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Sotenbori was a city of bitter memories for Tachibana, and needless to say he wasn’t thrilled when business lead had led him here. It was a reminder of where he had started from two years before, and just at how quick time flies in a life such as his. He can tell by the look on Oda’s face the memories were not too pleasant for him either, maybe even more so for him. He had lived in Japan far longer than he had- faced the same type of treatment for the same exact reasons. At least now they could walk through the streets without people looking down at them. They were just two businessmen, real estate agents; two Chinese who these people considered less than gravel on the road practically ruled Japan.

If only it was that glamourous. At least when Tachibana was a low life thug his life had some excitement, even if it was taken from the fact he was beating people within an inch of their life. His life was far more cushy, and the meetings are boring and they drag on and on. As if Tachibana wasn’t constantly plagued with fatigue as it is.

Tachibana carries himself like a professional. His gentle tone, his honied words. It all spins this meeting in his favor, that it seemed over the moment Tachibana stepped inside the building. Oda was just there just in case things turned tense, but he knows Oda wouldn't have just let him go to Sotenbori without him, despite him still having plenty of safe spots here just in case his condition flares up. Tachibana appreciated his presence though, and those big, awe struck eyes of his that just never seem to go away whenever he speaks. It might not be obvious to everyone, as Oda learned to hide it from the casual observer, but Tachibana still saw that glimmer in Oda’s eyes whenever he glances at him, looking the same as the day they met.

Is it his voice? Or perhaps his gentle appearance? Oda said he was as graceful as a swan, Tachibana had to chuckle like that, before asking if he was dangerous like one, too. These Osaka types are always difficult to reason with, but Tachibana managed to walk out of the building with what he wanted. He looks around the crowded streets before looking back at Oda, then at the briefcase he was carrying.

“You can go back to the shop, Oda, I’m going to look around a little more.”

“Oh-” He sounds a little bit surprised, and not without reason. These long meetings usually took a lot out of Tachibana, and he’s usually the first to suggest they head back so he can relax. “Are you sure? You don’t need me for anything else?”

Tachibana chuckles lightly. Oda look so cute, like a puppy being denied a treat. “I’ll be back soon, I just want to see how much has changed since our last time here.” Truthfully, he just feels a little restless, these bouts of energy come at the worst possible times.

“I’d get that briefcase to safety as quick as you can.” He smirks knowingly. “With our luck they have people outside ready to jump us.”

Oda opens his mouth to speak, but any words that would’ve come out were stopped dead in their tracks, as Tachibana graces his cheek with the back of his fingers, “You know I’ll call if anything goes wrong, right? I know I can trust you from across the city.”

There is a clear look of dejection in Oda’s eyes when he hears Tachibana’s words; letting out a breathy whimper from the back of his throat. He nods his head, and without a word of protest and he walks off in the opposite direction towards their hotel. Tachibana chuckles again as he watches him turn down the stress and into the vast sea of people.

Tachibana sighs. Finding new things isn’t hard when Sotenbori is always changing. A new ramen place opens up down some dark alley, perhaps there’s a small bar opening in one of the many buildings that just fill this place to the brim, but somehow, Tachibana know there’s something that stayed. He looks around briefly before spotting a phone booth, and he quickly moves past the droves of people so he can slide right inside.

It’s a shame these things can’t take actual paper notes, but Tachibana has enough for the call he needs to make. He’s lucky he took cards from this one particular Cabaret barker because he couldn’t remember the number for the life of him. He holds the phone to his ear, the ring doesn’t even have a chance to finish before he hears someone pick up.

“Cabaret Grand, Majima Goro speaking.”

Tachibana holds back a chuckle at the name. He’s half tempted to start off asking him if Sagawa was really serious about making him a manager, but that was just impolite. “Yes, is the owner around?”


There’s a brief silence, only filled by the soft hum of static. “I am the manager here, is there anything I can help you with?”

Tachibana thinks he’s a patient man, but times like this make him question that. Oh well, it’s been a few years, no need to get nasty. He smiles a little; an easy way from keeping his true emotions from infecting his tone. “Oh no, I mean the owner, Majima-san.” His hand tightens around the phone, “Is he in?”

