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Turns out Changkyun got out of bed for nothing, and it's fucking disappointing. He's now bored to his bones, scrolling through twitter while waiting for the prof to enter the lecture hall, and honestly, he'd rather still be covered in the warmth of his sheets, especially since he didn't wake up alone. But then, he didn't have much of a choice anyway, with Kihyun bursting into his dorm room, giving him a speech about how he's free to fuck people but not his life, yadda yadda yadda. As if this lecture about basic statistics each Wednesday would actually be of any kind of importance to his future. So what the fuck is he even doing here?

“Can't believe I'm here when I could be just having another round with... Fuck, what was his name again?” Changkyun halts, squinting his eyes. Damn it.

Kihyun snorts. “Did your mind palace collapse while banging too hard?”

“Fuck you,” Changkyun replies. “My mind palace is a solid masterpiece. I just didn't particularly care. My bad.” He looks back onto his phone. “Doesn't matter anyway.”

“Wonder where those fuckboy rumors are coming from,” Kihyun chuckles, and Changkyun grunts amused.

So yeah, people call him a fuckboy. Who cares. It's not exactly his fault. They just like to blame him for not giving a fuck about that fairy tale called love. Sorry, not sorry, but there's no magical moment when he's looking into their eyes. What's he supposed to find there anyway? Do they expect him to fall onto his knees for a pretty color he's seen a million times before? It's not his job to make them feel special. Just as nobody gives him a particularly special feeling in return. So, fuck it.

He opens Instagram and the first thing popping up in his feed is a photo of Kihyun and his new girlfriend, of course. Tz. He double taps it anyway, despite that little hint of disappointment scratching at his sternum.

“You know,” Changkyun huffs, “Hanging out with you was much more fun when we were still fooling around.” They've been skipping class all the time just to make out. Good old times. But like, that time was just two months ago.

“Yeah, I know,” Kihyun snickers, pulling out a paper notebook and a pen from his shoulder bag as the prof finally appears. “Too bad, I'm determined to graduate next year and am unwilling to leave you behind. So, wait for the weekends to sleep in with your nameless hook-ups.”

Changkyun groans. He could care less about those. But still. “Is this dragging me to class now part of us being just friends?” he asks, air quoting his last words. “If so, I want a refund. And where the fuck is your laptop?”

“Minji has a presentation today,” Kihyun says, pushing his new glasses up his nose before clicking the ballpoint pen. “And for some reason her laptop doesn't work with the projector, so she's using mine.” He writes the date neatly into the right corner of his notebook.

“You're such a good boyfriend,” Changkyun says, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, it's fun. You should try it out some time as well.”

“Been there, didn't like that.” He shifts his focus back to his phone, not interested in that conversation again.

Because Kihyun knows he's been the closest thing to a relationship Changkyun's ever had, and they've been just friends with benefits. Yeah, too bad they scratched the benefits after Kihyun got some kind of nerd awakening, suddenly becoming a diligent student and eager to get his shit together. Turned out he met a girl. She made him want to improve himself, yadda yadda yadda, and Changkyun doesn't really get it. Kihyun's already been perfectly fine before.

But yeah, Changkyun did actually try it once, this whole dating and falling in love thing. When he was still in high school. He's been looking for those damn butterflies that had been promised to him by movies and books, but then, the only true excitement he was able to find was the one he had seen in porn, so, maybe calling him a fuckboy isn't that wrong after all...

Kihyun is jabbing into Changkyun's ribs. "You're crush's here." His grin is annoyingly audible. "Guess you'll stop sulking now."

"Shut up," Changkyun huffs, looking up, and his mood definitely changes while watching the hottest guy on campus finally taking a seat two rows below them.

He's the reason Kihyun's speech this morning didn't have to be convincing at all, and Changkyun puts his phone down, wetting his lips. Because look at those fucking broad shoulders. That man is a fucking wall.

"Give me a fucking measuring tape," Changkyun mutters to himself, and Kihyun snorts.

"Seems like you'd rather need some water."

"Mhm, the holy one," Changkyun hums, checking if his canines aren't increasing in size because he might be practically a vampire considering how much as he wants to sink his teeth into those damn fine muscles. Fuck, they are drawing the most teasing shadows into that sexy slim fit shirt, and Changkyun has seriously never seen a piece of fabric sitting so deliciously tight around arms thicker than his own thighs. It makes him almost groan, and he really doesn't care for the prof starting the lecture, nor about whatever Kihyun is muttering into his ear. He's too busy imagining his hands running over that gorgeous spine and under that shirt. Just thinking about touching those strong and defined curves makes Changkyun roll his eyes back in his head, but Kihyun nudges his leg.

