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Not So Common Ground

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After highschool, Izuku Midoriya hadn’t known what profession he’d wanted to go into.

At first he gave thought to his childhood dream of being a cop- an idea that was shortly shot down due to his Omega status. It was too dangerous, and the stigma surrounding his caste was unfair and cruel for such an Alpha-heavy profession. So he went out to discover what he’d wished to do in college.

And discover he did.

You see, Izuku wasn’t society’s views of a typical Omega, and that suited him just fine. Violence and determination came second nature to the supposedly meek subgender.

Who would ever suspect a wide eyed, freckled, unassuming Omega could bring such violence behind them? It was a perfect cover for Izuku’s lesser spoken hobby. A hobby he’d taken many, many years to perfect.

He liked to end the lives of unworthy Alphas.

Midoriya was sure there was some trigger to the start of such a risqué, morbid hobby. Perhaps when his mother died a few years back? Or the judgment and scorn thrown upon him in middle school? Maybe the outright ignorance and dismissal of his existence by highschool peers?

Either way, Izuku had a lot of demons, and not a lot of reason to stick around anymore. So he packed his meager belongings and decided to go through a journey of self-discovery.

In his own defense he didn’t exactly mean to take up slaughter as a hobby! He had been hitch-hiking, bouncing from place to place, but not everyone was exactly the savory type. All it took was a stop in an undisclosed stretch of highway for Izuku’s guard to raise, let alone when the Alpha began unbuckling his pants with a hungry look in his eye.

He left the man castrated before he could even try to pin the ‘helpless’ Omega down.

The blood on his hands was still warm by the time shock set in. Oh, but maybe not shock in the traditional sense. Izuku liked the feeling of the cooling substance on his hands. It felt empowering.

When the next time an Alpha made an unwanted move, he’d made sure their severed hands were left neatly folded in their glovebox before leaving the scene.

Not always did the folk who made a move on him carry physical cash, but still, it kept Izuku going when he needed new clothes and food stops. Sometimes he’d even hole up in a cozy motel for the night, always under a new name, always avoiding the public eye for too long.

A glance to his map showed him to be almost all the way across the country by now.

Picking at the threadbare patches in his jeans, Izuku hummed, sitting on the edge of a road that very obviously led to nowhere. This was the kind of road that was ripe with opportunity, and boy, did Izuku need to get to a town soon. The sole of his thrift shoes had broken out long ago. Even with a bit of super glue at his disposal, the patchwork would last him maybe another day at most.

He perked up at the sound of rubble on tires. The sun was dipping down to the point of casting long shadows, making Izuku hope his figure wasn’t too obscured as he held his thumb out. Wide eyed, big smile, and most certainly hopeful.

The Omega had to squint through the headlights as they approached him, admittedly preparing for the inevitable moment where they would keep rolling.

Except the car came to a screeching halt.

Tinted windows are usually never a good sign, but on a car like this, they only added to the sleek appearance. It wasn’t too expensive of a kind, but Izuku didn’t exactly care about make and model as he shown his best winning smile through the window and waved.

It rolled down to reveal a deep frown and spiked blonde hair. He wasn’t exactly handsome in a traditional sense, but there was a ruggedness that Izuku could appreciate as the blonde turned his head to the side. “Hah? What the fuck are you doing on this part of the road? There ain’t a town for miles.”

He was rude too, but in a charming way. Usually Izuku would have his knife upon their throat for less by now.

Sheepishly he kicked at a pebble on the side of the road, backpack shrugging on his shoulders. At least he was in a cute green button down he’d found in the last thrift shop. He actually fit the profile of a wandering hipster at this point. “Good question, friend! I’m trying to backpack across Japan, but I had been looking at the wrong road of my map, and now I’m pretty lost!” he stated, with it only being a half-truth.

He knew where he was, he just wanted to keep his helpless persona up.

His stranger wasn’t impressed. He scoffed openly, glanced Izuku up and down, before making sure the click of his unlocking door was audible. “You can come in if you don’t smell like shit and track mud in.” He stated, and while Izuku was sure Bakugou wasn’t kidding, he just laughed like it was a joke. “Ah, thank you so much! I brought plenty of deodorant and keep wipes on hand, so I shouldn’t smell bad at all!”

