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River Flows in You (And Right Through Me)

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“Alright, baby, c’mere,” Jeongguk motions towards his desk. Taehyung stands at the entrance of the room, just finishing up the last sips of his water as he sidles up next to his boyfriend. He places the sparkly cup down on the corner of Jeongguk’s desk and turns to the younger, awaiting his next instruction.


Rather than speaking again, Jeongguk reaches down to tug the loose white t-shirt out of Taehyung’s pants and over his head, tossing it across the room towards the hamper. He unbuttons Taehyung’s khaki pants just as smoothly, undoing the zipper and pushing them just enough to drop to the older’s feet. “Put those away and bring me your collar.”


Taehyung brings his pants to his hands with one foot and takes them over to collect his t-shirt and throw them both in the hamper. He reaches for his collar and leash where they sit neatly folded in a basket in the corner of their closet on top of Taehyung’s other ‘toys’. He spares a longing glance at the swirly unicorn dildo he bought recently taking up the entire length of the basket, giving his head a shake to clear his wandering thoughts before grabbing the accessory he needs and heading back to Jeongguk. Jeongguk takes the collar and secures it snugly around Taehyung’s neck, holding the loop of the leash in his hand as he turns back to the equipment strewn across his desk.


“I’m almost finished setting up,” he rambles, mind more focused on connecting his Nintendo Switch to his monitor. Taehyung shifts closer to lean his cheek on his boyfriend’s shoulder as he works, earning a fond noise from the younger. “Can you repeat to me the rules we discussed earlier?”


Taehyung rubs his nose into the hem of Jeongguk’s collar, mind already drifting into that space where all he wants is to snuggle into Jeongguk and let himself be guided. He takes a pause to remember the conversation they shared just before Jeongguk began setting up his stream and Taehyung started his fourth bottle of water. “Like last time. Don’t make any noise or the stream will hear. Don’t distract you from your game. Sit still like a good boy.”


“And?” Jeongguk turns to face Taehyung, eyebrow raised. Taehyung fidgets at the thought of the rest of his rules. “No touching. I can’t use the bathroom until you’re done with your stream.”


Jeongguk smiles, giving Taehyung’s hair a ruffle. “That’s right. You can do that for me, yeah?”


Taehyung hesitates, not so sure he can. Jeongguk’s eyes harden just noticeably at his pause. “Y-yes. I’m a good boy.”


Jeongguk hums in agreement. He turns back to his desk, giving a light tug to Taehyung’s leash so he’ll follow. Taehyung steps into the space Jeongguk makes between the desk and the chair, feet crinkling on the blue plastic edge of the puppy pad spread out on the floor beneath the desk. His cheeks redden thinking about sitting on it for the next hour or so, the absorbent material laying beneath him because he can’t even be trusted not to make a mess on the hardwood floor like an untrained puppy. “Then, show me. Sit down, my good boy.”


Taehyung sits immediately, shuffling himself under the desk so Jeongguk can sit in his office chair. Once Jeongguk’s comfortable, he scoots forward to sit between the younger’s legs. Jeongguk peers down at him from the small space between him and the desk, reaching a hand down to run through Taehyung’s hair. He unhooks Taehyung’s leash long enough to wrap it around the arm of the chair before re-hooking it on the collar. The leather is just long enough to allow Taehyung to adjust between his boyfriend’s thighs, but not much else.


“I’m gonna start the stream now, okay?” With a nod from Taehyung, Jeongguk reaches forward to click some buttons, instructing him to be a good boy for me, Tae just before going live. Taehyung leans his head on one of Jeongguk’s thighs, peering up through the small gap to watch Jeongguk’s face as he welcomes the viewers to his stream. He nuzzles his nose into the loose material of Jeongguk’s black joggers as the younger clicks the buttons on his controller to start up his game. The familiar sounds of Legend of Zelda lull Taehyung into a comfortable headspace, eyes slipping closed and hands resting comfortably between his legs on the floor.


Jeongguk pays Taehyung no mind, a bit different from the last time since the stream doesn’t know the older is here, would surely question why a grown man is crouched in the tiny space beneath the desk on the floor. Taehyung isn’t as desperate for the younger’s attention as last time, listening to the musical clatter as Jeongguk cooks some food in preparation to fight monsters on the mission he mentioned to the viewers. His dick hangs mostly flaccid between his legs, only the slightest bit aroused from the simple feel of leather around his neck.