"The tall guy is not coming," Kihyun whispers. "Are you going to take your chances?"

"You bet," Changkyun replies, ripping a piece of paper from Kihyun's notebook.

He might've been not bold enough to hit on that wet dream come true with his tall boyfriend around, but he's definitely bold enough to make a move behind his back.

"Be charming," Kihyun grins, offering him his pen, and Changkyun takes it.

"I know how this works," Changkyun huffs, writing his phone number on the paper. He adds a little text me, and Kihyun is watching him folding the paper.

"But he seems like a different kind of caliber," he says, propping his head on one hand. "Might have to make some effort."

Changkyun snorts, returning the pen. "You're also a different kind of caliber, and I totally charmed you, didn't I?"

"Aww, are you flirting with me again?" Kihyun smirks.

"No," Changkyun replies, scratching his eyebrow with the note in his hand before looking up at Kihyun. "If I wanted to flirt with you, I'd told you that you look really cute in those glasses," he smirks back, and it’s so easy when you know which buttons to push.

Kihyun snorts, leaning back in his seat, pushing his new glasses up his nose again. "Yeah, whatever. Proceed." There's a rosy blush blooming on his cheeks, and it's really fucking cute.

So it's now Changkyun's turn to put his elbow on the table, propping up his chin with a grin. "So, like, you going home with me tonight, or what?"

"Proceed with him," Kihyun huffs, pointing at the hottie two rows below. "Not with me. I'm monogamous now."

Changkyun rolls his eyes. "You're not getting tired of saying that, are you?"

"Nope." Kihyun's grin returns.

"You're actually happy, huh?"


"Gross," Changkyun huffs, leaning back. "I suddenly feel the need to choke on a dick. Preferably hi-"

"Shhhh," a blonde guy right in front of Changkyun hisses at them.

"Perfect timing," Changkyun says, holding the folded paper out to the blonde. "That's for him." He points at the sexy back, and the blonde is staring angrily at him before rolling his eyes and taking the paper out of his hand anyway.

While watching the blond poking those fine broad shoulders, passing on the note, Changkyun is biting his lip to keep the excitement under control. It's those few seconds when he's starting the game and there's still a 50/50 chance the other doesn't want to play that he loves the most.

But seriously, he wasn't prepared for that heavy drop in his guts, as if he missed a step of stairs, when that stunning man is finally looking up at him, and it's as if Changkyun is recognized by those deep dark eyes that are instantly glittering with amusement at him. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

"Did he just smirk at you?" Kihyun snickers after the handsome face turned back to the front.

"I don't fucking know," Changkyun mutters, observing the movement in that muscled back, indicating that he's pulling out his phone, and Changkyun's lock screen is lighting up a moment later with a text from an unknown number.

What's up, cutie?

"Definitely not shy," Kihyun grins, looking over Changkyun's shoulder.

"Aren't you here for the lecture," Changkyun grunts, pushing Kihyun away. "So pay attention to the front. Daddy's busy here."

Kihyun snorts, but gives him some space, so Changkyun replies. Plans on Friday night?

The answer comes promptly. Depends. Why?

How about drinks at Pino's with me?

Changkyun doesn't receive an immediate answer, and he's not exactly surprised. Everyone knows about Pino's being a gay bar, and Changkyun doesn't like beating around the bush. Especially not since he saw the guy being quite affectionate with his boyfriend. So Changkyun looks up and is surprised to find those dark eyes facing him again, mustering him actually until those pretty lips curl into a grin before facing the front again.

I'll think about it, the hottie replies.

Need to ask your boyfriend for permission?

No, there’s no boyfriend

Changkyun digs his elbow into Kihyun's ribs. "No boyfriend," he whispers at him, and Kihyun gives him a half-hearted thumbs up while his other hand is busy taking notes. What the-? He's seriously paying attention to the lecture? "I'm disowning you."

"Hush," Kihyun just says and his tongue is sticking out again when he starts drawing a table grid, and Changkyun knows his friend is a lost cause.

Cool, he types into his phone instead. So, what's your name?


I'm Changkyun

I know

"How the-?" Changkyun mumbles. You do?

People talk

They obviously do. Fuck my life, Changkyun groans to himself.

Makes me curious about you

Changkyun halts for a second. “He's fucking flirting with me,” he mutters, and Kihyun snorts amused.

Then Friday around 8? he writes.

There's just a minute, and Hoseok finally replies: Sure. Can't wait.