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Are you on the menu?

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The worst thing for Taehyung about being marine biology student is the number of endless all-nighters he has to pull just so he can pass his finals and be able to do what he really wants to do in life; save the turtles.


That’s why, sleep-deprived, he staggers into the closest, still-opened coffee shop he could find, for his much-needed dose of caffeine. He just wants to get some americano and go study until he collapses all over his notes. What he doesn’t expect is to find an incredibly cute, grumpy-looking barista behind the counter. He stops in his track. Taehyung hasn’t slept in the last 21 hours and he blames his lack of sleep for not being able to do anything other than gawk at the beautiful man. He takes a moment to study every inch of the other man's face. He makes note of how his eyebrows furrow just slightly, how his lips part while he takes the order, how his sharp eyes glisten a little bit, making him appear livelier despite the very much present dark circles underneath.


The person in front of him moves out of the line and suddenly it’s his time to order. His palms start to sweat and his heart begins to race in his chest while he tries to compensate for the time lost staring at the cute barista, instead of preparing what he wants to say.  Nonetheless, reluctantly he makes his way towards the register.


“Hi, what can I get you?” An emotionally-drained voice asks him. For a second Taehyung makes eye contact with the barista, before quickly averting his gaze. He tries to find something else to focus on just so he doesn’t have to look into the cute boy’s eyes. His gaze lands on a name tag, slightly slanted and carelessly pinned to the man's chest. He narrows his eyes to see the name Yoongi displayed on it. Yoongi - a cute name for a cute person Taehyung thinks.


Before he has time to process what he’s saying, he utters a quiet. “Are you on the menu?”. Once the words finally sink in, his eyes widen in horror. He’s ready to apologize but a soft giggle distracts him. His eyes shoot up at the barista; Yoongi, and he melts at the sight. The shorter man's face appears to have brightened instantly as he reveals the most precious, gummy smile Taehyung has ever seen.


“No, but I can get you something just as bitter.” he responds, a playful grin still present on his face. Taehyung brings one arm up and starts massaging his nape with his hand not sure how to respond. His mind is racing, trying to process what's happening. Is he flirting? Would that be considered flirting? Taehyung doesn’t know how to flirt. Especially not when he’s just a second from collapsing out of exhaustion.


Not being able to make any sense of this situation he blurts out “Umm… Just a regular Americano will do, thanks.” His cheeks flush bright pink.


“Huh, I wouldn’t take you for an Americano type of guy.” Yoongi shrugs, one hand reaching for a plastic cup next to the cash register and the other grabbing a marker from the counter. His comment leaves Taehyung baffled, to say the least. Who is this guy? First, he flirts using some self-deprecating humor and now he has the audacity to question his coffee choices?


“What’s that supposed to mean?”  Taehyung throws a challenging glare at the blonde man. The action seems to startle Yoongi as he looks down at the cup he’s holding, suddenly embarrassed.


“Nothing… It’s just…” He pauses unsure. “People as cute as you usually prefer something sweeter” he adds quietly.





“W-Well…” Taehyung stumbles with his words. He blushes a little taken aback by cute barista’s semi-confession. “I actually hate americano” he confesses. Yoongi meets eyes with the silver-haired man and looks at him with a perplexed frown. Taehyung quickly realises how stupid he must sound. “I-I just need something that will keep me awake and Americano is my best option.” He adds hurriedly. “I hate coffee.”


Yoongi’s lips form a tiny smirk and Taehyung feels like he might die if he sees his adorable smile again. “Alright sleep-deprived, handsome man, who despises coffee and yet drinks it out of self-loathing, can I have your name?”


Taehyung's face goes blank as he gapes at the shorter man speechless. “W-what? Why?” He manages to utter. Million thoughts begin rushing through his brain. Is he really flirting with him? Of course, not, potential friends can ask about names too. But he called him handsome? Does he really think that or was it just to tease him? He called him handsome and then proceeded to ask for his name. That surely has to mean something. Taehyung has seen enough episodes of Mr. Sunshine to know that the first step towards love is an introduction. Oh my god, is he already in love with him? Obviously not, maybe just infatuated a little. Or a lot. What if Yoongi is in love with him? How is he supposed to know? Taehyung isn’t prepared for this. Is he supposed to ask for his name back? He already knows his name, it’s on his name tag.


“To write it on your cup.” A flat voice brings him out of his internal crisis.




