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Turns out Changkyun got out of bed for nothing, and it's fucking disappointing. He's now bored to his bones, scrolling through twitter while waiting for the prof to enter the lecture hall, and honestly, he'd rather still be covered in the warmth of his sheets, especially since he didn't wake up alone. But then, he didn't have much of a choice anyway, with Kihyun bursting into his dorm room, giving him a speech about how he's free to fuck people but not his life, yadda yadda yadda. As if this lecture about basic statistics each Wednesday would actually be of any kind of importance to his future. So what the fuck is he even doing here?

“Can't believe I'm here when I could be just having another round with... Fuck, what was his name again?” Changkyun halts, squinting his eyes. Damn it.

Kihyun snorts. “Did your mind palace collapse while banging too hard?”

“Fuck you,” Changkyun replies. “My mind palace is a solid masterpiece. I just didn't particularly care. My bad.” He looks back onto his phone. “Doesn't matter anyway.”

“Wonder where those fuckboy rumors are coming from,” Kihyun chuckles, and Changkyun grunts amused.

So yeah, people call him a fuckboy. Who cares. It's not exactly his fault. They just like to blame him for not giving a fuck about that fairy tale called love. Sorry, not sorry, but there's no magical moment when he's looking into their eyes. What's he supposed to find there anyway? Do they expect him to fall onto his knees for a pretty color he's seen a million times before? It's not his job to make them feel special. Just as nobody gives him a particularly special feeling in return. So, fuck it.

He opens Instagram and the first thing popping up in his feed is a photo of Kihyun and his new girlfriend, of course. Tz. He double taps it anyway, despite that little hint of disappointment scratching at his sternum.

“You know,” Changkyun huffs, “Hanging out with you was much more fun when we were still fooling around.” They've been skipping class all the time just to make out. Good old times. But like, that time was just two months ago.

“Yeah, I know,” Kihyun snickers, pulling out a paper notebook and a pen from his shoulder bag as the prof finally appears. “Too bad, I'm determined to graduate next year and am unwilling to leave you behind. So, wait for the weekends to sleep in with your nameless hook-ups.”

Changkyun groans. He could care less about those. But still. “Is this dragging me to class now part of us being just friends?” he asks, air quoting his last words. “If so, I want a refund. And where the fuck is your laptop?”

“Minji has a presentation today,” Kihyun says, pushing his new glasses up his nose before clicking the ballpoint pen. “And for some reason her laptop doesn't work with the projector, so she's using mine.” He writes the date neatly into the right corner of his notebook.

“You're such a good boyfriend,” Changkyun says, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, it's fun. You should try it out some time as well.”

“Been there, didn't like that.” He shifts his focus back to his phone, not interested in that conversation again.

Because Kihyun knows he's been the closest thing to a relationship Changkyun's ever had, and they've been just friends with benefits. Yeah, too bad they scratched the benefits after Kihyun got some kind of nerd awakening, suddenly becoming a diligent student and eager to get his shit together. Turned out he met a girl. She made him want to improve himself, yadda yadda yadda, and Changkyun doesn't really get it. Kihyun's already been perfectly fine before.

But yeah, Changkyun did actually try it once, this whole dating and falling in love thing. When he was still in high school. He's been looking for those damn butterflies that had been promised to him by movies and books, but then, the only true excitement he was able to find was the one he had seen in porn, so, maybe calling him a fuckboy isn't that wrong after all...

Kihyun is jabbing into Changkyun's ribs. "You're crush's here." His grin is annoyingly audible. "Guess you'll stop sulking now."

"Shut up," Changkyun huffs, looking up, and his mood definitely changes while watching the hottest guy on campus finally taking a seat two rows below them.

He's the reason Kihyun's speech this morning didn't have to be convincing at all, and Changkyun puts his phone down, wetting his lips. Because look at those fucking broad shoulders. That man is a fucking wall.

"Give me a fucking measuring tape," Changkyun mutters to himself, and Kihyun snorts.

"Seems like you'd rather need some water."

"Mhm, the holy one," Changkyun hums, checking if his canines aren't increasing in size because he might be practically a vampire considering how much as he wants to sink his teeth into those damn fine muscles. Fuck, they are drawing the most teasing shadows into that sexy slim fit shirt, and Changkyun has seriously never seen a piece of fabric sitting so deliciously tight around arms thicker than his own thighs. It makes him almost groan, and he really doesn't care for the prof starting the lecture, nor about whatever Kihyun is muttering into his ear. He's too busy imagining his hands running over that gorgeous spine and under that shirt. Just thinking about touching those strong and defined curves makes Changkyun roll his eyes back in his head, but Kihyun nudges his leg.

"The tall guy is not coming," Kihyun whispers. "Are you going to take your chances?"

"You bet," Changkyun replies, ripping a piece of paper from Kihyun's notebook.

He might've been not bold enough to hit on that wet dream come true with his tall boyfriend around, but he's definitely bold enough to make a move behind his back.

"Be charming," Kihyun grins, offering him his pen, and Changkyun takes it.

"I know how this works," Changkyun huffs, writing his phone number on the paper. He adds a little text me, and Kihyun is watching him folding the paper.

"But he seems like a different kind of caliber," he says, propping his head on one hand. "Might have to make some effort."

Changkyun snorts, returning the pen. "You're also a different kind of caliber, and I totally charmed you, didn't I?"

"Aww, are you flirting with me again?" Kihyun smirks.

"No," Changkyun replies, scratching his eyebrow with the note in his hand before looking up at Kihyun. "If I wanted to flirt with you, I'd told you that you look really cute in those glasses," he smirks back, and it’s so easy when you know which buttons to push.

Kihyun snorts, leaning back in his seat, pushing his new glasses up his nose again. "Yeah, whatever. Proceed." There's a rosy blush blooming on his cheeks, and it's really fucking cute.

So it's now Changkyun's turn to put his elbow on the table, propping up his chin with a grin. "So, like, you going home with me tonight, or what?"

"Proceed with him," Kihyun huffs, pointing at the hottie two rows below. "Not with me. I'm monogamous now."

Changkyun rolls his eyes. "You're not getting tired of saying that, are you?"

"Nope." Kihyun's grin returns.

"You're actually happy, huh?"


"Gross," Changkyun huffs, leaning back. "I suddenly feel the need to choke on a dick. Preferably hi-"

"Shhhh," a blonde guy right in front of Changkyun hisses at them.

"Perfect timing," Changkyun says, holding the folded paper out to the blonde. "That's for him." He points at the sexy back, and the blonde is staring angrily at him before rolling his eyes and taking the paper out of his hand anyway.

