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Ink and Iced Coffee

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"Oh my god Seungmin, I think I'm in love," Jisung said, awe stricken as he walked out of his testing room.

His friend just laughed,"Okay well now I know how you did."

Jisung took the opportunity to shove Seungmin,"Shut the fuck up, you didn't see what I saw."

"Wel-" Seungmin said before getting shoved against a wall.

"That's him," He whispered discretely.

"What's so special about him that you probably bombed a test for it?" Seungmin said, after he had shoved Jisung off of him.

"Shut up, he'll hear you," Jisung Whisper yelled. 

"Hey you!" Seungmin shouted at the man that was obviously listening in.

The person in question turned around and Jisung turned redder than his hair. "Yes?" He asked.

"Nothing, it's absolutely nothing," Jisung said quickly.

"Really, because it seems like something," he smirked, eyeing Jisung's nervous stance and face practically glowing red. 

"I promise, it's nothing, he thought you were someone else." Jisung said, trying to keep his cool.

 "Okay..." he strung out turning around and walking off, hearing Jisungs breath of relief.

Seungmin looked at his friend,"How the hell do you have one of the coolest jobs in existence and manage to be such a dweeb?"

"All I do is draw on people and I don't get my official licence until next week," Jisung says, heading towards the exit,"Besides, I've never even done a whole piece start to finish. Sure, I design but that's about it."

"Whatever, you go off and create masterpieces, while I drive around and hear people complain about extra sauce," Seugmin scoffed.

Jisung pointed at him,"keep up that tone and I'll make sure you cant hang out with us during break."

"You guys would forget to eat if it wasn't for me," he laughed.

"Speaking of work," Jisung sighed,"Channie hyung was stupid and booked a 12 hour, so now I have to take over for at least 2"

"Have fun staring at flesh then," Seungmin waved goodbye as Jisung threw his things in the back seat.

"Your savior has arrived," Jisung announced, entering the parlor, making a b-line for the sink in the back to wash up.

"We're 7 hours in Jisungie, I don't know if he can take it," Chan snickered.

"Shut the fuck up," the person yelled back.

"Bambam hyung, how do you need a twelve hour tattoo session?" Jisung asked, putting on the gloves.

"None of your business, Just don't screw this up," Bambam looked over at him as he switched places with Chan.

"Well, we still have five hours to fix it." Jisung smirks, picking up where Chan left off.

About an hour into Jisung's portion Bambam smacks his free hand on the table,"Okay, I need a break," He says, sitting up as Jisung takes the needle out of him.

Jisung leans back and rubs his eyes,"Why would he do this to himself," he groaned as Bambam disappeared into the restroom.

"He's rich, so don't question it, just take the money," Changbin said, he was doing a tattoo himself.

"You guys got any water or something?" Bambam asked.

"Do you just want to go get food? you've been here for eight hours," Chan suggested.

Bambam nodded and walked out the door, Chan following close behind.

"Hey Jisung, can you clean this guy up, while I get the wrap?" Changbin said, standing up.

"Sure," Jisung said, walking up to the customer, quickly cleaning off the leftover ink and going back to scrolling through his phone.


5 hours and 1,200 bucks later, Bamabam was gone and they could finally close up shop, Everything except for Chan's station was clean so they did that before walking out the door, the three of them took a collective breath as they breathed in the fresh air. 

"I swear to god they were high when Bambam booked that appointment and Chan said yes," Jisung said leaning on the counter as Seungmin stood and listened, "Who get's a full sleeve done in one session? That's painful for everyone involved."

"Didn't you only do two hours?" Seungmin asked, handing Jisung a cup of coffee. 

"No," He pouted,"I had to do 5." he took a sip.

"Your wrist must be killing you then," Seungmin said.

"Yeah, can I wait here and get the food that isn't served at the end of the shift?" He said, standing up. When he walked to the tables his face immediately turned red. "Hi."

It was the same guy from the test,"Hey." he said, getting up to throw his trash away.

"You heard everything, didn't you?" Jisung rubbed the back of his neck.