Taehyung's blinks at him. “Oh... right.” he answers a bit flustered. “Right, yeah, sure, yeah, right, yes. It’s Taehyung.” Yoongi huffs out a laugh and gives him a comforting smile as he writes down his name on a piece of plastic and moves to make him coffee. Taehyung drops his head and sighs. He closes his eyes for a second trying to re-compose himself. It’s going to be a long night.




It’s been almost two hours since Taehyung sat down in the corner with his books and freshly brewed coffee. He’s been trying to remember the last chapter of the textbook and he’s been rereading the same sentence for the last five minutes, therefore it's safe to say that things aren’t going as well as he would hope so.


He’s too engrossed in shooting fierce glares at the book and wondering when will the angel of death finally appear and take him away from this agony, that he doesn’t even notice Yoongi approaching his table with a pace of a racing tortoise.


“Here, just as sweet as you.” The barista places a cup of what seems to be hot chocolate with cream in front of Taehyung and plops down on a sofa across him.


Taehyung looks disorientedly at the other man and then at the beverage and back at Yoongi again. He knits his brows. “I didn’t order anything.” He tilts his head and looks into the distance trying to remember what exactly happened during the last two hours. “Did I? Sorry, my brain isn’t fully functioning right now.”


Yoongi smiles at him from the other side of the table and props his head up with his right hand. “Nah, it’s on the house. Thought you might need it.” He mumbles.


Taehyung reluctantly reaches for the cup and mouths a quiet thank you to Yoongi. The latter only nods in acknowledgement. He takes a sip and immediately a grimace appears on his face, not expecting the sudden sickeningly sweet taste.


“Told you it’s just as sweet as you. You look like you could use some sugar.” remarks the older man with a dull voice, which, yet again makes Taehyung wonder if that is really supposed to be flirting. He wouldn’t mind if they were actually flirting but he needs to be sure. Is this flirting? Who says things like that so matter-of-factly? Maybe Yoongi does?


“Thanks, I love sweet things, just wasn’t expecting it.” declares the silver-haired man taking another sip of his hot chocolate, this time with much bigger enthusiasm.


A comfortable silence falls between them, the only noise that can be heard is the soft sound of a brisk wind coming from the outside. The cafe is empty, illuminated only by soft lights on the ceiling above the bar. This early in the morning there is no sign of another human being, everyone else is in their homes, probably asleep. Taehyung feels like falling asleep too, next to Yoongi, while the other talks to him with a calm, relaxing voice. But unfortunately, he can’t. He has finals to pass.


“So why are you still here?” Yoongi inquires, still not a hint of any strong emotions in his voice. Taehyung looks up at him and fixes his eyes on Yoongi’s fingers, which are currently running along his bottom lip, playing with it gently. He would really love to feel these long, beautiful fingers on his skin instead. He’s so captivated by the other man’s soft, plump lips, delicate cheeks, sharp, cat-like eyes, a small nose and long fingers, god , those fingers… that he doesn’t notice the exact same fingers suddenly coming closer and closer to his face and snapping right in front of his eyes, demanding attention.


“Huh?” Taehyung shakes out of his little, unprofessional daydream about the fingers of a stranger he basically just met. He brings his gaze back to Yoongi's eyes.


“I asked what you’re doing here at this hour?” Repeats the shorter man, still in the same position he was before.


“Oh you know…” he scratches his nape with his right hand. “I have finals in two days and instead of studying I spent the entire day trying to learn call me by your name soundtrack on the piano.” he mumbles out in one breath “you know, the usual college student stuff.”


The other man scoffs “And how did that turn out for you?” He says, the corners of his lips forming something resembling a smirk. Taehyung makes note of how Yoongi finally seems to show emotions in his voice.


“Not so well, actually.” He admits lowering his gaze to look at his textbook. He hesitates. “I’m not really good at playing the piano.” he waits a little. A tiny smile appears on his face and adds “I’m more of a saxophone kind of guy.”


“Ah! So you’re a musician!” Yoongi exclaims straightening his spine and leaning back on the sofa.


“Not really, I just like to sing and occasionally play some instruments.” corrects him the silver-haired boy, picking at the dead skin on his fingers.


“And yet, you own a piano.” the other man remarks with a playful grin still displayed on his face. Taehyung darts a glance at him, eyebrows raised, lips parted.


