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Pride Of Place

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Magnus stretched languidly giving a soft, contented sigh. He snuggled into the warmth next to him, hand splaying on Alec’s chest, nuzzling happily into the crook of his neck. Alec gave a soft chuckle that trailed off into a pleased hum, arm slipping around him, tightening, pulling him close, hand lazily roving over his back. Alec shifted, nuzzling against Magnus’s hair, pressing a sleepy kiss before trailing kisses down his cheek, slowly reaching his lips, nipping lightly. Magnus giggled, reaching up, brushing Alec’s hair back, tugging him in for a full, proper kiss.


Alec hummed again, pulling Magnus flush against him, reaching up, running his fingers through Magnus’s hair, pulling back slightly, hand trailing from Magnus’s hair down his cheek and jaw. Magnus sighed softly, leaning into the touch. He reached up, resting his hand over Alec’s, squeezing faintly, turning his head to press a soft, lingering kiss to Alec’s palm, nuzzling lightly, turning back, eyes fluttering open,


Alec sighed, unable to stop a faintly dopy smile,


“Morning beautiful.”


Magnus smiled, blushing faintly, eyes sparkling bright,


“Morning my darling detective.”


Alec couldn’t help a giddy little laugh, leaning in, brushing one more soft kiss to Magnus’s lips. Magnus echoed the sound, wrapping his arms around Alec, hugging him tightly. He really couldn’t help it. They’d been together officially for over three weeks now and every morning felt like waking to a dream- only SO much better. 


 He sighed again, turning his head, pressing a soft kiss just behind Alec’s ear,


“I love you Alexander.”


“I love you too babe.”


Magnus laugh brightly at the term of endearment, leaning in, catching Alec’s lips once more. Alec eagerly responded pressing Magnus back into the bed. Magnus gasped, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. Alec made that dizzying little growling sound that always sent Magnus’s head spinning. He broke the kiss, trailing down Magnus’s jaw, nipping lightly at his neck.


Magnus gasped, tugging him in, arching, giving a soft chuckle,


“I know what you’re doing…”


Alec chuckled right against his skin, causing Magnus to shiver,


“We’ll I’d hope so; you’re a detective, I’m not exactly being subtle here.”


Magnus laughed, catching him, tugging him back up into a playfully biting kiss, before quickly pulling back, shaking his head, eyes bright with amusement,


“Not that. You’re trying to distract me. Using your wiles t-” he’s cut off by Alec’s bright laughter, he looks up, quirking his eyebrow,


“Wiles? I don’t think I have ‘wiles’…”


Magnus widened his eyes, nodding emphatically


“Oh you have them alright, you’re very Wiley.”


Alec snorted, shaking his head, rolling his eyes,


“Wow…you're spending too much time with Simon…”


Magnus chuckled, shrugging,


“Doesn’t mean it’s not true…you have wiles and you’re trying to use them to distract me so I forget what today is. It’s a devilish plan and I’m not falling for it.”


Alec tilted his head innocently,


“Hmm…what plan?”


Magnus quirked his eyebrow,


“Your plan to distract me and keep me in bed all day.”


Alec quirked his eyebrow right back, smirking playfully,


“So you’re saying you don’t want us to spend an entire day in bed? And I can’t convince you otherwise?”


Magnus chuckled, shaking his head,


“Oh I am sure you could…on any day but today. Today we have plans.”


Alec huffed, leaning forward, giving Magnus a slow kiss before slipping over, nipping lightly at his earlobe,


“My plan’s better…”


Magnus gave a breathless little chuckle, automatically reaching up tugging Alec closer, tilting his head giving him better access,


“Mmm…yes…h-however…your plan we can do anytime…mine only happens once a year. And I promised Simon we’d meet him and Raph for breakfast at 10:30 before we all head over to the’s already 9, which means we need to get up and moving.”


Alec grumbled, tugging him closer, nipping at the little spot on Magnus’s collarbone that always made him whimper and breathless.


Magnus groaned, arching before reaching up, catching in Alec’s hair, tugging him away from the spot and up into a deep, dizzyingly passionate kiss, leaving them both breathless and panting. Magnus pulled back, slightly shaky, he swallowed a couple times trying to get his voice to work, holding up a finger censuringly, giving the most serious expression he could muster,


“O-okay…I already said it’s not gonna work. We’re going; we’re getting up right now and getting ready- I have our outfits picked out and ready to go. We are going to breakfast then to the Pride Festival, you and Raph can grumble and snark all you want but it’s happening,


Clear?” he finished, voice firm and full of challenge,


Alec swallowed, nodding quickly, flushing,


Magnus smirked, leaning in, giving Alec a quick, deep, thoroughly filthy kiss before pulling back. Alec whimpered, trying to follow and pull him back in. Magnus chuckled, shaking his head.


“Uh uh… we have to get going, remember?”


 Alec huffed, rolling his eyes, almost pouting,


“You know you’re kinda sending mixed messages here…”


Magnus chuckled, shrugging, slipping over to the side of the bed, standing up stretching, purposefully flexing a bit. He glanced over his shoulder at Alec; wide eyes trailing over Magnus, mouth slightly open. His eyes finally reached Magnus’s almost startling realizing he’d been caught staring. He flushed, glaring faintly,


“And I’m the ‘Wiley’ one?”


Magnus snickered, leaning over kissing him quickly before catching his hand, tugging. Alec groaned, rolling his head, finally moving off the bed. Magnus beamed, pulling him in, wrapping his arms around his neck, kissing him happily.


“Thank you darling.”


Alec shrugged, tugging him closer, brushing a gentle kiss to his lips,


“It’s fine… not my kind of thing but I know it means a lot to you. I’ll give it a shot, okay?”


Magnus beamed, hugging him tightly, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek,


“I promise you’ll have a blast.”


Alec laughed, shrugging,


“Okay…I trust you.”


Magnus smiled, hugging him once more before trailing his hands down Alec’s arms, catching his hands, squeezing,


“Wonderful…now come on. We’re behind schedule; have to find a way to save some time…”


Alec quirked his eyebrow,


“And how are we gonna do that?”


Magnus shrugged, giving a totally fake innocent look and an impish grin,


“Well…we’re rather pressed for time…maybe we should just shower together?”


Alec chuckled,


“Aaand you really think that’s gonna save us time?”


Magnus quirked his eyebrow


“So…is that a ‘no’?”


Alec laughed sharply, shaking his head, catching Magnus’s hand, eagerly tugging him towards the bedroom door,


“Hell no! Come on…


I love Pride day.”






“Raph! Come on, we have to get going, Magnus and Alec are meeting us at Emilie’s at 10:30, you need to get dressed.”


