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jungkook had never seen his father. he was always told that the said man died even before he was born and his mother was the only relation he could rely on. and because he had nothing to challenge this fact, he never questioned it. 


his mother was there for him since his childhood. the woman was a true embodiment of parent figure in one body. she never made her son left out even through his school years or college, working two jobs at a time to support them, or even now that he was an architect. jungkook loved his mother more than anything and his eternal love and respect for the woman was an evidence of it. 


after receiving his degree, the boy made her mother rest. he had a good job waiting right on his hand and opportunities opened their ways on him. he was soon able to support his mother and himself well enough to buy an apartment in a clean and upper area of the town. everything was good and fine. 


only until his father showed up. 


jungkook wanted to believe it was a lie, or just some man mocking them. he even reached out to grab the man's collar - completely ignoring the striking similarities between the man's face and himself - to hurl him out of their apartment. but that was when his mother stopped him. 


she was crying then, and jungkook's patience was being tested as his confusion was turning into frustration and anger. his father was not alive and whatever this man may say, jungkook wasn't going to believe him. even if he claimed it, where was he all those years when jungkook needed him? when he wanted to hold his hand and walk to his school? when he came back home and asked his mother what a father was because all his classmates would tell stories of their real life superheros; their dads. and jungkook would have no say in this. because he had no father. 


it was his mother who broke down then, told jungkook how he really was his father. 


the man was on his knees when it came to apologizing. he was sorry for his son and everything he had done in the past. he assured the boy that he had a raged past and the story behind it somewhat convinced jungkook to listen to his request. 


jungkook's father was an only heir to a billionaire family. he had loved his mother - who was a no one - and had secretly married her when he had a chance. everything was better for that once and he was sure that his father will accept his true love as his wife. but of course, it wasn't as easy as it sounded. 


on his return to his empire, he was informed that he will have to marry in an emergency or his kidnapped father will be dead. he had no choice left then. he talked to his wife and she consented him on second marriage. and that was when everything came down. 


he married to the daughter of the person who had his father kidnapped - who had been set free later on, making it clear on the man that this was all indeed a play to get him back. but it was too late. 


his grandfather threatened his father that he will kill his first wife if he doesn't leave her and continue his life back in the empire. back then, his mother found out that she was pregnant with jungkook. and his father was more than baffled when he had to make a choice between his wife and baby's life or the fucking empire. 


"i had to leave her" he had said "i had to let her go with a promise that one day i will find her and you, my son. now that i have the chance, i came back to you"


as unconvinced as jungkook felt, he had to give in. it was for his mother. he loved her so much to turn down any of her wishes. and what she wished now was to listen to his father. 


whose demand now was to take his wife and son back to their empire. 


so was his grandfather dead now? no. 


jungkook was told that they were finally accepted back in the family. and they were invited to live in the empire back where he can meet his grandfather. and most of it, jungkook was the hier to the whole empire. 


so they travelled back. the area was a beautiful piece of land that felt almost out of this world. the lush grasses filled the parameters of the mansion that his father owned. silly enough, the was jungkook's own home. just that he'd never been there. even if he didn't want to, his mind drifted towards the fact of how his life would have been if he had lived here. 


he wouldn't have had to feel deprived of anything he had felt back in his childhood. watching the rich kids brag about their things and statuses, feeling so hollow that he and his mother didn't even have enough money to eat two times a day. his fist clenched at the thought. he could've lived so much better if his father wasn't a coward and had had a courage to stand against his grandfather. 


and just if on cue, his father, seated beside him in the car, patted his back. being proud of his blood. 


jungkook wanted to push that hand away, wanted to go back. but it was his mother. it was only that woman that the boy came here. his inner self had no intention of calling this man his father anytime soon. 


they finally reached the mansion and a whole army of servents came rushing over to the car, placing carpets beneath their feet even before they can exit the car. jungkook hated it, hated all of it. he didn't want to be like this. 


he watched the heads bowed down to him and his father felt unaffected from any of it. he only brushed away all the respect and walked towards the main door. 


