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You're Help Is Wanted

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I was on a stage and everything was dark, it hurt to move and everything was... stiff and unusal, There was a microphone in my hand with a wire leading from it to something behind me.

I could see my hand and bowtie but not much else of myself and in front of me was three rows of tables, four tables in each row with white cloths on them that had colerful dots on it, I noticed that there was only one light on in the dark room, a stagelight shinning on me, making my eyes hurt as everything came into focus.

From my mouth there were words I couldn't quiet grasp, everything was slightly blurry and dubled and well... everything in the room seemed highlighted, glitched almost. I remembered a man in a rabbit suit, I remembered a cake and a knife stained with red paint... but not much else except pain and misery. I didn't want to remember it, everything hurt so much.

From the shadows came a robotic yellow rabit with dust covering it, it's eyes were a glowing purple and it had a red vest and bowtie. The rabit had blood on it and it's movements were a little too... human. It danced in front of me, waving it's arms in the air as more words forcefully bubbled forth from my mouth. my throat was hurting and I couldn't stop singing. The man kept dancing chearfully before dancing his way over to the stage and singing along with glee.

"Have a happy very birthday to you~ My dear i'll never leave you~ I will never leave~ Never... leave~" The song ended and I stopped singing, my vision blurred again as the rabit man cocked it's head at me and smiled at me, the eyes inside the yellow rabbit was half-lided and looked at me lovingly. His smile was wide, really wide as he took off his mask and leaned over to pick up a washcloth from next to me on the stage, I hadn't noticed it before, I couldn't even move my head, so... how could I notice?

He picked up the washcloth and wiped me down gently, he was humming a familer toon as he washed my face and arms and legs. He even washed my torso before dumping it in a bucket of water next to me.

The water was died with a dark red, almost brown liquid... it was blood.

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Susie wailed as she held herself, rocking back and forth inside the dark restuarant she ran into not so long ago, invited by the yellow rabbit she found oh so interesting, she's here because her parents lied to her.

Daddy said her dog was run over but Mommy said that her doggy was in heaven, a nice place, but they lied! She knows because Bonnie said so! And Bonnie doesn't lie.

It happened so quickly. Suisie was outside the restuarant, crying after running from her parents, she wanted to find her doggy! When Bonnie opened the door and let her inside the building. He asked what was wrong and she told him that her doggy went missing and that Daddy said her doggy died but Mommy said he was in heaven. After that, Bonnie told her that he knew where her doggy was, that her doggy was inside the building! So Suisie followed him.

"He's right over here." Bonnie told her. "Right inside this room." Bonnie said to her. "Follow me." and then... then.... everything went black, she felt funny and she couldn't remember what happened!

All of the suddon Suisie was in a dark moldy room. "It smells and i'm cold!" She complained. It smelt like mold and rotton food and other icky stuff.

Her belly hurt, she was freezing and she felt funny! She continued to cry, wailing, "I want to go home!" and "Wheres my puppy!" but no one came.

For hours she sat there in the dark because Bonnie told her to, though that doesn't mean that she was alone, Chica was here too!

The yellow ducky was sitting in one of the corners, on top of a table and her belly was opened, there was weird red stuff inside the ducky's belly. Suisie didn't like the ducky, she likes Bonnie better, Bonnie's her friend! He helped her find her dog!

It was then that Suisie saw the door open, Bonnie walked in! He didn't look at her though, no matter how loud she screamed. She whined and yelled and kicked at him but he refused to answer!
Suisie watched as he approached the machanical chicken and closed Chica's belly.

Suisie felt funny looking at him, she felt.... scared and her belly hurt a lot. "I'm hungry! My belly hurts!" She cried but no one responded, she ran at him and tried to tug at his arm but she just went through him, she fell onto the floor and cried, she didn't understand what was going on! She just wanted her puppy! And Bonnie kept ignoreing her and she flew straight through him like a ghost!

She glared at him as he sprayed Chica and washed the red liquid off of her, humming a song as he cleaned the ducky she despised. After he was done, Bonnie reached behind Chica's neck and-

and..... Suisie cried out as she felt like she was being pulled in all directions, images flashed in her vision. Bonnie leading her away, leading her into the very same dark room she was in right now. The flash of a knife. She remembered pain, him grinning down at her with his plastic teeth, him pulling off his head to reveal a pale human face with black hair and vivid purple eyes. She remembered blood, bleeding out and holding her belly, trying to keep the red liquid inside of her. She remembered being dragged and shoved into the yellow ducky's belly.

Suisie gasped, tears running down her face as she stared at her killer and the robot. Chica blinked, looking in her direction and Suisie looked back, confused.

