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Falling For You (Hook, Line, and Sinker)

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Steve hesitated in the hallway outside the penthouse door, tugging his clothes into order and smoothing his hair, but JARVIS must have alerted Tony to his presence because the door flew open before he could reach up to knock. "Hi."

Tony smiled and stepped back, gesturing Steve in. "Hi. Welcome." 

Steve hadn't seen Tony alone since they'd parted after their kiss in the workshop. The team had been called in for some follow-up SHIELD briefings before they'd had a chance to take things any further, and Avengers work had been non-stop for almost 24 hours. Tony had gone back to the tower while Steve crashed at SHIELD, only to get up and get to work again the next morning. But on their way out of the last meeting, Tony had pinched Steve's sleeve and tugged him out of range of the other Avengers. "Come up to my place tonight?" he'd asked, and Steve's stomach had dropped thirty floors, down to the parking garage.

"Yes," he'd said back, without any hesitation. But now that he was there, facing Tony, he was all nerves. "Thanks for inviting me over."

Tony eyed him up for a moment with an amused smirk. "Well, I think it's about time we spent some time together in person, don't you?"

Steve nodded. 

Tony's smile faded. "You okay? Too much? Too fast? We could go out for a walk, if you want. Less -"

"No! It's not too much. I want - I want to be here with you. I'm just - I'm still adjusting to the fact that this Tony - you - are my Tony. I thought I'd never talk to you again. I mean, I thought you never really existed. It started to feel like you were a figment of my imagination, like whoever was on the other end of the phone had just held up a mirror and projected back everything I wanted in a partner, instead of… you know. Being real."

Tony shifted forward and reached out. His hand hovered for a moment, uncertain, before it found Steve's wrist. His palm was warm, fingers gentle as they slipped down to wind with Steve's. It was everything he'd wanted for so long; it felt impossible. But there was no denying this was real, this was happening. Steve gripped him tight. 

"Hey, remember that time you drew me?" Tony said with a laugh. "God, there was something so hot about that."

Steve broke into a grin and tugged Tony closer, flushed with sudden bravery. "Yeah. I hadn't wanted to draw anything in a long time, before that."

Tony pulled out his phone and flipped through screens until he showed Steve - the background on his last home screen was the drawing. "It was me, Steve. It was all real."

"Thank you." Steve stepped closer, until Tony's other hand came up to rest on his side, thumb drawing small circles over the jut of his hip. He burned with the heat of contact, nerves alight and already desperate for more. Had he really been touched so little for so long? But of course he had - who else would have touched him? "I'm so sorry," he murmured, eyes dropping to Tony's chest.

"Hey, now. I thought we were past that? We had our big screaming match - a few, actually, if I remember correctly, though, I think we only knew what we were screaming about once - and now we're good. Right?"

The hesitancy made Steve snap his gaze back up to match Tony's. He nodded enthusiastically. "Right. Yes. We are."

"Because, you know, I love you and all that, so…" Tony's fingers twitched against Steve's side.

And Steve wanted to say, "I love you," back. He wanted to say so many things, but all they'd done since they met was talk, and he finally had a chance to have the one thing he'd been denied for so long: touch. He pushed up against Tony with a thrill that bubbled through his chest, and pressed their lips together.

Tony held Steve tightly, drawing him back as they took little stumbling steps towards the living room. It was almost too much, getting to taste Tony's lips under his tongue, feel the heat and pressure of him, and Steve couldn't hold back the desperate little gasps that snuck out of his throat.

"Shh, shh." Tony's hand soothed its way up Steve's back before he guided him down onto the couch. He stood there, for a moment, looking down at Steve with a look Steve had never seen on anyone's face before. He glowed. Then he shifted forward to straddle Steve's lap, arms twined behind his head. "Hey."

"Hi." There was no way to mask how breathless it came out, as Steve's hands settled on Tony's thighs.

"You okay?"

"Yes, Tony, come on. I'm fantastic. I thought I'd lost you - not just lost you, but never had you. God, it hurt so much."

Tony's thumb traced Steve's jawline then stroked a line over his cheek. "I thought you'd given up on me." Tony petted both palms down Steve's chest and finger ignited under his touch.

