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Ado (Y/N)
The Ricochet Hero: Shockwave Quirk: Force Redistribution
Affliation: Shockwave Agency, Former UA student
Birthday: April 19th (currently 24 years of age)
Height: 5’5”
Bloodtype: A Positive
Status: Omega
Quirk: Shockwave is able to redistribute newtons of force. When impacted, the force is absorbed by the body and spread out evenly through her system allowing for a higher rate of damage before her body is affected (this is done subconsciously). In addition, Shockwave can redistribute the force into an attack. Within a three second period, the impact absorbed can be redistributed to a specific point on her body to increase the newtons of force delivered in the attack. With high levels of force, Shockwave can create, as her name implies, shockwaves from the sheer level of force being redirected through one spot.
Shockwave is especially resistant to force; each bone is able to withstand 10,000N, twice the average amount. However, it does not stop her from feeling pain. While her body naturally disperses damage through her body, it can still break when the newtons of force are too high; a full body break. When redistributing the force, Shockwave cannot make the space of dispersion too small or else will break her own hand. Luckily, practice perfects her ability to distribute force.

There is a draw back to over using her quirk. If Shockwave over uses her ability, the strain on her body can be dangerous. Leading to multiple minor fractures across her body, muscles ready to tear, blood vessels set to burst. After extensive use, it is highly recommended that she rests.


"Aw, you're so cute. Come here, look at our baby girl play hero! Your kids will love that (Y/N)!"

"Oh you're so lucky! I wish my daughter was an omega, they're so rare these days. She'll have no problem finding a husband!"

"Stop being stubborn, you're not going to a damn hero school. Its too dangerous! You're an omega, you'll never be able to keep up."

"What happens if you run into an alpha villain huh? Are you really going to be able to keep those omega instincts of yours under control? I don't think we can have you at our agency."

That was it. That's been your whole damn life. Sad omega this. Weak omega that. Roll over and find an alpha to mate with. Hang up your costume and be a mother. One person after another doubting you. Doubting your abilities. Expecting you to play the weak and submissive role while everyone else got to go about their life as normal. Ha

Where would you be if you'd listened to that drivel? Sure, it had been tough. You fought tooth and nail in the UA exam to get your place. Argued with every teacher and student to let you train despite their innate fear you'd get hurt. Strengthened your quirk til asshole alphas like Bakugou couldn't stand three rounds with you! Helped punch the League of Villains into the dirt! Fought and sued agencies until you finally started your own! You took every pill, every collar to keep your scent hidden and kicked ass back and forth til your name hit the pages like the rest of your classmates.

Shockwave: The Ricochet Hero. Dressed in a black catsuit with neon blue wiring running up and down its make to prevent your skin from cuts or burns; face smeared with black face paint like you'd come out of a punk concert over a fight and hair braided long. A choker of similar blue colouring was tightly secured to your throat, hiding away your scent. The last thing you needed was a showy alpha getting in the way. You had a high capture rate, and an even higher rescue rate. Able to move through collapsing tunnels or buildings without getting so much as a scratch on yourself. It wasn't just that that made you popular though. It was how outspoken you where about the expectations of omegas. The inherently wrong assumption that they're weak, frail, and destined to be some alpha's bitch. Sure omegas were rare, omegas were frail (well, except in your lucky quirk case), but that didn't mean they couldn't do something with their lives! It quickly made you popular with all the young lasses with omega status hanging over their head. If you could do it, so could they.

You were snapped out of your thoughts as the very villains you were waiting for darted across your path. A bank robbery in process. They had had hostages, and the police had let them go before calling for you. Letting you know their path and the car they were in. Blue truck with several duffle bags in the back, and that exact vehicle was driving past you. The villains took no notice of you, how could they, they were driving recklessly too! How dare they. It was easy enough to step in front of the truck, hand on your hip and you gave the villains your best grin as the truck collided right into you; taking the last second to cover your head to not get shrapnel in the eye. At the speed they were driving, the truck drove right past. Except for the you-sized hole carved through the middle like a cartoon. A pile of metal curled around you body and with the force thrumming through your bones, you sent the shock wave back; instantly freeing yourself of the metal. It hurt, of course it did. You just got hit by a fucking truck! But you'd felt worse, and your pain tolerance was only getting better. Hiding it behind a brave smile.

Turning around, you saw the villains climbing out of the car. Money was loose and flying around the air, and they all looked at you in shock. The vehicle in ruins, sharp edges and broken bones as it did nothing to dislodge you from your place. You walked towards them, brushing some metal shavings off your costume, and that grin could be called more of a smirk. "In the name of the law, surrender now. Or my day gets a whole lot more interesting!"

You always struggled to get that intimidating chord in your voice, but the fact that you'd survived a truck to the body helped. One immediately dropped to the ground, hands in the air but the other two stood ground; one covering himself in rock and the other's hands increased to twice the size. Damn, today was your lucky day. You made a beckoning motion, and they came charging at you. Nothing in their head but rocks clearly. You didn't even move as the blows came your way. The first struck your jaw and the rocks covering his hand broke, leaving you with the feeling of being struck by a wall. Give no ground, and you fired the shockwave back. Kicking his chest and sent him flying back into a lamppost, just in time to catch the blow to the back. You elbowed the other guy in the face, his nose breaking under the force and he collapsed down. Perfect.

Combat had gotten a lot easier. Your force redistribution was a work of art, practiced for years to fine tune it to this point. You pulled the capture tape out of your belt and started restraining the villains just as the cops, civilians and press arrived. You gave them a big wave, grinning past the pain that thrummed up your spine. A few kids darted past the cops, running right up to you, "Wow! You really caught those bad guys Shockwave?!"

"You know it! Anything for my citizens." you grinned, getting down on one need to ruffle the kid's hair, "But you gotta stay past police lines. For your own safety, off you go."

The press shouted out questions, but you waved them off. Giving your report to the officers instead. You'd managed to keep public property damage to a minimum, only a dented lamppost. Not a bad day. You were about to help load them into the truck when one of your sidekicks came running up, "Shockwave! You gotta get to the office." they panted, out of breathe.

"What happened? Something wrong?" you shot off, checking their face for injuries but they shook it off. "No! Its...Its Deku! The number one, he wanted to talk to you!"

Deku? You hadn't talked to him in a while, what did he want? You patted them on the back, leaving them to help clean up the villains as you made your way back to the office building. He was already standing outside, awkwardly pacing back and forth. Well, he was still as nervous as before. How the hell he became the new symbol of peace, you couldn't say, but it was good to see him again. He was one of your closer friends at UA. Didn't care that you were an omega, and was one of the even smaller group who believed you could turn out like you did. Always cheering you on. You picked up into a sprint and tackled the man. Deku squeaked, nearly toppling over before catching you and putting you back on your feet. You grinned up at him, damn he'd gotten tall, "Deku! How's it going you lovable nerd?"

"(Y/N)! You scared me!" he squeaked, covering his freckled cheeks before grinning down at you. You rolled your eyes, opening the door into your office and waiting for him to follow, "You're the top hero and you got scared by little ol me? How the might have fallen."

"Hey! Ijustwasntexpectingyoutorunrightintome." he mumbled rapidly, sounding more and more like the teenager who could barely get a sentence out to the teacher (or Bakugou for that matter). You patted his arm, giving the beta a big smile as you took up the elevator. "Relax Midoriya, its fine. I haven't seen you in an age and a half. I got excited. So what's up?"

"Oh! Right! I came here to invite you!" he explained, and you both moved into your office. It wasn't anything fancy, but you worked with two other sidekicks and managed the neighborhood practically on your own. You sat on your desk, grabbing some baby wipes from your drawer and wiping your face clean of the facepaint while Izuku talked; using his hands to gesture for everything. "Well its been a while, and so Uraraka-"

"Oh ya! Congrats on the wedding, sorry I couldn't make it. Last minute hostage situation in the subway." you blurted out, and his face immediately went pink again. "Ya thanks. She'll be there too."

"There where?"

"The reunion! That's what I was trying to tell you about. Uraraka wanted to get all of Class A back together for a reunion. We rented this massive camp space, Yaoyorozu is bringing all of the supplies, and we're trying to get everyone to come! It'll be great to pull everyone together again, its next weekend. I know its super short noticebutitwastheonlytimewecouldbookinImsorrythisissosuddensoiunderstandifyoucantmakeit-"

"Izuku, you're mumbling again." you pointed out, writing down the date on some scrap paper as Izuku apologized and started mumbling again. You didn't even need a second to decide, despite their difficulties, you adored your classmates. Seeing them again would be amazing, it had been a struggle to keep in contact with everyone now that they were all over Japan. "Hey its fine. It sounds like a great time, I'd love to see everyone again."

"Oh! Really! Oh that's great! Uraraka was just telling me about how much she missed you! And so does everyone else." he paused, looking down your throat and then away again. Ah, that's what he was so nervous about. You touched the collar gently, "Go ahead and ask. Everyone knows now, I don't mind."

"So you still haven't found anyone? Are you...are you doing okay? Ochaco has a cousin who's an omega, and she said that...well everything...gets harder without a mate the older you get." he stuttered out, his face going more and more pink the longer he spoke. Trying to carefully work around the issue of your heats without out right saying it. You laughed, reaching up and unbuckling the collar before placing it on the desk. Even a beta would be able to catch the scent of a lone omega, but it hardly bothered you. He didn't even freeze at it. "Really Izuku, I'm doing fine. I'm not about to go through the streets heat-stirred and desperate for a mate. I've got pride. I've never met an alpha who doesn't want their omega to give up everything and be a housewife. That's just not for me, I was meant to be a hero and I'm not going to give that up for an easier mating season. That's what alcohol is for."

You laughed gently, resting the collar on your civilian clothes. You rarely wore it out of costume. As a pro, you had enough skill to keep alpha's away and you radiated irritation and anger that drove most of them away. Cowering wasn't exactly your style. Izuku stuttered but nodded, "Oh. Okay. I just wanted to make sure. You remember our class. I think you once called it a-"

"An alpha-filled cesspool?" you snorted, well aware of who he was thinking of. Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, and then later Shinsou as well when he'd joined the class. Nice kids until they started trying to out-man the other. You shrugged, stepping behind a changing curtain to get out of the skin tight costume. It hurt to bend and stretch the fabric off, your body sore from the day, but you'd live. Calling out to Izuku, "I don't think they even knew I was an omega. I had to keep that damn collar on 24/7. The parents were always worried their kid would end up bonding too early, like mine were. I'm sure they'll be in for a surprise."

You stepped back around, looking like your usual messy self; most never made the connection of you to your hero persona. Today was black jeans, a loosely tucked in button up, and your signature red leather jacket; a gift from your dad, desperate to get you into the punk rock scene, just to try and make you a touch tougher in a harsh world. It had worked, better than he'd hoped and much to your mom's dismay (she'd worked so had to get you to accept a simple omega lifestyle like hers). You tapped Izuku on the shoulder, he'd turned around despite the curtain, and he jumped before spinning around. "Come on, lets get coffee and you can tell me about the wedding."


Izuku had offered to drive you to the camp site, and you spent the two hour drive laughing and chatting with him and Uraraka about any number of topics. Weddings, kids, the crime rates, that pineapple deserved to be on pizza (you still hadn't convinced Uraraka despite years of trying). Even with how nice it was to see them again, it was better to get out of the car. The camp site was stunning, based but a short walk away from the ocean it was already set up. There looked like there was a tent for everyone here, damn, sometimes you forgot how rich Yaoyorozu was but right now it was a welcome sight. You weren't kids anymore, it would've been a little awkward to be jammed into tent with your old classmates.

Speaking of Yaoyorozu, she got up from one of the tables when she saw you guys. "(Y/N)! You look amazing!" she grinned, wrapping you in a giant hug that was damn near smothering. When she pulled away you grinned, clasping her arms, "Its good to see you too Yaoyorozu. How's life treating you?"

"Ups and downs. I helped with a train destruction last week!"

"I saw! That was ama-"

"Move it extras!" A voice called behind you two. Oh you knew that voice. Still as arrogant as always, and you wrapped an arm over Yaoyorozu's shoulder before turning to look at the number two hero: Bakugou Katsuki. He’d gotten taller, hair spikier and just as angry. Standing next to him, Kirishima who was all grins and waves; he’d even grown his hair out, pinning part of it up in a bun. It was almost amusing to watch Bakugou tense up as he caught your scent, the scowl pulling into a snarl. You could smell him, the heady alpha scent; spice and gunpowder in one. You did your best to play innocent, keeping up a cocky grin, "Hey Kacchan."

"Don't call me that!" he snapped and you laughed, poking his side and stifled another smile as he flinched. Man, this was kind of fun. Maybe he'd stop acting like he had a trophy shoved up his ass. "Its good to see you Bakugou. You got tall."

"Ya whatever." he grumbled, and stormed off to one of the tents that Yaoyorozu pointed out. Kirishima pulled you into a big hug, lifting you off your feet and you laughed; breathing in the earthy scent that made up the contrasting male. You heard him sigh as he put you down, and then ruffled your hair, "Look at you. Tough kid, I keep seeing you in the news."

"Kirishima, I'm the same age as you." you huffed but smiled. You and Kirishima were almost identical in quirk. Both of you easily able to absorb a hit, and you only had the advantage of firing it back. It had led to the two of you training together a lot. Exchanging blows without ever taking the damage for it.

"And yet, still short."

"Leave her be." Another voice snapped, and you tensed at the tone. The testosterone was starting to set in, Todoroki (campfire and snow if you were wondering) stood with one hip cocked; glaring Kirishima down for getting so close. You sighed, and stood between the two, "Relax boys. This is a reunion not a fight."

"IT COULD BE!" Bakugou yelled from the other-side of the camp and you whipped your shoe at him, "NO ONE ASKED YOU BAKUGOU!"

Both the men bristled, but Kirishima smiled first and held up his hands. "Hey man. No hard feelings."

"Its fine." Todoroki mumbled, scratching the back of his head awkwardly before nodding to you and walking away. You and Todoroki had never been close, he'd never liked your quirk. The fact that you had to suffer to use it at all, he thought it wasn't worth the risk. At least he was looking well all dapper in his sweater vest and messy hair. You looked up at Yaoyorozu and sighed, "I'm starting to think maybe I should've worn my collar."

She waved, laughing off the awkward energy, "Nono, its fine. They're just all surprised I bet. No one really told them." You nodded, rubbing at your bare neck. Thank everything in the skies your heat wasn't for another weak or else this would have been the worst day of your life. Everyone else started pouring in, the hugs around. You were ecstatic to see Jirou. She was the only one you'd managed to keep in constant contact with. Attending concerts, jamming out on open mic night, and drinking til you passed out. It was just your nature and you grinned, enveloping her in a big hug before you finally noticed the last of them.

Shinsou stood off to the side quietly, watching the group before settling on you. He’d started growing out a touch of facial hair and the bags under his eyes had only grown. Sandalwood. He smelt like sandalwood and lavender and that same heady alpha scent. Him being an alpha had surprised you, you'd never expected it with his quiet nature. Then again, omegas weren't suppose to be this aggressive and uppity, so you weren't one to talk. You actually liked Shinsou, he listened to you rave about school or just listened to music together. A solid school friend you wished you'd seen more of. You waved, and he sauntered over, still feeling unfamiliar with the class. "(Y/n). You look good."

Jirou snickered, elbowing him, "You meant smell good. Try not to be so awkward, she's not going to jump in your lap."

"Jirou!" you scolded, smacking her arm before laughing as she pulled you away to the tents; you'd been put next to each other. You spared a moment to wave to Shinsou, "We'll talk later okay?"

It was a mess. The scent of four, dominate alphas filled the air and you were only omega here. Even out of mating season that spelled trouble, but you could honestly care less. You'd worked everyday to get here, even worked on the mental strength to resist the voice of an alpha. It wasn't perfect, but you did your best. With fuckers like Bakugou, that might be useful.

You looked up from your unpacking and idle conversation as Yaoyorozu called out, "Alright guys! Lets have some fun! I've activities for the whole weekend, but first up is lunch!"

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Like her usual self, Yaoyorozu had a whole schedule planned out for the weekend. One activity after the other, planned sailing trip, hide and go seek, and meal times. It felt more like a summer camp then a weekend get away, but hey. It was Yaoyorozu. You would have been more concerned if she hadn’t had the entire thing planned out to the letter. The giant, laminated schedule pinned to the tree seemed like a bit much though. First was lunch, everyone was slowly rolling in and Yaoyorozu was already cooking up hot dogs; Todoroki had set the fires a few minutes ago.