“I am not wearing this…”


Simon rolled his eyes affectionately, moving back into the bedroom, pausing in the doorway unable to keep in a slight chuckle. Raphael’s standing next to the bed in his black boxers, glaring at the clothes laid out on the bed as if they’d somehow personally insulted him. Simon shook his head, smiling, stepping up behind Raphael, slipping his arm around Raphael’s waist, squeezing slightly. He pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, hooking his chin over his shoulder, looking over the clothes with a playfully serious look, mirroring Raphael’s expression. He shrugged faintly,


“What’s wrong with it? It’s just jeans and a tee shirt…”


Raphael huffed, blinking before turning his head, giving Simon a sarcastic look, quirking his eyebrow,


“The jeans are purple. I am not wearing purple jeans. I can’t believe you actually let Magnus pick out outfits for us. I have been friends with him for nearly two decades I never let him pick out my clothes! Why would you agree to it? You’ve SEEN how he dresses!”


Simon chuckled, kissing his cheek, reaching over picking up the shirt, holding it up consideringly. It was a fairly simple, slim fitting black tee-shirt with NOPE written in the ace colors across the front. He shrugged, smiling hopefully at Raphael,


“Oh come on, it’s cute…and besides the shirt is definitely you.”


Raphael shrugged,


“The shirt is not the issue…”


Simon laughed, eyes sparking bright, giving a beaming smile, dropping the shirt back on the bed before slipping his arms around Raphael’s neck, leaning in, giving him a sweet, soft brush of a kiss. Raphael couldn’t help chasing after him for another, longer kiss. Simon sighed happily, tugging him in closer, giving a happy, contented sound.


Raphael hummed softly, breaking the kiss, bumping his nose lightly against Simon’s, pulling back just a bit. Simon shrugged faintly, meeting his eyes, giving him a hopeful, slightly pleading smile. Raphael tried to remain firm as long as possible but there was just no resistance to that, he could feel his resolve crumbling. He huffed, giving a slight groan, shaking his head in exasperation,


“But they’re purple!”


Simon laughed brightly, rolling his eyes,


They’re fun! And besides it’s just for today. Please…For me?”


Raphael groaned louder, rolling not only his eyes but his whole head.


“That’s a low blow.”


Simon shrugged, tugging him closer.


“I know…but this is the first time I get to go with you guys to Pride. I’ve went twice since I moved to Santa Barbra but both times it was just me. I never really had anyone to go with. This is a really big deal; for the first time ever I get to go to Pride with my boyfriend and my two very best friends.” he sighed, giving another shrug, glancing over at the clothes before shifting back to Raphael, again meeting his eyes.


“I know they’re a bit out there and it’s not anywhere near your usual style but I really think you’ll look cute in them and I’m SO looking forward to it. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. Magnus put a lot of time and effort into picking out outfits for all of us for today, and yeah they’re a bit out there, but it’s a special day, okay?”


Raphael sighed, softening, giving a faint nod,


“Okay…of course I will, if it means that much to you.”


Simon beamed, leaning forward, pulling Raphael into a happy, excited kiss. Raphael chuckled, slipping his arms around Simon, hugging him tightly, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.


“You know I’d do anything for you amor…even wear scarily purple pants.”


Simon chuckled, bouncing slightly,


“Thank you! Oh my god, this will be SO much fun! Okay, come on, come one, we gotta get moving and get dressed. Yay!” He leaned forward pressing one more excited kiss to Raphael’s lips, bouncing slightly, handing Raphael the purple pants waiving animatedly trying to hurry him along.


Raphael chuckled, rolling his eyes, shaking his head faintly, putting the pants on. He huffed, shrugging, glancing back up at Simon.


“See I knew it! They’re really cute! They’ll be great with the shirt and it’s not too over the top.” Simon reached over to the bed, quickly lifting it up, tugging it over Raphael’s head. Raphael laughed slipping his arms in, Simon tugging it down, straightening it, standing back slightly to admire his handiwork.


He grinned, giving a delighted laugh, eyes sparkling bright.


“Aww…you look adorable!”


Raphael rolled his eyes, huffing faintly, giving a totally heatless glare,


“I’m not ‘adorable…I don’t want to be ‘adorable’.”


Simon gave a bright laugh. He leaned forward, pressing a quick, playful kiss to the tip of Raphael’s nose.


He glared more, Simon practically giggled,


“Well too bad cause you totally are…and pouting REALLY doesn’t make it any better.



I love Pride Day! This is gonna be SO much fun!”


Raphael rolled his eyes, trying for a sarcastic look but couldn’t quite stop the beginnings of a smile,


Simon gave another delighted laugh, bounding out of the room to grab their shoes. Raphael followed at a slower pace, catching his reflection in the mirror, shaking his head faintly,





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Raphael sighed, shaking his head as he caught his reflection in the window of Emilie’s, the purple pants somehow seeming even brighter in the sunlight.


He can’t believe he actually wore the damn things.


Why the hell did he agree to this again?


Simon glanced over, giving a brilliant, eager smile, beautiful golden brown eyes sparkling bright. He bounced slightly on his heels in excitement, reaching over, catching Raphael’s hand, interlacing their fingers, squeezing. Raphael couldn’t help a faintly dreamy sigh, tugging him a bit closer. Simon smiled, giving a soft laugh, turning towards him, brushing a quick, soft kiss to Raphael’s cheek.


Oh yeah…that’s why…


Totally worth it.


And while he may be slightly scheming how to get back at Magnus for the damn purple pants he had to admit Simon looked cute as hell in his outfit. That might have to be taken into consideration when he’s figuring out his revenge. He had on a nicely fitted soft lavender shirt with ‘More Pan Than Peter And Twice As Magical’ written in bubble letters and a smattering of pink, yellow and blue stars scattered about. It was paired with soft looking grayish black jeans that had a row of tiny pink, yellow and blue stars down the side (Seriously where did he even find those…did he actually have someone make them? If anything he really didn’t skimp on the details…though it IS Magnus, not much of a surprise there).


Simon had even paid special attention to his hair, trying to style it just so but Raphael could see already that it wasn’t gonna last, it was already kind of curling. By noon it would be right back to normal- much to Raphael’s delight. It annoyed Simon to no end how very easily Raphael could get his hair to cooperate when it was always such a fight for Simon to seemingly get any sense of order with his but Raphael absolutely loved it.


He smiled, squeezing Simon’s hand before letting go, slipping his arm around Simon’s waist, tugging him close, hugging him. Simon smiled, glancing over,


“What’s that for?”


 Raphael shrugged.


“No reason, you just look really cute today.”


Simon blushed faintly,


“Th-wait…” he huffed, rolling his eyes,


“My hair’s messing up already, isn’t it? It’s doing that ‘thing’…


Maybe Magnus has something that’ll work o-”


Raphael chuckled, shaking his head, leaning over, lightly brushing his lips against Simon’s,


“It’s cute…besides today’s about relaxing and being yourself, right?”