"Hello children! I-I'm Chica, lets eat! What are YOU doing here after hours?" Chica's feminine voice ringed out, it was filled with warmth, the warmth that was taken away from poor Suisie and Suisie smiled.

"Bonnie helped me find my puppy!" She told her and Chica tilted her head as the golden bunny left the room, satisfied with what he did.

"Bonnie helped you find your puppy? Then where is it?" Chica asked, she sounded concerned but her voice still sounded peppy and happy and warm, Suisie frowned.

"I don't know, I followed Bonnie but...." Suisie trailed off and Chica seemed to frown, lifting her robotic body off of the table and approaching the crying girl who burst into tears.

"Was it a purple Bonnie or a yellow one?" Chica asked her carefully, Suisie answered her question quietly "He was yellow. He said he'd help me find my puppy but...."

"And what do you remember?" Chica asked next, Suisie shook in place, shaking her head quickly as she burst into tears yet again.

"There was red stuff, my belly hurts and now no one will answer me!" Suisie cried out, reaching for the robot in front of her. Chica frowned and reached for Suisie but.... her hand went right through the little girl and they both gasped, Suisie felt warm again and she smiled.

"Will you help me find him?" Suisie asked her blue eyes seemed to glow in the darkness and Chica noticed how Suisies pink dress was died a darker red at the bottom and their was a hole through her dress and blood leaking from her belly, 'someone murdered this poor child' Chica realized.

"Of course sweetie." Chica nodded holding Suisie's hand as the ghost slowly faded away and disapeared, Chica looked over into the darkness, where a puppet stood, blending in easily in the darkness surounding it.

Chica's eyes turned black and she turned around, glareing at the door as the 12 AM bell rang. She took unsteady steps toward the door, opening it and rushing outside towards the office.

The puppet smiled. Finally that rotten old man will get what he deserves.

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Chapter 1: Welcome To Fredbears Family Diner


"I'm telling the truth guys!" Sammy whined, he hated how Charlie would always be sceptical about his storys, granted they were made-up and based on some wierd nightmares, but still!

"I believe you!" Elizabeth trilled happily with a bright smile, her bright green eyes looking up to him as if he was all the world to her, she was always so facinated by his storys and believed almost every word he said, today Elizabeth had her strawberry blond hair up in pigtails and was wearing a pink sun dress that faded into a burnt orange.

Charlie frowned, confused. "But daddy said that monsters aren't real! You must be confused, you not allowed to lie, you know that!" Charlie insisted as usual, her voice raising slightly, Sammy flinched and tried to make himself smaller as if Charlie would give in if he looked sad enough, Charlie instead of her usual grey or occasionaly green sweatshirt, was just wearing a black long sleeved dress that looked like something you'd wear to a funeral, she didn't have any shoes on and honestly she probably lost them eariler in the ballpit, unlike Elizabeths bright colors, Charlie was almost always wearing blacks, greys or greens, they were as different as day and night those two, though they had their similarities.

"Sorry..." Sammy muttered, trying to keep the tears from falling, Charlie gasped and her warm brown eyes widened as if in fear.

"Wait! I didn't mean that! I'm sorry Sammy!" Charlie said quickly, already feeling guilty, she didn't mean to make him cry again. Elizabeth stopped smiling, tilting her head as she stared transfixed on Sammy's crying green eyes, she didn't like it when he cryed. Though she snapped out of it when a girl with black pigtails and grey eyes walked past them, "Cassi!" Elizabeth squealed with a large smile when she noticed her, Cassidy stopped in place and looked at them coldly, completely dismissing Elizabeth who pouted at being ignored.

"Aw, whats wrong?" Cassidy asks Sammy as she rests her arms on the back of his chair and looked down at him, he gazed up at her blankly and just shrugged, his tears already starting to dry up.

"I'm going to find something better to do." Cassidy states, already getting bored at Sammy's lack of action, taking back her concern and leaving them alone to wander back towards the stage where an golden animatronic bear and bunny stood and played and sang children's songs for fun.

Fredbear and SpringBonnie were the stars of the band, everyone loved them, why wouldn't they? They were animatronic mascots with their own personality's and ways of making the show come to life. They were able move around the building between shows and had a really complex AI algorithm that made it seem as if they weren't only animatronics, they acted like humans sometimes and it really scared Sammy, hence the frequent wierd nightmares he had about them that he was just telling Elizabeth and Charlie about.

With the fight already out of their minds, Sammy got back to his story, "As the last enemy ran to where all the noise was coming from, the man hid behind a false wall and when the red fox ran past, he slashed his axe in the fox's direction, unaware of the demon he just released...."

