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The Show Must Go On

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The cruelest part was that they were ready for it. They had been ready for centuries when it finally happened. When heaven and hell descended on the two lovers in their embrace, ready to part them forever.


There was bloodshed and angry words, neither side understanding their refusal to choose either. They didn’t want either of them, but if they chose then the angels and demons would know who can punish who.


Crowley and Aziraphale refused to go without a fight, and that’s what did them in. Aziraphale being saved from a stab in the back by - a righteous Crowley, Aziraphale’s hellish anger that followed his lover’s last demonic breath.


In the end, when the legions left, there was only a demon left standing where there wasn’t one before. He took his lover’s name and brushed it off, grabbing his wedding ring, and left. In his mind, the cruelest part was how they left his body, it didn’t disappear or turn into a puddle of anything, it was just empty now. Like it wasn’t a body that was taking care of for years and years.

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Crowley continued his work, slowly. Corrupting people and making use of his time with humans for creativity. The M25 was certainly inspiration. He would continue his lover’s work, for he knew the other wouldn’t be proud that he had fallen. He wouldn’t be happy his angel fell into the need for revenge.


There was talk upstairs and down about a new angel. An angel people thought had been lost forever. He was one of the first, the healer, made right along side the Morningstar. He wouldn’t say where he was, how no matter who went to earth they couldn’t feel him. They knew he’d been around, in a sense. They saw his miracles over the years, the people who were healed despite all odds. Raphael was always a softy when it came to children.

Raphael made the stars along side his brothers. He was proud of this, but he questioned too much for his brothers liking. He liked questions, as a healer he had to ask them. How was he to know what was wrong without them? That was one of the cruelest parts, making an integral part of himself the reason he fell.

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                When Raphael returned, the angels were ready. None were certain what would happen when you killed a demon whose death was to protect another. That was never supposed to happen, for demons were vile creatures who didn’t care about anyone. Though, there were only two archangels who fell with the others, one was the leader of hell and the other only ever asked questions.


                Raphael was confused and mildly scared, trying to pull away from the angels who led him away from the spot he had fallen in, shushing his questions and finding him clothes that matched their business aesthetic better. While a toga was liberating, it was hardly proper wear in this day and age.


                 It was obvious to anyone who looked, the other angels were scared. Michael fretted about, keeping her eyes on her brother for such a long time as if terrified he’d leave again if she looked away. Gabriel was shaken but tried to keep the tremor out of his voice was he kept talking about heaven, and Her rules. The rules, which were meant to keep him from falling again. Uriel and Sandolphon kept their distance, not trusting the risen angel yet. After all, they were created to replace Samuel and Raphael.


                “You mustn’t ask questions Raphael, it is against the rules.”


                “You must keep away from the demons Raphael, they will try to tempt you away from Her light.”


                “You must follow the rules closely, Raphael. Don’t ask why. It’s because we care about you.”




                The demon Crowley walked into Hell as if it was old news. The demons scrambled and yelled. It was not the same Crowley which had left, for this one was not built like a snake given a human body. He was solid and radiated more demonic energy than the other had ever. If given an animal like the last, he’d be much like an alley cat. Stalking through Hell, he commanded some level of respect that really was only ever given to Beelzebub or Lucifer himself.


                After attending a meeting with Beelzebub and Dagon, with his demands neatly put together and organized, Crowley walked away with much of the same privileges he was given up above. It helped that they had all seen what he could do when he meant business.



                Returning to a life without his love was difficult, for storming Hell and falling had occupied his time for a couple years after the fateful event. He dusted his shop off, for even he didn’t really enjoy three inches of dust covering everything. Crowley went to the apartment in Mayfair, retrieving the plants that were too scared to die and the Bentley. He’d take care of them, for the body had vanished before a proper burial was given. Crowley was worried about that.


                Soon, an angel and demon began to live their lives again, though was it really living? One was trapped under the strict order of Heaven while questions were forbidden, and one was mourning for another who they believed couldn’t love them.