"let father know that master jeon jihoon arrived with his son, jeon jungkook" he bragged to the nearest servent proudly who quickly retreated inside the mansion, to let his grandfather know. 


jungkook looked at his mother. the woman had a somber expression over her face as her she returned her son's gaze. he wanted a sign, just a tiny bit of it. and he'd say no to all of this. he didn't even want to be here. 


but before he can earn a look, a loud yell pierced through their ears. 


"save me! save me please! they have me locked in here, they're gonna kill me!" 


and soon enough, a face comes in their vision too. the face that had jungkook dead in his tracks. 


jungkook wasn't sure if he would ever be able to forget that face. but even if he had thought so, he was wrong here. he could never forget those beautiful doe eyes - whose color was drained now, those alluring plump lips - which were chapped with all the dried blood that clung to them, or that breathtakingly beautiful milky white skin - that had turned into palest shade of the original color now. 


he was wrong if he ever thought he could forget jimin. 


park jimin was jungkook's high school crush, followed by all the years in his college and university where he had been hopelessly in love with the said boy. the cheerful boy with that adorable laughter seemed to have won everyone's heart at their campus for being so kind and caring. even though jungkook never had courage to ask jimin out, he'd always secretly admired him. 


he may have been in contact with jimin a couple of times, but he was sure jimin didn't remember him. after he graduated from the university, he never heard of jimin again and didn't even try to find him. the boy had his own life and jungkook was sure he may as well be at some good place. 


but he bit his own words as jimin's paper thin body came colliding with his stern chest. 


"please save me!" he cried "these people are monsters! they're not letting me goㅡ" and he was already being pulled away by the servants.


"take him away!" his father ordered and the servants dragged jimin away from his home on jungkook's shirt. 


after the boy was taken away, screaming and thrashing in the servant's grip, his father turned towards him. 


"are you okay, jungkook-ah?" he asked, brushing straight his clothes "did he hurt you?"


"who is he?" jungkook asks instead, pushing his father's hand away. 


"it's a long story" he sighs "please come in, let's meet father and you'll know"






and indeed it was a horrible story. 


jungkook didn't expect to see his father's second wife right where his grandfather was. they were seated together, having tea as the trio arrived. 


his grandfather hugged jungkook, telling him how lucky he is to be one of the jeons, inheriting all this empire in just one go. he hadn't paid much attention towards his mother that pissed off jungkook all in all. but he only wanted to know why jimin was here. 


every moment that he was reminded of the miserable condition his first love was in, his heart ached. why was even jimin here in the first place? 


"i... i had a son with my second marrige" his father finally began, making jungkook's fist clench over his knee. "his name was jeon yoongi. i let him chose his university after his primary schooling years and he chosed the local town university because he wanted to study with all the common people and learn to be humble and kind unlike... unlike any of us" he gulped "he brought back jimin. told us that he loved him and will only get married to him. that was impossible, of course. i tried to talk him out of this. but he loved jimin, truly loved him just like i had loved your mother" he pursed his lips "or maybe more than that since he stood up against father jeon and insisted that he will only inherit the empire if they accept jimin. 


"and they had to. they accepted jimin and yoongi married him. they were happy for good two years before... before..." his breathe shuddered as he continued "they were enimies of ours. with all the discord that went on, they picked on yoongi. they killed my son"


and with that one sentence, everything opened up to jungkook. his brother, yoongi was the original heir to this empire and in case of his death, jungkook was a replacement his grandfather didn't knew about. 


as much as it was enough to piss jungkook off, he couldn't think of leaving this place here without knowing why jimin was here then. 


"why are you keeping jimin here?" jungkook spat "let him go. yoongi is dead and jimin has no reason to live here"


"we can't" said his father "the boy is carrying the future heir to this empire and we can't let him go. he is pregnant with yoongi's baby"


"he was crying" jungkook pressed "what even have you been doing to him that made him call you monsters?" 