He hears someone saying something in the background, but unfortunately Tachibana can’t make out anything he’s saying. Majima returns with a heavy sigh. “Who is this?”

Tachibana frowns, he feels his heart sinking in his chest. “Is he not around? Then tell him Li Hua called if he’s not-”

“Li Hua, Sagawa-han? That ring a bell?”

His eyes light right back up and he smiles. Oh? Did he get his timing right? That ache in his belly is replaced with pure giddiness.

“Yeah, he’s here.”

“Excellent.” Oh what perfect timing. Tachibana can’t believe his luck. It’ll save the hassle of sitting at the club and having some drinks with some vapid woman just to kill time. “Tell him I’ll be right over. Oh- and put aside a table for us, if you don’t mind.”

Tachibana is cut off again by Majima talking in the background before he comes back, “Yeah, I’ll have it set up for you two.”

The line cuts off before Tachibana can say anything more. Well, seems his little dog hasn’t learned much in the way of phone etiquette. Well, that’s not important. He takes a quick look at himself in the faint reflection of himself in the glass door, seeing if he’s still presentable after his long meeting before leaving the phone booth.

The Grand is still gaudy as ever, the stink of cologne and smoke was so thick Tachibana feels like its leaving some weird type of soot on his suit, but there’s much more people going in there than he remembers. When he was still living in Sotenbori there was a rumor that this place was going to shut down, and he didn’t doubt it for a second. Maybe Majima’s brains weren’t poked by that knife that took his eye like Sagawa had him thinking. With the inside being particularly full, he’s really glad he asked for that table.

Amongst a wave of business men in their sheer black suits, Tachibana hardly stands out. Everyone who passed by and is quickly seeted is greeted with a smile and a bow by a tall, lean man with an eye patch and ponytail. Those pleasantries stop as soon as Tachibana approaches him, or rather there’s a drastic shift in the air between them. That smile is still on Majima’s face but it’s clear he’s less than pleased to see him. Does the mere fact that Tachibana is on good terms with Sagawa enough to put him on his bad list? Not that it matters too much.

“You must be Li Hua-san.”

“Do I stick out that much?” Tachibana jokes. He presses his hand to his chest, “Please, call me Tachibana.” He says quickly, a polite bow would be standard if it wasn’t for how crowded the entrance was getting. Majima’s scowl tightens, and quickly calls over a waiter to stand in his place before he looks back at Tachibana. He nods his head over in the direction he starts walking in. Going up to the highest balcony of seats available and towards one right against the railing, overlooking the entirety of the glamorous club. It’s a far cry from how Tachibana remembers it. Majima has done a rather good job of turning it around.

His eyes are drawn immediately to the man sitting in the booth, and his heart already starts pounding in his chest, his palms sweating so hard that even his fake one might be getting a little damp. He has a girl in his arm, with a short red bodycon dress and big tits, how typical of him. Sagawa’s gaze drifts seamlessly over to him, that smug smirk ever present on his face growing a little bit wider at the sight of him, as he continues his small talk with the hostess as if he wasn’t there at all.

Tachibana slides into the booth across from Sagawa. Majima bows at them, “I’ll get you someone else, too.”

“No need, Majima-chan.” Sagawa says, unwrapping his arm from the girls shoulder, “Why don’t you take a break, sweetheart? You’ve earned it.” He winks at her and the girl seems satisfied as she slides out of the booth and gives a quick bow before walking away. “This is a private conversation, something we can’t have anyone overhearing.”

The smile on Majima’s face turns so sour that it makes Tachibana’s lips nearly pucker. He bows again, “Understood.” And he walks off the way he came with the hostess following him. Sagawa’s eyes stay fixated on her ass as she walks away before he turns to Tachibana with a chuckle.

“Come on, relax a little. Care for a drink?”

Tachibana always feels awkward turning down drinks, but he’s been decent with his fluid intake, he can cheat a little bit. “Sure, one drink won’t kill me.” Seems that Sagawa already started drinking, and just on time Majima returns with a crystal clear champagne flute, placing it down in front of Tachibana and taking one the hostess was drinking out of.

