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Twists of fate

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If someone asked Todoroki Teruko if she had a moment in her life when everything changed dramatically, she would say that she had three such moments. The first occurred when she woke up in the hospital after one of the training with her father. Or rather, two weeks later.


In fact, it was not unusual for Teruko to wake up at the doctor. The Todoroki’s family doctor kept many secrets about his patients. No one needed to know that the family of the famous hero Endeavor was not as happy and safe as he used to say in public.

Everything that the girl thought about, lying in a sterile white room, that her efforts were not enough again. Teruko did not know when it would be enough. Strong enough to withstand hers flame without consequences. Persistent enough to train resignedly with her father. Hard enough to not cry later.

Her whole body ached, the nausea was terrible, and even the inability to move don't scared the girl yet. She wanted to sleep, and even more wanted to sleep forever.


The days in the hospital were very depressing.

Teruko must not get up and move, she couldn’t do anything at all, because even from the most insignificant movements, healing burns began to bleed and trickle with the sanies, smearing the bandages and the bed. And still Todoroki could not look in the mirror, and this very frightened her, because from the chamber they took away everything in which one could see one's reflection.

The girl knew that she was very badly burned. She saw the bandages on her hands and guessed that the rest of the body had suffered no less. The face was hurt the most. She needed to eat, to answer the doctors' questions, which meant that she needed to move this damn face. And she must not cry, even if it was very painful, because from salty tears it became even more painful.


Teruko tried to be strong when a doctor came to her. The nurses did not do it more than they needed after one of them burst into tears, looking at her face (what happened to that face?). The girl joked that, finally, if not by her own will, she broke up with long hair that interfered with the trainings, but her mother really liked it.

“You know, doctor, this, of course, was very uncomfortable, but how could I break my mother's heart and cut them off?” Teruko smiled, but in her voice sounded tears. “She loved to braid them.”

The doctor has always been very patient. He listened to her and tried to smile, but Todoroki saw him trying to look away. She heard him call her in front of other doctors.


Almost crippled

Many risks

Stay like this forever

Need to tell the family


Two weeks later, Teruko was allowed to walk, but bandages were changed only at night. And the mirrors did not return.

She didn't care. These stupid doctors don't understand anything. The heroine is not obliged to be beautiful, she should help people, and not eat flakes on the TV screen.

She didn't care. The most important thing is her family. For her mother, she will always be a “little star”, her sister and brothers will love her anyway.

She did not care about her appearance. It will not matter to her father what she looks like if her training goes faster.

While this is so, everything else does not matter.


Teruko dreamed of the day when her family would come to visit her. Sometimes she dreamed that they had come to her, but for some reason they could not find her room. In the dream, she desperately called for them, but they did not hear her and continued to pass by.

The girl asked the doctor more than once about when visitors could be allowed in, but he tried to avoid this topic. Therefore, Todoroki was not at all prepared for the fact that one day during breakfast, the door of her room would open wide and Shouto would be on the threshold.

“Hey,” Teruko was confused for a moment. Disheveled and sleepy with trembling hands, she placed the tray of food on the bedside table, preparing to embrace the younger brother who was standing in the doorway. "What's up bro?"

Frozen at the door, Shouto looked down at the floor and made no sound.

"Oh, how sad", the girl smiled and rose from the bed. “Don't you want to hug your sister, Todoroki Shouto?”

Seeing the movement on the bed, the boy jerked and stared at his sister with huge, horrified eyes. Teruko froze in place, unable to overcome a meter with a half, who shared it with her brother. Slowly, trying not to make unnecessary movements, she stepped back into the room, away from Shouto. Apparently, this turned out to be a trigger. Tears streamed down the boy's cheeks, and he jumped out of the room, slamming the door loudly.

As through the cotton girl she heard the voices of her sister and mother. How they reassured the younger of the brothers. And as he said, there is a monster in his sister's room.

No one from the family appeared in her room again.


On the same day, the bandages were removed from Teruko, and the staff returned the mirrors to the room.

A scream stopped in her throat when she saw her reflection for the first time in so many days. It was not her. She could not be this girl in the mirror!

Are these terrible repulsive scars now forever become part of her? It's beyond reclaim? Now, when she is so disgusting, the whole family cannot look at her? Are they all could scared as well as Shouto?

For a second, the world in front of the girl swayed, so she had to grab her hand on the nightstand so as not to fall. Suddenly it became colder in the warm room, but this cold had nothing to do with the mother's or Fuyumi's quirks.

