. "Just wait, that nerd's gonna cream his pants when he gets a taste of this!"

The group makes some unsure sounds of uhh at his suggestive statement, but their cringing faces are still nodding in agreement.


Minutes later after cleaning up, the group gets ready to leave.

As everyone stands side-by-side at the table to start packing up the food, Ochaco speaks up, positive demeanor suddenly turning low-spirited. "I really hope that this will work out..." she sighs, stopping her work to wring her hands together with a downcast gaze.

"The fuck do you mean?" Katsuki asks, voice more brusque than usual in offense.

"Well, what if he's not in the mood for any company? We could possibly make things worse for him..." Todoroki explains, mismatched eyes dolefully meeting Katsuki's own when the blond turns to face him. Tsuyu places her hands behind her back and nods sadly in agreement.

Katsuki's jaw clenches, pissed at their newcoming doubts. These fools don't know shit about Deku, so now's the time to drop some knowledge on them.

Leaning a hip against the table, Bakugo rudely points a finger at the three and starts gruffly, "I know that nerd more than any of you, so listen to me when I say that he needs us—" his elaboration halts as his mind instantly flashes to yesterday, to the memory of seeing Deku's sad eyes in the photo album, realizing the loneliness Izuku's experienced for much too long.

Sudden pain strikes his heart, causing the finger to fall away while the other hand lain on the table balls into a fist.

With a softened brow, he continues in an unusually gentle voice. "Look. Deku is stubborn as hell and won't talk unless he's ready. If you try to pressure him into talking, you're gonna stress him out and run him off," he points a thumb to the window down the hall, "and that's exactly what happened."

The group looks at one another shamefully.

"That being said," Katsuki starts again, grabbing their attention back, "if he's left alone too long, he'll fuckin' drown in his thoughts."

Perhaps Katsuki's reading too much into this, but something in his gut tells him that what Deku's burdened with today is no small matter.

When Froppy opens her mouth to say something, Katsuki puts up a hand to stop her so he can continue. "That fucker can be an anxious trainwreck 'cuz he never stops thinking, so having company around will help get him outta his head. Ya gotta show him you care by just bein' there with him without bothering him about whatever bullshit he's going through. When he's ready to talk, he'll talk." He reiterates, dropping his hand back down.

Not knowing how to stop, Katsuki keeps on going, heart pulling words out of him. "He's a sap that thrives on all that love n' shit. So that's what we're gonna give him, because we're his friends and he fucking deserves it. 'Specially from me..."

Crimson eyes avert away from Asui's unreadable face and down to the floor. His head follows suit, hanging low in shame with a sneer-curled lip. "Tch, I don't even deserve to be called his friend..."

The trio's expressions' turn surprised at Katsuki's sudden melancholy.

"I treated him like dog shit for so many years that it makes me fuckin' sick." He hisses, words dripping with venom that not only stings himself, but everyone else in the room. It hurts— so, so bad. But it's nothing he doesn't deserve.

Still, he goes on. "As much as I wish I could, I can't take all that abuse back. But I'm..." he pauses, throat tightening as guilt chokes him up, "...I'm gonna make it up to him. Every day! Until the day I fucking die! "


Like a nail in a coffin, he slams a fist into the wooden tabletop to finalize his crescendoed declaration. He's left heaving for air while unshed tears cloud his vision of the tiled floor below.

The silence for the next few moments is stifling.

When Katsuki's head is lifted up to the group, he's met with some of the saddest faces he's ever seen.

And then...

...he realizes what's just happened.

Bakugo's anguished face contorts from dumbstruck to angry in a second flat, all while exploding into the darkest shade of red possible.

That is what you call word vomit, and Katsuki just spewed it everywhere. Where did all of that even come from?! Holy shit, this may be the most words Katsuki's ever spoken in one sitting!

Being so done with this bullshit, the blond throws his arms up in exasperation. "So just...fucking trust me, okay?! FUCK!" He screeches, voice cracking from the plethora of emotions that's just punched him in the feels.

Under normal embarrassing circumstances, this would be the time he'd leave the room. But he can't, because if he did, then that would mean he couldn't give Deku his food. Since he's stuck, he settles on childishly folding his arms and turning away from the trio.

If his backside wasn't facing the others, he'd be able to see the way their sad faces have instantly turned into heartfelt smiles and tears.

The three pairs of arms wrapping around him from behind are felt before they're seen, and the blond oofs when he's been engulfed into a tight and very much unwelcomed group hug.

"Aww, Bakugo...!" They all coo while squeezing tighter and rubbing their faces all over him, and— HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT OKAY!

Multiple veins that threaten to burst bulge out of Katsuki's red face while a scream of unhinged fury rips from his throat, "GET THE HELL OFF OF ME YOU TRASH! I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!!!"

The three instantly regret their decision of showing affection when Katsuki starts blasting off explosions from their unwanted touches.


A little white flower that's sprouted from the ground stands pretty and proud on this nice, sunny day.

...until it's flattened pathetically underneath Katsuki's black tennis shoe.

"Goddammit... fuckin' bullshit...can't believe this...stupid bastards..."

With a face puckered in constipation, Bakugo grumbles a string of incoherent expletives whilst balancing a big bowl of katsudon in each hand.

As the four trek over the grassy mounds of the courtyard's edge, each carry their food, some pillows, drinks, a blanket— everything needed for their picnic. The blond makes a point to trail a few meters behind so he can ignore their chatter and sulk in peace, because yes, he's still very much pissed off at what happened earlier.

Seriously, that was probably one of the most embarrassing things that's ever happened to him— and no, he's not being dramatic.

Fuck! The more he thinks about it, the harder he stomps down in his stride. Damn these pent up emotions, making him erupt like a moody volcano. Maybe an explosion like this was bound to happen, but did it really have to happen in front of them?!

Curling his lips in distaste, he gives the three's backsides' a laser hot glare, hoping the power of his angry eyes will burn holes into them. Perhaps they felt it, because their jabbering momentarily stops, and one at a time they turn their heads back to give Katsuki worried looks. They're quick to whip their heads forward when they see he's already staring at them.

Bakugo rolls his eyes.

Uhg, the last thing he wants is more pity from the likes of those dorks.

As they reach a bit of a steep incline, the blond directs his attention to his feet below to make sure he doesn't get caught in any small holes. Dammit, he still needs new shoes.

Shoes won't distract him from his anger, though.

Urgh...can't believe these assholes think they can just touch me like that! If they ever try to hug me again I'll—

"Oh... hey guys. W-what are you up to...?"

Deku's voice, sweet yet tinged with uncertainty, pulls Katsuki straight out of his thoughts and immediately sends his nerves skittering about. Quickly whipping his head up, the blond finds Izuku already looking down at him from his seat atop of the hill, just mere meters away. The green-haired boy's brows are raised up a bit, almost like he's somewhat surprised to see Katsuki.

When their eyes meet and lock onto one another... the strangest phenomenon occurs.

Time itself skids into slow-motion, and the entirety of the surroundings have now faded into a dull black and white, save for Izuku. this really happening?

It doesn't matter, because the shining beam of light that is Deku has Bakugo completely captivated. His presence is a stark contrast of vibrancy in the bleakness of this now darkened world— and those eyes... oh, they're stunning, like two perfect emeralds looking directly into Katsuki's own ruby orbs.

Still moving in slow-motion, Bakugo continues uphill towards the boy. Izuku's face is coming much closer into view, and the blond's mouth is parting open in awe at the sight.

Just as breathtaking as Izuku's eyes are the constellation of freckles dotting the skin of his cheeks like an immaculate splattering from God's paintbrush. Those long, black lashes of his blink in a fluid motion before his eyes widen in... shock? Katsuki doesn't know. All he knows is that the green-haired man is slowly starting to stand up, while those soft-looking lips are opening up to say something...

"Kacchan!!" It's a panicked screech that startles Katsuki, snapping him out of this trance and abruptly reverting time back to normal speed.


The good news is that Katsuki made it to the top of the hill.

The bad news is that he's now tasting the cold dirt on it.

While Katsuki's mind was astral projecting itself into the cosmos of Izuku's freckles, he wasn't able to register that the nerd was actually trying to warn him of the giant tree root sticking out of the ground, thus tripping over it and falling face first in front of everyone. At least the bowls of food remained unharmed as his elbows helped catch his fall.

"Bakugo, are you okay?!" The group says before the bowls in his hands are felt being lifted away from his palms instead of helping him up. They're probably too scared to touch him in fear of losing a limb.

Not Deku, though.

Knowing and uncaring of how volatile the explosive boy can be, Izuku meets him halfway by crouching down at the same time Katsuki is lifting himself up on all fours.

After Bakugo spits out the gritty dirt between his teeth, a scarred hand comes into his direct view of the ground, followed by a gentle nerdy apology. "Sorry I didn't warn you in time..."