“What did you buy for me today, Sagawa-san?”


“Juglar Cuvee, 1850.” He smiles at him, “Rich enough for your tastes, Li Hua-chan?”

His lips tighten around the rim before he pulls away to speak, “Oh? You don’t know my new name?.”

“Right-” He drawls, pouring his glass, “Tachibana Tetsu, was it? Ain’t that just your name in Japanese?”

“It was a hasty decision.” His hand brushes against Sagawa’s, his hand wrinkled but the skin dry and rough. His touch lingers, before he takes his glass towards him, “I didn’t have a lot of time to waste on being creative. Besides, I like the name anyway.”

“Alright, I guess. Other than that, how are you doing?”

Without even looking Tachibana can feel his eyes on his arm. It’s like an annoying 6th sense of his. “As good as I can get.” He takes a sip. The flavor this champagne offers just dances on his tongue, it’s taste so deep and nuanced that he just takes a moment to savor it. He just never has time for the finer things as of late. “I’ve been good lately, thought it’s a pain arranging out of town trips like this.”

Sagawa quickly switches topics, feeling the tension shift just as quick. “You don’t get good drinks like this, do ya, Tachibana-chan?”

He nods his head, between the drinks and the name Tachibana is already feeling dizzy, he chuckles, nervously drumming his fingers against the table, “I usually don’t drink at all, it’s bad for my health.”

“I thought drinking anything was bad for you.”

“Charming as usual, Sagawa-san.” There’s laughter in his voice. Tachibana usually prefers having the vantage point, but as usual, Sagawa just has a way to yank that power out of his hands and make him enjoy it, too. He can’t for the life of him figure out what it is, but there’s just something about the way he speaks with that dry sarcasm coating every word, and the way he looks at him, with his curved eye lid just giving him this perpetual smug, almost condescending gaze to everyone he looks at.

It could drive a man mad. It certainly is with him, and he had just seen him again after all these years.

“I don’t treat all my dates as good, you know. I only ordered that because you were coming.”

Tachibana snorts some air from his nose, “And I was starting to think I wasn’t special.” He thinks back at the hostess. She wasn’t bad looking, but Tachibana isn’t here for girls. “You still have a thing for younger ones, huh? That hostess is probably young enough to be your daughter.” He teases casually. Not like Tachibana really cares who Sagawa fucks if it isn’t him, and not that he can blame people for falling for those sleazy charms he has.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, but if you’re still coming here for me then you have no right to judge.”

“You make it sound like I’m enabling you.”

“And I’m enabling your old man fetish, I say we’re even.”

Tachibana laugh at that and looks over the railing, and spots Majima right away amongst the crowd on the first floor, getting on one knee as he hands a customer something he can’t quite make out from where he is. Tachibana grins; Majima looks cute, the contrast of his thuggish, almost horse like face and the tuxedo he’s wearing has a unique charm. He imagines how much cuter Majima would be if he was on his knees in front of him. He changes the subject, “I see your ‘training’ with Majima has went well.”

“Eh. He’s got some talent as a manager, but he’s still a much better lapdog.”

“Oh really?” Tachibana cocks a brow.

“What, you want a go?”

Tachibana thinks quick, and waves his hand dismissively, “Not interested, one dog is plenty in my opinion.”

“Tch.” Sagawa’s smirk grows at the corner, crossing one leg over the other, “That Wei Tian guy is still following you around, I’m guessing?

“Oda? Yeah, he’s still with me.” Tachibana scowls at that. Oda might follow him like a loyal dog, but it would be rude if he only considered him that. “I also have a new guy coming in soon, the adopted son of a very important man.”


“Is he cute?”

Tachibana only smiles, almost innocently at the question. He certainly expected a prying question on who this ‘important man’ is, the one he got certainly wasn’t as bad.

Tachibana just takes his flute in his hand, drinking the rest of his champagne. “He’s a young man, even younger than me, and I know how much you like that.” He teases, “As far as I know he’s a virgin too, but that’s just hopeful thinking.” But from what Kazama has told him about him; about how hard headed and naive he is, that just spells virgin with a capital V for Tachibana.

