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Finding What's Lost

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It all started in summer............


It's the summer of 2017, a twenty year old boy named Taehyung was spending the days with his family at their villa in Daegu. That's where he met Jeongguk, a brilliant and handsome 27-year-old known writer from Seoul— also the son of a friend of Taehyung's father. Jeongguk spent his summer days at Taehyung's family villa. Jeongguk wanted a change of scenery, a breath of nature to get an inspiration for his new story "Finding What's Lost" so he called Kim Junsu, Taehyung's father and asked him if he could spend a month at their villa. Taehyung's father agreed and insisted for him to stay the whole summer because him and Jeongguk's father are friends anyway and he wanted to catch up with him and asked him a lot of things about his father, who's busy running their company.


Taehyung found Jeongguk intimidating yet very attractive at the same time when they first met. He admired Jeongguk's confidence, the way he carried himself, and the way he worded things — well he's a writer so that's expected. Jeongguk charmed his way through the people in town, people loved him, especially the Kim's. Taehyung found himself drawn to the elder but was afraid to approach him, scared that he would make him uncomfortable, or worse Jeongguk would reject him. He was wrong.


One morning, he was playing a piano out of boredom, he played a piece that he made. He was too engrossed that he failed to notice the figure that was watching him in awe and fascination. As he finished his piece, he heard a clap making him look up in surprise. Jeongguk was smiling at him and he looked at him wide eyed.


"H-How long have you been standing there?" Taehyung asked, trying not to focus on how handsome Jeongguk looked in white shorts and grey shirt.


"Long enough to hear you play a such a wonderful masterpiece." Jeongguk answered still smiling as he approached the younger.


"It's beautiful. Was it yours? Did you compose that piece by yourself?" Jeongguk asked curiously.


"Yeah." Taehyung looked down shyly and he could feel his face heat up, not used to receiving compliments especially from the elder. "Thank you." He said in a small voice.


After that day, they started to spend more time together, exploring each other's interests and similarities. Taehyung brought Jeongguk to different places and watched him write seriously on his small notebook, wrinkles forming on his forehead. They learned more about each other and a beautiful friendship bloomed between them. 


Taehyung hadn't seen it coming, never meant it to happen but it seemed like life was trying to play with him. He thought by spending time with Jeongguk, his infatuation would go away but it only grew bigger. He started to notice and see every little detail about Jeongguk — the little scar on his left cheek, the mole under his lips and on his nostril, the wrinkles on the corner of his eyes whenever he laughed, the scrunch of his nose whenever he smiled so wide, the way he touched his hair whenever he's feeling nervous, and more that he should not even gave attention to but he couldn't help it. Jeongguk was so beautiful and everyone could see that, and the more he spent time with him, the more his heart was calling out for him.


He tried to minimize his moments with the elder, always excusing himself whenever he wanted to go on a ride with him, swim on the lake, and go to other places. He just hope Jeongguk hadn't caught on yet, he didn't know what to say to him. Taehyung spent most of his times in his room, writing and composig new pieces, listening to music, and sometimes watching movies.


It was night time and Taehyung was sitting on the grass near the lake, his and now also Jeongguk's 'secret place' as he introduced it to him few nights ago.


"Soooooo, this is my secret place. I always go here whenever I'm sad, when I wanted to be alone, and whenever I want to write songs in peace." Taehyung smiled as the elder looked around the place in amazement.


"It's so beautiful but it's not a secret anymore since you brought me here." They both sat on the grass and looked at the sky. Stars twinkling and the moon shining down at them.


"Well, this could be a secret between us. Don't tell others." Taehyung looked at him, the moonlight was reflecting on his eyes making it look like the galaxies were in them. Jeongguk thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 


"I won't but why did you bring me here? I thought this was your secret place?" Taehyung hummed at the question.


"It was but I trust you and I wanted to show this place before you go." He said the last part in a whisper. They stared at each other for a moment until Jeongguk spoke.


"Thank you. I love this place and I'm going to miss this." They went silent after that.


Five words were hanging in their minds but no one dared to say it out loud. 


I'm going to miss you........................


Taehyung smiled at the memory, remembering how Jeongguk and him tried to name all the constellations they saw and how the moon had shown Jeongguk's ethereal beauty. He fell deeper more in love. His thoughts were broken by a familiar voice.


"I knew you'd be here. Can I sit here?" Jeongguk asked, staring at the startled boy.


