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let me be yours

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Groaning as the sunlight shone through the window, hitting his sleeping face directly, Isak shoved his face into his pillow, hoping he’d be able to go back to the peaceful state he was just in for at least a little while longer.

After a few minutes of lying in bed and trying to focus on relaxing his body and breathing calmly, he gave up on trying to fall asleep, knowing it was impossible at this point. He turned on his back, his arm swinging to his side.

Frowning as he felt a cold, empty side of the bed he lifted his head off of his pillow, noticing that he was alone. And judging by the coldness of the covers, he knew it’s been a while since Even left. He threw his head back down, trying to figure out when exactly Even sneaked out. He would’ve thought he’d feel Even leave, since he usually wakes up at the smallest sound he hears, but it seems like he slept soundly throughout the night.

Laughing bitterly, he shook his head before a frown took over his features once again.


He had no reason to be mad, or to be remotely upset that Even had left him. In fact, he didn’t even know why exactly he was a bit disappointed not to have woken up in the comforting embrace of Even’s warm body, he should be happy not to have to deal with his teasing.

It was just because he slept well with Even, thats why he wanted him to stay, that’s it, Isak tried to convince himself.

Rubbing his hands over his face, waking himself up even more, he looked over to the side, noticing a black garment on the pillow next to his.

Leaning up on his elbow, he took it in his hands, unfolding it and reading the print on the front.

Releasing a groan, he rolled his eyes as he turned the hoodie. And sure enough, there it was. Proof that he had fucked up and done something he’d been telling himself for weeks not to do, written out for him in bold red letters.

Throwing the hoodie back on the bed, he noticed a piece of paper fall onto the floor. Stretching his arm to reach it, he felt around for a few seconds before he finally retrieved it and looked at it.

Let me know if you want to do this again pretty boy

And written beneath it was a phone number. Scoffing and shaking his head slightly, Isak reached for his phone quickly, typing the number in and sending Even a text.


First of all, do you want your hoodie back or can I burn it? Second of all, don’t tell anyone this happened.

Picking on his bottom lip with his thumb and forefinger, Isak’s heartbeat sped up as he watched the dots appear, Even typing out a reply already.

Aw you don’t like it? :(

It’s just to remind you of me baby

And don’t worry, it’ll be our dirty little secret ;)

Rolling his eyes, he released a breath he didn’t know he was holding at the reassurance that no one would find out. Relieved that he wouldn’t be talked of as the ‘slut that gave it up for the most promiscuous of the Penetrators’, as all the other people that had done so were referred to. And he was definitely relieved he wouldn’t have to explain it to the guys, that he wouldn’t have to tell them that ‘yes after weeks of telling you I want absolutely nothing to do with him, I let him fuck me’, and he definitely didn’t want to hear Jonas say ‘I told you so, I knew you liked him.’

The thing is, last night wasn’t planned and it definitely wasn’t something Isak thought would happen because he didn’t like Even, he didn’t.

He had heard of Even before the third year even laid his eyes on Isak, Eva having told him all the gossip she found out from Vilde, a rather chatty blonde girl she had met at the start of the year. So, he already knew of Even’s—and the Penetrators’—reputation, and all the rumours were confirmed during that party when Even approached him in the kitchen and rather confidently started flirting with Isak the second he found out he was single, the confidence he displayed making Isak want to toy with him for a bit, only to see if he would give up or if his arrogance would make him keep going.

And apparently, Isak not spreading his legs for him right then and there did the trick for Even, as he did keep going; saying hi to Isak at school, smiling at him and acting as if he didn’t really want to just fuck him and then carry on with his life, sticking his cock into the next best thing that came across his path. Acting as if this wasn’t all just a game to him to see how long it takes for Isak to sleep with him.

For a few moments, Isak thought that maybe he was actually genuinely interested, that he really did like Isak and that he didn’t just want to fuck all the first years now that the school year had begun, but then he’d hear about his conquests, or he’d see him flirting with someone else, and his bubble would burst and he’d remember that all Even thought of him was as something he wanted to fuck, that’s it.

And last night was an anomaly to what he had heard about the older boy; he was sweet, he was caring, he made sure Isak was okay, and he seemed real and honest as he spoke to Isak while they walked home from the chaotic party. And suddenly Isak didn’t care, he didn’t care what Even’s intentions were, he just wanted to kiss him and have him fuck him, and enjoy himself without caring about anything or anyone else, and so he did just that.

He moaned for Even, he whimpered his name, and arched his back when Even made him come, he curled up on his chest and fell asleep as Even played with his hair, and he was fine with that. He didn’t regret it, but waking up alone was only a bitter reminder of the fact that Even didn’t even have the decency to stay the night, he got what he wanted and left.

And Isak didn’t care, he really didn’t.

But then he remembered the gentle touches of Even’s lips against his legs as he cleaned him up, the caring nature of the third year making him look down at him in awe and he remembered a fleeting moment where a thought crossed his mind that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that Even didn’t see him as just another random boy he got to fuck.

He shook his head to dispel the thoughts, his empty bed a cruel reminder of the truth.

He didn’t want Even to stay, he didn’t even want to date the guy really. Essentially, they both wanted the same thing: meaningless sex. And they both got it, and now they could move on, Isak could focus on finishing his first year, and Even could go back to fucking anything with a pulse.

Lifting his phone up from where it was laying on his chest, he started typing once again.

Ugh, just keep your mouth shut.

And all he could hope for was that Even would listen.

Leaning his head against Jonas’ firm shoulder, Isak vaguely heard Magnus talk about something, possibly a party, but he couldn’t be sure, the exhaustion he felt leaving him incapable of paying attention. The cool morning breeze was hitting his face, making him shiver and push his hands further into his pockets.  

All he could focus on was trying not to let his eyes shut and just stay awake.

“Isak,” He heard Jonas say as he poked him in the forehead, making Isak scrunch up his nose and lift his head up, looking at him with a frown on his face.


“Are you okay? You sleeping well?” Jonas said with a concerned voice, making sure to keep quiet enough so that Mahdi and Magnus didn’t hear him, but it didn’t matter anyways, as Magnus was too busy waving his hands around as he enthusiastically told some story about a girl he met at a party, and Mahdi was shaking his head, releasing a groan every once in a while as the story grew more and more ridiculous.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it man, I’m fine.” Isak plastered on a smile, his friends kindness making fondness unfurl in his chest as he watched Jonas nod slightly, not quite believing Isak but choosing not to say anything about it, before he tried to tune back into the conversation.

Isak looked around the courtyard, students moving in groups and laughing amongst themselves, apparently not having an issue with behaving like functioning human beings so early in the morning. He furrowed his brows as he kept looking around, his eyes hurting from the exhaustion he felt, when suddenly a laughter made him perk up, for some reason his mood improving as he looked towards the source of the sound, his eyes landing on Even surrounded by the rest of the Penetrators.

He watched as Even threw his head back and clutched his stomach while laughing, his eyes closing from the width of his smile, holding onto Chris’ shoulder with the other hand, the shorter boy looking at him with a smug grin.

As Even’s laughter simmered, he lowered his head and caught Isak’s gaze, making Isak look down quickly, feeling like an idiot for having been caught staring. He glanced up, noticing that Even was still looking at him.

Raising his eyebrows up in question, he watched a smirk grow on Even’s face as he winked, or tried to wink, the sight making Isak bite his lip to contain a laugh.

He rolled his eyes and looked away, suddenly noticing Jonas’ stare on him.

“What’s going on with you two?” He asked for what seemed to be the hundredth time, and Isak groaned, growing tired of the question.

He looked at Jonas, noticing that the attention of the other two boys was on him as well, Magnus turning around to glance at the Penetrators before he turned back towards Isak.

Rolling his eyes, Isak lifted his eyebrows up, “there’s nothing going on, he’s just being irritating.”

“He likes you,” Jonas said with an earnest look.

“No, he just wants to fuck me.”

“Okay, so? He’s good looking, just have sex with him,” Magnus said as he gave Isak an incredulous look, seemingly confused as to why Isak doesn’t want to sleep with him.

Snorting slightly, Isak shook his head, “why don’t you fuck him since you seem to think he’s so hot?”

Mahdi and Jonas laughed as Magnus tilted his head, “he’s not constantly staring at me, he looking at your twinky ass.”

The other two boys nodded as they looked at Isak with smirks on their faces. He sighed and looked off to the side, “shut the fuck up, I’m not going anywhere near him.”

The boys hastily changed the subject as Isak felt his phone buzz in his back pocket.

He quickly took it out and read the notification displayed on the screen.


Wanna come to mine later?

Rolling his eyes, Isak looked up to see Even already looking at him, a smirk on his face as he waved his phone in the air, making Isak sigh as he typed out a response.

Fuck no.

He glanced back at Even to see him read the reply, laughing slightly as he began typing.

Not what you were saying last week pretty boy

He felt his cheeks redden as he furrowed his brows, quickly sending a reply.

One time only, never again.

He locked his phone and put it back in his pocket. He looked up to see Even roll his eyes as he read Isak’s message, he put his phone away and met Isak’s gaze, winking at him as he smirked, Isak rolling his eyes and trying to get back to the conversation happening around him, pushing Even to the back corner of his mind and making sure not to look in his direction.

Shutting the door behind him, Isak kicked his shoes off and threw his jacket on the hook, rushing to get to his room and throw himself onto his comfy bed, the middle of the week finding him exhausted already.

“Isak,” He heard Eskild yell from the kitchen, the clatter of what he presumed to be Eskild searching for something heard straight after. Throwing his backpack onto the couch, Isak headed to where Eskild was, the noises getting louder as he got closer.

Walking through the doorway, he caught sight of Eskild rummaging through the cupboards, frantically moving bowls around.

Leaning against the doorway, Isak looked at him with amusement, “Okay, what the fuck are you doing?”

Sparing a glance in his direction, Eskild turned back to the cupboards and opened the next one, “I found this recipe book full of cocktails and drinks and I wanted to try to make some.”

Snorting out a laugh, Isak watched Eskild move some pots and pans, gasping as he reached forward in the cupboard, “fuck yes, I found it.” He said as he took out the cocktail shaker, a smug smile on his face as he turned towards Isak.

Sighing softly, Isak went to leave before he got roped into helping him, “well have fun, I’m going to my room.”

“Ah, don’t you want to spend some time with me? Come on my gay little baby,” he gasped suddenly, his hand coming up to clutch his heart, “oh my god, gayby,” Eskild said excitedly as he took out all the ingredients he needed, a wide smile on his face.

Laughing slightly, Isak turned and left the room, raising his voice to be heard from the hallway, “definitely not, have fun.”

“Boring,” He heard Eskild yell, making him chuckle as he entered the living room.

Quickly grabbing his backpack off the couch, he rushed to his room.

Shutting the door behind him, he placed the bag on the chair next to his desk, turning to search for sweatpants through his messy closet, grabbing the closest pair he could find.

Taking his jeans off, he threw them to the side, putting on a pair of comfier pants and grabbing the laptop from his desk before he lay down on the bed, turning his laptop on immediately and opening up his Netflix account.

He sighed as he saw his phone light up where it lay on the bed. Reaching forward, he groaned once he saw the name on his screen, rolling his eyes he opened the conversation.


You don’t wear my hoodie :(

It’s in the trash


I just want everyone to know I’ve been inside the hottest piece of ass in school

Isak groaned as he read the message, rubbing his face with one hand as a blush covered his cheeks at the memories of that night.

Thanks Even, so romantic

He locked his phone and threw it to the side as he grabbed his headphones off of the bedside table, plugging them into the laptop and deciding to just waste a few hours away watching some random tv show, not thinking of anything else and ignoring every notification he got on his phone.

Opening up his locker, Isak took his books out quickly, wanting to get to class before he’s late, the students around him doing the same.

“Hey,” he heard Jonas say as he repeated Isak’s previous actions and took his books out as well while Isak shut his locker, leaning against it with his shoulder.

“’Sup?” Isak said as he waited for Jonas to get his stuff, knowing that they had the first lesson together.

“Wanna go out tomorrow?” Jonas swung his backpack over his shoulder, walking slowly down the corridor, Isak by his side.

“Sure, where?” He asked while pushing past a group of students still talking in the hallway, not caring about getting to their lessons in time.

He heard Jonas mumble something out, not understanding what he said he looked towards him with a frown as the boy avoided his gaze, “where?”

Looking towards him, Jonas sighed in resignation, “Some guy from the Penetrators invited Mahdi and told him to bring friends as well and he said we’ll go.”

Groaning, Isak looked at Jonas with his brows furrowed, “fuck, Jonas.”

“I know, I know, you hate them, Even is horrible, you definitely don’t want to suck his dick blah blah blah,” he said mockingly as they got close to their classroom, making Isak huff and open his mouth to defend himself, but Jonas interrupted him, “just avoid him, don’t talk to him. We’re just going to drink and have fun, you don’t even have to interact with the guy.”

Opening the door, Isak entered the nearly full classroom and headed towards their usual desk in the back, Jonas trailing behind him, still waiting for an answer.

“Fine,” Isak said with a groan as threw himself onto the chair, he watched as a smile spread on Jonas’ face.

“Don’t worry bro,” Jonas said as they both took their books out of their bags, “It’ll be great.”

Stumbling through the crowd, Isak looked around, trying to figure out where the bathroom is, the beer he was drinking earlier making it hard for him to focus.

He caught sight of Eva leaning against the wall, and just as he was about to approach her to say hi, he noticed a blonde girl with red stained lips standing very close to her, her eyes travelling down to Eva’s lips as she laughed and carried on talking, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Smiling to himself, Isak pushed between the groups of people once again, wanting to wash his hands quickly from the drink Magnus managed to spill all over his arms.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was having fun.  

There was a steady supply of drinks, he was talking and joking around with his friends, and he only saw Even once as he entered the house, and the older boy took no notice of him as he was sitting on the couch with a very pretty first year pressed up against him, who was giggling with a blush on her round cheeks as he whispered in her ear. Ignoring him completely, Isak headed to the kitchen to get himself a drink, and has been enjoying himself ever since.

Until Magnus started waving his hands around and consequently managed to pour out his drink all over Isak’s stretched out arm, which was now getting more and more uncomfortably sticky.

Practically running up the stairs he went to open the door to what he believed was the bathroom when someone opened it for him, a body colliding with his as it exited the room, making him stumble backwards and almost fall, but the firm grip on his arms saved him.

Releasing a breath, he opened his mouth to say thank you when he lifted his gaze and his eyes landed on Even.

Groaning slightly he pushed past him into the bathroom.

“Aw, I don’t even get a thank you?” Even said with a pout that Isak could see through the mirror as he washed his hands quickly.

Rolling his eyes, he ignored the question, grabbing the towel and drying his hands.

“I feel like you owe me now, since I’ve saved you and all,” Even said as he trailed his eyes over Isak’s body, leaning against the door frame and crossing his arms against his broad chest.  

“Are you asking me to fuck you just ‘cause you stopped me from falling on my ass?” Isak turned towards Even, leaning against the counter and tilting his head as he watched a smirk appear on Even’s face.

“I saved your ass, so it would be great if I could fuck it again,” Isak rolled his eyes as Even laughed slightly.

He fixed Even with a glare, making him roll his eyes, “I’m fucking around, god chill out. So uptight all the damn time.”

Sighing, Isak pushed himself away from the counter, walking towards Even and waiting for him to move so that he could get out. But no, Even remained in his place, arching a brow as he looked at Isak.

“Can you fuck off?” Isak snapped, just wanting to go to his friends and for Even to go talk to whoever the fuck he was planning on sleeping with that night.

Clicking his tongue, Even looked off to the side, “Or, I could bend you over and fuck you again, you liked it the last time.”

He could feel the warmth seeping to his cheeks but he refused to look away from Even, “that was a one-time thing.” He tilted his chin slightly, Even glancing down to his lips as he smirked.

Taking a step towards him, Isak stepped back in return as Even shut the door and approached him, Isak backing away until his butt hit the counter. Even placed his hands on either side of him, bringing his face close to Isak’s.

“You sure baby? You sure you don’t want me inside of you again?” Even tilted his head until he reached Isak’s ear, biting the earlobe gently before he trailed hot kisses down his neck, Isak moving his head to the side and giving Even more room on instinct, he felt Even smirk against his skin as he continued trailing kisses all over it, his tongue darting out every once in a while, “You sure you don’t want me to make you scream my name again?”

Even moved his head slowly until he leaned his forehead against Isak’s, his lips gently touching Isak’s, not applying any pressure, as Isak’s breath started coming out quicker, he licked his lips as his eyes met Even’s.

Isak glanced to Even’s lips, watching them pull into a smirk before Even leaned in, closing the distance between them and pressing his lips against Isak’s. Gripping Even’s shirt, Isak pulled him closer, whimpering as Even slid his tongue against his lower lip. Putting his hand on Isak’s cheek, Even pulled his mouth open, slipping his tongue into his mouth straight away.

Moving away from Isak, he turned for a second and Isak could hear the door locking, the sound echoing in his mind.

As Even turned, Isak splayed his hand against the back of his neck, pulling him towards him and their lips colliding in a passionate kiss once more, one of Even’s hands trailing through Isak’s hair as the other gripped his ass and pulled him closer, making Isak whimper.

Moving his hands down Even’s firm chest, Isak rushed to unbuckle his belt, pulling his pants and his boxers down and gripping his half hard cock straight after, making Even groan into the kiss and tighten his grip on Isak’s hair, pulling on it slightly.

As he started languidly moving his hand, he could feel Even growing in his hand, his hips grinding into Isak’s fist.

Reaching down with both hands, Even grabbed a fistful of Isak’s ass and started kneading it roughly, the sensation making Isak whine.

Moving his hands, Even quickly undid Isak’s pants and pulled them down, Isak’s already hard cock finally being released.

“Turn around baby,” Even said as he placed a final peck on Isak’s lips before he turned him around, his hand pushing between Isak’s shoulder blades straight away, making the boy fall onto the counter, his legs spreading as much as they could with his jeans around his ankles.

“Fuck Isak,” Even groaned, making Isak look up at him through the mirror, but Even’s gaze was facing downwards, his hands gripping Isak’s cheeks and spreading them, making Isak flush from how exposed he felt. Even suddenly lifted one hand and delivered a sharp slap across one of Isak’s cheeks, Isak gasping and flinching forwards slightly in return, but he couldn’t help but feel arousal rush through his body as his cock twitched at the slight feeling of pain.

Leaning forward, Even spat on Isak’s hole, rubbing it in with his fingers a second later.

Isak watched him reach down into his jeans, his hand returning with a condom and a satchet of lube.

“Came prepared, huh?” Isak looked at him through the mirror with a smile, their eyes meeting as Even smirked back at him.

“Yeah angel, I was hoping you’d be here so I could stick my cock in this tight little ass of yours,” a blush covered Isak's cheeks and he lowered his head onto his forearms, hearing Even laugh slightly from behind him before he heard him open the lube, a drop landing on his crack and sliding down as Even poured it over his fingers.

Isak inhaled sharply as he felt a finger spread lube over his hole, releasing his breath as Even pushed it in slowly, making sure to stretch Isak out.

Angling his finger, Isak could feel Even hit his prostate, making him gasp and moan as Even kept applying firm pressure to it, rubbing circles into it until he pulled his finger out and started pumping it in and out, making sure to hit Isak’s prostate every time.

“Fuck Even,” Isak moaned as he felt another finger enter him.

“That feel good, baby?”

“Yes, fuck, more, please,” he moaned loudly as Even started moving faster, occasionally slowing down and just massaging over Isak’s spot.

Applying one more finger, Even stretched him out, making him moan constantly as he pushed harder into him, getting him ready, Isak grinding his hips back onto his hand.

“Ev- please fuck me now,” Even groaned and met his eyes in the mirror before removing his fingers, reaching to the side and ripping the condom open and quickly applying it over his straining hard cock.

Gripping it at the base, he used his other hand to pull on Isak’s cheek, revealing his well stretched out hole. Grabbing the lube, he spread some over his cock, rubbing his fingers over Isak’s rim one more time to cover it in excess lube and to make sure he’s ready.

Sliding his cock over Isak’s ass, he put the tip in, teasing him for a while until Isak had enough; with a high-pitched whine he pushed himself back, Even’s dick halfway inside of him suddenly.

“Fuck baby, so desperate for me aren’t you?” Even groaned as he leaned forward, grabbing Isak’s chin and moving his head to the side roughly, allowing him to press their lips together. Whimpering softly, Isak started grinding his hips back, taking more of Even’s massive cock in as he felt the older boy lick into his mouth before he moved away, grabbing Isak’s hips and pushing into him all the way.

Isak gasped and shut his eyes, his mouth dropping open at the massive length inside of him.

“You take it so well baby, it’s okay,” Even spoke as he started moving his hips slowly, making small thrusts forward until Isak felt ready and he moaned loudly, pushing back against Even.

His hands held Isak’s hips in a bruising hold, his thumbs placed on the dimples above Isak’s ass, and he pulled his dick out completely before shoving it back inside of Isak, making the smaller boy release a loud moan as Even started properly fucking into him.

Moving his hips to meet Even’s thrusts, Isak saw stars behind his eyelids as Even hit his prostate almost every single time, pushing him to the edge already.

Moaning continuously, Isak looked at Even in the mirror with tears in his eyes, and he almost came right then and there. Even’s face was covered with a sheen of sweat; his cheeks flushed; his teeth digging into his plump bottom lip until he released it, leaving it slightly red; the sleeves of his Penetrators hoodie pulled up over his forearms; his blonde hair was pushed back, except for one strand that fell over his forehead, swaying with every thrust he made. Meeting Isak’s eyes in the mirror, Even leaned forward once again, this time sucking a mark into Isak’s neck.

Grinding his hips into him, applying constant pressure on just the right spot, and suddenly Isak was even closer to coming than he was before.

“Even, I need to come please, f-fuck me harder.”

Lifting himself up, Even smirked as he saw Isak’s fucked out expression in the mirror, “you want it harder sweetheart?” He asked as he slowed his movements down, Isak whining in return.

Nodding his head frantically, Isak moaned as he felt the slow drag of Even’s cock inside of him.


“W-What?” Isak asked as he met Even’s smug expression.

“If you want it, then beg for it.”

Contemplating for a second, Isak shook his head as he tried to move his hips back, but the firm grip Even had on him prevented him from moving, making him lean his head against his forearms and groan in frustration.

“No?” Even asked with disappointment seeping through his voice. “You don’t want me to make you cum?” Even moved his hand down, gripping Isak’s cock where it was dripping precum onto the floor, making Isak gasp and thrust forward into his fist slightly.

His thumb slid over Isak’s slit, collecting the precum before he dragged his hand down, twisting his wrist on the upstroke and applying pressure to the tip, but still keeping his movements far too slow for Isak to cum.

Panting softly, Isak whispered, “please.”

Stopping his movements completely, Even said smugly, “What was that pretty boy?”

Groaning slightly, Isak panted out, “please Even fuck me, I need you to give it to me hard, oh my god, please I just want you to make me come, please Even.” Isak panted as he watched Even smirk at him as he leaned forward, placing a wet kiss on Isak’s red cheek.

“Such a good boy for me.”

Moaning loudly as Even started moving faster than before, the hand around his dick now moving in sync with his hips, and Isak was closer than ever. The huge cock inside of him lighting up every cell in his body, making him think he’d never feel this full again, and the strong sure hand around his cock making him moan and whimper Even’s name as he approached his climax.

