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Ink and Iced Coffee

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Chan sighed in annoyance as he started cleaning the empty shop, they were still open for another 30 minutes but Changbin  and Jisung decided to leave him alone, last time he shows up to work hungover.(not) Just as he was about to call it a night, he heard the familiar sound of the door opening.

To be honest Chan was not in the mood, and still a little hungover, so he was about to just tell this person to leave and come back later.

"Are you guys still open?" A voice asked, and Chan could've sworn he had heard it before.

Hesitating on his rude dismissal of the customer he turned around, only to be met with almost the complete opposite of himself. His hair was dark and healthy, unlike Chan's, his arms were free of tattoos and he only had a ear piercings. However instead of just comparing himself he let casual recognition sink in. "Oh, hey, don't you run the music shop down the street?"

"yeah," he rubbed the back of his neck,"um, could you do a quick tattoo?" He asked quietly.

"Depends on what you''re asking for?" Chan said, abandoning all hopes of leaving on time, instead going to sit at his work station.

"I just want a couple of music notes on my arm," He said nervously.

"What's you name?" Chan asked, rather bluntly, but he was tired and didn't want to work over.

He raised an eyebrow,"Woojin."

"Well Woojin, where on your arm, how large do you want it to be, do you just want the outline or to have it filled in? Heck, what kind of notes do you want?" Chan said, a little frustrated

Woojin froze,"Uh, sorry. I just want each note to be about an inch big, going just between my shoulder and elbow. Just the outline is fine."

Chan let out a breath of relief. So he wasn't some teenage girl that walked in 5 minutes before closing and didn't know what the hell she wanted. "Sorry, I just, had a rough night." he rubbed his eyes. "Sit here while I get every thing ready." Did he half ass the prep, yes absolutely. Was it enough to do any damage to either of them, no it was not.

Woojin flinched at the sight of the machine running just as Chan was about to poke it into his skin.

Chan couldn't help but chuckle at that,"I get it's your first tattoo, but can you please avoid moving."

Nodding Woojin stiffened, only relaxing when Chan said that would hurt more. He seemed to calm down quickly after the first poke though.

Overall it only took about, 10 minutes. Chan was grateful for that, he really wanted to go home. "How much?" Woojin asked, pulling out his wallet.

"I don't know," Chan ran some numbers in his head,"20?"

Woojin looked shocked,"that's it?"

"Yeah," Chan shrugged,"I'm not charging 50 dollars for a total of a 2 inch outline. If it was something more intricate at the same size, maybe, but not for this." 

"Okay then," Woojin said, a small smile on his face as he handed Chan the 20 dollar bill.

When Woojin left Chan thought that was the end of it, he packed up his things, finished cleaning and closed up shop, trudging his way to the bus stop. But as he waited for his stop he couldn't get him out of his head. His dark colored hair, and golden skin. He thought about Woojins little chuckles and the small smile on his face as they talked. Chan scoffed a little,"It really only took 15 minutes," he said to himself. 

Deep down he hoped Woojin would come back and ask for something that took a little longer. He's never going to admit that to anyone.

When he got home he noticed one of his piercings starting to close, so he quickly stuck a ring on and went to bed, well, tried to. Instead, he just stayed up and sketched for half the night before he collapsed where he was. 

Chan groaned as his alarm screeched in his ear the next morning. As if it was second nature Chan turned his alarm off and rubbed his face. Knocking all of the drawing materials he'd been working with to the side he slowly stood up. His morning consisted of him trying to stay awake while, showering and getting dressed. He sighed loudly when he realized he was out of tea. He hated every other form of caffeine and had 4 hours of sleep. halfheartedly throwing supplies into his backpack, he grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

He hated going to cafe's, there was always too many people, and the idea of someone wanting hot tea was foreign to them. but, he got his drink nevertheless and kept going to work.   

That was until he heard the purest voice imaginable, he knew he shouldn't have looked but he did. Of course, the was Woojin, playing an old upright piano, singing his heart out. Chan felt himself moving towards the open shop door to get a closer listen, almost as if he was falling for a sirens trap. Before he knew it he was standing just inside the door. When Woojin finished Chan began clapping.

Woojin apparently got startled and practically fell off his bench,"Hey, Chan," He said, his face turning bright red.  

