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Love with urgency (but not with haste)

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Wei Wuxian pants harshly, unable to hold back his moans. He knows he shouldn't be this loud, that it’s late and Lan Qiren lives not that far from the Jingshi - but he can’t help himself, especially when he knows what his shamelessness will bring him.


And, in fact, Lan Wangji’s hands grasp his hips tighter, press him down into the hardness inside him with a strength that sends a thrill of excitement down Wei Wuxian’s spine.


“Don’t,” Lan Wangji exhales between gritted teeth, panting harshly, “Be so loud.”


Wei Wuxian’s only response is to moan louder. He almost wants to laugh when his husband snaps and folds him nearly in half, shutting him up with a deep kiss.


His sounds are swallowed with an intensity that never fails to get to him. Lan Wangji in bed is a wonder, so different from the collected picture the world gets to see and yet, at the same time, just the same man that Wei Wuxian came to love so utterly and completely. He is particularly smug that this unrestrained side of his Lan Zhan is something meant for his eyes only. He is also particularly proud of how easily he can coax it out of him.


After making love to his husband every single day for months, he knows what is coming. Lan Wangji’s breath catches as Wei Wuxian clenches around him, and his thrusts become deeper and rougher. The kiss that was meant to silence his chatty mouth is now so sloppy that he can feel saliva drip down his chin.


“Lan Zhan,” he moans when he resurfaces for breath, “Slow down-ah...”


“No.” Then, a heartbeat later, “Can’t.”


Wei Wuxian can’t deny the way his blood speeds up at that, the twitch of his cock when he half-heartedly struggles to change their positions and Lan Wangji doesn’t let him. He knows, however, that he will be pounded in this same position all night long. Not that he minds! But his body is gonna be sore and not in the fun kind of way. Plus, it would be nice to actually change sometimes…


“Lan Zhan, you brute!” He tries again, but it sounds weak to his own ears when the last word trail out in a deep moan. “At least - ah, gods, you are so deep - change… ah!”


Everything he was trying to say goes suddenly out of his mind as his husband claims his lips again and takes him, if possible, even harder. Wei Wuxian is just too happy to come along for the ride.


Those thoughts, however, don’t go away completely. They slowly return to his mind in the morning, as he stretches languidly on the disheveled sheets of their bed, sighing in satisfaction at the dull ache in his lower back - and then actually wincing when he tries to sit up.


He whines, annoyed.


Lan Wangji has risen long ago - Wei Wuxian remembers the faint impression of a kiss placed on his forehead and a mumbled response - and the bed is now cold. Horrible.


“Is this the way to treat your husband, Hanghuang-jun?” he whines, dramatically. “Leaving him alone after taking him so ruthlessly for half of the night?”


It’s clear, however, that he is alone in the Jingshi, as there is no response to his complaints.


“Horrible,” he mutters, finally getting up to make himself presentable.


Stretching his arm over his head, he winces again when he feels his back pop. There is a particularly painful spot between his shoulder blades that persists despite Lan Wangji’s careful after sex massage - and it’s probably due to spending a big part of the night folded in the same position, as his husband’s thrusts drove him up the bed.


It’s not like… Wei Wuxian likes that. He wouldn’t provoke Lan Wangji otherwise, wouldn’t relish so much in seeing his control utterly shattered otherwise.


He stands in front of the mirror, pressing lightly on a bruise that is blooming on his hip. His breath catches at the memory of how he got it.


Yeah, he enjoys that a lot.


But, sometimes, he wishes that Lan Wangji would be more patient in the bedroom. He wishes for something slower, for them to learn what can make the other go crazy with need and then, after being teased and played with, to rush together toward completion.


It’s not like he never tried to bring this up. For the longest time he couldn’t even fathom asking for more, not when he had already received this new life. It still seems preposterous now, to just… to wish for more, when Lan Wangji’s love is so total and overwhelming that he feels bad for having it in the first place, as if he doesn’t really deserve it.


It’s one thing to ask for increasingly ridiculous things or to try new positions; it’s a completely different one to tell Lan Wangji to change his overall behaviour in bed. The worst thing is that Wei Wuxian knows he would do it in a heartbeat.


For some reason, that doesn’t make it easier at all.