Quite the contrary. He knew his scent as an Omega was a peculiarly strong one, and it became clear this would be an advantage as he took in the undertones of spice and gunpowder in the car. So he was riding with an Alpha.

Bakugou barely waited for the door to shut before he was veering back into the road. He didn’t look at Izuku, didn’t take his eyes off the road, but that trademark scowl remained on his features. It was actually kind of endearing- this Alpha fit Izuku’s preferred type to a T. He extended his hand with a bright grin. “Thanks again for letting me ride with you! My name’s Izuku Tanaka.” He spoke, always picking a different surname with every introduction. It wouldn’t do to be tracked.

The Omega tried not to be offput by the side eye his driving companion gave him, only to brush off his handshake with a small scoff. “Katsuki.”

Ah well, he’d dealt with the angry types, so he smoothly planted his hands back onto his lap and attempted to stare out the window as well. By now the sun had dipped, leaving the faintest colored backdrops. Stars were especially slow to speckle themselves across the sky.

Izuku gave it another few minutes before he was turning his head out the window, voice friendly and amicable. “So where are you going, Katsuki?” he asked, “As you said it’s a really uncommon road to be on! I was lucky you came by at all.”

There was a tense moment of silence, before the Alpha gave a small and uncommenting noise. “Visiting a friend in a town up ahead.”

It wasn’t exactly much to work with. Yet Izuku remained chipper, enjoying the quiet ambience and gentle tunes drifting from the radio. Who would have guessed this gruff Alpha would like classical music? “You must have been on the road for quite some time, given the hour! It’s never fun crossing the wooded areas near dusk.”

Bakugou once again shrugged, his body built and muscular in a casual tank top, catching Izuku’s eyes. He must have a physical based profession…or just liked to work out. He bit at his lower lip.

Once awkward silence threatened to overtake them again, Izuku leant back, allowing his eyes to drift closed as the bump of the road kept him from fully nodding off. Typically if he pretended to be asleep, it would bring out the worst in an Alpha. Izuku wondered if Bakugou was the type to make advances on an unconscious man.

After thirty minutes of testing this theory, Izuku was glad to note he remained unbothered. He let his eyes fall open as a quiet yawn left him. “Oh, man, how long was I out?” he asked, turning over in his seat in order to take in the attractive profile of the man. With a flick of his eyes, Bakugou turned to him, then looked back to the road ahead of them.

“Just about twenty minutes. Woulda woke you up if you started snoring though.” He offhandedly commented, earning a small laugh from Izuku. He liked this guy.

Stretching his legs, Izuku let out a small noise of happiness, glad to be off his feet. They were starting to blister, and bandaids only helped so much. “Man, thanks again for picking me up, Katsuki! This whole backpacking thing is quite the exercise!” He spoke, finally seeming to gain a ground of conversation.

Bakugou snorted in amusement. “Only an idiot goes out backpacking in clothes that shitty. When I’m mountain climbing I dress ten times better than that. You aint on the run, are ya?”

Izuku’s laugh was methodical as he feigned a hint of amusement. He covered his face with as faux sly of a smile as he could. “Oh no, you caught me! I’m secretly a serial killer wanted in every province! I hitchhike and kill all of the nice people who help a poor guy out in his time of need!”

Oh the irony.

What he didn’t expect was for Bakugou’s full attention to turn to him, similarly amused by Izuku’s ‘confession’. His tone was flat, but the taunting wasn’t lost as he switched the station of the radio to something else. “Well what would be the chances of two serial killers in one car? I, too, pick up innocent hitchhikers and kill them for being careless idiots.”

They both shared a laugh, and the following silence that stretched wasn’t nearly as tense. Izuku would dare say he enjoyed it. He liked Katsuki already, and it wasn’t often he found an Alpha he could tolerate.

So he leant his head back, occasionally stealing glances to the handsome man. He decided he wouldn’t kill him. Katsuki wasn’t some self-sacrificing martyr pretending it was such a big deal to pick up a hitchhiker, nor was he being weird. He also was extremely good looking.

Izuku was only drawn out of his thought when a large hand fit over his knee, jostling him from his stupor. In his own thoughts he failed to realize Bakugou had caught him staring.

“So, you gonna keep stealing glances at me like a shy schoolgirl, or are you gonna say something?” he asked, giving the Omega’s knee a slight squeeze. Usually a situation like this would send alarms off in Midoriya’s mind…but it was fair. He had been staring, and he knew he was caught when Bakugou’s eyes followed his lower lip. He was chewing it between his teeth.

