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Walking on air

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There’s no way for you to make it on time. You watch as she screams and tumbles back into the bushes. The lamppost bends under the fiery blow, its metal melting and drops burning their way through the park bench.

Addison doesn’t move, and you can’t see her from your spot behind the garbage bins. Ethan grunts next to you: he tosses and turns, and yet won’t open his eyes. Holly lies motionless in the building rubles but worst of all…

“Very brave of you, Ms Sinclair,” Hunt’s voice booms through the debris. He hovers on the rooftop just across the wreckage left of the town square. “Very brave,” he snaps his fingers together, and you see a spark playing on his fingertips, “and foolish. As usual.”

Hunt smirks. You can’t see his face but know that voice too well. He sneers. And it’s now only you and him left.

“Come out,” he calls out, his eyes clearly searching the area. “Don’t waste my time.”

You bite your lip to keep quiet. It hurts, just hurts too much no matter what you’ve been telling yourself.

“I’m stronger than you are,” Hunt mocks. The fire lashes from his hand and wipes out a tree. “Come out, and I promise it won’t hurt.” He cocks his head to the side. “A lot.”

And you know he is right. Having absorbed all your friends’ powers, Hunt is too strong for you to take out alone. Even if you could, curse your feelings swelling deep inside your chest. Lost, betrayed…

You make your decision.

“I only have this one chance,” you whisper to yourself and take deep breaths. You stand up tall yet linger in the shadows. “If I am right.” You clutch the front of your suit. It changes nothing but feeling the pendant underneath the slick fabric makes you feel better. “One, two… three!”

You sprint up into the air. Hunt whirls around in your direction, quicksilver interlacing with fire around his hands. A mere split second before you fly into him. Maybe the different powers got him confused or Hunt decided to let you get closer. He needs to touch you to steal your powers after all. Not that your flying would make a big difference: your only power is so much weaker than those of your friends. And now Hunt has them all.

You grasp his lapels and yank him forward.


Perhaps Hunt thinks you want to tug him from the roof. He struggles to stay on the other side of concrete barrier. Which was never your plan all alone.

You fly closer and press your lips to his.

He pushes back. You can almost hear your heart shatter as he strikes you in the chest. Oh, wait. Through the smouldering hole in your suit you see it was the pendant that broke into pieces. Some pierce your chest while others just get stick in your clothes.

“Snap out of it!” your voice breaks.

You dash forward again, this time clutching his hands in yours. Crash your lips to his and intertwine your fingers to keep him in place. Hunt’s palms burn. The magic rushes around you, as you bite into his lower lip and deepen the kiss. You feel Hunt smirk, he stops the flames and uses his own powers instead.

The cold clutches tighten around your throat. You can’t breathe, can’t move, and feel any strength slowly draining out from you. You sink lower and lower, inch by inch white still holding onto this hands. Hunt drinks your powers through that touch, sips out every last drop of them. This was the plan, right? To let him take your powers too, use it as a chance to get closer to him, to make him remember, snap out of whatever mind control Anders Stone had him under.

Unless you were wrong.

His lips muffle your scream as your feet kick air. You were never on the rooftop and with the last drop of flying powers left…

You are so weak, you can’t feel your own body. Somehow you still dig your frozen fingers into his hands. And plunge, pulling Hunt alone with you and over the rooftop barrier.


Hunt breaks the kiss, yet you won’t let him finish. He struggles with your flying powers at first. Wobbles to the side, falls through a few stores more but gets the grip of it all too fast for your liking.

“Hey, that took me weeks!” you snap up at him and lock your legs around his waist to stop slipping.

“Because you are an imbecile,” he smirks down at you. “Although, I have to admit I admire the audacity. That assault I was not expecting to dodge.”

“You were teaching me to… Professor, don’t you remember?” you almost plead. “That getaway, the picnic… The sunsets? And then you gave me that pendant to… I thought… I thought there was something…“

Hunt scowls and tries to throw you off. You grit your teeth together and cling tighter. Too much humiliation for one selfing, lying basta–

Something changes in Hunt’s eyes. Only for a split second before he scoffs at you again. But you can swear it was there.

You holder tighter, your whole body pressed against his and pull yourself higher. Your eyes are now on the same level and you lean in.

“I loved you, Thomas,” you whisper against his lips. “I know you could never betray us.”

“And yet I did.” He sounds… lost? And gulps too audibly.

“I know you wouldn’t. It’s not you, it’s Stone in your head.” You feel his breath hitch. “I love you.” And you press your lips to his.

Hunt hesitates. He shudders under your touch.

And gives in.