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Chat: Legends

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Chat: legends
Members: Bowie(David Bowie)
Rocketman: (Elton John)
Killer Queen: (Freddie Mercury)

Wednesday 12:45 am

Bowie: who the fuck keeps playing that god awful music?????

Killer Queen: DAVID HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

Rocketman: god not again

Bowie: What???



Killer Queen: talent darling~!

Rocketman: fred, shut up your music
Rocketman: David, shut up and go to sleep

Killer Queen: fine

Bowie: sure

Rocketman: thank god


Wednesday 1:39am


Killer Queen: fight me bitch


Chat: Queen
Members: Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)
Rogerina(Roger Taylor)
Brianmayforreal(Brian May)
John Richard Deacon (John Deacon)

Wednesday: 9:36 am


Rogerina: P**l P*****ter died! :D

Killer Queen: NO NOT YET

Rogerina: dam


Brianmayforreal: wtf???

John Richard Deacon: remember when you said you’d burn a pair of your clogs if fred or rog were helpful ?

Brianmayforreal: WHEN DID I SAY TAKE?!!

John Richard Deacon: Last week
John Richard Deacon: {Screenshot.jpg}

Brianmayforreal: …..fuck


Chat: Big Time Rush
Members: The hot one(James)
The smart one(Logan)
The done one(Kendell)
The cute one(Carlos)

Wednesday: 10:20 am

The done one: WHY IS THERE A FIRE???

The smart one: CARLOS!!!

The cute one: FOR ONCE IT’S NOT ME

The done one: likely story!!!

The hot one: its true, we’re eating popcorn
The hot one: {lookatusbeingcute.jpg}

The smart one: holy shit that cutes

The done one: what about the fire???

The smart one: probably those beatles boys ot that weird group??? Queen i wanna say???

The done one: maybe


Chat: legends
Members: Bowie(David Bowie)
Rocketman(Elton John)
Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)
Wednesday 12:24 pm

Bowie: fred what the fuck did you do???

Killer Queen: y do always think it’s me????

Bowie: it’s either u or those freshman weirdos

Rocketman: I think i met them once
Rocketman: im like 90% sure they’re dating each other or just super gay
Rocketman: either way they’re pretty cool

Bowie: so?

Killer Queen: oh the fire!
Killer Queen: yeah we started that :3c

Bowie: why?

Killer Queen: cause i was helpful to this blonde freshman kid


Killer Queen: no
Killer Queen: brian said he’d burn a pair of his god awful clogs if me or rog did something helpful :3

Bowie: …...what the fuck

Rocketman: y????

Killer Queen: have you seen those things?!
Killer Queen: awful

Bowie: hey freddie?

Killer Queen: yes darling?

Bowie: why are you like this?

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Chat: The Beatles
Members: Lemon (John Lennon)
Star child (Ringo Starr)
Georgia(George Harrison)
Paul blart mall cop (Paul Mccartney)

Thursday 1:45 am

Lemon: PLEASE!!

Star Child: read the chapter and summarize the last paragraph


Paul blart mall cop: WHAT M8
Paul blart mall cop: IM YOUR FUCKING BOYFRIEND????

Lemon: well answer me next time!!

Georgia: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Star child: well if i didn’t answer than who would???

Paul blart mall cop: true, im his boyfriend and would rather not

Lemon: rude


Bowie has created a new chat!
Bowie has added, Killer Queen, Rocketman, and Lemon to the chat!
Bowie has named the chat: The Legends

Killer Queen: David what the fuck

Lemon: why the fuck is this guy here?!

Rocketman: David Bowie, what the fuck

Bowie: so here’s the thing
Bowie: all week, fires, god awful music, and last week a kid in a dino costume tried to sell me chocolate!

Killer Queen: that's just bad luck there dear

Lemon: for once I agree
Lemon:my boys and I wouldn't do that

Rocketman: wait..a dinosaur costume?

Bowie: yeah???

Rocketman: shit.


Chat: I'm here for a grade
Members: Mozzarella (Joe Mazzello)
Raw(Rami Malek)
Tall guy (Gwilym Lee)
Cardi B (Ben Hardy)
Rocketman (Elton John)

Thursday 3:26 pm

Rocketman: joe why do you have a dinosaur costume????

Mozzarella:.....RAMI U SON OF BEACH

Raw: WHAT DID I DO????

Cardi B: *sweats*

Mozzarella: Ben?
Mozzarella: did u betray me??

Tall guy: *sweats*

Mozzarella: I can't trust my boyfriend and my friends?!

Rocketman: i really just wanted to know if you tried selling chocolate to a friend of mine…

Mozzarella: no...why?

Rocketman: nvm, btw you sold yourself out

Mozzarella: fuck.


Chat: the legends
Members: Bowie(David Bowie)
Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)
Lemon(John Lennon)
Rocketman(Elton John)

Thursday 3:58pm

Rocketman: so I don't know about the Dino thing
Rocketman: but if you see a red head either crying or yelling down the hall then ignore him he feels betrayed by his bf and friends

Lemon: can I leave now
Lemon: mercury can kill people you know

Killer Queen: fuck u Lennon

Lemon: we know that's not your real name

Killer Queen: actually it is!

Lemon: prove it!

Killer Queen added Brianmayforeal, Rogerina, and John Richard Deacon to the chat!

Killer Queen: darlings tell this walking lemon that my real name is Freddie Mercury

John Richard Deacon:.....ok

Lemon: WAIT

Lemon added Star Child, Paul blart mall cop, and Georgia to the chat!

Star Child: wat la fuk

Georgia: holy fuck,,,,,Brian fucking May

Brianmayforreal: Harrison

Bowie: i really just wanted some peace,,,,

Rocketman: nah


Georgia: fuk off prat

John Richard Deacon: A while back when i met fred in high school, he preferred being called Fred or Freddie, so i did, then we met Brian and roger so that caught on pretty quick so it started like that, then he met Mary and when Fred thought he was straight so he told her his name was freddie mercury and she believed him and then by the time we were 18 he changed his name to Freddie Mercury.


Rocketman: …..

