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oh boy (you're beautiful)

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Yoongi wasn’t a morning person and everybody knew that. Everybody, including his manager, who KNEW, yet he always gave Yoongi morning shifts, as if it was is intent to make Yoongi hate mornings even more. Unfortunately, there was not much he could do, so he woke up at 5.30 just to put on his favourite black jeans and catch a bus to work, ignoring his smiley co-worker Jin and his horrible jokes as much as possible. He made himself coffee and stole one of the muffins from the day before, showing it into his mouth before they opened the door for first customers.

Mornings were obviously the busiest. Their coffee shop was based close to campus and few office buildings, what resulted in stream of sleepy and grumpy students and white-collar workers, rushing to their lectures and meetings. But Yoongi and Jin were good at their job, serving coffee quickly and with well-practiced fake smiles (Yoongi’s was fake. He wasn’t sure about Jin’s.). Jungkook kept advising him to work slower so he could be moved to evening shift more often, but Yoongi liked being productive, it made time pass faster.

He was just in midst of the morning rush, when he turned back to the till and send his perfectly fake smile to next person in line, looking up, but not quite seeing the faces.

“Good morning, how can I help you?”

He was ready to press order into the system, but there was no order. He looked – actually looked – at the customer. It was a boy, around his age, maybe a little younger, with bright blue hair and big eyes opened wide as he low-key stared at Yoongi. Barista tried not to blush under such an intense gaze and made a cleared his throat, rising one eyebrow, knowing that few more seconds and Jin would notice a delay, too.

“So?” He said.

Boy blinked and quickly glanced at board with names of drinks. Yoongi watched as pretty shade of pink bloomed on his cheeks.


“Regular or large?”

“Yes- I mean, large. Yeah.”

Yoongi pressed order on the till and told him the price, trying to grin at his clumsy adorableness.

Boy paid and walked away quickly to wait on his coffee. There was another guy standing, one of the customers served before, shorter with pastel pink hair (what was with collage students and colourful hair? Kids these days.) who shamelessly laughed at his friend, while blue-haired boy slapped his arm, clearly embarrassed.

Two minutes later both of them left the shop and Yoongi moved on with his day, forgetting about cute boy with hair like ocean and eyes like stars.


He came back two days later. This time Yoongi was in charge of making the coffee and Jin was taking the orders. He turned to grab some extra soya milk from the fridge when his eyes caught glimpse of blu hair in the queue. He tried to be discreet as he glanced in that direction few times to confirm that yes, it was indeed the cute guy from before. This time without his pink friend. When his turn came Yoongi stayed with his eyes glued to coffee machine as he finished the previous order, but he tried his best to listen to his quick conversation with Jin. And fuck, he haven’t noticed the first time, but the boy had really nice voice, low and cozy, so contracting with his adorable face and bright hair. This time he ordered latte with extra hazelnut shot. Yoongi made sure to make his order exactly right and walked over to the collection point with hot cup in his hand.

“Large latte with hazelnut shot!” He called out, already finding boy standing there waiting. Yoongi passed him the cup and their eyes met. Up close he noticed that stranger’s eyes looked anxious, almost worried, so he smiled, wanting to see him do the same. It was probably the first time he genuinely smiled at customer. Boy didn’t smile back though. He blushed and grabbed his drink, looking almost panicked as he mumbled quiet “thank you” and turned to the exit.

Yoongi watched him walk away and noticed few things. First – boy’s figure looked as good as his face. Second – his fashion choices were as interesting as his hair, including wide red sweats paired elegant grey coat. Third – he really wanted to know his name.




The next time he came, his friend was with him again. Yoongi noticed him as soon as he entered the shop (Not that he was looking out for mystery blue head for few days. No. Definitely no.) and involuntary smiled. This time the stranger was wearing tight black jeans and a button up shirt with some kind of artsy rectangulars painted all over it. He looked good, Yoongi decided, trying hard not to too stare.

The boy walked over and ordered his drink not looking barista in the eye. Behind him, his friend was grinning stupidly, making weird eyes at both of them, as if trying to send some sort of a telepathic message, but Yoongi was too busy trying to act cool to pay attention to him. In fact, all his attention was turned towards Blue Boy (as he called him in his head) and his pretty eyes.