When that hand crept higher Izuku squeaked out a pathetic, “I-I’m not a prostitute I swear!”

Bakugou’s touch paused, only for an amused snort to leave him. “Do I look like the kind of guy to pick up prostitutes?” He asked, “I figured if you’re going to keep staring at me with that needy puppy look I may as well make the damn first move.”

Izuku swallowed thickly.

“Oye, but in all seriousness, if you don’t want it just move my damn hand aside and we can both pretend I wasn’t being a stereotypical creep.” He gruffly spoke, “And we can leave it as me reading signals wrong.”

That was a new one. Izuku really didn’t want to run his blade across Katsuki’s jugular for something like this, but now, did he really need to? He was being a perfect gentleman about it. Well, a bit rude, but the Alpha just seemed the type. And now he was even giving Izuku a way out?

Well…y’know, it had been a while since Izuku had a little fun of his own. He didn’t move Bakugou’s hand.

His thighs spread wider when the blonde boldly continued his path upwards.

There was a slight upturn to Bakugou’s lips as he felt the older fabric beneath his fingertips, teasing soft circles on his path, refusing to go where they both knew he’d land. He always found some form of detour back down. The anticipation had Izuku’s shoulders tense and breath hitched, wide eyes watching those calloused and scarred hands gripped the meat of his inner thigh.

Why were they so scarred?

His heart beat faster as the excitement and anticipation left him pliant and eager, lower lip bitten and puffy as a tentative breath left him. Bakugou’s pheromones were a pleasant itch beneath his nose. Was he excited too? Could he smell Izuku’s responding excitement?

He mewled a soft note when Katsuki rubbed precisely at his inner thigh’s scent gland, so close yet so far to where he needs it. So he’s had plenty of experience with Omegas before.

As though daring Bakugou to go further, Izuku arched his hips upwards, legs falling further open. He knew the seat of his jeans would get in the way…he didn’t expect the blonde to immediately pluck at the button of his jeans and rip his fly down. Looks like foreplay wasn’t entirely in Bakugou’s mind as he slid his palm over Izuku’s toned abdomen.

“Bit stronger than you look,” Bakugou mused as he traced the six pack Izuku was hiding beneath his Omegan softness. He had curves, a slight tummy pouch, but muscle rippled beneath the surface.

Duly he noted he kind of needed it to haul his victim’s bodies around.

Izuku felt self-conscious at the stubble Katsuki no doubt felt, but it wasn’t often he could stop in a bathroom and keep himself entirely smooth down there! He didn’t seem to mind as he pet over Izuku’s naval and lower abdomen, fingertips brushing beneath his underwear, making him tense in desire. God, how long had it been since he fooled around?

A small squeak left him when those rough fingertips bypassed his clit entirely, instead favoring a gentle V shape along the walls of his puffy labia. He shuddered at the sensation of being spread, but lacking the stimulation to go with it. Bakugou’s soft growl was audible as he rubbed up and down along his aching pussy.

“God, how wet are you, just from a little teasing?” Katsuki mused, making Izuku burn hotter. He liked the way that deeper tone reflected the obvious mocking. He liked being shamed…only a little though. He chewed on his own finger to keep quiet. The wet sounds of his pussy against the stranger’s fingers were enough to fill the silence.

His breath hitched into a squeak as those fingers pressed insistently forward, smearing over his clit, making his body jerk in surprise. Oh fuck that felt good.

Bakugou circled the sensitive bud with his fingertips. All the while his eyes never left the road, not even once, with that constant scowl silhouetted in the passing shadows. With a tilt of the eye, Midoriya wondered what kind of darkness could be hidden in such an intense gaze. Those certainly weren’t the eyes of prey.

He bucked up when a particularly rough stroke caught over the hood of his clit, making him jerk and moan with a louder frequency. The scent of Omega and Alpha lingered in the air- at least he was making Bakugou just as excited here. The tent in his pants were damning in that regard.

Meekly he moved his hand over, keeping his legs obediently splayed as he palmed the blonde’s erection. It was thick. Izuku salivated at the feeling of just what he was working with, the size, the heavy weight in his palm as he attempted to squeeze and stroke it just like that.