Though he's livid with embarrassment from his nosedive, Katsuki somehow keeps cool and forcefully accepts the offered hand so Izuku can pull him up.

Once on his feet, the blond responds with a soft, yet agitated growl. "Don't fucking apologize, it ain't your fault..." The two stand there for a moment, a rueful freckled face looking up to a dirty grumpy one, both silent with still-locked hands held up in between their chests.

The three in the background are totally flabbergasted as they watch the duo just hold hands and stare at each other.

"Are we all seeing the same thing here?!" Ochaco whispers urgently without looking away from the boys.

"Either that or we're all losing our minds, ribbit." Whispers back Tsuyu, sounding equally as surprised.

Shouto adds in with widened eyes, "It appears that Midoriya is the Bakugo whisperer..."

The group silently gasps when they witness what happens next.

Izuku drops Bakugo's hand, and then two-handedly cradles the blond's pouty face so he can wipe the dirt away from his cheeks. The explosive teen just lets Deku do as he pleases, arms crossed while a little blush dusts over the cheeks under Izuku's gentle thumbs.

When Deku finishes after much too long and turns towards the trio, they all straighten up as if they weren't just freaking out. The freckled boy's head tilts in confusion as he eyes the items they're holding, while Katsuki next to him looks to be completely calm.

No one knows that Bakugo is actually anything but calm right now.

Puzzled, Izuku asks, "So uh... what's going on?"

The three jolt, looking obviously suspicious as they all simultaneously blurt out a mixture of incoherent excuses on how it's just a nice day for a picnic. All Katsuki can do is roll his eyes at their shitty attempt at feigning ignorance, knowing full well that Deku's not buying it and is aware that they're all out here for him.


From under the oak tree rooted atop the hill, the group begins situating themselves on the giant blanket they'd brought out. One by one, they drop their designated pillows to claim their spots, and eventually end up making a small circle before unpacking their food in the center.

Plopping down directly in front of Deku is Katsuki, and on all surrounding sides sit the other three, already engaging in conversation. Their chatter goes unheard though, because all Bakugo can focus on is his heart hammering against his ribs, reverberating through his body and making him a fumbling mess as he opens up the laid out bowls of food.

Dammit... what the hell is wrong with me? He thinks with knit brows after his shaking hands almost knock over a nearby bowl of rice.

Katsuki is an absolute mess right now, and it has everything to do with Deku— about how enchanting he looked when Bakugo first laid eyes on him, and how the blond felt like melting into a puddle when those tender hands caressed his face.

Remember Bakugo's reaction yesterday when he saw the nerd in his clothes? Well, what had happened felt similar to that instance, but this was... so much more. If he could describe it, he'd say it feels like Izuku is holding his heart hostage, yet at the same time, Katsuki never wants it to be set free.

Shit, none of that made any sense.

Like the tinkling of a bell, the sound of Izuku's laughter rings through the air, and the blond eagerly flits his eyes ahead to see it in action. The green-haired man facing Round Cheeks is smiling from whatever she'd said, but Katsuki can tell it's not a real smile. He can see it in behind Deku's eyes too— the nerd's mind is still troubled.

An unforeseen and extremely overwhelming urge to just touch Izuku begins taking him over. It surges electricity through his body at a force so strong that he has to physically stop himself from leaning forward and pushing away the extras so he can have Deku all to himself.

He huffs, pissed that he's going to have to just settle on staring at the dork instead.

A breeze whips in, touseling the greenette's locks around, and Katsuki finds himself jealous of it. He should be the one weaving through those soft curls, not the wind!

Katsuki's eye twitches, because holy shit this is borderline torture! He might actually die if he doesn't get some kind of physical connection soon. Seriously, he'd do anything if it meant he could have a moment to just smooth his fingers over those cheeks to count the freckles on them.

Sometime during conversation, Izuku turns his face towards Katsuki, and the blond quickly averts his eyes back down to the bowls, feeling like a shy schoolgirl or some shit.

Okay, something is seriously wrong with him, and he has no idea what. It's honestly a bit frightening.

Well, he can't stress about it for too long, because he's here to cheer Deku up and give him a good time! Besides, how long is he going to sit here and mess around with unopened food bowls before someone says something about it?

Katsuki sucks in a quick breath and hurriedly tries to talk himself down.

Get a hold of yourself, dumbass! I dunno what the fuck is going on, but just put it on the backburner. You got more important shit to do right now!

By some miracle, and after mentally slapping himself in the face, Bakugo somehow musters up the power to let this go so he can focus on giving Deku the attention he needs.

Perhaps a little too aggressively, the blond finally pulls off the lids to the bowls and two-handedly slams one down in front of Deku to interrupt all conversation.

"Bon appetit, motherfucker." He says, trying to sound gruff but coming out fond instead.

Deku's doe eyes blink down at the steaming food for literally one second before an ear to ear grin splits his face. "Katsudon?!" He shouts, stars sparkling in his eyes while he bounces up and down excitedly in the spoiled rotten way that Katsuki's weak for.

"S'gonna be the best you ever had too, made by yours truly." The blond points a thumb to his chest, flashing a shining smirk so cocky and boastful that the other three's mouths' drop wide open around the amazed Deku.

The Icyhot bastard sitting next to Deku places a hand on his shoulder— which Katsuki doesn't like— to grab his attention. "We helped too." He says simply with a smile, but gives a furtive side-eye glower to the blond.

"Tch, barely," Katsuki argues back, crossing his arms. Fucking dick.

A dainty hand lands on Izuku's other shoulder, and the boy turns to face the owner of said hand. "Well, Bakugo did do the cooking. We just helped get it ready for him." Round Cheeks explains sweetly with a grin hidden with irritation— and perhaps Katsuki is imagining things, but he swears he just heard Deku utter Kacchan sugoi under his breath.

Nope, he wasn't imagining it, because the two holding the nerd's shoulders have veins popping into their temples on their smiling faces, no doubt pissed that Katsuki stole their thunder. Take that, bitches!

"His cooking is actually really impressive, ribbit." Froppy adds in thoughtfully, not bothering to argue. At least the fucking frog knows what's up.

"Can ya'll shut the fuck up now so we can eat?"

"Kacchan, be nice," Izuku warns with a furrowed brow, and when the blond backs down with a huff, his smile returns. "But really, thank you everyone. I just know this is going to be the most amazing meal ever!" He finishes by slapping his hands together and repeatedly bowing like the dork he is.

By the power of endearing nerdiness, all tension instantly dissipates and everyone quiets down to start grabbing for their utensils.

With carmine eyes flitting back and forth between his food and Izuku, the blond begins lowering his chopsticks down to grab a piece of pork, doing his best to pretend he's not eager for Deku's reaction. When the freckled boy picks up a hefty portion of his own food, Bakugo pauses everything so he can not-so-subtly watch the nerd's actions.

The inches between the bowl and Deku's face feel like miles for how long this is taking. Are things going in slow motion again?!

When Deku finally brings the food to his wide-open mouth and chomps down, Bakugo holds his breath. His curly head turns downward, facing the bowl as he chews and chews, not saying a single word.

Katsuki internally blanches at the nerd's silence.

Shit, does he not like it?!

So fast that it almost startles Katsuki, Deku snaps his face up and hits the blond with an expression so perfect that it could make a grown man cry. Specifically Bakugo.

No one could prepare Katsuki for this— for the viridian eyes fallen half-mast looking directly into his own, or the wobbly smile accompanying those blushing, freckled cheeks, and especially the blissful moan of, "Ohh, good~!"

Completely stupified, the blond drops his chopsticks with a clack, clamps a hand over his mouth, and twists his torso backwards so he can hide his scorching blush from the group.


These are the only words Katsuki can hear in his mind over the blaring WEE-WOO WEE-WOO of fire alarms ringing in his eardrums. Sweat pours down his red-hot face profusely while literal billows of smoke escape out of his ears and cupped nose. Seriously, Katsuki's about to stop, drop and roll because he's basically combusted into flames!

That moan— so delighted, so pleasured, so...sexual! Katsuki was kidding earlier when he said the nerd was gonna cream his pants, and that sounded like a straight-up orgasm! Surely he's not the only one that thought so, right?!

"Mmm, this is amazing!" Someone else that's not Deku moans aloud, and it's such a disgusting sound that Katsuki is now instantly turned off— not that he was turned on in the first place!

Okay, maybe he got a little hard, so what?!

Now completely over it, he turns back around to the group and pretends like nothing just happened. "Yeah well, what'd you expect? I'm the best damn cook out there." He says with a scoff, rolling his eyes for an extra measure of douchebaggery in an attempt to save face.

After some hums in agreement, the blond silently stuffs his mouth and scans his eyes over each individual in the group. Everything seems normal; all are quietly munching away looking content— well, except Deku, he's looking a little crazed while scarfing his food down like there's no tomorrow, but that's just his normal weirdness.