Simon shrugged,


“Well yeah b-,”


“So relax and stop worrying about it…this is supposed to be fun- as you have told me many, MANY times today.”


Simon shrugged again, nodding, giving a bit of a smile,


“You’re right.”


Raphael smirked,


“I know I am.”


Simon chuckled, rolling his eyes affectionately. Raphael tilted his head, eyes bright and a bit mischievous,


“Besides now I can do this.” he reached up, running his fingers through the soft curls, messing them up a bit, before catching, tugging Simon in for a slow, deep kiss.


He pulled back, bumping his nose lightly against Simon’s cheek, pressing one more soft kiss before pulling back slightly. Simon blinked, cheeks flushed, swallowing,


“U-y…umm…” he swallowed again, giggling slightly,


“Just FYI you can always do that…like always…literally anytime…ever.”


Raphael quirked his eyebrow,


“Even if you actually got your hair like you like it?”


Simon grinned, nodding quickly,


“Yup…totally worth it.”


Raphael chuckled, slipping his arm around Simon’s waist, beginning to move over to the door, pulling it open for them.


“Hmm…don’t see them, must be running late.” Simon said,


Raphael rolled his eyes affectionately,


“Gee, wonder why?”


Simon laughed, nudging him, catching his hand, tugging him over to their favorite booth, settling in.


“I’m sure they’ll be along soon enough.” Simon sighed happily, giving a bright, beaming smile, reaching over, catching Raphael’s hand, playing idly with his fingers,


“Thank you so much for this…I know it’s not even close to your kind of thing- you don’t really like crowds and all of that but it really does mean a lot.”


Raphael shrugged,


“It is fine Simon…I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this. Besides Mags has been trying to drag me here for years- the last two I actually purposefully made sure I was out of town to avoid the badgering- he’s probably ecstatic.”


Simon tilted his head,


“I really can’t believe you’ve never been…I mean I know it’s not your thing but I’d of figured when you were younger...”


He gave a slightly dismissive wave,


“Eh, it’s just never really appealed to me. When I was younger I was actually pretty shy, and trying to figure out the whole Ace thing…it…it was kinda hard. Mags tried to get me to go with him but I just didn’t feel like I’d be comfortable. I knew how much Magnus loved it and I got how much it meant to him, but you know he was all about parties, crowds, all that buzzing energy- it’s just the exact opposite of what appeals to me.”


Simon deflated faintly, squeezing his hand,


“Then are you sure you don’t mind going? I mean I want you to, but if you don’t feel comfortable t-”


Raphael smiled, shaking his head, squeezing his hand,


“Amor, yes, I am quite sure. I am going with you. And yeah, the whole festival, craziness, celebration insanity may not really be my thing, but getting to see you so happy and excited about something? That is.” He smiled, slipping closer, reaching up, brushing a bit of Simon’s hair behind his ear, lingering,


“I really am looking forward to going to Pride with you Amor.”


Simon smiled softly, again squeezing his hand,


“Good, because I really, really am too.”


“Couldn’t agree more darling.”


Simon and Raphael startle, glancing up at the voice.


Well, clearly Magnus had a bit of a theme going here- punny shirts and colorful pants. Alec was wearing a black fitted shirt with ‘Let me get one thing Straight…I’m Not’ in shimmery rainbow letters with black jeans that had a sparkling effect to them (Well at least Raphael didn’t get roped into sparkles…that’s something…the purple doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.).


Magnus was wearing a black, tight fitted shirt with mesh detailing along the hem and sleeves with ‘Ain’t no lie baby, bi bi bi,’ in shimmery lettering in the Bi pride colors and eye searingly bright pink pants (And again the purple is seeming less and less crazy…he may have to reevaluate his revenge…it was still gonna happen, but it wouldn’t be quite so bad as he’d originally thought).


Magnus smiles, slipping into the booth followed closely by Alec giving a quick, slight wave,


“Morning guys…sorry, didn’t want to interrupt.”


Raphael waved him off, flashing a quick smile,


“You’re fine…morning…” He quirked his eyebrow playfully,


“Running a bit late? Let me guess, car trouble, right?”


Alec rolled his eyes, cheeks flushing, glaring heatlessly,


“You’re a jackass…and I don’t feel so bad about interrupting now.” He glanced over at Simon, shaking his head,


“Don’t know how you put up with him.”


Simon laughed,


“Eh, he’s really cute…it helps.”


Alec glanced over at Raphael, before shrugging, shaking his head,


“I don’t see it.”


Raphael chuckled, shrugging,


“Yeah…I’m good with that.”


Magnus smirked, leaning forward, eyes mischievous and sharp,


Ah crap…


He didn’t think this through…


Only tease Alec when it’s JUST Alec…


Clearly he needs caffeine,


“Well, if you really want to know t-”


Magnus is cut off by Alec frantically covering his mouth,


“Mags I love you, I really do, but babe? If you want that to happen again later on tonight do not finish that sentence, kay?”


Magnus huffed, but nodded, slumping faintly, Alec moved his hand, leaning over, pressing a quick kiss in apology to Magnus cheek.


Raphael breathed a sigh of relief,


“Thank you Alec.”


He rolled his eyes, gesturing towards Magnus,


“What were you thinking? You know better than that…it’s Magnus for heaven’s sakes.”


He nodded, holding his hand up placatingly,


“I know, I know…clearly I need caffeine, I’m not thinking straight.”


Simon snickered,


“Well if anything it’s the right day for that.”


The other three groaned loudly,


Raphael shook his head, covering his eyes,


“Oh wow amor…t-that was bad…like painfully bad.”


Simon laughed, shaking his head,


“It wasn’t that bad!”


“Yes it was.” the other three chorused in perfect sync,


Simon huffed, rolling his eyes,


“You guys just need to get in the spirit of the day, bad puns are, like, a staple of Pride culture…hell look at the shirts- they’re all puns-”


Raphael scoffed, quirking his eyebrow,


“Mine’s not…”


Magnus shrugged,


“Technically mine’s song lyrics…oh!” He brightened, looking Raphael over excitedly,


“You wore it! The jeans too?”


Raphael rolled his eyes, glaring faintly,


“Yes…and there will be consequences.”


Alec chuckled quirking his eyebrow,


“The purple ones, really? Can’t believe he actually got you to wear those.”


“Okay sparkles, keep it up…”


Alec tilted his head in confusion,




Raphael raised his eyebrow before something occurred to him; he chuckled, glancing over at Magnus,


“They just really show up in the sunlight, don’t they?”