While watching the blond poking those fine broad shoulders, passing on the note, Changkyun is biting his lip to keep the excitement under control. It's those few seconds when he's starting the game and there's still a 50/50 chance the other doesn't want to play that he loves the most.

But seriously, he wasn't prepared for that heavy drop in his guts, as if he missed a step of stairs, when that stunning man is finally looking up at him, and it's as if Changkyun is recognized by those deep dark eyes that are instantly glittering with amusement at him. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

"Did he just smirk at you?" Kihyun snickers after the handsome face turned back to the front.

"I don't fucking know," Changkyun mutters, observing the movement in that muscled back, indicating that he's pulling out his phone, and Changkyun's lock screen is lighting up a moment later with a text from an unknown number.

What's up, cutie?

"Definitely not shy," Kihyun grins, looking over Changkyun's shoulder.

"Aren't you here for the lecture," Changkyun grunts, pushing Kihyun away. "So pay attention to the front. Daddy's busy here."

Kihyun snorts, but gives him some space, so Changkyun replies. Plans on Friday night?

The answer comes promptly. Depends. Why?

How about drinks at Pino's with me?

Changkyun doesn't receive an immediate answer, and he's not exactly surprised. Everyone knows about Pino's being a gay bar, and Changkyun doesn't like beating around the bush. Especially not since he saw the guy being quite affectionate with his boyfriend. So Changkyun looks up and is surprised to find those dark eyes facing him again, mustering him actually until those pretty lips curl into a grin before facing the front again.

I'll think about it, the hottie replies.

Need to ask your boyfriend for permission?

No, there’s no boyfriend

Changkyun digs his elbow into Kihyun's ribs. "No boyfriend," he whispers at him, and Kihyun gives him a half-hearted thumbs up while his other hand is busy taking notes. What the-? He's seriously paying attention to the lecture? "I'm disowning you."

"Hush," Kihyun just says and his tongue is sticking out again when he starts drawing a table grid, and Changkyun knows his friend is a lost cause.

Cool, he types into his phone instead. So, what's your name?


I'm Changkyun

I know

"How the-?" Changkyun mumbles. You do?

People talk

They obviously do. Fuck my life, Changkyun groans to himself.

Makes me curious about you

Changkyun halts for a second. “He's fucking flirting with me,” he mutters, and Kihyun snorts amused.

Then Friday around 8? he writes.

There's just a minute, and Hoseok finally replies: Sure. Can't wait.

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When Hoseok noticed Changkyun for the first time a few weeks ago, it was actually Hyungwon's fault. They've been studying in the library, and Hyungwon nudged his leg, hinting at some table further in the back.

"You have a fan," he whispered amused when they didn't know Changkyun's name, yet, and Hoseok looked up from his notes to find two pretty boys laughing and shushing each other.

"Which one?" Hoseok asked, pressing a text marker against his bottom lip, thinking that those two looked really good together.

"The one with black hair," Hyungwon replied, and Hoseok let his eyes linger on him for a moment longer because there was something nicely mature about him if it wasn't for that mischievous way he was grinning at his friend.

Cute, Hoseok thought before looking back into his notes.

But after that, Hoseok started noticing him on campus a lot. Not only in statistics, but also in the corridors, or lining up for a coffee-to-go, always with his pretty friend in tow, and Hoseok grew somehow familiar with that handsome face. That's why he felt pleasantly surprised to see Changkyun looking at him when he turned around to find out who made him receive that phone number on paper the old-school way. Too bad, it's not Friday, yet.

"So, tomorrow movie night at my place?" Hyungwon asks, pushing his tray to the side, visibly dissatisfied with today's food options in the cafeteria. He didn't even finish half of his portion.

"Sorry, can't," Hoseok replies, picking a piece of tofu from Hyungwon's tray. "I have a date," he adds before putting the soy into his mouth, and Hyungwon chokes on his soda.

"What?" he coughs, closing the bottle in his hands. "With whom?"

"That cute guy from statistics."

"That's as informative as an empty sheet of paper," Hyungwon complains. "You think everyone's cute, even that fuc- wait," his eyes go wide. "It's not the fuckboy, is it?"

"Changkyun, yeah," Hoseok says with his lips curling up while he's lifting a spoonful of rice to his mouth. "He asked me out yesterday." And Hyungwon groans.

"I'm leaving your side for one day, and the wolves are already coming for you," he huffs, leaning back in his chair. "Why would you go out with him?!"

Hoseok just shrugs amused, picking up more rice with his spoon.

He actually doesn't think that Changkyun is a wolf. Despite what people might say, or whatever Changkyun might want them to believe, Hoseok can't find the truth in that from what he's seen so far. He just doesn't feel very much impressed by his black leather jacket or that eyebrow piercing that might be screaming bad boy into the world (Hoseok snorts), although he can't deny that Changkyun looks really good in that. But still, it's something else that keeps Hoseok's eyes on him, something in the way he's interacting with his friend. They just seem to have a lot of fun with each other, and Hoseok can't help but enjoy the little things he started to recognize about them. Like the way Changkyun is licking his lips in embarrassment when his friend is very vocally laughing at him, or how Changkyun is rolling his eyes when his friend is explaining things. Gosh, Hoseok even witnessed him pouting once when his friend refused to share his food, and that might've been the most adorable thing he's ever seen. He really wouldn't mind finding himself on the receiving end of that, and it made him really curious about him, even more so after the rumors finally reached his ears because it just didn't fit Hoseok's impression of him.

"To be honest," he says, scraping the last bits of rice out of his bowl. "He seems more like a puppy to me."

Hyungwon snorts. "Yeah, hence the good reputation."

"No, seriously," Hoseok chuckles, finishing his food and pushing his tray to the side. "Every time I look at him, I want to pet his head."

"Too bad that's not the kind of petting he's into," Hyungwon says, rolling his eyes while playing with the bottle in his hands. "You really shouldn't go."

Hoseok reaches out for his own water bottle. "You think?"

"Yeah. You both want different things. It's just going to be a waste of time."

"But what if I want it for a change?" Hoseok asks, opening the cap while he can’t prevent his lips from curling up.

"Want what?"

"You know, the thing." He grins into the bottle while taking a sip.

"You don't," Hyungwon says with a frown on his face.

"Why? Am I not allowed to seek physical pleasure once in a while just because I'm ace?" Hoseok challenges him while closing the bottle again.

"FINE," Hyungwon huffs. "If you prefer a stupid date with a stupid fuckboy rather than a movie night with me, I don’t care. Do what you want.” He slides his arms onto the table and puts his head onto his arms. “Wake me up when it’s time for class.” He closes his eyes.