“Anything else for you?” He asked, but wanted to know so many other things.

How are you?

Have you slept well?

What’s your name?

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Would you say yes if I wasn’t too much of a coward to ask you out?

Blue Boy sucked his bottom lip a little (what was extremely distracting for Yoongi), looked up, then down again, looking uneasy.

“I, I mean, I… ugh, a muffin? Raspberry muffin?”

Yoongi stopped himself from cooing and added new item into the order, and pink-haired guy rolled his eyes. Blue boy couldn’t see it, but he must’ve feel it somehow because he straighten up and tried again.

“Also, I wanted to ask if…” His eyes went up, reaching Yoongi’s but then he stuttered again. “I- yeah, I mean, I l-like your apron.”

Yoongi’s eyebrows jumped up at unusual compliment. He glanced at his apron – simple black apron with logo of the shop – and back at his cute customer. He swore he saw pink-haired boy facepalm internally.

“My apron?”

“No, I mean, yes? Not only apron, I-” At this point Blue boy has turned red and Jin noticed their weird conversation and poked Yoongi discreetly to let him know he should move on with the queue.

“Thanks. Is that all?”

Blue Boy seemed to shrink. He nodded and paid without looking up at barista again. Yoongi wished he could touch him, maybe put a hand of his blushed cheek and tell him it’s ok, maybe say something silly to make him smile. But it was too late, Blue Boy walked over and his place was taken by his friend.

“One regular mocha, please.” He said in suspiciously cheerful voice, putting the exact change on the counter. “And by the way, his name is Taehyung.” He smiled. “You’re welcome.”

He was gone before had a chance to react, but he took a name and turned it in his head like a new-found diamond, shimmering in the rays of light, thinking how the name would sound in different situations. Taehyung. Taehyung. Taehyung.

How are you, Taehyung?

I’m meeting up with Taehyung this evening.

Wait for me, Taehyung!

My Taehyung is the cutest.

Can I kiss you, Taehyungie?

Somebody next to him cleared his throat loudly and Yoongi snapped back into reality. As he was tapping in next order he overhear a bit of conversation on the side.

“No Jimine, I fucked it up. I told you it was a stupid idea.”




This time Blue Boy – Taehyung, Yoongi thought, name sounding so good in his head – was wearing wide pants, sweatshirt and a cap. He didn’t looked up from his phone until it was his turn to order.

It was one of rare afternoon shifts, and Yoongi was on coffee-making duty with a new guy, Hoseok. Hoseok was nice and talkative in a way Yoongi could accept. He took Taehyung’s order quickly and Yoongi made it thinking how can he address a Blue Boy by name without making it too weird. Fortunately, the odds seemed to be in his favour.

“Large latte.” He called out, but boy didn’t notice, too busy with his phone. “Large latte!” He repeated louder. Still no reaction. Eventually, Yoongi cleared his throat and spoke with the most causual voice he could manage. “Taehyung-ssi, your coffee.”

Boy immediately looked up, hearing his name, and his eyes went wide when he realised who said it. He walked over and grabbed his drink.

“Thanks.” He mumbled, not looking at barista and quickly walked away. He was almost at the door when he took a sip of his coffee and stopped, realising that Yoongi gave him extra shot of hazelnut in his coffee. He turned a little to look at barista, small smile blooming on his lips. But Yoongi only smiled back and went back to work, pretending his heart wasn’t bursting with pride that he made Blue Boy – Taehyung – smile.

“You have a crush on him.” Hoseok said next to him, straddling Yoongi with his presence.

“No.” He replied a bit too fast.

“Sure. He’s cute, though.” Hoseok said, walking back to the till, and Yoongi signed.

“My Taehyungie is the cutest.” He whispered, and shook his head. Taehyungie.




It continued for next few weeks – Yoongi and Taehyung glancing at each other over ordering and collecting coffee, small smiles and fast heartbeats, but neither of them seemed to have enough courage to actually strike a conversation or ask the other one out.

