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Who is Giorno Giovanna?

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It was a quiet morning in Neapel and the gang was sitting at the breakfast table. Well, at least most of the gang was sitting there. The young boss Giorno Giovanna was missing but in his place Trish Una was joining the group.

Fugo tried to explain Narancia how math works but the older one just came up with the excuse that it is way too early for math. It all gets out of hand really fast and these two tried to stab each other. A strict glance from Bruno ended the fight as fast as it began.
Abbacchio read the newspaper with a bored look on his face.
Mista feeded his stand Sex Pistols and stopped them from bullying the poor number 5. Trish was also bored and tapped on her cell phone.

“Hey Mista.”, she suddenly spoke up and diverted Mistas attention from his Stand to the young girl.
“In the mood for a couple quiz? For you and Giorno.”, she asked the gunman.
“Okay, the questions are testing how good you know him. First question: When is Giornos Birthday?” Mista blinked and stayed silent for a moment.
“I have no clue.”, he admited.
“Well… okay, next question: What’s his favorite colour?”
“Uhm… Blue? It could also be red or pink.”, Mista answered.
“Or maybe yellow, or green, or gold! I’m sure he likes gold, I mean his whole stand is gold.”
“You just named six different colour and you just guess which one he likes the most.” Trish summed up.
“Somehow… yes… maybe he likes rainbows!” Trish stayed silent for a moment.
“I will just continue with the next question: What are Giornos hobbies?”
At least this time Mista could answer fast and with a certainty that his answer is right.
“I’m sure working isn’t a hobby.” She said skeptical.
“But Giorno loves working! He does it all day long!”
“But what’s he doing when he isn’t at work?”
“Sleeping, eating, showering?” Mistas answer was more a question than an answer. One of Trish eyebrows went up and gave Mista a skeptical gaze.
“What are you two doing, when you spend time together? Don’t tell me he is working on your dates too.”
“Well… we do this and that… when I think about it, he always let me decide what we are doing and he never wanted to go to special place for himself or something like that.”
“I guess I won’t get a better answer from you. Next question-”
“DON’T YOU DARE ASK ME THE FOURTH QUESTION!” Mistas fear of the number four and his loud screaming because of it made Trish rolled her eyes.

“Question number five: What are the names of Giornos parents?”
“I have no clue.”
Trish sighed and just asked the next one.
“Question number six: Where was he born?”
“... in Neapel? I’m sure he comes from Neaple.”
“Question number seven: What’s his favorite food?”
“Maybe Pizza? I think he likes Pizza.”, Mista answered.
“Dude, who doesn’t like Pizza? Everybody loves Pizza! You can’t answer it like that.”, Narancia intruded.
“I guess he’s okay with everything…? I mean he never said something against any kind of food. I’ll keep saying that Pizza is his favorite food.”
“Question number eight: What’s Giornos favorite music?”
“No clue!”
“Question number nine: What’s his favorite movie?”
“The Bridges of Madison County.”
“Mista we all know that this is your favorite movie and not Giornos.” Fugo interposed in the quizz and made it clear that Mista had no clue what Giornos favorite movie is.
“Last question: What’s Giornos dream?”

“Oh come on! We all know his ‘I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream’ speech and I will punch someone in the face, when I have to hear it again!”, Abbacchio said angry and throwed the newspaper away.
“Mista you know like nothing about Giorno.” Trish pointed out.
“Hahaha, you are such a bad boyfriend.” Narancia laughed loud and ignored his math lesson.

“As if you’re any better Narancia!”
“I know a lot about Fugo!”
“Prove it!”
“Sure! His birthday is this year, his favorite colour is red, his hobby is being a nerd, his parents are Mister and Miss Fugo, he was born in italy-”
“You think my hobby is being a nerd?”
“Yeah and you’re really good at your hobby!” Fugo grabbed the fork right next to him, ready to stab Narancia with it.
“Being a nerd can’t be a hobby and I’m not a nerd!”
“Oh you are! Only nerds know stuff like math.” You could see how Fugos face gets more and more red and his hand twitched ready to attack the older boy.
“That is basic knowledge! You’re just way to stupid for it!”
That was it, Fugo shoot up and pierced the fork in Narancias meat. A loud yowl came from Narancia and he grabbed his knife to threaten Fugo. Both of them shout out insults.

“Narancia! Fugo! Cut it out!” These words from Bruno were enough to bring these two teenagers back to their senses. Both of them let their weapons fall.
“I’m sorry for screaming at you and that I said that you are stupid.” Fugo excused himself.
“I’m sorry too. It was wrong to say, that your hobby is stupid.”
“Being a nerd isn’t my hobby…” Fugo sighed and let the topic drop.

“Also it’s right, that the last name of my parents is ‘Fugo’ but I’m it is about their first names.” Fugo explained.
“You parents are assholes, who cares for their first names?”

“Oh come on Narancia! Your answers were horrible too! I also can say that Giorno was born in italy or that the name of his parents are Mister and Miss Giovanna. And I also know that his birthday is this year!” MIsta said with a grin on his face.
“At least I know his favorite colour!” The voices of them became louder and louder.
“Guys calm down.” Bruno exhorted them.

“But when I think about it…” Bruno started “I also know like nothing about Giorno.”
“You are right Bruno. I never noticed that I know so little about him. He never talks about himself or let any information slip.” Fugo noted.
“I can’t believe that you know so little about your teammate!” Trish shouted out.
“Hey, we know him as long as you know him. He joined on the same day, as we met you Trish. There wasn’t really much time for bounding.” Mista explained.

“I know a lot about Giorno!” Narancia claimed.
“Aha, and what?”
“He’s blond, has blue eyes, he is 15 years old, as tall as Fugo, he can create life with his stand. Oh and he drank Abbacchios piss.” Narancia enumerated.
“Narancia that are obvious facts about him and we all know that stuff.” Fugo said.

“He did what?!” Bruno and Trish shouted out at the same time.
“When…? Why…? LEONE!” Bruno shouted at his lover.
“I know there was something I had to tell you…”
“It was when you brought Giorno with you for the first time and you were gone for some minutes. Abbacchio pissed in the teapot and serves Giorno a cup of tea. And Giorno drank it!” Narancia recounted the story.
Bruno was speechless.

“So you all knew it and still let it happen?”, Bruno asked.
“We just wanted to know, if he really was gonna drink it.”
Bruno sighted. “Why are you so horrible?”, he asked his gang.
“All I learned today is that I should never accept a drink from Abbacchio.” Trish said.
“And that we don’t know a fucking thing about Giorno.” Narancia added.


“Maybe we should try to get some more information about Giorno.”, Trish suggested.
“Oh no.”, came a comment from Abbacchio.
“Leone! I think it is a good idea to learn something about him. I mean we see each other every day, it’s a shame that we don’t know anything about him.”, Bruno said to the group.
“Do you know what that means? We need to spy the boss and have no time for math!” Narancia screamed.

“The last time we tried to get information about a boss we all nearly died.” Abbacchio mentored.
“I’m sure Giorno won’t kill us just because we want to know his favorite colour.” Bruno laughed.

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“Sooooo… does anyone has a plan how we could get some information from Giorno?” Mista asked the rest of the group.
“How about- I don’t know- JUST ASK HIM?” Fugo suggested while he tried to bring Narancia back to his math lesson. It didn’t succeed because Narancia was already too excited by making stupid plans.

“No, no, no!” Narancia yelled “We need to do it- erm… what is the word when you want to do something but the person shouldn't notice it?”
“Subtile.” Fugo quickly answered.
“Right! We need to do it subtitle! What would Giogio think about us, when he notices that we know nothing about him.”

“I don’t care what that brat thinks about me.” Abbacchio said.
“Leone don’t say anything anymore, except it is a explanation why you made Giorno drink your piss.” It was clear that Bruno was mad at his boyfriend for making a 15 years old boy drink his piss.
“I didn’t like him when I first met him. I still don’t like him.”
“You meet a person for the first time and think ‘I don’t like him, I should make him drink my piss!’?”
“It was hate on the first sight. What else should I have done?”
“Behave like the adult you are!”

“Are you gonna divorce now?” Narancia asked them and interrupted the fight between the two older men. Mista started laughing and joined Narancia in making fun about the situation.
“Please, Mom, Dad, don’t let a fight ruin your marriage.” The gunman said. Bruno and Abbacchio were used to this kind of jokes and they were sure that when they really marry one day, that they will hear this kind of joke every day. As long as Abbacchio can make Bruno forgive him the piss drinking adventure of Giorno.
“Mista do you want some tea?” Abbacchio asked with a threatening intonation.
“No! Please don’t!” Mista cried out and hid himself behind Narancia. The hiding didn’t worked out because Narancia was way smaller than Mista, but at least he could shield himself from the angry goth.

“Please calm down guys. I don’t want that you destroy the house.” Bruno said and tried to calm his angry goth boyfriend down and prevented that the gunman gets killed by him.
Just in that moment the door opened and the young boss of passion stepped into the room, just to be greeted by that bizarre situation.
Trish and Fugo were sitting at the table and giggled. Abbacchio was holden back by Bruno and tried to get over to Mista, who hid himself behind Narancia.

“Did I disturb something?” the young boss asked.
“No, no. We just finished this conversation.” Bruno answered and could finally push Abbacchio back on his chair.
“Yo, Giogio, you missed breakfast.” Narancia pointed out and also sat back at his chair.
“I’m sorry that I couldn’t take place there, but I have a lot of work to do.” Giorno said in the same polite tone he always used. It was actually pretty much distancing.

“Now it’s the perfect time!”, Narancia whispered to Mista and jumped up from his chair. In the time Giorno got himself a glass filled with water.
“So Giorno” Narancia started “how does it feel that the city you was born in, slowly gets rid of drugs?”
“Wow, that was really subtile.” Fugo commented sarcastically but it wasn’t heard by Giorno.
“That’s a weird way to say that Narancia.” Giorno pointed out.
“What? No, that is totally normal! We always talk like that, right Mista?” Narancia searched for help by his friend.
“Y-yes, that’s totally normal!” Mista said and Trish just facepalmed herself. Giorno raised one of his eyebrows and gave Narancia a sceptical gaze. But the young beauty knew that his friends were everything but normal so it was really questionable what’s normal for them.

“When you say so Narancia.”
“Soooo? How do you feel about seeing the city you were born in now?” Narancia asked again.
“I wasn’t born in Neapel. But it’s nice to see it.” Giorno answered.
“Oh… and where were you born?” Narancia continued asking in a way that really wasn’t
subtle. But the smallest boy in the gang didn’t expected the reaction of his boss. Giorno stared at him with his clear blue eyes and he somehow looked angry. Narancia had the feeling that Giornos gaze stabbed him and it feeled like an eternity were Giorno stared at him like that.

“I don’t think that it is important, where I was born.” Giorno said and put down his glass.
“I’m on a rush and still have work to do, so please excuse me.” He left the room again and let the rest of the gang alone.

“What the fuck?” Narancia brought out after their boss left.
“I never saw Giorno wanting to get out of a conversation that badly.” Bruno commented the scene he just saw.
“I just asked him where he was born and he looks at me as if he would like to stab me.”

“That's it? That the way you can make the brat leave? Why didn’t we do that a long, long time ago?” Abbacchio said.
“Leone, don’t be so mean.” Bruno urged him.
“But that could be the solution for the problem.” Abbacchio keeps going.
“Which problem?”
Bruno just sighed.

“Maybe he just really don’t want that we know something about him. It could be a boss thing. I mean my father even wanted to kill me, so nobody could know something about him.” Trish said.
“So he will kill us when we find out something about him?” Narancia asked.
“Like I already said, he won’t kill us just because we want to know his favorite colour.” Bruno repeated himself.
“But we also didn’t thought that Diavolo wanted to kill Trish when we should deliver her to him. So who knows?” Narancia fantasized.
“You think Giorno wants to kill us all?” Mista asked. He was sure that his boyfriend would never hurt one of his friends and that everything Narancia said is just pure fantasy.

“With the knowledge we have about him he also could be a werewolf or a vampire.” Narancia argued.
“He can’t be a vampire! We saw him in the sunlight.” Mista pointed out and leaned back some more in his chair.
“Maybe he wears sunblocker +5000 or something like that. And in the night he goes out and hunts innocent creatures.”
“When you ever give up teaching him, maybe you should try letting him write a book. He has a blooming fantasy.” Abbacchio suggested Fugo but the younger one just sighted.
“But his orthography is horrible.”

“Narancia your story has one weak point.” Mista started.
“And that would be?”
“Vampires aren’t real!” Mista yelled at the younger men.
“That’s exactly what a vampire would say! Maybe Giorno already turned you into a vampire, so you can help him hunting other creatures.”
“Narancia he’s not a vampire.” Trish said to him. It looked like she really wanted to get over that stupid vampire idea.

“So things like Stands are real but vampires aren’t?” Narancia kept going.
“He is not a vampire!” it came from all of the present people.
“Okay… that is exactly what he wants you to believe.”


“Will we just give up finding out stuff about Giorno? I mean I can live with it, but it is pitiful that Mista knows nothing about the person he’s dating.” Trish said.
“No! I want to know stuff about him.” Mista said. It would be really sad when he had not a single clue about his boyfriend.
“Yeah! We're not giving upso easily! We gonna find out what he don’t want us to find out!” Narancia yelled.
“And then?”
“We could blackmail him.” Narancia suggested.
“Narancia no!”

“Why can’t he be so determined when it’s about math? It would made my job way easier.” Fugo asked.
“Maybe when you mix some vampires in your math lessons he’ll give them more attention.” Bruno suggested him.
“I could try it.”

“And when we found out that he is a vampire, we need an exorcist.” Narancia said, before Fugo hit him with full force on the head. For today Narancia just said to many times the word “vampire” and it’s getting on Fugos nerves.
“He’s not vampire!”

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Bruno sat on his desk and completed some of his worksheets. Since they vanquished Diavolo and Giorno became the new boss of Passione, there was so much more work they had to do and Bruno didn’t trust Narancia and Mista with that kind of paperwork. Narancia still did physical work and tried to get a clue from math and Mista worked as Giornos bodyguard. Both jobs were Bruno didn’t have to hand over important documents to them.
Fugo also did his best to help and with his knowledge he was a big help. Abbacchio just made whatever Bruno asked for, even when the work he did would help Giorno. Bruno thought it was pretty cute from him.
Even though Bruno didn’t knew much about Giornos past or his preference, he knew that Giorno tried to do all the work by himself and that was just to much for the 15 years old workaholic, even when he didn’t admit it.

He tried his best to be concentrated but somehow his mind always wandered off and just didn’t stayed by all the documents. Abbacchio looked over the shoulder of his lover to see the documents he was working on.
“You wrote the word ‘transferred’ wrong. It has two r not one.” pointed the silver haired men out.
“Oh… I didn’t notice. Thanks Leone.” He quickly edited his mistake and tried to fill out the rest without doing more mistakes. Abbacchio sat down beside Bruno and stared with his yellow and purple eyes at his lovers face and Bruno tried his best to concentrate on his work. Silence filled the room. They stayed like that for a while, till Leone cut the silence.

“What’s wrong Bruno? You seem off. Also you switch the a and the e in Neapel, normally you would never do a mistake like that.” he spoke. Again Bruno quickly corrected his mistake.
“I’m fine Leone.” he wanted to calm down his lover.
“No, your not!”
“I’m just a little bit tired. Don’t worry Leone.” he tried to fobbed off Abbacchio. It didn’t work.
“I know that is your move, but maybe when I lick you I can also taste your lies. Come here Bruno and let me try the taste of a liar.” Abbacchio came nearer to Brunos face.
Bruno pushed his lover playfull away and let out a small chuckle.
“Okay, okay, I got it Leone.”

“So, what bothers you?” Abbacchio asked again.
“It’s because of Giorno.” He finally admitted.
“That damn brat! Don’t tell me it’s still about the piss.”
“No, but I’m still disappointed of you.” Bruno pointed out.
“Do you think he’s a vampire?”
“NO!” Bruno started to laugh. That stupid idea of Giorno being a vampire was just too much for him, to keep this dark mood. Maybe they shouldn’t let Narancia watch so many fantasy movies.

He sighted resignedly and run his hands through his raven black hair.
“Narancia and Mista looked really determined to find out something about Giornos past.”
“And?” Abbacchio asked.
“Oh come on Leone, you’re not stupid. I’m sure you think the same like I do! Giorno is fifteen years old. I don’t believe that a so young men would join the mafia if he had a good past.” Bruno summed his concerns.
“So what? Are you scared about whatever they could find out?”
“Bruno I don’t care for Giorno but I’m sure the rest of the group does and I’m also sure nothing will change, whatever they’ll find out. Look at them, Fugo joined with 13, Narancia joined with 15 and you were also 13 when you joined.”
“I was 12.” Bruno corrected him.
“What I want to say is that we all have a dark past. Whatever they will find out, they will understand it.”