“Come for me,” Even said firmly and Isak’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt his orgasm roll out of him, his come covering Even’s hand and droplets of it falling onto the floor as his ass rhythmically tightened around Even’s dick, his toes curling in his shoes. As he whimpered through it, he felt Even move his come covered hand and put it on Isak’s ass, his hips twitching as he tried to prevent himself from pounding into the boy in front of him.

Finally lifting his head after he calmed down, Isak whined as he felt Even still so fucking deep inside of him, pressing up against his overstimulated prostate.

“Isak, fuck, can I?”

Nodding quickly, Isak gasped as he felt Even push into him harder and deeper, the stimulation making him feel like everything inside of him was on fire.

He clenched around Even and looked into his eyes, “come inside of me.”

He watched Even throw his head back and groan as he pushed into Isak harshly, his cock pulsating inside of him as he spilled out into the condom, his hands gripping Isak’s ass tighter than before as his mouth dropped open and his eyes shut while he came.

Isak looked at Even as he leaned forward onto the counter, his hands resting on the edges of it as he caught his breath, but fuck Isak couldn’t stand it anymore. Whining, he moved away from Even slightly, trying to get Even’s cock out of him.

Trailing his palm over Isak’s shirt covered back, Even leaned back, “shh, just relax baby.”

Isak shut his eyes as Even pulled out, leaving an empty space where he used to be. He felt Even grip his cheeks, spreading him apart and when he looked into the mirror, he saw Even’s eyes staring down at him, “so pretty Isak.” He said as he trailed his fingertips lightly over his rim, Isak inhaling shakily at the feeling. Even looked up at him, smiling before he reached to the side for the toilet paper, putting it on the counter while he took the condom off, tying it up swiftly and throwing it into the bin.

In a fashion similar to the last time they had done this, Even made sure Isak was okay, cleaning him up and wiping the lube and come off of him, Isak being rather useless at the moment, his body limp and exhausted after his orgasm.

Isak pulled his pants up and buttoned them up as Even did the same before they both turned to the sink and washed their hands.

“Are you going to say this is never going to happen again now or later?” Even asked with a smirk as he turned toward Isak, leaning against the counter as he crossed his arms.

Isak blushed as he walked towards the door, unlocking it before he looked back at Even, “just don’t tell anyone about this.”

He watched Even pretend to lock his mouth and throw away the key, making him roll his eyes as he left the bathroom and headed downstairs to the party, hoping his friends wouldn’t ask him about where he’s been.

Walking through the crowd, he caught sight of his friends, and he made his way over to them, running a hand through his hair to make sure he looked somewhat presentable.  

“Heey, what the fuck Isak?” Jonas laughed as he approached them, making him look at him with confusion written all over his features.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” He heard Mahdi say, all the boys snickering around him as he looked up at the ceiling and groaned.

“Doesn’t matter,” Isak said in hopes of them dropping the topic.

“Come on, tell us who it was,” Magnus said as he laughed, but Isak shook his head, knowing that he could never tell them who was just inside of him less than 10 minutes ago.

“I’m going to get a drink,” Isak moved away from them before they could carry on with their questions, hoping that they wouldn’t ask anything else once he returned.  

Pushing through the crowd, he tried to get to the kitchen, needing a drink in his hand immediately.

He turned his head as someone pushed past him, and just as he was about to turn back, he caught sight of Even. Even who was back to talking to the pretty girl Isak saw him with earlier, the girl that was getting increasingly closer to him as he leaned back against the wall, his mouth pulled up in the smirk that was usually aimed at Isak, only this time he had his eyes on someone ellse.

Turning around hastily, Isak scoffed as he entered the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he grabbed a beer out of it and opened it, taking a large swig of it straight away, hoping to be considerably less sober soon, and promising himself that this would never, ever happen again.

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Leaning back against the cold brick wall, Even brought his hands up, a lighter held in one of them as he cupped the other one around the cigarette hanging from his mouth, shutting his eyes as he lit it, inhaling the hot smoke in his lungs and blowing it out, watching it disappear into the cool morning air. 

“Who did you disappear with on Saturday Even?” Chris asked with a smirk on his face, his hands stuffed in the front pockets of his Penetrators hoodie, the same one Even and Adrian, another member of the bus, happened to be wearing. 

“Some first-year girl, I can’t remember her name,” Even said as he inhaled once again, hoping that was the disappearance he was referring to. Because he did actually end up fucking the sweet little thing that batted her eyelashes at him and smiled coyly whenever she was near him, practically sitting in his lap on the couch as she twirled a strand of her brown hair, but she wasn’t the only one he was inside of that night. The first person being much more memorable in his opinion. 

“Nice one man,” Chris grinned as he offered him a fist bump, Even accepting it with a smirk before he turned his head to the side, the boys carrying on the conversation as he continued smoking and tried to tune out the noise around him, Chris laughing at something Adrian said as Even inhaled, his cigarette becoming shorter with each puff he took. 

He sighed as he rubbed a hand over his face before he ran it through his hair, grimacing as he massaged the back of his neck and tried to get rid of the stiffness he felt from sleeping so poorly throughout the night. 

“… that first year though. What’s his fucking name?” He heard Chris groan in frustration, “Isak, that’s it.” He snapped his fingers as he remembered who he was thinking of, the name which made Even look towards him straight away, his brows furrowed in Chris’s direction as the shorter boy kept his gaze on Adrian, a grin on his tan face as Adrian sighed and nodded, realizing who he was talking about. 

“What about him?” Even asked nonchalantly while bringing his cigarette back up to his lips, squinting as the sun shone towards him, hitting his face directly.  

Rolling his eyes, Chris sighed as he shot a glare at Even, ”are you not listening?” he asked, Even shrugging his shoulders in response. 

Chris opened his mouth to say something, but he glanced at something to his side, a grin spreading on his face, “there he is now,” Chris slapped his hand on Adrian’s chest, tilting his head to his right, making Even look as well, and there he saw Isak walking through the courtyard with a pretty redhead by his side; his black skinny jeans hugging his curves perfectly; his hands shoved into the pockets of his green jacket as his blonde curls swayed in the air with each step he took; both of them talking and giggling occasionally, the girl pushing him to the side slightly as she laughed at something he had said. The sight making a small involuntary smile appear on Even’s face. 

“I swear to god, that kid has the best fucking ass in school,” Even glanced towards Chris at the words, whose eyes were still firmly glued onto Isak’s back, trailing up and down his body as he bit his lip. The knowledge of Chris thinking of Isak like that making Even feel uneasy for some reason. 

“He’s okay,” Even said suddenly, wanting to get Chris’s eyes on him and far away from Isak, luckily the boy had just entered the building anyways, the girl walking in after him and shutting the door.  

Scoffing slightly, Chris turned around and frowned at Even, swinging his arms around as if to say ‘what the fuck is wrong with you?’ 

“Are you fucking blind?” Chris said incredulously as he looked towards Adrian with his mouth open, Adrian’s expression just as confused as they both looked back at Even; Chris’s eyebrows raised, apparently shocked at Even’s statement. Even shrugged, not knowing what to say, and knowing fine well he’s lying, he just didn’t know what compelled him to do so, he didn’t know why exactly Chris talking about Isak annoyed him so much. 

“Yeah, you’ve been trying to get the little slut to open his legs for you for weeks and suddenly he’s ‘okay’?” Chris said, his brows furrowed as he looked at Even, the words making Even shift in discomfort and take a puff of the cigarette to calm himself, annoyance filling up his body as he listened to his friend refer to Isak as a slut and talk about him in such a way, something that has never bothered him before with any of the other people they talked about.  

They often discussed the girls, and occasionally guys, in the school, and Even took part in this every time, commenting on their appearance and if he so happened to fuck them, which often was the case, he’d talk about what they’re like in bed, laughing along with the guys and making crude comments. Deep down, he knew it might seem a bit fucked up, talking about people like that, but that didn’t mean he’d stop, or that he had a particularly guilty conscience over it. After all, it’s not like the people would ever know what they say about them. But this time all he wanted was for Chris to shut the fuck up and never mention Isak, or any part of his part of his body for that matter, ever again. 

“He’s a first year, fresh meat, doesn’t really matter if he’s fit or not, I just wanted to fuck him,” Even said as he pulled his sunglasses down from the top of his head, concealling his eyes from the sunlight, and his statement was partially true. He didn’t particularly care deeply about Isak, he wasn’t constantly thinking about the boy, wondering what he was doing, or how he was feeling, it didn’t matter to him, but he did want to fuck him, really fucking bad, and he did think the boy was just about the prettiest little thing he had ever seen. The only reason he felt annoyed at Chris’s comments was because he had fun with Isak, and he didn’t want him to experience that as well. They worked well together, Isak’s soft whines would only get Even to grow even harder than he already was, and all he would focus on was making Isak produce those noises over and over again, and Isak’s mouth around his cock was still something he caught himself thinking about far too often as he jerked himself off in the late hours of the evening, and that was it, that was why he wanted Chris to fuck off. He just wanted to keep that for himself, he didn’t want his friends to sleep with the boy as well. So, maybe he was a bit selfish. 

Snorting, Chris looked at him with his head cocked to the side, a smile pulling on his lips, “Yeah but you never went after someone for that long, did you even fuck him in the end? Or are you still running after him?” 

He opened his mouth to confirm that he has slept with him, twice actually, since every other time he would have done so without hesitation, he would’ve bragged about it and told them he turned the boy into a whimpering mess begging to be fucked, he would’ve told them he bent him over the counter in the bathroom at a party and then went on to fuck someone else later on in the same night, but then a fleeting thought crossed his mind, Isak’s voice telling him, begging him, ‘just please, please don’t tell anyone’ and suddenly, that’s all he could think about, so he shook his head, pursing his lips as he looked back to Chris, “nah, no point, kid’s a prude, doesn’t wanna do shit.” 

He hoped he sounded convincing, not wanting them to find out the truth, and definitely not wanting them to find out that the boy was a wet dream come true during the times Even got to put his hands and his mouth on him, the mere memory of their times together making his cock stir in his pants. 

“Seriously?” Adrian asked, making Even turn his head to look at him, “you didn’t fuck him?” 

Clicking his tongue, Even looked away and shook his head as he inhaled the smoke once more before extinguishing the cigarette and throwing it in the trash, he crossed his arms against his chest as he looked at them both, smirks on their faces as he raised his eyebrows in question, making them both snort and shake their heads. 

“I bet I can get him to give it up,” Chris said confidently as he straightened up, flashing a cocky smile in Even’s direction, making Even laugh slightly as he shook his head in exasperation. 

The thing is, they would often sleep with the same people and it never bothered any of them, they didn’t care who it was, or if one of their friends had already been inside of the person, but this time Even felt different about it. He knew Chris could be charming when he wanted to be, and he knew that he’d figure out what Isak’s weaknesses were and eventually, he would fuck him. But the image of Chris with Isak made Even inhale deeply to calm himself as he raised his eyebrows in Chris’s direction, trying to act as if he wasn’t getting increasingly more irritated, “probably not man, he’ll just tell you to fuck off. His legs are closed shut.” 

“Nah, he can’t have an ass like that and not let someone fuck it, it’s a waste,” Chris said, making Adrian laugh, Even shaking his head as he snorted, rolling his eyes and looking off to the side, noticing Isak’s friends walking across the school yard and entering the school. He frowned slightly, confused as to how he even knew who Isak’s friends were since usually he paid no mind to random first years, rarely even remembering the names of the people he slept with. Shaking his head, he dispelled his thoughts. 

“Whatever man, go for it then,” Even said as he leaned back once more, sighing slightly, “but he won’t let you do anything.” 

“I’m going for it as well, fuck it,” Adrian said with a smirk making Even laugh, Chris joining him in the laughter. 

“I’m encouraging him cause he might actually have a shot, you don’t.” Even said, Chris barking out a laugh and bumping shoulders with Even as Adrian rolled his eyes, murmuring a soft ‘fuck you’. 

“But I still don’t think you’ll get anywhere with him,” Even said with his brow arched. 

Chris waved him off as he turned to Adrian, “right, let's have a bet. Whoever does something with him first wins, get the kid to give you a handjob, that’s 150 kroner, blowjob is 400 kroner, and fucking him is 1000. Deal?” 

He extended his hand towards Adrian, who was mulling over the offer before he sighed and shook Chris’s hand, both of them looking at Even.  

“You in?” Adrian asked. 

Laughing slightly, Even looked at them both, his eyes shooting from one to the other before he shook his head in disbelief, “you’re both idiots, no I’m not in.” 

“Why not?” Chris smirked at him, “you don’t think you can win?” 

“Are you losing your touch?” Adrian asked as he crossed his arms, “mister ‘I fucked 90% of the people that attend the school’. You know he’s hot as fuck, come on.” 

Looking at them both, he considered the offer, knowing that he already had fucked Isak and knowing that he will do it again eventually, the boy seemingly not being able to say no to him, so he knew he’d get the money without a problem. But something stopped him from accepting. So, he shook his head once again, “nope, not interested.” 

“We get it, you don’t want to lose money, it’s cool,” Adrian said with a cocky smirk as he arched a brow in Even’s direction. 

“Lose to you? Come on man, don’t lie to yourself like that.” Even laughed. 

“Doesn’t matter anyways, cause I’ll have him on his knees in no time,” Chris smirked in both their directions, tilting his chin up in confidence. 

Taking a deep breath, Even looked off to the side as he tried to push the thought of them flirting with Isak, and possibly even getting to touch him and hear those lovely moans of his, to the back end of his mind. 

Sauntering into the crowded coffee shop, Even shut the heavy door behind him, the bell clinking quietly as he walked up to the counter, shooting a smile towards the tall boy behind it before he ordered a coffee. He took his wallet out of his pocket, and trailed his gaze over the barista’s body before he looked away, taking a glimpse at the selection of pastries displayed next to the counter. 

Looking away, he glanced around the café while he waited for his order to be made, noticing the majority of the tables being taken by groups of people, couples, or solitary adults talking on their phones, but then he noticed the boy he hadn’t encountered in a while, and instantly a smirk fell upon his face as he watched Isak sit in the corner of the room, right next to the window, the sun shining through it and make his golden curls stand out even more as he read from the book open in front of him; his black-rimmed glasses slipping down his nose as he traced the lines written in the book with his finger, he pushed his glasses up and scrunched his nose up, sniffling slightly as he bit his lower lip, Even smiling at the sight; a cup was set in front of him as he propped up his elbow on the table in front of him, the sleeve of his pastel pink sweater covering his hand as he toyed with the edge of it with his fingertips; his curls falling over his forehead as he brought the cup to his mouth, taking a long sip before setting it back down, licking those lips that Even fantasized about far too often. 

“Here you go,” he heard a soft voice in front of him, making him turn and see the barista handing him a cup of coffee, a wide smile on his face as he looked at Even through his lashes, Even reciprocating the smile as he took the money out of his wallet and gave it to him, their fingers meeting for a split second, the boy blushing at the contact. 

“Keep the change,” he said with before he turned around and headed to where Isak was, deciding that fucking with Isak would be much more entertaining than trying to get this guy’s number.  

“Halla,” he said as he loomed over Isak, the boy startling at the sound and looking up swiftly, rolling his eyes the second he saw who it was that was speaking to him, and then he proceeded to carry on with reading his book, purposefully ignoring Even until he seemingly realized that he wouldn’t get rid of him, sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. 

“What?” He said through gritted teeth, Even groaning and rolling his eyes at the tone of his voice as he pulled the chair out and sat down on it, spreading his legs and leaning back casually, Isak gaping at him in confusion. 

“Since when do you wear glasses?” He changed the topic as he reached forward and nudged them with his pointer finger, Isak slapping his hand away immediately, an all too familiar frown on his face, the grumpiness of the boy somehow endearing rather than frustrating, making Even smile at him. 

Looking back down Isak sighed as he focused solely on the book in front of him, refusing to make eye contact with Even, “I usually wear contacts, I didn’t have time to put them in today so....Yeah.” 

Humming softly, Even cocked his head to the side and smiled as he watched Isak bite his bottom lip, “Well, they suit you pretty boy.” 

Isak rolled his eyes and huffed, still not looking at Even, but the blush on his cheeks betrayed him and Even knew he was at least a little bit charmed by the comment.  

Reaching forward, he gently traced his fingertips over Isak’s cheek, feeling the warmth beneath them, the boy’s breath hitching at the contact as he glanced up at Even, his eyes wide, his long eyelashes fluttering slightly, “that suits you even better, baby.” He said as he removed his hand, Isak’s skin reddening even further, which Even previously thought was impossible. 

“Ugh shut up, “ Isak lifted his book up as he looked back down at it while leaning forward as Even grinned at him, taking a sip of the coffee in front of him and setting it back down. 

“So, why don’t you pack up and we can go back to my place?” Even cocked his eyebrow as Isak looked up at him, his mouth dropping open at the suggestion, and subsequently drawing Even’s attention to it straight away before he forced himself to look up into Isak’s wide green eyes, he smirked as he raised his eyebrows up in question. 

“No, oh my god,” Isak hissed, taking a sip of his drink and looking off to the side, his blush now reaching the tips of his ears. 

“Why not?”  

“Cause I don’t want to,” Isak said, his voice wavering at the end, not sounding very convincing at all. 

Humming softly, Even leaned forward, his legs stretching out in front of him and grazing Isak’s, the boy pulling his legs away from him and shuffling back, putting his sweater covered hands down on his lap as Even rested his chin on his hand, his elbow placed on the smooth table, “Okay, you have three options here, I can leave you alone and then send you some dick pics later on and you can jerk off over that all by yourself,” Isak opened his mouth to defend himself, his blush deepening, but Even placed a finger on his soft lips, shutting him up before he moved it away, ”I’m not finished, or we could go to the toilets and I can suck you off and you can come in my mouth, slightly more interesting to be honest, and the third, and honestly the best, option is that you come with me and I fuck you for hours until you can’t walk and you’re reminded of me with every little move you make.” He finished with a smirk, Isak’s mouth opening and closing as if he couldn’t decide what to say, his eyes darting around the small cafe to see if anyone heard what Even had said, before his eyes finally settled on Even. 

“So, what’s it gonna be?” Even asked with a cocky smirk on his face as he kept his gaze on Isak. 

Rolling his eyes, Isak rubbed a hand against one of his pink cheeks, presumably to try to get rid of the seemingly permanent blush placed upon his lovely face, but to no avail. He seemed to give up as he placed both hands on the table, pulling his sweater down even further, covering his hands completely. 

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Isak said confidently after taking a deep breath, his brows furrowed as he locked eyes with Even, his gaze unwavering. 

Clicking his tongue, Even grabbed his cup and leaned forward, getting ready to leave, “sad, lonely wank? Really Isak? Okay your choice, expect the photos later though.” He said with a disappointed voice before pushing himself off of the chair, Isak spluttering something incomprehensible out. 

Leaning forward, he placed a hand on the table as he bent down, his lips close to Isak’s ear, touching the skin softly, goosebumps raising on Isak’s skin as his body tensed, his breathing growing heavier in anticipation, “call me later sweetheart, I’ll help you make yourself feel good.” 

He moved away, smirking at a shocked Isak as he walked away, opening the door to the café and glancing back one last time, noticing that Isak was still looking at him. He winked at him as he exited the shop, the cold air hitting his face a harsh difference from the warmth of Isak’s company.

Turning the shower knob, the water stopped running while Even ran a hand over his face, wiping the water off of it as he opened the shower door, quickly grabbing the towel from the shelf and wrapping it low around his waist before he got out of the shower, shivering slightly at the coldness of the room. 

Stepping in front of the mirror placed on the wall above the sink, he wiped the fog off of it with his palm, looking up at his reflection, his cheeks and chest flushed from the hot shower, his nipples hard from the cooler air hitting them, strands of his wet hair falling in front of his face.  

He went to grab his phone off of the counter, taking one last look at himself before he remembered his promise to Isak. With a smirk, he quickly searched through the hordes of messages on it and opened his rather short, and more often than not one sided, conversation with Isak. 

Taking one quick look at himself, he pushed his hair back from his face, pulling the towel even lower than it already was, displaying the inviting line of muscles leading to his cock, which he gripped loosely with his hand, showing off the impressive outline of it through the cloth covering it. He moved a bit, trying to find a perfect angle which showed off his body, his mouth pulled up in a smirk once he looked at his phone. He took a quick photo, taking one last look at it before sending it to Isak with an accompanying message. 


I can send you the address pretty boy 

Placing his phone down, he took the towel off, lazily drying his body before he used it to ruffle his hair, throwing it into the hamper when he was finished. 

He grabbed his clothes from the counter, quickly pulling his sweatpants on, not bothering to put boxers on, his large T-shirt hanging low down his body and lightly sticking to his damp chest. 

He took his phone and left the bathroom, heading towards his room and already thinking of what he should watch to pass the time until he was able to fall asleep. 

He threw himself onto the large bed, his phone in his hand as he bounced on the soft mattress before he started moving the pillows back, leaning against the wall and getting comfortable. 

The phone buzzed where he held it tightly as he leaned down over the side of his bed, reaching for the laptop placed on the floor, he looked back as he gripped the item he was searching for and read the notification, a message from Isak. 

Placing his laptop on the bed, he unlocked his phone and opened the conversation. 

No thank you 

Rolling his eyes, he huffed in exasperation at the stubbornness of the boy, and decided to just keep fucking with him for a little bit. 

Took you a while to respond, I know you’re touching yourself love, it’s okay, let me know if I can help. 

Opening his laptop, he turned Netflix on, his phone laying on his thigh as he looked through his options. 

He felt a small vibration and he looked at the message, a smirk pulling on his lips as he read the late reply, knowing fine well what was happening on the other side. 

Shut up 

So, you are then? 


Jerking off? 

He saw the typing dots show up and disappear several times before he rolled his eyes, tired of waiting for an answer he pressed call, the ringing was heard for several seconds before Isak finally answered. 

“Hello?” He heard a small, yet confused, voice in his ear, an involuntary smile pulling on his lips at the sound. 

“You were taking too long and I already know what you’re doing, might as well do it with you,” He was already moving the pillows, laying down on them and getting comfortable as he heard Isak splutter, and Even knew fine well there was a blush placed on the boy’s cheeks at this point. 

“I-I’m not. I’m not doing anything, what the fuck?” Isak stuttered out in a breathy voice. 

Sighing at the obvious lie, Even softly gripped his cock, “come on baby, be honest with me. It’s not that hard to say, I’m doing it right now as well.” 

A few seconds of silence passed, Isak’s heavy breathing heard through the receiver, “you are?” He spoke quietly. 

“Yeah baby, so why don’t you tell me what you were doing and then I can help you, that sound good?” He quickly put his phone on loud speaker, turning the volume up and setting it down on his bed as he threw his T-shirt off, throwing it to the side before pushing his sweatpants down and taking them off completely, rushing to lay back down and place his phone on his naked chest, not wanting to miss out on the sounds he knew Isak would eventually be making. 

“I-I was touching myself,” Isak whispered softly, and Even could hear the slight embarrassment in his voice, but he knew that would soon disappear and pleasure would overtake him. Even’s cock grew hard at the mere thought of Isak doing such a thing, he quickly thought of going on FaceTime, wanting to see what Isak was doing, but dispelled the thought, Isak already seeming nervous about this alone, and the last thing he wanted to do was scare the boy off. 