“Aww, Hyungwonah, don’t be like that” Hoseok coos, gliding his hand into Hyungwon’s soft hair. “We can watch a movie on Saturday.”

“I just don’t get why you’re suddenly going on a date. You’ve been fine without,” Hyungwon mutters into his arms, but his shoulders start to visibly relax when Hoseok’s fingers are weaving into the strands.

“I don’t know,” Hoseok says, propping his head on the other hand. “I’m kinda curious about him.”

“So you’re over Hyunwoo now?”

Hoseok’s hand halts for a moment before moving again. “No, I’ll never be over him.” How could he when they only broke up because Hyunwoo moved to the other end of the country and they started to grow apart. It just made the memories of their time together feel so much more important to him. But Hyungwon is missing him, too, it seems.

“Then, you’ve been serious about... you know?”

Hoseok snorts. “No. I’m just teasing you because I like that frown on your face.”

“Stupid,” Hyungwon mumbles before he starts to drift off into his own thoughts, and Hoseok keeps drawing circles on his head while his gaze is shifting up towards the scenery in front of him.

The cafeteria is busy as usual, although a lot of students already finished their meal, heading out through the doors, and Hoseok wonders if Hyunwoo is eating well. They haven’t texted each other in a few weeks, and it’s sad, because it’s not that uncommon these days. Maybe it’s time to give him a call, but then, what good will it bring when they both try to move on. Hoseok sighs, focusing back on that slightly burgundy dark hair in his hand. At least Hyungwon doesn’t plan on leaving him.

“Wonah,” he says in his softest voice.


“Did you dye your hair again?”

Hyungwon hums.

“It’s really pretty in this light,” Hoseok smiles, running his hand slowly through the glossy strands, when familiar laughter is pulling his eyes back to the doors.

Changkyun walks in with his arm around his friend, beaming at something funny he must have said, and it's really nice to look at. But his friend then recognizes someone at a table further to the left, and the moment he walks out of Changkyun’s hold to give his girlfriend a kiss on the lips, Changkyun’s smile is gone, and for a second there’s a hint of disappointment on his face. It makes Hoseok think that he’s actually pretty easy to read.

“Wonah,” he says once more, watching Changkyun’s lips curl up again while he's saying something that makes the girl laugh before he’s sitting down with them.

Hyungwon hums.

“I don't think he's a fuckboy at all."


"Maybe he's just in love with his friend," Hoseok utters more to himself while pulling out his phone, and Hyungwon snorts, looking up at him.

"Are you shipping your date with someone else?"

"Depends," Hoseok chuckles, and Hyungwon just grunts amused before drifting off again.

Why so sad? Hoseok types, hitting send.

A moment later Changkyun is looking up, scanning the room, and he grins at Hoseok when their eyes finally meet.

Because it’s not Friday, yet, he replies.

And Hoseok can't help but think: God, he’s really cute.

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It's Friday night, and Changkyun is waiting in front of Pino's bar. For some reason, he chose to have some manners for once and showed up on time, but Hoseok just texted him that he'll be late, and Changkyun only snorts, not bothering to reply. He opens twitter to scroll through his notifs when Kihyun starts texting him in real time.

I'm in your room
Where tf is my linguistics book
This room is a fcking mess

Changkyun grins. Look under the bed. He still remembers how they kicked it under it while fooling around on the floor. Gawd, that was fun. How to go back in time?

It's full of dust
I'm dying
Did you stop cleaning
You lazy ass

Yeah, actually, Changkyun hasn't been cleaning his room for a while now. He's never been a particularly clean person in the first place and was dusting off his room only because he knows that Kihyun suffers from allergies. But Kihyun's not sleeping over anymore.

Stopped cleaning my ass?
No, it's pretty clean for tonight
Though I really hope he's into the other way around^^^^

Stupid fucker
Btw I'm here to--


He turns around to see a former hook-up coming out of the bar with a friend. Dark hair, a denim blue button-down, and a tattoo covering one arm, exactly Changkyun’s taste, but his face is just comme ci, comme ça. He must have looked really good, though, when Changkyun’s been drunk as fuck. Was it Jae…? Jae-something? Changkyun is rolling his eyes. He's really fucking bad with names.

"You didn't call me," the guy says, approaching him in a wavering line. Quite the achievement to be that drunk when the night hasn't even really started yet.

"Yeah, that happens. Been busy," Changkyun replies, looking back at his phone.

Stupid fucker
Btw I'm here to collect all my stuff

Changkyun huffs.

"Yah, busy with what?" Jae-something asks, slurring his words. "Doing Heejun? That's what I fucking heard!"

Heejun? Was that the blonde one, or...? Ah, doesn't really matter. "You got the memo, then," Changkyun says, typing on his phone. Don't forget the-

"YAH!" The guy shoves Changkyun so hard, he has to take a step back.

"What the fuck, man?!" Changkyun looks up at him annoyed.

“Jinhyukah, come on," the friend finally steps in, pulling at the guy's arm. "Let's just go."

Changkyun snorts because of course, he didn't even get the first part right. He can almost hear Kihyun laughing at him.

“What’s so fucking funny?” Jinhyuk pokes his finger into Changkyun's chest. "You're an asshole, you know that?"

"Sure," Changkyun replies, brushing Jinhyuk's hand off. "Heard that before."

"Was it also fun making me fall for you?!" He's getting louder while his friend is still trying to pull him away.

("Man, don’t start a fucking fight. Let's go.")

"Dude, I only made you cum. There's a difference. You're welcome by the way."

"You fucking bas-," Jinhyuk starts, grabbing the collar of Changkyun's shirt, but there's suddenly another hand holding his arm.

"Let him go," Hoseok says in a calm tone, but Changkyun can see the pressure on Jinhyuk's skin. A moment later his shirt gets released.

"You're his new toy?" Jinhyuk asks, pulling his arm out of Hoseok's hold, and Changkyun has seriously enough of that whiny asshole.

“Shut your mouth,” he growls, stepping forward but Hoseok’s hand is at his chest, holding him back.

“Or what?!” Jinhyuk yells while his friend finally manages to drag him a few steps away. “Don’t you want people to know what a stupid fuckboy you are?!” He’s trying to shake himself free, and Changkyun is running once more against Hoseok’s hand because he really wouldn’t mind burying his fist into that ugly face in front of him.

But the friend got a good hold on Jinhyuk, pulling him further away, and Hoseok puts his arm around Changkyun, turning him towards the entrance of the bar. “Let his friend handle the rest,” he says, while Jinhyuk is still barking in the back, and Changkyun huffs annoyed.