Alec startled, looking from Raphael over to Magnus, who gave a sheepish shrug,


Alec blinked, looking down, moving his leg to where the sun from the window caught, casting the shimmery effect. Alec shifted his eyes from his leg to Magnus, raising his eyebrows expectantly,


“Darling it looks gorgeous on you…and it’s a special occasion, a-”


“And you purposefully distracted me till we were far enough from the apartment that I couldn’t go back to change…”


Magnus tilted his head,


“Okay that too…but there’s really no need to, you look gorgeous sweetheart.”


“I look like a disco ball…” he grumbled, slumping. Magnus rolled his eyes, leaning over, pressing a soft, lingering kiss to his cheek,


“A gorgeous one?”


Alec huffed,


Magnus gave a sheepish smile,


“I’ll make it up to you later?”


Alec smirked, shrugged, slipping his arm around Magnus tugging him closer,


“You better.”


Raphael rolled his eyes. Simon gave a bright laugh, shaking his head,


“How did you keep him from noticing this long?”


Raphael quickly held up a finger,


“Umm I really do not want to know the answer to that…how about we just order?”


Alec chuckled, nodding, handing out the menus,


“I agree, does everyone know what they want?”


Magnus smirked, glancing over at Alec,




Raphael groaned, rolling his eyes,


Oh wow…this was gonna be such an odd, exasperating day.


Simon chuckled, catching his eye, giving a warm, brilliant smile, eyes sparkling with excitement.


Raphael sighed happily,


This was gonna be a great day.


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Max swallowed nervously, fidgeting in the desk chair,


“What? Are you having second thoughts? You are…aren’t you? This was a bad idea. This was such a bad idea, I shouldn’t have ever suggested it, I just got caught up in the fun, crazy ‘thing’ of pride day and it always looks so good on you and it seemed like a good idea but it’s too much. It works for you but it won’t for me. I can’t pull it off. It’ll look weird a-”


He’s cut off by a bright, soft laugh and a brilliantly dazzling smile. Billie shook their head, rolling their eyes affectionately, reaching up, brushing a bit of Max’s hair back, tucking it behind his ear, fingers trailing up, carding through his hair.


“Max breathe. It’s temporary hair dye, not a tattoo. It lasts a week, two tops and it’ll look great on you. That wasn’t a second guessing ‘hmm’ it was a where do I begin ‘hmm’. I have red, pink, violet, blue, and a really bright teal - that’s a lot of color to play with and a lot of options for combinations, I just want to make sure I do it right, that’s all.” Billie shrugged, tilting their head refocusing on his hair.


 They lifted the other hand, running it though Max’s hair as well. Max couldn’t help a bright blush, or from leaning into the touch. He did just barely manage to stop the embarrassing giggle threatening to escape, but it was a close thing.


Still, the cutest person he’s ever seen is standing like right in front of him, in their bedroom, smiling brightly, every bit of their attention on him, playing with his hair.


He’s somehow managing to stay in the chair, conscious and is not a giggling, blathering mess- he’s counting it as a win.


Billie’s gaze shifted from his hair down to his eyes, catching his no doubt dopy expression. Billie gave a faintly breathless laugh, a little flush of pink blooming on their cheeks, a pretty bright sparkle in their eyes lighting up their whole face. They swallowed, blushing a bit brighter, eyes flickering away before coming back to Max’s,


“Umm…do you have any ideas? Anything you want color wise with your hair? Or just really don’t want?”


Max smiled, shaking his head faintly, shrugging,


“No…I have no clue about any of this, but I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great. Fix it however you want. It’s totally up to you.”


Billie laughed, quirking their eyebrow, flashing a way too cute impish grin,


“You sure you don’t have any qualifiers you want to put in? I have an entire tube of pink and red dye…you could end up looking like a Valentine’s Day explosion.”


Max laughed brightly, shaking his head,


“You wouldn’t do that.”


Billie gave a playfully innocent smirk, shrugging,


“I don’t know…you did say it was totally up to me…”


Max shrugged,


“Okay, maybe not that. But if for some reason you really think it’s the best look I’ll trust you...though I’m kinda hoping you don’t. Keep in mind though I am your date. You make me look like a clown and then you’re the one stuck walking around Pride all day holding hands with a clown.”


Billie giggled, playfully ruffling Max’s hair,


“Well it’d still be a really cute clown…pretty sure you could pull it off.”


Max gave a huffing laugh, rolling his eyes,


“No clown hair!”


Billie giggled, grinning brightly, flashing a playful wink,


“There we go… just wanted a bit of input from you. It is your hair after all.”


Max huffed,


“I was trying to be helpful and easy going!”


Billie laughed, nodding,


“And you are; but it does last a week or so and I want it to turn out as something you actually like and that’s kinda hard when you don’t give me any hints as to what you want.”


Max blinked, giving a slight nod,


“Yeah, good point.”


“I thought so…so, what do you actually want?”


Max shrugged, giving a somewhat uncertain wave and a slightly shy laugh,


“I really don’t know, that’s why I said it’s up to you. I know you have great taste and I trust you with picking something out for me cause I know you’ll come up with something way better than I ever could. Like I said I have no clue about this stuff. I get that you want input but I got nothing. The only thing I ever do with my hair is brush it and try to keep it from doing that weird cowlicky thing- and I can only even manage to do that like maybe half of the time.


I want something fun for Pride but that wouldn’t be totally out there for everyday. Probably not a lot of reds and pinks as one now have images of clowns in my head and it’s a hard look to pull off and two I tend to blush kinda a lot and I think those colors would just make that stand out even more…other than that I really don’t know…


Do you have any ideas? I mean real ones, not Valentine’s Day explosion clown.”


Billie smiled, eyes flickering over Max, tilting their head, giving a slight nod, once again carding their fingers through Max’s hair thoughtfully, giving a faint, soft hum.


“I think I do. I know you don’t want the red and while I think the pink would be really cute on you- especially with the blushing- I know you wouldn’t really feel super comfortable with that, and that’s the last thing I want. I’m thinking mostly the blue; it tends to show up really good and would work nicely with your dark hair. I want to blend it to the violet, then use the pink and teal as accents just at the tips- they’ll blend with the violet giving different variations in the color. Your hair is quite a bit darker than mine so it’ll probably be a lot more subtle on you.


I think it’ll look really good and not be so very over the top that you don’t feel comfortable. What do you think?” Billie trailed off, still idly carding their fingers through Max’s hair,

He couldn’t help a faintly dopy smile, or a happy, contented sigh, once more leaning into the touch,


“I think I picked the perfect person to help me with this.”


Billie blushed, giving a soft laugh, pretty blue eyes warm and sparkling,


“I’m really glad you did.”


Max smiled,


“Me too.”


“You ready?”