"he wanted to leave" his father tried his best to sound patient "that was when we found out that he was pregnant. when he married yoongi, he should have known that once you enter the jeon empire, you can't leave. he can'tㅡ"


"that's sick" jungkook muttered as he left the room. "that's so sick"


his mind was dead. he didn't want to see his jimin like this. even now when he was in a vulnerable state of pregnancy. and yet they call him cracked in the brain? there was something that was hidden from jungkook that the younger boy planned to find out. 






his step mother was just another bitch. she didn't let the chance go to bring jungkook and his mother down when she greeted them. told him how he was basically a substitute to her son and how they only accepted his father's offer because of the money and empire. 


jungkook so wanted to slit her throat right there and then. but it was only his mother's hand that held his back. 


he roamed around the mansion, telling everyone that he wanted to get accustomed to the place yet his eyes only searched for his jimin. there were plenty of servents who listened to jungkook on a single call. he almost wondered if he could ask one of them to keep it a secret and meet jimin. but then, he knew nothing. 


so he planned to go slow. 


the boy waited for an entire month, looking over for a trustworthy servent and finally found one. 


hoseok was an old servent of this mansion. the boy didn't look much older though, yet he had served the jeons for most of his life. he was the first one to notice jungkook's uneasiness on the mention of jimin and so he decided to let jungkook know through some more hidden matters. 


"they torture him" told hoseok and jungkook felt a stab at his heart "he demanded to leave after yoongi died but they said that he should at least stay for three months until everything regarding master yoongi's funeral is over. he agreed to it and stayed but in those three months, he found out how they never planned to let him go. he tried to run. twice. and both the times, he was caught and beaten brutally to punishment by father jeon (grandfather).


"it was after the second time that he fainted and they found out that he was pregnant. ever since, they have him locked in the room. the food is served and they have servents who look through him daily to make sure he doesn't do anything reckless. that day when you came, someone left the door open to his room and he dashed outside. he had heard that master jihoon was bringing his long lost son to the mansion and seeing you all at the door, he just yelled whatever he could. 


"they took him back that day and even though father jeon could not physically torture him because of the pregnancy, he was slapped and his arms were burnt with rods as a punishment" hoseok stopped when he saw tears brimming at the corner of jungkook's eyes. 


"master?" he nudged at jungkook, realizing that he may have said something more than he was supposed to. 


"he was in so much pain..." jungkook couldn't form sentences yet he choked out "i need to get him out of here"




"hoseok can you get me to his room? just for a few minutes? i want to talk to him" jungkook had a pleading edge to his voice. 


"master it is difficultㅡ"


"hoseok i know you can make it happen" he says "you are the head servent, as far as i know. i need to talk to him. i can't let him suffer anymore. please help me"


and hoseok only nods weakly. 





when hoseok arranged for jungkook to go see jimin, he didn't even miss a beat. 


the older boy was sleeping on his bed, one of his hand secured around his little bump on his stomach. jungkook kneeled by his bed, looking at all the bruises that covered jimin's face. the burn scar right over his wrist. 


if the youngr boy could, all he wanted to do was burn his own father and grandfather alive. he didn't know the harsh reality behind this empire but seeing how ugly it was, his mind was running at a good speed with his thoughts of running away from here. with jimin of course. 


but they didn't have much time left. 


"jimin...?" he softly caressed jimin's hair, feeling the boy breathing peacefully through his nose. 


jimin stirs for a moment before opening his eyes. and on the sight of jungkook so close, he jumps to a sitting position, quickly covering his face with his arms. 


"please don't hurt me!" his voice is pleading and there is nothing more that can break jungkook's heart. "i didn't do anything now..."


"jimin, it's me" he managed to choke out on his words "it's jungkook. do you remember me?" he doesn't try to hold jimin's hand. yet he waits for him to notice himself. 


slowly, jimin removes his hands away from his eyes and looks at jungkook. his scared eyes take in jungkook's appearance before he opens his mouth, his lower lip quivering. 


"you're jungkook?" he asks "jungkook from the university...?" 


jungkook nods, enthusiasm filling his system all over again. jimin remembered him. 


jimin leans closer, holding out his hand to touch jungkook's face. a gesture so simple yet showed how vulnerable jimin had gotten. 


"you're here...?" he questions with a soft voice "they'll torture you too. please go away"


jungkook closes his eyes and feels the wet drops roll down his cheeks. only if he could take jimin in his arms right now, take him away from all these monsters. this was not the jimin he knew. the one he knew was so confident and loud. not someone so timid and scared. 


they had changed him so painfully. 