“Well we can’t do anything while we wait around.” Jirou muttered around a hot dog. She’d stolen the space next to you, and passed you your own plate. Shinsou stole the other side, giving you a small grin. “Well we could always spar. It already feels like summer camp.” He chuckled, stealing a chip off Jirou’s plate. She snorted, “Those are fighting words Shinsou. I’ll kick your ass.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Hey I want in but no quirks! Come on Deku!” Uraraka laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the open space away from the tents. Midoriya went stuttering along the whole way. Everyone else started pairing off too, much to Yaoyorozu’s poor schedule. You patted her on the shoulder, looking around and noticing that everyone was avoiding Bakugou. Course they were, he was terrifying even without using his quirk. A natural born fighter. As if that scared you. You sauntered over to him, nudging his leg, “You can spar with me. Maybe you’ll get a challenge out of it.”

“I’m not gonna fight you.” Bakugou grumbled, dumping water over his head and running it through his hair to cool down. You groaned, sitting down on the bench next to him and he stiffened like you had held a razor blade to his neck. “Come on. Everyone else is fighting, I want to get in on it too.” You whined, poking his side; a grin slowly worming onto your features. Bakugou scowled and stood up, walking away with a terse, “I’m not gonna fight an omega.”

Oh that ass! That’s why he wasn’t talking to you? Cause you were a damn omega. It’s not like anything had changed since UA, you were still one of the toughest kids on the block, but that didn’t matter now. Now that he knew you were of a ‘weaker’ status. It was infuriating, and you followed him off the bench; storming after him with just as much fury to your brow. You pushed him hard, making him stumble and whirl round to face you. “You misogynistic ass!”

You kicked this time, delivering a hard blow to his chest that knocked him off balance and another solid push sent him to the ground. You spat, meeting that pissed off glare with your own, “I could kick your ass when I was a teen! And I can kick your ass now! My status has nothing to do with how much of an ass-kicking I’m about to deliver.”

Bakugou snarled, getting to his feet and you fought to crush your instincts to cower from the alpha. Fought it by planting your feet firm and snarling back with just as much anger. The alpha blinked, eyes widening for a moment and then narrowed to angry slits. You pulled your guard up, ready to block the right hook that you knew was coming. Except it didn’t, instead he grabbed your fist and pulled you in tight. His scent was overwhelming this close, and you could see a few of the others tense in the corners of your vision. He was so close, so hot, those red eyes were the eyes of a predator and you could feel his chest rumble with the order “Back down omega.”

And you wanted to. You wanted to drop your hands and bury your face in the crook of his neck and feel safe and protected. But you didn’t. You could protect yourself, and you certainly didn’t need an alpha as cocky as Bakugou trying to force you into submission. It took every damn ounce of willpower to keep your stance as another low growl left him. He was trying to control you? Seriously. You started to relax your fists, and Bakugou began to soften; a slow smirk pulling into his features, “Go-ahk.”

He didn’t really get to finish the praise, too busy getting socked in the jaw. He stumbled back a few feet, eyes burning as he glared at you; your fists raised and feet planted. How could he do that? Try to order you around? You were a person, he had no right to you! “Stand up and fight Bakugou! Stand up and I’ll kick your ass for ever thinking that alpha dominance was going to work on me.”

You lunged at him, ready to tear his ass apart. Two sets of arms curled around your shoulders and waist, pulling you back. Great, more alphas, that’s just what you needed. Kirishima and Todoroki held tight as you struggled, and then you were being held between the two. Kirishima gave you a smile, “Come on shockwave. He’s not worth it. You can spar with me instead.”

It wasn’t a command that time. Just a friendly ask, his grip on your arms loosening unlike Todoroki; he held tight, watching you carefully for any sudden moves. There was a difference between sparring and a full out brawl, and you looked ready to tear Bakugou’s head off. Neither tried the same as Bakugou though. There was no growls or commanding voices, but the sheer presences of the two around you was frightening. They could both easily crush you right now, and you fought the growing whine in your throat. Todoroki could hear it, and you shuddered as he massaged your waist soothingly before letting go. “She’s fine Kirishima.”

“Alright! Come on (Y/N)! Let’s go a few rounds!” He cheered, slugging you in the shoulder; probably hurting his hand more than your arm. You nodded, casting a sidelong glance at Bakugou. Shinsou was there, helping him stand up; a firm and familiar glare in his eyes. Bakugou seemed to understand, and kept his mouth shut. Both were clearly tense, shoulders rolled tight and both seemed two seconds from snarling at the other. The last thing this trip needed was a match between alphas trying to show off. Kirishima tapped your shoulder again, and you pulled your attention back to him in the boxing stance he took up. You rolled your eyes before matching his grin and a stance of your own. Uraraka looked up from holding Midoriya to the floor, “Hey no fair! (Y/N) is gonna win cause her quirk’s innate.”

“Yea! No fair! I’m totally using my quirk.” Kirishima whined playfully, and his skin hardened. You shrugged, it was only fair, you couldn’t stop your body from shock absorption. You never delivered the first blow, it was habit to take the shock and use it against them. In this instance though, you aren’t going to redirect the shockwave; that would definitely be cheating. So you struck first, fist making a solid crack as you went for his cheek. Neither of you were concerned with real damage, and were happy to go all out. You struck, he struck back, neither of you giving ground. You spun on your heel for a roundhouse kick, and a Kirishima caught your leg; dragging you in close. “You’re moving pretty slow shockwave,” he teased, his hand curled on the underside of your thigh. His punches were landing too lightly, maybe it was on purpose but you had a feeling he wasn’t doing it intentionally; he wasn’t the type. “And you’re holding back Kiri.”

He felt very very close, and you laughed softly before smashing your head against his. The loud crack echoed through the area and Todoroki snapped up to his feet. Eyes trained on you, but it was nothing. Kirishima let go of your leg and stumbled back with a groan, his head throbbing even with the hardening (his skin slowly relaxing as he rubbed his face). You dropped you stance, moving in and your brow furrowed. “I didn’t hurt you?” You asked softly, tilting his head up to check for any swelling. The minute you touched his cheek, Kirishima lunged and knocked you to the ground. “Gotcha! Never let your guard down!”

“Hey! That’s totally cheating!” You whined back, trying to get a hit in but he pinned your arms down. You weren’t naturally strong, and an outright strength test against anyone you were doomed to fail. Kirishima laughed, straddling your hips to keep you down. His hair had come loose, the long locks spilling over his shoulders, “Surrender villain! There is no escape!”

“Get off her.” Shinsou grumbled, grabbing Kirishima’s shoulder and pulling him off you. You groaned, pulling yourself up as the two males glared. The testosterone was going to kill you. Getting to your feet, you slid in between them, one hand on each of their chests. “Stand down men. Keep the alpha in your trousers and walk away or I’ll make you.”

Shinsou’s lazy glare didn’t stop, reaching up and grabbing your hand off his chest. He was always the silent type, letting actions speak, and he didn’t want to be the first to back down here. Neither did Kirishima. Neither side wanted to submit to the other.

“I found marshmallows!” Yaoyorozu yelled, and you silently thanked her. Both males pulled away simultaneously, each muttering a quiet apology to you as they stepped past. You were starting to think that maybe keeping your collar on would have been a better idea. Jirou tackles you, though you didn’t move an inch and she clung to your form. “Geez (Y/N). You couldn’t keep a solid relationship for a month at UA and now got some of the top heroes fighting for your attention. Where can I get some of that omega stuff.”

“You’re not funny.” But still you laughed, pulling her off you and you both walked back to the camp. “I didn’t think it was going to be an issue. I understand why I had to wear it as a teen, all those uncontrollable hormones but I thought as adults they’d have it together.”

“Are you kidding? They’re men. And heroes. And alphas. They will try to protect you and every other omega with every thing they have. Whether you ask for it or not.”

“I know I know. Still sucks. I can take care of myself.” You groaned, shrugging off our jacket and leaving it on the table to join in on the marshmallow fest. Which seemed to devolve into seeing how many marshmallows you could stick on Kirishima’s hardened hair. The answer is 46 if you’re curious. By the time you’d turned him into a marshmallow man, Ojiro and Hagakure arrives; waving a massive bag of flowers. “Sorry were late! I saw a florist shop on the way here and I wanted to bring you all some!” She laughed, and started handing out flower crowns and hugs alike. You grinned as she passed you one, immediately popping it on your head before eyeing the way her shirt was stretched. “Hagakure...are you pregnant?”

“Surprise! We’re expecting!” She giggles, grabbing Ojiro’s arm and pulling him in close. Right, you forgot, Hagakure was also an omega guess Ojiro has claimed her. They were perfect together, but it only felt like a reminder. Of the housewife expectation. Still, she was a hero! Maybe it was something you could balance. Why were you even wondering about it? You were happy single. Right?

Everyone gathered around couple, congratulations abound and Ojiro kept her close, his head on her shoulder as he watched over the two. Right, that’s why you didn’t want it. The idea you needed to be protected, that someone could have claim to you. You didn’t need that or anyone, you’d find your own way. Yaoyorozu broke you out of your thinking as she got everyone to finishing up with getting in their tents and unpacking. She’d been smart, and put the single alphas on the other side of the camp. You’d have to remember to thank her when you had a free moment. The tent was massive, they all were. While it made sense for the couples, it just looked ridiculous with only you in there. You stepped in, finding bedding already on top of an air mattress. A lot of it. The sheer amount of pillows and blankets could have held ten people. Why looked up as Yaoyorozu knocked on the tent and stepped in. Her cheeks are pink and she twiddled her fingers, “I hope this is okay. I know omegas like nesting and I wanted you to be comfortable. But I didn’t know how much you needed.”

Oh. That made sense, but still you laughed. “Momo, I’m not in heat. I only like to nest then.”

“I am so sorry! I can move all this out!” She immediately went off and you laughed again. Touching her shoulder and smiling. She was only trying to help, you couldn’t be upset about that. “It’s fine. I love it, and that you were thinking of me.”

“And I love it cause I’m gonna steal some!” Jirou teased, stepping in and gathered up an armful of pillows and blankets. You whined, but she ran off, giving Yaoyorozu a wink that left her blushing. You knew something was going on there, but questioning either girl would result in them turning into a blushing mess without actually giving you an answer. Instead, you nudged her gently, “So what’s the plan for today?”

That seemed to help, her eyes lighting up, “We’re going to the beach! The weather is perfect!”

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“Alright, beach it is.” You nodded, pulling your own blanket out of your bag and adding to the still massive pile in front of you. Jirou’s thievery had done little to diminish its size. At least somethings never change. “When do we head down?”

“As soon as everyone’s here! Which…is now I guess. I’ll go let everyone know.” She smiled, clapping her hands together and stepping back outside to call the rest of the group and let them know the plan. You could hear Mina cheer, quickly followed by Iida ordering people to get ready. He was already falling backing into his old role as class rep. It brought a smile to your lips as you changed into a swimsuit. Only now considering how this might go badly with the already tense alphas around. Well, sucks to bet them. You weren’t going to cover up just because they couldn’t keep themselves together. You took a moment to admire yourself, how could you not? Years of hero work had you muscled and scarred. Looking nothing like what was expected of an omega, and that’s exactly what you wanted. To be more than what men like Bakugou thought. Not that you cared what he thought! Stubborn prick.

Your hand grazed over the freshest scar; a knife wielding villain. Speed villains were hard to fight, they never hit hard enough to create a big enough shock wave and the point of a blade easily cut through skin. You hadn’t been in costume when it happened, some crazed guy breaking into the office and demanding that all heroes must die. You’d gotten injured saving one of your UA interns, leaving a long scar over your right bicep; it healed nicely. The intern had been mortified, but did his best to step in and restrain the villain once you had the knife out of his hand. Now all that remained was the pink scar to remember it by. You’d even invited the intern to return once they graduated (and got over their nerves).

“Hey (Y/N)! You ready to go?” Jirou popped her head into your tent, taking in the black one piece; the back laced up to keep you from slipping out. Jirou held up a thumb, and tossed you your jacket, which you slipped on over top. “I am now. Nice suit.” You complimented, the red two piece suiting her well and you linked arms with Jirou as you stepped out of the tent to see everyone else in various states of getting ready to go. Mina was already ontop of Sato’s shoulders, giving a ‘yip yip’ and they charged down to the beach. You snorted, and followed after them on your own two feet. Kaminari appeared out of nowhere, slinging an arm around your shoulders, “So, (Y/N). How’ve you been?” he winked, and Jirou pushed him over; snorting as he fell back. “Jirou! I’m trying to get my beach flirt on!”

“I know! We’re not even at the beach yet!” Jirou yelled back, and took off running to the beach; dragging you along with her. Leaving Kaminari on the path, Mineta helping him stand up. Those two would be up to something devious, you knew that much. Whenever they were together, the scheme to gaze lewdly at women was close to follow. Somethings never changed.

The beach was stunning, picturesque. The girls had done a great job in locations. All sand and blue waves. Barely anyone else there, and a sailboat was anchored just off the shore; ready and waiting to take people around the area. Mina was already there, cheering and dropping her towel in the sand before charging into the waves. Asui followed behind, a natural in the water and happy to get out of the heat. Everyone slowly made their way there, and you couldn’t help but make a silent ‘aw’ as you watch Ojiro help Hagakuri over a few rocks and down somewhere comfortable.

And then you had to take a minute to just enjoy the sight of the men in their swim trunks; except Iida who was wearing a full body swimsuit, goggles, and a swimming cap, no surprise there. One benefit of pro heroes as friends? They always looked stunning. Jirou nudged you playfully as she caught you staring, taking in the strong shoulders or pelvic lines that made of the alphas. You couldn’t help it, as much as they were pains in the ass, they were amazing to look at. Todoroki caught you staring, and your cheeks quickly flared; missing the smirk as you turned to look at Jirou instead. You were gonna turn into a mineta at this rate and nobody wants that.

“Come on, lets go cool down.” Jirou teased, pulling you towards the water before Kaminari could reach you two. You shucked your jacket off into the sand before you entered the water. Diving in once deep enough and soaking your hair; your hair spilled down your back in a wet mess and you pulled them back into a bun. Asui popped up out of nowhere and you screeched, splashing her in surprise: her dark hair blended in well with the water. Asui giggled, splashing you back and then Mina tackled you; probably trying to pull you into the water. Instead you didn’t budge, and she climbed up onto your shoulders, “CHICKEN FIGHT!”

Sero cheered, helping Kaminari onto his shoulders and slowly stalked towards the two of you. Asui dived out of the way, abandoning you to your fate as a horse in this fight; or was it a chicken? You weren’t even going to try and argue, Mina had her own infectious ways and it was hard to say no to that. It was really good to see them again. All looking older, more battle worn. Mina had a burn scar on her thigh, you could feel the texture on under your grip, and Sero had a few nicks taken out of his cheek. Kaminari looked good, his hair was shorter but he had a lightning scar moving over his body. That pretty branching scar that occurred with too much electricity, and you almost wanted to ask what happened. It covered his whole body, creating an intricate pattern over it.

“CHARGE!” Mina yelled, and you took that as your cue to rush in. Taking solid steps in the water towards the guys, and Mina locked fists with Kaminari; leaving you and Sero to try and take each other down with feet and body checks. You gave him a grin, “Good to see you Sero. You need to cut your bangs.”

He snorted, blowing part of the messy hair off his face, “No way! It looks cool, messy bangs are coming back.”

“Says your grandma!” you retorted, trying to sweep his leg out from under him and the two wobbled. Nearly tumbling over as Mina shoved. “FORWARD! WE GOT EM ON THE RUN!”

“RETREAT!” Kaminari yelled, and Sero made a run for it. A hard thing to do in thigh deep water, the two laughing hard as Sero kept pulling his knees up to move faster. Mina yelled, calling for the charge and you gave chase. You were pretty sure this isn’t how the game worked but you didn’t care. They were gaining distance on you, Sero’s limbs were far longer and more dexterious. You yelled up to Mina, “Get on my shoulders, I’m gonna launch you at them!”

“DO IT!” she cheered, your grip tight on her ankles as you kept running forward. The pulse of the waves firing small waves of force up your body, enough that you should be able to toss her far. Sero turned, him and Kaminari sticking out their tongues in time to see you launch Mina at them like a pink cannonball. “AHHHHH” Everyone screamed as Mina tackled Kaminari and sent the two tumbling into the water. All three heads popping up simultaneously before Sero complained about cheating and Mina tackled him back into the water. You laughed, watching the struggle like children. Every time one would get up, someone else would tackle them back into the water.

“Hey (Y/N)! Come sailing with us!”

You looked up, spying Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka, and Midoriya getting the sailboat set up. You nodded, swimming over to the boat and Iida offered you a hand; pulling you up with ease. “Hey Iida! I saw you on the news, you looked good!”

“Thank you! It was a most successful capture! Congratulation on your arrest last week, I saw the video of you. It was dangerous, but you stopped the escape without hurting anyone or yourself. Well done.” He complimented in his own fashion. It was that awkward and straightforward nature that made him so much fun to hang around with. You nodded, giving him a brief hug that was reciprocated in an almost robotic nature. His smile was always genuine though, and he returned to the steering wheel; giving Yaoyorozu a chance to take over the sails. He looked damn near identical, only taller and more blocked out as he aged. A few creases at the corner of his eyes from keeping the smile on. He hadn’t even changed the style of glasses he wore.

