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Catch Me If You Can

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~~~~~ Chapter One ~~~~~

Roman and Baron pile into his SUV while all the flurry and celebration of their pack washes around them. It's always exciting to be sending eligible Alphas away for a mating run, and Roman's mother and sisters are all a flutter about the possibility of a new Omega or Beta joining their pack.

None of them acknowledge that Baron and Roman would rather not be treated like unmated Alphas. When Roman returned last year from a mating run with a new Alpha in tow, the only thing questioned was Baron's lineage and willingness to join their pack. It went without saying that no Alpha from the Anoa'i Clan would dare disgrace the pack by trying to mate another Alpha after all. Roman hates it, but if they're careful no one complains too much about Roman and his 'best friend' being so close.

Matings between two aren’t forbidden or even looked down upon in most of the world, but Roman’s pack is one of the largest and oldest in the United States.They have their own traditions and the likelihood of two male Alphas being able to bare children for the bloodline would be nearly impossible. As the second heir to the Pack Alpha, Roman is partially responsible for making sure his line stays strong and intact.


As two young and supposedly un-mated Alphas, Roman and Baron are both expected to take part in mating runs, giving fresh blood a chance to mate into the family if the right connection is made. Neither Roman nor Baron ever plans to find someone new, but the trips together give them time alone with their bond that they never seem to get enough of at home.

For this run, they are headed from the Anoa’i territory in Florida North into Iowa. One of the largest and best-attended mating runs in the midwest is hosted by the McMahon family, and this year’s is based out of Davenport.

They drive a solid nine hours to their rough halfway point. When Roman parks at the small campground that Baron researched for them, they barely waste any time with setting up their small tent with its nest of blankets and foam padding before Roman is pressing Baron down inside it and kissing him hungrily.

Baron reaches up and pulls Roman down with just as much eagerness as Roman has. "Fuck, Ro.... need you!" Baron growls. He's been dreading this trip for weeks, scared Roman will find an Omega and leave him.

Roman grins, wide and feral and hungry. The only good thing about these trips every six months is the chance to be alone with Baron for a few nights. Unmated Alphas usually live in communal houses on the pack’s territory. Roman is lucky enough to have a private room due to his status but there are always eyes watching and gossip travels quickly.

The long drives are the best, since any cousins who want to tag along usually prefer to fly. "Need you too." Roman growls against Baron's throat. They strip off their clothes in a messy tangle of limbs and Roman gets a hand around both of their cocks. "Fuck... Wanna get inside you tonight. It's been too long."

Baron groans and presses a tube of lube into Roman's fingers. "Do it, big man. Missed being yours." It's close to the full moon, making them both eager to scratch the itch that calls them both to hunt and claim a mate. They've never properly mated, even though they want to. An Alpha showing a mating bite from another Alpha would be frowned upon in traditional society and Roman isn't ready to be exiled from his family.

Roman flips them around to start working Baron open. Their bodies yield easily for each other by now, even though they won't lubricate as easily as an Omegas might. Roman forces himself to calm down a bit, taking his time to work Baron over in a way they don't often have the time or privacy for.

Baron arches his back and presses down into the sick sweet burn of the stretch from Roman's fingers. Roman always takes longer than Baron would like. Like most Alphas; Baron is impatient and eager, hungry for the all-consuming heat of mating and rut. He's not ashamed to lay with Roman, even though his new pack whispers behind his back that he should be. Roman is a paragon of virtue, a perfect model of the ideal Alpha. To Baron, Roman is better than any Omega in heat.

"Come on Big Dog, I'm good... wanna feel you. Don't make me wait any longer." Baron growls.

Roman chuckles, but lets himself be urged on by the heat and desire that echoes through the pack bond with his lover. "Always so impatient." Roman teases, stroking himself one last time before pressing into the welcoming heat of Baron's body. He drops his hand to stroke Baron's cock as he starts to move. "Fuck... fucking love you." Roman pants out.

They're never quiet, well Roman is quiet, but Baron isn't quiet. He's loud and violent at the best of times, and Roman pulls it out of him in the best possible ways. Baron howls towards the sky in utter relief at the intense full feeling that pulses through his connection with Roman. He pushes back, matching Roman's thrusts and riding wave after wave of pleasure and pain that comes from Roman's claws digging into his hips. So close to the moon, so close to rut, it's not shocking that Roman can't control his shift fully.

Roman growls, driving harder into Baron's body. He loves the strength of his lover, the joy they both take in the edge of pain that runs through their mating. "Fucking perfect." Roman moans, letting himself relax and moan louder. "Gonna knot you." He groans. It's something they can almost never do at home, with the judgement and meddling of his pack and family around. "Mark you deep so we don't have to worry about any little Omegas being drawn to you." It's mostly a joke, but the sharp rake of Roman's claws over Baron's skin and the bite of his fangs into his own lip shows just how much control he's given up.

"Yeah… fuck..." Baron pants, words slurs by growing fangs, "Fucking knot me Big Man." His own claws are digging through bottom tarp of tent and into the soft earth below.