All she knew was that they were right. All those who whispered about what she was beautiful. All those who pitifully said that now she needed to get used to be different.

Somewhere deep inside, she knew she should have known that she had become disgusting. If everything was in order, they would not hide mirrors. If everything was in order, she would not scared Shouto.


Teruko did not remember well what was happening during the remaining two weeks that she spent in the hospital. It seemed that the series of doctors will never end.

She already memorized by heart how to properly care for scars and when she can remove the surgical staple. And she could literally repeat the psychologist's reassurance that her family still loved her, and that her younger brother rushed to visit her sister when he found out the number of her room.

Todoroki really wanted to believe it. She would be willing to accept any lie, but she was tormented by one question. Why, if they still love her, if they still need her, why don't they come to her?


The discharge from the hospital was a turning point in Teruko’s life.

By the time she was officially considered healthy enough to be allowed to go home, the girl almost believed that at home she awaited a relatively happy reunion with family. She was ready for anything.

It is nothing that she will resume hard training with father. And that the first time the family, and first of all she herself, will have to get used to her new appearance. She will not be upset if the younger brothers are initially afraid of her. It remains only to get home, and everything will return to normal.


Everything went downhill at that moment when the elder Todoroki called home to be taken away. Fuyumi picked up the phone, and, judging by her voice, she was very embarrassed to explain that no one would come for the elder sister.

“I'm sorry,” the girl said quietly, “the father is now busy, he has been training Shouto for a week now, and mother hasn’t left him. You know, I cannot leave Natsuo, someone should look after him. And also this repair..."

"What are you talking about? What repair?" Teruko started to hear noise in her ears; it seemed that she was standing very close to the sea.

“Your new room,” Fuyumi’s voice faltered uncertainly, “the one that is closer to the training room was given to Shouto. Now that he had the perfect quirk, father said that he wanted to give this room to him. I'm sorry, I have to go now. All…"

The girl faltered, but continued anyway "...All of us are waiting for you for dinner."

Hooters went off in the phone, and the nurse's glance that allowed her to call home from a work phone became so pitiful that Teruko realized that if she didn’t leave now, she would shamefully cry in front of everyone. Therefore, the girl crumpled thanked the kind-hearted woman and practically ran away of the hospital.


The path from the hospital to the house was not close, and with each step that brought the girl closer to the house, she was increasingly overcome with doubts. What for? Why should she come back? Is anyone waiting for her there?

Father has already replaced her with Shouto. She always knew that this would happen. Sooner or later, the younger of the brothers would manifest a quirk, his whole appearance said that he would inherit the power of both parents. And the father is not one of those who will be content with mediocrity when he has a perfection.

Mom in recent years, more and more away from her. The girl suspected that the thing was that she was too much like her father. His eyes, hair and fire. Sometimes it seemed that the mother was looking at her, but seeing her father, and only long hair prevented Rei from getting confused. But the long hair was no longer there, they burned with the face, and Teruko was afraid that now she had nothing to oppose the nightmares of her mother.

Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shouto were not particularly close with their elder sister. With the increasing amount of trainings and the load of home schooling, Teruko sometimes didn’t have time to sleep, not something to fully communicate with brothers and sister. And no matter how much she told herself that they would be able to receive her, the face of the younger brother, twisted with horror, again and again stood up before her eyes.

That day, Teruko never returned home.


Ten years later, Todoroki Teruko almost forgot her real name. She lived in a small apartment at the junction of the usual and not very prosperous areas, and most people knew her as Sato* Teruko. In an amicable way, it was worth changing the name, but the girl didn’t have the heart to break the last thread connecting her with her family. Even if this family has easily forgotten about her and seems to have never looked for her.

Black and short haircut, piercing. Closed clothing, hood and mask on the face. At first, all this was so that they would not be found, but soon Teruko realized that there was no point in it. It makes no sense to hide the one who is not trying to find. Then a similar look became a habit. Even on pain of death, the girl would not admit that she was afraid to hear something again about her appearance.


The last few years she lived with Toga. Himiko started up in the apartment Teruko like a cat, by herself. They collided several times in the nearest shops and at the bus stop, after a while they began to say "Hey!" More precisely Toga has become, and Sato was not against supporting the game of a lonely girl. Especially as a lonely girl was not only a blond schoolgirl.