"Hi Woojin," Chan said, stifling the giggle that had come out before."You have a really good voice."

"Thanks," He said, standing up and heading behind the counter. "By the way, the tattoo is healing well." The redness in his face went down and he had a large grin on.

"That's good," Chan nodded,"I'd love to talk more, but I have to get to work.

"Oh, okay," Woojin said quietly, eyeing Chan as he walked out.

When Chan opened the door to the parlor he was met with shouting.

 "What does iced coffee have to do with a good date?" Changbin said confused.

"Is this about your stupid superstition again?" Chan groaned.

"It's not stupid, every person I've met that doesn't like iced coffee is a little bitch." Jisung yelled, waving a pencil around.

"That's an insult to me,"Chan crossed his arms.

"But it's true,"Jisung winked before running away from an angry Chan.

"Okay you two, stop it," Changbin intervened.

Just as Chan was about to say something the door opened and Woojin walked in,"Can I talk to you for a second?" He looked over at him.

"Yeah sure," Chan led him to one of the quietest areas in the building. 

"Can you maybe add on to the tattoo you did?" Woojin said, extremely shy sounding for some reason.

"Of course, Did you have anything in mind?" Chan hates to admit it but he was glad he got to see Woojin again.

"You know that piano I was paying earlier, could you maybe do a 2D version of that, with the notes being like a logo for the whole thing?" Woojin asked.

Chan put his hand on his shoulder,"You don't have to be so nervous, and yes, I can do that for you, I just need to see the piano first, and you need to book an appointment."

"I..I know, and I don't have a photo of it on me. you have any space tomorrow?" Woojin said a light blush brushing over his cheeks.

"I'm free before we close, and your shop isn't far from here so I can just take a few photo's on my break," Chan said, marking it in his mind.

Woojin walked backwards,"I-uh, should be getting back to work."

"Alright, see you later then," Chan said as they walked to the door. He pretended not to notice Jisung and Changbin scramble beck to their places.

"What was that about? Who was that?" Changbin asked looking at Woojin as the walked out of their view,

"Oh he was just a walk-in from last night, wanted to schedule something else," Chan said, going to scribble in the appointment on their giant dry erase calendar.

Jisung smirked,"seems like he wants to be more than a client."

Chan raised a brow,"He could just be shy, I highly doubt he's interested."

"Why wouldn't he be? You look good," Jisung said, hitting him on the back.

Chan just laughed,"I look like a goddamn mess and I almost told him to fuck off last night." 

"He still looks interested to me," Changbin said getting ready for the client he had in a few minutes.

Chan just shook his head, there was no way a guy like that would settle for him.

No one talked about it for the rest of the day, mostly because Jisung could text Minho instead of talking their heads off. That was up until it was break time. Chan called out that he had to go do something before heading to Woojin's. 

When he entered the small shop for the second time that day, he gave an acknowledging smile to the older,who was with some customers, before going to look at the piano. 

It was old but kept in really good condition, it was still predestine white, not yellowed or grayed with age like most things. It was a standard upright piano but it looked like it had been used a lot. 

Not caring what anyone thought, Chan sat down and started drawing, noticing a few names carved into the side and incorporating them in as well.

 "I thought you were just going to take a few photos?" Woojin said, going to sit on the bench as Chan drew from he floor.  

"I can leave if you want, My co-workers are just being annoying," As annoying as they were Chan wanted to test if their suspicions were right.

"No," Woojin said quickly, almost too quickly,"I mean it's fine, I could use the company."  He turned and faced the keys.

Chan kept drawing, switching from his pencil to the pen,"You know you have a nice voice," he said, not asking his eyes off the paper.

"Thanks," Woojin said, fiddling with the keys, "I saw your art online, you draw really well. It's amazing."

Chan scoffed,"You should see the other two."

"I did," Was all he said.

Those two words caused a slight pink to grow across Chan's cheeks, he buried his head further into his drawing pad,"You should play something."

 Woojin messed with the piano for a second before playing a soft ballad as Chan drew. It was nice to be around something so calming in his overly hectic life, he almost stopped drawing he was so distracted. When the music stopped Chan realized he had finished. 

"Is this okay?" he asked, holding the drawing up to Woojin.