“I know that, it’s just-” Bruno broke his own sentence.
“It’s just that you fear that you could see the boy, you put all your faith into, with other eyes. You trusted Giorno and his goals from the start and after he defeated Diavolo you were the one who wanted that Giorno becomes the new boss. You are scared that you could see the man in which hands you laid your life - no - the man in which hands you laid all our lives, with other eyes. Believe me, I and the rest rather wanted to see you as the new boss. We trust you Bruno and you know we would sacrifice ourselves just for you. We trusted you when you first brought Giorno with you, we trusted you when you betrayed the boss and we also trusted you when you said, that Giorno should be the new boss. But it’s not only the trust in you. Look at Narancia, Mista and Fugo, they started to trust Giorno because they saw his skills and what he can do. They see him as a friend for the person he is and not for his past. Do you really think, that all of this will change, just because of whatever happened in Giornos past?” Abbacchio asked his lover.
Silence grew between them and they just looked at each other. Suddenly Bruno started to smile.

“It’s really a tragedy that you’re not by the police anymore. You’re so good in pointing things out.” he said.
“Don’t change the topic when I’m being serious. I’m trying to cheer you up!”
“And you are doing amazing Leone. It’s just that…” Bruno broke his own sentence again and looked at Abbacchio as if he thought that his Lover could figure it out without him saying it loud.
“It’s just that you care for Giorno like you care for the rest of the gang. They are your family and you don’t want that someone of your family gets hurt or has been hurt.” Abba pointed out.
“Exactly. I don’t want anyone of them to get hurt.”
“I guess the Mafia is the wrong job then.” Abbacchio said. He was right, their job always was dirty and everything but save. They could die every day and still Bruno didn’t want that his friends - his family - get hurt.

“It’s extraordinary that you talk so good about Giorno and the way I trust him. I expected something like ‘Who the fuck cares for Giorno? Just get rid of him!’ and not something like that.” Bruno laughed.
“Oh believe me, I’m already pissed because of my own speech. Damn you Giorno and all the attention you get!” This just led to a louder laugh from Bruno.
The dark haired man knew that Abbacchio actually cared for the rest of the gang and also for Giorno but Bruno didn’t want to ruined the mood by pointing this out.
“Are you jealous? That’s so cute Leone.” He kissed his Lover on his lips.
“Did your mood finally light up?” The goth asked. As answer he got another kiss from Bruno.
“Yes, thank you Leone. Soooo… is the lick offer still on?”




Mista sat on the couch in Giornos office and was bored. He was Giornos bodyguard but to be honest the blond boy didn’t need one because he was able to beat up everyone by himself. Also till now nothing ever happened here. Giorno would just sat there for hours and do his work. Mista really liked that he could spend time with his beloved boyfriend but watching for hours how he works on some documents can be really boring, even when Giorno was a tremendously beauty.

“Giogio?” Mista broke the silence.
“When are you done?”
“Mhm… I still have some work left, but I’m doing a good progress. I guess it still will be one or two hours. When you’re bored you can leave.” Giorno suggested him.
“No, I will wait for you. So you’re free after that?”
“Do you want to go on a date?”
“Great! Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t really care. Wherever you want to go to.” Giorno said. He still looked at his work and filled out documents. Mista decided to try to get some more information from Giorno and this time he would do it really subtle and not like Narancia tried it.
“Are you sure? Isn’t there anything special you want to do? Or a place you want to see?” Mista asked.
“Not really.” Giorno was today really a one liner.

“When you have to decide a place, which would that be?” Mista kept trying.
“Like I already said, I don’t really care. Mista!” Giorno finally looked up from his work and stabbed Mista with his glace. “You know that I hate to repeat myself.”
Okay, now he annoyed his Giorno, that wasn’t good.
“I’m sorry, it’s just that I have the feeling that I’m the one who always decides what we are doing…” Mista confessed to Giorno. The blond one looked now less annoyed by his boyfriend.
“I’m fine with everything as long as I can spend time with you.” He pointed out and went back to his work.
Damnit, Mista couldn’t say anything against Giorno when he said stuff like that.

“Is it okay when I go and grab some food for the Pistols?” Mista changed the topic.
“Sure. I’m gonna tell you when someone suddenly breaks through the window and tries to kill me.”
“That would be so typical, that when something finally happen, it’s when I’m not here.” Mista chuckled and left Giorno alone.


In the kitchen Fugo sat all by himself and read some kind of book. He didn’t looked up when Mista entered the kitchen and searched for something to eat.
“Did you find something out about Giorno?” Fugo asked and still didn’t look up.
“I asked him if there is anything he wants to do after work and he said he is fine with everything as long as I’m at his side.” Mista summed his conversation.
“Well he works the whole day long, so I guess he just wants to calm down in his spare time.”
“Or I’m his hobby.” Mista propounded.
“When you’re his only hobby that would be really sad.” The white haired boy laughed.
“Ey! I’m a great hobby!”
“Says who?”
“Me and how it looks also Giorno.” Finally Fugo looked up from his book and gave Mista a sceptical look.

“Moreover I hope we will soon get some information about Giorno. Narancia is so thrilled because of that, that I can’t bring him to do his math homeworks.”
“And you just let him not doing them?”
“No… I hit him in the face and we started to fight.” He avowed.
“Wow, I maybe don’t know anything about my boyfriend but at least I don’t fight with him every day.”
“We don’t fight that often!”
“Yes you do!”

Before the discussion could get any further a loud crackle interrupted them.
“That comes from the direction of Giornos office!” Mista pointed out and started to run back into Giornos office. His gun drawn and ready to shoot. Fugo was close behind him when he finally reached the office of the boss.
“Giorno, are you alright?!” Mista screamed and pointed at the other person in the room. It took him some seconds till he recognized the person who stand beside Giorno.
It was just Narancia.
How could it be that the black haired scatterbrain be on the scene before him - Giornos own bodyguard?

“Everything’s fine. Narancia just came in, tripped and knocked over the vase.” Giorno explained and pointed at the shattered pieces of the vase.
“Sorry Giogio. I didn’t want to destroy your vase.” Narancia apologies.
“It’s alright. As the boss of the italian Mafia I’ll surely get a new one somewhere.”
Fugo helped Narancia to collect up the pieces of the vase and get rid of the water on the ground.

“Why did you come here to bother Giorno anyway?” Fugo finally asked his friend. Narancia looked at him as if he was the innocent in person.
“I just wanted to ask Giogio something and then I tripped.” He explained.
“And that would be?” Giorno asked the older boy.
“What do you think about vampires?”
Giorno blinked in silence for a short time and he looked at Narancia with a perplexed look on his face.
“I’m sorry but I’m not really into this fantasy stuff.” he finally answered.
“It’s okay Giogio. We disturbed you long enough. I’m sorry boss.” Fugo apologized for both of them and dragged Narancia out of the room.

“Can you finally stop with this vampire stuff? That is totally stupid and now you just saw that Giorno doesn't know anything about it.” Fugo approached his boyfriend, when he closed the door to Giornos office.
“Or he just said that, so we don’t think that he’s a vampire!” Fugo facepalmed himself and sighted.
“You’re such an idiot Nara.”
“But I’m your Idiot.” the smaller one laughed.

Chapter Text

Giorno Giovanna was a man who loved his dream - he even lived for his dream - but hated to dream. They were dark and cruel.
There was hardly anything that the blond beauty feared so much like the nightmares that haunted him in the night. Even if he would never speak it out loud.

Today was like every other time and the darkness of his past took over him and turned him back into the small boy he once was. A small body which couldn’t do anything and didn’t had the slightest power.
He was back in the apartment he lived in as a child and for a moment he just stared at the cold walls. The walls he saw so often while being hurt and which belonged to this cold house, which never was a home. Giorno was scared. He couldn't think, he couldn’t move, so he just stood there on the ice like ground and waited.
Waited for what?
Whatever it was, Giorno was sure it would be horrible.

The creek of a door and heavy footsteps let his tiny body tremble so hard, that his legs gave in and he fell to the floor. Giorno didn’t need to know who just came into the room to panic.
“Haruno!” A deep, threatening voice shouted. It was his voice. The voice of the man who made his childhood to hell. His heavy footsteps came nearer and nearer. Haruno wanted to jump up and run away, but he couldn’t move at all.
“You little piece of shit!” He grabbed Harunos hair and pulled him up, just to push him with full force against the next wall. It hurt and Haruno knew that it wouldn’t take much time, until the first hit would hit him. He held up his little arms to shield his head from the coming punches. It didn’t help much. He still could feel the burning pain the hit brought.
“You useless child!”
A second punch and a third punch hit him. Under pain Haruno opened his deep blue eyes and looked at his stepfather. It was a mistake because his stepfather just got angrier at him.
“You try to read me again? Stop staring at me, you filthy demon!”
He kicked Haruno in the stomach and the little boy gasped out of pain but the man didn’t stop and just kicked him again and again. Haruno felt like he was dying and with every hit he felt how his body burned more and more and his chest was ready to burst any moment. It hurt so much but Haruno didn’t dare to move or say something, he didn’t even dare to show any emotions, which would just make his stepfather angrier.
“You’re the vile spawn of the devil! You’re a bad child, no wonder that no one wants you. You are useless!”
His stepfather screamed at him. Haruno just wanted to close his eyes and never open them again. He just wanted the pain to stop, but his stepfather didn’t show any mercy on the child.
“I will kill you and that will be a good deed for the whole world!” He shouted and kicked even harder.

Suddenly Haruno heard the sound of high heels and dared to open his eyes again to see his mother in front of him. Her eyes were cold and when he could see anything in them it was pure disgust but not against her husband, who just beat her only son up - no - it was abomination toward her own child.
“When your father hits you it’s because you made him angry. It’s all your fault Haruno.” She said, stepped closer to her son and suddenly she slapped her son in the face.
“I never wanted you! It would had been better if you were never born. No one needs you! No one wants you! And no one will ever love you!” She screamed at her son. Haruno could feel the burning hate from his mother. She turned away from him and left him alone on the cold ground.
“Why can’t you just disappear? Nobody would miss you or notice that you’re gone.” And with that she disappeared out of Harunos sight.

Haruno just layed on the ground, unable to move and still full of pain. It was cold. So cold. It felt like his hands were freezing, unable to ever do anything.
He didn’t wanted this. Haruno wanted to leave, to scream for help, for someone who would help him, but not a single tone could leave his lips.
It was pointless. Even outside this walls no one would be there. No one would care for him and no one would help him. Why should he scream when no one’s gonna listen anyway?

He knew it.
He was alone.
All alone.
For now and forever.
Always all alone.

In this world would never be a person who cares for him. Who would love him.


Giorno teared up his eyes and needed some moments till he realised where he was. It was his bedroom. But the realization didn’t help much. His body shaked and his breath was way to fast. His chest hurt and he could still feel the hits from his stepfather. But he didn't cry. He wasn’t able to.
Giorno tried to calm himself, but the panic this dream raised in him was just to big.

He hated his dreams.

He hated how they made him remember bad things.
He hated how weak he felt because of them.
He hated that he couldn’t get over his own past.
He hated that he once was Haruno.

Suddenly Giorno noticed the regularly breath and the weight of Mista beside him. The gunman didn’t wake up now and it was better so because Giorno didn’t want that Mista saw him like this. Giorno stroke for a moment through Mistas brown curled hair and felt the warmth of his boyfriend. But Giornos hands still trembled, so he removed them fast from Mistas head. He didn’t want to wake him up.

As quietly as he could he left the bed and the room. Mista didn’t wake up at all. It was good for Giorno right now, but it surely wasn’t good for the fact that Mista was his bodyguard.
He was on the way to his office when his eyes met a mirror which decorated the hallway. Giorno looked horrible. His eyes were wide opened, his chest went rapidly up and down, his whole body trembled so hard, that his legs could barely carry him and his hair was a mess.

He really needed to calm down.
Giorno wasn’t allowed to have a breakdown here.
He wasn’t allowed to be weak.
He was Giorno Giovanna, the boss of the italian mafia, the strongest man in this country or maybe even in the whole world. There wasn’t place for his fears or his stupid memories.
The only important thing was to keep working, to keep being strong.

Finally he reached his office and he went to his desk as fast as possible to open the upper drawer. It was full of chocolate bars, he kept here in secret. He grabbed one of them, unwrapped them and ate it. So fast as he ate it you could already call it gulped down. Chocolate has a calming effect on Giorno and it helped him to fight against his panic attacks and to prevent a breakdown.
He sat down on his large chair and tried to stop shaking. It hurt how he tried to stop himself forcefully but in the end he was somehow successfully and could breath halfway normal again. His eyes looked at the worksheets he couldn’t finish. Maybe it would be the best to just finish them now.
Yeah, working was good.
As long as Giorno could work he wasn’t useless.


That quiet noise ripped Giorno out of his thoughts and he looked around. There was a zipper in the wall, which was just open slightly and allowed Bruno to look into the room. When he saw Giorno he opened the zipper fully and stepped out of the zipper.
“I heard noise out of your office and thought someone was breaking in.” Bruno explained his appearance.
“It’s alright. I just couldn’t sleep and thought I could work a little bit.” Giorno hoped that Bruno would be satisfied with his answer and just go away, but Bruno wasn’t that easy to fool.
“You don’t look well Giorno.” Bruno said and came some steps closer.
“I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?” Why did Giorno even lie to Bruno? He knew that Bruno was skilled in noticing lies and still Giorno kept this lie like he always kept his perfect poker face.
“Of course.”
Brunos eyes stared at him and Giorno tried to read the older man. He saw that Bruno didn’t believe his words but Giorno could also see something else in his eyes. It was… fear? Like Bruno feared to find out something he wouldn’t like to know.

Suddenly Bruno laid his hand on Giornos shoulder. It was warm.
“You know… if there is anything that encumbers you, I’m there for you... We all are.”
“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”
Bruno gave him a sad smile and turned to leave. He suddenly stopped before he reached the door and faced Giorno again.
“You should go to bed again. You are cold and it would be bad if you get ill. We need you, boss.”
“I will.”
He turned away again and left.
They needed him. He wasn’t useless. Bruno surely didn’t know how much that meant to Giorno.


Finally he was back in his bedroom. Mista still slept soundly in his bed. Giorno couldn’t do other than smile at this sight. He tried to be as quiet as possible when he laid down again, but this time his bodyguard woke up.
“Gio…? Were you gone? I didn’t notice…” He mumbled.
“You are really a great bodyguard honey. You didn’t even woke up when I left or touched your head.” Giorno placed a kiss on Mistas forehead.
“Don’t blame it on me. It’s the curse of the fourth chapter that I didn’t woke up.” Mista mumbled.
“Fourth chapter? What are you talking about?” But Mista already fell back asleep and didn’t wake up in this chapter again.

Chapter Text

On the next morning Bruno still had the encounter with Giorno from last night in his mind. The young boss looked like everything but fine and Bruno still just left him without asking future. He saw that Giorno wasn’t alright. The capo had a bad feeling about just leaving a teenager in such a state alone. No matter if the teenager was the boss of the mafia.
But at the same time Bruno knew how much Giorno refuse to talk about his feelings or the fact that all the work could be too much for him.

Giorno was missing on the breakfast table again today. It would have been a silent morning when Narancia wouldn’t write a list about all the things they know about Giorno and debated about every single point. Most of the points where obvious about Giorno, like his appearance or his age.
“We also know when he got his stand!” Narancia shouted out. “The day he made Polpos Test! The same day we met him for the first time!” Narancia already wrote the date down, when Bruno raised his voice.

“Actually, he already had a Stand, when I first met him.” He explained.
“He made Polpos Test when he already had a Stand… that means he never been stabbed by Black Sabbath and that means that he actually managed to keep that lighter on for 24 hours.” Mista summed it up. That was really something impressive because Polpos Test was really hard. Nobody ever managed to keep the lighter on 24 hours. They either died because of Black Sabbath or they became Stand users.
“Or he fought Black Sabbath. I mean Giorno is smart and strong, I can imagine that he won against Polpo.” Fugo said. Nara just crossed out the text he just wrote down.
“Great, even the stuff I thought I knew about Giorno, is wrong.”

“When I think about it, wasn’t Giogio the last person who saw Polpo alive? Didn’t Polpo kill himself right on that day?” Fugo asked.
“You mean meeting Giorno was so horrible for Polpo that he just killed himself? Understandable.” Abbacchio said.
“Leone don’t be mean.” Bruno rebuked his boyfriend.
“So… do you mean that Giorno killed Polpo?” Narancia asked.
“Giorno would never do something like that!” Mista pointed out and protected the reputation of his lover.
“He killed many people. The Question is if he had a reason to kill Polpo.” Fugo said.
“Maybe Polpo found out that Giorno is a vampire-”
“He’s not a vampire Narancia!” Fugo shouted at the older men and nearly stabbed him again.
“But it would explain everything!”
“No. It wouldn’t explain a damn thing!”