And then, almost at the very end of a long shift in the 24-hour shop where Teruko worked she was visited by dirty and blood-smeared Toga. And she asked for being with Teruko. And the girl could not refuse.

At first, Sato thought that the unusually silent and sad schoolgirl would sit at her house a couple of days and return to her parents. But attempts to start a conversation along the lines of “your parents are probably worried about you” led only to the fact that the girl got a job in a nearby shop and said that since now she also invests her part in the “family budget”, then “Teru-nee "can't kick her out. And Teruko really could not, only made a promise not to skip school. And she never again talked about parents.

In general, Teruko wondered more than once: why did Himiko go to her? There were so many people around whom she could turn to, and the girl chose a sullen, strange and, uh, confusing, ugly stranger. When Sato decided to ask this question to Toga, the girl only laughed.

“You are so stupid, Teru-nee,” Himiko giggled, “around you, you know ... Well, how can I say this? Elder sister aura!"

“You are absolutely wrong,” Teruko disagreed, straightening the form on the girl, and gently took a penknife out of the pocket of her school skirt. “If I see you carry a knife to school again, I'll throw it out.”

Toga laughed, defiantly showed her elder friend her tongue and ran out the door.


The girl learned about the Stain and his movement to eradicate the "fake" heroes from Himiko. The schoolgirl literally lit up with the idea of “cleansing” the world and could talk about it for days on end. Sato tried to say that everything is not so simple. That even if you kill all the "fake" heroes, then others will take their place. All the dead are victims, it doesn’t matter if they really did something bad in their lifetime. Therefore, you need to change the system. It is necessary to deprive of licenses and to judge, dishonor before the whole world. To do this, you need people on TV, police and support, sadly, from other heroes.

But Toga did not want to hear anything, and Teruko understood her. When you are a teenager, it seems that everything in this world can be solved by a banal scuffle. Therefore, she did not particularly bother about the hobbies of her younger friend. She was more worried that next year, Himiko should have gone to high school, and that the schoolgirl loved to bite in a fit of feelings. Fortunately, Toga has already got rid of the habit of swinging the knife. Partially.


Sato Teruko's life made a sharp turn at the moment when Himiko persuaded her to “hang out” at the bar in the company of Stain admirers, who in fact turned out to be the League of Villains.

When the one who was in charge of their boss immediately said "No" to join the League, Teruko exhaled in secret and promised herself that today she would backtrack from her moral principles and thoroughly knock out the obnoxious girl. It remains only to leave quietly, but Toga was bursting with enthusiasm and was unstoppable.

“My name's Sato. Sato Himiko. I want to be like a great Stainy. So let me join, Tomura! ”, the desire to slam a mischievous girl who unscrupulously took Teruko’s surname grew exponentially, especially in the context of the fact that the freak near the bar counter seemed to get angry and became interested in the real Sato.

“This is my sis. She will be the one who fulfill the Hero killer's will...“, Toga began, but the Teruko covered her mouth with a schoolgirl with a deft hand gesture.

“Dabi. My name is Dabi”, it was a shame to admit, but the first thing that occurred to Teruko was the registration name of her quirk. “Cremation” is not quite an cool name, although on the other hand, her father’s quirk was recorded as “Hellflame”. And nobody cared.

The psycho at the bar counter became lively and began to mumble something about the Stain and how it all fed up. At that moment when he shouted, “You're no good!”, Sato acted on reflexes that have not disappeared in recent years only because of bad robbers, who think that a lonely girl late at night is a great reason to profit from her wallet.

In one movement, she grabbed Himiko, and, rolling away half a meter to the side, covered the girl with herself, while throwing the flame in the face of the attacker. The foggy barman, however, managed to react more quickly, so that the threat would have passed them anyway. But this was the last straw for Teruko. She got up from the floor and helped to rise up the disoriented Toga.

“We won't come again,” the ice in her voice could freeze everyone in the bar. “That was enough”.


Teruko didn’t like to remember what happened when she and Himiko returned home. Partly because she nevertheless knock out a schoolgirl, or rather, pulled her hair, repeating again and again that trying to get into the League of Villains was a very, very bad idea. Partly because then she cried in the arms of the apologizing girl, crying out all the horror she had experienced.

The problems began a few days later, when foggy barman, who introduced himself to Kurogiri, met with Teruko and assured her that Shigaraki Tomura agreed to take them to the League.

“We do not agree to join an organization where someone is trying to kill us, Kurogiri-san,” Sato answered politely, but inexorably.