It suddenly hit Steve that all their experience on the phone together wasn't going to do him many favours here, in person. He'd nearly learned how to be good for Tony with his voice, but he didn't know how to be good for him with his body. He must have tensed because Tony's expression twisted soft and concerned.

"We don't have to do anything at all you're not comfortable with," he said gently. "Like, definitely not right now but even ever. Just because we talked about something on the phone doesn't mean we have to do it. You know that, right?"

There were so many emotions swirling through Steve in a hurricane of confusion and want and fear and pleasure and happiness and terror that he didn't know which to address first. "What if I want to do it all, I just don't know how?"

Tony grinned, the corners of his eyes crinkling. And that was new, the camera had never shown how his face would shift when he was truly happy. "Then it would be my absolute pleasure to show you."

Tony slid backwards off Steve's lap so he knelt on the floor and peered up at him with a dangerous smirk. Steve swallowed heavily.

"I remember asking you if you'd ever had a blowjob," Tony mused. Steve parted his knees, and Tony shifted forward, running his hands up Steve's thighs then under the hem of his shirt. "Do you mind if I take this off?"

Steve would have been embarrassed by how quickly he wrestled the shirt off if it hadn't been for the look of pure hunger on Tony's face when his eyes settled on Steve's bare chest. Tony leaned forward and kissed Steve's side, just at the jut of his bottom rib, gentle and questioning. He wanted to ask why Tony was bringing up the blowjob. If it was because that was the first time they'd had phone sex or -

"I still haven't," Steve gasped out, fingers twitching on the couch as Tony pushed even closer and kissed again, over his breast bone. "I mean - there wasn't anyone else, then or after. That's - that's - Oh god, Tony."

Steve could feel Tony's smile against his skin as he licked over his nipple again. Deft fingers went to Steve's fly as Tony kept peppering kisses across his chest and licking his way up his neck. Steve wanted to do something in return but it felt like a roller coaster - all he could do was hold on and try to keep breathing.

Tony eased their mouths together as he popped the button on Steve's pants and rolled the zipper down. "It's alright," he said softly, as if he could read Steve's mind. "Just let me take the edge off. If there's anything you don't like or you want me to stop, just say so, okay? Otherwise, just relax and enjoy yourself."

"Okay. So far - so far all good."

Tony chuckled then slid back down to the floor. Steve raised his hips when Tony tugged and his pants ended up on the floor along with his boxers.  He was naked with another man and it wasn't in the locker room at the gym or in a dirty tent on a battlefield - it was because he wanted to be. Because he was loved. Tony's eyes flicked from Steve's cock up to his face and he smiled. "You're so gorgeous."

Steve took a deep breath. This was the click click of the roller coaster inching its way up a steep hill, a moment of anticipation, and he forced himself to pause and really take Tony in. What he noticed, most of all, was that Tony looked happy, and that wasn't something he'd seen from him since they'd met in person, for real. In a lot of the pictures he'd sent, before, Steve had thought he looked happy, but he was radiating it now, and Steve's nerves calmed. 

"I love you," Steve said, and Tony beamed.

"I love you, too." Tony leaned his head on the inside of Steve's thigh, the fingers from one hand stroking gentle lines up and down Steve's ankle. "I really did mean it when I said the upside to a blowjob over the phone was that I could suck you off and talk you off at the same time, but I have a feeling you're not going to mind very much that it doesn't work in person."

Steve reached out and did let himself touch now, brushing his fingers over Tony's cheek, and Tony rocked up onto his knees and folded over Steve's lap. He took Steve's cock in hand and stroked him twice then wrapped his lips around the head and swirled his tongue. He pressed down, sucking gently as he swallowed Steve down and - holy shit - that was the tip-off at the top of the hill suddenly racing down as Steve's whole body vibrated with new pleasure.

"Oh god, Tony - I - you're so good at that, oh my god."

Tony hummed with pleasure and that spiked a shot of tingles south. Steve's hips kicked forward a little, but as good as that felt, he forced himself to still, not wanting to choke Tony. Heat flushed up the back of Steve's neck until his cheeks were flaming as Tony rocked up and down on his cock, steady, sucking softly as he rolled down. 