Hoseok made fun of his crush a little, and what’s worse, told Jin about it, and Jin made fun of him a lot. Not that Yoongi cared. As long as Taehyung was coming back to shop, he was fine.

This week their manager introduced a new thing in the coffee shop – loyalty cards. It were just regular paper cards to collect stamps. Seventh coffee for free. Offer to all the customers. Ask about with every order. Blah blah blah. Yoongi didn’t care, but he obeyed, handing cards to customers and smiling as he always did. The first morning rush passed and Yoongi was about to grab a drink himself when he noticed familiar blue head coming through the door. He smiled, despite himself, and despite a wink Jin send him from his spot by coffee machine. Pink-haired boy – Jimin, as Yoongi learned last week – was there was well, saying something to him, one hand on friends shoulder. Taehyung nodded, Jimin said something more and smiled at him. And a Blue Boy walked over to the counter.

“Good morning.” Taehyung said, looking at Yoongi. He looked a bit nervous as always, but with a hint of something different.

“A hazelnut latte?” Yoongi asked, knowing his favourites by heart.

But Blue Boy titled his head, eyes moving between Yoongi and menu board above his head.

“Maybe I should try something new?” He said. “What do you recommend?”

“I, uh, mint mocha?” Barsita blurred out first thing that came to his head, taken aback by sudden question.

Taehyung pouted and Yoongi wanted to scream. Why are you so cute?

“I don’t like mocha…”

“Then try chai latte? I can add a bit of vanilla to it, it’s very good.”

“Alright, I’ll have that.” Boy smiled.

Latter pressed his order on the screen and added discount. Taehyung paid, small smile still on his lips.

“Thank you, Yoongi-ssi.”

Yoongi almost fainted. Of course Taehyung knew his name – what are nametags for – but ne never, ever used it in their small interactions. And it sounded so good falling from his mouth, low, husky voice wrapping around it like a blanket.

He froze for a moment, and boy, not recieing any reaction, started to move away, but Yoongi couldn’t let this conversation end just now.

“Taehyungie!” He called out. Boy looked at him again, and Yoongi realised he had nothing to say. His mind rushed through all sentences he could think of, but none of them seemed good.

Would you like a muffin?

I like your shirt.

The weather is nice today.

I think you are the most beautiful person in the entire world.

Can I kiss you?

Eventually, he let his mouth say one thing he was trained to do.

“Do you have our new loyalty card?”

Taehyung frowned, and Yoongi wanted to slap himself for being so stupid.


“Oh.” He reached for one blank card from the stand, letting the trained part of his brain take over. “So, basically, with this card you collect stamps so each coffee brings you closer to an reward.” He recited a text their manager prepared, feeling himself cringe with every word. “So, you’ve just bought a coffee, so you’ll receive one stamp. Just five more and you’ll get an reward.”

He reached out for a stamp, pressed a red mark into a card and passed it to Taehyung, who was still looking a bit confused. He bit his lip, and then his eyes sparkled a little as he looked up from the paper. He met Yoongi’s eyes and spoke with casual voice.

“So if I get five more stamps can I get your number?”

And Yoongi forgot how to speak for a minute.

He didn’t know where it came from – Taehyung was supposed to be just as shy and awkward as him. Jin chuckled somewhere in the background but Yoongi was too busy trying to breathe to care. Taehyung was waiting.

“Uh, sure?” He said eventually, his nervousness so obvious.

And Taehyung took out his credit card.

“Can I have five hazelnut lattes?”

That was enough. Yoongi was not prepared for his amount of smugness in Taehyung’s voice. He had to do something. So, without thinking much, he took the card out of Blue Boy’s hand, and pressed five more stamps on the paper, filling it with red marks. Then, without looking up, he took a pen and scribbled his number on the bottom. Taehyung smiled widely as he passed card back to him.

“There.” He said. “Use it wisely.”

And the shy Blue Boy Taehyung took a step forward, leaning over the counter and kissed him on the cheek.

“I will, Yoongi-ssi.” He said, pulling away, eyes sparkling with joy. “I will.”