Sagawa just clicks his tongue, “Well, if you’re ever feeling adventurous, you know my number.” He takes another sip of his drink. “You’re giving me quite the present.”

“I’m not giving him away, and nothing is set in stone quite yet. I’m here for business, after all.”

“Is that so? Oh right, you’re a completely innocent real estate agent now.” Sagawa chuckles again, making it clear he doesn’t believe that shtick one single bit. He was smart, and knew how people were.

“Almost surreal seeing the very same ‘I’m gonna get shitfaced and strip in a hostess club’ Li Hua in a fancy suit, working a civvy job.”

“Oh come on, why bring that up?” Tachibana’s face burns at the memory, and his heart couldn’t help but race knowing that someone could see through him so effortlessly, this feeling of vulnerability was only enjoyable when it was Sagawa making him feel that way. “Am I doing a good job at faking it at least?”

“Good enough to fool a moron.”

A sharp chill runs right down Tachibana’s spine. He gulps. “Well, I’m lucky most people aren't like you, then.”

Sagawa lets out a quick ‘ha’ before he leans over the table. “I ain’t complaining though. It maybe for show, but you look real cute in that suit.”

“You look like you’re gonna rip it right off me.”

Sagawa sits back. He doesn’t say anything, the look in his eyes doing all the talking for him as he pats his leg. “Come on, my lap is awfully empty.”


Tachibana can’t say he’s shocked by his bluntness. He looks around, seeing if that pesky manager is around before sitting up and going over to Sagawa’s seat and sitting right on his lap.

Sagawa lets out a pleased hum, his hand already on his ass, before leering over at Tachibana, “Have you eaten anything this week? You’re lighter than a feather.”

“Don’t complain.” Tachibana chides. He strokes Sagawa’s cheek, and lightly runs his finger over his curved eyelid, “I’m breaking the rules just doing this.”

“You forget I’m above the rules here.” He leans in, his lips ghosting Tachibana’s ear, “I could bend you over and fuck you right now while Majima-chan watches, and he won’t say a damn thing. You know that, right?”

Another chill runs down Tachibana’s spine, sharper than ever, making his legs shift as it runs right down to his cock. “Is that the best you got? It’s been years; don’t tell me you haven’t thought about me at all.”

“You don’t believe me, little bat?” He asks, pulling back so he can look him right in the eyes. His hand runs through Tachibana’s hair, eliciting a shiver as his warm fingers grace the edge of his hair line on the nape of his neck. “You’re built almost like Majima-chan. I think about you a lot when his back is turned to me.”

“Don’t talk about him.” Tachibana growls, pressing his thumb on Sagawa’s lip. “Talk about me.”

Sagawa chuckles at that, “You kids are all so bratty. Always me, me, me. Never ask me how I am.”

“You’re more generous than you let on; I know you’re basically Majima’s sugar daddy.” After all, it’s what he gets for being into younger people. They’re just selfish by nature; like all people. Tachibana leans closer. “I’ll tell you what I miss.” Having one hand is such a pain; only being able to touch one part of him at a time. Also, having a lifeless hunk of plastic in the shape of a hand hardly does him any favors in the ‘sexy’ department, so much so he’d prefer people seeing the heavily scared lump of flesh that is left on his arm.

Sagawa lets out a huff of air through his nose. “Hoh? What is it?”

“Your lips.” He tugs on Sagawa’s thick bottom lip, slowly moving his hand down his neck, his chest, and finally to his thigh, “Your body, and so much more…”

“So much more, eh?” He laughs at that, gauding him to say more. “You know I like specifics.”

“You’re gonna make me say it, too?” The more Tachibana giggles and gasps the more he sounds like some hostess forcing a laugh at some old businessman's bad anecdote, but he can’t help but act like such a thing around Sagawa. “The way you sound when you’re inside of me.” He whispers, “How rough you get to, you’re the only one who can do me like that.”

“Even now?”

“Even if I was as fragile as you think, I’d still tell you to be rough.” Oda seems to think that, and it’s been getting on his nerves lately. Even when Tachibana was in charge Oda still takes it upon himself to decide how he should be treated; like he knows what he wants.