“Guys, I’m sure it was just a coincidence, that all of that happened on the same day.” Bruno tried to calm them down. Actually Bruno also believed that Giorno had something to do with Polpos death, just like with Leaky-eye Luca but he didn’t want to discuss this topic now.
The sudden ring of his cell phone brought the perfect end of the conversation and Bruno started with his work for today.
“Narancia clean the dishes.” He told the younger boy before he left the room.
“Why me?” Narancia screamed.
“Because you believe that vampires are real. By your stupidness is washing the dishes the only job you will ever get!” Fugo shouted at him.
“Fuck it! I’m in the fucking Mafia!”
“And you’re fucking someone from the Mafia.” Mista laughed. In the next moment Bruno could hear the dishes shattered on the ground and loud screaming. Bruno sighted. It looked like he needed to by new dishes.


Finally Bruno answered the phone call.
“Bucciarati is speaking.”
“Good morning capo Bucciarati. Here is Squalo and…” The other person answered.
“And what?”
“Well, you know you sended me and Squalo on a mission where we should get rid of a gang.”
“Yes, I remember. Did something gone wrong.”
“Well, no… I mean yes… kinda…” Squalo stuttered.
“What happened?”
“Soooo… everything was totally normal but the… well…”
“Squalo! What happened?” Bruno asked again, this time in a way harsher tone. Before Squalo could stutter any further, Bruno could hear how someone took the cell phone from Squalo.
“Goddammit Squalo, calm down, everything is fine.” The voice said to the assassine.
“Tiziano, is that you? Can you tell me what’s going on?” Bruno asked.
“Of course capo and I apologize for Squalo. He’s a little bit nervous. So, we did the job we were given and took out the gang. Well, the point is that when we took them out it came out that they did more than just start a fight with passion.” Tizano started to explain.
“And what else did they do?”
“It seems like they tried to blackmail someone and they kidnapped a child. Now we have the child here and don’t know where it belongs because the guys are all dead. And now we don’t know what we should do with the child.” He explained.
“Bring the child to the police. I’m sure they can handle it.”
“Tell him the other thing about the child!” Squalo said in the background.
“Which other thing?” Bruno asked.
“Well… Squalo is sure that the child could saw his Clash.”
“The child is a stand user?”
“At least Squalo thinks so. I’m not sure about it. But when the child is really a stand user, it could be an enemy. Should we kill the child?” Tizano asked.
“Tiz! I won’t kill a little child!” Squalo screamed in the background.
“Sorry capo, Squalo gets a little bit soft when it’s about little Children.”
“Please don’t kill the child. Where is the child right now, when you talk so openly about killing them?” Bruno asked.
“It’s right beside us. Well, they can’t understand us. They don’t speak italian. I think they they speak english or something like that but neither Squalo or me can speak that language. So we won’t get a single information.” Tizano said.
Bruno sighted before he finally gave Tizano an order.
“Bring the child here. I will take care of it.”, he said.
“Do we have to bring the child or would you like to come here and get it?”, Tizano asked. Bruno already notice that the two assassins don’t like to met with them or better said they don’t want to met Narancia ever again, after they tried to kill him and the rest of the group but it ended with Narancia nearly killing them. The little boy just scares them.
“Bring the child here. I’m sure Nara will not kill you.”
“Sure Capo.”

Bruno needed a moment till he came up with a plan, what he should do, when Tizano and Squalo bring the child here. The first thing he should do is telling the others, that a little child will come in the house.
“Guys, there will be a little guest arriving soon. I want all of you to behave… and maybe it’s better when we don’t tell Giorno. He already has enough work.” Bruno said to his gang.
“A little guest? Do you mean a Dog? Oooohhhhh! I know it! A vampire dog! No! A Werewolf! A vampire werewolf” Narancia shouted out.
“Narancia. No.”
“And who is the little guest?” Fugo asked after he hit Narancia because he said the word ‘vampire’.
“It’s a child.” For a short time there was only silence in the room.

“Bruno. You know I love you, but you really need to stop adopting children!” Abbacchio said. Bruno looked at his lover with a raised eyebrow.
“I’m not gonna adopt the child.” He pointed out.
“I’m sure you said the same thing about all of us.” Narancia laughed.
“He never adopted me.” Abbacchio said. Narancia just laughed more.
“Yeah, because he married you.” Mista said.
“And now you also have his children!” Narancia already hold his stomach because he laughed so hard.
“No one of you is my child.” Abbacchio said and gave Narancia and Mista an angry glace.
“Oh Daddy, please don’t be angry.” Fugo now also started to join the laugher. Abbacchio on the other hand was really angry because of the stupid jokes.
“Bruno, say goodbye to your children because after this you won’t have any anymore.” And the conversation got out of hand. Again.

“Guys shut up for a moment so I can explain the situation to you.” Bruno shouted out and like a miracle they kept quiet.
“Tizano and Squalo found the child on their mission. The child was kidnapped and now they will bring them here and I’m gonna handle the situation.” Bruno explained.
“Why don’t you just bring the child to the police?” Leone asked. He was everything but happy about the situation.
“Squalo is sure that the child is a stand user. So I just want to be sure that everything goes right.” Abbacchio hit the table hard with his hand that the vase with flowers fell over.
“The child could be an enemy and you want to bring it here? We should just kill it!” Bruno looked at his lover for a moment and was speechless.
“I’m not gonna kill a little child Leone… well, not till it turns out that it’s really an enemy. But till now the child is the victim.” Bruno didn’t gave Leone the time to say something.
“And when you’re so suspiciously darling, then you can watch over the child while I try to find out where the child is from.” Bruno said and gave Abbacchio a small kiss on the front head.
“Great, the child’s gonna be traumatized for it's entire life.” Mista said and leaned back.

“Oh, and the child doesn’t speak italian. So I hope you speak english Honey.” Bruno added.
“I know so much as you learn in school.”
“And I know as much as you learn in the mafia.” Bruno said and looked at the other three.
“Who needs english? I already speak italian!” Narancia pointed out and knocked himself proud on the chest.
“Yeah, your italian is already so bad, that I don’t want to overstrain you with a second language.” Fugo snickered.
“Pff, I would be great in english!”
“Then I can also teach you english and not only math.” Fugo said with an diabolic smile on his face.
“No! You just gonna hit me!” At this point Bruno started to ignore the conversation between Fugo and Narancia which will surely end in a fist fight. Just like always.

“Soooo capo, what will happen, when you can’t find the family of the child? Are gonna adopt them?” Mista asked. Bruno sighed.
“I’m not gonna adopt any children! I will find a solution!” In the next moment the doorbell echoed through the house.
“That must be Squalo and Tizano.” Bruno rushed to the house door and opened it.

“Buongiorno. Here is the little child.” Tizano pointed at Squalo who carried the child. Bruno looked over the child. A little girl which must be between five and ten years old. She looked panical between all the people back and forth. Well, she got kidnapped and didn’t understand a single word the people around her saying. It’s pretty fair to be scared.
“Hello gays!” Narancia rushed to the door. Immediately Squalo went a step closer to Tizano.
“Here, you have her. We’re going.” Squalo let the child down and pushed her in Brunos direction.
“And stay away from us Gremlin!” Tizano said before he left with Squalo.

“So that’s the brat?” Abbacchio, Mista and Fugo also joined them in the hallway and looked at the little girl. The girl on the other hand just looked more scared than some moments before. Around her just stand a big crotchety Goth, a men with more holes in his suite than it should be allowed, a men in a bustle belt, a men in a suite with many zippers with a tiddy window and a men with the world ugliest tiger printed pants.
It was understandable that she was scared.

“So, what’s your name little one?” Bruno just hit his own forehead because of Mistas question.
“Mista… what didn’t you understand when I told you that she doesn’t understand italian?”

Chapter Text

The girl actually looked pretty cute. Her shirt and shoes were decorated with butterflies and her hair was dyed at some parts and put in an ornate hairstyle, where her hair was put in some buns and braided. In her hair were also some butterflies.
So all the gang knew about her at that point was that she’s a girl, didn’t understand a single word italian and liked butterflies.
Abbacchio leaned closer to Bruno after he eyed the girl for some minutes.

“Are you sure she’s not a threat? We could still kill her and get rid of the whole problem.” He suggested. Like many times before on the day Bruno looked at his lover in disbelief.
“We’re not gonna kill her! … Not until it’s clear that she’s a threat.”
“And we just gonna wait till she attacks us?” Leone asked.
“Yes, because she’s a victim till we can prove other way!”
“As long as you’re not adopting her!”
“For the last time Leone, I’m not gonna adopt her!”

At the same time Fugo, Mista and Narancia started debating about an old topic.
“I’m sure we know about her as much as we know about Giogio.” Narancia said to Mista.
“We know nothing about her.”
“And we know nothing about Giorno.” Narancia pointed out.
“But Nara, I’m sure we know her favorite animal.” Fugo said.
“Yeah! That’s even more than we know about Giorno!”
“For the last time, I know stuff about my boyfriend! I just… arg… You are not better! What’s Fugos favorite animal?” Mista tried to turn the conversation around. Fugo eyed the smaller boy and was already ready to correct him.
“He likes birds.” Narancia answered and his own boyfriend looked surprised at him.
“That’s right. How did you know?”
“You told me? Remember when we were on a mission and had to observe a house? We sat for hours on a roof and it was so fucking boring because nothing happened at all and there was a bird nest with little baby birds. You were watching them and told me that you really like birds.” Narancia recounted the story. Fugo was still surprised.
“You... still remember that?” He asked.
“Of course! I mean… it was something about you Panni.” That was to much for Fugo and his weak poker face. His face turned nearly as red as his suite. Narancia could resist to tease his boyfriend because of his blushing face. It ended with Fugo hitting him on the back of his head.

“Ey Fugo, Mista wanna make a bet?” Narancia asked.
“What bet?” Mista wanted to know and Fugo looked at Narancia with a raised eyebrow.
“Who from us gets the most information from the girl, wins and gets the dessert from the two losers!” He explained his idea.
“Sure, sounds good.” Mista agreed and Fugo brought out a small laughter.
“Great, I already won.”
“What? You know as much about her as we do! You didn’t win at all!” Narancia said.
“Yeah, but you don’t speak a single word english and Mistas english is horrible. So I think I have the best cards here.” Fugo pointed out.
“That’s cheating! You’re not allowed to speak english!” Narancia shouted.
“Why is that cheating? I’m just not so stupid as you are!”
“I’m not stupid!”
“Yes, you are!” Fugo shouted back at him.
“But Mista also don’t know english! When I’m stupid he’s stupid too!”
“Of course he’s stupid! Just look at the way he’s dress!” Fugo said and pointed at Mista.
“I have a great fashion sense!” Mista screamed at Fugo.
“When was the last time you saw someone in tiger printed pants?” Fugo asked him in a quite tune and looked Mista directly in his eyes.
“The people nowadays don’t know what good fashion is!”
“You talk like an old men! You’re old!” Narancia laughed.
“I’m not old!”
“Old! Old! Old!” Narancia repeated over and over again.
“Shut up! At least I’m not wearing a skirt!”
“At least I look hot in my clothes!” Narancia said.
“I also look hot! Just ask Giorno!”
“He just feels pity for you.”
“He doesn’t feel pity for me! He loves me!”

“Uhm… Guys…” Fugo interrupt them before Narancia and Mista could argue any longer. He standed with his back to the other two and looked to the door.
“Where is the child?” He asked. Now also Bruno and Abbacchio stopped their conversation to look at the empty space where the child was standing some moments ago.
“Did no one of you watched the child?” Bruno asked them.
“We were caught up in the conversation…” Mista confessed.
“Wait, didn’t you say that Abbacchio should watch her? So it’s Abbacchios fault, not ours!” Narancia pointed out. Abbacchio stabbed him with his glace.
“It’s not my fault that the brat ran away. Now that she’s gone we don’t have the problem anymore. Great.”
“Or!” Narancia started “Or her Stand ability is to get invisible!”
Bruno sighed.
“Go and find her!” Bruno commanded them,
“Yes Capo!”


Giorno didn’t find much sleep after he calmed down from his nightmare, so he already went back to his work office in the early morning hours and drowned himself in work. He got so caught up in it, that he forgot the time and the breakfast. He heard how the door to his office was opened but he didn’t look up from his work. It must been Mista, who starts his bodyguard tasks now, because everybody else would have already said something and Bruno had the strange habit to enter most rooms with his Zippers.

“Mista?” He asked after some minutes, because he didn’t want that his boyfriend got the impression that he ignored him. No answer.
“Mista?” He tried again. Still no answer. Finally Giorno looked up from his work and expected to see Mista. There was no Mista. But a little child stood in his room and looked at Giorno with big green eyes.
Giorno blinked, he blinked a second time and a third time.
“Hello.” He finally brought out, still eyeing the little girl.
“Hello...” She said with a quiet voice.
“What are you doing here?” No answer, she just looked at him confused. Giorno sighed. It looks like the child didn’t understand italian.

“What are you doing here?” He asked again in english this time.
“I ran away from these scary people.” She answered.
“Which scary people?” He wanted to know.
“They are out there and they screamed at each other. Also they looked weird.” She explained. That pretty much described Giornos gang.
“And what’s your name?”
“Jolyne.” She answered. “But my parents call me Jojo.”
“I’m Giorno Giovanna. My friends call me Giogio.” Suddenly her eyes sparkled.
“That sounds similar!”
“Yes, it does.” Giorno gave her a little smile.
“And how did you came here?” Giorno asked.
“I was visiting someone in Japan with my daddy because a part of my family lives in japan and I even can speak their language! But when I spended some time with my uncle some evil men came and took me away. It was really scary and then there were a fish who fighted the evil men and some other men took me with them and brought me here and here were just more scary people so I hid here.” She summed up her story.
“A fish?”
“Yes! A metal fish which suddenly showed up in a water glass. I’m sure daddy would like to see the fish. Daddy loves fishes!” A metal fish? That sounded like Clash, the stand from Squalo. That means when she could see Clash, Jolyne has a stand too. Giorno should really go and ask Bruno about Jolyne.

“Come Jolyne, we gonna see if we can find your parents.” He said and wanted to go to the door. But the girl was strict against leaving the room.
“But there are the scary people! They’re gonna attack me!” She cried out in fear. Okay, how can Giorno explain a little girl that they are the mafia but still won’t do any harm. Well, maybe he should leave out that they are the mafia.
“And I’m not scary?” He finally asked. She shook her head.
“You’re not scary. You’re pretty! And…” Jolyne said.
“And what?”
“You remind me of Daddy.” She said a little bit embarrassed.
“So your Father looks like me?” She shook her head again.
“Your eyes! They are like daddys! And your face too.” This statement astounded Giorno.
“My face?”
“Yes, daddy also has such an… emotionless face. But he is still a good person and I love him!” So his stoic expression is seem as emotionless. Good to know.
“But daddy looks way stronger than you and he is so much bigger!” Jolyne added.

Giorno still needed to go out and clear this situation with Bruno, but Jolyne didn’t want to leave the room and met the rest of the gang again. He knelt down in front of her.
“Listen, I’m the boss of all the scary people here and when one of them does something to you, they’re gonna regret it. Would you please come with me, so I can tell them that they aren’t allowed to hurt you?” Giorno asked her.
“But you will be there, you won’t leave me with them… please?” She begged.
“Sure. Come on.” He stood up again and took Jolyne by her hand to leave his office with her.

Giorno didn’t know why, but he kinda liked Jolyne. Normally he didn’t had contact with any children in her age except when he was a child himself and back then he only made bad experiences with them, because he got bullied. He never felt the desire to spend his time with little children or adopt them like Bruno does or to have himself some children. Could be because he’s only 15 years old.
But he had a strange feeling right now. Like there was a invisible bond that connect them.


In the meantime Bruno and the rest of the gang still searched for the child, which just disappeared.
“Did you find her?” Bruno asked when he met again with the others.
“She wasn’t outside” Mista and Fugo said.
“And she wasn’t in the room of one of us.” Narancia said.
“Couldn’t find her in the basement.” Abbacchio reported.
“Then search again.” Bruno commanded.
“And what is, when she is really invisible?” Narancia asked.
“Then use your Stand. Goddammit Narancia, you are the only one here with a radar!” Bruno answered.

“Bucciarati.” Giornos voice surprised Bruno. He thought the boss would sit like so often for the whole day in his office. And right now when they had to search a child, the boss came out.
“I’m sorry boss, but I’m a little busy right now.” Hopefully whatever the boss wanted from him, wasn’t so important.
“But I have some questions and I would like some answers from you.” Bruno turned around to face his young boss.
“What questions?” Bruno wanted to know.
“Just some questions about Jolyne.” Giorno explained. Bruno raised an eyebrow.
“Who is Jolyne?” Giorno simply made a step to the side to show the rest of the gang, that the missing girl was hiding behind Giorno.
“Her.” Giorno said and pointed at the girl.