“It was an annoying accident,” it was impossible to make out the expression on the man’s face, but his voice was very tired. As a person who is forced to nurse other people's children, and at the same time he is not paid. “Especially since your sister seems to be still interested.”

“She's not my sister,” said Teruko sharply, “and her interest will disappear after a good whipping.”

“If you say so,” the barman shook his head and handed the business card, “after a while we have something like a camping party planned. You and your sister can join. Just try.”


For two weeks in a row, interrupting only on food, sleep, and school Toga talked about how good it would be to "just try." And Sato cursed Kurogiri three times, who realized that Himiko was the main advocate of joining the League and slyly used it. By the beginning of the third week, Teruko gave up and went to the bar to agree to take part in the "camping". When she approached the foggy man, she could swear that he smirked very knowingly. As a person who very often dealt with children's moods and tantrums.


Of course, in fact, the camping turned out to be a plan to attack the training camp of young heroes in order to kidnap one of them. Whom exactly Teruko didn’t know, she didn’t watch UA Sports Festival, so as not to reopen the old wounds.

And since she and Toga still were barely in the League, their task was to kill (scare, you heard me, Himiko, only scare!) and distract as many heroes as possible while the rest of the team will kidnap the one need to. The only condition that Teruko put forward, and with which Kurogiri fully agreed, was that the girls would go on a mission together.

“You must call me Dabi,” Sato repeated once more, adjusting Toga's mask, which covered her face almost completely.

“This mask is so dumb, Teru-nee,” the girl whimpered, stubbornly trying to wriggle out of the hands of her elder friend. “Why can't I even call you normally?”

“Because someone, let's not say who, but it was you, was called my last name,” Teruko adjusted her hood and meticulously examined herself in the mirror for something that could give out her personality, “And in general, you will whining and we're not going anywhere. I warned Kurogiri that everything could change”


In the forest it was dark, damp and stuffy. The place where they were brought foggy gate, was quite far from the camp of schoolchildren, so they had to wade through the branches and roots to find a path.

“Do you remember what I told you about this raid?” Dabi asked again, helping Toga to get out of the bushes.

“Yes, Te ... Dabi-nee,” the girl hastily corrected herself see the frown of her elder friend and continued without enthusiasm. “Do not kill anyone, do not hurt to anyone, stay near you and then go home immediately”

“Exactly,” the girl nodded in agreement, “and also...”

“I found them, I found them! I'll go there? Can I go there?” Himiko already did not hear anything, because she rushed through the bushes directly to meet the novice heroes.

“... and also not biting anyone yet,” Teruko finished wearily and dashed after her.


It was impossible to call a battle, a fight between Toga and two other schoolgirls, Dabi had time just in time to interrupt the exciting speech about blood and to pull Himiko away from her opponent for an ear.

“I told you to stay close,” said Teruko coldly, intercepting Toga’s knife for attack with one hand, and the other striking the forehead of the young heroine, who was going at help her friend. “And don't hurt anyone.”

“But Dabi-nee,” the girl whined and, taking advantage of the fact that the stranger, thrown a couple of steps back, rushed into the battle again, jumped away and tried to hide the knife. “She started first! I just wanted to make friends with Uraraka and Asui!”

“I can hardly believe this,” Teruko grumbled, making a counter reception and putting, apparently, Uraraka, with her face in the ground, and honestly warned. “Do not move, girl, if you move, you can break arm. And work on resilience, you have a good stance, but without physical strength, it does little”

Two quick clicks on the neck of the captured girl were enough to knock her out and, firmly seizing Himiko’s hand, escape from the crime scene.


Dabi and Toga managed to get to the appointed place exactly at the moment when the foggy gates opened. Therefore, the first thing Teruko pushed the girl into the portal and almost took a step after her, when she saw the familiar hair of her youngest brother.  Ever since she ran away from home, after years she could call everything by its name, she saw Shouto for the first time. And what she saw, she did not like at all.

Disheveled, dirty, scratched and bruised. Not as beaten, of course, like the other boy near, but nonetheless. Teruko wanted that now all the pro-heroes who were in Japan could come here to this glade and save her brother. The brother she didn’t know. The brother for whom her father traded her. Brother, whom she became disgusting. But she didn't care.

To seize Shouto and, twisting his arms, sending him to the nearest bushes was a matter of technique. Although, in truth, on the side of Dabi was an element of surprise. Now their strengths were about equal: he was tired and in pain, but she had not trained for a long time.