Bowie: ….

Star Child: ….,..

Georgia: ,,,,,,,

Paul blart mall cop: what in the ever living fuck

Rogerina: tell them deaks!

Brianmayforreal: i remember mary!
Brianmayforreal: i wonder how she’s been

Killer Queen: good she’s dating david

Rocketman: WHAT????

Rogerina: YOU SLY DOG


Killer Queen: not u idiot
Killer Queen: a different david

Lemon: see that that makes sense

Rocketman: how exactly does that make sense

Lemon: …..nvm

Killer Queen: sooo… what

Bowie: well i know elton hangs out w/ freshman and u and Lennon start fires like every week
Bowie: so with all the shit that happens i thought you 3 would know

Rocketman: well that makes sense but……
Rocketman: chances are slim

Killer Queen: chances are u have terrible luck

John Richard Deacon: i want to try something…..

John Richard Deacon has added the group ‘Fresh Babies’ to the chat’!

John Richard Deacon: Sick them

 Cardi B: Hello!

Rocketman: FUUUUUUCK

Raw: Hi Elton!

Killer Queen: oooooo~ DRAMA!!

Tall Boy: holy mother fucking shit





Rocketman: DOWN BOYS

John Richard Deacon: this is entertaining
John Richard Deacon: ;)

Mozzarella: WHAT LE FUCK

Killer Queen: ohh i get it!
Killer Queen: they’re fanboys

Lemon: i get that
Lemon: but for you four????

Rogerina: shut up

Brianmayforreal: well this is great!

Raw: i have a question

Killer Queen: i have an answer

Raw: who’s @Lemon @Star Child @Paul blart mall cop and @Georgia??

Killer Queen: awww dear you don’t have to use @
Killer Queen: but they are “the beatles”

Rogerina: rude bunch if u ask me


Star Child: U MADE HIM ANGRY >:((((

Brianmayforreal: FUCK U STARKEY

Star Child: NO U MAY



Rocketman: hmmmm….


Chat: fuck da police
Members: Bowie(David Bowie)
Rocketman(Elton John)

Thursday 4:15 pm

Rocketman: so, we know fred, and john who for some reason hate each other and because of that their friends hate them….

Bowie: yeah no shit

Rocketman:....once i saw this on a show...when to many fights break out and scare someone they use puppets to stop the fights….

Bowie: they’re not children!
Bowie: at least not physically

Rocketman: well….can we use it just in case?

Bowie: maybe

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Chat: legends

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)


Thursday 4: 27 pm


Killer Queen: Darling where are we going for dinner tonight?


Rocketman: what?


Killer Queen: oh fuck!



Chat: My darling~

Members: Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)

Killer King (Jim Hutton)


Thursday 4:31 pm


Killer Queen: darling?


Killer King: yes love?


Killer Queen: what are we doing for dinner tonight?


Killer King: i’m thinking...italian?

Killer King: or we could stay in and cuddle?


Killer Queen:hmmmm

Killer Queen: I love it!



Chat: Queen

Members: Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)

Brianmayforreal(Brian May)

Rogerina(Roger Taylor)

John Richard Deacon(John Deacon)


Thursday  5:24 pm

Killer Queen: dears?

Killer Queen: which looks better??

Killer Queen: {Image-dress/boots}

Killer Queen: {Image-imprettysurethisisRoger’s}


Rogerina: no..i stole that from you


John Richard Deacon: hah...i like the first one.


Brianmayforreal: me to, btw rog took that from me


John Richard Deacon: u stole that from me

John Richard Deacon: when i stole it from freddie


Killer Queen:’s been mine.




Killer Queen: so which one??


Rogerina: the first one


John Richard Deacon: the 1st one


Brianmayforreal: 1


Killer Queen: thank u darlings!


Rogerina: tell jim we said hi!


Killer Queen: of course dear! <3



Chat: The Beatles

Members: Lemon(John Lennon)

Star Child(Ringo Starr)

Paul Blart Mall Cop(Paul Mccartney)

Georgia(George Harrison)


Thursday 5:34 pm


Lemon: So….i may or may not have punched a guy in the face today???


Georgia: let me guess? Mercury?


Lemon: weirdly enough no

Lemon: some jackass with a porno mustash


Paul Blart Mall cop: WTF??


Star Child: why????


Lemon: apparently he thought i was friends with Mercury and wanted info

Lemon: and i told him no, i don’t even know him and told him to fuck off  

Lemon: but he didn’t like that and was all ‘you know him you little bitch’ and im like fuck off im not telling you again and he shoves me and punch him and run to the nearest dorms and im currently hanging out with some freshman…


Star Child: ok bUT ARE YOU OKAY????


Lemon: yeah, these guys are pretty cool.


Paul Blart Mall Cop: WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT!!!

Paul Blart Mall Cop: ARE U OKAY MY LOVE?!?!?!?


Georgia: hey ringo


Star Child: yes luv :3


Georgia: want some popcorn?


Star Child: :0 yes! <3 :3


Georgia: :33


Paul Blart Mall Cop: -.-



Chat: Big Time Rush

Members: The Hot one(James)

The smart one(Logan)

The done one(Kendall)

The cute one(Carlos)


Thursday 5:50pm


The Hot one: soooo does John just live here now?


The done one: maybe he’s cool ngl


The cute one: that’s true




The smart one: sure i guess vjdjhfbhdvbjhdvhthjfvjhdfbhbfderfvkshj


The done one: Lo?



The smart one: but one gave me popcorn so im fine ^w^



Chapter Text


Rogerina has created a new chat!

Rogerina has added Brianmayforreal and John Richard Deacon to the chat!

Rogerina has named the chat: Freddie Protection Squad!  


Rogerina: we like Jim right?


Brianmayforreal: of course...right?


John Richard Deacon: much do we know about him??


Rogerina: well,,,,he likes to garden and he’s irish,,,


Brianmayforreal: hmmmmm


Brianmayforreal has added ‘Killer King’ to the chat!


Rogerina: hello Hutton


Killer King: hey...guys??


Rogerina: soo where are you right now?