Soon after, you were all sailing over the waves. A light breeze had picked up, so there was no need for the motor as you guys rolled over the ocean waves. You hopped on the sail box next to Uraraka, taking in the longer hair and rounded cheeks that she never seemed to lose. She looked harder, more mature. Aware of the struggles that being a hero brought, and it aged her. A youthful girl turned serious, but then she smiled and you were right back to the old days. She began rambling about her parents, and how she’d helped them get busy; recommending them to heroes to build their offices. They’d even built yours! As she spoke your eyes drifted back to Todoroki, he seemed a touch fuzzy. Or maybe it was just the heat of the day rolling around him.

You started to sway, feeling lightheaded all of a sudden, and Midoriya was there in an instant. Catching you before you hit the deck, “Hey (Y/N), you okay? Sea sick?”

“I’m fine…just really dizzy.” You muttered, rubbing at your forehead. You felt like you were burning up, mouth parched. Maybe you were just thirsty, you’d been sailing for over an hour. Taking in the coast, Asui swimming alogn side you all to warn you of other boats or floating debris that could ruin the hull. Midoriya checked your temperature, “You’re burning up. I think its heat stroke.”

“Let me see.” Todoroki walked up, pressing his hand against your forehead, tilting your jaw to take in the pink flush to your face. He gathered you into his arms and took you to a part of the boat shaded by the sail, “Its definitely heat stroke. Yaoyorozu, we should head back. Midoriya, can you pass me a water bottle?”

His voice was trained, patient but this close you could see the worry in his eyes. Flashing in the two colours as he shifted you onto his right side; the cold leeching into you and you sighed. Curling up against it, and felt him shiver a touch. He reached out, taking the water bottle, and tilted your jaw up to him. He couldn’t help but feel worried at the sight of your flushed face, and you were too dizzy and fevered to try and look tough. Your lips parting as he ran his thumb over them, and took the opportunity to pour water into your mouth. You coughed, but swallowed, the water feeling like a damn miracle.

You were always surprised by how gentle Todoroki could be. Only acting rude when others were, but the second you tried to befriend him, you could see the gentle and patient nature. Watching over his friends like he was now. He repeated the gesture, encouraging you to open your mouth and pouring more water in before letting you curl closer against his side; wrapping an icy arm around your shoulders. It was surprising, you were actually okay with this. Him taking care of you. He wasn’t trying to be demeaning or rude about it, but genuinely care. It was easy to see he did, and it quelled any anger that would roll in your chest. Happy to just relax and let him drive off the heat stroke.

You startled as the boat hit the shore, but Todoroki was already on it; rubbing your shoulder and you felt his chest rumble, the softest of comforts, and you curled back against him. With one arm, he carried you, and climbed out of the boat and onto the beach. Jirou came running out of the water, and you saw Kirishima follow; both asking at the same time. "Is she alright?"

"Just a little heat stroke. She'll be fine." Todoroki explained, and you had to stifle a laugh as he curled you closer to his chest; away from the other alpha. Kirishima did his best to suppress a growl, turning it into a grin, "Good to hear. You taking her back to camp?"

"Ya. I'll see you all there." Todoroki nodded, and curled you to his cold side. You were so glad this was just heat stroke, and not your heat cycle. Those sucked ten times more, felt like you were roasting in your skin and wanted to be fucked out of it. Right now you just felt dizzy and tired, your thoughts jumbled and messy as he carried you back to the camp. “You gave me a start when you fell over. You okay?”

You looked up, seeing those piercing, mismatched eyes on you. You nodded a few times, before resting your head on his shoulder. As much as you hated it, the scent of him made your mind feel clear and safe. Unworried about your health now that an alpha was here, he tended as your breath brushed over his neck, and he set you down on one of the tables. “Drink. I’m going to find an ice pack.”

“Why? You are an ice pack.” You whined, his step faltering at the noise before continuing to walk away to rummage in the coolers. “Because, I only have so much self-restraint shockwave.”

You snorted, propping yourself up with an elbow. Water tasted like a damn miracle, and you eagerly drank until Todoroki pulled it away. “You’ll make yourself sick.” He muttered, tilting you forward and pressing the ice pack to the back of your neck. You shuddered at the temperature shift before sighing. Practically feeling your fever drop. “You know, you’re really not as grumpy as I thought Todoroki.”

“Shouto. And really? You thought I was grumpy?” He smiled, running the ice pack down your spine a touch. You chuckled weakly, nodding, “Well you were always so serious. ‘Defeat my father’ and intense in every situation. Kind of intimidating to talk to.”

You could count the number of times you’d conversed with Todoroki on one hand. Even then, they’d always been brief and to the point. It wasn’t that you disliked each other, there was never anything to talk about and you walked past each other in school. You had a feeling the only reason you were even talking now was for a far more primal reason. It was exhausting, how everyone shifted when they learned. He piped up, interrupting your inner monologue, “And now? How do you see me?”

“Less grumpy. More...silent observer. You’ve changed, but I suppose we all have. Except Iida, he was practically an adult when he was fifteen. I never noticed how kind your eyes are. Must have been all that hair." you teased, pushing back some hair from his eyes; it was long enough you could push it behind his ears now. Its almost like the author really enjoys long hair or something. Todoroki smiled, shaking the hair back out and pulling you a touch closer, "Well, at least you're honest. Or is that just the heat stroke talking."

"Maybe a bit of both. Either way, I'm not lying." you leaned back onto his shoulder. Finding comfort in the scent of him, and Todoroki didn't pull away this time. Instead his grip tightened, and pulled you into his lap;furthering burying your face into the crook of his neck and you hummed, content. If you were a bit healthier, a bit more lucid, you would have pushed away with a snort. Right now, you really just wanted to be held. That instinctual, submissive, and sick part of you needed this feeling. Oh how you hated it, wanted to fight back, but the waves of the sun kept you tired and down and you clung to him. "W-what happened to self restraint."

"Like I said, I only have so much of it." he chuckled, and you peeked up at the cocky smirk that threatened his lips. "Some self restraints its been two minutes."

"The boat ride took at least half an hour." Todoroki shot back. Really, a half hour? You'd barely noticed the time. Fuck, you'd barely noticed anything but scent and cold and comfort. Instead you kissed the cold skin of his neck, feeling him shake under it. He rolled up a hand, guarding his neck, "I'm not going to let you do something you'll regret."

"Hey! How's (Y/N) doing?" Jirou yelled, coming up the beach with a few of the others. Iida made it there first, gesturing widely. "Are you responsive? Has she been kept hydrated? Do you have a headache? Shall I get the medkit?"

"Did you...just ask me if I was responsive?" you chuckled, uncurling from Shouto to smile up at your friends as they stood around you. Iidi was quick to push them back, warning them about bringing up your body heat. It was a mess of movement, and at least three people brought you ice packs before you eventually shooing them away. Well enough to stand, you got up and Jirou helped you walk back to your tent. Sleep it off. "Aw, I don't wanna miss anything." you laughed, and Yaoyorozu looked up, "I'll wake you up. We're gonna play hide and seek tonight!"

A loud cheer moved over the camp, that was going to end interestingly.

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"Psst. (Y/N). Get up, we gotta go." Jirou whispered, shaking your shoulder and you sleepily blinked your eyes open. It was already dark out, you must have slept most of the day away. Hell, you felt ready to keep sleeping, but Jirou shook your shoulder a touch harder. "Up and at 'em. We're playing hide and seek, girls vs boys. It was Momo's idea."

"Oh, so its Momo now?" you teased, sitting up and grabbing your jeans and black shirt. Jirou's face turned a predictable red and she turned away, "No! Well, yes. She asked me to! Just get dressed, girls are hiding. You know the rules right? We can run and hide from the guys until they tap our shoulder. And the guys have two hours to find everybody. We're getting ready to hide."

"I know, I know. Give me a sec. Can we use our quirks?" you grumbled, grabbing a jacket. This was gonna be a pain in the ass. The alphas in the group would have no problem sniffing you out, so you'd have to be clever about this. Maybe try to outrun them with your quirk...Jirou nodded, tapping her ears, "Yep. Just try not to destroy the forest. No matter how tempting it is."

"Damn. There goes my villainous plans to become a forest burner."

You stepped out, seeing the rest of the girls finishing up; everyone was in their darkest colours. You couldn't even see Hagakure, which was fair. She would probably be the one to win if Ojiro didn't find her. You pulled your fingerless gloves out of your pocket, strapping them on as you jogged after Jirou. Casting one, side long glance to the pack of alphas. Each of them looked tense, Kirishima bothering Bakugou to try and lighten his mood. As their eyes settled on you, you blew them a kiss before disappearing into the woods.

The key to winning hide and seek was picking the best hiding spot. After they spotted you, it didn't matter how long you ran they'd eventually catch you. And with their sense of smell, they'd be looking for you first. Which is my you worked to throw them off. Pulling your gloves off first, dropping one in a bush and another onto a branch. You threw your jacket even higher up in a different tree before moving deeper into the woods. The boundary for hiding was the road, and it gave you plenty of space to roam. They would have Shoji after all, and he'd be the second person able to find all of you. You paused, rubbing your back against one of the trees before continuing. Jirou had already vanished from view, and you knew her earjacks would already be in. Measuring the distance. Eventually you found the perfect spot. A tree with heavy foliage, you could climb it high enough to be out of immediate eye sight and not worry about the tree swaying under your weight. So that's what you did, scaling up til you were seated comfortably on a high branch; able to look over the entire field.

You heard an egg timer go off. Must have been the go timer as you quickly heard the voices race up into the woods. Kaminari was the loudest of the bunch, whooping and hollering. Trying to distract while the rest swept silently underfoot. You watched Iida race under your hiding spot, moving from brush to brush in attempt to cover ground. You smothered a laugh, clamping your hands over your mouth just in time. You could already catch the scent of Todoroki, and Bakugou was further away; towards your jacket rather than you. He was going to be pissed. Then there was Shinsou. Moving with dedication right towards you. Had he already figured it out? There was no way!

“Damnit (Y/N)! Where are you you sneaky omega?!” Bakugou yelled, throwing the jacket to the ground before trying to catch your scent again. You were everywhere, trying to throw him and the others off. And he was going to get there first. Whether you meant it or not, a chase had begun and the four were determined to get there first. To capture the omega was the only thought crowding their mind, and as they got closer, yours was to run and hide.

“I know you’re there.” Shinsou muttered, knocking on the tree you were hiding in. How the hell has he found you? You found his purple, tired gaze as he looked up. Locking eyes, you felt your pulse stutter. An instinctual fear to run from the alpha, and for once that instinct was welcome. You bolted, jumping from the branch you were on to the floor with a heavy shockwave. Heavy enough to keep the speed under your feet as you ran from Shinsou. A delighted laugh leaving you, forgetting that the others were looking and simply fell into the chase.

Shinsou couldn’t help but follow, that same grin on his lips as he broke into a sprint. If you wanted a chase, he’d chase. Nearly running over Mineta as he followed after you, senses tuned in to the one thing that mattered. “Come on (Y/N). Don’t you want to be caught?” He teased, hoped you’d answer. Hoped you’d fall under his quirk. You knew his tricks, and bit down on your lip; sliding under a fallen tree with grace and then back on your feet.

Kirishima almost had you. His hand reached out when he saw you run past and you just barely dodged; giving a screaming laugh as you quickly changed direction away from both of them. Kirishima swore, taking up the chase after you. Crap, they were all getting closer. You hasn’t even been paying attention, but they were definitely following. Trying to outdo each other and reach the omega first. As if you’d let any of them catch you. Sure they may have seen you, but you weren’t gonna give up that easily.

A plan. You needed a plan. Some way to get them off your trail so you could hide again. Not that it mattered, they had your scent and losing them was going to take a miracle...Or a lot of water. The thought hit you as reached a shallow stream, it cut a loose path, the run off of hotter seasons. It would have to do. You dropped to your knees, and rolled into the stream. It was freezing, and you started to shiver on contact. It wouldn’t be enough, and once you pulled your head out of the cold you quickly scooped mud off the bank and smeared it over you neck. Muting the scent they were following. It’d would have to do, and you bolted onto the other side of the stream. You heard them, close. Bakugou yelled a threat at the others that you barely made out; something to do with ‘I’ll win’ and ‘die’. Nothing unique really. It didn’t matter, you ran deeper into the woods. You found a perfect spot in the foliage, and dove under it; clapping your hands over your mouth to keep your breathing quiet.

Shinsou couldn’t stop the low growl that left his chest as he chased after you. It was thrilling, heart pounding, the familiar ache in his legs as he pushed himself to run faster and faster after you. He yelled as Bakugou crashed into him, both too focused on the war path to pay attention to others and they both tumbled to the forest floor.

“Watch it purple!” Bakugou snapped, shoving him off with a growl. He wasn’t going to let some nobody beat him in this hunt. Shinsou snarled back, pushing Bakugou back. “Are you gonna fight for her?”

“Its not much of a fig-” Bakugou froze, his mind going over blank and Shinsou took a deep breath; feeling far more relaxed now that Bakugou wasn’t ready to loose his head. “Go sit down.”

Without much choice, Bakugou complied and sat down under one of the trees. Internally fuming that he’d gotten tricked into this. Shinsou smoothed back his hair, grabbing a clip and clipped his bangs back before following after the scent. He had always been ridiculously good with scents, even for an alpha, and he followed it all the way to the river. Then it was gone. “Damnit. Smart girl.” he grumbled, crossing the stream and sniffed the air. Catching only a dim, smother scent that he knew was you. Dim was as much as he needed.

He ran through the foliage until reaching your hiding spot. It never left this area, which meant you were close.


You held your breath as you watched Shinsou’s boots stop right in front of the bush you were hiding under. The scent of him was overwhelming, the slight growl in his words made you shudder and shrink further under the brush, “Come out shockwave. You’ve got to be freezing, let me take you back.”

It sounded nice. Perfect. And the heavy, alpha tone to his words made it all the more appealing. Took all your restraint not to crawl out and let him take you back. It was definitely cheating, using that voice, but if you could use quirks, you could use a far more ingrained skill. Somehow, somehow he started to walk away, and you breathed a sigh of relief. Resting your head on the ground before you felt a cold hand curl around your ankle. You shrieked as you were dragged out of the underbrush and onto your back. Looking up to a smiling and smug Shinsou, “Almost lost you. Damn, you’re soaked.”

Already caught, you let him help you stand. Your body shaking, and Shinsou sighed. “Here, I’ll carry you back. What kind of alpha would I be if you froze?”

“You’re not my alpha.” you grumbled, rubbing at your chilled arms. Why oh why had you discarded your jacket? Suppose it was better than getting the leather soaked in the stream as well. Just your luck, first you get heat stroke and now you’re shivering in the woods. Genius. Shinsou shook his head, “That’s not what I’m saying. Its cold, and I can’t...I need to make sure you’re okay. Can you understand that?”

It was the perfect moment to use his quirk. You knew that, but it didn’t stop you. It never stopped you before and wouldn’t now. You trusted Shinsou, “Alright, but only because I am really cold.”

He laughed softly, getting down to one knee and you clasped your arms around his neck; piggy back style. His hands were freezing as they curled under your thighs, but it was nothing to the constant chill that moved over your body. You hoped the people who’d been caught had a fire started. “How’d you find me?”

“Scent. Thought that was an obvious one.” Shinsou teased, giving Bakugou a wink as he saw the two of you. No longer under the mind control, Bakugou almost lunged at Shinsou. Barely containing himself as Kirishim curled a hand over his shoulder, “I almost had her! You fucking cheated!”

“Hey, I was told quirks were free game.”

“On the opposite team!”

“I never heard that distinction. Better luck next time.” You knew he was trying to piss the man off. You could feel the tension rolling in the air, and gave in. Quietly whimpering and burying your face into Shinsou’s neck. Calming your nerves but the comforting scent of lavender, sandalwood, and him. You mumbled into his neck, “Don’t be an ass. Its cold, and you said you’d take me back.”

“You heard the lady.” Kirishima muttered, keeping a tight grip on Bakugou’s arm to try and prevent a brawl that would end with you in the middle. Shinsou chuckled and continued his walk back to camp. As the quiet of the forest set in, you realized he never answered your question.

Hey! I went through a stream! And mud! How did you find me?” you almost yelled, realizing just how impossible the task should have been. Even a bloodhound would have struggled.

“I’ve always been good with scents. And yours is...very particular. It was easy to find you.” You could almost hear the shrug and grin in his words. He paused, looking at you from the corner of his eye, “Like...caramel and salt...and you.”

