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Biding Our Time

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When Bakugou first developed his quirk, all he could think about was how he was going to be number one. His days of watching All Might from the background with the extras were over now because he had an objective - become the number one hero. However, because he was only four when his palms started popping, he didn’t consider the other potential aftermaths associated with developing his quirk.

Katsuki didn’t immediately realize that when a child develops their quirk, they are registered with the Quirk Registry. Once entered into the nationwide database, the child’s quirk is analyzed and matched against their age group for compatibility. After the results were compiled into a concise report, the parents receive a mailed list of potential matches for their child. The reports include suggested quirks for the child to be matched with for marriage. In highly compatible cases, certain packages will contain actual names for the parents to reach out to. If the parents choose for their children to be married, both families will receive a stipend and additional benefits once the paperwork is finalized.

Due to public outrage over the potential for discrimination, the government was careful to reassure the country that no citizen would be punished for not accepting a matched partner. Despite the numerous advisories, there was an unspoken understanding that life was more burdensome for those who chose to marry out of preference instead of government’s suggestion. It could range from having financial difficulties at best and at worst, seen as being ‘against supporting the nation’ in the eyes of neighbors and potential employers.

Looking back, it was almost comical that he was surprised about potentially having a wife picked out for him. Quirk marriages were constantly in the news and even his parents were a product of the regulation. It was a mystery that he didn’t consider having one until he heard his mother talking lowly into the phone in the kitchen late one night when he was four.

It was only six weeks after developing his quirk and he was thirsty more often due to his increased sweating. Katsuki had wanted to ask for a glass of water when he heard his mother softly say, “I promise, I wouldn’t have contacted you if I didn’t think we would both benefit from this. You said it yourself in high school that you wanted our kids to grow up together-”

She was quiet as the other participant in the call objected. His mom continued, “I know you meant as friends and not as spouses. But, we can make this work, right? Not only would little Ochako and Katsuki get to be quirk compatible, their lives would be so much easier… I’m sorry if this is blunt, but I heard from San that you had to list the house for sale. Everyone could benefit from this.”

His ears had perked at his name and he couldn’t help walking a few steps into the tiled room. His mother was too busy taking in what the caller was saying  to notice. After a few moments of listening to the phone, his mom grinned. “That’s perfect. We’ll get together and see how it goes - no need to commit yet. We’ll pick you up from the station and let them play while we discuss the details.”

By now, he was right next to his mom and gently reached up to hold the hand at her side. To her credit, she didn’t startle; she only looked down at him with a gentle smile and ran a hand through his unruly locks. “See you next weekend… and please give it some thought.”

She hung up the phone and stooped down to pick him up, hoisting him to her hip before lightly pinching his nose, “you’re supposed to be asleep, ya little gremlin.”

“Stop, Mom,” he complained pushing her hand away. She was always treating him like a baby even though he had started his hero training. “Who was that?”

His mom smiled for a moment at him before kissing his forehead, “we’re going to meet my old classmate next weekend. She has a daughter your age and I think you two would get along.”

Katsuki scoffed, “I don’t want to. She’s probably weak.”

“Give it a chance, brat,” his mom laughed before walking him towards the fridge. “You’re thirsty again, right? One glass of water and a bathroom break, then back to bed with you.”


The following weekend, Katsuki and his parents took the train downtown. His dad let him ride on his shoulders after Katsuki proclaimed that he was on patrol and needed to be high up to keep an eye out for villains. His dad would always humor him and gladly agree to be his sidekick or in this case, his perch.

“Oh, I see them,” his mom nearly shouted, she had been loud throughout the morning on the way here. She’s so weird, Katsuki thought as she pulled them towards a family of three. They were all brunettes, however, the dad was a lighter shade. His daughter was on top of his shoulders as well.

“There you are!” The mother of the family ran to them and nearly knocked his mom over with a hug.

Katsuki had stopped listening, staring at the girl. She had the roundest cheeks that he had ever seen and her eyes were wide with excitement. The girls brown hair was bobbed at her chin with two long strands coming down further that fluttered as she teetered on her dad’s shoulders trying to look around. She was wearing a pair of gloves, which was bizarre in the middle of summer.

Katsuki could practically smell the country on them as the dads walked up to shake hands. “Say hello, sweetie,” the girl’s mother chirped, rubbing the little girl’s back.

The girl finally met his gaze, her chocolate eyes shining as she beamed, “I’m Ochako!”


Over the next two years, the families met up on occasion. It was always somewhere public and treated as an informal meeting. The two became closer, playing together as the parents spent the meetings talking alone, always keeping an eye on them. Not that he knew, but it was a warm summer day when he would be six when he would meet with Ochako’s family for the last time as a kid.

As usual, they were at a park in the middle of July. The parents were leading them towards a shaded spot in front of the stream in the center of the field. He had been watching the parents chat among themselves for a while. After realizing Ochako had been quiet since the group met up, he spared a glance at her.

Ochako kept staring at the ground, playing with her finger pads. It was a nervous habit of hers that she developed when she had grown out of the gloves in the last two years as she learned to control her quirk. Noticing that their parents were too busy setting up the picnic area to spot her obvious discomfort, Katsuki reached forward and grabbed her hand. He forced hers apart and making sure her held hand’s pink was out as he intertwined their fingers. “Come on, ‘chako,” he commanded, dragging her away from the adults towards the shallow stream.

“Katsuki! Don’t be rude,” his mother hissed behind them before looking apologetic at Ochako’s parents. He halted and glared back at her, refusing to let go of Ochako’s hand.

“It’s fine, Mitsuki. I’m just happy they’re so excited to see each other,” her mom laughed before smiling at the kids, “go ahead, you two. Stay in sight though! We’ll have the towels ready if you two play in the water.”

“We will,” Ochako nodded to her mom, tugging Katsuki towards the stream. Katsuki watched her expression fall slightly as she lead them to the bank. She only let go of his hand when she began undoing her sandals.

Taking the hint, he yanked his sneakers off before wading into the shallow water with her, holding her hand in case she stumbled over the large smooth rocks like she had done in the past. Once the two kids were ankle deep in the mild, lazy stream, Katsuki decided to pry. “Why are you sad, Pink Cheeks?”

She opened her mouth, looking up at him before stopping and darting her eyes away. She had started doing this around him when she knew she couldn’t lie. “You remember my friend, Mei?”


Ochako gave him a pout, “Katsuki! I told you about her several times!” He knew the extra, he just wanted to watch her cheeks get rounder and pinker.

“What about her?”

Her pout wavered and she looked down at the water, kicking a pebble over before answering, “I accidentally floated her during tag last week…”

“Really? How high did she get? Did you get sick?” Katsuki’s enthusiastic questioning must have taken her back because she was gaping at him. He couldn’t help it. Ever since he found out about her quirk, he had always been fascinated with the possibilities.

“I could have killed her! I froze up and forgot how to release it,” Ochako pointed out.

“But you didn’t right?”

“Well, no-”

“See! Its fine,” he grinned at her. “Seriously! How high?”

She smiled bashfully, “...I don’t know. My teacher stopped her when she got as high as the flagpole.”

Katsuki stopped himself from yelling out how amazing that feat was, remembering that he didn’t want to seem too interested. “Not bad, ‘chako. If you keep getting better with throwing up, you could be a hero with me. I can be number one and you can be number two,” he smirked, feeling empowered by the sheer wattage of her smile at his compliment. They stood staring at each other for a moment and he felt his ears get red from admiring how pretty she looked when she was happy. “So why are you sad about it if she’s fine?” He asked, hoping it would distract her from noticing his blush.

He watched her smile wavered and her gaze bolted away from his. She took a moment to gather her words before reaching out for his hand, “what if the next time this happens, I freeze again and no one is there to bring that person down? What if I forget about my pinkies and float too high? How will I get down?”

“I’ll get you.” Even Katsuki was surprised by how sure he sounded. Taking advantage of her surprised silence, he continued, “I’ve been training with my dad and a quirk coach. They think that one day I’ll be able to fly with my explosions. I’ll get you.”

“Really, Katsuki? You promise?” The hopefulness in her tone was enough to make his ears flush again.

She stared at him as if he had just promised to give her the one thing she wanted most. As he got older, he realized it probably was. “Promise.”

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As the sun was starting to set, painting the city skyline with pinks and oranges, the two families walked leisurely back towards the station. To keep from being separated, Katsuki and Ochako were walking in front, holding hands while their parents trailed behind them.

Ochako had been rambling since they left the park, but Katsuki didn’t mind because it meant she was feeling better. He smiled at her as her cheeks flushed from the topic, “I have several friends who have been matched you know!”

He nodded, retorting, “makes sense. Few of my classmates have been too.”

What didn’t make sense was how quiet Ochako got from that point until the families were saying their goodbyes. Katsuki had been watching her, but she had been avoiding his eyes. Her cheeks were bright red and something about her demeanor told him not to point it out. They awkwardly observed their parents say goodbye, her hand minus her pinky squeezing his.

“It would be nice if we could get matched.” Her voice was so quiet, Katsuki would have written it off, except he saw her lips moving when his eyes darted over at the sound.

He sputtered out, “... you’d have to train to keep up. I’d still expect you to be a great pro hero.”

She laughed, “Of course you would!”

Making sure that their parents were busy, Ochako pulled him into a hug. Thankfully, he reacted based on instinct and practice, wrapping his arms around her. What he wasn’t ready for was when she pulled back and kissed his cheek. Gaping in shock with a hand on his cheek, he watched her run to her mom’s side.

“See you soon, Katsuki!”

He met her enthusiastic wave with a little one, still frozen with surprise. Happiness started to bubble up and it almost stopped him from yelling at his mom when she teased him on the train home.


“When are we seeing ‘chako next?” Katsuki asked. The family was finishing dinner and he was moving his food around, trying to seem nonchalant. It had been three weeks since the families last met and by now, his mom would have marked on the kitchen calendar for when the next outing would be. He had been checking every morning, but the month of August remained bare.