“You found her boss!” Narancia shouted out.
“Thank you Giorno. We were searching for her. And you found out her name. I will take care of her now.” Bruno said and wanted to step closer to the girl. But Jolyne just hid behind Giorno again.
“You scare her.” Giorno simply explained.
“And you’re not?”
“No. She thinks I’m pretty.”
“Everybody thinks you are pretty.” Fugo pointed out.
“Yeah, that’s nothing new Giogio.” Narancia added.

“So, would you like to explain me, why she is here? I mean I know that you like to adopt children and bring them in the mafia but I think Jolyne is a little bit young for that.” Giorno said.
“For the last time, I’m not gonna adopt her!”
“Give him some time, I’m sure he’ll change his mind.” Narancia whispered.
“I’m still waiting.” Giorno reminded them.
“She got kidnapped, Squalo and Tiziano found her and brought her here.” Bruno summed it up as short as possible.
“I already know that Bruno. Jolyne told me the story.”
“Well… I let her brought here because we think she is a stand user.”
“And I also know that.” Giorno said with his normal calm voice.
“When you already know that, why are you asking?”
“Yeah, you even know her name. That’s more than we know.” Narancia added.
“So you just know that she was kidnapped and that she has a stand?” Giorno summed up. Bruno nodded.
“Then we have to find her family.” Giorno said.

Jolyne suddenly pulled at Giornos clothes and got his attention.
“Did you told them?” The little girl asked him and looked at him big green eyes. Narancia and Mista didn’t understand a single word what the girl said.
“Oh yes, no one of you is allowed to hurt her. It’s an order from me.” He said and said the girl that everything is fine in english.
“We didn’t want to hurt her.” Bruno answered.
“Abbacchio wanted to kill her.”
“Narancia you’re not helping.”

“Do you know her last name? It would be way easier to find her family when we have her last name.” Fugo asked the boss. Giorno shook his head. He lend down to the girl.
“Jolyne, do you know your last name?”
She shook her head.
“It… it was something with ‘jo’ and it sounded japanese but I don’t remember it full. I’m sorry…”
“And where do you life?”
“In America!” She answered. Giorno turned back to Fugo, who understood everything the girl said.
“Okay, that makes it harder to find her parents but I will try my best.” Fugo already wanted to go away to start his investigation but Giorno hold him back.
“She told me that she was in Japan when she got kidnapped. Search if there are any girls that went missing there which fits her.”
“Okay boss.” With that Fugo left.

“I would take the child from you, but she’s scared of me.” Bruno said. It was almost like there was a bitter tune in his voice when he pointed out that there’s a child which fears him and don’t like him.
“Yeah, I guess I have to find a solution. I have to do my work after all.” Giorno thought about the problem for a moment.
“Narancia do you have something like crayons?” Giorno asked the smallest boy in the group.
“Why do you think I have something like that?” Narancia asked. Before Giorno could answer him Abbacchio already said something. “Because you act like fucking little child.”
“I’m not a child!”
“You’re Brunos child.” Mista said.
“Mom! Dad is mean to me!” Narancia shouted to Bruno.
“Giorno if you’re willing to take Jolyne with you for today, I will get some toys for her so she’s busy and you can do your work.” Bruno suggested.
“Good Bruno. I’ll take her with me then.” Giorno took the little hand of Jolyne and leaded her back into his office.

“Am I the only one who thinks that the sight of Giorno together with a little child is strange? Like I can imagine him perfectly as boss of the mafia or as the perfect animal whisperer but not playing with a child.” Mista said.
“It’s really kinda off. I even can imagine more Abba playing with a child, than Giorno.” Narancia answered.
“Why the fuck should I play with a little brat?” Abbacchio asked the younger men. Narancia put his arms behind his head.
“When Bruno would adopt a little child I’m sure you would play with them because you want Bruno to be happy.”
“I wouldn’t do that.” Abbacchio said with an angry expression. Bruno was ready to leave the house but he turned around one more time.
“Do I really have to adopt another child, to find that out Leone?” He joked.
“You promised me no more children!”

Chapter Text

Jolyne sat on the couch in Giornos office where Mista normally sat and drew with a black pen on some white papers which was actually Giornos office material. It was a makeshift so the girl was busy and Giorno could go back to work. A knock on the door let Giorno look up from his work and Jolyne also looked to the door.
“Yes?” Giorno asked. It was Mista who opened the door.
“I just wanted to know if I’m still allowed here because the little mis is scared of me.” Great, he was sulking.
“I don’t want to stress Jolyne, so it’s better when she feels save.” Giorno explained with calm voice.
“But I’m your bodyguard! I should stay with you! And now this child sits on my place.” Mista pointed out. His voice got a little bit louder what let Jolyne jump up in fear.
“Mista, she just got kidnapped and is in a country where she doesn’t understand a single word. She misses her parents, she fears for her life and you’re honestly sulking about the fact that I’m protecting her?” Giorno asked his boyfriend. Mista scrabbed the back of his head.
“When you say it like that, it sounds like I’m an asshole.” He grumbled.

“Anyways I have the stuff Bruno bought for her.” He hold up the big bag in his hand.
“Great, took long enough.”
“Yes. Well… it ended that Narancia, Abba and myself joined Bruno shopping and we had some fights which stuff we should get.” Mista explained and stepped forward to Giornos desk, to show him the stuff they got. But before he could show Giorno the things, Jolyne started to scream. “Don’t get too close to the evil men!”
Mista turned around and looked at Jolyne.
“Okay, my english is bad but even I understand that!”
“Mista, she’s scared.”
“But I’m your bodyguard!”
“I know.”
“And your boyfriend!”
“I know.”
“I would never hurt you!”
“I know. Can we stop with this? I hate to repeat myself.”

Giorno stood up and went to Jolyne to calm the little girl down.
“Jolyne you need to know that this scary men has the job to protect me anytime. He’s just worried and feels bad when he’s not around me to make sure I’m fine.” He explained. She looked warily at Mista and didn’t know if she could believe this or not.
“He’s not evil?” She asked again.
“No. He’s one of the best persons I ever met.” Giorno said with a small smile on his face. She looked at Giorno, then at Mista and then again at Giorno.
“When he’s really nice he can stay…” Jolyne said with a quiet voice.

“She allows you to stay Mista.”
“Does she has more to say than you now?” Mista asked.
“Mista do you want that I throw you out?”
“No, no. I’m silent!”
Mista joined Giorno at the couch table, to finally show him what they got on the shopping trip. He pulled out a coloring book and a pack with crayons and color pens, a plush lion, an english-italian dictionary and something that looked like some kind of console to Giorno. He took the dictionary in his hands.
“And you think she wants to learn italian?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
“You said yourself that she can’t understand a word. Now she can change it!” Mista suggested.
“She’s like eight, do you really think she can teach herself a new language?”
“I’m sure Fugo could do that with eight.”
“Yeah, but she’s not Fugo.”
Jolyne eyed the stuff on the table and the first thing she had in her hands was the plush lion. She let the lion down fast after she picked it up. “I have something better than a lion!” She said and grabbed her backpack which was on her back. The two gangster didn’t even noticed the backpack till now because it was pretty small and had a form of a butterfly. It fits the rest of her outfit. She opened the backpack and pulled a plush shark out and hold it Giorno under his nose.
“You like sharks?” He asked.
“Yes!” She pointed at the teeths of the shark. “Look, he smiles! And it was a gift from daddy, so it’s even better!” She explained.
“I guess the lion can’t beat your shark.” Giorno looked inside Jolynes backpack, hoping that there is a clue who her parents are, but in the backpack was only a children book left.

“What is this console?” Giorno asked and took the parcel in his hands.
“Narancia saw it and found it funny. It’s for playing games or something like that. Bruno asked and you can change the language from italian in english.” Mista explained and pulled another parcel out.
“This is one of the games you can play with it.” Giorno also eyed the packing of which was written in big yellow letters the word “POKEMON” and some bizzare creature was under the lettering.
“And you’re sure this is for children?” Giorno asked his bodyguard.
“If she doesn’t like it we can still give it to Narancia.” Mista said and sat down on the other side of the couch, so he doesn’t sat so close to Jolyne, who still watched him scared.

After some time Jolyne took a white paper and some of the crayons and started to paint, Giorno went back to his work and Mista just sat there and watched Giorno. Time passed and everyone kept doing their work but Jolyne glaced from time to time to Mista.
“What are you doing?” She finally asked after an hour passed. Now it was time for Mistas terrible english to come in action.
“I’m watching Giorno.” His pronunciation was horrible but still good enough for Jolyne to understand him.
“The whole time?”
“Yes. It’s my job.”
“Boring job.” Jolyne pointed out. She took one of the blanc papers which were still laying on the desk and some of her crayons and shoved them to Mista. The gunman was confused and just watched Jolyne for a moment.
“I share with you. This is not so boring.” She explained and went back to drawing.
“But I have to do my job-”
“Mista just play with her. I promise you I’m gonna tell you when someone attacks me.” Giorno said and didn’t even looked up from work. Mista just did what his boss said and started to draw. He didn’t know what exactly he should draw so he just drew some slope lines, some flowers, a gun and his Sex Pistols. He looked at Jolynes paper, which was filled with all kind of animals. Most of them were butterflies.

All of sudden someone blasted through the office door. Mista drew his gun and pointed it at the putative enemy, Jolyne jumped up and runned to Giorno to hide behind him.
“Boss!” It was Narancia. He was the one who just ran inside the office. Mista let his gun drop.
“Narancia you idiot, don’t you know how to knock?” Mista shouted at him but Narancia simply ignored him.
“Boss! We made Hamburger!” Narancia said full of joy.
“And you needed to tell me that?”
“Yes, because we never eat Hamburger!” Narancia shouted. Giorno just assumed that Bruno or whoever cooked today picked a type of food from Jolynes home country.
“I still have work to do. Mista can you take Jolyne and go eat dinner with her?” Giorno asked but before Mista could answer his boss Jolyne already pulled at Giornos clothes to get his attention. “Don’t leave.”
“Mista-” But his bodyguard interrupted him.
“I’m gonna get some of the food and bring it here. Then you won’t skip meal again.” He said, grabbed Narancia and grinded the smaller boy after him. “And I will teach this idiot to knock.” Giorno could still hear Mista speaking before they were too far away.

It only took Mista around ten minutes to come back with a plate full of hamburger and sat them down on the couch desk. Jolynes eyes sparkled when she saw the food and Giorno could hear her stomach rumbles. Maybe she hadn’t ate anything since the time she was kidnapped.
The girl didn’t even questioned the food and took a bit from the hamburger. Giorno just wanted to go back to work, but Mista grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up.
“No skipping meals boss.” He laughed and led him to the table. The eyes of the blond beauty showed that he didn’t like to leave his work on his table but he didn’t say a word of resistance and grabbed a hamburger. It was an accident that Mista was observed his boss while he was eating his burger and he noticed that Giorno only took small bits of the burger and he had the feeling to see some kind disgust in Giornos face. It looked like Giorno didn’t like hamburgers. Still Mista wanted to ask his boyfriend if he was right with his guess.
“Does it taste Giogio?” He already expected to hear a ‘No’ from his boss but Giorno just said “It’s fine.”
“I think they are great!” Jolyne said and grabbed another hamburger. Giorno turned his attention to Jolyne and used it as excuse to not eat the hamburger anymore.
“Do you eat hamburger often?” He asked. Jolyne shook her head.
“Daddy doesn’t cook often because he’s busy and his best friend only cooks japanese food.” She explained.

On the plate were still some of the burger left but it didn’t look like any of them were still hungry. “I guess it’s Sex Pistols turn now.” Mista said and summoned his Stand. The little bullets dashed to the burgers and devoured them. Jolyne watched them with big eyes and an open mouth.
“You have ghost friends!” She shouted out.
“I guess so. But I call them Stand.” Mista said but Jolyne didn’t really listen to him and tried to touch one of the pistols. Mista stopped her hand before she could touch them.
“Better don’t touch them while they’re eating.” He said.
“I already touched them while they were eating.” Giorno pointed out.
“Yes, but they love you. I don’t know how they react to a little girl.” The pistols didn’t notice the girl until they were finished with the food. They surrounded her and talked to her but sadly in italian so Jolyne couldn’t understand a single word. She didn’t care because she was too fascinated by the bullets.
“Daddy also has a ghost friend and my uncle too and their friends also have some!” She said. So her environment was full of Stand user. Giorno didn’t know if this fact could help them finding her parents but at least he knew now that he has to watch out when he returns her to them.

“Do you think they call Stands ‘Ghost friends’ in America or does she simply don’t get to call them right?” Mista asked his boss.
“It would be really weird when everybody there calls their Stand ‘Ghost friend’.” Giorno answered while he kept watching Jolyne and the Bullets.
“Oh come on, that would be funny. We could also start calling our Stands ‘ghost friends’. Like Fugo doesn’t has a dangerous Stand who can kill all of us in thirty seconds anymore - no - now he has a ghost friend who is just a little bit weird… and deadly.” Mista suggested and gained a laugh from Giorno.
“I’m sure Fugo would love this idea.” He laughed.
“Yes and then he would kill me.”

“Do you have a ghost friend too?” Jolyne asked Giorno while she was pulling on his clothes to get his attention again.
“Yes. Actually everybody here has one.”
“Show me!”
Giorno gave her a little smile before a golden gleam sheathed his body and the silhouette of Golden Experience appeared behind him. The stand did what he always did when Giorno summoned him without a reason to fight and snuggled close to his user. Mista always thought of this spectacle as something funny. When the most dangerous men in italy just cuddles with his own stand and the best part of all of this is that the even so dangerous men looks totally unimpressed from his clingy stand. You could see how impressed Jolyne was from the stand. When she finally got out of her rigidity she pointed at Golden Experiences face.
“Why is your ghost friend sad?”
“It’s not sad.”
“But there are tears.” She pointed at the lines under Golden Experience eyes.
“These aren’t tears. It just looks like this.” Giorno explained.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” Mista was sure to see something annoyed in Giornos gestures after all the boy hated to repeat himself and a girl how always asked if something is really true isn’t really enjoyable for the boss.

“Can it do tricks?” Jolyne asked and still eyed the beautiful golden creature which clung to Giorno. The blond boy didn’t answer the question, he just let Golden Experience touch one of the papers on the desk. It turned within seconds into a butterfly.
“You can make butterflies!” Jolyne shouted out.
“Golden Experience can create life. Well, it can’t make humans, but it can make parts of the human body.” Giorno explained.
“Please no exposition of this Giorno. Believe me nothing is more disgusting than seeing you holding a bloody beating heart in your hand.” Mista interrupted Giorno.
“Can you make more?” Jolyne begged and Giorno didn’t contradict.

It didn’t took long till the room was filled with all kind of animals. Mista didn’t say anything and just watched his boss creating one animal after another and amused Jolyne with them. Giorno himself also seemed to enjoy this. Mista already knew for a long time - it was actually one of the first things he knew about Giorno - that the blond boy loved animals and flowers and right now he had the perfect excuse to do what he likes. Well, he was Giorno Giovanna the boss of the mafia so he didn’t need any excuse to do whatever he wants. He could turn whole italy into a zoo and nobody could say something against it.
“Are we now a zoo or did I miss something?” A voice just spoke out what Mista thought and he turned his head to see how Bruno just entered the room though a zipper. Seeing Giorno and Jolyne surrounded by butterflies, frogs, snakes and - was that a sheep? - other animals wasn’t what the dark haired capo expected to see.
When Jolyne saw Bruno she hid again behind Giorno but still watched Bruno scared.
“There is a zipper in the door.” She pointed out.
“The zipper are made by his ghost friends.” Giorno explained.

“Ghost friend?” Bruno asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Stands.” Giornos eyes fell on the paper in Brunos hands.
“I wanted to bring you these but I guess you’re busy with the animals.” Bruno said with a small laugh. Giorno stood up immediately and snapped with his fingers, all of the animals suddenly turned back into the things they were before Golden Experience showed his power.
“Sorry Jolyne but I have to go back to work.” He said and took the papers from Bruno to return to his desk.
Bruno didn’t leave right after this. “Is everything fine with her?” He asked Mista, who still sat on the couch.
“Yes, she likes Giogio and allows me to be here but I guess the rest still scares her.” He explained and glanced at Jolyne, who made her best to stay as far away from Bruno as possible.

“I still can’t believe that there is a child which is scared of me.”
“I’m just allowed here because Giorno talked to her. I’m sure she is still scared of me.” Mista answered him.
“No wonder in this pants.”
“Ey! This pants are great!” Bruno didn’t answer him, he just kneed down to be on the same height as the girl and started to talk english. “Excuse me little girl, but what do you think about his pants?” Jolyne shortly glaced to Mista and then back to Bruno.
“They are weird.”
“Yes, they are.”
“You all just have no clue of fashion.” Mista said sulking.