“Yeah? Were you fingering yourself baby?” Even said as he gripped his half hard cock, long languid pulls as he listened to Isak pant, but there was no response. “It’s okay, you can say it baby, just tell me what you were doing.” Even reassured him, not wanting him to feel ashamed. 

“No, I wasn’t there yet, I was just playing with myself,” Isak finally responded quietly, his breathing getting increasingly heavier with each second that passed by. 

“Okay angel, just touching your dick?” Even panted out, closing his eyes shut and trying to picture Isak, summoning images of the first time he had fucked him, images of Isak splayed out on his bed, his dick laying hard against his stomach, pre-cum steadily leaking out of it as Even fingered him until tears pooled in his eyes. 

“Y-Yes,” Isak said, Even’s fist gripping tighter at the thought. 

“Are you still jerking off?” Even asked, only thinking about Isak feeling good, not caring about anything else. 

“Yeah, I am,” he heard a small whimper, making him inhale deeply at the lovely sound. 

“Good, don’t stop baby, make yourself feel good for me, okay?” He swiftly opened the drawer next to his bed, grabbing the lube he had there and uncapping it, pouring some onto his palm instantly, quickly slathering it all over his cock, groaning slightly at the feeling of his slick hand on his dick. 

“Even, fuck,” He heard a soft moan, followed by a high-pitched whine as he heard a squelching sound which he knew was a lubed-up hand moving over a hard cock. 

“That’s it, keep going Isak, faster sweetheart,” he groaned out as heard shuffling, small moans emitting from the speaker while he stroked his fully hard cock, his hand occasionally trailing down and massaging his balls, tugging on them before he brought his hand back up to his erection. 

“Even?” Isak asked breathily. 

“Yes angel?”  

“Can I- can I finger myself, please?” Isak stuttered out, Even groaning at the question, his cock twitching at the fact that Isak asked for permission to do such a thing.

“I don’t know baby, have you been a good boy?” He asked with a smirk, his hand still moving slowly, noticing that the sounds suddenly stopped on Isak’s end. 

“W-What?” Isak panted out in shock. 

“Do you think you deserve it?” Even asked sternly once more. 

Heavy breathing was heard as Isak thought about what to say, the sound of him touching his dick heard once again, until eventually Even heard a small ‘yes.’ 

“You sure?” Even asked as he slid his lubed-up palm over the sensitive head before pulling his hand back down, his toes curling at the feeling. 

“Yes, please Even, I’ve been so good, please let me,” Isak panted out finally, Even gripping his cock tightly at the sound of Isak begging, the memory of which will forever be engrained into his mind. 

“Yes, you have, go on sweetheart,” Even responded, the shuffling and moving of objects heard from the other side indicating that Isak was already frantically searching for the lube. 

“One finger darling, go on,” he said as he heard Isak uncap the bottle. 

He waited for a few seconds until he knew Isak was ready, his hand continuously moving in slow, yet firm, pulls, he glanced down and saw a drop of pre-cum beading at the tip. His thumb swiping over it immediately before he dragged his hand down. 

“Just relax sweetheart, go slowly,” he told Isak softly as the boy’s breathing intensified before he heard his breath hitch, ”that’s it angel, stick it in.” 

Isak moaned softly as Even reassured him, tapering off into small whines until he exhaled, “fuck, Even.” 

“There we go, can you move it baby?” 

A high-pitched whine was heard, “y-yeah, fuck.” 

“Good boy, make yourself feel good, push it in deeper until you find it, darling.” 

He listened to Isak moan quietly while stroking his cock, twisting his wrist when reaching the tip as he reached up with his hand, twisting and pinching his nipples, making himself groan and throw his head back onto the soft pillow, and then he heard a loud moan and he knew Isak had found his prostate. 

“Even, oh my god,” Isak moaned out, the sounds making Even groan as he moved his hand faster. 

“Fuck Isak, the things I’d do to you if I was there,” Even panted as he kept up with the movements, ”I want to taste you so fucking bad, you tasted so sweet when I ate you out, you liked it the last time, didn’t you? You liked being spread out in front of me, letting me lick your tight little ass, huh?” 

“Yes, fuck yes,” Isak whimpered in response. 

“Put another one in baby, whenever you’re ready, don’t hurt yourself.” 

Isak mewled softly, the sound music to Even’s ears as he bit his lip to contain a moan, wanting nothing to disrupt the sounds Isak was making. 

“Go harder baby, just imagine that I’m fucking you sweetheart.” 

He started moving his hand faster, he tightened his grip around his cock as he slid his thumb over the head before he trailed it down, putting pressure on the underside of the tip, imagining it was Isak’s smart little tongue, remembering the first time they had sex, when Isak shyly asked if he could suck his cock and Even had to constrain himself right then and there not to cum at that very moment. And then, the sight of that gorgeous Cupid’s Bow stretched over his thick cock was something that brought him ridiculously close to the edge the second he looked down at the boy bobbing his head up and down; those long dark lashes covered in tears as the boy looked up at him, a barely visible green ring surrounding his dilated pupils as he gagged on Even’s cock and kept pushing as he struggled to relax his throat, apparently determined to make Even cum as soon as possible. 

“Even, I need more, please, please, it’s not enough,” Isak pleaded desperately. 

“One more angel, come on.” He heard Isak’s breath hitch before he released a loud moan, Even groaned, knowing that Isak had done as he was told. 

“Oh god, I need you Even,” Isak whimpered, gasping as he kept fingering himself, the sounds of his movements filling Even’s ears, bringing him closer to the edge. 

“Fuck Isak, just think about me fucking you. God baby, I want to get inside you so bad, feel you around my cock, make you cum just from fucking you,” Isak whimpered at the words, “Yeah baby? You want that? You want me to fuck you hard and deep until you can’t take it anymore and you cum all over yourself?” 

“God Even, yes, feels so good,” he heard rapid gasps as Isak got closer to his climax, pleasure building in both of them, the atmosphere in his room growing thicker. 

“Come on angel, make yourself cum,” Even moved his hand faster, using the other one to grab his balls, massaging them as he kept jerking himself off, panting at the overwhelming feeling. 

“Ev-fuck,” Isak stuttered out before moaning louder than before, and Even knew he was coming. 

He groaned as he came to the sound of Isak’s loud moans, his eyes closing shut as he spurted hot liquid all over his stomach, some of it dripping down his knuckles as he felt his cock twitch in his hand while images of Isak’s blissed out expression flashed behind his eyelids, he remembered his head tipping back in ecstasy and his lips open, revealing his slightly parted teeth, his cheeks flushed and more often than not covered in tracks of tears he couldn’t contain, his body so sensitive that he could easily get overwhelmed with every little touch. 

They both stayed silent for a few moments, their breathing heavy as they panted and tried to calm themselves as they came down from their peaks. 

Even inhaled deeply before speaking, “are you okay?”  

“Yeah, yeah I’m good.” Isak panted out as Even reached for the tissues placed on his nightstand, wiping the cum off of his stomach before he threw the paper into the trash. 

“Good.” Even said with a smile, Isak humming softly in response. 

A few seconds passed by in silence, Even breaking it with a question, “So, let me guess? ‘Oh Even, I hate you so much, this is never going to happen again, you’re just so horrible.’ Is that what you want to say now?” 

Isak snorted at the impression, a small giggle escaping him afterwards, making Even smile at just how adorable this boy was.  

“Look, just don’t tell anyone about this,” Isak said quietly once more, repeating the same sentiment he had said every other time. 

“Don’t worry pretty boy, I’ll keep my mouth shut,” he sighed as Isak whispered a small ‘thank you’, Even smiling in response. 

“Does that mean you’ll stop being a stubborn little shit and you’re admitting to yourself that us having sex is a thing now?” Even asked with a smirk as Isak groaned. 

“Yeah, I guess,” Isak responded, and Even could just imagine the eyeroll that accompanied it. 

“So, friends with benefits?” Even grinned as he put his arm behind his head. 

Isak snorted softly, “we’re not friends.” 

Rolling his eyes, Even sighed, “Okay, acquaintances with benefits, that better for you?” 

“Yeah, whatever.” Isak said with a small laugh before he quieted down.  

“Sleep well Isak,” Even whispered after a short while. 

“You too, Even,” Isak said quietly, Even smiling as the call ended. 

He set his phone on the nightstand with a sigh, rubbing a hand over his sweaty face while reaching for his sweatpants off the floor and pulling them on without getting off the bed, not bothering with a T-Shirt as he reached for the laptop once again, opening it and setting it on his lap, Netflix still opened.  

As he looked through his options, trying to decide what to do now that Isak was gone, he noticed there was still a smile stuck on his face.

Chapter Text

“Isak, fuck,” Jonas snapped his fingers in front of Isak's face, bringing him back to the tired and quite depressing reality of being in the school cafeteria when you haven’t slept for more than 4 hours the last night.  

“What?” He said to Jonas, far too exhausted to even try to make any sort of snarky remark as he glared at him with a blank stare.  

Rolling his eyes, Jonas looked at him with a face that some might think of as an expression of annoyance, but Isak could see the flickers of concern cross his features. He, better than anyone, could see the softness of Jonas' eyes, pleading for Isak to be honest, to talk to him and confide in him about whatever it was that was troubling him. And he knew that Mahdi and Magnus wouldn’t be able to recognize or understand why Jonas thought Isak spacing out was a reason for worry. As good of friends as they were, they didn’t know of Isak’s troubles with sleeping, and Isak assumed they had thought he was tired because he willingly stayed up late, not because he was tossing and turning for hours until he finally gave up and gotten up as he approached the verge of frustrated tears.     

“We asked if you wanted to go to the party this weekend,” Mahdi filled him in, reminding him of the topic at hand with a soft smile on his face, somehow still managing to be kind to him even though Isak was clearly not paying any attention to them.   

The images of flashing lights, drunken teenagers in a small room all crowded together, the stench of alcohol and cigarettes filling the house, and the horrific hangover that was sure to follow it all, went through Isak’s mind, the idea rather unappealing as he struggled to keep his eyes open, making him scrunch up his nose in distaste as he shook his head.  

“No man, I’m not going,” he said, Jonas nodding in understanding, and most likely approval judging by the extensive concern he’s been displaying, happy that Isak would try and get back on track and take care of himself.  

“No problem, bro,” Mahdi spoke as he nodded with a smile, his face a picture of understanding, something Isak greatly appreciated in the boy. No matter what, he always seemed to know when to back off, when to leave someone be, when they needed some space, and right now Isak was more than thankful at that quality in him as he smiled at him in gratefulness.  

Isak took a small bite of the bagel in front of him, his appetite nonexistent but he forced himself to chew, when he heard a laugh and a rather loud conversation from the group just entering the room, the door slamming shut behind them and making Isak look up towards them. A group of guys from The Penetrators entered, Even at the centre of attention as he laughed alongside them. He lifted his gaze, his laughter subsiding and a smirk appearing on his face as he met Isak’s gaze. Winking at him, Even turned back towards his friends, carrying on with the conversation as Isak felt a blush appear on his cheeks, but then he noticed something. One of the guys, who he was sure was called Chris, elbowing the black-haired boy next to him, gesturing his head towards Isak, smiles spreading on both their faces as they looked away from him.      

“Even will be there though,” Magnus said suddenly, Isak looking away from the group, the frown which was still on his face deepening as he realized what Magnus had said. He shrugged in what he prayed was casual disinterest and not at all concern at the remark as he swallowed his food.     

“Okay,” He chuckled in what the boys must’ve thought was confusion, but was really growing nervousness, "what does that have anything to do with me?”     

“I don’t know, maybe getting some dick will calm you down a bit,” Magnus said as he took a sip of coke from his bottle, the other two boys laughing slightly as they kept eating.     

“Maybe you should get fucked then,” Isak quipped back quickly, Magnus shoving his shoulder lightly as the boys snorted before changing the topic, Isak groaning as he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.    

Taking it out, he unlocked it as he frowned, the message he had received on Instagram making confusion fill his mind.    


heyyy, just wanted to invite you to the party we're throwing this weekend  😘     

you can bring your friends if you want    

Isak frowned and shook his head as he re-read the messages, not understanding what was going on. He typed quickly, responding to him straight away.    

Hei, no thanks, I won't be able to make it. Sorry.    

Aw that's a shame, would've loved to see you there x    

Isak's jaw dropped open slightly as he locked his phone, putting it back in his pocket and wondering what the fuck just happened.    

  “What about him?” Eskild rolled over onto his back from where he was laying on Isak’s bed, casually swiping through Grindr for the past half hour when he barged in, saying that he was lonely in the living room and promptly threw himself right next to Isak, both of them enjoying the silence, and just like he was doing now, Eskild would occasionally break the quiet it to ask his opinion on some random guy. He shoved his phone in Isak’s face, thoroughly distracting him from his laptop screen as he turned his attention towards Eskild.     

He looked at the phone, frowning as he examined a photo only showing a chiselled torso, cutting off right above the man’s collarbones. There was slight dark hair on his muscular chest, and some right below his navel, a trail of it leading right down to the waistband of his dark jeans, the man showing off his rather impressive abs, obviously flexing for the photo.     

“Hot, go for it,” He said as he nodded in approval before looking back to his laptop, Eskild moving his phone away and starting to type straight away after quipping a high pitched 'thank you' in his direction, presumably to message the man and arrange to meet up with him, as he usually did with anyone he talked to on the app.     

He scrolled through his Facebook feed, the content of it rather unentertaining as he knew all of his friends were probably getting ready for the party, mindlessly drinking bottles of beer and having fun, but then he caught sight of a picture of Eva and her mom, both of them smiling in the photo, the happiness somehow making Isak’s heart clench as he glanced to the side, looking at his phone, the erratic messages from his own mother piling up and remaining unanswered, the guilt wrapping itself around Isak’s mind and not letting go. He shook his head slightly, leaning back against the wall and closing his eyes shut, trying to get rid of the thoughts of his family that plagued his mind.     

Looking off to the side, he stared at his phone laying on his bed. He bit his lip as he glanced back to Eskild, remembering that his bank account was very much so empty, and he still had not paid his rent.     

He rubbed a hand over his face and sighed as he grabbed his phone, quickly unlocking it and opening the messages, searching through them until he reached the ones with his father, the conversation making Isak feel rather uneasy, the blunt answers from his own family pulling on his heartstrings and making him take in a deep breath.     

His thumb hovered over the keyboard as he contemplated what to say, nervous in a way he knew was irrational. He glanced at Eskild, and he knew. He knew Eskild would ask him for the rent money soon, and he knew he’d have to say he doesn’t have it, and Eskild would call him a ‘lazy boy that does nothing all the time’ but then pay it for Isak without saying a thing because that’s what family does.      

Looking back to his phone, his heart started racing as he typed, anxiety filling his body when he finished the message and reread it multiple times, making sure that there were no mistakes in it.      

Shutting his eyes, Isak pressed send.      


Hey dad, how are you? I don’t have any money for the rent or food, so could you please send me some for this month? Thank you.     

Locking his phone, he threw it to the side and went back to his laptop, trying to distract himself and get his breathing under control as he waited for an answer.     

“Okay, he replied, I’m heading out,” Eskild said suddenly, making Isak jump slightly in surprise as he stood from the bed, walking out of the room quickly, still looking at his phone.     

“Have fun,” Isak shouted after him.     

“I always do,” Eskild responded before Isak heard the door to the bathroom open and shut.     

His phone buzzed on his side, making his heart race once again, thinking that his dad must’ve replied already.     

He quickly opened it, but the notification left him disappointed. And suddenly, the feeling of guilt returned. He scoffed at his reaction, knowing he had no right to feel bad. He wasn’t replying to his mother, so why was he upset his dad was doing the same thing to him? No matter how much he wanted his attention, how much he wanted him to act as if he cared,  Isak no right to be upset. After all, they are both the same.     

He shook his head slightly and took in a shaky breath, opening the message he had received while rubbing his eyes with his hand, trying to get rid of the tears that had nearly fallen.     

Looking down, he read the message.     


Are you coming to the party tonight?     

Isak sighed as he typed.     


What am I supposed to do now   🙁       

What’s the point?     

Isak snorted lightly at the dramatics of the boy, somehow his mind trailing away from the thoughts of the message that had gotten ignored.    

Literally none of my concern     

You keep breaking my heart  Isak      

Isak huffed out a laugh as he started typing, a small smile pulling on the corners of his lips.      

As if you had one to begin with     

Ouch, absolutely ruthless     

But you should come to the party, I’ll make it worth your while     

No thanks, I’m sure you can find someone else to annoy     

Ugh, okay fine. I’ll find another twink to fuck     

Isak rolled his eyes and groaned as he locked his phone, throwing it to the side and leaning back against the wall, deciding to waste his time watching a movie until inevitably he had to force himself to go to bed.     

His eyes were red, his eyelids drooping as he shut his laptop, placing it on one of the nightstands before he stretched on the bed, his joints cracking from being in one position for far too long. He looked towards the window, the moon illuminating his room slightly in the late hours of the night. He looked at his phone to check the time, just a little bit past midnight. He looked up at the ceiling, reluctant to get under the covers and close his eyes as he already knew he would only spend several hours tossing and turning until he fell asleep, and only spend a few precious hours in the peaceful state.     

He yawned as he lifted himself from the bed, needing to get a drink. He dragged himself to the kitchen with slow steps, his sweatpants hanging low on his hips and his white T-shirt crumpled up slightly as he filled his glass up with water and drank it hastily. When suddenly, he heard someone knock on the door.     

With a frown, he set the glass down on the counter, walking over to the door and rolling his eyes when he heard the knock once more.     

Rubbing his eyes with a closed fist, Isak stifled a yawn as he gripped the doorknob.     

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Isak groaned the second he opened the door to see Even standing there, his hands in the pockets of his denim jacket, his hair slicked back and his lips pulled up in a grin as he rolled his eyes at the hostile welcome.     

“Really? Not even a kiss hello?” Even reached forward, softly grazing his knuckles against Isak’s cheek as Isak’s frown deepened and he batted his hand away, Even chuckling at the reaction as he put his hand back in his pocket.     

“Seriously, what are you doing here?” Isak repeated once more as he crossed his arms, standing in the way and not allowing Even to come through as the older boy leaned against the doorway.     

“God you’re annoying,” Even rolled his eyes in amusement, “I didn’t like anyone at the party and I wanted to fuck, and then I remembered your ass is available so instead of going home and jerking off, I’ve decided to come here.”     

Isak’s mouth dropped open at the bluntness as a blush covered his cheeks before he spluttered out, “what the fuck Even?”     

A smirk pulled on Even’s lips as he stepped forward, Isak  tilting his head up to look at him, his cheeks still burning red, “come on sweetheart,” Even lifted his hand up, gently gripping Isak’s chin, his thumb running over Isak’s bottom lip as he moved closer to him until their lips were mere inches apart, “I want to taste you again.”     

Flicking his tongue out,  Isak swiped it over the pad of Even’s finger, Even’s gaze zeroing in on the action and a smirk appearing on his face, and then Isak took a deep breath before grabbing a fistful of the front of Even’s shirt. He pulled Even down, closing the distance between them as Even pushed him back, their lips connecting in a firm kiss, Isak’s mouth opening and allowing Even’s tongue to enter. Taking a step forward, Even shut the door with his foot before he toed his shoes off, throwing the jacket on the hook straight after, his arm wrapping around Isak’s slim waist and pulling him closer as the other gripped a fistful of his curls, pulling on them gently, making Isak whimper into the kiss, Even inhaling sharply at the sound.     

Their tongues moved against each other as Even coaxed whimpers out of Isak, pushing towards the door of his room, his arm a steady anchor against Isak until he slammed Isak’s body against the door, the smaller boy moaning at the contact, his back arching as he wrapped his arms around Even’s neck.    

Even quickly opened the door, both of them stumbling through it, Isak chuckling into the kiss as Even smiled and closed the door behind him before he kept moving towards the bed until Isak fell on it, Even climbing on top of him, laying between Isak’s legs, their lips still connected.     

“Ev, fuck,” Isak moaned into the kiss as Even ground down onto his increasingly hardening dick, their erections pressing against each other and making Isak’s head feel dizzy as Even gently nipped his bottom lip.      

“You clean?” Even panted out as he moved away, swooping down immediately and pressing kisses down Isak’s jawline before he sucked on the sensitive skin of his neck.     

Nodding his head frantically, Isak moved his hands down, already lifting his hips as he pushed his thumbs in the waistband of his sweatpants, wanting to get naked and feel Even’s skin against his as soon as possible.     

Huffing out a laugh, Even lifted his head up before he got up from the bed, throwing his shirt off over his head and quickly unbuttoning his jeans, his eyes focused on  Isak  pulling his sweatpants and boxers off at once, before sitting up and throwing his T-shirt onto the floor, a smirk spreading on Even’s face as  Isak’s  naked body came into view.     

Isak  looked up from where he was sprawled on the bed, taking in the long lines of Even’s body; his shoulders broad and strong; the blonde strands of his hair sticking out all over the place from where Isak ran his hands through it, some of them hanging down his forehead; his cock big and hard, pre-cum already leaking from the slit and Isak whimpered quietly at the thought of tasting it, making Even’s eyes shoot towards him as he stepped out of his boxers, a smirk on his face once he got on the bed, leaning over Isak, holding himself up on his forearms on either side of Isak’s head and kissing him once more.     

Even lifted himself up, running his eyes over Isak’s body, much like Isak had done to him, and it made a blush rise on  Isak’s cheeks from how exposed he felt, his legs pressing together slightly as Even's hand gently trailed down his waist, smoothly running down each rib, every bit of pale skin, until he put it on Isak’s inner thigh, pushing his legs further apart, making them fall open and Isak whimper softly at the cool air hitting his ass.     

“Fuck,” Even groaned, his eyes quickly flitting over  Isak’s  body, as if he couldn’t decide where to look, “You’re so fucking gorgeous, angel.” He pressed their lips together in a bruising kiss, putting his hand on Isak’s cheek and pulling on it, making the younger boy open his mouth and allowing him to taste the moans and whimpers emitting from him.    

“Please, Even,” Isak said into the kiss as Even trailed light touches on his inner thigh, “I need you.”     

With a groan, Even pushed himself off of Isak, laying down onto his back as Isak whimpered, the absence of Even’s body on top of his making him increasingly more desperate.     

“Come here,” Even patted his chest as he got comfortable, a pillow placed under his head as he waited for Isak to move.     

Rolling over hastily, Isak rushed towards him, about to put his knees on either side of Even when the older boy stopped him, his hand coming up and holding him up by his waist. Isak frowned in confusion as Even reached around, patting his ass gently, and gesturing with his head, “other way baby.”     

His breathing quickening, Isak turned around, carefully straddling Even’s chest, his ass inches away from Even’s face as the older boy wrapped his arms around his legs, his fingertips gently grazing the insides of his thighs, making goosebumps rise on his skin as Even tenderly ghosted his lips over the globes of his ass, until Even pressed his lips against the skin, slowly moving towards where Isak wanted him the most. Isak panted as he waited for Even to do something, anything, but just as Even’s lips reached his crack, he nipped the skin of his cheek softly and moved away, Isak jumping slightly at the feeling before he whined, grinding back against Even’s face.     

A sharp slap was delivered to his right cheek, a yelp emitting from his mouth as he clenched his eyes shut at the stinging feeling radiating all over his ass, his cock twitching at the sensation as Even gripped his cheek firmly before releasing it, rubbing a smooth sure palm over it, “stay fucking still, be patient pretty boy.”     