“How sad, Todoroki Shouto,” surrounded the schoolchildren with a ring of fire, the girl looked at the battlefield for the last time and stepped into the foggy gate, “that you were here.”


Dabi refused to look at the captured schoolboy, who turned out to be the winner of the Sports Festival - Bakugo Katsuki. She simply took away Toga and, while everyone was crowding around the captured boy, asked Kurogiri to speak for a second and then send them to the store where she worked.

Teruko understood that they needed a break, she needed a break. But this also required a good reason for this. The lie in the head was so smooth that Teruko was surprised at herself.

“For the coming weeks we will quiet down with a little one. A pair of girls from the UA saw her face, now a raid will probably occur,” Dabi made sure that Kurogiri nodded knowingly and continued. “Besides, she has absolutely no battle skills, if it was not for me, she would definitely have been tied up. Now it makes no sense for us to appear here. At least for now.”

Stepping into the portal and getting home, Teruko felt a strange numbness, like the weight of the whole world, pressing her to the ground. She did not want to think or eat or talk. She wanted to sleep and never wake up again.


Teruko spent a week in complete silence. She has not said a word since she returned home after the League attack on the training camp. It seemed to her that someone had stitched her lips with durable steel threads, and each time she tried to speak, these threads tear her apart.

At first, Himiko took offense at the fact that her elder friend did not let her look at Bakugo, then she tried to persuade Teruko to return to the League, but Sato did not respond to anything. And Toga, realizing that the matter was not clear, and worried about such behavior, tried to cause at least some reaction in Teruko, she did it badly.

From the trance, the girl brought a live report from the battle of the All Might and the League.

The symbol of peace has fallen.

Teruko finally found peace and clarity.


The third turning point in the life of the girl took place almost half a year after she and Toga helped the League.

Sato suspected that the whole thing was that the villains simply forgot about them. After the attack on the training camp, only Kurogiri knew that they had left, and he seemed to agree that the burden of an inexperienced schoolgirl would only hinder the plans of the League. And then the base of the villains was destroyed, and no one knew exactly where the criminals were hiding. Judging by the news, the villains decided to turn their affairs without girls, which frankly pleased Teruko.

Himiko found a new passion in a boy from UA, Midoria Izuku, and, demanding from Sato a promise to go to the next Sports Festival, actively pursued him in social networks, writing threatening love messages.

Everything was calm.

Exactly until one evening, when Teruko was returning home from work, she heard quiet steps behind her. The sudden appearance of footsteps behind her back has always been a bad sign, but Sato did not live in the area for the first day.

She sped up, hoping to quickly rush through the darkening ahead of the alley, from which there was still no place to turn, and carefully groped for a small but powerful shocker in her sweatshirt pocket. The law forbade the use of quirks to everyone except the heroes, and it would have been difficult to prove with her fake documents that she fought off a robber, and did not try to kill him. Although the idea of burning the bastard to the ashes was very attractive.

Teruko prepared herself and boldly stepped into the darkness of the trees, as if diving into the water. The unknown pursuer did not keep himself waiting, and a broad male palm lay on her stone shoulder. The actions were worked out to the smallest detail: a kick in the knee, a turn and a shocker in the neck. Usually this was enough to stun an idiot who would dare to attack her and escape as quickly as possible. But this time everything went wrong.

An unknown opponent managed to bounce off, so Teruko hurt his leg only on a tangent. The attacker acted very confidently, so when he deftly grabbed her arm, Sato covered a wave of icy horror.

He is a professional. Gosh, this is no ordinary robber. She doesn't care what the police say. Now the main thing is to break free.

The blue fire spurred by animal horror surged on the Teruko’s arms almost a meter, and only speed saved the man from being burned. The darkness parted before the light of a quirk, and Teruko did not believe her eyes. Near her was the hero number three himself - Hawks.


After returning home, Teruko seriously thought about moving to another city, and even better to another country. Who could have known that this damned Bakugo, instead of shaking in horror, would overhear her conversation with Kurogiri? Or that he will tell the heroes about this conversation? Or that the girls from whom she dragged Toga, remember that scars were visible from under the mask? So help people after this!

Unfortunately, Sato had to admit that the move would not help in the matter where pro-heroes of such a high level were involved. She continued to deny her involvement in the League until Hawks called her last name. It seems that her name was unknown to him, but that was enough. Damned Himiko, who could not keep her mouth shut and let the League blurt out everything, and then also called her as sister** with children from the UA, that gave the man enough leads to find Teruko.