Because why the fuck must he always be the asshole in this game. What exactly did that jerk expect from him? AND WHO THE FUCK IS LOOKING FOR A FUCKING HUSBAND IN A CLUB?! Changkyun is clutching his phone so hard, his hand is turning cold.

“Hey, Changcutie.”

Changcu- what? He looks up at Hoseok’s smiling face, and there's absolutely no judgement in his eyes. What the-

“Sorry I’m late,” Hoseok says in a bright tone. “First round’s on me, okay?”

And it’s strange. How Changkyun instantly forgets that he’s been upset about… something. What was it again? Because there’s this incredibly handsome man holding him close as if they’ve been friends for years, and of course that would lift Changkyun’s mood when his fingertips are just a move away from touching that fucking fine chest he's been dreaming about for weeks.

“Only the first round?” he asks, the corners of his lips starting to curl up again. “Aren’t you older than me?”

Hoseok laughs. “Fine. It’s my treat tonight.”

And Changkyun’s grin is back in place.

At least until they’re sitting in a little booth in the further back of the bar. Changkyun is stirring his mango ice tea with a plastic straw, and he feels kind of betrayed.

“Don’t be sulky,” Hoseok chuckles, taking a sip from his pineapple juice. “I told you, you can order whatever you want.”

“Like I’m getting drunk on my own,” Changkyun replies, realizing this is the first time he’s going to stay sober on a date. Huh. “I’ve just never met someone who doesn’t drink. I mean, we’re students and peer pressure exists.”

“Maybe,” Hoseok smiles, one elbow on the table, propping his head. “But alcohol slows down my recovery after workouts. I just feel better avoiding it.”

Changkyun snorts. “So it comes with a price to look like that.”

“Look like what?” Hoseok grins, and Changkyun stops stirring his drink, finally bold enough to take in that gorgeous sight in front of him for more than just a second, or two.

Because from the moment Hoseok took his zip-up hoodie off, Changkyun was trying not to stare at those fine shoulders stretching the fabric of Hoseok's white shirt. And maybe even now it's not the best idea to let his eyes roam over that teasing bulge of Hoseok's upper arm peeking out of the sleeve so well. It might just encourage Changkyun to grow his own just a little lower, precisely in his pants, but it's definitely too early for that. Still, it's really hard not to think about the fact that Hoseok actually looks like he could fuck anyone up against a wall without breaking a sweat.

“Like a bodyguard,” Changkyun replies instead, trying to clench his thirst with a sip from his drink while Hoseok’s eyes are glittering at him.

“Would you hire me?”

“You're application is definitely on top of the pile,” Changkyun says, looking away because he suddenly feels bitter again. "Thanks, by the way, for earlier. Sorry, you had to witness that."

“Don’t worry about it."

"But it makes me look bad."

"More like a true heartbreaker," Hoseok grins.

"And you think that’s funny?" Changkyun huffs amused.

"Yeah, actually, I think I might be in trouble."

"What?" Changkyun chuckles.

"Cuz you're really cute, and I’m weak for that," he says, making Changkyun almost choke in surprise.

"Oh my god," he laughs out loud. "You're really flirting with me."

"Isn't that what's supposed to happen on a date?" Hoseok replies, still grinning at him. “Am I going to fast?"

“No,” Changkyun replies, snickering. He takes the straw out of the glass and drinks directly from the rim, wishing there was something stronger in there because for some reason he feels flustered as fuck, and he’s not fucking used to it.

"Don’t tell me, you’re actually shy?" Hoseok teases him.

"In contrast to you, I start to feel I might be," Changkyun replies, putting the straw back into the glass, and there’s a tremble running through his legs. He can’t remember the last time he’s been getting this excited on a date.

"See, that's cute," Hoseok chuckles.

"Nobody called me cute since middle school."

"That's where they did you wrong,” Hoseok winks at him while pulling out his phone. It’s lightening up and vibrating in his hand. “Sorry, I need to take this. Be right back.” Swiping his screen, he's getting up, putting the phone to his ear. "Wonah, what's wrong? You know I- What?" Hoseok chuckles while walking away.

"Fuck my life," Changkyun mutters, sinking back into the seat. He's taking a look at his own screen, finding two more messages from Kihyun. Something about his toothbrush and a videogame. Changkyun couldn’t care less right now.

I'm dying, he texts him and is lucky because Kihyun replies instantly.

Already bored?
Can't help
Minji will be here in a few

I need his dick
Down my throat

What’s new

You have no idea
What he’s doing to me
He asked me if I’m shy

Hahahaha what?


I told you he might be too much for you

I’m literally growing with the challenge

You’re such a horny idiot

He’s back gtg

“Sorry,” Hoseok says, sitting down. “There was a pretend emergency.”

“A what?” Changkyun asks amused, while Hoseok puts his phone away.

“My friend felt the need to check in on me.”

“I really don’t think he needs to worry about you,” Changkyun snorts.

“That’s what I told him,” Hoseok smiles at him, taking a sip from his juice.

“That friend, is it the tall one? You seem close.”

“Yeah, he’s my childhood friend and a little protective of me.”

“Must be nice to have someone like that in your life,” Changkyun thinks aloud. He can’t remember the last time someone’s been really worried about him. Even his parents only call once a month just to make sure he’s still getting good grades. That’s all.

“But isn’t it the same for you and the pretty guy I always see you with?”

“You mean Kihyun?” Changkyun huffs amused. “We’re… close, but not childhood friends, no. Actually, we met here in this bar over a year ago, and it instantly clicked somehow, but it’s still different, I guess.”

“Is that so?” Hoseok hums, his elbow back on the table, propping his head. “I always think you two look really good together from the way you act.”

“Are you stalking us?”

“You might think so,” Hoseok smirks. “But we’re actually crossing ways on campus quite often.”

“True. Nice to know you’ve noticed that,” Changkyun grins.

“It still surprised me that you asked me out.”

“Why’s that?”

“Mhh, I don’t know, just a feeling? But wouldn’t you rather be here with him than me?”

No, Changkyun tries to say but it feels so wrong the word gets stuck in his throat, and it’s irritating him. What the fuck is this question anyway?

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok says, leaning back. “You don’t have to answer that.”

“Answer what?” Changkyun replies, pretending he didn’t hear the question in the first place, and Hoseok seems to understand.

“Nothing,” he replies. “Wasn’t important anyway. Listen, I saw there’s a dart board at the front. How about we play a few rounds?”

“Sure,” Changkyun grins again. “But if I win three out of three, you’re drinking a shot with me.”

Hoseok snorts. “Okay, deal.”

Chapter Text

Changkyun doesn't win three out of three. He hardly wins two out of seven, and when they're leaving the bar way past midnight still sober, Hoseok can't help but feel amused because Changkyun starts sulking again.