The rest of the day went more or less fast and when the sun started to set Bruno informed the boss that he set up one of the guest room for Jolyne. In the end Giorno was the one who needed to bring her to bed because, although she got warmer to Mista, she still trusted Giorno way more. The problem was just that Giorno didn’t had a single clue how to bring a child to bed. His mother or his step father never did something like that for him. He was all alone back then - all alone in fear.
So Giorno just sat at the edge of the large bed and didn’t say a single word. He just wanted to leave and escape this situation even when he liked the child. Jolyne hold on the sleeve of his jacket and didn’t let him leave.
“Can you stay? I’m scared that the evil people will come.” She said.
“Nobody will harm you. My man and I will protect you.”
Suddenly pictures from his own childhood flickered up in front of his eyes. How scared he was when he was all alone at night and the knowledge that screaming and crying won’t help because nobody would come. He knew this fear and he didn’t wanted that the little girl had to suffer like he did.
“Jolyne when anything happens scream, then I will come and help you. It’s a promise.” This girl will not make the same experience like he did. He won’t let this happen. It was less a promise for Jolyne than for Giorno himself. The little girl just smiled at him, hugged her plush shark and fell asleep.


At the same time the rest of the gang sat in the living room. Fugo was the last one who joined them and he let out a loud sight when he finally sat on the couch.
“And did you find her parents?” Mista asked him and got an angry glace from Fugo which gladly couldn’t kill Mista.
“I’m doing my best!” Fugo shouted at him but he still tried to hold himself back.
“We know Fugo.” Bruno said and gave a glass of water to the younger man.
“I just have few information about her and it’s hard to get anything in this case!” Fugo nearly kicked over the couch table when he stamped on it out of anger.
“We’re gonna find them Fugo and when not-”
“Don’t adopt her!” Abbacchio interrupted him
“Leone… Do you really think I keep every child I find?”
“I’m sure when someone adopts her it will be Giorno. He likes her and she is scared of Bruno.” Mista pointed out again.
“Yeah, just put some salt into my wounds…”

“Guys! I got it!” Narancia suddenly shouted out. Till now he was busy with the console and the game they actually brought for Jolyne but which somehow ended in Narancias hands and the boy had a lot of fun playing it. Everyone in the room now looked at Narancia.
“The evil guy in this game has the name ‘Giovanni’! That sounds similar to ‘Giovanna’! Maybe Giorno has something to do with him!”
“You think the boss has something to do with a fictive character from a japanese game because this fictive person has a name which is common in italy?” Fugo asked his boyfriend.
“Narancia, no.”

Chapter Text

Jolyne didn’t scream for Giorno in this night. Even when she woke up in the middle of the night with a dry throat she decided against screaming for Giorno. After all she was a big girl and able to get herself a glass water. At least she told that herself.
She stood up from the bed and together with her plush shark she made her way to the door. Standing on the large floor the girl noticed a problem. She had no clue where the kitchen was. Still she didn’t want to go back into bed or scream for help. Slowly she set one foot in front of the other and began to walk. Carefully because any second a dangerous person could jump at her out of the shadows.
Jolyne was lost in the big mansion which was so different from her home. At home Jolyne knew exactly where everything was and she knew where she could find her daddy. When she was scared at night and her daddy wasn’t on a trip she could find him sleeping in his bedroom. When he wasn’t in his bed he would be in his workroom or together with his best friend in the living room. Jolyne missed her daddy. He would defend all the evil man in no time.

In one room was still light on and Jolyne slowly got nearer to the door and hid by the doorframe. She peeked in the room and saw two men. Jolyne could remember them from the afternoon. One of them was the big scary guy who only wears black and the other one was the weird zipper guy. They talked but Jolyne couldn’t understand a single word of their language. She decided that it was the best when the two scary man don’t notice her. The little girl tried to get away from the door as quiet as possible but suddenly she heard the sound of a zipper.

“What are you doing at this late hour?” Someone asked out of the blue.
Jolyne turned to the voice and saw how the head of the strange zipper man came out of the wall. The shocked girl stumbled some steps back and fall on the ground while a loud scream left her throat. Her whole body shaked and she stared at the man before her, who looked at her with a guilty expression. Only now the girl noticed the zipper in the wall and the man fully entered the floor.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said and kneed down before her. The big black dressed man now also stepped out of the room to see what just happened.
Tears started to drop from Jolynes eyes and the black haired men seems to be in panic.
“Hey, no reason to cry. I’m sorry and I won’t harm you. Please stop crying.” He tried to calm down Jolyne but when he opened his mouth again, he was interrupted.

“What happened here?” A voice shouted. It was Giorno who just ran down the floor - even with his hair down he was beautiful - Mista followed right behind him with a drawn gun. Behind Giorno Jolyne could see a ghost friend but it doesn’t look like Giornos or Mistas ghost friend. It was golden just like Giornos, on his head was some kind of arrow and his eyes literally stabbed whoever stand before them. Something about it was threatening.
“She got a shock and screamed. Nothing really happened.” Bruno explained to Giorno and looked at his boss. “Call Golden Experience Requiem off Giorno! That’s too much!”
“Sorry.” In the next moment Jolyne could saw how the weird ghost friend disappeared. Jolyne took her chance and ran to Giorno to hide behind him from the weird zipper man.
“He’s scary! I don’t want to be near him!” She screamed.
“B-but I didn’t do anything.” Bruno defended himself.
“Give up Bruno, she doesn’t like you.” Abba said. Jolyne saw how hurt the weird Zipper man looked at her but still she didn’t dare to leave her protection wall aka Giorno. The blond beauty kneed down to Jolyne.

“What did you do so late out here?” He asked her.
“I… I just wanted to drink something.” She stuttered. Giorno gave her a little smile, took her hand and wanted to go with her in the kitchen. A loud shout made him stop.
“Hey!” Narancia ran to the rest of the gang and dragged Fugo with him, who looked more asleep than awake. Fugo was the last person you should call in the middle of the night, not because you couldn’t count on him, but when the young men was asleep nothing could wake him up so easily. Giorno guessed that Narancia heard the scream and woke Fugo up.
“Did something happen?” The black haired man asked.
“Nothing important. You can go back to bed.”

“What? Do you know how hard it was to get Fugo out of the bed?” Narancia asked.
“A tip, when Fugo is asleep just leave him behind.” Abbacchio said.
“And when the house catches fire in the middle of the night?” Mista interfered.
“Let him burn. He’s gonna die peacefully.”
By now Fugo hugged Narancia from behind and used him as a pillow. He only could bring out a mumbled “Fuck you too”.

Fugo fell back to sleep in the moment he sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. Narancia sat down on the chair beside him and got himself a glass of cola, which of course got decry by Bruno because the teenager shouldn’t drink something like that in the middle of the night. Giorno helped Jolyne to sit down on the too height chair and got her a glass of water. Bruno still vowed that he didn’t want to scare Jolyne and that he’s not dangerous. The rest stood around him and tried lighten his mood up.
Jolyne didn’t need long to empty the glass but she didn’t know what she should do now. She could have gone back to her bed but maybe it was better to wait til Giorno would be finished so he could protect her on the way back to the room. That meant she had to wait. Suddenly she detected a jar filled with cookies on a shelf. A cookie would be great now.
Because nobody paid attention to her right now, she stood up and went to the shelf. Sadly it was a bit to high for Jolyne to reach and even when she stood on her tiptoes she couldn’t reach the jar.
Two light blue arms appeared in her field of view and grabbed the cookie jar to give it Jolyne. The girl knew exactly who that was. Her very own ghost friend, which appears from time to time to spend her company.

“Jolyne!” It looks like Giorno finally turned his attention to the little girl and the creature beside her.
“I just wanted a cookie and they helped me to get the jar.” She explained.
“Eating Cookies at this hour isn’t healthy!” Bruno said.
“So it’s healthy when you do it at another time?” Narancia asked.
“That’s not what I wanted to say Nara.” Giornos attentions stayed by Jolyne.
“So this is your ghost friend? Does it has a name?” Jolyne nodded.
“Their name is Stone Free.”

“Hey, Fugo look! Her stand has sunglasses! That’s so cool!” Narancia said and shaked Fugos shoulder. He only got a tired sigh as answer. Giorno glaced to Bruno who also saw the stand but already turned away again so he could talk with Abbacchio. Quickly he grabbed the cookie jar, opened it and gave Jolyne one of the cookies. Before Bruno looked again at them Giorno already closed the jar again and put it on the desk.
“One cookie won’t hurt.” He whispered to her.

“Narancia! The ‘no cookies at this time’ also counts for you!” Bruno shouted. It seems like right after Giorno put the jar down, the older men grabbed it to get a cookie for himself.
“Oh come one! We are in the mafia!”
“You can’t argument everything with ‘I’m in the mafia’ Narancia.”
“Yes I can!” Narancia took another cookie out of the jar and gently pushed Fugos shoulder.
“Fugo! Say ‘Aaaaaa’” Narancia said. The younger one didn’t made the sound but he opened his mouth and let Narancia shove the cookie in his mouth, which he chewed in his sleep like mode.
“No wonder he can sleep beside someone so irritating like Narancia, when his sleep can’t get disturbed by anything.” Abbacchio said.
“I’m not irritating!”
“Narancia, we all have ears and we all can hear how loud you are in the middle of the night.”
“Hehe, who knows if Fugo wasn’t loud too?” Mista laughed.
“I mean the loud music.”
“We don’t know what they want to cover with the loud music.”

Jolyne couldn’t understand a single word they were saying but from the way they acted she could see that the boy with the messy black hair and the one with the white hair are funny. The zipper man still scared her.
It was Giorno who brought her back in her bed and promised her that he will come in the next morning to get her and go with her together to breakfast.


The breakfast was nice, even when Jolyne still didn’t trust the zipper man. The man with the white hair - Fugo was his name, Giorno said - seemed to be finally awake and get what’s happening around him. Jolyne was faster in finishing her breakfast than the rest of the group, so she could get her new drawing book and draw. The page she chose was designed as a underwater world. Her dad would love this.
Fugo glanced over the page several times before he finally said something.
“Why don’t you paint the Whale?” He asked.
“Whales are too scary. I don’t like them.”
“Why is a Whale too scary?”
“They have such huge mouths. It could eat my friends!”
“That’s silly. Whales only eat plankton.” Fugo explained.
“So? Are you saying I can’t make friends with that plankton?”
“Of course not! It’s plankton!” Fugo was nearly shouting but got calmed down when The Zipper man laid his hand on his shoulder.
“She can befriend with whoever she wants. Just don’t do drugs.” Giorno said just in the moment he finished his breakfast.
“Jolyne can I leave you with Mista for a moment? I have something to do.”
The little girl nodded and in the same time her stand Stone free appeared behind her and laid their arms around her, like it has to protect Jolyne or something like that.

“So, Jolyne is there anything else you know about your family? Something that could help finding them?” Fugo asked. Jolyne needed to think about it for a moment before she could answer.
“Daddys uncle is younger than him and my grand aunt is younger than me!”
“That’s strange but it won’t help me.” Fugo said.
“We also have stars!”
“Yes, I have a star on my neck!” Jolyne pulled a little bit on her T-shirt to show the star shaped birthmark between her neck and shoulder. “All in my family have such a star… well, not all. My mother doesn’t have one but my father has a star and my uncle too. He told me it goes with the blood.” She explained.
“Cool.” Mista said but on the same time the star reminded him on something that he just couldn’t name.
“I’m sure I can’t find something like that in any database.” Fugo sighed.

Now Bruno raised his voice.
“Jolyne, what’s about your mother? You always talk about your father but not about your mother.” Jolyne still doesn’t trust the man but still she decided to answer him.
“My mother is great but she said that Daddy likes his best friend more than her and that her marriage is pointless when she isn’t the most important topic to him. So they decided to stop being together. They let me decide with who I stayed and… even when daddy isn’t good in showing emotions I didn’t want to let him alone. Mom isn’t bad in showing emotion, so she don’t need my help. I like spending time with daddy even when he works much. Sometimes he took me with to work, shows me all the fishes! And his best friend is also often there and he’s nice too.” She explained. Bruno smiled at her. He could understand her decisions, a long time ago he made the same.

In the meantime Mista didn’t listen to the conversation and the questions the gang asked Jolyne. He still tried to get what Jolynes star reminded him of. He stared blank on the wall and tried to get it, without result.
In the moment the boss got back to the rest of his gang from whatever kind of work he just had to do and Mistas eyes met his boyfriend, it made click in Mistas head.

“Giorno strip!” He suddenly shouted out.
A moment of silence followed.
“Mista I love you but there is a little child present. Also we’re in public.” Giorno answered with a straight face.
“Mista is horny in the morning!” Narancia shouted laughing.
“At least wait till you two are alone.” Fugo said.
“Maybe we should get him castrate.” Abbacchio said with a disgusted face. Mista shocked his head.
“Guys, that’s not what I mean.” He tried to explained himself.
“Sure horny boy.” Narancia laughed.
Mista stood up and went to his boyfriend. He grabbed the collar of Giornos top and pulled on it, so Giornos neck on shoulder was exposed. A star shaped birthmark pilloried there, just like by Jolyne.

“See? I knew that I saw a star like that before!” Mista said.
“When this birthmark is because of the blood, then Giorno must be somehow related to Jolyne.” Bruno said.
“Oh my god! Giorno is her father!” Narancia shouted.
“Narancia. No.”
“You have the same star! That means you’re family!” Jolyne said and hugged Giorno.
“But when Giorno is related to her, he needs to know who her father is.”
“I’m sorry that I have to disappoint you but I know nothing about this side of my family. All I know is that my father had the same mark.” Giorno explained.
“We could search in your family tree, maybe we find something. What’s the name of your parents?” Fugo asked.
“I don’t think we’ll get anything out of that. Come Jolyne, we are going.” He took Jolynes hand and left the room with her.

“He did it again.” Narancia said.
“Yeah, he cut the conversation right in the moment we could have get information about him. That’s strange.” Fugo said.
“I’m sure he keeps something hidden from us.” Abbacchio muttered. Fugo sighed loud and stood up.
“Then I guess I have to go back on finding a family I don’t know anything about.”


Giorno sat in his office and Jolyne was still busy with her drawing book but the young boss couldn’t focus on his work. In his mind was still the star birthmark and in his hands laid the old photo of his father. It was the only thing which he had from his father. But no, there was something more. He remember the young men who he met a day before he joined Passion. Koichi was his name, if he remember right. He seeked Giorno because of his father. After all of the events in the mafia Giorno nearly forgot this meeting. This Koichi got the mission to find Giorno from a man. The man who killed his father.
What was his name again?
Giorno was sure that Koichi said his name and for who he works. SPW was the name of the organisation he worked for.

Giorno just sat there for a while and tried to remember the name, till he suddenly snapped up, finally remembering the name.


Chapter Text


Giorno was sure this was the name of the man who gave the order to find him, because of his father. Sadly he didn’t know the last name of the man. Giorno sighted and knew that he wouldn’t finish his work as mafia boss today. He took his laptop out and searched for the name Jotaro. Maybe he would be lucky and find a clue.
After he visited some sites which weren’t helpful at all, Giorno found an article about a marine biologist with the name Jotaro Kujo.

Giorno frowned.
What did Jolyne told them again? Her last name is something with ‘jo’? Kujo would fit.
What else did she said about her father? That he loves fishes. A marine biologist would fit.
Giorno shook his head and tried to get rid of this idea. It couldn’t be like that. He searched for more articles about Jotaro and some more clues about him. His work about the sea had a high quality and was highly esteemed by other Doctors. Suddenly a special line got Giornos attention.

“Doctor Jotaro Kujo works close with the SPW.”

It was him.
It had to be him.
The man who killed Giornos real father.
On another article about the Doctor, he finally found a picture of the man. He was tall - really tall - full of muscles, black hair, blue eyes and an emotionless face. Even some information about his personal life were there, he was born in Japan but now he lives in America. All of this features fit what Jolyne told them about her father. It just fit too well.
The thing Giorno suspected since he started his research about Jotaro Kujo had to be true. He must be Jolynes father and that means that the man who killed his father is Jolynes father.
Giorno didn’t know how he should feel. On one hand he was sad that he lost his father because of him - a person he could never met. But on the other hand Giorno knew nothing about his father Dio or Jotaro Kujo. He knew nothing about their relationship or why Jotaro killed his father in the end. All he had from his father was an old photo and the fantasy how he could have been.
It was useless.