The radio was playing some offtune, upbeat number that felt so wrong for the situation at hand. Neither of them had a free hand to change it.

Izuku bucked up when those fingers dipped down to his entrance, teasing, gauging how readily the Omega’s cunt parted open to three fingers. Bakugou’s lip quirked when his body swallowed all three with little resistance. “I don’t have to worry about an STD, right?” he spoke, knowing full well his tone was joking.

Izuku’s chest puffed up in an annoyed scowl- well, as best as he could with pleasure lighting up in fireworks up his spine. He snagged Bakugou’s wrist in order to hump down onto his palm, narrowing his eyes, a small smile gracing his features. “Why’s it matter, Alpha, you wouldn’t get down there without a condom anyways!”

It was almost comical the way that a small square seemed to materialize from Bakugou’s glove compartment.

“Are you serious? Do you often pick up hitchhikers to shag?” Izuku noted as he took the Trojan brand condom, only to work over his lower lip as his fingers paused on Bakugou’s cock. Did he really want to go all the way?

…Yeah, the answer was yes.

With a loud snap of Bakugou’s belt buckle, Izuku was ripping open the fly to his pants, a starved look overtaking his features as he withdrew the blonde’s cock out of his slacks. “Commando, huh? Who’s the lewd one now?” he asked, spitting into his hand, before stroking over the shaft with renewed gusto. There was a kind of excitement that he’d been missing in his hunts; this was a damn well close substitution for it.

Bakugou’s breath left him in a chuckle as he allowed Izuku to stroke him over, sparing him a meager glance, before continuing to drive. Well that just wouldn’t do now would it?

He took the Alpha by surprise with a deep swallow of his cock, butting his head in the way, loving how the car jerked as he tasted that salty-sweet pre on his tongue. Let’s see Bakugou ignore that one now! The hand that was fingering his pussy could no longer actually reach at the new angle, but no matter, this was about pride. Izuku wanted the Alpha to lose it.

He mewled around the shaft of his cock as that thick vein throbbed against his tongue, following a small spurt of Pre across his tastebuds. He knew it was stupid to blow an unprotected cock by an unfamiliar Alpha…but hey, risk and reward, right? He swallowed hard when the buck of Bakugou’s hips made his eyes cross.

“Fuck it,” were the best words Izuku had heard all day.

The car jerked to a stop as the fingers in his pants withdrew to smear through his hair, making him cringe. Eugh. He did not want slick in his hair- but the complaint died on his tongue as suddenly that thick cock crammed down deep in his throat. If he had a lesser gag reflex he wasn’t confident he could take it-

Yet his throat relaxed into the abuse, making him pant through his nose as a line of drool and salty pre dribbled down from his cheeks. Who knew a messy blowjob was such good stress relief?

Bakugou, reassured of his partner’s limits, was in fucking heaven as his swelling knot slapped against the Omega’s lips. He wouldn’t try and knot him like this, oh no, but it was pleasant regardless to grind himself as far up until the threat of teeth had him placated. “You suck cock damn well,” he praised, petting over those green curls, “Makes me wonder if you were a callboy before.”

Izuku made sure the lift of his eyebrow was as condescending as he hoped. Bakugou’s crooked smile was sinfully arousing as he lifted Izuku off, smearing the fluids off of his chin with a less than tender stroke of his thumb. “What? I’m joking, spitfire, I know you enjoy it.”

Cocky bastard was right.

He simultaneously loved, yet hated, the fact that Bakugou seemed to understand him so well. Praise and dirty talk were fine of course…but something about being shamed made his skin pleasantly tingle. His throat itched in discomfort around a bubbling moan when Katsuki tugged at his green locks. “Hell, you’re practically leaking right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were nothing more than a needy little slut.”

A pause, and Izuku was coughing, his eyes watering as his hips gyrated down onto the seat. That gruff voice paired so well with the filthy implications.

He’d damn well keep sucking cock until the sun came back up again- but he recoiled in confusion when Bakugou’s tug turned sharp. The Alpha hissed as he gripped tight around the crown of his cock, the vein twitching, knot attempting to swell. It took a moment of shared breath before he could let his hand fall.

“You…nearly made me pop my knot.” Bakugou breathlessly stated.

Maybe it was the humor of the whole thing- being in a strangers car, hitchhiking, sucking his cock not even an hour after knowing him- but they both burst out into laughter. Izuku had leaked through his pants, Bakugou’s boxers were covered in drool and pre, yet they kept laughing.

