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O go and breathe, live without me

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Shen Qingqiu remembers sleeping, yes, that and qi deviation.

The parasite is making itself quite happy, he assumes. To wake up in his body, to sleep in his bed, to live in his home. It's almost comical to think how well it's passing itself. Shen Qingqiu, on the other hand the original one is alive in some sense as a puny spiritual imprint tied to Xiu Ya.

Tch .

The parasite is getting brave again, wasting top grade medicine on a beast. It can't even put on the headdress properly, or the Peak Lord robes, or swing Xiu Ya in some manner that wouldn't put his name to shame. 

At the very least Ming Fan, that brat is capable enough to do Peak Lord duties the parasite oh-so-conveniently forgets. Yes, he made a good choice assigning him Head Disciple.

What does the parasite think it's doing talking to that imposter.  

"You've been kinder lately, Xiao-Jiu," the imposter says, "I'm glad."

The parasite responds with a nod and a pathetic smile hidden behind his fan. Ah, it's no wonder an imposter living in his Qi-ge's skin and a parasite making itself home in his body would get along.


The smile the imposter in his Qi-ge's body gives the parasite makes Shen Qingqiu sick.


The parasite saves Liu-bastard.

It's almost surreal how stupidly inefficient that method of transferring qi is. The parasite would've fried his meridians before ever calming Liu-bastard's down.

Yet somehow, just somehow, Shen Qingqiu is just a tiny bit grateful the parasite saved his shidi.

What a joke , maybe those idiots calling themselves immortals would finally notice the parasite living in his body. They better, they better or the moment they die his vengeful ghost will force Xiu Ya down their throats. 


They don't.


The parasite cozying up quite nicely with the little beast, poisoning his body to save some insignificant scum and then eating food off of its hand. To think the parasite would submit itself to Liu-bastard's qi like some beggar.

Wait—what the hell does Liu-bastard think he's doing, making that lovesick expression.

Oh, fuck does Shen Qingqiu want to puke. Of course, the little beast looks at his body with those pathetic eyes. The parasite is clueless, drinking tea and humming strange songs like always.

What does Liu-bastard think he's doing, making that lovesick expression to a parasite.

Shen Qingqiu really is going to puke if he watches anymore of this.

Disgusting plebeians.

There's a part of him that enjoys the show like Ning YingyingMissHaitang   and her novels. The way the parasite has everyone he's ever known under its thumbs like a puppeteer. That part of him would like to offer his admirationandstingingjealousy .




"Xiao-Jiu!" the imposter embraces the parasite.

Yes, once more, the parasite has turned itself into a vegetable. That's his body it keeps injuring so needlessly. Fighting a Demon King for one male disciple? Seriously? Then that disciple turns out to be some unholy combination of a Heavenly Demon and a human? 

Just when he was starting to hold the parasite in some respect.

The parasite made the right decision, pushing that little beast into the Abyss. With the beast’s blood unsealed, any cultivator worth their salt could see through it in a matter of minutes. Shen Qingqiu would rather not have his Peak’s untarnished reputation suffer because of some parasite’s overly strong attachment to a demon.

Yeah, there was no way his peak’s good name would be ruined by the parasite.

No way.


It's sad again, staring at the bamboo grove listlessly for the hundredth time again. The lush green scenery of his Qing Jing peak feels like a funeral pyre. Disciples bring food the parasite refuses to eat, it even refuses Ning Yingying MissHaitang ’s soft jasmine tea. Barbarian.

What eventually snaps the parasite out of it was the ever so consistent presence of Liu-bastard and An Ding’s Shang Qinghua. Both are an equally questionable choice for company mind you, one is a muscle for brain young master envyenvyenvy and An Ding.

But there was a differenceShang Qinghua is rather useful for gathering information. It seems like he knows where the parasite originated from their casual interactions. A man who knows where the Sun and Moon Dew Flower resides is never a simple character. Even if the strange words falling out of his mouth is enough to send a disciple to copy several hundred pages of the founder's writings.

"Cucumber-bro!" Shang Qinghua slides into the bamboo hut, "Read my new manuscripts!"

Well, at the very least, the parasite is able to discern a child's scribbles from writing. Shen Qingqiu will give it that. 

The manuscript is thrown back to Shang Qinghua's face.



Huh. So Liu-bastard could show kindness.

to the wrong one.