Max nodded, Billie smiled, nodding back, turning away a moment, grabbing a bright orange towel setting on the desk, snapping it open before reaching forward, wrapping their arms around Max, hugging him close for a second before pulling back, situating the towel around his shoulders like a cape. Max felt his cheeks heat up, breath catching faintly. Billie turned, putting on the gloves and laying out the tubes of color before turning back to him, giving an excited, breathtaking smile, shimmering blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight from the open window. Billy leaned in close, just a few inches away, hands going up, fingers once more sliding through Max’s hair,


Max felt his heart do a bit of a flip,


He didn’t care how it turned out- Valentine’s Day explosion clown hair or not this was the best idea he ever had.


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“Here you go, thanks so much for stopping by- Remember it’s Wiccan Wishes over on 2nd Street- it really is a Magical place-


Truly one of a kind...” Izzy paused, glancing over, eyes landing on the pretty redhead with the breathtaking smile and dancing emerald green eyes,


“Just like the owner.”


Clary glanced over, a warm, pink blush coloring her cheeks, giggling brightly, affectionately rolling her eyes. She flashed a bright, soft smile that made Izzy’s heart pick up a few tics, leaving her a bit lightheaded and breathless…


God she loved that smile, no matter how many times she saw it it still hit her just as much as the first time she saw it, making her near giddy and slightly reckless, feeling almost like she’d had a bit too much to drink.


It really w-




She startled blinking, shaking her head faintly, shifting her gaze from Clary back to the couple standing in front of her looking on in amusement. They really were a striking couple. The first man was quite tall, easily six and a half feet, pretty well built with sandy brown hair, bright, brownish hazel eyes, glancing over at the other man, expression warm and indulgent.


His boyfriend was far shorter, barely reaching the other man’s shoulder. He had a brilliant smile with a warm, deep skintone and a chaotic mess of curly black hair, tips bleached and tinted with rainbow highlights. What he lacked in stature he more than made up for in sheer liveliness. He seemed like a brilliant ball of energy, espresso brown eyes sparkling bright with laughter, cuddled up happily against the other man’s side, flashing a playfully impish smirk, teasingly quirking his eyebrow, holding his hand out patiently for their bag.


Izzy chuckled, giving a slight shrug, quickly handing the iridescent violet bag over, flashing a sheepish smile,


“Sorry…hazards of dating a ridiculously pretty, totally enchanting Wiccan…


Pretty sure she has me completely under her spell…


I’m kinda totally good with it though.”


Clary giggled brightly, rolling her eyes, moving over to her side, slipping her arm around Izzy’s waist, hugging her, leaning in lightly to kiss her cheek. She tugged her closer, glancing over at them flashing a bright smile, giving a twinkling little wave to the happy couple.


“Thanks so much for stopping by, I really do appreciate the business.”


The curly haired guy laughed brightly, waving her off, shaking his head, excitedly holding the bag up rattling it.


“No sweetie thank you, these are absolutely gorgeous, I’ve never seen anything like this.”


Clary blushed faintly, tucking a few fire red curls behind her ear,


“Thank you…those were some of my favorites, glad you like them too.”


He nodded quickly,


“I really do, they’re amazing…definitely one of a kind.”


Izzy nodded, flashing a bright, proud smile,


“They actually are…she makes it all herself.”


The taller man blinked in surprise, tilting his head, curiously glancing over,


“You do?”


Clary nodded,


“Yeah, every bit of it.”


He shook his head,


“Wow, you’re really talented.”


Izzy beamed, squeezing her shoulder,


“She really is…the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”


Clary laughed softly, flashing that pretty, warm, dizzying smile,


The curly haired guy chuckled,


“Aww…you two are so cute together!”


Clary giggled, smiling,


“Thanks, so are you guys…and I know you’ll love all of the jewelry. Like I said they are some of my favorites- I am so glad to see them going to such kind, good hearted people- don’t think I could bare to sell them to anyone else.”


Izzy smiled, nodding quickly,


“She’s not kidding- I’ve seen her turn down sales left and right because the people just wouldn’t appreciate them like they should.”


She blushed, shrugging,


“Well, yeah I do that. I put a lot of work into these, if someone can’t appreciate that there are others who will. I don’t make them just to make a quick buck, they’re not just a couple beads strung together on a chain- they’re art…


There’s meaning behind them, every detail…


It’s not about the money.”


The taller guy smiled warmly, nodding,


“That really is beautiful, it’s great that you put so much into them. You don’t really see that too often. You said over on 2nd?”


She nodded, smiling brightly,


“Yeah, black storefront with violet symbols, big picture window with crystals hanging in it and a bright purple door with a mosaic on the top-


You really can’t miss it.”


He nodded, hugging the shorter man,


“I’m sure we’ll be in there, miss?”


She beamed,


“Clary…And this is my girlfriend Izzy.”


He smiled, reaching forward, shaking both their hands politely,


“Nice to meet you Clary, Izzy,


I’m Ryder and this is my boyfriend Ravi…I’m sure you’ll see us quite a bit…” He paused, glancing affectionately over at Ravi


“I have a feeling he’ll love the place.”


Ravi smiled, nodding, glancing around the booth, taking in the jewelry, crystals, herbs and other eclectic, assorted items, in amazement,


“I think he may have to actually drag me out of there…”


Ryder chuckled, leaning over, brushing a light kiss against his cheek, squeezing his arm gently,


“Well go soon, I promise…and you can stay as long as you want…or at least until she kicks us out.”


Clary laughed brightly, shaking her head,


“I wouldn’t do that.”


Ravi shrugged,


“You don’t know how long I can spend in a shop…”


Ryder shrugged, squeezing his shoulder,


“He’s not wrong.”


Clary chuckled, smiling bright,


“Well I can’t wait.”


Ravi nodded, flashing a cheery grin, deep eyes sparkling,


“Me neither…” He seemed to hesitate a moment before slipping forward, hugging her quickly, pressing a quick, light kiss to her cheek, pulling back,


“Hope that was okay, I tend to be a bit overly affectionate, but it really was wonderful meeting you Clary.”


She giggled, waving him off,


“It’s totally fine, I get it; My friend Mags is like that too…there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable expressing yourself or being affectionate…


More people should be that open.”


He grinned, nodding,


“They really should- thank you …and I can’t wait to see you again!”


She giggled, nodding quickly,


“Me too, bye!”


He gave a bright twinkling wave, catching Ryder’s hand tugging him away, off into the crowd, chattering animatedly.


Izzy chuckled, glancing over flashing a bright smile, shaking her head faintly…


“I think we’ve just found out how Magnus would be on five pots of coffee…”


Clary gave a brilliant laugh, nodding quickly


“I think you’re right…I like them. Hope they do come by the shop, they have a wonderful energy.”