You swore, you swore that there was a blush on his cheeks. Faintly pink, but then he turned his head back and you couldn’t confirm. You looked up and saw the camp coming into view. It was looking like Hagakure and Ojiro were cuddling by the fire, along with Uraraka, and Mina. So far so good for your team, a lot of people were still out there. Mina waved when she saw you, holding up a marshmallow on a stick. “Come on, we’re making smores! Total win despite getting caught.”

Shinsou put you down, and collapsed next to the fire. The chase had taken a lot out of him, and smores sounded a lot better than going back out there. Especially with how pissed Bakugou looked. Uraraka passed a smore to you, “Why are you all wet? Did you fall in the stream?”

“More like rolled in it. I was trying to lose Shinsou, turns out he’s more bloodhound than man.” you chuckled, managing to get the whole smore in your mouth like a champ. No one said much, and people started to pour back in within the hour. Looks like your team lost in the end, but that's fine. You got first dib on the food, and that's what really matters. With everyone crowded around the fire, it felt like the good old days in summer training. Right down to how you felt. You were exhausted, and now cold. Though you didn’t have time to dwell on the cold, Shinsou dragging you into his lap; you back against his chest. You couldn’t protest with all the marshmallow, and he knew it! Giving you a grin that stretched from ear to ear, “I don’t bite. In public.”

“Lay off Shinsou. She doesn’t want an alpha.” Ojiro scolded, resting his head on Hagakure’s shoulder. Had she told Ojiro about that? You glared her way, but could read nothing on her (obviously). Only hearing a faint ‘sorry’ before Shinsou was looking at you and you knew the others were listening in. Shinsou was the one who spoke up, his voice tinged with curiosity and strange enough, concern. “Really? Why? I thought that was a whole part of it. Alpha to omega.”

“And that’s why I hate it.” you sighed, leaning back against his chest to leech the body heat away from him. Might as well get out with it. “The moment my family knew, everything changed. I wasn’t allowed to play sports, to hang out with the other boys. They tried to spot me from attending UA and tried to get me into an arranged marriage with another alpha. They wanted me to be something small and meek, and heh, well you know that’s the exact opposite of who I am. I’ve never found someone who was okay with me just being a hero. I don’t want to lose myself in someone else.”

There was a soft silence. No one really knew what to say. The alphas kept their mouths shut, even Bakugou. For once understanding that trying to say anything would only make things look worse on his part. You stood up, taking your jacket off of Bakugou’s lap. He must have brought it back for you. You could see the apology in his eyes, gently touching your wrist and his voice thrummed with its usual deep bass, “I get it. You’re a pretty kick ass hero. Just...take care of yourself.”

That was probably as nice as he could get. Still, you smiled, giving a nod before heading back to your tent. You knew Shinsou followed after you, part of you was glad he did, and the man leaned down as you turned to look at him. He watched your eyes for a moment, saying nothing before leaning in and pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek; saying everything he could, and nothing at all. That he understood, that he wanted to help, that he was here for you if you needed it. All kept in a simple kiss “Sleep well alright?”

You didn’t get a chance to respond, for he walked away after. Returning back to the group, with not a soul the wiser. You had to take a moment to watch him walk away. He was such a gentle soul behind all the wise cracking sarcasm. Clever and kind in equal measures.

Not that it mattered. Now they all understood. You chose yourself over a mate. Yet, the longer you thought about it. Were you choosing yourself, or denying yourself?

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Sleep was peaceful. Dreamless and wearing away at the stress and cold on your body as you burrowed further into the blankets and pillows Momo had left you. It was suppose to be a long, perfect rest, but something woke you from it. Or more aptly someone. A familiar, angry voice that was yelling right outside your tent. Bakguou was gonna wake up the whole camp at this rate, "You fucking try it ball boy! You get one step closer to her tent, and I'll send parts of you across the camp!"

"B-b-bakugou! Its not what you think!" Ah, Mineta. Ball boy did seem pretty fitting. You groaned, reaching out and unzipped the tent to peer out and see Bakugou towering over Mineta, Denki, Mina, and Ayoma; who were all carrying buckets of water and shaving cream. Bakugou grabbed Mineta's shirt, hauling him off the ground and gave the glare he was so famous for, "You were going to rig her tent weren't you? Just like aux cord and create stuff girl."

"Okay maybe its exactly what you think! Please don't kill us!" Mina shrieked, dropping the water bucket and held up her hands. Bakugou looked just about ready to drop kick Mineta (who hadn't grown a foot in the years you'd known him). but then he saw you with your head peeking out of the tent. "Fuck! Now you've done it! She's already awake!"

"Bakugou. Please stop yelling." You grumbled, pulling yourself to sit up. Your eyes were heavy with sleep, and you rubbed at them as Bakugou chucked Mineta across the camp and gave a glare to the rest which made them scatter. When you opened your eyes again, Bakugou was crouched in front of you; lips pulled into a familiar scowl. "Go back to sleep."

"Well I'm awake now. No helping it." you sighed, but before you could pull yourself out of the tent, Bakugou pushed you back in. Following behind you and collapsing onto the air mattress, his eyes closing for a minute as he just took in the closeness of you. What was he doing? Didn't he have his own tent? You pushed him, propping your head up, "What are you doing?"

"Getting you back to sleep. Its barely dawn. Only sonic will be up." he grumbled, laying out one arm so you could curl close against his side. The scowl was slowly slipping away, and he looked over to you with those hypnotic red eyes. They suited him far better now then when he was a teen, maturity that balanced out the anger. "I want to make sure they don't come back. Lucky I saw them."

"Why were you up?" you asked, still not having moved any closer.

"Couldn't sleep. Happens more these days." he shrugged, and then grabbed your arm. Pulling you in against him til your head rested on his chest. You squeaked in protest, trying to roll out of his grip but he held you in place. "Relax. Sleep woman." he growled, the feeling of it revirberating in his chest and you whined. A sound that made his grip tighten. Maybe...maybe this wasn't so bad. Just for a few hours, to help put you back to sleep. It was a well known fact that having an alpha nearby made an omega sleep better. That's what this was. Just practical, nothing else. Another grumble ran through his chest and you shuddered, pulling close against him. Your eyes already fluttering closed, following the low and slow breathes of the alpha next to you.


And when you woke. He was gone. It made you jerk up instantly, finding the only thing in your arms was one of his flannels; wrapped gently over your shoulders, like a reminder it hadn't been a dream. Why did he...Was he worried what others would think? Or worried about what others would think of you? It was...oddly kind. Either way, you took the flannel off and tucked it into the mass of bedding; you'd have to sneak it back to him later.

Stepping out of the tent, your eyes found Bakugou first. Leaning against a tree as he ate off the plate of...well it was mostly bacon. Hey, you weren't one to judge, but that was a lot of bacon. His eyes raked up your sleepy form, and you saw him give a wicked grin. Just for a second, and then he turned to talk to Kaminari about something. You wandered over to the food, grabbing breakfast before crashing down next to Iida who was somehow managing to balance a plate and book at the same time. Reading what had to be alien sciences, cause the entire page was illegible. So many equations. He looked up and smiled, "Ah, good morning (Y/N). The four pranksters didn't trouble you last night?"

"No, they seemed to skip over me." you shrugged, and Iida nodded, "Mine as well. Scoundrels. They'll be cleaning up from breakfast if I have any say in it."

"You haven't changed a bit Iida."

"Thank you!" Iida grinned, before continuing, "I'm sure you're quite excited for today! Yayorozu has a game of capture the flag planned today! I remember you had particular fun with that one."

"By fun, you mean I would just walk across the field and you guys would try to stop me from moving?" you snorted, slowly cleaning off your plate one bite at a time. Iida chuckled, "Exactly. You could be your own team at that rate. I think Yaoyorozu drew teams, so perhaps another time."

"I have!" Momo cheered, and started reading off the names. Thank gods, you had Kirishima and Todoroki on your side. This was a sure win. Maybe. Bakugou was always a wild card, there was no way of knowing just how hard he would go at this until you were in the midst of the game. The game would start once everyone was done breakfast, Iida was eager to keep a tight ship, and it looks like he got his way. The four troublemakers were cleaning up, and would probably miss the game. That's what they get for trying to soak you and your tent.


"I look upon this high hill and all before me. The sprawling lands and sea. The enemy stands before us, with their banner raised high! But we shall not fall today men! Today we shall find victory! And I shall lead the charge!" You were monolouging as they got the boundaries in place. Picking a spot for the jail and the flag and setting the borders via the stream from before. You stood atop the hill, next to the bright blue flag. Across, you could see the other team setting up as well, it was a good vantage point, and you couldn't help but talk like an aged queen. Ready for the taste of victory. Kirishima ruined the moment with a snort, "You're probably the shortest one here (Y/N)! Stop fooling, we all know I am king of the castle"

You pointed to him, the window making your jacket fly up around you, "Foolish knave! A challenge you have set! I shall capture the flag before thee, and then thou shalt see that power is not relative to height."

"Sure hun." Kirishima laughed, moving more markers to the prison. Todoroki passed by you and froze, looking you up and down once, "You smell like him."

You froze too, eyes wide. Shit, you thought it would have faded by now with the jacket. You grabbed his arm, pulling him closer as you saw his shoulders tense at the idea of someone else being close to you. "Todoroki, he was just helping me fall back to sleep. He left right after, please don't tell anyone. I'd look like an idiot, with what I said last night."

"Do you like him?" he grumbled, folding his arms, and you rolled your eyes, "Todoroki, I barely know him. This is the first time I've talked to Bakugou in years. Geez."

He said nothing in response, he didn't have time too. The egg timer sounded and the game was on. You had your plan laid out. Range fighters would protect the flag, up close fighters would capture those trying to cross the border. No one was to go to the other side. Except you of course. You fucking bulldozer. You were the charge, and were to literally charge through and fight your way back. It shouldn't be too hard, its not like people were actually good at stopping you.

"TO VICTORY!" you screamed, and started making a charge across the field. You saw the other team jump as you came in, ready to run them over. Uraraka was your first concern. If she could get you up in the air, then you were toast. Still meant she had to be faster than you. With her hands held out, you feinted to the left before quickly hitting the ground in roll past her right. She was left spinning, trying to figure out where the hell you went only for you to already be behind her. Iida tried to tackle you, coming in for your legs and he only ended up getting kicked in the face. The shockwave of his hit giving you the momentum to propel yourself further past enemy lines.

There was only one thing bothering you. You had yet to see Bakugou anywhere. Was he charging the opposite line? You couldn't even hear combat behind you, just the enemy trying to run after you; yelling your name in various levels of irritation. If he wasn't charging the line, then he had to be hiding in wait. It made no sense though! He knew his blasts couldn't knock you back, it was pure force and fire, easily something you could withstand. Yet, you crossed the field in record time and grabbed the flag. Turning on your heel and ready to make your way back, when you heard him.

"Where do you think you're going omega?" Shit, right behind you! He must have been hiding in the trees. You bolted forward, taking a sharp turn to try and avoid the rest of the group and run through the wooded area. You could feel him hot on your heels as you made it to the woods, running at an angle so you'd eventually reach the stream to get through. It felt so close, you could almost here the bubbling run of water. It was eating at you though. Bakugou was faster than you, even when you charged your step. Yet he hadn't caught up, hadn't set up a blast. It was the exact lack of action from him that was terrifying, and you couldn't help but look over your shoulder. "Why the fuck do you have rope Bakugou!?! That's cheating!"

"I never heard the distinction." he called back, mocking Shinsou's words from last night. You still couldn't even fathom why he needed looped rope for until you felt it curl around your foot. Perfectly timed, the rope caught your other ankle; your own body weight making you trip and hit the floor. He was on you in an instant, using that speed you had just been wondering about. You rolled over, and sat up; trying to untangle yourself but he pushed you back down, and you let him. The first thing he did was grab the flag, dropping it next to the two of you like some mock prize. "You run fast for an omega." he teased, pressing his knee to your chest and leaning in.

"Shut up. That was total cheating!" you whined, trying to get up but his knee kept you in and you glared. "Alright, take me to prison. You got me."

"What if I don't? Wanna bargain?" he teased, leaning back to pull the makeshift lasso off your ankle. You quirked a brow, "And what do you want so badly you'd sacrifice your kingdom."

"A kiss."

At least he was straight forward. Your cheeks quickly flushed, knowing there was only a moment before the rest of his team go there. You wanted to say yes. He was close, and warm, and the thrill of the chase still ran up your body. You wanted to lean into him and let him kiss everything away, needed a reason. It was so sudden. Was it just because he knew you were an omega? Was that the only reason for his interest after years of no contact. "You'd give up the game for a kiss? Why?"

"Because I want to know what it feels like to be loved. Just for a moment." he muttered, leaning in til his nose brushed against yours. "All I need is for you to say yes."

Oh...That was...different. You wanted to ask more. Wanted to ask 'why you' and 'why now' but there wasn't time. Iida would be there soon, and you had to make a choice. And you gave in to the one you wanted. Nodding your head quickly, and Bakugou grinned before pulling you into the kiss. You could taste the nitroglycerin like sweat on his lips, the bacon, and the need for this. You hands fisting in his shirt as you pulled him closer, tilting your head to deepen the kiss. It felt wonderful. Safe. Nothing like kissing a beta. You felt alive and wanted and needed. He broke away just as quickly, pulling off you and up to your feet. "Go."

You didn't need any other hint, and grabbed the flag and ran. Booking it across the line and your team cheered as they saw you. Jirou jumped on your back, hoisting the flag in the air with a cheer. "You had us worried when we saw Bakugou chase after you into the woods! But we knew our glorious leader would be victorious!"

Laughing you pulled her off, clasping arms with Kirishima as he conceded the 'right to rule' to you, oh great leader. You could see the tense look on his brow. Of course he knew. Bakugou's sent was all over you. Hell, all of the different alphas had been. Todoroki taking care of your heat stroke, and then Shinsou keeping you in his lap for most of the night. Now Bakugou. Everyone but him. He couldn't help but feel jealous, trying to squash the feeling as he pulled you in for a hug. That classic shark grin in place. "Hey, you gonna join us for scary stories tonight?"

"Hell no!" you shuddered, you hated horror movies and Kirishima whined. "Come on. I'll keep you safe. Not like there's anything that can touch you." he teased, poking your ribcage, "Don't make me make you."

You could hear the playful growl in his voice, knowing he didn't mean it. Still, you bit your lip and finally conceded. "Alright. I'll go. But if I don't sleep, its your fault and you'll be responsible for my grumpy mood."


Chapter Text

"The door swung open with a loud creak..." Jirou continued, her hands splayed in front of her as she let the flame cast long shadows over her face. You shivered, curling your knees tight to your chest. You hated scary stories, absolutely hated them. Scary stories, movies, haunted houses. The whole nine yards. Even the wait for tonight had been overwhelming, going through the motions of cleaning and cooking and idly chatting. Bakugou avoided you for the rest of the day, even when you tried to get his attention. He just pretended not to hear you, but you knew he did. Knew it in the way he froze, and took a deep breath before continuing. Prick. It hurt, you'd just kissed him and know he was pretending you didn't exist. Again! This was like high school all over.

Your attention was jerked back to now as Jirou began wiggling her ear jacks as she dropped into a low tone. "But she couldn't see him! Only his shoes left behind and a dragging sound. She went forward through the open door, 'hello?' she asked, furthering in..."

Kirishima dropped down beside you, offering a marshmallow; his attention rapidly fixated on Jirou with a slow grin. "THE MONSTER GRABBED HER! DRAGGING HER THROUGH THE DOOR AND THROWING HER INTO THE PIT!"

You shrieked, and Kirishima dropped the box. Almost immediately he ran his hand into your hair and pulled you into his chest; your arms snapping around his waist. Jirou barely blinked, she knew you hated this, but she loved scaring you. It was hilarious. Kirishima looked down at your shaking form, "Hey, this too much?" It felt like it. You were waiting for a ghost to appear behind you and drag you off somewhere. You wanted to tough it out. You were a pro now! You couldn't be scared of ghost stories! So you shook your head, and Kirishima grinned. He pulled you further into his lap, your legs straddling his hips and his hand keeping you face buried into his shoulder. You forgot how strong he was, feeling his biceps tense as he felt you shudder and move in close.

Kirishima could still smell the other alphas on you, and it pulled a quiet growl out of him; one arm reaching up and pulling the bun from his hair in hopes of replacing it. A level of protection that he didn't know he had. He could see Bakugou glaring at him from across the campfire, and he couldn't help but grin. A touch of challenge. He had been ignoring the omega the entire day, now Kirishima was going to give you some attention when you needed it.