So the small beast returns, and with it returning all the useless emotions the parasite gave it in the form of destroying his reputation. The parasite accepts it as a virgin on a demonic cultivator’s altar, it’s almost too pitiful.

Those disgusting hands that dare touch his skin, crude eyes that roam his body. It’s a miracle that parasite clings to you so dearly, enough to destroy itself for you.

The beast’s face was absolute catharsis. 

not unlike his when, ‘Oh, Qi-ge wasn’t coming back.’


The parasite is out.

The parasite is finally out.

He'll be whole again. 

He'll be able to feel. 

To tell Qi-ge he's the real one.

He will


This is, indeed, disappointing.

Because when the parasite self-destructed with all the grandiose of a flopping fish, Shen Qingqiu was indeed sent back to his body. It's no use though, his body had already been used, utterly destroyed from the inside out by that parasite.

The world falls into stiff darkness as Shen Qingqiu feels himself being pulled back to his body. He feels the warm sunlight on his skin, the cold ground beneath him, the searing pain left behind by the parasite's actions. 

There's someone lifting him up.

There's foreign spiritual energy entering his veins.

He isn't breathing, nor can he feel Xiu Ya's presence. Someone's embracing him now, their hands smell like blood and their touch calloused.

"S-shizun," there was a sob, "Please, please don't leave."

Ah, if only these arms of his could move the beast would be dead. Gutted and fried like the last dinner he had. Wouldn’t it be great? This ought to teach the beast to keep its hands to himself. 

The beast doesn’t let Shen Qingqiu go, instead choosing to take off with his corpse to who knows where. He doesn’t see it, he can’t, trapped in this lifeless body of his. The constant flow of spiritual energy keeps him just on the edge of ‘alive’ to feel the breathing of the beast down his neck.




The darkness mocks him, empty black stretching towards infinity. A year has gone past, he presumes, maybe more. Not like it's particularly hard or anything to get a sense of your surroundings when you're a half-dead corpse without sight.

The beast embraces Shen Qingqiu’s body every chance it got. 

Its hand stroke his face, trailing his back.

‘Shizun’ this, ‘Shizun’ that.

Oh, couldn’t the beast just shut up? Why must that be so difficult?

Liu-bastard came close today.


It brings Mu-shidi in hopes of regaining its beloved shizun. Sadly, this dead body is truly beyond saving tragic. The small sense of comfort doesn’t fade, Mu-shidi’s almostlikeQi-ge’s gentle hands and soft herbal smell.

“It is not possible,” said Mu-shidi.

The beast responds with enough fury even Shen Qingqiu is impressed. Something along the line of needing to revive it’s precious Shizun before Mu-shidi was allowed to leave,

Mu-shidi leaves, rescued by Liu-bastard and Shen Qingqiu feels the beast disrobing him, pulling him into a hug. The hand slides up his spine, sending a stream spiritual energy. If only, if only the beast would end him right then and there. 

and finally free Qi-ge


Suppose the world is a grand concocted by a miserable, lonely man-eating age-old food in a small room for the sole purpose Shen Qingqiu’s suffering. Silence is a friend, he sees nothing, hears nothing, and maybe that world is at peace for once.

His body was once again inhabited by a parasite. 

Ah, perhaps it might have been less painful just to become that human stick vision the parasite couldn’t stop muttering about. He is plenty sure it was easier to rip his soul out during qi deviation than this.

Tianlang Jun is a figure he’s met before, along with Zhuzhi Lang. Maybe they’ll strangle his body finally dead for his involvement in both demons’ sealing.


It’s strange, the parasite’s soul feels like an old friend. 


“It seems like my eyes are bad,” the imposter says, fond as a fool could be, “but since you’ve returned, the matters of your punishment will be handled at Cang Qiong.”

Yes, punish him.


Shen Qingqiu knows what it feels like to have your soul tampered with, something slowly dissecting through his mind. It’s almost sad that now is the time the parasite chooses to have a walk through his memories. 


The beast and the parasite reunite, it’s dirty hands pressing itself onto his body. The parasite takes it with all the affection of a star-crossed lover.

“Qi-ge,” the words feel strange on his tongue, “It’s lonely out here.”

“Do you hear me Qi-ge?” 

“Why aren’t you responding?”

“You’re breaking your promise again!”

“Alright! Be that way!”