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Frost Blast

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“Did you get the letter?”

“About UA’s new dorm system? Yeah.”

“What did your parents think?”

“Eh, they didn’t bat an eye. The old hag actually seemed excited about it. The teachers have already come and gone by my place.”

I laugh quietly.


“Your folks didn’t take it well?”

“Fuckin’ no. My mother’s barely even allowing me to go back there, let alone stay in their dorms.”

“That’s dumb as shit. You kick ass.”

“Aw, thanks, babe.”

“Shut up.”

I snicker to myself, reviling in the content thrum of emotion from his end of the bond.

“You love me really.”

“Do I?”

“Whatever, I love you. So...”

“God, you’re such a fuckin’ dork.”

“Okay, edgelord, we get it; you hate affection.”

“Shut up. I’m getting a headache.”

With a frown, I notice the dull ache forming in my own skull. “Okay, yeah, that’s fair enough. Same.”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye, love you.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, love you too.”

“Aw, see, that wasn’t so hard to say!”

“I take it back.”

I snicker quietly to myself as the telepathic connection fizzles out for the time being, still hyperaware of Katsuki’s flustered emotions.

The doorbell rings, and I hear a series of shouts from downstairs.


“Holy shit, is that All Might?”

“Language! And this meeting’s important, so you and (S/N) need to stay in your rooms. (Y/N), we have guests!”

I guess this is it, huh?

I haul myself off my bed and trek downstairs to find Mr Aizawa and All Might having a discussion with my parents.

I join them knowing full well the direction this will take.

“This is not a matter of UA’s pride; we thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that this is the best way to keep our students safe.” Aizawa tells my parents.

“We hope we have your full consent to continue training your daughter to be the best hero she can be,” All Might continues. “She has immense potential that we want to see unlocked, and we take full responsibility for any shortcomings she has faced due to UA. This dorm system is the first step in correcting those errors.”

“Thank you for coming, but we’ve already come to a decision.” My mother says, and I feel a bitter resentment building up in my chest at her words.

“As a former pro-hero myself, I know that UA’s staff is highly capable, but that doesn’t change what our daughter went through because of your mistakes,” My father continues. “She won’t be staying in the dorms, and we still haven’t decided if she should even go back there at all.”

My teachers do well to mask how taken aback they are. Aizawa is cautious with his words. “Is there anything we can do to convince you?”

“No. Our decision is final,” My mother’s statement is firm. “I’m sorry, (Y/N),” I don’t meet her gaze. “It’s okay if you’re angry at us, but you must understand why we’re doing this.”

“I’m not-“ I catch myself before I finish my sentence, because actually, I am angry. Biting my tongue won’t do. I take a deep breath and speak my mind. “Actually, I am angry. I’m furious,” I turn to face my parents, a determined fire burning in my eyes. “You’re being selfish - I worked my ass off to get here, I’ve had my heart set on UA my entire life, and you’re willing to tear that away from me under the guise of safety,” Suppressed raw emotion strangles me, clawing at my words and grating my throat. My nails dig into my palms as I clench my fists. “And I’m not safer here; at UA I’ll be surrounded by pro-heroes and heroes-in-training, and to think that you’ll be able to protect me when they can’t is delusional.”

“You were kidnapped just a few days ago, (Y/N) - they can’t protect you!” My mother is quick to remind me.

“That was my fault!” My voice cracks, sight blurred by tears I refuse to let fall. “And they were the ones who got me back! Like it or not, you wouldn’t have been able to stop what happened!”

“I was a pro-hero for years-“ My father begins to chime in, but I cut him off.

“And for years before you retired I watched you come home injured, time and time again,” I interject. “If All Might himself struggled to control the situation, then I’m sorry, but there is no way you could’ve done anything.”

For a few moments, my parents don’t say anything.

“I went into this line of work fully aware of the risks,” I resent how weak my voice is, loath the tears running down my cheeks. I’ve always despised guilt trips, but maybe that’s the best solution right now. “My entire life I’ve done as you’ve asked, done my best to make you proud, but this is all I’ve ever wanted. You can’t stop me now.”

“I said no.” My mother repeats her sentiment, but I know her well. Her resolve is easy to break - it’s something I’ve picked on my siblings for when they exploit it - but I need this.