Isak took a deep breath, steadying himself and arching his back as he leaned forward, holding himself up on both hands as he tried to calm down, bring himself back down to earth and do as he’s told.     

“Good boy, Isak,” Even stroked one hand over Isak’s back before running it back down to his ass.     

"Let me look at you, baby,” he gripped one of  Isak’s cheeks and pulled it to the side, revealing  Isak’s most private parts, a whimper escaping his lips as he flushed in embarrassment.     

“Shh, it’s okay angel, don’t be embarrassed. You’re so fucking pretty,” he traced the edge of Isak’s rim with his thumb, more of a tease than anything else, but Isak stayed still, wanting to be good for Even, “so tight baby, god.”     

And suddenly, Isak felt Even licking over his guiche with a wide wet stroke until he reached his hole, applying small kitten licks over it, Isak’s arms shaking where he was holding himself up as he moaned loudly, “fuck, Even.”     

Even groaned in return, the vibrations on his rim making  Isak’s arms collapse, now holding himself up on his forearms, his forehead leaning on Even’s thigh as he clenched his eyes shut, his mouth wide open as he panted in pleasure.     

Isak opened his eyes as he moaned when Even prodded his tongue inside of him before flicking it against his rim, all the while moaning as if he was enjoying the taste of Isak almost as much as Isak was enjoying the firm grip Even had on his ass and the wet pressure on his hole.     

As his eyes fluttered open, he saw Even’s cock laying against his stomach, so fucking hard, the head of it red and leaking pre-cum, twitching every time Isak released a whimper, and Isak couldn’t resist.     

He wrapped his small hand around the base of it, Even groaning at the feeling and pulling Isak closer by his thighs, shoving his face deeper between his cheeks.     

Isak leaned forward, slowly dragging his tongue from the base all the way to the tip, swiping his tongue over it and moaning at the salty taste exploding on his taste buds.     

Isak lowered his head, wrapping his lips tightly around Even’s dick and setting a slow pace as he moaned at both the weight of Even’s cock in his mouth, and Even’s tongue prodding at his hole, Even's teeth occasionally nibbling on his rim before he soothed it with his tongue, placing gentle kisses on it.     

Relaxing his throat, Isak pushed down, gagging as Even's cock went too far, he breathed through his nose, little puffs of air hitting Even's skin as Isak swallowed around him, Even groaning at the feeling which turned into a moan as Isak finally reached the end, his nose lightly pressed up against Even's balls as he moaned when Even stuck his tongue deeper inside of him, licking his walls, Isak moaning and whimpering at every move he made.     

“Fuck baby, you taste so good,” Even pulled back, his hand leaving Isak’s ass as he opened the drawer. Isak pulled off of his cock, panting heavily, strands of spit connecting from his lips to the tip of Even’s dick, but he didn’t care, getting right back to it as he heard Even uncap a bottle of lube he must’ve found in the drawer.     

Bobbing his head up and down, his pace faltered as he felt two lubed up fingers stroke over his hole, making him grind back, desperate for something to fill him up and make him scream.     

“So desperate sweetheart,” Even groaned as Isak swiped his tongue over the head, Even’s finger slipping into Isak’s hole and making Isak moan in relief.      

“Such a pretty hole, god you’re so beautiful, I want to destroy you.” Even ran his mouth as he worked his finger deeper inside of Isak until it was fully in, Isak’s thighs shaking as he tried not to grind back and just focus on the cock in his mouth.      

He angled his finger, Isak jolting as his fingertip came in contact with his prostate and Even kept firm pressure on it, moving his finger in circles as he licked around it, licking Isak’s rim before moving his head away, moving down and sucking Isak’s balls into his mouth. Moaning at the feeling, Isak moved his head up and down, desperate to make Even feel good, desperate to destroy him the same way he was destroying Isak.     

Isak moved his hand, gripping Even’s cock and stroking what he couldn’t reach with his mouth, he twisted his wrist as he slid his tongue against the underside of the head, Even groaning as he stuck another finger in Isak’s ass, Isak clenching tightly around them as he whimpered.     

“Relax baby,” Even said while he stroked a hand over Isak’s  arched back, Isak calming at the touch and allowing Even to push further inside of him, hitting his spot straight away, Even’s cock slipping out of Isak’s mouth as he moaned loudly, his ass grinding back, needing more.     

“Does that feel good angel?” Even said as he flicked his tongue where his fingers were stretching Isak out, sticking it in alongside his fingers occasionally.     

“Mhm,” Isak moaned out, unable to get his words out.      

Lifting himself back up, he gripped Even’s cock once more, wrapping his lips around it and hollowing his cheeks out as he sucked, moving his head up and down.     

Suddenly, he felt Even grip his dick in a firm hold, moving his hand up and down, jerking him off as he kept licking around his fingers, still applying firm pressure on his prostate, making Isak moan loudly and arch his back even further as he sucked harder.     

“Fuck, such a good boy Isak, sucking my cock so well,” Even groaned out, his hips tilting upwards slightly, making  Isak gag, his movements speeding up, Even's fingers still rubbing his spot, his hand moving quickly over Isak's dick, his tongue soothing the edge of his hole, Isak's entire body shaking from all the sensations he was experiencing.     

His thighs were trembling, his hair bouncing slightly as he bobbed his head up and down, a light sheen of sweat covering his back as Even kept up his ministrations.     

“Are you gonna come sweetheart?”      

Isak hummed in confirmation as he twisted his wrist, his jaw aching from the massive cock inside of his mouth, but he didn’t care, all he wanted was to make Even come.     

“Me too baby, come on,” He started moving his fingers as he spoke, thrusting them in and out and hitting Isak’s spot every time, Isak moaning and whimpering non-stop, sending delicious vibrations all over Even’s dick, “come for me.”     

With a light squeeze around Isak’s  dick, and his fingers firmly pressing into his prostate, Isak’s  body shuddered, pleasure taking over every single one of his cells, come spilling out of his dick and all over himself and Even’s chest, and suddenly, he felt Even’s cock twitch in his mouth, a loud groan emitting from the older boy as he came in Isak’s mouth, shooting down his throat. Swallowing every drop as Isak came down from his high, he whined from the overstimulation, Even cooing at him as he slowly pulled his fingers out, gently kissing his hole one more time as Isak swiped his tongue over the head of Even’s cock, making sure he had gotten all of it before he moved his head away. He sighed as Even nudged his side, Isak taking the hint and flopping down onto his back, panting wildly from exhaustion.     

Isak watched as Even reached for the tissues on the nightstand, gently moving Isak’s legs and cleaning him up first, wiping the lube and come off of him before doing the same to himself, hastily throwing the paper into the trash.     

Even leaned towards him, brushing his hair away from his face and stroking his cheek gently, Isak sighing at the contact and leaning his head towards his hand.     

Moving so that he was leaning over him, Even smiled before placing a delicate kiss on Isak’s lips, Isak humming softly and putting his hand on Even’s neck.     

Even pecked his lips one more time before lifting up slightly, holding himself up on his forearms, “are you okay?” He asked quietly.     

Isak nodded before lifting his hand up, covering his mouth as he yawned, Even chuckling softly at the sight.     

“Come on,” He sat up, gently gripping Isak’s arm, “let’s get you to bed.”     

Isak smiled as Even manoeuvred him around, shuffling as Even drew the covers down, Isak quickly laying down onto the bed before Even pulled the blanket over Isak and pecking his forehead, “I’m gonna go get you some water.”     

Isak hummed in confirmation as he lay on his back, pulling the blanket up to his neck as he watched Even pick his boxers up from the floor, stumbling slightly as he put one leg in them, Isak  laughing faintly, making Even glance towards him and shoot him a smile as he pulled his boxers up before padding out of the room.     

Isak shut his eyes, enjoying the soft weight of the blanket pushing him down onto the bed, enveloping him like a hug as he awaited for Even's return.     

He shuffled slightly as he heard steps approaching his room, and when he opened his eyes, Even entered, meeting Isak’s eyes and smiling as he approached, handing him the glass of water as Isak sat up, drinking half of it and setting it down onto the nightstand as Even got in bed, his arm moving straight away as Isak lay his head on his bare chest, the familiarity and cosiness of the position making him remember the first time they had done this.     

Even gently stroked Isak’s hair, twirling his curls around his fingers before threading through them, his fingers lightly scratching at his scalp, Isak humming in appreciation at the feeling and burrowing closer to him, lifting the blanket up slightly.     

“We should probably set up some rules,” Isak mumbled into Even’s chest, the older boys hand stopping before he carried on with the movements.    

“Is this where you say ‘you have to promise you won’t fall in love with me’?” Even imitated Isak in a mocking voice, making Isak groan and push him away softly.    

“Why would I say that?” Isak asked as he looked up at Even with a frown from where he lay.    

Furrowing his eyebrows, Even’s mouth dropped open in shock, opening and closing for a few seconds, unable to say anything as a small smirk appeared on Isak’s face, cocky that he had left the older boy speechless.    

“W-what?” Even said, “A Walk to Remember? It’s a classic.”    

Isak shook his head as Even threw his head back onto the pillow, his hand falling down from where it was playing with Isak’s hair, and Isak couldn’t help but let out a giggle.    

A few seconds of silence had passed, Even apparently still processing that Isak had not seen some movie, before Isak spoke, “seriously though.”    

He lifted himself up, leaning on his elbow and looking at Even with raised eyebrows, the older boy rolling his eyes and sighing slightly, “it’s just sex, that’s it, why do we need rules?”     

Isak gave him an unamused look, Even shrugging as he looked at the boy with something akin to glee in his eyes, something which annoyed Isak endlessly, the way he seemed to not be bothered at all when Isak was in a bad mood or said something which would usually result in annoyance from others, but not from Even. Even just got that half-smile on his face as he kept looking at him as if it was entertaining.     

Even lifted his hand up again, playing with strands of Isak’s hair as Isak spoke, “I just don’t want anything to get fucked up.”     

Sighing in resignation, Even dropped his hand onto the pillow once again, glancing up at the ceiling before looking back to Isak, pursing his lips and nodding slightly, “Okay fine, what are the rules then?”     

Isak licked his lips as he furrowed his brows, thinking for a few moments before he spoke, “we can sleep over,” Isak started with a stern look.    

“Obviously,” Even interrupted as he rolled his eyes, gesturing at the bed with his hands.     

“Oh my god, do you ever shut up?” Isak snapped, making Even bite his lip to, rather unsuccessfully, try to contain a smile.     

“Anyways," Isak said loudly, wanting to grab his attention, "we can sleep over but get out as soon as one of us wakes up. So, tomorrow if you wake up before me, get the fuck out. But if I wake up before you, I’m waking you up and you’re leaving. No breakfast, no small talk, or cuddling or any of that shit, just get out.”     

Even smiled as he lifted his hand up, stroking  Isak’s cheek slightly as he cooed, “Aw baby, you don’t want me to make you breakfast and serenade you in the morning?”     

Slapping his hand away, Isak rolled his eyes as Even laughed slightly, “no, I don’t.”     

Even nodded as his laughter died down, “what else pretty boy?”     

Isak blushed at the familiar nickname as he licked his lips while looking down onto the sheets, his fingers pulling on the edge of the blanket, “just, don’t tell anyone.”     

He heard Even sigh before he felt a hand tilt his chin up, Even making him look at him, “I’m not going to tell anyone, don’t worry about it.”     

Nodding slightly, Isak threw himself back on the bed, his head laying on Even’s arm.     

They spent a few moments in silence, Isak closing his eyes and being close to falling asleep, but then he heard Even speak, “So, no morning sex?”  

Groaning, Isak pushed him away slightly as Even laughed, he quickly turned away from him, laying on his side and shutting his eyes, hoping Even would just shut up and let him sleep.  

“Aw,” he felt Even shuffle closer until his chest was pressed up to his back, his legs tucked behind Isak's, his boxer clad crotch pressed up against Isak's naked ass as Even threw his arm around  Isak’s waist, hooking his chin over Isak’s shoulder to be able to see him, pulling him closer to him, and Isak could practically feel the smirk the older boy was carrying, “do I not get a kiss goodnight?”  

Elbowing him slightly, Isak huffed as he heard Even groan in pain while he leaned his forehead on Isak’s shoulder, his grip around Isak’s waist not loosening though, instead he pulled him closer, leaning over him and placing a kiss on his cheek, making a blush rise on Isak’s face, for some strange reason the action making him feel more relaxed and comforted than he’d ever been.  

“Goodnight Isak,” Even sighed as he got comfortable behind him, his body keeping Isak warm.  

“Goodnight Even,” Isak said and shut his eyes, letting out a deep breath and burrowing further into the soft pillow beneath him. He slowly drifted off to a calm sleep, and for the first time in a few days, he dreamt peacefully.    

Chapter Text

Even pushed the thick book back onto the shelf, dust flying up into the air from how long it stayed untouched, visible from the sunlight pouring in through the large windows surrounding the room.  

He wiped his hands on his jeans to get rid of the remains of the dust, sighing as he went back to the desk which was previously covered in books, as he had spent the free lesson he had had studying and trying to catch up with all the work he had been dutifully ignoring, instead focusing on all the parties his friends were hellbent on throwing. Bending down, he picked his backpack up, swinging it onto one shoulder and taking one last look at the desk, making sure he hadn't left anything behind before he turned and walked away.    

He rubbed a hand over his tired face as he turned into the path between two shelves, his steps echoing in the room, the strap of his backpack digging into his shoulder as he sighed in exhaustion, and then he heard a soft high pitched giggle. A sound that he would probably recognize anywhere, making him look up, a smirk pulling on the corners of his lips at the sight in front of him.   

Right there, next to the large window, at a desk pushed up against the white wall, sat Isak. A large book splayed out in front of him, his utensils surrounding it; his back arched as he sat on the edge of his seat, his elbows leaning on the table, and the curve of his ass pronounced slightly, the black jeans he wore hugging it perfectly, his T-shirt riding up a tiny bit and revealing a sliver of smooth pale skin; he crossed his ankles delicately underneath his chair as he put a small hand over his mouth to contain his laughter, a pink colour rushing to his cheeks as Chris kept talking to him, most likely telling him one of his stupid stories that he had used far too often for Even to find them remotely funny or charming.   

He rolled his eyes as he watched Chris speak in hushed tones to Isak, his dark brown hair slicked back as he slid closer to him, placing his head on his hand, his elbow planted on the smooth desk in front of him, making his bare biceps bulge underneath his tight black T-shirt, Isak's eyes glancing towards them whenever Chris looked away, which Even knew he was doing on purpose, he knew he was simply just letting Isak get a taste of what he could have. A smirk Even was all too familiar with, having witnessed it far too many times he had tried to get a person to sleep with him, rested on his tan face, and Even bit back a laugh as he noticed how flustered Isak was getting at this point. His cheeks flushed as he looked down onto the table, apparently unable to look at Chris as he toyed with a pen with both of his hands, fidgeting constantly and occasionally letting out a nervous laugh, his curls falling over his forehead, and Even wanted nothing more than to pick him up by those beautiful thick thighs and carry him off to the secluded part of the library and just bend him over right then and there and fuck him with a hand over that beautifully sculpted mouth to contain the gorgeous whimpers he was bound to let out.   

Even bit his lip to hold in a laugh at the fact that Chris was so obviously trying to win the bet, already flirting with the boy, practically cornering him in the library; he approached them slowly, Isak raising his gaze and meeting his eyes, narrowing them slightly in suspicion, those luscious lips pulling up in a thin line as Even got closer and closer until he could reach up, Isak following his every move and gasping quietly as Even slapped the back of Chris's head.   

"Leave the kid alone," he smirked as Chris turned around, a scowl on his face as he held the back of his head, rubbing it softly to alleviate the pain, his expression turning from anger to annoyance as he realized who it was, "we're gonna be late to class."   

Chris scoffed as he leaned back against the chair, putting his hand back on the table and tilting his head up to look at Even with a smile on his face, "you can go, I'm good right here."    

He looked back to Isak, whose face was now even redder than before as he delicately pushed a loose curl behind his ear, his gaze fixed on the book in front of him, avoiding meeting Even's eye, Even smiling at the shyness of the boy before he kicked the leg of Chris's chair, "you can find something else to stick your little dick into, let's go."   

Isak scoffed in the offence as his mouth fell open, opening and closing before he spluttered out, "what the fuck?"   

He finally looked up at Even with those green eyes as the grin on Even's face widened at the blush covering the boy's face, all the way up to the tips of his ears, which Even thought was a rather lovely look on him, the rosiness of his cheeks making him look more delicate than usual. And consequently, reminding Even of the striking way his skin would flush whenever Even would fuck him.   

"Yeah Even," Chris looked up at him with faux hurt, a corner of his lip quirking up for just a second in a small smile before he neutralised his expression, "what the fuck?"   

He laughed as he tilted his head towards the door, walking back towards it, raising his eyebrows as Chris sighed in resignation and grabbed his hoodie off of the chair before seizing his backpack from the floor.   

"See you around Isak," Chris smirked at the smaller boy, Isak giving him a small shy wave before his eyes flickered towards Even, the older boy grinning at him before he turned around, pushing the door open and walking through it, hearing fast footsteps approach him as he walked down the hallway.   

"What the fuck?" Chris pushed him slightly as he walked beside him, "I can't believe you did that."   

Even looked at him with his brows furrowed in confusion while he held back a smirk, "what do you mean?"   

Chris groaned as he swung his jacket over his shoulder, "you know what I mean you dick, I was talking to that fine piece of ass and it was going great and then you had to come and interrupt it."   

Even snorted as he raised his eyebrows in his direction, both of them turning the corner, "Was it really going great though? Or were you just annoying the fuck out of him and he was too shy to tell you to fuck off?"   

With a groan, Chris tilted his head back as they walked past groups of students rushing to get to their lessons, the two of them carelessly strolling the halls, knowing that their Chemistry professor is more than lenient and won't care if they're late. 

"Shut up, I'll get him on all fours eventually," Chris smirked at him, confidence oozing out of him.   

With a high pitched hum, Even narrowed his eyes in Chris's direction while pursing his lips, "somehow I doubt that. He can barely talk around you."   

Chris sighed before he smirked in Even's direction, pushing a hand through his hair while he spoke, "yeah but I have a feeling he's one of those types."   

Even snorted slightly before he turned his head to the side, a girl walking past him with a smile on her face, looking at him catching his eye, making him smirk as he trailed his gaze over her petite body; her brown hair tied in a high ponytail; her hazel eyes glimmering as she looked at him, a blush on her cheeks as she lowered her head when she walked past him, their arms grazing against each other. Even turned his head and kept his eyes on her as she walked down the hall, his gaze stuck on the sway of her hips; her ass round and perky and Even desperately wanted to get inside of her.   

He shook his head as he turned back to Chris and looked at him once more, suddenly remembering their conversation, "what type?"   

Chris moved his hands in front of him in a 'you know' sort of manner, "Shy and stuttering but then when you get them in bed they're really kinky and loud as fuck, I just know that's what he's like."   

Even smirked at the words as memories of the boy on top of him, deepthroating and choking on his cock and moaning like a whore with every swipe of Even's tongue flooded his mind, and he felt an odd sort of satisfaction at knowing that he was well aware of what Isak was like while Chris was had no idea.   

He glanced at Chris as he licked his lips, shaking his head slightly, "Nah, I don't think so."   

Chris stepped forward as he opened the door to the classroom, taking a glance at Even and smirking at him when he realized the professor was yet to start the class.  

"I'll let you know when I find out," Chris sat at the desk in the back casually.  

Even laughed slightly at the cockiness of his friend, "you do that." 

He threw his backpack onto the floor as he sat on the chair in front of Isak, the chatter in the cafeteria filling the entire room as Isak's eyes widened before he rolled them in a far too familiar fashion. Even sighed, a smile spreading on his face while he made himself comfortable and leaned back against the rather uncomfortable chair, spreading his legs widely as Isak placed his phone down onto the table, right next to his lunch.   

"What?" Isak said with an exasperated tone of voice, Even's grin widening at the sound, somehow the boy's annoyance becoming rather endearing with every encounter they shared.   

Rolling his eyes, Even nudged Isak's leg with his foot, the boy pulling them back straight away and crossing his arms against his chest.  

"Are you ever in a good mood?"    

He raised his eyebrows in Isak's direction as the boy scoffed, "no, what do you want?"   

He leaned forward slightly, Isak waiting for an answer with a bored face as Even smirked, "Wanna meet up later?"   

Isak sighed as he pushed a curl behind his ear, something Even had noticed him do before and found incredibly charming every time he witnessed it for himself. A blush spread on his cheeks as he looked away from Even, confirming that Isak knew exactly what he wanted to meet up for.   

"I can't", he licked his lips as he looked back to Even, "I'm busy, I'm doing something with Eskild."   

He raised his eyebrows as he smirked, "oh, so you're going to fuck someone else?"  

Isak's mouth dropped open before he vehemently shook his head, "no, what the fuck? He's my roommate." He spluttered out as his cheeks reddened.  

Nodding slightly, Even licked his lips before speaking, "Right, whatever. Some other time then?"   

Isak rolled his eyes and looked away from him, releasing a sigh as he spoke, "Yeah, sure."  

Even grinned as he grabbed his backpack from the floor, getting ready to leave, "Finally, you're not being a pain in the fucking ass about it," he stood from the chair, leaning onto the table with both hands, "can't wait to be a pain in yours though."  

Isak groaned as he covered his face with one hand, "what the fuck? Why are you like this?"   

Even was about to respond when Isak's eyes flickered to the side, widening in what appeared to be panic, making Even turn his head as he straightened up, noticing Isak's friends were approaching the table, all of them appearing to be rather perplexed, frowns placed on each of their faces. Well, except for the blonde guy, who seemed to have an expression of pure and utter glee at the sight of Even talking to Isak.   

He turned back to the boy with a smirk, "see you soon."   

Isak nodded as he glanced towards the exit quickly, letting Even know he wanted him to fuck off.  

Rolling his eyes, he stepped away from the table, but not without shooting a smile at Isak's friends before he turned and walked towards the door, quickly looking back to them to see Isak with a delicious blush on his cheeks as he rolled his eyes, all of his friends speaking to him at once, most likely asking questions about why they were even talking.  

With a sigh, Even left the building, walking into the courtyard, where students were sparsely spread out, sitting on the benches and standing in small groups as they waited for the bell.   

He took his phone out of the pocket of his denim jacket, quickly unlocking it as he walked over to one of the benches, putting his backpack to the side and flopping down on it, spreading his arm across the back of it.   

Thumbing his way through his contacts, he finally reached the letter M, his eye stopping at a certain name that made his heart race and his lungs constrict. He inhaled sharply as he kept going, ignoring the pang in his chest and pressing the contact he was looking for, bringing it up to his ear and listening to the ringing.  

"Halla," he heard his mom say, the softness of her voice making a smile appear on his face as he glanced around his surroundings, a random girls laugh making him look towards them, the noise coming from a blonde girl talking to a group of friends, the shrill sound heard clearly in the empty yard. A girl in a hijab looking at her with what appeared to be well-hidden amusement stood opposite her; the girl next to her, wearing a snapback and a rather colourful jacket, looked at her friend and laughed along with her, but the other two, a rather pretty girl with red-stained lips talked to a redhead, both of them whispering to each other and standing rather close, seemingly in their own little world.  

