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Destined Together

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Arthur, the most powerful alpha and leader of Regina pack was the ruthless man to ever walk on the face of the earth. He had everything. A strong yet beautiful family. A pack who would do anything to fulfil his command. With his two alpha sons and a beautiful wife by his side, Arthur had nothing to worry about. Not until they had their third baby, an omega. Not that Arthur had anything against omegas, on contrary omega in his pack were considered to be at the highest rank. They were cherished for their beauty and worshipped for their purity and so was his omega son, Baekhyun. 


Baekhyun, the docile, beautiful omega was a complete head turner. With his cute button nose and naturally rosy cheeks, he got everyone to undertip of his finger even his ruthless Alpha king, Arthur. His two alpha brothers- Armand and Jules were anything but smitten to their baby brother. Their protective nature towards their omega brother could be appraised as the serious level of possessiveness resulting in countless feud and brawls. 


Despite being a head turner and having almost everyone on his side Baekhyun was alone. He was a living example of Damsel in distress. Just like the moon, Baekhyun too had spots on his beauty. Baekhyun was mute. His mother, Anne had a complication during her pregnancy resulting in Baekhyun's disability. 

Anne's heart shattered on seeing her baby break into a silent cry. She need not pay any heed at midwife's words to know about her baby's disability. It was as clear as the first snow. Her third born was not healthy. He was born mute.

Anne, with countless tears, was tending her newborn when Arthur flung opened the door. "Anne-"

"Alpha, isn't he beautiful?" She asked completely ignoring the distress on her mate's face.

Arthur unable to form coherent words simply nodded his head and shed countless tears. His hands itched to take the tiny pup in his arms but with a fear of hurting him or bringing any damage more than he had endured, he stood frozen to the ground.

"Alpha, bring the kids in. They must be excited to meet their brother."

"Anne, pup... he didn't cry... midwife... she says-"

"Arthur, we have a beautiful and healthy pup by our side. The moon goddess had blessed us with the most beautiful omega."

Arthur drew a breath. It will be difficult especially when Anne had made up her mind. The disabled pup was a curse to any pack. It was a taboo to birth such a child.

He knew her wife would never abandon her child. The omega in his wife's arms was his own blood and flesh and no matter what packs says he will keep the baby next to them. He will be the pride of the pack and just like other omegas in the pack he made sure his pup, Baekhyun gets all attention and love and care here in the pack.

Arthur was sure about midwife by now announcing about their son's disability but the bigger announcement was to be made. An announcement right from the leader's mouth.


Arthur carefully slid his hands under baby's back and lifted him up in his arms carefully. He gave a sweet peck on his wife's forehead and walked out to face his pack.

As expected, the whole town was assembled to celebrate the birth of new pup in the leader's den but with a newly formed frown on their faces.

"I, Arthur, the leader of Regina pack is thrilled to announce the birth of a new pup, an omega named Baekhyun. He-"

"Alpha, a disabled child doesn't deserve this celebration we disagree to be part of it." An old man apparently someone from advisors' board spoke in disgust.

"Baekhyun is not just a disabled child!" Arthur growled, snarling dangerously at the man who dared to interrupt him. The said man cowered bringing his gaze down to the floor. "Baekhyun is the pride of the pack. He will bring peace and serenity to the pack. He is a treasure of the pack. A treasure to be protected." Arthur announced and turned his back against his people. He doesn't care his people wants to be part of this celebration or not but in no way, he will let others belittle his little ball of fur. His pup was a blessing; a blessing that his wife had carried for nine months after countless miscarriages.

Baekhyun and his brother had a significant gap of fifteen years. Jules's birth brought a toll on Anne's fragile body. Anne gave birth to a healthy child who was a quick learner and early shifter but in return, she almost lost her life. After a decade of medication and care, Anne was ready to conceive another pup but it didn't come easy. The countless miscarriages made her lose her hope.

Not until the night when she was visited by mood Goddess in her dream. In her dream, she saw the moon goddess smiling at her and telling her that she had endured enough. She was worthy of her blessing but before Anne could rejoice in her dream, Moon Goddess told her to endure a little more.

'The baby will be a treasure, a treasure to its pack and its people. Accept him with his flaws. Then only Regina will see it rise or hell will break upon it and will diminish into ashes.'