“And I said I’m going,” I’m more stubborn than her by a long shot. “You can’t protect me forever.”

She wavers. “But I want to.”

I glance at my father, firm resolve clear on my face but my words almost pleading. “You know what I’m capable of, you know I’m more suited to deal with this than anyone else.” He clenches his jaw as he looks at me, considering my words. The frown on his face and his crossed arms would be intimidating to most people, but not me.

“She’s not stupid, and she’s not weak.” He says eventually, reluctantly, gaze flickering to my mother.

Aizawa sighs before speaking up. “With all due respect, your daughter is right,” He tells my parents. “You saw firsthand her power at Parents’ Day and the Sports Festival, and even in the short time since then she’s made great improvement. It’s also because of her forethought that we obtained any evidence from the Kamino Ward Incident,” My teacher pauses for a moment before continuing. “I hold my students to high standards, and I have never hesitated to expel a pupil that failed to meet those standards, but I can say with utmost certainty that your daughter has the potential to be one of the greatest students I have ever taught.”

I cringe internally at the sob I let escape me, wholly taken aback by my teacher’s statement. It may just be a ploy to get my parents’ permission, but I still cling to his every word, his praise like a sudden lifeline I didn’t know I needed.

My mother holds Aizawa’s gaze for a moment, the frown still etched into her features. She exhales, closing her eyes, holding back tears of uncertainty and stress.

I’d feel guilty, but if I’m to live the life I’ve always wanted, then it’s a necessary evil.

“If anything happens to her, I’m holding you responsible.” She eventually breaks the silence, looking back up at my teachers, a firm look in her eyes.

“Thank you.” My voice cracks, and I blink furiously to stop myself crying.

”Of course. Thank you for your trust.” All Might and Aizawa express their gratitude for my parents’ final say.

With the issue resolved, my teachers leave - though not before my siblings manage to nab a picture with the former number one hero. Still, as I watch them go, there’s something else gnawing at my mind.

“Mr Aizawa, All Might,” I call out, stopping them before they reach their car. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you about.”

They notice the frown on my face and approach the topic with due seriousness.

“The girl that was with the League of Villains - Toga, I think her name was - she mentioned her quirk had something to do with blood and transforming,” I relay the information. “She got some Ochako Uraraka’s blood during the attack, and I’m worried she might try something.”

“Right, we’ll keep an eye out for it. Thank you.” All Might responds with reasonable concern.

“Also, when we were kidnapped, the villains knew that Katsuki and I are soulmates. The only people who I know are aware of that are our families, the UA staff, and our classmates,” My frown deepens as I look up at my teachers, finally speaking aloud the bitter thought that’s been plaguing my mind. The words are quiet but hold an undeniable weight. “There’s a traitor, isn’t there?”

Aizawa and All Might exchange a look.

“It’s a possibility.” All Might sighs.

“Keep this to yourself for now. We can’t risk an alarm being sent up.” Aizawa continues.

“You’re the only ones I’ve told,” I tell them. “Katsuki might’ve come to a similar conclusion, though.”

“Right,” My homeroom teacher huffs. “Let one of us know if you notice anything.”

“Got it.” I respond, affirmative.

“You’ll be fine, young (Y/N),” All Might reassures me. “We’ll see you soon.”

I nod in response as they climb into the car. As I watch them drive away, I feel Katsuki poking at my mind.

“I thought this gave you a headache?”

“It does, but your emotions were going fucking wild. You okay?”

“Yeah, am I now. Managed to convince my parents to let me stay in the dorms.”

“Good. I’ll see you there.”



The dorms are constructed within mere days, and our class soon finds itself preparing to move into Heights Alliance.

“Given everything that’s happened, I’m glad we were able to bring Class A back together.” Aizawa speaks up once we’re all present.

“We’re glad to see the teachers got to come back too. I was afraid you wouldn’t be allowed - the people at the press conference seemed pretty upset with you guys.” Tsu replies.

“I was surprised as well, but circumstances have changed,” Aizawa responds. “I’ll explain how the dorm system will work in a moment, but firstly, we haven’t forgotten about the provisional hero licenses you were supposed to get during the training camp.”