Sagawa just strokes the small of his back and smirks, “Poor baby-” He cooes, almost like he’s actually talking to a baby. “He needs my firm touch, doesn’t he?”

Another hard shiver forces itself through Tachibana’s entire body and he nods, “I do. I really do.”

Sagawa is silent, and he looks around the lower floors of the Grand and sure enough Majima is on the first floor with his hawk like glare right on them. Sagawa can’t help but laugh; he hardly looks intimidating. “Well, we certainly don’t want Majima being a killjoy.”

“I thought you said Majima wouldn’t say anything.”

“He’s finding other ways to ruin the fun for everyone.” He sighs and looks at Tachibana, “Come on, I got a better place for us.”

“You do?” Tachibana eyes perk up before he feels a buzzing in his pocket. He sighs and checks it, it’s Oda’s number, and code for ‘Where are you?’. He just as quickly shoves it back into his pocket, “I need to hit a payphone first, if that’s okay.”

“I’ll be back soon, no need to get so worked up.”

Tachibana keeps his voice sugary sweet for Oda, even if he knows that Oda will press and prod him for the truth of where he was before Tachbana just snaps and slams his prosthetic over his head. He saves the sigh after he hangs up the phone, and he walks out of the phone booth. Sagawa is just waiting for him, a cigarette between his lip and his arms crossed with his hip popped out to the side. His all knowing gaze only adds to his aggravation, but god, it’s just so good.

“Everything alright? Lovers quarrel?”

Tachibana rolls his eyes, “Hardly, let’s just go.”

Sagawa nods his head and throws his cigarette off to the side. “It’s a shame.” He pats Tachibana’s back, as he starts to walk with him. “I don’t intend on letting you go soon.”

His hand rides right up his back and to the skin beneath Tachibana’s hairline, the fine little hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Tachibana shivers. “Such a sweet promise.” With all the people around it’s not odd to assume the two are just pressed up against each other because they couldn’t help it, but soon Tachibana’s back is pressed right up against Sagawa’s chest, his cotchbumping into his ass with each step they took. The scent of freshly smoked tobacco and his cologne drowns out everything else and puts Tachibana in a blissful state of mind, he doesn’t even realize how long they have been walking until Sagawa pulls him aside, and out of his daze, into a love hotel.

Places like this all seem to be the same, with tacky decor and plastic plants with dust caking the leaves. Tachibana dully notes the bland reception room and disinterested receptionist who’s gaze slowly rolls over to Sagawa from the magazine she was reading.

“Two rooms please.”


She looks between them, and her brows rise up in interest at the absence of a woman between the two men. Two guys sharing a girl was much more common, Tachibana supposes, but she reaches over to the key rack anyway when Tachibana hands her the money. After all, what they have is so trvial to others in the long run when money is involved.

“Second floor, room 26.” She smirks at them, “Enjoy your stay.”

Sagawa gives her a nod, wrapping his arm around the small of Tachibana’s back, walking over towards the elevator in total silence, the only sound in Tachibana’s ears is his pounding heart. He feels like a love sick school boy around his crush, such stupid mixes of emotions and carnal desire come out. How the hell can this happen?

The walks to the room, and even Sagawa just putting the key into the door felt like forever. The door creaks open and tachibana doesn’t notice when Sagawa grabs him by his prosthetic, damn near tearing the thing right from it’s harness as he drags him in. Tachibana’s back bounces against the bed, the door slowly sliding and clicking shut just as Sagawa’s lips finally press against him. Tachibana’s eyes close, and for a moment he’s overwhelmed with a distant nostalgia that quickly grows and grows as Sagawa’s lips stay on his while their overcoats come off. His taste of tobacco and fine alcohol, the way his mustache tickles his lips, ohhh~ its all coming back to him so quick. Tachibana parts, just for a moment, needing just a bit of air before he can go right back in for another kiss.

“If only I had more time…” He whispers, “I’d love to catch up more, I’m only in town for tonight.”

“What a shame.” Sagawa huffs, “I miss you.”

Tachibana can feel his heart melt at his words, not even caring about how much Sagawa means, “I have too.”

Sagawa smirks at him, “Miss having someone as fucked up as me, someone that ain’t Shimano-”

Tachibana rolls his eyes, “You’re killing the mood just by talking about him.”

