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Walking on air

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You watch the door for almost a minute. Listen for any sound, any steps on the other side but your friends seem to have left. Then, there’s also the issue of Hunt. Your heart races and your breath catches in your throat when you try not to think just how close he is.

“So…” you trace. “How did you end up…” you motion your hands around since words have excepted your brains. You are still with your back to him as you turned to see your friends out, still perched on the arm of his armchair… But you can almost feel him lean closer and closer, and that sends goosebumps up your spine.

“With Anders Stone in my head?” Hunt continues for you.

You nod and turn to smile at him. You have no reason to suddenly be scared, you remind yourself. No way Hunt blames himself for all the damage done, it was all Stone’s fault, and you know it. Everyone would have to believe it too because… well, because it was true. As simple as that.

Your eyes are locked on Hunt’s.

“Well, I…”

You’ve never seen Hunt speeches before, and it’s the same vulnerable side you saw in him floating above the city rubble. He still holds your gaze, barely manages to, that you can guess by the way his face tensed, lips tighten into a thin line and one shoulder rises up. Just a little bit.

You plunge forward and into his arms. Settle onto his lap as Hunt cradles you in his arms.

“I can’t forgive myself for hurting you,” he whispers into your ear and plants a trail of kisses from the top of your head to your neck.

“You didn’t,” you whisper back and tilt your head to look up into his eyes. “Stone hurt me.”

Hunt winces. For a second there, you think he would argue so before he can push the matter – you rise up a little and leave a quick kiss on his lips. Just a peck, nothing serious but it does do the trick.

“We could make him pay?” you suggest quite innocently. Bet anything Hunt is not mistaking the bloodthirsty glint in your eyes though. “Together.” Your breath hitches as he pulls you closer and settles your head against his chest. “I, for hurting you, and you, for hurting me.” Hunt’s heart is drumming just under your ear. With a muffled giggle, you add, “Then Addison would probably like to punch him for herself for the sake of punching but that’s how she is.”

“Wouldn’t have doubted it,” Hunt murmurs into your hair, his fingers slowly stroking through the messy strands.

There could be glass pieces, or concrete dust, or anything else for what you can imagine but neither of you seems to mind. Hunt untangles it from your hair and tosses somewhere by the armchair. Knowing him, those land in a neat pile by the side.

“So...” you trace off and moan softly as Hunt’s lips trace from your neck to the collarbone, “... what are we going to do?”

He hums and stops by the collar of your T-shirt.

“We’ll need a plan.”

You bit your lip and snake your hand from between your bodies. Reach out for him, fingertips hovering just above his chin before slowly sliding further up to cup his face. His stubble tickles a little, and you catch yourself smiling about how much you like that and how right it felt.

“I mean... about us?”

There. You’ve said it.

Hunt doesn’t answer right away, and those feel like the longest seconds you had to wait.

“Nobody has to know,” he, finally, breathes and leans into your touch. “If that will be alright... with you.”

Hesitates. Now, you never thought there’d be a day! You grin but keep the comment to yourself: the gentle peace you have between you two at that moment is too precious to shatter.

“Nobody has to know,” you repeat after him and reach up to kiss him.