“This is important, so listen well,” My pinky finger is loosely interlocked with Katsuki’s, but at our teacher’s change in tone, my grip tightens just a fraction. “Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida - you five are the ones that broke the rules and went to rescue Bakugou that night,” I feel a spike in my soulmate’s emotions. “Based on your reactions, I assume the rest of you were at least aware of their plan. I’m going to set aside a number of issues and just say this: if it weren’t for All Might’s retirement from the hero scene, I would expel everyone here, except Bakugou, Jirou, Hagakure, and (L/N). However, (L/N), you would be on thin ice.”

I bite my lip, partially because I’m getting called out for my actions, but also because I can’t help but be amused by his choice of words, given my ice-based quirk. I really oughta work to responding to situations appropriately.

“Don’t laugh at that.” Katsuki probes at my mind.

“I’m trying not to.”

“The five of you who went, and the twelve of you that didn’t stop them, you betrayed our trust, even if it was to save a friend in trouble. In order to regain our trust, you’ll need to obey every rule to the letter and live as model students,” Aizawa pauses, and turns to walk into the building behind him. “That’s all. Now, look alive, and enjoy your new home.”

Our class stands in a shocked silence for a few moments before I hear a huff from besides me.

“Come here.” Katsuki moves away from me, grabbing Kaminari by the back of his shirt and dragging him behind a hedge. What is he doing?

We all jolt at the sudden burst of electricity, but Kaminari quickly emerges from the foliage, brain completely fried, sending Jirou into a fit of laughter.

“Kirishima.” I glance over to see Katsuki holding out a wad of money to the redhead.

“Woah, did you shake him down for cash?!” Comes the exclamative response.

“No, you idiot, this is my money!” Katsuki quickly interjects, shoving the notes into our classmates chest. “To replace what you spent. Don’t say I never gave you anything; now I’m not in your debt.”

My soulmate storms away, leaving a shocked Kirishima in his wake, but he catches my eye as he goes and I offer a small smile - he’s unsurprisingly quick to look away.

“Kaminari, show them your dumb side.” Ah. That explains whatever happened with our class’s resident electric-type. An effective distraction, really.

When Katsuki’s gone, though, I bite my lip, concerned by how little he’s willing to tell about what happened after we got separated that night.

Our class loiters outside for a little longer before Aizawa ushers us inside, explaining the dorm system as we look around. A common area with a kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Four floors of bedrooms, separated by gender. The stuff we sent ahead of time is already in our rooms - I’m in room 403, next door to Mina and down the corridor from Ochako. “Spend the day unpacking and getting settled. I’ll tell you more about your lessons tomorrow - for now, get to work.”

At some point while I’m preparing my room, I realised amusedly who has the room opposite mine, across the courtyard.

“I see you’re making quick work of your room.”

The door onto his balcony is open, so I can see him visibly halt, his confusion palpable across the bond. “What? How would you know?”

I laugh, stepping out onto my own balcony. “Look outside.”

He glances over to where I am and I give a wave. As much as he tries to hide it, I still notice the smile that slips onto his face.

I suddenly find myself incredibly grateful for everything UA has given me.

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“Katsuki, you still awake?”

“Yeah, obviously. Why?”

“Because you have an obnoxiously early bedtime and I needed to talk to you about something.”

“Then talk.”

“No, I mean in person.”

“Ugh, hurry up then.”

Someone waves their hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“You okay, (Y/N)?” Ochako asks with a tilt of her head.

“Sorry, yeah, I’m fine. What did you say?” I answer sheepishly.

“We’re gonna have a room decorating contest!” Mina chirps, a grin on her face.

I glance down at my phone screen to check the time. “I think I’m gonna pass. I’ve been kinda tired so I think I’m gonna call it a night.”

A lie. But they don’t need to know.

“Aw, but everyone else is doing it!” Mina protests, a pout on her face. A glimpse of Mineta drooling amidst the other reluctant boys tells me this isn’t exactly unanimously agreed upon.

“Eh, well, Tsu said she wasn’t feeling well so she’s called it a night, and Bakugou’s already gone to bed.” Ochako kinda negates the point made prior.

“Mina, your room is right next to mine, it’s not like you’re never gonna see it,” I point out. I stand up, prepared to leave. “Tell me who wins, though. Need to know who my competition is, after all.”

