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Even If It Breaks Me

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You can feel how three have died, the other three are about to do it and... him.

He is amidst of those six, controlling the water, tears, blood.

You feel your heart beat more slowly.

You don't know if it because of the way you see him.

Broken, full of fury and blind to all those that are friends.

Or if it's because his gaze is on yours, without exactly knowing who you are but identifying yourself as an enemy.

You let go a sob when your throat starts to close.

You raise your hand and aim it at him. Fingers extended and trembling with fear for what he does. For what you will.

Because you love him and you'll fulfill the promise you did on that dream where you met for the last time.

Where he asked you to stop him if this happened.

You see him wince in pain, hand on his chest.

You're on your knees and don't know exactly when it happened but you hand doesn't fall.

The world spins around you, you lack air, your chest burns and compress.

You cry again when you notice that your powers are taking effect on him, by the sound of a wounded animal that escapes his lips.

For the way you compress his bones to be dust.

Both him and you are about to die.

You cling to life only to fulfill your promise, to take him first.

And you do.

And you hate yourself and you love him and you hate him...

...and you join him.