“You weren’t saying that when we had that-”

“You just needed someone pretty to keep it up I bet.” Tachibana shuts him up for good with another kiss. He loosens his tie and throws it to the side, Sagawa helps with the buttons on his dress shirt.


Sagawa’s hand on his skin makes chills run up Tachibana’s spine, and he hears the buckle on his harness click as it comes undone. Sagawa gets his shirt off like he needs it more than Tachibana does, taking away his prosthetic and shoving it on the floor with his overcoat.

“Still in good shape.” Sagawa mutters as he presses his lips to Tachibana’s neck.

“I hope you are too…”

“I’m no pushover for a reason.” Sagawa whispers, biting down on his neck.

“S-shit…” His back arches off the bed, his crotch riding up Sagawa’s thigh.

Sagawa’s tongue slides up his neck, moaning at the taste of flesh and sweat. He rubs Tachibana’s arm right down towards the stump. Tachibana shudders, being touched there sends such a weird feeling through his body which he feels to the tips of his toes, neither painful or good.

“You’re skin is so soft.” Sagawa whispers, stroking the scar tissue that barely covers the bone. Tachibana lets out a shaky cry, his right arm trembling.

“More, please…”

Tachibana can’t stop his words from coming out. Sagawa presses his palm against the stump and Tachibana’s head just rolls from side to side at the mixed sensation of pleasure and discomfort. He bites his lip as he presses his crotch harder against Sagawa’s leg, barely stifling the moan he works out of himself.

Sagawa lifts himself away and wipes his lips on the back of his hand. “Pants off, boy, and lay down on your belly. Do that for me?”

“Oh? Making me do all the work?” He unbuttons his pants and kicks them off as quick as he can, his briefs barely doing anything to hide his cock.

“Spoiled.” Sagawa teases the elastic of his briefs before slowly sliding them down his legs, lifting Tachibana’s hips briefly as he does so, letting Sagawa appreciate the curve of his ass and the soft, smooth skin of his legs, which carry an impressive amount of lean muscle. His body is a work of art, and Tachibana does his best to keep it that way.

“Keep your hips up.” Sagawa voice is firm, and like a shackle it holds him down better than any pair of handcuffs could. The warm, almost musty air of the room is cold against his bare skin, goosebumps covering his legs as Sagawa’s fingers trail up the backside of his thigh before resting on his cheek.

Tachibana rests his chin in his folded arms, unable to see Sagawa as he parts his cheeks and trails a cold, lube covered finger against his hole.

“Do you let that mutt of yours fuck you?” Sagawa asks as he pushes his finger inside. “Ah, don’t answer, I already know. You’re still just as tight as I remember you being.”

Tachibana gasps when his fingers rub against his prostate. His hips buck and it makes Sagawa rub harder against it, grabbing his hips to keep him still. He chuckles, adding another finger inside him, stretching him good as he fingers him harder like his cock was already inside of him.


“You want more?”


The moment he nods his head he yelps as he feels his hole stretch more to fit a third finger inside of him. Thrusting all at once, spreading him out and at the same time pressing on that spot that makes him start to see white. His cock throbs so hard it hits his belly, smearing a bit of pre cum against his skin. He whines loudly.

“Ah, so impatient.” Sagawa slows his movements and gives his ass a slap, “Bad boy.”

“You treat Majima this bad?”

“Far worse.” His gives his ass another slap for mentioning him, leaving a nice red mark. “If you stick around a little longer then maybe I’ll treat you just as bad.”

Such sweet promises. Tachibana cries out, “You can start now.” He wriggles his ass, biting his lip with a moan.

“Little slut.” He pulls out his fingers, leaving Tachibana feeling uncomfortably empty. The distinct sound of a buckle clicking and the whip of his belt as he slides it out of the loops keeps him excited. “Don’t complain when I start getting rough.”

Tachibana just keeps his legs spread and his ass up for him, even reaching behind to keep his cheek spread so he can see his hole twitch. “Stop teasing already, I’ve been waiting so long.”