Killer King: waiting with Freddie, we’er at olive garden


John Richard Deacon:....can you get us some breadsticks?


Killer King: uhhh sure?? Is that what this was all about?


Rogerina: no, it’s just that….we don’t really know you


Killer King: are you trying to vet me for Freddie?

Killer King: my boyfriend who i love??


John Richard Deacon: i really just wanted breadsticks…

John Richard Deacon: but know this Hutton, i could break every bone in your body and make sure no one finds you, you’ll be a missing person and the police are going to ask us did you know him and i’ll say yeah, he use to date my best friend…






Killer King: ……...i understand


John Richard Deacon: good! :3

John Richard Deacon: have fun on your date!!


Chat: legends

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)


Friday 7:35 am


Rocketman: hey gays

Rocketman: gaysss



Friday 7:45 am


Rocketman: i’m going to be father


Bowie: WHAT???


Killer Queen: Elton!! You don’t need to settle


Rocketman: now you answer??!!


Killer Queen: in my defense,I was asleep


Bowie: my phone died


Rocketman: bitches

Rocketman: but yes i am going to be a father


Killer Queen: your gay and single


Rocketman: and you have kinks


Killer Queen: you say that like it’s a bad thing


Bowie: back to the topic at hand

Bowie: so your going to be a dad..?


Rocketman: yes,

Rocketman: a young man child named Taron.


Killer Queen: so he’s an adult?


Rocketman: remember those freshman i hang out with sometimes?

Rocketman: it’s like that but now those four are dead to me


Killer Queen: really darling?


Rocketman: yes ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ 

Chapter Text


(Hours earlier)


Chat: I’m here for a grade

Members: Rocketman(Elton John)

Raw(Rami Malek)

Tall Boi(Gwilym Lee)

Cardi B(Ben Hardy)

Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello)


Thursday 9:23 pm


Rocketman: listen up you little shits

Rocketman: you all listening?


Raw: yeah??


Rocketman: good

Rocketman: because i’m leaving all of you


Mozzarella: wat


Rocketman: I’m leaving 4 of you for someone who isn’t a little shit


Cardi B: WHY??/


Rocketman: reasons


Raw: do you expect us to live???


Rocketman: you will

Rocketman: bye (σ`・∀・´)σ


Rocketman has left the chat!




Call transmission

Thursday 8:57 pm



(“Hi! I’m looking for a,Reginald Dwight?”)


(“Great! I’m Lucy from the Buddy program, I'm just letting you know that your application has been accepted, and you should be meeting your buddy this Saturday!”)

(“Holy-! Really?!”)

(“Of course, I'm emailing you all the information right now, have a good day Mr.Dwight!”)

(“You to!”)




Subject: Buddy Program


To: Reginald Dwight


Dear Mr.Dwight, I’m very pleased to inform you that your application to the Buddy Program has been excepted!

On Saturday, you will meet Taron Egerton. He’s currently 19, with a English major.


Here’s his contact information: ############


Have a wonderful day!


Chat: legends

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)


Friday 7:53 am


Bowie: so you just left them?

Bowie: all alone in the world??


Rocketman: no

Rocketman: i gave them mentors


Chapter Text

Rocketman has created a new chat!
Rocketman has added ‘Raw’ and Killer Queen to the chat!
Rocketman has left the chat!

Rocketman has created a new chat!
Rocketman has added ‘Cardi B’ and ‘Rogerina’ to the chat!
Rocketman has left the chat!

Rocketman has created a new chat!
Rocketman has added ‘Tall Boi’ and ‘Brianmayforreal’ to the chat!
Rocketman has left the chat!

Rocketman has created a new chat!
Rocketman has added ‘Mozzarella’ and ‘John Richard Deacon’!
Rocketman has left the chat!

Chat: legends
Members: Bowie(David Bowie)
Rocketman(Elton John)
Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)
Friday 7:56am

Rocketman: so yeah

Bowie: well you’ve probably scared those man children for life

Rocketman: only joe is a man child

Killer Queen: i wonder how we’er friends a lot

Rocketman: me to

Chapter Text


Chat: legends

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)


Friday 7:56am


Rocketman: so yeah


Bowie: well you’ve probably scared those man children for life


Rocketman: only joe is a man child


Killer Queen: i wonder how we’er friends a lot


Rocketman: me to




Raw has named the chat ‘It’s Talet!’ !  


Raw: hi’!


Killer Queen: oh darling! When did we start talking?


Raw: oh..i….


Killer Queen: i’m playing dear!


Raw:oh...I knew that! Heh


Killer Queen: did you need anything?


Raw:’s just that,,,,your like famous


Killer Queen: darling all i really do is make covers and look hot in black

Killer Queen: your an actor right?


Raw: oWo

Raw: i do community theater


Killer Queen: and if you continue with that chances are you’ll be a professional actor!


Raw: i don’t know about that….


Killer Queen: are you doing any shows?


Raw: yeah in december…


Killer Queen: ohh~ a musical??


Raw: they haven’t decided yet but yeah//////


Killer Queen: are going to do it?




Killer Queen: i say you should do it


Raw:... i’ll see


Killer Queen: it’s a start! ;3


Raw: :)


Chapter Text



Rogerina has named the chat ‘Drummers line’! 


Cardi B: oh hey 


Rogerina: you are now my ward


Cardi B: you know what a ward is? 



Rogerina: don’t question me 


Cardi B: alright 


Rogerina: good

Rogerina: can you play the drums? 


Cardi B is typing….


Cardi B: yes


Rogerina: that took a while.. 


Cardi B: i got a text from a friend of mine, he just got approved! 


Rogerina: for what? 


Cardi B: a buddy program thing, like they partner you up with someone 

Cardi B: most freshman sign up for it but not everyone goes through with it


Rogerina: i didn’t have that…


Cardi B: well sucks to be you 


Rogerina: go to the corner


Cardi B: -.-



Chat: Hi welcome to chilis 

Members: Tall Boi(Gwilym Lee) 

Raw(Rami Malek) 

Cardi B(Ben Hardy) 

Mozzarella (Joe Mazzello) 


Friday 10:45 am

(what really happened) 




Raw: your fucked


Tall Boi: just tell the truth? 




