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DCA college AU fic idea

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Strix would be someone who didn’t pay go to college but would be sitting in the back of classes & taking advantage of student stuff. She would be squatting with Diath, who she knew before. Maybe she's technically homeless.

Diath would be a scholarship kid. Overly serious because he knew what was at stake. He’s always working so hard no one would ever expect him to be hiding/covering for Strix.

Paultain would be the dunk that goes to all the parties. Everyone always assumes someone else invited him & all the frat boys think he’s part of someone other frat. He comes across as such a uncaring ass no one realises he’s actually studying music pretty seriously.

Evelyn would be the student who, until now, had only ever gone to religious schools. Trying to find her place in the world, slightly naive but not as weak as she looked.


I then thought further how, as these are the waffle crew, their back stories would actually be much more darker then that.




Strix was born in another country, escaped human traffickers. Worked in a rundown restaurant under the table until it got busted up in some gang war. Let’s say it was between the Skizziks & the Lorcatha. And she terrified that one day they’ll come for her since she saw some of them. She ran. She was homeless until she found Diath.


Diath’s mom was out of the picture (Oh, maybe she's part of the Lorcatha crime family) & his dad was in jail. Everyone around him thought he was no good so he was an easy scapegoat. He was arrested once trumped up charges but that fell through when it came to court so he got out. But he can't forget how close it came. He made friends with Stix when he found her out in the trash. When he saved up enough for collage she decided to just come alone since she had nothing else.

Paultain would be part of the traveling community. Romani I guess. His parents killed when Van Richten, a truck driver that was morning the death of his son, side swiped their caravan. Put in the system, since authorities aren’t great at handling minorities, he hopped around. Eventually finding a sweetheart he fully planned to ask to marry him only to come back to find her dead due to a home invasion gone wrong. He never planned to go to college but Sandra did so after her death her parents basically gave the money they had saved up for it & he drunkenly applied & got in.
Or maybe to twist the knife he's actuality a mature student (only by a couple of years) & he actually was married & Sandra was killed when doing her PHD or something & he got some sort of bereavement payout from the collage.

Evelyn’s farther was a minister & her mother owned a ranch. She thought she would go into religious orders when she was younger. She didn’t return when her mother was sick believing her study more important but when she died she kind of blamed herself for not coming back. Her brother does too. Her father died of a broken heat & her brother, who she hasn’t spoken to since, runs the business. She still has the money that was set aside for her college fund but she’s pretty sure she needs to find a different path in life now.