“I don’t.” he shakes his head frantically. “My roommate’s boyfriend is a producer and he uses our place as his studio because we have a spare room, so sometimes I use his synthesizer just for fun.”


A glimpse of disbelief appears on Yoongi’s face. “Is he okay with you using his stuff?”


Taehyung blushes and looks down again, not being able to hold eye contact with the cute barista for more than 5 seconds. “He doesn’t know, please don’t tell him.”


Yoongi’s small smirk transforms into a full gummy smile and god how Taehyung loves that smile. “Alright kid, I won’t,”


After that, a silence appears, but Taehyung doesn’t mind. He actually appreciates the company. He’s been feeling quite lonely lately, especially since his roommate Jimin found himself a boyfriend and left him to hang out only with Jungkook, who would much rather lock himself in his room and play overwatch than participate in regular human interaction. Don’t get him wrong, he really likes Namjoon and he’s very happy for him and Jimin, but he misses his best friend sometimes.


“I’m Yoongi, by the way.” The smaller man finally breaks the silence. Taehyung throws him a glance before returning his attention to the book.


“Yeah, I know.”


Yoongi gasps. “You know? How?” He asks raising his voice. He lays both of his palms on the table and leans forward. His gaze bores through the other boy's head as if he's trying intensely to solve an impossible puzzle. “You heard my mixtape, didn’t you?” A gummy smile emerges again and in return, a faint smirk makes his way onto Taehyung’s lips. Yoongi's body shoots back, arms lift and palms cup the back of his head. “Yah! It’s the first time I’ve ever been recognized by a fan” he grins to himself satisfied.


“It’s on your name tag.”




Taehyung can’t help but let out a quiet giggle, seeing the cute barista’s excitement turn into embarrassment. He lets himself admire the other man for a moment more before he comments “So… a mixtape?”


At this moment Yoongi’s eyes spark a little as he declares “Yeah, I’m an aspiring producer.” He states proudly.


Taehyung cocks his head, his lips forming a shape of a circle. He doesn’t say anything, waiting for the other man to continue.


“After I finished uni, my friend and I started making music together, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, so we work here for the time being and do music on the side” he proclaims and Taehyung nods in understanding.


“Ah, so you’re older than me?” He doesn’t let Yoongi answer and adds “You have a studio?”


“No, I just keep all the equipment in my apartment” he admits. “I don’t need much space so it’s fine. I even managed to fit a piano there.”


Taehyung eyes widen and he looks at the other man with a huge boxy smile. “Really? Maybe one day you can teach me how to play the soundtrack.” He suggests without thinking what his statement implies.


Yoongi giggles and it makes Taehyung feel warm in his stomach. “Maybe I can.”




They talk for a while more until Hoseok, or Hobi as Yoongi called him, comes into the coffee shop, bringing with him the raising, morning sun, indicating that it is, in fact, the next day and Taehyung instead of studying as he planned to, spent the entire night talking with a cute stranger with the prettiest smile and absolutely adorable laugh.


Yoongi declares that his shift has ended and he will be heading home, to which Taehyung proposes walking with him to make sure he reaches home safely, not wanting to admit that he’s not quite ready to part ways with the older man. He enjoys talking to cute people, sue him.


So they make their way toward Yoongi’s place, still talking about all sorts of things, laughing at each other stories and occasionally flirting. Or at least Taehyung hopes it’s flirting. He still hasn’t figured that out quite yet.


They abruptly stop at the apartment complex and the younger’s smile disappears from his face with a realization that that’s it. He will have to leave and go back to reality in which he still has to study for his finals and his friend ignores him for his boyfriend.


“So… that’s my place.” Yoongi says apprehensively. Swinging his body forward.






Neither of them says anything, they just stand there, staring timidly at each other, swaying a little.


“So…” a smirk appears on Yoongi’s face. “Do you want to maybe go inside and…” The taller man peeps at him hopefully “watch a movie or something.” he finishes with an indicative simper.


“Watch a movie?” Inquires Taehyung disbelieving that Yoongi also wants to spend more time with him.


“Yeah” The older man beams at Taehyung, eyes searching for Taehyung's own. “Or something” he empathizes.


“Sure!” Taehyung exclaims with a childish glee painting his face.