A small sigh of relief escapes his nose, because it seems that no one noticed the way Katsuki almost died minutes ago— or the half chub he was sporting.

Chewing on his amazingly delicious food, he thinks to himself:

Bakugo Katsuki, you are one lucky motherfucker.


"That one looks like an alligator." Says Deku, pointing a scarred finger up at one of the many fluffy clouds floating by. A collective hmm follows from the group at his observation.

Tsuyu— who's laying on her back with her head pillow atop Uraraka's crossed legs— turns on her right to face the greenette laying down next to her. "It looks more like a frog to me, ribbit." She disagrees, and Deku purses his lips at her without looking away from the sky.

Round Face giggles at the girl lying in her lap, "Of course you'd say that," then looks down at the freckled boy with a guilty smile. "It does kinda look more like frog though. Sorry Deku."

Izuku jumps up on his elbows and gives the brown-haired girl a look of disbelief. "What?! Oh, come on!" He squawks before swiftly turning his head to Katsuki who's on his right. "Back me up, Kacchan!"

"Fuck you, nerd. All of ya'll are wrong anyway, 'cuz that's a dragon." The blond says snobbily before poking a finger to the hopeful shitnerd's forehead and pushing him away. Okay, it looks nothing like a dragon and everything like an alligator, but no way in hell he's going to admit it and give Deku a shot at getting ahead.

"I'm seeing an alligator too. You can clearly see the snout and tail right there." Todoroki chimes in, pointing up to the cloud and tracing a finger like he's outlining the animal's shape.

They've been playing this game for a long while now— everyone takes a turn picking out a cloud and say what they think it looks like, and every time someone else agrees with your observation, you get a point.

"Yes! Thanks Todoroki-kun!" Deku leans up on a hand and slaps a high-five to the Icyhot bastard before laying back down on his pillow with a titter of "hehe."

Uhg, that candy cane fucker makes Bakugo want to vomit.

Whatever, Todoshitty can be a kiss-ass all he wants, but it doesn't change the fact that Katsuki's beating all these motherfuckers with his 20 points— not that he's taking this childish game seriously. Besides, Deku's happy, which of course makes Katsuki happy, so it's fine.

But you know what doesn't make Katsuki happy?

Having to use Icyhot's lap as a pillow, just like what Frog Bitch is doing with Round Cheeks.

"Grr..." The blond growls inwardly, shimmying his shoulders and wiggling around obnoxiously so he can "get comfortable". In reality, he's just trying to make things as annoying as possible for Todoroki, and it's working.

The two-toned boy above sighs in irritation and crosses his arms. "Are you finished yet? Your head keeps hitting my shins."

"Fuck your shitty shins." Katsuki grunts back, stopping his flopping with a final slam to the boy's ankles and meeting the upside-down angry bi-colored eyes above.

It's obvious that neither parties are happy about this, but it's for the best.

See, much earlier after they'd finished eating, Deku had decided that laying down was in order. The blanket they'd brought isn't very large, so if the five were to lay side-by-side, they wouldn't've been able to fit, and well... lets just say that if Katsuki hadn't suddenly barked at Icyhot like an angry dog and took his spot on the bastard's lap, then Deku would've had to, and that wouldn't have been okay.

It's unfortunate that Katsuki's found himself in this position, but you know what? Sometimes you have to lose to win, and right now, winning looks like Deku laying in the middle of everyone atop a throne of pillows instead of on Half n' Half.

Fuck, the things he does for the nerd.

"Get your fat head outta the way so I can play my turn," Bakugo demands with a snarled lip. When the heterochromatic boy scoffs and pulls his head out of view, the blond places a knuckle on his chin and scans the sky.

Red eyes bounce back and forth between the array of fluffy puffs floating in the vast blueness for perhaps a little too long. An impatient sigh is heard from someone next to him, but they can just screw off for all he cares. If Katstuki wants to keep his winning streak, he must find the perfect cloud.

Oh, and there it is. A dumb smirk curves on his face when he sees his target. Yes, this hilarious, phallic-shaped cloud has his victory in the bag.

"Alright," he starts, pointing out way in the distance, "see the one by that tree?" When the group follows his finger and gives hums of agreement, he snorts immaturely. "It looks like a dick."

An overly loud pfft comes from the neighboring Deku, and surprisingly enough even a small snicker from Todoroki above is heard.

Ochaco snaps her head to Bakugo to glare knives at him. "Really?!" She groans in disgust, throwing her palms up in the air.

"I mean, it kinda does..." Izuku trails off, fist to his mouth while his bright eyes flash with the laughter he's desperately trying to hold in.

Her mouth drops wide open incredulously. "Deku-kun!" Her scolding only makes him tremble more with silent giggles.

"He's not wrong."

She snaps her head to Icyhot and gasps dramatically. "Todoroki, you too?!"

"Just admit it and move on, Ochaco-chan." Froppy consoles with a sighed ribbit, bringing a hand up to give the brown-haired girl a comforting pat on the cheek.

She rolls her eyes and reluctantly agrees through grit teeth. "Uhg, I guess..."

Never missing the opportunity to be an asshole, Katsuki sits up out of Icyhot's lap and turns to face Uraraka with a repulsive grimace. "Wow, Round Face. So desperate for dick that you're seein' 'em in the clouds? Fucking nasty." He teases, arms crossed and eyes closed with a disapproving head shake.

Everyone gapes at the blond's crude joke, and the way Ochaco's eyes almost pop out of her skull is pure comedy gold. "WHAT?!" She shrieks, "but you were the one who said—"

"Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of me winning." He interrupts with a shrug, appearing bored by inspecting his fingernails, but totally smirking.

"Grrhhh!" A half growl, half scream squeals from her throat while she shakes a fist to the explosive teen. "I hate you, you know that?!" Katsuki snickers at his success of riling her up.

Todoroki places a placating hand in both her and Katsuki's directions and attempts to defend her. "Well if we're going by Bakugo's logic, then that means we're all desperate for dick since everyone saw it, so it's not just you." He says cooly, probably thinking the reason why everyone's shut up was because he quelled the tension.


The complete and total silence stays way too long. Blinking dumbly, Todoroki lowers his hands into his lap and swivels his head around the group, obviously confused at why they're facepalming. A whistling breeze swoops in, ruffling the bi-colored boy's hair as if it's giving its condolences to him for his unfortunate choice of words, and the cicadas screech even louder as if they're screaming in despair.

Katsuki gives the two-toned moron a squinty-eyed look and finally speaks up for everyone. "Way to make it awkward, you dumbass."

"PFFFT—HAHAHA!!" Deku couldn't contain his laughter any longer and finally bursts at the seams, clutching his stomach and curling into himself as he rolls around on the pillows. It's an instant chain reaction, causing everyone else to bust out laughing too, even Katsuki.

It's weird how comfortable the blond's feeling, messing around with the nerd herd as if he were with his very own squad. It's such a stark difference from how he felt earlier.

Even though these people are complete and total nerds, Katsuki guesses that he isn't having too bad of a time.


As the hours pass, more stupid games and seemingly endless chatter ensue.

At some point, the girls decided on practicing their braiding skills and had done each other's hair, then insisted everyone else should have theirs done too. Icyhot didn't give a shit and let them have their way, and Deku seemed almost eager to get his done, and the two actually ended up with some decent styles. Especially Deku; somehow, they managed to pin up his short curls into a little half-crown braid. It's a bit messy looking, but it works very well for him, pairing beautifully with his long eyelashes. Oh, and the little flower they stuck in his hair really just perfected the look.

By some extensive convincing, especially on Izuku's part, Katsuki even allowed the girls to do his hair, and surprisingly sat still through the whole thing while he bitched to the group about everything under the sun. In the end, his style turned out pretty amazing. The hair on both sides of his head is braided down, accentuating the spikes in the center by giving him somewhat of a mohawk. He's actually really fucking shocked at how good it looks.

Lost in conversation, no one had taken notice of the sun setting on the horizon, painting the sky in bursts of orange and purple. It wasn't until the dark blue blanket of night had completely fallen over that the group decided to disband and call it a day.

Well, most of them at least.

Katsuki keeps his seat on the blanket while Tsuyu, Uraraka, and Todoroki begin pulling their shoes back on and gathering up everyone's pillows and dirty dishes. As they stand from their spots, Izuku follows suit, hopping up and insisting he helps them carry their things inside, and to the nerd's dismay, they shake their fingers at him and deny his offer.

"Just take it easy tonight, Deku." Round Face says, clapping a hand over his shoulder and smiling sweetly at him.

"But I don't mind—"

"No buts about it, mister!"

From his spot behind Izuku, Katsuki's unable to see what kind of facial expression the nerd's wearing from her demand, but he'd bet anyone money that it's a pout.