Hagakure began her story this time, added by the fact that no one could see her as she spoke. Slowly moving around the campfire, touching people's backs or hairs to make them jump and grow tense as they waited for her to come at them. You had no idea, you face hidden in the warmth and scent of Kirishima's neck. Thus, when you felt cold fingers run up your spine with no body near it, you shrieked. Trying to jump out of Kirishima's arms and flee somewhere, anywhere. He clamped down, keeping you close as your heart went a mile a minute, and a growl left him. Ojiro almost immediately responded, on his feet and pulling his mate against him with his own low growl. The two glaring each other down before Hagakure sighed, "Enough Ojiro. He was just worried."

The glare didn't drop, but he sat back down; keeping her close to him while Kirishima did the same for you. His hand running up and down your spine, letting his chest vibrate with a low purr, "You're alright. Nothing's getting past me, shockwave." he whispered, and you whined softly; curling yourself against him as much as possible. You couldn't help yourself with him this close, it just felt right, and you bit down on his shoulder. Far away from any sort of claiming, but enough to keep yourself calm; tasting the salt of his skin and the gentle pulse under your teeth calmed an omega like nothing else. Kirishima on the other hand, felt everything but calm. His whole body went rigid, hands tightening on your back. "(Y/N)...its alright." he whispered, and stood up. Still craddling you close to him, moving your hair so no one could see just how scared you were that you needed to bit down on him. Louder he said, "I think that's enough for us. All the running was exhausting."

No one even cared, and continued with the story as you walked back over to your tent. You didn't let up on your hold, keening quietly when he tried to put you down. He chuckled softly, and instead crawled into the tent with you; letting you stay latched to him. He could smell Bakugou here too! What had he been up to? Kirishima groaned softly, collapsing on to the pillows and pulling you close. When your heart slowed, you finally realized just how long you'd been clamped on to his shoulder. Two deep marks marred his skin, and you couldn't stop yourself as you ran your tongue over them. Kissing and soothing the irratated mark much to Kirishima's own struggle to stay still. What was up with you? You were never this close, but you didn't want to stop.

Kirishima tilted you chin up to him and pulled you into a long kiss. His hands moving over your hands and rocking them against his with a low growl. You could feel the sharp teeth behind his lips as you kissed him, and he nipped at your lip playfully; that familiar grin pulling onto his features inbetween moments. It felt so good, and warm, and you whined softly as you ground your hips a touch harder. Kirishima moaned against your mouth, barely realizing just how much he wanted this. It was more than warm, it was hot. You swore there'd be steam leaving the tent. When you broke away for air, Kirishima's cheeks were pinked, eyes dilated. Then they narrowed, running a hand against your forehead and then your throat. "Shit!"

He quickly untangled from you, doing his best to adjust himself in his trousers as he figured out what exactly was going on. You looked up at him, whining needily, unable to stand why he pulled away. You wanted this. No needed this. Needed him against you, in you, around you. Kirishima dropped to one knee, grasping your shoulders, "(Y/N). You're in heat." he tried to grasp your attention, and your eyes widened at the word. That's what it was. All these alphas, all this aggression, it must have set it off. Especially with you still being unclaimed at your age. It was a struggle between panic and want. To hide away and to cling back onto the redhead. Kirishima kept you at a firm distance as you squirmed, "Is there anything I can find for you? Should I get Jirou? Or Hagakure?"

"Both..both." you squeaked, and he nodded. Getting out of the tent as fast as possible before he did something he'd regret. You on the other hand did whatever your brain needed, and quickly began to bury and rearrange the bedding around you. The pillows stacked high and circular til you had a nest fit for someone of your standing; glorious leader of capture the flag. It was burning hot, your thighs felt slick, and you found Bakugou's shirt that you'd buried with your stuff. Wrapping it around you, and inhaling the scent of an alpha. Not yours but it was something. It was soothing as you felt like your insides were melting.

The tent opened, and Hagakure made a similiar whining noise. More out of sympathy than anything. She stepped into the nest, smoothing your hair. "Oh, its okay. Is is overwhelming with them here?" she empathized, and you rested your head on her lap as she smoothed your hair. The presence of her at least relaxing as you pulled the flannel closer to you. Hagakure looked to Jirou, "She needs to go home. Now. Somewhere she's familiar with and can ride this out. Plus you don't want to see what happens when the alphas catch on. Their could be a full scuffle over it."

Jirou nodded, and began shoving your stuff into the bag (even remembering which blanket was yours) you'd brought before going to find Ojiro. Letting Hagakure soothe you. Ojiro came by soon, not worried since he already had a mate. He ran his hand over Hagakure's hair, "I got the van ready to go. Do you want me to carry her?"

Hagakure nodded, and Ojiro awkwardly stepped in and picked you up. You felt damn near nothing from him. Maybe suppressants, maybe that he already claimed an omega. You had no way to figure it out, and were too far gone to even try. Your body went through heat waves, even as you were carried out into the night air. Shinsou was on his feet, "Hey, is (Y/N) okay?" he called out, seeing you carried away but he didn't need an answer. He could smell it, and quickly turned the other way. Walking away from you to keep himself together, and grabbed Todoroki by the shirt to follow. Bakugou was the next to figure it out, seeing his shirt cuddled against your chest as you squirmed in Ojiro's arms. A snarl leaving his lips as he stalked forward, until Kirishima held out an arm. "Let it go man."

"Get off me!" he snapped back, and Kirishima pushed back harder. “Knock it off man! You know what she said, she doesn’t want an alpha. Not that you paid any attention to that.” He yelled, his own aggression getting the better of him. Bakugou was in even less control, “Is that why you smell like her bitch?!”

With that, Kirishima tackled him. Driving the blonde to the floor, and getting a solid punch in before Bakugou sent him flying with an explosion. Ojiro broke into a run at that, knowing this could escalate quickly.Especially since it was all the nearby alphas that had started this, Bakugou would be just as desperate to get close. Not even realizing his own actions; none of them did. Shinsou amd Todoroki handling it by just running the opposite direction to keep their behaviour in check.

“Midoriya! Keep him back!” Ojiro yelled, and Midoriya was already on it. Faster than lightning, he sent Bakugou several feet back with a kick before the alpha could even register it. He had gotten so fast, it wa hard to register his movements, “Back off beta!”

“Kacchan! Pull it together!” He yelled, dodging a blast and pulling Bakugou into a hole. Kirishima ran past him, and Jirou tensed for a fight. Wanting to keep you safe in a situation she barely understood. Yet Kirishima did nothing but pull open the door and help pile everything in. Backing away the second Ojiro for close, giving the red a warning glare and Kirishima held up his hands. “I’ve got it under control. Just get going.”

“Thank you.” You whispered, resting on Hagakure’s shoulder as Ojiro put you in the van and then hopped into the driver seat. Hagakure pulled your blanket around you like a makeshift nest, patting your head like a soothing mother as you whined; wanting the alphas that were so close by. You were pulling away just as Bakugou was back on his feet, his eyes trailing after you but refused to move. “Damnit.” He swore, kicking the earth and storming off. More pissed about his own behaviour than anything.

This had been a long trip.

Chapter Text

Ojiro drove as fast as was legally possible, getting you home before the day was old and even then the drive felt like forever. Roasting in your skin, whining for any of the alphas to pick you up and take you. A naturally ingrained instinct, and heats were the only time you could control your actions. That's why you tracked them so carefully, marking the days and taking them off work. Hiding away in your apartment or calling up an online date you'd met to help, always a beta though. You feared your own actions otherwise. It had to be all of the alphas around that had triggered this. Especially with the constant contact, kisses, and holds. Never able to escape it, your omega self went into heat to try and force the relationship.


"Hey sweetie. We're home." Hagakure gently shook your shoulder, bringing you back to attention to the world around you. Yawning, you slowly sat up and winced; curling back tight in on yourself and the blanket around you. She sighed softly, patting your head as Ojiro came around and pulled you out of the van. Carrying you back in with one arm, and Hagakure carried your things. You lived at the top floor, alone. A benefit of hero-dom, you had worked hard enough to get your own place. Absolutely massive. It was such a change to when you were a kid; living in a house with your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. It was always crowded, and when you got the money to get your own place you took it. Plus, this place kept in mind your omega status and helped out when you went into heat. Keeping alphas away, bringing up food, and checking in to make sure you were remembering to eat. You waved at the desk clerk, mumbling a soft 'its okay' and she stepped aside to let all three of you up into the elevator.

"We're almost there (Y/N). Hagakure will get you all comfy." Ojiro soothed, purring quietly to keep you calm as he brought you in. Knwoing that at a moment's notice you could spook and try to flee, and that could only end poorly. Hiding away who knows where, maybe stumbling into an unknown alpha. It was just all round dangerous, better to get you tucked in now. Hagakure unlocked the door, and you were swooped in as she looked around, "Oh wow. This is nice (Y/N)."

It was all wide floor to ceiling windows in the living room that let you brood over the city like a proper hero. The colours dark swatches perfectly suited to your tastes, and your drums lay in the corner from the one time you Jirou, Mina, and Kaminari had tried to start a band (it flopped, but you still jammed out with Jirou every now and then). Your room is where you really wanted to be right now. Curl up in the mound of pillows and blankets you had. Ojiro carried you the whole way there before gently laying you in the middle. He stepped away immediately, heading back down to the van and letting Hagakure finish up. She smoothed your hair down, "You gonna be okay?"

"Mhmm. Just sleep through it." you mumbled, already sitting up and rearranging your bedding. Hagakure chuckled, and left; making sure to lock the door on her way out. Leaving you alone, slowly rearranging your bed to satisfaction. Before you settled in, you made your way to the kitchen; grabbing an obscene amount of comfort food; you had a hoarding tendency. You ended up pouring an entire bag of chocolate chips into a jar of peanut butter, and claimed it as yours; scampering back to your room and flicking the lights off. Ready to hunker down through this.


The first day was probably the worst heat you'd ever experienced, and it wasn't getting any better. It felt like having a fever on top of your high body temperature and horny all in one go! Yet the idea of leaving the hot mound of bedding sounded terrible, sinking further into an omega like mindset. Jumping at loud noises from your tv, and constantly whining and whimpering. You'd try to work through it, but after an hour with a vibrator you were left more horny than you had started. It was like the gods were personally torturing you. Day two promised to be even worse from the moment you woke up, your thighs already slick, stomach cramping; needing to be knotted by a proper alpha, not a beta replacement.

"I hate this." you whined, burying your head into a pillow and bemoaning your situation until you heard a knock at the door. You jumped, head jerking up and you instinctively curled Bakugou's flannel close to your chest; it had been your only comfort. Was it Hagakure? Or the front desk? Coming by to check up on you. You didn't want to see anyone, fully ready to snap the head off the first sucker who tried. A familiar voice echoed into your apartment, "(Y/N). Open up. I...Are you alright?"

Bakugou. How had he got past the desk? This was bad. You doubted you could keep him back right now, even if you wanted to. Already a soft whine built in your throat at the sound of his voice. You were on your feet and moving to the door before you realized it, grabbing your hand to stop yourself from unlocking the door. "W-what do you want?" You sounded breathless, needy, collapsing in front of the door; pressing your head against the wood. You could hear him sigh, "Fuck! You're not okay. Just let me in, let me help you."

Bakugou paced in front of the door, slamming his hand on the wall. He could smell your heat from outside the room, the desperate needy nature of it. He wanted to help, to fuck it away for you. It was partially his fault this had started. You whined, and it made him hit the door again. "G-go away. I'm f-fuh-fine."

"Liar. This is killing you as much as it is me." he paused, resting his head on the door. He knew why you were denying yourself. The fear of accidentally being claimed, ending up with someone you didn't want, or just losing yourself. It didn't have to be like that. "You don't need to commit to anything. Forget alpha and omega. You're gonna end up hurting yourself, let me help."

He sounded so desperate, so worried, and you wanted his help. You wanted the pain to leave and live in a satisfied after glow with his arms around you. It cracked what little resolve you had. Rising to your feet, you unlocked the door and Bakugou was in the room before you had time to breathe. He was in his hero costume, all leather and canvas. His eyes hungry, and a slight stubble on his chin. He felt huge, that intense glare sparking the scared omega in you and you bolted; flee the clear predator in the room. Bakugou quickly locked the door and gave chase, grabbing your hand as you reached the hall and pulled you against his chest. You whined, trying to shrink out of his grip and he growled. The sound loud, threatening, and a comfort as he slammed you against the wall. "I've got you. Relax omega."

You could hardly resist, and melted into the kiss he pushed against your lips. Free hand threading into his hair, tugging at the messy blonde locks and he groaned. You were up in the air then, his hands curling under your thighs and carrying you to the clear nest you'd made. Bakugou chuckled, dropping you on the bed with a bounce. You were on your knees, unbuckling the costume while he pulled your t-shirt off; helping your stumbling hands and the costume hit the floor just as quickly. His length was already growing hard at the naked sight of you. "Gods, you're beautiful."

You had just enough time to blush before Bakugou pushed you into the bed. His hand sliding up to your chin to tilt you back into a welcome kiss. You keened as his hands, hot and strong, dragged over your body. Massaging your tender breast, before slipping further down to your waist and inbetween your folds. He wasn't one to waste time, and pulled back his slick fingers. A wicked grin on his lips as he licked you off his hand, "I didn't realize it was this bad darling. I would have come sooner."

"Help. You said you'd help." You whined, slipping a hand up the back of his neck the other running up the hard planes of his chest and into the stubble of his cheeks. Bakugou grinned, grabbing the hand from his face and pinned it to the bed above you. "And I'm going to."

He slipped his hand back down between your thighs, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of your heat; rolling his thumb against your clit. You couldn't help but buck and whine, trying to encourage him closer as he teased you open. Before long he pulled his hand away and hooked your leg onto his hip, pushing into your welcoming heat with a heavy groan. "Fuck, you feel good darling." he teased, leaning in to kiss at your shoulder, collarbone, purposely skipping your neck to keep you calm. Eventually making his way back to your lips to capture the stuttering moan from your lips as he began to thrust into you. A perfect pace that pushed you up the bed and then back down with each one. Slow, slower than you ever thought someone like Bakugou could manage. He released you hand, sliding down to cup at your hips as he moved you with him. His cock long enough to push all the way to the end of you and back, pulling high and needy moans from your lips.

"I've got you. Just relax." he whispered, his forehead resting against yours; refusing to break eye contact. All you could do was stare into those red, burning orbs. You could only melt into him, wrapping your arms over his shoulder, pulling his hot skin close. A slow, burning build gathering in your core at every perfectly timed thrust. It was then that you noticed he was shaking. Every muscle tense as he tried to go slow, to be patient. Not wanting to hurt you in such a delicate state. You couldn't help but snort, and he looked at you with pure bewilderment, "What?!"

"I am almost unbreakable Katsuki. You can fuck me harder than that." you breathed out, already feeling more like yourself as he drove the heat back with each patient thrust. Unable to stop at this point, even as you teased him. Bakugou grinned when he heard his name, "If you're sure..."

"Hurry up. You're slower than my grandmother on stilts."

That sparked the challenge in him. You couldn't help but cry out as he started slamming into you, much harder than before. Hard enough that the bed frame slammed against the wall. Your back arched, pressing your chest against his to try and accommodate the sudden change in force. Every single thrust pulling a loud moan that echoed in the space. You could see a drop of sweat run down his face, thoroughly enjoying the way your fingers dug into his back and legs curled.

That slow building burn, quickly began to speed up. Every movement pushing you closer to that climax your body so desperately needed. Bakugou seemed little better, both of you needing this and you whined as you felt his knot start to form. Snapping you legs around his hips to pull him close and Bakugou snarled. Pulling you into a tight kiss as he slammed all the way home, and pushed you into your orgasm. His lips devouring the begging cry that left you, and quickly followed behind. His knot swelling and locking his body to yours, feeling hot seed covering your walls and your chest heaved at the feeling.

"F-fuck. T-this was good." you sighed, and Bakugou grinned. Both of you slowly relaxing as he waited for his own cock to relax so he could pull out of you. Just spending the time pressing lazy kisses against your face and chest. "Told you so."

"Don't ruin it."

Chapter Text

Bakugou didn't stay long. You think he understood the awkwardness of it. He'd practically killed your heat, and left only the rolling waves of it in the back of your mind. What was there to say? Thanks for fucking? Lets do it again? He'd been crystal clear when he slammed on your door that this was a one night stand. That you both needed each other in an instinctual and violent moment, and that was it. Was it? You felt weird, stomach twisting in a far different way now that your bed was left with nothing but the scent of him. Part of you didn't want this to be a one night stand. The soft look in his eyes, the pain as he left. Did he feel something he wasn't saying, or was it really just an omega and alpha issue?

You spent the most of the day moping in it. Trying to unravel the weird feeling sitting in your stomach. It was hopeless, refusing to reveal itself as anything more than a pain in the ass. Well, at least now that he'd help with your heat you could go outside and mope about it. Get a drink, forget the pain, and move onto the next day. By pain, I'm referring to the subtle ache between your thighs. He was never one to do anything in half measure. A drink, a beta, and a long night of fucking that meant nothing that should replace the weird ache in your head. Grabbing your collar, you fastened it tight around your throat and headed out; no need for unwanted attention tonight. You'd be picking the partner to take home.