"Yeah." Taehyung answered softly before looking at the water shining because of the moon and stars— in front of them.


"It's a beautiful night, isn't it. The moon looks big and there's a lot of stars in the sky. Remember when you first brought me here?" Taehyung hummed in acknowledgement. Jeongguk continued. "I was truly fascinated by the surrounding. It's so beautiful, so relaxing and I couldn't keep myself from memorizing all the details of this place so that I could keep it in my memory or even put it my story."


"Yeah I could see that. Your eyes were shining as if they saw some magical things." The elder chuckled softly, making him smile lightly.






"Why were you ignoring me these past few dsys? Did I do something wrong?" Jeongguk asked, voice filled with sadness.


"I......I wasn't ignoring you. I was just busy with things." Taehyung lied, he didn't know what to say to Jeongguk. He knew he had been ass to Jeongguk when he didn't even do anything but be kind to him.


"You're lying. You weren't busy with anything but you were busy ignoring me. You also avoided looking at me, always dodging my request of spending time together. You became distant. What did I do wrong? I couldn't stop thinking, asking myself if I did something that made you upset or anything." Jeongguk looked at him, sadness filling his eyes and Taehyung just wanted to curl in ball to hide himself from him.


"You didn't do anything wrong." 


"Then why did you distance yourself from me?" Taehyung wanted to shout at Jeongguk, tell him to stop asking questions.


"It's complicated. Please, can you just let it go?" Jeongguk turned Taehyung around to look at him straight it the eyes. 


"If that thing you wouldn't tell me was the reason why you kept ignoring me, then I'm not it letting go. Can you please just tell me, so I can do something about it?" Jeongguk sounded so desperate that it made Taehyung feel bad for ignoring him.


"You can't do anything about it. You're just gonna hate me." Taehyung looked down but Jeongguk held his chin to keep him still.


"That's the last thing I would do. Just look at me and tell me, yeah?" Taehyung wanted to cry as he saw the sincerity in the elder's eyes. They stared at each other for awhile until Taehyung moved forward to press his lips against Jeongguk's. He didn't know where he got the confidence, all he knew was Jeongguk looked so beautiful under the moonlight and stars. Jeongguk didn't respond to the kiss, too shocked to even do anything and it made Taehyung pull away from him. The younger looked away, tears already starting to form in the corner of his eyes.


"T-Tae what—"


"I love you, I've always liked you since the first day dad introduced you to us. I thought it was just a small crush but it grew bigger when you started hanging out with me. I tried to make it go away but I failed and I'm sorry, I fell in love with you." It was silent, Taehyung could feel and hear his heart beating so loud. He stood up when he heard no response from the other, he just wanted to be on his bed and cry himself to sleep and forget everything that happened.


"I-I'm going now. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Taehyung choked on the last word. His back was facing the elder, not letting him see the tears streaming down the younger's face. Before Taehyung could even take his first step, Jeongguk had beat him to it. Jeongguk held his wrist and pulled him towards him, making the younger fall exactly on his lap. Jeongguk looked at his face, tears still falling freely down and Jeongguk reached a hand to wipe them. Taehyung was so confused by the action so he just stared dumbly at the elder. Jeongguk noticed it and smiled a little.


"You're an idiot, you know that?" Jeongguk said before kissing both of his cheeks. "You didn't even let me reply." a kiss on his forehead. "You're truly an idiot." a kiss on both of his eyes. "Didn't even try to hear me out." a kiss on his nose, making it scrunch up unconsciously. Cute, Jeongguk thought.


"If you're just going to insult me please—" He was interrupted by the soft lips against his. Jeongguk was kissing him, his lips was on him— he stopped his mind from thinking and wrapped his arms around Jeongguk's neck and kissed him back. Jeongguk tightened his hold on Taehyung, pulling him closer to his chest as they moved their lips against each other. 


Jeongguk was the first one to pull away from the kiss. Both of them were panting softly. 


"I like you too, Tae. I'm almost there, loving you. I couldn't stop thinking about ever since the day we first met." Jeongguk smiled softly at him.


"R-Really?" Taehyung's eyes looked so hopeful yet insecure at the same time and Jeongguk wanted to make those go away.


"Yes, when the first day I met you I was really awestruck. I was like 'How is he real? There's no way he's not angel. He's the most beautiful person I've seen in my whole life. And his voice, his mind, and his talents, and his personality, and—"


"Stop. That's so lame, you're so lame." Taehyung said hiding his face on Jeongguk's chest, face painted with red. The elder laughed at him.


