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Sunday Six - A Galaxy Far Far Away

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Going to the movies with Jyn was always an experience, she had a tendency to be very expressive during the movie, she wasn’t loud or annoying, but it was always fun seeing her react to things.

But she was also a complete child who scoffed at the food offerings in favor of sweets.

“Jyn, did you just buy all that?” He asked when he saw Jyn’s loot.

“Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society and yes, I wanted caramel popcorn to go with it and yes, I also got chocolate, judge me not Andor.”

Cassian laughed, “You can be such a child sometimes.”

Jyn shrugged, “It’s not everyday I eat this way, it’s only during movie outings, besides, I’m here to have fun and these snacks? Fun.”

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It was their first mission since Scarif, they had been sent to retrieve information about a possible second Death Star and Jyn was tired.

Cassian looked at her, seeing the tell-tale signs of her exhaustion, fortunately, they were in a small room, “Jyn, you take a nap, I’ll stay awake just in case.”

Jyn hesitated, the idea of sleep was very appealing, but just leaving Cassian to stand guard seemed unfair, “No, it’s not necessary, I can wait up with you.”

Cassian looked at her, “You’re dead on your feet, sleep a few hours,” he saw she was about to protest and rose his hand, “If you want, I’ll wake you and we switch, but please, sleep a while.”

“I feel so useless,” Jyn admitted, “I feel like a burden, I want to help, but now I’m exhausted.”

“You’re not useless or a burden,” Cassian said, “You’re just very new to spy work, you’ll get used to it, now rest, I’ll wake you if anything happens.”

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"...and that's the plan for Finn's birthday surprise, what do you think Poe?"

Poe blinked, completely lost at what Rey had said, he knew it was his fault, so he gave her a dazzling smile and said, "I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes."

Rey rolled her eyes, "Oh Poe, I'm just saying that Finn's birthday party is a go and your job is to distract him for an hour or two while people arrive, can you do that?"

Poe saluted, "Yes ma'am, I can keep our dearest Finn distracted for an hour or two. But just so you know, I do think you have beautiful eyes, I'm a bit love struck."

Rey blushed and looked away, "Thank you."

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"You wanna know what I’m thinking?" Jyn asked Kay when they were alone.

Kay sighed, "Not really, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me."

"I think we should throw Cass a surprise birthday party, balloons, confetti, cake... the whole nine yards."

"You throw him a party, he's your boyfriend."

"You are his best friend, you should help me."

Kay fixed Jyn with a glare, "Fine, I'll help, just promise you'll help clean afterwards I'm not dealing with party trash by myself."

"Fine, I'll do it, for Cassian."

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"Jyn... whatever is that you're trying to prove, you don't have to," Cassian spoke softly, "no one is expecting you to defeat the Empire on your own."

Jyn froze, "I don't know what you're talking about it."

"Jyn, you're not your father, you're not Tarkin either, you did not fire that weapon. It's not your fault."

Jyn looked away, tears in her eyes, "Then why does it feel like it is?"

"Because you survived," Cassian's voice was barely a whisper, "because I know you feel like you should've done more, but Jyn, you did more than what anyone asked of you, it's not your fault, this is survivor's guilt; but I promise you, the Empire will be defeated, in the meantime, survive Jyn."

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You and Obi Wan had been friends in Coruscant, you had a small dinner he and Anakin occasionally would visit, when you heard of the Jedi killings, you mourned for your friends and left the planet to find somewhere else to live.

And now, here you two were, sitting on the small couch of your apartment, glasses of strong liquor in both your hands.

"This is my fault, all of it," he spoke, full of grief, eyes watering, "I did not notice, I should have and now? All is lost because of me; because I couldn't realize the danger that Anakin was courting."

"It's not your fault Ben," you said, "he chose his path, he could have left the order and live a life in exile, he could have left with Padmé, but he chose fear and destruction; it's not your fault."

Obi Wan gave you a rueful smile, wiping tears of his face, "I can't protect you, I - I must protect Anakin's son, but here you should be safe enough, Tattooine is not, so I am needed there."

You smiled, even after everything, Obi Wan still cared for you and for his former apprentice's son, "I'll go visit," you raised your hand to stop him from speaking, "don't worry, it won't be frequent, just... from time to time, you're also welcome here, just please, keep yourself safe."

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"I don't know why people are so nice to me," Jyn confessed one night.

Cassian turned and looked at her, "Why shouldn't they be?"

"Because of what my father did... what my father built."

"Jyn," Cassian sighed, he knew what she was going through, "You did not built that weapon, you did not fire that thing, it was you who got us the way to destroy it, of course they would not hate you, you try everyday to do your best."

Jyn said nothing, her eyes seem to water and she was clenching and unclenching her fists, "Alderaan is gone," she choked out, "so are the men who went with us, Bodhi, Chirrut, Baze and Kaytoo."

Cassian crossed the distance between them, hugging her, he began to rock her gently, "Breathe Jyn, breathe, you're not alone and you're not hated; you could never be hated, you're a good person, you need to know that, I'm here, I'll always be here."

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"Hey Y/N... how about we go and grab some drinks one of these days?"

"Um, sure Poe!" You tried to give him a friendly smile, but your nerves got the better of you, "I'm free in two days, that ok?"