There was a small bar that sat about three blocks from your apartment. With the name scratched off the sign that hung less than a foot out from the brick wall, and the boarded up windows that prevented any light from entering, you would almost guess the place had been closed for many years. Yet the faint trickle of low played music, the hum of conversation, and the stench of alcohol left the doors of the old place open. It had been your favourite spot since you hit drinking age. They never watered down the rum which was the key thing you liked about it, and by now the bartender (Saika) knew your order by heart. Already sliding it across the bar the moment you took your seat in the aged cotton cover of a stool. It thudded in your grasp, nearly falling back over from the lack of bounce in your palm but you'd gotten use to catching it. Quick to wash away the day you'd had with the subtle burn and spiced taste on your tongue. At the very least, you'd forget.

"Hey pretty thing. I've seen you round here." A clear drunk tone said, throwing his arm around your shoulder as he slurred his wording. You nearly spilled your drink, giving him a glare that could cause the sane to back off. Course, drunks weren't exactly sane at the moment and he made a faint 'ruff' at the look. "Oh you're a tough thing aren't you. Look at that grimace. Come on, I just wanted to say hi."

"And you've said it. So fuck off." you snapped, shrugging his arm off. When you wanted a beta to take home, this isn't what you had in mind. He was handsome, no doubt about it, and that's probably why he felt so comfortable being a creep. Thinking he could get away with it because he had a pretty face. He smelled like a mix of a basement and a broken open liquor shop. It was painful to even be this close and take in the horrible stench. With your crass wording, he frowned, "Come on. Don't act like you're better than me. We're both in the same shit hole of a bar, so take what's given to you."

"That's where you're wrong." Another voice answered before you could even get a word in. A lone figure at the end of the bar rising to his full height, fluffy, purple locks nearly brushing the bar light. Shinsou. He looked even more exhausted than before, that classic disapproving frown etched onto his features as though it were made of granite. With long, lazy steps, he crossed the bar in three; leering over the drunk. "You see, she's a lot better than you are. Can you understand that?"

"Hey who d-" he started, jabbing at Shinsou's chest before freezing in place and relaxing. Letting out a slow breath, Shinsou nodded, "Go sit down." It's not like the drunk could refuse, and he stumbled off to his seat again. You yelped as Shinsou grabbed your arm, sharply looking up at him. Its not like he could actually move you. Instead, his voice dropped into a familiar, commanding growl, "Lets go (Y/N). Now."

Even with the collar on, it couldn't prevent the slick feeling between your legs as you let him drag you out of the bar. Giving Saika a promise to pay her back on the next visit. The alpha said nothing as he moved you down the road, you on the other hand had plenty to say. There were so many things you wanted to ask and complain about. Never mind the fact that having him just this close was overwhelming in your heat. You settled with, "Shinsou! Let go of my arm! You know you can't use your quirk on civilians. No matter how creepy they are!"

"Shut up." he snapped, moving you against the wall of a building as you passed. His fingers slipping under you collar and easily pulling it free before you could even get a word of protest in. His thigh slipped between your legs as he took a deep sniff and sighed. "Like I thought. Are you insane? Going out in the middle of a heat? Shouldn't you be back in bed with Bakugou?"

Like he thought? Was he able to smell you past the collar? That's fucking insane! You couldn't help but notice the odd twinge to his face as he mentioned Bakugou, his hands tightening on your hips as he tilted his head down to look at you. No, look at your neck. His eyes running over the smooth surface, looking for a claiming mark, and his whole body relaxed when he found it clean. He was relieved...that you were still unclaimed? You ran a hand up his chest, tilting his chin up to look at you. "Shinsou, why does it matter?"

"It doesn't. You just deserve better than that jerk." he spat, gritting his teeth and you snorted. Unable to stop a soft laugh. He was jealous! Why? You had no idea, but it was still funny. He didn't seem to think so, grabbing your hand and slamming it above your head. "I'm going to kiss you. If you want me to stop, say it now."

But you didn't. You wanted this. Your omega heart hammering the harder he held you, loving the anger between alphas as they fought for you. You only tilted your head up, wanting to know what he felt like, tasted like. To fill the need that burned in the back of your mind. He'd always been handsome, even in UA, and you were only now able to feel his lips against yours. A side dream becoming reality as he bent down and pressed his mouth to yours. Already tasting the sweet taste of liquor as he slipped his tongue past your lips. Gently playing it against yours, earning a soft moan from you. The noise stirred something in him, and you let go of your wrist; slipping his hands under your thighs and picking you up. He broke apart only once, "I'm taking you home now. Tell me where."

You mumbled directions, and he returned to the feeling you wanted. The wonderful, brain numbing feeling as he pressed his mouth to yours again and again. Soft pants coming from you as he carried you back to the apartment. It was impressive that he managed to carry, kiss, and walk you back to your apartment. Kissing his way down your neck as he took your keys from your back pocket and opened the door. A sigh left him as he smelt Bakugou here too. Furthering his want to replace the smell with his own, barely able to stop himself from grinding his hips against yours. You pulled back, running your fingers up into his hair. "Shinsou, tell me why its bothering you so much."

"Do you love him?" he answered with a question, tightening his grip on your thighs til you whined. He brought to the forefront the question you had been to scared to ask yourself, and hearing it like that affirmed something in your mind. You shook your head, "Some part of me wants him, but I barely know him let alone love him. You don't fall in love after a day. He just wanted to help. To be loved for a night. It was...a break from reality."

Shinsou nodded, pressing his forehead against yours. Those eyes. They swirled with so much. A thunderstorm barely contained in his eyes, gently rumbling with the emotions he never spoke. "Let me love you for a night."

And the storm stilled. So intense, his words rolling like thunder over your heated skin. Honest, needing, his words thrumming in deep and you nodded. Who cares what it said of you. It was only for a night, but you wanted to be loved. You wanted to end the stupid one night stands of betas. To be loved by one person, forever. You'd take Shinsou, even if he could only promise you that love for a night. You whispered, letting it sit between you like a secret, "Please. Just for a night."

"Just for a night."

He didn't kiss you as he carried you across the apartment. Skipping over your bed and moving to the bathroom, A massive tub taking up a half of the space, candles already set into the corners of it from a time when you'd tried the self-care thing. He set you down on the sink counter, running his hands up your sides to bunch and pull your shirt off. "Stay here. I'm going to make this perfect."

You watched him work in relative silence. Letting the tub fill, the soft sfzitch of the match to the board to light candles. He flicked the lights off in the bathroom, solely illuminating it by candle light. His clothes quickly joined the pile of clothes, the yellow lighting dancing over the hard planes of his abs and in the gentle smile on his lips. He reached out a hand, and you took it, pulling down from the counter and he knelt before you. Pressing his warmed lips against the line of your hip, working the jeans off inch by inch like it was worship. His tongue tracing a line between the small freckles of your skin, looking up to your eyes and you couldn't help but watch. Hold your breath. Shudder under the gentle ministrations of his mouth.

"You are so beautiful." he whispered, standing. His words a near painful similarity to Bakugou's but rang in such a different tone. Past the skin to the soft gentle pulse of life under it, that's where he found the beauty. Within you, rather of you. Just for a night, you we're going to know how it felt to be loved. Shinsou walked back and stepped into the tub, having you follow after him. His grip relaxed but firm, supporting you as he pulled you in and onto his lap. You didn't even notice your own arousal til you felt his hardened length rub against your folds and sighed softly. Shinsou shook his head, finding his lips to the corner of your ear, along your jaw. Running his hands into your hair and freeing it from the braid so it tumbled into the water. Pressing you closer until he tilted you up to kiss his lips. It felt like there was an answer within his love, something you were just missing. And you found it as he whispered into your mouth, "I love you."

You stiffened for a moment. His words ringing in your body, enough to reduce you to tears. Just for a night. You were giving up nothing of you but this night, and you whispered it back. "I love you too."

Shinsou shuddered, burying his face in your neck for a moment. Both of you riding in the warm lap of water, and the soft swirl of affection between you two. He would never admit it, and you would never say anything, but you felt a few hot tears track down your shoulder and into the water. He wasn't the only one, a few falling down your own cheek and you bit your lip to stifle the soft cry on your tongue. To love and be loved, was a beautiful thing, and was marred by the false nature of it. Of its impermanence. Of the role you both played this night to fill the silent pain in your lives.

Just for a night, you wanted him to show you how it felt to be loved. You didn't need to utter the words aloud, he understood it in the soft shiver in your skin. He pulled his head up and found your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours over his shoulders. Pulling you up just for a moment to slip inside of you, the slight curve to his shaft rubbing against your g-spot as he pushed in and you gasped into his lips. He gave a cocked grin, rolling his hips up into you again to find that special noise. You couldn't help but be intoxicated in the scent of him, a soothing aroma that made you melt into him.

With his hands sliding to your hips, he picked you up and pulled you down on his cock. Slow, steady, loving. Mapping the feel of your body against his with every, loving thrust. The water gently sloshing over the edge of the tub as you began to move with him, rolling your hips against him. Soft and gentle moans, so against your nature, running out your mouth before you could even thinking of stopping it. You both felt breathless, unable to kiss as you both lost yourself in the gentle sway of each other; foreheads pressed together, eyes held to each other.

"I love you." he whispered as he rocked his hips against you.

"I love you." he moaned into your throat as your nails dug into his spine.

"I love you." you cry out as his constant rhythm pulled one of the softest orgasm from your body. Leaving you shaking and shuddering against him.

"I love you." you sighed as he rocked himself to completion. His knot swelling into you and locking you together as he covered your walls in his seed. Lips pressing a gentle kiss in the space between your breathes.

"I love you." you both said, held together as you both shuddered against each other in the after glow of your orgasm. Unable to say the words that should follow, but feeling them in the back of your words.

"I love you."

Just for a night

Chapter Text

It only lasted for the night. Shinsou helped you from the bath the moment your bodies could unlock. The two of you unsure of what to even say to each other as he slowed dried you off. Running the soft towel over your body like it was a prayer. He didn't ask to stay the night. He didn't ask if you really loved him. Both of you sat in calm knowledge, that this had been some meditative need for both of you. Rocking against each other to replace the hollow spot in your bodies that this life could bring. And it was filled. For a time. It would have to do.

As he took his leave, he stopped once at the door. Pulling you close to him and pressing his lips against your forehead, "Thank you. (Y/N). I hope...this helped."

"It did." you whispered into his chest. Part of you wishing what had happened had been real, but you both knew the truth. That it was temporary. You didn't even know his birthday, love was a far away thing that you both played at. But for that moment, it had felt so real. It soothed the last of your heat and the terrible ache Bakugou had left with his quick departure. You felt far from an answer to what plagued you, but Shinsou made it easier to bare. So you kissed him once, and felt him smile into it, and then he left.

And that hollow spot was quickly there again.


With the next morning here, you sighed a breath of relief that at least your mind was your own; the heat fading away for a time. All that remained was that empty spot, the issue you kept wrangling with, and more than anything you wanted to work it out. There was only one perfect way to do that. Hit stuff. A lot. You knew there was a good gym nearby, perfect for pros who wanted to get the next leg up on their training. If there was any place you can work out your intense and confusing feelings it was there.

And as a former UA student, you got a discount, which was always nice too.

It was one of those fancy gyms, with plenty of unnecessary screens and technology. Most of it for show, but completely irrelevant to actual training. Probably why they could make the monthly cost so high. Still, you knew the quirk room was top notch. Built well enough that you didn't have to worry about destroying the building like you use to back in your UA days; man, the trouble you got into for that. You even recognized a few faces there, Mirio and Amajiki lifting weights and they gave you a quick wave which you were happy to return. You were about to walk over and say high when a familiar scent hit you, and you spun on your heel before Kirishima could try and surprise you. Instead he jolted that you caught him midway to spooking you and gave a sheepish grin, "Hey there shockwave. I've never seen you here before!"

"Just cause you gave me the hero name doesn't mean you can expose me!" you tease, elbowing him as he nearly yelled your secret identity in the gym. You weren't actually worried, your mask consisted of face paint; can't exactly say you were in hiding. Still, Kirishima muttered a soft apology before slinging an arm over your shoulder. "Doesn't explain what brought you here."

"I heard good stuff, so I thought I'd check it out. If I knew you were here, I'd have just done pull ups off the side of a building." you grinned, stretching your shoulders out as you got ready for weights. Kirishima hardened his skin for a moment before relaxing, "You sound like Bakugou. Hey, I've got a better idea, lets spar instead."

"Now you sound like Bakugou. That eager for round two Red? I'll show you what's ticking!" you teased, pulling a number for the sparring room. Two already in the contained room which was filled with much banging and shouting. You leaned on the wall next to the room, cracking your fingers as you waited. Kirishima gave you a soft small, leaning on the same wall. There was an awkward pause, of course there was. The last he had seen of you, you had been in a heat and now you smelt of two different alphas. He'd been one of the few who had kept everything under wraps, respected your wishes, and now probably thought you'd gone and screwed his friends anyway. You opened your mouth to say something in the same moment that he did.

"Are you feeling better (Y/N)?"

"Hey, Ejirou, we good?" You both stared at each other for a moment, your own cheeks feeling hot as you realized how informally you'd addressed him. Another awkward pause, the only sound was gym equipment being moved before you two burst into a a laugh. You should have known, Kirishima would always respect your decisions, he cared more his friends then himself (however poorly it ended for him). You reached over and gently touched his arm, giving him a soft smile and he returned in that familiar way. A slight crease in the corner of his eyes as he looked down to you, "Yeah, we're good sweetheart."

The sparring room buzzed, and the two inside stepped out; allowing for your number to roll up on the door. You grinned, grabbing Kirishima's hand and dragging him into the room. The ceilings rose up at least five stories and the walls were made with some reflective material to cover the walls. Allowing you to see all angles, you really hoped it wasn't easily broken. Lest you pay the repair fees. You gave Kirishima a smile as you pulled him to the centre of the room, looking at the way his hair was falling over his face and sighed. "Geez, you'll never be able to see me coming." you muttered, and gestured for him to bend over a little bit. You quickly gathered up the loose hair (none of it gelled like he use too, that was more his pro thing now) taking a moment to run your fingers through the silken, dyed red and tied it into a low ponytail with your spare hair elastic. "There, now we'll fight fair."

"Oh come on (Y/N), you're gonna need all the help you can get!" he taunted, pulling off the loose tank and you groaned silently, an instinctual part of you enjoying the strength and alpha feel that rolled off of him as he took a moment to flex at his reflection. Or for you. It was hard to say, but you were not going to complain. You rolled your shoulders back and dropped your hands to your side. Ready to let Kirishima take the first blow, or so you wanted him to think; it was always your move, to wait til you got hit, time to throw him for a spin. He turned on his heel and strolled back over to you, you gave him a grin, "Ready to get started handsome?"

"Get ready to feel Red Riot!" he yelled cheesily, and you watched his skin harden. His fist pulled back and in that moment, you rushed in. Slamming your shoulder into his chest. With his skin hardened, you didn't get as much ground as you wanted, but it surprised him. The red head looking down at you with wide eyes and gave a step back, just enough time to drive a punch into his abdomen as though he were a normal criminal. With that, Kirishima had overcome his shock and drove his elbow down into your vertebrae; the shockwave echoing through your body with a soft grunt and your drove the force into another punch. Pulling back to block his next strike, breaking his arms wide and delivering a very Spartan-like kick to his chest.

For anyone observing, the two of you fighting was like watching two immovable objects move against each other. He would hit you, the shockwave moving through your body and you'd hit him right back. Watching his hardening ability slowly chipping away. In a long term match, Kirishima could only win if he could pin you and you could only win if you lasted long enough to break his hardening down. A rather boring match for everyone else. After a solid fifteen minutes of punch after punch, your own knuckles a bit bloody and you could see Kirishima shuddering with effort, you went in for the last moment. Breaking into a run at him, tackling the red head to the floor, your legs landing on either side of his head and you grinned down to him. A grin matched by his own sharp teeth and he curled his hands up onto your hips. "One day I'll be smart over strong."

"Then I'd never win. I think you're pretty wonderful as are." you teased, and slowly raised a brow as you felt his hands move from your hips to the curve of your ass; squeezing the flesh to find it refusing to move just as much as the rest of you. "Ejirou?" you muttered, and his hands move up further, moving into your hair and bending you nearly in half to press a kiss to your lips. "(Y/N), its your life, but...give me a shot too. If you can."