I make a beeline to my dorm, carelessly changing into pyjamas before peering out into the corridor to check if anyone’s around. Fortunately, it’s empty, and I manage to get to Katsuki’s without being seen.

I knock on the door and wait a moment, but receive no answer. I knock again, but the outcome is the same. A frown crosses my features. He knows I’m coming, why hasn’t he answered?

“Katsuki, I’m outside your door. Where are you?”

“Oh, shit, I didn’t hear you.”

I hear movement in his room, and a few seconds later the door finally opens.

“You good?” I ask, eyeing my soulmate curiously as he closes the door behind me.

With a huff, he collapses back onto his bed, grumbling an answer. “I’d already taken my hearing aids off.” I note he’s put them back on.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t realise you were that ready to fall asleep.” I glance at the clock to see it’s past 8:30pm and flop down next to Katsuki. The grump is up past his bedtime.

“Whatever, I’m up now. What did you wanna talk about?”

I roll onto my side and prop myself up on my elbow, watching his face for a few moments before speaking up. “I need you to tell me what happened when we got separated that night.”

“There’s nothing to tell.” He scowls, turning away from me.

“Whatever happened was enough for Aizawa to threaten pretty much our entire class with expulsion,” My frustration begins to seep into my words. “And it’s clearly been on your mind ever since, so tell me.”

I can feel his growing impatience with this conversation, his irritation radiating through the bond. Honestly, I’m beginning to feel the same way.

“I’m your soulmate, Katsuki,” My voice is a little quieter now. “You know you can trust me.”

He rolls back to face me, arms crossed with a frown etched onto his face. The room is dark, save for the scattered moonlight through the curtains, but I can still see the annoyance and reluctance in his features.

He huffs. “The idiots tried to stage a rescue. Only reason I went with them was best it was the quickest way out.”

I blink, confused. “Wait, what do you mean?”

Katsuki sighs. “That fuckin’ gross sludge warped us to some crumbling warehouse where the other pro-hero team was trying - and failing - to deal with the hand guy’s boss. All Might showed up, but he kept having to hold back because I was in the way,” I immediately notice the change in his emotions. “The group of dumbasses in our class gave me a way out.”

“You must’ve got out before I tuned into the news,” I mumble to myself, now understanding why I couldn’t see him in any of the footage. I focus intently on my soulmate’s face. “You know, it’s okay to be grateful for their help.”

He scoffs. “I didn’t need their help.”

“Yes, you did. They risked everything to help you - you could show a little respect.” Fuck, I know he’s desperate to do everything himself, but there’s no reason to act like this every time someone lends a hand.

He turns away from me again, annoyed by my comment.

“What’s your problem? I don’t like getting help either, but at least I can accept it when needed.” Katsuki glowers at my remark.

“All Might always wins, no matter the odds, and he does it by himself. That’s what it means to be the number 1 hero. That’s what I’ve gotta do.” He snaps, but I continue to regard him unflinchingly.

“All Might’s had sidekicks in the past. All Might’s teamed up with other heroes before, too,” I say slowly, finally able to identify the emotion that had been gnawing away at my soul since the incident. Guilt. He’s feeling guilt. “He needed help in Kamino Ward, too, and he won. But he wasn’t doing it just to win, he was doing it to protect and help people because that’s what being number 1 means to him.”

“And he’s not fucking number 1 anymore,” There it is. “He’s fucking retired now because I couldn’t even keep myself from getting kidnapped.”

I’m silent for a few moments, eyes flickering to the wall that separates Kirishima’s room from this one. There’s loud chattering on the other side; they must be doing the room competition. I wait until they pass us by before speaking up again.

“All Might was gonna have to face that villain sooner or later,” I say. “Our actions may have meant that fight came sooner, but you can’t blame yourself for the inevitable.”

Katsuki’s expression wavers for a moment. The tension lessens, and so I pull him closer to me, arms wrapped tightly around him. He hesitates for a moment before returning the embrace.

“What happened to All Might is my fault.” He mumbles, head tucked under my chin.

“C’mon, no it isn’t. Besides, whatever happened, and whatever is going to happen, we’re in it together,” I reply, running one hand through his hair and lightly tracing patterns between his shoulder blades with my other. “We’re soulmates, right?”

His grips me a little closer, arms wrapped around my waist holding me tighter. “Right.”