As soon as the door closes behind them, Yoongi is all up in Taehyung’s face, pressing him hard against the wall. Smashing their lips together as he kisses him fiercely. Despite being taken aback at first, the other man returns the kiss almost immediately. It’s rough. Teeth knocking together, hands roaming all over each other’s bodies, both of them not able to decide where to put them. Yoongi’s tongue finds its way to Taehyung’s lips. The younger gasps surprised, as he feels something slipping into his mouth. Yoongi breaks the kiss, resting his forehead against Taehyung’s, both men panting into each other.


“This wasn’t what I expected when you said we could watch a movie.” Taehyung exhales shakingly, his voice barely above whisper. The blonde man chuckles weakly.


“No? I thought I made my intentions pretty clear.” He replies, right hand cupping the other’s cheek. Thumb gently soothing over the outline of his jaw. “Don’t see you complaining, though.” he smirks.


That smirk. That’s all it takes for Taehyung to finally snap. He winds his arms around Yoongi’s petite waist bringing him closer and smashing their lips together. They awkwardly stumble into the apartment, not breaking the kiss even for one second. Taehyung’s hands still firmly holding Yoongi’s hips, while Yoongi's fingers travel all over Taehyung’s body. They walk tightly pressed together until the younger’s legs hit the couch and he falls onto it, separating their lips. The other man quickly climbs onto his lap chasing the kiss, not giving the younger one any time to breathe. Taehyung places one hand to Yoongi's shoulder, pulling him away, while the other hand grabs his ass and squeezes it gently.


“Eager, aren’t we?” He says breathlessly, biting his bottom lip. The older man nods hungrily, his palms propped on Taehyung's chest to steady himself up. The taller man moves his palm tenderly from Yoongi's shoulder up to his face. His thumb gently caresses over Yoongi's bottom lip, eyes following the movement. He brings his gaze up to stare challengingly at the other. “Yeah? You want this?”


The older man promptly nods again, before slanting his body forward in hopes of capturing their mouths back together but thin fingers gently pressing to his lips stop him.


Taehyung clicks his tongue and tilts his head to the side. “Show me how much you want this baby.” he exhales, voice even lower than before, which causes Yoongi’s pants to tighten. He freezes briefly and gapes at the younger with wide eyes and blown out pupils. He parts his lips and smoothly takes the other boy’s fingers into his mouth. Taehyung sucks in a sharp breath as the older man moans around his digits. He removes the hand from his ass and tangles it in Yoongi's hair instead. He takes a minute to admire the older boy on top of him, sucking on his fingers so desperately.


Yoongi starts rocking his hips, searching for some kind of friction. He whimpers around the younger boy’s fingers when their clothed cocks rub against each other.


Taehyung takes the digits out of the blonde boy’s mouth and binds them in his hair. “Ah, look at you baby, getting off just on sucking my fingers like a little slut.” Yoongi lets out a high pitched moan and grinds his hips harder. “Such dirty slut like you doesn’t deserve a reward without earning it, don’t you think?” He says while tightening his grip in the other boy’s hair and pulling it harshly, yanking his head backwards. Yoongi nods eagerly. The taller man smirks. “Yeah, that’s right. So be a good boy and get on your knees.”


The older boy immediately leaves Taehyung’s lap and kneels in front of the couch, hands instantly reaching to unzip the other boy’s pants. He strokes his cock twice through the fabric before pulling it out of his underwear. He drifts down, head coming closer and peeks up to meet eyes with Taehyung, staring back at him, breathing heavily.


“What is it now, baby? Getting shy?” The taller one scoffs amused. Yoongi shakes his head and slowly wraps his mouth around the younger’s length. He sucks on the tip before surging forward and engulfing his dick. He doesn't stop. He takes him deeper and deeper until he starts to choke. “ Fuck , hyung!” Taehyung groans loudly, hands finding their way back to Yoongi's hair.  “You’re doing great baby. Fuck!”


The older man starts bobbing his head, enjoying the way Taehyung is slowly falling apart with every motion of his mouth. The younger man tightens his grip and presses Yoongi’s head closer to him, holding him in place. The smaller man gags but doesn't fight back. Taehyung doesn’t let him move, instead, he uses one hand to push strands of Yoongi’s hair away from his eyes. “Look at you baby, taking my cock so well like your mouth was made to do this” he breathes out, voice low. The smaller man sobs around his length. Taehyung examines how the corners of Yoongi's eyes start to water as he lifts his thumb and wipes a single tear streaming down his cheek.


