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Omega Erased

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Sakura was not one to indulge in fairytales. They were often misleading and incredibly disconnected from the reality of every day life.


But there was one tale she couldn't seem to shake from her memory. One that deep down she cherished. One she held out hope that maybe one day it would in fact become a reality.


And that tale was of the Alpha and the Omega.


For centuries, both Alphas and Omegas were seen as equals. They were destined. Written in the stars, if you will. There was no Alpha without his Omega, and no Omega without her Alpha. True pairs were how they were seen. There was nothing more perfect. Nothing more textbook. Nothing anyone ever wanted more.


But nothing was ever perfect, and with time, people began to see that.


Due to their designations’, Alphas and Omegas are both prone giving in to their animal instincts, and with these animalistic tenancies brings… complications. An Alpha in rut can be most dangerous and bring the worst in an Alpha male in the absence of an Omega. Likewise, an Omega in heat can be potentially dangerous, but do not pose the same danger as a rut.


A shift in equality caused a change in the dynamic between Alphas and Omegas. With the emergence of Alpha woman, the hierarchy reflected as such. Alphas began mating with Alphas, simply using Omegas for their respective heats and ruts.


They were seen as play things. As a means to an end. As anything but equal to an Alpha. It had been this way for the past hundred years, society punishing Omegas for bringing out the worst in Alphas.


It was an Alpha world, and Sakura was just living in it.



She sat cross legged on the bus, already feeling claustrophobic with the other Omegas who were piled on along with her. She was positioned at the window, thank God, so she could focus her attention on the passing trees rather than the Omegas who were whimpering all around her.


Sakura scowled, the pungent smell of fear among the woman cloaking her in a mist of agitation. There was nothing Sakura hated more than muddled scents, and being stuffed in a bus with highly anxious Omegas was not helping.


Sakura had just turned twenty, and by law, was now a candidate for being stationed at an Alpha’s home. They were usually an Alpha of importance; high society. These households were seen as more crucial due to the importance of an Alpha needing to keep a level head. An Alpha in rut, well, there could be nothing of the sort.


Which was how Sakura found herself here, on this very bus filled with Omegas who knew this was where their lives ended.


But Sakura? A part of her remained callous. If she was only seen as a vessel for pleasure, then she would do everything in her power to make her Alpha’s experience as un pleasurable as possible. Sakura was a rebel like that. She could only imagine the look on the Alpha’s face, snarling with displeasure as she did everything in her power to ensure he was not pleased.


This flippant attitude may have stemmed from her own family’s experience having to serve Alphas. Sakura’s mother was an Omega who, like her, had to serve her Alpha. Sakura was the product of the two, and though Sakura’s mother hated the man, her love for her daughter was paramount and she taught her everything she knew.


And if she was to take anything away from her mother’s teachings, it was to never please. Never give in to the pleasure. Never give the satisfaction that an Omega needs her Alpha.


Sakura let out a pained sigh, watching as they were now entering the elite part of town. Refurbished victorian homes lined the streets. Immaculately kept yards and gardens framed the foreground. Sakura allowed herself to admire the beautiful estates, silently hoping she would be living in the lavish homes. 


The bus stalled to a halt, causing the Omegas to lurch forward slightly at the sudden stop. The driver started calling out various names, signaling that it was their designated stop. Sakura could hear the sniffles already, watching as the girls took their belongings, which wasn’t much to begin with. One by one they shuffled down the aisle and outside, clutching their tattered jackets as the winter wind whipped all around them.


Another lurch indicated that the bus was on the move once more. Sakura looked behind her, observing as the Omegas watched the bus until it disappeared around the corner. Her gaze flicked around, gathering that the bus was about half empty now as she tried to avoid the gaze of the other Omegas. Turning her attention back outside, her eyes focused on a particular Victorian style house that the bus had slowed in front of, its exterior rather gothic and dark for her liking. There was something beautiful about it though… almost as if the house itself was trying to hide something despite its dark facade. 


Deceptively beautiful. 




Sakura’s head shot up and for the first time during her entire journey, she felt slightly afraid. Clutching her peacoat closed, she got up from her seat and climbed out. With slightly wobbly legs she traipsed down the aisle, giving the driver a courtious nod of her head before stepping down and onto the pavement.


Her gaze settled on the house as the bus pulled away, leaving her with nothing but her small bag of luggage. She looked to her side and saw nothing other than the long sidewalk and the leaves being swept to and fro by the wind.


Standing at the end of path leading up to the house, Sakura was roused out of her thoughts by the sound of a door opening. She turned her attention towards the door, immediately gathering up her pack of belongings. She was surprised to see a woman similar to her age standing in the door way.


Heart settling, Sakura straightened and made her way up the path. It was lined with various shrubs and well trimmed bushes. A large inhale indicated that the homeowners liked their flowers. Sakura could already pick up hints of the various different types.


Sakura smiled upon being met with a similar warmth made by the girl standing in the door way, “You must be Sakura,” the blonde regarded, straightening and extending an arm to grab Sakura's bag.


Sakura scrunched her nose slightly, trying to pick up a scent but failing. The girl was neither an Alpha nor an Omega, so she could only be a…


“Beta,” Sakura murmured and the girl's eyes widened, a look of surprise on her face.


“Well, yes.”


“Oh! I didn't mean anything by that. I was just surprised is all.”


The girl smiled and shook her head, “It's okay. I’m sort of a mix of things for the Hatake’s. A Beta makes it so that I'm practically invisible. I'm Ino by the way.”


"It's nice to meet you, Ino. I'm actually relieved that there will be another woman in the house,” Sakura breathed, stepping into the home and looking around, first noticing the beautifully vaulted ceiling and chandelier that hung from it.


It seemed more like a museum then a house.


“Yeah, well, don't let the Hatake’s fool you. They can get nasty when things aren't in order or to their exact specifications.”


“Well that's an Alpha for you,” Sakura scoffed and Ino nodded her head in agreement. Sakura was led slightly deeper into the house, noticing a large living room to her left and what she assumed was the kitchen all the way down the hall. The stairs to the second floor were to her right, the banister a deep oak with intricate carvings etched into the wood.


She heard Ino cough behind her and turned, facing the blonde, “So, I guess we should go over your duties.”


Sakura nodded, clasping her hands in front of her as Ino took a readying breath, “As far as work, you'll be shadowing me. I'm basically a glorified maid," she said with a small chuckle, which Sakura returned, "Aside from that, your duties are to assist the Captain with his ruts. He is also expected to help you through your heats. Is that understood?”


The two girls both looked up towards the ceiling. A creek of the floorboards emanating from the second floor had captured their attention. 


A sinister shiver ran down Sakura's spine just as she was about to nod. The air shifted as she was cloaked with what she could only assume to be an Alpha's scent. Her breath hitched as she felt the familiar crooning, the voice deep inside her psyche that was her Omega; ready and willing to play.


Sakura's emerald stare shot up the staircase, eyes met with the black stare of the Alpha that was standing in the shadows. Her eyes threatened to roll to the back of her head, his scent already penetrating her body and begging to be opened up. He smelled of whiskey and pine and fresh mountain air. The sheer abundance and force of the delicious scent nearly scent her to her knees, the affect he was having on her absolutely frightening. Just minutes ago she was lamenting about the man's designation, only to be completely smitten now that she was in his presence.


The Alpha began to move, his penetrating gaze never leaving hers as he slowly descended the stairs, hands in his pockets. As he crossed a windowpane his form came into view. Sakura felt her breath suddenly stop, gaze settling on his body as she took his Alpha form in. 


His stark white hair, though naturally disheveled, framed his pale face perfectly. His jaw was soft but chiseled, lips full but soft and eyes dark but compelling. The man was dressed mostly in black, donned in a dark button up and paisley vest, along with dark pants that fit impeccably. He was fashioned with a velvet necktie, Sakura licking her lips at the thought of ripping it off and sucking at his gland.


The hell? 


Sakura's scent must had spiked at that thought because she sensed the Alpha falter slightly, though his eyes never left hers.


Once he reached the end of the steps Sakura held her breath, watching as he approached her and looked down with such intensity she thought she might bore into the ground.


Sakura almost yelped when he suddenly dipped his head, taking in a large inhale of her glistening scent gland. A growl escaped from deep within him and she shivered at the feel of his breath on her neck. His lips barely brushed her skin and she left out a soft whimper at the contact.


Alpha is pleased.


For a split second she thought he was going to properly scent her by licking and rubbing at her gland, but he picked his head up from her before he could do so.


“Come, Omega,” the Alpha commanded and Sakura took in a steeling breath, glancing over towards Ino whose eyes were widened throughout the entire interaction.


The Alpha walked down the dark hallway, turning his head slightly for the Omega to follow.


And she did.



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“Come, Omega.”


A shiver ran down her spine as she followed him down the dark hallway. The only light that could be detected was the ambient glow from the stained glass windows. The house overall had a sinister feel, not helping Sakura's budding nerves in the slightest. She gulped as they rounded a corner, entering yet another dark hallway with a large mahogany door at the end. It was cracked slightly, a soft glow emitting from the small opening.


The Alpha stood in front of the door, pausing momentarily. Sakura held her breath, unsure of what she was supposed to do but backed away slightly as he turned to face her.


“You will under no circumstances enter this room without my permission. Is that understood?”


Sakura looked at him, wide eyed and thoroughly confused. All she could manage to do was nod her head meekly, watching as he stared down at her. The intensity of his gaze frightened her, the black abyss that were his eyes searching her emerald depths.


With that nod he turned, grasping the gold handle and pushing the large door open. He led her into his expansive office, ceilings tall and walls lined with bookshelves. A roaring fire lit up the dark space, two leather chairs facing one another with a circular table placed in front of the fireplace.


“Come, Omega.” he said once more and Sakura furrowed her brow, an unsettling feeling brewing in her stomach any time he called her Omega in that way. The Alpha led her to the two leather chairs, extending his arm and gesturing for her to sit.


Sakura circled him, watching with nervous energy as he studied her every movement. She sunk into the chair, shifting slightly as the cool leather hit her skin. The Alpha cleared his throat and moved to the liquor cabinet at the other side of the room, extracting two tumbler glasses and filling them both with a dark liquor.


Sakura chewed at her bottom lip as he walked back, handing the glass to her. With shaky hands she took it, bringing the glass up to her nose and sniffing slightly. A frown formed on her face at the strong smell of the whiskey.


The Alpha sat down on the adjacent leather seat, swirling his drink as he watched her intently, “Drink, Omega,” he commanded.


Sakura scowled, placing her drink down on her lap, “My name is, Sakura,” she bit out and the Alpha let out a low chuckle.


“It may be, but not here.” he replied, shifting in his seat and placing his arm on the arm rest, “And here, you will refer to me as Alpha. Do you understand?”


Sakura gave him a steeling look, chewing at her lower lip, “Yes, Alpha.”


He closed his eyes slightly and let out what she thought was a moan. Abruptly he stood, causing her to sink into the chair slightly as he approached her.


“I sense a resistance in you, Omega.”




“Yes…” he purred, bringing a calloused hand to her chin and grabbing it. The look he was giving her was dominating and made her glower below him. But her anger only seemed to fuel him.


“No matter,” he said, letting go of her chin and circling her chair slowly, “You'll be my mare. And mares need to be broken.”


Sakura held her breath as she felt his hand slither from behind, grasping her shoulder as he knelt down next to her ear.


“Would you let me?”


She gulped, “Let you what?”


“Break you.”


Sakura gasped as his hand slowly crept to her throat, squeezing slightly and she felt a traitorous moan escape her. A familiar heat started to form in her belly and she squeezed her thighs together. A gush of wetness threatened to spill out of her panties and she shuddered at the growl that escaped him.


“Oh, you'll do well to be broken,” he purred and wrenched himself away, hand leaving her throat and she let out a labored breath, watching as he circled to her front.


He knelt down in front of her, nostrils flared and eyes scanning her pale legs, “Tell me, Omega. Are you untouched?” he asked, bringing his lips down to her legs.


She immediately felt herself lock up, the unfamiliar feeling of a man's touch startling her. The slow grin that started to take over his face startled her more, watching as he slowly spread her legs.


“Oh yes…” he murmured, licking his lips as his eyes lay on her soaked panties. Her traitorous Omega mind was screaming for relief, clawing its way out of the mind prison it had been confined in. Sakura was beyond understanding it, having never properly been with an Alpha.


Sakura closed her legs, watching as he lifted his gaze to give her a dark look. He tsked and wagged his finger at her, slowly.


“Ah, ah, Omega… I am certain you'll like this.”


Sakura whimpered as he opened her legs once more, taking in a large inhale as he scented her heat, “You smell divine…” he murmured, cheek against her thigh as he slowly traced his fingers up and down her exposed and lengthy leg.


“Please… don’t,” Sakura whimpered, her own mind breaking through and realizing just how terrified she was. She was no stranger to sexual urges, but had never had sex herself, let alone ever allowed a man close enough to touch her.


She closed her legs once more and the Alpha let out a growl of disapproval, grasping her ankle hard and wrenching her down onto the ground. She yelped at the force and felt tears brimming the corners of her eyes as her back and head hit the rug with a thump. He crawled on top of her, loosening his necktie and pulling it off of him. Wedging a knee between her thighs he sat himself up, unbuttoning his vest and swiftly peeling it off.


“You forget your place, Omega,” he seethed and grabbed both of her hands, securing them over her head with his necktie.


Sakura looked at him with fear in her eyes as he lowered his Alpha body onto her. She seized up as he brought his face to her neck, nuzzling at her gland and scenting her. The Omega in her sang as he licked and nipped at her gland, groaning in ecstasy and grinding into her. He sucked fervently at her gland, extracting a few small moans from deep within her.


She fought hard, but her Omega fought harder.


Slowly she felt her legs opening up, the ache between her legs becoming unbearable and the desire to feel something against her cunt suddenly overwhelming. She craned her neck to the side, allowing him more access to her neck and she felt him shudder above her. He ground himself harder into her and she let out a gasp.


“Yes, Omega,” he groaned above her, “Give in,” he pleaded as he let a hand slither down her side. She felt him tugging at her shirt and let out a small grunt of annoyance. He gripped the bottom hem of the fabric and gave it a swift tug, popping the buttons off and pulling her shirt open. Sakura gasped as he looked down at her, hunger in his eyes as he stared at her lace covered breasts.


With one swift movement the Alpha reached behind her, unhooking her bra and wrenching it down her arms. She hissed at the sudden feeling of air hitting her nipples. The Alpha let out a satisfying groan as he watched her squirm beneath him; trapped.


Her breath hitched as he brought his mouth down to her exposed breast, licking at her mounds. The unfamiliar feeling caused a sudden heat to spike in her belly and the Alpha groaned, bringing both of his arms to her back and lifting her off of the ground with ease.


Hands still tied, he pulled her onto his lap and on top of his hardness. She whimpered as she ground herself on to him, needing to feel more. Now. Her Omega had fully taken over, her own mind completely betraying her as she gave in to her animalistic urges.


The Alpha groaned as she fervently circled her cunt over his covered length, teeth gritted and eyes focused downward. With her hands still bound, she tried but failed to undo the buttons of his shirt.


A whimper escaped her and he let out a low chuckle, “I’ll untie your hands if you promise to be a good little Omega.”


Sakura nodded her head viciously, practically bouncing on his lap as he undid the tie around her wrists. Once she was free she was on him, tearing off his shirt with a ferocity that she didn't know she had. The Alpha let out a pleased laugh, chest exposed and sweat stained as the Omega in her purred.


“Oh, you’ll be a fun little Omega, won't you?” he growled and gripped her hips, bearing her down onto him as he brought his mouth down to her hardened nipple.


She practically screamed at the sudden onslaught of pleasure, unable to process what was being done to her body as she just let it happen. He growled against her nipple, teeth nipping and tongue circling as he continued to buck up into her.


“Alpha…” she purred, head thrown back and hands gripping his unruly hair as he attacked her breast.


His scent spiked as she purred his designation, grinding into her heat faster and causing her to completely soak through her panties, “You serve me, Omega. Only me,” he bit out against her breast, swirling his tongue against the reddening bud.


A sudden knock emanated from the large office door and Sakura immediately froze, feeling the Alpha seize up from under her. He slowly pulled off from her nipple and gripped her hips with a force so intense she thought he would break her bones.


She whimpered above him, placing her hands on top of his, “You're hurting me…” she murmured and he growled, throwing her off of him and onto the ground.


Omega now gone, Sakura cowered on the ground, backing up into the foot of the leather chair as she observed the Alpha standing before her. His back was facing her and tension could be seen rippling throughout the muscles of his backside.


Another knock sounded at the door and he let out a loud growl. In one swift movement he grabbed his tumbler glass and hurled it across the room. It hit the large mahogany door and shattered into pieces, causing Sakura to yelp at the frightening noise.


“WHAT?” the Alpha practically screamed, stalking towards the door and wrenching it open, being met with a less than impressed woman on the other end.


“That was hardly necessary,” the tall woman said, walking confidently into the study and past the brooding Alpha. The shards of glass crunched under her stiletto heels, her piercing emerald gaze locking onto Sakura's, still sprawled out on the ground.   


The tall, red headed woman regarded her with an upturned chin, “You must be the, Omega.”


Sakura suddenly felt incredibly small, lying and the ground and pinned under the glares of two Alphas in the same room. The woman was dressed to kill, donned in a black pencil skirt and white blouse, paired with lethal black heels. Sakura studied herself in the brief moment, white button up shirt ripped open, breasts spilling out of a tattered lace bra and pleated skirt.


The woman chuckled slightly and crossed her arms, “Out, Omega.” she commanded and Sakura immediately looked to the male Alpha. His expression was emotionless as he walked over to his Alpha partner, taking his place next to her as they both glared down at the Omega.


“A-Alpha…” Sakura breathed with a shaky breath, staring at the male with disbelief plastered on her face.


The Alpha male scowled down at her, “You heard your Alpha,” he reprimanded and Sakura fought back a soft sob, slowly picking herself up and sniffling. She straightened her clothes and fixed her hair, avoiding the scrutinizing stares of the Alphas before her.


She clutched her tattered shirt closed, tears spilling down her face as she shuffled her way out of the large office. She tip toed around the glass, avoiding the shards as she hurried out of the room. Not even bothering to close the door, she hurried down the hall past the kitchen, trying to find any sign of Ino.


“Pinky! Over here,” Sakura heard and she shot her gaze back to the kitchen where she had just flew past.


Ino's eyes widened upon focusing on the state of her dress, “Geez, girl. Did he really give it to you or what?”


Sakura sniffled slightly, walking slowly down the hall and towards the kitchen as Ino let out a sad sigh. The blonde rounded the kitchen counter and made her way to Sakura, immediately bringing her into her comforting embrace.


“It'll be alright,” Ino murmured as Sakura sobbed into her shoulder, “You have me.”



Sakura lay in her bed, a small twin fitted with the thinnest sheets possible. Hands clasped over her abdomen, she focused on the ceiling and let her thoughts drift aimlessly. It was about the only thing she could do in her devastated state.


She was disappointed in herself, to say the least. She had gone against her promise and let the Alpha in. Quite easily, in fact. Let him trick her with his words and his touch. Let him indulge in her with little resistance.


It made her feel sick. She allowed her Omega to take over. Allowed herself to give into her animalistic urges. And she hated him for it.


She had disrespected herself. Disrespected her mother. Gone against everything she had taught her in a matter of minutes. What would her mother think of her now? Could she see her? Read her thoughts? Her gaze softened as she cast a weary glance towards the window, the moon floating prominently in the sky and wondering if her mother were looking at the same moon, high in the heavens.


A stiff knock roused Sakura out of her thoughts and she shot up straight in her bed. Eyes intently watching the door, her breath stilled as she was hit with the same scent as hours before.


Alpha wants to be pleased.


Her Omega was beginning to rear its ugly head once more, the purring emanating deep within her. She took in a deep and steeling breath as her door creaked open, revealing the absolute last person she wanted to see.


He stood in the doorway, tall and dangerous. A dark look in his gaze. He was wearing a robe, opened to reveal his chiseled chest and abdomen. Pants riding low, she could see the faintest line of hair below his navel, causing her to gulp down a moan of approval from her other half.


“Come, Omega.” he commanded, voice low and authoritative.


Sakura scowled, bringing her legs up to her chest, “No.”


A low growl escaped his lips as he stalked into her room, gaze predatory as he approached her and grabbed her chin. She fought back a whimper as he held her aggressively, forcing her to look up at him. Sakura braced herself, giving him an intense stare as he looked at her with fire in his eyes.


“You forget your place, Omega.”


An intense feeling overcame her as she returned his same angry stare, “I hate you,” she felt herself spat.


He barked out a sardonic laugh, “Say it again.”


“I fucking hate you,” she replied again with no hesitation, tears brimming the corner of her eyes. The Alpha tilted his head at her, using his thumb to brush away the tear that fell down her cheek.


“Good. Use it,” he bit out and wrenched his hand off of her, swiftly turning around leaving her room. The slam of the door behind him caused her to wince and she allowed the tears to spill.


What a vile man, this Alpha was. 




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"The Captain and his Lady would like some red wine with their dinner."




"Um… the red wine? It's in the cabinet over there? I pointed it out to you earlier."


Sakura shook her head, righting herself, "Oh! Did you want me to get it for you?"


"No, the Captain requested for you to pour it."


"Oh. Alright…" Sakura responded as she carefully washed the china plates from earlier that day. Ino nodded her head thoughtfully.


"Just don't let him get to your head, okay?"


"Why does he always want me doing everything?"


Ino shrugged and shook her head, "You're his Omega?"


"I'm not his anything ," Sakura seethed, stalking over to the cabinet and aggressively wrenching it open. She grabbed the bottle of Malbec that was standing prominently behind the glass.  


Steeling herself, she grabbed two new wine glasses and walked over to the other end of the kitchen. Her heart wouldn't stop hammering in her chest for the fear of what he may say or do to her. With one glance back to Ino for reassurance, she pushed through the wooden double doors that led into the dining room.


"Ah, there she is," she heared the deep and velvety voice hum as she entered the room.


The Captain regarded her with a sardonic smile, eyes roving her form. Sakura gulped as she subtly looked down at herself. She was dressed in a white button up blouse and fitted black pixie pants with black flats. Nothing entirely special, she thought. Nervously, she gripped the opened bottle of wine and stalked towards the two seated at the table.


"It's like she's been avoiding me," he chuckled to who  she assumed to be his wife. The pretty redhead let out a breathy laugh, throwing her head back and showing off the expanse of her neck.


Sakura gulped, rounding the Captain and placing the glass on the table, "Oh, she's a pretty thing, isn't she?" the redhead exclaimed.


Sakura furrowed her brow slightly as the woman looked at her as if she were some sort of modern marvel. With slightly shaky hands Sakura poured the wine. She was doing her best to pay no mind to the two Alphas, but she couldn't help but feel the Captain's gaze burning a hole in her back.


The redhead gasped as Sakura accidentally flinched, feeling a hand graze her behind. The contact startled Sakura and caused her to bump into the wine glass she had just poured- 


- Sending it to the ground and watching the red bleed all over their expensive and ornate rug…


"Oh you clumsy fool of a girl!" the woman shrilled as she abruptly got up from her seat. Sakura could feel the other Alpha sneer in delight, watching the scene unfold before him.


The Captain stood from behind her, getting a good look over her shoulder, "No matter, my dear," he began, "Why don't you go into my study and wait for me there. I'll be sure Ino and the Omega tidy this up."


Sakura shivered as he called her  Omega again. The redhead huffed and abruptly left the room, exiting through the sitting area.


The Captain clicked his tongue behind her, approaching so close he was practically standing over her, "Better get to work, little Omega."


To her surprise, she turned to see him taking his leave. He hadn't even tried anything. No touching. No teasing. No throwing her on the table and scenting at her gland.


And why did she feel slightly disappointed?


Sakura huffed out an annoyed breath as she walked briskly back towards the kitchen. She pushed through the doors and signaled for Ino, "I spilled wine."


"You what?" she asked, eyes wide as she immediately scrambled around the kitchen looking for a rag.


"I didn't mean to! I thought he was feeling me up so I got startled and spilled it."


Ino grabbed the rug cleaner from under the sink and jogged over to Sakura, "Please tell me you didn't spill it on Mei."




"The Captain's wife."


"Oh. No, I didn't."


Ino huffed out a sigh of relief, "Thank God. That woman doesn't let anything go."


Together they worked on the stain in the dining room, having pulled most of it up. Sakura was utterly terrified, unsure if the dye from the red wine would be able to disappear. But it seemed whatever magic stain remover Ino had used was able to get almost all of it up.


"I don't know what I'd do without you, Ino."


The blonde chuckled as she sat down on the ground. Sakura did the same, "Yeah, well, maybe if you're lucky I'll share the chocolate they got me from Belgium."


" Ohhh, Belgium," Sakura exclaimed, trying as hard as humanly possible to show her disdain for the rich and entitled couple as she threw her chin in the air all haughty.


Ino snickered, "That's about their only saving grace. They bring back the best gifts."


"Well, that's because they actually value you," Sakura responded, a solemn look spreading onto her face.


Ino returned her look in kind as she brought a hand to her shoulder, "I'm not even going to try and understand what you're going through, because it would be futile," she began, watching Sakura with a steady look, "But I've seen kindness in the Captain. It's fleeting, but maybe if he finds value in you he'll show you the same kindness he shows me from time to time."


Sakura looked down thoughtfully as she tried to process what Ino had said.


"As for Mei, she's just a straight up prissy bitch. All Alpha."


Sakura snickered, nodding her head in agreement, "I just don't see how it's possible. I'm an Omega… and he's an Alpha. He will only see me as beneath him, and treat me as such. That's just... how it is."


Ino watched Sakura thoughtfully, considering her words. She brought herself to a stand, extending her hand down to Sakura, "You can only hope that maybe he'll see you differently. At some point."


"All I see is hatred when I'm around him," Sakura responded, grasping Ino's hand and allowing her to hoist her up.


Ino let out a grunt as Sakura brought herself to stand, "Eh, I don't know. He seems like the type to be turned on by that."




The blonde winked and cocked a shoulder at her, "What? It's true…"


Sakura scowled as she watched Ino walk back to the kitchen. With a heavy sigh she leaned against the back of the ornate wooden chair, thinking about what Ino had said.


"I fucking hate you."


"Good. Use it."


A shiver ran up her spine and a deep frown set in. The man was truly vile if he got satisfaction over her distaste for him. No matter how alluring he really was.


But maybe Ino was right. Maybe if they found some common ground…?


Sakura shook her head, not really knowing what she was thinking. All he saw in her was as a vessel for pleasure. That's all she would be to him…


A wistful sigh escaped her lips as she traipsed around the sitting area next to the dining room. Unsure of what to do she sat down on the plush couch, hands clasped in her lap. She winced and brought a hand to her neck as her gland started to itch. It wasn't necessarily unpleasant but surprise overtook her as a heat bubbled low in her abdomen. The feeling was similar to what she felt when he had touched her. When she had been on top of him…


Sakura growled at the memory, trying her best to keep her thoughts free of just how amazing it felt. She abruptly stood, needing to shake off the buzzing in her brain.


But as she stood a cloud set over her. A heavy, authoritative, oppressive cloud. She wanted to cower. Wanted to run. But just as she was about to bolt to her room her gland began to sing. It was being called...


Alpha wants to be pleased…


She felt like she was floating. Out of the sitting room. Through the foyer. Down the dark hallway. Turning right at the kitchen. Down another dark hallway.


Breath still in her throat, she could see the amber glow from a fire lit in his office. Similar to the evening she had been in there with him. But something was different…


His scent.


It smelled… unsatisfied. Unfulfilled. Displeased.


Please your Alpha…


Sakura gulped and felt herself drawing closer to the large mahogany door. Arm slowly extending, she reached for the large expanse of wood, like a moth to a flame.


But something still wasn't right. Sakura furrowed her brow as she heard short gasps and panting. A moan here and there. Her emerald eyes widened as she peeked through the door. Her breath stilled.


She wanted to run. But she couldn't.


For before her were the two Alphas, the redhead thrown over the side of the leather couch as the Captain rutted into her from behind. They both were facing her, though their eyes were closed. Her shirt had been ripped open, breasts spilling out as he kneaded them with one of his palms.


The look on her face was of pure euphoria. Mouth hung open and sweat lining her forehead, she met him thrust after thrust. His hands were anchored to her hips, eyes squeezed shut and a look of sheer concentration on his face. He looked… almost pained. As if he were searching for something while poundinh into her.


But then his eyes snapped open. And her breath caught in her throat.


The black abyss of his eyes fixed on her emerald depths.


She should have moved. Should have run. Should have escaped. But she didn't. She remained; rooted to the spot.


She watched as he remained focused on her; watching her. Communicating with her but only with his eyes. A dark look set in his gaze as she sensed the air shift. His scent had changed to…


Desire. Want. A craving.


The Alpha's hooded gaze remained pinned to hers as he let out a guttural moan. He grasped Mei's hips harder, setting a punishing pace as he ruthlessly slammed into her.


Mei's face scrunched up and her mouth hung wide open, "Oh my god. Kakashi…"


Sakura fought back a look of surprise, " Kakashi?"


"Harder. Fuck me harder. Ah… that's it."


Her commands meant nothing to him. He continued staring at Sakura, spurred on by their unspoken connection brought on by their designations. She didn't know what to say, do, or think. What she was witnessing should have had her running for the hills but there she remained.


Come on Alpha. Cum for your Omega.


Something in him snapped, she could tell. He started to breath heavily, body shaking as he pounded into Mei, almost sending her over the edge of the couch. His hips snapped one final time and he let out a low growl. She could see his teeth were barred, eyes still focused on her and desire seeping out of him.


As if she found herself in a daydream, Sakura brought herself back to reality.


"Oh my God," she thought to herself as she swiftly turned around, running down the hallway from where she came. She peered into the kitchen to find Ino wasn't there. Unsure of what to do, she traipsed into the room, desperate to find something to do.


A few minutes passed as she idly cleaned the kitchen, needing to do something. She was too afraid to go to her room. The privacy would allow him to do whatever he wanted. And she wasn't quite sure what he was capable of doing to her just yet.


The sound of heels stalking up the hallway broke her out of her thoughts. Her heart stilled as she remained facing the sink, pretending to wash dishes that had already been cleaned.


She turned her head slightly, finding Mei hadn't stopped before the kitchen to say anything to her. She sighed a breath of relief, listening to the sound of her heels disappear down the hall and up the stairs.


Sensing she was off the hook, Sakura set her rag down beside the sink. A sigh escaped her lips as she prepared to turn and go up to her room for the evening, but stopped dead in her tracks once she turned to face the hallway.


'Kakashi' was standing at the entrance of the kitchen, leaning against the archway with a smirk plastered to his face.


Sakura remained rooted to the spot as he pushed off from the wall, clasping his hands behind his back as he studied her. He stalked around the kitchen island and that was when she found the strength to move.


Away from him.


Her actions caused a sneer to form on his face, "Are you running from me, little Omega?"




He tilted his head at her, "That was quite the stunt you pulled."


Sakura took in a deep breath, confirming that what had happened wasn't just a stroke or aneurysm, "I'm… I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."


He licked his lips, rounding the island to get himself closer as she backed away, "Oh but on the contrary, you should have. It was exhilarating."




She found herself backed into a wall and her eyes widened as he stalked over to her. Her chest rose and fell with every beat of her heart as she watched him approach her like the predator that he was.


"Oh come on, little Omega. Where's that feistiness I saw just a few nights ago? Hmmm?"


Sakura scowled and an excited look crept on his face, "You're sick," she bit out, realizing part of what Ino said was right.


"Oh sweetie, you have no idea."


And with that he was on her. Sakura yelped as he used his large Alpha body to pin her to the wall. She whimpered as he latched himself to her scent gland, fervently scenting her and rubbing every inch of his face against it. Knee wedged between her thighs, she was completely imobile. He snarled and growled against her neck as she remained motionless and unable to do anything.


He pulled back to look at her face with a wolfish grin, "Did you like it? Hmm? Did you like watching me fuck her?"


Sakura's breath stilled in her throat and she shook her head, a shiver running down her spine as he tutted and clicked his tongue.


"Oh, but I think you did. You want to know how I know?"


He brought his hands down to her thighs and hoisted her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around him, "Because I could smell you," he sneered, "You reeked of lust and want and jealousy. "


Sakura snapped her head up at that last word, "I was not jealous."


"Oh?" he asked, tilting his head and slowly rocking into her heat. Sakura bit her lip, willing her body to just stop giving in to him.


A slightly wicked grin took over her face, "Well, I could smell you too," she snapped and he threw her an amused look, "You smelled unsatisfied. Like she wasn't enough. That's why you could only finish once you saw me," she bit out, making a statement by rolling her hips into him.


"You're absolutely right. Aren't you a smart one?"




He chuckled lowly and gave her a dark look, "You want to know what I thought about?"


"N-No…" she replied half heartedly, biting her lip as he ground into her harder.


"Mmm, but I think you do. I can smell it. Feel it…" he breathed, glancing down at her heat and throwing her a toothy grin. She couldn't deny it. She was undeniably wet down there. Practically soaked through the fabric of her pants.


He groaned as he continued circling his hips into her. His length tented his dark pants and she could practically feel the outline of his cock.


"Fuck…" she felt herself spill out and a groan escaped him.


"I thought about how your sweet little cunt would feel wrapped around my cock. How your virgin pussy would resist me. How I would have to force my way because you'd be so. fucking. tight," he bit out, adding extra emphasis with a harsh roll of his hips.


Sakura breathed deep and hard, shooting him a steeling look, "You'll never have me like that."


He barked out a laugh, "You are my Omega. You do as your Alpha tells you."


Anger surged through her as she narrowed her eyes at him, "I don't have to do anything you tell me if I don't want it, Kakashi."


Her eyes widened as he froze, shoulders locked and top lip lifting into a snarl. She let out a strangled yelp as he lifted her from the wall and slammed them both onto the floor. It was similar to how he had forcibly yanked her on to the ground in his study.


Feelings from that night surged through her as tears started to brim her eyes. He climbed on top of her, grasping her hands in his and forcing them above her head.


"You want to try that again, Omega? Or do I need to teach you?"


She spat in his face and let out a scream, doing her best to kick her way out from under him.


"There's that feisty girl," he laughed and she let out a sob, tears streaming down her face and spit still on his cheek. He let her hands go momentarily and she slapped him across the face.


He looked back at her with a crazed look in his eye, "Again. Do it again."


Sakura shook her head viciously, "You're fucking sick."


"Baby, the faster you realize just how sick this whole relationship is supposed to be, the faster you'll accept it and give in," he snarled, wrenching himself off of her and bringing himself to a stand. He stepped over her without even giving her a second look. Stalking out of the room, he left her there. Alone.


Tear stricken, she shook on the floor as she cried violently. She was so confused. So torn apart. And he didn't even care. He only saw her for one thing and one thing only.


He'd never see her as anything else.



Chapter Text









The victorian manor had been polished and cleaned from head to toe. Ino and Sakura spent most of the past week on their hands and knees, scrubbing any hardwoods and marble they could find until the house was spotless. The entire week was a constant flurry of cleaning linens and floors and any surface they could get their hands on, all whilst having to deal with Mei’s commanding and authoritative sneers any time she encountered them. 


But not the Captain. 


Sakura hadn’t had a proper interaction with him since that one evening. That whole week she had only seen him in passing: rushing around a corner to his office and immediately locking the door, disappearing behind the many shadows of the manor or leaving early in the morning and returning late at night. Whenever she would see him, he’d look utterly exhausted. 


She wasn’t sure why she missed his presence. 


Whenever she found herself in the perplexing situation of missing him, she would convince herself that it was just her Omega talking. In all her life she had never experienced a want and fear so great as when she was in the presence of the Captain. His words and possessive nature scared her, but only spurred on her Omega. That in it of itself was enough to terrify her, the knowledge that a part of her had the power to completely surrender to him, no matter what her mind was screaming at her. She should consider herself lucky that in all of their encounters, she was able to break through and say no. She just wasn’t sure how much longer that would last. 


Sakura sat in the clawfoot tub, soaking in the aromatherapy soap that Ino had lent her. The soothing scent of the jasmine was enough to help ease her mind and quell the memories that were a constant plague to her psyche. Never before had she been touched that way by a man. Never before had she let someone speak to her the way he did. It sent a sinister shiver down her spine while, at the same time, made her toes curl. How she felt about him was completely schizophrenic, to say the least. 


The sound and feeling of a door slamming caused Sakura to be roused out of her thoughts and sit up a bit straighter in the tub. The slam caused a vibration to travel up the walls. Her bathroom was located directly above the front door, so she could only assume it was the Captain returning home from another long and weary day. Sakura glanced over to the alarm clock situated on her nightstand. If she squinted hard enough, she could tell it read ‘11:00pm’. 


That was a record. It had to have been. He was usually home by nine or ten in the evening, prompting a fight between him and the female Alpha. Sakura stilled her movements in the tub, craning her neck over the edge to listen for any footsteps or voices. 


Ahhh, right on cue. 


Sakura winced upon hearing the shrill of Mei’s voice from directly beneath her. 


“And just what do you think you’re doing? Coming home at this hour?”


“‘I’ve been busy.” 


“OH. You’ve been ‘busy’. So busy that you’re putting in 15 hour days and avoiding this house like the plague!” 


“I don’t have time for this. I’m going to my office.” 


She could hear them shuffling in the foyer. Maybe he was putting away his jacket? 


“I’ve been busting my ass getting this house ready for 'your’ guests tomorrow and you think you have the right to just waltz in here after not being here all day?” 


She heard a sardonic laugh coming from him. 


“I’m sorry, since when was it my job to be here and supervise? And you haven’t done shit getting this house ready. You hate cleaning, Mei. That’s Ino and the Omega’s job.” 


Sakura winced at him calling her ‘Omega’. 