We lay like this for a few moments, and I can feel him beginning to drift off to sleep. I know he’s still hung up on the whole situation, but I hope I’ve done something to reassure him. At the very least, I’m glad he’s confided in me.

“What happened to you after we got separated?” Katsuki’s question is quiet and takes me by surprise. I hadn’t even realised I never told him.

“Metallurgist got to me before I could get warped away. Nomu were attacking, though, and she intended to get me to safety, as per All Might’s orders,” I recall the events of that night. “Endeavor was there, and I saw something he needed help with, so I stayed and fought.”

“Endeavor’s an abusive piece of shit.” Katsuki grumbles.

“I know. But he saved me back in Hosu, so I was just returning the favour,” I tell my soulmate. “To be honest, I don’t really remember the rest of the fight - I was kinda out of it. I remember seeing All Might’s final stand, though. We were all crowded around this one guy’s phone screen, and all I could feel were your emotions, and as a result of just everything I think I ended up vomiting.”

Katsuki glances up at me, giving me a look, and I smile sheepishly.

“I felt really guilty about the whole situation, but I’d recorded everything. I guess having that evidence on hand to help the investigation helped me, too.” I finish my brief recount.

After a few moments of silence. Katsuki speaks up. “I saw you on the news after.”

I blink. “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”

“Thanks. For defending me,” I can feel my soulmate struggling to admit his gratitude, but there’s an underlying tone to his words too, indicating his upset. “I- ugh, I hate when they call me bad. It’s fuckin’ stupid.”

They’re fuckin’ stupid.” I chime in, agreeing, a small smile on my face. And he laughs. It’s just for a second, but I feel my heart leap at the sound.

“Yeah,” He murmurs. “I don’t need people defending me or whatever, but I guess it’s okay if it’s you.”

“You’d do the same for me.” I say softly.
There’s an unspoken meaning behind our words, and I realise it’s because it’s easier than saying what we really mean out loud. The telepathic bond makes words of affection easy because the other person hears your every thought, but actually confessing something like ‘I love you’ face-to-face? It’s harder, much, much harder. And I’ve done it before, but at that moment, the circumstances were different, more volatile, having followed a near-death experience.

Now we’re safe, calm, together. There’s no real pressure, nothing to shove us to desperately profess our feelings, but that’s a good thing. This should be ideal. No point rushing anything.

“I love you.” Oh. I still, realising this is the first time I’ve heard Katsuki say this aloud. It’s quiet, but earnest, a stark change from the way he’ll say it when he responds to my thoughts.

“I love you, too.” I can’t deny the giddy feeling my chest, my grip on my soulmate tightening ever so slightly.

“Your heart’s beating faster.” Katsuki muses, teasing, not a shred of negative emotion behind his words. I cherish the fact that I’m the only one he’s comfortable enough with to behave this way.

“Shut up, of course it is.” I retort, but there’s a smile on my face and a lightness in my soul.

Yeah, we’ve definitely made process since we first met.

We stay lying there for a long time, a tangle of limbs, content with just each others company, but the digital display of Katsuki’s beside clock is ever shifting, the changing numbers a reminder that we can’t stay like this forever. It’s almost midnight when I finally decide it’s time to return to my room.

My soulmate groans and grips me tighter when I try to wriggle free, stirring him from the sleep he’d drifted off into.

“I need to go.” I whisper.

“Fuck that.” Is the eloquent mumble he replies with, but I eventually manage to pry him off of me.

I walk to the door, but stop abruptly when I hear voices outside. I can’t quite tell who it is, but I know I can’t just waltz past them. I glance over my shoulder at the balcony as I consider my options.

“What are you doing?” Katsuki opens up the telepathic connection, finally having a moment to take off his hearing aids again.

“Someone’s in the corridor, I’m gonna do something else.” I answer vaguely, stepping out onto the balcony and leaning over the railing, noting how far the drop is. I quickly glance around to make sure no one’s watching before doing something I did at the Sports Festival. With a flick of my wrists, a bridge of ice connects Katsuki’s dorm balcony to my own.

“What the fuck?”

I shrug. “Desperate times, right?”

I’m cautious enough as I quickly make my way to the other side, dropping safely down on my balcony and realising I need to get rid of this structure somehow. This isn’t exactly my finest plan, but whatever, I can deal with it.