"Yeah, but it made you blush." Jeongguk teased the younger.


"I'm not blushing." Taehyung looked up to glare at him.


"Really? Your face is so hot though."


"Shut up."


"It's cute."


"I'm not."


"I said your blushing face but yeah you're cute too in general."


"I swear to god if you don't stop I'm going to leave you here." Taehyung grumbled and Jeongguk put his arms up in surrender.


"Fine, you big baby." Jeongguk kissed the younger's cheeks, making him pout cutely.


"Kiss my lips?" Jeongguk smirked hearing the younger's shy request.


"Aw you're getting shy on me now?" He teased and Taehyung rolled his eyes at him.


"Whatever, I'll go now." He tried to stand up but Jeongguk pulled him again against him. He didn't let the younger protest and kissed him.


Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jeongguk's neck as he pushed himself closer to him and kissed him deeper. Soon their kisses became more heated and passionate. Jeongguk poked his tongue on Taehyung's lips, asking for entrance and the younger gasped at the action, giving Jeongguk an opportunity to lick inside his mouth. Taehyung started grinding down on Jeongguk making them both moan at the delicious friction.


"Tae, you sure about this?" Jeongguk asked between their kisses. Taehyung pulled away and pressed their foreheads together.


"Yes, I am. I want you to be my first and I want the stars and the moon to witness it."


"Well that's really romantic." 


"Says the one who pulled the most romantic move he had seen from the movies he watched." Taehyung smirked as he saw a blush crept on Jeongguk's cheeks.


"It's your fault for making me watch lots of romantic movies with a man pulling his lover's wrist!" Jeongguk pouted.


"You loved those movies though." He laughed.


"Yeah yeah whatever." Taehyung looked at him fondly and caressed his face.


"You're so beautiful. I love the moles on your face." He said kissing every mole he saw on the elder's face. He didn't forget to kiss Jeongguk's scar.


"When I said you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen, I wasn't joking. You're truly the most beautiful person, both inside and out." They stared at each other and none of them knew who leaned in first to kiss the other. Their mouths moved in sync, tongues dancing around each other trying to find a rhythm, and hot breaths fanning their faces. Taehyung shivered as Jeongguk's lips traveled down his neck, leaving soft kisses everywhere, careful not to leave some hickey. Taehyung tilted his head back so that Jeongguk could have more access to his neck and could kiss every part of it. He removed the younger's shirt and his other clothing to take a good look of his body. Taehyung trembled as soon as the cool wind hit his sensitive skin but it was soon replaced by hotness when Jeongguk leaned down to take his hard bud between his lips and sucked on it, his other hand was pinching the other bud. Taehyung let out a loud moaned at the sensation, a beautiful sound to Jeongguk's ears— hands gripping Jeongguk's hair to ground himself.


"J-Jeongguk..........please." The said man stopped his abuse at the sensitive erect buds to look at the younger who was already looked so wrecked just by Jeongguk's lips.


"What do you want baby?" He asked, a trail of kisses landed on his jaw to his neck. Taehyung moaned when Jeongguk nipped softly at the sensitive part behind his ear.


"Want you please........t-touch me." Taehyung whined as he started grinding down desperately on Jeongguk who growled and gripped his hips to stop him from moving.


"Stop that. I don't want you to cum just by that. I want you to enjoy every moment and I'd make you feel so good, yeah?" The younger nodded and Jeongguk kissed his forehead before asking him to get off his lap for awhile so that he could remove his clothing. After removing all of his clothes, Jeongguk laid his and Taehyung's shirt to serve as a makeshift mattress for the younger to lay on and avoid hurting his back from the grasses. He laid Taehyung down, gently.


"Are you comfortable love?" He was met with a blinding smile and an eager nod. He smiled in return.


Jeongguk leaned down to kiss Taehyung who wrapped his arms around him. Their kisses became more desperate, all teeth and tongue. Jeongguk pulled away from the kiss and went down the younger's neck, biting softly at the most sensitive part of his skin. Taehyung whined as the elder kept lapping on the particular skin. Jeongguk chuckled but continued what he's doing.


