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Rapunzel in the Making

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Chapter 3; Her Hair and His Favourite Drink List


Ever since the first night she slept in the hospital tower, her miserable condition and mixed emotions did not go unnoticed. Poppy Pomfrey had heard her almost inaudible sob, but Levy refused to tell her anything and said that she was okay. Of course, the healer knew it was a lie. She had tried to pry into her memories but unable to do so. The muggle seemed to unknowingly close her mind from any intrusion. Deciding to give her a few more days to settle in, the healer chose to keep her eyes on the young teacher before consulting with either McGonagall or Severus Snape, since the two Professors had more authority in Hogwarts than her.


It turned out that several students had been pranking the muggle teacher during her teaching period since the first day. Strangely, all of the pranks involved her hair. One time, they turned her hair into various neon colours. The other time, her hair turned into pink afro and after that it suddenly grew longer and longer until it withered like dried kelps on her head. Ultimately, on the second day, her hair turned into Medusa’s hair and she fainted after one of the snake hissed angrily at her face.


Luckily for her, she was levitated by a prefect who happened to be nearby and was instantly brought to the hospital wing, still unconscious. Poppy had never lost her composure easily, yet upon seeing the snakes on Levy’s head, she let out the most deafening scream in her life. The snakes were hissing furiously and there were already snakes bites on her face and neck. When her magic could not counter the charm, a house elf was sent to immediately bring Severus Snape and McGonagall in. It took them until midnight to flush out the venom from her body. Fortunately, none of the snakes possessed the ability to petrify anyone.




By midnight on the second day of school, Severus Snape went back to his quarter after the muggle teacher was finally rid of the venom in her body. He retreated to his typical coffin-like bed, which was a variation of those coffins in vampire dramas. It was big enough, the size of a normal king size bed, and it was layered with thick red satin spread in it, accompanied by one red pillow. While resting his head on the pillow, he recalled the incident in his head.


The charm used on the teacher’s hair was a simple derivative of Serpensortia, but he did not know the exact incantation. Both he and McGonagall simply reverse the effect but it led them to spend too long to rid her of the venom. And the students in the class were reluctant to tell the professors of the incantation used even when they know the teacher’s life is hanging by a thread. They insisted that it was not them who cast the charm. The prefect informed the professors that all the pranks on her involved her hair. Snape was puzzled. Why would the students target only her hair? And what if it was not the students that did it this time? He needed to check on that.




The third night, after he had dismissed Draco from his quarter with a mission to keep an eye on the muggle teacher, Snape went to the hospital wing to check on her, only to be turned down by the Healer.


“I give her the sleeping draught. She’s sleeping right now, so don’t disturb her. Did you know, she screamed in silence for almost an hour? I know she was screaming because I can see it, but I can’t hear her voice. She cried herself to sleep after that.” Pomfrey told him what she saw. “I don’t know if she force herself not to emit any sound or that something else did it for her.”


“Why would she force herself like that?” Snape tilted his head; his hand cupped his chin, thinking.


“I think she’s afraid that we think of her as burden. She’s a muggle amongst wizards and witches, which means she’s the most vulnerable. And Dumbledore’s not here. Minerva told me she wanted to go back. Is it true?”


“Yes. I offered to take her back this evening, but Minerva stopped me. She pried into her mind and saw something unsettling. Levy’s the baby that we save in Forbidden Forest.”


“But it can’t be true. It was only ten years ago. She’s in her 20’s, only a few years older from our oldest final year students. It can’t be possible.”


“I don’t know. I can’t assess her mind. It’s like there’s a shield protecting it.”


“Then how did Minerva do it?”


“That was the only time she can do it. The next time she tries again, it failed.” The Potion Master explained the circumstance.


“We need Dumbledore back. He brought her here. That old man never did anything for nothing. There must be a catch if he does it.” Sighing, Pomfrey told Snape.


“I’ll send and owl to him. Keep an eye on her.” Snape informed the Healer before exiting the hospital wing. She nodded at him.




Legends and folklores said that vampires feed off of blood. Severus Snape was not fond of such fact. Not because he was a vampire. It was because he did not like to be described as one. And so, he never added it on his favourite drinks list. His bed was the only exception to such facts just because he liked it that way. No other excuses needed.


Ten years ago, his list of favourite drinks changed when they retrieved the baby in the Forbidden Forest. The baby’s bleeding wrist shattered every boundary he set to himself. He could not even remember when was the last time he drank human blood or any blood in its entirety. It was too long ago. When McGonagall accio-ed the baby to herself, Snape had offered to take the baby back to Pomfrey. The others were busy subjugating the wicked witch (suspected to be druid) in the cottage, which was why he easily got hold of the baby.


It was without a doubt not a moment that he was proud of, but that night, the scenes came back flooding his mind. He took the baby back to Pomfrey, but not before he had a taste of the blood on the sliced wrist. He only licked the wrist once and never sucked the blood out, but it turned out that one lick of blood was enough to make his body changed.


He no longer felt the cold skin whenever he traced his hand. It was warm. And when the sky began to clear from the darkness it was engulfed with, he felt the warm sunshine on his skin comfortable. He knew at that time that he would not need his special brewed potion anymore to be able to walk under the sun.


But that was ten years ago. The baby should be ten, or at most eleven years old instead of a young woman she was now. What happened to her these past ten years?