Despite his own disarrayed thoughts on the matter, he has considered talking to his husband about this more than once. He has already tried, but they both tend to get caught up in each other far too easily, and once Wei Wuxian gets kissed like he is the most precious thing in the whole world… everything else just goes flying out of the window.


In short, he tries and gets sidetracked.


This time, however, he is determined. With the first draft of a plan already forming in his mind, he reaches for the neatly folded robes near the bed.


Once he gets presentable, he heads for Caiyi town.


The small, inconspicuous shop he is seeking is exactly where he remembers it to be. Back in the days when he was studying at the Cloud Recesses, Nie Huaisang had been the primary distributor of erotic novels among the juniors, but he had to get them somewhere, and so Wei Wuxian went with him one time out of sheer curiosity. They had painted a fun picture - Wei Wuxian sauntering around without a care in the world while a panicked Nie Huaisang asked him to tone it down, as if afraid that his brother would appear suddenly from around a corner and threaten to cut his legs. Which, in hindsight, was pretty ironic.


Surprisingly enough, the place hasn’t changed a bit in more than twenty years. It still looks like a regular calligraphy shop up front, beautiful brushes and scrolls put up on display to catch the eye of potential clients. Wei Wuxian ignores them all and strolls up to the counter, a lazy smile on his lips.


“Welcome, welcome. How may I help you? Are you interested in a new set of brushes?”


Even the man is the one he remembers, if only way older than he used to be.


“Not exactly.” Glancing around, as if making sure that they are alone, he whispers in a conspiratory voice, “I was hoping you could show me some more… interesting scrolls than the ones you have exposed.”


“I see.”


The man gives him an appeasing look. Wei Wuxian is sure he’s been recognized, given the many times he has shown up in Caiyi town next to Lan Wangji, but he has a thick enough face that he just returns the stare without breaking his smile.


“Of course, I would appreciate some discretion.”


“Of course. Come with me. This way, please. And, while we’re at it, can you tell me exactly what you are searching for?”


Wei Wuxian emerges from the shop a while later with a couple of thick scrolls tucked in his sleeves and a satisfied expression on his face. On his way back, he stops to buy a jar of Emperor’s Smile, for old times’ sake.


The Cloud Recesses is never not busy lately, and it takes Wei Wuxian two whole days to read the scrolls and decide what he wants to try. One of them is a classic cut-sleeve story by the title of Resentment of Chunshan, while the other is a detailed manual on intimate positions and techniques that are supposed to enhance the pleasure of both parties involved. If Lan Wangji notices something different in his behaviour, he doesn’t mention it.


Once he makes up his mind, though, he can’t manage to stay still. He ends up twirling Chenqing in his hand while he waits for his husband to come back to the Jingshi. The setting sun paints the interior of their home in soft golds and reds. There’s a nervousness running under his skin that is not fully rational, but has everything to do with him having to make a selfish request.


All of that goes away when Lan Wangji slides the door open and his lips curl up in that tiny, private smile that is just for Wei Wuxian’s eyes. He will never get tired of that, of how it lights up Lan Wangji’s otherwise stern face.


“Lan Zhan!”


He closes the distance between them in two long strides and, looping his arms around his husband’s neck, he tilts his head up to request a kiss. Lan Wangji falls into it like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but moan a little, opening his mouth to welcome the other’s tongue.


It takes a while before they’re able to resurface.


“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji’s voice is already strained.


“I missed you,” he murmurs back. He feels the grip on his hips tighten, and his mouth go dry in response. It takes a conscious effort for him to slide out of his husband’s embrace, but it’s a necessary one if he wants to really do what he’s been planning for.


Lan Wangji frowns, puzzled, and Wei Wuxian takes his hand in his own to soothe his worries away. He kisses his calloused fingers, murmurs sweet nothings over them while he gathers his motivation.


“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, you’re so good to me.”


“Wei Ying?”


He takes a step back as Lan Wangji tries to close the distance he put between them. He’s not sure he would have enough willpower to stop, were he to be wrapped in those strong arms again. Well, here goes nothing.


“I’ve been thinking about something.”


Lan Wangji just inclines his head, ready to listen.


“I’ve acquired some scrolls,” he admits without an ounce of shame. “About different techniques that can be used in the bedroom.”


The tips of Lan Wangji’s ears go red at that, his eyes slightly wider than before. It would be unnoticeable to the casual observer, but Wei Wuxian has gotten way better at reading his husband’s subtle shifts in facial expression. Gods, he’s so endearing.