"i'm here to take you with me" jungkook says softly "i'm here to free you, jimin"


jimin shakes his head, looking at jungkook, his eyes filled with horror. 


"no" he gulps "if they caught you... us" he shakes his head again "jungkook they willㅡ"


"they can't do anything to me" jungkook says as he reaches forwards and cups jimin's face in his hands "they can't even touch me. and i won't let any thing happen to you too now. trust me, okay?" 


he rubs assuring strokes against jimin's cheeks as he looks dead into his eyes. the older boy stays like this for a long moment before leaning into jungkook's embrace. his face buried in his chest as if he hadn't experienced a calming hold for a brief while. jungkook places soft kisses against jimin's hair, mumbling his plans of getting them out of here. 


"we'll run away" he says "they can't hurt us"






the first person jungkook talks about jimin is his mother. he tells her everything about liking jimin ever since his university and up until now, including his recent encounter with the older boy. 


and just what he had expected, his mother wanted them to run away too. however she suggested him to put it on hold since the boy was pregnant and it wasn't good for him to do extreme exercises in this condition. 


and so jungkook had his mind set. once the baby was born, he'd run away with jimin and his mother from this hell hole. 


with this being thought, jungkook started working on getting jimin respect by everyone in this house. it was at their breakfast after a few months of his first meeting with jimin. 


"why wouldn't jimin eat with us?" he asked father jeon, noticing visible tension that passed through his father's figure on the mention of jimin's name. 


"don't waste your precious time thinking about him, son" father jeon said, his snake-like fakeness making jungkook want to gag his whole meal out "he isn't worth of your attention. and don't worry about his food and eating habits. the servents serve him whatever is leftover and you can see there's pretty much right here" he shrugs and continues with his breakfast. 


jungkook had his fists clenched. but he knew he had to be calm and attack them from within. 


"jimin will eat with us" he announces, making his step mother look at him, bewildered. 


"that lowly can't eat with usㅡ" his step mother begins but is cut by father jeon. no one dared speak when he did. for jungkook, he was nothing but a monster in disguise. 


"jeon jungkook, you shouldn't worry about him. he means nothing more than the carrier of the next jeon heir" 


with his hand smashing the utensils on the table, jungkook gets up. 


"well then you don't have to worry about my eating habits either" he speaks every word clearly "it shouldn't matter if i eat or not, or better if i die out of starvation. but then i'll see how you hold this jeon empire of yours on your weak shoulders that may crumble anytime now" 


"jeon jungkook! that's not how you talk to father jeonㅡ" his father begins but father jeon holds up his hand. 


"jimin eats with us or i will never join you on this table again" jungkook announces one last time before storming out of the hall. 


and much to his reports, after he left, father jeon had asked the servent to bring jimin to all the next meals from now on - completely ignoring the objections of his step mother. 






jungkook had jimin in his arms that one quiet night. the younger played with jimin's hair as the older rested on his shoulder. 


his father and grandfather had left to check on some new constructions that took place under their empire and this gave jungkook a chance to sneak into jimin's room. with hoseok's help of course. 


it was true that jimin had craved for affection and care ever since yoongi died, and that was why he gave in to jungkook's calming holds so quickly. jungkook was sure that the older boy didn't know he loved him so much. whatever jimin's actions were, were just because of how scared he was inside. jungkook promised himself to never ask the older boy a question like this. 


he trusted him with everything, after all. 


jimin caressed his huge tummy, nuzzling his nose into the crook of jungkook's neck.


"he kicks me" he confesses softly, his breathe tickling jungkook's skin. "i can feel it"


"are you sure it is a he?" jungkook asks him playfully as he runs his fingers through jimin's hair, twirling a lock around his finger and playing with it. 


"i think so" jimin mumbles "what do you want it to be?"


"i don't know" jungkook thinks "but i want it to be like you. whether it's a him or her, it should be like you"


"why?" at this jimin looks up at him. 