Froppy leans up and pats his green head gingerly. "Don't pout, ribbit."

Called it.

The blond smirks fondly up at the backside of Deku, resting his cheek in his palm and secretly wishing he could see that puffy freckled face himself.

"Have you packed for pool party yet?" Icyhot asks with arms crossed, almost if he were talking to a child. Deku brings an apprehensive hand to the back of his green head and starts with a "well..."

While the others are busy yapping away, Bakugo zones out and lets himself get comfortable. Unfolding from his cross-legged position, he leans back on his hands and spreads his legs wide, one bent up at the knee while the other lays folded down, and lolls his head back to point his face skyward at the stars.

Shutting his eyes for a moment, he takes in the gentle breeze that runs through his hair and inhales a deep breath of the crisp, night air. Yeah, it turned out to be a really nice night, you want to know why? Because:

Katsuki, you fucking did it.

Somebody give Bakugo a gold medal because holy shit— he survived a day with the nerd's stupid-ass friends. Sure, he may have warmed up a bit to them, but it didn't make the effort less exhausting. Katsuki's not exactly a social creature, so this kind of thing is more or less a chore for him, especially when it's with people he doesn't usually mingle with.

But he did it, and did it well.

...kind of.

Okay, so he had a few moments where he wanted to break Icyhot's legs and throw his crumpled body down the hill— so what?! He didn't actually do it! That's a victory in itself, isn't it?!

"See you later! And thank you for the meal, Bakugo!" The loud voice of Round Cheeks snaps Katsuki from his thoughts and brings him back down to earth. When he faces the group, he's met with a bunch of stupid smiling mugs.

Stone-faced, the blond responds with a highly unenthused goodbye and subtle head nod. "Later, losers." They all just deadpan with sighs and sweat drops.

After some final hugs are given, Izuku waves them off happily. "Bye, guys. Thank you so much for the great time!" And with that, the three turn to leave and start their trek down the hill.

Well, Katsuki supposes that it's time to go too. It's dark already, which means it's after 9:00. Did that much time really pass?

Laying against the tree to the blond's right is both his and Izuku's shoes. Without getting up, he leans to reach for them, but stops when he notices Izuku's made no move.

Moments go by, and still, the freckled boy stands there, back faced to Katsuki while not saying a word. The hand Izuku had raised in a wave finally lowers down, then it's moved to hold his onto his other arm, almost in a shy manner of sorts.

Katsuki cranes his head, curious at Deku's body language. Ah shit, is he still sad?

Knowing it's best to not ask, the blond stays silent and hopes Izuku will open up to him.

Crimson eyes roam up and down the nerd, starting from the top of his braided curls, and ending to his white socked feet. When Izuku takes a deep breath, the blond watches too, eyes appreciating the way those thick shoulders bow back slightly while his broad chest expands outward.

Deku's yet to turn around... what on earth is going on in his mind? Tons of thoughts are probably running a mile a minute in there.

During these short few minutes, something unexplainable, and somewhat eerie, changes between the boys.

The atmosphere becomes deathly still, and Katsuki finds himself starting to feel anxious.

The wind pays no heed towards the two heavy souls standing near one another, not bothering to rustle the leaves with a single breeze. Even the songs played by the crickets have quieted down, leaving only complete silence to linger in the air. With the way everything's halted to a standstill, the rocketing speed and deafening sound of Katsuki's heart is amplifying tenfold.


Then, a thought hits him.

Izuku and Katsuki are finally alone together.

Bakugo's adam's apple bobs with a thick gulp, and the blanket underneath his hands twist in the tightening grip of his fingers. Fuck, he's starting to really stress out right now.

Why, though? There's not a single reason he should be feeling nervous about being alone with Izuku.

Perhaps he's not actually nervous at all; what if this feeling he's experiencing is...excitement? Those two emotions do go hand-in-hand, effecting the body just the same, so it's hard to tell.

The minutes pass like eternities, but eventually, Deku slowly turns around to Katsuki, looking downward to meet the face already staring up at his own. Though he's still smiling, Izuku's brow is furrowed a bit, exposing the worry he'd tried to conceal behind his cheerful facade. There's also an unreadable glint within his eyes, a shine that holds something Katsuki can't quite understand the meaning of.

Okay, he's obviously still upset... at least, that's what it looks like?

Bakugo has no time to deliberate on this. In one fell swoop, Deku drops to his knees before Katsuki's parted legs and lunges himself forward, almost tackling the wide-eyed blond backwards in a forceful, desperate hug.

The sudden action puts the explosive teen in a total state of shock, rendering him speechless while both his heart and mind skid to a halt. Even when the arms wrapped around him are felt squeezing tighter and tighter, Bakugo still stays frozen with his hands glued to the ground.

Izuku pulls back to bury his face into the junction of Katsuki's neck and shoulder, burrowing deep into the skin for only a moment before bringing his mouth up to the blond's ear.

"Thank you, Kacchan. I had a wonderful day." He utters, voice softspoken yet bursting with emotion, and then quickly smothers his face back into Bakugo's neck.

Like a shot to the chest, the words jolt right through Katsuki, jumpstarting his heart and kicking his mind back into gear. In a scramble of urgency, the blond flings forward and not only wraps his arms around the boy, but his legs too, constricting Izuku's body with his own like his life depends on it. He too, buries his face into Izuku's neck, inhaling lungfuls of everything that is Deku before letting out an audible sigh relief.

Fuck yes...

The amount of pure comforting warmth bursting all through Katsuki is immeasurable to anything he's ever felt in his life. This moment, holding Deku and knowing he was successful in making the nerd feel better, has made every second of the tiring day worthwhile. The fruits of his labor have never tasted so sweet.

"Don't mention it." Bakugo finally murmurs, happily feeling like a puddle of sticky sap as he presses a genuine smile into the warm skin of Izuku's flesh.

As the two hold each other like this under the pale moonlight, time slips away, but their surroundings come back to life. A blustering gust of wind blows in, touseling the boys' clothes and hair while the crickets start up their symphonies again.

In their true rival fashion, they each take turns squeezing one another harder and harder as if they're having a silent competition on who's the better hugger. Stupid Deku may think he's going to win because he's decided to stand taller on his knees, but it is Katsuki who's actually got the upperhand since he's still attached the nerd with all four of his limbs. The victory in his reach makes Bakugo's smile grow even larger.

Unbeknownst to Bakugo, this embrace isn't just a silly contest. It's awakening something deep within him, stirring up dormant emotions that are only active in his subconscious mind.

Neither seem to know or care how long they've been like this, but if they don't stop soon, they'll probably end up breaking each others' ribs.

Eventually, Deku brings his lips up to Katsuki's ear and giggles out a soft, "I won."

"Nuh-uh." Katsuki chuckles right back, nosing into those wonderfully smelling green curls.

After their little disagreement, Izuku sits the blond back down on his butt so the two can pull away. As Bakugo unwraps his legs from the green-haired boy, an unforeseen wave of panic pummels through him, causing every molecule in his body to scream HELL NO at the separation.

Before he could even question it, Katsuki's instincts decide to take matters into their own hands by making him grab Deku by the hips to pull the boy into his lap.

Izuku squeaks in surprise as he's suddenly yanked forward, arms smashed in between their chests while his ass is planted down onto the blond none too gently.

"Phew..." Katsuki sighs under his breath, hooking a chin over the freckled teen's shoulder while he relishes in the exhilarating rush from having skin on skin contact again. Seriously, he's so stupidly elated that he'd probably float away if Deku wasn't so heavy.

Bakugo had no idea that touching Izuku was going to make him feel like a relapsing addict finally getting a fix— and holy shit, this endorphin high he's found himself riding on is one for the books. With his expression being a combination of fluttering heart eyes and lopsided smile, Katsuki looks like he's one step away from literally starting to purr.

Deku, on the other hand...

"U-um, what a-are you...?"

...looks like he's about to bust a few capillaries with how red-faced and bug-eyed he is.

Though the gears in Bakugo's mind are running slow, Izuku's apprehensive question somehow gets through, making him realize that what he's just done is not normal behavior.

Outside of his dreams, at least.

"Err..." is the blond's intelligent apology, heart pupils changing back to normal from having his blissful bubble suddenly popped. He then proceeds to internally slap the shit out of himself.

What the hell are you doing?!

Now red from anger and embarrassment, Katsuki harrumphs and begins pushing the freckled boy's hips away, but stops when Izuku suddenly interjects.

"It's okay!" Deku exclaims desperately, taking the blond aback. ", don't mind..." he softens shyly, viridian eyes daring to not make contact while the scarred hands flattened against Katsuki's chest slide their way up to wrap around his neck.

When the green-haired teen further reciprocates by crossing his ankles behind Bakugo's back, a sudden chill runs through the explosive boy, truly realizing just how close the two are.