“I want to try something new.”




A pleased laugh prevents him from replying immediately, but also manages to dispel some of his nervousness. “So eager, Lan Er-gege.” He can’t help but tease.


“For you.”




“I am. Only for you.”


It’s Wei Wuxian turn to be speechless, and he buries his face in Lan Wangji’s torso with a flustered whine. “Lan Zhan! You really can’t say things like that with that face!”


He gets a hum in return, and a hand stroking lightly down his back. Suppressing a shiver, he gets up on his tiptoes to press a chaste kiss on Lan Wangji’s jaw.


“Tonight is good.”


Lan Wangji walks him towards the bed.


“Wait wait wait!”




“This thing I want to try, it requires…” Wei Wuxian just shakes his head. For all that he is shameless, he doesn’t really know how to explain this. “Just let me show you?”


The forthright nod he receives in response is everything he needed and more. They disrobe in silence, helping each other and leaving their clothes in a pile that is slightly less orderly than it should be. Lan Wangji doesn’t say anything about it, both of them a little bit too eager to pay attention to unimportant details. Wei Wuxian places both his ribbon and Lan Wangji’s hair piece on the nightstand, then slides his arms over his husband’s shoulders.


A meaningful tug is all that’s needed to loosen the Lan’s forehead ribbon. It slides down in a soft whisper of silk, and Wei Wuxian coils it possessively around his hand, his eyes never leaving Lan Wangji’s own. This Lan Zhan is only for him.


Their next kiss steals his breath away, and he tugs Lan Wangji to their bed.


He maneuvers him on his back, lazily dipping his tongue in between Lan Wangji’s lips as he straddles his waist. Dragging his hands up his husband’s chest, he hums appreciatively into the kiss as he feels a familiar hardness press up against him.


“So eager, Lan Er-gege.”


Wei Wuxian laughs breathlessly, pressing another kiss against Lan Wangji’s throat to mask his own nerves. Burying his nose in the crook between shoulder and neck, he inhales deeply and murmurs, “I want to tie you up.”


The only answer he receives is a hum, and hands sliding smoothly down his back. He chances a glance up, straightens to study Lan Wangji’s expression better, then raises the forehead ribbon still wound around his wrist. That is what makes his husband’s eyes widen a bit, surprised, but he nods without hesitation.


His mouth is suddenly very dry.


Gently, he guides Lan Wangji’s arms over his head, pausing to kiss his wrists once, then his palms, and finally tying them together and pressing them into the bed. The loose end of the ribbon gets secured to the headboard.


Stepping back to look at his handiwork, Wei Wuxian hums, satisfied. He can feel his own cockiness come back, the nervousness seeping away completely under Lan Wangji’s intense gaze. There’s trust and hunger in equal measure in his eyes, and Wei Wuxian can’t help the excited shiver that runs down his spine.


There’s a reason he choose to use the Lan forehead ribbon to tie Lan Wangji up, other than for the symbolic value of the gesture. If he had used normal fabric, he couldn’t have been sure that his passionate husband wouldn’t tear it to shreds the moment he got too impatient.


Like this, instead...


He reaches for Chenqing where he left it at the foot of the bed and strokes the end under Lan Wangji’s chin. With a satisfied smirk, he tilts it up.


“Lan Zhan, Lan Wangji,” he chants, unable to help himself. He is already so hard, and they still haven’t started. “You look so good like this. You’re so beautiful, Lan Er-gege.”


He bends down, flicks the tip of his tongue over his husband’s barely parted lips.  


“Has the Yiling Patriarch conquered the righteous Hanghuang-jun?”


Lan Wangji’s arm muscles flex for a second before encountering the resistance of the restraints, then they relax again. It’s way more arousing than it has any right to be.


“Wei Ying.” There’s a reprimand in his tone, but nothing he isn’t used to.


Slowly, he drags Chenqing down the column of Lan Wangji’s throat, feather light in his touch until he gets to his chest. He flicks it over a nipple, and feels Lan Wangji’s cock twitch behind him. A lazy grin makes its way onto his lips.


He could get used to this.