One of your best friends, one of the kindest men you barely had to pause before slipping your thighs further down to more easily press your lips against his. The man grinned, tightening his grip in your hair and deepening the kiss. His tongue darting over your lips and playing with your for dominance, still tasting of coffee. His other hand slipped under the waistband of your track pants, groping at you with a smirk that you could feel. He seemed ready to pull the pants down further when the buzzer room went off. Kirishima quickly pulled his hands back and you jumped to your feet, giving Amajiki a weak wave as he and Mirio pushed the door open. Kirishima laughed, grabbing your waist and pulling you from the room. You both looked to the rest of the room and groaned. With the adrenaline lowered, you both felt the sore limbs and bruises that would appear the next day and decided calling it quits would be best. Not like hero work was gentle on the body.


Kirishima walked you all the way back to your place with a soft, gentle smile. Watching you like he was watching butterflies, fascinated and entranced. It was enough to make your heart stutter and cheeks flushed. As he stopped at the door, you tilted up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. Kirishima returned the kiss and opened the door for you, "Hey, this wanna go to the carnival? Its suppose to roll into town and I'd hate to see you go alone."

"Who said I was going?" you chuckled, and he laughed, "I did. So, meet me there? Saturday at 1pm?"

"Alright Ejirou, I'll see you there."

Chapter Text

"Thanks for running patrols with me Todoroki." you spoke, breaking the tense silence of the past fifteen minutes. Todoroki had shown up at your hero centre this morning, offering to run patrols ever since the bank robbery there had been a touch more activity than before. It was much needed aid, but quite odd seeing as his district was often hundreds of miles away from yours. Yet, you weren't going to refuse the help, specially not from a skilled hero like Todoroki.

The alpha shrugged, betraying nothing on those cold (and technically hot) features of his. He bent down and picked up a piece of trash, tossing it into the near by can. "You've spent time with the others, I wanted to catch up." he muttered finally, looking at you and you felt your cheeks flush. Had someone said something? Was it that obvious. Todoroki seemed to understand your confusion and shook his head, "You told Jirou, Jirou told Momo and Momo told me."

"So I'm just on the gossip train now?" you grumbled, scratching at the drying face paint that hid your features well enough. For the first time in your presence, Todoroki gave a soft smile and gently touched your arm. "Its fine. I overreacted at the getaway. Your life choices."

He was talking a lot different than before. Any jealous strike you had pinned him with seemed to have fallen away to a more logical reasoning. It was hard to really read anything off him, just when you thought you had him pegged he switched the game around. You opened your mouth to say something. To talk on how much you appreciated it, or that you wished you'd hung out in school more.

But the author and universe had other plans in mind.

A loud crashing noise echoed through the district, and you both looked to the sound to see one of the city sky scrapers near by begin to lean; clouds of dust gathering at the base. You barely had to give a Todoroki a look before breaking into a run towards the building. He shouted out to you about making his way to the other side and you ran directly for the building, encouraging civilians to make their way from past a perimeter that was already being put up by Kamui Wood. A safe zone past the collapsing building. You were stopped by one of your sidekicks, "Ma'am! It looks like a sink hole opened up under the building and its foundations have started to collapse. Supports have been put in place by Kamui Wood who was in the area, but it won't hold for forever."

"Thanks Gemini, we will keep moving civilians past the destruction perimeter before pulling back ourselves to let the building fall safely. Have your other half run the perimeter and relay that message to all civilians." you ordered, ruffling her blue hair and she ran off (Gemini's quirk was perfect for recon, allowing her to split herself in two with both halves sharing the exact same experiences, two places in one quiet literally). You moved in to the disaster zone, heading to the heart of it. With your quirk, you were best suited to the most dangerous areas. Able to use your body as a shield for falling debris.

Across the way, you saw Todoroki moving an injured man off the scene and gave him a wave; gesturing to where you were heading and he nodded before taking off. You began to jog towards the building, seeing the skyscraper. The ground had collapsed underneath it and the building had a crease line running through it where the building was starting to bend in half. It was about a third up, not good for collapsing. The wooden supports were already giving way, the wood splintering but you knew you could start making runs. It was a necessary risk until someone like Cementos arrived.

You were able to make one run, pulling a woman out from under a crushed piece of rubble and carrying her to Todoroki who took her the rest of the way. You heard more splintering, and spun on your heel to see the supports crashing and give way. One column after another breaking and the building began to fall forward. You heard screams as the upper levels of people panicked and did the first thing you could think of. You ran towards the problem.

Right towards where the building was ready to crash with the ground, near the base. You heard Todoroki scream your name just as the building crashed down on you, spreading your arms wide to take as much area as possible. You screamed on impact, feeling the shockwave radiate into your body. It was a stupid idea, but you only had one option, to push back the shockwave and take the full weight of the building. Millions of newtons of force radiating through your body as you halted the buildings momentum and you felt the limits of your quirk.

It was the biggest issue. You could only take so many units of force, and if you passed that? Every bone in your body gave out. Like the weight of a building. As you halted the movement, you felt it and gave a choked groan. Every single bone cracking from the force. From toes to individual teeth they cracked over and over, sending you to your knees; an atlas pose as you held up the building. You had only one choice. To keep the building up and to keep yourself from collapsing like an accordion, even if it would make this worse. Special Move: Immovable Object.

Your entire body stiffened. Every cell hardening, much like Kirishima's ability, and left you completely immovable. The building would collapse around you before this ability gave out. It was a last resort, and with these broken bones it would only strain them more. If it saved the hundreds of people in that building, your life was worth it. You couldn't see anything now, your eyes locked closed, your eardrums unable to move to pick up the vibrations of sounds. Just barely able to breathe, it felt like drowning. Almost the opposite of Mirio, you were immovable to every sensation of sound to touch.

The whole world seemed to freeze around you, people staring in shock at the hero who held up the building. Then they quickly started moving. You knew nothing of what occured around you, but the heroes sprung into action. Todoroki created massive ice columns on nearly every inch of the building to hold it up, and the evacuation worked quickly. Within the hour, everyone was safely out of the way, except you. You had no concept of time, no understanding of the world around you, not even thought. You simply existed. Todoroki ran to your side, and you didn't feel it. Not the way he cupped your cheeks, feeling the stone like tightness and hissed an angry breathe. "You idiot. What have you done?"

He tried to move you, tried to pull you out of the collapse zone, but your body refused to budge. The worst part of your special move? You couldn't deactivate it, you couldn't even think, just exist in a state of agony. No way to know it was time to go home and relax. Todoroki hugged you, even your braid was immovable and frozen in place. He had seen this happen once before, when you were in class, practicing those special moves. It had taken Aizawa to release you from this state, and they warned you to never do it again. Not unless you had too. Apparently you thought now was the moment. Todoroki made the call, and in half an hour, Aizawa was stepping out the car. Already looking exhausted and now in his late fourties. He rarely used his quirk these days, but he'd always make an exception for students (what a big suck, even if he'd never admit it).

The world finally came back into clarity as your quirk was stripped away and Todoroki curled around you. Pulling you up and you cried out. Nothing but a bag of broken bones and he apologized as he removed you from the space. He nodded at Aizawa before pulling you into the ambulance. The EMTs looking over with concern at the fully body break. The pain was excruciating, every breath moved broken ribs and every jostle of the van made your bones settle wrong. All they could do was keep you conscious. You were barely aware of Todoroki's worried face, unable to touch you and instead spoke softly to keep you there. "I'm right here Shockwave. You did so good. You saved everyone."

You couldn't even smile, your body shuddering and Todoroki had to watch as they rolled you into the emergency room. Any of the healing quirks were immediately called into the area to start stitching you back together, leaving him in the waiting room. He pulled out his phone and started to make calls, letting the others know. Barely able to keep himself together, wanting to storm in and make sure you made it. Feeling useless for the first time in a while.

Chapter Text

“What the fuck Endeavour?! You know well and good I’m one of the best fucking heroes out there!” You snarled at the man. Barely registering he was someone ‘scary’. You slammed your hands on his desk, crumpling the already dirty and folded decline letter. Endeavour held that glare, pushing the letter off the desk and it quickly caught fire.

“I’m not in the habit of taking on Omegas as heroes. It’s not right. Your biology could betray you at any moment.” He snapped, and you could feel the slimy sneer in the back of his words. Omega. Like it was a dirty thing. Like you were some breakable doll who’d fuck the first villain with the right scent. You were barely able to contain yourself, shoulders heaving as you tried to take deep breathes. Trying to challenge an alpha, especially such a short tempered one like Endeavour was probably the stupidest thing to do in the world. You took another, long breathe, and stood up straight. Endeavour snorted, “See? Can’t even fight back. I could probably ask you to bend over the desk and you’d listen.”

Hands curled into fists in the same breath of your cheeks going red. You were ready to hurl some insult at the pro when he grabbed the collar of your hero suit. Dragging you to his level til you could smell the musk and cinder on his hands. “Well omega? Wanna find out?”

“Sure.” You snapped back, and in the moment, as Endeavour misunderstood, his nasty face pulling into a grin. You slammed your forehead into his. The sound of skulls colliding echoing in the room, and Endeavour was the one sent back. His chair giving under the shift in weight and tipped so his back hit the floor. You grinned, already feeling better after fixing his slight. “Eat shit alpha, you’ll be able to remarry your ex-wife before I’d let you breath on me.”

Endeavour grabbed his face, a massive bruise forming and you felt the rage in his words as he pointed to the door, “GET OUT BITCH! ILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU NEVER WORK AS AT AN AGENCY IN JAPAN!”

“Then I guess I’ll start my own.”

You were already walking, and the door pushed open before you could touch the handle. Todoroki standing there to look at his father with as much disgust as you felt. “I’m sorry about him. You okay?”

“No.” You whispered softly, and he took your hand to guide you out of the office. Walking you down the steps before giving you a quick shoulder squeeze. “I can’t take you home, I’m still on the clock. I got it all on tape, I doubt he’ll be working here much longer.”

Your eyes widened, and you gripped his hand a little tighter. So that’s why he hadn't came in earlier. He was recording. You let go of his hand, and pulled him in to a long hug. “Thank you Todoroki.”

You woke to the soft rub of a thumb over your bruised knuckles. The cool nature seeping into your muscles was a natural relaxant. Eyes fluttered open, and they first fell to the man whose hand was holding yours. The red and white hand tad come loose of its usual bun and the shorter, wispy strands fluttered against his cheek with each breath. How long had Todoroki been there to fall asleep so soundly? Looking like an ethereal creature now, his features lax and tame, unburdened by the stress of consciousness. You tried to squeeze his hand, knowing that even that would be enough to wake the ever-vigilant hero. Yet, your fingers were impossibly tired. The effort to move them jostled the healing bones and awoke a soft groan from you; the effort to move abandoned as the rest of the world slowly fell in around Todoroki.

The crisp, eggshell blue walls and squeaky clean floor. A covered window with cherry blossoms stitched into the white curtains. Your ears were constantly distract by the soft beep of the machine to your right. Heart beat slow, blood pressure normal, and a third scammer which monitored the drip system of the IV in your arm; a blue tinted liquid moving slow through your veins in effort to heal what had broken and hide the pain of the broken things. You felt an uncomfortable dryness in your throat; the push of an unwanted tube forcing air into your lungs.

Oh, and a good portion of your old classmates were in various positions around the room. Todoroki had taken lead by your bedside, and Kirishima’s head laid on the empty mattress space next to your legs. Jirou was taking up the entire guest couch, leaving the rest to find various places to lie down. Midoriya and Uraraka cuddled as they slept against a wall. Shinsou had managed to fall asleep standing up, his head nodding up and down as he leaned against the wall. Kaminari, Ashido, Momo, Sero, and Sue were all collapsed on the floor in one big pile; you couldn’t help but twitch your lips as you saw Momo and Jirou’s fingers interlocked even at rest.

You flickered your gaze back to the monitors. 3:40 AM. No wonder they were all asleep. You should probably be asleep too, but fate had intervened to wake you up now. Fully aware of just how many of your friends were waiting for you to wake up. Good folk. All of them.

The hospital door swung open, and in stepped Bakugou. Is hands full of coffee trays, a bag of goodies held between his teeth and he pushed the door open with his shoulder. Tired, red eyes went you your form first and the bagels hit the floor as he registered your consciousness. I’m typical, Bakugou fashion, he kicked Kirishima’s feet. “Hey get up! You’re missing her and getting drool all over the bed!”

The whole room began to stir. Todoroki and Kirishima’s first. A wide toothed grin from Kirishima’s and he sat up; his long hair now matted at an awkward angle from sleeping, giving the most adorable cowlick. Todoroki smiled too, though smaller. Squeezing your hand gently as you had tried to do moments ago. “That was really stupid.”

You snorted. Great first words Todoroki, and Bakugou shoved his shoulder before passing coffee to both men. “Shut up. You’re just mad she showed your ass up. Omega saving the day. It’s all over the news shockwave.”

Bakugou grabbed the remote as he passed around coffee to the rest; slowly peeling their eyes open to dart over to you. All but Shinsou, who stepped out of the room instead. Your eyes trailing after him before focusing on the tv as it blared the news:

“And now, an update on our top news story of the week. After a skyscraper collapsed from an unstable sinkhole, the pros went in to rescue the good citizens but one has been in our collective mind and hearts. Risking her life to hold up the building as the sinkhole worsened, the hero Shockwave has stolen the public eye and quickly risen as a public favourite in recent polls. Still in the hospital, we are unsure of her status but the doctors say she will recover. But more pressing is the question that her existence presents. A proud omega, Shockwave has always been public about her status and has received backlash for that pride. Now hailed as the hero of the district, controversy has arisen in the rights and treatments of omegas. Tune in for the full scoop at our live show at seven.”

Bakugou hit the mute button and collapsed on the bed next to you. Taking a long drag of coffee as he watched you from the corner of his eyes. Worrying you’d slip away if he didn’t keep watch. “They’ve had the story on repeat. You’ve gotten pretty popular (y/n).”

“Don’t be rude!” Todoroki snapped. You’d barely even registered the familiarity with which Bakugou had used your first name but everyone else had. The slow build of tension as the two glared at each other was broken by Kirishima, quite literally pushing himself between the two. Leaning in close to look past the breathing mask and into your tired eyes. "Hey there princess. How you feeling?"

You made an attempt to speak, but again that tube was not working well and you made a vague groan as your lips moved around it. Kirishima gave you a weak smile, pushing a few locks of hair off your face and ignoring the soft glare of the other two. "No worries Shockwave, you just rest up. You've been under for near a week. Bakugou's been worried sick, well...we all have. But you're back now! And the whole city's talking about you. Almost as popular as Midoriya!"

You could hear the tired protest of the Midoriya, slowly waking up as he shared a drink with Uraraka. The heat was starting to amp up as people surrounded the bed, peering eyes and smiling faces as they checked on you. Jirou shoved them all away, giving you a massive hug that made you groan at the sudden burst of pain. Jirou laughed, setting you down gently. "Oh you're tough. You took on a building, a little hug ain't gonna kill you."

Rolling your eyes, Jirou pushed everyone back and took up the space next to you in the bed. "Give her some space! She just woke up and you guys are treating her like broken porcelain."

"Well, the term is accurate." A new voice chimed in, and everyone looked over to the doctor as he entered the room; followed by Shinsou, so that's where he'd gone. He gave a familiar, tired grin and leaned back against the wall as the doctor came in closer. He checked the IV, the monitor, giving a few quiet nods. "You've recovered well. We've got a healing quirk in the hospital, which is what we're pumping into you. We're just looking at some minor fracture lines at this point, so you'll recover on your own from here on out."

You winced softly as he stopped and cleared the IV out, and then began to remove pieces of the breathing tube. " Let's get this out." We just needed to make sure you woke up, so you can head home today. Though, its recommended to do physio once a week as you heal the fracture lines. And that someone stay with you for a time. Does she have an alpha partner yet? That tends to speed up the healing. Cough"

The four alphas in the room tensed, and you did your best to ignore it as you coughed. Helping ease the breathing tube out of your throat and the doctor watched; making sure you could take the first couple breathes on your own. The air felt stale, and your ribs ached with each deep breathe, but you were functioning. "No, I don't." you coughed out, voice hoarse as you refused to let someone else answer for you. The doctor nodded, checking off a few boxes. "Alright, well lets have you rest a bit longer til the next nurse shit comes in and then we'll get you on home. I see you have a few...alpha friends. That would help too."

Your gaze narrowed at the doctor. His tone near condescending as he spoke about the surrounding alphas. Or the eerie unison with which they said, "I'll look out for her."

The air went still again as they glared at each other. Even the doctor stepping out to avoid the tension between them all. You were too tired to deal with this bullshit. Alphas butting heads like you were property for them to be fighting over. Even after all you had done, and you were still hearing about this shit. Like some fragile doll. Even in this state, you could probably beat their asses back and forth. You wanted to yell, but your voice was already hoarse. Momo stepped in instead.