After a few moments pass of being completely still, the boys decide to finally meet face to face, and when they do, it's like they're looking in a mirror— both are rosy-cheeked with a demeanor akin to a spooked animal that's dying to be touched.

No words are needed between the two as the question hangs up in the air loud and clear.

Who will make the first move?

Katsuki's volunteers, swallowing down a thick gulp as he wonders if what he's about to do is going to cross some kind of boundary.

Sneakily, Bakugo slips his hands underneath the hem of Deku's shirt, letting his fingertips make contact with the bare skin of the boy's lower back. He pauses, locking eyes with Izuku in search of any protest, and though the pupils in those emerald orbs dilate, they hold no qualm for the blond's actions.

And with the approval, thus begins Katsuki's journey of getting to know his childhood best friend a little more intimately.

Without straying his gaze away from the freckled boy's eyes, Bakugo gets started by swirling his fingers in experimental circles, and oh... Deku's skin is comparable to the softest silk. The blond can see himself wanting to get lost in it.

As the pads of his fingers slide into the indentions of Izuku's back dimples, he gulps, and a bout of bashfulness tinged with nerves overcomes him.

This is like... personal to the max. But honestly? Having the chance to touch Deku like this is something he's been craving since yesterday, so like hell he's going to back out now.

That doesn't make his cheeks any less red, though.

Katsuki awkwardly clears his throat before averting his eyes away from Izuku's own in favor of staring at the man's torso below. Still working his fingers, the blond focuses on the way the freckled boy's chest rises and falls with every breath taken. It's oddly soothing to watch, and Bakugo finds himself calming down as he inadvertently matches the rhythm of his own breathing to Izuku's.

Now that he's feeling a bit more confident, the explosive boy fans his fingers out and begins slowly inching his hands upwards. The higher his tender hands travel, the more Izuku's shirt rises up, giving the blond a front-row seat of the nerd's exposed obliques. This is no news to Katsuki— but the amount of freckles smattered on this toned body is unreal, and they lay on his body quite prettily.

Accompanying the freckles are the rising of goosebumps, and a half-smile curves on the blond's face at the satisfying sight, because this means he's doing a good job.

Even more emboldened by the natural praise of Deku's body, Katsuki really gets his back rub started.

Up and down, side to side, dipping between shoulder blades, and even over the scarred arms wrapped around his neck— Bakugo's explorative hands knows no bounds while movements are gentle as can be. Both men's eyes are half mast, expressions peaceful as they float in the warm contentment of each others' presence. They've yet to look at each other's faces or exchange words, and Katsuki can't help but wonder what Deku's thinking about.

Of course, what's on Bakugo's mind is this admittedly nice body he's touching all over.

Muscles upon muscles, taught and tight, Izuku is a solid beast of a man; it's almost funny how much of a difference this is from when they first entered U.A.

Deku is so incredibly strong, and the proof of that lies right here upon the mountain range of rugged scars lining the dips and cords of his back. This boy right here is more than capable of handling whatever life throws at him, physically and emotionally speaking.

However true that may be, Katsuki believes Deku's had enough hardships and is deserving of the more finer things in life, so he makes sure to treat the skin he's tending to with the utmost kindness as he traces over the bumpy, scarred flesh.

Deciding to up the ante on his amazing rubbing skills, the blond activates his quirk in a low degree, sliding warm palms across the expansion of Deku's skin, and it was definitely the right move.

Izuku sighs in bliss, which is a nice fucking sound, then leans his heavy self forward to put all of his body weight into Katsuki's chest, dangling his chin over the blond's shoulder and laying over him like a limp noodle.

Katsuki snorts. Forget everything he said about Deku being a beast of a man— this nerd is literally the equivalent of a giant man-baby.

"Ya like that?" The blond coos, roughly patting the spoiled nerd's back a couple of times to make sure he isn't dead.


Shaking his head with a fond smile, Bakugo gets more comfortable by falling backwards, taking Deku with him as his head lands on the conveniently located pillow and situating the two to his liking. The end result is the nerd laying on his stomach, snuggled between Katsuki's spread legs, and resting his head atop the blond's chest.

When Deku lies his cheek against a hard pectoral and nuzzles his forehead under the blond's chin, Bakugo sweeps his hands under the nerd's shirt to resume the back rub. Izuku hums in contentment, then shuts his eyes to enjoy being pampered.

They stay like this for a long time, and Katsuki doesn't mind one single bit. In fact, he could do this all night— staying silent, letting his hands do all the talking while his heart swells more and more with gooey, fuzzy affections.

This is perfect, and the smile that's been plastered on Katsuki's blushy face is only growing wider.

Yeah, they're cuddling...on a blanket, late at night, under the moonlit sky... what? What's a little snuggling between bros?

Except Katsuki doesn't think of Deku as his bro... the nerd is way more than that to him. He's known Izuku the longest out of anyone— he's his childhood best friend turned enemy, then rival, then friend again— maybe best friend— and then...

...that's it.


Weird... "best friend" doesn't seem like a satisfying enough title for Katsuki.

He wants more than that.

But... what more is there? Best friend seems to be the cap of the friend scale, but that just doesn't seem right at all!


Well, he doesn't get to ponder on these bizarre thoughts too long, because two hands are felt snaking up the sides of his head.

Heart a flutter once again, the blond slowly cranes his chin down to meet face to face with the dork, and when he does...

Another strange phenomenon occurs, one that he wasn't expecting in the least bit, and also the strangest one he's had yet today.

Why... is Katsuki all the sudden feeling drunk?

Okay, he's never actually been drunk before, but he'd imagine it being like this— feeling as dumb as his dopey-ass face looks while not giving a shit about anything in the world except the pretty freckled face up close to him... and how those kissable-looking lips are not too far out of reach from his own.

Absentmindedly, Bakugo's tongue slides out for a lick to his lips.

With his chin dug into Katsuki's chest, Izuku smiles up so sweetly at him, tilting his head to the side almost curious-like, and the blond's head follow's the exact motions as if he's in a state of hypnosis.

Deku's eyes are responsible for this intoxication, Katsuki just knows it. They're a vast ocean of green beauty Bakugo's swimming in, roaring rapid waves that just pull him in deeper and deeper, and the blond finds he is happily ready to drown.

Ah, and now Deku's blushing a deep red, appearing almost guilty as if having his hands in Katsuki's hair is something he shouldn't be doing.

So damn cute...

"Is this okay...?" Izuku asks, tentatively rubbing the sides of Bakugo's scalp. C'mon nerd, why'd you even ask? It's not like they haven't been all over each other for the past who knows how long...

Sounding goofy from how carefree he feels, Katsuki attempts to insult him in his usual fashion, but all that comes out of his mouth is, "you're stupid," which means of course it's okay to fucking touch me.

Without preamble, Deku shimmies up to where he's straddled himself on top of Katsuki, then looms down to resume weaving his fingers through the sides of the blond's braids. "I um, really like your hair like this," he says meekly with a wobbly smile, giving Bakugo shivers from his gentle touch.

Katsuki doesn't pay any mind to the position change, he just keeps his hands firmly held onto the greenette's waist as he gets lost in Deku's ministrations.

The blond returns the nerd's smile with a naughty smirk. "Then why are you screwin' it up?" He teases, not giving Deku a warning before digging his thumbs into the freckled boy's stomach, causing him to squeak and jump in his lap and— ohh, fuck~!

When Deku bucks up, his ass lands directly onto Katsuki crotch with a solid grind, making the blond toss his head back into the pillow in a knee-jerk reaction to the stimulation.

Hngh— God...!

Like a snap of the fingers, Katsuki's pulled out of his inebriated state and left with a dumb face so ghostly pale that its color rivals the moon.

Izuku scoffs indignantly. "Uhg, Kacchan!"

With a knit brow and pouty lip, Deku punishes Katsuki for the surprise tickle by aggressively ruffling up the blond's hair into an absolute mess, bouncing and gyrating his ass down in circles all the while... and probably thinking the reason why Katsuki's eyes are rolling back while groaning is because his head is getting jarred.

Unbeknownst to Deku, the only head he's jarring on Katsuki is his dick, and it's so fucking good, which is also really fucking bad!

There's no stopping it— the pit of Bakugo's stomach is already starting to boil in molten arousal, and... and...


Katsuki can feel his already half-hard cock stiffening up at a rapid pace, making his shorts feel uncomfortably tight and also making Deku's erratic stimulating movements feel even more pleasurable.

Now in a panic, Katsuki yanks Deku forward to where he's straddling his stomach instead of his groin, and the shitnerd— being the idiot he is— thinks the blond's trying to start up a friendly brawl and begins resisting and wiggling, only making his erection pulsate in want.

With eyes as wide as saucers and teeth grit, Bakugo keeps a steel grip on the freckled boy's hips to ensure he doesn't move. "D-Deku!" He screeches, voice cracking in complete and total fear as Izuku grabs onto the wrists holding onto him to try and wrangle free.

