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You're The Blessing, I'm The Curse - Artpost

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Another day, another artpost! This here is for "You're The Blessing, I'm The Curse", written by the wonderful NavajoLovesDestiel for this year's DCJ Big Bang. As some of you know, I like to tackle things in these bangs, and creating art for a story featuring a threesome consisting of Dean, Cas and Jimmy (Novak) is definitely one of these things. I had heard of this specific pairing before, but hadn't read a single story about it before (as far as I can remember). Aynway, the story has everything you look for (I won't spoil it for you, though XD)

And now - on with the show!!
(click for full-size)


I made two versions since I wasn't sure which one would work out better ;)

Chapter Header:

The symbols left and right of the text stand for the twins (Triquetra) and Dean (Pentagram).



all of them via Google Image Search (no copyright infringement intended)


Title Cover 1: Hanabi Script

Title Cover 2: Dancing In The Beat

Credits: Antro Vectra

Headers: Hanabi Script

That's it! Now please head over to the story and leave my author some love!