“Fine. Go hide in your office. Go avoid any family that you have here.” 


“You call this a family? What we have? You must be delusional if you think you and I are a loving family."


And then there was silence. 


Sakura held a hand over her mouth. Their fights always began with ‘Where have you been’ and ended with ‘I’m going to my office’. They never spiraled into what she had just heard. She couldn’t help but feel… bad for them? Based on what she had just heard, it was almost as if he were admitting he didn’t love her. Didn’t care how she felt. Didn’t care to spend time with her. 


But she sympathized with him as well. She wasn’t exactly a ‘loving’ wife. She was extremely vapid and offered nothing interesting to their relationship. Mei was the quintessential ‘trophy wife’, if you will. Perfect face. Perfect hair. Perfect body. 


Sakura winced, looking down at her hands, realizing she had been clenching her fists so hard her nails had dug into her palms. A nasty habit of hers. 


The pink haired girl sighed as she finished cleaning herself in the tub. She climbed out slowly, careful not to slip on the marble floor of the bathroom. A towel she had laid out before she got in the tub still lay on the sink. She tied her hair into a quick messy bun before toweling herself off and making her way into the modest bedroom. 


Right as she crossed the threshold into the room her gland started to itch. It was just a twinge, really. Nothing compared to the intensity she had felt that one evening when she had watched him and Mei. 


Though she couldn’t help but focus on it. The humming. The crooning. That increasingly familiar tension caused her to crane her neck, stretching the gland and ebbing the budding tightness she was feeling. She tried her best to ignore it as she traipsed to the edge of her twin bed. A short ivory nightgown had been laid out, probably by Ino. Sakura really ought to thank her for lending her so many things. She picked up the gown in her hands, feeling the softness of the fabric between her fingers. 


After putting it on she smoothed down the fabric, loving how it felt against her skin. She was just about to get in bed when she felt the tightness her in gland growing more intense. The more she tried to shake it off, the more the tightness would fight back. She knew what it was by now. She wasn’t ignorant to his calls anymore. 


Though, the more inquisitive she became, the more she began to unfurl that maybe he wasn’t doing this voluntarily. Upon allowing herself to scent for him, she furrowed her brow in confusion. 


Stress. Trepidation. Uncertainty. 


Confusion overcame her. Then the pull. A curiosity set in as she found herself turning towards her bedroom door. She bit her lip, thinking quietly to herself as she mulled over her options. She could give in to her curiosity and check to see if he was alright. Then again she could be leading herself into the lion’s den once again, him completely abusing his power over her, thus sending her into a sobbing and fitful mess. 


But then she remembered Ino’s words. “I’ve seen kindness in the Captain… maybe if he finds value in you he’ll show you the same kindness.” 


Her words had resonated with her to a point, but then again he had completely dissolved any hope she had when he forced himself on her once more. Though, this seemed different. His scent… it wasn’t authoritative. It wasn’t oppressive. 


It was vulnerable; open. 


With a sigh she grabbed the silk robe that matched with the nightgown. She opened the door to the bedroom, making sure to open it slow enough that it wouldn’t make a sound. She tiptoed along the old hardwood floors, wincing whenever she heard a creek from underneath her. Gliding down the large mahogany staircase, she scanned the spaces that she could get a clear view of, finding the lower floor seemed to be devoid of any late nighters. 


Making her way down the familiar dark hallway, the only lights that lit her path were made by the sconces lining the walls. She turned right at the kitchen, finding herself looking down the familiar stretch of hallway that lead to his office door. It was cracked open, as it usually was. The glow from a fire lit the crack as it beckoned her forward. The familiar pull took over as she glided down the hallway, quiet as a mouse. She took a breath once she approached the door and brought a hand up to cover her gland, the tension becoming a bit too much to bear. She tried her best to shake it off as she peered through the crack in the door. 


He was at his desk, sitting in his chair as he methodically looked over a stack of papers sprawled out in front of him. A drink was set next to him as he scribbled away, an unfamiliar look of concentration on his face. 


Sakura gulped as she tried to muster up some courage to make her presence known. A shaky hand emerged next to her and she looked beside her to find that she was raising her hand to the door, as if to knock. Steeling herself, she closed her eyes as her first connected with the door, rapping softly as not to startle the Alpha. 


She watched as he lifted his head from his papers, an unfamiliar look of surprise filtering to his face. He was wearing a pair of readers, eyes wide and mouth hung open slightly as she remained rooted to the spot behind his door. But the look of surprise was fleeting, for he almost immediately looked back down at his work, resuming the writing of his pen. 


“You should be in your room, Omega.” 


Sakura let out a breath, forcing her gaze down and clasping her hands, "I-I heard you and Lady Mei. I was in the bath and…" 


The Captain brought his gaze back up, removing his readers as he watched her intently, "And?" 


"And… I was just wondering if you were okay," she replied softly. 


He stared at her and she wasn't quite sure what to do. She bit her lip and played with her clasped hands, unsure if she should just walk away or wait for whatever was about to happen to her. Either way, she was completely regretting her decision to check on him entirely.


But she let out a surprised gasp as he dropped his pen on the desk and clasped his hands together. He nodded his head, beckoning for her to come into the large office. She pushed the door open, allowing herself to come into full view. Just then she remembered her choice of dress, looking down and realizing what she was wearing was a tad… revealing. She shrunk into herself, pulling her robe tighter as to cover her hardened nipples. A labored breath escaped her as she noticed his gaze racking over her exposed body. 


"Come, little one." 


Sakura tilted her head slightly, perplexed by him not calling her by her title. A heat spiked in her belly when he called her that, though she wasn't quite sure why. 


Regardless, she obeyed his order and slowly walked to his expansive desk. His dark gaze never left hers as she stood in front of him. 


"You look beautiful." 


She furrowed her brow, face contorting into a confused look, "I-I what? I mean… thank you." 


A smirk emerged across his face as he leaned back in his chair. She suddenly began to feel uncomfortable, wishing she could just turn on her heel and briskly take her leave. 


"Where did you get that gown?" 


"Oh, um… I think Ino left it out for me." 


"Hmmm, well I'll make sure to have her do some shopping for you then." 


Sakura shook her head fervently, "Oh no. I couldn't ask you to do that."  


The Captain let out a short laugh, "Well it doesn't really matter if you feel that way. I'll ask her to anyhow."


Sakura cast her gaze downward, unsure of why he was being so kind to her. He was still watching her; studying her. The fact that he wasn't already forcing himself on her intrigued her in a way. It made her... want to be in his presence somehow. 


"So," she began, bringing her hand up to tuck a stray hair behind her ear, "Are you alright? I haven't seen you in awhile…" 


An amused look appeared on his face as he leaned forward in his chair, "Have you missed me, little one?" 


"No!" she squeaked with a horrified expression on her face, "Well, not exactly. I mean-"  


"It's alright. Your secret is safe with me." 


She wrinkled her nose at him as he studied her once more. A slightly disappointed feeling overcame her as he sighed and glanced down at the multitude of papers lining his desk, "Anything I can do to help?" 


"No. Not with his."




"And if I did, need help… I don't think you'd like it very much." 


Sakura brought her gaze to his. A dark look settled in his stare. She knew what he meant. Knew that he wanted her to make him forget. Make him feel good. And that wasn't even the scary part. What terrified her was that she wanted to make him forget. Wanted to be the one that made him feel good. Despite all of the horrible things he had said to her, she still found a curious part of her wanting him.


She let her lips part and she licked them, watching as the dark abyss of his gaze flickered down to her mouth, "You don't know that…" she whispered. 


She watched as he flared his nostrils and leaned back in his chair. A shaky breath escaped her as she studied his outfit. He left a few buttons of his dress shirt unfastened and had the sleeves rolled to just below his elbows. She could see the muscles in his forearms tensing as he placed them on his stomach, hands clasped. 


"Then show me." 


A shiver ran down her spine and her gaze darkened. Something took over upon hearing his command. She let a hand trace the edge of his desk as she glided around it. Her robe spilled open once she let go of the death grip she had been using to hide herself.


Apprehension took over as she stood in front of him. He was looking at her expectantly with a raised eyebrow and amused smile, "Make me feel good, Omega ." 


His command lit a fire in her and she suddenly found herself removing the silk robe she had been wearing. Her eyes almost slid shut as she felt his roaming her body, desire lighting the black orbs. 


A pale leg lifted and spread his legs apart. He let out a contented sigh and lifted his gaze as she straddled him by lifting her other leg. She fit perfect over him and placed her hands on his shoulders for balance. 


It felt so different, this interaction compared to how he normally treated her. The softness of his touch had her shuddering against him. The trailing of his hands up her sides and to her shoulders to pull her straps down made her sigh. His hot mouth against her neck had her moaning out loud. 


She craned her neck to the side so he could get better access to her gland. A hand drifted to the back of his neck as she grabbed his hair, using it as an anchor as he continued his work on her neck. 


"Oh, God…" she breathed and gripped his hair harder as she began to feel his hardness rubbing against her.


"God isn't doing this to you, little Omega," he growled and brought his gaze back to hers, "Now… show me what you can do." 


A moan escaped her and she bit her lip. Curiously, she trailed her hands down the soft fabric of his shirt. A low rumble left his lips as she hooked her fingers into the hem of his pants. Getting the hint, he quickly made work of unfastening them and sliding them down his legs, "Did you want my cock, little one?" 


Sakura whined and nodded her head, not knowing what she was saying yes to in the slightest. She didn't care. She just wanted to get as close to him as possible.


He hissed as she reached down between them and palmed at his length. A shudder left her lips as she grasped his hardness, getting a good idea of his size. She bit her lip and bounced on top of him, letting out a whimper at the barrier between them. 


"What do you need, little one? Tell me." 


She blushed, biting her lip as she rocked against him, "This. I need this," she murmured, palming his length once more. 


"Ah, ah…" he tutted, "Use your words. Be a good Omega and tell me exactly what you want." 


"I-I want your… cock." 


"Oh, I think we can do better than that. You want what?" 


"I want your cock." 


"That's better. And do you want to do with my cock?" 


Sakura whined, rubbing herself harder into him, " Alpha…" 


He groaned below her, trying to remain focused as he kept his gaze on hers, "Tell me. Tell me what you want with my cock." 


Sakura bit her lip, that familiar darkness bubbling inside her as she fixed him with a fiery look, "I want your cock… so I can rub my pussy against it and make myself come all over you." 


The Alpha's eyes widened slightly and she smirked. He obviously wasn't expecting to hear that and he remained frozen. She clicked her tongue and reached between them, using her last bit of courage to extract his hardened and weeping length. 


She gave it a few pumps before removing her hand and lowering herself along his shaft. His breath caught in his throat as she began to move along his length, her slick making it easy to glide back and forth. 


Desire took over and she threw her head back. His hands gripped her waist and his face displayed a look of sheer concentration.


"That's it, good girl…" he crooned as they worked together in their movements. He guided her hips above him as she fit herself along his shaft. She let out a breathy moan as she reached his tip, noticing he'd angle his hips in a way that made him slide into her entrance ever so slightly.


"Oh!” she yelped as he slipped into her a bit further. She found that she didn’t mind, her heat immediately opening for him with little resistance. 


He snarled below her, lifting his mouth to her jaw to nip and lick at it, “Oh you like that? You like my cock teasing you?” 


Sakura nodded her head and hesitated, pulling his head back by his hair and forcing him to look into her heady emerald gaze. She bit her lip and continued watching his eyes as she lifted herself, bringing his cock with her. He was only in as far as the tip and that was as far as she was willing to go. He didn’t seem to pay any mind, eyes practically rolling to the back of his head as she began grinding his tip. 


“My God…” he choked and she smirked above him. 


“God isn’t doing this to you,” she goaded, sinking back down onto his tip with every flick of her hips, “Your Omega is.” 


He let out a growl as his eyes snapped to hers, darkness and desire filling the black depths. His jaw clenched and unclenched as he let out labored breaths at her efforts. She found that she liked making him feel good. She liked watching him squirm underneath her. Liked watching him surrender. 


The shrill sound of a telephone caused them to stop abruptly, looking over to his desk as rotary dial telephone continued ringing. The Alpha reared its ugly head and snarled beneath her, reaching for the phone and barking a "What?!"


Sakura made a move to remove herself from him but a firm hand on her hip stopped her. She blinked, watching his face as it contorts into a sneer, “You need me now? Get someone else to take care of it.” 


She winced as he let out a discontented snarl, “I am your superior officer. I am the superior officer and I’m telling you to find someone else.” 


After a few murmurs and sneers he slammed the receiver down with a force so hard it practically broke the telephone. She jumped slightly and slowly moved to get off of him. He didn’t stop her this time. Smoothing down her nightgown she picked up her robe and slowly put it back on. 


“Do you have to leave?” she asked, voice barely a whisper. 


He leaned back in his chair, running an agitated hand through his unruly silver locks, “Yes. We have a situation at the border.” 




“You should go back to you room. Get some rest for tomorrow.” 


She blinked. Right, he was having the other officers over to the manor for a formal meeting. Drinks and dinner. The whole shebang. She nodded her head, backing away from him as he stood from his chair. He brushed past her and made his way to the chaise lounge chair where his uniform jacket lay. 


He looked back behind him, giving her one last command before disappearing behind the door. 


“To you room, Omega. I won’t tell you again.” 



The manor was bustling with workers and help for the last bit of preparation. Sakura had never seen the mansion so alive. All morning she had been helping Ino prepare. She had never seen the blonde so stressed in the small amount of time she had been stationed there. 


“Ino, are you sure you don’t want me to just-”


“No, no, no- I’ve got it. Trust me,” Ino replied, shooing Sakura away as she placed the roast in the oven. Ino sighed and looked over towards her, giving her an apologetic look, “Sorry I’m just… anal about these things,” she said as she brought a hand to wipe her forehead. 


“I just feel so useless…” 


“Don’t! Please don’t this is just me being me.” 


Sakura shrugged, “If you insist.” 


“If you really want to help and you don’t mind…” Ino began, turning and watching Sakura warily, making her a tad nervous. 




“Well, some of the other officers have already arrived and probably need a drink. Would you mind going out there and asking?” 


“You want me to go do that? I’m not a waitress!”


“Well, you are tonight!” 


“Ino, come on! There’s a room full of Alpha’s out there! You may as well just serve me on a spit.” 


Ino huffed and made her way over to the agitated pinkette, “The Captain is out there. In his eyes, you are his Omega. He won’t let anything happen to you.” 


Sakura chewed her lip in thought. She supposed Ino was right. After last night, she wasn’t exactly sure where they stood but regardless, his possessiveness would ultimately take over if his control over her was threatened. 


With a deep breath Sakura turned, facing the door to the dining and sitting area where the Alpha’s most certainly were. She could already smell the cigar smoke, trickling in from underneath the door. With a steeling breath she pushed the door open, squaring her shoulders and putting a smile on her face. 


She walked several paces over to the sitting room and immediately began scanning for the Captain. Her gaze settled on him sitting in one of the armchairs, talking to another man with brunette hair and nursing a toothpick in his mouth. They were all dressed in their uniforms, though she could tell her Alpha held the highest rank out of all of them. His uniform was donned in all various types of metals, badges and stars reflecting rank. She watched as his nostrils flared and jaw clenched. 


He had scented her. And he didn’t seem entirely pleased. 


His agitated scent immediately hit her, sending her into a flurry of emotions and contemplating whether or not she should flee. 


Before she could do anything the other Alpha who was seated in the armchair next to his lifted his gaze to look at her, eyes immediately widening and mouth lifting into a smirk, “Ah, this must be your Omega.” 


The other officers turned to look at her and she suddenly felt incredibly small under their scrutiny. 


“Come, Omega. Let’s get a better look at you.” 


She obeyed the command of the stranger and walked slowly towards the center of the sitting room, hands clasped in front of her as she cast her gaze down. 


“Well, she knows good posture,” the brunette sneered and Sakura winced as the other Alpha’s laughed. Her eyes lifted slightly to look at The Captain. He was studying her as the other Alphas were, though he was still exuding the same displeasure of her being in their presence. 


“Oh, she looks fun to play with. Prettier than mine that’s for sure. You hit the jackpot, Hatake,” the man said as he moved to get up from his chair but the Captain halted him by grabbing his arm in one swift movement. 


“That’s enough. And that’s the longest you ever get to look at her, Shiranui.” 


The Alpha grumbled and sat back down in his chair. The Captain threw his gaze back to her, “Why did Ino send you out here?” 


“She wanted me to ask about drinks, sir,” she replied meekly. 


She saw him nod through the curtain of her pink hair, “Have Ino go into my office and grab the dark liquor. Help her with the glasses.” 


With a swift nod she immediately backed away and made her way back to the kitchen. She pushed the door open to find Ino right where she left her. The blonde swiftly turned upon her entrance, “So?” 


Sakura shrugged, “He asked for you to fetch the dark liquor in the cabinet in his office and just some glasses.” 


Ino sighed but nodded her head, “Easy enough.” 


The two girls got to work, Ino rushing down to his office to grab whatever dark liquor she could find. Sakura extracted every tumbler and highball glass she could find from the china cabinet, placing them delicately on the kitchen island and making sure they were clean. Once Ino returned with the liquor they prepared the bar cart with everything he had requested. 


“Let me push it out there and you can help me pour?” 


Sakura threw her a confused glance, “Huh?” 


“Pour the drinks,” Ino clarified, “Usually at gatherings like this the men don’t pour their own drinks.” 


“Oh… okay.”


Ino nodded her head and began pushing the cart through the door, “Just follow me.” 


Sakura followed Ino back out through the dining room and into the sitting area. She immediately froze and wanted to shrivel up into a ball and roll away upon seeing that Mei had now made her appearance. Sakura fought hard to hold back a scowl as she settled herself next to the Captain, her arm slung around his shoulder and his around her waist, tracing small circles into her hip bone. 


“Oh! Marvelous idea with the drink cart, Ino,” the female Alpha shrieked and Sakura felt a mild amount of satisfaction upon catching a wince from the Captain. 


“Oh, you know. Just trying to be efficient,” Ino replied as she motioned for Sakura to help her hand out the glasses. 


Sakura could already feel Mei’s penetrating stare boring into her back, “Don’t spill anything this time, Omega. Would you believe this clumsy little thing almost spilled red wine all over that beautiful ornate rug that we had imported from China!” 


The Alphas laughter roared throughout the room as Ino shot Sakura a sympathetic look. Despite Mei’s words she handed her a decanter filled with whiskey. She carefully popped the top off and turned to the nearest Alpha, pouring the liquid into his glass with ease. 


I’ll show that prissy Alpha bitch. 


The Alpha in front of her had dark skin and even darker hair, a cigar in his mouth as he raised his glass to her, “She seems to have a steady hand, Mei. Maybe she just doesn’t like you,” the Alpha laughed, causing the others to join him. 


Sakura heard Mei scoff as she turned her attention back to the Captain, “So what was that nasty business you had to deal with last night?” 


Another Alpha chimed in, “Oh, we just had to convince this one to help us with a bit of trouble at the border.” 


Omega trouble?” Mei asked and Sakura could swear she heard her voice being directed towards her. 


“What else?” the man said with a sigh. 


“Oh but you love when they cause a ruckus, don’t you darling?” she asked and Sakura immediately turned around to meet his gaze. 


“He told us to find someone else first! We had to convince him!” another Alpha piped in and Sakura found her gaze bouncing from Alpha to Alpha, not believing what she was hearing. 


“Oh, tell us what happened! We’re dying to know.” 


The Captain refused to say anything as Sakura stared at him, terrified for what she was about to hear. 


“Well, what always happens! We caught a few Omegas trying to jump the border. So he commanded us to do what he always does." 


"Which is?" Mei sneered. 


"Well, he tells us to remove an eye of course."


Sakura froze, looking to the Alpha next to him as he took a swig of his whiskey. She felt bile rising in her throat as she looked at the Captain, still refusing to meet her gaze. Anger and fear surged through her as she walked back to the drink cart, slamming the decanter down onto the surface and turning to exit the sitting room. 


She ran up the stairs, mind in a haze as fear overcame her. Fear of who she was. Fear of what could happen to her because of who she was. Fear of what she had gotten herself into with the Captain who orders the fate of many Omegas just like her. 


She slammed the door to her room with an almighty bang and dropped to her knees. She dug her nails into her scalp as she screamed and wailed. She wanted to leave. Wanted to escape this prison. Wanted to get away from that monster. 


Sakura flipped herself over on the ground as she felt the door to her room being ripped open. Her fearful gaze met his angry sneer as she scrambled away on her back, trying to get as far away from him as possible. His gaze was dark and penetrating as she cowered on the ground. She was about to let out a scream but he approached her with lightning speed, wrenching her off of the ground throwing her onto the bed. 


A sob escaped her as he began peeling of his jacket, throwing it to the ground, “You’re a fucking monster!” 


The Alpha snarled as he violently grabbed her leg, yanking her towards him and using his other arm to grab the back of her neck to bring her face to his, “Yes. I am a monster. And before you open that smart fucking mouth of yours again and say you hate Alphas, let me save you the extra breath by saying I hate Omegas. I hate you all.” 


She watched in disbelief as he threw her back on the bed, using his free hand to rip her shirt from her. She fought with everything in her but it only seemed to spur him on. She kicked and he dodged. She punched and he blocked.


“Stop fighting me! It’ll only make it worse,” he snarled and she kicked out her leg once more, sending him slightly off balance but he swiftly grabbed both of her hands in his, sending them above her head as he laid himself on top of her, trapping her legs as well.


Tears streamed down her face as she prepared herself for what was about to happen. She sobbed harder when he started licking her tears away and rocked against her at a ruthless pace. His hardness was jutting into her panties, causing him to growl against her tear stricken face. A hand traveled down the two of them as he yanked her panties to the side. They were slightly wet, her Omega appearing every now and then but Sakura was too devastated and heartbroken to feel anything but crumbling fear. 


The Alpha snarled above her as he removed his aching cock from the confines of his pants, “You’ll learn to hate it too, little one. You’ll learn to hate the constant and incessant need that you feel. The voice in your head that won’t shut the fuck up. The lack of control of your own body. All because you,” he sneered as he pressed his tip against her folds, causing her to cry out at the unwanted intrusion, “ You Omegas cause it. You cause us to practically lose our damn minds. Reduce us to fucking animals.” 


He pressed his tip inside her and covered her mouth with his hand, “So yes. I hate Omegas. You hate Alphas. Use your hate, and we’ll get along just fine.” 


And with that final sneer he removed himself from her. She lay on the bed, legs splayed open and eyes staring lifelessly at the ceiling. He didn't utter a single word as he traipse around her room, gathering his clothing. He didn't say he was sorry. Didn't say goodbye. Just left her like he had the previous night; alone. Alone in fear. Alone in uncertainty. Alone in pain. 


Just… alone. Broken.




Yikes. Still with me? 


Chapter Text










She wasn't sure how long she had been lying there. The crying had stopped maybe an hour ago. Shaking; a half hour. Ache in her lower body; maybe… fifteen minutes or so. 


Sakura had been lying in a fairly comatose state for about a full hour. She was alone with nothing but bitter thoughts and painful memories to keep her company. What hurt the most was the laughter she kept hearing from below.


There she was, hurt and broken as she lay on her extremely uncomfortable twin bed while the officers were laughing and gallivanting just below her. It left a bitter taste in her mouth. 


A sneer formed on Sakura’s face as she thought of that man. She thought she could pick up his voice below her and it made her want to scratch at her ears. She hated him. Hated him more than anything she's ever hated before. 


And she'd make sure he knew that. 


As she stewed in bed she thought back to when this all started. When she was on the bus with all of the other Omegas. How smug she was. Thinking she had all of this shit figured out. 


Oh how wrong she was. How childish. A naive little Omega. 


A tear trickled down her cheek as she remembered her promise to her mother. How she promised not to give in. To fight the Alpha and his appetites. To fight the animal that lived inside them. And she failed. Without even so much as a second thought. She had given in. Allowed the Alpha to penetrate her mind. Lick at her psyche and seduce her with his touches. 


His touches…


Another tear trickled down her cheek. 


What a fool she was. She wished to claw at her head and scream. She had been so easy. Practically humping his cock with everything in her and presenting him with her gland like she was completely ready to offer herself up to him. Completely dismissing the fact that he had said such horribly cruel things to her. And tonight was no different. 


Such a fool…


Sakura finally flipped over on the bed. She didn't bother to clean up, brush her teeth or change her clothes. She didn't have the energy. Didn't have the motivation. She just wanted to sleep and have a moment's peace if the universe allowed.


She wished to forget the day. Forget who she was. Forget who he was. 


Forget what she wished they could be… 



The next morning was met with an eerie feeling in her gut. She dragged out her morning routine as long as she could. 


She got up, took a long bath, dressed and mentally prepared herself to emerge from her room after that embarrassing display she made just several hours ago. As she made her way to the door she placed a hand on her chest, doing her best to calm her rapidly beating heart. What she was so terrified of? She wasn't completely sure. It was entirely certain that the Captain was there, but he had recently been staying away from the house so it was unlikely. She could deal with Mei and ignore her sneers. 


With a steeling breath she grasped the handle and pushed the door open, peering down the familiar hallway. She allowed herself a moment to crane her head and listen, finding the house was more quiet than usual. There was no music playing. Usually, she could make out a few notes of Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald somewhere in the house, indicating the Captain was present. But she was met with silence instead.


Sakura let out a sigh of relief as she softly padded down the hallway. It was cool on her bare feet, the crisp air of the fall morning trickling in through the floorboards. She descended the wide staircase slowly, looking around the bend and making sure she couldn't see Mei through the sitting room. 


Seeing that the coast was clear, she made her way to the end of the stairs, immediately lifting her nose into the air and letting out a pleasurable sigh. 




Sakura bounded for the kitchen, suddenly realizing how hungry she was. At the end of the hallway she saw the familiar blonde, busy in the kitchen. She had never been so happy to see Ino. 


A smiled emerged on her face as she walked up to the archway. Ino was busy at the stove, pouring batter onto a skillet. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail with a thick headband tied around her head. She was humming some tune as soft jazz played through the radio at the end of the counter. 


Ino turned and a look of surprise and relief quickly consumed her face as her gaze set on Sakura. 


"Oh, thank goodness!" she exclaimed, rounding the island between them and extending her arms. She scooped Sakura into a tight embrace, which she took willingly.


When she pulled away Ino immediately shot her a sympathetic look, "I'm so happy you're okay. I swear all I wanted to do was leave that wretched party but Mei wouldn't have it. And when the Captain went up and followed you…" 


Sakura cast her gaze away. She shook her head to try and rid away the tears as the memories came flooding back. His rough hands. The yanking. The pulling. The unwanted intrusion.


She pulled away from Ino, wiping a stray tear from her cheek, "I'm alright-" 


"Did he hurt you?"


Sakura froze, not knowing what to say. She looked down and shut her eyes. Ino's knowing stare… she just couldn't face it.


"I'd really rather not talk about it. He just… messed with my mind a bit." 


Ino maintained her stare, unconvinced. Sakura was in no state to recount what had happened between her and the Captain last night. If she did, she would be reduced to tears. 


So she did what she thought was the next best thing: deflect, "So you made pancakes? They smell amazing." 


Ino blinked at her and Sakura figured she got the hint, "O-Oh, yes. I figured you could use a nice breakfast. The Captain and Mei will be out all day and most of the evening. There's some big meeting in the city." 


Sakura nodded her head, taking her seat at the kitchen island and watching Ino as she made her way back around to the stove. Ino groaned, finding the pancake she had left on the skillet was now thoroughly burnt. 


"So, I have a few errands to run, per the Captain and her heigness," Ino said with a shimmy and a smirk that Sakura could practically hear, "I was thinking you could come along with me." 


Sakura's eyes widened slightly as she watched Ino from behind, "Seriously? I mean- I can come with you?" 


"Sure! I mean, as long as you're accompanied by someone who isn't another Omega… then it's fine." 


Sakura nodded her head slowly, her words leaving a sour taste in her mouth. She could go out- as long as she wasn't by herself and she wasn't with another Omega. 




"So, what do we need to do?" 


"Oh the usual. Grocery shop for the week, pick up the dry cleaning and… I think a shipment came in for you. Not sure what but we need to stop by the post office." 


Sakura furrowed her brow, wondering where and whom it could be from. She shrugged and nodded her head as she crossed her arms in front of her, "Sounds easy enough."


Ino clicked her tongue, placing a plate of pancakes in front of her along with some syrup. Sakura licked her lips, not remembering the last time she had a more delicious looking breakfast. Ino shot her a satisfied smile, gathering up her own plate and taking her place next to Sakura. 


And the two friends ate in companionable silence.



They spent the first part of the morning at the market, getting everything they needed for the week's breakfasts and dinners. They picked up the dry cleaning at a local laundromat, though it looked different from any laundromat she was used to. It wasn't dark or moldy. Didn't have that light that always seemed to be missing a bulb. 


Everything about the city was pristine. Perfect. No blemishes could be seen anywhere. No trash littered the streets. No flashy or unnecessary signage or store fronts. 


It was sterile, to say the least. Lacked character. Sakura hated it. 


The two made their way to the post office; their last stop. Luckily Ino was only parked a few blocks away, so they opted to just walk. Sakura couldn't help but let her eyes wander, passer-bys eyeing her every so often, causing her to cast her gaze downward. 


"Why don't you wait out here? It's kind of small and I don't want your scent causing a stampede," Ino said, rousing Sakura out of her thoughts. She knew she meant well, but it still stung sometimes; being told what she can and can't do.  


Sakura nodded her head as Ino disappeared being the doors to the post office. She looked around for a place to sit, finding a bench a few paces away. It was situated underneath a recently peaked maple tree, the leaves a deep orange and red. 


She sighed as she sat down, crossing her legs and pulling down her skirt as to not attract unwanted attention. A breeze whipped around her, the leaves that had hit the ground circling her feet and brushing her hair against her cheek. A contented sigh escaped her as she welcomed the fresh and chilled air. 


Though that peaceful moment passed quickly. 


"Well, well, well… what do we have here?"


A shiver ran down her spine and she closed her eyes. She recognized that voice. That same, smooth, patronizing voice. 


"That's the last longest you ever get to look at her, Shiranui."


"What do you want?" she bit out, shifting away from him and the other officers who were around him. 


He gave her a toothy grin, making her feel more uneasy, "Oh, I just wish we could've seen more of you last night. You were quite the sight, little Omega." 


"Don't call me that." 


He and the others barked out a laugh, "I see why the Captain likes you. You're a feisty one." 


The man, Shiranui , began to approach her. The other officers stayed put, a look of amusement on their face as they watched the show. She sneered at them, moving further away on the bench as she clawed at the hem of her dress.


Sakura gulped as he sat down next to her, taking off his peaked cap and snaking his hand down to hers. She hissed and pulled away, as if she had been burned, "Don't fucking touch me." 


Shiranui snarled, "I'll touch you if I want to, Omega. And because you're just that. An Omega.


Sakura shivered, looking back towards the post office, wishing Ino would come storming out those double doors. She needed to get out of there. Needed to be back to the manor. The officers were surrounding her and she could tell scene was about to be caused. They were practically leering at her. 


"God, you smell divine, little Omega."


Sakura breath caught in her throat as he put his hand on her thigh, willing back the tears from the intense fear she was feeling. But just as she was about to shut her eyes she was hit with an overwhelming scent. 


His scent. 




Pine. Spice. Whiskey. Her eyes widened as she felt a cloud of fury coming towards them. 


" Shiranui!" 


The officers all straightened. Shiranui included, who immediately stood from his place on the bench. They all saluted their Captain as he stalked to the scene, radiating authority. 


Her breath caught in her throat as she took him in. Peaked hat donned in gold leaves, cap badge, and other embroidery in proportion to his rank. He was wearing his dark navy jacket, decorated with an assortment of badges and metals.


He reeked of power. 


Sakura didn't know what came over her. All thoughts of the night prior had escaped her as she jumped from the bench and flung herself to him. He welcomed her with open arms, enveloping her with his embrace as she felt him sneer at the other officers, "If I so much as see you breathe near her, I won't hesitate to bust you all down to beat cops. Do you understand?" 


The officers stilled but all nodded in unison, keeping their heads down as not to test the already irritated Alpha. She felt him nod above her and she closed her eyes, burying her face into his jacket and scenting him. It was soothing the Omega in her. Extracting a purr from her chest. A lull in her heart. 


"To your stations." she heard him bark. She immediately pulled her face away to watch as the officers shuffled away. She felt him relax slightly from underneath her, but there was still an underlying tension. The look on his face said it all: heated stare, working jaw, tightness in his throat. 


Sakura yelped as he grabbed her arm, forcing her to walk next to him as he lead her behind the post office. Just then the fear came rushing back. The memories from the previous night. The unforgivable things he said to her. The way he forced himself on her. Just as she was suspecting he would do now.


Once they rounded the corner he backed her up into the wall, nostrils flared and breathing ragged. 


"What are you doing here?" he suddenly asked, voice raspy. 


She shook her head, mouth hanging, "I-I… I was just accompanying Ino on her errands." 


" Every Alpha out here will be able to scent your availability. You have no idea how this works, do you?" 


Sakura shook her head, like the fool she was.


He let out a sarcastic laugh, snarling as he pushed against her, "So naive…"


And then he licked her. A long, hot open stripe along the entirety of her neck. The entirety of her gland. He had scented her. Made her his, temporarily. 


Sakura couldn’t help but moan, and that only seemed to spur him on. He gently nibbled at her gland and she felt a heat bubbling in her belly. She lost herself for a moment, bringing a hand up his body and snaking around to the nape of his neck. A growl was felt against her neck as he raked his hands up and down her body.


But then it hit her. How wrong it felt this time. How dirty it seemed.   


She wrenched away from him and he let out an animalistic snarl, teeth barred as he hovered over her.


"Don't you touch me… ever again, " she sneered, baring her own teeth at the Alpha as his lip lifted in anger. 


"You'll be begging for me soon enough, little one. You'll see," he breathed as he wiped the back of his hand across his lips. She didn't grace him with a response, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.


"I'll see you at home, Omega." he sneered and pushed away from her, a dark gaze settling into his black depths, "I look forward to you opening your gift." 


A shiver ran down her spine as she watched him slowly take his leave. His eyes roved her body once more as he did so with a look of sinister amusement. 


So the gift was from him...


She fixed him with a withering stare, doing everything in her power not to goad him into saying anything more. She couldn't give him that. 


Not a chance.





Sakura barked out a laugh as she stared down at the large white box.


He bought her fucking lingerie. And, funny enough, all in her size. Like he just knew. She scowled, picking up a black ensemble that was impeccably made with the most expensive fabrics. It was lace but felt like butter on her skin. She couldn't deny that they were all beautiful pieces of art. But they weren't anything she would ever catch herself wearing. There was an assortment of bras, underwear, garter belts and stockings. She shook her head and let out a sarcastic laugh


The gall of that man.


This wasn't a gift. No, this was a message. That she was there to serve him. Please him. 


Sakura stormed out of her room and bounded down the stairs. Anger continued to surge through her as she sped down the hall, past the kitchen and towards his office. It was closed this particular time but she didn't give the courtesy of knocking. She could scent he was there. And she could tell he was waiting for her.


With a newfound rage she wrenched open the door to find the Captain standing in front of a bookshelf, a text open in his hands and readers sitting at the tip of his nose. Just as she predicted, he didn't look at all surprised to see her. 


"I don't appreciate the gifts,” she suddenly spat, a look of indignation on her face as she crossed her arms.


“No?” he asked, not even looking up from his book.


"No, I don't." 


"Shame. They're not for you, anyway." 


She scoffed, "And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" 


The Captain shut the book closed and slammed it down to the end table next to him. She jumped slightly at the sound, watching an amused smile spread across his face as he slowly approached her. 


She backed away, knowing the last thing she needed was for them to be close, "Don't fucking touch me." 


"Oh, are we playing cat and mouse now? You know how I like to play games…" 


Sakura shuddered, hating when he sounded like that, "Please, stop." 


The Captain tilted his head at her, tutting and shaking his head. He crooked a finger and she shook her head fervently, already knowing what he was about to say. 


"Come, Omega." 




“If you don’t, then I’ll just command you.” 


Sakura furrowed her brow, a bemused look settling onto her face. Her look of confusion must have sparked something in him, for his eyes became more crazed and wild. 


“Oh, you don’t know about an ‘Alphas command’ do you? I’ve used it on you many times before.” 


A sinister shiver ran down her spine as he licked his lips. She could feel her nerves rippling through her at the look on his face. The Alpha squared his shoulders and flared his nostrils, focusing on her intently as he stared directly into her emerald gaze from where he stood, “ Come, Omega,” he repeated, voice sharp and heavy with authority. 


Sakura’s eyes widened as she felt a tingling sensation ripple up her body like an accordian. It started at her toes and ended at her fingertips. A look of shock overcame her face as she brought her gaze to the smirk that had emerged. It was so condescending she wished she could slap it right off. 


And just as he commanded, she felt herself floating towards him. Much to her dismay, the Omega in her had obeyed his order to approach.


“Sit, Omega,” he commanded once more. 


Sakura furrowed her brow and looked behind her at the arm of the couch. She took in a breath and gathered up her skirt slightly, sitting herself atop it. She watched the Captain with a steeled look as he walked forward, his heavy combat boots sending a shiver through her every time they connected with the floor. 


She had to stand her ground. Had to remember the promise she made to herself the night prior as well as before she came to this wretched house. No Alpha was inherently good. In her eyes, they were all evil, power hungry savages. A scowl set across her face as she remembered everything he had ever done to her. Everything he said to her. Everything he had taken. 


As soon as he approached her he grazed a hand up her exposed thigh. It took everything in her not to let out a moan or shudder underneath him. She couldn’t let him know. Couldn’t let him know how much of an effect he really had on her.


“What do we say when we receive gifts, Omega?” 


She huffed out a sardonic laugh as she glared up at him, “I didn’t want those gifts. I’m not thanking you for anything.” 