"You let me win those two rounds on purpose, didn't you?" Changkyun says while zipping his hoodie up as they hit the streets for a walk through the night.

"I don't know what you mean," Hoseok replies with a suppressed grin, his hands buried in the pockets of his jeans.

"Sure," Changkyun huffs a laugh, leaving an unasked question lingering between them, and Hoseok feels almost guilty about that.

Sure, he's been holding back a few times, aiming deliberately for numbers that wouldn't end the round immediately, but Changkyun, that heart-wrecking cutie pie, would still miss his chance to take the lead. So it’s not exactly Hoseok’s fault that he didn’t win what he was hoping for...

"It's your fault," Changkyun groaned after he had thrown another dart, missing the double points. "You're making me nervous!"

"What?" Hoseok laughed out loud, watching him adjusting his position in front of the board. "I'm not doing anything."

"So the way you're sitting there on that bar stool is not on purpose to distract me?" Changkyun huffs, peeking at him from the side before focusing back on the board.

"I don't think closing my legs will suddenly enhance your throwing skills," Hoseok grinned at him, and Changkyun turned around once more but this time with narrowed eyes.

"Are you saying I'm just bad at playing darts?"

"I'm saying that maybe you're better at other things," Hoseok replied amused, and Changkyun snorted, a little smirk forming on his lips.

"You're right," he said, suddenly approaching and not stopping until he positioned himself between Hoseok's legs. "I can show you what I'm really good at if you want." His hands were slowly sliding over Hoseok’s shoulders to the back of his neck, and Hoseok really had to fight the urge to close his eyes when there were suddenly fingers fondling with his hair. Uh, shit, he could get used to this.

"Not exactly what I meant," he chuckled, keeping his gaze on Changkyun’s pretty dark eyes. “But I acknowledge that.”

"To be honest, I kinda have the feeling that I'm not exactly your type," Changkyun muttered with the most teasing pout, and Hoseok wanted to groan out loud. This cuteness overload was killing him.

"Quite the opposite," he whispered instead, hooking his fingers into the belt loops of Changkyun's jeans. It was so damn hard not to pull him in for a kiss when this proximity felt so unexpectedly right.

"Then how about we change the deal?" Changkyun asked, his grin widening again.

“Hm? What do you have in mind?”

"When I win this last game, we're making out right here."

Hoseok chuckled, a little drunk on that glittering in Changkyun’s eyes. “Fine,” he replied. “Try your luck.”

And Changkyun did. He was trying really hard, but his aim was still not good enough, and Hoseok didn’t know if he was disappointed or not when it was his turn to stand in front of the board. It sobered him up pretty quickly, though.

Because Hoseok hadn’t told Changkyun yet that this wouldn’t be more than a high school date, first base max., and letting him win this game would only get his hopes up for more. So Hoseok didn’t hesitate to end that last round with two easy throws.

The only problem now is that Changkyun obviously assumes that Hoseok isn’t interested in him at all. He noticeably backed off.

"So, statistics, hm?" Changkyun says, walking next to Hoseok in a too appropriate distance.

"Yeah, pretty boring, right?" Hoseok sighs, pushing his hands further into his pockets when the impulse to reach out for Changkyun to pull him close is growing strong.

"Mhm,” Changkyun replies a little restrained. “Is it obligatory for you? I never asked about your major.”

“I need it for psychology,” Hoseok says, and it’s weird to have this most basic small talk among students with him. “What about you?”

"Linguistics. I switched majors without being warned,” he chuckles.

"You did? Why? What did you study before?"

"I started with economics but-," he hesitates, kicking a little stone out of the way. "But then I met Kihyun, and yeah... thought classes might be more fun with him since I actually don't give a fuck. I'm just attending uni because my parents forced me to."

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Hoseok asks.

“About what?”

Kihyun? “Your parents.”

“Why, you wanna be my shrink for the night?” Changkyun huffs amused, and Hoseok takes a moment to reply.

“I... want to be your friend.”

“Ah, yeah,” Changkyun snorts, kicking something else that’s bothering him to the side. “There’s not much to talk about. They’re hardly around, send more money for good grades, do not care a lot otherwise.”

“Are they too busy with their jobs?”

“Who knows. I came out to them a few years back just to get some reaction out of them, but they didn’t even bother to be disappointed,” Changkyun snickers in a bitter tone as they reach a bridge and slow down their pace. “Maybe that’s when I stopped caring as well.”

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok says, leaning his forearms against the railing, and Changkyun follows suit a step away.

“About what?”

“That your parents aren't even assholes?” Hoseok tries with a little smile. He slides closer to Changkyun until their arms bump together, and Changkyun looks at him amused.

“Yeah, too bad, all the emotional hurt I’m missing out,” he snorts, his gaze shifting to the night view in front of them, and Hoseok wants to wrap him up in his arms so bad, wants to take him to some place warm and safe. It’s almost physically painful to let this go.

Still, Hoseok turns towards the city skyline that is illuminating the black river in a comforting way. He actually knows what it feels like to grow up without a parent around since his dad had left when he was hardly 10. But his mom has been giving him everything, trying twice as hard to fill the empty space, and he didn’t feel left alone at all, especially with Hyungwon and Hyunwoo next to him. So he can’t imagine the loneliness Changkyun must’ve been going through. It gives Hoseok a much better idea of what Kihyun might actually mean to him...

Changkyun sighs, turning around. He leans back against the railing, burying his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. “Not gonna lie,” he says. “I’m not used to this kind of dates. Usually, at this point, I’m already drunk as fuck and undressing someone.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” Hoseok responds, trying to keep his tone light, but he’s reminded of Hyungwon’s words, and it makes him sad to think that Changkyun might actually regret this date.

“No, I… I just don’t know where this is going. If this is going anywhere at all, you know?” Changkyun exhales, poking the pavement with the tip of his shoe.

And Hoseok huffs amused because it's so unfair every time Changkyun is acting this cute. “Are you still sulking because I didn’t let you win?”

“Obviously,” Changkyun replies with a mix of a shy but still cheeky grin.

And Hoseok knows this would be the right time to explain himself, to come clean about his sexuality, but he hesitates. Because what are the odds that Changkyun will still be interested in him after finding out? And then, how long will it take Hoseok to get over him? He's so smitten with this boy, it's insane. It actually bothers him that they’re not close enough to hold hands. He really wants him close in every way… Shit, Hyungwon will scold him for that but who cares...

"Come here," Hoseok says, reaching out and pulling at Changkyun’s hoodie string. "Pick up your consolation prize."

Changkyun snorts. "What?"