Finally, the silver-haired man untangles his fingers from his hair and Yoongi rapidly shoots backwards, spit and precum coating his lush lips and dripping down his chin. He pants heavily trying to catch his breath and subsequently sways forward, tongue darting out and licking from the base of the younger’s dick up to the tip, sucking on it gently. The action makes Taehyung hiss as he jolts his hips up.


Yoongi takes his cock back in and starts moving his mouth at a steady pace. Having his lips around Taehyung’s length and hearing him talk like that, so dominantly, sends a tingling sensation straight to Yoongi’s dick. Not being able to hold himself back any longer, he reaches down to his pants and stars pumping his shaft through his jeans, while still simultaneously sucking the younger off.


“Yah! Did I say you can touch yourself?” Taehyung grasps the other boy’s hair and yanks them back. Yoongi gawks at him, eyes wide, lips parted, glistening from saliva, and shakes his head. “Use your words, slut” he pulls at his hair again, causing the shorter boy to let out a small sob.


“N-no.” the man stutters. “No, you didn’t. I’m sorry, I’ll be good.”


Taehyung clicks his tongue and bends down, bringing their faces closer together. “You were acting like a bad boy and bad boys don’t deserve rewards, do they?” He whispers in the other’s ear.


“No, p-please.” Yoongi shakes his head. “I’ll be good. I'll be a good boy, please.” he pouts and, god , how Taehyung just wants to give in and let him do as he pleases. He wants to see the older man touch himself, wants to see his sinful lips moan his name. But more than that he wants to hear Yoongi beg, wants him naked underneath him, delirious words spilling out of his mouth as he teases his tight hole.


“No, baby.” He gently strokes his cheek with his thumb. “You were a greedy little slut. You don’t deserve my cock.”


Yoongi looks up at him through his lashes. “P-please. I want it. I want your cock so badly.” He whines.


“Come on, baby. Up.” Taehyung demands while gesturing to the older man with his hands. Yoongi obeys and lifts himself up from the floor. The younger man shortly follows, winding his arm around Yoongi's waist. In a heartbeat, the shorter man attacks Taehyung's neck with open-mouthed kisses. He bites and sucks on a sensitive skin behind his ear and right under his jawline. He retracts and locks his eyes with Taehyung's when he feels a strong grip on his ass. “Show me to your room and I might reconsider my decision.”


Yoongi’s eyes spark with hopefulness as he twines his fingers with Taehyung’s and leads him to the bedroom. The younger man takes a second to examine his surroundings before he turns his attention back to the other boy.


“Alright, take off your clothes” he commands and lightly pushes Yoongi on the bed.


The older man smirks at him propping himself up on his elbows. "Now look who's eager." He teases but nonetheless, grabs the collar of his shirt and yanks it off in one swift motion.


"Shut up." Taehyung laughs, a light blush dusting his cheeks. “Where’s your lube?”


“In the drawer.” Yoongi tilts his head in the direction of a nightstand, fingers working on a zipper of his pants. The taller man hums and proceeds to grab a lube and a condom from the bedside table. “You’re not going to take off your clothes too?”


Taehyung inspects the objects in his palms and the corners of his lips twitch in a sleazy smile. “Not yet.” He says and throws the bottle onto the sheets right next to patiently waiting Yoongi, bare skin and tousled hair. “I’ll give you one more chance to prove yourself.” He sits down on the edge of the bed, facing the older man. “Open yourself up for me, baby”


Yoongi eyes the lube lying next to him. He captures his bottom lip between his teeth. Fixing his stare on Taehyung, he grabs the bottle and opens it with one swift motion. He lifts himself up and changes the position so his ass is on full display. He turns his head to look at the taller man from behind his shoulder and coats his fingers with the liquid. Never breaking eye contact with the younger man he moves his arm behind his back, hand sliding close to his hole. “C-can I?” He asks with an innocent glint in his eyes. Taehyung gives him a slight nod and the older man pushes the digit inside.


The cold substance causes him to hiss as it touches the inside of his rim. He Squeezes his eyes shut and presses them deeper. As his body adjusts to the new feeling he starts spreading his fingers and pushing them in and out. “You look so beautiful, baby, fucking yourself good for me.”


Yoongi moans and removes the digit from his asshole. He grasps the bottle again and splashes some more lube onto his palm, before shoving three fingers back inside him. His head thrusts back with a high-pitched whine and his legs tremble as the tips of his fingers brush against his prostate gently.