He nodded, his eyes scanning every detail of the photo. "It's perfect."

Chan chuckled a little at his wording before beginning to put his things away. He glanced at the clock and was a little disappointed at how fast time flew,"I should get going."

"Okay," Woojin said quietly,"See you tomorrow."

Chan felt his excitement growing for Woojin's appointment that day. Woojin made him...calm, in a sense. It was like he was the only thing that would stop his mind from running at 100 miles per hour and actually enjoy things.

When Woojin walked in Chan stood up almost too quickly. "Ready for round two?" He said, leading him to his work area.

"Yeah," Woojin sighed, sitting on the table.

Chan had already prepared the stencil so he just cleaned the area and placed it on."See how much faster it is when you know what you want." he smiled as he took off the stencil and made Woojin lean back.

"But the first contact is always the worst," Woojin groaned as Chan put on his gloves.

Being dramatic Chan snapped the gloves on his wrist like he was going to perform surgery,"Then relax, there's a lot more after that." 

Woojin laughed, and Chan couldn't help but smile at him,"Let's get started, shall we?" He said, raising an eyebrow.  

Chan looked at Woojin as he stuck the needle in surprised that he actually didn't flinch that time. The first few minutes were silent before Woojin spoke up. "What happened to the nose piercing?"

Pausing for a second Chan had to blink in confusion for a second,"I don't wear that one often." he said,"I didn't think you noticed."

"You should've kept it, you look good with it," Woojin said wincing lightly, quickly relaxing.

Instead of turning red Chan just remarked,"So, I don't look good without it?"

However, Woojin wasn't having it,"You know damn well that's what I meant."

"Oh, breaking out the curse words now," Chan chuckled, focusing harder at a new section.

They had a casual back and forth throughout the session, Chan only requesting silence about 3 times during the whole thing. Woojin was about to hand Chan the money but hesitated,"Do you want to maybe go get something when you get off?"

He's just going to regret asking.

"I- I don't think that's a good idea," he said taking the money as Woojin placed it in his had, a disappointed expression taking over his face.

"That's fine, You have your reasons," He got up and left without anymore words exchanged, leaving Chan to stare at the door, longing.

"Hyung forgive my words but you're fucking dumb" Jisung said Coming out from his hiding spot.

"Guess your superstition is correct," Changbin laughed,"Because that was pretty dumb."

"This has nothing to do with coffee," Chan groaned, leaning back in his chair, putting his face in his hands.

"Watch it," Jisung said, from where he was cleaning.

"He shouldn't be interested." Chan said.

Changbin scoffed,"Why? Because he's the first chance at happiness since-?" 

Chan just looked at him.

"Yes I'm bringing it up," he looked at him already knowing his words, "We both know why you have all those tattoos on your arm, you need to allow yourself to feel something good."

"My head hurts," He groaned, sitting up.

Changbin patted him on the shoulder,"Just help clean up and go get some rest."

Chan woke up with bloodshot eyes, he knew it was from the crying he did that night but he couldn't bring himself to care. 

He mumbled as he remembered he didn't buy anymore tea, sighing he got up and made himself publicly decent. 

Faking a smile as he walked into the crowded coffee shop he looked at the ground, not noticing the person trying to walk around him until an iced americano was spilled all over his shirt. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Chan." a voice said.

Snapping his head up there in front of him was Woojin fruitlessly wiping the coffee off of his shirt. Chan just held his hand up, "It's okay, that's not coming out."

Woojin immediately started taking his hoodie off,"Here, I'll buy you a drink too. What do you normally order?" He said, handing it over.

Chan stood there frozen,"I- You don't have too," He said, trying to hand the hoodie back to no avail.   

"I insist," Woojin smiled warmly at him, even though Chan could see a bit of hurt in his eyes.

Sighing, Chan just put the hoodie on,"Hot green tea," he said in surrender.

After everything was paid for Chan looked at the drink in his hand as Woojin began walking away,"Wait," he said quickly, causing Woojin to stop. "C-can I get your number."

"Why would you need that?" He asked, turning around.

Taking a deep breath Chan answered,"Maybe I want to go get something with you after my shift is over.

Woojin smiled at him, and Chan learned that maybe some of Jisung's superstitions weren't so crazy after all.