A small spark of heat flows through his abdomen, however, when Taehyung jostles to get more comfortable and feels all the water he drank today slosh around in his tummy. It’s around 7 in the evening, the regular time for Jeongguk’s scheduled streams, and Taehyung hasn’t peed since lunchtime. He was able to keep his mind off the urge with a productive day of editing his daily vlog and the extra fashion video for this week, easily slipping into work mode for hours on the couch next to his boyfriend. But now that it’s been brought to his attention, the fullness in his bladder is unavoidable. His cock gives a twitch of interest, filling out a bit more as he continues to think about the water sitting heavy in his tummy.


Taehyung’s mind wanders back to the dildo he saw in the closet earlier, the thick ridges created by the coiling of the unicorn horn. Thinks about how he would be able to feel each bump as it enters him. Imagines the intoxicating feeling of being filled all the way, with the dildo pressing right back against his bladder. Jeongguk would know exactly what he’s feeling, might even bring a hand down to press right over his tummy. Maybe a bit of pee would leak out of him, the pressure too much to bear. Jeongguk would take it in stride, feigned concern on his face and in his voice as he taunts the older for soiling himself. The humiliation would only make it better, heat pooling in Taehyung’s abdomen and coloring his cheeks. Jeongguk would fuck him with the dildo so good until Taehyung’s not sure if he’s gonna pee or cum first, the feeling of being seconds away from bursting driving him crazy.


Taehyung lets out a quiet whimper, more exhale than sound, his cock hanging fully hard and heavy between his thighs. He moves his hands to rest behind him, the temptation to touch too great with his hands sitting right next to where he needs it. Meanwhile, Jeongguk seems to be deeply involved in his quest, chatting along to the stream and occasionally turning his head to read a few comments. Taehyung stares up at his boyfriend, desperately forcing his mind to focus on something else, something significantly more safe for work.


It works for awhile, Jeongguk’s big eyes and cute pouted lips as he focuses on his game adorable enough to distract Taehyung. But Taehyung knows better than anybody that Jeongguk is hot too, and it’s not long before Taehyung notices the sharp shape of Jeongguk’s jaw, the outline of the younger’s tongue pressing against his cheek when a monster chips away a bit too much at his health. Taehyung’s catapulted right back into dirty thoughts, remembering a few days ago when that jaw was hard at work eating Taehyung out, that tongue pushing into his hole and teasing around the rim. His cock throbs at the thought, thinking of his own jaw stretching wide to accommodate the girth of the younger’s cock when he returned the favor.


Taehyung presses his face into Jeongguk’s thigh to stifle the moan bubbling at his lips. God, Taehyung loves his boyfriend’s thighs. He presses a kiss to the material of Jeongguk’s pants, trailing up to the crease of the younger’s hip. The fact that Jeongguk isn’t even remotely hard makes Taehyung feel ashamed at how worked up he’s gotten himself. He always manages to do this to himself, sitting there silently with no attention from the younger.


His feelings of shame are only made worse with a sharp pang from his bladder reminding him of the four bottles of water he’s drank this evening. Taehyung squirms a bit, wanting to grip at his dick but knowing he’s not allowed. The urgency recedes, thankfully, after another minute or two, leaving Taehyung to anxiously stare up at Jeongguk with wide eyes, wondering if he noticed the older’s struggling. If Jeongguk noticed anything he doesn’t show it, simply continuing to focus on the game in front of him.


After a few minutes of watching Jeongguk, Taehyung starts nuzzling his face into the younger’s thigh, again, needing an outlet for his nervous energy. There’s a noticeable feeling of needing to pee now, lingering on the edges of his conscience. It makes it impossible for Taehyung to sit still, afraid if he relaxes too much he’ll pee all over the puppy pad. There’s a brief moment where he thinks he should just let go; after all, that is what the puppy pad is meant for. But he knows he is not allowed, so he distracts himself by pressing kisses all over Jeongguk’s thighs. He wishes Jeongguk hadn’t worn pants so he could feel the younger’s skin beneath his lips.


Another rush of urgency hits Taehyung a few minutes later, crashing on him so hard he has to squeeze his legs together to keep from leaking. He bites his lips, hard, to keep himself quiet. Jeongguk peeks down at him briefly, surely having noticed the abrupt movement between his legs, letting out a short chuckle before turning back to the screens in front of him. Taehyung clenches his hands into fists behind his back, desperately wanting to touch himself to relieve some of the pressure. It takes a few more minutes of clenching and squirming before the wave passes. Taehyung’s not sure how much time has passed since Jeongguk started streaming, and he’s not sure how much longer he can last like this.


Taehyung focuses on Jeongguk’s voice as he chatters along to his viewers. It seems Jeongguk has finished the quest faster than he expected and is now debating if he should start another one on the stream, since there’s still a little bit of time left. Taehyung prays hard in his mind that Jeongguk will turn the stream off so he can go to the bathroom. “Oh, you guys are saying this one’s pretty short? Then I guess there’s no reason not to,” Jeongguk says, much to Taehyung’s chagrin. He hopes this quest really is as short as the viewers claim.