“You like it huh? You like being watched?” Taehyung asks, eyes thoroughly studying every part of the older boy’s body. Every second passing making it harder for him to stay put, watching Yoongi, looking so lustful and pretty, unabashedly stretching himself open. The smaller man groans again, quickening the speed. “Of course you do, such a dirty little slut.”


“T-taehyung.” Yoongi exhales shakingly, opening his eyes and searching for the other man. “Please.” he whines and bites his lip with pleasure.


“Please what, baby?” Taehyung stands up and walks to Yoongi's side. He cups his face with the palm of his hand and subsequently turns Yoongi's head towards his own. He stares deep into the older man's eyes, moving closer, lips almost touching. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you want.”


“I- I want…” He mumbles, not being able to concentrate. His hand still working himself open and Taehyung’s breath hitting his face, lips lightly brushing together. “I want you inside me, please” he manages to say before the younger man connects their lips together in a heated kiss.


Yoongi removes his hand from his ass, as the taller man kisses him deeper, tongue exploring every inch of his mouth. The intensity of the kiss makes the blonde man lose his balance and he falls backwards onto the bed, bringing the other man with him, not separating their lips even for a second.


Taehyung isn’t able to stop himself. Once he got a taste of Yoongi on his tongue he can’t just let him go. He continues to lick the insides of his mouth, hands roaming through every curve of the smaller man’s body. He’s addicted to touching Yoongi, every part of Yoongi. The soft skin on his arms, his delicate tummy, the arch of his ass. He continues to caress him everywhere until he feels a tiny tug at his shirt.


The moment he breaks the kiss, his shirt is being lifted up and thrown somewhere on the floor. He looks down and takes a second to admire the state the older man’s in. Splayed out on the sheets, breathing heavily, lips swollen, eyes dark, pupils blown out, hair messy and sticking to his forehead. Beautiful Taehyung thinks.


Yoongi raises his clean hand and slides it over the younger’s chest, feeling his every muscle. They stay like that, breaths uneven, taking each other in until a soft whisper cuts through the silence. “Tae?”


The younger man smiles. “Yeah?”


“Fuck me.”


And that’s all it takes for Taehyung to unbutton his pants and throw them far behind. He quickly reaches for the condom lying abandoned on the sheets and tears the packet open. “Turn around.” He demands as he moves to let Yoongi rotate himself and puts on a condom in one swift motion.


When he’s done, he directs his attention back at the older man only to find him lying on his stomach, ass up in the air. He takes a moment to admire the sight in front of him, before he comes closer and places one hand on the small of Yoongi’s back, the other aligning his dick with the smaller man’s hole. “You ready?”


A muffled yes sounds from underneath him and Taehyung slowly slides inside until his entire length is deep in Yoongi. “Tae… Fuck!” The older man cries out as he’s getting used to the feeling of being completely filled. Taehyung rubs his hand up and down Yoongi's spine in a soothing motion. “Alright, y-you can move.”


Taehyung doesn’t have to be told twice. He starts rocking his hips slowly but surely, not wanting to hurt the other man. Yoongi, on the other hand, lifts his ass up to match with his thrusts, craving more friction. The pleasure that hits him is so overwhelming, a low groan escapes his lips. He keeps moving, enjoying the way the shorter man falls apart underneath him, whining so desperately. With every push of his hips, Taehyung becomes greedy. He wants to see Yoongi’s face as he fucks into him hard.


He pulls out of the older man and grabs him by the waist spinning him around so he’s lying on his back. “Such a pretty baby, taking my cock so well.” He leans down, planting a short kiss on his lips, which results in a soft smile appearing on the older man’s face.


The same smile quickly vanishes when he feels a pair of hands wrap around his wrists, bringing his arms up above his head and keeping them in place. He wraps his legs around Taehyung’s back, pulling him closer and pressing their chests together. The younger doesn’t hesitate and pushes himself back inside Yoongi, earning a loud sob from the other man. He takes both of his wrists in one hand and pins them down onto the mattress, the other hand wrapping itself around the smaller man’s neck.


He pauses unsure and meets Yoongi’s eyes. The older man nods slightly and Taehyung thrusts deep, giving his neck an experimental squeeze. Yoongi moans and pushes his hips up as the other man hits a certain spot in his body. The moan turns into a gag when a grip around his neck tightens. A strong sensation flows through his entire body as the younger man keeps choking him, simultaneously abusing his prostate. “Such a slut, You love being entirely under my control, don’t you?” The bigger man inquires, releasing the hold of his neck, just a little bit.