“Tch,” Sagawa clicks his tongue, kicking his pants off the bed. “How long? Since you came back to Sotenbori? Was my sweet ass all you had on your mind?”

Tachibana’s face is on fire. He nods his head, “Maybe a little longer.”

“How long?”

“I can’t say.”

He clicks his tongue again, “Can’t give me an honest answer?”

“Are you really going to stop if I don’t?” Tachibana can’t hide the annoyance in his voice, and that alone makes Sagawa grin. “You devil.”

“Come on, tell me the truth.”

“When your bitch took the call.”

“You’re lying.”

Tachibana bites his lips. How can he even think he has the high ground in any way? “When I knew I had to come to Sotenbori?”

Sagawa tilts his head and raises a brow, “Really?”


He huffs, “You really expect me to remember the exact date of when I dream of you fucking me?”

“It’d be nice, write ‘em down if you need too.” Sagawa grabs the lube and strokes a generous amount on his hand, “We don’t get time alone like this.”

He knows Sagawa well enough to know he thinks he would’ve never seen Tachibana against. He stays silent when he feels his hands on his hips and just decides to enjoy the moment while it lasts. No need to let deep thinking kill his mood.

The head of Sagawa cock teases the ring of muscle, and it slides right. Tachibana groans, his knuckles turning white as he grips the sheet, “L-like that…” It’s been so long, his body just accepts it as if he had only now remembered how good Sagawa made him feel.


He moves until his cock is all the way inside, “Heh, you haven’t changed at all.” He leans forward, “Just like that, you just take me like I’m nothing. Such a little slut.”

He starts moving and Tachibana arches his back when his cock pushes against his prostate. His walls tighten, letting his cock hit all the nerves inside of him that make his cock throb. “S-sagawa…”

“That’s it, take more.” His nails dig into his hips as he pulls him towards his hips. He doesn’t take long to warm up, his thrusts get harder and quicker, and it all does wonders for Tachibana. Every thrust strikes his prostate dead on- Tachibana’s eyes roll to the back of his head. He’s missed this much more than he thought.

“Oh! H-harder~!”

“What was that?” Sagawa tugs hard on Tachibana’s hair, forcing his head back. “I couldn’t quite hear you?”

If Tachibana’s please for more can be heard outside the door, then Sagawa wants him to be loud enough to let the whole building know how hard he’s getting fucked. He falls in love with the thought right away. “Harder, Sagawa! Oh f-fuck!”

Tachibana reached below himself and starts stroking himself quick and hard, only after a few pumps Sagawa grabs his wrist and squeezes hard. “Oh? You want to cum that quick?”

“P-please!” He makes sure to yell loud enough that his throat hurts, “Harder! Harderrr!”

Sagawa doesn’t respond to him. He just keeps fucking him, his pace wild and untamed, each thrust has his whole cock dissapearing into his ass, eccentuated with his balls slapping into his. It has Tachibana braying like a depraved slut; not even Oda has seen him in such a state, and he never will. This is something only Sagawa can have.

“Ohh s-shi-” He feels his belly start to burn and he cries out again, throwing his head back.

“You gonna cum?” He whispers, biting on his ear, “You gonna cum all over the sheets for me?”

Sagawa’s hand wraps around his throbbing cock- Tachibana’s eyes shoot open as he lets out another loud cry, cumming right into his hand. Suddenly the strikes to his prostate become too much for him, quickly overstimulating and sending his body into a frenzy.

His front gives out, his face buried in his arms, but his cries can still be heard loud and clear by Sagawa who doesn’t slow down for a second. He grunts are hot against the skin on his back, his tongue licks away the sweat before another harsh grunt cuts him off. “I-I’m close…”

Tachibana gasps when Sagawa thrusts hard and keeps himself there. He groans loud before biting right into Tachibana’s back. He curses under his breath, but the pain hardly kills off the pure bliss he feels right now. He feels Sagawa’s cum deep inside of him, his cock keeping all of it inside.

He rolls his head back, and Sagawa’s hand is on his neck, keeping them steady as their lips locked in a deep, tongue filled kiss.