"everything about you... you as a whole inspired me a lot back in university" jungkook speaks softly, careful to not to reveal too much "i just want him or her to be that way. someone others will find inspiring and amazing"


"jungkook-ah" jimin reaches up to caress jungkook's cheeks. "why were you so shy back in university? we could've been good friends"


"i couldn't speak around you" he shyly admits "i thought everything i'd say would sound wrong because you were just too perfect"


jimin smiles. that beautiful pull of muscles around his cheeks that jungkook had adored so much. he touches his dimple. 


"please smile more" jungkook whispers "that's all what i'd like to see"


the older boy smiles again, his eyes turning soft as he lingers them down over jungkook's lips. it takes jungkook a jerking pull to heart that he realizes what is happening. 


they lean in together to press their lips againt each others but the next moment, jimin backs away, confusing the hell out of jungkook. the younger boy watches him clutching his tummy as his face screws up with pain. 


"j-jungkook... i think... i think it's time" he breathes out. 






the baby was born all safe and healthy. and much to jimin's expectations, it was a baby boy. or that much he knew while he was still conscious. as soon as the exhaustion took over, his eyelids dropped on their own and he fell asleep. 


his eyes opened to dim lights in his room. his mind took a flashing run over the situation even before his limbs could move. he raised his head to look for the crib nearby, hoping to hold his baby in his hands and smother him with all the affection that he could muster. 


but to his dismaying horror, the baby wasn't in the crib. 


a gasp escaped his lips and before he knew, he was running out of his room, not even sparing a notice to the fact that the door was opened for this once. 


he ran down the staircase, leading himself to the immense hall of the jeon mansion. and just like it was supposed to, the guards at the end of it caught hold of him. 


"let me go!" he cries "where is my baby?"


and just like always, they don't answer. they never did. almost to the point that made jimin wonder if they even had a heart beating in their chest. with all the inhuman torture that was done with jimin, they never flinched... 


however this time, they drag him to the other side of the hall which lead them to the room where father jeon stays. even before entering, jimin heard the baby crying and his heart did a flip over. 


"my baby..." he breathes out, words refusing to give a full voice over his fear. 


"master" one of the guard speak "he ran away from his room. demanding the future heir of jeon empire"


father jeon looks at him, the baby held up in his arms. 


"you dared that much?" he raises an eyebrow in response, looking at jimin. he then averts his gaze back to the baby "what if i say i'm never going to give him back to you?"


"you can't take my baby away from me!" his feelings were the one who spoke here, and even jimin knew that. "he's mine!"


"you don't tell me what to do!" he raises his voice and glares at jimin. "i will name him donghan. and no one will object"


"give me my baby" jimin begins again, gaining confidence unknowingly. 


"you still dare to speak in front of me?" he hands the baby to one of the servent by his side and walks towards jimin, who's still a hostage in the guard's arms. "after all you know and see, you ever think you'll be able to get out of this mansion? you're going to rot in here"


"he won't be like any of you. i won't raise him like this!" jimin sneers right over his face, something he then decides he should've done a while ago. 


a stinging slap was heard in the room and jimin felt hot liquid trickle down his chin. his skin burned from where father jeon had slapped him. 


"you've got a big mouth!" he holds his chin in a painful grip "just because jungkook showed respect towards you didn't mean you were an integral part of jeon family. you never will be. you were always yoongi's mistake and now that the heir jeon donghan is here, we don't want you anymore" 


with this, he turns around and waves to the guards to take jimin away. the boy thrashes in their grip but it's too strong to even protest against. they throw him in his room and lock the door just like always. 


he sits against the door, sobbing loudly the name of his baby.


he never deserved it. nothing out of it. 




hoseok had filled jungkook up on the event that took place earlier as soon as he returned from some useless meeting with his father. earth slipped from beneath his feet as he heard what happened. 