Giorno was so caught up in his though that he didn’t notice how Mista stepped in his office.
“Giogio, are you alright?” He asked his boss, who snapped out of his thoughts.
“What? Yes, yes. I just have work to do.” He explained.
“Like always. Dinner is ready, do you come?” Mista asked his boyfriend.
“I’ll come but first I have to finish something. Take Jolyne with you.” Giorno ordered.
“Sure boss. Come Jolyne.” Mista said in his horrible english but Jolyne understood him.
They left and Giorno was glad that Jolyne didn’t insist that he joined them right now.

Giornos attention went back to the article about Jotaro Kujo. He needed to contact him and went sure that he’s Jolynes father but of course there were no contact details about him. Suddenly he got an idea. When he works with the SPW maybe he could get his contact details over the fondation. He took his phone and tried his luck.

“SPW fondation, how can I help you?” It was the voice of a woman.
“Hello, I would like to have the contact details of Doctor Jotaro Kujo. I know that he works with your fondation.” Giorno said.
“I’m sorry but we can’t just give out such information about Doctor Kujo. What’s your name?” The woman at the other line asked.
“My name isn’t important, I just need to know how I can contact him.” Giorno explained.
“I already said that we can’t give you this information.”
“I need to talk with him about his daughter.” Giorno explained. The woman let out a shocked noise.
“You know something about his daughter? Wait a moment.” Giorno assumed that the people who work for the fondation all knew that Jolyne was kidnapped. The blond man had to wait for some minutes till the woman reported back.
“I’m gonna put you through to Doctor Kujo.” She said and in the next moment Giorno could hear a beep.

“Yeah?” A deep voice suddenly answered.
“Hello Doctor Kujo, I’m Giorno Giovanna.” An angry breath from the man was audible. “And I guess you know who I am.” Giorno added.
“What do you have to do with my daughter? If you hurt her, you’re dead meat!” He asked. This deep voice really fits the pictures Giorno saw of him.
“Please don’t think so badly of me. Some people who work for me found her on a mission and just now I found out that she’s your daughter.” Giorno explained.
“What do you want from me?”
“Actually nothing. I promised Jolyne that I’ll bring her back to her father. So all I want is that you get your daughter.”
“And you think I’ll believe someone like you? Who says that you really have my daughter or that she’s still alive? After all you’re the sprout of-” Doctor Kujo really sounded angry but before Giorno could say another word, he heard a rustle on Jotaros line. It sounded like someone just took the phone from Jotaro before he could get angrier.

“Hello? I’m sorry for Jotaro. He won’t admit how scared he’s because of Jolyne.” Another voice said. It was the voice of a man which was way softer than Jotaros. He talked in english but just like Jotaro he had an japanese accent.
“Understandable, I would also be worried when my daughter get kidnapped. Back to my point: My people saved his daughter and now I want to bring her back to him.” He explained.
“That’s nice of you. Can you tell me where we can meet to get her?” Other than Jotaro this man sounds really polite and it seems like he just wants Jolyne back.
“She’s in italy? No wonder we couldn’t find her…”
“So, when can you get her?” Giorno didn’t get an answer for some time.
“I guess we can’t get her today, even when we get in the airplaint right now. It will take time until tomorrow.”
“That’s fine. I just gonna watch about her for another day.”
“Can we meet tomorrow noon at the airport?” The man asked.
“There is a little parc right in front of the airport, can we meet there? It’s easier to find someone there than in a full airport.” Giorno suggested.
“Great idea. I’ll give you my number in the case that something happen.” The man said. Giorno could hear a voice in the background, but he could understand what it was said.
“Yeah, I know Jotaro…. I know who he’s…. Can you stop? It’s about Jolyne and not about him!.... fine… Giovanna?”
“I shall tell you that when this is trick or some kind of trap, Jotaro’s gonna punch the shit out of you.” The man said.
“Don’t worry, it’s not. See you tomorrow.”
“See you.”

When the phone call was finally over Giorno leaned back and sighted. He wasn’t use to talk with people who deeply hate him because of a man he don’t know. Trish must feel the same because of her father.
He remembered that he actually promised to take part of the dinner, so he stood up and made his way to the kitchen.

“Pretty late boss.” Narancia greeted him and took another portion food on his plate.
“I had something to do.” Giorno said and sat down.
“Giogio, I think I found a clue about Jolynes family.” Fugo informed him.
“Actually I found her father and just called him. He’ll come tomorrow and get her.” Giorno could see how the small smile on Fugos face vanished and his pale skin turned red. His body started to shake and his eyes shined with a dangerous glow.
He was angry - really angry.
“And when did you wanted to tell me this? I work since days to find something about her without having any information I could use! And now you come here like some kind of god and just says that you already found them? AM I A FUCKING JOKE TO YOU?” Fugo screamed. The albino was near to attack his boss and could barely hold himself on the chair.
“Please calm down. I found him by accident and I wanted to tell you right away. The call ended five minutes ago and I guessed that I should wait with the information till you’re done eating.” Maybe it was Giornos calm voice or the fact that Bruno already jumped up from his chair to stop Fugo in case that he snap at the boss but it worked and Fugo calmed down a bit. The only person who was attacked by his anger was Narancia because he tried to steal Fugos food.

“So daddy gonna come tomorrow?” Jolyne asked Giorno.
“Yes, tomorrow you will be back by your family.” Giorno explained. The girl looked at him confused.
“But you’re also part of my family. The star proves it!” Giorno sighted.
“Even when we’re somehow related, I’m not a real part of your family.” How should he explain that her father killed his father and that he don’t know how they are related at all? Also her father seems to hate him. Jolyne looked at him with a sad expression.
“Then… when I’m an adult I’ll make you my wife! Then you’re a real part of my family.” She said. Giorno didn’t know how to react. Fugo knew and he barely could hold himself on the chair because he was laughing so hard. Narancia didn’t get it at all so Fugo translated the english under his heavy laugh and Narancia joined.
“Hey! When someone gonna make Giorno his wife, it’s gonna be me!” Mista said in english. Jolyne looked at him for a moment.
“I asked first!” She pointed out.
“She has a point.” Fugo laughed.
“Shut up Fugo!”
“Did a little girl just pinched Mistas boyfriend?” Narancia asked.
“You shut up too!”

“Are you two a pair?” Jolyne asked Giorno and pointed at Mista.
“Yes, we are.”
“You can have a relationship with another man… does that mean I can date a girl?”
“Of course.”
“Wow, a moment earlier she wanted to marry Giorno and now she wants a girlfriend.” Fugo said in english.
“Don’t worry, you gonna be my first wife!” She said to Giorno.
“I’m glad... Maybe we should let her father have this conversation with her.”

The meal was quickly over and Jolyne searched for something to do. She pulled at Fugos clothes to get his attention.
“Yes?” He asked.
“You’re smart, right?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Can you help me read this book? It’s a little bit hard to read.” She said and showed the book in her hand. It was the book which was in her backpack. Fugo never had problems with reading, not even when he was a little child. He learned quickly but he also knew that other children weren’t like that - weren’t like him.
“Sure, give me the book.” He took the book in his hands and wanted to start reading but when he opened it, he couldn’t understand a single letter. Letter was to much to say, there were just symbols which filled the site.
“What… what’s this?” He asked Joylne.
“It’s japanese.” She answered as if she didn’t see the problem.
“I’m smart but I can’t speak or read this language.” He explained.
“What? Not so smart anymore?” Narancia laughed.
“I never had anything to do with this language, why should I know it?” Before all of this could end in another fight between Fugo and Narancia, Giorno took the book from Fugo.
“I can read it to you.” He suggested.
“Great!” Jolyne said with joy.
“Wait, you can speak japanese?” Fugo asked surprised.
“Yes. It’s been a while since I used japanese but I speak it.” He explained. Giorno took Jolynes hand and left the room.

“And another thing we didn’t know about him.” Narancia said pulled out his list with things they knew about Giorno and added japanese on it.
“Where the fuck did he learned japanese?” Mista asked.


In Giornos eyes the story of the book was really strange. He was unsure if he just read the characters wrong of if the story was really so bizarre.

It told the story of a boy who was fated to die but when he died in the sea he was saved and brought back to life. He kept living with the knowledge that he was - and still is - fated to die and he can’t sees a reason to keep living, so he was alive and on the same time he was dead inside. The years flowed by and one day he met the man again, who saved his life when he was a child. They started to work together to save the life of a woman. These two even fell in love with each other. They didn’t care how differently they were.
One was fated to die the other one was fated to live. One was a man of the land the other one was a man of the sea but they didn’t care and stayed together.
Still the man who was fated to die was scared that he could lose his love or that he’ll be betrayed again. They got into a battle and the man who was fated to live, sacrificed his life for him. But the one who was fated to die couldn’t take it and wanted to switch with him. Sacrifice his life for his love and let the one live who deserves it. The one who didn’t already died years ago in the sea. But in the moment he wanted to save his life an earthquake swallowed them both and because of some strange stuff they fused with each other. Out of two became one.
But the person they became didn’t had any memories and needed to find a way to manage life.

Giorno really didn’t know if all japanese stories were so bizzare or if it was just this book. It surprised him even more that Jolyne seemed to enjoy the story.
“I like it! Now that they’re one, they’ll always be together.” She said. Giorno assumed that she saw this as something romantic but he couldn’t share her view.
“Well… the fused version of them didn’t had any memories. He don’t has the experiences or feelings they had, so he’s a totally different person and the other two are…” He didn’t finish his sentence. Giorno didn’t think that it was right to talk about dead like this with a little child.
“Didn’t you like the characters?” She asked Giorno.
“Well… I think the man shouldn’t say about himself that he already died years ago and that he’s fated to die. He should have see it as a new chance - as a new life he was given, but he couldn’t forget that he died on that day, so he lived his whole life in sorrow.” After he said that Giorno recognized that the little girl won’t understand what he mean.
“But he was happy when he fell in love with that man. He was happy when they were together.” She said.
“Yes he was and still his live was unfulfilled.”
“No. He wanted to be loved. He wasn’t love by his parents and he was all alone but that man loved him! He just wanted a place in this world where he belongs and he found that place!” She said. Giorno was impressed by her view and he wasn’t sure anymore if she was really a little child.
But he was pretty sure that the book wasn’t for children.


At the same time the rest of the gang sat in the living room.
“Hey, do you think we can join when Giogio brings Jolyne back to her parents tomorrow?” Narancia asked.
“Why do you want to join?” Fugo answered with another question and turned the page from the book he read.
“Giorno is kinda related to them, right? I want to know how this people looks like. Do you think they’re all so pretty like Giorno?”
“I think no one is as pretty as Giorno.” Fugo said.
“Can you stop talking like that about my boyfriend?”
“I can’t deny that he’s fucking pretty. And Jolyne is his new husband, did you forgot?”
“Shut up you asshole.” Mista answered.
“So… can we join?” Narancia asked again.
“Jolyne said that her father has a stand, so I’m gonna join them to protect Giorno.” Mista explained.
“Great, I’m gonna join too to protect Giorno.” Narancia said.

“Fugo too.” The black haired boy added.
“Since when do you decide what I’m gonna do?”
“You need to translate the whole shit for me! I don’t speak english, how should I know when I have to attack someone, or who I have to attack?”
“Right… sometimes I forget how stupid you’re.”
“I’m not stupid!”

“Please tell me we’re not gonna join this idiots tomorrow.” Abbacchio said to Bruno.
“I have a meeting with Polnareff tomorrow but I’m sure I can manage to come.” Bruno answered.
“Why? She don’t even likes you!” Bruno hold his hand in front of his chest as if he suddenly felt pain in his heart and gave Abba a sad glace.
“I still want to be sure that she’s safe and that she has a caring family!”
“And when not?”
“Then I’m gonna change that.”
“I already told you, that she don’t like you. God damn she was here for just two days and she spent all her time with the damn brat Giorno.” Abbacchio pointed out.
“Can you stop mentoring that she don’t likes me?” Brunos eyes got wet. Why was one of the few weak points of a powerful mafia capo children and what children think of him?
“She likes me and Narancia.” Fugo said.
“What? Why?” Bruno just sounded more hurt.
“She said that we’re funny.”
“And why don’t she likes me?” Bruno asked in a tune which was everything but calm.
“Why the fuck do you care? Tomorrow she’ll leave and we’ll never see her again.” Abbacchio said.
“We’ll see her on her wedding with Giorno.” Narancia mentored.
“Yes, I always wanted to see Giorno as a bride.” Fugo laughed.

“I’m gonna be so happy when she’s gone.” Abbacchio sighed. He left to room with the excuse that he needs to get something but he actually just wanted to get out of this conversation. Suddenly something tugged on his coat and when the goth looked down he saw Jolyne.
“What do you want?” He asked in english.
“Did you saw my shark? I can’t find it.”
“I don’t care.” Abbacchio said and wanted to go away.
“Please, can you help me?”
“But it was a gift from Daddy-”
“Ask someone else! I don’t care.”
“Please… I miss my shark.” Jolyne was nearly crying and Abbacchio knew that it would mean trouble for him when she would start crying.
“Okay, okay, where did you last saw it?”
“If I knew that, I would have already found it.” Jolyne pointed out. At least she wasn’t stupid.
“Then I guess we have to search.” He sighted. Abbacchio really didn’t want to help her but Bruno was kinda obsessed with the child and even when she don’t like him, he would make a fuss when she’s sad.

“Can your ghost friend help?” Jolyne suddenly asked. Leone jumped away from her. Why does the little child knew that he has a stand? Was she an enemy?
“Why do you know I’ve one?” Abbacchio asked her with a suspicious voice.
“Gio said you all have one.” Damn you Giorno.
“I won’t show you my stand! Only an idiot runs around and shows his stand to strangers.”
“Giorno and Mista showed me their Ghost friends.”
“See? Idiots.”
“Mommy said it’s wrong to call people idiot.”
“And your father?”
“He likes to call people idiot. His best friend always gets angry when daddy calls people idiot but I know he thinks the same thing.”

They discuss for a while and Abbacchio was sure that he’ll never show this little brat his stand. But it seems like the shark was really hard to find and at one point Leone didn’t saw another option than using Moody Blues.
“You’ll forget everything you’ll see now and don’t dare to tell anyone something about my stand or you’ll regret it!” He threatened her. She just nodded. In the next moment his stand appeared behind him.
“It looks so soft!” Jolyne said and stared at the stand with big eyes.
“Don’t look at it! Just… go in the corner right there and watch the wall!” He ordered her but she didn’t listen to him. Abbacchio sighted and let his stand turn into Jolyne and played everything backwards.
“That’s so cool!”
“When you think so.” Abbacchio mumbled.
They had to walk through several rooms till they found the plush shark. Leone was just glad that he was done with this and that the girl will walk away but she didn’t.

“What do still want from me? Don’t you have to go back to Giorno?”
“He’s busy with work.”
“Then go to Mista.”
“He fell asleep on the couch. I think he’s not so good in… watching.”
“Like I said, he’s an idiot and a horrible bodyguard.”
“Can I stay by you till they’re done?” Jolyne asked him with big eyes which didn’t work on Abba.
“No, go to Narancia or Fugo.” It was surely not clever to let Fugo and Narancia watch about a child but Leone really didn’t want to do it.
“I can’t find them.”
“They are right there in the living room.” Abbacchio said and walked to the door of the living room. But the room was empty. Sure, in the time he wasn’t there the rest disappeared and left him alone with the little child.

“Okay, okay. You know what? I’m just gonna sit down here and watch TV and when you’re silent you can sit on the other side of couch.” He said and sat down. Jolyne sat down next to him and Leone started to zap through the channels. The strained mood between them disappeared fast, when Abbacchio found a channel which broadcasted english shows. It was some kind of stupid mainstream fashion show which was just horrible. Abbacchio didn’t really get what it was about but he didn't need to know. He spent his time with making nasty remarks about the outfits together with Jolyne.
Maybe the child wasn’t so bad.

“Oh god, look at that dress.” Jolyne said.
“She should burn it.” Abbacchio answered with a small laugh. It kept going like this, till suddenly Bruno came into the room and looked at the scenery. Somehow he looked hurt like always when it was about Jolyne.
“Honestly? Now she even likes you?” Bruno asked.
“Astonishing.” Abbacchio answered. When Jolyne saw the black haired man, she slided a little bit away from him.
“Now you’re just mean.” Bruno said to her, went to Abbacchio and got a kiss on his lips.
“Like penguins.” Jolyne said.

“What ‘cha doing?” Narancia screamed and let himself fell on the couch. Abbacchio growled and shoved away Narancias leg, which laid on him. He didn’t even notice that Narancia came in the room but he was back together with Fugo.
“Ehh? That’s not italian! I can’t understand this shit!” Narancia said.
“Narancia don’t course when a little child is in the room.” Bruno exhorted him.
“But she don’t understand me!”