"Hmmn don't tease please." Taehyung said between pants. He's already so worked up just by Jeongguk's lips. The said man continued to assault the younger's body with his lips— Taehyung kept his eyes on him until he came face to face with his cock. The younger held his breath, excited yet nervous of what's to come. Jeongguk took a moment to admire Taehyung's cock— 


"Do you trust me baby?" 


"Yes yes, just.....please I want—" Whatever Taehyung was supposed to say was cut off by his own gasp as Jeongguk wrapped his soft lips around his cock and slowly sunk down until it reaches his throat. Their eyes stayed locked with each other, Jeongguk looking up at Taehyung, eyes fond as he started to bob his head up and down. He took Taehyung's cock deeper making the other moan loudly and fist the grass to keep himself from gripping the elder's hair.


Jeongguk continued to suck Taehyung off, humming at how Taehyung's cock fit perfectly in his mouth, making the younger curse and moan shakily at the vibration.


"J-Jeongguk, I think I'm gonna.....I'm going to come.....please......I—." Taehyung cried as Jeongguk stopped. Slowly, he pulled off from Taehyung's cock, grinning at how wet he’s made it, glistening with his spit and Taehyung's cum. Taehyung looks at him, eyes wide and hazy.


"W-Why did—." Jeongguk shushed him and pecked his lips. 


"I need to prep you now." Taehyung nodded at him. "We don't have lube so I'll just use spit so it might hurt, is it okay for you baby? We can still stop if you want?" The younger smiled softly at the elder's worried face. He held Jeongguk's face between his palms and raised himself up to kiss him softly. "I trust you to make me feel good. I know you won't hurt me on purpose." 


"Of course, love."


"Suck this for me, angel." Jeongguk said putting his three fingers in front of Taehyung's face. Taehyung wrapped his hand around his wrist and started sucking on his fingers, making each of them wet. Jeongguk groaned at the sight, so beautiful and Taehyung looked innocent with his wide glistening eyes yet sinful at the same time.


Suddenly, a spit slicked finger hovered over Taehyung’s puckered hole, smooth and soft just like the rest of him and so beautiful. Jeongguk rubbed the pad of his finger over it, entranced at how it clenched just by a mere touch. He didn't want to make the younger wait any longer so he inserted the first digit making Taehyung gasp at the sudden intrusion, but he immediately got used to it and asked Jeongguk to add another finger which the elder did. He thrusted the two fingers in and out until Taehyung was ready for the third one. Taehyung was a moaning mess, fisting the grass like his life depended on it, tears streaming down his beautiful face, and cock leaking— begging to be touched. 


Jeongguk removed his fingers and Taehyung uses it as an opportunity to breathe and compose himself. Jeongguk spit on his hand and used it to coat his cock.


"Baby tell me it if hurts, yeah?" Jeongguk said softly as he aligned his member on Taehyung's begging hole.


"Y-yes Jeongguk just please.......i-inside need you."


Slowly, Jeongguk started to push in. Taehyung's lips parted, eyes shut, and legs suddenly locked up around the elder's waist. It hurt but it felt so good. Jeongguk is deliciously thick too, his cock was already enough to have Taehyung’s rim feeling sore even if they have barely even started yet and Jeongguk was only half way inside.


"Fuck baby you're so tight" Jeongguk said between pants as he finally bottomed out. 


"M-Move." And Jeongguk did. He moves slowly, waiting for Taehyung to adjust. Taehyung moaned when Jeongguk hit a certain spot.


"A-Ah Faster please." Jeongguk didn't waste any time and granted Taehyung's wish to move in a fast pace. He groaned at the delicious tightness, making his cock throb inside.


Taehyung moaned loudly and Jeongguk knew he hit his sweet spot. He leaned down to kiss Taehyung lips, jaw and neck as continued abusing his prostate.


"Ngh......ah ah ah..... I-I'm so close....please......."


"Baby, call me by your name and I'll call you by mine." Jeongguk said as he stared at him fondly. Taehyung smiled.


"Taehyung." Taehyung called, smiling softly.




They finally reached their sweet release. Jeongguk slowly pulled out and laid down beside Taehyung.


"Are you okay? How are you feeling?" Jeongguk asked, facing the younger.


"Good. Really good. Thank you Jeongguk." Jeongguk caressed his face and leaned down to kiss him softly.


"Jeongguk." Said Jeongguk when they pulled apart, breath heating the younger's face.




That night, their lives changed forever. The moon, the stars, and night sky were the witness of their blossoming love.