A growl escaped him as he gripped her thigh, shooting her a nasty glare, “You’ll thank me for whatever I do. Whatever I give, ” he bit out as he ground into her. She scowled at the fact that he was already so hard. 


“I don’t want anything. Especially from you.” 


“Oh, but you will,” he sneered as he brought his hot mouth to her neck, licking at her gland and almost sending her into a fit. The last bit of anger surged through her as she shoved him off, bringing her hand up to slap him across his face. 


He quickly recovered and grabbed her hand, shoving it behind her back but she kicked him square in the chest, sending him to the ground. Her breath stilled and for a split second she thought she was as good as dead, but she shuddered when a sinister laugh erupted from his chest. 


Anger lit up her penetrative stare as she brought herself to a stand. She stalked towards him on the ground, hovering over his body, “How long do you intend to do this? Command me and force yourself on me?"


“Until it sticks.” 


What sticks?” 


“That you have no choice. In any of this,” he sneered as he lifted himself up, towereing over her, “At some point, you’ll realise you can’t control the urges. That we’re nothing but animals. Nothing but slaves to our nature."


“Well, you’re wrong,” she spat, glaring directly up and into his black orbs.


He snarled, baring his teeth, “What makes you so certain, Omega?”


“Because I know I’m more than that.” 


He threw his head back and let out a short laugh, “Please. Save me the sob story.”


An overwhelming feeling of rage overcame her as she let out a snarl similar to his, “Then know this,” she bit out, pushing him square in the chest and sending him back onto the leather couch. She mounted him but placed a knee right above his groin. She didn’t want him receiving any enjoyment out of this. At all.


She snaked a hand around the back of his neck and grabbing a fistful of his hair. A growl escaped him at the force she used, “I will make this sordid relationship a living hell for you,” she seethed, hovering along his jaw, “I will do everything in my power to make you as unhappy and unsatisfied as I can.” 


She could feel him shaking with anger underneath her, “You want a war with me? Well then, Alpha, you've got one,” she seethed and let his hair go. 


He lets out a growl at her words, "Act as righteous as you want, little one. Soon you'll realize you can't fight it. When I go into rut or you go into heat, you'll be singing for my cock; my knot," he declared, baring his teeth and bringing his mouth up to her shoulder. He bit hard and drew blood, causing her to yelp in pain and shove herself off of him. She watched him take in a shuddering breath, blood smearing his bottom lip as he licked it up. When he brought his gaze to hers she did her best to remain unmoved, "I'll do what is required to break you, little one." 


"You won't break me. And my name is Sakura."


She remained stoic as the look in his eyes reflected complete and utter rage, having been pushed to the edge. She could practically see the flames light up his eyes, “You play with fire and you'll get burned, Omega.” 


Sakura returned his fiery stare, making sure she appeared as level headed as possible. The top of his lip was lifting into a snarl as he studied her. She was still on top of him, knee pressing into his aching cock as his hands splayed across her thighs. His nails threatened to dig into her porcelain skin, but she ignored it. She ignored the pain. Ignored his penetrating stare. Ignored his threatening authority. 


“Then I'll rise from the ashes. As many times as I have to." 




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Chapter Text









"I'm not fucking going." 


"Sakura, you don't have a choice."


“I don’t care! He can't make me!" 


Sakura paced the entirety of her bedroom, arms crossed as she frantically shook her head. Ino sat on her bed, chewing the inside of her cheek as she watched the agitated girl.


It had been another week since her confrontation with the Captain. Since then, he'd been in a constant state of agitation. She had been woken up several times by him and Mei's constant fucking. One evening she had caught them in the act once again, Mei bent over the kitchen counter as he slammed into her from behind. And of course, like the sick Alpha he was, he was only spurred on by her presence. Like he wanted her to catch him. 


And now he had the gall to ask her to go on some sort of birth control. 


"Sakura… don't think of this as you doing it for him. You're protecting yourself too. You need to do this." 


There was validity in what Ino said. She couldn't imagine having a baby with that wretched man. But what if she refused? Would it be enough to keep him away from her? Enough to persuade him not to carry out the act. If her body were left vulnerable then... maybe.


Then again, what if he didn't care? What if he were so callous and so power hungry that he would risk putting a baby in her if it meant his complete domination and control of her body?


The thought sent an ominous shiver down her spine upon realizing that the Captain would in fact be ruthless enough to do that. To be that manipulative.


"Alright," Sakura replied and Ino let out a sigh of relief, "I'll do it." 



With a nod of her head Ino stood, grabbing the jacket she had sitting beside her, "We should get going then. Your appointment is at ten." 


Sakura frowned at that, "So basically you and the Captain were just hoping I'd say yes?" 


"Pretty much. I mean, the man is wretched all things considered, but this I do agree with." 


Sakura nodded. That was fair. Ino walked towards her closet, grabbing a denim jacket and throwing it to Sakura for her to wear over her pale green dress.


They exited her bedroom and descended the stairs. The house was empty; the Captain out at work and Mei doing… whatever the hell it was that she did during the day. Grabbing their things, they exited the large manor and locked up. 


It was a short walk to the clinic. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. The trees had shed their leaves and were now bare, but the streets were blanketed in red and orange hues. Sakura loved the satisfying crunch of the leaves below her feet. 


"So, what do you know about contraception?" 


Sakura winced as she was roused out of her peaceful thoughts. Her knowledge of contraception was next to nothing, really. Growing up mostly on her own and at the Academy for Omega Girls, they never taught them about contraception. She knew about heat cycles and that it was an Omega’s most fertile period, but she was never taught how to prevent a pregnancy, let alone control her heats. 


Ino shot her a sympathetic look, "I'm guessing not much?" 


Sakura shook her head. As they walked, Ino looped her arm into Sakura's, pulling her closer, "Well, we have some time. I can give you a run down and maybe some recommendations?" 


Sakura smiled, "That would be great." 


Ino took a deep breath, squaring her shoulders as they continued to walk side by side.


She gave Sakura a crash course on… everything really. She started with the different kinds of birth control, which included: the pill, shot, patch and IUD. She also explained the importance of an Omega's use of suppressants and how they can make outings like this easier and not so harrowing. The suppressants would also help regulate her heats, which Sakura had yet to experience. Ino informed her that there was a possibility of her heat being induced upon her starting the suppressants, but that was just a risk she would have to take. 


Once they reached the clinic Ino turned to stop them, taking her hand in hers, "I know it seems the Captain has this hold over you, but please know that you can come to me about these things. I want to make things easier for you, if I can." 


Sakura gave Ino a soft smile as she squeezed her hand in reassurance, "I don't know what I'd do without you. Seriously. You make it… bearable to be here," she said with a small smile, trying to be positive even though she felt anything but that. 


Ino fixed her with a serious look, "Then I’ll keep doing my best." 


Sakura nodded her head and with a final squeeze of her hand, they both entered the clinic. 



"So… is your butt all sore?" 


"Just a little. Hurt like a bitch when she actually did it. So, it better be worth it."


"Hey, better than a baby coming out of you." 


The two girls giggled to themselves as they strolled down the sidewalk, iced coffee in hand. Sakura had told Ino how much she loved and missed ice coffee, so during her appointment Ino decided to surprise her and run to a coffee shop down the street. It made how she felt after the appointment practically disappear. She was beginning to realize how invaluable her friendship with Ino was. 


As they rounded the corner and the manor was in their sights, Sakura furrowed her brow upon hearing a loud banging in the distance, "Did you hear that?" 


Ino gulped down a sip of her coffee as she looked at the manor with a confused look. The girls both shared nervous glances as a maid ran from the house, face displaying sheer terror as she screamed and bolted down the street. 


They both rounded the hedges, picking up their pace to see what the hell was going on. They could hear loud banging and clashes, as if things were being thrown around inside.


"Oh, fuck ," Ino grumbled as she quickened her pace and ascended the stairs to the manor, a nervous tension radiating around her. 


"What?" Sakura asked, mirroring her nervousness. 


Ino didn't answer as she approached the door. She inhaled a large and shaky breath as she pushed it open, the girls immediately dodging a glass being hurled out and through the door. They both threw a quick glance at one another, eyes wide and breathing ragged. Sakura slowly glanced around the door and steeled herself. 


The Captain stood in front of the kitchen at the far end of the hallway, nostrils flared and chest rising and falling heavily. The house was a mess. Frames ripped from the walls. Furniture thrown upside down. Glass shards littered the floor. 


Ino looked at the Captain with a terrified expression, "S-Sir-" 


" OUT!" he raged as he began to ascend the hall. Ino squeaked, moving to close the door but he reached out his hand for her to halt, " You, get out. Not her," he clarified, pointing behind her and towards Sakura. 


She froze behind Ino, a sinister shiver running down her spine as terror seeped through her. The Captain stalked towards them, sweat permeating his entire body and drenching his expensive clothing, "Get out. Now.


"Captain, she's just had the shot she's not ready-" 


"Get the fuck out of this house before I tell you not to come back."


Ino froze as she shot him a look of disbelief. She turned to face Sakura, completely helpless as her mouth hung open. Words failed her. 


But Sakura squared her shoulders. She could handle him. She could fight him off. This was their war that she had declared. 


"I'll be fine, Ino. You go." 


The Alpha sneered behind her as she returned his penetrative stare. Ino nodded and turned to her, grasping for her hand and giving it a squeeze. Sakura maintained her heated exchange with the Alpha as she nodded, signaling for Ino to go. 


Sakura entered the manor as he stepped aside to allow her the space to step inside. Their eyes never left one another as they matched each other’s snarls. He pushed her against the closed door and she scowled when he bent down to scent her. 


She could feel him breathing in her scent. Rubbing at her gland. He lapped at it slowly, sucking it into his mouth as she shuddered. The Alpha pulled away, looming over her as he stared deep into her emerald depths.


Come, Omega…”  


She obeyed. And followed. 


Followed him through the foyer. Up the stairs. Down the hallway. And to a door she didn't recognize.


He and Mei’s bedroom, she pressumed. But Mei wasn’t there. She wouldn't be there. Not tonight. And Ino was told to leave...


Sakura closed her eyes. His rutshe could smell it. Smell his agitation. Smell his arousal practically seeping through his pants. She suddenly felt bile rise in her throat, awareness of what was about to happen settling in. 


What he expected of her. 


He made his way into the bedroom, shedding off the shirt he had sweat through. The Alpha turned to her, chest bare with a luminous shine, “On the bed.” 


“Alpha please-”


On the bed!” he commanded and she froze. A mix of fear and anger festered through her as she glared at him. 




The Captain stood in silence; for an agonizing few moments. His fists were balled to his sides as he glowered at her from beside the bed. She remained rooted to the spot as she maintained their withering stand off. 


With a tilt of his head he stalked towards her, placing his hands in his pockets. She could detect the smallest hint of a snarl forming on his lips as he approached her. Her breath caught in her throat as he extracted a hand. He lifted it and sensually brought it to her shoulder, rubbing it tenderly.. 


But then she found herself wincing in pain as he let out an animalistic snarl, grabbing a fistful of her hair and yanking. Hard. 


He kept pulling. Pulling hard enough so that she remained focused on him, "You know what happens when an Alpha is in rut? Hmm?" 


Sakura winced, trying to maintain her composure as she felt her hair being ripped out of her scalp. 


" Answer me." he seethed, baring his teeth as he glared down at her. 


"You're hurting me." 


"I don't fucking care. Answer your Alpha, Omega.


"I don't know what happens." 


The Alpha shot her a wicked sneer, clicking his tongue and shaking his head as if she were a naive little girl, "Well, there's only one way to learn I suppose." 


The Captain released the grip he had on her hair, grabbing her by the arm instead and wrenching her body over to the bed. All she could manage to do in that moment was stare at him, wide-eyed. 


"N-No… please," she stammered, yelping in surprise as he pushed her back onto the bed.  


He continued staring down at her, fire in his eyes as he unfastened his belt, unbuttoning his tight pants in the process. His cock was straining against its confines, she could tell just by looking. The Alpha let out a sigh of relief as he lowered his pants, length now tenting his underwear. 


Sakura gulped heavily, his cock seeming much bigger than what she had remembered from that one evening. He hissed as he lowered his underwear, cock springing free and bouncing right in front of her face.


It was red; angry. Like it was about to burst any second. He groaned as a bead of precum leaked from the tip, "Suck," he breathed.


She looked up at him, eyes wide. She shook her head fervently which only caused him to growl, wrapping a hand behind her head, " Suck, now. Lick that up like a good little Omega." 


Sakura whimpered at the force of his hand and lowered herself to the head of his cock. She took in a deep breath as she stuck out her tongue, lapping up the oozing wetness that had spilled from him. She grimaced slightly, not exactly enjoying but not disliking the taste either. 


"Now, take it. Take my cock, little one. I want to be inside of that hot mouth." 


She growled and turned her head away from him, but he only locked his fingers around her jaw to refocus her. He spat in his other hand and brought it to his aching hardness, jerking himself off ruthlessly in front of her face. 


"If you won't take it then I'll just come right on your face. How does that sound? Hmm?" he grumbled as he beat himself faster, fingers squeezing her cheeks and holding her in place. 


She squirmed beneath him but returned his heated stare, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of taking his cock in her mouth. 


The Alpha grunted, precum dribbling out of his cock as he thrust into his hand right in front of her face. She grimaced as the head kept hitting her lower lip. 


She could tell he was getting close. His face contorted into a look of sheer concentration as he stared intently into her emerald depths, "Where should I come? Hmm? You want my cum in your mouth? Or maybe those perky little breasts of yours?" 


Sakura wrenched her face from his hold, shooting him a fiery glare, "How about in the bin?" 


He let out a discontented growl as he grabbed her by the chin once more, "How about I shove my cock in that smart fucking mouth of yours?" 


And with that he pried her mouth open, shoving his cock into the tight and wet hole. She let out a whimper at the sudden intrusion. Tears streamed down her face as he started to move in and out of her mouth. 


His hand traveled down to her chest, palming at her breast and plucking at her nipple through her thin dress. She shuddered against his touch, not able to resist the pleasurable feeling of her nipple being stimulated. 


He must have felt her response because he groaned, pulsing in her mouth, "Oh, you like that? You like when I play with your pretty nipples?" 


Sakura hummed around his cock despite the fact that her mouth was straining and becoming sore. Tears from her efforts stained her cheeks as he continued fucking her mouth, teasing her nipples as he did so. She hated it but the Omega in her purred deep and low, her cunt throbbing with every pull of her hardened bud. 


" Fuck, that's good," she heard him murmur, cock pulsing in her mouth, "But I don't want to come just yet," he said with a groan and suddenly pulled out. 


A dark look set in his heated stare. His hand fisted his cock slowly as he looked down at her, "Look at that pretty mouth. All red and swollen from taking my cock." 


She continued staring, eyes glazed from emotional and physical exhaustion. She made a move to pick herself up but he stopped her.


"Ah, ah, ah. Lie back on the bed, little one.” 


She did as she was commanded, lying back on the bed with a shuddering breath. A shiver ran through her body as he guided her legs open, running his calloused hands up her thighs. He settled himself in between her and she froze. Throwing her hands down to her crotch only caused him to snarl in return, “Would you rather not be stretched before I fuck you? I would really recommend it,” he sneered and she growled, snapping her jaw at him. 


“Be a good little Omega…” he soothed as he lowered himself to her. His stubble grazed against her and the thin material of her dress. He hiked up her skirt to her stomach, hands tracing her inner thigh and causing her to inhale a sharp breath. To her dismay, she was already quite wet from when he teased her nipples. And to make matters worse he continued teasing, wrapping his tongue around the covered bud. She hadn’t bothered wearing a bra and her sensitive nipples were already so responsive to his touch. 


His finger traced around her entrance, teasing her folds and she froze. She panicked once she felt him start pushing in. A smile could be felt against her breast at her resistance and she hitched her breath as he continued to force himself in. Sakura could feel the tears streaking her cheeks once more as he stretched her with his finger. It wasn’t unpleasant, though her mind wasn’t in the right place. It felt wrong. Like her body wasn’t hers. 


He sucked in a breath and added another finger, “So fucking tight. Can’t wait to be inside you,” he breathed as he sucked harshly at her nipple, causing her to gasp at the mix of pleasure and the clench of her cunt. He hummed against her breast as he sucked faster and began moving his fingers to slowly fuck her. 


The Omega in her hummed at the feeling of finally being filled by a strong Alpha, though Sakura couldn’t help but push back, telling that traitorous part of her that she didn’t want this. Could never want this. 


After a few moments of stretching her heat, he pulled out his hands and brought himself to a stand. The Alpha pumped his cock as he watched her intently. Fear ran through her body, knowing what was about to come next. She searched her mind, trying to find anything that could break through to him. Anything to convince him that they didn’t need to do this. That he didn’t need to do this. 


Sakura inhaled a sharp breath as she looked up at him and tried to remain calm. She reached for his hand, a traiterous sob escaping her as he watched her intently. 


“Kakashi…” she choked, boldly using his name as she slowly sat up. She brought her hands to his face and willed him to look at her, “I know you don’t want to hurt me. Deep down I know you can't." 


Her lips hovered under his and for a moment she thought they were about to kiss. He shuddered above her as their lips teased the other. A sigh escaped her as his tongue traced her bottom lip. She realized she had never been kissed before. 


But then he pulled away.


And for a few moments he looked into her eyes. He was searching. She was searching. For what, she wasn’t sure. But for a moment he looked almost… vulnerable. So she was slightly taken aback when he suddenly pulled away from her. He fixed her with a hardened stare, the line of his mouth forming into a harsh straight line. 


“I guess you don’t know me, then.” 


A single tear left her cheek and she closed her eyes. The Alpha climbed over her, an even expression on his face as he settled between her legs. He let his hand trace her inner thigh, cock lining up against her folds. She sucked in a deep breath as she fixed him with a ruthless stare. She hated him all over again.


“The hate,” he said with a nod, watching her with shifty eyes as he guided her legs around his waist, “Use it.” 


She stared, unmoving as he fixed her with a… surprising look of desperation.


“Say it,” he pleaded, watching her intently.


A stray tear left the corner of her eye, “I hate you.” 




Her nostrils flared, voice shaking, "I fucking hate you,” she sneered with everything she had-


- and in one swift movement, he was inside her.


The entry was not unbearable. The stretch he had given her and her anatomy as an Omega made it so the burn of his entrance wasn't as intense. But even with the residual wetness seeping from her heat, the stretch made by his Alpha cock was still painful. The intrusion was still unwanted. The pain makes her want to wriggle around and find relief in some way, but it only causes him to grab her hips harder. 


A strangled cry left her as he buried himself to the hilt, "God, you're so tight. So perfect. My Omega," he bit out as he leaned over her, peppering her tear stricken face with kisses. 


To her surprise, he moved slowly inside her, trying to get her used to his size. The pain was becoming almost unbearable and she wished she could do anything to be rid of it. Anything to feel something other than pain. 


The Captain lowered his mouth to her ear, "Come out, come out, Omega, " he purred into her gland and to her relief she felt her pussy clench. Wetness gushed inside and around his cock, lubricating the both of them and making his movements almost bearable. 


A breathy moan escaped her as he lowered himself further, "I could do this every day, little Omega. Buried to the hilt with my cock while I fucking take what's mine. Or you riding me like you did that one evening. Fuck your little cunt riding my tip," he bit out and she couldn't help but feel another gush at the memory. 


The Captain groaned before taking himself out and slamming back into her, apparently finding her properly stretched. All she could manage to do was grip the sheets beneath her, gritting through the traitorous pleasure she was feeling as he pounded into her dripping heat.


"See how you're responding to me?" he whispered into her neck, sucking and lapping at her gland, "See how your pussy sings for me? So responsive… "    


"Don't think I'm enjoying this," she bit out, sweat permeating her forehead. 


He snarled above her, rutting into her heat as if he were trying to prove her wrong, "Act as proud as you want. Your cunt says otherwise," he sneered as he continued pounding into her. Her slick ran out and onto the bed, creating a suctioning sound as their bodies slapped together. 


"The Omega in you wants my knot, doesn't it?" he goaded, watching as she tried her best not to roll her eyes to the back of her head as he began hitting a particular spot, "Come on, little Omega. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you need. " he bit out, grabbing her by her ass and lifting her so he could drive into her properly. 


" No. " she practically moaned out, trying her best to remain composed but the new position was doing things to her. She could feel a tension coiling in her belly that threatened to snap. 


The Captain snarled, grabbing her breast in his hand and plucking her nipple. She arched her back at the contact, " Yes… " he hissed, watching as she squirmed underneath him, "Now be a good little Omega and tell me you need my knot." 


" Never. I'll never give you the satisfaction," she snarled and he only laughed, grabbing her by the hair and wrapping his other hand around her waist. He hoisted her up and onto his lap, cock now buried so deep inside her. 


The Alpha buried his face in her chest as he latched onto a nipple. Sakura did her best not to scream out loud as he bit down, the tingling sensation mixed with the deep penetration sending her mind in a haze. 


He snarled against her nipple, fervently licking and sucking as she was helpless not to buck against him, " Yes… " he breathed against her bud, "Fuck my cock. Just like you did in my office. Just the head. Fuck that's it. Just like that." 


She did as she was told, fucking the head of his cock as he leaned back on the bed. His eyes were closed as she let out a few shuddering breaths, trying her best to just keep his tip inside of her. A deep and guttural moan escaped him as he grabbed her hips, slamming her back down onto the entirety of his length. 


Throwing his head deeper into the cushions he met her thrust after thrust. She could tell he was getting close and the sudden fear of him coming inside her caused her movements to slow. 


"Ah, ah, little Omega. You're taking my knot and all of my cum. Whether you like it or not." 


Sakura stilled as he flipped her over once more. Her eyes widened as he resumed his pace.


She didn't want this. She didn't want his knot. Didn't want him filling her with his seed. Didn't want any part of this. 


Once she began squirming he snarled, taking both of her hands in his and pinning them above her head, "Please no," she begged, looking into his eyes but he was long gone as his teeth were bared above her. 


She choked back a sob as she felt him pulsing and shuddering, the swelling of his knot locking on to her. The fear of being tied to him was overwhelming. She struggled against him but couldn't get away, not with his weight on top of her and being tied together, "Stop moving," he snarled, eyes so dark they almost seemed soulless, "It'll only make it worse."


Cool tears ran down her face and he licked every one of them until her cheeks were clean, "You're sick…" she breathed, choking back tears. 


After a few moments of unwanted aftercare his knot let up. He was unusually quiet as he pulled out of her and rolled off the bed, grabbing a few tissues from on top of the dresser at the other side of the room to clean himself up. 


Sakura scowled, watching as he traipsed around the expansive room, as if he didn’t care about her traumatized state, "Have you nothing to say for yourself? Nothing to me?"


He remained silent as he opened the door to his closet. His lack of response only made her more angry as she sat up on the bed "I hope you rot in hell one day for what you've done to me. What you've taken ." 


An ominous shiver ran down her spine as he stilled, his scent spiking into a cocktail of frenzied scents.


Sadness. Bitterness. Rage. 


He let out a sinister laugh, looking behind him as he spoke low, "What I've taken from you ?" 


With lightning speed he sped to her. She shuffled her body in fear towards the headboard as he leapt up onto the bed, immediately straddling her with his body and wrapping his large hand around her tiny throat. He squeezed and she let out short gasps, looking up at him with fear in her eyes, "Your kind took everything from me!" he yelled, baring his teeth and spitting in her face, "Everything I ever loved!" 


She wriggled underneath him, trying to get away from his tightening grip as tears ran unchecked, "I hate your kind with all of my black heart. And I'll 'rot in hell' if it means I get to ruin you." he seethed, wrenching himself away from her. His nostrils flared as he remained for a few moments, head cast downward.


Sakura gasped for air like a fish out of water. She touched her neck, already feeling a bruise emanating from the tightness of his grip. Shutting her eyes tight, she let the tears continue to flow as he left the bed, walking towards and hovering over the fireplace. 


"Leave. Go, now." 


She opened her emerald eyes, red and puffy from all of the spilt tears. She picked herself up from the bed as she watched his naked backside. He was leaning a hand against the mantle and gazing into the fire. 


His words, though cruel, sparked something within her as she studied his back, tense and rigid. 


Once she approached him, dress in hand he shot her an intense stare. Her breath hitched in her throat at the wetness she observed on his cheeks, "To your room, Omega. I won't tell you again."  


Sakura furrowed her brow and nodded her head, turning slowly and making her exit out of the dark room. She closed the door behind her, leaning her back against it as she stood; naked and the evidence of what had transpired running down her legs.





Whelp, see you all in hell. 

No seriously, that was a bit hard to write. But I still maintain that it's important to the story. And now we know that something seriously fucked up happened to our dear Captain Hatake. 


Chapter Text










She felt him above her. Breathing. Looming. Observing.


But he does nothing more than that. He only straddles her. Hovers over her. As if he's waiting for her to notice. Waiting for her to react. 


She cracked her eyes open to find him staring down at her with those same soulless eyes. Those same obsidian depths. Black like the black hole that threatened to suck her in and never let her out. 


What was it that he wanted with her? Now that he had taken her essence. Her innocence. Why was it that he wanted to ruin her? 


Though, a fucked up part of her wanted to ruin him too. Wanted to see just how fucked his past had made him. How she as an Omega could affect him. How she could turn the tables and control him. 


Though, maybe...


Maybe he didn't hate her. Maybe it wasn't hate, rather, it was fear . Fear of her power over him rather than his over hers.There was validity behind that notion. How his vulnerability had been detected by a flicker in his eye. Just how affected he had become upon admitting that her kind had taken everything from him. 


He sounded frightened, rather than angered.  


She fixed him with a look; a knowing look before he angled his hips at her entrance. He hadn't said anything. Hadn't coaxed her Omega to come and play. Hadn't breathed his dirty and sordid words into her neck. 


Instead he teased her folds as he hovered over her. Obsidian eyes slid shut as he let out a soft groan. She said nothing; did nothing as he hissed and pushed himself in. Her cunt welcomed him and clung onto his aching length. 


Why she was so unwilling to fight back, she wasn't sure. Maybe it was exhaustion. Maybe it was submission. Maybe it was a fuck you to his sick satisfaction at her resistance. 


Maybe… those were excuses.


Honestly, she thinks she may have called to him. Without her knowledge. Perhaps her Omega hummed into the quietness of the evening. Into the eerie stillness after their sinful coupling. 


And after what seemed like only a few hours, her gland had begun to itch in her sleep. Her Omega had emerged from the prison of her psyche. She was in trouble, and she didn't even know it.


That's must have been how they ended up here. Nothing but the sound of their bodies slapping together and the occasional moan or grunt emanating from their lips, which hovered over one another. They still hadn't kissed. That wasn't what this was about. 


The heat of his breath on her lips disappeared as he trailed himself lower, still maintaining his oddly slow and sensual pace. He breathed down her neck as he traveled lower and over her exposed breasts. 


And then he latched himself to her. Like a babe to its mother's teat. He sucked fervently and she shuddered underneath him. A whimper escaped him as he licked and nipped, swirling his tongue around her hardened bud. The pace of his thrusts quickened and she brought both of her hands to the back of his head. 


Her plush breasts cradled his face and a sigh escaped her as he pushed her breasts together, alternating between her nipples. 


"Oh God…" he murmured against her mounds as he rutted into her heat. The bed rocked, occasionally hitting the wall behind them. 


He sounded so vulnerable. So open. So… weak. 


She licked her lips as she gazed down at him; brow furrowed. She wanted… she wasn't sure what she wanted. Call her curious, call her a fool. She wanted to control him.


" Alpha… " she crooned and, to her surprise, immediately noticed his shoulders tense. 


Her eyes widened as she felt him shudder against her.. She licked her lips once more while cradling his face, "Will you knot me, Alpha? Will you be a good Alpha and knot your Omega?" 


He let out a strangled moan and turned his head to rest on her chest, " Please, Omega…


She couldn't believe what she was hearing. What she was witnessing. She had to look down occasionally to make sure she wasn't being fucked by someone else.


But no. It was the Captain. The same Captain who had stripped her of her innocence not just a few hours ago. The same Captain who said horribly offensive things to her. Demeaned her. Reduced her to the animal that he saw her as. 


But now, as he rutted into her, gasping into her chest and pleading his Omega to let him knot her… she couldn't help but wonder if it was true. That he was using his power to fight his fear. 


And with one final push he stilled inside her. A low groan escaped him as he relaxed his head against her shoulder. His knot locked onto her as it had before and she focused her gaze upward, staring at the ceiling. 


She blinked, focusing on his steady breathing as his cum spurted into her womb. No words were exchanged. No brief touches as they sat in silence, waiting for his knot let up. 


And once it did he left as quickly as he arrived. Without an utterance of a word. Without any sort of sneer. Any wish of ill will. Just a nervous energy that only left her in a state of confusion. 


As she sat in bed she couldn't help but wonder… perhaps it was time to find her own power, and fight her own fear.



Ruts didn't last as long as heats, she surmised. 


At the Academy for Omega Girls Sakura was taught that heats could last up to five days. So, naturally, she assumed ruts could too.


That was not the case. 


After that evening, he had called her into his room a subsequent time and was every bit the authoritative Alpha that she remembered. She wondered if that time in her room was just a blip in the matrix. Some alternate reality that they had entered and for once she actually enjoyed the feeling of him inside her. Enjoyed nurturing him. Enjoyed caring for him.


It felt like she was fulfilling her role. As a nurturer rather than a toy; a submissive. 


Sakura gazed out her window. It was six in the morning and she observed as the Captain walked out to his car. He was dressed in dark hues, as he usually was. Though, he wasn't in his normal formal Captain's dress. He was dressed in combat gear, from what she could tell. Black pants tucked into combat boots and a black top lined with a bullet-proof vest.


She wondered if he was going to the border. The border where he was a hunter and Omegas were his prey. Where in his capture he'd punish them for their insolence. An eye for an eye. 


Sakura's breath caught in her throat as he looked up to her window. She stilled, unsure of what to do now that she had been caught watching him. Hands draped along the curtains, she tilted her head as he continued watching her. A penetrative look set in his eyes as her gland began to itch once more. She brought her hand up to cover it, watching as a smirk formed across his face. 


" To bed, Omega." she could feel through the open connection. With a nod of his head he opened the door of his black cop car, stepping in and bringing it to life. 


Sakura turned, closing the curtains of the window as she walked back to her bed. She sat on the uncomfortable lump, not feeling the least bit tired even though she had gotten no sleep whatsoever. 


It was then that she realized that the house was empty. 


An excited feeling overtook her. In the entire month that she had been there, she had never found herself in the house alone. A wide grin spread across her face as she traipsed around her room, getting ready for the day and picking out a comfortable outfit. She wasn’t sure when Ino and her highness would be home, but she assumed it wouldn’t be first thing that morning. 


As she exited her room she glided down the hallway, taking her time to really reach the first floor. She glanced left and right, perusing the artwork that she hadn’t noticed before. They looked expensive. Like they had been imported. Honestly, everything in the house screamed as if it were once from a museum. Mei sure liked to boast about it. 


She made it to the first floor, glancing around to find the manor darker than normal. All of the lights had been turned off and there was a lack of glow from the kitchen. It was a cloudy day, so no light trickled in from the stained glass windows. 


She found she liked it. It meant she was truly alone. 


Sakura pursed her lips, going over her options for how to spend her morning. She could make herself breakfast… if she knew how to cook or prepare anything decent. As she made her way to the kitchen she couldn’t help but shift her gaze to the other end of the hall, where the Captain’s office was. Squaring her shoulders, she shook her head and tried to rid her curious thoughts. 


But no one was there… so who would even know if she just looked around for a few moments?


He kept his office so secretive, even though she had been there several times before. She couldn’t help but wonder what she could uncover if just given a few minutes by herself… 


Biting her lip, she forgot about breakfast all together and turned her destination towards the end of the hall and to the office. She placed her hand on the cool surface of the large door, using her other hand to feel for the golden knob. The door pushed open with ease, making no noise as it slid open, revealing the dark and foreboding room. A sense of eeriness overtook her but she shook it off, slowly bringing herself deeper into the cluttered space. 


It wasn’t a bad clutter that would indicate mess. There were papers strung about. Books. Transcripts. Folders. Clutter that indicated a busy life. 


Her gaze hovered over the large and expansive desk at the other side of the room. She studied it and curiosity set in. As she approached it, she allowed her fingers to trace the smooth and polished wood, willing it to tell her the sinister secrets it held.  


She traipsed to the front of it where his chair stood and she took a deep breath as she sank down into it. An odd feeling overcame her as she looked out into his office from where she sat. She obviously wasn’t supposed to be sitting there, but she couldn’t help but feel an odd sense of power washing over her. She tilted her head as she studied the color of the mahogany and the different drawers that she could inspect.


Without thinking she opened one, surprised to find that it wasn’t locked in some way. She furrowed her brow, only seeing rows and rows of manila folders. Bending forward slightly, she tilted her head to observe the labels. Her hand hovered over some of them as her fingers filed through the contents, looking for anything out of the ordinary. 


Most of what she found were criminal files. Files from the police department that he worked at. Or random files on Omega girls from the academy that he could get his sick hands on. But something stood out among the rest. A date from a good ten years prior. 


Sakura plucked the file from its neighbors, opening the folder and sifting through its contents. There was a newspaper article paper-clipped to the edge.  She tilted her head to read the headline.




She froze. Bile rose in her throat as she extracted the newspaper clipping, grasping it in her hands. He was much younger. Maybe in his twenties. The photo was of him in front of a line of swat soldiers, all dressed in riot gear. 


Sakura's heart stopped as she put two and two together, realizing that...he had started it. He started this whole fucking thing. Of gathering every single Omega in this new country and stripping them of their freedom. She thought she was just unlucky, having been orphaned as a teeneager after her mother passed and having to be placed in the Academy for Omega Girls per orders by the new government. But no...


She sat back in the chair and took a deep breath. He was even more of a monster than she had let on. Every little thing she uncovered about him just made him that much more evil.


Rising from the chair, she grabbed the folder and closed the opened drawers, intent on confronting him and maybe finding a way to get the fuck out of there. But just as she was about to leave she heard the door to the office opening.  


"What the fuck are you doing in here?" 


Sakura froze and felt her breath still in her chest. She shut her eyes closed as she felt the stomp of the harpy's heels on the hardwood. 


Mei stalked towards the expensive desk and rounded the corner, facing her and fixing Sakura with a menacing glare. She felt sweat build on her forehead as she forced her eyes to match their similar emerald depths. The female Alpha shifted her gaze down to the folder that Sakura had been sifting through, grabbing it and clutching it with her long and bony fingers. 


Sakura dared to look at her again and Mei sneered. She brought her hand up and slapped her square on the cheek, sending Sakura to the ground and her forehead hitting the corner of the desk in the process. 


Sakura let out a loud hiss as she brought a hand to the place where it had connected with the desk, feeling the warmth and sting of the wound. Blood spilled down the side of her face and onto the wood of the floor.  


"Just because you get to fuck my husband doesn't mean you can go through his things," she seethed from above her, throwing the file down back on his desk, "We'll see what he has to say about this tonight." 


She heard Mei let out a ‘humph’ as she turned on her heel, the clack of her stilettos making contact with the floor as she made her grand exit, “Now clean this up before he gets home, Omega. And pray you can be made worthy in some way.” 


Sakura let out a painful groan as she felt her vision blurring. She wished more than anything that Ino were there right at that moment. Maybe then she could save her from possibly dying on the floor of the Captain’s office.


As she lay, practically comatose, she stared blindly at the hardwood below her. She needed to do something to get her mind off of the pain. But as she stared, her vision began to turn to black as her psyche pulled her into the safety of unconsciousness.


She wasn’t sure what she’d wake to next. 



“Sakura! Oh my god, Sakura!” 


She felt someone shaking her. A hand on her shoulder caused her to rouse out of the deep stream of consciousness she had been in. She felt like she had been hit with a bulldozer. Opening her eyes was another major effort as the small amount of light in the dimly lit office caused a hammering in her head. 


“Oh my god, we need to get a doctor here.” 


Sakura felt herself being lifted slightly to a seated position as she heard Ino round the Captain’s desk. Sakura placed herself against it, resting her head against the hard surface and wincing at the pain in her head. She could hear Ino murmur something about a doctor coming to assess the damage. 


It was then that Sakura fully opened her eyes, now somewhat adjusted to the light. She looked down at the pool of red that was on the floor and let out a heavy sigh. 


Bitch has a good arm. 


Sakura heard Ino slam the receiver down and make her way back around the desk and towards her, “Common, we need to get you to the couch.” 


“I don’t think we should be in this room.”


“Sakura, you were fucking bleeding out on to the floor. If the Captain has an issue with that then I’ll personally castrate him myself.” 


Once they made it over to the leather chaise Ino set her down and placed a cloth to the wound, applying as much pressure as she could, “The doctor should be here any minute. Now tell me what the hell happened.” 


Sakura took in a deep breath, not exactly proud of what she was about to admit, “I may have been… snooping around the Captain’s desk.” 


Ino let out an irritated sigh, fixing Sakura with a perturbed look, “Okay… and what were you hoping to find?” 


“I don’t know… I honestly don’t. But, I found a file on him. That attack he orchestrated all those years ago-"


"What attack?" 


" The attack. The one on what was formerly Boston several years ago. When we were just kids." 


"My God…" Ino murmured, looking down as she searched her mind, but words failed her, "That was him?"


Sakura stilled, fresh tears falling down her cheeks as she was hit with the reminder that she was living with a complete monster.


"Did he do this?" 


Sakura shook her head, taking in a shaky breath, "No. Mei did. She caught me and slapped me so hard I must've hit the desk on my way down." 


"Jesus, fuck." 


"I know." 


Just then they heard a faint knocking from what sounded to be coming from the front door. Ino nodded to Sakura who kept her grip on the rag on her forehead. Ino quickly exited the office as Sakura relaxed against the chaise. 