His father choked on his dinner for a second before coughing and standing up from the table to fill his glass with more water. His mother stopped bringing her utensil to her mouth and set it back on her plate.

For a moment, the two of them were staring each other down with a ruby gaze. She seemed to be debating on telling him a secret before sighing and running a hand through her hair.

“We won’t be,” she finally responded, keeping her eyes focused on him for his reaction.

“What?” His brows were knitted in confusion. But she was always so happy to meet up with them… it didn’t seem like there was fight last time we met. “How come?”

His mom pushed back from the table and walked over to him, moving his chair so he was facing out. She knelt down to be closer to his eye level and held his hands gently in hers.

“Katsuki, how much do you know about the quirk matches?”

“Just that everyone else in my grade is having one except Izuku and me,” he grumbled. He hated being left behind.

Mitsuki smiled fondly at him before ruffling his hair, “what if I told you that you already had one and it was Ochako?”

Katsuki’s face instantly beamed and he felt his cheeks warm. He didn’t even try to hide his excitement, “really? She and I are a match?!”

“Calm down, brat,” Mitsuki laughed, poking his nose to get him to focus. When he settled, Katsuki noticed that the look his mom was giving him had taken on a sadder tone.

“What? Is that not good?” he couldn’t help asking, the questions tumbled out.

“It is… it just comes with some rules.”
“Rules?” he parroted. “Do all matches have rules?”

His mom hesitated before squeezing his hands again, “not necessarily. These were rules that Ochako’s mom wanted in place so that Ochako wouldn’t feel pressured.”

“What are they?”

“For one, we won’t be meeting up like we have been for a while-”

“How long of a while?!”

Mitsuki sighed at his interruption, “let me finish. We won’t have formal meetings until you both are 18. Ochako doesn’t know that you two are married and won’t know until she is 18. We aren’t allowed to tell her.”

“Why can’t I see her though?” Katsuki could feel tears welling up.

“Ochako’s mom doesn’t want her feelings to be influenced.”

“That’s dumb,” Katsuki sniffled as Mitsuki wiped the tears away.

His mom snorted, “You’re not kidding, kid. But that’s what she asked. If we can make it until you’re both of age and Ochako’s not aware of the marriage, everything will be fine.”

“But why can’t we meet?”

“I told you - we don’t want to influence Ochako.”

He let out a groan, “but what if she doesn’t like me anymore? What if she forgets me!”

Mitsuki laughed before squeezing his cheeks, “who could forget you, brat? Just be patience. If we follow the rules, we won’t have anything to worry about.”

“And we can get married and become the best pro hero duo?”

“Especially that,” his mom promised, reaching up to ruffle his hair. “In the meantime though, just keep your feelings for Ochako and wait it out.”

“Ugh. That’s like forever from now,” he groaned as she moved his chair back towards the table to finish dinner.

“You’d be surprised…”

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How the fuck did he get in…  

Katsuki glared at the back of the nerd’s bushy head, actively trying not to grind his teeth. He was almost positive that worthless dork never developed a quirk. Unless he’s been treating me like a dumbass this whole fucking time, Katsuki thought bitterly, his hands clenching the sides of his desk top to the point that his knuckles were turning white and smoke was sizzling out from between his fingers. 

The chucklefuck was yucking it up with Four Eyes and some extra he couldn’t see because Deku was in the way. Katsuki could tell from the back of his head that he was becoming flustered at a remark and that was the final straw.

Katsuki leapt out of his chair and crossed the classroom in lengthy strides. Before Four Eyes could warn the nerd, Katsuki yanked him by the back of his collar. “Oi. You have some fucking balls for lying to me all these years,” he hissed, attention focused on the startled, green-haired boy in his grasp.

Deku was about to make some shitty excuse when a short figure appeared into Katsuki’s field of vision. “What’s your problem?”

Katsuki was about to snap at the girl, but all of the insults he had ready to go evaporated when he saw her. ‘Chako?

Ochako stood in front of him, hands on her hips and a glare on her face. She had grown slightly, the top of her head coming up to his chest. Her bobbed auburn hair still framed her face, highlighting her round cheeks that were still perpetually pink. Her uniform outlined her new curves and Katsuki had to focus on her face to keep from following the black tights down to check out her legs.

She apparently took his gawking for something other than a perverted gaze because Ochako continued barking at him, “I don’t know who you think you are-”

Wait. What?

“You don’t, Cheeks?” The words tumbled out before he could stop them. The question seemed to soften her glare into a confused expression. 

“Should I?”

He was about to speak when he heard a low muttering next to him. His eyes snapped to Deku who was alternating between staring at him and then Ochako. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Katsuki’s grip tightened on Deku’s shirt and he shook the boy hard to upset his train of thought. “Come-” he started to order, but was cut off when the door to the classroom slowly opened.

“If you’re here to socialize, then get out.” A voice called out. The students turned and looked at the empty doorway before noticing the man in the yellow sleeping bag, lying on the floor with an applesauce packet raised to his mouth. “This is…” he continued, his tone matching how exhausted he looked, “the hero course.” He sucked all of the applesauce in one gulp, startling Ochako and making Katsuki let go of the nerd.

The man stood up in the sleeping bag before shimming out of it, “It took eight seconds for you to quiet down. Time is a precious resource. You lot aren’t very rational, are you?” he chided them.

Katsuki could tell from everyone’s expressions that they had come to the same realization he had - this bum was their fucking teacher. 

Reiterating their conclusions, the man continued, “I’m your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Pleased to meet you.” His tone indicated otherwise. 

Aizawa turned away for a moment to root around in the yellow sleeping bag before presenting a blue tracksuit with a white “UA” written vertically across the fabric to them, “Quickly now. Change into your gym clothes and head out to the grounds. I’ll give you guys 25 minutes to meet me at the main gym.”

Perfect. Katsuki thought, dragging Deku by the front of his jacket out of the classroom before his wife and his new classmates could bitch.


“I thought her name seemed familiar…” Deku muttered when Katsuki finally let go of him, “That’s ‘chako, right Kacchan?”

“Stop fucking calling me that,” Katsuki barked before slamming his fist into his other palm, letting a few pops loose, “and you’re going to keep this to yourself, got it?!”

That seemed to startle Deku because shock flooded his expression, “you don’t want people to know? You use to brag about it all the time when we were younger?”

“I don’t have to fucking explain myself,” he hissed, his red eyes narrowing in on the shorter boy, “she finds out she’s my wife and I’ll kill you.”

Deku gulped and gave a short nod. His emerald eyes darted to the side, as if asking permission to leave. 

“Fucking beat it.” The nerd was gone before he finished his sentence. Damn wuss, he thought as he pulled out his phone. He still had twenty minutes to catch up - more than enough time to quickly call the hag.

As always, she picked up on the second ring and with a sickening sweet greeting that was reserved for business hours. 

“Drop the niceties. When were you going to fucking tell me ‘Chako is attending UA?”

His mother’s excitement was palpable. “She’s there? Is she still super cute? Did she recognize you?”

“No, she doesn’t fucking recognize me!” he didn’t even bother answering the previous questions.

“Hmm. Well, it has been almost a decade. Not all of us can have your frightening ability to remember everything, brat,” She tutted at him.

“Screw you. I didn’t call for a fucking personality assessment. What does this do for our damn marriage if I’m not supposed to be in contact with her?” He tried to keep his tone neutral instead of panicked like his thoughts were.

“Well, her mom really only wanted the marriage to be a secret. It had nothing to do about you seeing her,” his mother reminded him. “Just don’t mention it to her.”

“How the hell am I supposed to do that?!” his voice echoed in the empty corridor, “What if she starts dating other people? What if she-”


He shut his mouth, focusing on his breathing to calm down. It had been something he was taught immediately after the Sludge attack to help stave off the uprising unease in his gut that happened more often than not now. 

In rare form, his mom’s voice came out softer this time through the phone, “she liked you enough when you were kids to ask for the marriage. Just because she doesn’t remember you now, doesn’t mean those feelings evaporated either. And if they did, you have two and a half years to win her back, okay?”

“Yea…” he mumbled, running his hand through his hair. “Tha-... Whatever, I’ll see you at your shitty dinner tonight.” He redirected his sentence before he could accidentally thank the hag.

Katsuki hung up before she could protest and stuffed the phone into his pocket. Focus on today and deal with Cheeks later. Simple enough.

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"It's just us for dinner, why don't you drop your backpack upstairs and come back down to help set the table?"

Katsuki numbly nodded to his father. He could feel the puzzled glance being sent his way as he moved away from the doorway. At least the hag isn't here to interrogate me... he remembered gratefully, recalling his mother was working late tonight. 

Katsuki threw his bag on his bed before slamming his door behind him and stomping down the stairs. He returned to the kitchen and began setting the plates on the table for them. Mercifully, his dad didn't bother questioning them until their food was plated and they had sat down.

"So... how was your first day?"

He looked up to see his father smiling softly at him, his hands folded on the table, causing a patient aura to radiate throughout the room.

Katsuki avoided his gaze and responded, "how much did the hag tell you?"

"Not much. How is Ochako?"

"She's amazing," Katsuki confessed, not even bothering to hide the fond expression that grew on his face as he moved his food around his plate. "You should see how much quirk control she has now, Dad. During the proficiency test today, she threw the shot put into orbit. The meter actually had an infinity sign on it!" Within a moment though, he remembered the glare she gave him and his enthusiasm waned.

"I think it's great that you ran into Ochako," Masaru admitted, "though, I'll be honest, son. I figured you would be more excited."

"You heard from Mom, she doesn't remember me." If he was having a better day, Katsuki might have been embarrassed  for the warbling in his voice and the tears pricking the corners of his eyes. How could she not remember him? He remembered every little bit of their interactions - he had a running calendar for fuck's sake of the days they've been apart: 3,193.