Izzy smiled, nodding, slipping closer wrapping her arms around Clary,


“Yeah they really do…” She sighed, tucking a couple bright red curls behind Clary’s ear, fingers trailing from her ear down lightly caressing her cheek,


“Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”


Clary giggled, cheeks flushing, nodding,


“Yes…about five times…”


Izzy smiled, shrugging, tugging her closer,


“Well I’ll probably tell you a dozen more so you may as well get used to it…especially since you blush so prettily whenever I do.”


She giggled, blushing brighter, reaching up running her fingers through Izzy’s soft glimmering dark brown hair,


“You’re gorgeous…the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen…and yeah some of that’s your looks- I mean I have no clue how you do it but you always look like you just stepped out of some high fashion magazine. You literally take my breath away so many times a day it’s a wonder I don’t pass out…


But there’s so much more to you than just that. You’re brilliant, and brave and confident, self assured in a way that I could never really imagine being.


You really are the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I have no idea how I got lucky enough to have you like this…


But I am SO very, very glad I did.”


It was Izzy’s turn to blush, breath catching, as always totally lost in this amazing, beautiful, person. She swallowed, fingers slipping back into her hair, tugging lightly, pulling her into a soft, slow kiss.


Clary sighed softly, humming, melting into the kiss. She hummed, tugging her closer, changing the angle, deepening the kiss, fingers slipping into Izzy’s hair, tangling in the soft dark curls, tugging her in closer. Izzy felt her heart race, head spinning like a top. She whimpered faintly, melting into the embrace trying to somehow get closer even though that was impossible…


God…this girl had to actually be magic, she swore every time they kissed she literally saw fireworks, felt sparks and flames…


It was dizzying and thrilling and utterly mind blowing…


 She really w-


“Excuse me- Oh! I’m sorry, don’t mean to interrupt.”


They startle faintly, not even hearing the person approach, totally lost in each other. Clary flushed tugging away faintly, brushing her hair back, cheeks nearly as bright as her hair,


“N-no, no worries, sorry got a bit carried away a-


Oh…” She blinked curiously, looking over the sandy haired man from earlier, holding the bag, kind of fidgeting with it nervously.


She tilted her head, smiling.


“Hi Ryder…”


He smiled back, blushing faintly an apologetic look from her over to Izzy,


“Hi, Sorry I really didn’t mean to interrupt; I’m just kinda in a hurry.”


She shook her head,


“No problem…” She tilted her head, looking at the bag he was worrying in his hand, expression falling slightly,


“Was there something wr-”


His eyes widened, he shook his head quickly,


“Oh no! No, nothing like that, It’s all really, really beautiful-He absolutely loves it, he’s practically giddy about all of it. I’m pretty sure if I tried to take any of it back Ravi wouldn’t talk to me till I got it back and I’d definitely be sleeping on the couch for at least a good  week or so after that.”


Izzy chuckled, slipping up behind Clary, wrapping her arms around her waist.


“Well definitely don’t want that.”


He laughed, shaking his head,


“Yeah definitely.”


Clary smiled brightly, relaxing a bit,


“He seems really sweet.”


The guy chuckled, eyes bright and soft,


“Yeah he is…I mean he’s loud and kinda crazy and way too energetic and seems to have an innate ability to convince me the most insane, hare-brained, off the wall thing that I wouldn’t do in a million years is some amazing adventure that we just can’t pass up- but I really can’t imagine my life without him. Well I can, but it’s really dull and boring and way too damn quiet.


 He truly is one of a kind…best person I’ve ever met.”


Clary beamed,


“That is lovely…”


Izzy nodded, hugging Clary tight, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.


“It really is…So what was it you needed?”


Clary glanced over, quirking her eyebrow kind of critically,


Izzy chuckled, shaking her head,


“I’m not rushing him! He said he was in a hurry and I didn’t want him to run out of time.”


She smiled, tucking a couple fire red curls behind Clary’s ear,


“I know how easy it is to get sidetracked and lose track of time when you’re talking about someone so special.”


Clary smiled, flushing lightly, nodding, catching her hand, squeezing, glancing back at the man. He smiled, flashing a warm smile Izzy’s way, nodding,


“She’s right- It’s way too easy to get caught up talking about him…and I am in a hurry- he’s probably looking for me already.”


Clary smiled,


“Well we really don’t want to keep him waiting…what was it you needed?”


He blushed faintly, brushing his hair back, shrugging,


“I was wondering…you said you make all of the jewelry. Do you by chance take like, requests or special orders?”


Clary sighed, giving an apologetic shrug, shaking her head,


“I-not usually…the things I make kind of are an expression of me…”


He sighed, face falling a bit, nodding,


“Okay, I can understand that…” He began to turn, wandering back into the crowd,


Clary sighed, rolling her eyes,


“Hey wait!”


He turned back around, quirking his eyebrow, Clary waved him back over,


“I-I can’t make any promises…I mean I could try but I’ve never really done a special order before and I can’t guarantee it’ll be exactly what you want- we’d kinda have to meet and work together and come up with something that works for both of us.


I know that seems kinda pushy but it’s the only way I can really do it…sorry, I wish I could be more flexible on it.”


He gave a bright, beaming smile, shaking his head quickly,


“No that’s fine- that’s more than okay…

Thank you so much.”


She smiled, nodding, giving a slight shrug,


“Probably should wait to thank me till after we get the design process underway. Fair warning- I can be kinda persnickety with this stuff.”


He chuckled shaking his head,


“That’s fine- it just means that you are passionate about what you are doing- that’s what I want.”


She grinned,


“Well that should work out well then…


So what is it you want? This way I can start getting ideas.”


He flushed faintly, shrugging, glancing around, leaning in a bit, voice going quiet and slightly hopeful,


“Umm…an engagement ring?”


Clary squeaked, eyes bright and excited, bouncing lightly, eagerly leaning in,


“Oh my goddess! Yes of course I’ll help with that, in any way I can...oh umm…” she trailed off deflating a bit,


“I-I don’t really have diamonds a-”


He shook his head, waving her off, flashing a bright smile,


“That’s fine he wouldn’t want something like that- too boring, too traditional, it’s not him. I don’t want that- I want something special, something made just for him, something that says something about him- and about us, made by someone who genuinely cares about what they’re making.


I think you’d be perfect for that.”


Clary blinked, swallowing, eyes a bit misty, she nodded,


“Then you definitely came to the right place. And thank you so much…


It really is an honor.”


He smiled warmly, shaking his head, reaching forward, clasping her hand,


“No, thank you…really you have no id-”


Izzy’s eyes widened, waving quickly, shaking her head,


“Shh! He’s coming.”