Mozzarella: lie




Chapter Text



Mozzarella has named the chat ‘Father to son’! 


John Richard Deacon: why? 


Mozzarella: we kinda look the same ngl 


John Richard Deacon: your not wrong, 

John Richard Deacon: so, you like dinos? 


Mozzarella: ………..


John Richard Deacon: :3 



Tall boi has named the chat ‘Smart guys.’! 


Brianmayforreal: have you dappled in astrophysics?  


Tall boi: kinda...when i was little i helped hedgehogs find homes 


Brianmayforreal: you are now my son. 


Tall Boi: wait what? 


Brianmayforreal: you are now my son. 



Chat: hot tub boys 

Members:  Tall Boi(Gwilmy Lee) 

Mozzarella (Joe Mazzello) 


Friday 10:30 am 


Tall Boi: i know you named your chat w/ John father to son 

Tall Boi: change it 


Mozzarella: what why?? 


Tall boi: because i have a new dad now


Mozzarella: well me and John look a lot a like 


Tall Boi: yeah but you both are completely different! 


Mozzarella: no way! 


Tall Boi: >:/// 



Chat: fuck this shit  

Members: John Richard Deacon (John Deacon) 

Brianmayforreal (Brain May) 


Friday 10:30 am 


Brianmayforreal: {myson.jpg} 


John Richard Deacon: nice

John Richard Deacon: he’s like 19 but you do you bri 


Brianmayforreal: thank you? 


John Richard Deacon: ;3



Brainmayforreal has renamed the chat ‘Space nerds.’! 


Tall Boi: 0w0


Chapter Text



Chat: The Beatles

Members: Star child(Ringo Starr) 

Lemon(John Lennon)

Paul Blart Mall Cop (Paul Mccartny) 

Georgia (George Harrsion) 


Friday 11:45 am 


Paul Blart Mall cop: i wanna change my name 


Lemon: then do it


Paul Blart Mall cop: someone give me something


Lemon: ok then pretty boy ;) 


Paul blart mall cop has changed his name to Pretty Boy! 


Pretty Boy: thanks love~! 


Georgia: you know you have to change it everywhere right? 


Pretty Boy: it auto changes when i change it, 


Georgia: no it doesn’t, the defult mode is you change it one place and thats it 


Pretty Boy:....fuck 


Lemon: you only have like what? Three chats? 


Pretty boy: i’ll be right back



Chat: if i had to pick a friend

Members: Star Child (Ringo starr) 

Paul blart mall cop(Paul Mccartny) 


Friday 11:47 am


Paul blart mall cop has changed his name to Pretty Boy! 


Pretty Boy: tell geo i kill you 


Star Child: noted 



Rocketman has created a new chat! 

Rocketman has added ‘Egg Boy’ to the Chat! 

Rocketman has named the chat ‘You are now my son’! 


Egg Boy: hey reggie 

Egg Boy: what’s up? 


Rocketman: first my name is Elton John, Reginald is for forms and tax reasons 


Egg Boy: just go and change your name then?? Lol


Rocketman: can’t 

Rocketman: not yet anyway


Egg Boy: even when that day comes, i’ll still call you reggie :3 


Rocketman: fine 


Egg Boy: yay! :3333


Rocketman: god your innocent


Egg Boy: i mean im not but okay?? 

Egg Boy: {pug.jpg} 


Rocketman: you have a dog? 


Egg Boy: yup!  


Rocketman: your adorable 


Egg Boy: owo 



Chat: blondes having fun

Members: Cardi B(Ben Hardy)

Egg Boy(Taron Egerton) 


Friday 11:50 am 


Egg Boy: {pug.jpg} 


Cardi B: {babies.jpg} 


Egg Boy: nice


Cardi B: nice

Chapter Text


Chat: the legends

Members: Bowie(David Bowie) 

Rocketman(Elton John)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury)

Lemon(John Lennon) 

Brianmayforreal(Brian May)

John Richard Deacon(John Deacon) 

Rogerina(Roger Taylor

Star Child(Ringo Starr) 

Georgia(George Harrison) 

Pretty Boy(Paul Mccartny) 

Tall Boi(Gwilmy Lee)

Raw(Rami Malek) 

Cardi B(Ben Hardy) 

Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello) 


Friday 12:13 pm 


Rocketman: look at this little shit he is my son! 

Rocketman: {lookatmyson.jpg} 


Cardi B: am i a joke to you?


Rocketman: at this point i’m like a wine aunt for you


Killer Queen: wine step mom 


Rogerina: more of a hot cousin 


Pretty Boy: that your not sure how your related to 


Rogerina: exactly 


Lemon: did you two just agree??? 


Pretty boy: what no..oh fuck 


Rogerina: fuccckkkkk BRIAN!!! 


Brianmayforreal: what 


Rogerina: come have sex with me, the more we do better then those two the better we are


Brianmayforreal: that’s not good logic


Rogerina: are you saying no to sex? 


Brianmayforreal: no im coming to you right now 


Pretty Boy: well shit 


Tall boi: what, Brian is like my dad 


Tall boi: i wish i could erase that from my mind…… 


Cardi B: sammee 


Rocketman: i just wanted to show off my son 




Raw has left the chat! 


Killer Queen: i’ll go talk to him… 


Killer Queen has left the chat! 


Lemon: want to talk about Mercury behind his back? 


John Richard Deacon: no 


Bowie: Reginald a word? 


Rocketman: fuck 



Chat: fuck da poilce 

Members: Rocketman(Elton John) 

Bowie(David Bowie) 


Friday 12:20pm 


Bowie: reggie what the fuck 


Rocketman: your don’t get to call me reggie! 


Bowie: well it got your attention didn’t it? 




Bowie: i told you leaving those kids was going to mess them up! 

Bowie: it’s just curle. 


Rocketman: i know your trying to guilt me

Rocketman: but i had to leave them 


Bowie: leaving your old kids for a new one?? 