"Hey mom," he spoke quietly as he heard clatter in the background, a soft curse escaping his mom's lips, something only heard when she was growing increasingly more frustrated.   

"Everything alright?" He asked with a frown as he ran a hand through his hair.   

"Yeah, yeah," she said as there was another sound of something falling, a small gasp following it, "I'm just trying to reach for this damn pan."   

Snorting slightly, he kicked at the gravel with the toe of his shoe, rocks skidding further away from him, "Is dad at work?"   

He heard his mom say a small victorious 'aha' before she spoke, "Yes he is, he had to go in today."   

He hummed in understanding, "what time do you want me to come over tonight?"   

"Around 7 would be good, darling," she said with what Even knew was a smile on her face, always ecstatic when he would come over for dinner.   

The bell rang, making him look up to see the remaining few students standing outside, the group of girls he was previously observing now making their way into the building, two of them trailing behind the rest, slowly walking behind them as one of them linked their arms together.   

He rubbed a hand over his face before reaching for his backpack, "Right, I'll see you then," he was just about to say bye when his mom interrupted him.   

"Oh, did you take your pills?" He heard the concern in her voice, and it made his body tense up as he shut his eyes, trying to calm himself down as he knew she meant well.   

"Yeah, I did," he sighed as he slowly made his way towards the entrance.   

"Good, good," she said happily, making Even take a deep breath to stop himself from snapping at her.   

"I have to go, mom," He said while he opened the door, the hall empty as he entered it.   

"Okay sweetheart, I'll see you tonight. Love you," she chirped, completely oblivious to the apparent change of mood that had happened.   

"Love you too, bye," He said as he quickly hung up, his spirit dampened as he walked to his classroom, wishing Isak had said yes so that he could at least have a nice quick fuck before he had to leave tonight and alleviate some of the stress he was feeling. But then he saw her.   

The girl he walked past when he was walking with Chris, and she looked just as fuckable now as she had before.   

Fuck it, since Isak won't be able to do it, looks like he'll have to settle.   

She was pulling her books out of her locker, barely holding them up as she reached further into the locker when he walked up to her, the girl looking up at him with her brown eyes, a smile pulling on her lips as she trailed her eyes over his body, so obviously checking him out.   

He smirked as he stood in front of her, "Need any help?"   

She sighed slightly, her brown hair falling in front of her face, "Yes please."   

He rushed to grab the books from her hands, the girl pulling out a notebook from the back before she grabbed the objects from Even's hands, quickly putting them back in and closing the locker shut.   

"I'm Even by the way," he extended his hand towards her, the girl smiling as she shook it.   

"I'm Elise," she spoke softly as she pulled her backpack strap over her shoulder.   

"I've never seen you before, you a first-year?" They started walking down the hall, Elise smiling up at him as she nodded.   

Even hummed, "thought so," he smirked as he looked at her, "I would've noticed someone that looks like you."   

She laughed softly, but a blush covering her skin betrayed her and Even knew she was charmed by the cheesy, cliche comment, and he smirked to himself, trying not to roll his eyes at just how easy this was.   

They kept talking casually, Even walking close to her, their hands brushing against each other as they approached their classrooms and Elise giggling with every stupid thing Even said.   

"This is me," she said suddenly, tilting her head towards the door of the room.   

Even nodded before licking his lips, "look, do you wanna go out tomorrow? Get some coffee or something." He asked sincerely, even though he knew fine well he couldn't care less about the date, it was mere foreplay leading up to the main event, and he knew this blushy, flirty little thing would spread her legs eventually.   

She smiled as she looked down onto the floor before looking up at Even through her dark, thick lashes, "I'd love to." 

"I'll be right back," Elise said with a smile as she placed her cup of coffee back onto the table in front of them before standing up, pushing her chair back and walking away, accidentally stumbling into a man on her way there, shooting him a small 'sorry'. Even watched as the man kept his eyes on her, trailing his gaze over her petite body as she walked into the toilets, making him roll his eyes at just how obvious he was being.  

He looked down at her mug, almost empty as they had spent an hour talking to each other, Even trying to charm the pretty little thing so that he could take her home already, the previous evening having left him feeling exhausted and more than irritated.  

The thing is, he loved his parents, and he most definitely loved spending time with them, but when the conversation had steered to how his therapy was going, how he was feeling, and how he's been sleeping, he suddenly remembered why exactly he was so desperate to move out when he had transferred schools 2 years ago. So, he had rushed to tell his parents he had to go home, having to wake up early for school tomorrow and wanting to be well-rested, leaving his mother quite happy with him keeping up his sleeping schedule as she packed him some food to take with him and sent him home with a kiss on his cheek.  

So, he happened to be in desperate need of some sort of release, and Elise had been looking at him and giggling and twirling her hair throughout the entire date, well he wouldn't really call it a date, as much as he'd call it a necessity to get to what he actually wanted, he only hoped she wouldn't become clingy and expect anything more to come of this.  

He drummed his fingers on the tabletop to the random song playing in the cafe when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket, making him roll his eyes as he took it out. He sighed as he read the notification, opening the conversation quickly.  


We’re throwing a party this weekend.   

Even took a deep breath and rubbed a hand over his face before he began writing a reply.  

Again? Seriously?  

Ugh, shut up, William's brother just left and he's trying to fuck some first-year blonde girl, I don't fucking know. So, we're doing it.     

He laughed softly before glancing up, Elise still not exiting the toilet.  

God, fine.   

He waited for Chris’s response as he took a drink of his coffee.  

Plus, I can ask that little twink to come and just fuck him already   

Good luck with that, you'll need it.   

Even noticed the door to the toilets being opened, Elise coming out. He put his phone away as he shot a smile at her, the girl's lips shining from the lipgloss she clearly reapplied.  

Elise sat back down onto the chair, finishing her drink before she opened her mouth to say something when he interrupted her, tired of doing this silly game when he had no interest in it, "do you wanna go back to my place?"  

A blush covered her cheeks as she looked down, nodding her head in confirmation.  


They stumbled through Even's apartment, his hands gripping her small face as their tongues moved against each other before they were tearing each other's clothes off, leaving a trail of jackets and T-shirts behind them leading up to his room.   

He pushed her onto the bed, her body bouncing slightly before he started peeling her jeans off of her tan legs and throwing them onto the floor, leaving her only in her matching underwear, the light shining through the window illuminating her golden skin and the sight making Even's cock twitch. He stood up, taking the rest of his clothes off as she pushed herself up the spacious bed, laying her head back onto the white pillows and waiting for Even to come back.   

He lay back between her spread out legs, his hands trailing over her body, fingertips digging into her thighs as he pressed a firm kiss on her lipgloss covered lips, the taste lingering in his mouth before he moved lower, reaching down under her back and unclasping her bra and throwing it to the side, lowering his head and kissing and sucking on her nipples until she was trembling beneath him, grasping at his shoulders.   

He pressed his lips to her skin, travelling lower and lower until he reached the hem of her panties, hastily pulling them down and revealing her shaved pussy to his hungry eyes.   

He leaned forward, laying down onto his stomach, and pushing her legs further apart, allowing him to stick his tongue between her folds as she tangled her fingers in his hair, moving him to where she wanted him the most as she shivered beneath him.   

He flicked his tongue against her clit, circling it around and making her moan his name as he put two fingers inside of her, angling them and pressing them against her spot as he tasted her, her thighs squeezing his head and keeping him in place.   

He kept up the ministrations until she tightened her thighs around his head even further, her pussy pulsating around his fingers as she came on his tongue, her back arched and her mouth wide open.  

He pulled away from her slowly, licking her clit one last time before coming up, watching her grip the sheets in her hands, her knuckles white from the force. He licked his fingers clean, climbing over her and kissing her once more, allowing her to taste herself on his tongue before he reached to his nightstand, taking a condom out of the drawer.   

"Turn around," he said as he kneeled, ripping the packet open with his teeth, rolling the condom down his length while she turned on all fours, arching her back and presenting herself to him.   

"Good girl," he said absentmindedly as he gripped her hip with one hand, leading his cock inside of her with the other; the tight, wet head enveloping him, Elise moaning as he stretched her out.   

Pounding into her straight away, he set a punishing pace, angling his hips and hitting her at just the right spot with every move he made, making her arms collapse and her back arch even further.   

He gripped her hips tightly, keeping her in place as he thrust into her, sweat covering his body from the exertion as Elise moved her hips back, meeting him halfway and tightening her walls around him.   

"Fuck, so tight," he groaned as he slid his hand down her back, gripping her shoulder and pulling her back on his cock harshly before he pulled it away, moving his hand down to her chest, pinching her nipples, twisting them and making her shiver before he moved on, slowly tracing his hand down the soft skin of her stomach, reaching the smooth wet heat between her legs. He could feel his cock sliding in and out of her on his fingertips as he circled her clit with firm, focused movements until she shuddered around him, her walls clenching around his thick cock rhythmically as she came loudly, a moan emitting from her as he thrust forward one last time, his cock twitching and releasing into the condom.   

He pulled out, Elise laying onto her back as she panted while Even removed the condom, tying it up and throwing it into the trash before reaching for the tissues, cleaning himself up and laying down next to her, the smell of sweat and pure sex filling his room.   

"You good?" He asked as she turned to the side, leaning her head on his shoulder slightly as she looked up at him.   

"Yeah," she licked her lips as apprehension took over her features, "are you gonna kick me out now?"   

Even snorted slightly before sitting up, throwing a look over his shoulder at her and smiling, "Nah, it's fine. You can stay."   

He reached onto the floor, grabbing his boxers and pulling them up, "bathroom is down the hall on the left if you need it, by the way." He shot a smile in her direction as she shuffled down the bed, reaching for her underwear.   

"Thanks," she smiled softly, "can I borrow something to wear?"   

"Sure," he replied as he headed over to the closet, opening it and looking through his stuff before he smirked, grabbing a hoodie from a shelf and turning around, bringing it over to her.   

She rolled her eyes and smiled as she unfolded it, "Really?" she said as she pulled it over her head and stood up, a satisfied smile on her face.   

"You earned it," He smirked as he threw himself back onto the bed, Elise heading out of his room and shaking her head, a small sigh emitting from her.   

He rubbed a hand over his face as he let out a breath, stretching his arm out and reaching for his jeans next to the bed, taking his phone out of the pocket once he found them.   

He unlocked it as he saw a notification, quickly opening the conversation.   

Pretty Boy   

Why the fuck are two of your friends asking me to a party next weekend?   

Even snorted slightly as he read the message, realizing that both of his friends had the same plan, and also knowing that they wouldn't succeed in what they were planning as Even knew fine well he would end up inside of the blonde that night.   

You have a nice ass, they wanna fuck it.    

He sent the message and smirked, the mere memory of those perky cheeks making his cock twitch even though he just came.   

Thank you Even, you sure do know how to make a boy swoon.    

You're coming to the party though right? I haven't fucked you in a while    

We had sex last Friday Even    

What can I say, your mouth is just that good    

He watched the typing bubbles appear and disappear several times, Isak apparently not knowing what to say.  

Fine, I'll come.    

Even huffed out a laugh as he glanced up, Elise coming through the door. He looked back down to his screen before he started typing.   

Gotta go, my date is back.    

He was just about to put his phone away when he noticed Isak typing again as Elise took her own phone out of the jeans discarded on the floor.  

You're talking about fucking me while you're on a date???    

Are you jealous pretty boy?    

Fuck no.  

Aw, don't worry baby, you're a much better fuck than her.   

He locked his phone, putting it on the nightstand before he lay back down onto the bed as Elise got comfortable next to him.  

"Everything alright?" She asked as she lay on her side, her hand beneath her cheek as she gazed up at Even.   

He covered his mouth with his hand while he yawned, Elise shuffling closer to him and placing her head on his chest, his arm wrapping itself around her waist loosely, “yeah, my friends are trying to fuck this first year by throwing a party and hoping he shows up.”    

He stretched his back slightly as Elise trailed her fingertips over his bare chest, "what first-year?"   

Even sighed at the question, for some reason feeling rather uneasy even mentioning Isak to the girl he had just slept with, "Isak."   

She hummed softly as she continued her nonsensical patterns, "is he cute?"   

Taking a deep breath, Even bent his arm, placing it under his head as he pursed his lips in thought, "he's alright." He settled on eventually, looking to the side as he spoke, the words themselves not sounding very convincing as they came out of his mouth. But all he wanted was for the conversation to be over and done with.   

Snorting slightly, she leaned up, looking at Even, "two people are trying to get with a kid that's 'alright'?" 

He shrugged his shoulders as she raised his eyebrows, "Chris will stick his dick in just about anything."   

Elise seemed to believe him as she lay back down, her dark hair sprawled out onto the pillow behind her as she raised her leg, placing it over Even's.   

"Seems weird to go through so much trouble, and go after someone like that if they're nothing special," She mumbled into his chest, the words making Even feel increasingly more uncomfortable, his breath hitching as he remembered all the weeks he spent talking to Isak before they slept together, all the times he smiled at him for seemingly no reason, the time he had saved him from the guy cornering him at the party, and every time he was actually nice to the younger boy, for no reason other than wanting a smile to adorn his face.   

He closed his eyes shut, willing the thoughts to disappear as he dropped the hand that was around Elise onto the bed.  

No, nothing special at all.  

Chapter Text

He could see the flashing lights behind his eyelids, the colours changing and shifting like a kaleidoscope, the music blasting in his ears, the bass filling the entire room, but he couldn't be sure whether it was purely the music or if it was the jumping of the dozens of dancing teenagers, but he knew were all the noise gone, he'd be able to clearly hear the moans the boy pressed up against him was emitting whenever Isak tugged on his hair or moved his hips towards him, but as of now, he could only feel the vibrations against his lips.  

They stood in the corner of the room, only a small table next to them littered with empty cups and ashtrays filled with cigarette butts, there was a crowd of people standing all around them but no one seemed to pay any attention to them, being either far too intoxicated to mind, or simply not caring about someone deciding to make out.  

He could feel a small vibration against his hip, a phone buzzing in the boys pocket, but they had both been dutifully ignoring it for quite some time now, the blonde rather focusing on squeezing Isak's ass and stroking his hands along the sides of his body as he crowded against him.  

“Fuck,” He heard the guy, whose name he was pretty sure was Julian but at this point he didn't know nor care, groan as he leaned back from  Isak , his hand reluctantly moving away from  Isak’s  waist as he dug into his pocket, taking his phone out and reading all the texts he had received.  

And the second he looked up at  Isak  with pure regret in his brown eyes,  Isak  knew what was about to happen and that his plans of someone making him come that night had been ruined.  

“I have to go,” he leaned closer to  Isak  to tell him before he sighed, placing his head on  Isak’s  shoulder just for a second before he moved away, leaning against the wall with his palm.  

“What the fuck?” Isak spluttered out, “Seriously?” He gestured towards his crotch, his hard-on pressing up against Julian's hip as he groaned in frustration.  

“I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, his blonde hair falling down his face, making him reach up and push it back.  

“Fine, whatever,” Isak took the bottle of beer on the small table next to him, taking a swig of it as Julian observed his every move.  

He felt the boy put a hand on his cheek and move his head so that he was looking at him again before pressing  his lips  to  Isak’s , moving away afterwards as he bit his lip in what appeared to be nervousness.  

By the clear rise of his chest,  Isak  could see him take in a deep breath before he licked his lips and spoke, "can I see you again sometime?"  

Isak looked off to the side, happy that the room was rather dark and that he had been drinking, which had given him a convenient excuse as to why he had a blush rapidly spreading on his face.  

He shrugged his shoulders as he looked down onto the floor, hoping the boy would just go away without any resistance as  Isak  had no desire to actually go out with him, no matter how sweet he was, or how much he smiled at  Isak , or how he apprehensively stuttered around him at first before he finally relaxed.  

And he really was glad that he approached  Isak  because the second he walked in he could feel Chris's eyes on him, watching him walk through the  filled up  house with Jonas trailing behind him. He quickly went to grab a beer in the kitchen, Jonas telling him he'll be right back and leaving him on the way there.  So  he was careful to avoid making eye contact with the infamous third year, and just leaned back against the wall, nursing his drink as he looked around the room. And then he caught sight of a boy, a boy that was staring at him from the other side of the room but quickly looked away when  Isak  caught him, a boy with floppy blonde hair and when he looked back up,  Isak  couldn't help but smile sweetly at him. And, just as he noticed Chris making his way over to him, the boy came up to him, and soon enough,  Isak  was being pressed up against the wall.  

He blinked slightly to get out of his thoughts, and when he looked up Julian was still staring at him expectantly, until he nodded, giving him a small smile, "that's okay. Think about it and let me know."  

He stepped away from  Isak  before he turned around and left, leaving  Isak  horny and frustrated and all alone, Jonas still nowhere in sight.  

He tilted his head back as he went to take a drink, but was left disappointed as only a drop fell on his tongue, the bottle now empty. He rolled his eyes in annoyance, placing the bottle onto the table next to him as he went to shove himself away from the wall when he noticed a figure settle in right next to him, leaning against the wall on their side.  

He turned his head towards them, and he watched as a smirk spread on Chris's face as he took in Isak's surprised expression.  

He leaned closer to Isak, the smell of cologne filling his nostrils as he took a deep breath at their proximity, "where'd your boyfriend go?"  

Isak snorted as he raised his eyebrows in his direction before shaking his head lightly, "not my boyfriend."  

He looked towards the mass of people in front of him, all of them getting increasingly drunker, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Chris shuffle closer to him, his broad chest now brushing against Isak's shoulder, making heat rise to Isak's face.  

Chris leaned even closer to him to speak, "a pretty boy like you is single? Somehow I find that hard to believe."  

And no matter how cheesy he found the comment, or how he would usually scoff at something like that,  Isak  couldn't help but feel charmed by it, a small demure smile spreading on his lips as he glanced at Chris, the third year seemingly pleased with the effect he had on him.  

Taking a deep breath, Isak pushed himself away from the wall before speaking, "I'm going to get another drink, I'll see you around."  

Chris nodded slightly as he trailed his gaze over Isak's body, making Isak feel even more flustered than he already was.  

He turned away, pushing his way through the crowd to get to the kitchen, desperate for another drink.  

He squeezed through the party, finally making it into the small hall leading to the kitchen when he felt a hand wrap around his bicep, making him turn his head and look up at the offender with a quizzical expression on his face.  

What the fuck is it now?  

Curly black hair fell in front of the boy's face still holding a firm grip on  Isak , a crooked smile pulling on his lips and his dark brown eyes hazy from whatever substance he had taken.  

Isak  furrowed his brows as he glanced at the hand holding onto him, the boy moving it away and stepping closer to him so that  Isak  could hear him as he spoke, “looking for something baby?”  

Isak  grimaced at the slurring of his voice, the alcohol stench from his mouth hitting him in the face, a mixture of vodka and beer, and just a slight tinge of weed, making him want to get as far away from him as possible.  

Isak shook his head and was about to turn around when the boy stopped him once more, stepping closer until Isak was pressed up against the wall, the people around them paying them no mind.  

“I’m Adrian,” he said as he swayed, nearly stumbling over until he held himself up, placing his hand on the wall next to Isak's head.  

Isak’s breathing quickened slightly at the closeness of the boy, Adrian's smirk widening as he noticed the redness of Isak’s cheeks, mistaken it for coyness but in reality, it was only growing nervousness.  

“I’m  gonna  go,”  Isak  stuttered out as he placed his palms on Adrian’s chest, pushing him away gently but still making him falter backwards.  

“Hey,” he grabbed Isak’s arm once more, “let’s go upstairs sweetheart.” He leered at him before Isak shook his hand off, his brows furrowed as he stepped back from him, Adrian's grin still in place as he looked at Isak with glazed-over eyes.  

“No,” he said firmly before he turned away from him, rubbing a hand over his face and trying to calm his rapid breathing as he stepped into the kitchen, heading towards the fridge and opening it straight away.  

“You alright?” He heard a familiar deep voice rumble from the entrance, making him jump slightly and hit his head on the shelf.  

“Fuck,” he gripped the back of his head as he reached into the fridge, grabbing a beer bottle and closing the door before he looked up, Even leaning against the doorway and looking at him with a grin on his face, obviously trying to contain his laughter.  

“Yes, I’m fine, why?” He answered before he turned, opening random drawers until he found the bottle opener and looked back to Even as he opened the beer.  

Even tilted his head back towards the hall, “saw you and Adrian and you didn’t seem so happy to see him.”  

Isak shrugged his shoulders, trying to appear relaxed even though the encounter still had him quite shaken up. He took a sip before speaking, “I’m fine.”  

Even nodded as he pursed his lips, looking off to the side before a smirk appeared on his face and he looked back at  Isak , “who’s your boy toy by the way?”  

Isak choked on the drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, “what the fuck? Who?"  

Even raised his eyebrows in that all too familiar fashion, quickly moving them up and down, “the guy you were dry humping in the living room.”  

Isak rolled his eyes as he propped himself up on the counter, crossing his ankles and releasing a sigh, "why the fuck does everyone care so much?"  

"Who's everyone?" Even asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, his white T-shirt straining against his arms, Isak looking down onto the floor to stop himself from staring.  

"Chris asked as well," Isak took a drink, lightly swinging his legs back and forth as he watched Even nod slowly, looking away from Isak.  

Isak frowned slightly, a grin spreading on his face as he observed Even, "are you jealous?"  

Even snorted and looked down, but Isak could see the slight clenching of his jaw, and a glimmer of some sort of emotion in his eyes when he looked back to Isak, “nope.” He said simply before walking over to Isak, leaning against the counter right next to him.  

“You were literally on a date last Friday, you don’t get to be jealous,” Isak teased him with a smile on his face.  

Even groaned as he rubbed a hand over his face, turning his head to look at Isak, “I’m not.”  

Humming softly, Isak nodded before leaning closer to Even, poking his cheek with his finger, “aw, yes you are.”  

Even rolled his eyes and huffed as he swatted Isak's hand away before looking at him, "it wasn't a date anyway."  

Isak frowned at him slightly, a strange feeling taking over his mind, "what was it then?"  

Even sighed, licking his lips and glancing at Isak, "I wanted to fuck her so I took her out, that's it."  

Isak rolled his eyes as he took a sip of the beer, "that's kind of fucked up, man."  

Even shrugged his shoulders noncommittally, staying silent for a few seconds before he pushed himself away from the counter, turning to look at Isak with a smirk on his face, “head outside in 5 minutes, turn right and walk to the end of the street.”  

He winked at Isak before walked back to the door, leaving Isak with his mouth wide open.  

He took a deep breath as he finished his beer off, swinging his legs back and forth, his heels hitting the counters occasionally as he checked the time on his phone and watched the painfully long minutes tick by until he thought a sufficient amount of time had finally passed.  

He decided to text Jonas before leaving, knowing that he wouldn't be coming back and that Jonas would worry way too much about him if he couldn't find him.  

The Jonas Brother  

Hey bro, heading out, don't feel well. Talk to you tomorrow  

He jumped off of the counter, locking his phone and putting it in his pocket before placing the empty bottle in the sink and heading out, rushing down the hall and looking around not to run into Adrian as he pushed through, careful not to stumble into anyone. He looked around the room and noticed Eva standing behind Noora, who was talking with the guy he was pretty sure threw the party, his dark brown hair swooping over his face, and a look of pure annoyance on his face as the pretty girl grimaced in his direction as she spoke before turning around and leaning back towards Eva, smiles spreading on both their faces immediately as the guy stalked off.  

