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There's No Way the Water Master is This Charming

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Shi Qingxuan spent most of his leisure time with Ming Yi or his brother. Today, he could only annoy his brother because Ming Yi was nowhere to be found as usual. Shi Qingxuan didn't know where Ming Yi disappeared to, and if Shi Qingxuan didn’t know his whereabouts, then no one else would.

A childish voice could be heard from Shi Wudu's chamber, “Ge~ Why me? Why am I the ‘wife’? Why not you instead?”

Shi Wudu wanted to slam his fist after so many ‘why’s from his little brother, but he held himself from doing so. “I thought you like your female form,” Shi Wudu ignored his brother’s string of questions.

“I’m not complaining about my female form! I’m just curious why people claimed the Wind Master to be a goddess. There must be a reason, right?”

“I have no idea,” Shi Wudu answered patiently. Shi Qingxuan sighed while sprawled out on his brother’s bed, “I’m so bored. Ge, what are you writing?”

“The latest mission’s report.”

“So boring,” Shi Qingxuan complained and then he suddenly sprang up from the bed, “Ge! Let me see your female form!”


“Aww, please. Just once~ Do it for you little brother, please!”

When Shi Qingxuan used his cute puppy-dog eyes, even if his little brother’s request was very ridiculous, Shi Wudu couldn’t say ‘no’ anymore. Shi Wudu was afraid that he would have to see his little brother's disappointed face if he didn’t comply.

“Alright,” Shi Wudu said defeatedly. He changed his appearance into a more feminine one. A more delicate bone structures, smaller waist, and a big bosom. Shi Qingxuan’s mouth was gaping. Not fair! His brother was too gorgeous! There was envy inside his heart, but he also felt proud of his big brother.

“Can I change back now?”

“No!! Not yet! Let’s take a walk together. I want to know how it feels like to have a big sister!”

“Qingxuan,” his brother warned.

“Come on, come on!” Shi Qingxuan dragged his brother outside. Shi Wudu could only let his little brother do as he pleased.

They walked together and a lot of heavenly officials glanced or even stared at them. It made Shi Wudu felt uncomfortable.

“A lot of people were bewitched by your beauty!” Shi Qingxuan said proudly. But, that wasn’t entirely true. While Shi Wudu’s female form was indeed very stunning. People stared because they thought Shi Wudu was a new heavenly official that had just ascended recently.

Even though he and his brother had only walked for some minutes, to Shi Wudu, it felt like hours. This was truly a torture. Shi Wudu have lost all hope until he spotted Pei Ming walking toward them. Great timing, Pei Ming! He could lie to his brother, saying something along the line of ‘he just remember that he made a promise to accompany Pei Ming’.

Pei Ming finally noticed Shi Wudu and Shi Qingxuan walking together, but before Shi Wudu could say anything, Pei Ming smiled and then said something disgraceful.

“Shi Qingxuan, I see you have a new friend here. Is she a new heavenly official? You wouldn’t mind to introduce us, would you?”

Shi Wudu squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth, “Pei Ming, it’s me.”

Pei Ming turned his head toward the beautiful lady next to Shi Qingxuan, “Have we met before?"

Pei Ming was shocked that this gorgeous lady recognized him. He tried to rack his brain, hoping that he could remember something about this woman, "Hm, that can’t be right. There is no way I could forget someone as beautiful as you. I believe you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life."

Ughh, this martial buffoon. “No, it’s me, Shi Wudu,” he tried again.

“Shi Wudu? You’re in your female form?” Pei Ming seemed to be surprised and then disappointed. He thought that there was finally an elegant female heavenly official in the heavenly court and not another female heavenly official like Ling Wen.

“Nevermind that. I just remembered that you asked me to help you with your affair,” Shi Wudu changed the topic immediately.

“What affair? I never asked-“

Shi Wudu glared at Pei Ming to stop him from finishing his sentence.

Shi Qingxuan wasn’t a fool. The moment Pei Ming tried to correct his brother, he knew his brother was lying and was trying to escape.

“Ge, let’s go,” Shi Qingxuan pulled his brother’s sleeve. Fortunately, Pei Ming wasn’t that dumb either. He finally understood what happened and played along with Shi Wudu.

“Ah, yes! That case! We should go now. You have to help me solve it.”

“Ge, don’t go.”

“Sorry, Qingxuan. It’s important.”

Shi Qingxuan knew his brother was lying, but he couldn’t just accuse his brother. That was disrespectful. Shi Qingxuan finally let go of his brother’s sleeve and let him went off with Pei Ming.

When Shi Wudu and Pei Ming were finally out of Shi Qingxuan’s earshot, Shi Wudu let out a sigh of relief and changed back to his male form.

“You transformed into a woman just because your brother asked you to? Damn, you and your brother-complex,” Pei Ming sneered at him.

“Silence,” Shi Wudu almost took out his fan and smacked Pei Ming, almost. If Pei Ming told Ling Wen about what happened today, he would definitely end Pei Ming himself. So pray Heaven Pei Ming would shut his mouth.

“I gotta admit, you looked really sexy when you’re angry,” Pei Ming blurted out.


“Ah! W-when you are in your female form, of course!”

Shi Wudu was speechless. He raised his upper lip and shook his head in disdain. Great God Jun Wu, he really needed a drink.