The smooth, wet heat of Tony's mouth was rapidly pushing Steve to an edge he couldn't come back from. "Oh, Tony. That's - oh god. I'm not - I'm going to come -" 

Tony slid off and licked his lips. "You're not a one hit wonder, though, are you, gorgeous? I know you can go again. So come for me. Show me what you got." Tony sucked him back down without waiting for an answer, and Steve threw his head back with a moan. 

He let go, not worrying about holding off or waiting, and it only took a few more bobs of Tony's head to set him shaking and gasping, pleasure peaking. He finally gave in completely with a choked off cry and pulsed in Tony's mouth. Steve slumped back on the couch, unable to stop the full-body shivers that wracked his frame. 

Tony released him, swallowed obscenely then crawled up Steve's body, pushing up under his arms to drape over his chest. Steve gripped him tightly and burrowed into his hair, chest heaving with gasping breaths.

"You okay?" Tony asked, with laughter in his voice. 

"Holy shit," Steve choked out. "That was so good. How - How do you do that? That's amazing."

Tony laughed again, bright and joyful. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're stunning like that."

"I want to try that."

"Fuck, Steve." Tony pulled him into a kiss, and Steve could taste himself on his lips. 

Then Tony stepped back and moved to peel off his clothes and suddenly Steve was gripped with a new terror. He'd been watching porn with Tony, talking each other off over the phone, and even using toys, but Steve had never actually been with a man. What if he loved Tony, but his male body didn't work for him? What if Steve couldn't touch him? Couldn't give back the pleasure Tony gave to him? It had been a fantasy before, but this was real.

"You okay?" Tony asked again, concerned instead of amused, and Steve winced at how obvious his expression must have been to get Tony worrying.

"Fine - it's fine. I'm just -" he took a steadying breath. "What if… what if, you know, I'm not actually, when it's real like this, into - uh - men?"

Instead of frowning, though, Tony laughed. "That's okay. You love me right?"


He winked. "So if you're scared of my dick, we'll make it work. But I really don't think you will be, Steve. Hold on." But Steve was already comforted. This was Tony, who hadn't minded when Steve had hung up on him, gripped with gay panic. This was Tony, who had gently walked him through his first porn, his first guilt-free fantasy of men, his first experience with anal. Tony wouldn't care that he didn't know what he was doing, that this was all new and a little bit scary. Because Tony loved him. And if it turned out that Steve wasn't ready to touch a man in real life - though the way his fingers itched to reach out made that feel pretty unlikely - Tony would forgive him; Tony would wait. They were good at waiting, after all.

Tony rocked up to his feet then took a step back. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, then he gripped the hem of his shirt and hesitated. "It's not great, just a reminder."

"I want to see the real you," Steve assured him.

Tony peeled his shirt off and tossed it aside and Steve sat up, leaning forward. He reached out, with a glance at Tony first to make sure it was okay, and stroked his fingers lightly down Tony's chest. The circle in the middle, the light that Steve could see through Tony's thin t-shirt, was hard metal and glowed brilliantly now that it was free. All around it, Tony's skin showed how much his life was hard fought for. Scars where he'd been ripped open and put back together. The dark lines from the reactor poisoning. And Steve traced them all, enthralled. He knew why Tony had removed them from the pictures he'd sent, but it meant the world to get to see them, touch them, now.

"Beautiful," he murmured and Tony pressed forward half a step and dropped his underwear to the floor. Steve swallowed heavily, his eyes drawn down to Tony's crotch of their own volition. His cock was hard, jutting out towards his belly. His hair was trimmed close and clean, the vee of his stomach and the curve of his hip bones framing his cock. "Oh," Steve said, because what else was there to say? His mouth watered for something it had never experienced, and his hand was already wrapped around Tony's smooth length before he'd realized it was moving.

Tony moaned softly, then carded the fingers from both hands back through Steve's hair. "See, baby? Dick's not that complicated. God, your hands feel good." Tony let Steve pet him for a while longer, one hand exploring his arms and chest and sides, the other enthralled with the gentle stroking of his cock. Then he tugged at Steve's chin until he tipped up and met his gaze. "Want to take this to the bedroom?"