He beamed at the sight as he kept walking until he reached the hall next to the exit, quickly going through the jackets hanging on the hooks until he grabbed his own, pulling it on and heading down the street where he could see a faint slim figure leaning against a car.  

He took a step after step, the alcohol he had consumed only making him slightly in a better mood than usual, not affecting him greatly so when he saw the smirk on Even's face as he stepped close to him, he couldn’t even bother to be annoyed, he only rolled his eyes halfheartedly and bit his lip to contain a smile.  

“Get in,” Even said with a smirk before he went to the other side, opening the door and sitting into the driver's seat as  Isak  rushed forward and got into the car.  

Isak strapped his seatbelt on as Even started the car, the rumbling of the engine filling the tense silence as a blush spread on his cheeks, knowing fine well what was going to happen.  

“Are we going back to your place?” Isak asked quietly as Even got on the road.  

“Yup,” Even nodded slightly, popping the p and licking his lips, Isak's eyes tracking the movement before he looked off to the side, watching the houses blur in his sight as he looked out the window and hummed, wringing his hands in his lap, stretching his legs forward and trying to relax, the excitement making his heart beat faster.  

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a small smirk on Even's face, and his hand moving, so he really shouldn't have been surprised but he still jumped when he felt Even's large hand on his leg, the placement of it much too high for it to be innocent in any way.  

He looked towards Even, his mouth opened slightly as Even's hand trailed upwards, that damn smirk still pulling on his lips as he glanced towards  Isak , his fingers trailing gently on  Isak's  inner thigh, the touch making goosebumps rise on his skin and his legs spread subconsciously when he  realised  where he was heading, the smirk on Even's face widening at that as his hand gripped his thigh firmly before he continued moving it up,  Isak  sliding down the seat as his mouth dropped open, panting when Even's hand finally reached its destination; trailing touches on his crotch, directly over his rapidly hardening cock before he gripped it tightly, a whimper coming out of Isak at the feeling.  

“Even,”  Isak  said breathily as he gripped his wrist, Even's fingers still squeezing his dick through his jeans, making him pant and throw his head back against the seat, squeezing his eyes as he pushed into Even's hand.  

“Hm?” Even hummed, glancing towards Isak before looking back at the road, Isak's hand still loosely wrapped around his wrist.  

“Stop somewhere,” Isak spoke quickly, flicking his tongue out to wet his lips.  

Even looked at him swiftly, his brows furrowed but  Isak  could see a flash of excitement in his eyes, “seriously?”  

Isak nodded quickly, just wanting to come as soon as possible, “please.”  

And apparently, that was all the confirmation Even needed as he smirked, nodding his head and giving Isak's dick one last squeeze before he moved his hand down onto his leg, “give me ten minutes, I know the spot.”  

Isak nodded as he put a hand over Even's, keeping it in place as he enjoyed the small tease, Even's fingers continuously trailing over the inseam of his jeans.  

They kept driving, Isak wriggling in the seat and patiently waiting, getting more and more desperate as Even kept a hand on his upper thigh, not moving it for a second. And when Isak looked over, he could see Even's cock straining against his pants, the massive length tenting them slightly, and Isak had to take a deep breath to stop himself from taking it out and sucking it right then and there.  

And suddenly they turned down a narrow road, finally getting to a small abandoned spot surrounded by trees, hidden from everyone else, the place overlooking the glowing lights of the city, sparkling like stars as Even turned the car off, turning the small light in the car on and unbuckling his seatbelt hastily. And suddenly,  Isak  was being pulled towards him by the back of his neck, a firm hand holding his head in place as their lips smashed into each other, the taste of cheap beer on Even's tongue somehow tasting good, his hand trailing upwards into  Isak's  hair and gripping it tightly, pulling on it and making  Isak  whimper as he pulled away, with shaking hands trying to unfasten the seatbelt and failing until Even chuckled softly, doing it for him and pulling him in for another kiss, languidly moving their lips together until he spoke, “get in the backseat.”  

Isak  opened the door hurriedly, already pushing his jacket off of his shoulders and getting in the back, waiting for Even to join him. He watched the older boy frantically searching through the glove department until he found what he was looking for, putting the lube, condom, and tissues onto the floor of the car in the back and getting out of the vehicle, immediately sliding in next to  Isak .  

Pulling him in by his jacket, Isak lay back, leaning against the car door as Even hoovered above him, his hands gripping Isak's slim waist before they slipped under his T-shirt, sliding over his skin smoothly and making his breath hitch, goosebumps raising with every stroke of his fingers as Even leaned in, kissing him roughly.  

Even's hand reached up, his nimble fingers pinching and twisting his nipples until he couldn't contain himself, moans being swallowed by Even's smart mouth, his hips thrusting upwards as his cock strained against his skinny jeans, desperate for some contact, but Even moved his hips away from him, Isak whining as his dick throbbed.   

"Even come on," he panted against his lips as Even chuckled, withdrawing from him and moving a curl behind his ear gently before he moved away, pulling on the hem of Isak's T-shirt, Isak getting the hint and sitting up in the cramped space, removing the cloth, throwing it onto the front seat as he watched Even push his jacket off before taking his shirt off.  

Isak  watched as all that beautiful unmarred skin appear before his eyes, his chest broad and strong, the muscles in his body shifting as he threw his shirt to the front, and  Isak  couldn't help but lean forward; his fingers  trepidly  grazing Even's sides as he kissed his chest gently, tracing his lips against the pronounced collarbones and moving downwards as Even groaned when his tongue found the stiff peak of his nipple, gently kissing it before he moved upwards, kissing and sucking on the skin of his neck, creating marks which he was sure will be prominent tomorrow before he reached his lips and pressed his own against them.  

Even grasped his waist, his fingers almost meeting in the middle as he moved him down against the door once more, laying between  Isak's  legs, steadily grinding against  Isak  and making him moan,  Isak's  arms wrapping around Even's neck, his hand running through his hair and gripping, pulling on it, eliciting a groan from Even as he pressed his crotch harder against  Isak's .  

He trailed his fingertips down Even's body until he reached his pants, quickly undoing his belt and unbuttoning them with shaky hands, immediately reaching into them and squeezing a firm hand over his boxer clad cock.  

Even moved away from his lips as he groaned, his hips moving towards Isak's palm as he buried his head in the crook of Isak's neck, "fuck, Isak."  

Isak panted as he moved his hand, feeling the wet patch on the cloth where the tip was, the pre-cum soaking through them, and before he knew it, he was pushing a hand into his boxers, feeling the hot skin and trailing a finger over the head, picking up all the pre-cum before he brought his hand up, Even lifting his head up and watching his every move, his cock twitching against Isak's and his mouth dropping open as Isak pushed his finger in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks out around it and sucking, sliding his tongue over the pad of it and tasting the salty liquid, the taste exploding on his taste buds making his eyes roll into the back of his head as he moaned.  

"Fuck baby," Even moaned, Isak's eyes fluttering open as he took his finger out, "you're so gorgeous."  

He kissed Isak once again, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, before leaning on his palm, lifting the other hand, trailing a thumb over Isak's bottom lip gently.   

"Please, Even," he whispered, the desperation seething through every word he spoke, every exhale of breath.  

He watched Even sit up, the older boy quickly undoing Isak's jeans as Isak kicked his shoes off, both of them falling onto the floor, the sound echoing in the small confines of the car before Even started peeling his pants off, his boxers following, the blush that was already on his face deepening at how exposed he felt, Even tracing his gaze over his body, his pupils dilated as he watched Isak go to close his legs, feeling far too self-conscious, but before he could make a move, he felt a hand pushing on his inner thigh, making them fall back open once more.  

"Don't baby," he licked his lips as Isak took a deep breath and moved his leg up, propping it up on the front seat as Even reached forward, using the thumbs of both his hands to pull his cheeks apart, revealing him fully to his lustful gaze, "let me see that pretty hole."  

Isak whimpered as Even traced his fingers over his rim, barely-there touches that left Isak panting, grinding downwards, trying to get Even to put them inside of him, but then he felt a sharp slap delivered to his inner thigh, the skin prickling and stinging as his cock twitched at the feeling.  

"Stay still, angel. You haven't earned it yet," Even smirked as Isak tensed his muscles, trying to stop himself from just grabbing the lube and sticking a few fingers inside of himself since Even seemed determined to tease him, but he knew he had to wait, he had to be good because he knew Even would stick that huge cock inside of him eventually.  

"Good boy," Even praised him, the words making him glance down towards where Even was still moving his hand lightly over Isak's hole, barely applying any pressure. He took in a shaky breath, his desperation growing with each second that passed by.  

"Please, fuck, please Ev," Isak moaned as Even kept tracing around his rim, just on the outskirts of it, the sensitive skin just begging for a tongue on it.  

"What do you want, baby?" Even smirked as he leaned down, placing kisses on his inner thighs, his cock twitching as Even sucked on the skin where he knew purple would bloom tomorrow, a reminder of every moment Even spent focused on him and his pleasure.  

"Please," Isak said simply, hoping, praying it would be enough.  

"Come on angel," Even traced his hand upwards, hovering over Isak's dick before he moved on, Isak's hips tilting upwards at the tease, a whine coming out of him but turning into a moan as Even pinched and twisted his nipples, leaving them red and puffy, "tell me what you want."  

"Touch me Even," Isak finally said as Even kept kissing his thighs, trailing lower and lower to the place where his groin met his thigh, until he carried on, kissing the smooth soft skin around his dick, avoiding every part that Isak wanted him to feel.  

Even hummed as he shuffled closer, bringing his hand back down, fingertips grazing over the flushed skin of Isak's chest and stomach.  

"You want me to touch you here," he trailed a tender touch down Isak's cock, his hips moving up into it but Even moved on, brushing past the soft skin of his balls until he trailed past his perineum, down to his rim, "or here?"  

Isak  whined in frustration, "anywhere you want Even, please, do whatever you want to me."   

He heard Even groan at the words as he clenched his eyes shut, trying to get his breathing under control and then he felt a tight wet heat around his cock, a desperate moan exiting his body as he opened his eyes, looking down to see Even's head bobbing up and down as he sucked Isak's dick.  

Isak dropped his hands down, scrambling for purchase until he threaded them through Even's hair, strands of silky blonde hair trapped between his fingers as Even slid his tongue over his slit, Isak pushing upwards slightly, Even pulling off and pressing a firm hand over his stomach, his fingers digging into the bone of his hip.  

"Don't move," he growled before sucking Isak's cock back into his mouth, moving his head in a practised manner as Isak wrapped a leg around his head, keeping him in place.  

He kept moving his head, his tongue slipping all over his dick as Isak tried to stay still, not to move and just enjoy the sensations as he kept his hands in Even's hair, pulling on it lightly and scratching his scalp, Even moaning at the feeling.  

Even came off for a moment, blindly reaching for the bottle of lube discarded on the floor until he gripped it and uncapped it, Isak following his every move intently, his breathing heavy as he watched Even spill some of the liquid onto his long fingers before he gripped Isak's thigh with his clean hand, pushing his leg up to his chest as Isak wrapped his arm behind his knee before he did the same to the other one, feeling fully exposed as Even looked at him for a moment.  

"Fuck baby," he reached forward, sliding his  lubed up  fingers over  Isak's  fluttering hole,  Isak  keening at the feeling before Even stuck a finger inside of him, making  Isak  whine in a tone much higher than his usual voice, "you look so fucking good like this, such a pretty boy."  

"Ev," Isak reached for him, his leg falling back onto the front seat as he moved his hand, Even raising his own and interlacing their fingers, a strange feeling unfurling in Isak's chest at the tender action, but before he could even begin to think about what it meant, Even was moving his finger in and out, hitting his prostate on every stroke, making Isak's thighs shake and continuous moans come out of his mouth.  

And suddenly, stealing all the breath from Isak's lungs, Even put his dick in his mouth once more, Isak's hips moving as if he didn't know whether he wanted to push into the wet heat of Even's mouth, or if he wanted to get his finger deeper inside of him.  

As Even pushed another finger inside of him, Isak knew he wouldn't last long, with all the stimulations he was experiencing he knew it was only a matter of seconds until he came.  

"Even," he moaned, Even groaning around his cock and bringing him closer to the edge as he shoved his fingers inside of him harder, scissoring them and spreading his ass, getting him ready for his cock, "I'm gonna come."  

Even sucked harder, his fingers still working inside of him, making Isak moan and pant until he was right there, right on the edge, only a second longer. And, as if he sensed it, Even pulled his fingers out, moving away from Isak's dick and gripping the base tightly, almost painfully. Isak's eyes opened straight away, betrayal flashing in his irises as he looked at Even, a smirk on the boy's red, slick lips as he watched Isak's thighs quiver and his chest rise and fall rapidly.  

"Not yet baby," he said as he removed his hand once Isak calmed down, his high disappearing, but he knew it wouldn't take long to bring him back to the edge. And then, Even was shoving his fingers back inside of him, Isak's hand shooting upwards, holding himself still by putting his palm on the roof of the car while Even pumped his fingers, spreading them inside of him until he was able to put another one in, Isak whining at the feeling.  

"Even," he moaned out as Even kept going, expertly moving his fingers inside of him, "please fuck me."  

Even groaned as he pulled his fingers out, sitting back on the seat as Isak shuffled backwards, Even trailing a hand down his leg until he reached his ankle, his thumb stroking the soft skin tenderly, "how do you want to do this angel?"  

Isak moved on his knees, "wanna ride you."  

Even muttered a strained 'fuck' before sitting in the middle of the backseat, trying to get comfortable as he unbuttoned his pants, lifting his hips and pulling his jeans down to the middle of his thighs, his huge, hard cock slapping his stomach, the head of it red and soaked in pre-cum, the vein on the underside prominent as Even reached over to  Isak , putting a hand on his waist, but  Isak  didn't take his gaze off of his cock, he reached over and he gripped it tightly, moving his hand up and down, sliding his palm over the tip before he pulled it down, the girth of it making his mouth salivate, and for a moment he contemplated sucking him off, but he was far too desperate, he needed it inside of his ass.  

Even reached down, bending over to the side over Isak's thighs as he grabbed the condom off of the floor, ripping the packet open with his teeth as Isak kept his hand on his cock, still moving it.  

"You're gonna have to move away baby," Even smirked at him as the blush on Isak's cheeks deepened, his hand timidly pulling away as Even put the condom on before he reached for the lube he had thrown on the seat, pouring some onto his palm and spreading it over.  

"Come here," Even gestured as he looked up at him, his pupils dilated and his hair fucked up from where  Isak  was gripping it.  

Isak shuffled forward, carefully straddling him and sitting back on his thighs before he gripped Even's cock once more, jerking him off for a moment before he felt Even's hands on his ass, his fingers moving towards where he wanted him the most, Isak's back arching involuntarily, Even smirking at the sight before he pushed two of his fingers inside of him, Isak's hand around him tightening as his eyes fluttered shut, his teeth digging into his bottom lip as Even moved his hand slightly, his fingers moving in waves over his prostate as his other hand gripped onto his cheek, pulling it to the side.  

"Come on baby," Even put a hand on his waist, his palm stroking up and down, "make me feel good."  

Isak's mouth opened slightly as he moved forward straight away until Even's cock was between his buttocks, grazing his hole, the head catching at his rim before he moved his hand back, gripping it and placing it where he wanted it, slowly starting to sink down, the grip Even had on his waist and ass tightening as Isak whined until he was halfway down. His hands coming down to Even's chest as his eyes opened, and his breath hitched at the sight. Even was looking at him like no one ever had before, his eyes tracing over every line of his body, his hands starting to move over his chest, his back, his thighs as if he was trying to memorize every mark, every bit of him, as if he was something worth looking at. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see that look in Even's eyes.  

Isak  panted at the wide stretch, the burn only serving as more of a turn on, Even's lips parting open as  Isak  slid down a bit more until he stopped, moving his hips in circles as he tried to get used to the size.  

"You okay?" Even asked him as he put a hand on his ass cheek, his fingers trailing forward until he rubbed Isak's rim with them, trying to get rid of his discomfort.  

"Yeah," Isak moaned as he moved downwards until he bottomed out, his eyes clenched shut and his mouth wide open, "it's just so fucking much."  

Even groaned as he ground his hips upwards, Isak whimpering as he grazed his prostate, his hands turning into fists against Even's chest.  

Isak moved his hips in small figure eights, trying to get used to the massive length inside of him as his eyes fluttered open and he looked at Even, whose hands were gently placed on his ass, each hand covering one of the perky globes, not moving him or pushing him, just a soft comfort, his fingers occasionally trailing over his rim and rubbing at the strained skin.  

"So tight Isak, you feel so good," Even groaned as he tilted his hips upwards lightly, Isak gasping at the overwhelming feeling, his cock buried so deep inside of him he knew he would feel the ache for days to come, but he didn't care.  

Lifting himself up slowly, carefully, until only the thick head of Even's dick was inside of him, he kept his eyes locked on Even's and for that small moment, he could see the lust and desire in his eyes, he knew Even wanted him, he knew he still wanted to fuck him even though he fucked someone else only a few days ago, he was still desperate for him, and for once, he felt wanted, he felt desired.  

And with that thought, he slammed back on his dick until he was deep inside of him, both of them moaning at the overwhelming sensation.  

He set up a rhythm, bouncing on Even's cock, changing the angle until he was hitting his prostate every time, his own dick bobbing slightly as Even controlled himself and stayed still, letting Isak move at his own pace and chase his own pleasure.  

Leaning forward, Isak wrapped his arms around Even's neck, his back arching and Even's cock pressed up against just the right spot making his eyes roll into the back of his head. He stopped moving, only grinding in slow circles as he pressed his lips against Even's, languidly making out as he got closer and closer to the edge.  

He could barely move his lips, his hips stuttering forward as he kept grinding, desperate for the pressure of Even's dick on his spot. He moved away from him, resting his head on Even's shoulder and whimpering, "fuck Even, so good."  

Even groaned and gripped Isak's cheeks firmly, spreading them apart before he started fucking into the smaller boy roughly, Isak moaning loudly at the sudden change of pace, his thighs trembling as he slammed down every time Even moved up, setting up a rhythm which was bringing him closer to the edge.  

"You like that baby?" Even groaned into his ear, nipping his earlobe gently and sucking it into his mouth for a moment, "does that feel good?"  

Isak nodded as he moaned loudly, the sound echoing in the car as Even kept pounding into him, kneading his ass and suddenly he moved his hand away, bringing it down in a sharp slap, Isak yelping for a second before he moaned, subconsciously arching his back further.  

Even brought his hand down, gently moving his palm over the stinging flesh as Isak kept moving his hips up and down, moaning as he spoke, "Ev, do it again, please."  

Even's pace faltered, making Isak whine and quicken his own until Even started moving once again with a groan, and once more, he slapped Isak's cheek, Isak moaning loudly and clenching around his cock as Even did it once again, and again until Isak's ass was burning, his skin tingling as Even moved his hands over it, trying to soothe the pain.  

"Such a dirty little boy," Even moaned as he started sucking on the skin of Isak's neck.  

Isak whimpered as he felt his orgasm approaching rapidly, "Even, I think I'm gonna come."  

Even moved his head away, looking up at Isak's dishevelled appearance, "you gonna come on my cock?"  

Isak nodded quickly before releasing a moan, his eyes closing shut.  

"Come on sweetheart, I know you can do it. Don't even need me to touch your cock, do you? You love getting fucked so much, such a little slut Isak," Even ran his mouth as he quickened his pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin, and the squelching of lube filling the small confines of the car, "be a good boy for me and come."  

And with those words, he lifted his hand, and one last time, delivered a harsh slap on Isak's cheek before he gripped it firmly, and with that sensation, Isak could feel the orgasm dragged out of him. He clenched his eyes until he could see stars behind his eyelids; his mouth dropped open, loud moans and whimpers coming out of it; his thighs squeezing and trembling on each side of Even's hips; the strands of Even's hair being squeezed and pulled by his fingers as he shot rope after rope of come all over himself and Even.  

"There we go sweetheart, so good, you look so pretty baby," he could hear Even speak as he shook in the midst of the orgasm.

Even slowed his movements down as Isak came down from his high, his come sliding down his cock and Even's stomach, the feeling of the cock inside of him becoming more and more overwhelming with each aborted thrust Even made.  

He leaned closer to him, placing his head back into the crook of Even's neck as the older boy ran his hands down his back while Isak caught his breath.  

"Is it okay if I move pretty boy? Or is it too much?" Even asked softly before kissing the sensitive skin beneath Isak's ear, making Isak's breath hitch before he nodded slightly.  

"It's okay, you can move," he whimpered as Even started thrusting once again, moving slightly to avoid hitting his prostate, but there was no point, Isak could still feel the slow drag of his cock against his walls, his whole body shuddering as Even kept going, chasing his own orgasm, his hands back on Isak's ass.  

"Please, Ev," Isak whimpered as he used all his remaining energy to clench his ass tightly around his cock, "please come inside of me."  

Even groaned loudly, muttering a 'fuck' as he gripped Isak's butt tightly and thrust upwards, his hips stuttering and his cock pulsating inside of Isak as he finally came into the condom, he moved a few more times, riding his orgasm out until Isak whined from the overstimulation, feeling as if his skin was on fire.  

Even kissed his cheek gently, shushing him as he stroked his side with one hand, "it's okay baby, just relax."  

He pulled out slowly, Isak's hole clenching around the space he left behind as he whimpered, Even reaching behind him and pulling the condom off, tying it up and throwing it on the seat without care, Isak placed firmly on his lap, his arms wrapped around Even's neck as his body became soft and malleable.  

Even wrapped his arms tightly around Isak's waist, pulling him closer to him as he inhaled deeply, softly kissing the hot skin on Isak's neck before speaking, "so good baby, so good for me."  

Isak nuzzled further into his neck, slowly steadying his breathing and focusing on Even, his scent, his hands moving up and down his back comfortingly, his lips continuously pressing against his neck, moving up until he kissed his cheek in a gesture much too soft and gentle, and it made Isak's heart clench, the thought of how he had never felt so cared for crossed his mind, and a quiet whimper came out of his mouth.  

"You okay?" Even asked straight away, worry bleeding into his voice as he moved his head back to look at Isak, but Isak refused to move, instead tightening his arms around him as he nodded slightly, tears filling his eyes as he took in a shaky breath and gripped the hair at Even's nape, not understanding why he was feeling the way he was.  

"It's okay, I'm here, you're alright," Even moved his hand up, threading it through Isak's hair and scratching his scalp as the other one remained on his lower back, moving in slow circles.  

Isak  focused on his breathing, trying to control his emotions and just calm down, the steady pressure of Even's hands on him bringing him back to earth, soothing him.  

They spent a few moments in silence, holding each other until Isak blinked his eyes open, breathing in deeply and moving his head up, a blush spreading on his cheeks in embarrassment at how he was behaving.  

He could feel Even's eyes on him, watching his every movement, observing him, but he couldn't look up.  

He looked down to his lap, his hands moving from where they were placed on Even's neck but Even gripped them, moving them back as he waited for Isak to speak.  

"Sorry," he whispered as his hands shook lightly where he moved to play with Even's hair.  

"Hey," Even spoke softly, gripping Isak's chin and lifting his head, making him look at him, "did I hurt you?"  

