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Ink and Iced Coffee

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Seungmin was happy for his 2 hyungs, and Jisung, really, but he was a little lonely. Jisung was one of the only people he hungout with on a regular basis. But, he'd been spending most of his free time with Minho and leaving him to feel like a 3rd wheel. He knows it's not intentional, everyone was in new relationships so it would make sense that they spend a lot of time together. 

That feeling was only amplified When Jisung finally got his licence. They had bought a cheap cake to celebrate, but instead of celebrating with 5 people, he had to celebrate with 7. He wanted to be jealous and annoyed, he wanted to say something, but he couldn't. Seeing Changbin smile at Felix as they all tried to squeeze into the same couch. Or Chan smile not so subtlety when Woojin put his arm around him. Even Jisung, who Seungmin didn't think could get any happier after waving around the piece of paper, kissed Minho on the cheek and his smile grew even more. 

Seungmin wanted that, he wanted to feel anything like that. He was happy to have more potential friends, but they were all connected though the main 3. Chan and Woojin seemed to notice him getting lost in his thoughts and made an attempt to get him out of it. "Seungmin, you know about Jisung's superstitions, right."

Seungmin shook his head quickly,"which one, pink, garlic bread, iced coffee, or something else?"

Jisung smacked him slightly,"You're just saying random words."

"Sure I am," Seungmin rolled his eyes playfully.

"Iced coffee?" Woojin said curiously.

"Anyone that doesn't drink it is a little bitch and I can't have my friends dating that type of person!" Jisung shouted passionately.

"Understandable," Felix, the only other addict of the beverage, agreed.

"What?" Changbin said, leaning back.

"How many jerks have you seen drinking iced coffee," Jisung asked.

Everyone thought about it,"None, actually" Woojin said. 

"I disagree, it tends to be the choice beverage of THOSE customers," Seungmin pointed out.

"I'm talking about normal people, not spawns of satan, they need to cool down after crawling up from the depths of hell." Jisung said.

Everyone burst out laughing, each having to deal with a fair share of those types. 

After that they all started talking more with each other until they noticed how late it had gotten, they all separated in pairs, leaving Seungmin alone, again. 

"Seungmin!" Jisung shouted excitedly, almost running over his friend.

"What?" Seungmin said, slowly backing away, knowing Jisung got loud and sometimes violent when he was excited.

Jisung held up a text message on his phone,"I got my first client!" 

Seungmin's mouth actually opened a little,"You made it," He said at him. Jisung was good, and Seungmin couldn't deny that, but it meant that they would have even less time together as people figured out that fact. 

He was honestly scared, because he was realizing that they had to grow up more, they weren't some teachers pet and the weirdo that got in trouble for drawing on everything. They were in their last year of collage, and Jisung had a future, but did Seungmin? 

"He's young too," Jisung said, a little surprised, "he just turned 20. I asked him if he knew how much this was going to cost him and he said it was fine. Remembwr how broke we were at 20? How can he afford it?"

"Maybe he's like BamBam," Seungmin said,"Just make sure that you don't make him regret it."

"Does this look like something he'd regret?" Jisung said, showing a photo of the sketch he did. It was a bunch of cartoon characters arranged into an orderly blob, it eas thick lines and done in black and white, it looked a little childish, but cool and it would be easy to add onto if he wanted something else.

"Maybe," Seungmin said, hiding his awe.

Jisung's face fell,"Really, maybe I chould go for something with a little less going on, I just got carried away."

"What? No I like it, you should show him," Seungmin said, regretting swashing his friends excitement. 

"Thanks," Jisung looked down at his phone,"I have to go, Channie hyung says they have a bunch of walk-in's." he said running off.

And just like that, Jisung was gone. 

When Seungmin walked into the shop a few hours later, all of them were working, but he noticed that there were a few more people waiting. He walkeed back into the break room and ran into Felix, "It's busy out there, huh?" Seungmin pointed out.

"Yeah," Felix nodded looking up from his phone,"I wanted to take Changbin to lunch but when I walked in this place was packed. In the break I had to talk to him they had so much money in the register."

"So what are you doing now?" Seungmin said sitting next to him.

"Just messing around on my phone and borrowing drawing supplies." he said. Seungmin then noticed the open sketch pad that was next to him.

When the 3 had finally finished, Seungmin and Felix moved out of the way to let them collapse on the couch,"I think we're going to have a lot of extra funds this month," Changbin said, smiling a little.

"I don't wanna clean," Jisung groaned.

"Then come in early and clean then," Changbin said,"That doesn't sound like a bad idea right now."

"I''ll treat you to dinner if you pick coining in early," Felix said, tugging at Changbin's arm.

"Come on guys, Changbin needs to go on his date," Chan said, getting up. "I'll just go annoy Woojin."

"Seungmin, buy me food too," Jisung whined.

"Absolutely not, you just made like 300 bucks." Seungmin scoffed.

"Fine, but can you take me home, Minho dropped me off." Jisung said.