Lan Wangji breathes harder, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but bend down, capture his lips with his own. Chenqing gets abandoned in favor of cupping his husband’s face, the kiss lazy and unhurried and utterly perfect. He can tell Lan Wangji is equal parts curious and puzzled about what he plans to do, but he goes along with Wei Wuxian’s whims anyway. It makes Wei Wuxian’s heart swell.


“Lan Zhan,” he murmurs, barely leaving space between them. “Lan Zhan, you are so good to me, I am so lucky to have you.”


He doesn’t let him reply - he sucks Lan Wangji’s bottom lip and scrapes his teeth over it, coaxing a tiny gasp out of his husband to lick his way into his mouth.


“I know you get impatient,” he goes on when they part again, and trails his wet lips over Lan Wangji’s cheek, up to his ear. “I love your passion, Lan Zhan. I love feeling you for days.”


Lan Wangji’s ear brightens at that, and Wei Wuxian has to kiss the lovely blush.




“Yes,” he replies without hesitation, smiling fondly at the absence of bite in his husband’s tone. Slowly, he kisses down Lan Wangji’s neck, presses his lips over the Wen sigil’s burn on his chest. He can feel Lan Wangji’s heart beating wildly.


“But there’s so much more than fast and rough, Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian leans his weight on his elbows and stretches above his husband’s body to peck him on the cheek. “It’s good to change sometimes. It makes things more pleasurable.”


Lan Wangji frowns, worried. “Are you unsatisfied…?”


“No!” He replies quickly, taking Lan Wangji’s face between his hands and looking at him fiercely. “I love it. You take very good care of me, Lan Zhan. This is just… something more. Let me show you?”


He relaxes when he sees Lan Wangji do the same and nod.


“Trust me,” he breathes.


There’s no reservation in Lan Wangji’s voice when he replies, “I trust you, Wei Ying.”


Humming, pleased, Wei Wuxian reaches for the bottle of oil on the nightstand. He dips his fingers in, then reaches behind himself to stroke over his opening, sighing at the familiar feeling. He can feel his husband’s burning stare and his own heart racing in his chest - and forces himself to be patient, too.


He closes his eyes, sinks one finger in. The angle is awkward, but he is riled up enough that it coaxes a low moan from him anyway. Despite his husband’s considerable girth, Wei Wuxian never needs much preparation, taking pleasure in the stretch and the knowledge that he will feel him long after they’re done. This time, however, he drags it out. He adds a second finger, and then a third, but keeps moving his wrist in an unhurried way, losing himself in the rhythm until he realizes he has been undulating his hips almost mindlessly - and that his shallow breaths are mimicked by the ones coming from under him.


Slowly, lazily, he opens his eyes to look down.


Lan Wangji’s eyes are dark, hungry. His chest rises and falls quickly and his muscles strain against the restraint, but he doesn’t try to free himself. Suddenly, Wei Wuxian can’t wait anymore.


“Ah… I’m sorry,” he croaks, as he removes his fingers with a filthy, wet noise. “I got carried away.”


He wraps his already slicked up hand around his husband’s cock, gives a few strokes and then starts to lower himself on it. He really wants to go slow, but the easy slide is too much - he sinks down in a smooth movement, moaning loudly at the sensation of being so completely filled.


Wei Ying ,” Lan Wangji’s voice is strained. He thrusts up into him and makes Wei Wuxian choke on a gasp.


“Ahh, s-stop!” Balancing himself on Lan Wangji’s chest, he shoots him a reprimanding look. They both look wrecked already, and they’ve barely started. “Stay still, Lan Zhan. Don’t make me tie you up even more.”


He starts to circle his hips, revelling in the sparks of pleasure that travel down his spine. Lan Wangji’s cock is heavy and perfect within him, twitching every time Wei Wuxian brushes a thumb over his nipples.


“So good, Lan Zhan.” He moans. “Will you stay still for me? You feel amazing.”


Lan Wangji obliges.


This isn’t the first time that Wei Wuxian has rode him, but he never got to control the pacing like this, to explore what tiny little movement can bring them more pleasure. He strokes his hands over Lan Wangji’s toned abs, rises on his knees and then lets gravity do its work and sinks down again.


At first, Lan Wangji still tries to snap up his hips fast and hard. Wei Wuxian is uncharacteristically patient, soothing him and whispering directions - not yet, yes, like this, now harder, no, slow down - in a tone so soft it feels like a secret.