Isak could see the fear in his eyes, the worry, and he could see it disappear only a little bit as he shook his head vehemently.  

"What is it then?" Even moved his hand and placed it on Isak's cheek, gently stroking his thumb over his cheekbone, the action so soft and tender Isak had to look away again.  

"Nothing, I just," he stopped and took in a deep breath, "just feeling a bit overwhelmed."  

Even nodded slightly before placing his hand on the back of Isak's neck, pulling him in for a gentle kiss, shivers taking over Isak's body as he moved away, leaning his forehead against Even's, his eyes still closed as the third year nuzzled his nose against Isak's, making a smile unfurl on Isak's lips.  

"There we go," Even said softly, grazing the pad of his thumb against the corner of Isak's mouth, the younger boy opening his eyes to see a smile on Even's face, his own widening at the sight before he rolled his eyes, batting Even's hand away, the older boy chuckling as he placed his hand on Isak's waist before trailing it downwards to his ass. Isak hissed in pain as his fingertips grazed over the sensitive skin, Even moving his hand away straight away and placing it back on his waist.  

"Fuck, sorry," he furrowed his brows as Isak looked at him, "we should put some cream on that so it doesn't hurt."  

Isak looked away from him as a blush rose on his cheeks at the reminder of him begging Even to spank him. He darted his tongue out to wet his lips, "it's okay, I'll be fine."  

Even groaned and leaned his head back against the seat, "stop being so damn stubborn, just do as you're told."  

Isak huffed slightly but kept quiet before looking down, noticing that his come was still splattered all over them, making him look up at Even with raised eyebrows.  

Even seemed to notice it as well as he snorted, wrapping his arm around Isak's waist as he leaned forward, getting the tissues from the floor and taking one out of the packet.  

He gently cleaned Isak up first, wiping everything off of him before doing the same to himself, taking another tissue out afterwards and wrapping the condom in it, placing it on the seat.  

He placed his hands on Isak's thighs as Isak trailed his own down Even's arms before he spoke, "We should get dressed."  

Even sighed before gently tapping Isak's thighs, "come on then, get up."  

Isak huffed as he moved away from him, gently sitting down and reaching for his clothes discarded on the floor and the front seat, quickly getting dressed as Even did the same.  

Even stepped out of the car, stretching slightly with a groan before he shut the door, Isak rushing out and getting in the front seat as Even sat down next to him.  

Putting the seatbelt on, he held his jacket in his lap as he squirmed in the seat, his ass still burning.  

He could feel Even look at him before he reached over, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear, "you sure you're okay?"  

Isak took a deep breath as he turned his head towards Even, the third year's hand now pushed through his hair as he trailed his eyes over Isak's features. Nodding slightly, he licked his lips before speaking, "Yeah, I'm good, I'm- I'm sorry about all that."  

Pulling on his hair gently to get him out of his thoughts, Even smiled at him in reassurance, "Hey, it's okay. Don't worry about it."  

Isak  nodded as he looked down at his lap, still embarrassed at the fact that he was brought to tears simply because someone held him so delicately.  

"Do you want to go back to my place?" Even asked as he moved his hand to the back of Isak's neck.  

Shaking his head, Isak looked back to him, "no, just drop me off at my place."  

Even bit his lip in contemplation before speaking, "you sure? I don't really want to leave you alone if you're still upset."  

Isak huffed out a laugh and leaned back against the seat, looking at Even with a small smile, "I'm fine, don't worry about me."  

Looking at him for a few more seconds, Even nodded and moved his hand away, starting the car, the engine revving in the dead of the night.  

Sitting back, Isak turned the radio on, some random song he didn't know filling the comfortable silence as he shut his eyes, just wanting to go to sleep, the exhaustion of the night catching up to him.  

And he must've dozed off because the next thing he knew, he was being gently shaken, making him grumble slightly as he furrowed his brows and raised his hand, rubbing his eyes with a closed fist. He heard a small chuckle to his side, making him look towards it and realize he's still in the car with Even.  

He groaned slightly, dropping his hand, "shut the fuck up."  

Even  ' awwed at him as he turned the car off, making  Isak  scowl in his direction.  

"You're so annoying, fuck," he said as he leaned his head back, closing his eyes for a second and inhaling deeply.  

Even snorted as he leaned towards him, "Back to being a little shit now, huh?"  

Rolling his eyes,  Isak  unbuckled his seatbelt before looking back to Even and smiling, "Goodnight Even."  

He opened the door to step out when he heard Even speak, "Sleep well, pretty boy."  

Blushing at the pet name, Isak shot him a smile before getting out of the car, slowly walking towards the door to the building, and when he looked back, Even was just then turning the car on, patiently waiting for Isak to get in safely.  

With a soft smile, Isak unlocked the door, and rushed to the safety and warmth of his bed, the last thoughts before he drifted off to sleep being those of sure hands, sparkling blue eyes, and a comforting embrace.  

Chapter Text

Even placed the cigarette between his plump lips, lifting his other hand and sheltering it from the harsh wind while he lit it, the flame warming his palm for a moment before he put the lighter away into the pocket of his denim jacket. He inhaled the hot smoke, his chest expanding as it filled up his lungs before he released it, the vapour flowing in front of him before it disappeared into the cold morning air. 

The gravel crunched beneath his feet as he languidly strolled through the courtyard, not really paying attention to his surroundings or particularly caring about them, the fresh start of the week having him feeling exhausted and unready to face anyone, let alone talk to any of his friends after the party he had barely spent any time at the past weekend, having left with Isak somewhat early. 

“Even,” He heard a familiar voice yell out, his pace faltering as he turned to the side at the sound, noticing Chris walking up to him with sluggish steps, clearly just as unwilling to start the week as Even was. Chris hurried his movements when he saw Even stop in his tracks, turning towards him, and waiting for the boy to approach him as he adjusted his sunglasses, pushing them up his nose before he took the cigarette between his two fingers and moved it away from his lips, exhaling the smoke out of the side of his mouth. 

“Hey man,” Even said while raising his hand for a high five, Chris accepting it before they pulled each other into a one-armed hug, Even's hand carefully moving away so as not to burn Chris with his cigarette as they started walking side by side, slowly trotting towards a small group of The Penetrators standing near the entrance to the school. 

He kept smoking as Chris rubbed a hand over his face and groaned, his hands finding their way into the pockets of his hoodie while he spoke, “Fuck, I can’t do this shit. I’m still fucked up from the party.” 

Even snorted after blowing the smoke out, a smirk pulling on his lips, “You weren’t even that drunk.”  

Chris glanced at him with his eyebrows raised as he pulled the strap of his backpack higher over his shoulder, a strand of dark brown hair falling over his forehead, “How the fuck would you know? You disappeared at like midnight or some shit.”  

Even smirked when thoughts of what had happened crossed his mind, remembering fucking the first year in the back of his car. He felt a flash of an unpleasant feeling course through his chest when he recalled what happened afterwards, the tight grip Isak had on him as his body trembled and shaky exhales of breath emitted from his small body before he finally calmed down, all the while Even couldn't stop thinking of what he could do to make it better, how to make Isak okay. 

Even shook himself out of his stupor, trying not to think of that particular moment, as he had been doing ever since he dropped Isak off at his place, instead spending time telling himself that the boy was fine and that he was being a fucking idiot for even worrying or caring so much about him. 

He shrugged his shoulders as his mind returned to the current conversation he was having, licking his lips to wet them before he spoke, “I had better shit to do than to watch you drink yourself to death.” 

Chris huffed as they walked up to the group of The Penetrators, all of them laughing at William who seemed to be getting more and more aggravated as he told a story to them all. 

“There is nothing more important than me, babe,” Chris spoke smugly, bumping his shoulder against Even's. 

With a roll of his eyes, Even took a drag of his cigarette and threw an arm over Chris’s shoulders, pulling him closer to his side as he said, “Of course not my love.” 

Chris shoved him away, a grin on his face as they finally reached the group, being greeted by low rumbles of 'hello's', no one in a particularly good mood to give them an enthusiastic welcome, yet they still managed to find the strength to grin and laugh at the rather moody William. 

Even took one last puff of the cigarette, shutting his eyes and blowing the smoke out slowly before he threw the butt of it away. He listened to the boys carrying on their conversation about the party that had happened the previous weekend, and what exactly they had done, or more specifically who they fucked. 

Yet, when William spoke, it was not to say he took someone to bed with him, instead it was the exact opposite. 

“She told me she’s a lesbian,” He heard William speak, making him snort as he looked over to him to see him leaning against the wall, a scowl on his face as the rest of the guys laughed at his misfortune. 

“The blonde chick?” Chris asked, clearly trying to stifle a laugh before he beamed when William nodded and looked away, a bitter look on his face. 

"So, you threw the fucking party for this girl," Even started with a grin, William already rolling his eyes, "Only for her to tell you she's a lesbian?" 

William leaned back against the wall, his head hitting the bricks as he groaned, the sound getting lost in everyone's laughter. 

“Even still got lucky though,” Adrian laughed after a beat of silence as he poked the bruises covering Even’s neck, making him smirk when he remembered Adrian had no idea whose beautiful lips were creating those during the weekend, the thought filling Even with indescribable satisfaction. 

“At least someone did, all you did was be a fucking creep,” Even grinned as Adrian frowned in confusion and tilted his head, his black curls falling into his eyes as he pursed his lips in thought, apparently unable to recall the moment he crowded against Isak, but Even did, the memory engraved inside his brain, for some reason unbeknownst to him making him clench his fists tightly where they were stuffed in the pockets of his jacket. 

“When did I do that?”  

Even rolled his eyes, luckily not visible beneath his sunglasses, “You pretty much cornered Isak, the kid had to push you off to get you away from him.” 

Adrian snorted at that and waved a dismissive hand, all the guys looking at the interaction, “Ah who cares, he’s a little slut anyways.” 

Even clenched his jaw at the words, trying not to react and keep a cool head even though he didn’t really understand why he was bothered anyways, having heard this kind of talk many times before, yet he couldn't help but ask, “How is he a slut?” 

Adrian waved his hands around before speaking, squinting his eyes as the sun shone in his face, his dark skin shining in the sunlight, “He hooked up with Julian at the party and flirted with Chris straight after, and he probably said something to me as well and that's why I even went near him. And he's like covered in hickeys and shit, so he must've done shit with someone.” 

Even frowned as he felt a flush rise to his face at that, knowing he was the one to put those marks on the first year. He bit his lip and released it as he turned towards Chris, a smirk placed on the dark-haired boys face as he observed the interaction. 

“Seriously?” Even asked incredulously, not believing for a second that Isak would actually flirt with him and then fuck Even straight after. 

“Yup,” he said while nodding, popping the p as he grinned rather smugly, most likely happy that someone brought it up in conversation, allowing him to brag in front of all the guys as they were all aware of the bet going on between him and Adrian. Even watched as most of them nodded at him, some of them even throwing out a 'nice one, man.' 

Even nodded slowly, looking off to the side as he tried to tune out the conversation, his mood being dampened even further, yet he couldn't pinpoint why that was, why this bothered him so much. 

But he still heard Chris speak, “Might as well give up now Adrian, what’s the fucking point? The kid will probably be begging for me to fuck him in a few days.” 

That's funny, cause he begs me to fuck him all the fucking time.  

Even bit his lip to stop the hostile words from spilling out of his mouth, even though he desperately wanted to rub it in both their faces, to let them know that he got the boy to spread his legs before them, he wanted to tell them how prettily Isak moans for him, how he bends over for him, how he says his fucking name while he’s coming, no one else's, and definitely not theirs. 

He wanted to let them know that Isak wanted him, not them, the same way he bragged about every other person he had fucked. But, the fact that he was unable to share the information somehow made him want to tell them even more. He needed them to know that he did what they are clearly struggling to do. 

He shook his head to dispel his thoughts, releasing a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he turned to Chris, changing the subject and trying to get away from them all as soon as possible, “You coming?”  

Chris pushed his hands further into his pockets as he spoke, “Nah bro, I’ll meet you there.” 

Even nodded, bumping fists with the boy and promptly ignoring everyone else before he turned around hastily and rushed towards the entrance, pulling his sunglasses up and placing them on the top of his head as he opened the door, stepping inside the school and into the swarm of students. 

He walked through the crowd of people, slowly pushing through between the small groups of friends, all of them still chatting away as the bell had not rung yet. But all Even wanted to do was get to the classroom, hoping it was at least a bit quieter and he could relax for at least a few moments, without anyone talking to him or telling him about shit he had no interest in.  

Yet, as if the universe had heard his thoughts and decided to fuck with him, he heard a high pitched voice calling his name, “Even.”  

He rolled his eyes, his nostrils flaring as he took a deep breath, attempting to contain a groan, instead putting on a smile he prayed didn’t look too fake as he looked over to the source of the sound. 

He watched as the dark-haired girl walked up to him with a nervous smile on her petite face, tucking a loose curl behind her ear with carefully manicured fingers and rocking on the balls of her feet restlessly as she finally came to stand in front of him. 

“What’s up?” He asked as he examined her movements, Elise's brown eyes flitting down to the floor for a moment in a nervous gesture. 

Even secretly hoped she’d just fuck off and leave him alone, but he knew what was coming before she even asked, before her plump lips even parted, but then she spoke. 

“Why didn’t you call me back?” She said with a shaky voice, a nervous laugh coming from her straight after as she clutched the straps of her backpack tightly, biting her bottom lip softly and releasing it. 

Even clenched his jaw to calm down, trying his hardest not to roll his eyes at the stupid question and burst out and tell her he didn't care, that he didn't want to have this pointless conversation or explain to her why he did what he did. As if she didn’t know why he didn’t call, as if she wasn't fully aware he got what he wanted and he didn't need her anymore. He didn't need anyone, he didn't want anyone, especially not some random girl he fucked once. 

“I’ve been busy, I’m sorry,” He shot her a genuine smile, not really wanting the girl to be upset no matter how annoying this whole situation was, and deep down he knew that what he was doing wasn't right, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Not about her, or the position he put himself in. 

“So,” she started after a few moments of silence, during which Even diligently looked anywhere but directly at her, instead choosing to observe the students moving through the hall.  

A blush rose on her cheeks as she licked his lips before she continued, “Wanna go out again sometime?” 

And there it was.  

He looked down to the ground, scuffing the tiles with his sneaker while biting his lip for a second before peering back at her nervous, expecting face. And he wondered, if only for a moment, if he should give her a chance. Their date had been pleasant enough, the girl really was kind, funny, and undeniably good looking, yet something inside of him prevented him from doing so, the desperation to keep himself as far away from any sort of relationship prevailing as he spoke. 

“Look, Elise,” he saw her face crumble a bit, the smile she had on her face wavering, the girl already knowing exactly what he was going to say, and that it definitely wouldn't be good, “You’re a really nice girl, and I had a great time with you but I’m not interested in a relationship right now. I just don’t want to be with anyone like that, I’m sorry if I gave you false hope or anything.” 

He watched as her lips parted, colour now covering her cheeks for a reason other than nervousness and her gaze faltering downwards as she let out a simple, “Oh.”  

He bit his lip and grimaced in discomfort, not really knowing what else to say to her to make the situation any better.  

“I’m sorry,” He said once more, although he knew his attempts were futile. 

She took a deep breath and looked up at him, and he could see the anger and embarrassment in her eyes as she crossed her arms against her chest and tilted her chin up in a way that reminded him far too much of Isak, but when she had done it, he found it anything but endearing.  

And then she spoke, interrupting his thoughts, “You know, if all you were interested in was sex you could’ve just said so, instead of taking me out on a date, fucking me, and then just ignoring me as if I don't matter.” 

He raised his eyebrows at the words, lowering them quickly and grimacing slightly when he noticed some people in the hall glancing at them as she carried on speaking, “But no, instead you chose to be an asshole that just uses people for his own needs. So fuck you, Even.” 

The words settled in his mind, consuming his thoughts fully. But he couldn't allow himself to care, he couldn't let himself think about what this girl was saying, so he rolled his eyes in annoyance, more at the situation he put himself in than at her words, and he watched as her mouth dropped open at that.  

Taking a deep breath, he let out a humourless laugh before looking back to her and speaking, “You done?” 

She blinked up at him in shock, her mouth opening and closing several times, and it was clear she didn't know what to say, or how to react, obviously having expected a different reaction from him. 

Even nodded and pursed his lips before sighing, looking straight into her eyes once again. 

“Listen, yeah I took you out and didn’t call back, and I said sorry, and I am. But there’s nothing else I can do about it so I recommend you get over it. We won’t be going out again, and we definitely won’t be fucking again cause let’s face it, I’ve had much, much better than you and I don't settle for anything below average.”

She looked up at him with her mouth wide open before she shut it, biting on her bottom lip to prevent it from trembling, the tears he was sure he could see in her eyes making him regret the things he had said to her, but it was too late now.  

He raised his eyebrows in question, tilting his head to the side, “Okay?” 

She nodded and allowed her gaze to fall downwards, her lip still placed between her teeth as people looked at them both, watching the argument unravel before their eyes. 

“Okay, great,” He said quickly before he walked away from her, not looking back as he shook his head, running a hand through his hair and releasing a deep breath, trying to stop his heart from beating so fast and his mind from reeling. He moved through the crowd, the majority of the people moving out of his way and watching him with judgemental eyes, and he knew what they were thinking. 

Player, asshole, cunt, how could he be so mean to such a nice girl?  

He didn't even have to look at the expressions on their faces, he knew already. 

He released a breath once he reached the classroom and opened the door, his shaky hand gripping the handle. He looked around the room, relief flooding his body as he saw that it was yet to be filled with chattering students. He let the slam shut behind him as he rushed towards his seat in the back and plopped down onto it, setting his backpack on the floor as he took his phone out of the back pocket of his jeans, hoping to distract himself until the lesson started. 

Even clutched his eyes shut when he felt it buzz in his hand, the need to be left alone now becoming rather overwhelming, yet everyone seemed to be feeling the need to say something to him. 

He looked at the bright screen, reading the notification and something compelling him to open the conversation, even though he didn't actually want to talk to anyone and he would usually simply ignore it, but somehow he couldn't this time. 

Pretty Boy   

Well, that was fucking brutal.   

Even rolled his eyes at the words, yet he felt colour rush to his face at the knowledge that Isak had witnessed the altercation, wishing that the boy wasn't there to hear him say all those things. 

Not really.  

He said as he realized he was about to be called an asshole once more. 

Yes really.   

Bit of an asshole thing to say  

And there it was. He felt a small smile pull on his lips at how predictable the boy was, at just how easy it was to guess what he was going to say at this point. 

Which part?

All of it   

But ‘I’ve had much much better’????? Dick move   

Even snorted before he looked up to see the door opening, other students walking in, all of them glancing at him before averting their gaze, presumably having seen the incident in the hall and not wanting to be the ones on the receiving end of Even's anger. 

He rolled his eyes and sighed as he looked back to his phone, beginning to type once more. 

Baby if you want to know if you’re better than her all you have to do is ask.  

Ugh I don’t, shut up  

Cause you are  

He bit his lip in thought, wondering if he should do what he wanted to. But then he realized that he didn't care, and he knew Isak wouldn't care either, and Even could just imagine the gorgeous blush that would appear on those beautiful cheeks as he read Even's message.  

He felt a smirk spread on his face as he typed. 

The way you whine and moan when I fill you up, how you grind on my cock, the way sucking me off turns you on as much as it turns me on, the way your legs tremble when I eat that sweet ass of yours, god I want to taste you again, have you writhing on my tongue and begging me to fuck you. Fucking beautiful.  Of course  you're better than her, how could you not be?  

He watched the three dots appear and disappear several times, the boy apparently not knowing what to reply. He smirked as he realized that his plan had worked, his words having the desired effect on Isak. 

Have fun dealing with that hard on while you're in class babe  

Fuck you Even, you really are an ass  

He snorted at the message and looked up when he heard a familiar laugh, locking his phone as Chris shook his head when the guy he was talking to walked away to take his seat. Chris sat down next to Even, releasing an over-exaggerated sigh when Even pointedly avoided making eye contact with him, but he could see still see Chris smirking out of the corner of his eye until he rolled his eyes, finally looking at him. 

“What?” He spoke exasperatedly, his eyebrows shooting up in the air.  

Chris’s smirk broadened at the tone of his voice, “Heard you broke a heart already today?”  

Even rolled his eyes and put his phone in his jacket pocket, “How the fuck do you already know about that?" 

Chris waved a dismissive hand, "I have my ways, don't question it. Well? What the fuck did you do?" 

Even sighed and looked up at the ceiling before speaking, "I didn’t break anyone’s heart. I just told a girl to fuck off cause she wouldn’t leave me alone after we hooked up.”  

Chris snorted and raised his eyebrows in a disbelieving manner, “Right, that’s not what I heard. Apparently, you tore her to shreds in front of everyone, made her cry and all.” 

Even's heart clenched at the words, guilt filling his mind as he released a sigh and spread his legs under the table, crossing his arms against his chest in an attempt to appear as if he wasn't bothered by it, “Whatever, I don’t care.” 

Chris shrugged, humming at the words, "Okay, cool." 

Chris turned to the side to take his stuff out of his backpack, leaving Even to his own thoughts, allowing the memories of what he had said to flood his mind, Elise's teary eyes stuck inside his head, the sound of her voice calling him out on his bullshit repeating itself constantly. 

No, he didn’t care at all.  

With a groan, Even dropped his head onto the bed where he was laying on his stomach, his hands still placed on the keyboard of his laptop on which he was diligently trying to do his homework, but the closer he got to the end of it, the more impatient and unfocused he became.

He forced himself to lift his head up and re-read the last sentence he wrote, trying to think of how to carry on, yet his mind remained blank.

But then, he heard his phone ring next to him, the noise forcing him to avert his attention from the task at hand and promptly answer the call as he rolled over onto his back.

"Hello," he rubbed a hand over his face as he spoke, his voice coming out grumbly and deep, making him cough to clear his throat.

"Hey, sweetheart, how are you?" He heard his mom say in a cheery voice.

With a sigh, his hand coming to rest on his stomach as he looked up at the ceiling, "I'm good, doing homework and all that."

"Oh, that's good. I was just calling to ask if you're coming over this Thursday?"

Even bit his lip in thought, the mood he's been in since yesterday still encompassing him and he knew it would only get worse if he was on the receiving end of his mother's interrogations about his life and the way he was handling everything.

"No, I have too much work to do. I'll try to come over during the weekend."

His mom hummed softly, a beat of silence before she spoke, "You have your appointment tomorrow, yes?"

Even shut his eyes, carefully counting backwards from 10 to steady his breathing and calm himself.

"Yes mom, I do."

"Okay," she took a deep breath, staying silent for a few seconds, almost as if she was contemplating something, and Even already knew he wouldn't like what she had to say next.

"Have you heard that Sonja started working?"

He pinched the bridge of his nose, clutching his eyes shut as he tried to stop himself from snapping.

"No mom, I didn't."

"Well she has, she works in an office or something, I don't really know," she paused for a moment, "Maybe you should text her and ask her how it's going."


He couldn't help but release a groan at that, "Mom..."

"I know, I know," she backtracked quickly, speaking in a calming voice, knowing that Even was growing increasingly more frustrated, "But you used to be so close, I'm sure she'd like to talk to you."

He took a deep breath, looking up at the ceiling before speaking, "Have you ever thought that maybe I don't want to talk to her?"