The other two quickly pulled apart, trying not to look suspicious. Izzy slipped right along, with a bright grin, grabbing the first thing she saw a pretty, glittering windchime adorned with glimmering rainbow colored crystals that danced in the light, casting pretty little prisms everywhere.


“-And I’m sure he’ll…Oh…umm…” She trailed off seemingly just catching sight of the man, quickly trying to hide the chime behind her back.


Ravi glanced from the two girls over to Ryder, quirking his eyebrow suspiciously,


“And what are you doing?”


Ryder flushed startling faintly,


“Umm…i-I was-”


“Damnit Ravi- you ruined the surprise!”


He glanced over at Izzy, eyes brightening,




Izzy huffed, rolling her eyes,


“Yes, surprise. He was trying to get you a present but now it’s not a surprise…guess we’ll just have to put it back.” She sighed, pulling the pretty, sparkling chime out from behind her back, beginning to hang it back up.


He gasped excitedly, bouncing,


“Wait! No, don’t put it back!” He turned to Ryder, flashing a brilliant, excited smile,


“You really picked that out to surprise me?”


He faltered, stumbling a bit, nodding,


“Umm…w-well yeah, it’s just seemed like something you’d l-”


He’s cut off by an excited happy noise, Ravi surging forward, wrapping his arms around him, pulling him down into a joyful, ecstatic, passionate kiss before quickly pulling back, bouncing lightly, eagerly reaching over to get it, Ryder flushing brightly, looking a bit lightheaded and wobbly,


“Thank you, Thank you thank you! I LOVE it! You are SO amazing!” he darted forward again, wrapping his arms around Ryder, hugging him tightly.


Ryder smiled hugging him tight, glancing over at Izzy flashing a grateful smile,


‘Thank You’ he mouthed


She grinned, giving a wink and a quick thumbs up,


Ravi reached up catching Ryder’s hair, tugging him down into one more quick, deep, adoring kiss, pulling back with a brilliant grin looking from Ryder to the pretty shimmering chime. He held it up, watching the colors dance, eyes sparkling bright, giving as excited happy squeal, looking over at Clary and Izzy, bouncing eagerly,


“This is SO beautiful, I love it, thank you guys so much! I can’t wait to see your actual shop…I’m telling you right now you’re definitely gonna have to actually chase me out-


I know I’m not going to want to leave.”


Izzy chuckled, shrugging,


“Hey it’s not an unusual reaction- the second I walked in it felt so warm and welcoming, it felt like home, I absolutely loved it…and that was before I even saw the owner…


Then I really never wanted to leave.”


He gave a bright giggle,


“That’s marvelous.” He slipped forward again, quickly hugging both of them, kissing their cheeks, pulling away, flashing a brilliant elated smile,


“It really was wonderful meeting you two, you seem like a fabulous couple, can’t wait to see you again and get a chance to see your actual shop! We’ll definitely be in later this week.”


He bounced lightly, holding up the windchime excitedly, making an adorable, excited little sound,


“I love it SO much!”


Izzy beamed, shrugging,


“Well clearly your boyfriend has great taste.”


Ryder chuckled, slipping his arm around Ravi’s waist, leaning down, brushing a kiss to his cheek,


“Obviously…I picked him after all.”


Ravi laughed brightly, affectionately rolling his eyes,


“Oh please! You SO did not pick me! I totally picked you.”


Clary shrugged,


“Well you guys picked each other.”


Ravi laughed, shaking his head,


“Uh no, I totally picked him, that was ALL me.”


Ryder blushed faintly, shrugging,


“Yeah…he kinda did.”


Ravi quirked his eyebrow, Ryder shrugged,


“Okay so you totally did…”


Izzy quirked her eyebrow curiously,


“Sounds like there’s a story there?”


Ryder laughed, nodding quickly, catching his hand squeezing, nodding at the shorter man,


“Yeah there is. A group of my friends dragged me out to this club- it’s not really my thing but it was one of their birthdays and it’s what he wanted to do. We went and they’re all…well doing whatever the hell you’re supposed to do at a club when you’re super social and not the designated driver- and I was just kinda hanging out, leaning against the wall, looking annoyed.


Anyways out of nowhere this really breathtaking guy comes up with a gorgeous relieved smile, and says ‘There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!’ before reaching up, tugging me down and kissing me breathless…” He chuckled, blushing, giving a slight shrug, tugging Ravi closer,


“I-I was pretty confused…kinda thought he must’ve mistook me for someone else. Figured he was an ex of Gage’s- my twin brother cause I knew for sure I’d never seen him- we kinda broke for air and he hugged me, and I started to tell him he was mistaken but he whispered to just play along, subtly pointing out this big, kinda rough looking blonde dude over by the bar. He said it was his ex and he’s sort of creepy and clingy and he really didn’t want him to know he was there alone.”


Clary smiled,


“Aww that was really sweet of you to help him out.”


Ryder huffed, rolling his eyes,


“Yeah…it was… or it would have been…”


Izzy quirked her eyebrow,


“You didn’t end up beating the ex up, did you?”


Ryder scoffed, shaking his head quickly,


“There was no ex! He lied!”


Clary’s eyes widened, blinking in surprise,




Izzy quirked her eyebrow,


“The guy at the bar?”


Ryder huffed, rolling his eyes,


“Random shifty looking dude- He never even met him!”


Izzy and Clary burst out giggling,


Ravi gave a completely unashamed shrug, smirking,


“Hey, what was I supposed to do? He was gorgeous and sexy as hell and standing all alone looking kinda cranky and glare-y but really freaking hot and I wanted to kiss him, so I did. I was gonna say it was a bet but, well…he was a really great kisser and I really didn’t want to stop with just one kiss, so I said the boyfriend thing, pointed at the creepiest looking dude I saw at the bar and pretty much spent the rest of the evening curled up on his lap making out.”


Izzy laughed,


“You didn’t tell him the ENTIRE night?”


Ravi shrugged,


“Well in my defense; he’s a really REALLY good kisser!”


Clary laughed, shaking her head,


“Oh my goddess I can’t believe that! When did you finally tell him?”


Ryder scoffed,


“Nearly three weeks later… when we were out for coffee and the ‘creepy, clingy ex’ happened to be our barista…it was very awkward.”


Ravi slipped closer, leaning up kissing Ryder’s cheek,


“You were wonderful, very brave…”


Ryder rolled his eyes,


“I seemed like a total jackass, and the poor guy was nearly in tears! Babbling about how he knew that haircut made him look suspicious!”


Ravi gave an unconcerned shrug,


“Well it WAS a really bad haircut…I’m sure it really helped him.”


“No…that was the fifty I ended up tipping him for two coffees just to get him to stop panicking!”


“I’m sure both were quite helpful.”


Ryder huffed, rolling his eyes,


“You are ridiculous.”