This damn nerd is completely oblivious to what he's doing to Bakugo! He's just laughing, throwing his head back and just having a fuckin' ball when in reality he's out here looking like an award-winning dick rider!

Shit, shit, shit! Bakugo's got to get out of this position fast, because if Deku backs up even just an inch, he's going to roll his fat ass right over Katsuki's now fully hardened cock, then the nerd is going to know he's horny and then—


"EEEK!" Both boys scream like little girls and jump off of each other, landing on their butts.

"M-mr. Aizawa?!" Deku gasps, placing a hand over his heart and panting heavily.

Their sensei looks extra annoyed, but who cares! Katsuki is saved!

Oh, thank fuck!

"Your ceiling is fixed now, and I'd appreciate it if you'd answer my calls so I wouldn't have had to track you down like this." He finishes with a grumble of "damn problem children" before turning back around to head the other direction.

When Deku turns to face Katsuki, he's no longer on the blanket. He's already sprinted away, and just about halfway to the dorms at this point.


"What the ever-loving fuck is going on?!"

Hmm...does Katsuki sound crazy talking aloud to himself in the solitude of his dark, lamp-lit bedroom?


Okay...does Katsuki look crazy as he sits in the dead center of his bed, shirtless with pajama pant legs hugged to his chest while he rocks back and forth with an eye twitch?

Double yes.

Well...does Katsuki feel crazy from all the absolutely bizarre out-of-this-world bullshit he's experienced today?

Triple yes.

With a checkmark placed next to all three of those questions, the conclusion to Katsuki's diagnosis is plain as day— and the outcome is not looking good for him.

Bakugo Katsuki— born April 20th, age eighteen, ash-blond hair, blood type A— has officially, one-hundred percent, lost his marbles!

...and it's all that motherfucking, freckle-faced, pretty-eyed, heart-stopping shitnerd Deku's fault!

May God rest his soul.

"Hhhh—!" A loud wheeze is forced out of Katsuki's lungs, causing his eyes to protude while he slaps a hand over his aching heart.

Fuck! Just thinking of the nerd's name feels like a round-house kick to the chest, which only further proves that Katsuki must really be dying right now!

Dying from embarrassment, that is.

Screwing his eyes shut, Bakugo hides his blushing face in his knees and growls loudly frustration.

It's been about an hour since Bakugo ran like the wind and narrowly escaped what would have been the most humiliating event to ever occur in his short life, and ever since then, he's been desperately trying to not think about Deku.

Unfortunately for Katsuki, it's been impossible to do so, because holy motherfucking shit!

He seriously... cannot believe...

...that he got a fucking boner from the nerd!

Saying that sentence aloud in his head makes him die a little on the inside. Out of all the embarrassing shit that's happened lately, this may reign supreme.

But hey, there's a silver lining in this— at least Izuku didn't feel it since his dick wasn't fully hard.

Well, at least Katsuki thinks he didn't feel it...

...OH SHIT! What if Deku did?! The nerd would probably never look at Katsuki the same way again— no doubt, he'd be repulsed at such a disgusting thing!

Bakugo wouldn't be able to live with himself if such a humiliating thing happened! He'd have to change his name and move far, far away to a place that no one would ever find him, an American rural suburb! GASP!

Yes, he'd be forced to live out there for the rest of his days and die alone, or worse— he'd have to make friends with the neighborhood soccer moms and share casserole recipes!

Que the ear-splitting scream of pure terror.

Katsuki kind of wants to cry right now, but he's not going to because this situation is stupid, so he settles on flopping on his side, knees still to his chest while whimpering pathetically to the wall in front of him.

This is some serious emotional trauma Katsuki's experiencing! For real, he's one step away from taking Deku to court and suing him for this! In fact, this situation has him so bent out of shape that he's completely forgotten about all of the brand new, non-sexual, other feelings Katsuki's developed for the nerd today, such as:

Finding Izuku to be so enchantingly beautiful that he wanted nothing more than to hold the nerd in his arms all night. Or how he wants to further their relationship past the line of friendship, whatever that means.

...yeah, none of that can be seen through the thick fog of embarrassment, because uhg— no one gives Katsuki boners!

Okay, sure, Deku's given him boners the past few nights during his dreams, but that doesn't count! It's not his fault what goes on the abyss of his subconscious, and if anyone dares to disagree on this, they're wrong.

Oh, and don't even try to argue with him about the instance of getting an erection at lunch when Deku moaned in his face— that was just a coincidence!

...shut up, he's not in denial!

He's also not in denial about how amazing it felt when Izuku was unknowingly grinding down that big ass of his onto Bakugo's half-hard cock. Mmm, now that was a literal manifestation of his wet dreams, giving him a sweet taste of what the delicious friction of dry sex feels like. Fuck.

Flopping out of the fetal position to lay on his back, Katsuki sinks his head into the pillow and absentmindedly repositions his body the exact same way it was earlier outside, spreading his bent legs wide for someone to take a seat and licking his chops all the while.

...but, he doesn't want to fuck the nerd. Not even a little bit. Thanks for asking, but nah.

Yes, the oddly specific thought of them on the blanket while their moonlit silhouettes rock back and forth from the way Deku rides Katsuki like a stallion is literally the last thing he'd want to happen, even though his dick is twitching in interest right now.

...dammit, okay, it'd be hot as hell— but that still doesn't mean he wants it to happen!

Agh, why can't he can't stop thinking about Deku?!

He's already made this clear, but Katsuki's tried everything to get his mind off the nerd! He'll tell you all about it!

Rewinding back to earlier, directly after the incident, the first thing Bakugo did when he stepped through his bedroom door was strip down for an ice-cold shower— and yeah, it was the fucking worst— but it did kill his raging hard-on, which was the goal.

Afterwards, he put on pajamas and hopped right into bed for some shut-eye, thinking he got off scot-free from all thoughts on Deku.

Boy, was he wrong.

As he pulled the blanket over him, the blond found himself still chilled to the bone from his shitty shower; so what better way to warm up than imagine a cute, cuddly nerd in bed with him, rubbing noses while they giggled and rolled around stupidly?

His heart burst into flames at the thought, which did warm him up, but also threw him in a whirlwind of panic, causing him to jump out of bed and pace the room like a caged animal.

So, showering and sleeping it off didn't work. Which was fine, because Katsuki's the smartest man alive and knew he'd just formulate an even better plan. And after just a few short minutes of wracking his brain, the blond snapped his fingers as another idea popped in his head.

Yes, he was certain that this plan would be full-proof.

Beep boop beep— shaking fingers tapped numbers into his cell phone before pulling the device up to his ear.


"Katsuki? What are you doing calling so late?"

Surely, giving his mom a call would've provided him the distraction he needed. If there's one thing Katsuki hates, it's the long-winded phone conversations his old hag tends to have.

An irritated hand is thrown up in the air when he answers his mom. "What? I can't call my fuckin' parents?"

"Don't give me that bullshit ya damn brat. You've got sweet little Izuku on the mind, don't you?"

An unwarranted explosion popped from his raised hand while a red hot blush burned his face to a crisp.


Bakugo then proceeded to yelp and chuck his phone across the room. What is with that woman and her stupid maternal instincts?!

Too tired to deal with it anymore, Katsuki gave up trying after that. It'd be hopeless anyway, because he has a feeling that no matter what he does, everything in his mind would just revolve back to Midoriya fucking Izuku.

So now, here he is.

Still lying on his back, Katsuki sucks in a deep breath and holds in a lungful of air, clenching his body in a degree so tight he begins trembling. He then screws his eyes shut, pretending that if he pushes hard enough he can physically force the Deku thoughts out of his head.

Tendrils of bright, beautiful colors of green swirl around in the darkness of his mind, making shapes and outlines until a figure of Izuku's smiling face appears.

"Pahhh," that's the sound of him releasing his breath while his coiled body deflates like a balloon. Well, that last-minute attempt was a failure— all it did was make him look like he's trying to give birth or some shit.

Okay, time to reiterate what he's repeated over to himself; there's absolutely no way he can get his mind off the nerd.

Leaning himself up to sit against the headboard, the blond straightens his legs out and flops his arms down uselessly, staring up at the ceiling and wishing for a solution.

A long, exhausted sigh is huffed out.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?


That's it— it's the only logical choice, goodbye cruel world.

...or he can just accept it for tonight and let future Katsuki deal with it tomorrow.

Good plan, good plan. Well, it's going to have to be, anyway.

Mindlessly darting his eyes toward his bedroom door, Katsuki wonders...

What's Deku up to right now?

Okay, Katsuki for sure has a few screws loose...because despite all of this, he wants nothing more than to be with Izuku right now. He knows it's stupid and that it doesn't make sense, but it's just how it is.