"Don't you wanna kiss me?" Hoseok smiles.

“Wha-?” Changkyun looks surprised, not moving at all. His system must have crashed.

Cutest puppy, indeed, Hoseok smirks, pushing himself away from the railing, and then he’s standing in front of Changkyun, leaning forward to cage him in between his arms. “Just say yes or no,” Hoseok whispers while their faces are so close, there’s almost no air between them, and Hoseok can actually feel how Changkyun stops breathing for a second.

Just a little moment before he's going straight for the kiss, grabbing the fabric at Hoseok’s chest to pull him in, and Hoseok chuckles against his lips.

But Changkyun opens his mouth so quickly, licking into Hoseok’s mouth with a hungry moan while challenging Hoseok’s tongue right from the start that Hoseok has to slow him down. He’s blocking his way, adding more pressure into movements that keep cutting him off, and it takes a moment and a frustrated groan, but then, Changkyun is ready to give up, adjusting his pace until the kiss turns so soft and slow, it starts tingling nicely in Hoseok’s head with all the affection he wants to share.

And Changkyun sighs sweetly, sliding his arms around Hoseok’s neck while Hoseok lowers his hands onto Changkyun’s back to pull him in as close as possible until there’s another moan escaping Changyun’s mouth as the kiss becomes deeper and they grow more and more familiar with each other’s taste. Hoseok can’t get enough of it. He’d stay like this for the whole night, but Changkyun is getting restless in his arms, so he brings his hands to Changkyun’s face, cupping his cheeks as he ends the kiss with a long and soft peck.

“That was nice,” he hums, opening his eyes, and that rosy blush on Changkyun’s face is the prettiest thing he’s ever seen.

“Mhm," Changkyun agrees, lowering his arms. "Let's go to my place," he says, looking up at Hoseok with the city lights glittering in his eyes, and Hoseok wants to kiss him again.

"No,” he replies instead, so very reluctant to let go of Changkyun’s face.


Hoseok sighs, stroking over the soft skin underneath his thumbs. "Do you know what the asexual spectrum is?"

"What?" Changkyun blinks at him.

"It's for people who are somewhere betwe-"

"I know what that is,” he says, pulling Hoseok’s hands from his face. “I just don't understand why you're talking about that now."

"Because I'm somewhere on that spectrum,” Hoseok admits as he lowers his arms. “I'm kinda asexual."

"Oh, fuck my life," Changkyun groans, taking a step back. "Seriously?!"

Chapter Text

Changkyun is in a fucking bad mood. It’s been a week since his date with Hoseok came to an sudden end with just a few words, and it’s still fucking bugging him.

“I’m kinda asexual,” Hoseok had said to him in a calm tone as if that didn’t smack all the sweet candy out of Changkyun’s hands, and Changkyun groaned in return.

“Oh fuck my life, seriously?!” He took a step back, bumping into the railing behind him.

Hoseok just hummed in response, giving him space by stepping back himself, and the date was over immediately.

What a fucking antonym to an orgasm, and the week didn't get any better after that.

Changkyun is now standing in a club full of hets, and the music is so bad, he wouldn’t want to listen to that shit even if someone paid him to.

“Dancefloor?” Kihyun asks, raising his voice next to Changkyun’s ear, but Changkyun shows him the empty bottle of beer in his hand, pointing to the bar.

Kihyun’s lips form an okay, then he follows Minji into the crowd, and Changkyun huffs annoyed.

This whole week has been a fucking joke. He didn’t feel like himself. He didn’t even want to give anyone a booty call. Maybe that’s why he’s constantly on edge these days. But who would he call anyway? Nobody’s able to turn him on the way Hoseok did, and that door got smacked into his face. Changkyun just can’t get over it. It’s ridiculous.

Hoseok told him, though, before leaving him on that bridge. He told Changkyun to call him if he feels like hanging out. But what the fuck’s that supposed to mean? Was that some ace code for cuddling, or what? Changkyun doesn't want to find out. With his luck, it's probably just a fucking stroll through the park.

He snorts, reaching the bar. At least the music here is toned down a bit, and he raises one finger to order a vodka shot before thinking fuck it, asking for two more.

He’s done with feeling sorry for himself, and it's time to get fucking drunk. Maybe then he’ll be ready to play Russian Roulette with the numbers in his phone and get rid of that sexual frustration that's killing his mood, especially in this straight hellhouse of a club.

God, he’s so fucking mad at Kihyun for dragging him in here tonight. That selfish asshole always does whatever the fuck he wants, and then Changkyun can figure out for himself how to fucking deal with that. But honestly, tonight Changkyun’s patience must have reached a new low. Kihyun is fucking irritating him on a level he didn't know before.

It just got gradually worse since Friday night, when Kihyun suddenly decided to get all his stuff from Changkyun’s place as if they’ve been going through a real break-up, like, what the fuck? Usually Changkyun would’ve laughed it off, but he returned to his room fucking sober and alone. It just hit him the wrong way when he switched the lights on and found his room neatly cleaned up as if he was back in his parents house, living with fucking ghosts.

It made him halt for a second, pinching the bridge of his nose while cursing Kihyun’s stupid, neurotic ass. Changkyun really couldn’t stand the hollow feeling of a tidy place, especially on a fucking night like that.

So he started undressing himself on the way to the bathroom, dropping his clothes to the floor to cover up all the emptiness that was trying to swallow him, but of course, Kihyun had cleaned the bathroom as well, and Changkyun sighed after one look at himself in the spotless mirror.

Averting his gaze from the frown on his face, he started brushing his teeth, ignoring the empty cup on the sink. But when he reached out for the towel to dry his face, he saw Kihyun’s toothbrush in the trash. He picked it up and rinsed it clean before putting it back into the cup where it could keep his own toothbrush company again. But it didn’t feel the same anymore. It annoyed him so much, he threw the whole fucking cup into the trash.

Changkyun downs one of the three shots in front of him, hissing at the burn in his throat. It tastes definitely better than going to bed alone and feeling like a fucking idiot.

He should’ve known things wouldn’t work out for him. They never do. Like, what were the chances that Hoseok would turn out to be asexual?! The universe must be fucking laughing at him.

Even more so because Hoseok is a fucking jackpot of a man. Besides that fucking fine body, he’s funny and smart. His flirting game was so on point, Changkyun was literally shaking with want. That’s why he wasn't able to hit those fucking double points even when he’s usually pretty good at darts.

But then, Hoseok ended that game so quickly despite the sweet deal. He made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want to make out, and God, that hurt Changkyun’s ego like a punch below the belt. He never felt so nauseous while hiding the disappointment in his face. However, he was still trying really hard to swallow that rejection down with some dignity. So he just backed off instantly.