Rocketman: shut up your making sound like a white dad




Rocketman: fine


Bowie: look im sorry but chances are they looked up to you very quickly, and then just as quickly you left them for someone else, 

Bowie: all im saying is that you could apologize and maybe reconnect with them 


Rocketman: alright, but chances are one of them blocked me


Bowie: no they didn’t 


Chapter Text


Chat: RocketRaw

Members: Raw(Rami Malek)

Rocketman(Elton John) 


Friday 12:25 pm 


Rocketman: hey rams

Rocketman: look can we just talk? 


User has blocked you from sending/receiving messages to them! 



Chat: Hey there demons

Members: Cardi B(Ben Hardy)

Rocketman(Elton John)


Friday 12:27 pm 


Rocketman: hey benny 


Cardi B: don’t call me that

Cardi B: don;t even talk to me Elton 


Cardi B has blocked Rocketman from sending messages! 



Chat: the boys

Members: Tall boi(Gwilym Lee)

Rocketman(Elton John)


Friday 12:31 pm


Rocketman: gwil please


Tall boi: what? 


Rocketman: please just listen to me


Tall boi: whatever it is just can it! 


Rocketman: please


Tall boi: no


Tall boi has blocked you from sending messages! 



Chat: don’t fuck with me 

Members: Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello)

Rocketman(Elton John) 


Friday 12:34 pm 


Rocketman: joe before you block me just know im sorry i just left you guys and replaced you with Taron and i just want you guys to know that i saw you four like either fun cousins or those cousins that kind of annoy me but i love them anyways


Mozzarella: i’m listening


Rocketman: please just forgive me, i’ll do whatever you want


Mozzarella: i’ll think about it



Chat: fuck da poilce

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)


Friday 12:45 Pm


Rocketman: {Itoldyou.jpg}


Bowie: well at least Joe is willing to wait 


Rocketman: yeah i guess..





Chat: It’s talent!

Members: Raw(Rami Malek)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 


Friday 12:20pm 


Killer Queen: darling are you okay? 


Raw: yeah 


Killer Queen: no your not


Raw: no i’m not


Killer Queen: dear, just tell me what’s wrong, please? 

Killer Queen: i won’t tell a soul 


Raw: i don’t wanna talk about it


Killer Queen: are you sure dear?


Raw: yeah


Killer Queen: alright just know i’m here, and so are your friends


Raw: thanks fred. 


Killer Queen: of course darling



Chat: Fabulous bitches  

Members: Rocketman(Elton John) 

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 


Friday 12:23 pm 




Rocketman: I KNOW


Killer Queen: fix it you made my son very upset


Rocketman: don’t sound like an entitled parent


Killer Queen: don’t force me Reg


Rocketman: goddam it DOES EVERYONE KNOW MY NAME??!!


Killer Queen: yes

Chapter Text


Chat: The Beatles

Members: Lemon(John Lennon)

Georgia(George Harrison)

Star Child(Ringo Starr)

Pretty Boy(Paul Mccartny) 


Friday 12:32 pm 



Georgia: {baby.jpg}


Star Child: awww babe!! 


Georgia: oops sorry wrong one

Georgia: {crabby.jpg}


Lemon: that’s a crab


Georgia: i was at the store and saw him and i’ve named him lin 


Star child: what the fuck 


Georgia: what? 


Pretty boy: come on geo, even John isn’t that deanse! 


Lemon: should i be insulted? 


Pretty Boy: maybe


Georgia: what it’s a crab 


Lemon: looks like a lobster to me 


Georgia: yeah i’m not really sure what lin is but meh


Pretty boy: @Star child where are you hon? 


Star Child has left the chat! 


Lemon: george fucked up 



Chat: Big time rush

Members: The smart one(Logan)

The done one(Kendell) 

The hot one(James)

The cute one(Carlos) 


Friday 12:38pm 


The cute one: sooo remember those guys who took over our dorm and then pushed down logan?? 


The smart one: yeah John Ringo Paul and George


The pretty one: i liked them 


The done one: what about them?


The cute one has added Star child to the chat!


Star child: geo made me upset 


The hot one: tell us ringo


Star child: he showed a cute picture of us right but then backtracked and sent a picture of a fucking crab lobster thing he he named lin. 


The cute one: aww 


The done one: yeah that 

The done one: that sucks


The smart one: he doesn’t deserve you 


The hot one: if he doesn’t treat you right then your gone 


The done one: your gone! 


The cute one: now GO chop his dick off! 


Star child: do any of you have girlfriends? 


The smart ones: nope


Star child: boyfriends?


The done one: yes 


The hot one: each other


The cute one: because we’er dating each other


Star child: cute



Chat: my darling~ 

Members: Killer King(Jim Hutton) 

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 


Friday 12:45 pm 


Killer Queen: darling i’m going to add someone very quickly alright? 


Killer King: okay?


Killer Queen has added Raw to the chat! 


Raw: this is just for a while 


Killer King: if your anything like freddie then…


Killer king has renamed the chat Fabulous family! 


Killer Queen: well that’s cute


Raw: oWo

Chapter Text


Chat: space nerds

Members: Brianmayforreal(Brian May)

Tall boi(Gwilmy Lee) 


Friday 12:46 pm 


Tall boi: im worried about rami 


Brianmayforreal: just give him some time to cool off 


Tall boi: but still :’(


Brianmayforreal: aw 



Chat: some sad gays

Members: Raw(Rami Malek)

Tall boi(Gwilmy Lee)

Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello) 

Cardi B(Ben Hardy)

The smart one(Logan) 

The hot one(James)

The cute one(Carlos)

The done one(Kendel) 


Friday 1:24 pm 


Raw: hey i looked at the settings

Raw: and we can fit one more guy 


The hot one: is he gay? 


Tall boi: or is she gay? 


Raw: yes 


Raw has added ‘Adam and steve’ to the chat! 


Adam and steve: ello! 


Cardi B: oh i know you!! 


Adam and steve: ??? 

Adam and steve: Ben??? 


Cardi B: ADAM! 




Adam and steve: JOE!! 

Adam and steve: hold up -GWILYM


Tall boi: ADAM 


The cute one: what’s happening?? 