Crimson eyes squint at his cell phone that sits on the nightstand, heart pounding in his ears as an idea pops into his brain.

What if... he called Deku up and invited the nerd into his bedroom? Bakugo's really lonely and stressed out; what could possibly happen between the two?

As he reaches for his cell, Katsuki freezes in fear, then retracts his hand and tightly crosses his arms over his chest.

HELLO?! Earth to Bakugo! That is literally the worst thing he could do right now! Katsuki's not exactly stable at the moment— who knows what he'd do if Deku were here!

An assault of fuzzy feelings blast right through Katsuki's bloodstream, warming him up from head to toe. A handsomely devilish smile curls up on his face, because oh, he's got an answer to that question.

Yes, he's positively certain of what he'd do if Deku were here.

Katsuki closes his eyes and can just picture it now, playing like a full screen, high definition movie...

Already standing at the door, Bakugo would be awaiting Deku's arrival. Once the quiet, tentative knocks are heard, the blond would swing the door open, not giving the nerd a single second to react before effortlessly picking him up bridal style.

"Oh! Kacchan! " Izuku gasps, instantly roaming his hands over the bulging muscles of Katsuki's bare chest, just positively amazed at how strong the blond is.

So much pride and affection swells in Bakugo at seeing how swooned the fluttery-eyed nerd is.

"Didja miss me?" The blond asks smugly, despite how gooey he's feeling before carrying the blushing boy to bed.

Once arrived, he'd dip his knee into the mattress to gently lay Izuku down atop his sheets that are sprinkled with rose petals, and— wait, how'd those get there?

Eh, doesn't matter— this is Katsuki's fantasy, so anything goes.

Anyway, after placing Deku on his linens made from the finest cashmere that also match the romantic sheer canopy hung around his bed, Bakugo would halfway sit down, leaning his body over Izuku's torso to press one hand into the mattress on the man's side, while the other caresses along those soft, freckled cheeks.

Those gorgeous doe eyes would be shining up bashfully at Bakugo, and the blond would relish at how cute Izuku looks from the very much deserved gentle treatment he's receiving.

"K-kiss me, Kacchan!" Deku suddenly begs, dramatically throwing a scarred hand up to his forehead akin to a damsel in distress while shutting his eyes in a faux faint.

Goodness, what a needy little thing.

Overcome with fondness, Katsuki cradles Deku's face in his palm, pulling the greenette out of his fit so they can lock eyes.

"One step ahead of ya..." Bakugo whispers breathlessly, leaning down to place his lips on Deku's own for what would quite literally be the best kiss ever. Outside the balcony window, fireworks would be seen blasting off in celebration of how everything is right in the world now that their lips are touching.

Soft and slow, Katsuki kisses Izuku, giving everything he has to offer with his mouth. Smacking sounds are swirling in the air as their lips collide with one another, over and over while both run their hands through each others' hair.

If Bakugo dropped dead right now, he'd die the happiest man alive.

Ready to unleash his full arsenal of kisses, the blond decides it's best to have Deku stay overnight so he can shower him with affections without interruption.

"Lemme get you some pajamas, baby." Purrs Bakugo, and yes— he would call him baby, and Izuku would love it just as much as Katsuki does. With a final peck pressed into that freckled nose, he'd stand from the bed to retrieve his softest pair of pants and t-shirt.

Outside of the fantasy, Katsuki's dopey face is the brightest pink while hearts float around his head. So lost in lovey-dovey thoughts, the blond has no idea how stupid he looks as he hugs himself and rubs his feet together excitedly.

Okay, back to the story. After Katsuki gives Deku his clothes, he shuts the canopy and turns away completely from the freckled boy. Though the sheer veil only shows the black silhouette of Izuku's body, the blond still respects his privacy as he changes.

"Hehe..." A tiny giggle is heard, followed by the sound of clothes dropping onto the floor.

Katsuki ear perks up, and he crosses his arms while he patiently awaits for Izuku to change. The more fabric is heard landing on the carpet, the louder Deku's giggles become, making the blond smirk as he wonders what that silly dork is up to.

"I'm dressed, Kacchaaan~" Oh, that sounded awfully flirtatious.

When Bakugo turns around to part the sheer veil, his mouth falls open at the sight beheld.

The coy-looking beauty standing on his knees before Katsuki is most certainly dressed... but not all the way. Dirty little Deku has Bakugo's shirt on, but apparently decided to skip out on pants and underwear, leaving the t-shirt's length to be the only thing covering his modesty that no doubt dangles prettily behind the fabric.

As if this scene isn't heart-stopping enough, Izuku lays on his stomach and gives Katsuki a little peep show by wiggling his ass around, making those barely concealed plump cheeks jiggle and clap underneath the thin shirt.

Boing— that's Katsuki's cock, and it's never sprang up so fast in his life.

The little cocktease would love the way he's making Bakugo drool, appearing sugary sweet as he places a finger to his lips.

"Does Kacchan like what he sees?" He asks innocently before sticking out his tongue and winking cutely at the blond, and ohh— this adorable, precious, sexy as hell nerd is driving Katsuki absolutely bonkers.

A whiny groan of "baby..." is the only thing Bakugo can manage to say before crawling on the bed to hover his body over Izuku's backside. The rubberband of self-control is about to snap, so the blond prepares to dish out his own serving of teasing before he goes absolutely apeshit.

Placing a hand atop Izuku's left thigh, Katsuki grips the muscled flesh while his right hand dances along the skin of the man's other leg.

Starting from behind the knee, Katsuki trails hot, delicate fingers up the back of Izuku's freckled thigh, leaving goosebumps in their wake as they slide up, up, and up, and—

Katsuki opens his eyes and snaps out of the fantasy for a moment. Peering down to his lap, the blond realizes that he's firmly palming his crotch. Ah, shit... how long has he been doing that?

Licking his lips, he gives his fully hardened erection another squeeze over his pants and groans in delight. Damn, that feels nice... know what? Fuck everything! Bakugo's pent up as hell, so it's high time he did something for himself by blowing off some of this steam and having a well-deserved jerk off session.

Opening the flap of his sweat pants, the blond's engorged cock springs free, angry red with a bead of precum on the tip.

"Mmhh..." Bakugo moans aloud, mouth turned into a blissful, wobbly smile as he grips his shaft and begins pumping up and down steadily. God, he needed this so bad.

Sweat trickles down his brow as he watches himself stroke his prick, fully appreciating the sight of how much he's packing. When it comes to both length and girth, Katsuki is straight-up blessed. His cock is amazing— just like he is— and there's no doubt he'd be the best lay anyone's ever had.

And when he says anyone, he means Midoriya Izuku, and no one else, ever.

Goddammit, Katsuki would kill to have that pretty nerd sitting on his cock right now, hands thrown into those curls while making those sweet noises he's dying to hear. Too bad he's going to have to settle on imagining it happening instead.

Which reminds him, it's time to return to the fantasy. Where was he again?

Ah, yes— Katsuki's heated fingers would be trailing up the back of Izuku's thighs, leaving goosebumps in their wake as they inch ever so slowly up the freckled skin. The closer his fingers get to their destination, the more they sweep inward to the center of Izuku's legs.

Finally, the tips of his digits slide under the shirt, making contact with the hairless skin of Deku's perfect ass. Gently, he presses two fingers in between the cheeks, and loves everything about the cute gasp that comes from the freckled teen. Biting his lip, Katsuki burrows his fingers deeper, just barely grazing Izuku's most inner core.

"I'd be careful with all this teasing if I were you..." Katsuki warns huskily, completely lust addled as he applies more pressurized strokes over Izuku's rosebud. "I'll fuckin' wreck you, Deku. Right here, right now, and you know I won't hold back."

With a high pitched keen, Izuku arches his ass up and rolls back into the prodding fingers, desperate for penetration.

"Please! I'm ready! I wanna be filled up with Kacchan's big, fat cock!" Deku cries, scarred hands gripping the sheets desperately. "Just..." he starts again, voice soft as he turns his face behind his shoulder to let Katsuki see his shy, pouty profile, "...promise to be gentle with my tight, virgin hole?"

Oh, how could Katsuki deny such a precious plea?

"Of course, baby. Daddy Kacchan's gonna take good care of you..." He growls, not giving any further warning before pressing a finger deep into Izuku's warmth and—

Katsuki's eyes open up yet again to his dimly lit bedroom, completely pulled out of his fantasy as he suddenly remembers something from earlier in the day.

"—try getting the feel of bottoming for yourself if you're comfortable with it. Explore your body and feel around with your fingers—"

A thrilling spark ignites Bakugo's heart at the words he'd read. He stops everything he's doing as the wheels in his brain turn, thinking...considering...

In a split-second decision, Katsuki drops his cock and quickly changes the course of his masturbation session, urgently reaching into his nightstand drawer to pull out some lube.

