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Quit It

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You lean back and lay on the bed, your arms stuck nervously by your side. You face is warm when the mattress dips from what you assume is Momo starting to climb onto the bed. You raise your head from the soft pillow and watch her settle on top of you, her hands on either side of your head and legs straddling you. She looks at you then, flashing a small smile. It doesn't seem to be her usual smile. It seemed too mocking.


"Baby," Momo starts. "Do you know why I'm angry?" She leans closer, towering above you. Her hair falls to frame around her face and it's the only thing you can look at.


You shake your head. That seems to be the wrong answer.


Frowning, Momo takes one of her hands and lightly caresses your cheek. "You went to work today."


You raise your eyebrows. "Um, yeah?" You snort. "And?"


"I was not aware you had work today as it doesn't say on the schedule you had printed out for me this month."


You scoff, rolling your eyes. "I was covering for a friend, it wasn't a big deal."


Her hand fell hard back against the matress, making you flinch in surprise. "Maybe not to you, but for me, I was worried for your safety!" She counters, coming even closer to your face. Her eyes look so... different. They're almost swirling. "Now, isn't that something you should tell your Mommy before you go and just do it?"


Wait, what did she just say?


"M-Momo, you're not actually serious, are you?" You laugh nervously, face slightly heating up. How embarrassing. "You know that I just call you that because it gets us both off, right? You don't have to actually act like my mother. That's… weird." You sincerely hope this is all just some joke she's playing.


Her frown deepened. "I don't think you called me by the right name there, babygirl."


Oh. She's serious.


Momo slowly dragged her left hand down to your thigh, tracing invisible patterns on your skin. Her eyes left yours and trailed to the side in what looked to be disappointment.


"Tell me you won't do it again." She sighed. "Then I'll forgive you."


You furrow your brows in confusion. "W-What?" You ask, staring at her incredulously. She turns back to you.


"I said, tell me you won't do it again." She speaks more firmly. "If you could throw in an 'I'm sorry, mommy,' that would be nice, too."


"Momo-!" You start, but she cuts you off. Not with words, but with her lips.


She moves her lips hard against yours, teeth close to colliding together with yours. She's never kissed you this rough before, she's usually always slow and gentle. You seal your lips shut, not wanting to go any further if this was how she was acting. However, Momo had other plans.


The hand that was tracing your thigh had now slid up to cup your sex. You gasp, immediately closing your legs together and clasping your hands over hers to try and pull her away. Momo took this as an opportunity to slide her tongue inside your wet cavern. She let you pull her hand away from your core but only slightly as she had latched onto your thigh once more.


A few moments pass of just Momo suckling on your tongue and enjoying the softness of your thigh until she finally pulls away, taking deep breaths and staring at you in the eyes. Her face is flushed and you can't imagine you're any better.


"Since you want to be so stubborn about it, I think it would be best to just quit." She panted, leaning down to catch the tip of your ear in between her teeth.


You yelp, eyes blown wide in shock. "But Momo-!"


"What did I tell you to call me, baby?" She interrupted, dark eyes hardening even though you couldn't see it. The petname she spoke didn't even seem very loving anymore. Her grip on your thigh tightened just a tad. Not enough to hurt, but enough to know that she wasn't in the mood to play. Something told you that you didn't want to know how she acted when she was in the mood to play.


Your face went red with embarrassment and you shied away, trying to turn your head away from her warm mouth. You curled in on yourself and away from her needy hands ever-so-slightly but she only gripped harder. "..M-Mommy…"


"Good girl." She whispered softly in your ear, grinning. She let go of your thigh, leaving small red marks on your smooth skin where her fingers had been pressing down on and also leaving you both relieved and mildly confused. Her touch usually felt so good, so warm, so secure, yet…


What was this?


Momo didn't leave any time for you to think of an answer. Gently, her free hand trailed upwards in favor of delicately tracing the tips of her fingers across the flesh of your exposed midriff. You could feel her light breath hitting the back of your neck as she shuffled closer to you. Her other hand went lower, passing over your stomach and instead playing with the tied knot in the front of your shorts. You shivered, closing your eyes. You'd already lost the fight, might as well just play as she wants you to.


"Mommy's gonna take good care of you, babygirl."