"Yes, please."

Steve wasn't entirely sure where virginity ended and sex began. The research Tony had sent him so long ago hadn't really made it clear. Some people defined it as experiencing penetration - on one side or the other - some felt that a shared orgasm was enough. He and Tony had shared many orgasms, but Steve still felt like a virgin, and he knew after this, he wouldn't, regardless of what they did.

But there was something he wanted to do.

Tony took his hand and led him into the bedroom, leaving their clothes on the living room floor without a backwards glance. Like everything else, Tony's bedroom was gorgeously opulent. There was an entire wall of windows that tinted black with a wave of his hand, an enormous bed, fresh flowers and a wet bar complete with nuts and snacks. It was incredible - but nothing to the sight of Tony sitting down on the edge of the bed, smiling up at Steve like he couldn't believe his good fortune to have him here in his room.

Steve wound their fingers together even as Tony eyed his cock, wanting to keep him focused. "Tony, there's something I'd like, if you'd like it."

"I'm up for almost anything, sweetheart."

"Um. So that toy you sent me -?"

Tony's smile curled from affectionate to predatory. "Oh yeah. I remember that. Do you still have it?"

Steve shrugged then nodded. "I wanted to throw it out when I thought you'd tricked me, but I didn't know where to get another one…"

Tony laughed and used their joined hands to pull Steve closer. "I'll get you a hundred. You want to go get it? Or I have other ones here…"

"Oh. No. I - uh - want you to… do that." Steve gestured in a way that he hoped wasn't as vague as it felt and he saw realization dawn on Tony's face. 

"Really?" Tony asked gently. Steve nodded, and Tony wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his chest to look up at him. "Just to be entirely clear - you want to bottom? You want me to be inside you like your toy?"

"Yes, please."

"Well." Tony blinked at him for a moment then smiled again. "Okay, then."

Steve folded down, pressing Tony back onto the mattress and kissed him, hard and needy, trying to pour in everything he wanted but couldn't say. Tony had drawn words out of him before, on the phone, but it was different here in person, and he felt like he had to start all over again with learning how to talk about sex. Still, it was Tony, and he trusted him, even after everything they'd been through.

Tony gently rolled him over then gestured him up the bed until he rested back on the pillows. Tony leaned over and rustled around in a drawer beside the bed and Steve let his fingers dance around the curve of Tony's ass. It would be novel, for a long, long time, getting to touch him like this, at all.

Tony sat back on his heels and watched as Steve stroked his palm up his thigh. "How's it going, hot stuff?"

"This is amazing. I can't believe how much has changed in the last week. I went from being entirely alone to -" Steve cut himself off.

Tony just pushed forward, folding over Steve and kissing him enthusiastically. While they kissed, Tony's hand skated up the inside of Steve's thigh until his legs parted and Tony settled between his knees. His fingers teased the crease of Steve's hip, petting over his balls and along the length of his cock. Steve shuddered and pulled Tony closer.

"I'm going to start with a finger, okay?"

Steve grinned against his mouth. "I remember you telling me that eight months ago."

Tony nipped his bottom lip and then a slick finger pressed against Steve's hole, circling his rim before pushing in. "It was so hot listening to you get off on that toy. So fucking hot."

"More." Steve arched his back and settled flatter on the bed. 

"All I wanted was to be that toy, babe. So badly."

"Tony, give me more," Steve begged, and Tony finally added another finger until Steve was slick and relaxed. "I'm ready. Tony, Tony, Tony." Steve pulled Tony into a heated kiss as his fingers kept exploring gently. "I want to feel you."

But Tony still didn't seem to be moving forward. 


"Yeah?" Tony kissed lazily along Steve's jawline.

"I'm ready for you." Steve rolled his hips a bit, feeling Tony's hard length rub against his inner thigh. 

Tony's expression twisted. "You sure? We don't even have to do this at all, you know, or I can bottom, or maybe -"

"Tony." Steve took Tony's face between his hands. "If you don't want to, that's fine, but even though you know it's my first time with another person, you did send me that toy for practice…" Steve pressed a kiss to Tony's lips that was more smile than kiss. "And I am Captain America, after all."