But the fact that the Hawks did not believe Teruko, who claimed that she no longer maintained contact with the League, was only part of the problem. What happened next frightened Sato much more. The man was the hero number three, and now, after the departure of the All Might, was to be the hero number two.

And this man quite seriously told her that he wanted to join the League. He said that he hates those who made him become a hero, that the system was rotten, that he needed to change something. That now he has a chance to fix everything, just needs to get into the League.

At that moment, Teruko did not know what to say. After such a confession, she should have escaped to the very first police station, shouting that Hawks was dangerous. If only someone would believe her yet. The pause dragged on, but it seems that the man interpreted it in his own way.

“I understand that you are not yet sure of me,” the man, as if out of boredom, was turning a little red feather in his hands, but Sato knew perfectly well how dangerous it could be, “indeed, what could be more suspicious than a hero wants to get into the League of Villains. But, Dabi, I am ready to do everything for the League. Pass it on to your boss.”

Despite the fact that Teruko was sitting warm on the couch, the memories of the Hawks leaving in the darkness made her shiver. He was dangerous. He was a pro-hero and a traitor, and therefore was doubly dangerous to her. She did not want to get involved with it. This is not her battle. She simply had to find a long-forgotten Kurogiri's business card, call him, explain the situation and forget about what had happened. Yes exactly!

A sudden shriek from another room, and then the tramp of feet, pulled Sato out of her thoughts.

“Teru-nee, Teru-nee,” Toga suddenly threw her elder friend into an embrace and, having buried her nose somewhere in the shoulder, squealed again, “He accepted my offer of friendship, my dear Izuku accepted it!”

Absently stroking the girl's head, Sato realized with a sigh that she could not call Kurogiri. The fact that she sometimes forgot that she once had another family besides Himiko did not mean that this family disappeared. If she lets the Hawks meet the League, everyone will suffer, starting with her father and Shouto, ending with her mother and Fuyumi with Natsuo. Teruko was no longer interested in them, did not think about them, or rather did not want to, but the thought that something might happen to them was starting to stir up.


It was easy to decide that she would not allow the Hawks to meet the League, but Teruko did not know how to bring it to life. The only thing that Sato could really do was to drag out time, telling tales that Shigaraki did not trust the man yet, and at the same time record all the conversations on the tape recorder in order to send it to the Hero Public Safety Commission. If someone will believe her.

On the possibility of what would happen if Hawks realizes that she is deceiving him, Teruko tried not to think. If it came to a fight, she could not defeat him. This is not a drunken robber and not a child who is just beginning to learn combat. There was nothing to think about the victory over the pro-hero.

For two weeks, Sato had seen the Hawks only twice, but she had become nervous and twitchy, and she thinks that she was constantly under surveillance. And due to the fact that she did not know when the pro-hero would appear, Teruko was forced to carry a tape recorder with her all the time. Therefore, by the end of the third week, she could not stand it and, at a regular meeting with a man, she handed him a newly purchased SIM card.

“We cannot risk meeting all the time in this alley,” said Teruko as calmly as possible, answering the man’s questioning look, “if you need something, call or write.”

“Seriously, did you name your contact “Sensor”***?” the mask of the cold-blooded traitor slipped for a second from the face of the Hawks, and the Teruko suddenly remembered that she was standing in front of the guy the same age as her.


Since then, their communication, if it can be called that, has moved to a new level, but the problems remain the same. The guy wanted to get into the League; the lass frankly lied about the fact that the big boss does not trust him and wants to first check for loyalty. Trying to prove his worth to the villains, the Hawks gave Sato information about the other heroes and plans of the police, but, even to Teruko’s opinion, this data was not something super interesting. A person burdened with extra time and good brains could independently calculate the schedule of patrols of almost any hero, just like police raids.

But Teruko, in turn, played to the full, skillfully weaving into a conversation with the hero information about local gangs involved in the arms and drugs trade. The result was not long in coming: soon the police suddenly had an operation to capture with the help of several unknown heroes. Of course, because Hawks himself could not appear there. But Sato was not a fool and knew perfectly well where the forces of law and order, which for years could not do anything, suddenly had such a tip.