“T-tae.” Yoongi manages to breathe out before he sobs loudly. The hand disappears from around his neck, travels down his stomach and eventually wraps itself around his dick.


Taehyung bends down and starts sucking on the older man’s skin, right above his collarbone and moves a trail of kisses up to his neck, hand slowly pumping Yoongi’s cock. “You want to come, baby?” he whispers in his ear, voice low and seductive. The shorter man lets out a cry. “Too bad you can’t.” He bites on a sensitive spot under the other man’s jawline. “Good boys don’t come until they’re told to and you want to be a good boy, is that right?” He pulls away slightly to look into Yoongi’s wild eyes. The older man nods vigorously. Taehyung lowers his head to taste the other man's lips slowly. He pulls away after a short second and smirks. “Use your words, baby.”


“Y-yes. I want…” The smaller boy cries out as Taehyung pushes in deeper and tugs at his dick to match his thrusts. “I-I want to be a good boy, I am good- Ah! Tae! Please.” He takes his bottom lip between his teeth and bites on it roughly, eyes squeeze shut.


Taehyung quickens his pace as he feels himself getting closer to his release. “Ah, such a good boy.” he lets go of Yoongi’s wrists and brings his hand down to soothe over the smaller boy’s soft skin. His thrusts become irregular and he finds himself losing control. He gives Yoongi one more short kiss. “Come for me, baby.”


And Yoongi does. He comes with a loud cry, all over Taehyung’s hand and onto their chests. The younger man fucks him through his orgasm until he’s coming too, releasing into the condom. His hand doesn’t stop pumping the older man’s dick until he’s hissing from overstimulation. They stay like that for a moment, panting into each other’s mouths, bodies pressed tightly together.


Taehyung gathers himself up and slowly pulls out. He takes off the condom in one motion and gets out of bed to throw it away in a bin next to the door. He heads to what he assumes is a bathroom and grabs a towel. Walking back into the bedroom he stops in the doorframe to observe the view in front of him. Yoongi is curled up on a bed, making himself look smaller than he already is. Taehyung moves closer and places a hand on the older man’s arm. “Come on baby, let’s clean you up.”


The smaller man turns to lay on his back and let’s the taller man take care of him. When they’re done, Taehyung leans to press a soft kiss to Yoongi’s forehead and begins to stand up but fingers around his wrists stop him. “Stay.” the older man says softly, his eyes struggling to remain open.


Taehyung smiles brightly at the sight of the older man. He lifts his hand to brush through his hair gently. “I’m just going to put the towel away and I’ll be right back.” he whispers, not wanting to break the intimate moment.


“No, stay.” Yoongi tugs at his hand, causing the younger to fall right on top of him. “Throw the towel on the floor and let’s sleep.” He pouts.


Taehyung does exactly like he’s told. He throws the towel and pulls the blanket over himself and the older man. Yoongi wraps his arms around the taller man and tangles their legs together. He presses his head to the younger’s chest and sighs with contentment. “Goodnight.”


Taehyung snuggles him closer and kisses the top of his head. “Goodnight, hyung.”




Taehyung wakes up with the other side of the bed empty. He lifts himself up and rubs his eyes trying to get rid of the last remains of sleep.


He stumbles out of bed and heads towards the door. Once he’s out of the room he’s met with Yoongi in the kitchen having a staring contest with a toaster. Taehyung smiles to himself and comes closer. “‘Morning” he mumbles.


The sound startles Yoongi and he jumps in his spot before turning around and making eye contact with the younger man. “‘Morning” He says, giving Taehyung his gummy smile. “I’m making us breakfast.” he proudly announces and Taehyung gives him a questioning look. “Well, it’s just some toast. Usually, my friend Jin comes and brings me food but he’s out of town, so I have to survive on my own somehow. I mean, I can try to make you something else if you want but I don’t know if I know how to” He rambles, a pout making a way onto his lips as he talks faster and faster.


“Toasts are fine, thank you hyung.” he smiles at the older boy.


“You sure you don’t want something else?” He asks worriedly.


Taehyung thinks for a second before he rests his arms on a kitchen counter and leans a bit closer to Yoongi. He smirks. “Are you on the menu?”