"That's enough out of all of you." Ya! Go Momo! She stood up, and started fishing around in her bag before holding out a set of keys. "I've got a spare apartment in Tokyo, it'd have enough room for all of you and will be close enough to the hospital for physio appointments. And the building is excellent with alphas and omegas."

It was the last thing you wanted, to be surrounded by the warring alphas as you healed, but the sincerity in Momo's words was more than you could resist. And, knowing her, the apartment would be amazing. A small vacation as you healed up. Maybe the men would learn to get along. "That would be lovely Momo. Thank you."

You fell asleep a bit later as the tension calmed down. Jirou sleeping next to you until the nurse came by at six. Then the hard part. Moving you into the wheel chair. The nurse stepped aside to let Todoroki and Bakugou pick you up. One to each side as they held your shoulder and under your knees to gently place you into the chair. You did your best to be quiet, the aches were more sharp stabs with each accidental jostle. Safely nestled into the wheel chair, Kirishima practically raced you down the halls and into the waiting car Momo had called for. You couldn't help but notice...just how excited they all seemed.

Chapter Text

The only way to describe the trip was tension. The air was thick with it and the smell of angry alphas. Kirishima has been smart, sliding into the car before all of you and as the boys had helped move your tired body, it was his shoulder you relaxed on. Each of them radiated with heat, enough that the car windows had slowly fogged over and you whined. Weakly smacking at Bakugou as he practically vibrated in place; put off by the other alphas so close by. "Stop it. I'm too tired for your shit right now. This vacation is for recovery, not so you can prove who's the toughest."

This did little to settle the group, who instead of trying to be the most protective, were now trying to glare the others into backing down on their 'toughness' factor. You sighed, and rolled your head to the other side and onto Shinsou's shoulder. The calmest member of the group, he wrapped and arm around your shoulder and pulled you comfortably close. It was a choice to ignore the growls of the others, and the smug smirk on Shinsou's face. At the very least, the purple-haired man was able to keep himself calm, and that was perfect right now. If a bit insufferable.

Stuck in this limo of tension, you were more than happy to get out of it when you arrived at your destination. Only to then be enveloped with the struggle of who would help carry you into the apartment building. None of the men trusting you enough to let you walk on your own. All four began puffing up their chests, learning over each other, and you knew Bakugou was going to throw the first punch. Luck was to be at least somewhat on your side, and the apartment secretary stepped outside. "Ah, you must be (Y/N). Ms. Momo gave us a call that you and your companions would be arriving. I'm Himei, if you have any need for assistance with your current....affliction, just dial my desk." Affliction, that was new. You supposed Himei was trying to be polite, but even the kindest souls could make an offence without meaning it. So, you smiled. After all you had had worse. "Thank you Himei. Could you help me up to the apartment. I'm afraid these...children." You hissed at them over your shoulder, "Are more likely to drop me in an effort to out do each other." Himei nodded, the constant, patient smile in place. With the strength of a body guard, Himei pushed her way between the group and heaved you up into her arms.Taking the stairs and leaving the bags to the four alphas while she explained the services the building could offer for omegas in need. "Ms. Momo also informed me that there might be some...struggles with your companions. If they are causing too much trouble, send for me and I can have them take a long walk." When Momo had said 'apartment' you were expecting something a bit bigger than your own. Two rooms, a bathroom, maybe a larger than average tub. Instead, as the elevator doors opened to the top floor, you were proven sorely mistaken. Of course Momo had to go over the top with the penthouse apartment. It was large enough to have a separate kitchen and dining room. There was a hallway! And the balcony doors led out to a full pool, overlooking the Tokyo skyline. Everyone had the same look of shock on their faces, and Todoroki mumbled, "That's Momo for you."

"That's Momo for you." you repeated, doing your best to pick your jaw up off the floor. Himei set you down in the nearest chair, and gave a quiet farewell before exiting the apartment. Leaving you, alone, with the tension once more. The silent build of it, and you wished for a simpler time. Back at the beach when they didn't know how to act around you, not this building tension as they all fought a baser urge.

"Well, suppose I should get set in my room." you mumbled, happy to escape, and shakily gripped the table edge. Your legs, while healed, ached with the pain of a marathon runner. The bones doing their best to stay together, threatening to shatter under the first step. The smallest of shockwaves as your heel connected to the floor and you felt ready to break like a doll all over again. It was a fight between your will to move on your own, and the crying ache of your body. Willpower is a powerful thing, and you managed a second step before Bakugou stepped in. Gently curling one, toned arm under your legs and pulling you up into the cradle of his arms. You opened your mouth to protest, but Bakugou cut in with words as sharp as steel. "I know, you're big and tough and can take care of yourself. If that were true, then you wouldn't have been shaking so much. Idiot."

Always hard and to the point, wasn't he? You didn't dare to struggle in his grip, the heavy, thick scent left you near compliant as he carried you off to your room for the coming time. "I could have done it anyway. Shaking regardless." you muttered stubbornly into his shoulder, looking over it to see the rest of them unpacking groceries and looking around; music filling the air to suggest one of them found the play button. Bakugou adjusted his grip on you and shoved open the door with his side, "Just cause you could have and sweat and groaned your way through the pain, doesn't mean you have to. We didn't all come just to stand around."

The room was just as nice as the rest, the bed being the centrepiece and absolutely massive. Capable of fitting at least three people. Bakugou, with more gentle touch than you knew him for, laid you down on the bed. It felt even warmer now, a soft whisper of a breath leaving you as his arms pulled away. You couldn't help but think of the last time you two were in bed together. Of the speed and heat and the way his eyes held such concentration and control. The same look was there now, and you didn't dare to read more into it. Not even as his hand ran against your cheek, burning hot and you pressed your face into the touch.

"I hate...the way I left things last time." he muttered, the words reverberating in his chest and humming against your skin as he pressed closer. "The fact I left at all. If I had stayed...made some claim to you...protected you."

There it was again. Protect. Like a fragile doll in need of help. Well, perhaps you were right now, but that was besides the point. Bakugou looked at you like this even before you had caught a building. Ever since he learned about your omega status. To claim another animal. He knew how to aggravate your worst intentions, and you shoved him back just before his lips could touch yours. "I do not need your protection."

Hands flopping to the bed in exhaustion from a simple action. His brows furrowed, and his lips pulled back into a snarl and he pulled away from the bed completely. "Why do you keep doing this? Any of us could have protected you! Could...could have done! Something! Especially me! But at every step, you push us all away! And now you're lying there like broken porcelain. Unable to stay standing! Why won't you let any of us love you!"

His voice echoed in the deep timbre you knew him for. The room felt like it was shaking, and already you could hear the others coming closer at the noise. Bakugou didn't even seem to register his own, small confession. His shoulders heaving as he fought back a secret rage. Yet, all the rest of his words laid atop it. Protect. Claim. Unable to fight of your own accord. That you need a man. More so, that you need an alpha to do everything for you. Perhaps it was the rage against his words that helped you sit up, pulled you to your shaking and aching legs. The door swung open again as the others peered in, just in time to hear your yelling.

"Because I am not helpless! Because I am, an autonomous individual! All the risks I take, all the challenges I face, are mine and mine alone! And give in and care for any alpha! Who would see me sit behind him on a bench as he protected me? It disgusts me! I would rather have died alone under that building than to give in and let someone else control me! I refuse to be your quivering, aching omega! Cowering in fear and crying out in heat! No, that is not who I am, and that is something I refuse to become!"

It all burst out in a rage of words. Your anger with the world, with the growing tension. The change in how they all treated you, ever since they smelled the gentle sweetness on your skin that day on the campsite. All because of a stupid, genetic marker, you were now weak and in need of protection. Well fuck them! Fuck them, and this world, and all the ways they tried to control you! You wouldn't have it!

They all looked at you with different expression. Anger, pity, compassion, and near empathy. But all were taken aback by your outburst, and all showed some echo of pain on their face. It was Kirishima who spoke, grabbing Bakugou's arm and pulling him back. "I'm...sorry. Shockwave I...that's not why...I care about you."

"Now's not the time." Shinsou interrupted, stepping away first and the rest followed in kind. Slinking away like kicked puppies (aside from Bakugou who looked ready to break a door open if he were not so in shock from your outburst. The moment the door closed, you sunk back to the bed with a groan. Already you knew that your anger was misplaced. Even if Bakugou could be a cocky was not out of a doubt of your character...he was just so fucking stubborn!

You rolled over, giving a groan into the pillow. Now you were the asshole who'd have to apologize. Especially to the others. Though, you couldn't place that...look of hurt. It was more than a friend's aching heart. If you had yelled at Jirou, she would have explained her meaning, not walked away. No, there was more to it.

But there couldn't be. Because that would mean...that they cared...and if they cared, was it only for omega states that had brought it forward?

Or...something more.

Chapter Text

"Why did you have to snap like that?" You groaned to the mirror. Watching its reflection of you, and the way you moved. A few, healing bruises that followed along the lines of your skull. Some just now fading into your skin. The frailty of your body, now matching the inside. Your anger had faded since yesterday. Enough time spent, lying in bed, glaring at the ceiling. Glaring at the tv, the pillows. Glaring at everything without ever addressing with yourself, your own, harsh behaviour.

Bakugou was an ass. There was no denying that. He was an ass, and a bit of a stereotypical alpha. Okay, a lot like a stereotypical alpha. He always had to be the biggest, the scariest, and the strongest man in the room. There was no room for compromise with him. Even if he was in the wrong, he would never admit it in the moment.

Yet, his words had rung with a silent meaning. He wanted to love you. Or at least, for someone to love you. 'Why won't you let any of us love you'. It didn't matter to him who it was, only that you were loved at all. Even if it wasn't him. And that, of all things, was not the big and bad alpha he pretended to be. If, if he really played to that, he would have made it about him and him alone.

That's not what he wanted. He just....

"He just wants me to be loved." You whispered to the mirror, "It wasn't about was about me."

That's...what they all wanted. You were stubborn, but not stupid. The long gazes, the heated nights. The feel of their hands, the grasp on your hip, the way they never left your side. It was part genetics. The need to protect, but they knew you. They knew what you were capable of from the moment you took a desk to the face without flinching on your first day. All those years ago.

"How long have..." You paused, shaking your head. "How long have I been loved like this?"

They couldn't have fallen for you, in such a short time. The way they held you close, the comfortable laughs and smiles. Maybe, the day on the beach, when they first learned your status...had just reawakened what they had felt years ago.

But did you love any of them? Could you love them? You had spent, so much time, convincing yourself that you would never love. That no alpha, could ever respect who you were outside of being an omega. That no beta could. You poured your heart into your work and your friends. To the city and civilians you strove to protect.

You had never taken the time to think about if you could love at all.

"Hey! Get out of the bathroom. I want to shower!" Bakugou banged on the door, pulling you from your thoughts. Gods, his words could get to you, "There are three bathrooms in this massive place! Go use one of those!"

"There are five of us here shockwave! Stop staring at yourself and get out!"

You made some, grumbling response, and tightened your towel around your waist. Yanking the door open, and steam poured out from around you. You gave Bakugou a silent glare, any thoughts of apologizing leaving your mind with this, current irritation. "There. Happy matchstick?"

"What did you call me?" he growled. He was still sweaty from whatever work out he had done. Hair sticking to his forehead, and you could smell the unique, scent of caramel that came with the nitroglycerin sweat. You stood your ground, shaking your head from the thoughts of caramel and the way that black tank clung to him. "I called you a matchstick. Cause your fuse is so fucking short."

The alpha took two quick steps. His hand curling around you throat and pushing you against the sink counter. All but proving your point on that short fuse. Your smile grew smug right quick at being able to provoke him. Curling your hands grabbing the sink edge and you tilted your head up to hold that burning red gaze. Bakugou grinned, "You're fucking trouble you know that?"

"That mean I'm forgiven?" You asked, raising a brow as he pushed a leg between yours. You doubted a real apology would work between the two of you. Two, hotheaded people rarely could come to grounds on an apology. Bakugou snorted, letting go of your neck, though he stayed still pressed against you. Putting his own arms on either side of you, "You know, we talked about it actually. Figured you had a point. Not fair of us to chase a tail that isn't out."

"Just figuring that out now are you?"

"Shut it. What we're saying is, you're the one who's gonna come crawling to one of us." Bakugou hummed out, seeming mighty pleased with himself. The alpha pulled away, yanking his shirt off and turning the heat of the shower back on. You couldn't help but snort at the idea. "Me? Crawling to one of you. I could step on you."

"Oh, you'll see shockwave. Now get out, no goods for you." he made a shooing motion as he began to slip the black sweats down his hips. You couldn't help but stare, a smirk on your face until Bakugou had to physically shove you out of the bathroom. You paused, banging on the door, "Wait?! Am I forgiven?"

"Make us breakfast, and then we'll see!" You heard him laugh, and you swore, "Eat shit Bakugou!"

Still, breakfast wasn't a bad idea. You're sure Momo kept the place stocked with something good. You didn't see any of the others as you made your way to the kitchen, which was, unsurprisingly, also massive. Damn Momo, you could fit a microwave and a toaster over on the counters?

Bakugou's words floated around in your head as you started pulling things from the fridge. You had been a bit of an ass last night, the rest of the alphas were relatively nice. Only Bakugou could be a major dick. They hadn't deserved you snapping at them. Breakfast was the least you could do, and you had a great pancake recipe still stored in the back of your mind.

Taking a moment to flick the radio on, switching to the rock channel, the loud music began thumping through the apartment. Making the floor vibrate under foot as you hit the kitchen. In short time, you had bacon sizzling on the back stove and pancake batter being poured into the pan. You'd had to time the recipe by four. If these heroes were anything like you, they could eat their weight in pancakes. Bouncing on your toes to the beat, singing along to the lyrics you knew.

"Something smells good." Todoroki hummed right in your ear and you made a noise of protest; almost hitting him with a spatula. He may have said something before, but the bass of the music was so loud you hadn't even heard him walking. You felt hot and cold hands slide over your hips, stilling the bounce; holding harder than was really needed. "You'll wake up the whole building like this."

"Eh, I figure since Momo owns the penthouse, she probably owns the building. I can listen to my music how I damn please." you chuckled, and tried to wiggle out of his grasp but Todoroki just held on tighter. You looked up to him, with a frown, "What are you doing?"

"Did Bakugou find you?" he responded, sliding one arm tight around your waist so he could reach and snag a piece of bacon right off the pan. You nodded slowly, flipping a pancake, "Yeah, real weird about it too. What's with this whole crawling business?"

"You'll see." he hummed, squeezing your waist tight before letting go. "Breakfast looks good. Want me to grab plates?"

"Why do you all keep saying that? It...what? Yes. Plates would be great." you shook your head, resigning yourself to the fact that no one was going to extrapolate on their 'evil master plan'. You watched Todoroki walk away and start putting plates out at the table. You looked away back to the stove to see another hand darting in to grab bacon. This one you did smack with the spatula, and Kirishima whined; grabbing what he could and shoving it in his mouth before dancing back. "No fair! You let Todoroki grab some. Come on Shockwave."

"If you all keep eating it, then there's gonna be nothing to put on the table." you grumbled, waving the spatula threateningly. Unaware of the hand sneaking into the pan belonging to Shinsou. Only when he pressed a kiss you the curve of your jaw, making you squeak did you even realize it. You swung wide, and he ducked; grinning with himself.

"What is with all of you? Are you trying to kill me?" you demanded, sliding the last pancake onto the massive pile you had accumulated. Part of you knew there wouldn't be leftovers.

"Nothing up with me." Kirishima shrugged, grabbing the plate and bringing it to the table while Shinsou grabbed syrup and fruit from the fridge. "Nothing up with me either. You had bacon grease on your jaw."

"Calm down (y/n), we're just trying to enjoy your apology breakfast." Bakugou stepped into the room, redressed and hair still dripping with water. He grabbed the bacon pan, shaking what remained onto the plate and put the pan in the sink. Using his free hand to slide over your hip, guiding you out of the way as he moved through the kitchen.

Your skin felt hot from the constant touch, every hand mark and kiss felt like a brand on you; unforgettable. The music was turned down, and Kirishima was back in the kitchen. Ushering you out of it and to the table, the seat at the head still free for you; his hand on your waist, just another searing hot mark that made your cheeks flush. He sat down, and you were left standing; four sets of eyes watching you. Waiting...

"Ugh. Fine. I'm sorry for being a Bakugou level of an asshole."

"Hey!" Bakugou growled, looking ready to start something, but Kirishima interrupted, "Good enough for me! Thank you for this apology breakfast."

The rest of the men reiterated the same thing, and everyone dug in. You slid into your seat, watching them all with suspicion. They were up to something. You could see it in the way they tried to hide their grins. The complete lack of eye contact with you, and the way they watched each other. With the same suspicion, you took a pancake off the pile. Tearing pieces off of it with your hand and dipping it in syrup, like the animal you were.

What were they up to?