The guy just nodded,"yeah, sounds like you've had a rough day," he chuckled.

"Well...," Jisung stood there awkwardly,"Hope you have a good night."

"Actually I was wondering if you could draw something up for me? I've been wanting to get a tattoo but I don't really like anything other artists have shown me." He asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice. 

"I mean I have a copy of all my designs on my phone, but I can draw something else if you like the style," Jisung said sitting down, He gave Seungmin a death glare as he did so.

Minho sat next to him and Jisung could see the shock growing on his face,"You drew these?" He said kind of quiet for the few times Jisung had talked to him. 

"Did you like a particular one or do you want me to draw you something else?" Jisung asked,fighting his panic for the sake of his job.

"Um, I like the roses but, can you draw them in like a linear pattern, instead of a cluster," He asked nervously.

Jisung nodded, grabbing his sketchbook from his bag,"You're lucky I can draw flowers in my sleep, or else this would've taken so long we'd get kicked out," he chuckled, getting to work.   

It only took about 30 minutes, with color. Jisung laughed a little when he saw him dozing off next to him. When the paper was torn out of the book he snapped out of it. "That's it," he said, smiling at the work. He took the paper and handed Jisung 20 dollars.

"Oh, you don't have to do that," Jisung said trying to hand the money back.

"Keep it, you went out of your way for me, I'd honestly give you more if I had more cash on me," he said walking towards the door,"Have a good night."  

"You too," Jisung waved goodbye while packing up. As soon as he was far enough away, he turned to Seungmin,"You didn't tell me he was here!"

"What did you want me to say the guy you think is hot is here? He was the only person in here." Seungmin snapped.

Jisung rolled his eyes,"Just give me the food."

"Where are you going?" Seungmin said when Jisung began to leave with the food,"I haven't seen you all day."

"I'm not busy tomorrow and you're off, I want to go to sleep." He said heading towards his car.

As soon as he got home he passed out after he ate. Chan sent him a message saying they needed to talk tomorrow and that kind of scared him.

"I got an email from a guy last night, asking for a tattoo with a very similar design to this," Chan said, holding up Jisung's portfolio, the rose drawing on display.

Jisung sighed in relief, he thought he forgot to clean the tubes or something,"I drew it for him last night, said he didn't like what other artist showed him."

"Is there something going on I don't know about?" Chan asked with a smirk.

Jisung shook his head,"What? No, where would you get that idea from?"

"Because if he emailed me, that means he's seen my work. You, Me, and Changbin all know that I don't do much photo-realism. That's on you two, and I have to admit, even Changbin isn't that good."

"Hey!" Changbin yelled, pausing his tattoo,"Do not criticize my drawing style in front of me."

"Whatever," Chan rolled his eyes, looking back at Jisung,"Still think there's nothing going on?"

"Even if there was," Jisung sighed," I can't work without supervision yet anyways, so he has to at least book it with one of you guys."

Chan smacked his lips,"Fine, tomorrow, I'll say for six hours, but knowing you, it'll probably take less time."

"Thanks, Hyung," Jisung smiled.

Chan let a small smile graze his lips,"You're welcome, now get cleaning." he said, playfully strict.

 The next day Jisung was practically buzzing as he waited for the guy to show up, but, he kept his composure, for the sake of not being babied. 

"Minho, right?" Chan said greeting the guy.

Jisung couldn't look at him, he wasn't dressed i a hoodie this time, but rather a loose Muscle tank top. He was more fit than Jisung expected. Chan said something about Jisung placing the stencil, before leaving them alone to check the equipment, "So, you're Minho." He said grabbing the outlined version of his design. 

"And you're Jisung," Minho smirked.

"So, Minho where do you want this design?" Jisung asked, waiting to prep the area

Minho had a smirk on his face,"I was thinking, just below the collarbone, my left side." He chuckled when he saw Jisung visibly swallow.

Shaking his head, Jisung reached for a piece of tape,"Do you want to just take the shirt off, If not I can tape it."

Looking down his shirt, Minho shook his head at the question,"Just tape it."