"Wow, that was -" Tony tilted his head and looked down at him. "That was weirdly hot. Feel free to remind me of that fact quite literally whenever you want to because apparently I like that."

"I thought Captain America wasn't your thing?" Steve teased, breath catching when Tony pushed his knees up and folded over him.

"You would remember something like that." Tony kissed him, once, twice. "I think my feelings on that topic might have shifted a bit. Recently." Blunt pressure teased the rim of Steve's hole and then Tony was pushing in, hot and thick and hard and wow - insistent.

"God - I -" Steve swallowed heavily, throwing his head back.

"Tell me if it's too much," Tony whispered against Steve's ear. Then he kissed his way along his jaw.

"Not too much," Steve gasped out, but it almost was. Tony was much bigger than the toy and skin instead of silicone, hot and real, and Tony's weight pressed down against Steve's chest and it was almost too much. Too much of everything he'd wanted for so long.

Steve never would have guessed that it could be like this, that feeling Tony's heat against his hips and his breath against his throat and low hum of his groan in his chest would make such a difference, but it did. Hearing Tony's voice right there in the room, feeling it when he stroked his fingers over Tony's throat… it was everything. 

Tony finally bottomed out with a soft grunt and they hung there for a moment, nothing but their breaths and their heartbeats in the quiet room. Steve caught Tony's gaze and held it, finding tiny flecks of caramel in his brown eyes that no photo had ever done justice. Then Tony started to move.

The slow slide out almost hurt, burned a little as Steve's body struggled to adjust, but then - still ever so slowly - Tony started to press back in again, and every nerve lit up. Steve's cock twitched against his stomach and leaked new beads of precome. "Oh, Tony. Yes - please move, more, more - I can take it!"

"You may be Captain America -" Tony's hips rolled far too slowly again, pushing a low moan out of Steve's throat "- but you're also my Steve, and I'm going to take care of you. Not just because I want you to enjoy your first time so much that you're spoiled for all other men, but because I definitely want to do this again, probably as soon as my sadly aging body will allow, and if you hate it, you'll come up with all sorts of excuses and - and - headaches and start hiding from me when I enter the room and -"

"Tony!" Steve choked out between mixed laughter and desperate gasping. "I love you. Just shut up and fuck me."

Tony grinned down at him. "If you insist." He shifted, just so, and picked up the pace, still slow but steady now, deep and unrelenting, and Steve was instantly on the edge of absolute oblivion. Tony's mouth fell to Steve's neck, alternating kisses with little bites, and Steve's hands snapped to his shoulders, holding on for dear life. 

"I'm getting close again," he groaned. "God, you feel so good." Tony was so deep, filled him up so well, a hundred times better than the toy, and he was real and solid, his heat searing Steve's skin. There was no room for doubt or worry or regret, or really any higher thought at all. Steve just slipped into the pleasure of it, trying his hardest to hold on just a little longer.

Then Tony pulled back and stilled, and the whine that leaked out of Steve's throat was obscene. He snapped his eyes open, lip caught between his teeth. "- okay?" he managed, breathlessly.

"Amazing. I just thought you might want to try something else."

Steve nodded, even though what he really wanted was Tony pressing into him again. But instead, Tony eased back completely then rolled over to lie on his back next to Steve. He patted his thighs. "Come here."

Getting the idea, Steve slipped up and swung one leg over until he sat on Tony's lap. Tony took his own cock in hand and guided it to Steve's hole as he sunk down. They groaned in unison as Steve settled on Tony's lap. He was so much deeper this way, and Steve had control of the angle. 

Steve started moving his hips and it wasn't as easy as he expected to set a rhythm, but Tony was patient, thumbs drawing slow circles on his thighs, his breath light and gasping, and Steve had made it that way. It was thrilling.

Steve finally managed to put his super strength to good use and figured out how to rock his hips up and forward and then down and back. Tony's cock pressed deep inside him with every downstroke. Steve shifted back, and Tony's hand snapped to his. "Fuck, yeah, that's it -" Tony moaned and thrust up into him, feet braced on on mattress. "Yes - yes!"