Ravi smiled,


“Yeah, but you love ridiculous…”


Ryder shook his head smiling, tugging him closer,


“No I love you- the ridiculousness is just a consequence I have to face for that.”


Ravi slipped his arm around Ryder’s waist,


“It’s worth it though…yeah?”


Ryder nodded, leaning down, pressing a light kiss to his cheek,


“SO worth it.”


Clary sighed dreamily glancing between the happy couple, beautiful emerald eyes soft and so very warm.


“You two are absolutely lovely…I’m so glad we got the chance to meet you.”


Ravi nodded happily,


“Me too…we will most definitely be in later this week.”


She nodded,


“Wonderful, I can’t wait…”


They waved once more, turning, beginning away from the stand making it a few booths down before Ryder stopped, glancing over at Ravi saying something quickly, reaching over pulling the little price tag off the chime, turning back, hurrying back over to the stand, flashing an apologetic smile, pulling his wallet out,


“Sorry totally forgot…”


Clary shook her head, beginning to wave him off,


“It’s really ok-”


He gave a bright smile, shaking his head,


“I can’t do that- It really is lovely…he adores it…” he leaned closer voice going a bit quieter, glancing over at Izzy,


“And thank you…great cover.”


She shrugged, leaning in conspiratorially, eyes glinting playfully,


“Actually I was just trying to boost her sales…


She’s REALLY bad at it!”


He gives a surprised laugh. Clary nudged her, widening her eyes. Izzy laughed, holding her hands up placatingly,


“I’m sorry sunshine but you know it’s true. This is the first sale of the day and we’ve been here nearly two hours. You like them enough you’ll actually let them buy some…I have to take advantage when I can or you’re never gonna move anything and I’m carrying all of this back to the car. I swear It’s like looking for people to adopt them.”


Clary blushed, shrugging,


“Well I put a lot into them- I want them to go to a good home…”


Ryder chuckled, smiling,


“And they are- I promise we’ll take very good care of them.” He paused, subtly glancing over being sure Ravi was out of earshot, glancing back,


“So when can I come by? I’d really like to get started...”


Clary beamed, nodding, eyes twinkling bright,


“I’m already coming up with ideas- If you have time tomorrow it’d be great- I know it’s soon b-”


He gave a brilliant smile,


“Tomorrow’s perfect…Our anniversary is the month after next. If possible I’d really like to be able to give it to him then.”


Clary nodded,


“I don’t think that’ll be a problem- come by tomorrow we’ll get started.”


He smiled, nodding, reaching forward, shaking both their hands,


“Absolutely, thank you again Clary…I’m so glad I let him drag me here.”


Clary giggled,


“I am too…see you tomorrow.”


Izzy leaned forward, slipping her arm around Clary,


“You should probably get going- your fiancé seems the nosy type.”


Ryder flushed giving a surprised, kind of giddy laugh, scratching nervously at his neck, glancing over hopefully,




Izzy chuckled, eyes sparkling bright,


“You know he’s gonna say yes.”


Ryder glanced over, sighing, eyes going warm and soft,


God I hope so…”


Clary leaned forward,


“He will, I know…I’m a little psychic.”


He laughed quirking his eyebrow,




She shrugged,


“Hey, I’m a wiccan who owns an occult shop- comes with the territory. I’m even best friends with someone who works as a Psychic consultant with the SBPD.


Like I said, he’ll say yes…I sense it.”


Izzy just barely managed to cover her laugh. Ryder brightened, looking at her hopefully,


“So you really t-”


“Ry, you coming?” Ravi called, beginning back their way,


Ryder startled faintly,


“Y-yeah, I’m coming sweetheart.” He glanced back at the girls,


“Sorry, I really gotta go. See you tomorrow.” He flashed one more thankful smile, quickly turning, making his way back over to Ravi, slipping his arm around his fiancé to be’s shoulders. The shorter man settled in, cuddling close, catching his hand on the other side, idly playing with his fingers, squeezing lightly.


Izzy chuckled, leaning over, pressing a soft kiss to Clary’s cheek, slipping her arms around Clary’s waist hugging her close,


“If you’re starting to use his catch phrase you are definitely spending way too much time with Magnus.”


Clary giggled, relaxing against her, giving a warm smile, and a soft hum,


“You don’t need any psychic ability to see how that’s gonna turn out.”


Izzy chuckled, nuzzling against her neck, pressing a soft kiss just behind her ear.


“You’re right Sunshine…sometimes you just know.”


Clary hummed softly, reaching down, resting her hands over Izzy, squeezing, before shifting, turning in her arms, reaching up, brushing Izzy’s hair back, catching lightly, tugging her down into a soft, dizzying, lingering kiss. Izzy hummed softly as they separated for air, pressing another soft kiss to her cheek, eyes fluttering open. Her breath catches at the gorgeous vision in front of her.


“I have no idea how I got so lucky…”


Clary leaned up brushing her lips against Izzy’s


“This isn’t luck…it’s Magic…”


Izzy smiled, nodding,


“You are pretty magical.”


Clary blushed, beautiful green eyes dancing,


“Only because I’m with you…”She sighed, leaning up, pressing one more soft kiss to Izzy’s lips, pulling back smiling brightly, catching her hands, tugging lightly,


“Hey…I know it’s a bit early but how about we pack up, take this stuff out to the car and we can enjoy the rest of the Pride festival?”


Izzy laughed, rolling her eyes affectionately,


Seriously?! We’ve been here less than two hours! And you’ve sold five things…All of those were just to one couple.


And you were gonna just give them the chime- and don’t try to say you weren’t I saw you!”


Clary giggled, shrugging,


“I wasn’t going to deny it- you saw how happy he was.”


Izzy chuckled, tugging her closer,


“Yes he was…and he was just AS happy with it paying full price.”


Clary huffed, rolling her eyes,


“You’re so practical.”


Izzy rolled her eyes right back, wrapping her arms around her waist, tugging her close,


“And you’re completely quixotic.”


Clary giggled, shaking her head exasperatedly,


“You could have just said impractical.”


Izzy grinned,


“Where’s the fun in that?”


Clary tugged her closer, smiling teasingly,


“I know you only do that to show off…”


Izzy shrugged,


“Yeah…and I only show off for you.”


Clary blushed, eyes sparkling brilliantly, reaching up, tucking a couple soft dark curls behind Izzy ear,


“And it works so VERY well.” She leaned up catching Izzy’s lips in a slow, deep kiss. She shifted closer, deepening the kiss, lightly nipping at Izzy’s lower lip before slowly pulling back, leaning in eyes sparking bright,


“You know I’d find really impressive?”


Izzy flushed, breathless, and lightheaded, leaning in shaking her head slightly,




“You helping me carry all this stuff back to the car.”