He felt his dad ruffle his hair and looked up to see him leaning over the table. Katsuki sniffled and glanced away before continuing, "not to mention the damn nerd is my class. He's been acting like a weakling to mock me all these years by hiding his supposed quirk."

"Izuku is there?" Masaru sat back down, a confused expression on his face. "I thought he was quirk-less?"

"Me fucking too." He muttered an apology quickly after, but his dad seemed too busy thinking about Deku to scold him.

"Maybe he happened to grow into it," Masaru proposed, continuing to eat. "There are a few late bloomers that my work has been designing for."

"What does it matter? He's there now and all Ochako seems to care about is him and Four Eyes."

Masaru chuckled, "ah. I see."

"What?" Katsuki barked, looking up from playing with his food.

"You're jealous."

"Ha?! Have you gone senile?" The teen shot out of his seat, his palms planted on the table.

Masaru laughed at Katsuki's volatile reaction, "calm down, son. It's perfectly normal. Your childhood friend suddenly has a quirk and you're jealous because you think it might be 'stronger' than yours. Additionally, the girl you've been in love with for practically your whole life is paying more attention to him. It makes perfect sense."

Katsuki huffed and dropped back in his seat, crossing his arms, "no way in hell that nerd is stronger than me. Plus, Ochako is mine . I can have her anytime I want."

"Katsuki," his dad scolded him, "she may be your wife, but she's not your possession."

An awkward silence fell over the men as they wrapped up dinner. It wasn't until after Katsuki had finished cleaning up after the meal that his dad placed a hand on his shoulder. "You need to give it time, son. She'll come around. Don’t forget, she fell in love with you in the first place."

"What do you suggest I do?" Honestly, he wasn’t above asking for help at this point. Plus - he knew for a fact that his dad would keep this between them so that the hag wouldn’t tease him.

His dad pondered the situation for a moment before giving him a reassuring grin, "be yourself and be patient. You have three years until you're both of age."

Katsuki frowned, "and what if she finds someone else?"

"Then you'll have to persuade her," Masaru grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at his son. Thankfully, that action, never ceased to make Katsuki snort.


Ochako stood uncomfortably with her classmates, shuffling her feet as they waited for All Might to begin the exercise.

A gruff voice knocked off her train of thought, “why are you so antsy, round face?”

“Huh?” She turned and looked up at Bakugou. He was staring at her out of the corner of his mask. Ochako couldn’t help the slight flush that rose on the back of her neck, she hadn’t even noticed that he was standing less than a foot from her. 

“Spit it out,” despite how rude his words were, his tone was soft - keeping their classmates from noticing their conversation.

“Just getting used to the costume is all,” she confessed, surprised that he was even acting like he cared when he had been a jerk yesterday to Deku. 

She almost wished she hadn’t said anything, because now his sharp red gaze was taking her in from head to toe. Why is it so hot out? She thought as her ears burned.

“It’s fucking tight, isn’t it?”

Man, he’s blunt… Ochako just nodded, words escaping her for the moment.

“You need to soak it in hot water, like ‘too hot for your damn hand’ water. Let it sit for thirty minutes and then stretch it out with weights on it,” he instructed, “from then on, you can only wash it on cold and it’ll need to air dry. Otherwise, it’ll fucking shrink.”

Ochako stared at him in awe, incapable of believing that she was getting garment care from Deku’s bully.

“What’s the fucking look for? My parent’s work at a fashion design company.”

She nodded and beamed at him, “I’ll give that a try, thanks!”

Bakugou scoffed and crossed his arms, turning his head to look away from her. The action made her look at his chest before gasping and gesturing between both of their costumes, “look! Two black dots!”

His gaze followed her hand before snorting, “fucker must love leaving his mark.”

Their conversation halted as All Might appeared. In typical grandiose fashion, the idol began explaining the rules to the exercise. After ensuring that they weren't going to be expelled like Mr. Aizawa had threatened, Ochako let out a sigh of relief. Now if only I could be with Deku on this exercise. I'm certain I would learn something from him...

As if All Might had read her mind, he announced the two were paired for team A. "Nice! It must be fate," she beamed at the teen, "let's do this!"

Deku was about to respond when All Might pulled teams A and D for the exercise. His shock painted his face and she looked over to noticed Bakugou tense up as well. Well that's odd. Judging by their first interaction in the classroom, she figured he was rarely rendered speechless. Both the boys were quiet, standing like they were being held up by strings. Honestly, it would have been funny if it wasn’t so perplexing…

"need to adopt a villain mindset. This is a practical experience. So go all out, don't hold back! Though, I will stop you if you go too far..." All Might’s lecture pulled her back in at the last minute. 

She sheepishly smiled at Deku as the other team walked off, but he kept his eyes on the explosive blond’s back. 

Ochako and Deku had been waiting for the five minutes to expire in silence before she finally spoke up. She shifted awkwardly, offering the blueprints to him, "Building blueprints! Better memorize these."

Deku stayed quiet so she filled the silence, "though, there's no punishment like there was with Mr. Aizawa - so I'm not too worried. All Might's so nice, just like on TV!"

Ochako looked over and noticed that Deku was clenching the blueprints, sweat pooling on his face, “but you look really nervous!”

“Well,” Deku rubbed at the back of his neck, “I mean.. We’re up against Kacchan… Iida too… We’d just better be on guard…” It seemed like he was saying this more to convince himself than warn her. 

“Oh yeah. Bakugou’s the one who bullies you, right?” She probed, her eyebrows knitting in concern. She still couldn’t wrap her head around the blond’s hostile attitude to her sweet teammate and how he had offered her advice not even twenty minutes ago.

A nostalgic smile slowly grew on Deku’s face, a memory clearly popping up in his mind. “He may be a jerk, but he’s amazing..” he admitted, “His goals, his confidence, his strength, his quirk… he’s stronger than me in every way. But…” Deku trailed off for a moment before adjusting his mask, a determined energy radiating from him, “that’s why… I don’t wanna lose to him.” 

Ochako understood now. They have such a strong bond… “So you’re like his fated rival or whatever?”

“Ah, sorry,” Deku sheepishly smiled at her, fretting, “I’m sure I’m boring you with all of this!”

She shook her head and reassured him, “not at all! We’re a team, come on!” Ochako grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the building, not noticing the teen’s face turning red. 


Katsuki was seeing red. He’s been punking me this whole time…  Four eyes had confessed to seeing his quirk and had warned him it was strength based. He could fucking work with that. He just needed to get the jump on him.

What he hadn’t been prepared for was the rage bubbling in his gut from seeing Deku tackle ‘chako out of the way of his right hook explosion. The damn nerd had the audacity to touch his wife in front of him. Katsuki gritted his teeth and rose slowly out of the smoke, a villainous aura seeping from him. He spoke in a low tone to interrupt the two’s interaction, “nice dodging, Deku…”

Instead of shrinking back, Deku took a stance in front of ‘chako. He was still talking to her and ignoring him. He’d have to fix that.

Bakugou launched into the air at him, “I’ll mess you up just enough to not be disqualified!”

However, before his explosion could land, Deku grabbed him by his right arm and threw him over his shoulder. His back slammed against the ground and a grunt was ripped from him with his breath. Bakugou rolled up into a crouch, trying to get air back into his lungs when the damn nerd opened his mouth.

“Kacchan… you almost always lead with that right hook. I’ve seen it enough to know! You see, I’ve analyzed heroes I think are awesome in that notebook of mine. The one you blew up and chucked out of the window,” Deku explained. Katsuki could see the ratty thing in his mind as the nerd went on, “I’m not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever! Kacchan, I’m Deku who always does his best!”

He gritted his teeth and stared down at Deku. The nerd had his fists clenched and confidence radiating from him. That shithead.

Katsuki let out a roar, “it pisses me off!”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw ‘chako flinch behind him. What did it fucking matter at this point. I can deal with her later. Right now, this nerd needs to be put in his place. His shitty teammate gabbing in his ear knocked him out of his trance. “Shut up and keep watch,” he barked into his comm, turning his gaze back to Deku, “I’m ready to wreck someone…”

Katsuki launched at Deku, causing the teen to yell back, “run on ahead, Uraraka!”

“Worry about yourself!” and not my wife! Katsuki slammed his foot at Deku’s head.


He lost. He fucking lost to Deku. 

As he, Four Eyes and ‘chako stood in a line in front of their classmates, he couldn’t help, but feel numb. He had destroyed the nerd and yet lost the fight because he gave into his rage. God-fucking-dammit. 

Ponytail bitch was spouting about their flaws, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. How the fuck did he let this happen? 

Throughout the rest of the exercise, he stood in the back. He pored over every moment of the fight to figure out where he had lost. It wasn’t until he was walking out of the classroom and ‘chako walked towards him that he realized it. He didn’t take into account that he was on a team; he had forgotten it wasn’t just him and Deku on the field.

“Bakugou? Are you okay,” she asked quietly. “You haven’t said anything since class…”

He took a moment to take her in. She was still pale as hell, the aftermath of using her quirk too much on herself. Even her normally pink cheeks were muted in color and her expression screamed exhaustion. “Fucking peachy,” he grumbled. “How’s your nausea?”

“How’d you know? Am I that obvious?” Curiosity pooled in her eyes as she gazed up at him, making her large, doe eyes seem rounder.

He only knew in advance because of their time together as kids, but apparently since she obviously didn’t treasure their memories together like he did, “heard you hurling over the comm.”

Her face lit up red and she looked horrified. Katsuki couldn’t help the chuckle that snuck out. He reached into his bag and handed her a piece of ginger candy that she used to devour as a kid. Thank fucking god he packed them once he had found out that they were in the same class. 

The shock from the familiar treat diminished her blush and before she could comment, he walked away from her.

Chapter Text

“Move it, cheeks.”

Ochako yelped and jumped forward, swiveling her head to look at who was behind her. “Oh! Bakugou, when did you get here?”

He rolled his eyes at her and shoved his hands in his pockets, “I’ve been stuck behind you for the last few minutes because you’re taking your goddamn time.”