A few seconds ticked by in silence, his mom probably thinking of how to calm the situation and convince him to do what she wanted him to.

"It would still be nice if yo-"

"No, I'm not going to call her or text her and I honestly don't care about what she's doing, so just drop it." He interrupted her, not allowing her to push the matter any further.

She kept quiet for a moment before she took a breath, speaking in a comforting voice in an attempt to soothe him, "Okay, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't push it."

Guilt filled Even's thoughts immediately, wishing he hadn't snapped at her, knowing that he should've kept his mouth shut.

"I'm sorry too," He said quietly, "I'll talk to you later, I have to go."

He rushed to finish the conversation, just wanting to be alone and not speak, or think.

"Okay sweetheart, have a nice night."

He hung up, throwing his phone to the side and rubbing his hands over his face, trying to get rid of the frustration he felt so that he could carry on with what he was doing before he was interrupted.

But there was no use, he knew now he wouldn't be able to finish his work, he knew all he would do was stare blankly at the screen as his thoughts spiralled and he got even more annoyed with himself and everything around him. 

He sat up, folding his legs beneath him and running a hand through his hair as he looked around the room, trying to think what he should do, how to distract himself.

He glanced to his phone, contemplating calling Chris and telling him to come over so they could get high, but the thought of his friend brought back memories of the things he had heard yesterday morning, Chris's smug grin as he talked about Isak flirting with him at the party, and the thought seemed to irritate Even even further. But then, he had a thought. He bit his lip as he considered his options, contemplating for a few seconds before coming to a decision, quickly grabbing his phone and opening the conversation with the only person he knew would have what he needed right now.

Pretty Boy  

You home?  

Yeh, why?  

Can I come over?  

It's a school night dumbass  

Ugh, god shut up. I'll leave before you wake up don't worry  

Fine, I'm alone anyways

Be there in a half an hour  

He found himself grinning as he locked his phone, pushing it into the pocket of his hoodie and leaning forward to save his work on his laptop before he closed it, getting off of the bed and placing it on the desk. He lifted his arms in the air, stretching and feeling his joints crack before he rushed through his apartment, not bothering to change his sweatpants, knowing that they will be taken off soon enough anyways. He grabbed the keys to his car from the small table in the living room, desperate to get to Isak's place and forget about everything.

He bounced on the balls of his feet, his hands in the pockets of his denim jacket and his hood pulled up over his head as he waited for Isak to open the door. Several moments had passed since he knocked and he finally heard quick footsteps approaching. 

He watched as the door opened slowly, a grin spreading on his face as he saw Isak standing there, grey sweatpants hanging low on his hips, a loose white T-shirt enveloping his small body, and the part which was the reason for his wide smile in the first place, the black-rimmed glasses placed on Isak's face. 

"Aw, look at you," he cooed softly as Isak rolled his eyes, stepping to the side and allowing Even to walk inside the apartment. 

"Literally, shut the fuck up," Isak said while closing the door shut, Even leaning against the wall with his palm as he tossed his shoes off, quickly pulling his jacket off and placing it on the hook. 

"I can't help it," He stepped towards Isak, placing his hands on his waist as Isak looked up at him, arching his brow, "You look so fucking cute." 

Isak groaned before fisting the front of Even's hoodie, pulling him lower towards him, "God, I fucking hate you." 

He didn't give Even a chance to say anything as he pressed their lips together, Even's grip on his waist tightening as he crowded against him, opening his mouth straight away as Isak licked along his bottom lip, their tongues sliding against each other as Even started slowly moving them towards Isak's room, taking careful steps forward so as not to crash into anything. 

As they reached his room, Even pushed the door open with his palm, Isak not separating from him as they stepped inside, Even shutting the door behind them with his foot and taking careful steps until the back of Isak's legs hit the bed and he sat down on it. 

"Wait, wait," He heard Isak say against his lips, making him stop and move his head away from him. 

He was just about to ask what was wrong, his brows furrowed in confusion when Isak took his glasses off, placing them on the nightstand before turning the lamp on, the light filling the dark room. Isak put his hands on Even's neck, pulling him back down towards him. 

"If you had broken those I would've killed you I swear." 

Even snorted before pushing Isak down onto the mattress, climbing on top of him and settling between his spread out legs, holding himself up on his forearms situated right next to where Isak's curls fanned out on the blue pillow. 

He traced his gaze over Isak's face, his hand coming up as he brushed his knuckles over his warm cheek, until he trailed it downwards, placing his hand on Isak's pretty little throat, not applying any pressure but still noticing the way Isak's breathing hitched at the light touch. He smiled before leaning in, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss once more as he used his hand to move his head wherever he wanted to, the boy malleable to him and his every whim and desire. 

He felt Isak's hands tracing touches across his back before they slowly moved over his shoulders and to his chest, gripping his hoodie with small but sure hands. 

Isak broke the kiss for a moment, Even immediately moving his head to the side as he ducked down, sucking and kissing the delicate skin of his neck. 

"Fuck," Isak started, cut off when Even sucked particularly hard on a rather sensitive spot, grazing his teeth over it before pressing his lips against it, knowing that new bruises would be covering the skin tomorrow, right next to the ones he had made the last time. 

"God, why the fuck are you wearing this thing? I fucking hate it," Isak groaned out, his hands pulling on the hem of his hoodie, making Even smirk before he lifted his head, kissing him once more. 

"You literally have the same exact one," Even said between kisses. 

"No, I don't," Isak whimpered when Even nipped his bottom lip, taking a shaky inhale of breath when Even lifted his head to look at him.  

"I threw it away," He said as he tried to pull Even down by gripping the hair at Even's nape. 

Even's mouth dropped open in offence before a laugh escaped his lips, Isak rolling his eyes as he tilted his chin up. 

"What the fuck, you little shit?" He pressed a kiss to his lips as Isak wrapped his arms around his neck. 

"I gave you that to remember me by," He said softly while sliding his hand down Isak's waist until he reached his thick thigh, his fingertips digging into it as he hitched it higher above his waist, Isak's back arching at that and allowing Even to feel just how turned on he was. 

"I don't want to remember you," Isak whispered quietly before dragging Even down to his lips, swallowing whatever words Even meant to speak. 

Even hummed into the kiss, slowly grinding his hips in circles against Isak's crotch as he felt the boy tremble beneath him, whimpering when Even pushed a hand through his curls, pulling on the strands of it. 

He felt the sounds Isak let out vibrate against his lips, the boy wrapping his legs around Even's waist, tilting his hips up and bringing them closer together, already so worked up and desperate. 

Even sat up, pulling on the hem of Isak's T-shirt and pulling it off of him, throwing it down to the floor as Isak dragged him back down on top, trying to grind upwards to get some pressure on his dick. 

Even moved his hand away from where it was stroking Isak's waist, moving it towards where he knew the nightstand was until he gripped the handle on the drawer, pulling it open and reaching inside of it in search of the lube, all the while not breaking contact with Isak's lips. 

His fingertips grazed against something, making his eyebrows furrow at the contact while he reached forward towards the object, his eyes shooting open and his head snapping to the side quickly as he leant up on his elbow when he gripped the article and realized what it was. 

He looked towards the drawer, his hand not moving from within it as he heard Isak whine in discontent at Even breaking the kiss and not paying attention to him. 

A sly grin spread on his face, his eyes turning towards Isak as the boy looked up at him with furrowed brows, his bottom lip sticking out in a rather adorable pout. 

"So," Even started as Isak's expression grew more and more confused at why Even wasn't kissing him, "I guess you don't really need me that much, huh?" 

Isak's frown deepened, his lips parting a tiny bit, and then Even pulled his hand out of the drawer, drawing Isak's gaze towards it. 

His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened at the sight of the dildo in Even's hand, the boy reaching forward to put it away but Even moved his arm further away from him, Isak looking up at him with a scandalized look on his face. 

Even opened his mouth to speak, but Isak interrupted him, his head shaking vehemently as he placed a hand over Even's mouth and glared at him, "Do not, don't say a word." 

He rolled his eyes as the boy kept a hand on him, making him stick his tongue out and lick his palm, Isak pulling away immediately with a grimace on his face. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you? How old are you?" He spoke as he wiped his hand on the sheets, pointedly not looking at Even. 

"Old enough to know that you're a dirty little boy," He said with a smirk, reminding Isak once more of what he held in his hand, and making the redness of his face grow greater as he dropped his hands from where they held onto Even's hoodie, now gripping the sheets beneath him. 

"Its none of your business what I do," Isak tilted his chin up in defiance, still refusing to make eye contact with Even as he looked off to the side. 

Even hummed lightly, pursing his lips and nodding, "True, but I kind of want to see you use it now." 

That got Isak's attention, making him snap his head towards Even, his mouth opening and closing as if he didn't know what to say to the proposal. 

"What the fuck?" He spluttered out as Even rolled his eyes at his innocence. 

"I just think," He leaned forward, trailing his nose over his cheek, leaving light kisses on the skin before he reached his ear, nipping his earlobe before whispering, "Seeing you fuck yourself with this would be so fucking hot." 

Isak looked down, his hands coming up and his fingers toying with the strings on Even's hoodie in a nervous gesture, his teeth digging into his bottom lip as he scrunched up his nose for a second, making a smile appear on Even's face as he observed him. 

Even watched him contemplate his decision, most likely overthinking this situation, but Even could see that the only reason he was resisting was nervousness rather than actual reluctance and disinterest in the offer. 

"You always look so pretty when I fuck you, baby," He started, pressing a kiss to the corner of Isak's pouty mouth, "let me see if you look even better when you make yourself feel good." 

He placed the toy on the side of the bed, his hands finding their way across Isak's smooth chest, travelling downwards until he found his nipples, slowly trailing circles around them until they turned into stiff peaks and he was able to pinch them, his fingernail lightly digging into it, Isak's breath hitching at the feeling, his hands trembling where he placed them on Even's neck. 

He licked and kissed his way over his stomach, his tongue dipping into his navel before he moved on, pressing his lips onto his hip, his other hand running down his side as he sucked on the skin, knowing that he was leaving marks on the boy, knowing that purple would show at that exact spot tomorrow morning. 

Even pushed his fingers into the waistband of Isak's sweatpants, pulling them back and allowing them to snap back against his skin, Isak whimpering at the feeling. Even sat up and pulled them down Isak's long, pale legs. He moved his hands over his legs, running down the smooth skin before reaching his boxers, slowly pulling them off as well, Isak's cock slapping against his toned stomach, and Even couldn't help but notice just how wet the tip was.  

He leant down, wrapping his hands around Isak's thighs and kissing and licking the soft skin until he suddenly pushed Isak's thighs up to his chest, exposing his pink tight hole fully. 

"Even," Isak whimpered out as his hands covered Even's where he was holding Isak's legs up. 

"Shh," He leant forward, placing a kiss on his perineum, listening to Isak whine as he dropped his hands onto the bed, "It's okay baby, I'll take care of you." 

He licked wide across his hole with a flat tongue, stopping just beneath his balls as Isak pushed his hands through Even's hair, gripping the strands and keeping him in place. 

He flicked his tongue around Isak's rim, slowly circling the entrance but not making any contact with it, Isak whining and trying to push his head further between his cheeks at that. 

Raising his hand, he slapped his thick thigh gently, Isak whimpering at the contact but stilling immediately, allowing Even to point his tongue and push it in, the ring of muscles tight around him and pushing him out straight away. 

He switched between wide, long licks and quick movements with his tongue, determined to reduce Isak to a trembling mess, spit dripping down his chin as he enthusiastically licked Isak's hole. And he finally succeeded at his attempts when he placed his lips over his hole and sucked, softly nipping the rim before soothing it with his tongue, dipping it inside of the boy and tasting him, moaning at how tight he was around him. 

"Even," Isak took in a shaky breath, breaking off into a moan as Even hummed against his rim, applying kitten licks on the edge of his entrance. 

"Please, fuck me," Isak begged as Even moved upwards, taking his balls into his mouth one by one, swirling his tongue over them as Isak moaned loudly.  

He released them before moving down again, watching Isak's hole twitch as he moved his thumb over it, pushing in slightly before he pulled away. 

With one final swipe of his tongue, Even moved away, kneeling back and wiping his mouth and the spit dripping down his chin with the back of his hand, his gaze focused on the boy in front of him. 

He leaned forward, grabbing the bottle of lube from the previously opened drawer, quickly uncapping it and pouring it over his fingers, rubbing them and heating the liquid up, not wanting it to be too cold for Isak. 

He softly massaged the pads of two of his fingers over Isak's rim, gripping Isak's leg and placing it on his shoulder, rubbing a hand against his soft smooth calf, moving his head and pressing a kiss to the skin while slowly pushing a finger inside of him. 

A whine came out of the boy, his back arching as he let his other leg fall to the side, spreading himself wider as Even's finger slowly moved inside of him, grazing his prostate every time until he could feel him loosen up, allowing him to stick another digit in, gently scissoring his fingers until he was pumping them in and out, the squelching sounds of the lube filling the room alongside Isak's loud moans 

Once he felt he was loose enough, Even pulled his fingers out of him, knowing that the dildo Isak would use wasn't as big as his cock so he didn't have to stretch him any more.  

Isak whined at the loss before he focused his glazed over eyes on Even and what he was doing, following his every movement. 

He gripped the discarded toy from the crumpled up bed sheets, lifting it up for Isak to see. 

"Can I?" He asked gently, not wanting to do anything Isak wasn't comfortable with, only caring about the boy's pleasure, but he couldn't help but hope and pray that Isak would say yes. 

He watched as Isak bit his bottom lip, taking in a shaky breath before nodding at him and spreading his legs further. 

Even uncapped the lube once more and poured some onto the dildo, moving his hand over it and covering it completely, leaving it wet and glistening. 

He shuffled forward, his dry hand pushing Isak's thigh up before he slid his palm down, his thumb pulling Isak's cheek to the side as he glided the tip of the dildo over Isak's hole, letting it catch on his rim before he pushed, his body opening up beautifully, his back arching and his mouth dropping open at the intrusion. 

As the tip slid fully in, Even gently grabbed Isak's hand, the boy looking at him with hazy eyes as Even pulled his hand down, placing it on the base of the toy and moving away from him. 

"Come on angel," He said as Isak took a deep breath, "Show me how you play with yourself." 

He stood from the bed quickly, pulling his pants and boxers off, not bothering with taking his hoodie off as he did not want to miss a single second of this, he didn't want to miss the way Isak's eyes fluttered shut as he placed his feet on the bed, his toes curling while he slowly pushed the toy deeper inside of himself, a whimper coming out with every inch going in. 

Even sat between his legs, his cock brushing against the fabric of his hoodie as his hand rubbed soothing circles on Isak's inner thigh until the toy was fully in, Isak's breathing coming out ragged, his chest falling and rising quickly until he angled the dildo, releasing a loud moan at that and his thighs trembling. 

"There you go Isak, such a good boy, you look so fucking pretty like this," He spoke while moving one of his hands and gripping his now painfully hard cock at the base, groaning at the contact and the sense of relief, having previously forgotten completely about himself, focusing only on Isak's needs and ignoring his own. 

He kneeled in front of him, his eyes not looking away from where Isak was now pulling the toy out, only to push it back in, setting up a quick pace, moaning with every thrust forward, his legs lifting from the bed as he pulled them up towards his chest. 

"Keep going baby, that's it," Even encouraged him as his palm slid over the tip of his dick, dragging all the pre-cum down as he fought to keep his eyes open, to keep looking at Isak and not throw his head back in bliss. 

Isak's knuckles turned white where he was gripping the toy, his cock twitching and releasing a steady flow of precum onto his stomach, making Even want to lean forward and taste it, see if it's as good as he remembers, but he couldn't. He didn't want to take his eyes off of this beautiful creature showing him the most intimate part of himself, what he does in those dark hours of the night when he's all alone when he is focused on nothing but his own ecstasy. So he kept looking, he kept watching the toy disappear inside of his tight hole as he jerked himself off, his thumb rubbing on the underside of his cock and making shivers run through on his body. 

His breathing was coming out ragged as Isak dropped his legs, his back arching and his head thrown back onto the pillow, beautiful moans coming out of his parted lips, a sheen of sweat covering his body, the orange glow coming from the lamp beside him illuminating his skin. 

Even's eyes flitted over every inch of Isak's skin, memorizing every bit of him, every mark, every part of his beautiful body that he wished to remember for the rest of his life.  

He licked his lips and released a groan, Isak's eyes flitting open and looking up at him before he spoke with a trembling voice, "Even, please, I need you." 

With a groan, Even released his cock, shuffling forward until he leaned over Isak's shaky figure, capturing his lips in a kiss, sliding his tongue against Isak's as his hand travelled down his body until he reached the toy, pushing Isak's small hand away and gripping it, pushing it deeper inside of the boy, making Isak release a gasp of pleasure and throw his head back against the pillow, moaning as Even started to move. 

"Yeah, fuck, that's it Isak," He started to talk as he leaned back away from him, kneeling back and watching as he kept moving the dildo inside of Isak. 

"Does that feel good angel?" 

Even watched as Isak nodded furiously, his hands coming down and gripping the sheets tightly. 

"God, you're so fucking beautiful, look at you, such a pretty little boy Isak. You look so good with this fucking toy splitting you open, but you look even better with my cock inside of you. Bet you'd love that, huh? You want me to fuck you baby?" 

Isak looked up at him with teary eyes, drops covering his long dark eyelashes as he bit his lip and nodded. 

Even looked down to his hole, his rim stretched out and pink and so fucking inviting. But still, he grinned as he spoke, "No, I don't think I will." 

The aborted sob Isak let out almost changed his mind, a high pitched whine coming out of him straight after when Even gave a particularly harsh thrust. 

"Please, fuck, please Even fuck me, I need you inside of me, please give me it," Isak begged, the words making Even's neglected cock twitch. 

"I don't think you've earned it angel," Even said with a smirk as Isak whimpered, "I think you should come just like this." 

Isak moaned loudly when Even quickened his movements, his wrist starting to hurt from the continuous thrusts but he knew he had to keep going. He moved forward, and right as Isak's eyes closed shut, he gripped his dick tightly, moving his hand up and down as he kept pushing the toy in and out at the same time. 

He twisted his wrist on the upstrokes, desperate to bring Isak to the edge, the dildo grazing his prostate every time he shoved it further inside of him. 

He glanced down for a second, noticing the pre-cum leaking from the tip of his own painfully hard cock, the head of it red and desperate for a release. 

"Even," Isak whimpered out, "I'm gonna come." 

Even groaned at that, fastening his movements and biting his lip as Isak writhed on the sheets. 

"Come on baby, show me how pretty you look when you come, show me how good it feels," Even spoke, trying to push Isak over the edge. 

And, a few moments later, he watched as the boy's mouth dropped open, his back arching almost painfully and his thighs shaking as come flew out of his hard cock, sliding down Even's knuckles and down onto Isak's stomach. 

He slowed his pace down, still moving the dildo where he knew Isak's prostate was, still gripping his pulsing cock until Isak whimpered and whined from the overstimulation, writhing and trying to move away. 

"It's okay baby, such a good boy. You look so beautiful, Isak," He spoke in a soft voice as he released his dick, slowly starting to pull the toy out of him until he could throw it to the side.  

And he didn't think he'd ever been more honest when saying something. Isak's hair curled at the edges from the sweat; come covered his slim waist as his dick lay against it, softening slowly; his rim was glistening from the lube, fluttering around the space the toy left behind; those beautiful green eyes were hazy and filled with desire and lust, and fuck, Even thought he could stare at them forever. 

But then he moved and remembered his cock was almost painful from how hard he wanted to come. He gripped it tightly, a shaky exhale coming out from him at the contact and his eyes focusing on Isak's ass. He reached forward, pulling his cheek to the side as he continued to stroke himself. 

"Even," He heard Isak say with a quiet, tired voice, making him look up at the boy as he jerked himself off. 

"Come in my mouth, please," Isak whimpered out, Even's cock twitching at the words as he went to lay on the bed. 

"No, no," Isak said as he gripped his sleeve with his hand, "Come here." 

He patted his chest lightly, Even whispering out a strained 'fuck' as he straddled him, jerking his cock off right in front of Isak's pretty face as Isak's hands gripped the back of his thighs. 

He slid his thumb over the head, quickening his pace as he pushed his hand through Isak's hair, gripping the curls and moving his head back. 

"Open your mouth, pretty boy," He groaned out as Isak did as he was told, bringing him closer to the edge. 

"Fuck Isak, you look so fucking good. Stick your tongue out baby." 

As he watched Isak laying there, his expression relaxed and his eyes focused on the quick movements of Even's hand over his cock, Even couldn't hold it in any longer. 

"Isak, fuck, I'm gonna come." 

Isak whimpered and lifted his head up as much as he could, the tip of Even's dick right on his tongue, and then he looked up, those green eyes peering up at him and Even felt his orgasm roll out of him. His eyes closing shut as his come shot onto Isak's tongue, some of it dripping down his cheeks as the boy moaned while Even stroked himself through his high. 

He glanced down at the boy, his mouth still opened as Even moved the head of his dick over his lips, slowly, carefully, until Isak closed them around it, swirling his tongue around it and licking all the come off before Even pulled away, the younger boy swallowing it all. 

Leaning back, Even reached down, wiping all the come off of his cheeks with his thumb before he pushed it between Isak's lips, making him lick it off. 

He moved his hand, gently grazing the back of his knuckles over Isak's soft face. 

"You're so fucking pretty," He said more tenderly than he intended it to sound, but it was the truth. 

Isak glanced down as Even moved away from him, immediately reaching for the tissues placed in the same spot they always were. He slowly cleaned Isak up, lifting his leg up and cleaning him of the lube, placing a soft kiss on his knee as he let it fall to the bed. 

He leaned forward, holding himself up on his elbow as he used his other hand to push Isak's curls away from his face before moving towards him, placing a gentle kiss to his lips, leaning his forehead against Isak's and nuzzling their noses together. 

"You good?" He asked quietly, Isak humming softly and nodding before moving his hand up, placing it on Even's neck, his fingers pushed up into his hair. 

"Come on," Even said, softly tapping Isak's cheek, "Let's get to bed." 

He sat up, pulling his hoodie off and throwing it onto the floor before looking to the side, about to pull the covers down--as Isak was already getting underneath them--when he noticed the dildo still discarded on the sheets. 

He huffed and took it in his hand, raising an eyebrow in Isak's direction. 

"So, where do I put this?" 

Isak groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes as he pulled the covers up to his neck, "Just put it in the drawer, I'll take care of it tomorrow." 

Even leaned over him, placing the toy in the nightstand and turning the lamp off before he slid in under the sheets, laying on his side as he watched Isak do the same, both of them facing each other. 

He moved his hand, tucking a strand of hair behind Isak's ear, the first year releasing a content sigh as he shuffled closer to him, nuzzling into his chest as Even huffed out a laugh, moving to lay on his back and pulling Isak in towards him, the boy placing his head on Even's chest and his hand on his stomach. 

"I can't believe I didn't know you have that," He said with a grin as Isak groaned quietly. 

"You don't need to know anything about me Even, you don't have to care about me enough to want to know anything," Isak whispered into the dark. 

Even's grip around his shoulders tightened at the words, an unsettling feeling enveloping him as he heard Isak sigh and move his leg over Even's. 

"No," He said as he closed his eyes, "I guess I don't."