With a little extra focus and some rapid hand gestures to help channel my energy, the bridge bursts silently into a flurry of snowflakes which I disperse over the courtyard our rooms overlook. Shit, I hope nobody’s down there. The summer night is warm, at least, and the snow is already melting. This isn’t something I can pull all year round.

I look back up to see Katsuki shaking his head at me, but I can feel his amusement, and it’s enough to bring a smile to my face before I finally head off to bed.




“So, you and Bakugou, huh?”

“Huh?” Is all I respond with as I glance at Mina from the corner of my eye, slouched against the back of one of the common area couches. It’s still early.

“C’mon, an ice bridge? That’s not subtle!” She grins deviously at me, latching onto my arm as I cringe.

“Mina, shut up.”

“No, no, no, tell me, tell me, tell me!” She shakes me lightly, her determination admirable if not frustrating. “What happened last night?”

“Stop implying anything happened!” I break free of her grip and lightly smack the back of her head, glaring. “We hadn’t seen each other since the kidnapping thing and needed to discuss a couple things, that’s all.”

She groans dramatically. “Is that really it? That’s so boring.”

I give her a look but ultimately just decide to move on.

“It’s true,” Another voice chimes in, far more monotonous than Mina’s. “Kirishima thought there might be something up, so I used my jacks. She was definitely in his room while we were holding that decorating competition.”

I whip around to look at the girl in disbelief.


Chapter Text

“I believe I’ve mentioned this already, but your main focus this summer is obtaining your provisional hero licenses,” Aizawa says. “Do not take this lightly. A hero license means you’re responsible for human lives. You can imagine the exam to receive one is very difficult; only 50% of students pass the exam each year. In order to prepare, today you’ll create something new,” The door slides open, and in walks Cementoss, Midnight, and Ectoplasm. “Two ultimate moves.”

“When we say ultimate, we mean a move that will ensure you win against your opponent.” Ectoplasm adds, his voice deep and garbled.

“An action so unique to your identity that no other person can hope to copy it,” Cementoss continues. “Simply put, you must learn to lean into your strengths.”

“Your moves represent who you are. These days, most pro-heroes have an ultimate move; those who don’t are fools.” Midnight concludes, striking a pose.

“This may sound abstract, but we’ll explain more as the day goes on. For now, change into your costumes and meet in Gym Gamma.” Aizawa instructs us.

The changing room is buzzing with conversation. It feels like every day we’re getting closer to our goal of becoming pro-heroes, and with the provisional license just around the corner, it’s feeling a bit surreal. Just a few months ago we didn’t know each other, we had no experience, we were just kids hoping we scored high enough on a fitness test that we weren’t expelled, and now look at us.

“What’re you reminiscing about?”

“Just thinking about how not long ago we were just starting at this school, and now we’re making ultimate moves and getting our provisional licenses.”

“Huh,” I half expect him to be dismissive of the topic, but I can feel him pause for a moment as he thinks about it. “Yeah, a lot has happened, I guess.”

That’d be putting it lightly. We’ve been students here for not even half a year, and we’ve already dealt with incidents that many pros couldn’t even dream of.

And speaking of incidents...

“The job of a hero is to save people from all sorts of dangers: crime, accidents, and natural or manmade disasters. Of course, the licensing exam analyses how well you manage to deal with such things; it won’t be just fighting - your ability to gather information and make quick decisions will be judged, in addition to how well you communicate, cooperate, and lead others,” Aizawa informs our class, giving us a rundown as we gather in the gym. “Every year a new test is used to evaluate these qualities.”

“One thing is especially important: if you want to be a pro-hero, you must be able to prevail in battle. If you’re prepared, you won’t have to worry, and those of you with ultimate moves will have an advantage.” Midnight contributes.

“Your circumstances should not dictate the result of your future battles,” Cementoss adds, pausing in the process of preparing the gym for us. Ectoplasm and Midnight use the example of not only Kamui Woods’ Lacquered Chain Prison, but also Iida’s Reciprocal Burst.

“The training camp was interrupted, but the practice you did get in was part of the process needed in creating these defining abilities.” Aizawa finalises. “Now that you’re all caught up, you’ll spend the next ten days developing these moves. This is how you will spend the remainder of your summer vacation. Prepare for intensive training. In addition, you should think about how you can improve your costumes, especially now that you have a better understanding of your quirks.”