“We have time, Lan Zhan,” he says once, and sees Lan Wangji shiver at that. “I’m not going anywhere.”


He feels raw, and has to bend down to kiss him.


Gradually, they fall into a rhythm.


“See, like this,” he explains, breathless. “Nine shallow, one deep.”


He demonstrates each word, a high pitched sound tearing out of his throat when he lets his husband’s cock drive into him more forcefully.


“Change the pace.”


Every time Lan Wangji does a perfectly synchronized thrust, or manages to restrain himself even as he is leaking inside Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian rewards him by squeezing around his cock. He kisses every available part of his chest and face.


“You’re being so good,” he purrs, “So good to me, Lan Zhan. I love you so much.”


He can’t help the stream of tiny, pleased sound that fall unbidden from his lips. His own cock is leaking, straining against his abdomen, and Wei Wuxian reaches down to stroke it in time with his movements. He feels hyper aware of every part of his body - the furious beating of his heart, the pleasure building steadily in his groin, his loose hair heating his back to the point of discomfort, the sweat building in the crook of his knees. It’s amazing.


Lan Wangji is looking at him with blown pupils and parted lips, like Wei Wuxian is his whole world. The mere idea makes him moan again, almost desperate.


The orgasm sneaks up on him suddenly, a perfect thrust by Lan Wangji the only thing that’s needed to make him fall over the edge. Surprise and pleasure wash over him in equal measure as he shakes and whines and comes all over his husband’s chest.


He barely manages to keep himself upright.


When he finally catches his breath, he’s still trembling.


“Wei Ying.”


There’s wonder in Lan Wangji’s voice, equally mixed with barely hidden desperation. Wei Wuxian bends down and captures his mouth in a slow, filthy kiss that Lan Wangji immediately tries to deepen with urgency. He fucks up into him with tiny, sharp thrusts that lights Wei Wuxian’s whole body up with marvelous shocks of overstimulation.




Wei Wuxian straightens again, smiling lazily when he sees his husband trying to chase his lips. Lan Wangji’s dick is still so impossibly hard inside him and, for once, Wei Wuxian is the one who wants to go again. And again. And again.


He starts slow, pressing his palms to Lan Wangji’s chest and rocking his hips in tiny movements, preventing his pleasure from fading away completely and instead feeding it with the sharp, almost painful sensations of too much .


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji repeats, “ Please.


The single word is almost enough to make Wei Wuxian hard again in an instant. He’s never heard his husband plead, not like this. Lan Wangji - perfect, composed, pure and righteous Hanghuang-jun - sounds wrecked, and it’s all for him.


“Yes,” he answers as he arches over him, bracing himself back on Lan Wangji’s thighs. He feels drunk on power and pleasure, and his heart is full to bursting with love.


He keeps on moving his hips, slowly but surely working himself back to full hardness.


“Call me again,” he demands.


“Wei Ying,” comes the immediate reply. “Wei Ying.”


He goes faster and faster every time, until he’s just driving himself down on his husband’s cock with abandon. Lan Wangji’s brows are furrowed, his mouth open as he searches for air, his whole body taut in the way he goes when he’s really close to the edge.


“Yes,” he pants. “Let it go, Lan Zhan, do it, gods-”


He slams his hips down with an obscene moan and Lan Wangji’s back arches off the bed, almost making Wei Wuxian lose his balance. Warmth fill his insides as Lan Wangji keeps thrusting up into him with an utterly lost expression, eyes tightly shut and Wei Wuxian’s name falling from his lips in a continuous stream, like a prayer.


Wei Wuxian falls down above him, letting his loose and damp hair cover them both like a curtain. He rubs his cock against the mess he left previously on his husbands’ abdomen, and he can’t help but let out a breathless, almost delirious laugh when he realizes Lan Wangji is still hard inside him.


“Hanghuang-jun, are you for real?”


He gets no reply of course, his husband too breathless and lost in what appears like a devastating orgasm, if the tremors of his limbs are any indication. Wei Wuxian keeps rocking, moaning at the wet sensation and the terribly filthy sounds, and peppers Lan Wangji’s face with a thousand kisses, whispering praises and promises with each one of them.


Lan Wangji’s dick twitches, still leaking. Then he bends his legs, plants his feet on the bed to get more leverage and gives a harsh thrust that makes Wei Wuxian see stars.