She arched an eyebrow at him, before looking around the school entryway where they were standing, “um… you could have walked past me?”

“Tch,” Bakugou looked away and started to walk towards the exit. Ochako watched as he passed only to jump again when he spoke up with his hand on the door, “You coming or what?”

“Right! Sorry,” she squeaked before following after.

The two walked in silence as they navigated towards the nearest train station. Bakugou’s gaze was kept straight ahead, never wavering from their destination. Ochako peeked up at him, it’s so weird that he and Deku don’t get along… though I guess that’s what happens when you have a fated rival-

“Spit it out.”

For the third time that afternoon, Ochako was startled by the teen, “what?”

His eyes slid over to her without him turning his face, “you obviously have something to say. Out with it.”

Ochako swallowed before nervously gripping her backpack straps and facing forward, “I just wanted to say that you were really cool during USJ. You and Kirishima jumped in with no hesitation. Like real heroes!” The enthusiasm and admiration in her tone grew with each word.

“Ha?” Bakugou looked at her properly and raised an eyebrow, “what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“I just…” She awkwardly smiled before continuing, “I just think it was amazing how calm you guys were under pressure. You ran straight at the Warp-quirk villain and subdued him in one go.” Ochako ducked her head to avoid eye contact before confessing quietly, “... I didn’t do anything because I was so scared. What kind of hero does that?”

She didn’t notice that Bakugou had stopped until she was lurched backward by her backpack, “hey!”

“What the fuck, cheeks,” Bakugou chastised her, his hand still on the handle of her backpack as he leered down at her. 

“What?” She pouted up at him, failing to notice how his gaze narrowed in on her cheeks for a moment.

“I heard you kicked that dick’s ass and saved Thirteen.”

“You did?” A blush crept up on her cheeks and her response came out in a higher pitch than usual.

“Yea,” Bakugou grumbled, dropping his hand from her bag as if it had burned him. “Tapeface and Alien Queen wouldn’t stop yapping about it.”

“Well, it was obvious, right? You figured it out too!”

Bakugou snorted and started to walk again, forcing Ochako to trail after him quickly to hear his response, “it wasn’t obvious. None of the other extras figured that shit out because we’re better than them. You need to give yourself more fucking credit, cheeks.”

Ochako flushed and fiddled with the slack on her bag straps as they walked. During the silence from Bakugou’s compliment, Ochako mulled over his comments. Still doesn’t mean that winning the tournament is going to be easy… I have to do my best though! Just like Deku! … though I’m nowhere near his or Bakugou’s level-

“So what gives? What is this bothering you now?”
Since when does Bakugou try to make conversation? she thought as she whipped her head up to meet his gaze. If it was anyone else, she would recognize the look Bakugou was giving her as friendly concern. Though in typical Bakugou fashion, even his concerned expression seemed to have a bite to it. “Oh…” she finally stuttered out of her thoughts. “I’m just getting anxious about the sports festival. We’ll all be competing against each other and I really want to do well,” she confessed as they started to descend the stairs to the train station.

She fumbled to get her train pass out of her bag and accidentally activated her quirk on it in her haste. Before she could nullify the effects of the rising pass and catch it, Bakugou easily plucked it out of the air. “Just work on quirk applications,” he commented, sliding her pass and pushing her gently through the gate. Bakugou followed behind her, putting the pass back in her bag. ”Your quirk is straightforward and you’re going to need to be creative to surprise the extras.” 

Ochako nodded, her eyebrows furrowed at the surprisingly kind advice, “that makes sense…”

“Of course it makes sense. Just kick their asses and meet me in the finals,” he scoffed as he left her on the platform for his train.

In his defense, he had been a little fucking busy in the past two weeks; too busy to think about ‘chako. But then, in front of thousands of people, he watched the Megatron announce that the two of them were going to fight in the first round. Katsuki had spoken her name in surprise when he read their names in the bracket. When the fuck had he talked to her last? 

It was most likely the day after the USJ attack. When he gave her that advice, he didn’t think she would be using it on him — especially so damn early on. 

Katsuki kept stretching in the waiting room. Fuck, he didn’t want to fight his wife on national television. Doesn’t matter though. It would be a fucking insult not to go all out, both to her abilities and my goal.

The door to the locker room opened to reveal Cementoss, startling Katsuki out of his thoughts, “ready?”

He jerked his chin up at the hero before passing around him to head towards the match. Katsuki rolled his shoulders back and flexed his hands. Let’s get this shit over with, he thought when they arrived at the opening to the field. Cementoss nodded at him before leaving Katsuki to make his entrance. 

Katsuki could already feel the crowd due to the volume of cheering when he stepped onto the field. In the distance, ‘chako was walking towards him and the stage. Fuck, she’s gorgeous , he couldn’t stop the gut reaction thought. Her normally pink cheeks were round as hell and her determination burnt in her eyes. He quickly schooled his expression into a sneer to keep from making his attraction to the girl obvious.

“You’re the one who screws around with gravity. Right, Pink Cheeks?“ he barked at her to keep up the appearance that he didn’t care about or know her quirk inside and out.

“Pink cheeks?” she raised a brow at him, making her expression somehow even rounder.

Don’t think about how cute she is. Focus for fuck’s sake. “Well if you’re going to give up, do it now,” he warned her, “because I’m not going to hold anything back”

Her glare hardened and instead of responding right away, Katsuki watched as she took a deep breath and took her stance.

“Let the eighth match begin!”

Katsuki bet his knees in preparation as ‘chako launched forward towards him. Shooting at him, she yelled, “giving up isn’t an option for me!”

Here we fucking go… he brought his right hand forward and focused on gathering his sweat. “And now you die,” he grumbled, winding back as she got within range. Once she was close enough, he sparked the sweat with a right hook, blasting her several meters away.

He waited a moment as he brought his arm back down. “You should have dropped out the match,” he told her, his eyes scanning the smoke for a movement that betrayed her position. A shift in the air in his peripherals grabbed his attention and Katsuki swung around with another explosion, “there’s no way you can beat me!”

The second his hand hit the ground, he knew he fucked up. Instead of his wife, a jacket was underneath his palm. Without time to even think about how clever ‘chako is, he sensed her behind him. 

Katsuki’s eyes locked on her outstretched hand that was too damn close for comfort before whipping around and letting an explosion loose to knock her back. He took a step and used his hand to cut through the smoke only to see her hurl herself towards him again. What the hell is her plan, he thought as he shouted, “too slow!” Katsuki extended his arm in a wide arc towards the stage floor to propel another blast at her.

Why the fuck does she keep yelling. Why the fuck does she keep running at me without changing tactics , he thought as she continued to come at him. Katsuki gritted his teeth. Only one asshole would have suggested this strategy to her. That fucking nerd. She ran to him for this shitty plan. Fuck this shit.

Their game of cat and mouse intensified for a while before the audience’s murmuring grew. The crowd was starting to protest, loud enough for him to hear some extras suggest the teachers step in. Don’t fucking look. Don’t look away from her, he reprimanded himself, leaving his eyes narrowed on ‘chako. 

Aizawa’s voice cut through the complaints, halting the crowd and the match. “Where is the man that started this uproar? Are you a pro? Because if you’re being serious, you can go home and hang up your cape. I’d suggest looking into another career.”

Silence radiated through the stands as Aizawa’s words sank in. Katsuki took a moment to take a breath and assess ‘chako, absentmindedly listening to his teacher at the same time. We’re not finished… she’s still standing, he observed, watching her labored breaths as she clambered into a stance. In this moment, despite the fact that he was the one to have given her those injuries, he couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest from how strong his wife was. From her resolve to the resolute gleam in her eyes, he knew that she would easily make the top ten hero list in the future. But now’s not the time for that mushy shit. She’s not dead yet.

“I think…” she panted out at him, “it’s about time…”

What the hell. Katsuki startled out of his stance for a second, before hunkering down again.

“Thank you, Bakugou,” Fuck, don’t get distracted by her saying your name, dickwad “for keeping your eyes focused on me.”

“What?” Katsuki appraised her, waiting for a hint to what the hell she was talking about. 

She brought her hands together with a war cry that sent a shiver down his spine. His head snapped up towards the sky in time to see the colossal amount of debris above him returning back to the laws of gravity. 

Without hesitation, he brought his left hand up with his right arm supporting it for the hell of an impact it was about to suffer from the plummeting materials. He gathered as much sweat as he could at that moment from his elbow up to his hand, forcing small pops on his skin towards his palm before letting the largest explosion he had ever manifested go. The shockwave alone caused his knees to shudder and pushed him back a meter. Katsuki vaguely heard ‘chako shout out, she must have launched for me while I was countering .

As the rocks bounced against the stadium roof, he taunted her, arm still stretched in the air. “I figured you’d have some sort of stupid plan to beat me…” he growled out, trying to mask the pain in his voice as anger, “you are friends with that damn nerd , after all.” 

Fuck, my left arm is almost compromised...

He heard her stutter, “it took him one shot...” as he lowered his arm. 

Katsuki shakily let out a breathe, “that was close.” He took stock of his left hand which was still shuddering from the impact. It was a wonder he didn’t fucking break it. He was brought out of his stupor by ‘chako rising to her feet. 

She’s still itching to fight. With that dipshit’s plan out of the way, we can finally have the match I’ve been fucking waiting for. A grin stretched across his face as he appraised his wife, “alright then.” Katsuki lowered to a crouch and tensed his left hand, “time for us to get serious….” He paused for a moment, making sure to yell out her surname instead of ‘ ‘chako ’ as he raced towards her. 

As soon as she whipped around to face him, Katsuki saw her knees buckle.

Her limit. Shit.

Katsuki abruptly stopped, ignoring all instincts to check on his wife as she laid on the ground. Present Mic’s voice filled the stadium, but he kept his eyes on her, waiting for a sign that she might get up.

“No…. Come on… Get up. I want to keep going…” She mumbled to herself through the exhaustion. ‘Chako started to grapple at the ground to pull herself towards him. Katsuki dropped back into his stance as she kept muttering, “I can still fight… I can…!”