After a few moments with her eyes closed Ino emerged with a woman quickly trailing behind her. She had short dark brown hair with eyes to match and a friendly face that put Sakura at ease. 


The woman shot her a friendly smile and placed down her medical bag, "Hello, I'm Shizune," she said as she sat herself down on the other end of the chaise, "So I hear you had a nasty fall." 


Sakura snorted, "You could say that." 


"Well, I'm the Captain's personal doctor so I've seen my fair share of wounds and other nasty gashes," she said with a chuckle as she motioned to see under the rag. 


Shizune kept an even face as she assessed the wound, though she could see that Ino blanched right behind her, face turning completely white. 


"I'm uh- does any body need water? I'm gonna get water." 


Sakura chuckled slightly as she watched Ino disappear behind the door, "That bad, huh?" 


Shizune chuckled but shrugged, "You'll need stitches, that's for sure. And it'll leave a small scar. But I think you'll live." 


Sakura smiled as Shizune dug through her bag, extracting all the tools she needed to suture up her wound. She took out a needle with some sort of anesthetic, "I'm just gonna numb the area. That okay?" 


Sakura nodded as she got to work, staring mindlessly at the bookshelves across the room. Her mind wandered to what she had discovered earlier. She wasn't aware of how much time had passed, but she was certain the Captain were to return within a few hours with the knowledge of what she had done. 


What was she to do? He was the sole reason she was in his house. As a servant to his needs. A slave to his desires. But then he been so careless to allow her to see his vulnerable side. The Alpha that needed his Omega. The Alpha that needed to be nurtured.


So strange he was. So strange she felt with all of this information. 


A few minutes passed and Shizune had finished up. Ino had returned with waters for all of them. As Shizune was beginning to pack they all heard a loud slam of the front door. Sakura's eyes widened and nostrils flared as she scented the familiar agitated scent of the Captain entering the home. 


"Well, that's my cue to leave," Shizune said with a chuckle, "I'll just go out the back," she said with a nod from Ino and quickly gathered  her belongings. 


The brunette left, leaving Sakura and Ino to bask in the nervous energy of the manor. They could hear Mei's heels clacking along the floors and the Captain's heavy footsteps stepping further into the house.


" Where is she?!" they suddenly heard from outside and the two girls froze. Sakura grabbed Ino's hand at the tone of his voice. 


He sounded utterly outraged. 


Her and Ino both opened the door to look out into the hall and covered their mouths at the scene before them.


The Captain had a blood thirsty look on his face as he held Mei by her throat, in the hallway up against the wall. She gasped for air as he bared his teeth at her, "You don't touch her ever again, do you understand?" 


Mei struggled against his hold but nodded her head. The Captain brought his face closer to her as he let out a low growl, "She's mine. Mine to touch. Mine to punish as I see fit." 


He let her go and she collapsed to the floor, clutching her neck as he bounded down the hall and to his office. Her and Ino both fled from the door, taking their places in front and bowing their heads with their hands clasped at their fronts. 


As he appeared through the door his nostrils flared upon settling his gaze on Sakura. He immediately bounded for her and she winced, almost certain he was going to put an end to what Mei started. 


But she let out a yelp of surprise when he embraced her, immediately attaching himself to her gland and scenting her, sending his Alpha pheromones through her. She shot Ino a confusing look over his shoulder as the blonde remained rooted to the spot. 


"Out, Beta," he commanded and Ino immediately bowed, giving Sakura a reassuring look before running towards the door and disappearing behind it. 


Sakura's eyes slid shut as he worked her gland. He created a soft suction, pulling her skin into his mouth as she shuddered against him. A gasp escaped her as he hoisted her up to wrap her legs around his waist. 


The Captain guided them to a nearby chair, sinking himself into it as he laid her on top of him. She allowed herself to get lost into his gentle and soothing touch. The wonderful suction as well as the gentle rubbing of his hands at her sides caused short gasps and sighs to escape her lips. She wrapped her hands around his neck, bringing him closer and rocking herself into him.


But she froze as she felt him let out a contented purr against her neck. It felt too intimate. Too much like she was letting him get away with everything he had done to her. She didn’t want to forget. Didn’t want him to forget. 


“No...stop,” she murmured, putting her hands on his chest as she shook her head. The Captain lifted himself from her shoulder, looking at her with glossy eyes, “I-I… I don’t want you to comfort me.” 


He seemed to snap out of whatever haze he was in as he gazed back at her, letting out a loud sigh. The look he was giving her was that of pity, and it confused her. It made the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight as he breathed evenly. 


“You think I’m comforting you?” he finally asked, voice so soft and so low she almost didn’t hear him. He let out a humorless laugh as he clicked his tongue at her, “I’m merely healing your wounds. I’m undoing the damage you’ve done to yourself. Consider yourself lucky I didn’t find you going through my things.” he sneered as he pushed a stray hair from her ear, thumb brushing over her stitches. 


“But, know that she will never touch you again. She was reminded of her place, and you’ll be reminded of yours, little one.” he whispered against her shoulder and she felt a scowl come to her face. She pushed off of him, her lips forming into a hard line as he remained seated. The look he was giving her only angered her more as she cowered over him. 


“You are the devil incarnate,” she seethed, rounding her arm back to slap him. A satisfying crack echoed through the room as she felt the sting of the slap on her hand. He turned and she tried to remain stoic as she saw blood emanate from the corner of his mouth. 


A shiver ran down her spine as he let out a low chuckle, wiping the blood from his lip, “What exactly did you find, Omega?” 


“I figured Mei would had told you.” 


“Oh, she did. I just want to hear it from you.” 


The Captain picked himself up from the leather chair, shoving his hands in his pockets as he approached her. He began to circle her, like a predator stalking its prey. She squared her shoulders and took in a steeled breath, trying her best not to let his authoritative presence dictate the conversation. 


“Come on, little Omega. Tell me, what did you find?” he purred from behind her. 


“You led a crusade to round up every lasting Omega in the country. To strip us of our freedom.” 


“Ahhh, yes. And how did that make you feel?”


“I think I’ve already demonstrated how I feel. Unless you want me to demonstrate it again. Though I know a sick part of you gets off on it.” 


He positioned himself at her front, sporting a smirk that sent a shiver down her spine. Like she wasn’t wrong.


"I told you, little Omega. I'll rot in hell if it means I get to ruin you," he seethed as he turned to walk towards his desk.


“Then what was the other night about?” 


To her satisfaction, she saw him still. She watched as his back tensed and shoulders squared, halfway to his desk, “What about it?” 


“When you came to my room- you were… different.” 


He winced but didn't turn to look at her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Go to your room.” 


Annoyance surged through her, not believing that he was completely dismissing the fact that he had come to her room a completely different person. Apart from the Alpha she knew. Apart from the Captain. It was absolutely infuriating. 


“You do know,” she replied as she walked up to him. He tensed as she approached, bodies practically touching as he turned to face her. She looked into his eyes and was pleased to see a wariness about it. Like he had been caught. Like his secrets were threatening to spill. 


Sakura smirked, a glazed look in her eye as she brought her hand between them. Boldly, she lifted her face to his neck, standing on her tiptoes and breathing in his gland. He shuddered quite easily against her as she palmed at his crotch, “You do know… Alpha.


She let her hot tongue lap at his gland and the Captain groaned in response. The hand that had trailed between them traveled down to his crotch, palming the hardness that had begun to emerge. 


"Does that feel good?" she goaded as she sucked at his gland, "Is your Omega making you feel good, Alpha?" 


The Captain bucked against her hand, as if he was completely caught under her spell. She purred against his neck and sucked, extracting a low growl from him. She loved this. Loved feeling him surrender to her. Loved that she knew his weakness. That it was her. At her very essence.


But then, as if he had snapped out of the spell she had him under, he grabbed her hands and secured them at her sides. A darkness flooded his gaze as he penetrated her emerald depths.


"You're dancing with the devil, little one. Make no mistake." 


Sakura returned his withering stare, challenging him with her eyes. After a few moments of their stand off she nodded her head, slowly turning around and making her way to exit his office. 


As she ascended the hall she felt herself smirking;  for she knew, even the devil had his weaknesses. 



Chapter Text









Another week had passed and Sakura was beginning to sense a change in the Captain's behavior. Mei's presence in the house was rather scarce after the 'incident'. When she was at the manor, the Captain would make no secret to his disapproval of her presence. Often they would fight, though it was more one sided after he practically assaulted her in the hallway. 


Even after putting a damn hold in her forehead, Sakura couldn't help but feel… sorry for Mei? 


The woman was barely welcome in her own home. Shunned completely by her husband. And when she was at the manor she was as quiet as a mouse, trying her best not to anger the other Alpha. 


She was playing the submissive. Sakura felt that must be hard for her. Though she couldn't waste her time caring for the feelings of someone who would order her execution in a second. 


Sakura sighed as she watched out her window once more. It was almost three in the afternoon and Ino would be returning soon. She had been out the entire night. Fridays were her nights off and Sakura waited rather impatiently for the only real friend she had to return. 


To say she was a little jealous was probably an understatement. What Sakura wouldn't give to go out every Friday night. She wasn't even sure what Ino did with all that time. Something about going clubbing...


Sakura had never been to a club…


Maybe Ino could smuggle her out one night. Just one night to feel the crisp air lick her skin. The excitement of the night buzz through her body. She needed a night to just let loose. Forget about the nightmare she was living with that monster. Ino was the only constant in her life keeping her sanity in tact.


Sakura's eyes lit up once she saw Ino round the corner, arms filled to the brim with groceries. Turning from the window she ran out of her room and bounded down the large staircase. She caught up with the blonde as she entered through the door. 


“Need help?” Sakura asked with a labored breath and Ino let out a chuckle. 




Sakura immediately grabbed a few bags from Ino’s arms, leading them to the kitchen down the hall. For a split second her attention was drawn to the other end of the hallway where the Captain’s office was. The obligatory crack in the door with its slight illumination hummed softly to her as she foolishly allowed herself to get drawn to it. She was like a damn moth to a flame when it came to that door. 


She heard Ino let out a cough from behind her, breaking her out of her pull, “You’re really thinking of going in there?” 


With an aggravated sigh Sakura looked back towards Ino, shooting her a look. Like she wasn't herself for a second. That her other half knew who was on the other side of that door.


Ino nodded, “Right. An Omega thing.” 


They placed the groceries on the kitchen island and began putting things away when Ino paused, “So, I was thinking maybe we could hang out tonight?”


Sakura picked her head up at that, “Hang out?” 


“Yeah,” Ino shrugged, “I don’t have much going on with Mei not being here. The Captain is pretty low maintenance when she’s not around.”


Sakura furrowed her brow, “Do you know where she is?” 


“No idea. Though I’ve heard rumors that she’s at another Alpha’s house. She’s in rut and I guess the Captain isn’t too keen on seeing her through it himself.” 


“So he’s just okay with his wife fucking another man?” 


“Well… she has to be okay with him seeing his ruts out with you, right? And vice versa.” 


Sakura nodded her head, placing the last of the refrigerated items in the fridge. She felt Ino pausing behind her; like she wanted to ask her something. Sakura knew what it was so she let out a sigh.


“It’s hard… not wanting him but wanting him at the same time. Does that make sense? Nevermind, of course it doesn't."


Ino continued to stare and Sakura shook her head, "Alphas have a certain 'control' over Omegas. That's what makes this... scary. If I just gave in to it then this would be easier but knowing who he is, what he's done. I just can't."


Sakura decided to leave the little tidbit on it going both ways to a degree out for now, but Ino nodded her head regardless, a thoughtful expression on her face. 


“Well, let’s not think about that tonight. Tonight let’s just have fun, okay?”


Sakura nodded her head, a smile on her face as the two finished putting the food away. 



“I don’t remember the last time I had Chinese food.”


The two girls sat cross legged on the floor of Ino’s room, digging into a whole smorgasbord of chinese takeout. They technically didn’t have takeout places like this in the city, but Ino knew of a friend from the outside who would smuggle it into city limits if she could persuade him enough. 


Sakura watched Ino as she dug into a carton of noodles, curious as to who these friends were. Were they just friends? Or were they part of something bigger? Like a resistance? 




She licked her lips as she popped a piece of chicken in her mouth, “So, how did you get here?” 


The blonde furrowed her brow in confusion, “What do you mean?” 


“You know; here This city. This house. With the highest ranking officer and architect of Avalon, no less.” 


Ino chuckled, “Oh. That.” The blonde put her carton down as she took a sip of the wine she had stolen from Mei’s stash of hooch.


She shrugged, “I don't really have a family and I needed a job. I have friends who are from the other side who kept saying how well taken care of they were here. Things outside are just… not good. At least right outside of what used to be Boston, that is.” 


Sakura nodded her head thoughtfully as she took a sip of her own wine. She couldn’t quite pinpoint it but there was something about what Ino was saying that wasn’t entirely truthful. Ino would tend to look Sakura straight in the eye, and this time she wasn’t. Tickle her curious, but Sakura had a strong feeling that she was hiding something. 


Ino lifted her head to Sakura, “Is that it?” she asked and Sakura nodded her head in a contemplative way. 


“So what is it that you do Friday nights?” 


Ino smirked, putting down her wine glass, “Why? What do you think I do?” 


The tone of her voice made Sakura's eyes widen slightly, like she was catching on, “U-Um, I don’t know. That’s why I asked.” 


“You’re inquisitive tonight.” 


Sakura shrugged and Ino let out a sigh, “Well if you must know I meet up with my friends at a secret club sort of in the underground of the city.” 


Sakura perked her head up at that, “Secret underground?” she asked curiously and Ino nodded her head. An excited look emerged on her face as she leaned towards Ino, “Can I go next time?” 


Ino bit her lip, shooting Sakura a nervous stare, “I don’t know if it’d really be your scene…” 


“What do you mean?” 


“I mean… we sort of, do things.” 


“What things?” 


Ino groaned, “Sakura… come on. You’re not so innocent now that you’ve been with the Captain.” 


Sakura furrowed her brow and raked around her brain, feeling a little silly for what she wasn’t understanding. Ino maintained her expectant stare as Sakura thought.


Secret underground club. With her friends. Doing things… 






“Oh.” Sakura said as she stared wide eyed at Ino who was biting her lip to prevent a smile. 


It all came crashing down around her and Sakura could help but let out a guttural laugh. She clutched her stomach as Ino tried shushing her, looking back towards her door as she tried hard not to laugh as well. 


“Oh. my. god,” Sakura bit out in between laughs as she tried hard to stifle them. 


“Oh, common it’s not that funny.” 


“No, it’s not that,” Sakura explained, wiping away a tear from her eye, “It’s that I didn’t get it at first. When you basically spelled it out. Goes to show how much experience I have in this."


Ino waved her hand, “It’s not that bad. I wouldn’t have expected you to know I was having orgies every Friday.” 


Sakura paused. 


“Wait, what?!


And the two girls resumed their fitful laughter on the floor of Ino’s room. 



After a few hours Sakura retired to her room. She couldn’t remember the last time she had that much fun. Or laughed that hard. After some discussion Ino agreed to take Sakura out one Friday evening. But only on a weekend that the Captain would be away. Usually at the border if they needed an extra pair of arms. Ino urged Sakura that it was in fact a night club and the orgies were completely separate and she did not need to participate. 


Which made her feel somewhat less nervous and more excited about it. 


She couldn't deny that she was curious though. The idea of it terrified her but when she really thought about it... 


Being with people you trust and indulging in one another in a world where you're stripped of such pleasures. 


It was sort of beautiful.


As the minutes past Sakura couldn’t help but lay in bed and think about what she had said before that though. The slight flicker in her eye and tension in the air gave it away. That she wasn’t being entirely truthful. Why she felt the need to lie remained to be seen, but she couldn’t deny that there was something dubious afoot. And she was going to get to the bottom of it. 


But before she continued planning her grand scheme, she needed water. 


Having consumed that much salt in such a short period left her feeling more parched than normal. She decided to make the short journey down to the first floor and to the kitchen, finding the water from the fridge was much more fresh than the tap. 


As she walked down the hall she was surprised to find that the door to the office was still open, indicating that someone was inside. It was nearly one in the morning. Sakura would had thought the Captain would have retired by now. 


Like the fool she was she traipsed down the long hallway and to the cracked door, feeling the familiar nervousness blossom in her stomach as she peeked her eye through the crack. 


She could see him plain as day, sitting in his armchair with a book in his lap. His readers were placed right at the tip of his nose, eyes squinting slightly. His other hand was nursing a drink filled with a dark liquor. 


Sensing her presence he lifted his head, a pleased look on his face as he smiled and instantly snapped his book shut. 


“Well hello, Omega,” he crooned softly as he set his readers down, “Come to play?” 


She scowled slightly, “Not exactly.” 


“Can’t sleep?” he pressed, “I might be able to help with that.” 


“Can anything remotely serious come out of your mouth?” 


The Captain chuckled as he picked up his tumbler glass, “Ah, but there’s no fun in that. It’s entertaining watching you get so adorably angry.” 


Sakura fought back a sneer as she watched him take a sip of his whiskey, gaze lingering on his mouth as he bit his tongue slightly at the burn. He was dressed in a white dress shirt with the first few buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up, paired with black slacks as he lounged in his leather armchair. 


“You can’t sleep either?” 


“I figured I’d wait until the party ended.” 


Sakura tilted her head in confusion, “Party?” 


The Captain lifted his gaze to the ceiling, signaling where her and Ino had been. She blushed slightly, casting her gaze downward. She hadn’t realized they had been that loud. 


“Not to worry, little one. You’re not completely banned from having fun with any one other than me." 


“Thank you…” 


Sakura brought her gaze back up and watched him cautiously. The air had changed in the room. What was just playful flirtatious behavior had now turned into something… darker. It sent an ominous shiver down her spine as she saw the Captain’s gaze shift to her nightgown. The one Ino had lent her a few weeks prior. She started feeling self conscious under his gaze, wanting nothing more than to cover herself up and leave. But there she remained, leaning her hip against the side of the couch adjacent from where he was. 


"You and Ino seem to spend a lot of time together…" 


Sakura furrowed her brow and replied simply , "She's my friend." 


The Captain clicked his tongue and tilted his head, a hand traveling down to what she could see now as his already hardened length. Her mouth hung open slightly, wondering where and when that had suddenly come from.


The fuck? 


"You want to know what I think about sometimes? Sitting in this office?" he asked as he unzipped his pants, pulling out his aching cock out of its confines, "Listening to the two of you giggling in your rooms?" 


Sakura gulped anxiously as he gave his cock a few experimental pumps, "I think about what you two could be doing. What's making you giggle so much. Maybe you're doing something naughty. Maybe you two are kissing and touching one another…" 


The Captain groaned as a bead of precum emanated from his tip. He quickly swiped it up with his thumb, using it as a lubricant as he worked his length, "Is that what you've been doing up there? Hmm? Such a curious little thing." 


This was a test. He was testing her. Trying to get under her skin. Trying to make her uncomfortable. 


But his words… God damnit his words always seemed to have an effect on her. Him sitting in his armchair. Cock out and completely on display as he fantasized openly about her and Ino. 


"Did you see her breasts and want to touch them? Did she touch you first? Did she make you want more? I know what goes on at those clubs Ino frequents. That minx and her orgies."


Sakura fought the urge to gape. He knew? How did he know?


"Did she make you curious? Curious to know what it would feel like to eat pussy while another ate yours?" 


God, he just wouldn't stop. Wouldn't stop getting under her skin. Trying to wear her down. Break her.


"Naughty girl. I can see it now. Watching you cum one right after the other. Fingers in your pussy. Two mouths working your sensitive nipples."


The Captain continued with his hardened stare, focusing on her body. Probably noticing how her nipples were rock hard and a hint of slick running down her leg.


" Fuck, I wish I were there. Watching you two. Watching your breasts pressed together. Watching you suck on them for the first time, grind your pussy against hers…"


Sakura could feel herself sweating as she stood there. She watched him pound his length as he stared at her, mouth open and eyes glazed over. So badly she wanted to give in. Wanted to rip her pants off and sink her fingers deep in her soaked cunt while he spoke those dirty words. It was like a siren call to her Omega. Her traitorous other half who had become so drawn to this sick monster.


The Captain bit his lip as his cock pulsed from underneath him, "But it wouldn't ever be enough would it, little Omega? Because you need cock. You need my cock." 


Sakura's nostrils flared and she clenched her fists at her sides, "You need a big, thick, cock pounding out of that little cunt of yours." 


She could feel the slick practically spilling out of her panties as she did her absolute damndest to remain stoic. A wicked snear formed across his lips as he bit down and pumped his length with a new fervor. 


"Or maybe we could have both? Hmm? You grinding your pussy into Ino's face. Me coming in from behind and her licking while I fuck you senseless." 


Her breathing became ragged as his cock began to twitch under his tight grip, " Fuck you want that. I can smell that you want it you dirty little thing.  Eat pussy for me. Eat it while I fill you to the fucking brim." he bit out as she could see his tip swell. 


The Captain let out a low groan as his seed spilled out of his cock. His hand pumped slowly, milking every last bit he could. The stare he had been holding remained and she returned it; unmoving. 


"Lick this up, Omega." he commanded. Her face twitched slightly. Showing a hint of disgust but she remained stoic as she glided towards him. 


She tried to hide her smirk but failed once she kneeled in front of him. His cum ran down his fingers as he held it up for her. Sakura threw him a dark look before darting her tongue up and gathering his cum into her mouth. 


The Captain let out little sighs and shudders as she licked all around his hand, gathering up every last bit of his seed. A pleased look formed on his face as he watched her. 


Sakura pulled back to look at him, mouth full of his salty spend. The look of pure righteousness on his face; it only spurred her on. Her smirk disappeared- 


-And she spat that sanctimonious look right onto his stomach. 


He stared down at the mess that she made with his own spend. She felt rather pleased with herself as his nostrils flared and breathing quickened in anger. 


Wiping her mouth off with the back of her hand she snarled down at him, " Make me." 


Sakura turned on her heel, adamant on not giving him the satisfaction of retaliating. She got what she wanted out of that fucked up power play. And now she felt she had the upper hand.



Chapter Text










"Are you sure this is a good idea?" 


Sakura heard Ino chuckle as she shifted her gaze over to her, a complete and pent up ball of nerves, "Hey, you were the one who wanted to get out so badly!" 


"I know! I know. But now that I'm actually out…


Sakura looked around, eyes slightly crazed as she kept thinking of the possibility that he could feel her somehow. Feel that she was out of the house. Feel that she was defying him once again. Feel that she was being his disobedient little Omega.


But she couldn’t stay in that house any longer. Couldn’t keep sitting in her room just waiting. And for what? She had no idea what she was waiting for. She had nothing to look forward to. No purpose. No drive to aspire to anything other than being the perfect Omega for her Alpha. 


But today… today she spent the entire day in a state of eager anticipation. She was buzzing around the empty manor in excitement whilst Ino was out buying her a dress for that night. When she came back they immediately ran up the stairs and to her room, giggling excitedly as Ino made her up. She bought her a wonderfully sexy dress that was all black, short sleeved and buttoned all the way down the middle. The material was ruched around her breasts, accentuating them and lifting them to the point where she could forgo a bra. 


Ino lent her a black leather jacket and some ankle strap heels. Though Sakura protested vehemently, having not worn heels very often, she found that they weren’t as high as she initially thought and actually found them to be quite comfortable. 


She looked positively sinful.


Sakura clutched her jacket closed as they walked down a narrow alleyway. A cool gust of autumn wind blew past them and Sakura couldn’t help but be thankful that Ino was able to be her hands on some suppressants from the back market. Ino assured her that there wouldn’t be any Alphas at the club, but they couldn’t take any chances on their journey. 


And if any of the high ranking officers were out at this hour… well it was game over for them. 


The clack of their heels echoed through the alleyway as Sakura began to hear the thump and beat of the base, signaling that they were close. She could also make out a dimly lit neon sign; noticeable enough to the people in search for it but indistinguishable to any passersby up the alley. 


Ino approached the iron door, knocking in a specific rhythm that indicated it was a 'secret' knock. Someone on the other side slid a small metal slider open, the two girls setting their gaze on a pair of dark irises. Ino murmured some code and the door immediately opened for them.


Ino looked behind her and shot Sakura an expectant look, “Ready?”


Sakura shrugged, pulling her jacket tighter, “Ready as I’ll ever be.” 


Ino nodded and took Sakura’s hand in hers, pulling her into a dark corridor where Sakura could see nothing but flashing lights light up the other side and the thump of the base and loud techno music. The sheer volume of the music blared in her ears but she found she didn’t mind it. A nervous and excited energy buzzed around her as they rounded the small hall, walking into a large and dark space with a high ceiling and dance floor flooded with people. There was a bar backing to one end of the large room where Ino immediately led her towards. 


A group was waving her down and Sakura suddenly started feeling a little nervous. She tugged on Ino’s hand, causing the blonde to look back in confusion. She must have sensed her apprehension and shot her a soft smile, “They’re my friends. Don’t worry I told them you were coming with.” 


Sakura nodded her head, observing the group of people she had pointed to at the bar. There was a girl with brunette hair that was tied into two buns on opposite sides of her head, a man with similar brunette hair but longer and reaching his back. But the one who caught her immediate attention was a man with his hair tied into a ponytail, watching her curiously. She wasn't sure if it was his stare or what but she felt slightly nervous, sweat starting to brim her forehead. 


They also didn't look like a group that would participate in an orgy. But who was she to say?


Ino looked back and grabbed her hand, ushering her towards the group waving to let their presence known. 


"Hey, guys!" she yelled over the music and they all nodded their heads, smiling and waving. 


"This is Tenten," Ino pointed and the girl smiled sweetly, "Neji," she continued and the man nodded his head, "And that over there is Shikamaru. There's more of us but they were there only ones who could make it."


Ino pulled Sakura close, bringing her ear to her mouth, "Shikamaru is my contact from the outside. You two should talk." 


As Ino whispered in her ear Sakura maintained a tight gaze with Shikamaru, a smile creeping onto her lips.


Yes, she would indeed talk with him. 



Something wasn’t right. He could feel it in his bones. The telltale rattling in his body that something was amiss. 


He stood outside the large door to the manor, eyes focused on the deep mahogany as he felt a deep crooning in his gland. Closing his eyes he inhaled deeply, exhaling through his nostrils. 


Yes, something was certainly amiss.


Pushing the door open, he was slightly surprised to be welcomed to a darkened house. No lights had been turned on except for a small lamp in the sitting area. His eyes scanned his periphery as he gingerly placed his things down, walking further into the foyer. He ran a hand through his unruly hair and pushed them into his pockets. It wasn’t especially odd to be welcomed to an empty home on a Friday night, though, it was later than normal and Mei was usually around somewhere. 


He supposed she was still with her boy- toy. Not that he cared much. 


A smirk formed on his face as he thought to pay a visit to his Omega. It had been a busy week and to his disappointment, hadn’t had the chance to pay a visit. But with the house empty and free of interruptions… 


He found himself bounding up the staircase, ascending two at a time as he was hit with her deliciously floral scent. Sakura was rather fitting, he deduced. She smelled of spring and life. A welcome antithesis to who he was. The monster she so endearingly referred to him as. 


As he traipsed down the hall he found himself slowing, tilting his head as his eyes bore through her door. 


Something was amiss; as he had surmised earlier. And he had a sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with his Omega. 


Kakashi was a smart man. He could put two and two together as he opened the door to find the room completely empty of her. 


It was Friday night. His Omega was gone. Along with his helper maid. 


A sinister sneer formed on his lips as his eyes roved over the empty bed. Thoughts of how he would punish her later flooded his mind as he shut his eyes closed and inhaled a deep breath. He could still smell the fear leftover from that night he almost had her. Almost broke down and stripped her of her spirit. 


But something inside stopped him. Something… quite unlike him. Something that enjoyed toying with her. He had never taken advantage of an Omega quite like that before. Never felt the desire since he always got what he wanted in an instant.


The clubs he used to attend were enough for a time. The exclusive clubs only meant for elites where you could rent out an Omega and fuck the rut out of your system. It was fun while it lasted. He could have as many Omegas as he wanted all at once. One sitting on his face while one bounced on his cock. 


But then he found himself wanting something different. Something he could call his own. 


And there was something oh so special about this Omega. Something about her that made him want to break her over and over again. 


She kept things interesting, this Omega. His naive, little Omega. That’s what he liked about her most. Foolishly thinking she had control over him. A pull.


He’d let her have it. For now. 


For now he’d let her have her fun. Give her a few more hours to disobey and think she had gotten away with it. Away with thinking she had outsmarted him. Outplayed him. And then when she least expects it hunt her down in that club they all think is so secretive. 


A sinister chuckle escaped his lips. 


Oh , tonight would be a fun night. 



“So you’re the Omega, huh?” 


Sakura smiled and nodded her head, taking another sip of her vodka cranberry. She found she didn’t mind it. She actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Maybe a little too much. 


“And you’re stationed with Captain Hatake? Man, that’s rough.” Shikamaru said and Sakura nodded her head once more, finding she didn’t really want to talk about the Captain. 


“Well, I’m glad Ino was able to get you out tonight. It's not the time or place to discuss it, but what's expected of you," he said lowly, taking her hand in his and causing her to look down at it, "It's not right. And we may be able to help you." 


Sakura's eyes lit up, "So there is a resistance..." 


Shikamaru nodded his head as he took a sip of his drink, "Indeed. We help Omegas get out all the time. Through this club actually." 


Sakura furrowed her brow and Shikamaru leaned in closer, "There are underground passages all over this city. Most of them have been discovered but the one here? We found it first." 


"But don't people know about this club? It's not exactly a secret..." 


"Correct, but no Omega has ever been allowed here unless it's to escape. You're lucky I was able to find some suppressants for you. We don't normally let Omegas just hang out here."


Sakura nodded her head, "So... the idea is to smuggle the Omegas unnoticed and slip out? All under the gauze that this is strictly a Beta run establishment?" 


Shikamaru nodded his head and Sakura furrowed her brow, "That seems awful risky." 


"It is. And we try to space out the missions so as not to create unwanted attention, but it's better than chancing the border."


Sakura couldn't help but shiver at the thought. She was suddenly reminded of that night of the Captain's little gathering. When she had been informed of his cruel punishments.


Just as she was about to open her mouth to inquire further Ino interrupted them, a frightened look on her face.


“Sakura.” she heard Ino say in a frantic and low voice, pulling her off of her stool and behind a wall of people at the bar.


Sakura shot Ino a surprised look, the blonde having practically dragged her away, “Ino wha-”


“The Captain’s here.” 


Sakura felt her heart stop as she froze, not daring to look away as she maintained a focused stare with Ino, “You need to get out of here. You need to go now. Those suppressants won’t work with him. If you have any chance of leaving without him noticing then you need to go.” 


Sakura shook her head, terrified beyond belief at the knowledge that the Captain was there. 


“I don’t think he wants to be noticed. He’s with a few of the other officers but they've got their light combat armor on so I think they’re prepared for anything. But you need to go home now.


Sakura nodded her head frantically, trying to breathe through the sheer terror she was feeling. On wobbly legs, she picked herself up from her crouched position and scanned the room, looking for any indication of the Alpha in search for her so she could slip past unnoticed.


The sight of the two other officers speaking into their hand radios only made her more anxious, realizing that the Captain wasn’t with them. As they walked deeper into the large room Sakura took her chance to bolt. She tied her hair up into a messy bun and pulled her jacket over her head as she bounded up the stairs, making her way to the corridor that they had come from, leading to the exit. 


She was so close to her escape when she suddenly felt a hum in her gland. It stopped her and rooted her to the spot as she exhaled a shaky breath. The command she was given dared her to turn. Dared her to face the devil himself. Her body began to shake in fear as she felt her body turn involuntarily, coming face to face with the Captain who was watching her from the small flight of stairs. He was dressed in all black, appearing rather inconspicuous even though he was dressed in his combat gear. A sneer formed on his face as his eyes roved over her body. 


Sakura backed away as he ascended the short metal staircase, eyes never leaving hers as she remained rooted to the spot, unable to flee. She flinched when he approached and brought a hand up to her chin, lifting her gaze up to his. The Captain shook his head and clicked his tongue in a mocking way. Tears brimmed her eyes as a crazed look set into his face. She slowly closed her eyes as he lowered his head to her ear, commanding one word in his dark and sinister voice. 




So she did. 


Down the corridor. Out the door. Down the alley and into the city. 


She ran as hard and as fast as she could in the wretched heels Ino lent her. Her heart pounded in her ears as she pushed and pushed. She knew he wasn’t far behind her. She knew he was giving her a head start. 


He wanted a chase. 


Everything hurt. Her feet hurt. Her legs hurt. Her damn body hurt. And she could only imagine what he would do once he got his hands on her. Tears streamed unchecked down her face as she rounded a corner, the manor now in her sights. 


She bounded up the stairs to the door and wrenched it open, locking it behind her to buy her more time. She frantically looked around, trying to think of a place to hide but she hadn’t grown too familiar with the blasted house and couldn’t think of any place he wouldn’t find her. 


Sakura winced as she felt a sting in her gland, indicating that he was close. She shed off her jacket and bounded up the stairs, heels echoing and smacking onto the hardwood as she ran down the hallway. Looking to her left, she wrenched open the door to the linen closet and immediately crouched inside. She didn’t know why she was hiding. Why she thought she had a chance in hell of escaping him. He would always find her. And he would stop at nothing. 


The door opened and she heard the familiar foot steps echoing in the foyer, "Come out, come out, little Omega." she heard from downstairs as she remained hidden. Her heart was pounding a million times a second. She could feel the excitement in his voice and it only terrified her more. 


Sakura closed her eyes and felt the tears stream down her face as she heard his heavy footsteps stalk up the stairs. She brought a shaky hand to her mouth and her gland, doing her best to muffle her cries and cover up her scent. But deep down she knew, if any Alpha were to track her down, it’d be him. 


He was a hunter. And she was his prey. 


“I’ll find you, little one,” he began lowly, his deep voice traveling down the long hallway, “I can smell you. I can smell your fear.” 


A heavy tear ran down her cheek as she closed her eyes, feeling the thump of his boots slowly ascend the hall. He stopped in front of the closet she was in and turned towards it. She could hear a contented exhale leave his mouth as she watched him remove his hands from his pockets through the slats, stretching them out.


“Found you.” 


Sakura let out a scream as he wrenched open the closet door, eyes so dark and menacing as a wicked grin formed on his face. She screamed louder once he grabbed her leg and dragged her out from the closet. He pulled her down the hall, leg being aggressively lead by his arm as she slid on her stomach, doing everything in her power to claw herself away. The resistance in her only seemed to spur him on as he yanked harder, pulling her faster towards her room. She continued screaming and clawing desperately at the hardwood, breaking her nails in the process and watching the blood from her fingers leave a stream.


Once he reached her room he threw her in, her body slapping onto the floor with a painful thud. She winced slightly as he slammed the door shut behind him. The Captain stared down at her as he stripped off his bullet proof vest, letting it hit the ground with a loud thud. He was dressed in all black, like the dark militaristic monster that he was. 


He knelt down to her level as she crawled back towards the wall, “What am I to do with you now, little Omega?” 


Sakura shuddered at the tone of his voice as he tilted his head at her. She squealed once more as he aggressively reached for her, pinning her down with his large body, “Stop! Please, I’m sorry!” 


“Sorry for what?”


“I’m- I'm sorry for leaving. For breaking the rules and going out when I wasn’t supposed to. Please just don’t hurt me.” 


“Oh, little one,” he sneered, bringing a gentle hand to the side of her face that made her shudder, “I’m not going to hurt you. In fact…” 


The Captain lifted himself up, unclipping a pair of handcuffs he had strapped to his belt, “I’m going to remind you just who you’ve been messing with these past few weeks.” 


Sakura shot him a confused look as he stalked towards her once more, “But first…” he said as he quickly grabbed both of her hands in his. She gasped and thrashed around but it was of no use. He wrenched her hands above her head and handcuffed her to the radiator, leaving her practically immobile. She desperately tried wriggling out but to no avail. Stalking to the bathroom he quickly came out with a rag, swiftly stuffing it in her mouth and smirking down at her.


“Now,” he breathed, satisfied with his work as he began to slowly pace around the room, “I’ve let you have your fun. Allowed you a little taste of freedom. But I think you need to be reminded of why you’re here.” 


Sakura watched him fearfully as he continued traipsing around the room, dark eyes never leaving hers, “You think you’ve found your pull with me? You think you’ve found a weakness?” 


The Captain stalked back up to her, bringing himself down on one knee as he brushed away a tear that ran down her cheek, “I'm going to show you just how wrong you are. That it’s me who controls you now. And you’re going to stop with this because I’ll just break you all over again.” 


Sakura let out a sob around the rag that was stuffed into her mouth. A shiver ran down her spine when he pressed his face to her neck, inhaling long and deep, “Fuck you smell so good. And this dress. ” 


The black dress she was wearing buttoned down the middle, so she could only imagine what he was about to do next. With a snarl the Captain brought both of his hands to either side of her stomach and yanked, pulling the dress open and revealing her practically nude body. She decided to forgo a bra but was wearing a curiously racy pair of black lace underwear from her new lingerie collection.


The twinkle in the Captain’s eyes did not go unnoticed as his eyes roved over her entire body. He placed his hands at her sides and she tried to squirm away but he only pinned her down harder. 


“Was I right?” he blew into her ear and she shuddered, “Did she make you curious?”


Sakura shook her head furiously and the Captain clicked his tongue, “This outfit says otherwise.” 


The look in his eyes was positively manic as he smelled the air, " Fuck your scent. I can't take it. The want. The fear. It's intoxicating."  


She clenched her legs together as his hand traveled down her body, his mouth coming down to work her neck. 


"That want for me is there," he murmured into her ear, "I've smelled it on your cunt. And I'm going to get it out of you again." 