It still gave him a bitter taste in his mouth. Especially after what Kihyun had said. That Changkyun might be aiming too high this time. It seemed like he was right and it made suddenly perfectly sense that a high-class type of guy like Hoseok wouldn’t be interested in him when Changkyun was only good enough for Jae-somethings to run after him. He should’ve just taken the hint when Kihyun ended things with him…

That's why he absolutely wasn’t prepared for what happened on the bridge.

Changkyun downs shot number two with a cough.

Because that slow-mo kiss… Fuck. He can’t remember the last time he’s been kissed like that. Maybe once, when Changkyun woke up in the middle of the night, horny as fuck with Kihyun’s ass pressed nicely against his crotch. He couldn’t help but start kissing his neck, until Kihyun turned around still half asleep, searching for his lips. But Kihyun was still too deep in his dreams to fully wake up. The kiss was so lazy that Changkyun let him fall back asleep and just helped himself. Still, the kiss felt so different, so fucking different from how Hoseok was kissing him on that bridge…

Changkyun quickly downs the last shot to get rid of that sudden flutter in his core. It feels unfamiliar and makes him nervous. Fucking ridiculous.

He turns towards the dancefloor to distract himself. It really doesn't help to think about Hoseok when he's planning to hook-up with someone else. At least the alcohol started swirling in his head and his eyes feel a little slow when following all those people moving their hips. Thank the gods, he’s going to be drunk in a minute now.

And still, it isn’t hard for him to spot Kihyun in the crowd. Of course, because he’s fucking handsome and the only one worth looking at, that stupid dumbass, fucking jerk. He’s laughing with his eyes forming those stupid pretty crescent moons while Minji is doing goofy dance moves for him. It’s annoyingly adorable until Kihyun pulls her into his arms and his hands are softly moving into her hair. He’s kissing her with a gentleness Changkyun doesn’t recognize from him.

Changkyun snorts, turning back to the bar, and orders two more shots because yep, he’s still fucking angry at him.

It’s been just yesterday when they’ve been hanging out between classes in the university’s park. They’ve been lying in the sun on the grass with their bags under their heads. Kihyun was memorizing a bunch of flashcards while Changkyun was staring at the clouds.

He had seen Hoseok in statistics on Wednesday, of course. It had been awkward as fuck, and Changkyun is really not good with situations like that, so he just pretended not to see him when he was walking up the stairs to his usual seat, passing Hoseok’s row. It still didn’t hinder him to stare at Hoseok’s back for 90 minutes straight. Half of that time, Hoseok had his hand in that tall dude’s hair. Like, what the fuck was that about?

“Kihyunah,” he said, looking at a cloud that reminded him of a dick. “Caress my head.”

“What?” Kihyun frowned at him.

“I want you to stroke my hair, like a pet, you know?”

“Why the fuck would I do that?”

“I don’t know, because apparently friends do stuff like that?”

Kihyun snorted. “Not in my book.” His focus was back on his cards.

“Come on,” Changkyun huffed, looking at him. “We’ve done worse. What’s the harm?”

“God, Kyunah, you’re getting on my nerves,” Kihyun groaned, sitting up.

“Tz. Fine.” Changkyun turned his eyes back to the sky while Kihyun was stuffing the flashcards into his shoulder bag.

It seemed as if he wanted to leave, but then he sighed, letting himself fall back onto the grass.

“We had a fight because of you,” he suddenly said out of nowhere.

“What?” Changkyun got up on his elbows, but Kihyun was avoiding his gaze.

“She’s insecure and scared that we, I mean you and me, that we… might fall back into old habits, and I don’t… wanna do anything that might give her the wrong idea, okay?”

Changkyun snorted in a bitter tone, sinking his head back onto his bag. “Is that the reason why you suddenly had to get all your stuff?”

“Mhm,” Kihyun replied, turning towards Changkyun. “Sorry.”

Changkyun huffed. “What are you apologizing for? Do you want me to stay away from you now, or what?”

“You know that’s not what I want… Let’s just not do anything that might make her sad, okay?”

“Fine with me,” Changkyun replied in a salty tone. “No hair stroking. Neither below nor up the belt. Got it.”

Kihyun snorted. “You’re stupid.”


They stayed silent for a while, and the dick shaped cloud was long gone before Changkyun noticed that Kihyun was still looking at him.


“There’s a new club in Hongdae... Let’s go together tomorrow night.”

“Where's that suddenly coming from?” The last time they went clubbing together had been aeons ago.

“I’m trying to spend more time with my best friend,” Kihyun smiled.

Of course Changkyun couldn't say no.

Kihyun got his hopes up.

Fucking asshole.

Changkyun gulps his fourth shot down like it’s water.

He thought this would be a night like old times. Just Kihyun and him but minus the making out. Fair enough. But nope. Apparently these days “let’s go together” will always mean Kihyun and Minji plus Changkyun as the fucking third wheel. Spending more time together, my ass.

Changkyun lifts shot number five to his mouth but someone snatches it out of his hand.

“Thanks,” Kihyun grins, downing the shot. “Urgh, that’s disgusting. Since when are you into vodka?” He makes a face at the bitter taste.

Changkyun just huffs. “Where’s Jiji?”

“Jiji?” Kihyun laughs. “She went to the restroom. Are you already drunk? How many of these did you have?” He puts the glass on the counter.

“You stole one so I lost count.”

Kihyun rolls his eyes. “Makes sense.”

“It means you owe me one,” Changkyun turns towards the bar to order more, but Kihyun grabs him by the shoulder.

“Kyunah, I think you had enough for now.”

“Don’t touch,” Changkyun hisses at him, pushing Kihyun’s hand away.

Kihyun seems startled. “What's wrong with you?”

“Everything’s fuckin’ fine,” Changkyun replies, grabbing the next shot the bartender is placing in front of him.

“Kyunah,” Kihyun says, holding Changkyun’s arm down. “You shouldn’t drink. You’re obviously not fine.”

“Gooood, Ki,” Changkyun groans, pulling his arm out of Kihyun’s hold. “Stay the fuck away from me. Your girlfriend might think we’re fucking again.”

Kihyun’s face darkens. “Since when do turn into an asshole when you’re drunk?”

“Yeah, right. I’m the asshole here,” Changkyun snorts, gulping down the shot, squinting his eyes.“But thanks for spending more time with me where I can fucking watch you making out with your girlfriend. That’s some good ass quality time. Still, let’s not repeat, okay?"

“What’s your fucking problem? Are you jealous now, or what?”