Raw: one time we had a five person english report and Adam was new to the class and the teacher group him with us


Cardi B: at first we HATED each other 


Raw: i only liked joe at the time and thought ben was just a jock 


Mozzarella: i saw gwil as a threat and did not like him 


Tall boi: but we had to be together and the five of us just sorta clicked 


Raw: but i lost adam’s screen name


Adam and steve: but i lived bitch 


The smart one: well that’s nice


The done one: sounds like a getting together fic that the author might write but ok 


The hot one: what? 


Raw: but yeah, here’s adam 


Adam and steve: im here queer and living in fear


Raw: mood 


Adam and steve: lol

Chapter Text

CauOk so this isn't a chapter, nothing is wrong and i have some chapter ideas lined, but i want to bring this to attention 


I'm going to have a Q&A very soon, maybe after the next chapter or later this week. So here are some rules: 


1) you can ask either me or the character's iv'e written about in Chat: legends, Headcanons, Different Path met and caught on fire, and Caution.

2) nothing inappropriate 

3) i hope you have a nice day! 

I'll be taking questions until Sunday! 

Also one last thing, i will be posting a chapter twice during the weekend, one on Saturday and another on Sunday! No there won't be a Q&A, every Sunday, but a chapter that would either go to one of the stories listed above! And I'm working on a new story! Anyway, have a great week and please ask a question if you can! 



Chapter Text


Chat: blondes having fun

Members: Cardi B(Ben Hardy)

Egg boy(Taron Egerton)


Friday 1:39 pm 


Cardi B: can i vent? 


Egg boy: no matter what i say you're going to so sure


Cardi B: okay so my friend looks up to people pretty quick, and we had a mentor type guy right? So he signed up for this buddy program thing, the mentor got approved and diched us for the guy he was now mentoring and fucking dropped us of with some guys he knew


Egg boy: pause 

Egg boy: did you know the guys and maybe just maybe he saw you would be happier with them? 


Cardi B: Well yeah we know them, it’s just later on we’re all put in a group chat and he sends pictures of him and the kid

Cardi B: starts calling him his son 


Egg boy: i feel bad for the kid, being dragged into that


Cardi B: yeah well, it was mostly just their chat, still my friend freaked out and yells at him, and leaves. 


Egg boy: man i’m sorry 


Cardi B: he tries to dm not only my friend but us, me and the others he left


Egg boy: well did you block him??


Cardi B: duh, we all blocked him 


Egg boy: man i’m sorry for that 


Cardi B: yeah it’s whatever at this point


Egg boy: still mate 



Chat: The beatles

Members: Lemon(John Lennon)

Pretty boy(Paul Mccartny) 

Georgia(George Harrison) 


Friday 1:57 pm 


Lemon: geo you have fucked up, if Ringo hasn't asked any of us to add him back yet


Georgia: yeah i know 


Lemon: and i usally fuck up 


Georgia: I KNOW


Lemon: im just saying 


Pretty boy: john stop 

Pretty boy: geo just say your sorry and add him back, this chat is sad with out him 


Lemon: am i not enough for u


Pretty boy: no 



Chat: Starrison 

Members: Georgia(George Harrison) 

Star Child(Ringo Starr) 


Friday 2:01 


Georgia: look i know why you don’t want to talk to me but listen. 

Georgia: im sorry if i made our relationship seem unimportant 


Star child: and? 


Georgia: and i acted rotten 


Star child: and?? 


Georgia: and sending that picture of the crab/lobster named lin 


Star child: are you going to make it up to me? 


Georgia: of course babe


Star child: fine, im still pissed and expect a face to face apology from you 


Georgia: anything


Star child: ok? ^w^ add me back pls


Georgia: anything for you baby 



Chat: The Beatles 

Members: Lemon(John Lennon) 

Pretty boy(Paul Mccartny)

Georgia(George Harrison) 


Friday 2:09 pm 


Georgia has added Star child to the chat! 


Pretty Boy: thank god 


Lemon: ha gayyyy


Pretty boy: so were you last night 


Star child: what happened last night? 


Pretty boy: we we’re at the store and he found some cute pens

Pretty boy: and i told him those are cute 

Pretty boy: and he sais that was gay and im like we’ve been dating for 2 years


Star child: like that vine? 


Lemon: yeah ;) 



Chat: legends 

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 


Friday 2:26 pm 


Rocketman: {hope.jpg} 


Killer Queen: well of course he blocked you darling 


Bowie: point


Killer Queen: thank you 


Rocketman: i know, but joe is very willing to listen 


Killer Queen: he did listen but didn’t answer


Bowie: *i know but at least joe didn’t block me 


Rocketman: bitch 


Bowie: still 

Chapter Text


Chat: modern losers club

Members: Raw(Rami Malek) 

Tall boi(Gwilym Lee) 

Cardi B(Ben Hardy) 

Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello) 

Aaron Burr sir(Aaron McCuster)

Lucy goosey(Lucy Boynton)

Princey(Allen Leech) 


Friday 2:33pm 


Raw: wait why are we the modern losers club? 


Princey: cause the author is running out of ideas 


Aaron Burr Sir: wat 


Lucy goosey: there are seven of us and seven of them 

Lucy goosey: plus we fit the roles


Tall boi: explain 


Lucy goosey: well Rami is like the leader, like Bill Denbrough 


Raw: aw, i think 


Lucy goosey: Gwilym is like Stanley smart and dealing with our shit


Tall boi: very true 


Lucy goosey: Aaron is ben cause he’s smart and kind 


Aaron Burr Sir: your not wrong 


Lucy goosey: ben is eddie while Joe would be richie 


Cardi B: how dare


Mozzarella: your not wrong not gonna lie


Lucy goosey: thank you joseph

Lucy goosey: allen is mike and i’m bev 


Princey: alright 


Lucy goosey: :) 



Has created a chat! 

Has added Killer Queen and Lemon to the chat!

Has added Yoko nono to the chat! 


Lemon: oh fuck no

Lemon: who the fuck are you? Why the fuck is my ex here?? Why the fuck is fucking Mercury here??? 