Tachibana can’t hold this position for long and falls on his front, panting. The moments that come after sex are always so unpleasent. The feeling of sweat and just how damp the sheets have gotten always kills it for him. Sagawa pulls out and that empty feeling is more noticeable than ever. His cum drips down the back of his thighs; he groans in disgust.

“So you cum and then bail?” Sagawa asks, nodding his head, “And I thought I was terrible?”

“I’m not leaving, just give me a tissue or something.”

Sagawa reaches over towards the nightstand and takes a few tissues out of the box and hands them to Tachibana. “Should I go outside to smoke?”

“If you can.”

Sagawa looks towards the door before just laying back in the bed. He looks rather uncomfortable, and starts unbuttoning his shirt, “Shit, why the hell didn’t I take this off?”

Tachibana just chuckles, “You just notice that? I was going to say something but-”

“Couldn’t even let me get comfortable, eh?” Sagawa slaps his thigh, “Kids are just so selfish.”

“Shut up, you came all the same.” Tachibana lays his head on his shoulder and kisses the spot where his neck begins.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?” He asks.

He nods, “Yeah, one last meeting then I go home.” He looks up at Sagawa, “You already gonna miss me?”

“I had fun.” He strokes his thigh.


“Hmph, rude.” Tachibana sighs.

“What do you expect me to say?”

Tachibana is silent, “Playing mind games, Sagawa-san?” He nods his head, “You haven’t changed a bit.”

“And neither have you, little bat-” He strokes his chin and runs his thumb on his plush bottom lip, “Neither have you.”

Tachibana blinks, his heart beats quick in his chest and sighs. There’s a muffled buzzing that comes from Tachibana’s pants and he sighs, “That must be Oda.”

“Need some change for the payphone?” Sagawa asks as Tachibana sits up from the bed.

“No, I think I’ll be heading out now anyway.”

Sagawa’s brows furrow, “Not even gonna wait for our time to run out.”


“Just let me make a call. If I don’t Oda might turn the city inside out looking for me.”

“Tch, and no wonder you come to me.”

“Didn’t you tell me you’d do the same if your dog left the city?”

“That’s for different reasons.” Sagawa waves his hand, dismissing Tachibana’s piss poor comparison. “It sounds like he can’t trust you to be on your own. I can get it with your kidneys and what not,but you can carry yourself just fine without dropping dead.”

Tachibana frowns as he pulls his pants up and grabs his dress shirt. He looks at his prosthetic ling on the floor before deciding to ignore it, “It can be overbearing, sometimes.”

“Sounds fucking annoying if you ask me.”

“You have such a way of putting things.” Tachibana chuckles as he heads for the door, “I’ll think of something, I’ll be right back.”

Maybe Tachibana was being mean. He doesn’t have to keep secrets from Oda, but at the same time Oda would probably do something stupid and challenge Sagawa to a fight. Who knows; maybe Oda would fall in love with Sagawa if he told him that not even he could best that old man in a fight, even when he was in his prime.

A phonebooth is luckily not too far away from the hotel. Slides a coin into the slot and listens as the phone rings once before the other line picks up. “Boss?”

Tachibana smiles at his voice, “My my, Oda, isn’t this a business line? What if I was a customer?”


Tachibana chuckles softly, “I’m alright Oda, I just ran into an old friend of mine.”

“R-really? Who would that be?”

It’s just like him to start prying like that. “No one you know. Is it that hard to believe I had friends here?”

“Well, uhm…”

“I’ll be back soon, Oda. Don’t lose sleep now, okay?” He cuts him off, as amusing as it is he’s not in the mood for Oda’s dumbstruck blabbering.

“Y-yes boss.”

Tachibana hangs up the phone and leaves the booth, just now he noticed how quite this particular part of the street is. It’s a nice break from all the noise this city has to offer.

When he comes back to the room Sagawa is still in bed with a cigarette in his hand that he quickly puts out as Tachibana approaches. “Shoulda know you were coming back, you left your arm here.” He laughs.

“How much time do we have left?”

“Half an hour, I think.”

Tachibana sighs and climbs back into the bed and wraps his arm around Sagawa. He hardly looks impressed, “Don’t remember you being this cuddly.”

“Stop complaining already, old man. We only got 30 more minutes.”