“Jealous, my ass,” Changkyun groans. “As if you don’t know what you’re fucking doing do me. I’m so fed up with you, seriously.” He can’t look at that stupid face. It starts blurring before his eyes as the alcohol kicks further in.

"What I'm doing to you?! What exactly is that? Trying to assure my girlfriend that you're not a threat to her, so we can still hang out? Yeah, I'm really the bad guy here." He grabs Changkyun by his chin. “Hey, look at me. Are you still there?”

Changkyun hisses at him, slapping Kihyun’s hand away. "Try fucking harder then!” he almost shouts. “Cuz maybe I'm not assured that this fucking friendship thing is working out for us when I can’t even fucking once be alone with you outside of campus!”

"God, Kyunah, can't you just grow up and learn how to compromise? You think it's fun for me to sit between you two? I really don't need you to be constantly guilt tripping me!"

"How the fuck am I guilt tripping you?! Am I not giving you all the fucking space you want without complaining?!"

"You think I'm dumb, or what?! You think I don't know why you're playing fuckboy all the time? Is it really my fault?!"

“Guys! Hey, guys,” Minji is suddenly there, pushing some distance between them. “Why are you fighting?! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Kihyun huffs, glaring at Changkyun. "He's just drunk. But what's new. He can deal with that on his own. Let's go back to the dancefloor." He puts his arm around Minji and wants to take her away, but she turns back to Changkyun.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Changkyun snorts. "Don't worry, noona. Just go and have fun." He tries to smile at her, but she doesn’t seem to buy it.

"You heard him," Kihyun says toneless. "Give him some space. He'll be fine."

Yeah, I'll be fucking fine without you, Changkyun mutters to himself while watching them vanishing in the crowd. He just now realizes that he's shaking, which means he needs more alcohol.

After two more shots the shaking is gone and his mind is finally numb. He might've even had a blackout when the next thing he’s consciously aware of is a tongue pushing into his mouth and the sudden taste of an ashtray. Changkyun feels instantly sick, pulling away before looking at an ugly dude in a polo shirt.

"Oh, hell no," he mutters, shoving the guy to the side to get up from a couch he didn't even know he was sitting on.

"Where are you going?" The guy calls after him.

But Changkyun doesn't bother to reply. The nausea is getting so heavy he just stumbles out of the club to get some fresh air. It really wouldn’t look sexy if he had to puke right now.

Taking a deep breath, he leans against the building wall a few steps away from the entrance of the club. and his ears are ringing so loud, his head might explode. The bouncers are eyeing him warily, but he just gives them a thumbs up before he sinks down into a squat, and still, the ground under him won’t stop moving. It feels like he’s on a fucking boat. Urgh. He buries his face in his arms.

God, what a fucking night.

Where did he even find that one gay dude in this straight club of doom? Kihyun should’ve been there to save him from that mistake. But that jerk stopped caring a long time ago… SO YEAH, WHAT’S NEW? Of course, Changkyun can deal with it on his own. It’s not as if he doesn’t remember how it feels when nobody gives a fuck. It’s just back to zero. So whatever. Changkyun will survive.

But it’s all Hoseok’s fault.

This whole week has been the biggest mess because Hoseok had startled him, had fucking thrown him of his tracks.

That stupid scenery on the bridge…

It had given him a strange flutter in his guts when Hoseok was looking at him with his dark eyes and all those city lights were sparkling in them. They just suddenly resembled the river so much… It felt as if Changkyun could choose in which dark waters he’d rather like to drown, and who wouldn’t go for the teasing darkness whispering to him “just say yes or no.”

Goooooooood, Changkyun knocks the back of his head against the wall, leaning back. Why does it still feel like that? What did that man do to him to mess him up like that? It’s seriously ridiculous.

Changkyun pulls his phone out.

Scrolling through his contacts, there’s just one name he can still assign to a face. It takes him three attempts until he finally manages to hit the call button, and for a long time nobody picks up. He almost hangs up again when there’s suddenly a beeping sound and some rustling at his ear. Then, he finally hears Hoseok’s voice.

“Kyunah? It’s 2 a.m…”

“Blame yourself,” Changkyun replies, the alcohol slowing down his tongue. “Everything’s your fault.”

“What are you talking about?” Hoseok almost hums, his voice breathy and raspy.

Changkyun closes his eyes. “Your voice sounds sexy. Did I wake you up?”

“Are you drunk?” Hoseok asks amused. “I was asleep, yeah. That’s what people do in the middle of the night.”

“Speak for yourself. I’m not sleeping.”

“Mhm, figured.” There’s more rustling and Hoseok moans. What the-? Changkyun’s core heats up.

“Don’t do that,” he mutters. “Whatever you just did. Just don’t.”

“Why? I was stretching.” Hoseok’s voice feels like cashmere in Changkyun’s ears, and he needs to opens his eyes, because his head starts spinning again.

“To people like me that sounded a lot like phone sex,” he admits, and Hoseok chuckles.

“Did you call me for that? Phone sex?”

Ah, fuck. Hoseok’s teasing him again. Changkyun coughs. "Wouldn't you feel disgusted and hang up on me?"

"Why? Because all ace people have to be sex-repulsed?"

"I don't know… Is that a stereotype?"

"Yeah," Hoseok chuckles softly.

"Kay… uhm, sorry,” Changkyun mumbles, leaning forward and poking the pavement at his feet. Would it be okay to ask Hoseok if he’s naked now, or what? He’s confused again.

"Don't worry about it. So, what's exactly my fault?"


"Didn't you call me to tell me that? You said 'Everything’s your fault'. That's a bit general. Can you break it down for me?"

Changkyun sighs, picking up a stone. "We had a fight.”

“Okay. What happened?”

“He’s a selfish jerk,” Changkyun says, slurring his words. “He can take his stupid toothbrush and stick it up his ass. I’m so fucking tired of him.” He stabs the pavement repeatedly with the stone in his hand. “It’s not even close to what it used to be and every day it feels like he’s going further away. I fucking hate it.”

“Did you tell him that?”

He throws the stone away. “Kind of. I don’t know. I don’t remember what I said.”

“How much did you drink?”

“Enough to blackout. Don’t know. There was suddenly that ugly dude on my lap. I’m still feeling sick.” His eyes are getting heavy again.

“Where are you right now? Where’s Kihyun?”

“Outside of some stupid club. I don’t care where Kihyun is. Didn’t see him since the fight.”

“What’s the name of the club?”

“Something with M…?? I don’t know…” Changkyun groans, leaning back. “Why are you asking me so much? It’s giving me a headache!” And he might need to throw up after all…

“Okay, listen,” Hoseok says in a serious tone. “Send me your location and then go inside and have a glass of water at the bar, okay? I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”