Resuming his position of reclining against the headboard, the blond kicks off his pajama pants, leaving him to be stark naked as he sloppily slathers his hands with lube.

Fuck, I'm really gonna do this... he thinks to himself, heart lodged in his throat as he spreads his shaking legs wide, exposing everything out into the world.

Looking down at his lap, Katsuki slides both hands down his inner thighs, watching the way the head of his cock slaps against his stomach as it twitches in need. One hand makes a stop to his balls, rolling them in his palm while the other hand presses three fingers into his taint for a stimulating massage.

Just this pressure alone feels really fucking nice, causing the drops of pre cum pooled at the slit of his cock to dribble down, making his stomach a bit of a mess.

More eager than nervous, he gets right to it and experimentally slides his lubed up index finger down and rubs the soft, puckered skin of his twitching hole. Applying the gentlest of pressure, he strokes over the tight ring, moving his fingers up and down in a come-hither motion.

This...isn't bad at all. Actually, it's quite enticing. Pressing down harder, he begins to circle his digit deeper, still yet to penetrate.

Oh, but the thought of penetration is nothing short of exhilarating.

With every swirl he rubs on the rim of his entrance, his cock jumps and oozes even more milky dribbles of pre-cum from pure excitement alone. To stave off his nearby orgasm, he grips his shaft tightly with the hand that was tending to his balls.

Halting all movement, he flutters his eyes shut and takes a deep breath, so ready to get this started. One last thought runs in his mind before doing so:

"—Penetration will go much more smoothly for the both of you if he's not clenching tightly the whole time."

After another shaky breath is taken, he loosens up his body, dropping all the tension that had his muscles clenched up. With screwed shut eyes, a bit lip, and brows folded in concentration, the digit is finally pressing in, and— oh fuck, I'm doing it, holy shit it's happening—

He freezes when his fingertip breaches inside, now getting cold feet from the initial burn. Dammit, his nerves are getting the best of him...

Determined to not let fear get in the way, he bites his lip harder and ungracefully shoves it quickly all the way in and—

"Shit!" He curses, eyes snapping open and hissing a wince between grit teeth.

Okay, ouch, that fucking hurt...but it's not unbearable by any means. There's a shit ton of pressure and burning though, and that's enough to keep him feeling uncomfortable, so he opts in staying still while his body adjusts.

Sweat trails down his chest, sliding over his abs that heave in an out from the adrenaline rush before entering into the dips of his flat V-line. With the position he's in, he's unable to really get his finger in too deep; it'd be so much easier if someone were doing it for him.

Someone like Deku.


Change of fucking plans. The fantasy he'd been lost in has redirected itself to fit his current situation.

With a gulp, Katsuki pulls the lubed digit out with a squelch, and back in slowly, repeating the process while he shuts his eyes and sighs from the stretch.

"Mmm, Kacchan... you're doing so good for me, baby..."

Katsuki imagines opening up his eyes and meeting face to face with Izuku, who's kneeled between his parted legs. One scarred arm loops behind Bakugo's knee, hoisting him forward to slide him down onto his back, while the other hand is greedily pumping a finger deep inside his fluttering hole.

The blond two-handedly grips the pillow behind his head and bites his lip, looking up at the sexy nerd loomed above who's exuberating dominance. Fuck, Deku's wearing an expression so dark and hungry that it makes Katsuki quake with want.

Sweet and sultry praises of Kacchan sugoi are purred to Katsuki as he takes everything Deku's giving. Green, beautiful, lust clouded eyes stare right into the blond's own as Deku keeps on finger fucking him in a nice, steady pace.

In real life, Katsuki has his head tipped back as he tries to figure out what he's doing, slowly stroking his cock all the while.

Bakugo may be missing his prostate since this is his first time, but fantasy Deku definitely wouldn't be. Oh no, that nerd would be hitting it dead on. It doesn't matter that Katsuki doesn't know what it'd feel like, because he's got a vivid imagination, and it's gonna feel fucking amazing.

Now, Izuku's sliding two scarred fingers in and out of him, and though it burns, it doesn't actually hurt. Deku knows everything about his Kacchan, he knows exactly how to treat his childhood best friend.

"Ngh..." Katsuki whimpers aloud outside of his fantasy, mouth dropping open as he slides his two fingers in and out at a steadier pace, following fantasy Deku's motions.

Fantasy Izuku chuckles out a sultry, seductive laugh at the blond's pathetic noise. "So cute, Kacchan," he then leans forward, folding Bakugo in half to bring a humid mouth to his ear. "Don't worry, I'm about to give you what you really want," a bite to Katsuki's neck finishes his declaration, making the blond gasp at the delicious pain.

After some loving kisses are pressed into Katsuki's bruised flesh, Deku removes his fingers so he can manhandle the blond to his desired position. The end result is both men standing tall on their knees, Katsuki's back to Izuku's chest.

The nerd's demeanor changes instantly.

Deku brings a knee up, knocking Katsuki's legs open before grabbing a handful of spikes and pulling his head back against his shoulder. The rough treatment is such a fucking turn on.

"Look at you, Kacchan... loving this," he punctuates his aggressive words by forcefully shoving his two fingers back in with his free hand, causing the blond to yelp from the sudden stretch. "Who knew you were such a filthy slut for me?" A humid growl is panted into his ear as Izuku works him again with those thick fingers, thrusting them in at an alarming pace.

Gritting his teeth and panting, Katsuki's already hardened cock would be dripping and dripping as it flaps against his stomach from Deku's harsh ministrations, truly loving it, just like Izuku said.

"Yeah, that's right. Take my fingers like the whore you are!"


"H-hahh, f-fuckin' Deku..."

"I'm gonna fuck you within an inch of your life, Kacchan." Izuku threatens with a hiss, biting harshly into Katsuki's neck while his fingers move faster and faster, pistoning with reckless abandon.

Being way too eager to get some dick, the threat finally snaps Katsuki's patience in half.

"Then get to it, you goddamn bitch!" The blond hollars in a furious rage, throwing a hand up to in Deku's curls and turning them face to face, "I know how loud I can make you scream, I fucking heard it myself!" He gives a harsh yank back, licking a stripe up that freckled neck before continuing. "I gave it to you so good that the damn walls were shaking, so you better do the same for me, got it?!" He finally finishes by smashing their lips together in a savage, angry kiss.

Way too lost in his fantasy, Katsuki has not the faintest realization of the repressed memory he's just visited, and in actuality, it's bringing his oncoming orgasm like a bullet train.

His goading has driven Izuku to the point of madness. Without warning, Deku shoves Katsuki's face into the bed, then slams his cock in deep, burying to the hilt and causing the blond to howl at the sudden intrusion.

Izuku grants Katsuki exactly one second to adjust to the stretch before gripping his hips and mercilessly pounding into him, giving Bakugo exactly what he wanted.

With brows folded down and mouth open in a pant, Katsuki groans aloud in his bedroom. Being so invested in his fantasy, he's now found lying down on his back as he rapidly jacks and fucks himself, pouring sweat all the while.

As Deku drills into him from behind, he'd imagine the pleasure of having his prostate struck to be so mind-numbing that he'd go cross-eyed while screaming at the top of his lungs. "DEKU! YES, YES, FUCK YES, C'MON!"

"Hnnhg! Kacchan, you're so tight! I'm gonna cum!"

"Hah~! Dammit D-Deku, me too!"

Both are moaning and groaning loudly as they rabidly pleasure each other, not caring at all who may hear them. The blond can feel his balls tightening up, pooling warmth ready to release as he approaches his climax, and all too soon...

The fantasy ends with a long, gravelly moan growling from the blond. Right as Katsuki opens his eyes, long ropes of cum start spirting out, seemingly endless as it splatters all the way up his chest and down his abs. His toes curl, his eyes roll back, and mmm, he's working his cock so fucking perfect as he rides the wave of his orgasm.

"Guhhh..." he groans aloud once again as he finishes pumping out the last drop of his warm seed.

Right now, Katsuki looks like the poster boy for the lewdest porno— back arched and twisted, tongue lolled out, hairline damp with sweat, and cheeks flushed a dark pink while he pants heavily. Oh, and cum is everywhere.

He releases his cock and removes his fingers, then aimlessly grabs his blanket to wipe off the entirety of his torso and not giving a shit on how gross it is.

"Holy fuckin'..." he pants aloud, because wow, that was probably the dirtiest thing he's ever imagined, and though he didn't hit his sweet spot, this was probably the strongest orgasm he's ever had. Better luck next time, and there will for sure be a next time.

With limbs completely boneless, Bakugo basks in his afterglow, utterly blissed out as he floats on the sea of contentment.

...until he realizes what the hell he just did.

Crimson eyes snap open, and he shoots up in a state of absolute panic.

Bakugo Katsuki just jacked off— and fingered himself— to Midoriya Izuku...