"What? Abs not looking good today?" Jisung joked.

Minho laughed Dryly as Jisung taped his shirt so that the area was exposed,"Yeah, that's exactly it."

Jisung prepared to put the stencil on Minho's skin,"You have no idea how many sweaty fat men walk in here, you'd be a major upgrade." Jisung chuckled, finally placing the stencil on,"Is this a good spot?"

Minho couldn't help but burst out laughing,"That's nice to hear, and Yeah, the placement is fine."

Jisung rolled his stool to the opposite side of Minho,"This your first tattoo?" 

 With a deep breath through his nose Minho nodded.

"Oof, Not the standard place for the first, but I don't think it'll hurt that much," Jisung commented,"Channie hyung is coming so you need to lean back."

Minho complied, leaning back so that he way lying on his back. He took a deep breath when he saw Chan walk in with the needles.

For the first few minutes it was silent, Jisung could see Minho fighting multiple screams, deciding to help him out a bit, Jisung handed him one of the towels they let customers squeeze. he could also see Minho's nails digging into his palm and didn't want him to draw blood. Chan did the outline, but once that was done he stepped out for a few minutes, Jisung was left to do the rest. There was some chatter going on for a few minutes but it quickly died down and Jisung began to focus. He felt two sets of eyes on him, the critiquing yet proud gaze from Chan and a gaze full of emotions he couldn't quite place from Minho.  There was a collective Chuckle from the three of them when they heard Felix ask Changbin out but it was relatively silent otherwise. When Jisung finished up he went to begin cleaning everything, there was some murmuring going on between Chan and Minho before a smirk fell across both their faces. Opting to ignore the suspicions behavior jisung watched Chan open the curtain, at the sight of Seungmin's Jaw on the floor, he decided to show Minho out as well.

This whole story was explained to Changbin, lots of yelling and hand gestures included. The older just laughed,"Oh my god, you got someone to get a tattoo for you, surprised he didn't ask you out."

"He didn't get a tattoo because he wanted to ask me out," Jisung rolled his eyes, taking another bite of his burger.

"It's not that unlikely," Chan smirked, eating a freakish amount of food in one bite. 

Jisung raised his brow in confusion, only to almost drop his phone at the message that came up. Quickly regaining his composure he looked over at Chan before yelling,"What the fuck man?!"

Chan shrugged his shoulders,"What? It was almost upsetting seeing you single. And since Changbin is getting a date next week I decided to save our ears from your whining. "

"So what did he do?" Seungmin asked, looking between the two of them. 

Jisung cleared his throat and read the message out loud,"Hey, this is Mihno, I know this sounds weird but I kind of asked Chan for your number. I was wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee sometime?"

The room burst into laughter, even Jisung couldn't contain it. "What the hell, that's awesome," Changbin said.

"Well, say yes," Seungmin was gasping for air.

 Jisung tapped on his phone, raising his eyebrows when he got a response almost immediately,"Guess I have a coffee date tomorrow," Jisung was shocked himself.

 The next day Jisung was fidgeting with his hands as he waited for Minho. His mind raced with thought's like, 'What if I get stood up?' 'Is this all just a prank?' 'What if he turns out to be a psychopath?' all theses thoughts calmed when he saw a familiar silhouette on the ground, the shadow of the person at the door. When he looked up,there stood Minho. He wore another tank top, his new tattoo on proud display. Jisung waved him down from the table he was sitting at,"Hey, your tattoo seems to be healing well," he greeted.

"Yeah," Minho smiled,"Probably because I had a good artist."

Jisung chuckled,"That was cheesy."

"Well, who doesn't like Cheese?" Minho smirked. "You know what you want?" He asked looking at the menu above the counter.

"Yeah, by the way, are you a fan of iced coffee?" Jisung asked.

"Yes, why?"Minho raised a brow.

"Then I think this date will go well," Jisung smiled.

They both laughed at the superstition before Minho went off to order.

Pulling out his phone Jisung sent a text to Chan.

I never thought I'd say this, but thanks for giving my number to a random client.