The next pang in his bladder hits sooner and harder than the last one. Taehyung nearly breaks the rules and touches himself, catching himself just in time and gripping at Jeongguk’s calves instead. He whispers frantic little no’s to himself, squeezing his legs so tight together it hurts his knees. Taehyung feels himself tremble against Jeongguk’s thigh with the effort to hold it in. Jeongguk peeks down at him, no doubt making sure he hasn’t peed himself. They make brief eye contact, Taehyung trying to convey his desperation with his eyes, before Jeongguk turns back to the stream.


A tiny bit of warmth trickles down onto Taehyung’s thigh and he lets out a sharp whimper as he stops any more from coming out. Desperately, Taehyung noses at Jeongguk’s crotch, trying to get his attention. He squeezes his eyes shut when another pang hits him, panting hotly against Jeongguk when he’s able to stave off another leak. His hands have shifted to rest in the creases of Jeongguk’s hips, clenching into fists each time another frantic wave hits him.


When another dribble of pee leaks out of his cock, Taehyung can’t hold back a whimper, head resting on the edge of the chair when his whole body curls to pinch it off. He feels tears collect on his eyelashes and smudge on the leather of the chair when he realizes he won’t be able to hold it in long enough. Taehyung sniffles, rubbing the side of his head against Jeongguk’s thigh as he peers up at the younger.


Jeongguk bursts out, “Aha, I finally found it,” and its the sudden shout that startles another bit of pee out of Taehyung. It’s too much, his body having let out enough that it’s given up on fighting, and Taehyung’s only able to hold it for a few more seconds before he’s trembling and peeing all over the floor. It feels like ages as he sits there and wets himself, long streams wetting his thighs and dripping down onto the floor. He feels as each inch of the puppy pad soaks around him, the wet patch slowly spreading out beneath him. Taehyung cries against Jeongguk’s thigh, soaking the material of his pants just like he’s wetting the floor around him. The smell of piss slowly permeates the space around him, making Taehyung sob in embarrassment. There’s no way Jeongguk hasn’t noticed by now.


Jeongguk is talking away above the older and Taehyung does his best to quieten his cries so the stream won’t hear him. His thighs tremble, wet and dripping tiny drops of piss down onto the soiled pad below him. Taehyung does his best to listen as Jeongguk starts wrapping up his stream, thanking the people who donated and cheered throughout the time he was online. It’s not enough to help calm Taehyung down, knowing he’ll be punished as soon as the camera is off and the stream has ended. All he can do is sit in the puddle of his own pee and wait.


When Jeongguk finally signs off, double and then triple checking everything is turned off, he unclasps the leash and pushes back in his chair to turn dark eyes on Taehyung. The older stares up at him with wide, wet eyes, feeling his lip tremble as he holds back a sob. “You didn’t make it,” Jeongguk states. Taehyung sniffles, chin trembling as he shakes his head no. The younger just tsks and stands up, turning back and sitting on the edge of the bed. “Get over here. You need to be punished for breaking the rules.”


Taehyung stands on shaky legs, feeling a drop of pee slither all the way down the length of his left leg. The puppy pad makes a sick squelching noise as he steps off of it, trailing wet footprints all the way to the bed. Jeongguk reaches up with both hands and pulls Taehyung to lay over his lap, ass in the air and face to the ground. His weeping cock is smushed between his stomach and Jeongguk’s sturdy thigh.


“You broke the most important rule, so I’m going to give you twenty spanks,” Jeongguk starts, his hand rubbing along the swell of Taehyung’s ass, “does that sound fair?” Taehyung whimpers uselessly, hands curling along the side of Jeongguk’s other thigh. Jeongguk’s hand stills on his ass cheek, voice turning sharp. “Does that sound fair, pup?” Taehyung blurts out, “Yes! Yes, fair.”


“Good,” the younger replies, rubbing a small circle on Taehyung’s right ass cheek before pulling his hand back and delivering the first spank. It’s mild, no doubt meant to ease Taehyung into it, but Taehyung jolts with a whine, cock throbbing where it’s pressed against his stomach. Jeongguk is quick to bring his hand down on the other cheek, a little more force behind this one. He gradually ups the power behind the next three smacks, leaving splotches of pink rising on the smooth skin. Taehyung’s body rocks with the next spank, creating friction between Taehyung’s cock and his boyfriend’s thigh. It has impossible heat boiling in his tummy and he can feel a leak of precum drool out the head of his cock.