Three months have passed since Teruko was identified by Hawks as Dabi. It was dangerous to continue to fool him, besides, now she had enough evidence that he was a traitor. All their messages and conversations were carefully copied and ready to be sent in three ways at once: by delivery by courier, by postal parcel and by e-mail. One way, but the information will fall into the right hands, and the Hawks will be taken into custody before he realizes who was passed him. At least Sato had hoped for that.

It does not matter that lately she managed to get used to the guy, his jokes and nonsense, that their meetings became more frequent and more and more resembled friendly ones.

It does not matter that once she helped him with a wound, because he came to a meeting immediately after the capture of the villain.

It is not true that she began to wait for his calls and messages, which sometimes told him the truth.

This is all a lie! No matter how charming Hawks was, she had to pass it. For the sake of herself, for the sake of her family (of both hers families), so that no one else will die, as it was then in Kamino.

Teruko told herself that she was sorry because she hadn’t close contact with anyone except Toga for a long time. Himiko, in response to this, authoritatively stated that Teru-nee fell in love with the bad guy and it is very romantic.


A week passed, and Sato could not find a place for herself. She could not eat, could not sleep, could not go out in order not to start looking around. Hawks did not write and did not call her, there was not a word in the news that the guy was a traitor and was arrested. On the contrary, now the full-fledged hero number two, he was often in the center of attention of the press, which caught every his word. It seemed that nothing had changed, but it was clearly a lull before a thunderstorm. If no one received the necessary information, then it intercepted. Spit on everything. It was time to leave this damn city.

“Himiko, get ready, in the evening we will leave here,” Sato threw the schoolgirl two empty bags that remained with her after packing her things, “we can no longer wait.”

“But, Teru-nee, nothing happened,” Toga mumbled discontentedly, tearing herself away from the laptop, “and how about my school? You cared so much about it.”

“We can't wait for something to happen,” the lass snapped. “I have already decided questions with school and work. From Monday we start a new life. Unfortunately, I cannot mask my face well enough, and it is difficult for you to use your quirk all the time. But if you want, you can choose a new surname for us, “Sato” is too well-known.”

The girl immediately forgot about the disorder and enthusiastically began to fantasize about how well Midoria Himiko would sound.


Teruko would never have thought that her resume would be responded to and offered a job as an assistant in a warehouse in the Umai **** dining room, apparently almost honest postscript that the applicant was an orphan with a younger sister in her arms had the necessary effect on the employer.

“Well, finally, this girl lead to benefit, not just destruction,” thought Teruko with surprise when she saw the invitation for a final interview.

Things went swimmingly. The lass liked the smiling storekeeper, who did not pay attention to her scars at all. They agreed that within three days Sato would bring all the documents and from Monday, in time for the end of the inventory, she would come to work.

But Teruko was always as lucky as a drowned corpse, so as soon as all the formalities were resolved, the building shuddered as if from an explosion.


What happened next was difficult to describe. Another explosion rang out, and the building, crunching in a strained manner, tilted and began to fall. A couple of seconds of free fall, for which Teruko managed to say goodbye to life, and a sudden jerk for the hoodie stops her in the air. A large red feather swiftly drifted Sato away from the collapsing building and rushed to its master.

As soon as the lass was on the ground, she immediately crawled around the corner of the house to take a breath. Her hands were shaking desperately, nausea was rising to her throat, and in the meantime more and more people were saved by feathers. The heroes and the police were brought up to the place to evacuate the civilians and, if possible, help the two main heroes: the Endeavor and the Hawks.

Teruko knew that she needed to escape from here as quickly as possible. The monster with which the pro-heroes fought destroyed the third building, but she could not move. There was a battle in the air at a great height, from which she could not take her eyes off.

Her father was there.

“He left you, traded for a brother!" something shouted inside her. “Never came to you! Not looking for you! "

The Hawks was there.

“He didn't care! All he wanted was to get into the League!”  immediately responded to common sense. “He would never talk to you for nothing!”

Sato had to run, but she stayed.


The fight is over. Hero number one won. The dead, burned Nomu lay on the ground, while the wingless Hawks helped the half-dead Endeavor sit down. And Sato only then realized that tears were streaming down her cheeks.

God, if her hair had not been dyed, then a pair of gray strands would have appeared on them! Only now, Teruko felt pain in knees and palms, felt the smell of burning, heard the screams of people. And finally she was able to exhale. Now the main thing was to get to the house before Hawks saw her.