"they obviously can't take the baby away from him seeing that he's so young right now and definitely needs jimin" hoseok had said "father jeon says to give him the baby after a while. but his real plan stays intact; they're gonna take donghan away from jimin as soon as he grows up"


and certainly, jungkook never wanted that. he loved jimin and he knew how much the baby made him happy, becoming a reason of smile over his chapped lips. even though it gave him a reason to stay away from jimin, it gave him a hope to see jimin return towards life again. 


and so he ran towards the room of father jeon. he wouldn't say he didn't thought of him being in his room at that hour, but he just didn't care anymore. jimin's fragile features invaded his brain and all he wanted right then was to wreck everyone who dare hurt jimin. 


"where are you taking him?" he'd been questioned by father jeon, referring donghan. 


"to jimin" he replies "he needs him and that obvious"


"that whore needs to learn what happens when you speak back to meㅡ"


"can you just quit it!?" jungkook was now the one to glare at him "stop showing your power over the weak ones. if you really want to, show it over your enemies, in front of who, you tend to hide behind the walls that you call your son. or just how you didn't even flinch to shove yoongi down their hands because you were scared to face them yourself! you're nothing but a coward, and perhaps a disgrace to whole jeon empire!" 


his words echoed through the tall ceiling roof as he walked out of his room and towards jimin. he didn't care at this point if they even find out about him and jimin. 


"unlock this fucking door!" he spits to the guards on his way and with their heads bowed, they unlock jimin's door, allowing jungkook in. 


once inside, the boy immediately spots jimin passed out on the floor. he runs towards the crib, placing the baby in it before getting back to jimin, securing him in his arms. 


"jimin?" he begins softly but urgently "jimin it's me. please open your eyes" 


the boy stirs in his grip, an abrupt fear taking over his eyes and his lips parting. 


"jungkook..." his words are pressed and relieved at the same time. he buries his face into the younger's chest and holds onto his shirt. "jungkook... where did you go? why did you leave...?"


his voice is so innocent and childlike scared. jungkook pulls away to look at his face, dried blood on the corner of his lips. 


"jimin" he breathes out. jimin drove him wild, the feelings of being possessive and over protective were way to overwhelming. "i'm so sorry" he gulps "i'm sorry"


jimin doesn't reply, continuing to sob against jungkook. but the younger boy had his lips bitten under his teeth, too much rage taking over at once. 


"we're going to run away from here, jimin" he says "tomorrow"






it didn't took jungkook long to convince the guards. 


he bought a new car for no reason, the plan already discussed with his mother, jimin and hoseok. he parked the car off the parameters of the mansion and asked more than necessary guards to take care of the car for one night because he bought it as a surprise for his father, apparently. 


when the guards left, hoseok made sure to keep the rest of them busy as jungkook sneaked off the mansion with jimin, little donghan tucked safely in his arms. his mother was all ready out there, waiting for his son. on the arrival of them, they made an escape towards the small village that laid outside the mansion parameters, deciding that they will make a stay here tonight. 


of course, everyone was bound to find out about them running away in the morning. and for sure, they all look into the city and jungkook's old apartment. and for that, he decides to stay close to them - somewhere they'll never even think about. 


his mother took donghan in her lap, patting the little baby to sleep after he had finished his bottle of milk. she knew about jungkook and jimin and clearly wanted to give them some time. 


"i'm taking the baby to other room" she tells jimin kindly "you need some good rest and with him crying at night, you will be disturbed. let me take care of him for tonight" 


and jimin only nodded, seeming okay with it. 






later that night, jungkook was asleep on the small couch that the villagers family could provide him. he had his eyes closed, sleep still lingering at the back of his mind. 


he heard the footsteps and immediately closed his eyes shut tighter than before. the footsteps stopped before him and he heard slight swishing. 


small and delicate fingers run through his hair and he immediately knew who it was. 


"jungkook-ah..." jimin speaks softly, his fingers brushing down younger's cheek. "i will never be able to thank you enough"


he hears slight shuffling before a pair of soft lips landed against his. jimin stays there for a long moment, breathing softly as his eyelashes tickle against jungkook's skin. 


with an audible kiss sound, he backs away. "thank you, jungkook" jimin speaks "i hope you let me pay back to you someday, let me stay with you forever. because i don't know what i will do without you now"


and the older boy leaves with a small kiss against jungkook's forehead. and the younger smiles. 


he may have lost a lot, but he sure won at everything just now. jimin was his.