The only thing to stop their humor was when Izuku’s hands stroked across Bakugou’s chest, shortly following a clumsy straddle of his lap. The gearshift was in the way, as was an older Starbucks cup, but he ignored the awkward angle in favor of throwing his arms about the blonde’s neck. Those scarred hands felt intoxicating along the cleft of his ass, kneading the skin poking out from his jeans.

“So, big guy, wanna pop that knot inside of me?” Izuku huskily asked, loving how he could feel the twitch of Bakugou’s cock against his thigh.

The limited space of the car didn’t matter anymore; not when he was manhandled against the steering wheel to rip those worn jeans out of the way. Something primal in his stomach flipped at the thought of being so effortlessly malleable to the bigger Alpha. “I thought you’d never fucking ask.”

A smart voice in the back of his mind made him reach for the cupholder, fingers unsteady as he kept his knees bent and hips raised. “Not until you put this on though.” he breathed out, wiggling the foil square with the knot-guard. He wasn’t stupid; birth control was out of the budget on the road, and big enough knots could pop regular condoms.

Bakugou’s canines glinted with predatory excitement as Izuku ripped the square open, pinching the tip and languidly stroking the rubber down. “And here I was thinkin’ you were just dirty talking me with the knot comment.” He spoke, a carnal part of him infinitely satisfied.

Izuku stuck his tongue out.

Their foreheads met as both of them shared a mutual interest in watching what was happening, watching the Omega lower himself, settling comfortably along the shaft and smearing the head over his sensitive clit. “Mnn, god, you’re pretty big.” He lamely noted, amazed in their size difference. What a lucky catch for a roadside pickup.

Those fingers tightened on his hips, clearly fighting self-control. It left Izuku’s lower abdomen fluttering as he began to descend on that thick shaft.

It was a stretch.

He chewed harshly at his lower lip as the initial breach gave way to a deep soreness, the reality of just how long it’s been since he was intimate not lost to the Omega. It had to be at least a month since an Alpha actually got to home base. Betas were one thing, but the thick stretch of a fully prime Alpha? He mewled as his walls clenched down tight.

“Fuckin’ shit, you’re crushing my cock here.” Bakugou humorously stated, stroking his hand soothingly over Midoriya’s hips. “Kinda erases the whole ‘slut’ dirty talk I was gonna do.”

Izuku tried not to sound too disappointed as his lashes fluttered up to the blonde. “Well, I mean, duh. I’m a hitchhiker. But…”  he cleared his throat, “If you want to still call me a slut I can’t say it would be the worst thing to get off to?”

The final ache was more of a pleasant one as their hips met, the bump of his clit against Katsuki’s stomach making his entire body flip. Oh, fuck, that felt good. He didn’t care that his body was still adjusting, he began to roll his hips, chasing that lazy pleasure that drew a mutual groan from the both of them.

“Best watch it, Izuku, my control isn’t exactly saintly.” He spoke, the laces of his voice clearly hinting at something deeper. Something dangerous.

The same darkness that could whisper to him at the most inopportune moments.

Izuku rested his forehead to Bakugou’s, their eyes meeting in an intense spark. This close Izuku could see the speckles of orange and gold hiding within the Alpha’s irises, like a living flame contained within a too small lantern. He wondered if the shadows pulled over his features could hide the hunger in his own.

Their mouths clashed in a deep kiss, hands tugging, scrambling for any sort of purchase as the burning heat in Izuku’s stomach mounted further. He needed this.

Bakugou kissed like an animal. All teeth and tongue, delving deep, claiming the deepest portions of his mouth as the slap of skin on skin filled their silence. He must have knocked the radio off long ago in his haste to scramble into his Alpha’s lap.

He loved it.

His head spun as that insistent tongue kept mashing with his, almost sloppy, bordering on unpleasant- but didn’t that only make it better? He let himself be ravaged, loving the pinpricks of nails guiding his hips down. He mewled when his tongue was bitten.

The taste of copper had spread between them as Izuku pulled back, mouth open, noticing the smearing of red remaining on Bakugou’s lips.

Izuku’s stomach flipped in desire when the Alpha licked the blood off. “M’srry,” Bakugou slurred, never once stopping the roll of his hips. If anything? He only grew faster, the pressure and tempo building into a desperate crescendo. It made Izuku’s fingers curl into the meat of Bakugou’s chest.