Yoko nono: johnny! Why haven’t you called me back?? 


Lemon: because we AREN’T TOGETHER YOKO


Yoko nono: yes we are!! 


Killer Queen: even i can tell your crazy darling and im leaving! 


???: no 


Killer Queen: yes 


Killer Queen has left the chat! 

Has added Killer Queen to the chat! 


???: can’t let you do that  


Yoko nono: johnny there’s a new movie out, let’s go see it! 


Lemon: for the last time NO


Killer Queen: what is this? Hell 


Lemon: feels like it


???: no, just letting you know that if you ever talk to that fucking bunch of losers, 


Yoko nono: that man whore 


???: and those stupid kids we’ll know and take them out of the picture 


Lemon: leave paul out of this! 


Killer Queen: don’t you dare bring them into this!! 


???: then stop all contact, your friends, Hutton, the twerps everyone 


Lemon: and if we don’t? 


Yoko nono: we could make their lives living hell 


Killer Queen: 


Lemon: i am not going to be black mailed, paul and the boys can handle themselves


Killer Queen: you aren a threat, i boxed, fight me you fucking pig 


Killer Queen has left the chat! 

Lemon has left the chat! 

Chapter Text


Killer Queen has made a new chat! 

Killer Queen has added Brianmayforreal, Rogerina, John Richard Deacon, and Killer King to the chat! 


Killer Queen: {help.jpg}


Killer King: what the hell 


Rogerina: who the hell does he think he 


Brianmayforreal: what the fuck


Killer Queen: i have a plan, we act 


Rogerina: wat 


Killer Queen: i act like im cutting all contact with you all 


John Richard Deacon: yeah no 


Killer King: darling i love you but that won’t work 

Killer KIng: whoever this is, they are dangerous, and most likely will know your lying 


Killer Queen: then what do i do? 


Brianmayforreal: tell an officer 


Killer Queen: what if they find out? 


John Richard Deacon: well, then you need to talk to John 


Killer King: 3 


Killer Queen: no 


Killer King: 2 


Rogerina: why do you hate him so much?!


Killer King: 1 


Killer Queen: because John Winston Lennon is a fucking nightmare and i want to fucking push him down a flight of stairs 


Killer King: dear, calm down alright


Killer Queen: no 


Brianmayforreal: well it’s not like we could do anything else, sorry mate


Killer Queen: so it’s either help Lennon and myself and hope for the best 

Killer Queen: or we can do this ourselves? 


Killer King: no 



Chat: The beatles

Members: Lemon(John Lennon)

Pretty Boy(Paul Mccartnay) 

Georgia(George Harrison) 

Star Child(Ringo Starr) 


Friday 3:12pm 


Lemon: {Help.jpg} 


Pretty Boy: what the fuck 


Georgia: i thought you blocked her? 


Lemon: i did! 


Star Child: well you didn’t do a good job


Lemon: shut up ringo 


Star child: aw :( 


Georgia: john c'mon mate


Lemon: fine, just it’s like reliving freshman year


Pretty boy: or when we met 


Star child: also true 


Lemon: so what can we do 


Georgia: no, what can you and Freddie do 


Lemon: what? 


Pretty boy: johnny, you were not alone with Yoko and the other guy. 

Pretty boy: no tell us and the court what  you should do 


Star child: have you’ve been watching Law & Order SVU?


Pretty Boy: yeah :// 


Lemon: i am not talking to that man 


Pretty boy: well then im out of ideas


Georgia: well i have an idea



Chat: untitled 

Members: Georgia(Georgia Harrison) 

John Richard Deacon(John Deacon)


Friday 3: 27pm 


Georgia: look, you and i both know that John and Mercury are in no condiction to fight these people


John Richard Deacon: your right


Georgia: we need to guide them 


John Richard listening 



John Richard Deacon had created a new chat! 

John Richard Deacon has added Georgia to the chat! 


Georgia has added the group ‘The Beatles’ to the chat! 


John Richard Deacon has added the group ‘untitled’ to the chat! 


Georgia: now we are going to be fucking adults 


John Richard Deacon: and work out a fucking plan


Rogerina: fuck now there’s two of them  

Chapter Text


Chat: some sad gays 

Members: Raw(Rami Malek)

Tall boi(Gwilym Lee)

Cardi B(Ben Hardy)

Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello) 

The smart one(Logan) 

The hot one(James)

The cute one(Carlos) 

The done one(Kendell) 

Adam and Steve(Adam Lambert) 


Friday 4:20pm 


Adam and Steve: want to know what sucks


The cute one: taxes 


Raw: racism


Cardi B: entitled moms who think their kids are better than others


The smart one: weather or not good omens will get a second season? 


Adam and Steve: all of those but my hand got stuck in the vending machines again :( 


Raw: how?? 


Adam and Steve: i payed for my skittles IM GETTING MY SKITTLES 


Cardi B: loser 


Adam and Steve: :(( sult up 

Adam and Steve: fuckk *shut up 


Raw: do you need help? 


Adam and Steve:...yes 


Raw: which vm? 


Adam ans Steve: the one near the dorms, in the lecture hall before 1B 


Raw: alright i’ll be there soon 


Adam and Steve: thank you :)) 



Chat: the Malek boiss 

Members: Salami(Sami Malek) 

Raw(Rami Malek) 


Friday 4:37 pm


Salami: hey guess what 


Raw: what? 


Salami: im outside


Raw: me too? Im trying to help an idiot hold up 



Friday 5:13pm 


Raw: we had to get Ben, Carlos and a trip to the nurse but now Adam has his fucking skittles 


Salami: great, now come to your dorm 


Raw: why?? 


Salami: i got a surprise 


Raw: do you order those potato messages again? :)


Salami: maybe~ 


Raw: omw 



Chat: it’s talent 

Members: Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 

Raw(Rami Malek) 


Friday 6:13pm


Raw: i warned you Freddie


Killer Queen: ? 


Raw: talk to those idiots/twerps and i make their lives hell 


Killer Queen: no leave them alone! 


Raw: can’t you didn’t Listen. 


