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Undertale: War of Souls

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”Yo Asgore! Mr Asgore-!” The second he’d tried to slow to a stop so quickly, the boy ended up tripping once again and falling onto his face, only to try and pull himself back up like he always did. This time, however, he didn’t have to get up on his own, for soon enough, Asgore had come over and picked the monster up himself.

        Oh? Howdy there, little one. That was quite a fall.” It was strange being in the presence of someone so much larger than him, but at least this wasn’t extremely new; Asgore had once come to his school after all... Would he even have school after this? Who knows...

        ”Mr A-Asgore- I need- I need to tell you something- I-“ MK could barely get the words out, especially after running for so long. He was out of breath and downright terrified. The human was heading this way! Could Asgore handle them? Yes. Yes he could. He had to! He was sure of it! But... “T-The human- It’s coming- It’s here-!”

        The second MK mentioned the genocidal human, Asgore’s expression transformed into that of a grim one. He already knew the human was coming. He’d heard about them through the guards. That was why he had ordered everyone to evacuate. That was why he had ordered only the strongest of his guard to try and hold them off. But if he was the last one standing, then he would take them on, even if he was unsure of whether or not he was capable of fighting something so fierce.

        ”...Where’s the human? And where is your family? Did they evacuate?” Asgore asked, MK then proceeding to gather up some air to speak.

        ”T-they’re in your house, I-I think. A-and my family went to the Capitol, but I... I didn’t-! I wanted to see U-Undyne fight the human, but she...!” Quickly, the boy had gone from merely crying and wheezing to full-on sobbing, grieving for his hero after she’d died in such a gruesome way. And to think she’d died to save him too... Maybe part of this was somehow his fault... But he didn’t have time to think that way. Not right now. Not when Asgore was here.

        It surprised the boy when he was suddenly picked up and hugged, but he quickly melted into it, even if it was kind of weird; he needed a good hug right now, and it seems King Fluffybuns was perfect for hugs.

        ”Shhh... Young man, you were very brave, and you have done me and monster kind a great service in telling the location of the human. Thank you.” The King didn’t bother in wiping away the boy’s tears, not when he seemed to need to cry, plus it would be better for him to cry now instead of later considering he would need to hide. But Asgore couldn’t wait around and comfort the boy all day; if what he said was true, then the young monster would need to leave; he wouldn’t let him witness another potentially dusty battle.

        ”I-I... you’re- welcome...” the young monster hiccuped, only to look up at the King with puffy eyes.

        ”There there,” Asgore hummed, patting his head with a smile on his face. “You’ve done what you can. Now please, let me get you some tea.”

        At the sound of Asgore’s statement, MK couldn’t help but give him a confused look. Tea? Now? “Why? The human-!”

        ”The human will come, and when they do, I will take care of them. But I can fetch you a quick cup of tea in the meantime. It won’t take long.” With that, Asgore then sauntered out of the room, heading to a path off to the side, a path that MK hadn’t noticed before actually. In fact, now that he’d thought about it, he didn’t think it was there before. A secret passage, perhaps?

        ”I remember seeing you once at your school. You were extremely enthusiastic. Your name is MK, right?” asked the large goat monster, only for MK to suddenly nod excitedly.

        ”Yeah! That’s me!” exclaimed the boy, ecstatic that King Asgore had remembered him. “Well that's just a nickname, but it's an awesome nickname! The Magnificent MK, future Royal Guard and defender of monsters!”

        Asgore couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh at that, only to eventually set the boy down. “I like your enthusiasm. Now, for that tea...”

        The room they were in looked like a small, homely kitchen, greyscale like the King’s house, but still feeling like a nice little room that one could live in comfortably. There was a small table, an oven, and many cabinets, and once Asgore opened one of those cabinets, it became clear that they were stocked beyond belief, that particular cabinet being filled with tea bags.

        "I would brew some fresh, warm Golden Flower Tea, but this will have to do for now," said the monster as he turned on the faucet to fetch some water, all while humming as he did so.

        As MK waited, the boy simply swung his feet back and forth in the seat, not knowing what else to do while Asgore worked. "That's okay. You really don't have to."

        "Of course I don't. I could have simply left you here and left to face the human alone," said the king, only to eventually turn around with a nice cup of cold tea, which he set down in front of MK. "But I chose to make you tea. Tea has always been something that calms me, and you looked quite parched. So please. It's on the house."

        Humming a bit in a nervous manner, MK then sat up before picking up the end glass with his mouth, only to tip it back and begin drinking the tea before setting it down once again. "Thanks, Mr. Asgore. You're the coolest." He may as well thank Asgore somehow, and he was glad he did, for the monster certainly seemed happy about that.

        "You're welcome. Now, please remain here. I will wait for the human. If anyone enters this hall and doesn't announce their presence, run." It was a lot to say to a child like MK, hinting that he may not make it after his hero and many others had died, but it was necessary all the same. "I will do my best to keep everyone else safe, but... In case I fail, please hide. All right?"

        MK's expression had quickly transformed into that of a grim one after that, but even so, the boy didn't want to let Asgore down, plus he knew he should have faith in the King of Monsterkind. Asgore was strong! He'd fought many humans back when they had warred against monsters on the surface! Surely he'd be able to take on some human punk! Yes, that's what he'd do. He could do it! MK had to believe in him! "I'll do my best, Mr. Asgore! Go kick their butt! You can do it!"

        At the sound of the monster child's encouragement, Asgore couldn't help but smile at the young boy. "Thank you. See you soon."

        And with that, he left the room, leaving MK all alone once again. It felt... lonely after he'd left, as though the grey of the room had sucked out what little emotion Asgore had left behind. Nonetheless, tea couldn't keep the boy company anymore, especially after he'd drank all of it. This allowed him to think about the situation more than he already had, and so the monster began the downward spiral.

        MK didn't know a whole lot about humans. All he'd learned was that they'd been the ones to seal monsters underground and that only human souls could break the barrier. Oh, and there was the First Fallen Child, who apparently was part of the reason why souls were getting collected. The story about the First Fallen and Asriel was... sad. No wonder Asgore had declared war again. At least they'd gotten close; they only needed one more soul until Asgore could break the barrier, but... could Asgore take this human's soul? They were so ruthless... He truly hoped Asgore would win, but nonetheless, MK couldn't sit still anymore. He had to walk around.

        Thankfully, there was another place he could go other than right to Asgore, and so, MK took the chance and began heading down the other hall, humming a bit in order to try to lift the mood. After all, the hallway was long, dark, and creepy, and frankly, MK didn't like it. If only there was a torch...

        As the boy walked along, he eventually noticed a glow coming through one of the many rooms in the hall. It was strange in his eyes, mostly because a lot of these rooms were either empty or filled with boxes, and none of them glowed. Besides, he was itching to have something to see with. And who knows? Maybe another monster was in here? That could always be the case.

        Quickly, the scaly little monster headed towards it, sadly tripping over himself in the beginning, but he quickly got up and arrived at the room where the glow was coming from. And what he saw had caused the boy to stop dead in his tracks. There they were.

        The six human souls.