His finger padded at her entrance and she squirmed, trying her best to get away from him. Her naked body shook against his as he groaned into her neck. Fingers still feeling around she quivered at the push of his middle finger against her heat. 


“Do you think she’d come and play? Hmm? If I asked nicely?” 


Sakura shook her head and blinked down tears as he continued pressing his fingers into her heat. He was practically lying on top of her now, mouth deep in her gland as he licked and sucked, voice crooning and enticing her Omega, “Will you play with me Omega? Will you play with your Alpha?” 


To her utter terror, Sakura felt a gush of liquid leave her heat and a wide sneer immediately take over the Captain’s face, “Oh, yes. ” he purred as he lifted his hand from her pussy and hooked his fingers into the hem of her panties. They were ripped off from her in a second and the Captain slowly brought his gaze back up to hers. 


“Will you be a good Omega if I take this rag out of your mouth?” 


Reluctantly, she nodded her head and he removed it from her mouth. She managed to resist the urge to spit in his face, figuring she was done with her spitting quota for awhile. Continuing to say and do nothing, she watched as he descended her body, still fully clothed in his black attire as he laid himself flat on the floor. 


Right above her dripping cunt. 


She felt an overwhelming urge to try and buck him off once more as she focused on his face. The dark, unsettling gaze that captured hers as he lowered himself further down to her heat.  She couldn't watch and closed her eyes as she felt something soft and wet swipe at her folds. The urge to pull at her restraints was too great as she yanked and tugged.


But her actions only seemed to spur him on more. She felt his tongue swirl around her clit, the feeling both exciting and terrifying. In her entire existence, she had never been touched the way the Captain touched her. She didn't know how to respond. Didn't know if what she was feeling was right. Should she enjoy what he was doing to her? Allow herself to give in entirely? A part of her couldn't deny it felt good, but her brain was screaming that this man was dangerous and hell bent on controlling her. 


But oh when he wrapped his tongue around her pearl just like that- 


" Yes …" 


The Captain lifted his head, a wolfish grin on his face as he dug his hands under her thighs. He raised them over his shoulders, delving back into her heat and immediately sucking in her clit. 


Sakura did her best to remain composed as he created a soft suction. The Omega in her threatened to claw its way out with every suck and she was sweating from her efforts to hold back. That small slip of her tongue earlier was already a reckless move. She couldn't give him any indication that she was enjoying this. 


Even if she was. 


"Come on, Omega. Let loose for me. Go wild for your Alpha."


Sakura bit her lip and squinted her eyes shut, "Oh god…" she murmured, twisting and turning under her restraints. The Captain looked up at her through his dark gaze, tongue lapping and laving at her dripping cunt. Their eyes remained glued to one another and she didn't know how to feel. But there was always an underlying feeling that he was still a monster. No matter how good it felt. How his touch scorched her skin in the best way. 


When she stripped him down of his designation, he was nothing but a monster who was the curator of her demise. The mastermind behind the repression of her kind. How could she let someone like him so much as breathe around her? 


With a growl and a snap of her jaw Sakura kicked her leg out, foot jabbing him in the side and the Captain let out a pained grunt. The sound that emitted from his throat could only resemble that of an angered animal; growling and snarling as he lifted his head from where he had been working her heat. 


"You'll be regretting that, little one. Since I think we were both enjoying ourselves." 


The Captain lifted himself off of her, eyes roving over her completely naked and chained body. She wore a scowl on her face as he undressed himself. Taking off his shirt like every male did; slowly and reaching from behind their neck to pull it over his head. He unbuckled his utility belt next, tossing it to the floor with a hard thud. 


He paused for a moment in the middle of unfastening his pants, watching her curiously, "I wonder if I should keep you tied up for when I fuck you." he wondered, tilting his head at her as she sneered, "It'd be a shame not to feel your hands all over me when you give in." 


"Fuck you." 


"Oh, I'm about to, don't you worry." 


"Don't fucking touch me." she seethed, thrashing about and feeling the sting from the sharp metal of the cuffs digging into her skin. 


“You broke the rules, little one,” he began, lowering his pants along with his underwear and grasping his large cock in his hands, “And you know what happens when you break the rules?”


The Captain lowered himself to her, straddling her stomach so that his cock was bobbing right in front of her face. A bead of precum had emitted from the tip which he eagerly smeared against her lips. Sakura grimaced at the gesture, wanting nothing more than to sink her teeth into the tissue but decided against it. 


“You submit to me tonight. You do as I command. Because you are mine.” he seethed as he pushed into her mouth. His hands traveled to her head, bracing himself in her mouth as he moved back and forth, “Fuck your mouth is a dream. I’ll only be here a moment. Then I’ll be taking your cunt.” 


Sakura whimpered around his girth as tears flooded her eyes at the intrusion. His Alpha cock was just so large and it stretched her little mouth to the point she thought it would split. But the Captain didn’t seem to care in the least as he fucked her mouth, reveling in the spit and dribble falling from her and onto her breasts.


The Captain pulled out from her mouth and gave her a smirk, bringing his hands to her breasts and smearing the spit that collected there. He pushed her breasts together and fit his cock inside, sliding back and forth for a few moments, “ Fuck, you feel like heaven.” 


He let go of her breasts and lowered down to her heat, lining himself up once again as she shuddered at the feel of his tip sliding against her folds. Grabbing her hips, he pushed inside in one swift movement, letting his head fall back in a hiss. 


The intrusion didn't hurt so much this time, but it was an intrusion none the less. And he wasted no time quickening his pace and rutting into her. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, lifting her slightly so that he could get a better angle. 


Sakura screamed as the handcuffs began digging into her skin, small streams of blood running down her arms as he pounded into her. 


A crazed look fit to the Captain's face as watched her blood trail down her arm, "Be a good girl and I'll release you." 


Sakura nodded her head visciously as he brought his hands to the cuffs, swiftly unlocking them and hoisting her up into his lap. Her wounds weren't terribly deep but that didn't stop him from bringing her wrists up to his lips. 


The Captain continued pounding into her while she was on top of him, dark gaze never leaving hers as he shot his tongue out to her wound. The soothing heat and soft pad of his tongue lapping up the blood had her under a spell. Her eyes practically rolled to the back of her head as he continued to lick her wounds, healing them with his saliva and ebbing the pain. 


The feel of his tongue and the sight of him sucking at her wrist spurred something inside her; deep and primal. She felt her gaze darkening at his actions and she couldn't help but feel a pull towards where his mouth and her skin connected. She felt the Captain freeze as she darted her own tongue out to her wound, touching his ever so slightly. 


Sakura let out a breathy moan as she licked at her own blood, the Captain slowly joining her as their tongues mingled together. They were both completely spurred on by the sheer pleasure of something so sinful. Something that would be revolting. They pulled away from her wrist and she thought for a moment that they were kissing. Tongues intermingled and tasting the copper of her blood. Sakura felt like she was losing it. Her first kiss sending her into near dilerium.   


The Captain growled and suddenly grabbed her by her hair, pulling her head back. He resumed his harsh thrusts as he slid in and out of her. Her slick ran down her legs, completely drenching the both of them from when their tongues had briefly danced. It felt so dirty. So primal. 


And in that moment, she loved it. They were now back to his control. To him holding her in place with an authoritative grip. Cock sheathing in and out of her at a break neck pace. She felt her orgasm fast approaching, the blossom in her stomach blooming hard and fast. 


"Say you need my knot." he growled against her neck. 


Sakura fought back a sneer, "No." 


The Captain growled and grabbed her hair harder, "I know you want it. Say it. Say it for me, little Omega." 


Sakura shut her eyes, the pleasure all consuming as tears ran down her face. Whether it was from the actual pleasure she was feeling or guilt from allowing herself to give in, she wasn't sure. But the Omega inside her screamed for it. Was practically clawing at her psyche. Begging her to say yes. Begging her to abandon the hatred. 


"Knot me." 


The Captain released his hold on her hair and allowed her to look at him, "Again. Say it again. Make me." 


"Knot me. Please, I need it." she crooned, bouncing herself on his cock and feeling her walls fluttering around him. 


"Good girl... such a good girl." he bit out as he gave her one good and lasting thrust, burying himself deep and locking onto her. She could feel his seed spurting deep inside and she practically purred at feeling so full.


But when the Captain began to rub his face into her neck she immediately felt the urge to pull away. She didn't want his aftercare. Didn't want to partake in their postcoital bliss.


What they do is wrong. 


Sakura shoved him away, rubbing her shoulder free of him and he snarled, lifting them to a stand. She could feel that they were still locked so she had no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist. 


A smirk emerged across his lips as he observed her face, black orbs holding on to hers, "We get closer and closer every time, Omega." 


Sakura scowled and she flared her nostrils, "You're delusional." 


The Captain kept his firm grip on her ass as he fixed her with an intense stare, "You're delusional for running from this. For denying what is so obvious that you want." 


"I don't want you. I don't want this." 


The Captain held his dark stare, tilting his head as a smirk emerged across his lips. She closed her eyes shut as her traiterous cunt squeezed around his cock as he spurted more of his seed into her. A breathy moan escaped her lips that he mimicked. 


"Don't you?" 



Chapter Text









“Don’t you?”


The words echoed in her mind as Sakura sat at the kitchen island, a piping hot mug of coffee in her hand. It was five in the morning and she finally found it safe to leave her room. She watched the Captain leave the manor once again, their silent and unspoken exchange through her window becoming somewhat of a routine. 


Despite the roughness of their last encounter, Sakura couldn’t help but become preoccupied by what he had said. Questioning once again what it was that they really were. From the very beginning, Sakura had been trying her damndest to establish a clear boundary between the two. To set the record straight that despite her designation rearing its ugly head, Sakura wanted nothing to do with the Captain. Time and time again she would make it apparent that what they did was wrong. It was sick. It was twisted. 


And yet a part of her was afraid. Afraid that she enjoyed it. Enjoyed being his little pawn. Enjoyed partaking in his sickness and allowing herself to give in. 


Did it make her an enabler? Was she an equal party in this sinful dance of theirs? Or was she blindly being led by the other half of her that she had yet to understand?


She felt like a slave to her designation. And she still didn’t know if it was something to fear or embrace. The Captain kept urging her to let go. That she herself was delusional for denying what it was that she so clearly wanted. What she would battle so ardently as they were tangled up in one another. When her Omega would creep to the surface to play.


She couldn't lie to herself any longer. Couldn't fill her head with delusions of what really transpired that night. What she actually felt underneath the facade of refusal and resistance.


There was an excitement that night. When he told her to run. 


She didn't admit it then, but a small shiver of anticipation ran down her spine as his dark gaze and wicked sneer fixed on hers. Almost begging for her to partake in his chase. To her immense disappointment in herself, she wanted to. The high she felt from running and entering the manor was palpable in her scent. She could only imagine him storming into the manor, crazed on their chase and being spurred on even further by the hint of her hunger and zeal. 


And when they were finally tangled up in one another with him tending to her wounds… 


She remembered the wave of pleasure that ripped through her as he lapped at her blood. Sakura obsessively thought back to that moment, remembering how she felt when his tongue soothed her wound. And amongst those obsessive thoughts was when she realized that it was that very aspect that she wanted so desperately to cling to. Though not apparent at the time, she craved that nurturing characteristic of their designations. She reveled in their tongues intertwining and tasting the effects of him fostering her wounds. 


No, she couldn't deny it any longer. The more she lied to herself the more she came to the realization that she simply couldn't. And with the knowledge that her first heat could appear at any moment, she really didn't have a clue as to how she would act. But more and more she came to the conclusion that she couldn't fight it. That resisting him was almost painful. That letting go and giving in was sheer bliss for her body. 


But the painful realizing that she kept coming to was that this wasn't love. No… there was no word for what they were, but it surely was not in the scope of a caring relationship. She could hate his very being but enjoy it at the same time, if it meant surviving. Anything to prevent from slipping into madness. 


Sakura continued taking sips of her coffee as she waited for Ino to emerge. She had to admit, five in the morning was early even for Ino's standards. 


Poor Ino. Sakura couldn't fault her for how that evening played out. It was of Sakura's own volition that they sneak out into the city and take her to a club where Omegas technically weren't allowed. And with no certainty that the Captain wouldn't find her? What did they think was going to happen? 


Sakura was not visited by Ino until that morning, fearing that the Captain would have her head if he were interrupted. And Sakura couldn't blame Ino. She never gave the blonde any indication that she was in any real danger of the Captain; always choosing to keep things vague. But if she were to convey that there was iminant danger, Sakura knew Ino would be by her side in an instant.


But Sakura couldn't see that happening. Not anymore. 


The padding of footsteps down the stairs caused a smile to emerge on her face as she saw Ino breeze past her. Sakura furrowed her brow as she eyed what she was wearing.


She was a vision in black. 


It wasn't uncommon for Ino to wear fancy evening gowns, but this was something else all together. The black slip she wore looked as if it were made of the most expensive fabric. The material shifted so smoothly on her body and the silk of the fabric shone against the rays of the morning sun. She donned a robe made from the same silk fabric that was decorated with lace up the sides. 


She looked positively radiant. 


"Don't you look nice." Sakura managed to choke out and Ino bounced towards the kitchen island. 


"I just found it in my room. Lying on top of my bed." 


Sakura furrowed her brow. "What?"


Ino bit her lip and looked past Sakura; up the hallway. The look confused her as Ino checked to make sure that they were alone. "I think it's from the Captain." 


Sakura froze and felt her heart sink. The Captain? The Captain gave her a gift. The Captain gave Ino a gift.


Saying it over and over in her head was making it sound more warped. Why would he give her a gift? A gift so similar to the gift he had given her. Was it a sign? Was he suddenly done with Sakura? A pain was felt in her heart at the thought. 




Sakura worked her mouth as she watched Ino's indulgent look. "What makes you say that?" 


Ino shrugged, turning back around and traipsing around the kitchen to fetch her own coffee. "Well, there was a little note that came with it. It was an apology, I suppose. For how he had been acting towards me." 


"An apology?" 


"Mmhmm," she murmured as she poured coffee into her mug, "You know, for basically threatening to fire me while he was in rut."




Ino made her way back to the island, setting her mug down and leaning her elbows down on to it, "It's not unusual for him to get me gifts. But they're usually muffins or some expensive coffee. Never this. " she said excitedly, smoothing her hands down the slinky material. 


Sakura wrinkled her nose, trying her damndest not to seem irked or even remotely jealous. She always painted the Captain in a revolting light, especially to Ino, so she couldn't show her how she really felt about it. That there was a sliver of her that had a hunger for him. 


Sakura chewed her lip in thought. "Um, have you and the Captain ever…?" 


Ino raised her brows at Sakura, a surprised look on her face and she let out an undignified snort, "Oh God, no. Me and the Captain? No. He doesn't fuck Betas." 


Sakura's expression fell, "But, would you?" she asked cautiously. 


Ino paused, twisting her lips and looking up towards the ceiling. "Yeah, probably." 


Sakura tried her best to look composed, a bit surprised by Ino's answer. This was the girl behind a resistance against a dictatorship, and she was admitting that she would fuck its highest commanding officer? 


"Oh?" Sakura replied, gulping down the undignified jealousy she was feeling. She hated it. Hated feeling possessive over a monster. Hated that she was angry at her only friend and being a hypocrite. But fuck she just couldn't stand the fact that he had given her a gift and now she admitted that she would fuck him. 


Ino sighed and took Sakura's hands in hers. "I don't mean it in a disrespectful way. I totally get why it's different for you. What he does to you is just… it's why we have the resistance." 


Sakura nodded her head as she maintained their stare. "But… you have to take what you can from this world. And I'm not going to ignore the human in me that would let that man rail me on his desk, as long as it meant absolutely nothing." she said with a slight chuckle.


Sakura paused and let her gaze fall as she considered what Ino said. It was somewhat apparent that she was attracted to the Captain from their previous conversations, though Sakura never once believed she would act on said attraction. 


If anything, what Ino had just confessed put the nail on the head. That this was not a nice world and take pleasure where you can. Maybe that's what she needed to hear…


Sakura shot Ino a soft smile, trying her best not to read into the gift she had received from the Captain. Though from the thoughts and revelations that she had come to that morning, she had a sickening feeling it would be about the only thing she could think about. 



The day had gone by like any other. Sakura and Ino sharing the house chores, shooting jokes and telling stories. 


Though Sakura couldn't say that she was all there, just as she suspected. The entire day she was in a haze; Ino's words echoing in her mind as they pushed through their chores. 


It sickened her that she felt such a strong way about it. That the thought of him gifting her something so intimate shook her to her core. It filled her with a rage that she was unfamiliar with. A foreign feeling of intense jealousy. 


The revelation that she had come to earlier that morning did nothing to make the situation any easier. She felt a newfound possession towards her relationship with the Captain. And she was now faced with the possibility that she could lose that relationship to Ino ?


Ino. A Beta. Why would he want a Beta? 


Sakura shook her head as her and Ino finished where they started; in the kitchen. She needed to stop with the toxic thoughts. If she kept railing on Ino for something that wasn't her fault, she would surely find herself alone and without a friend.


A shiver ran down her spine and the telltale itch of her gland sent her heart beating outside her chest. She fought the urge to moan as she felt his presence entering through the door. She had so desperately hoped that she would go the evening without having to see him, but it seemed he was back early that day.


She felt the urge to vomit; truly. She could see a small smile form on Ino's face as the sound of the front door closing reverberated through the house. Sakura hated the feeling that it gave her. Hated the irrational anger she felt towards her one and only friend over a complete monster. She just couldn't take it.


The Captain stalked down the hall in all of his omnipotent glory. He was dressed in his uniform, though his cap lay dangling from his hand. Sakura leaned her back against the island as she watched his gaze fall on hers. She couldn't help but notice a slight deviousness in it. Plotting. Like he was up to something.  


"Ino," his voice crooned, shifting his gaze away from her and to the blonde, "I trust you found your gift?" 


Ino batted her eyes and smiled softly, causing Sakura to fight back a sneer, "It was beautiful. I can't thank you enough." 


A wicked smile formed on his face as his gaze darkened on the blonde. Sakura wanted nothing more than to shove herself between the two and act like a petulant child, begging for him to notice her, but couldn't find it in herself to move from her stationary position. She rationally couldn't be upset with Ino. She couldn't fault her for being attracted to him either. They were feelings Sakura was trying to grapple with herself. 


"You're a good girl, Ino. Would you be willing to come into my office for a few minutes?"


Sakura's heart fell at the realization that he wasn't speaking to her. Both her and Ino exchanged confused looks but straightened at the sound of him clearing his throat, "Of course." 


The Captain shot her a smirk that made Sakura  want to throw the nearest heavy thing in pure rage. It was the same look he would give her whenever he was up to something particularly wicked involving her. 


Sakura straightened herself as Ino walked past her, shrugging her shoulder and biting her lip in a look of pure anticipation. She watched as the Captain extended his hand towards his office and Ino took direction. A sneer formed on her face as he winked at Sakura, shoving his hands in his pockets and turning away from her. 


A possessive part of Sakura wanted to follow. Wanted to peer into his office door and see what exactly he had called Ino into his office for. In all of the months she had been at the manor, he had never hailed for the blonde. It was always Sakura… 


She gulped nervously as she peered out from the kitchen, watching as he followed her into his office and left the door slightly cracked as he always did. Left to muddle in her thoughts, she groaned and let the back of her head fall against the wall she had been leaning on. 


Did he leave the door open on purpose? It wasn't uncommon for him to do so, but she could most definitely see him purposefully goading her to take a peek and watch whatever it was that they were doing. The thought infuriated her; him knowing that the curious side of her would almost die if she didn't take a look. 


But she wasn't going to indulge him. She wasn't going to allow herself to take the bait and watch whatever it was that he was doing to Ino. Wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of scenting her and being spurred on by her jealousy like she was that evening she caught him with Mei.


Without even turning back Sakura humphed and pushed off the wall, stalking up the hallway and towards the stairs. She hoped the echo of her steps becoming increasingly more quiet would give him the hint that she was not in the mood to play.



Sakura found herself in the sitting room, well past midnight. After spending most of the evening in her room waiting for either Ino or the Captain to show, she increasingly found herself slipping into madness at the realization of what they could had done. 


She wanted to cry. Wanted to scream. Wanted to march down to his office and ask just what he meant by pulling something like that. Or if he was really done with her. 


She tried scenting him but it was so muddled she couldn't make anything out.


She'd be lying if she said she wasn't down there waiting for him to leave his office. Waiting for him to notice her in the moonlight. His Omega. Waiting for her Alpha. 


The sound of footsteps traipsing up the hall caused her heart to stop beating in her chest. She had come up with a myriad of things to say. A whole speech to unload when she finally came face to face with him. 


But as he rounded the corner and she smelled his actual scent. The whiskey, pine and paradoxically fresh musk of him caused her mind to go blank.


She turned her head towards the window from the chair she was sitting in, ignoring his amused look upon seeing her alone in the dark. 


"It's late, little one." 


Sakura continued staring out the window, not intent on indulging him tonight, "I'm not tired." 


He leaned against the archway and crossed his arms over his chest, "Something on your mind?" 


Sakura fought the urge to scoff as she shook her head and brought her fist to her mouth. She curled up into the armchair, content with ignoring him for as long as she had to. Him just standing there so nonchalant; that smirk on his face that she wanted to slap off. Maybe he could smell it. Maybe he couldn't. But the hurt she felt in her chest was palpable as she maintained a heavy stare out the window. 


She took a deep breath and removed her hand from her mouth. "Why? Why her?" 


The Captain smirked. "Why not her?" 


Sakura let out a bitter laugh, trying to find the words but they had completely failed her. He tilted his head as he slowly stalked towards her and clicked his tongue. "Are you jealous, little one?" 


Sakura steeled herself, finally ripping her gaze from the window and lifted herself from the chair. She stood straight and threw him a righteous look. "I am not." 


She could feel herself quickly crumbling as he stalked towards her, hands in his pockets. An evil glimmer shone in his onyx stare as he planted himself right in front of her. The challenge in their eyes did nothing up quench the fire in her belly. 


"Are you sure?" he murmured in his velvet smooth voice, tilting his head and looking her up and down. 


"Yes." she whispered, fighting hard not to let her eyes flutter shut.


The Captain let out a low chuckle as he extracted a hand from his pocket, lifting it to move a stray piece of hair from her face. "Don't lie to me, little one. I can smell you." 


Sakura pursed her lips as she fought a sigh and tried her best to refrain from leaning into his touch. His hand lingered against her but she maintained her heated stare. She was jealous. Jealous beyond belief but she couldn't let him know that. Even if he could scent it.


But the look he was giving her was doing nothing not to spur her on. She wanted nothing more than to be the one to back him up into the wall, strip him of his clothes and bounce on his cock while she turned the tables. While she staked her claim. Reminded him that they serve each other and no one else. 


With a newfound confidence Sakura took a step towards him, shoving his hand off of her and snaking her hand up his chest. Grabbing a fistful of his shirt, she pulled herself towards him and fixed him with a heady stare. 


"You are my Alpha." she seethed, pressing her body into his as a crazed look took over his gaze. She could feel his breathing shallow against her chest and she let out a growl as she fisted his shirt harder. 


"I fucking hate it," she began as she lifted her face to his, "but I hate seeing you with her more." 


A wicked smile spread across his face as Sakura brought him down into a kiss. A searing kiss. Her first kiss and all she wanted was to emulate the same feelings she felt when their tongues had once been intertwined.


She felt a growl escape his lips as he eagerly allowed her entrance, moving against one another in a tantalizing dance. It was the most passionate and raw they had ever been, and Sakura wasn't sure how she felt about it. She didn't want passion. She didn't want warmth. 


She wanted lust. Desire. Hunger. 


A growl of her own escaped her lips as she took his bottom lip between her teeth. She bit down, causing him to groan as she sucked his lip into her mouth. The coppery taste of his blood trickling into her mouth sent her mind reeling. 


She had marked him. For the first time in the months that she had been living in the manor, she marked him . It was no secret that he had claimed her body on many occasions; marks of his own maring her skin. Little bites and nips marking her skin or the healed wounds on her wrists. 


But this. This little mark she left; after months and months of resisting she finally gave him the smallest hint of what she was feeling. Rather than the constant defiance. The will to withstand every and any effort on his part to claim her.


She wanted this. Wanted to give him the smallest indication that a part of her, the Omega in her was completely bewitched by him. 


Sakura pulled away after she had sucked him dry and lapped up every trace of blood from his mouth that she could detect. A shuddered sigh escaped his lips and his nostrils flared. She noticed how his eyes had completely glazed over, the Alpha in him purring in delight at her sudden boldness. 


But she pulled away, steeling herself once more and fixing him with a hardened stare as she focused on his bruised lip. On the mark that she had bestowed upon him. The tiny reminder that if they were to continue with their wicked games, they would continue together. As Alpha and Omega. 


"Goodnight, Captain Hatake." she whispered and he fixed her with a stare of mixed emotions. A cocktail of looks that she wasn't familiar with. A sharpness in his eyes that sparked a fire in her belly. And then a cautionary look at what she had just created between the two. 


Only instead of responding he simply gave her a nod and craned his neck, a gesture she found confusing and he stalked off to his office. She watched as he exited into the foyer and brought a hand to his neck, rubbing it in agitation. A motion she was all too familiar with herself.


After a few moments she heard the door to his office shut and she was left with a foreboding silence. Left in her own thoughts as she stood alone in the dark room.



Later that evening, in the late hours of the night, she found him hovering above her. Sweat covered his partially naked body in a thin sheet that twinkled in the moonlight. Breath labored and eyes crazed, he lowered himself further and breathed against her lips.


"I'm never fucking you again without kissing you." 


And so they did. 




I'll leave you to wonder if him and Ino really did anything for now. 


Chapter Text









They fucked. 


They fucked on her bed. In her bathroom; on the sink. Against the damn wall. Anywhere they could find. Just as long as his cock was buried inside her. 


It was not love, she would tell herself. There was no affection. There was no bonding. 


They were running on primal instincts. Their feral tendencies. Letting their Alphas and Omegas consume them.


"I've thought a lot about this, you know," she heard him growl as he fucked her against the wall, "What I'd do when you finally came to me." 


Sakura let out a low groan, arousal quite apparent as she clenched around him. "What did you want to do to me?" 


The Captain hummed in approval as he continued rutting into her. "I wanted to fuck you properly. No resistance. No using that smart fucking mouth of yours. I'd spread you on my bed." 


She let out a shuddering breath. "And then?" 


"I'd want you to come all in my mouth first. I'd want to fuck you with my tongue. And then when you were begging for it," he seethed, pushing into her roughly, " then I'd fuck you. God. I'd fuck you into my mattress until I fucked you into the ground." 


Sakura moaned wildly as he grabbed tighter onto her ass, hoisting her up further and urging her to wrap her legs more securely around him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed down at him with mismatched eyes. The feel of his cock sheathing in and out of her at a breakneck pace was throwing her into near delirium. 


The Captain let out a growl as his lips descended onto hers. His tongue was incessant as he swiped his along her lip to entangle with hers. When she broke away he continued with his kisses, spreading across her jaw and down to her gland. 


"Don't let this get to your head," she growled, feeling him smirk against her neck, "I still fucking hate you." 


He let out a contented growl as he stilled inside her. "Baby, that makes two of us." 


He pistoned into her like a damn machine. With all of his Alpha strength. She watched as he slammed his hips and grit his teeth. Eyes closed and brows pinched together in sheer euphoria. Sweat permeated both of their bodies and she was unsure whether it was her own sweat or her slick running down her thighs and onto the ground.


"Say it." 


She let out a grunt. 


" Say it." 


Sakura moaned and let her head fall back. She could feel the beginnings of her orgasm fast approaching. The shuddering of her walls. The burning in her belly. 


"Say it, Omega." he seethed once more. 


Sakura shot her gaze down to him, a fire in her eyes as she spoke the words. "Knot me. Knot me, Alpha. I need it. I fucking need it." she babbled as he sucked viciously at her gland. Growling and snarling against her neck like his orgasm depended on it. 


"Want to feel our cum running down my legs." 


She groaned loudly, feeling her walls fluttering around his cock. When she came with the Captain, she came hard. Legs gripping his waist. Fingers clawing his back. Mouth hung slack.


"Gonna fill you up," he growled, bucking into her one last time before his knot swelled, "Fill you to the brim so my come is always inside you. Always running down these perfect legs." 


The Captain groaned long and low, his spend spurting into her. She felt his lips at her throat. Felt him whispering filthy words that assured they would in fact be doing this over and over again. 


She wanted it all. She hated him more than anything but wanted everything he could give her at the same time. Give her what her Omega begged for every minute of every day. Ever since their bodies had come in contact for the first time.


The Captain carried her over to her bed, his knot letting up and allowing for them to disconnect. He gingerly placed her down onto the mattress and pulled the sheets over her, smoothing her sweat stained hair out of her hair. 


"Rest, Omega." he crooned as he lifted himself to a stand. "We'll play again once I return." 


Sakura bit her lip, watching as he turned. She wanted so badly to know when. The Omega in her was clawing at her mind, begging for Sakura to abandon her resolve. Abandon the need to feel stronger than she really was. 


"When?" she heard herself croak.


The Captain smirked, causing a shiver to run down her spine. He turned to face her from the door, exposed in all of his Alpha glory as his cock hung. She fought the urge to lick her lips as he regarded her with a nod. 


"Not late, my Omega. Patience."


A ghost of a smile emerged on her lips as she threw the covers over herself, listening as he closed the door. 


Sleep could not come soon enough.



Morning came faster than she would have liked. She let out a low groan as the light from the mid morning sun trickled in from the window, directing itself straight for her eyes. All she wanted to do was stay in bed until the Captain returned, as pathetic as that sounded. 


She woke to an odd feeling. It was a cross between immediately wanting to run to the toilet and vomit or smile childishly into her pillow.


It was certainly odd and sightly schizophrenic. 


The feeling of finally allowing herself to let go and surrender to her Omega; to let it rise to fruition. There was something liberating about it.  She felt more in touch with that part of herself. Like she understood it better. 


But how could a part of herself become so infatuated by a monster? How could she be equally repulsed and bewitched by him? The constant push and pull was both exhilarating and exhausting. 


Sakura groaned as she threw the covers over her head, content with trying to go back to sleep to calm her warring mind. 


But all good things come to an end and it wasn't long before she heard an incessant knocking at her door. 


" Sakuraaa." she heard Ino sing song from the other side of her door. Another unsavory gruff escaped her lips as she picked up her pillow and secured it over her head. 


Sakura hoped she would just go away but that was not the case. She heard her door swing open and the skip in Ino's step on the hardwood as she bounded towards the bed. 


What the fuck was she so happy about? 


She felt a dip in the mattress as Ino sat herself down. A yelp sounded from her mouth as Ino's hand connected with her ass. "Time to get up, sleeping beauty!" 


" Fuck. Off." 


Part of her meant it. If Ino was in a good mood because she had been fucked by the Captain, then she really didn't want anything to do with her. It was petty and childish but she couldn't help how she felt, especially after having shared a similar evening with the Captain herself.


"Oh, come on. Why did you run off last night?" 


Sakura quirked her brow. "What do you mean?" 


"When the Captain called me. You just ran off. I thought we were going to hang out after.


Sakura furrowed her brow, completely confused as she threw the sheets off of her. She stared at Ino in all of her baggy eyed, bedhead glory. "What are you even talking about? Didn't you two," Sakura made a lewd gesture with her hands, partially out of exauhstion, "Ya know?" 


She watched in confusion as Ino let out a sarcastic chuckle. "Yeah… no. He just filled me in on his schedule for the month and the situation with Mei." 


Sakura rubbed the sleep from her eyes, her heart beginning to slow at the realization that him and Ino hadn't done anything. She felt sightly foolish, but mostly annoyed that the Captain had once again dug into her skin.


"What's going on with Mei?" 


Ino shrugged. "I guess she's wanting to come back to the manor." 


"And the Captain… doesn't want that." Sakura deadpanned.


"Honestly, I don't think he cares what Mei does. As long as she's not in his way." Ino sighed and lifted herself from the side of the bed, setting course for Sakura's closet. "She probably just got tired of her boy toy." 


Sakura sat up fully in her bed, feeling better as she allowed herself to wake up. She watched as Ino dug through her closet, extracting a pair of skinny jeans and a cream colored v- neck sweater. 


"So, um-" Sakura began, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear, "Is the Captain here today?" 


If Sakura was being anything but inconspicuous, Ino didn't notice. "No. I think he went to the border today. When he left he wasn't in uniform. Just his combat gear."


Sakura nodded her head slowly, watching Ino as she brought her outfit over to the edge of her bed. She couldn't help but notice Ino's buzzing energy. Almost from when she first entered the room. 


"Ino, what's going on? No offense, but you're too chipper for nine in the morning." 


"What, I can't be happy?" 


Sakura let out an annoyed groan. "You know what I mean. Come on. Spill it." 


Ino looked around cautiously, like she didn't want to be heard. Sakura to roll her eyes, as if any one was around. 


"Okay," Ino began, sitting down on the bed once more, "There have been some… developments." 


Sakura perked up on the bed. "Developments?" 


Ino nodded, biting her lip and buzzing with anticipation. "With the resistance. Shikamaru sent me a message from the bakery a few blocks away." 


Sakura furrowed her brow as Ino extracted a folded piece of paper from her pocket. She took it from her hands and opened it, brow raised as she read the small text. 


Be ready for anything. 


Sakura frowned, studying the script and cryptic message. She lifted her gaze to Ino who wore the same expression as before; hopeful. But it did nothing to quell the warring emotions she had been feeling. 


If there were in fact a chance to escape that night, would she even be ready?



It was ten in the evening and Sakura found herself planted to the windowsill in her bedroom. For the past half hour her eyes had been glued to the driveway, waiting for the Captain to return just as he said he would.


He promised to be back. Promised to come straight to her. Despite the news that Ino had brought to her that morning, she tried her best not to let it direct her. She had been buzzing with anticipation the entire day, her Omega pleased with not being trapped in its mind prison. Now Sakura let it free. Free to desire. To hunger. To crave.


But now she felt exhaustion. Exhaustion from the excitement she felt all day only to now be thoroughly disappointed. 


Maybe even concerned. 


Her conversation that morning with Ino helped some, but she couldn't help the nagging jealousy she still felt. And she hated it. Hated it almost as much as she hated the Captain. Even though she allowed herself to give in; allowed herself to enjoy letting go, it still didn't sit well. The unfamiliar jealousy that seemed to creep up whenever her Omega took over. 


Then again, who would like being controlled by an animal? 


A frantic knock sounded at her door, causing her to rip her gaze from outside her windowsill and to the source. The knob of the door turned ever so slightly and opened, revealing Ino on the other side. A shocked expression painted her face and Sakura shot her a confused look. 


"Something- something's happened at the border."


Sakura scrunched her brows and lifted herself from the windowsill. "What?" 


"There's been an incident at the border. A lot of people were injured." 


Her eyes widened as she thought to their conversation before. The message that Shikamaru sent. To be ready for anything.


This is it. 


"Do we know who?" 


Ino shook her head, casting her gaze to the ground. "Not specifically. I just know a lot of officers were either injured or killed." 


Sakura's breath stilled in her throat. She felt slightly dizzy as thoughts immediately went to the Captain, wondering if he was still at the border and if he was alright. If he somehow got held up by it. She hated that even a sliver of her was worried. That even the smallest part of her hoped he was okay. 


"We need to go." 




"If you want to escape then we need to go now."


Sakura froze. She didn't know whether to feel elated, scared or despondent. She supposed she felt all of those. Elated at the possibility of being free. Scared at the idea of escaping. And despondent by the fact that she… 


Well that she would never see the Captain again. As odd and wrong as it sounded a part of her hesitated. It was only a small sliver in the corner of her mind. Because the rest of her knew what a monster he was. The creator of this world who hated her very essence. 


And still, despite all of that; she couldn't move. Couldn't even begin




Slowly she lifted her gaze to Ino who had suddenly materialised in front of her. The blonde brought her hands to either of Sakura's shoulders, fixing her with a leveled stare. "We need to get out of here. Do you hear me? This is our one shot. Defenses are down. It's fucking mayhem in the city." 


All Sakura could do was nod her head as she tried to block out the sounds of sirens whipping down the street from the manor. "Come on. And take this." 


Sakura looked down at Ino's hand and gasped. She was holding a switchblade in her hand and offered it to her. The thought of wielding a weapon terrified her but alas she took it, with shaky hands. She held the blade in her to hands, examining it closely before closing and pocketing it.


Ino grabbed Sakura's hand and sped out of the room. Down the decorated hall. The long mahogany stairs. The foyer that boasted the vintage collections of the Captain and his wife. Sakura didn't know why she was taking it in. Didn't know why time seemed to be moving slowly as they descended the stairs and crossed over the foyer. A part of her desperately wanted to turn around. To let her fingers trace the walls and allow herself to soak in the house for what it was to her. Somewhat of a home. Somewhat of a haven. Or rather a den of sin that the darkness in her had decided to embrace. 


The two girls ran down the stairs that lead to the manor, not looking back as they continued their sprint towards the heart of the city. 


Houses were on fire. Windows had been bashed in. Barricades blocked paths. 


But the streets were empty. The sirens she heard were gone. Officers in riot gear that she expected go see were nowhere in sight. 


"Ino?" Sakura asked cautiously, tugging on the blonde's arm. 


"It's fine. They're most likely at the border. Shikamaru said a bomb was set off." 


That sickening part of her wondered if the Captain was alright again but she shook the worry off as quickly as it came. She couldn't ruin her only chance of escape. She just couldn't. No matter what realizations she had come to in the past few days. 


They continued running through the streets, pausing between buildings as they scanned the areas. Surprisingly, they only had to maneuver carefully around three or so officers, all patrolling a large enough area that the two could sneak past unnoticed. 


The two remained quiet throughout the entire journey, even though Sakura could feel a blaring in her ears. Her eardrums thumped with the intensity of her heart as they pushed through the last block. The burning in her throat and chest began to fade as they slowed and the glow from the nightclub came into view. 