Roman gives in, his fist closing around Baron's dick as he feels his own swell in to a full knot and lock him into Baron's body as he cums in a long overpowering wave. Roman pulls Baron up against his chest, teeth sinking into the meat of Baron's shoulder. It's not the mating bite he wants it to be, but the mark will linger through the night at least.

Baron throws his head back and howls in pain and pleasure as he cums across Roman's hand. They collapse onto the collection of sleeping bags, foam mattresses, and clothing. "Love ya too Big you too..." Baron pants.

"Mmm." Roman says, still overwhelmed as his orgasm continues to wash over him. "Never met anyone else I want like I want you. Not gonna change." Roman mumbles, teasing and hungry bites changing to kisses against Baron's skin. He manages to maneuver them both into a more comfortable position before they start to drift off.


Dean has never hated having to share a bathroom with Seth as much as he does right now. He's pretty sure half his face is covered with some sort of shimmery glitter dust that Seth had been using while Dean tried to brush his teeth in peace. And now, to top it all off, they're going to be late to school because Seth had to make sure his "Red Riding Hood" cape didn't hide his ass in his new jeans. "You're taking this whole thing a little too seriously don't you think?" Dean comments from the back seat as their mom drives them to school.

"The run is in three days, Dean. My first mating run. We don't know when people will be arriving. We could meet our future mates any time. I want to be perfect!" Seth doesn't get why Dean is so negative about the run.

"It’s my first mating run.... I'm a pretty princess... I shit sunshine and rainbows." Dean mocks in a prissy voice which makes their mother gave him a look on the rear view mirror.

"You know better than to talk like that." Stephanie warns. Dean groans and mutters half an apology.

"Look, it's fine that you don't give a- don't care about the run." Seth says to Dean, catching himself before cursing in front of their mother. "I get that you want to be your own man or whatever, but this is important to me. I just want the best chance at finding the right mate. Like my mom and dad did."


Dean and Seth are both Omegas, but Seth has so much he wants to do with his life. The sooner he has a mate so he's not seen as a threat to society, the better his chances of getting to start his own business like he wants.

"Who are you talking about?" Dean growls, "Our parents or the ones that abandoned you and died somewhere packless and pathetic?" It’s a low blow and Dean will feel bad about later but the bright golden glow of Seth's eyes tells him he got the relation he wanted from his adopted brother and before he knows it Seth is flying into the back seat with a flurry of fists. Stephanie immediately stops the car.

Fifteen minutes later, Dean and Seth are dropped off at the front of Davenport High School looking a little worse for wear and a little like their tails should be between their legs. Dean can't help but smile despite having a split lip. "Oh get over it. My parents are probably dead too and you got me and the rest of our siblings as the best brothers and sisters you could ask for." Dean says as he bumps shoulders with Seth.

Seth grumbles under his breath but grudgingly brushes his fingers over Dean's neck and leans into him a bit. He's grateful to Dean. They always stood up for each other in the orphanage, and even when Stephanie and Hunter adopted them both they've always been as close as blood brothers anyway. "Yeah.... Yeah... Ok. I'll lay off the mating talk. But we both have to run on the full moon, you know? Might as well make the best of it."

Dean groans and rolls his eyes as he wraps and arm around Seth's shoulders and pulls him towards the school. "Well I will leave all the best to you than. My plan is to run as far away as possible."

Seth sighs. "Right. Well, it worked last year, right? Took you three days to come back and scared the living shit out of Mom and Dad, but here you are. Still unmated." They get into the school and settle into the rhythm of the day.

Dean chuckles as he throws his bag into his locker without much ceremony. It's a stark contrast to Seth's careful sorting. "It's a little like being in a horror survival game... very relaxing." Dean replies with a sigh. "You're free to join me. I'd even allow you to bring matching Rambo costumes."

Seth frowns, making a face at several of the ideas that Dean just suggested. "I appreciate the offer but... I think I'll just run within the normal bounds of the preserve. I'd rather... Get home within the first 24 hours." They walk together to their first class. It's history. Later in the day, Seth has more advanced Math but they are in the same grade despite Dean being most of a year older.

"Just don't bend over for the first Alpha you see. Make 'em work for that sweet ass." Dean teases as they sit down. They're close, brothers through and through, but Dean and Seth don’t run in the exact same circles at school and Seth is instantly swarmed by his gaggle of Omega friends who all can't wait to be part of their first run and find their true love. Dean just laughs at them and opens up his notes.

"Damn straight." Seth says, preening a little at the indirect compliment before his attention is pulled away by his friends.

"Don't know why you're running again." AJ, one of the Alphas in the class, sneers at Dean as he sits down next to him. "You already didn't find anyone last year, and no one's gonna want your gangly ass bad enough to chase you down across the swamp."

"Aw, don't get jealous just 'cus your lame ass ain't strong enough to keep up with him." Sami teases, ruffling AJ's ridiculous hair. Last year, Sami and Dean planned to run together, neither one interested in mating so young. Somewhere in the scramble of the second morning, Dean and Sami were separated. When Dean finally returned to town after his survival trip through the woods, Sami had been claimed by a mate, Kevin, after all. "When the right person comes along, they'll like that Dean challenged them."

Dean isn't worried about being caught this year. He's even stronger and smarter than he was the last time. Although, he wouldn't mind a little more of a challenge.