“Why do you watch a fashion show with her?” Fugo asked.
“Who cares, you all were gone and I had to watch her.” Abbacchio said and stood up.
“Now you’re back and gonna watch about her.” Leone left the room but Bruno could still saw the little blush on his cheek.
“I like him.” The child said with a smile on her face and looked to Bruno. “But he’s scary.”
“I’m scarier than a goth… when did my life turn into this?” Bruno asked himself.
“I guess it started when you joined the mafia.” Fugo answered the rhetorical question.
“Yeah, because Leone didn’t do the same thing.” Bruno said sarcastically.
“Normally I’m always the first person who the new kid likes…” The capo pointed out.
“I’m sure you’re the only one Abbacchio likes.” Fugo tried to cheer up Bruno.
“Yeah, you could adopt Abbacchio!” Narancia suggested.
“Please don’t do that. That would be weird.” The white haired nerd said.

The rest of the day passed by quickly and Jolyne spent her time playing some kind of board game with Narancia and Fugo. Fugo had to translate the whole time because the two couldn’t understand each other but it kinda worked out, till they reached the point where Fugo got so angry that he flipped over the table and threatened Narancia that he’ll ram the pawns down his throat.
At one point Giorno came and brought Jolyne in her bed so she would be fit when her father will get her tomorrow.

Chapter Text

“And I can really keep this?” Jolyne asked Giorno while she watched him with big eyes.
“Yes.” The mafia boss answered and packed the drawing book and some of the other stuff in Jolynes backpack. They didn’t had much time left till they had to met with Jolynes father.
“Mista the book on the table belongs to Jolyne. Give it to me.” Giorno ordered. His bodyguard grabbed the book but in the moment he wanted to hand it over to Giorno he stumbled over his own feets, fell on the ground and ripped out some pages from the book.
“Shit. That just happened because it was the fourth thing I had to give you today!” Mista argued with rage in his voice. Giorno just gave him a tired glace.

“I’m sorry for your book Jolyne.” Giorno apologized.
“That’s no problem.” Jolyne answered, took the book and the pages and put it into her bag. Giorno didn’t understand what she meant with her words. Maybe she didn’t plan to read the book again because the bizarre story. Maybe it was better that the book was destroyed.

The time to go came and together with Giorno and Jolyne, Mista, Narancia, Fugo and for some reasons Abbacchio made their way to the meeting place. Bruno was still in the meeting with Polnareff but he said himself that he’ll come as soon as they’re done. Jotaro Kujo wasn’t there when they arrived. Giorno just guessed that his plane hasn’t arrived. He didn’t even know from which country they took a plane so checking would be pointless.
All they could do was sitting around and wait till someone new would arrive. Narancia spent his time watching the planes which blasted off and landed. At one point he summoned his stand and let it flight around for a bit. In first line because he wanted to look cool and to show that his stand is better than these plants. It ended with Abbacchio yelling at him because he showed his stand so openly.

After some time of waiting Bruno finally showed up under his arm a turtle alias Polnareff.
“Sorry for taking so long.” He looked to Jolyne. “But I guess I’m still in time.” Bruno smiled.
“Why did you brought Polnareff with you?” Abbacchio asked.
“Was faster this way.”
“Nice to see you Mister Polnareff.” Giorno greeted him. The man lifted himself out of the turtle portal or at least the upper part of his body. After his body died the stand of the turtle sucked his soul right into it, even when he can’t escape the turtle portal he was still able to be under the livings.
“Buongiorno Giovanna. May I ask what you’re doing here? Bucciarati only told me something about a child you found.”
“Yeah, she got kidnapped and now we bring her back to her father.” Giorno explained and pointed at Jolyne, who also noticed the turtle now.

“A turtle! I love turtles!” She said and ran to Bruno who still hold Polnareff.
“Hello little Miss. I’m Jean Pierre Polnareff.” He introduced himself.
“A talking Turtle! That’s so cool! I’m Jolyne but you can call me Jojo.”
“Jojo? Ha! An old friend of me also has the nickname Jojo. Actually more than one friend of me has the nickname Jojo. Weird story, in their family it’s kinda normal that the name starts with ‘Jo’ and because the last name has also a ‘Jo’ in, most of them have the nickname Jojo.” Polnareff explained.
“Like in my family. My Daddy has the nickname Jojo and my uncle and me grand grandfather too!”
“What a coincidence! What’s the name of your father?” Polnareff asked.
“Her father is Jotaro Kujo.” Giorno answered the question for Jolyne. Polnareff gasped in shock and looked at Giorno as if he couldn’t believe his words.

“Jotaro? I can’t believe it! He’s an old friend of mine!” He shouted out. Now his eyes went back to Jolyne which still looked at him with big eyes.
“But I didn’t know that he has a daughter.”
“Are you sure you’re friends when you didn’t even know that he has a daughter?” Fugo asked.
“Well… he never talked much about himself…” Polnareff said now in a way more depressed tone. “And we haven’t seen each other since I went to defend Diavolo and you guys know how this story ends.” He explained.
“But a child would be a topic even an introvert person talks about.”
“Not Jotaro. But hey, he has a child, that means he got laid! Well, he’s attraktiv but he can’t remember that he ever shown any interest in women.” Polnareff said with joy. Bruno lifted Polnareff higher, so he could see him into his eyes.
“Are you sure his daughter should hear something like that?” Bruno asked him with a smile but also with a threatening tone.
“It’s fine, I’m sure Jotaro won’t punch a turtle. I just hope Kakyoin won’t come… he would hit a turtle. He even fight a baby once.”
“He did what?” Bruno asked shocked. He wasn’t sure anymore if he can leave the girl with them.
“I’m sure there is-” Giorno stopped in the middle of his sentence and turned his head. Before someone could ask what was wrong, they looked in the same direction as Giorno and saw what bothered their boss.

Three men entered the small park from the side of the airport.
The tallest of them walked a little bit in the front of the two other. He wore a long white coat and a white hat which kinda fused with his black hair. Blue eyes stared in the direction of the gang and he showed an emotionless expression while he was walking. It was Jotaro Kujo, which Giorno already knew from the pictures. The other two were unknown.
The man beside Jotaro also had dark hair but they were styled into some kind of pompadour. For some reason he looked nervous.
The smallest one from them had red hair and some kind of long lock at one side. He wore a long dark coat and was the only one of them who had a smile on his lips.

“Daddy!” Before anyone could stop the girl, Jolyne ran to the tallest men and hugged him. Jotaro kneeled down and patted her head. Now the man with the pompadour smiled but the nervous look on his face didn’t disappear.
“See Jotaro? She’s fine, so there is no reason to be angry at me anymore.” The pompadour man said and to the surprise of the gang he was talking italian. As answer he got a glace from Jotaro which could kill.
“Oh come on! I had to watch Jolyne and Shizuka at the same time! Shizuka is only two years old and most of the time invisible! I just lost sight of her for two minutes, I couldn’t know that she’ll get kidnapped!” The man tried to explained himself.
“Because of you my daughter ended with some guys from the mafia. You better shut up or I’ll beat you up.”

“Jotaro! Kakyoin!” Polnareff screamed at them and waved at them. Jotaro and the red haired man send their attention back to the gang in front of them.
“Polnareff?” Kakyoin asked confused after he needed some time to recognized him.
“Why are you a turtle?” Jotaro asked. Right after that he muttered something like “Yare Yare daze” to himself.
“Oh, that’s a long story. Since when do you have a daughter and who is that guy?” He pointed at the man with the pompadour.
“Jolyne is… eight years old and this is Josuke Higashikata my uncle.”
“Your uncle? He looks way younger than you.”
“He’s eighteen. It’s all the old man fault.” Jotaro sighted.
“What did Mister Joestar do?”
“Cheated on his wife. Is a long story.”

Suddenly Jotaros eyes snapped up and he looked at the mafia again, which he ignored till now. Jolyne, who still hugged her father got gently pushed at her shoulder.
“Jolyne go play with Josuke for a bit and Josuke if something happen to my daughter again, you were alive for the longest time.” Jotaro growled. Josuke looked even more scared than before- He quickly took Jolynes small hand and walked away with her.
“Why do I even fight serial killers and other strong stand users, when Jotaro will kill me in the end?” He muttered but was ignored by the taller man.
Jotaro stared at Giorno and the young mob boss stared right back at him. Blue met blue and inflamed an atmosphere which felt like pure pressure on everyone around them.

“Haruno Shiobana.”
Jotaros voice was clear but something like abhorrence was audibled.
For a second Giorno shifted and Mista was sure that he could see some kind of worry in the eyes of his boss in a split second before Giorno caughted himself again and gave Jotaro a polite smile.
“This must be a misunderstanding. My name is Giorno Giovanna.” Giorno shortly glaced to his gang before he said something else to Jotaro but this time it was in japanese so the rest couldn’t understand them. Jotaro looked everything but happy about whatever Giorno just told him. He sighted but suddenly he stepped some meters away from the others, Giorno was right behind him, gestured his friends not to follow him. It seemed like they wanted to talk with each other alone.

Polnareff didn’t let any second waisted and turned his attention to Kakyoin.
“Why didn’t anyone told me that Jotaro has a daughter?” He asked.
“You know Jojo don’t like to talk about himself. He barely talked about the wedding or the divorce back then.” Kakyoin explained.
“He married and divorced and I knew nothing about it? And I was sure that he’ll live his life alone… okay maybe with you because you always liked him. And you know… you two assholes deserve each other.” Kakyoin was nice enough to ignore the last part of Polnareff sentence.
“We’re working on it.” Kakyoin said.
“Honestly after all this years you two still didn’t manage to come together.” Polnareff laughed.
“We kinda are right now. It’s just a little bit hard because of Jolyne. She don’t know it now and we don’t know how we should explain it to her.”
“It can’t be so hard.” Polnareff said.
“Explain a little child that her father actually broke up with her mother because he realized that he’s since 13 years in love with his best friend.”
“Maybe you can find a children book with this topic. ‘Surprise! I was gay the whole time!’ Sounds like a good children book to me.” Polnareff suggested. Kakyoin just laughed.

“What happened to you? The last time I saw you, you still were in the hospital and suffered because of your injuries.” Polnareff changed the topic.
“The last time I saw you, you weren’t a turtle.” Kakyoin said, before he gave him a proper answer.
“Actually I suffered at my injuries till two years ago. But Jotaro found a stand user who could heal me and now my body is fine.”
“And since when do you speak italian?”
“We also found a stand user who helped us learning it. It only took a minute.” Kakyoin explained.
“Wait!” Narancia shouted out and got Polnareffs and Kakyoins attention.
“There is a stand user who can help you learn stuff? And why do I still bother by learning with Fugo?” Narancia asked.
“What did you say?” Fugo screamed and hit Narancia.
“You asshole!” Narancia hit back and a start between these two started.
“You have there some really… lively people there Polnareff.” Kakyoin pointed out while watching the teenagers fight.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself at all. It’s just a little bit much right now. I mean Polnareff is a turtle, Jolyne got kidnapped and out of all people on this world she ended by Giovanna. I’m Noriaki Kakyoin, the man who talks with Giovanna right now is Jotaro Kujo, Jolynes father and the one who is with Jolyne right now is Josuke Higashikata, please don’t mention his hair.” Kakyoin said. There was something strange when he mentioned Giornos name, like a bad memory came up every time he took this name in his mouth. Still nobody said something about it. Bruno was the first one of the group who started to speak.
“I’m Bruno Bucciarati. This is Leone Abbacchio, Guido Mista and these two fighting are Narancia Ghirga and Pannacotta Fugo. Giovanna already introduced himself.”
“Thank you for saving Jolyne and bringing her back to us.”
“You’re welcome. It seems like she really likes our boss.”
“Yeah… I don’t think Jotaro will like that.” Kakyoin said and checked again that Jotaro and Giorno are still talking with each other and not fighting. Polnareff was confused.

“Why does Jotaro dislike him? Okay, Giovanna is the boss of the mafia but they don’t know each other.” He asked.
“Because Giovanna is who he is. Honestly it’s shocking that out of all people you work for him.” Kakyoin answered.
“Huh? Why is that shocking?” Polnareff didn’t get what his old friend mean.
“Do you have a problem with our boss?” Mista asked and had his hand on his gun, ready to shoot as soon as his boss is in danger. Kakyoin simply ignored him.
“You don’t want to tell me that you have no clue who he is.” Kakyoin asked the turtle man.
“He’s the boss of the italian mafia, I know that.” Kakyoin just looked at him shocked.
“We have a whole folder about him in the SPW and you don’t know who he is.”
“When did the SPW made a folder about the new mafia boss? They could have contact me.” Polnareff asked.
“We made the folder before he joined the mafia.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait! What the fuck is wrong with Giovanna that the SPW needed a folder about him even before he was in Passion.” Polnareff wanted to know. Now also the gang members which let Kakyoin and Polnareff talked till now interfered in the conversation.
“When there’s a problem with our boss we want to know it.” Bruno told him.
“Yeah, Giorno isn’t only our boss he’s also our friend so we should know when something is wrong with him.” Mista said.
“Tell us everything you know about Giorno! It could help our list.” Narancia already pulled his knife out to threat Kakyoin.
“I knew this brat is a problem.” Abbacchio hissed.
“Leone, we don’t even know the problem, stop being mean.”
“Stop making jokes Polnareff! You can’t be so stupid!” Kakyoin said.
“I guess that I’m so stupid! Now tell me what’s wrong about him!”

“Polnareff who is the worst person you can think of?” The red haired man asked.

The gang didn’t understand about who they were talking. They never heard the name DIO before and couldn’t think of anyone worse than Diavolo. Well, maybe Cioccolata.
“I think Giorno is a little bit too young as if he could have work for Dio back then.”
“Well there was a baby working for Dio but Giovanna didn’t work for him.” Kakyoin explained.
“And how is he connected to Dio?”

“Giorno Giovanna is Dios son.”

Polnareff was paralysed by fear. It was like he didn’t want this words to be true. He just stared at Kakyoin with an blanc expression. The gang on the other hand didn’t understand at all why this was so shocking.

“You’re joking… right? This can’t be real!” Polnareff scremed. Kakyoin shook his head.
“No, it’s true. We found out that Dio had some affairs with women who actually survived it and that he has some children.” Kakyoin explained.
“Some children? You mean he has more than one?”
“We know about four children of which Dio is the father. Giovanna is one of them.”
“Giorno is one of four children? That’s bad luck! We need to do something against it before something happen to him!” Mista screamed in fear.
“What do you want to do against that?” Fugo asked the gunman.
“Well… kill one of them?” Mista suggested.
“I’m for killing Giorno!” Abbacchio raised his hand.

“Who’s Dio and why is it a problem that he’s Giornos father?” Fugo finally asked. Polnareff was still in shock and needed some time till he was able answer the question.
“Imagine Diavolo just way worser. Dio is a monster or even worser.” Polnareff said.
“Worser than Diavolo? He even wanted to kill his daughter.” Bruno said.
“I’m sure Dio would have kill his children if he knew about them. I mean he killed his father and his adoptive father and his adoptive brother. He killed many people.” Kakyoin told them.
“Could you please tell us the whole story about Giornos father and why he was such a bad person, Mister Polnareff?” Bruno asked.
“Sure, I can tell you the story about the worst monster which ever lived.” Polnareff answered.

“Can I ask what you’re talking about?” Giorno suddenly asked. The gang didn’t even notice that the boss was done with his conversation with Doctor Kujo and that he standed behind them.
“Giovanna! Why didn’t you told me that you’re Dios son?” Polnareff shouted without answering Giornos question. For the second time on this day Giorno lost his calmness even when it was just for the split of a second. Giorno looked uncomfortable when the topic was about himself.
“I didn’t knew that it’s important. Like I already said, I don’t know much about my father and I didn’t know that you and my father were acquainted with each other.” Giorno said in the same polite tone like always. Polnareff looked at him for a while like he didn’t believe Giorno at all.
“You honestly don’t know what Dio did?” He finally asked. Giorno shook his head.
“All I know about him is his name, how he looked like and who killed him.” The boss explained. It was silent for a while and Polnareff looked Giorno into his eyes. Finally he said something again.
“Alright, I believe you.”

“Great! Then Polnareff can tell you about your father!” Narancia said and slapped Giorno on his back.
“That’s not necessary. We should just go back to work. We’re already spent too much time on this.” Giorno said. It was just like the times before where Giorno wanted to cut the conversation as soon as it’s about him. But this time it could be that it won’t work.
“Oh come on Giogio, I’m sure you want to know it too!” Mista tried to persuaded him. He could saw that his boyfriend fighted with himself if he wants to know it or not. Normally Giorno wouldn’t let anyone see what he’s thinking but right now Mista could see it clearly. After some time he sighted.
“Fine. Mister Polnareff please tell us about Dio.” He said.
“Alright. Kaks, Jojo say something when I forget something. When I’m telling Dios story I’m gonna tell the whole story.” Polnareff said. The two men just sighted.