The metal door was already opened and Ino didn't even bother looking inside. They pushed through, Sakura feeling like she was in a completely different building. The absence of blaring music and flashing lights disoriented her slightly as they entered the large and empty room. 


"This way." 


Sakura followed closely behind Ino, looking behind her every so often. She wasn't sure if it was her paranoia, but a small part of her couldn't help but feel like they were being followed. A slight humming of her gland. A shiver here and there. She just couldn't shake the feeling… 


"Sakura!" she heard Ino urge as she turned back around, eyes settling on the blonde as she disappeared behind a dark door. She followed quickly, finding them in another similar corridor. 


"Shikamaru is just at the end of this. Then we're home free." 


Her words hit Sakura like a wildfire. The realization that they were so close hitting her. That their escape lay just ahead. She felt herself seizing up for some inexplicable reason, her legs locking up from under her. 


She was about to be free.


Sakura hiccupped a sob, trying to keep her composure. Ino turned to face her and she felt a tear roll down her cheek. The blonde took Sakura's head in her hands, bringing their foreheads together. "Sakura we can't stop now. Just a little bit longer and you're free, Sakura. We're free."


Sakura let out a long shaky breath, trying her best to steel herself. She took Ino's extended hand and with a last bit of courage surged forward as the two continued running down the dark corridor. Their heavy footsteps and harsh breathing was all they could hear as they focused on their destination. 


A figure emerged from the shadows down the corridor and Sakura could feel excitement fill her as the figure began to come into view. Her hands were sweating in anticipation, trying her best to maintain her hold on Ino's hand.


But the excitement in her face soon fell as she suddenly heard a vibration from behind her. Like the heavy thud of boots only several yards away. Her heart began to hammer harder in her chest as the footsteps grew louder the closer they became.


"I-Ino?" Sakura whispered, nervousness and fear quickly taking over her body. 


"Shikamaru's just up there. I can see him." 


"Ino, I don't think that-" 


Sakura let out a scream as the figure she had been hearing from behind suddenly lunged for her. She couldn't make out who it was exactly but the overwhelming Alpha scent almost ensured it was an officer. 


She heard Ino's screams as the person they had been running towards grabbed her, wrenching her out of Sakura's grip. She watched in horror as Ino was dragged off, kicking her legs and screaming in protest. "Sakura!" 


She yelped as the man behind her lifted her and let out a threatening snarl. He picked her up with ease and slammed her against the brick wall. Remembering the knife in her pocket, she blindly grabbed for it and started slashing in front of her, not even aware of where her target was. 


The man let out a howl as the knife connected with what she assumed was his face. She opened her eyes but was still in a daze from her head being knocked against the wall. The Alpha snarled and brought his bloodied hand to her mouth, pushing her back against the wall as his other hand held the wound on his face.


Terror took over her body as she shook with fear. The smell of his blood and the all too familiar scent caused a muffled sob to escape her. She realized the extent of what she had just done and been caught doing, as well as who had caught her. Too frightened to open her eyes completely she sunk against the wall, listening to the Alpha chuckle menacingly above her. 


"Look at what you've done, little one."


Sakura shivered at his tone. The underlying excitement she felt that one night at the club now gone. She didn't feel the hunger for a chase, too scared by the severity of the wound she inflicted on him. Finally finding the courage to open her eyes, her emerald orbs immediately widened as she took in the state of the Captain's face. 


The entire right side of his face was smeared with blood. A long gash emanating from the top his eye that traveled all the way down to his cheekbone. The blood was so fresh and the crazed look in his good eye didn't help quell the sheer terror she felt just by looking at him. 


His scent was reflective of how he looked. Deranged. Manic. Demented. He was completely fueled by her fear. By her defiance. By the events of the entire evening that led up to this. The riots and battle were his high. The chaos excited him. Fueled him. 


Sakura choked back a heavy sob as she felt his hand wrap around her neck. His mouth twisted into an insidious sneer. His eye zeroed in on her with a profound wickedness. 


He was the embodiment of a monster. 

Chapter Text










Her fear. 


Fuck he could almost taste it. It drove him up the wall. Her shivering. Quaking. The shine in her eyes as her salty tears ran like a river down her rosy cheeks. 


The pain in his eye was unbearable as fuck, but the look on her pretty face was enough to numb it. He wanted nothing more than to lick those beads off her face. Revel in the shiver he would feel against her, like she was terrified of the fact that she loved it. 


"What do we do now? Hmm?" he found himself asking, a delightful touch of fear of the unknown passing through her gaze as she continued staring at him like a deer in the headlights. 


The hold he had on her neck only increased as he felt himself sneering, growing tired of her meekness. He wanted her to fight. Wanted her to use that smart mouth that turned him on beyond belief. His cock was already painfully hard just by looking at her. Sweat covering her body from running and from him. 


He couldn't fuck her. Not now. Not while his eye was fucking bleeding out. He probably needed to get the thing removed, no thanks to her. Even though he got off on the whole situation, he couldn't allow himself to be an idiot and take her right then and there. 


If she hadn't made such a deep wound… 


Kakashi growled and loosened his hold on her neck, watching as her gaze softened. Probably from asphyxiation. He needed to get her to the manor, and him to a damn hospital. 


But first. 


Grasping at his pack, he extracted a needle filled with a thick liquid. He watched in delight as her eyes widened in fear. 


"W-What the fuck is that?" 


He clicked his tongue in response. "Oh, just a little something to ensure your full cooperation." 


Shooting her a wink with his good eye he held her steady. A single tear left her cheek as she closed her eyes. He had to admit, he was slightly disappointed that she didn't put up more of a fight. He would've enjoyed a little tossing and turning on the floor of that dark corridor; dirt, blood and sweat intermingling. 


"Don't worry, little one. I promised we'd play later, didn't I?" 


His Omega cowered slightly as he pressed the needle into her arm, eyes never leaving hers. He was never one for admiring, but even he couldn't deny that she was a beautiful specimen among all living things. And she was all his. 


"Captain. Orders?" he heard Shiranui call from behind him as he felt her go limp against the wall.


"Change of plans. Bring Ino and the other male in for interrogation. Take this one back to the manor."


Shiranui straightened. "And you, sir?" 


"Need to make a pit stop." he murmured, carrying his Omega out of the corridor and emerging out from the shadows. Shiranui's eyes widened slightly at the site of him. "Sir?" 


"Just take her to the manor. I'll meet you there." 


Shiranui nodded his head, accepting the Omega in this arms. 


"And call Sarutobi. It's going to be a long night."



Sakura woke groggily, eyes opening as she was welcomed to a dimly lit and empty room. She realized she was in a… basement? 


Strapped to a chair. 


Sakura looked down at her restraints, already digging uncomfortably into her wrists. Her legs were left untied and she was barefoot, wearing practically nothing. Someone must have changed her after the Captain gave her that sedative. 


A shiver ran down her spine as she heard a door open. It sounded heavy from the loud bang that echoed through the empty room as it closed. 


Heavy footsteps thudded down the hall and into the dimly lit space. She could already scent that it was the Captain so she remained stoic as he emerged from the shadows. 


The twitch in her eye was the only indication that she was slightly thrown off, gaze lingering on his now patched up wound.


The injury she had inflicted was cleaned, stitches now taking place instead of an opened gash. An eye patch covered what she assumed to be a now empty eye socket. It was then, in that moment that she had realized the severity of what she had done. A streak of terror ran through her as he stood in front of her completely, hands behind his back, exuding all of his Alpha glory. 


"How do I look?" she heard him ask in his velvet soft voice, tilting his head at her as he brought a hand to his eyepatch. She didn't know what to say. Didn't know what to think. All she could manage to do was stare at him. Stare at the wound she had inflicted on him and obsessively think about whatever punishment he had for her now. She could only imagine what he had in store for her, and for the first time in the entirety of her existence there, she had never been so afraid. 


She was so afraid she could barely say anything. The feisty spirit she once possessed had been vanquished the moment the knife connected with his face. The moment the tables had truly turned and she had inflicted real harm to him. 


The look on his face was devilish. The corner of his mouth had upturned into a wicked sneer. His hand stuffed in his pocket, hip cocked to the side. Needle in the other. 


She gulped, not having noticed it until now.


And all she could do was watch. Unmoving. Silent. 


Sakura closed her eyes, allowing a tear to fall from her face. "Just do whatever you're going to do to me." 


A shiver ran down her spine at his chuckle. The dark, guttural laugh that escaped his lips. "Oh, it's not what I'm going to do to you.


Sakura quirked her brow, the first look of confusion she allowed herself to make apparent. She watched closely as he began to walk slowly towards her. He had still been encased in the shadows, and when he emerged she gulped down a breath. 


He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, almost completely soaked through and slacks. 


"What's in that?" 


The Captain smirked, looking down to the needle in his hand. "Oh this?" He tilted his head, walking closer so that he was right in front of her. He took his hand out of his pocket and raised it to her chin, grasping it softly. "It's just a little concoction we've made to make you more… susceptible." 


The wolfish grin he gave her helped little to quell the fear she was most definitely feeling. If he couldn't see it, he could definitely smell it. The Captain clicked his tongue, moving his hand slowly from her chin and up to her cheek. She felt a scowl form on her face at his affection, but soon found to regret it once she felt his hand shot to the back of her neck. He grasped a fistful of her hair and pulled so hard she felt her scalp straining. 


A low growl escaped his lips as his dark gaze penetrated hers. "When I give you this you'll have no choice but to fuck me. Or let me fuck you . To be at my mercy. To serve me like you were intended to. Consider yourself lucky that I haven't used this on you since the day we met."


He maintained his hold on her hair and she did her best to keep gaze focused on his. He tugged once more, causing her to wince in pain. "If I can't bring you to yield, this will." he seethed as he pressed the needle into her arm. Sakura bit back a yelp as the needle pushed through the barrier of her skin. The cool liquid seeped into her veins and coursed up her arm. She didn't know what to expect, but she could only guess that in a few moments her Omega would come to a head. 


The Captain loosened his grip on her hair and let out out satisfied breath. She could already feel the hum in her gland. The swimming of her head. The glaze take over her eyes. 


The squeeze of her cunt. 


Fuck and she was only just now getting to his scent. It took everything in her not to dart her tongue out and lap at his pulsing gland. The Captain must have sensed her change, smelling the spicy and sweet scent of her heat. 


"Speak, Omega." 


Sakura shivered at her designation. She stared up at him, sweat beginning to brim her brow as she tried her best to remain still. Her cunt was absolutely throbbing and the intensity of his scent did nothing to help. Nothing to prevent her from masking the desire she so clearly felt. 


"I… I don't-" 


Just then a loud thud emitted from the other side of the room. Sakura shuddered as she was hit with the overwhelming scent of Alpha. Her eyes widened as she shot her gaze back to the Captain, a look of disbelief and fear on her face.


And for the second time in her existence there she found herself wanting to be thrown into the safety of the Captain as she saw the two Alphas emerge from the shadows. Both were sporting insidious sneers with their arms crossed in front of their chests. 


Sakura kept her gaze on the Captain, an unreadable expression on his face. "Captain. Captain Hatake, please. Please don't do this." 


Sakura recognized the two from the Captain's party. Officers Shiranui and Sarutobi. They both let out low chuckles at her request. The Captain stood in front of her once more, bringing his hand to the side of her face. "Oh, little one. They won't touch you. They're just here to make sure everything goes-" he paused to look at his two subordinates, them both emitting chilling laughs," -smoothly." 


"What are you talking about?" 


The Captain straightened, grabbing a chair similar to the one she had been sitting in. He placed it in front of her, taking a seat and shooting her a serious look. "You are going to tell us everything you know about the resistance. And that little serum I just gave you will make sure you do just that." 


Sakura felt herself shaking. Not in fear. But in pure anger. He had decieved her. Given her a serum that would break down her walls and set her Omega free. Set her free to please her Alpha and present him with whatever it was that he needed. Asked. Required. 


And there was nothing she could do about it. 


Sakura felt a tear run down her cheek as he smiled softly at her, bringing his hands to her legs and massaging them gently. She hated that he was being sweet. Hated that he was speaking to her Omega who he knew would answer to him.


"When did you first hear about the resistance?" 


Sakura watched as the other two Alphas took their positions on either side of the Captain. They were watching her carefully and she felt herself begin to sweat under their stares. The Captain chuckled, bringing his hand to her thigh and spreading her legs. Her mind was screaming 'no' but the way her body was responding proved otherwise. The softest touch of his hand on her thigh had her quivering with desire in her seat. When he removed his hand she practically hissed in displeasure. 


The Captain clicked his tongue, shooting her a wicked grin. "Answer the question, Omega. Then I'll touch you. I'll take such good care of you." 


Sakura couldn't help but look to the other two Alphas, feeling only slightly self conscious of the satisfied looks on their faces. The Captain must have sensed her uneasiness and placed his hand back on her thigh. "Don't worry about them. They're just here for the show." 


She gulped down a breath and her eyes threatened to shut as she felt his warm hand travel further up to the apex of her thighs. The Captain brought himself down to his knees in front of her and licked his lips. "Common, baby. Tell me where you heard it." 


"T-The club. Please…" 


The Captain smirked wildly and her breathing became more ragged. She couldn't help but buck her hips towards his hand, ushering him to peel away the scrap excuse for panties.


"Good girl…" he crooned as she felt him push her panties to the side, fingers tracing her dripping sex. A shuddering breath escaped her lips as he pushed a finger through her folds. "Keep answering our questions and I'll make sure you feel good. Sound like a deal?" 


Again her mind was screaming to lift her leg and kick him square in the chest. To spit in his face. To take to her knife and take out his other eye. But she just couldn't. 


All she could think about was how fucking amazing it felt when he hooked his finger in her cunt just like that. 


"Yes, Alpha… " she heard herself submitting, completely unaware of what her body was doing to her. 


Officer Shiranui rounded her chair, eyes never leaving her body as the Captain continued fingering her. "Is there an Omega presence at the club?" 




Officer Shiranui brought his hand to her shoulder, brushing her hair to the side. She watched as the Captain let out a guttural growl at the gesture, jaw snapping and teeth bared. 


"Sorry, Captain." the Alpha smirked, removing his hand from Sakura. "She just smells so fucking good." 


"Answer the question, little one." the Captain murmured against her thigh, lips and tongue kissing and licking at her soft skin. 


"No, there isn't." 


"Then how do Omegas escape from there?" 


Sakura closed her eyes, trying her best to concentrate on the question while the Captain pistoned his fingers in and out of her heat. 


"T-They escape through that corridor you found us in. I don't know how it's coordinated." 


Officer Shiranui nodded his head, looking towards the other officer who remained rooted to the spot, staring at the scene in front of him. Sakura was almost too dazed to notice officer Shiranui nodding his head to the other Alpha, dismissing him with a command. 


Her nipples felt unbearably hard and she wanted nothing more than to be free of the confines of her lace bra. "Alpha, please…" 


The Captain signaled for the officer behind her. If she had been in her right mind, she wouldn't want the other Alpha anywhere near her, but the feel of another male touching her skin was enough to make her clench around the Captain's fingers. She felt herself gushing around him as her bra was removed. Sakura whimpered as she brought her gaze down to him. "Your tongue. Please…" 


She felt him smirk against her thigh as he lifted his head. "You're being such a good girl." 


"Yes she is…" she heard the other Alpha croon from behind her. She sucked in a harsh breath as the Captain brought his head to her bare breasts, looking up at her momentarily with his good eye. It was the first time she was presented with his entire face, not encased in some kind of shadow. His patch was leather with a strap that wrapped around the entirely of his head. The wound reached from the middle of his forehead down to his cheekbone. She winced at the sight of the stitches, the skin still red and swollen. 


But the Captain still managed to maintain his paradoxical mix of menacing and tenderhearted. While he looked like he could slit her throat or close off her airways in a second, she watched in delight as wrapped his deft tongue around her puckered nipple. She couldn't help but shudder at the contact, his warm breath puffing against her skin as he swirled his tongue. 


The Alpha behind her did nothing to help the gush of liquid that intensified with every pump of the Captain's fingers. His scent along with the Captain's was driving her up the wall, her Omega pleased that she was satisfying not one but two Alphas. She watched with glazed eyes as Officer Shiranui leaned against a brick pillar, unzipping his dark pants and extracting his pulsing length. 


Her gaze darkened on the bead of precum that had leaked from the tip. It got swiped up from his hand, his tip now glistening as he began to pump. 


Sakura turned her attention back to the Captain, whining and trashing against her restraints. The smirk she felt against her nipple gave her hope as he popped off the bud. "Tell me why I should untie you, little one. Convince me." 


She whined once more in response, a pout forming on her face. To her utter disappointment he pulled from her completely. The two Alphas chuckled as they watched her struggle and whimper on the chair. Officer Shiranui continued pumping, watching her bounce and trash around. "Please. I-I need to touch you. Feel you. I'll go crazy if I can't touch you." 


A wide sneer took over the Captain's face as he zeroed in on her, extracting a curiously familiar switchblade from his pocket. A breath of relief escaped her mouth as he approached her, the other Alpha increasing the speed of his strokes. She couldn't help but linger on his cock, watching him get off of her and the Captain. It reminded her of the time she was in his office, when he had pounded through his fantasy right in front of her. 


He must have sensed her spike change as he lowered himself to her and worked on her restraints. "Do you like Officer Shiranui watching us?" 


Sakura hesitated as she shot her gaze back to him. All he did was emit a low chuckle. "You can say yes, little one. As long as you know you're mine.


Sakura paused as she searched his eye. A darkness and heat permeated his dark orbs and she found herself nodding her head. He growled long and low, cutting through her restraints. Raising her wrists, she found they were red and raw from the tightness of the rope. 


Just as the Captain was about to take her wrist in his hand they all heard the loud and oppressive noise of the metal door opening, a few pairs of feet shuffling in. 


"Ah, now the real fun starts." she heard officer Shiranui chuckle as he zipped himself back up. The Captain smirked in response and looked down to Sakura, handing her a white button up. 


"You may want to cover yourself up." 


Sakura shot him a confused look as she took the shirt in her hand, shakily putting it on. It reached the middle of her thighs to ensure her modesty. But nerves swam through her as the Captain shot her a wink, crossing his arms and turning his attention back to the dark corridor as the footsteps became louder. 


She yelped as officer Shiranui came from behind her, grabbing both of her wrists and wrenching them behind her back. A sinister shiver shot down her spine as he brought his ear to hers. "Don't even think about trying anything. I know how feisty you can get, Omega .


Sakura's chest rose and fell harshly, sweat permeating her chest as she watched the figures pad down the hallway and emerge from the shadows. 


Her eyes widened and tears brimmed her eyes.




Officer Sarutobi had both Shikamaru and Ino handcuffed, leading them into the dimly lit space. Sakura felt a tear roll down her eye as she observed Shikamaru's face, bloated and bloodied from numerous punches. Ino however remained relatively unscathed, only a few scratches and cuts marking her body, most likely from a struggle. 


The Captain approached the two, clicking his tongue at Ino who wore a scowl on her face. He brought a hand to her chin, harshly tugging and bringing her face to his. He turned to Sakura, hand still grasping her chin as he made the two look at one another. "Is she part of the resistance?"


Sakura steeled herself, anger coursing through her veins as she glared at the Captain. Her Omega continued to fight valiantly, her slick running down her legs as they maintained their heated standoff. 


Officer Shiranui tightened his grip around her wrists, causing her to yelp in pain. "Answer the question, Omega." 


Sakura shot her gaze to Ino. Tears brimmed both of their eyes as they stared at one another. Her pale blue eyes read sorrow and regret as she struggled against the Captain's hold. He growled at their sentiment and let her go harshly, turning his attention to Shikamaru. 


"No matter," he huffed, placing a hand on Shikamaru's shoulder, "I can understand you wanting to preserve your friendship to Ino. But surely you have no allegiance to this one," he continued, giving him a stiff pat on the shoulder and earning a scowl from Shikamaru.


"Now, is he their leader? Is he the one who has been behind the kidnapping of Omegas?" 


" Kidnapping? " Sakura sneered, teeth bared and angry eyes settling on his. 


The Captain smiled wickedly and made his way over to her, bringing his hand to to grip her chin gingerly. 


She was at war with herself. Her mind hated this man with every fiber of her being. She wanted to kill him right then and there. But the closer her got the harder her Omega fought. 


To her relief, her mind was winning, and she could feel her Omega retreating back to its mind prison. 


"This man is an enemy of the state. He is a war criminal." 


"You're fucking delusional." she seethed, tears running unchecked down her face. 


The Captain let out a weary sigh as he nodded towards officer Sarutobi and Shiranui. He let go of his hold from behind her, walking up towards Ino and taking his place behind her. 


With a flick of his wrist the two officers escorted Shikamaru and Ino towards the exit of the basement. A terror inducing shudder ran through her body as her and Ino's eyes met, fear so easily being read in her expression. 


"No, wait." Sakura urged, running towards the group but she felt a hand grip her arm roughly, yanking her back.


"No!" she shouted once more, fighting against him and thrashing about. "Where are they taking them?" she screamed as he turned her around, placing both of his hands on her arms and holding her harshly. 


"They are answering for their crimes." 


"If anyone is a criminal here, it's you.


The Captain tutted and shook his head at her. "Don't make me punish you, little one." 


"Go fuck yourself." she seethed as she threw her head back and bashed her forehead into his, causing him to immediately let go of her bring a hand to his forehead. A loud and painful groan escaped him as she watched his form slither to the ground, hand cupping his head.


She wasn't doing too well herself, feeling dazed as she turned and did her best to scramble to the door of the basement. She blindly ran towards it, grasping for the handle and wrenching it open. Fear was her motivator as she began her ascent.


"Run all you want, Omega!" she heard him scream from the room, causing a shiver to run down her spine as she tripped up the stairs. She made the terrible decision of looking behind her, seeing his shadow growing closer and closer to the door that she foolishly left open. 


Terror struck as his form filled out the door frame and she scrambled up the stairs, knees being cut up from the wood. The thump of his boots growing closer and closer only caused her adrenaline to spike, but she knew in her heart that there was no escaping. 


A hand wrapped around her ankle, stilling her ascent as she was roughly yanked and dragged down to him. A shrill of pain left her mouth as he turned her from her ankle to face him. 


Tears ran down her face as he mounted her, throwing her legs around his waist. He ripped her shirt open with one hand, buttons flying off and destroying the nice shirt. Mouth immediately flying to her gland, he sucked harshly, causing her legs to quake.


The Captain growled from her neck as he snaked a hand between them, undoing his fly and extracting his aching cock. Her back arched at the sudden intrusion of him pushing into her folds without warning, easily spreading her and burying himself to the hilt. 


Sakura whimpered as he pulled himself out and pushed back in. "You forget your place, Omega. Over and over again." he emphasized with hard thrusts. 


She cried out with every push. "And I'm growing tired of it. If I need to keep taking from you to get you to realize it, then rest assured, I will. " he seethed as he began to rut into her. 


Sakura wasn't crying because of pain. Or because of his unwanted intrusion once again. 


It was because out of the entirety of her existence, she felt truly hopeless and at the mercy of him. That she was nothing but a pawn. There was no escaping him. Not anymore. 


Chapter Text










The harsh sound of shackles slapped against the hard concrete floors. Sniffles and sobs broke through the brick walls. 


Kakashi leaned against the lower level wall of the cells they were holding the prisoners in. Cigar in hand. Watching and observing. The only light illuminating the space was a dim overhang lamp. 


Ino was huddled in the corner of her cell, knees brought up to her chest as he listened to her delightful little cries for help. The other man—he didn't even bother learning his name—was a tough nut to crack. Ino was so close to breaking. So tantalizingly close to giving him everything. 


So weak. 


He had somewhat admired her penchant for confidence. Her adversity. It may have even fooled him, he wasn't too proud to admit that. The little minx. 


"Who did this to you?" he heard her ask brokenly. "Who hurt you?"


Kakashi walked up to the bars of the cell, her shaking form nestled in the corner. He let his head rest against the iron. If he let himself think about it too hard, the monster would unleash. 


Interrogations required him to remain focused. The very fact that his two captors were traitors and Omega sympathizers left a bitter taste in his mouth. The fact that one was living under his roof was even worse. He had given her a home. Fed her. Clothed her. 


It all happened under his watch. Though, in the end he truly had the last laugh didn't he? 


"Get the fuck up and come here. Now.” 


Ino flinched at the command, refusing to look at him as she lifted herself from the ground. 


“Don’t you fucking hurt her.” he heard the Beta seeth from the the other side of the wall.


“Oh don’t you worry, Romeo. I just wanted to fill Juliet here on a little something that I think she’ll find quite interesting.”


As he watched her lift herself up on shaky legs he couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle. Oh yes, she would. His little helper maid had no idea. 


No fucking idea.


“So, how did you get here?”


“What do you mean?”


“You know, here; this city. This house. With the highest ranking officer and architect of Avalon, no less.” 


Kakashi watched on from his tablet as he nursed his bourbon and lounged in his leather armchair. He snickered, admittedly having to pat himself on the back for coming up with this ingenious plan. The two girls were currently on the floor of Ino’s room, eating take out that you most certainly could not get in Avalon. 


Oh, this was going to be good. 


“Oh. That.” 


“I don't really have a family and I needed a job. I have friends who are from the other side who kept saying how well taken care of they were here. Things outside are just… not good. At least right outside of what used to be Boston, that is.” 




He watched as the Omega nodded her head. He could tell she wasn’t satisfied with Ino’s answer as she wrapped her pretty lips along the mouth of the wine glass. 


“So what is it that you do Friday nights?” 


There you go, little one. 


“You’re inquisitive tonight.” 


Kakashi leaned back in his armchair, placing his glass on the small table next to him. He clasped his hands together and brought them to his mouth as he watched on in anticipation. 


“Well if you must know I meet up with my friends at a secret club sort of in the underground of the city.” 


Secret club. He wasn’t ignorant to the club she had mentioned. He had decided long ago that he wasn’t going to waste his time raiding a club if he didn’t have a reason to. 


“Secret underground?” he heard the Omega ask and he turned his attention to her, eyes zeroing in on the screen. “Can I come next time?” 


“I don’t know if it’d really be your scene.” 


Kakashi listened to them ruminate for a bit, the Omega pressing as Ino continued to do her best to diffuse the conversation. She was obviously hiding something. There was something she was hesitant to let Sakura in on. But what possible reason would she not invite Sakura? Ino did plenty of things behind his back that he let slide. Why would this be any different?


He flinched as he suddenly heard a burst of laughter, even from above him. The sound annoyed him tremendously as he glared at his screen. The Omega was practically on the ground while Ino did her best to quiet her. 


“Oh, common. It’s not that funny.”


Kakashi turned up the volume on his tablet, sitting up straight and angling his head. After a bit of mumbling they had both calmed and resumed their positions. “I wouldn’t have expected you to know I was having orgies on Friday nights.” 


There was a pause. And then the laughter erupted again. 


But Kakashi wasn’t laughing. He remained silent, leaning back in his chair. A positively wicked and sinister smile slowly spread across his lips as he took a long sip of his bourbon, draining the glass dry.  


Kakashi finished recounting his discovery and watched the tears stream down her face. He laughed. He turned from the cell and continued to laugh because it had been so easy. Ino had led him straight to it. The night his Omega went missing. After he had found out about her weekly visits to the club. It was textbook. Of course orgy was a codename and of course it was code for something more dubious. Something as dubious as a front. 


“And all this time-” he began, catching his breath and traipsing back to the cell as he watched her cower to the floor, “- All this time you thought I didn’t know.” 


Ino hiccuped as the tears continued to flow. He tutted and shook his head as he turned from the cell. “So disappointing. And to think we got all of those nice gifts for you.” 


Kakashi moved on to the adjacent cell. He couldn't waste his time on her. Not now. Not when there was such a clear resistance and he had captured their supposed leader. He grabbed a metal chair from the wall, dragging it across the floor and placing it a few feet from the cell. 


Taking a long drag from his cigar, he placed it on the small end table and leaned back in the chair. He heard the movement of shackles along the ground and watched the pummeled and bloodied face of their  captor emerge from the shadows. 


"How many?" Kakashi asked, crossing his arms as he made himself comfortable in the chair. 


The man scoffed. "How many what?" 


"Of you. In Avalon. Out there." 


"You're delusional if you think I'm going to tell you anything, man." 


Kakashi let out a low chuckle. "I'll do whatever it takes, man.


The Beta scoffed as he crossed his arms. "And for what? You've got your Omega so why do you care? You Alphas are as selfish as they come." 


Kakashi got up from his chair, the feet scraping against the floor as it pushed back. "I'm not here to answer your questions, Beta ." he seethed as he walked up to the cell. The man had his hands curled around the bar, a sinister smile spreading as he spit in his face. 


Kakashi growled and shoved his hand into the cell, grabbing him by the shirt collar and pulling him harshly against the iron bars. “I have my ways, Beta. And I’ll do whatever I have to in order for you to talk.” 


Grip still tight around his shirt, Kakashi brought the end of his cigar to the Beta’s face, pressing the burning embers into his forehead and reveling in the screams he was emitting. Even better was he could hear Ino’s cries from the next cell over, begging for him to stop whatever it was he was doing. But she would get hers. They both would.  


As he let the Beta retreat back into the shadows, holding his forehead in pain he walked back to the next cell. Ino was still cowering on the ground, sniffling as she hid her face in her knees. 


As he circled back to his chair the door to the basement opened. He could already tell by the scent slowly filling the space that it was Shiranui. Probably come to have his fun with Ino. He always had a thing for his little maid. Even if she was just a Beta. 


"You about done here, Captain?" 


Kakashi grunted, taking a cigarette out from his back pocket and bringing it to his lips, offering one to him. Genma offered his lighter which he accepted graciously with a nod of his head. 


"How's the Omega?" 


Shiranui took a long drag and exhaled a billow of smoke. "Asleep. I gave her a sedative after you were done with her. Sarutobi is manning the house." 


"And the border?" 






"Blocked off." 


Kakashi nodded, bringing the cigarette to his lips and taking a long drag. "I think it's time, then." 


Genma tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. "Now? You sure?" 


"If the border is secured and the streets are quiet then I don't see why not." 


Genma licked his lips, a look of anticipation on his face as he matched Kakashi's wolfish grin. "Clear the streets. It's just me and them." 


Genma nodded, snickering to himself as he took one final drag of his cigarette. "Then let's do it." 


Kakashi chuckled, watching as Genma stalked up to Ino's cell. She shot him a scowl as he unlocked and entered the small space, backing her up against a wall and scenting her. She was sobbing and the Beta was yelling for him not to touch her. 


If anyone was lacked more morals than he, it was Genma.


"Alright, Romeo and Juliet. Let's see if you're as smart as you both claim you are."


He watched the Beta shoot him a wary look, eyes shifting towards the wall though as he was concerned for Ino. She was still quivering against Genma as he licked her neck. Her collarbone. The tops of her breasts. It made Kakashi's eye glaze over thinking about his Omega.  


"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" 


Kakashi focused his attention back on the Beta, putting his cigarette out on the ground. "It means: I'm letting the both of you go." 


The Beta snorted, walking out from the shadows and pressing against the bars. "And why should I believe anything you say?" 


"You can't. And you shouldn't. But it beats dying in here, doesn't it?" 


The Beta sneered at him and pushed away from the iron bars. The look on his face was of pure amusement. Ino was heard still sniffling in the next cell. "Your call, Romeo." 


"Shikamaru—don't agree to anything he offers." he heard and turned his attention to Ino. Her face was pressed against her bars, trying to get a good look at the Beta. Genma was behind her and Kakashi clicked his tongue as he walked over. Reaching out his arm, his mouth spread into a wolfish grin at the flinch she emitted upon his hand touching her face. He wiped away a tear with his thumb, bringing it to his mouth and sucking it in. The salt and sweet mingled on his tongue and the fear was more prominent than ever. . 


Kakashi turned and walked away from the cell, calling to Genma who had since stepped out, bringing Ino with him. "Let the Beta out and bring them to the back of the precinct." 


Genma nodded his head, grabbing the keys off the small table next to the chair and walked over to the Beta's cell.


A small smile spread across his lips as anticipation overcame him. He climbed the steps of the basement jail, wrenching the door open as he continued down the dark corridor to his office. He was Captain of the precinct so his office was quite large; decorated with his many achievements and awards, even ones he had carried over from "before". 


Entering the expansive office, he made a b-line for his cabinet which held his personal collection of guns and ammo. He carried his Glock with him at all times. A rifle would be overkill. He wanted something short range so he could see it. Hear it. 


Smell it. 


He didn't have a need to suit up but he decided to anyway, dressing in light combat gear. It was a hunt after all and he wanted to look the part. 


Kakashi exited through his office. The room backed up to the rear of the precinct where the training yards were located and he instructed for Genma to take the prisoners. He was welcomed by the crisp autumn air. It was the perfect night. 


Perfect for a chase. 


As he traipsed over to the two figures standing along the wall, he signaled for Genma to back away. He took his position a few paces behind Kakashi, standing at attention with his hands behind his back. 


Kakashi crooked his finger, beckoning for the two to come closer. He turned them, positioning their bodies so they were facing away from the building and towards the field. Beyond it was the city, a literal maze where they could play cat and mouse. He snickered as he heard soft sobs escape from Ino. Walking towards her only enhanced his excitement. He bent over and smiled in delight at her squeak of surprise. 


"Don't worry." he whispered into Ino's ear, pushing her hair to the side and reveling in her terrified shiver. Her scent wasn't as strong as the Omega but the sheer amount of fear she felt was potent enough. A delightful sob escaped her lips as he extended his tongue to her neck, dragging the muscle all the way back to her ear. "I'll give you both a head start."


He stepped back and watched as Genma took it upon himself to unfasten their handcuffs. Kakashi gave him a stiff nod, his way of dismissing him and he stepped away, resuming his position a few paces behind him.  


"Now," he began as a satisfied grin spread across his face, watching Ino's shoulders quake in delicious fear. The Beta grabbed her hand, squeezing tight as her body shook violently. 





It wasn't long before they laid dead on the ground. Facing one another. Hand in hand. 


Kakashi stared down at them as he cleaned off the silencer of his Glock 19. He had been close enough to them that the blood from the two headshots spread to the attachment. 


It was a shame, really. Such a beautiful girl. Wasted potential. He had no thoughts for the corpse lying next to her, except that he was a traitor. 


He heard footsteps coming up from behind him and he turned to see Genma. 


"Clean this up." 


The brunette nodded his head, extracting his hand radio from his belt to call for assistance. Kakashi gazed up into the cool autumn night. He took in a deep breath as he closed his eyes, trying to get as much fresh air into his lungs and circulate the stench of blood out. 


Securing his gun back in its holster he turned from the scene, extracting a cigarette from his back pocket and lighting it with shaky hands. He was still slightly amped from the adrenaline and needed something to calm himself. 


As he strolled down the empty street he tried his hardest to stay focused on the success of the day. Putting a halt to the riots at the border. Foiling his Omega and Ino's plans of escape. Putting the girl in her place once more and putting an end to that Beta and Ino once and for all. 


It was both a successful and eventful evening. 


But he couldn't help shake the flicker of a memory he saw when staring down at the Beta and Ino. Eyes blown open. The blood drained from their faces. Shocked and scared expressions. 


They reminded him of two people in particular. Two people he loved. From long ago. 


Kakashi shook his head, taking another long drag from his cigarette and watching the manor come into view. A small smile formed across his face as he peered up at the window next to the widow's watch. The light was on, and a flurry of excited emotions filled him. It had been several hours, but he still missed that smell of fear that was so potent and seemed to always be looming around her. 


He winced and brought a hand to his patch, the wound still fresh and him not being quite used to there being a literal empty socket. The stitches pulled at his skin while burning and itching at the same time. 


She had marked him. He had taken a blade to the face strictly because of her. And her mark would forever remain. Remain as a constant reminder of the fire and resistance within her. 


It would forever be a mark that brew desire for her in him. Desire to correct. The constant push and pull they felt  at the inception of their sexual relationship. Starting with his rut. When she had gotten her first glimpse into him. 


"I hope you rot in hell one day for what you've done to me. What you've taken ." 


Her words came like a wildfire, angry blood coursing and pumping through his veins. He stared down into the fire as it lit up the black abyss of his gaze. She had the gall to insinuate he had taken from her. When in reality, no one would be here if it weren't for her kind. For those wretched and seemingly innocent Omegas. 


  His scent had become muddled. He felt bitterness. Bitterness for her words. For making herself such an innocent party. He felt anger. Just general rage. 


And sadness. Fuck, but why? The Captain and architect of Avalon was not weak. He did not let his emotions get to him. And the last thing he would allow was for someone, much less an Omega, get under his skin. He would keep fighting. Keep breaking her. No matter what the cost.


  He let out a sinister laugh, looking behind him as he spoke low, "What I've taken from you ?" 


  A low and primal growl escaped him as he turned and sped towards her like a bolt of lightning. With a sinister smile he watched her shuffle her body in fear towards the headboard. He leapt up onto the bed, immediately straddling her with his body and wrapping his large hand around her tiny throat. He squeezed and reveled in her short little gasps for air, looking up at him with fear in her eyes, "Your kind took everything from me!" he yelled, baring his teeth and spitting on her face, "Everything I ever loved!"


That last sentence echoed in his mind as he was brought out of his memories of that night. She just didn't get it. None of them did. 


But he would continue correcting. 


As he ascended the steps of the manor, he couldn't help but focus on the crooning in his gland. It was more agitated than normal she he could only surmise that he needed to pay a visit to his Omega before he called it quits for the night. She would need to find out sooner or later. 


Opening the door to the mansion felt slightly abnormal. Slightly exhilarating. Mei had been gone for a month now. Ino is dead. It was just him and his Omega. 


Kakashi climbed up the large mahogany staircase, fingertips trailing along the smooth banister. As he traveled down the hall he did his best to remain focused on the door at the end that had been left slightly cracked, a soft light emanating from it. He kept his stare focused as he passed Ino's room. 