Steve was close too, just from hearing Tony's gasps and cries and knowing he was the one to bring him there. Tony reached out and wrapped his fingers around Steve's cock, startling him into jerking his hips down. "Oh, Tony - your hands…"

"Come on, baby, we're so good at this already, come on, come with me. We got this - yeah - yeah, come on, Steve!" Tony grabbed Steve by the hip, his other hand still working Steve's cock, and it was just movement and pleasure and Tony - Tony - Tony -

Steve came again, spilling over Tony's fist and onto his stomach. He stared, helpless, as Tony thrust into him once, twice more, then came, shaking and twitching between Steve's legs. His cock throbbed against Steve's rim, and it was Steve's body that had pulled that out of him, that he was filling with come. The hot rush of pleasure at that thought almost felt like a third orgasm and Steve shuddered from head to foot, overwhelmed, eyes hot.

He slumped forward onto Tony's chest with a groan that turned into a giddy laugh as the rush flushed from overwhelming to pure joy. Tony hugged him tight and pressed kisses to Steve's face until he'd relaxed on top of him. "That was amazing," Tony whispered into Steve's neck.

"I love you." Steve rocked his hips forward and Tony's cock slipped free of his body. He could feel the come leaking out with it, sliding down his inner thigh, and that was a feeling the toy could never replicate. 

Sleep pulled at Steve's edges as he settled on the bed, but he fought it, wanting to spend as much time as possible here with Tony. He knew he'd still be here when he woke, that they had days and weeks and months and hopefully years and years and years together. 

Tony shifting on the bed made Steve snap back into full consciousness. "Where -?" he managed to mumble out.

"Just going to the bathroom," Tony whispered, rolling back in to kiss him. "I can't sleep if I don't rinse off. I'll be right back."

"M'kay… miss you."

"I'll miss you too." Tony fell into kissing him for a while longer, Steve's body singing with post-orgasm peace mixed with the soft pleasure of directionless making out. With a final peck to the end of Steve's nose, Tony sat up and his weight disappeared from the bed.

Steve tried to track his movements by sound, but he kept drifting in and out in the cozy cloud that was Tony's bed. It smelled like him everywhere - and that was something he'd never had before, either. He burrowed into the pillows and breathed him in, time going hazy again.

Then a soft bing pulled him out of his doze and he reached for his pants where they'd been discarded next to the bed. His phone chimed several more times as he searched before he found it in his back pocket and dug it out. He was expecting it to be Tony, even though he knew he was in the shower, because even after all this time apart, his instincts still told him it was always Tony. 

Except - it was.

>>> I miss you already.
>>> Also I love you af. Probably never going to get sick of saying that.
>>> Plus that ass is to die for.
>>> Except not by me cause I'm not dying anymore and I plan to keep it that way so we can be together.
>>> You want to be together, right?

Steve read his messages twice through, grinning, before he replied.

<<< Yes, Tony. I love you too. I want to be together. Forever.

>>> Thank god.

<<< I thought you were taking a shower?

>>> I am. What? You think the amazing Tony Stark can't text you in the shower? I used to text you in the shower all the time.

Steve laughed out loud, and he knew Tony could hear him through the cracked bathroom door. You never told me that. Or showed me that.

His phone chimed in rapid succession, all pictures of Tony - his chest, his cock, his legs, his face - sopping wet and welling with beads of hot water and streaks of soapy foam, skin flushed and hair slicked back. And this time it was all real, Steve knew. Because there was the arc reactor in his chest, surrounded by the web of faint dark lines left behind from the palladium poisoning, and the scars and marks from the Chitauri battle. There were the slight bruises Steve had pressed into his hips. 

All Tony. All his.

<<< You're beautiful.

>>> I thought you were sleeping?

<<< I find myself, somehow, really awake all of a sudden.

>>> Well then.
>>> What are you doing all the way out there?

Steve grinned down at the phone. If this was the future? Friends and family and cooking and bikes and adventures and midnight texts and Tony's body under his hands and so much love he thought he might explode - if this was the future, he thought he'd fit in pretty damn well here, after all.

<<< On my way!