“The story started a long time ago. Over hundred years ago-” Polnareff started but Kakyoin already interrupted him.
“Actually it all started several thousand years ago when some kind of super being created a stone mask who can create vampires.” He said.
“Did he just said vampires?” Fugo asked Bruno.
“I hope not, or Narancia will never let us forget this.”

“Right, that’s also important. So over hundred years ago a carriage had a horrible crash. Only a one man and a baby survived the accident and got saved by a man who came by. The man who survived was George Joestar and the baby was his son Jonathan Joestar. George Joestar also owned one of this stone mask, don’t ask me why. Anyway, George Joestar was so glad that he and his son was saved that he was in dept of the man who saved him. Years later the man who saved him died and George Joestar took the son of him in and adopted him. This boy was Dio Brando. Actually he killed his father but no one knew that at this point of the story. So, Dio and Jonathan grew up together and Dio burned Jonathans beloved dog alive. Dio wanted more power. The power he wanted he would get when he gets the heritage of George Joestar. He wanted to poisoned him, just like he did with his biological father but Jonathan uncovered his plans before Dio could kill his father. Dio stabbed George Joestar used the stone mask to turn himself into a vampire. Jonathan and Dio fighted in a burning house. Jonathan won. Sadly Dio was still alive and so Jonathan and some of his friends went to defend him for a second time. They use some strange way of breathing to fight, but I don’t get that myself. Dio created an army of zombies and killed many people. For him it was funny to let people suffer and to kill them. He even made a woman eat her own baby alive.”

“Where did you got all this details?” Bruno asked. Hearing that a little baby was eaten alive was a little bit too much for the tenderhearted mafia capo.
“We have pretty good reports in the SPW. Also the founder of the SPW was there himself.” Polnareff explained before he continued the story.

“So, where was I? Aaa, yes. Jonathan fighted Dio again and this time he was sure that Dio won’t come back. He married a pretty woman and she got pregnant but that’s also something no one knew at this point of story. They wanted to move to america but Dio wasn’t dead. He just cut his head off to survive and together with one of his followers he was on the same ship as Jonathan. He wanted to take Jonathan's body and they fighted again. The ship started to burn and Jonathan died when he got shot in the throat because he wanted to protect his wife and a baby from a dead passenger. The ship sank with Dio and Jonathan’s dead body on it. His wife and the baby survived and because the swam on a coffin over the ocean. Jonathans widow raised her son alone and he worked for the army and marriage a pretty women. It was actually the woman who once was the baby Jonathan and his wife saved back then on the ship. They had a son together. Joseph Joestar. His father was killed by a zombie which survived all the years since Dio created it. His mother wanted to revenge him and did it but she had to flee and left her son alone by his grandmother-”

“Polnareff is this part of the story really necessary to be told?” Kakyoin asked.
“They haven’t saw each other for 18 years. He thought his mother is dead and when they finally met again she wasn’t brave enough to tell him that she’s his mother. Only after the fought an ultimate being where she nearly died she told him the truth. That could be the plot of a movie!” Polnareff said.
“Still not important for the story.” Kakyoin said.
“You’re so lame!”

“Okay, okay, So Joseph Joestar married and had a daughter and his daughter married and had a son and this son is Jotaro.” He pointed at Jotaro.
“Hundred years passed since the ship sank with Jonathan and Dio and suddenly a ship retrieved a coffin from the shipwreck. But what they didn’t knew is that Dio was inside this coffin and that he was still alive. He reached his goal to cut Jonathas head off and to steal his body.”

“I though the wife of Jonathan Joestar was in the coffin. Why did Dio had a second coffin?” Fugo asked.
“I honestly don’t know. Anyway Dio was free and gained power again. Because he had the body of Jonathan now he was also kinda linked to the Joestar bloodline and they could feel each other… honestly I didn’t understand the point of the story. It was like, they’re somehow connected and because of that they could find each other and Jotaros mother became ill. Dio wanted to destroy the whole Joestar bloodline. He built an army of stand user but not everyone of them followed his commands because they wanted. Like me. I met Dio when I was in egypt to search the murderer of my beloved little sister.” Polnareff paused for a minute and nobody said anything. It seems like the memories of his sister hurted him.

“Dios charisma was enormously! Just his presence was enough that you couldn’t move your body anymore because you are numb of fear. Fuck, the feeling of fear was so overwhelming and we didn’t even fighted in this moment. I didn’t even knew how strong he was and still I feared him as if he was the devil himself. He brainwashed me, so I would follow his commands and fight Jotaro and the other. The same happened to Kakyoin. I guess we were lucky that Jotaro saved us from Dio. We joined him and traveled to reach egypt. Dio spent most of his time with having sex with woman or to kill people… or to do both. Sadly I can imagine pretty good how Dio has sex with a woman and kill her additionally. To continue the story, my best friend and my dog friend died while we tried to defend Dio and Kakyoin got badly hurted by Dio because Dio perforated him through the chest. I think he also tried to kill Mister Joestar.”
“He doesn’t only tried to kill the old man he also tried to do it in front of my eyes, so I have to watch my grandfather die. He took the blood of the old man so he could kill me.” Jotaro said.
“Right. Like I said Dio thinks it’s funny to let people suffer. In the end Jotaro was able to defeat Dio and to saved his grandfather and mother… and kinda Kakyoin. When the next morning started they brought Dios body in the sun light and he turned into ash.”

“To make it short, Dio was a horrible person and the stuff he did made people suffer even long after he died. He destroyed so many lives and nothing that ever had to do with Dio was something good.” Kakyoin said. His eyes laid on Giorno who simply stared back at him.

Silent grew between them. Everyone needed a bit of time to handle this story about the man who procreated Giorno. No one of them could believe what they just heard.
“Ha! I told you that vampires are real! See? Giornos father was a vampire, so Giorno is one too!” Narancia shouted out triumphantly. Immediately he got hit by Fugo.
“Narancia I’m not a vampire.” Giorno said as calm as always. It was like the whole story didn’t affected him at all. Mista wasn’t sure if Giorno really didn’t care or if his poker face was just too good right now.
“Prove it.” Narancia said.
“We’re standing in the sunlight right now.” Giorno answered and pointed at the blue sky. Narancia looked upward like he has to check Giornos words.
“Okay, this time I’ll believe you.”

“I’m still shocked because of the baby.” Bruno said.
“Which one? There were many babies in this story.” Abbacchio pointed out.
“The one who got eaten alive. Well, I also feel sorry for the one who got left by their mother.”

“So this dude over there killed Giornos father?” Mista asked and pointed at Jotaro.
“That was the point of this story.” Bruno said.
“Am I the only one who’s shocked that Giornos father stole the body of someone and survived hundred years on the bottom of the ocean?” Fugo asked.
“When Dio stole the body of this dude and used his body to have sex with women, is Dio the father of Giorno or the dude whose body he used?” Narancia asked.
“That’s actually a good question. I would like to see an DNA profile from Dio and from Giorno to compare them.” Fugo said.

“We sent someone to get a sample of Giornos DNA to compare it with Dios but…” Jotaro didn’t finish his sentence and just glanced at Giorno. Mista grabbed his gun again.
“What happened to you boss? Did he hurt you?” The bodyguard asked.
“Did you die?” Narancia wanted to know and got a hit from Fugo as answer. Giorno didn’t answer the question but Jotaro did.
“Giovanna stole his stuff and involved him in a stand battle.”
“I didn’t even knew that he was after me. He told me about his mission after I beat Black Sabbath.” Giorno said.
“Wait. When did you fight Polpos stand?” Mista asked.
“Did I said Black Sabbath?” Giorno answered the question with a question.
“Yes, you did.”
“How strange.” Giorno didn’t said more to this topic.

“Honestly the story is fucked up.” Abbacchio finally said.
“We know.”

“Giorno look!” It was Jolyne who pulled on Giornos jacket to get his attention. It seemed that she just ran to the boss and managed to shake off Josuke, which came after her. She hold the book which Mista destroyed in the morning in her hands.
“The book. What is with it?” Giorno asked.
“Uncle Josuke repaired it!” She opened the book and showed that everything was fine. The pages were totally repaired like nothing ever happened to them.
“Oh yeah, my stand can repair everything!” Josuke said and showed for a short time his stand behind him. It was humanoid, pink and had to many hearts on it when you ask Giorno.
“Only idiots show their ghost friends so openly.” Jolyne told her uncle. Suddenly Kakyoin hit Jotaro in the side.
“Didn’t I told you not to call people idiots when Jolyne is around?” He hissed.
“It wasn’t me.” Jotaro just said.
“It was me.” Abbacchio admitted.
“Leone! Why did you think it was right to swear when a little child is around?” Bruno asked.
“She told me that Giorno and Mista showed her their stands and I said that only idiots would do that so openly.” The goth answered.

Giorno didn’t listened to the rest of Bruno and Abbas conversation and took the book in his hand to see a little bit better how good Josukes fixing ability is. It was flawless.
“I still don’t think this book is fitting for children.” Giorno said when he gave the book back to Jolyne.
“Yeah, the writer is famous for his bizarre stories. I read another book from him about a horse race through the USA in which some people search for the corpse part of Jesus.” Kakyoin said. Giorno was kinda happy that not all japanese books were like this and that it’s just something one writer did.

“Daddy!” Now the little girl wanted the attention from her father.
“When I’m older I’m gonna make Giorno my wife, so he’s real part of the family!” Jolyne shared her plan with her father. He looked at her in silent.
“Why not?”
“Because I said so.”
“Imagine she’s gonna marry the son of Dio… so you would be the father in law of Dios son.” Kakyoin said. “I would laugh when it wouldn’t be so terrifying.” He added.
“I don’t care who his father is! He’s my future wife!” Jolyne said. Jotaro just sighted and didn’t know how he should tell her daughter ‘no’.
“Listen Jolyne, when you look at it Giorno is your great great great granduncle, so he’s already a part of your family and you don’t have to marry him.” Jotaro explained. “Also his father was a fucking asshole and I don’t want to be remind of him even more.” He added.
“Jotaro no swearing!” Kakyoin shouted out.
“Oh come on, we were already so excited to see Giorno in a wedding dress.” Narancia said.
“And you’re honestly in the mafia?” Josuke asked Narancia.
“Just because we’re super cool gangsters doesn't mean that we can’t see our boss in a wedding dress!”

“You know what Jojo? That means your great great granduncle is 15 years old. Why is your family tree so fucked up?” Kakyoin said.
“Ask the guy who stole the body of my ancestor and slept with random women or the old man who didn’t managed to use protection when he cheated on his wife.” Jotaro answered.

Mista gently pushed Giorno on his shoulder.
“I don’t know much about your ‘family’ but I’m sure you as mafia boss fit in perfectly.” He laughed. Giorno leaned closer to Mister.
“I think it’s kinda a family thing to fight against Dio, so I guess I have to fight my dead father before I’m really a part of the ‘family’.” He said with a small smile on his lips.

Jolynes eyes laid on Polnareff but suddenly she turned back to her father, like she just remember something.
“Daddy, the turtle man said that you got laid. What does that mean?” The words ‘oh fuck’ where literally written on Polnareffs face. It was Kakyoin who reacted first.
“Okay Polnareff, that was it. I don’t care if you’re a turtle, I’m gonna end you!” He said in rage.
“He’s a tortoise.” Jotaro added but didn’t said anything about the topic.
“I don’t care!” Behind Kakyoin something green with long green tentacle which try to grab the tortoise. It was luck for Polnareff that Bruno protected him from Kakyoins stand.
“Come on Kakyoin I just made a joke!” Polnareff tried to calm the red haired man. Kakyoin didn’t want to listen to him.

“We should left. We finished everything.” Jotaros now raised voice said. He sounded annoyed and it seemed like he just wanted to finish this. The tallest man here didn’t wait till someone could say something.
“Jolyne come here, we’re leaving.”
“What? Already? I want to spend more time with Giorno!” The little girl said.
“No.” Her father simply answered.
“But he’s my future wife!”
“Still no.”

Giorno sighted.
“Bruno can you come closer to me?” He asked the capo. Bruno didn’t understand what his boss wanted but he stepped closer to him, just like he wanted. Jolyne winced and ran to her father to hide behind him. Bruno looked at Giorno with a disbelieving glance.
“That was just mean Giorno.” He said.
“Sorry, but it was the easiest way to do it.” Giorno answered with a smile.

While Jotaro grabbed the hand of his daughter to leave with her, Kakyoin turned one last time to Giorno and the gang.
“Thank you again for saving her. Even when Jojo don’t look like it, he’s happy that he has his daughter back.” He said and bowed in front of Giorno.
“Yeah, thank you! I’m sure Jotaro would have kill me when she wouldn’t be back in the next days.” Josuke said with a goofy smile on his face.
“You’re welcome. It was refreshing to have her around.” Giorno said.

“Bye Giorno! See you at our wedding!” Jolyne screamed while her father dragged her with him.
“Or at any other occasion.” Giorno said and waved.
“Bye man, who thinks he can marry Giorno before me! Bye goth! Bye smart man! Bye funny man! Bye scary man!” She screamed.
“Don’t she remember our names?” Mista asked.
“I’m not sure if she really forgot our names or if this is a joke.” Fugo answered.
“Maybe both.”

“So can you talk about the fact that I was right the whole time about the vampires and you all were wrong?” Narancia said proud of himself.


Kakyoin walked beside Jotaro to the check in on the airport. Jolyne and Josuke were some meters ahead of them.
“Do you think we were too unfriendly?” Kakyoin suddenly asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Toward Dios son. Giovanna.”
“I don’t know what you want to say.”
“Jotaro I still speak pretty well japanese, I could hear what you two were saying.” Kakyoin said. “You still think he’ll be our enemy in the future?” Kakyoin added.
“He’s Dios son and the boss of the mafia. Of course I think he could become our enemy.”
“I know, I know and I wasn’t the nicest toward him too. I mean he saved Jolyne, I should love him for that but still… I see Dio when I look at him.” Kakyoin explained. Jotaro didn’t answered, he just kept walking. It didn’t bother Noriaki. He knew his friend and that Jojo never was a person who talks much.
“I hope he didn’t notice how tensed I was.” Noriaki said. Suddenly Jotaro stopped walking. Kakyoin looked at him confused but before he could ask what was wrong Jotaro started talking.
“What happened back then because of Dio was horrible. We lost friends, suffered and were forced to fight because of him. You suffered for years because of your injuries and I know that you still suffer because of the memories. Nori you really don’t have to be sorry. You did nothing wrong.” Jotaro said. Kakyoin was shocked for the long sentence from Jotaro.
“Who are you and what did you do to Jotaro? I didn’t knew that you can use so many words at once.” Kakyoin laughed.
“Yare, yare daze.”
“Thank you.” Kakyoin gave Jotaro a quick kiss on his lips.

What he didn’t knew was that Jolyne watched them right in the moment they were kissing.
“Uncle Josuke!” She said.
“What’s up little Jojo?”
“I want a girlfriend.”


Giorno locked the bathroom door behind him. He looked inside the mirror and saw the same face as always.
Blue eyes, which didn’t show the feeling he felt right now. The same skin tone like always and well coiffed hair. He looked good - totally fine. Nobody would guess what’s going on inside Giornos head.
Sadly Giorno knew it.
Rage stormed inside his head. He was furious with Dio but also with himself. Hearing who his father was and what he did, destroyed the picture Giorno made up in his mind.

His eyes were still fixed at the mirror, his hands as fist. Suddenly Giorno hit the mirror with full force. The fragments of the mirror fell to the ground together and Giornos blood from his injured hand dripped on it.
Normally Giorno was calm - always so calm. It wasn’t like him to have sudden rage outbursts, it fits way more Fugo but right now he just couldn’t keep his feelings chained inside him. He wanted to cry and let everything out for the first time but still not a single tear found their way out of his eyes. Giorno felt the pain but still he wasn’t able to let it out. Honestly he didn’t understand how Fugo could let out his anger so easily.

How much did it hurt to hear Dios story?
How often did he imagine what kind of person his father was?
How often did he wished that his real father would be a good man who would care and love him?
Too often.
Did it help?
Yes it did. Actually the fantasy of a father who would want him was often the only thing which kept him alive in this cold world in which his mother didn’t care at all and his step father tried to kill him with his beats. The thought that he could be loved by someone made it bearable.
It was hope.
But it was nothing else than the foolish fantasy of an unloved child.

Giorno took the picture of Dio out of his wallet and looked at it.
It was disgusting but Giorno couldn’t tell if Dio was disgusting or if it was all the hope he made up in his own fantasy for years. Was the wish for a person who cares about him too much?
His body started to shake. He didn’t want to see this picture anymore, didn’t want to remember what a fool he was for believing in a father who wanted him. All he wanted right now was to shred this picture into tiny pieces.

There were no tears and his hands didn’t shred the picture. He couldn’t. Giorno just kept staring at it. Suddenly his legs gave in and he flopped down to the ground.

“Why am I so weak?”