“I liked it,” he weakly confessed, tongue feeling thick in his mouth as he leant down to kiss him again. It was raw and desperate as his nails dragged down the Alpha’s chest.

The growl he got in response was outright feral.

Midoriya couldn’t breathe as Bakugou’s tongue traced about his own, tasting him, making his stomach circle in desire as one of those calloused hands traced down to the dip of his stomach. Oh, god, could he feel his own cock working deep into his innards? He moaned pathetically when those thumbs pressed down hard.

“Fuckin’ dirty slut, arentcha?” he panted between kisses, rubbing his abdomen. “Hitching over Alphas and getting them drunk off your pheromones. You smelled like a snack the second you walked into this car.” Bakugou confessed, grunting pleasantly when Izuku’s teeth caught at his lower lip.

Izuku’s eyes were blown wide in desire, especially as he could feel the twitch of Katsuki’s knot against his clit. They were both close.

“Only a slut for you-“ he panted out, hoping the wild look in his eyes would affirm that. “Would rather slit an unworthy Alpha’s throat than take their knot-“

He reeled as the horn to the car blared, but neither of them cared, not with Bakugou hiking up Izuku’s thighs and pounding into him with reckless abandon. The steering wheel wasn’t exactly comfortable- but they would make due, especially as the catch of his knot left Izuku garbling. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, feeling tears of overstimulation dripping from his lashes. “Yessss-!”

Bakugou’s snarls were like music to his ears as the Alpha mouthed over his scent gland, sending the Omega into a garbled frenzy, clutching at those broad shoulders as they kept him anchored

“I’d- fuckin- rather rip a pathetic Omega’s throat out than breed them against my steering wheel.” He spoke, voice heavy with dark intent.

Somehow Izuku knew he wasn’t in danger.

If anything he only forced the blonde’s head down, pressing it to his mating gland, mewling and moaning unabashed and unashamed. “Knot me, oh god fucking knot me already,” He demanded on a heavy tongue, “Bite me-!”

What finally pushed him over the edge were sharp teeth digging into his shoulder instead, paired with a skilled thumb swiping repeatedly over his clit. His vision whited as the cacophony of sensation washed over him. His ears rang as the ache in his shoulder made the pleasure burn hotter, taking him higher and higher, until he was thrashing against the heavy pressure in his abdomen. He latched onto whatever he could grab and dug.

He wasn’t marked, but by god, was he branded.

By the time sensation was returning to his curled toes, he noted the slick feeling between them, making his exhausted eyes flutter open and take in the Alpha collapsed to his chest. Bakugou’s breathing was heavy and languid, sated, clearly enjoying the aftermaths of his own pleasure.

His knot was definitely locked inside of him, sporadically twitching, making Izuku’s walls flutter in response. The Omega almost wished the condom wasn’t there. It felt like a balloon was inside of him with how heavy of a load filled it.

His nails felt uncomfortable as he flexed his fingers, making the afterglow feel almost akin to a dream as he brought them to his vision.


He had scratched Bakugou’s shoulders and back bloody, much like how his own shoulder was throbbing from the bite. It seems they both marked each other in their own unique way. He sighed in appreciation at his handiwork.

As the silence stretched between them, Izuku pondered on their exchange, finding it interesting that they both had such a calm response to blood and violence. Intriguing. His gaze fell upon the mop of blonde that had nestled against his chest.  This was the calmest Midoriya had seen the Alpha yet.

Affectionately he scratched at the nape of Katsuki’s neck.

“You aren’t just a regular hitchhiker, are you?” the man spoke into the fog of afterglow, though his tone was far from fearful or accusing. If anything he sounded amused as Izuku’s quiet purr picked up in frequency. “And your name isn’t Tanaka either. Too common.”

He ran his fingers through Bakugou’s hair, a noncommiting hum his only response. “And you aren’t visiting a friend in another town either, are you, Katsuki?’

Green irises met with crimson, a smug sort of satisfaction permeating the air between them. The air felt charged with potential…but not for violence. Oh, no, they knew what beasts slumbered in each other’s arms. Instead Bakugou planted a wet and bloody kiss onto Izuku’s lips.

“I think our lives just got a hell of a lot more interesting.”