“Untie the ribbon, Wei Ying.” He rasps. His voice is so ruined that it sounds more like the plead it is than the order it looks like.


Wei Wuxian knows that he is at his limit, so close to just tearing through the ribbon in his need to touch him. He can’t help but tease him a little more, rocking steadily and moaning wantonly at the wet and easy slide, debating whether he got his point across or not. He probably got a little bit carried away in the middle, forgetting the original purpose of this endeavour.


A quick glance up at Lan Wangji’s hands, however, is enough for Wei Wuxian to take pity on the poor piece of cloth, already crumpled beyond recognition.


“I’m going to untie you, Lan Zhan,” he announces, reaching up towards his hands. He is careful not to dislodge his husband’s cock too much, but he has to bite his lips to swallow down a moan when he feels come sliding down his thighs. “But don’t you go all impatient on me, mh?”


Lan Wangji surges on his knees as soon as the silk falls down from his wrists, hands all over Wei Wuxian’s body like a starved man. Wei Wuxian can’t scold him, can’t say anything at all before his mouth is captured in a deep and passionate kiss that steals all of his remaining thoughts away.


It takes a while for Wei Wuxian to realize that Lan Wangji is not moving, not taking him with abandon - instead, he seems content in keeping him close, seated in his lap, caressing every available inch of his skin. A warm hand slides from his nape, damp with sweat, down along his spine to where they are joined, making him shiver.


“Lan Zhan,” he mutters on his lips when they separate for breath, “You feel so good.”


Lan Wangji just hums, rubbing along his puffy rim, catching his lips again. Wei Wuxian sighs and melts into the kiss, focusing on the touches. He is the one that starts rocking after a while, breath coming faster again as he balances on his husband’s shoulder.


That’s when Lan Wangji’s control finally snaps.


He starts fucking up into him, not with the furious, passionate drive that he usually has, but with the deep thrusts that Wei Wuxian just showed him and - oh, Wei Wuxian has never been more glad that his husband is such a fast learner. They’re sharper somehow, definitely rougher than before, driven by their mutual desire to tumble into completion once more. It doesn’t take long for Wei Wuxian to feel the familiar build up of pleasure, pressing his forehead to his husband’s shoulder as he shivers violently.


Lan Wangji takes his face in one hand and raises it to claim his lips once more, stealing his breath as surely as he did his heart.


Wei Wuxian comes with a shout that is promptly swallowed by his husband’s greedy mouth, making even more of a mess of their bodies, and Lan Wangji’s thrusts become more and more erratic, losing the perfectly delicious rhythm.


He feels spent and fucked out, his mind a pleasant bubble without thoughts. His own body is shivering in aftershocks as Lan Wangji keeps pressing into him, pushing him down on his back and chasing his own release. Wei Wuxian’s body goes pliant, he’s just happy to let his husband take his pleasure. He’s drooling in the kiss, and he belatedly realized that the tiny little fucked out noises that he hears are his own.


Then, suddenly, Lan Wangji wrenches his mouth away and presses his face in the crook of Wei Wuxian’s neck, panting raggedly as his hips spasm violently and he releases with a strained, choked gasp.


Wei Wuxian is still shivering from his own climax, and the warm sensation of being filled tears another weak moan from him. Lan Wangji’s breath is coming fast, his heart beating wildly against his chest.


It takes a while for both of them to calm down. Lan Wangji keeps himself balanced on his elbows despite the trembling of his limbs, careful not to crush Wei Wuxian with his weight. When he finally pulls out and goes to move away, Wei Wuxian whines.


“Why do you have to be like this, stay here.”


“Sssh. I’m here.”


Lan Wangji maneuvers them onto their sides and slides behind Wei Wuxian, indulging his desire for cuddles. Wei Wuxian is no idiot, and knows that he won’t get to drift off to sleep like this - they’re both a mess, covered in sweat and come everywhere, laying on an equally filthy blanket - but, for now, he sighs happily and laces his fingers with his husband’s where they rest low on his abdomen.


“So,” he mumbles, too fucked out too move but not to be a smart ass. “Was it worth it?”


He feels a sudden breath against his nape that could almost be a laugh. Lan Wangji places a kiss there, makes a pretty eloquent hum.


Wei Wuxian smiles, satisfied, and slots himself more firmly in the curve of his husband’s body.