The story didn't end until it was nearing closing time when Elizabeth's father wandered over and interrupted the story.

"-The spirits of the souls he damned came after the man and led him to the last enemy where-" "Thats enough Sammy, your going to give them nightmares." William chuckled, seeing the wide eyed children that Sammy nearly scared to death.

"But dad!" Elizabeth and Sammy whined in sinc as if they did this everyday, William smirked, his purple eyes gleaming.

"I'm afraid playtimes over children, it's time to go home. Charlotte, would you like me to drive you home?" William continued, aiming a smile at little Charlie, Elizabeth instantly started complaning, "But daddy! I wanna stay!" but stopped when William shot her a look.

Charlie shook her head with a polite smile, "Thank's Mr. Afton! But I don't wanna worry daddy, I'm fine walking home tonight." Charlie responds, William nods, his purple eyes showed his disappointment but he smiled regardless, accepting her answer for what it was before starting to move towards the doors through the small crowd beginning to leave the restuarant, Sammy and Elizabeth hopped out of their seats and quickly followed him, not wanting to be left behind.

It was only when they got to the doors where Michael was waiting that William paused, looking through his pockets for something, "Ah, I think I left the keys in the office, Elizabeth, Sammy, please stay here with Michael, I'll be back soon." William quickly explained, shooting Michael a look, Michael nodded, wiping his pizza grease covered hands on his white T-shirt, Elizabeth and Sammy also nodded.

With that out of the way William hurried  back to the office to grab his keys.

There was an awkward silence as the three siblings avoided looking at each-other, Sammy flinching whenever Michael would send a brief look of contempt at him.

Eventually Sammy broke the silence, "M-Michael? Are you-" "Shut up Sammy." Michael interrupted him with a glare, Sammy however wasn't going to let this stop him, "I'm sorry but I-"

"But what." Michael said, getting up in Sammy's personal space, Elizabeth stared before looking away.

"I-I just...." Sammy tried to continue before bursting into tears, niether noticed Cassidy watching nearby in the shadows next to an open doorway.


We were perfect strangers, we never really talked to each other before, not really, I mean I've only ever said a rude comments to him every once in a while when I actually notice that he's in the room with me, he's quiet as a mouse, not easy to notice and he never stood out in a crowd, I can't help but wonder why and yet as I watched him get pushed around by his older brother, I couldn't help but stare at the little brat, little Samuel looked so pretty with tears staining his blushing ruby red face, seeing him cry his heart out, with dread and fear staining his face was like music to me, I loved it, wouldn't you? 

I've seen him around school before but he never stood out from the other children, always keeping his head down and only smiling when Charlotte or his sister Elizabeth were around, so gaining an interest in him now after all this time of being classmates made me wonder why, maybe it's the violence? Mama always told me I had an unhealthy obsession with blood and violence or maybe it's just the tears.

I watched in fascination as Michael beat the shit out of little Sammy, his cry's for help were beautiful, I couldn't of done it any better myself. I jumped when a hand clasped my shoulder gently, looking behind me to see cold calculating vibrant purple eyes staring into mine, I instantly felt as if i've done something wrong, fear twisting me up inside before I saw his sweet reassuring smile edging onto a full blown smirk.

"Hey little lady, what'r you doing away from your parents?" The man asked, I tried to yank myself out of his hold but his grip on my shoulder tightened and he pulled me into an embrace as he pulled us both into a open door way and into a nearby room, kicking the door shut gently so that no one would see us. I struggled as he breathed in the scent of my hair. "Get off me freak!" I yelled, but he just shushed me and put his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams.

"Shh, little one. I don't mean any harm, calm down sweetie. I just wanted to talk to you kiddo." The man calmly whispered soothingly into my ear, his voice like a melody. It wasn't long until I stopped trying to call out for help, before I stopped struggleing. Instead of yelling out and kicking him, I became limp in his hold and started crying, caressing my cheek with the hand that was previously keeping my mouth shut, he said softly; "Now isn't that better little bear cub? You put up quite a fight for me, I must say i'm impressed." He praised me with his soothing voice before slowly letting go of me and guiding me to sit in a metal chair nearby with his hands on my shoulders, I allowed him to guide me hesitantly, while suspicious, I couldn't help but feel entranced, but still, I refused to speak to him, I wasn't supposed to talk to strangers.

The man smiled mockingly at me, "Now, what's your name honeybun?" He asked me softly, I looked up at him and after a few seconds I finally answered him with a hesitant smile, "Cassidy."