Finally!” The cheer slips out in a moment of elation, but I quickly regain my composure when our teacher shoots me a look for interrupting.

“I expect you to go plus ultra. Do you have it in you?”

The class doesn’t hesitate. “Yes, sir!”

We’re each given an Ectoplasm clone to practice with. I’m asked questions about my ideas, and in the process I form a Frost Blast to demonstrate.

“Not bad, but you need to be more mobile with something like that,” The clone instructing me says. “Let’s start by seeing how well you can focus on multiple.”

I’m not anticipating being made to learn to juggle three ice spheres, but here I am. The first couple throws I’m okay, but I quickly end up dropping them - it’s fast pissing me off, but as my temper shortens, my determination to do this right grows.

I mean, really? Juggling? How is this supposed to help me? I’m improving, sure, but I’m not gonna start juggling in the middle of a fight- oh. Oh, okay. In a fight, I guess you have to figuratively juggle tasks? I’m definitely reading too much into this, but… yeah, if I can juggle multiple Frost Blasts, then I can use more at once which could stun the enemy more, and the more dry ice on the field then the more of an advantage I’d have-

The loud, familiar sound of an explosion momentarily throws me. “It’s been a while since I was really able to let loose,” He’s a few pillars away from me, but thanks to our connection, I can still hear him clear as day. “Ectoplasm, I killed ‘im! Gimme another one!”

“Woah, look at that! Bakugou’s going hardcore!” I glance up to see Ochako floating above, getting a bird’s eye view of the show my soulmate’s putting on.

“I bet he has a bunch of ultimate moves already.” Satou says through a mouthful of cake.

“He’s been planning this stuff since the entrance exam!” Hagakure exclaims.

“Focus!” One of Ectoplasm’s clones cuts in.

“If anyone was wondering, I’ve been working on Grape Rush since I was a kid.” Mineta chimes in, and I recall him using that move during our recent exam against Midnight. I don’t like the guy, but I have to admit it was effective in achieving our goal.

“I mean, we’ve all thought about it, right?” Kaminari responds, rambling about what he once dreamt of. “I used to imagine wielding a lightning sword - I’m getting hyped up just thinking about doing something that cool in real life!”

I wrinkle my nose, a little frustrated by the fact I’m stuck juggling while my soulmate’s able to let his quirk run wild. I throw the balls a little higher in the air, willing them to explode as my patience wears thin. They do, one after another, the successive bangs being nearly as loud as Katsuki and drawing a number of eyes towards me as icy fog falls from the point of explosion, freezing the Ectoplasm clone in place when I put my mind to it.

“[Y/N], you seem like you’re making good progress!”

I look down to see All Might waving to me. I beam at him, spirits raised by the sight. “Thank you, sir! You look like you’re recovering well, how have you been?”

“I’m fine, thanks for asking. Let’s focus on your moves,” He takes a moment to consider the options, hand resting on his chin as he thinks. “You’re good at adapting other people’s styles into your own - take those shields for example - but you should focus on something more you.”

“I- well, yeah, but I don’t know what that would constitute of.” I admit, frowning as I try to think of what makes my quirk mine.

“Well, think of the Sports Festival. You felt overshadowed by Todoroki’s large-scale moves, and tried to distance yourself from that,” All Might prompts. “Since then, I’ve noticed you’ve developed smaller, more precise forms of attack. Try working in that vein.”

I blink, taking a second to process that before grinning at my teacher. “Right, got it. Thank you!”

He smiles back and gives me a thumbs up. “When you’re confident with that, then try combining your power with others.”

Smaller, more precise attacks. Sure, I can do that. I stare at my hands, chewing my lip as I try to figure out exactly how I should do that, when I remember what I did that night of the kidnapping.

I take a few steps back from the frozen Ectoplasm clone I’ve been assigned before raising then swinging my arm down, launching a volley of icicles at him. They all hit my target - though they’re somewhat scattered - and the clone dissolves.

“Ectoplasm, sir, I destroyed the clone! Could I have a couple more? There’s something I wanna try.”

I’m offered three more, which is fine for now. It takes more effort and concentration to split the icicles into three groups and send them off in three different directions, but I manage to do it. They hit their targets, though not as precisely as I would like.