Jeongguk starts giving little pats before each smack, working up a solid rhythm that has the older shaking in his lap. Taehyung can see the line of precum connecting the tip of his cock all the way to the floor between Jeongguk’s legs from where his head hangs weakly between his shoulders. He feels himself dangling on the edge, white hot pleasure coiling tight in his abdomen, each rock of his body creating friction on his sensitive cock. Taehyung’s lost count of what spank they’re on, only able to focus on the tingling pain from each slap that has the tip of his cock an angry red and leaking all over the floor.


“Such a filthy slut, making a mess everywhere,” Jeongguk scolds, not letting up on the alternating slaps to each of Taehyung’s cheeks. The words almost send Taehyung over the edge, so close it has tears falling from his eyes. Taehyung whines, unable to respond coherently. “You’re such a messy puppy.”


It only takes two more spanks after that before Taehyung is sobbing and cumming on the floor, thick globs of cum oozing out of his cock. Jeongguk rubs his hand into the red marks on Taehyung’s ass, making cooing noises as he watches Taehyung cry in his lap. “Puppy came just from getting punished?” Taehyung sobs, feeling so so dirty. Jeongguk pats Taehyung’s ass lightly before speaking up again. “Clean it up.” Taehyung sniffles, hesitating. Jeongguk makes a disapproving noise, removing his hands from Taehyung entirely. “Get on the floor and clean up the mess you made.”


Taehyung slides off the younger’s lap, settling on his hands and knees on the floor. He looks up at his boyfriend who jerks his chin in the direction of Taehyung’s cum. Taehyung slowly lowers himself to the floor, looking up at Jeongguk one more time before opening his mouth and licking at the puddle of cum. “That’s it, pup,” Jeongguk encourages, watching as Taehyung licks it at the puddle of cum on the floor. The older cleans it all up, licking at the clean floor to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He pulls up a bit to scan the floor when he realizes his cock is still drooling, scooting back on the floor to clean that drop up too. When he’s finished, he sits up and looks at Jeongguk.


“Good boy,” Jeongguk praises. He leans back and pushes his pants off his hips to pool at his thighs, motioning with his hand at Taehyung. “Come here, pup.” Taehyung stares eagerly at Jeongguk’s erection as he shuffles forward to sit between the younger’s thighs. Jeongguk threads his fingers through Taehyung’s messy bangs, pulling the older to press his lips against the tip of the younger’s cock. “C’mon, baby.”


Taehyung opens his mouth to press his tongue against the head, licking up the saltiness leaking out the tip. Jeongguk pushes his head down and Taehyung easily takes his length into his mouth, sinking all the way down so his nose rests in the bit of hair at the base of Jeongguk’s cock. The younger doesn’t give him much time to get used to the feeling, pushing his hips forward to fuck himself deeper down Taehyung’s throat. Taehyung chokes but recovers quickly, laving his tongue as Jeongguk thrusts into his mouth. Tears collect in Taehyung’s eyelashes and fall down his cheeks, meeting the pools of drool in the corners of his mouth.


Jeongguk grunts as he pulls Taehyung off his cock, only giving him a second to catch his breath before he’s guiding his cock back into his boyfriend’s mouth. Taehyung whimpers, pliant beneath Jeongguk’s fingers as he lets the younger fuck his throat. Jeongguk curses, hips stuttering and fingers tightening in Taehyung’s hair like he always does when he’s about to cum. Taehyung does his best to maintain eye contact with the younger, working his tongue and moaning around Jeongguk’s length, doing his best to send Jeongguk over the edge.


Jeongguk tugs Taehyung off his cock, moving his hand down to hold Taehyung’s mouth open as the other hand frantically strokes his cock. Taehyung sticks his tongue out and watches Jeongguk’s face as he falls apart, hips stuttering as ropes of his cum streak across Taehyung’s face and into his mouth. “Fuck, baby,” Jeongguk swears, hand squeezing the cum out from base to tip as he rubs the tip of his cock along Taehyung’s lips. Taehyung mouths at it, greedy for Jeongguk’s cum. Jeongguk lets go of his cock to collect the cum on Taehyung’s cheek and feed it to the older, watching as Taehyung sucks it off his fingers. “So good for me.”


Taehyung patiently lets Jeongguk do the same with the cum on his other cheek, taking it all until his face is clean. Jeongguk pants as he stares down at Taehyung, the two slowly coming down from their highs. After a minute, Jeongguk reaches to pull Taehyung back into his lap, sitting him down and letting him rest his head on the younger’s shoulder. He strokes gently at Taehyung’s arm and back, caressing the soft skin until he feels Taehyung’s breathing even out. “Such a good boy. My Taehyungie.” Taehyung snuffles into Jeongguk’s collarbone, quietly replying, “My Jeonggukkie.”