A deep breath escaped his lips as he paused by the door. He could smell her brokenness from earlier. Smell her detachedness. Her desire to just give up.


As the door creaked open he found her sitting up in her bed, a thin silk nightgown covering her soft and supple body. She blinked as she stared at him with her knees brought up to her chest. Her emerald depths, though tired, were piercing and he found he couldn't say the words. He just returned her stare; unmoving. 


Their connection was stronger than he gave it credit for. He of course never thought anything about it, but there was no denying he could tell her just about anything with a simple stare. 


The state of his dress was most likely what gave it away, the small splatters of blood strewn across his combat vest. He shed it and watched as her nostrils flared and eyes widened. The scent had hit her.


Kakashi threw the vest to the ground, watching in an odd mix of sympathy and delight as her shoulders began to quake and eyes filled with beautiful salty tears. She immediately began to sob and he marched over, perching himself on the edge of the bed. 


She gave him no resistance, allowing him to pull her into his lap, straddling him  as he brushed her hair away from her tear stricken face. She hiccuped though her sobs as he shushed her. 


"It's alright, little one." he crooned, extending his tongue against her hot cheeks as he lapped up her tears. "It's just us now." 


The broken sob that escaped her was music to his ears as he rubbed her back with soothing circles. Her salty sweet tears fed his black heart and sustained his never ending hunger for her torment. 


And now that it was just them, he was only getting started.


Chapter Text









Ten days she had been lying on that floor. She surely thought she'd die there. She had certainly intended to. 


She refused meals. Refused to leave her room. Refused any sort of interaction. 


Ino was… dead. Ino was dead. Ino was… dead


The idea of death consumed her as she confined herself to her room. To the point that she would carry out the act herself. However, she knew that was the coward’s way out. And it would dishonor Ino's memory and everything she stood for. Everything she did for the resistance. Everything she did for her. 


She couldn't even think about the Captain. Knowing Ino and Shikamaru had died by his bullet left no room for desire for the wretched man. She had called him a monster. The devil incarnate. But nothing seemed to truly describe the kind of evil that he was. The Captain was ruthless. Consumed by hate. Not a single sympathetic bone in his body. Even for her. 


So she avoided him. Locked herself up in her stale, plain, and bleek room. Compared to the rest of the house, it was more welcoming and warm than it had ever been. She couldn't bring herself to leave it. To walk down the hall every day to see Ino's empty room. To see the house in such a mess because she wasn’t there . To see that wretched excuse of a man. 


Of course, the Captain did everything he could to entice her. Did everything in his Alpha power to command his Omega. But he had grown tired, just as she. After lifelessly allowing him to take her again and again, he seemed to have gotten the hint and never returned. Whether that meant he would find a new Omega and scrap her or wait for her to break, she did not know.


The nest she had made for herself was comfort enough. Even if death awaited her afterward. 


Sakura was not a religious girl. She was not brought up in a religious family. She maintained the belief that God had no place in this world.


Despite that belief, a funeral she had once attended resonated with her in a peculiar way. It opened her eyes to death. To mortality. To not fear the evils of life, for God is the good shepherd and he is with you. As the pastor performed a blessing he spoke the words: "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil . "


It was commonly referred to Psalm and she knew it well. It was cherished among many and meant to comfort. For God was with you, and his presence meant to give you strength and hope. But, as she lay on the splintered floor of the closet, softly repeating the verse to herself, she couldn't help but feel an absence of hope and strength. 


The valley she must walk. The life she must endure. The shadow of the Alpha that loomed over her. She had been broken. Allowed his evilness and wicked nature to overcome and consume her. Potentially sealing the fate of any Omega who should set foot in that house, if her time should come. Whether it was by his hands or the Angel of Death themselves. .


She would leave a message. A message to any Omega or any oppressed being who found themselves confined to that room. Found themselves on the verge of death or whatever awaited them on the other side. What she concluded, however, that whatever it was, it was better than the life she currently lived. She would welcome death with open arms. 


A tear rolled down her eye as her fingers traced over the etched text she branded into the wall. 


Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil.



Kakashi paced his office for what felt like the millionth time. 


Ten days. Ten fucking days she had been holed up in that room. Without so much as a scrap of food. Fresh air. Interaction. 


Was this what it felt like to miss someone's presence? He couldn't miss someone. Didn't have the capability to feel that. He hadn't experienced missing someone since… 




He continued pacing, hair disheveled and clothes carrying a stench from having not changed in two days. He had locked himself in his office, busying himself with work that always seemed to be piled on his desk. He had tried everything. Even forced himself on her a few times and she had the gall to not give him anything. She just lay there. Lifeless. 


But she wouldn't remain in the room forever. Couldn't. The girl was as stubborn as they come but he believed her to be smart. She knew how to survive. 


This was just her way of punishing him. Freezing him out but she'd return. She would emerge and submit to him again. Like the good little Omega he knew she was… 


Kakashi's nostrils flared as he heard a faint knock at his office door. He furrowed his brow, not recognizing the scent to be the Omega's. Unless… 




Kakashi lifted himself from his chair, a weary sigh escaping him as he traipsed to the door. He didn't even get a chance to greet whoever was on the other side before they opened the door to reveal themselves. 


To his surprise, Mei stood in all of her expensive glory, though to him she looked less than radiant if he were honest. The last person he wanted to see was her. The day she laid a hand on his Omega was the day she dug her dug her own grave. She had no right touching and tampering with that was his. 


Mei wrinkled her nose as she stepped passed the door. " God , the stench in here."


Kakashi fought the urge to roll his eyes as he crossed his arms and fixed her with an annoyed look. "What are you doing here?" 


"What do you mean what are you doing here ? Don't I live here?" 


Kakashi scoffed. "I don't know, do you?" 


He pushed passed her and ascended the hall, not knowing where he intended to go. The only thing he was certain of was that he was not ready for her to be back. 


"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" 


Kakashi rolled his eyes as he heard the god-awful clack of her heels march up the hall. He knew he was contradicting himself but he couldn't help the incessant need to fight with her. "It's supposed to mean if you supposedly live here then where the fuck have you been?" 


"I was giving you space! Giving us space!" 


"There's no us, Mei. Not anymore." 


He turned to see fire ignite in her jade eyes. Her fists clenched and unclenched beside her. He could feel her anger. Her fury. He almost didn't notice the vase she held in her hand as she hauled it up the hall and towards him. 


The expensive and ornate vase hurtled towards him and he dodged it easily, listening to it crash and break into pieces as it collided with the wall. 


"What the fuck?!" 


"I am your wife. " she seethed, stalking up the hall and planting herself right in front of him. Indignation lit up her stare as he breathed in her chaotic scent. "It makes no difference if there's an Omega here. You're mine.


A growl escaped her as she brought her fists to his shirt, gripping it with her hands and roughly bringing him down to her. Their lips collided and before he knew it his loins were on fire. It had been so long since he had a satisfying release. It didn't matter that it was Mei. He didn't care who he got it from at this point. He hated this wretched woman, but a release was a release. 



Sakura woke to the incessant sound of heavy things being banged and thrown around. She rolled her eyes slightly, wondering if it was the Captain throwing a fit over her refusal to be anywhere near him. 


She could smell his tortured energy with every slam of a door. The heavy thud of his footsteps. Overturned or broken furniture. 


But this was different. She felt something else. Something more. Like there was more than one scent she was picking up. They were mixing together in a conflicting cocktail of emotions that confused her. Annoyance. Fervor. Friction. Heat. 


Sitting up in her bed, her heart began to beat rapidly and her chest began to feel tight. She brought her hand up, trying to calm her shaking body as the onslaught of scents attacked her. 


Another bang was heard from the first floor and she couldn't help but leap from her bed. She wasn't certain whether to feel frightened, anxious or curious. 


Of course curiosity got the better of her and she felt herself gliding towards the bedroom door. Another crash and a yell had her hesitate as she grasped for the handle. It was the first time she would be leaving her room in over a week. Nothing had roused her from that room. Not food. Not fresh air. Absolutely nothing. 


But whatever commotion was going on in the house was enough to stir her suspicion enough to open the door. Enough to ascend the hall. To walk down the large mahogany staircase. As she made her descent, the clamor and clangor only became that much louder and more oppressive. 


She walked through the foyer, gazing into the sitting room and covered her mouth at what she saw. It was her third night all over again and the surge of emotions hit her like a damn freight train. Her fists clenched and eyes narrowed on the red head of hair and pale, naked, full body that bounced up and down on the dining room table. 




Sakura's nostrils flared as the Captain lay on the table, eyes closed and head thrown back as Mei fucked him like a woman possessed. It was like watching something she shouldn't but couldn't look away. The sounds they made sounded inhuman and she could feel herself growing angrier.


She wondered if the Captain could sense her. Sense that insane and completely unfounded jealousy she felt. The anger that flooded her head and took over her senses. 


She hadn't felt her Omega in ages but then—


right then and there it had clawed to the surface. Giving her little to no warning as her gland burned and her loins felt like they were set on fire. Wetness pooled and was leaking down her legs as her arousal was now evident. 


She was in heat. 


Anger continued to ripple through her body as she continued to watch the scene before her. The Captain's hand squeezing her ass and the other fisting her hair. His sharp and penetrating thrusts pistoning into her heat as she tried her best to meet him. 


It was becoming unbearable to witness and the increasingly insane other half of her began obsessively looking around the room. Her crazed eyes landed by the fireplace and the assortment of tools that were gathered together in a metal bucket. Though in that moment, she couldn't see normal tools used to maintain a fireplace. 


All she could see were weapons.


She was crazy. This was crazy. Her mind was screaming for her to stop but she had little to no control as she snaked over to the fireplace, grasping a stoker in her tiny hands. 


She stared at it like she was testing it. Getting a feel for it. Wondering if she could kill someone with it?


Before she knew it, she was behind them. Mei's sweat covered body before her. How had he not scented her? How had he not picked up on her dripping arousal? Or the river that literally lined her legs. 


She supposed it wouldn't matter in a minute. 


The scene took an ominous turn as she felt like she was watching a horror movie unfold in front of her. She didn't feel herself as she watched the stoker hit Mei square on the back of her head. She didn't feel herself as she did it again. And again. And again.  


Sakura's eyes remained fixated as the stoker continued to collide into her skull. Her back. Anywhere she could dig in. She couldn't hear anything. Couldn't feel anything as blood covered her arms and splattered onto her face.


The sound of the stoker falling to the floor caused her to jump as she watched Mei's wheezing body peel from the Captain's. She collapsed and slithered to the ground, lifeless and lying in a pool of blood. 


The Captain's face was revealed when Mei fully fell from his body. The heat in his eye was what surprised her. He had lifted himself to his elbows, chest heaving and blood blotching his skin. 


Something crazy and utterly insane overcame her as she took him in. Naked body splayed on the table. Blood splattered on his chest and on the side of his face. He looked positively psychotic in a very salacious way. 


And she couldn't get enough of it. 


Her gaze fell to Mei, lifeless on the floor, but that was the least of her problems. She could feel the cloud of lust and hunger fall over them. The smell of blood and arousal and the clench of her cunt upon watching his cock bob alone and wanting. 


They said nothing, for what they felt and needed was all communicated through their heated stares. 


It was not lost on Sakura that Mei lay dead on the floor right next to her. It was also no mystery that for some insane and completely wrong reason it filled her with a primal need and a desire to throw all caution to the wind as her Alpha lay before her. Wanting. Waiting. Begging for his Omega to please him. 


A growl completely foreign to Sakura escaped her mouth and before she knew it, she was on the dining table riding the Captain. 


In place of Mei. 


They were a mix of carnal energy. Of blood, sweat and filth as she ravaged him. Her heat consumed her and her eyes had completely glazed over. Her head was thrown back and nails dug into his chest. 


"Tell me how it feels." 


His deep and commanding voice broke her out of her spell. She looked down at him, canting her hips back and forth. "How it feels to finally give in. To have no control." 


The Captain lifted himself from the table, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist as he fucked up into her. "You just fucking killed my wife.


Sakura moaned loudly as he thrusted up and into her. Deep and powerful thrusts that had her gripping on to him with everything she had. The squeeze of her cunt and the smell of blood had her delirious as he sucked at her gland. 


"How did it feel? Hmmm? I need to fucking know.


"Ah-" she could barely think, let alone speak. But it felt other worldly, even as a corpse lay dead just beside them. 


"Tell me. Fuck, please." 


He sounded so desperate. So obsessed with needing to know why she did what she did. And in that moment, all she wanted to do was please. If he wanted her to fuck him, she would fuck him into the next dimension. If he wanted her to to tell him why she killed his wife, then by God, she would. 


Sakura wrapped her dainty hands around his throat and squeezed, reveling in his gasp which quickly recovered into a broken moan. She used the placement of her hands on his neck as leverage as she bounced up and down his cock. His length sheathing in and out and hitting her so deep she thought he would break her. But this wasn't his show. It was hers. Hers to show who was in control. 


"You want me to tell you?" 


The Captain didn't respond, just stared at her with a glazed look in his eye as he was completely consumed by lust. 


"Tell you how seeing you fuck your wife triggered my heat. Could you smell it?" she purred as she continued to fuck herself on him. "Smell my rage? Or were you too busy being fucked by her notice?" 


The Captain let out a groan as her grip tightened, eyes leveling with his in the most possessive of stares. "I had to kill her. I had to because if I didn't, I would've killed myself from the pain. From the denial. She was in my way.


"I fucking hate it. I hate you. I hate this.


She let go of the grip on his neck and let her hand travel to his mouth, sticking her thumb between his lips and moaning in delight as he bit down. Her cunt pulsed around him as she swirled her blood around his lips, watching his tongue wrap around the puncture wound he made. 


"But you know what I hate more?" 


The Captain maintained his heated stare, tongue swirling and cock pistoning into her dripping heat. She almost couldn't speak as she was growing delirious from her own words. But she couldn't stop. Wouldn't stop. 


"I hate knowing that we're perfect together. Knowing how well your cock fits inside me. Hate that I can't stop thinking about you fucking me. Hate that I had to witness her fucking you when it should've been me. "


The Captain continued rocking into her as he sucked fervently at her thumb, seemingly getting off on her words just as much as she was. 


"Did you fucking like it?" she pressed, rolling her hips into him powerfully as she removed her thumb and pushed him back onto the table. 


"I felt it." she crooned, circling her hips she fixing him with a devilish stare. "Felt your scent spike when her blood splattered onto your body. Knowing it was because of me.


The Captain let out a surprisingly pained groan, bringing his hands to her hips and rutting into her with a new fervor. She fixed her gaze on him, watching his hips thrust upward and jaw clench at the onslaught of pleasure. 


If someone were to stumble into that scene they'd surely think they had walked into a ritual of sorts. It was not lost on her that Mei's body lay dead on the floor. That she was fucking her husband and Alpha on the very table she had been. That her blood marked their skin. 


That they had completely gotten off on all of it. 


"Naughty Alpha." she bit out, rolling her hips wildly and feeling her juices run out and down her legs. She was positively gushing with every sink of her cunt down onto him. "Letting me fuck you after I killed your wife.


"Fuck, don't stop." she heard him beg from below her and a wicked grin spread across her face. 


Sakura lowered her top half to him, smoothing his sweat and blood stained hair. Part of it had been stained red and he looked positively devilish. She couldn't get enough. 


She lowered herself to his ear and purred against him, reveling in his shiver. "I'm only getting started."


Sakura lifted her face back to his and roughly lowered her lips to his. Their tongues danced and blood mingled as she became consumed by the fire. Consumed by her want. By her need.


Her heat had begun. 




It's heeeeeere.



Chapter Text









The first night of her heat was nothing like she had imagined. 


An inferno had lit inside her body. The flames in her abdomen licked at her insides in a delicious mix of pain and pleasure. The insatiable need to be filled was constant and every hateful thought she felt towards the Captain completely evaporated as his cock continued to plunge deep into her dripping cunt. 


Their bodies were completely covered in a thick sheen of sweat as they marked every surface possible in the manor. No piece of furniture had been left untouched by their coupling. They eventually found themselves in his office, Sakura seated on top of him as she bounced fervently up and down his length. His hands gripped her hips so hard she knew they'd be bruised by morning. 


They were reduced to harsh breaths and broken thrusts, completely spent as they had been at one another’s mercy for the past few hours. She was growing weak and he knotted her several times already. 


Sweat brimmed his forehead and a concentration she had yet to see from him masked his face. His thrusts were becoming sloppy as he guided her up and down furiously. “Want to feel you come,” he bit out, teeth gritted together, “All over my cock.” 


“Gonna fill you up.” 




“And over.” 


Sakura screamed as he knotted her again, come spurting into her womb and spilling out of her cunt. He had already come at least five times inside her and she was reaching the limit of how many times she could take his knot.


It was madness. It was glorious. It was completely and utterly wrong. But fuck if she didn't love the way he talked to her. Loved the way he filled her up. How she clenched around him and how his knot locked onto her. 


It was nothing like she imagined. It was better. Better than what her Omega had dreamed up for her. And that scared her. Scared her beyond belief. 


But now was not the time to be frightened. Because her Alpha was there. And for the duration of this first heat of her’s, he would show her just what it meant to be his Omega. 



The second day was utter madness. 


And it wasn’t the fact that he had to consider Mei’s dead body on the dining room floor. He just couldn’t catch a break from this sex goddess of a woman who was currently on top of him, bouncing on his cock like there was no tomorrow.


Not that he was complaining. 


Her heat had completely taken him by surprise. The cause of her heat an even bigger surprise as he gazed up at his Omega with an insatiable hunger. 


She had killed his wife. Killed her in a blind rage upon catching her fucking him on the dining room table. It hadn't been completely awful, though he couldn't help but compare the tight heat of his Omega to the obviously stretched cunt of the Alpha who had been riding him. 


And when that realization hit him- the realization that his Omega had become so overthrown with rage and jealousy that it hurtled her into her first heat. 


He didn't give a damn that his wife lay dead on the floor when his Omega staked her claim on him. Climbing onto his cock like he was her throne. The minute she began fucking him with a fervor he had never seen. With an eagerness so unlike her. He knew. He knew that she was in heat. 


The fire that roared on the other side of the room made the heat almost unbearable, but he couldn’t get enough of it. The sweat and cum that marked their bodies belonged there. The mess they had created was a testament to just how wound up and deep they were in this fucked up relationship. And he couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop until she bent completely to him. Every mark on her skin was a message. Every knot was a claim. Every spurt of his cum into her womb was a possession. 


She belonged to no one else but him. And after this first heat, he would make it permanent. She just had to say the magic words. 


Or he’d just do it himself. There was nothing stopping him. 


His thoughts were interrupted by her cunt clenching deliciously around him as she continued with her slow but powerful grind. She was a queen serving her king as she fucked him mercilessly, and he couldn't help but lift himself up and bury his face into the comfort heat of her breasts. He latched onto a nipple and swirled his tongue as she gripped his hair, muttering and gasping words of encouragement. The pull of her hands in his hair caused a growl to escape his lips and bite rather hard at her nipple. She yelped and pulled harder, practically bruising his scalp. He popped off her nipple and watched in amazement as she resumed grinding furiously onto him. 


Looking up at her was like staring at a woman possessed. Possessed by him. Over and over she’d scream his designation. 


Fuck me, Alpha. 


Knot me, Alpha. 


Claim me, Alpha. 


And fuck if that wasn’t music to his hears. She didn’t even know what the fuck she was asking. And it turned him on beyond belief. This practically untouched girl completely giving into her Omega side. Saying things she didn’t know she could say. Begging for things that she had little to no understanding of. 


He could do it. That glistening gland was staring straight at him as she continued to bounce fervently on top of him. Begging to be bitten. Begging to be sucked on. Begging to be marked by him. He was in rut, so it was only a matter of time. 


But he wanted more from her. And he would wait. Wait until the moment was right. Until she was begging for him to mate with her. Begging to the point where she would die if he didn’t. 


And then… then he would make her his



It was on the third day that they actually started taking care of one another. Feeding. Hydrating. Cleaning. In between all of the fucking. 


The shower had started off innocently enough. Him washing her body and cleaning her hair of all of the various fluids that marked both of their bodies. But it wasn’t long before he had her facing the wall of the shower, a fistful of her hair in his grip as he rutted into her for the millionth time. Fingers plucking her nipple until it was raw. His face in the crook of her neck, saying obscene things that he knew she loved. Even though she shouldn’t. 


“So fucking tight.” 


“Could live like this.” 


Fuck, this tight little cunt.” 


Sakura whimpered against the shower wall as his hand traveled down to her cunt, hovering over her clit. A yelp escaped her lips as he began to circle it fervently, in a desperation to feel her cum around him again. “Who’s doing this to you? Hmmm? Say it, Omega.” 


“Ah, you Captain.” she whined as she pushed her ass into him, arching her back as he slammed his hips into her. Water gushed between them and slapped against their skin but it only helped keep his thrusts as powerful as they were. 


Again.” he bit out. “Say it again. Want to hear you say it when you come.”


Sakura clamped down around him, her orgasm tearing through her as she screamed Captain! just as he demanded of her. A low and guttural moan escaped his mouth as he seized up, knot locking and spilling himself inside her. She could feel his cock twitching. Feel the warmth in her belly. Their fluids spilling down her legs because she was just so fucking full of him. 


She could feel his cum filling her up. Feel him pulsing inside her as he continued to spill. His lips traveled along the column of her neck, sucking at her gland as he resumed plucking at her nipple. She shuddered against the shower wall as he whispered into her skin. 


Good, Omega. 


You take my knot so well, Omega. 


Want my cum spilling out of your perfect pussy, Omega.


And she couldn't get enough of it. She didn't want him to stop. Didn't want him to stop touching her. Filling her. Speaking to her with those words that reduced her to a writhing mess. 


But once his knot let up he went back to cleaning her, though his cum never seemed to stop seeping out and down her still quaking legs. And it would remain that way, at least until this was all over. Because for the duration of her heat, she was his. And something in her sensed that the feel of him running down her legs was only half of it. 



The fourth day was taxing. 


He had moved Mei to the freezer in the basement, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough in terms of completely disposing of her body. She needed to be gone. Permanently. If he were to reverse the damage his Omega had caused. 


Kakashi knew he should have felt something. Anything really. But that woman was nothing but trouble for him. Trouble for his sanity and his wallet. Not that he had anything to worry about regarding money. Though even he had to admit that a five thousand dollar rug was completely insane. 


So he carried her thawed body to the backyard. His hounds had finally been permitted back to the house now that she was gone. She hated them. Had the gall to call them wretched and foul creatures. So he had no choice but to keep them at the station and away from her. 


But now— now he had the last laugh, dropping her body onto the cold and frosted grass. He let out a loud whistle, calling for his eight hounds to take care of this lasting problem, eager to get back to his Omega. He didn’t stay and watch. Or say a prayer for her wretched soul, for the woman was nothing more than a burden on his. 


By the time he had emerged from the backyard the Omega was on him, backing him into the sliding glass door. Not even mentioning the body that was currently being torn apart just yards away. 


"Please." her pretty little voice begged as he pushed against her, grabbing a fistful of her hair in his hand. She let out a hiss and snapped her jaw at him but he clicked his tongue, lowering his head to her neck and licking a long stripe that covered her gland.


She immediately ceased against him and he gathered her up in his arms. "You've been the perfect little Omega. So obedient. Doing just as your Alpha tells you."


She hummed against him as he carried her to his bedroom, purring in contentment. With every day of her heat that passed he could feel the control of her Omega slowly taking over. 


Every growl. Every purr. Every brush of her gland against him. Every time she gave any indication that her Omega had risen. 


The moment he dropped her on the bed she was grabbing for him. Clawing and ripping at his shirt as he descended down and onto her. The urgency in her was apparent and fuck if it wasn't the sexiest thing he had yet to witness in her.


He needed to fuck his mark into her. He could feel nothing else as they were reduced to a huge primal mess. Their bodies marked with bite wounds and scratches. Teeth continuously barred as he fucked her into the mattress. Her hands had been bound above her by his handcuffs. Something she had requested. And he nearly came right then and there. 


"Tie me up. Fuck me. Use me." 


And he did. He fucked her until he left a fucking impression into that mattress. Fucked her until she was screaming for his knot. She looked absolutely glorious, sweat covering her body, pert breasts lifted to the sky and nipples so pink and so hard he could live off sucking from them. 


It was almost impossible not to sink his mouth into her neck. 


His nostrils flared as he zeroed in on her glistening gland. He was reaching his breaking point. Reaching the point where we wouldn’t be able to stop himself. But the desire for her to break outweighed his own selfishness. 


So he would wait. Until the end if he had to. 



The fifth day was mayhem. Utter and complete chaos as the house had been nearly turned upside down. His rut had consumed him. Knocking and throwing down furniture and anything that was in the way just to get to her. 


Earlier in the day she had been preparing a fruit plate in the kitchen and the damn five thousand dollar end table Mei insisted on getting sat in the hallway, taunting him and staring him down with its expensive legs, obnoxious colors and decorations. He remembered a roar escaping from deep within him and the Omega jumping and turning around, watching with slightly frightened eyes as she backed up into the counter. He ascended the hall and grabbed the end table, slamming it into the other wall as it splintered and broke in half. 


The Omega squeaked as he bounded towards her, pinning her to the counter and lifting her with all of his might. Her ass hung from the edge as he buried his face in her sweet cunt. He ate her out like a wild animal. Like her sweet nectar was all that could sustain him. She continued to call him Captain. Screaming it as he continued sucking at her clit, fingers pistoning in and out of her heat. 


“So fucking pretty.” he remembered saying against her clit as he swirled his tongue around it. “So fucking sweet.


And when she came she rocked against him, pushing her pretty cunt right into his mouth so he could swallow her whole. 


That desperation only continued as she pushed him down onto a chair that had been perched against the wall. She was on top of him once more, rocking fervently in his lap. But something was different. The look in her eyes. The flare in her nostrils. The shakiness of her breath. It all pointed to something more primal that had been brewing deep inside her.


“More. I need more.” she almost growled to herself. 


Then something happened. Something that had taken him by surprise for the first time in a long time. The Omega wrapped her dainty hands around his neck, bore herself down on him and squeezed. Squeezed his airways until his eyes damn near rolled to the back of his head. 


Fuck, he hadn’t been prepared for that. 


She used her hold on his neck as leverage and it only drove him more insane. This feral Omega. Growling and snapping her jaw as she fucked herself on him. Used him to achieve just what she needed. Breaking to the point of near delirium. Completely submitting to her Omega.  


Yes. Gods, yes. This was it. Her hands wrapped around his throat. Bouncing on his cock like her life fucking depended on it. He couldn’t keep his head straight as the air was being blocked from his head. 


She tore herself away from him and he gasped for breath, head dropping forward as she positioned herself at his cock. She enveloped him in her mouth, encasing his rock hard cock and swirling her tongue around his shaft. Up and down. Flicking his tip. She was a fucking mess with spit dripping down the sides of her mouth and his precum dribbling down to her chin. 


He was fucking gone. Eyes completely glazed over. Hands gripping her hair and driving himself into her mouth. To the back of her throat. She was gagging and tears brimmed her eyes from the force but he could smell the eagerness of her cunt. Could feel it clenching helplessly as he fucked her mouth instead. 


He pulled her off, hand still gripping her hair as he watched her chest rise and fall heavily. Shaky breaths escaping her red mouth and tears streaking down her cheeks. Eyes glazed over and so far gone. She couldn’t look more perfect. He rubbed the tip of his cock along her mouth, smearing his cum and her spit along the seam. 


" Fuck, you should see yourself right now. You can see what my cock does to you." 


The Omega darted her tongue out to his tip, licking up their fluids as her glazed eyes focused on him. She was like a kitten lapping up milk. Purring and humming along his length as she dragged her tongue up and down. 


He couldn't wait any longer. A feral growl escaped him as he hoisted her up and into his arms. Cock plunging back into her slick pussy. She was writhing. She was screaming. Bucking and grinding into him like she had gone completely insane without his cock inside her. 


Her gland was absolutely throbbing . He could sense it. He could sense everything in that moment. And in one swift movement- 


His teeth sunk into it. 


And he came. 




So hard in fact that a mighty roar escaped him upon extracting his teeth, only to bare down on her gland again. She shrieked and clamped down around him. He could feel the flutter of her walls and the force of his cum that shot straight into her. A feral groan escaped him as he kept bucking his length into her, teeth still attached to her gland as she writhed against him, like she was trying to get away. 


He wrapped his strong arms around the Omega, holding her in place. 


"Now." he groaned, extracting his teeth and pulling himself away to get a better look at her reaction. Eyes still glazed. Breath shaky. Desire written on her face as her gaze flickered towards the blood smearing his lips.


"Now, you're truly mine to ruin.


Chapter Text










He could start every day like this. She on his lap. Them both purring in contentment. Her hot tongue against his skin. 


A shuddered sigh escaped his lips as her tongue dragged soothingly up and down the scar she had bestowed upon him. It had healed a good deal thanks to her grooming, but he couldn't help but feel a slight tinge up pain every now and then. Though it didn’t bother him in the slightest. The small sting of pain mixed with the soothing brush stroke of her tongue was carnal bliss. 


He had a raging hard on ever since she planted herself on him and began grinding herself onto his lap. All while continuing to lap at his scar. He would buck up and meet her thrusts every so often, earning a delicious yelp from her in return. The heat had ended but that didn't mean he couldn't still have his fun with her. 


And it was apparent she wasn’t finished with him either.


"Little one," he groaned as she teased his tip with her soaked cunt, rocking back and forth and purring against his face. "Go put on something nice for me. Hmmm?" 


The Omega let out a huff and a pout that he immediately silenced by smacking her ass. Hard. 


"Don't make me punish you, Omega ." 


She let out a discontented growl as she leapt off of him, turning and prancing away from the sitting room and into the foyer. Her asscheecks bounced with every jolt in her step and his nostrils flared at the deliberate sashay in her hips. 


Such a naughty thing his little pet was. 


The sound of her footsteps slowly became more quiet as she disappeared up the steps to the second floor. He continued to sit in the plush armchair, looking around and noticing just how destroyed the area was. 


Now he needed to hire a new maid. 


Kakashi pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a tired grunt, lifting his naked body from the chair and stretching his limbs. The two of them had been seated there for quite some time, grooming one another and licking each other's wounds from the past several days. 


He traipsed over to the dining room table, plucking his lounge pants and black robe. He hadn’t been fully dressed in a week and the idea of putting on clothes suddenly felt foreign. Becoming so used to his sweat laced with their spend marking his body. A knock from the front door echoed through the foyer just as he was getting dressed. 


Kakashi frowned, unable to speculate as to whom would be showing unannounced to the manor. He took a week for heat leave, something he hadn't done since—




Kakashi shook his head, leaving his robe open as he traipsed through the sitting room and into the foyer. Furniture had still been turned over and the house smelled putrid, but there was nothing he could do about it now. 


Grasping the heavy ornate knob he turned, pulling the door open and a surprised look spread across his face. His gaze settled on the last person he thought to see on the other side of the door, considering he was stationed in a different state. Regardless, Kakashi recovered and immediately straightened his body in a more respectful manner. 




The man on the other side of the door smiled, lifting his arm to place his hand on Kakashi's shoulder. "Kakashi, my boy." 


"General Shimura." he greeted after composing himself, feeling absolutely ridiculous saluting the older gentlemen in his lounge wear. "Was I expecting you?" 


"No, no, no. Nothing of the sort. I was just surprised that our beloved Captain had taken leave for an entire week." 


Kakashi felt the urge to wince but remained stoic as he placed his hands behind his back. "My Omega went into heat." 


Danzo upturned his nose into the house, taking in a deep breath and closing his eye. "Ah. Yes." 


"I'd invite you in but the state of the house is—" Kakashi turned his head towards the inside of the house, eye roaming a few moments before returning back to the man standing in front of him, "—well it's looked better." 


“It wouldn’t be the Hatake household if it wasn’t in some state of ruin.” Danzo laughed as Kakashi put on a forced smile. He really wasn’t in the mood to entertain, even if the man was as close to a father than anyone else. Danzo had done so much for him. He wouldn’t be the person he was now without him. 


But that didn’t change the fact that there was a beautiful Omega waiting for him just inside. Dressed in a naughty little outfit he had requested for her to change into, no less. 


Danzo chuckled. "Well I just hope you didn’t destroy any of that beautiful furniture. Mei certainly has good taste. Can always count on those Alpha women." 


Another wince. Fuck how was he supposed to cover up what the Omega had done to Mei? 


"Let's go have a drink, boy. I want to congratulate you on your latest victory." 


Kakashi forced another smile and nodded his head, stepping away from the door to open it further and allow Danzo to enter the manor.


Kakashi did his best to ignore the fact that broken furniture littered the house and the kitchen was an absolute mess. The only room that was left relatively untouched was his study and thankfully, was their destination.  


Danzo remained silent as he followed closely behind him, his Alpha presence becoming slightly irritating to Kakashi. There was only room for one Alpha in this house, and it was him. 


And if Danzo so much as lifted a finger to his Omega…


Kakashi pushed through the office door and was immediately welcomed by the pleasant scent of boxed cigars and oak. He immediately bounded for the drink cart, finding he needed something stiff. 


“Any preference?”


“Surprise me.” 


Kakashi nodded his head, grabbing two tumbler glasses and filling them with a generous amount of whiskey. He turned, robe swaying from under him as he handed Danzo the glass. They raised their glasses and Kakashi took a long swig before sinking down into the leather armchair. 


“So, where is Mei anyway? I’m assuming she left the house during the Omega’s heat.” 


Kakashi paused for a moment, staring at the man who was seated across from him. He could say she was at her mother’s. No, her mother lived just across town. Conference? That could work. She was always discussing the many ‘important’ conferences she was required to attend.




“She’s at a conference in Denver. ‘The Future of Alpha Women’ or something like that.” 


“In other words, ‘horseshit’.” Danzo replied with a loud laugh, drawing out a chuckle from Kakashi. 


His attention was taken away from him when a vision in white materialized by his office door. Watching. Cowering. Waiting. 


Oh his little pet. She was picturesque. So radiant. So innocent. She had dressed in a blush pink lingerie set. A particular one he had envisioned her in many times before. The bustier held her breasts perfectly and garter belt and white stockings complemented her pale skin and pink hair so well. 


She looked magnificent.


He commanded for her to come with his eyes, watching as she timidly opened the door and stepped inside. Danzo's nostrils flared upon scenting her and he turned, a slight scowl on his face. "So, this is the Omega that kept you?" 


Kakashi clicked his tongue and patted his lap, signaling for her to rest herself down onto him. She did exactly as he commanded, climbing into his lap and curling herself inward. She purred in contentment as she began to lick his neck in affection. 


He remained unphased, keeping his attention on Danzo as she continued with her work. She would hum every now and then between her purrs and it took everything in him not to reposition her over his currently aching cock. 


Danzo cleared his throat, plucking his tumbler glass from the end table next to him. "So." he began as he took a sip of his whiskey. "When can we expect you back?" 


Kakashi rubbed small circles into the small of her back as he nursed his own glass on the arm of the chair. "Tomorrow. Need to get someone to clean the house." 


Danzo scoffed. "Damn shame you had to lose that maid. She was a fine one." 


Kakashi looked down at Sakura who was still focusing on grooming him, licking intently at his gland. He didn't care much for speaking about the fact that he was housing a resistance hero. 


"But, you did what you had to. And that's what we will remember going forward. Not those unruly wretches.


Nodding his head in agreement, he took a sip of his drink as the Omega continued to purr against him. Dazno’s presence was becoming somewhat of a hindrance as he could sense his Omega becoming slightly distressed, not liking the idea of someone else in their nest. 


Kakashi turned his attention back to Danzo, sporting a charming smile. "So, how long can we expect you to grace us with your presence?" 


"Well, long enough to fix whatever mayhem is going on at the border." 


He fought hard to suppress a scowl as the grip on his glass tightened. "I have it under control." 


"Oh, I don't doubt that, my boy. But the fact of the matter is, I'm not sitting here with a missing eye all because of an Omega." 


A heavy silence fell between the two. His fist clenching and unclenching. The Omega in his arms growing nervous at the growing tension. Danzo's stare was piercing as it settled onto the Omega and Kakashi couldn't help but feel his grip tightened around her. 


How the fuck did he find out about that? 


"Don't lose sight, my boy." Danzo bit out in a low tone, the air changing into something much more menacing and unlike how the conversation started. 


But the tension suddenly ebbed and a smile emerged on his face as he settled back down into his chair. Muscles relaxing and face relieved of tension. 


Kakashi gathered the Omega in his arms, placing her by his feet and she pouted, to which he responded by grabbing her chin in a harsh manner. 


Behave, Omega.” 


To his relief Danzo let out an almighty roar, obviously pleased with his way of punishing his Omega. 


“Ah. Keep disciplining that Omega, my boy. And we won't have any problems with this new arrangement the two of you have.” he proclaimed as he sat himself up from the leather armchair adjacent to his. Kakashi lifted himself up as well, walking towards the man whose hand was outstretched, taking it willingly.


“Give Mei my best. She’s at a… conference, you said?” 


Kakashi nodded his head and felt Danzo hold their handshake, pulling him closer and fixing him with a focused stare. “Keep that Alpha close, yeah?” 


“Of course, sir.” 


Danzo smiled and let go, giving Kakashi another pat on his shoulder. He didn’t even acknowledge the Omega as he let himself out, much to his relief. The last thing he needed from Danzo was another lecture on the dangers of mating an Omega. But given her completely docile and cooperative nature upon mating, he couldn’t see any problems arising if he kept her a little while longer. 


Maybe even forever. 


He could feel her growing agitated as he plucked his drink off the table and glided past her towards his desk. Sinking into his chair, he watched her shift slightly on the ground.