She stood up, leaning heavily on the wall, and looked out of the alley just at the moment when Spinner appeared before the wounded heroes. She saw him only a couple of times, but heard about his cruelty and understood that he hardly appeared here just like that. From her shelter, Sato did not hear well about what the villain was talking about; she frantically searched through the eyes of other heroes. Lord, where are they when they are needed? Why is no one around?

But the follower of Stain was not going to wait until the help arrived, drawing his sword, he rushed at the heroes on the verge of death.

Failure! Gave up! Ejected!

“No!” A huge wall of blue flame got in the way of the villain, burning down everything around with heat and preventing him from getting close to his victims. “Do not dare touch them!”

Todoroki Teruko stood, blocking her father and Hawks, and was determined not to let Spinner approach them. Hoodie on her hands burned, revealing a look at the terrible scars fastened with the surgical staple, the mask also flew away long ago, and now everyone could see her disfigured face, which she had so carefully concealed all these years.

“Your dirty tricks won't help here,” the villain grinned, breaking through the roaring flames, “Soon we will all live by the covenants of the Stain!”

The lass did not answer. The wall of fire was powerful, but this attack was made in a fit of despair, and the skin at the junction of the burns began to bleed. She had several more attacks before she did enough harm to herself and could no longer even lift a finger in pain. Either she or he. There was no one around who could help her.

"If I do not stop him, he will kill them," thought flashed through Teruko’s head, and she clenched her fists, feeling how her already hot flame began to glow with new force. Suddenly, absolute calmness came to the place of the suffocating wave of rage and fear. She confidently, as if only yesterday was in training, stood in a rack and lit probably the brightest flame in her life.


“Who's that girl?”

“What horrible scars!”

“Have I ever seen her?”

Do not look at her!”

“This is a new heroine?”

“What a deformity!”

“Rather, we need a doctor?”

“She is so crippled!”

“Teruko, is it you, daughter?”

Do not pay attention!”

“Why did you do this, Dabi?”

“Call the police!”


Teruko squeezed through the crowd and ran.

She ran from these voices. Ran from their disgust, their recognition, their anger. She ran as fast as she could.

She can't go home. She may be pursued. She, most likely, is already pursued.

What for? Why did she do it? She shouted about herself to the whole world. She killed Spinner in front of everyone.

They do not care!

Now she is still missing the Endeavor’s daughter, now her father will deny her in public and try to lock her up. How sad it is to understand that your elder sister is really a criminal, isn't it, Todoroki Shouto?!

They do not care!

Now Hawks knows for sure that she has never been associated with the League, and will certainly try to kill her. Or worse, the League itself will come for her and for Toga. Where is she hiding Toga now?


Todoroki stopped only when she completely ran out of power. She was in the port, where she hid in the first months after her escape. There was not a soul around. Among the empty containers, only the howling wind and hers muffled sobs were heard.

The girl leaned her back against the metal wall and sank heavily down. She was hurt and scared, the old burns were spread and bleeding badly and she didn’t know what to do next. She could not escape, she could not stay. Teruko curled into a ball, trying to escape from the piercing wind, and howled on one note.

Suddenly, a warm jacket with a fur trim fell on top of her. The disoriented lass didn’t have time to react and only whimpered when familiar hands held her gently but firmly.

“Come on, Teruko, you need to go to the hospital,” Hawks whispered softly.

“No,” Todoroki sobbed, “I can't. There is a father and other heroes. And now you know that I never supported the League.”

“I guessed all this time," a smile is heard in the guy's voice. “It’s not just the way you poured information about drug dealers. You know, it was not at all easy to explain to the Commission when they received a lot of evidence of my "betrayal." We have been searching for contact with the League for so long and so thoroughly that in three months we find out that you are in fact a very law-abiding girl. It is a miracle that you sent the correspondence and recordings of conversations to the Commission, and not to any newspaper."

“I was sure that you were a real traitor, but I didn’t think that they would believe me,” whispered Teruko, and nevertheless stood up, leaning on Hawk’s shoulder. “I cannot go to the hospital; you know that I am a criminal. I killed a man in front of half of the city, the children from the UA saw me with the League."

“True? And it seemed to me, double agent Todoroki, that you were our most valuable informant, especially in recent months..."

“And was forced to reveal myself due to unforeseen circumstances?" asked Teruko with a nervous laugh.

“Exactly. Now go. We are going to the hospital where a very excited father is waiting for you. Do you think he will not kill me if I tell him that I have been flirting with you for three months without asking for his permission?"