Even with her injuries and being drenched in sweat, ‘chako had never looked more stunning to him. Her eyes were locked on him for once instead of fucking Deku and she was straining to get closer to him. However, when she was three meters away, Katsuki saw the light in her eyes dim and her movements stilled. She whispered, “I’ll become… a hero…”

Midnight stepped in, signaling to Katsuki to wait. He straightened up and watched his wife, who was clearly in memory, quietly call out for her father.

“Uraraka is KO’ed… Bakugou advances,” Midnight called out and Katsuki couldn’t care less for the applause. Instead, he patiently remained on the stage, waiting for ‘chako to be loaded onto a stretcher and carried off of the field.

Fucking Deku. He gave her that shitty-ass plan and now his wife’s parents are going to see him as a demon. Katsuki watched the stretcher with ‘chako on it disappeared into the tunnel. He didn’t regret going all out, but he figured if that asshat hadn’t have gotten in her head, he wouldn’t have wasted his time fighting Deku through her.

Ignoring the crowd, he turned around and walked towards the center of the stage, stooping down to pick up the jacket before following his wife towards Recovery Girl.

Chapter Text

He honestly didn’t mean to slam the door open, but fuck it. Plus side, he got to hear ‘chako let out a cute shriek.

“B-Bakugou…” she stammered out, turning her head to look at him, “what’s up?”

Katsuki took a moment to check her over. ‘Chako had a large bandage on her left cheek and her face was still paler than Katsuki would have liked it to be. Shit here’s hoping Recovery Broad keeps me from scaring her face.

Apparently, he had been quiet for too long because ‘chako was now looking at him concerned, “you didn’t blow out your eardrums, did you?”

“You fucking wish,” his reply was automatic, causing her to let out a miserable chuckle. He walked over to the nearest chair and threw her singed jacket over the back of it.

“You’re right.. Why would I have put a dent in the great Bakugou?” While it was obviously meant to be teasing, her tone instead was full of self-doubt.

No way in hell that’s going to fly. “Shit Uraraka, do you know how many times I’ve ever nearly blown my arm off against someone our age?” Her look of confusion was all he needed to continue, “never. Until fighting you today.”

The way her smile grew on her face, it was almost like Katsuki had promised to buy her mochi every day. I would too if it meant she always smiled like this…

“Thanks, Bakugou,” she grinned, her happiness radiating off of her and even he had to stop his lip from tugging upwards.

“Even if you did use that nerd’s plan,” he scowled to keep from smirking back. He balled up his fists and shoved them in his pockets as he leaned against the wall behind him. 

“Huh?” ‘chako raised an eyebrow at him, “I didn-”. Her cellphone chirped on the table, halting her response. After quickly glancing at the message, she pressed her hands against her face and let out a groan, “I was really hoping to win too… could have used the prize.”

“Ha?” It was his turn to raise an eyebrow at her, “you mean the money?”

“Not very hero-like, huh? Can I tell you a secret, Bakugou?” ‘chako took his silence and captivated gaze as a yes, “my family isn’t too well off and the money would have been a big help. Especially since I’m living on my own right now to be near UA.”

“What about money from the quirk marriage?” The question slipped out before he could think. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck-  

Thankfully, Uraraka just looked confused for a moment before shaking her head, “oh. I don’t have one.” Bullshit, but what the fuck ever. “I’ve offered it to my parents too, but they said they don't want to earn income from my marriage.”

Katsuki nodded, contemplating how best to get off the topic of marriage so he didn’t spill the fucking beans, “so you want to be a great Pro Hero for that?”

“Yea… sorry, it’s not for a more noble reason,” ‘chako smiled sheepishly.

“Knowing you, you only want the money to make your parents’ lives more comfortable.” Fucking hell. There go some of the beans. 

Instead of being a sane person and asking how the hell he knew that, ‘chako looked at him with impossibly round eyes and a slight flush on her face. Katsuki coughed and quickly changed the subject again, “if you want to get better, you need to learn how to fight. Touching someone and causing meteor showers are only useful if you don’t pass out.”

‘Chako nodded, her eyes shining with determination, “got it! Thanks, Bakugou!” 

“Yea, yea,” he grumbled, turning to head out the door, “see you later, cheeks.”

As he closed the door behind him, Katsuki let out a sigh, fuck it will be difficult to keep this a secret for three years.

He made his way back towards the class seating area, but when he came up the stairs to the stands, the nerd was right there.

“Whoa, Kacchan…”

“Yea, what do you want? Looking to die, scum?” He barked at the green-haired teen, tightening his fists in his pockets.

“Not looking to die…” Deku replied, terror evident on his face, “No, I mean, I’m up next, so I’m headed to the prep room… and… congrats on your win…” Deku pivoted and awkwardly brought his arms and legs up to walk away, “see ya…”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him before slamming his hand against the stairwell wall, speaking up to accuse him, “you suggested that, didn’t you. That fucking self-sacrificing scheme of hers.” Deku’s pause allowed him to keep going. Katsuki’s glare intensified, all of his rage from fighting his wife was coming out in his tone, “you caused me a lot of trouble out there…” 

“I didn’t,” Deku’s voice rang clear and he turned around to face Katsuki. For once, his eyes were hardened and his words didn’t stumble out, “All of it… Uraraka came up with everything. Just to beat you. So if it really was a lot of trouble for you - that was Uraraka messing with you.” 

The two stared at each other for a few moments before Deku quipped, “You’re her husband, right? I guess you don’t even recognize her strength.”

The damn nerd ran off before he could respond causing Katsuki to grit his teeth and stomp towards the viewing area. Little shit has the fucking audacity to tell ME how powerful ‘chako is? Who the hell does he think he is! Katsuki fumed, walking past his classmates towards the empty seat next to Aux Cord. 

“Ohh… Rough match, huh, villain-face?”

“Awkward matchups aside, you do great at playing the bad guy, Bakugou.”

“Shut the hell up, all of you!” Katsuki dropped into his seat, tightly crossing his arms.

Pikachu spoke up, “No, really, nice job blowing up that frail little girl. Not like me. I held back against my opponent.”

Is he really fucking bragging? What a dunce.

“You were beaten fair and square, Kaminari,” Frogger pointed out.

“Aw… Come on, Tsuyu…”

Katsuki huffed and kept his eyes locked on the arena, but spoke out in a clear, even tone so the extras could hear him, “nothing frail about her.”

“What the hell is wrong with you! You had to be chained up on live television!”

Katsuki groaned and rolled his eyes at the hag. This ‘lecture’ started the moment he walked in about a half-hour ago and the only thing that had changed was the location from the foyer to the kitchen table. Thankfully, his dad was wrapping up dinner so he could at least be distracted by his food while his mom kept fuming.

“Are you even listening to me, you ungrateful cretin,” Mitsuki hissed at him, reaching across the table to pull his left ear. 

“Ow! I fucking heard you!” 

“Language, Katsuki,” his father halfheartedly called to the blonds. 

Mitsuki huffed and let go of his ear, dropping back into her seat and crossing her arms. “Honestly. Do you know how that looked to the Urarakas? They had a damn near heart attack from seeing you act like a rabid dog.”

Katsuki perked up and moved his gaze to meet his mom’s eyes, “you talked to them today?”

Mitsuki and Masaru looked at each other before she continued, “for about an hour before you came home.”

“What did they say?” He tried to keep from sounding anxious but failed significantly.

“Since when do you care what others think?” his dad teased, placing their meals in front of them. 

“Just answer the f-... question…. Please.”

Mitsuki sized him up before grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. “You agree to model our latest line and I’ll tell you.” 

Katsuki glared at her, hating how quickly he gave in, “Two outfits.”


“Fu-. Fine.” It would be worth the afternoon of hell just to put this to bed.  

She leaned back in her seat, looking like she had won the sports festival, “they were impressed by Ochako and you.”

“Really?” He gripped the edge of the table, sitting up straighter.

Mitsuki nodded, “They were a little disappointed that Ochako lost, but they wouldn’t stop gushing about how they’ve never seen her so fired up. We told them that it was because you two have such great chemistry and drive together, you know, like we said you two would when we arranged the match.”

Katsuki let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and collapsed back into his seat. “The extras wouldn’t stop droning on about how I hurt a ‘fragile little girl’. Idiots.”

“What a bunch of dumbasses,” Mitsuki let out a bark of laughter. 

“Language, honey.” Masaru chided her, joining the conversation. “Ochako certainly has gotten stronger though. I remember how she used to be so nervous about using her quirk.”

“Right! She would always cry that her belly hurt,” Mitsuki smiled at the memory before sending a smirk to Katsuki, “And then you begged us to take you to the store so you could buy her ginger candies with your allowance. By the way, take them out of your pockets before putting your pants in the wash.”

“Shut up,” Katsuki grumbled at her teasing, pushing his food around his plate. “You should have seen her in person though,” he boasted, “completely had me fooled and nearly made me blow my arm out of its socket.”

Both of his parents shared a look before returning to their meals, a smile on both of their faces.

“Oh. After the match, I talked to ‘chako and she mentioned that her family was still struggling financially. I thought they were getting stipends as well,” Katsuki asked, setting down his utensils.
Mitsuki coughed from the sudden question, sputtering on her drink that she had just placed at her lips. Masaru reached over and gently patted her back, deciding to take this line of questioning, “did you ask Ochako about the stipends?”

Katsuki felt his ears burn in embarrassment from slipping up and looked away, “yea. She said that she didn’t have a quirk marriage because her parents didn’t want to profit from her marriage.”

Masaru nodded folding his hands on the table, “that would be the gist of it, save the fact that she doesn’t have a quirk marriage.”

“So where are the stipends going?”

“They have been putting them in savings,” Mitsuki spoke up, finally regaining her composure, “her mom will release the account to her when she’s of age.”