"I'm not going to wait for you," Seungmin said jokingly as he made his way towards his car.

"I freaking hate collage," Seungmin groaned as he entered the shop, completely forgetting Jisung's client was scheduled for to day. He was right, he was young, probably only in his first semester. He heard shifting to his left sitting in the waiting area. He was slightly older, and slightly cringing at the sight of the younger getting the tattoo. 

"Who is it this time?" Jisung said, taking a break to move his wrist.

"Kang," Seungmin groaned, sitting a seat away from the other person.

"Ha, and you joked about me taking it last semester instead of this year." Jisung chuckled.

"Oh, are you talking about the newest assignment? What does it even mean?" The person who sat next to him said.

Seungmin glanced at him for a second before answering,"I know right, I don't know how he even passed his class," He pointed at Jisung.

The person he was talking to Chuckled slightly,"I'm Hyunjin, by the way," he held his hand out.

"Seungmin," He took his hand and shook it, not noticing the shared glance between his 3 friends. "Are you getting a tattoo?"

Hyunjin shook his head quickly,"Hell no, I'm just here because Jeongin doesn't have a licence."

So that's why he was there, before Seungmin could respond Jisung shouted at him,"Seungminie, You have to get lunch," he reminded.

"Hyung, can you get me something too," The younger brother shouted.

Hyunjin and Seungmin looked at each other before standing up and going to they're cars. "Do you want to just ride with me?" Hyunjin asked when they got outside.

"Sure," Seungmin shrugged his shoulders. Once they got into the car he asked about Hyunjin, and they didn't stop talking until the got out of the car to go into the parlor. putting the food in the break room, he walked out and grumbled,"Sometimes I think you guys would be dead if not for me."

He and Hyunjin continued talking, which was weird, Conversation never really came easily to him and the fact that they had been talking for 3 hours was scary. They eventually got to working on the work assigned to the by the teachers they had in common. "Hey can I have your number, you know so we can continue helping each other?" Hyunjin asked.

Seungmin choked on air for a moment,"uh yeah," he said blushing slightly.  

"He likes iced coffee right?" Jisung shouted, causing everyone to laugh.

"What?" Hyunjin said confused.

"Just answer the question,"Seungmin rolled his eyes, putting his number into the waiting phone.

Hyunjin just laughed,"Yeah, I had some before I got here."

Jisung just nodded in approval and finished up Jeongin's tattoo.

The younger lit up and went to show his brother,"Hyung, look it's so good," he said excitedly.

"Mom is going to kill you," Hyunjin laughed.

Jeongin just smirked,"I'm a legal adult, and she can't lazer it off, so....."

Seungmin laughed,"You sound like Jisung when he got his first tattoo."

"My mom threw so many things at me," He laughed, "I'm glad you like it, but I need to bandage it."

Jeongin went back over to Jisung and sat back down, the excitement still obvious.

After Jeongin paid, the pair left, Hyunjin waving to Seugmin as he did. that left him to fend for himself against his best friend. 

"I don't think Seungmin is going to be single much longer," Jisung taunted.

"Shut up and go microwave your food," Seungmin said, rolling his eyes 

 Hyunjin and Seungmin continued to talk, mostly about their shared classwork, but then it turned into conversations about their days, and ranting about whatever came to mind.

"Do you ever feel like you're lagging behind?" Seungmin said when they agreed to meet for the first time since Jeongin's tattoo.

"Elaborate," Hyunjin said, preparing to listen intently.

Seungmin sighed,"I'm working 2 part time jobs while tying to stay in school, Jisung has a stable job and the nicest co workers ever. He even get's to graduate before me. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing that makes me different from him."

"You don't have to be like Jisung, from what you tell me he just got a stable income, you still have time to figure things out, like you said, you haven't even graduated yet."Hyunjin said, comfortingly.

"I guess I'm just jealous," Seungmin chuckled," Everyone I know has found love and, I'm all alone, they were my only friends and now I have to share the attention with 3 other people, I don't see them enough as is."

"What if you weren't the only one who didn't find love?" Hyunjin asked nervously. 

Seungmin raised a brow,"What do you mean?"

"What if.... you go on a date with me and see how this goes," Hyunjin rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Seungmin almost choked,"Are you serious?" He asked, wide eyed

Hyunjin nodded, "Yeah, I mean, unless you don't want to."

"No..." Seungmin grabbed his hand,"I really want to go out with you."

The smile that grew across Hyunjin's face was priceless. He quickly held on tighter to Seungmins hand and pulled him towards his car,"Let's go."

"Oh shit, you meant now," Seungmin said, going along with the pulling. 

Hyunjin nodded quickly,"When's the next time you're free?"

"You're right, let's go," They both laughed at the younger's comment and kept walking. 

This was honestly all Seungmin wanted, it was a side of him that he didn't want to show to everyone, but he wanted to be able to show it to Hyunjin. He grabbed his hand tighter, smiling a little when he was asked where he wanted to go.