Killer Queen: what. Do. you. Want? 


Raw: get back together with me, i’m much better than that awful man


Killer Queen: You’re that one that’s awful Prenter. 


Raw: sticks and stones my dear. 


Raw: {address pinned} 

Raw: come here, tomorrow night.


Killer Queen: and if i refuse? 


Raw: he has some friends. 


Killer Queen: you wouldn’t


Raw: would i? 

Chapter Text


Chat: untitled 

Members: John Richard Deacon(John Deacon) 

Georgia(George Harrison) 

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 

Rogerina(Roger Taylor)

Brianmayforreal(Brian May)

John Richard Deacon(John Deacon) 

Killer King(Jim Hutton) 

Lemon(John Lennon) 

Pretty Boy(Paul Mccartney) 

Star Child(Ringo Starr)


Friday 6:17pm 


Killer Queen: {to.far.jpg} 


Killer King: no that to far 


Rogerina: fuck, i’m gonna check on him 


Brianmayforreal: i;m going with you 


Killer King: boys,


Rogerina: should i bring a bat? Just in case


Killer King: i have a shovel




Killer King: i;m talking as in protection 

Killer Kilng: Roger may be like an stoppable force and Brian a tall poodle but a shovel would work 


John Richard Deacon: i mean...he’s not wrong. 


Killer Queen: be safe dears. 



Friday 7:12pm 


Killer King: bad news, three doors have been broken 

Killer King: good news, not only did we find Rami but his twin brother Sami! 


Killer Queen: oh thank god


Lemon: hes a twin??


Pretty Boy:...he warned both of you 

Pretty Boy: and this fucking happened. 


Lemon: calm down macca 


Pretty Boy: no! He didn’t fucking hesitate to go after a fucking 17 year old!!


Killer Queen: he’s 19 


Pretty Boy: that doesn’t change any-wait he’s 19?? 

Pretty Boy: he looks so young?? 


Lemon: i have a thought 


Star Child: thats dangerous 


Lemon: stfu 

Lemon: but anyone close to us thats accessible, like anyone here, those freshman, David and Elton, we just need to keep tabs on them 


Georgia: like make accounts private? 


Lemon: exactly! 


John Richard Deacon: its a good start. 


Killer Queen: i’m going to check on the boys, 



Friday 8:10pm 


Killer Queen: currently with Maylor and my sons and husband. 


Killer King: aww you see us married


Killer Queen: of course 


Rogerina: gayyyy 


Brianmayforreal: says you when we checked the place you cried and kissed me 


Rogerina: i cried because i was worried for Rami and Sami 


Brianmayforreal: alright love, 


Killer King: but they’re fine, nothing bad happened. Sami was going to surprise his brother and got knocked out because they’re identical. His phone was used to text Rami and he got knocked out. 

Killer King: other than that, the boys are fine. 


Killer Queen: the door is broken though 


Rogerina: i do and don’t regret that 

Chapter Text


Chat: The legends 

Members: Bowie(David Bowie)

Rocketman(Elton John)

Lemon(John Lennon)

Brainmayforreal(Brain May)

Rogerina(Roger Taylor) 

John Richard Deacon(John Deacon) 

Pretty Boy(Paul Mccartny) 

Star Child(Ringo Starr)

Georgia(George Harrison)

Cardi B(Ben Hardy) 

Tall boi(Gwilym Lee) 

Mozzarella(Joe Mazzello) 


Friday 9:19pm 


Brainmayforreal has added Killer Queen, Raw, and Killer King to the chat! 


Georgia has made the chat private! 


Killer Queen: darling don’t leave this, 


Georgia: he can’t either way 


Raw: whatever


John Richard Deacon: so no one leave because someone may or may not try to either kill you or make your life a living hell


Rocketman: i’m sorry what?


Bowie: question


Lemon: answer 


Bowie: is it bad i know you both? 


Lemon: depends on how we play our cards


Bowie: great 


Killer Queen: we have to lay low, go to things in groups. 


Tall boi: alright 


Killer Queen: i’m sorry i got you all into this 


Lemon: you should be


Killer King: NO

Killer King: LENNON JUST NO 


Pretty Boy: babe you fucked up 





Killer Queen: darling, calm down


Killer King: i’m sorry 


Killer Queen: it’s fine, just calm down


Star Child: john say your sorry 


Lemon: i’m sorry 


Killer Queen: it’s whatever, we’ll talk about this later 


Lemon: ok 


Rogerina: now it’s time for lock down mood.  

Chapter Text


Chat: fabulous family 

Members: Killer King(Jim Hutton) 

Killer Queen(Freddie Mercury) 

Raw(Rami Malek) 


Friday 9:45pm 


Killer King: are you sure your ok rami? 


Raw: for the last time jim im fine


Killer Queen: dear we’re just worried about you 


Raw: well don’t be. 


Killer King: calm down


Raw: whatever, im gonna stay with Joe and Ben for the night

Raw: sami’s coming with me


Killer Queen: ok text me when your there


Raw: ok



Friday 10:19 pm


Raw: im with them 



Killer Queen:lock all doors


Raw: i will 



Chat: the soon to be not ex’s 

Members: Yoko nono (Yoko Ono)

Printing press(Paul Prenter) 


Saturday 6:14 am


Yoko nono: bad news, I can’t spy on them anymore :(


Printing Press: what?!


Yoko nono: they made their chats private 


Printing press: you could do that?!?


Yoko nono: apparently 

Yoko nono: can we stop?? Like I really just hate Mccarnty and the other two the others have literally nothing to do with this


Printing press: No! Your a part of this now Ono! 


Yoko nono: apart of stupid threats and scaring freshmen??


Printing press:.....


Yoko nono: what did you do?


Printing press: nothing 


Yoko nono: What. Did. You. Do?


Printing press: uhhhhh


Yoko nono: you did something!! Ughh Fuck!! 


Printing press: don’t be over dramatic 


Yoko nono: well you fucked up!!


Printing press: no, WE fucked up


Yoko nono: go to hell Prenter!!!


Yoko nono has left the chat!