Kakashi chuckled, a sinister smirk spreading across his lips as his Omega continued to kneel on the ground, awaiting further instructions. She couldn’t be more perfect. On her knees. Torso straight. Shoulders squared. Face alert and focused on him. 




His Omega obeyed, lowering herself onto all fours as she slowly and teasingly made her way towards him. Breasts hanging and bouncing. Ass swaying high behind her. A deliciously dark look in her eyes. He couldn’t get enough as he brought the glass to his lips, eyes never leaving hers. 


When she rounded his desk and positioned herself at his feet she slowly brought herself to kneel. He continued watching her, curious as to what she would do. If she thought she could do anything without him telling her to do so. But as the minx slowly started trailing her dainty hands up his legs he couldn’t help but let a suppressed moan escape his lips. A spark lit in her gaze and she looked up at him. 


A test. 


Kakashi watched as she licked her lips, his cock slowly beginning to stir in his pants. The cheekiness she was exuding was something he had grown quite fond of. But he couldn’t let it get to her head. Not now. Not ever if he were to keep her.  


So with a growl he grabbed her by the hair, extracting a delicious yelp of surprise from her pretty pink lips. Her mouth hung open as he yanked harder. 


“I said to crawl to me. I didn’t give you any further instructions, did I, Omega?”


Her eyes glazed over and he clicked his tongue. “I know you’re so eager to please me. But don’t forget that this is an Alpha’s world, little one.” 


She pouted silently and sat back down at his feet, wrapping an arm around his leg as she rubbed her face against him. “Look at you,” he crooned, smoothing her hair from below as she purred against his leg. “Nothing more than a shell of your old self. So obedient.” 


The Omega was completely oblivious to the meaning behind his words. She did as she was told. Obeyed. Surrendered. Submitted. Like the good little Omega that she was. 


Kakashi relaxed back into his chair as he gazed down at the myriad of papers scattered along his desk. Some police reports. Some trade documents. He really needed to get back to work if he wanted to make headway on locking trade deals with the neighboring states. 


Though the Omega currently purring at his feet wasn’t making anything easier. 


He brought an agitated hand to his face, rubbing the sleep from it as he stifled a yawn. The impromptu visit from Danzo caught him off guard, if he was being honest. Visits from the General had been scarce as the years went by. Kakashi wasn’t even entirely sure where he was stationed now. After Danzo had basically given Kakashi the key to Avalon, he immediately set his sights on furthering his conquest and making his mark on the neighboring states. 


Kakashi’s mind began to drift. To a time since past. Long ago now it seemed. His hand remained on his forehead, trying his best to suppress the memories but the combination of drinking so early in the afternoon and his rut still in his system didn’t help much. 


The outbreak was what started all of this mess. Well, to call it a mess would be ungrateful. Kakashi lived a good life. Was considered a leader and a prophet. The curator of a better world. He should be grateful, and he was. But Kakashi was as much of a weak man as he was formidable. Giving into appetites that he shouldn’t. Dwelling on the past when he shouldn’t. 


And Avalon had come a long way. It was the only quarantined state and those ungrateful wretches outside the border failed to see it. Failed to see the potential that Danzo’s new regime possessed. The virus would have continued to spread if they didn’t step in. Omegas would have remained feral. 


And yet they continue to be so damn ungrateful. 


What Danzo had done was revolutionary. Either in the eradication or capture of feral Omegas, he did what no one was strong enough to accomplish. No one held a candle to his dedication. His resilience. Strong mindedness. 


He owed everything to that man. Even if it means forgetting the past. Locking away the emotional baggage that came with as a consequence of the outbreak. The hole he fell into that Danzo himself rescued him from. 


Burning away the memories of his loved ones…


Kakashi let out a low and irritated groan as he felt his Omega pick her head up from his leg. Such a fragile little thing she had turned into. So docile. So obedient. He couldn’t help but let his hand fall to her head, gingerly letting his fingers slip through her soft hair. She purred under his touch, moving her head from side to side. 


A sudden growl escaped him as he hooked his hands under her arms and scooped her up onto the desk. A slight look of surprise spread across her face as he shed himself of his robe, letting it fall being him along with his lounge pants. The Omega squealed when he hooked his arms under her legs and plunged himself deep inside her. He didn’t even wait for her to adjust before he set his pace for hard and fast. Unforgivable and menacing. 


An overwhelming feeling to forget overcame him and the sudden urge to fuck something suddenly became more important. And seeing as she was just waiting at his feet for his command made it impossible not to just take her right then and there. 


She screamed and writhed and bounced as he fucked himself with her. Practically his toy as he used her to fuck his cock. His plaything. His pet. His fuckdoll. 


“Fuck you’re tight. Fuck. ” he exclaimed through gritted teeth. “And so wet.”  


She hummed in approval, too blissed out to utter any words as he continued to take her on the mahogany desk. Practically slamming into her and causing the desk to move forward with every thrust. His eyes lingered on the spot on her neck. The swelling having since disappeared and now replaced with a scar in the shape of a bite mark. A sinister smile emerged across his lips as his gaze lingered on her face. Cheeks flushed. Teeth biting her bottom lip. Breathing heavily through their fucking. 


Kakashi lowered his face to her neck, letting his tongue extend and flatten against the marked gland. He felt her cunt tighten around him and she let out the most delicious purr upon him lapping at the sensitive skin. He hummed against her, pulling away and positioning his mouth right by her ear. 


“You’re mine, little one? Do you know that?” 


The Omega let out a small noise in agreement, nodding her head as her body rocked with his. 


“No one else is to look at you. Smell you. Touch you. Because you’re mine . Tell me you understand.” 


“I…I understand.” she groaned out as he fucked her harder, grabbing her hips and lifting her slightly so he could pound into her with no resistance. 


Good. So fucking good. I’m gonna fill you up- every night. You know that?” he asked, muscles straining as he held her ass up and continued to piston in and out of her dripping cunt. “Keep you coming on my cock. Anytime any other Alpha even looks your way— fucking shit— they’ll know your mine. Know you’re the Captain’s little fuckdoll.” 


He watched intently as she could only nod furiously, hands flat on the desk behind her and neck hanging back. Her cunt practically squeezed the life out of him and his knot began to swell. A scream escaped her lips as she surrendered to her orgasm, her walls clamping down on him with a vice grip. His knot locked onto her just in time, spurting his seed deep into her womb. 


He could get used to this. Coming in her every night. Filling her up. Using her. 


The Omega purred in contentment as he continued to release his spend into her. Small spurts of his cum filling her belly. Hitting her walls. She moaned her approval and began licking everywhere. His shoulders. His neck. His face. And back to his scar. His eye slid shut as he surrendered to her gentle grooming. Submitting completely to her Omega instincts.


Her old self was nothing but a carcass. Abandoned. Forgotten. Left to no one. Not even herself as she blindly continued to serve him right on top of his desk. His knot still locked to her. His spend still marking her. 


As silence washed over and the Omega pulled away he allowed for his forehead to rest on her shoulder. He took in a deep breath as his knot let up and his cock softened inside her. Though he wasn’t ready to pull away from her just yet. Because he liked it. The closeness. The intimacy. The warmth. 


He found that he missed it. 


Chapter Text









Boston–Six Years Prior

“I can’t believe it’s working, Kakashi. After all the years of study and research, oppression and prejudice, I finally feel like something good has come out of this.” 

Kakashi watched carefully from the barstool, eyes following his wife prance happily around the kitchen. The morning sun began to rise and shine through the window, reflecting off of her auburn hair. A small smile crept onto his lips as he took a sip of his coffee. 

“Finally. Finally.” she repeated, turning to Kakashi with a beaming smile. “I can stick it to those pricks in Congress who keep coming up with these heinous ideas that Omegas should be inducted into slavery. We are people. And with this vaccine we can finally show the world that we’re more than our biology.” 

Kakashi set his coffee mug down on the island, lifting himself from the stool to make his way around the barrier currently between them. That same smile remained rooted on his face as he approached her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Have I told you how proud of you I am?” 

“Mmm, yes. But you can tell me again.” 

He chuckled as he brought her to his chest and rested his chin on her head. “I’m so proud, Rin.” he murmured. “ So proud.” 

They remained like that for a few moments, breathing in each other’s scents that they had grown so accustomed to. The mix of Alpha and Omega that permeated their home and made it a sanctuary. A haven. And with the success of Rin’s vaccine, it only made the air less tense than it had been. The warmth of the sun felt warmer. Their home felt lighter. Picking up on things like the children’s footsteps upstairs and not dreading them coming down, but welcoming them with open arms. 

“That’s my cue to leave.” she murmured into his chest and he let out a huff. 

“You really need to go in? Now?” 

Rin shot him an apologetic look. “I got a call about an Omega going feral. She’s in heat and contained at the hospital. She must not have been present for the mass vaccination.” 

Kakashi nodded his head slowly as Rin slipped away from his grip. She grabbed her Burberry trench-coat which had been lying on the kitchen counter, along with her travel mug. She eyed him curiously, a look familiar to him and his breath stilled.

“Anything going on at the precinct today?” 

Kakashi fixed Rin with a look. A look he had given her several times before. A warning look. “Rin…” 

She let out a heavy sigh. “I know. I know.” 

“Rin, you know there’s nothing I can do.” 

She shook her head, a look of exasperation on her face. “ That, I will never understand.” 


“It’s fine, Kakashi. I’ll talk to you later.” 

He paused, watching her closely as they continued to stare at one another. “Okay.” 

She shot him a small smile as she approached his side, bringing her lips to the corner of his mouth and planting a small kiss. “I love you.” 

“Mm. You too.” 


“Where are your jackets?” 

“We’re leaving in five minutes I’m not telling you again.” 

“Those are not the shoes that go with your uniform.”

Kakashi sighed heavily in exasperation as he watched his two young children run around the first floor of the house, gathering their belongings and whatever else they needed for the school day. He took a sip of his coffee and placed it on the ground next to him to check his watch for what seemed to be the millionth time. Growing increasingly agitated, he brought his hand to his temple, rubbing away the tension he felt as he heard the patter of rushed footsteps ascending the hall. 

“We’re ready, Daddy!” 

“Great, let’s go.” he responded briskly, grabbing both of their packs and ushering them quickly out the door. 

“Where’s Mommy this morning?” Obito asked as he bounded down the steps that led to their house. 

“She had to go to the lab early.” 

“And be a badass!” 

Kakashi paused, turning to look at his six year old daughter. “Where did you learn that word?” 

Aimi looked up at him, hands behind her back and twisting from side to side with a coy smile on her face. “I dunno.” 

Kakashi fixed her with a warning look. “You’re lucky I’m not telling your mother.” 

The two children giggled as Kakashi ushered them both into the SUV. 

“Are you gonna catch some bad guys today, Daddy?” he heard Obito ask from below him as he strapped him into his carseat. 

“Mm, maybe. Gotta be bad guys to catch first.” 

Both Obito and Aimi swung their legs in unison as Kakashi shut the door and climbed into the front, bringing the car to life. He set course for downtown where their private school was. Both he and Rin preferred their school be outside the city, but given the fact that they both worked downtown, it made the most sense. 

It made even more sense now that Obito was five and could begin Kindergarten at the same school, since he and Aimi were only a year apart. Obito’s pre-school was located outside the city, which posed many problems if they both ended up being sick. 

He sipped at his coffee as they drove into downtown, stuck in the usual traffic. He suddenly slammed on his breaks and bared down on the horn, seething at the car that had cut him off. “Fuck!” 

Oooh. ” the two kids both echoed in unison as he peered back through the rear view mirror, fixing them an annoyed look. “You’re lucky we don’t tell Mommy.” Aimi mocked from her seat and Kakashi decided to save her from the burn he had saved up. Last thing he needed was a fight between him and a six year old. 

Because she would win.

Kakashi pulled up to their school, monitors already lining the sidewalk and ushering the kids into the school. He put the car in park and let himself out, quickly rounding to the other side and helping the two exit.

“Hey, remember your mom is picking you guys up today, alright?” 

The five and six year old both nodded their heads and he brought them both into his embrace. “Love you guys. Have a good day, yeah?” 

“Love you too, Daddy.” 


Kakashi marched down the quiet hall, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he rounded the corner and into the first room to his left. The uniformed officers that had been seated all lifted themselves to a stand as they gave him a collective salute. He nodded cordially, taking his seat in the middle and placed his cap on his lap. He raked his hand through his hair as they all awaited Danzo, the Commissioner of the city. It was not often that he graced them with his presence but today was the day he’d be delivering their assignments for the week. 

And take Kakashi aside at some point to deliver his obligatory ‘Omegas are the scum of the Earth’ speech. Then offer him a spot in his crusade. 

That man was as close to a father to Kakashi as he was going to get, but even he had to admit his crusade was completely backed by totalitarianism. 

They all lifted themselves to a stand as he marched in, donned in his uniform that consisted of an array of badges, buckles and various metals. All on display to remind them of his many accomplishments made throughout the years he served the city of Boston. 

Danzo gaze immediately fell on Kakashi’s and he smiled and nodded cordially. Kakashi returned it in kind as the man flipped open his binder, mindlessly tabbing through the assignments for the week. 

“Shiranui and Sarutobi. We had a murder/suicide over night. Meet forensics on location.”

“Nice.” Kakashi heard them chuckle in the back and a high five not too long after. 

“Hagane and Namiashi.” Danzo announced next and Kakashi fidgeted in his seat. “There was a robbery downtown. Officers are already at the scene but there’s a straggler lurking somewhere. Find him.”

He heard them both shift in their seats. “Sir.” 


Kakashi lifted his head but Danzo was interrupted by a rather breathless officer bursting through the door with a tablet tucked under his arm. 

“Sir, we have a situation downtown.” 

Danzo shot the officer a confused look and grabbed the tablet from his outstretched hand. Kakashi observed his expression as his eyebrow slowly lifted. Kakashi calmly gazed left and right, his fellow officers sporting the same, confused look. 


Kakashi shot his head back, immediately lifting himself to a stand. “Commissioner.” 

Danzo crooked his finger, commanding him to come forward and Kakashi did so. He placed himself next to Danzo and turned his attention to the tablet he was holding. His eyes widened at what was playing on a loop. 

Feral Omegas. 

They flooded the screen. Flooded the streets. Civilians screaming in terror as the Omegas scoured the area in a frenzy. The footage paused shortly after one lead a man into an alley, mauling him and mounting him to scratch furiously at his body. Kakashi’s nostrils flared as he tried to remain composed. 

“Sir?” the officer holding the tablet asked, lifting his gaze to Danzo. 

“Forget your assignments. I want everyone in their riot gear. Place the city on lock down. Same with schools. We’ve got feral Omegas downtown.”

Kakashi remained still as the room around him quickly turned into a frenzy. He continued staring down at the tablet, eyes following frantically at the increasing number of Omegas that filled the streets. Desperately hoping he wouldn’t find one he recognized. 

But how could this have happened? Her vaccine worked. The amount of Omegas turning feral during heats had decreased vastly. And now it was as if there was a surgence. It couldn’t be her vaccine that was causing this. It just couldn’t. 


Kakashi lifted his gaze, meeting Danzo’s hardened stare. “You’ll be leading the Alpha squad .” 

“Sir.” Kakashi responded with a nod, swiftly making his way around the room to exit. The once calm hall was now in a complete state of ordered chaos, fellow officers bustling up and down the small space. He was racing down the middle, still in his Lieutenant's uniform as one side was filled with uniformed officers and the other in riot gear. 

His heart thrummed in his ears as he reached the locker room, quickly shredding himself of his clothing and replacing it with tactical armor. He fixed the combat helmet over his head as well as his boots, trying his damndest not to focus too hard on his family. Everyone was in the exact same situation as he was. And he wasn’t any more special than everybody else. 

He needed to do his job. Just as he was sure Rin was doing hers. 


Chaos broke around him.

Kakashi had never seen such chaos, such fear, such panic

Smoke quenched the air. Gunshots filled his eardrums as his eyes and mind frantically tried to piece it all together. 

Downtown had basically been turned into ground zero, per Danzo’s orders. No quarter. No prisoners. He wanted them eradicated. Stripped from the earth they stood on.

“Shoot on sight.” echoed in his mind. 

It was madness.


Kakashi ripped his gaze from the square. He had been posted behind a building, rifle in hand as he had taken them out one by one. He turned quickly, eyes fixated on the body that was fast approaching him through the thin smoke screen. Without thinking he took out the pistol holstered to his hip. Without thinking he cocked it. Without thinking he laid his finger on the trigger. 

The body emerged from the smoke and he thought of nothing as his finger pulled and released. 

She collapsed to the ground. Body twitching and blood pooling from her stomach as she became lifeless in a matter of seconds. 

Abandoned by all reason, he crawled towards her. Positioning himself next to the body as he brushed the hair from her face. Her onyx colored eyes blown wide and staring lifelessly at the ground. And all he could think in that moment was,



Kakashi bounded up the steps to the house, surging them two at a time as he reached the front door and wrenched it open. His hands shook as he let go of the handle, slightly shocked to enter a relatively dark and quiet house. Rin’s car was parked in the driveway, so they all had to be somewhere in the house. 

An ominous feeling took over his body and the further he stepped into the dark house the more it consumed him. His throat felt tight and body rigid. Nostrils flared and eyes wide. He gulped down a nervous breath as he sniffed the air slightly, picking up on the familiar scent of Rin’s heat. 

Kakashi’s eyes widened. 


His body moved on its own as he bounded through the hall and turned the corner, looking left and right and searching frantically for—


Aimi! ” 

He kept screaming their names, searching the bottom floor in a complete frenzy. Tripping over his steps. Breath having left his body and left to heaving deep gulps of air.


His body froze and he turned his head slowly, finding Rin at the opposite end of the hall with blood covering her mouth and hands. She looked to be completely disoriented. “I...w-what-”

“Rin.” Kakashi breathed, eyes wide and threatening to spill with fresh tears, trying his best to speak coherently. “Where are the kids?” 

Her onyx eyes were wide as she looked down at her hands, body shaking and sobbing. “I–”

“Rin.” he repeated, slowly ascending the hall to where she stood. “Where are Obito and Aimi ?” he asked again, slowly stalking towards her and staring at the blood that marked her body. “What did you do?” 

Tears streamed down her face and she shook her head. “It’s all my fault. All my fault…” 

“Rin, what the fuck are you talking about?” 

He found that he couldn’t touch her. Couldn’t look at her. Didn’t even recognize her. His gaze fixed passed her and to the dining room where his gaze set on a hand that lay outstretched next to the entryway. Without thinking he surged forward, shoving Rin to the side and slamming her body to the wall, sending her to the ground in the process.

He turned to find Obito and Aimi both laid out on the ground, blood pooling around them and he immediately sunk to the floor. “Oh God, oh God, oh God–” he chanted over and over as he lifted Aimi’s lifeless body, cradling her head in his arms as he smoothed the hair from her blood-stained forehead. 

“Oh my God.” he murmured through thick tears as he grabbed for Obito, holding him in his arms as well. He sobbed into their limp bodies as he heard Rin’s broken cries across the wall. 

“All my fault… all my fault.” he heard her repeating to herself as he continued to rock his two dead children back and forth. Kakashi couldn’t even process what had happened as he stared blankly through his shed tears. Blinking them away as he set the two children down flat on their backs and crossing their arms. He didn’t even give them a second look as he weakly stalked out of the room.

Blood covered his chest as he looked into the kitchen and hallway to find that Rin had disappeared. “Rin?” he called cautiously, warily throwing his gaze left and right as he set his search for his wife. His feral wife who had just killed their children

Rin!” he called, more anger in his voice as he lifted his nose into the air, her heat permeating the entire house and he could smell the constant shifting in her scent. It was dizzying how turbulent it was. Unnatural. 

Kakashi could hear sniffling as he ascended the stairs, the smell of blood and sex filling the space. It threatened to take his breath away as his throat was coated with the thick and oppressive scent. As he ascended the hall he noticed their bedroom door had been left cracked open. He marched closer and peered through to find Rin completely stripped naked, facing the wall and muttering to herself. Her body was shaking and skin glistening with sweat and other bodily fluids. 

Rin jumped and turned as he pushed the door open, it slamming against the opposite wall. His nostrils immediately flared as her naked body faced him, a gun being held in her other hand. 

“Rin. Wait.” 

“No. Kakashi, no.” she pleaded, voice shaking as she clutched the gun tighter, lifting it to her temple. 

“Rin!” he shouted, quick to compose himself as he saw her jump and didn’t want to scare her further. “Baby…” he corrected, slowly walking up to her. “We can fix this. Please. It will be alright we can figure this out.” 


“I-I don’t know.” he stammered, continuing his slow pace towards her shaking body. “I don’t know but we–”

“I killed them!” she shrieked and sobbed as her hand shook, gun barrel still attached to her head. “Our babies, Kakashi. I killed them.”

Kakashi felt himself slowly breaking as tears welled up in his eyes. He slowly reached for her but the look in her eyes shifted and suddenly she had bolted. Becoming nothing but a blur next to him. Kakashi’s eyes widened and he screamed for her to stop as he turned quickly, wrapping an arm around her and swiftly slamming her back into his body so she was facing him. 

He quickly peered down to the gun that was still nestled in her hand and made a move to grab it quickly to disengage her. She snarled and snapped her jaw at him, eyes completed crazed as she was caught in a frenzy. 

Omega!” he barked and she yelped against him. He could feel the brush of her finger on the trigger and their grip on the gun together. He turned to pull it away from her when—


Time slowed as Kakashi lifted his gaze to hers, watching her eyes blink slowly and reason come flooding to her face. Reason and the gravity of what had happened washing over the two of them. Kakashi choked back a broken sob as he looked down between the two of them, blood pooling from her stomach and radiating out at a fast pace.

The wind had been knocked out of his body as they both collapsed onto the ground. She shook against him, her naked and wet body cradled against his as he sobbed loudly into her hair. The gun still lodged between the two of them. Her matching onyx eyes flooded with tears and weakly watching his. 








Chapter Text









Boston—1 year later

14 months. 


3 weeks. 


12 days.


… 460 days total. 


460 days since everything changed. 460 days since what they now call, ‘the massacre’. 460 days since his family was so violently taken from him. 460 days since he spiraled into madness and depression. 


There were days he questioned his sanity, there was no doubt about it. Days where he’d do nothing but lay in bed. Staring at the ceiling. Wasting the days away where he wasn’t stationed at the precinct-


 Now training beat cops. 


Liquor lined the apartment. Anywhere a bottle of bourbon or rye could be within arm's reach. It was there.  


Life since the massacre had been a blur. A blur of drunken escapades or wasting the days away in his stuffy one- bedroom apartment in the city. The only times he ever got out were when it was either by force or work. 


Training beat cops wasn’t exactly a 'happy' reason to get out of bed in the morning. Though, nothing seemed to be reason enough anymore.


He never visited them. Not once. Not even the kids. And why would he? When they didn’t even get a proper burial to begin with. A mass grave was what they were blessed with. His wife and children buried beneath the earth among all the others. 


Kakashi hacked up a cough, his immune system having since been compromised now that his diet consisted of very little food and copious amounts of alcohol. It numbed his brain and quelled his aching soul, which was entirely what he needed after the carnage and psychological terror he underwent that fateful day. 


And it hadn’t gotten any better. No day was met with the promise of a better tomorrow. Nothing to work for. Nothing to come home to. Nothing to make life worth living. The only reason he hadn’t off’d himself was solely thanks to the long time friends he had somehow made from the precinct. Friends from childhood. Friends who could sympathize in his misery. 


Though they didn’t have their wives and children taken from them in one day, did they? Stripped of the only people he ever had the capacity to love. Ability to love. Like everything else in his life, that had been taken from him too.


But he couldn't dwell on it now. Because if he did, he would only dig himself further down the rabbit hole and find himself in a peculiar place on the other side. Either passed out somewhere in his apartment or worse: in some unfamiliar area of the city with no memory of the escapades that led him there. 


No—he couldn’t think about it now. Not when he was still depended on. Not when the family he had now still thought so highly of him. 


So—like every other day, Kakashi got himself up. Alone. With the absence of children waking him from a peaceful slumber. Without his loving wife by his side. Forced to start the day anew. 



Danzo’s gaze had been fixed out the window for the better part of the past half hour. Watching. Waiting. Just as the cops standing around in front of him had been as Kakashi was now late for the fifth time in a row. He chewed his bottom lip in silent agitation as he swirled his coffee in his hand. It wasn’t unlike the Lieutenant to be late, but this many times in a row was beginning to be enough for Danzo to notice and step in. 


He was aware of the state at which Kakashi currently lived. Moved out of his grand victorian house outside the city. Now living in a stuffy one- bedroom apartment. Diet consisting of nothing but alcohol. His physique had since deteriorated and he was far from the toned and well-built Lieutenant who led their precinct. 


Danzo shook his head at the thought. It all had to stop. 


Danzo lifted his head to the sound of the door to the training yard opening, in stepping the Lieutenant himself. Kakashi had since been stripped of his Lieutenant status, but it was hard not to refer to him as such after having been a beacon of that precinct for so long. And it wasn’t as if he had been stripped due to insubordination. He had requested it himself. Something Danzo fought him tooth and nail on. But he insisted. 


Insisted to be beat down.


Kakashi noticed Danzo straight away, straightening himself and squaring his shoulders. “Sir.” 


Danzo smiled softly, pushing himself off the wall he was leaning on to greet him. “Kakashi, my boy.” 


A nervousness could be felt in Kakashi’s rigid posture and Danzo brought a hand to his shoulder. He looked him straight in the eye, though he did away with the authoritative stare he had been giving the training group. 


“Sorry, sir. That I’m late.” Kakashi admitted awkwardly, bringing a hand to the back of his neck. 


“For the fifth time in a row, need I remind you.” he felt the need to remark and Kakashi’s smile fell. 


“I know. I’m sorry, General. It won’t happen again.”


He sounded sincere. He really did. And it only made Danzo want to interfere even more. A sinister smile ghosted on his face as he held their stare, watching Kakashi become increasingly wary of the odd look Danzo was fixing him. 


A sliver of an idea popped into his wicked mind, and it was time for a change. 


“No, it certainly won't.” Danzo replied to which Kakashi nodded his head, turning his attention to his students who had since aligned themselves perfectly, now ready for his instruction. 


Oh yes. It was time for a change, indeed. And he knew exactly what that change intended.


The plan had been set in motion. And morning had come in the blink of an eye. 


A shipment from Central America had arrived the night before. As if his plan had been a stroke of fate. The shipment of psilocybin had been delivered after a large drug bust, and Boston harbor just happened to be the delivery site. 


He could almost laugh at how poetic it was. Kakashi was always a favorite of his. Despite the fact he had wed, mated and reproduced with one of the most wretched beings that scoured the earth.


But Kakashi would learn. Danzo would fix his corrupted mind. He would make it right. He would mold Kakashi into the soldier that he was destined to be. 


A steaming mug of coffee laced with the powerful hallucinogen currently sat in his eager hands. And he waited. Waited for his tired subordinate to walk through the door to the training yard. Waited for the moment where he’d hand over the mug. To finally put his plan in motion. To finally create his perfect soldier. The perfect knight. 


And the moment Kakashi walked through the door to graciously accept the steaming mug, Danzo couldn’t help but let a curiously sinister smile slip onto his otherwise bland expression. 


Waiting for him to crumble. Waiting for him to break.





Rin choked out a sob as tears streaked her cheeks and blood pooled from her stomach. He held her tight. So tight he was bruising her arms but it didn’t matter. 




He could feel her growing cold in his arms. Holding her tighter as if he were trying to seep his body heat into her. Bring some semblance of life into her fast draining body. 




Kakashi shot up in his bed, sweat covering his bare chest as he had been abruptly woken up from the same nightmare that plagued his dreams more often than he could count. He raked a nervous hand through his hair, unable to silence his fast beating heart. 


Sleep eluded him. To the point it almost seemed trivial to even try. But alas, he did try . Because exhaustion was another ailment he felt often. Thus creating a never ending and vicious cycle. He swung his legs off the bed, peeling the wet sheets off his body in the process as he let his skinny arms fall to his sides. 


But something didn’t feel right.


His head felt foggy upon straightening. More so than it usually did. He was sweating far more than normal. Nerves ran rampant through his body. His heart had yet to slow or stop itself from leaping out of his chest. And he was shaking uncontrollably. 


No- Something was very wrong, he sensed. Something… not right. Something not right at all. 


He turned his attention towards the small kitchen down the short hall, having sworn he heard something. Like the clang of two coffee mugs hitting one another. He had to squint his eyes for a moment. 


Rub them with his hands. 


Shake his head. 


He made sure he hadn’t drank earlier that day. And he hadn’t. He almost caved twice. 

Because what he saw before him couldn’t be real. It couldn’t. It shouldn’t. At least not real to his waking mind. And he certainly wasn’t dreaming. But his eyes didn’t fool him. 


It was Rin. His Rin. His beautiful, perfect Rin standing in his small kitchen. Humming to herself. In her quiet but sweet and melodic voice. He couldn’t tell if he had said anything. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. 


But he so desperately wanted her to hear him. To see him. To notice him. But he couldn’t move. And speaking still proved fruitless. All he could do was stare. Stare in disbelief and in agony as he was tortured with the scene of her happily prancing around his kitchen with a beaming smile on her face. 


As if she were completely incapable of taking everything he ever loved away from him. Including herself. 


But then he blinked. And she was gone. She had vanished. As if she were nothing but a vision or mirage that had been conjured up in the ether. 


And he was left alone. Forced to face the aftermath of what he had just witnessed. Forced to start the day anew. 





He had been seeing her more often after that day. In the bathroom getting ready. In the kitchen preparing breakfast or brewing the coffee. 


It felt so real. But she didn’t say anything. Didn’t look at him. Didn’t even acknowledge him, so he was sure he was dreaming. Or hallucinating. Or so drunk he was now straight imagining things. And it drove him even more insane. Seeing her. Watching as she carried herself so… naturally; conventionally. As if she could never be possessed by the feral side of her that he had witnessed a year ago.


But as Kakashi got himself ready for the day he noticed her again. In the bathroom. Getting herself ready for the day, along with him. He watched from the bed. Watched her in nothing but a towel with her hair dried and pinned up. A few auburn locks left loose and framing her face. She smiled at herself in the mirror. 


And turned to look at him. 


Kakashi’s breathed stilled as recognition spread across her face. She smiled sweetly and extended her hand.


“My love.” 


Kakashi was blacking out. He was sure of it. And what possessed him to leap up from the bed and approach this apparition was beyond him. But he did anyway. He approached his wife and grasped her hand. Felt it in his as she let out a contented sigh, bringing his hand to her lips. 


“Hold me.” she sighed and he nodded his head, stripping her of her towel as he felt the soft skin of her waist under his hands. “Touch me…” 


Kakashi’s breath caught in his throat as his grip around her waist tightened. Gravity lowered his head to her shoulder and he let out a shaky sigh. “Rin…” 


He didn’t know how but he could feel her. Smell her. Taste her as his tongue darted out to lick and nibble at her gland. The gland that never failed to soothe him. Never failed to comfort him. Satisfy him. 


She shivered and moaned against him, craning her neck so that he could get better access to her gland. He could feel her hands working between them and grabbing at the hem of his shirt. Feeling the skin underneath it. Teasing the edge of his pants with her soft and nimble hands. 


“Rin… please.” he begged, needing more. More of her touch. More of her presence. More of her. 


But a wetness permeated between them. A slick that begun to pool. Iron filling his nose. His nostrils flared as he pulled away, eyes widening and breath being knocked out of his chest. Just as it had that fateful night. 


The scene before him changed and the curtain lifted. Revealing a sweat soaked and blood stained Rin standing before him. Bottom lip quivering. Eyes stained red with endless tears. Gun in hand and a bullet wound to the stomach. 




Kakashi yelled in fright and clutched his head, feeling an unbelievable pain in his head as he fell back onto the floor. He scrambled backwards towards the bed, reduced to a panting and writhing mess as he was faced with the nightmare that had since been contained to his dreams. 


But now they were becoming a reality. 


He lifted his head to find that the scene had since dissipated. Returning to the normal state of his plain and drab bathroom. Sweat soaked his clothes and his body shook. Terror and trepidation ripping through him as he tried to compose himself. Shaking off what he had just endured as simply a result of his poor mental health or life as a drunkard. 


After several minutes of steadying his breath he lifted himself from the floor, intent on forgetting the scene entirely but knowing full well it would enable his persistent nightmares. 


He needed to get his head straight before he saw Danzo. He couldn’t allow himself to slip. Couldn’t let himself waste away when potential was seen in him. When the closest semblance he had to a family saw so much in him. 


He couldn’t fail.



Danzo sat patiently in the empty interrogation room, tapping the end of his pen mindlessly against the metal table. The echo from the tapping was rhythmic and soothing. He craned his neck, feeling the satisfying crack run down the length of it as he continued to wait for Kakashi. 


The folder sat listlessly before him, waiting to be opened and a sinister smile crept up on his face. He could hardly wait for the Lieutenant to get his sweaty and nervous hands on it. Open it and become faced with the fear Danzo had been well aware of for the past year. It wasn’t personal. None of it was personal. Because Danzo saw Kakashi as more than what he currently was.


And it was time he became that. 


Danzo lifted his head and brought himself to a stand as he heard the click of the door opening and the familiar head of disheveled white appear from behind it. 


“Sir.” he greeted in his typical tired yet respectful manner. 


And by God, did he look tired. More than tired. He looked petrified with exhaustion. Devoid of life in his dark eyes that were lined with heavy bags.   


Danzo couldn’t be more pleased. “Sit, Kakashi. You look like you need it.” 


Kakashi lifted his tired gaze to him, nodding wearily as he sank down into the chair that sat directly across. He raked a shaky hand through his disheveled mane, leaning his elbow onto the metal of the table. “What did you need to see me about, sir?” 


“Well, Kakashi.” he began, clearing his throat and pushing the mission report towards the tired man. “I think you need something with a bit more substance than training beat cops.” 


“More substance?” he murmured, grasping the folder and opening it cautiously. Danzo watched as Kakashi eyed the contents curiously. He let out a grunt, padding around his body listlessly. “ Fuck.” he mumbled, rubbing his hand over his face. Danzo chuckled, reaching inside his jacket and extracting a pair of readers. 


“Always keep a pair on me.” he remarked, offering the glasses to Kakashi. He accepted graciously with a curt nod and proceeded to open the folder. 


“There have been sightings of multiple feral Omegas still roaming the city.” he said, commentating as Kakashi flipped through the contents of the folder. He could feel his heartbeat rising, knowing exactly the number of pages he would have to flip through to reach that exact one. His palms were sweating and he licked his lips as he continued. “You and a squad of your choosing are to search and destroy. I want the city cleaned of those monsters.” 


Kakashi seemed to wince at his choice of words, still flipping through the many pages, eyes lingering on the photos included. His brows would pinch together and nostrils would flare every so often as his gaze lingered on certain pages.


“Does that all seem fine and well to you, Lieutenant?”  


Kakashi nodded his head, breaking contact with the contents of the folder to meet his gaze momentarily. “Yes, it’s fine.” he remarked, licking his thumb and turning the page. “I think I’ll br—” 


He paused. 


And Danzo felt the corner of his mouth twitch slightly. 


The Alpha gulped. Eyes wide. Breath quickening. 


He slammed the folder on the table, lifting himself to a stand and sending the metal chair scraping back. 


“What the fuck is this?” he seethed, teeth bared and eyes so red with anger and exhaustion and Danzo looked down at the photo. It was of Rin, of course. Dead on the ground. Blood pooled around her. But Danzo threw up a look of concern, watching Kakashi with confused eyes.


“Kakashi, what on Earth do you mean?" he asked, making sure to blink as he did so. "It’s just a photo of one of the captured feral Omegas.” 


He watched as Kakashi became increasingly agitated, his Alpha emerging as he snarled and threw his fist down onto the table. “No, it’s not just a ’photo of a feral Omega!” he mocked. “It’s Rin, you fuck! How can you not fucking see that?!” 


Danzo could see it. Oh, he could definitely see it. And it took everything in him not to smile in delight at Kakashi increasingly losing it. So with a weary breath he lifted himself to a stand, calmly making his way around the table and towards the agitated Alpha. Kakashi was craning his neck back and forth and Danzo could see his gland practically pulsing in his distressed state. 


“Kakashi, my boy.” Danzo murmured softly, bringing his hand up to Kakashi’s shoulder. “Have you been getting much sleep?” 


He noticed Kakashi twitch slightly. “Wha–What do you mean?” 


“I mean, have you been taking care of yourself? You seem… distracted lately.” 


Kakashi stared blankly at the ground, as if he had just been caught in a crazy spell. “I-I...” 


“My boy, look at me.” Danzo demanded, watching Kakashi as he turned his head slightly to meet his gaze. “Tell me what you need.”


The Alpha shook his head and took a deep, shaky breath. A tear running down his cheek. “Make it stop.” he heard him sob, his hands curling around the edge of the desk. “ God please. Just make it all stop.” 


A sinister smile emerged on Danzo’s face. “Don’t worry, my boy. I’ll make it stop.”






“Your new life begins now, Kakashi.” 


The halls in the basement of the precinct were dimly lit and cold. The tile floor smelled sterile from having just been cleaned. He didn’t know where he was being taken. He didn’t care. 


“Because you’re better than this.”


And he was better. Better than the drunkard lifestyle he had been living. Better than only being able to afford a stuffy one-bedroom apartment. Better than training beat cops.


Stronger than this.”


Stronger than the fledgling he had become. Stronger than the weakness and pain that he should have been able to overcome. Stronger than the Alpha that lived inside him. 


“I will make you the strongest and most feared man in our new Boston.” 


Smoke billowed from a black SUV that was parked outside the glass door at the end of the hall. The windows had been blacked out and if he didn’t know any better, he would think he was about to meet his end.


But he trusted Danzo. And though he didn’t know what would be waiting for him on the other side, he no longer cared, if it meant redemption from this wretched life.