“Well that’s fucking stupid,” Katsuki grumbled, not even apologizing for the curse. “So what? They suffer through it despite the fact that they have the resources right there?”

“You’re not wrong… her mom has always had a bit of a self-sacrificing streak and I’m almost certain her dad is the same way,” Mitsuki agreed. 

The conversation stalled there as the family wrapped up dinner. As Katsuki cleared the table, he mulled over the situation for a solution. She wouldn’t outright take money from me. That’s fucking suspicious . After all the dirty dishes were cleaned up, he finally figured out his plan.

“Hey. I can use the prize money from the sports festival for whatever I like, right?”

Chapter Text

“I think the clerk was checking me out!”

Katsuki snorted, “dream on, Shitty Hair.” He continued to thumb through his new purchase as the teens walked on the crowded street. “She was probably staring at your dye job.”

“What!” Kirishima grappled at his hair, trying to spot any black strands in the red spikes. “No way! I just dyed it two weeks ago!”

“Keep it down, fucktart,” Katsuki chided him, not looking up from the Top Hero magazine in his hands. “Besides, you shouldn’t dye it yourself if you’re worried about missing spots.”

“Yea, but Mina was busy so she couldn’t help me,” Kirishima pouted.


“Come on, bro. She’s our classmate and she’s pink! How can you forget her?”
A light bulb clicked on in Katsuki’s head. Oh. Alien Queen. “Why would she dye your hair?” 

“Cause she’s my wife!” Katsuki looked up in surprise only to be blinded by Kirishima’s smile.

“You and Pinky?” 

“Dude!” Kirishima’s smile faltered, “We were all talking about it on the bus to USJ, remember?”

Katsuki clicked his tongue at him, shoving the magazine back into the bag while they waited for the signal to change for them to cross the street. 

“Seriously unmanly, bro. I feel bad for your wife.” 

He grunted, reaching over to the crosswalk button so he could push it for the fifth time.

“So you do have a wife.”

“Ha?!” Katsuki jerked his head to stare at the other teen so quickly that he heard something pop. “What the fuck are you talking about.”

Kirishima chuckled, “dude. I may have only known you for about a month, but you always stay quiet when someone makes a true statement and you don’t want to agree. Who is she?”

Who fucking knew there was a brain under the metric ton of hair gel. Katsuki stared at Kirishima in disbelief, only to be snapped out of his stupor by the crosswalk warning. He took off at a brisk pace, not bothering to check that the red-head was following him, “fuck off.” His insult was only met with laughter and Katsuki gritted his teeth, wanting nothing more than to blast Shitty Hair into the stratosphere. 

“It’s weird though that you’re not bragging about her… Were you forced into it?”

“As if,” slipped out on reflex. 

“Oh, so you really like her,” Kirishima teased, oblivious to the daggers being glared at him. “It is weird that you won’t brag about it then…” Katsuki could smell his hair burning as Kirishima sank into his thoughts before a look of revelation formed in his eyes, “Unless… you’re not allowed to make the marriage public… and its someone at our school.”

Katsuki tripped on the sidewalk, barely catching himself from eating pavement. “What the shit-”

“Of course!” Kirishima grinned, clearly proud of himself for catching Katsuki off guard, “why else would you not tell everyone else! If you can't talk about it and they were at a different school, you wouldn’t care because what’s the likelihood that the secret would reach them? Plus! If they were at our school and you could talk about it, you would have shown them off every waking minute!” 

“What the fuck, Kirishima.” Katsuki stared at him in disbelief, unable to fathom how the idiot, who was constantly at the low end of the class rankings read him like a fucking book. 

“So I am right!” He was all, but jumping in front of the train station that they had stopped at.

Katsuki reached out, grabbing the teen by the front of his shirt and dragged him forward, “you listen here and you listen damn well. Not a word to the other extras.” 

“Of course! Tattling isn’t very manly and I would never rat you out, bro,” he insisted with both of his hands up.

He let go of Kirishima’s shirt and began walking away from him and the conversation. Katsuki didn’t bother looking back when Kirishima yelled out a goodbye.

Ochako walked down the street in her casual clothes, quietly murmuring numbers aloud as she calculated her budget for the week. “For lunch today…. I’ll have…” she swerved to avoid walking into a woman, continuing to count off on her left hand, “something cheap… yeah… mochi then.” she decided.

She changed her direction to head towards the local shop that has been selling day-old mochi at a discount to her when Ochako noticed a familiar spiky-hair figure out of the corner of her eye. Ochako paused and watched as Bakugou stormed down the street, a bag clenched in his hand and his signature scowl scaring everyone out of his way. Maybe if I just put my head down-

“Oi! Uraraka,” the hot-headed teen had already spotted her. Ochako raised her hand belatedly to wave at him.

“Hey Bakugou...”

“Where are you going,” he asked or rather demanded, his crimson gaze boring a hole through her.

“Oh! Just to get mochi,” she smiled at him.

For a moment, she could have sworn a strange look passed over his face before he glared at her, “have you eaten today, space cadet?”

Ochako paused before averting her eyes from him, “...yes?”

Bakugou snorted, “You’re a shit liar, you know that? Come on.” Without asking permission, he tugged at her elbow, forcing her to keep up with his longer strides as he pulled her in the opposite direction. 


“You can’t just eat sweets, cheeks,” he chided her, stopping so abruptly that she ran into his back.. “Oi! Keep your brain on earth!”

“Sorry,” she mumbled, rubbing at her smarting nose. Ochako looked up at the restaurant Bakugou had decided they were going to stop in front of and nearly had a heart attack. While she had always drooled from the scent whenever she passed by, she knew it was well out of her budget. “Uh… Actually-”

“I’m buying,” he retorted, seeing straight through her hesitation, “I want to propose something to you anyways.”

“You do?”

Bakugou nodded before gesturing for Ochako to follow the host, who was smiling politely at the high school students. She stifled all her questions until they had been seated. 

“So… What did you want to propose,” she asked shyly, not quite sure how to handle a classmate paying for her meal and that classmate being the same one who had crushed her less than two days ago in a nationally televised tournament. Ochako looked up from where her hands were clasped together on the table after Bakugou hadn’t answered her for a few moments. 

She was immediately met with his ruby eyes locked on her. Bakugou had his elbow on the table to support his chin. After another minute of silence and Bakugou just staring at her, Ochako leaned forward and waved a hand in his face, “you alright?”

He jolted before scowling and leaning back in his chair to cross his arms. “What were your incoming scores on the math and physics tests?”

“My scores?” Ochako wrinkled her brow at him, “why?”

“Just answer the damn question, cheeks.”

“Um…” she hesitated, still stumped. “I got a 96% in science and a 93% in math.”

“Perfect,” he grumbled, “I want you to tutor me.” 

Ochako looked at him as if a second head had sprouted from his neck, “What?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Uraraka.”

“But,” she sputtered “you score right behind me in those subjects!” I only remember because I was just happy to beat the top student at something. 

“And I want to be the best and that requires you.” 

If possible, his gaze had sharpened and Ochako could feel a flush blooming on her face from the intensity. “I’m not the top in math though, Iida and Momo are!”

Bakugou snorted, “I don’t want to deal with those snobby assholes.”

But he wanted to deal with me? Ochako opened her mouth to protest and came up empty, instead choosing to sit there quietly to take this all in. First, Tsu tells me how Bakugou defended me when our classmates called me weak and now he wants to spend time with me? Because he thinks I can help him? Ochako could feel her brain sputtering from the blushing. 

She was about to answer when he spoke up, “besides, it’s not like I wouldn’t pay you.”

The blush on her face quickly darkened from embarrassment and her heart dropped. Ochako looked at him and she could feel her temper flare from his nonchalant expression. “Seriously?”

Bakugou straightened in his seat from the change in tone, confusion drawing on his face. “W-“

Ochako cut him off, leaning across the table to point a finger at him, “I didn’t tell you about the prize money so you could feel pity for me! I told you because I wanted to give you the same respect you gave me when we fought!”

She could feel the fellow diners looking over due to her outburst, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Can’t believe I almost fell for this. Bakugou looked like he had finally snapped out of his confusion, but she was standing up to leave and walking past him already, “just forget it. I don’t need to be a damn charity case.”

In his defense, he really hadn’t meant to just fucking stare at her. But between her acting shy and the way her cheeks were more flushed than usual, he was a goner. Not to mention how much hotter her temper is… it had been years since he had actually heard her yell at him and instead of being flustered like he was when he was a kid, it was just downright fucking attractive now. Katsuki grinned, jumping up to chase after his fuming wife. She had made it nearly half a block before he snagged her wrist, stopping her mid-stride. ‘Chako took one glance at his grin before starting to snarl, “Look, Bakugou. I-“

“Oi,” he cut her off, dropping her wrist to stuff his hands in his jeans’ pockets. His shopping bag long forgotten at the restaurant. “Who the hell said anything about this being a free meal ticket.”

‘Chako scoffed and crossed her arms, “you don’t need my help!”

“Fuck if I don’t want it, though,” his tone full of sincerity. “Look, cheeks. The way I see it is that it will be a symbiotic relationship. I want a tutor. You want cash.”

Katsuki watched her debate the offer in her head, her expression clearly giving away that she was coming around to the idea. “Fine. What days?”

Fuck yeah. “Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Katsuki responded quickly, having planned out the schedule. “We can go to the library after our last class and work for two hours.”

‘Chako thought it over before nodding and starting to walk out of the middle of the sidewalk where they’ve been talking for the last couple of minutes. “Okay. But you already offered to buy me lunch so the first session will be free!”

“Ha? You want a damn three-course meal for lunch?”

“What? No!” She looked horrified at him, “why would you say that?”

“Cause I’m planning on paying you around this much an hour,” Katsuki stated, pulling out a wad of bills. Why is she being so fucking weird about this.

The color drained from her face, “you can’t...”