What do I call this? Icicle dart? Ice arrow? Hm, neither really flow as nicely as I’d like, so I settle on combining the two and calling the attack Ice Darts, at least for now.

The rest of the session I spend drilling the move and trying to hone my accuracy, focusing first on a single enemy and a single icicle, and deciding to slowly build up the quantity of both, though primarily the number of ice shards I use. In the time I had, I feel I’ve made progress, and I’m hopeful that I’ll have it down to a fine art by the end of the week. I guess Ectoplasm was onto something when he got me to start juggling.

I vaguely recall using the attack on Toga from the League of Villains during the training camp exercise, and in the moment my accuracy was far greater. Maybe it was because I was under more pressure then? If that’s the case, then I assume that if I polish it under more relaxed circumstances, I’ll be able to execute the move perfectly under high-stakes circumstances.

Eventually, our time is up, and we’re kicked out so class 1-B gets a turn in Gym Gamma. Given it’s still summer, we don’t have any obligations to fulfil once our training for the day is done, so I opt to head to the support department to make some long awaited changes to my costume.

The workshop is occupied only by Power Loader and a student that looks vaguely familiar - she’s tinkering away with something, and after an elated cry about her ‘baby’, I realise that although her name escapes me at this moment, I recognise she was the competitor that used Iida as a way to present her inventions during the Sports Festival. I try to steer clear of her. Thankfully, she seems preoccupied.

Power Loader gets to work quickly, giving me a timeframe for my costume changes, but given how much I want to change, it’ll probably take a few days seeing as a whole new costume would have to be made.

I remember how just before the Sports Festival, Aizawa told me I couldn’t rely on teammates to keep me warm when I use my quirk, so a temperature regulating pack like Todoroki’s would come in handy - similarly, the material of my costume should be made more fireproof considering the people I tend to work with. Currently, the soles of my shoes are designed for grip on ice, but I want something that can let me skate freely too; some discussion leads us to quickly coming up with an idea for retractable ice-skate blades, controlled by tapping my heels together.

We’re about to finalise the design when the door opens and in walks Midnight. There’s a devilish grin on her face when she scans over my costume draft and snatches a fresh piece of paper and a pen.

“Similar to how my costume accommodates my quirk, thinner material, perhaps with some small cutouts, on your forearms would make it easier for you to use those ice shields you’re so fond of,” She scribbles down a redesign of my costume, with notably more flare. As reluctant as I usually am to accept her help, she’s got a point. “I assume the same company made both yours and Bakugou’s costumes - they made Uraraka’s too - seeing those two dots there on your shoulder. Why not go the extra mile and make you match, hm?”

I watch as she scrawls a mirror image of the cross on Bakugou’s outfit onto my own. “What? No, I can’t match with him! It’s be embarrassing, plus it’d be a dead giveaway.”

Midnight glances at me, raising an eyebrow. “Hero teams tend to share design features - take the Wild Wild Pussycats, for example. Even if you two don’t form a team, you’re inevitably going to work together more than with anyone else. A matching motif makes your partnership clear. Besides, if you’re worried about your secret slipping, don’t - the general populace can be incredibly naive.”

I swallow thickly, still embarrassed by the idea.

“The fuck happened to you? I’m getting shitty second-hand embarrassment from you.”

“I’m at the workshop; Midnight wants my costume to match yours.”

“Hah? Why?”

“To identify us as a team or something? I dunno, I’m pretty sure she just wants us to match because we’re soulmates.”

“Eh, whatever, sure. Go ahead.”

“Wait, you seriously agree with her?”

“I don’t care, but I’m not gonna stop you.”

I chew my lip as I consider it.

I sigh. “Fine.”

Midnight grins. “Wonderful! Any other final details to really make you stand out?”

I’m not sure I want to stand out as much as Midnight wants me to. “Uh, no?”

“There must be something.”

I sigh again, now just wanting this to be over. “I don’t know, I guess Mina calls me ice queen occasionally?”

“Perfect!” Midnight snaps her fingers before quickly scribbling something down - some kind of headband, one that’s either an ice crown or a blue explosion.

As much as I want to hate her additions to my costume, now looking at the final design, I actually kinda like it.