“What the fuck? That’s still less than how much I would be paying for a shitty tutor,” he argued, gently grabbing her elbow to pull her away from the pole she was about to wander into in her daze. He kept his hand on her arm, not quite ready to lose contact with her skin, “just accept it, Uraraka.”

She was quiet, clearly not willing to argue or agree with him. Doesn’t matter, I’ll win this one. He thought to himself as he brought them to a convenience store. “Wait here,” he grumbled, not bothering to make sure she stayed there. When he came out with his purchase, he wasn’t too surprised to see she was still standing where he left her. Katsuki dropped the bag into her hands, “here.”

‘Chako looked into the bag before looking up at him, ready to protest, “I-”

“It's just a bento and mochi, Uraraka. You have to eat more than sweets and tea.” he sighed, suppressing the urge to reach out for her again. “Besides,” he smirked at her, “you’re no use to me if you’re not at full strength. How else can I kick your ass again?”

“Who said there would be a next time?” A spark finally returned to her eyes and Bakugou had never more grateful for someone promising to kick his ass. 

Chapter Text

“Any suggestions?”

Katsuki kept his eyes glued straight ahead as they walked back to ‘Chako’s apartment, “on?”

“Bakugou! Did you not hear me?” She leaned forward slightly so that she invaded his line of sight, “do you have any suggestions on how to improve?”

Oh. Easy enough. “You rely too much on your quirk for someone who hasn’t properly trained it up,” he answered automatically, pulling from his internal memory of her abilities. 

Apparently that was the wrong fucking answer because when he shifted his gaze towards her, Katsuki noticed that the easygoing smile she was previously wearing had dropped. Quickly recovering, he added, “If I were you, I would concentrate on learning how to kick ass without a quirk. That way, if you hit your limit, you have another method to send them to hell.”

She nodded, looking down towards the sidewalk as they approached the stairs to her apartment. Discouragement was still evident in her tone when she spoke, “you’re right. It’s not like I can float much right now...”

Fucking great. Best to nip this in the bud before it turns into a clusterfuck. “Will you cut that shit out? Where the fuck did I say that?”

His blunt request caused her to pause at the base of the stairs. She eyed him in confusion with her hand on the railing. Katsuki could practically see the hamster in her brain flipping through records to find what ‘shit’ he was referring. He decided to save the rodent some trouble, “who the hell told you and everyone that you were frail and why in fucks sake do you believe them?”


“I was shitting my pants when you dropped a metric ton of rocks on me,” Either the honesty in his words or the intense stare he was leveling at her finally made her snap her mouth shut and listen. “I had never made an explosion that big and I was fucking sure I was going to rip open my palms. You pushed me to that point.” He took her speechlessness as an opportunity to take a step closer, leering over her so he could drill this into her space cadet brain. “Not bird brain, shitty hair or half and half. You, Uraraka. So cut this shit out. Instead of wasting energy on this ‘woe is me’ bullshit, channel it into kicking ass.”

Silence permeated between them. Katsuki watched as her rosy cheeks flush from his impromptu ‘speech’ and he couldn’t help, but feel a little proud of himself. He saw her resolve hardened and he knew he got through to her.

“So I should start combat training?”

“To start. You need to learn close quarters combat and at the same time, work on increasing your weight limit. You’re bold as hell and resourceful, cheeks, you just need to get your quirk to keep up with you,” Apparently when it comes to his wife, he’s a goddamn motivational speaker. It was worth it though for the smile he was rewarded with. 

Satisfied that he had not only turned this conversation around, but also that he had gotten her to agree to his tactic of taking care of her financial problems, Katsuki took a step back from her to head home. ‘Chako called out when he had gotten several yards away, “thank you, Bakugou! See you in class tomorrow!” 


Last one in the classroom, Ochako quickly walked through the desks of chattering students, keeping her stare down despite feeling a certain explosive teen watching her. Ochako barely had time to think about Bakugou because as soon as he had dropped her off, her parents had ambushed her in her apartment. Now instead of dwelling on her new… agreement, she was stumped over her conversation with her mom that night. 

She said she wasn’t mad about the school festival fight, so why was she so cold when I brought up Bakugou? She pondered, starting to tune Mr. Aizawa out. Her parents had seemed nervous to ask about her opinion of Bakugou. Ochako had explained that she admired his strength and his determination which seemed to placate them. However, when she brought up their new tutoring agreement and showed them the lunch Bakugou had bought her, her mom had gotten a strange look on her face and had mumbled ‘so much for following the rules’. Ochako had tried to dig out the meaning behind those words from her, but her father quickly took over, putting the bento and mochi in the fridge and declaring that they were going to have a family dinner out on the town. 

Is it weird because he’s a boy?

Before she could mull over the reaction any longer, Aizawa’s exhausted words pulled her back to class. “But nevermind that. Today we’ve got Hero Informatics class and a special one at that.”

Ochako tilted her head to the side in curiosity while noticing out of the corner of her eye that Kirishima and Kaminari were both tensed. 

After letting the silence saturate the class for a moment, Mr. Aizawa sighed out, “you’ll be coming up with your hero aliases.”


Ochako watched as Deku was whisked away by All-Might, dropping her hand that was reached out to call him over. Well, Iida and I can walk home! She thought positively, turning around to beam at where the speedster normally sat only to notice the seat was vacant. Or not… she frowned, choosing to pack up her belongings instead of giving into the disappointment.

“Oi. You gonna hurry up or what, cheeks?”

“Bakugou! You snuck up on me,” she jumped slightly, a smile coming across her face when she looked at him. When did the classroom become empty?

“Then you need to fucking work on that too,” he grumbled, pushing her gently towards the door. “Come on, I got stuff to talk about with ya.”


Bakugou rolled his eyes at her, leading her towards the entrance of the school, “dial the sass back, cheeks.”

Apparently, that was as talkative as Bakugou was feeling because the walk from the classroom to the gate was silent. “Um… so what did you want to talk about?”

“What are you doing tonight?”

Ochako stared at him for a moment before admitting, “probably just dinner and then going to bed early for the internship.”

“With Gunhead?”

“Yeah!” She grinned at him, punching the air, “I’m going to learn how to kick butt with him so I can improve on what you told me!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes, “well since you’re not fucking doing anything, come over to my house.”

Her jaw dropped slightly and she stared at him, “y-your house?”

“We’re not doing the damn tutoring tomorrow because of the internships. So we’ll just do it now at my house. Not like you have any shit to do,” Bakugou shrugged.

“I mean... sure?”

“Fucking peachy,” he stopped them in front of a convenience store and handed her his wallet, “go get some snacks that you want while I call ahead. Make sure you don’t get only fucking sugar and pick something spicy up.”



The second she was out of sight, Katsuki slammed his father’s phone number into his cell. Thank fucking god the man always answered on the first ring.

“Hey, son. What’s-”

“Dad. I need a favor.”

“Katsuki, you know how your mother and I feel about you getting piercings while underage.”

“What? No! ‘Chako is coming over for studying-” his dad’s cooing interrupted him. Fucking sap. “Dad! I need you to take down all the photos in the house and clean up the ones in my room.”

“Oh! Right,” Masaru chucked over the phone, “there are quite a few of them, huh…”

“Just... get them hidden away. Please.”

“Will do. Is it still just the pictures in your desk, nightstand and on your shelf?”

“And the one under my pillow,” Katsuki grumbled, quickly checking to make sure ‘chako was still in the store. 

“Um… son? Are you planning on messing up that bed?”

“What?! Fuck no! She’s just nosy and I don’t want her snooping around it,” he hissed, watching her wave goodbye to the clerk. “I got to go. We’ll be there in twenty.”

“Alright. Love you, son!”

“Love you too,” he rushed out, ending the call as ‘chako stopped in front of him. “Shit, cheeks. Did you leave anything left in the store?”

‘Chako was holding five bags that were loaded with snacks and green tea liters. She smiled sheepishly, “you didn’t specify what kind of spicy snack so I grabbed a few.”

“You grabbed them all,” he snorted before glaring at the bag she was trying to hide, “did you get any healthy snacks for yourself or just those fucking mochi-flavored chips?”

Two things were reliable in this world. ‘Chako’s sweet tooth and the fact that he just let her get away with this shit.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure you don’t want to just go to the library or something?”

“And deal with extras? Fat fucking chance,” Katsuki scoffed as they approached his front door. Should be fine. Dad took down the pictures and she’s never been here so all we have to do is get past the hag. “Now listen up,” he grumbled as he fished around in his pockets for the keys, shuffling the stupid amount of bags to his other hand, “don’t bother with my parents. We’re just here to get work done.”

He heard ‘chako huff behind him, something about being rude. Katsuki ignored the remark and invited her in, quickly shaking off his shoes, “Come on-”

“Katsuki!” Fuck. His parents emerged from the kitchen and his mom’s eyes looked strangely watery. He moved behind ‘chako, who was neatly placing her shoes on the rack and motioned with his hand across his throat, hoping his father would notice and cut his mom off before she did anything too stupid.

“You’re here!” His mom’s voice echoed in the foyer, making it shriller than usual. She stopped in front of ‘chako, placing her hands on the shorter girl’s shoulders, and immediately squealed, “look at how much taller you are!”

“Compared to on TV,” his dad quickly supplemented, winking at Katsuki. What a shit show. 

“Nice to meet you both,” ‘chako greeted politely with a confused smile.

“Oi! We’re not here to chatter,” he chided his parents while pushing ‘chako towards the stairs. “Here,” he offered her the bags, “first door on the left. I’ll grab some cups and be up in a sec.”

“Sure?” Her puzzled expression lightened as she padded up the stairs, the snacks rustling with each step. 

Once she had turned down the hall, Katsuki immediately whipped around at his mother, “what the hell? Are you trying to ruin this?”

“Calm down, son,” Masary scolded, “Ochako didn’t notice a thing.”

“It’s not my fault,” Mitsuki sniffed, crossing her arms across her chest, “the broadcast didn’t capture half of how cute she is now. I was blindsided.”

True- goddamnit, not the fucking point. “Whatever,” he huffed, going to grab cups from the kitchen. “We’re only doing homework so just back off and maybe I’ll still be married by the end of today,” he hissed quietly in case the gravity user upstairs could hear them. 

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch,” him mom laughed, ruffling his hair as he pulled the glasses out. “She’s staying for dinner, right?”

“Space cadet chose enough snacks to last through Armageddon so we’ll just have those-“

“Nonsense,” Mitsuki cut him off, “you two need actual food. Get an hour of studying in and we’ll come grab ya.”

His dad stopped him before he could protest, shaking his head with a slight smile, “she’s already made up her mind. Best to go along with it.”


Ochako stopped in the doorway on the left, looking into the spotless room. “No big deal,” she mumbled to herself, walking into a boy’s bedroom for the first time. The dark hardwood floor throughout the room felt cool through her socks and accented the pale, eggshell colored walls. Oddly enough, just like with the foyer downstairs, there were nails in the wall that looked like they were supposed to be holding pictures. Numerous shelves on the walls held trophies and medals, all with varying titles of ‘Best Junior Hero’ or ‘Number 1 Quirk Application, Ages 10 - 12’. 

She placed her bag on the ground next to the orange, metal framed bed that was dressed in grey, black and orange coverings only to let out a laugh. Who knew Bakugou was a fanboy like Deku?  She cackled to herself, observing the line of All Might figurines that were still in the box on his black dresser. 

As she started to go sit, she noticed a picture frame on the matching black, wood nightstand next to the bed. Ochako picked it up and she couldn’t help the smile that curled on her lips. The photo was of the Bakugou family - all three were in casual wear and giving the camera large grins. Bakugou was around five or six, though his mom looked exactly the same. Maybe it’s something to do with her quirk? The picture was clearly taken in summer, the trees in the background providing shade with their leaves. For some reason, Ochako couldn’t help, but feel a nagging pull of recognition - almost as if she’s seen them before.

“You better not be digging through anything!” she heard Bakugou warned as he stormed up the steps. Ochako quickly placed the photo of the Bakugous back on the nightstand and scurried to sit on the edge of the bed. 

“I’m not,” she called back, pouting at him once he came into the room, “that would be rude.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and placed the glasses he was cradling on the nightstand before throwing his book bag on the bed next to her. “Bullshit,” he opened the closet, pulling out a large padded white mat and a fold-up black coffee table. 

She watched as he rolled out the mat and finally decided to ask, “so did you guys just move here?”

“The fuck? No…” he looked at her confused, setting up the coffee table. “Why do you ask?”

“There’s a lot of empty spots on the wall?”

Katsuki snorted and stood up, walking over to her with a blank expression. His response sounding awfully rehearsed as he grabbed his bag next to her, “the hag likes to change things up every other week.”

She stared up at him as he towered over her, their eyes locking for several moments. First my mom is weird about being his tutor, then his mom makes an odd comment about me being bigger and I recognize his parents-

“Are we going to study or what, cheeks?” Bakugou’s words came out quieter than she’s ever heard him speak, his voice rumbling deep enough for her to feel her heart stammer. 

In her haste to distract him from her growing blush, she quickly bounced over to the temporary table and mentioned, “you know, your parents look really familiar. I just can’t seem to place their faces though!”

She focused on emptying her bag, missing the way his soft smile turned into a frown. Ochako looked over at him after he had been quiet for a moment, only to see him sifting through the bags of snacks with his back turned to her. “They’re designers,” he plainly stated when he rose to join her, carrying several bags of chips and a liter of tea.

“That explains it,” she grinned, opening up to their physics homework in the textbook. “That was bothering me! I thought you all looked familiar… must have been because I’ve seen you guys in a magazine.”

Bakugou hummed non-committedly, pouring her a drink, “I occasionally help model so that’s probably why.”

“That’s amazing!”

He shrugged, settling in with his own work. Why does he seem so despondent? Bakugou stopped that string of thought by shoving the glass in front of her. She managed to give a small thanks, but he didn’t respond - instead just starting on his work. I guess that means we’re getting started?

Over the next hour, the two worked through their physics and math assignments in silence. Every now and then, Ochako would look up to see how Bakugou was progressing and without fail, he was always ahead of her. It wasn’t until after they had dinner with his parents and were walking to the train station that she finally asked what had been nagging in the back of her mind, “you don’t need me, do you?”

“What the fuck?” The faint streetlights allowed Ochako to see the almost horrified look Bakugou gave her, which was chilling enough that she quickly clarified.

“I mean… we worked together for an hour and you were always ahead of me. I’m pretty sure you started our literature homework while I was still on math,” she teased. “If you don’t need my help, then why did you ask me to tutor you?”

Bakugou let out what looked like a sigh of relief. Why did he react that way?

Recovering, he scoffed, “we’re only two months into the first year. If I can’t keep up now, I should just fucking quit.”

“So why ask me now and not when the material gets more difficult?”

“And potentially lose a ranking? Hell no.”

“Hm… I guess that makes sense,” she reasoned, swinging her book bag at her side. “Your drive is really something else,” Ochako beamed at him, “I guess that’s why you and Deku were such great childhood friends!”


“There was a picture of you guys together in the living room.”

“Well, I’m going to be the best. No way in hell I’m going to lose to that nerd or anyone else,” he spat out, shoving his hands in his pocket. 

She couldn’t help the small giggle that bubbled out, “that’s surprisingly childish of you.”

A car from behind was approaching to pass them on the narrow street, though before Ochako could move out of the way, Bakugou lightly pulled her by her elbow so that he was the closest to the street. She mumbled a small thanks as the sedan drove past, tucked between Bakugou’s taller form and the sidewall to her right.

“It’s the truth,” his resolve hardening his tone as he continued their conversation, “I don’t want to have to accept help from anyone. I want to be to kick anyone’s ass on my own merit.”

“You asked me for help,” she said puzzled.

“That’s different,” Bakugou replied, not bothering to clarify how it was different.

“Different because I’m going to kick your ass the next time we fight?” She grinned at him cockily, knowing it would get a rise out of him.

“Watch your fucking language, cheeks,” he chortled, poking the apple of her cheek. “And I would thank you if you kicked my ass. But it ain’t going to happen.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that. I have an internship with Gunhead - I’ll be able to wipe the floor with you!”

Bakugou nudged her with his arm, enough to make her falter out of the overly dramatic hero pose she had taken. “You’re not the only one training with a pro, round face.”

She smiled and stopped in front of the station with him, the area mostly deserted from the late hour on a weekday in a residential area. “I’ll just have to work hard,” she declared with a spark of determination gleaming in her eyes, “that being said, we’re both going to be pretty busy with internships. Do you want us to postpone our sessions until after they finish?”

“Not the worst idea,” he agreed after mulling it over a moment, running a hand through his hair.

Ochako nodded and waved as she entered the station, “good luck with Best Jeanist! And make sure you’re prepared to get your ass whooped!”

Bakugou’s scolding of “Language!” was enough to make her laugh all the way to the platform.


“I’m back,” Katsuki’s voice rang out from the foyer as he shut the door behind him. 

Mitsuki and Masaru had been sitting in the living room since the teens had left, gushing over their first interaction with Ochako in almost ten years. “We’re in here,” she called, a grin on her face from remembering how Katsuki kept stealing glances over dinner at Ochako, only to quickly look away when she felt his gaze. The brat’s actually kind of cute when he’s stupid for her…

It only took one look at Katsuki when he came into the room for both Masaru and Mitsuki to turn to each other, perplexed. Despite leaving the house with a soft smile plastered on his face, their son now sulked over to the opposite loveseat before dropping on the cushion. Masaru lightly rubbed Mitsuki’s hand that he was already holding to signal he would take the lead. He stood up and walked over to where Katsuki was sitting. Gently, he dropped his hand onto Katsuki’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze, “what’s on your mind, son?”

“Why are we hiding this,” he erupted, anger flooding from him, “she told me earlier that she recognized your faces. So what’s the big deal if she knows that we met her when she and I were kids?”

Masaru blinked, clearly not expecting Katsuki to open up at the first chance. He usually needed to ask three or four times before they could even get a hint. Looking at his wife for help, he let out a breathe he was holding in when Mitsuki spoke up.

“Well, her mom has always had an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ sort of mentality,” she reasoned, keeping her tone calm, “and since Ochako didn’t know about you, it’s safe to assume her parents never told her anything about us. It’s not our place to tell her if you still would like to be married.”

“So fucking stupid. What if she remembered the marriage just from seeing us? Does that mean I immediately lose? Worse - what happens if the other extras finally realize how damn cute she is and go after her? Do I have to sit in the fucking wings until she’s 18...” Katsuki grumbled under his breath, crossing his arms almost protectively around himself as he slouched further into the cushion.

Instead of chiding him for cursing, Masaru decided to cut straight to the point, “are you really upset about the marriage potentially being annulled or are you hurt that she recognized us, but not you?”

“Hell, honey, you really don’t hold back,” she started laughing, watching her husband’s words strike right where it hurt and seeing Katsuki clench his teeth. The teen shifted so his back was to his father, knocking his hand off of him. 

Masaru shrugged at Mitsuki, clearly not wanting to drag anything else out of Katsuki, who was ignoring them and refusing to answer his question. Mitsuki held up a hand and leaned forward, offering a smile to Katsuki. “Would you like me to call her parents and see how they feel about you two being near each other? I’ll have it on speaker so you can sit in the room. At the very least, I can see if the tutoring sessions are alright,” she suggested, trying to not grin at how a little bit of hope sparked in her son’s eyes.

After considering for a moment, he scrunched up his face and asked, “how many modeling sessions is that going to cost me?”

Mitsuki let out a bark of laughter. She pulled herself up from her seat to walk over and ruffle Katsuki’s hair. “None,” Mitsuki held back another chuckle from the disbelieving look she was getting from him, “consider it a ‘thank you’ for bringing her by. You’re not the only one who has missed her, brat.”