"That's great, I'll pick you up, gotta run Y/n!"

Once Poe left, you felt like you could breath, then turned to the woman who was next to you, trying to conceal her giggles, "Kriffin hell Pava, you told him, didn't you? That was supposed to be a secret."

Jessika snorted, "I made you a favor Y/N, you've been pinning hard for Dameron lately and I was kind of sick of it, but now, look, you have a date!"

You glared, "I'll get you for this Pava and you don't get thanks until after the date."

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"Honestly Jyn, you should go and introduce yourself," Bodhi nudged Jyn, "you've been staring at him since you saw him."

Jyn took her eyes off the man she had been watching, and shook her head, "No, I don't think I will, I will admit, he's handsome."

"Which is why you should meet him," Bodhi said, "what's the worst that could happen?"

Jyn turned and looked at Bodhi, grateful that he had agreed to accompany her to this charity gala, "I don't know, it almost feels like I've known him before."

Bodhi was about to say something, but he stopped and look beyond Jyn; Jyn turned and looked at the man she had been watching, he was standing a few feet behind her, "Excuse me miss, I know this will be a strange question, but, have we met before?"

Jyn liked his voice, and his eyes, there was something about his eyes that called her, so she said, "It feels like we have, I'm Jyn Erso."

"Cassian Andor, a pleasure."

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"Is there anything you'd like to tell me Jyn?" Cassian said as he watched his wife stir the pot on the stove, Jyn cooking was a rarity, it was mostly Cassian who did the cooking, so finding Jyn cooking was a bit of a surprise.

"Nope," Jyn said, never taking her eyes of the stove.

"Are you sure? I mean, you're cooking..." he looked into the pot, "cheesy pasta with broccoli... you hate broccoli."

Silence, then Cassian heard Jyn exhale, "I think I'm pregnant," Jyn blurted out, still not looking up.

Cassian's eyes widened, then, after a moment, he released the air he did not know he was holding, walked towards Jyn and removed the pot and spoon from her hand, and hugged her, "Think or know? Because if you know, it would be very happy news, you know? If not, it's ok, things like this happen, we're going to be ok amor."

Jyn said nothing for a while, then "I think I want to be."

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"We should get a puppy," Poe said one night while making dinner.

Rey stopped chopping vegetables and looked at her boyfriend, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah! Wouldn't it be awesome?"

Rey hesitated, she'd never had any sort of pets growing up, "I suppose, I - I never had pets and wouldn't know where to start."

"Don't worry about it," Poe gave her a dazzling smile, "we could look at rescues, a puppy is easy to train, but an older dog is awesome too."

Rey smiled back at Poe, it was nearly impossible not to do it, the man was charisma and charm personified, "Well, we could take a look one of these days, it could be a new adventure."

"That's the spirit!"

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"He said that I was no one to everyone but him," Rey confessed once they were alone.

Poe felt his heart clench, "Of course he'd say that, he wanted on his side. But you are someone, you are a person, you are Rey."

"Some days it's hard to believe, my parents left me behind."

Poe drew her to an embrace, "And it was awful of them, but you are still a person; you are worthy Rey, and not just because of what you can do, but for the fact that you're a person."

Rey smiled into Poe's shoulder, "Thank you."

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"Cassian?!" Jyn's surprised voice broke the silent stand off.

The other figure did not lowered his weapon, but said, "What the hell are you doing here Jyn? Also, how the hell did you know it was me?"

"What do you... I mean, I was hired to kill Orson Krennic, what are you doing here?! And it was easy, I know you Cass, I know your gait."

Cassian groaned and lowered his weapon, "I was hired to kill Wilhuff Tarkin."

"Oh we have much to talk about back home, don't we?"

"Figures we'd find out what we do this way, yeah, we'll talk about it at home."

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“Fight me!” Jyn slurred as Cassian carried her over to their bedroom they were sharing.

Cassian snorted, “I can’t fight you Jyn, I know you’ll win.”

“Damn straight I will,” Jyn suddenly straighten up, grabbing Cassian’s face in her hands, “you’re so damn handsome, I’m glad you didn’t die... I’m glad I didn’t die.”

The corner of Cassian’s lips turned upwards into a small smile, “I’m glad we lived too, and look, we won the war.”

“Finally, those bastards will get what they deserve,” she said as she rested her head on Cassian’s shoulder.

Cassian smile grew when he felt her rest on his shoulder, “Yeah, it’s finally over, but now, hush, you need to sleep off all that Corellian alcohol you drank, not even Han could match you.”

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“I think I’m in love with you Cassian Andor,” Jyn was serious and solemn.

“You shouldn’t be, I’m not a good man,” Cassian responded, “my hands are bloodied.”

Jyn shook her head, “You’re so strong, and beautiful, and brave, and I love you more than words can explain.”

Cassian felt a knot on his stomach, his throat felt dry and he had no words to which respond, he loved her too, he had fallen for her so irrevocably that he didn’t know how he had survived without her, in the end he said, “You think too highly of me.”

“Cassian, you fought for your convictions - which is something I can’t say about me -, everything you did, was to try and help others, there’s something incredibly selfless in that, you’re a much better man that what you give yourself credit for.”

Cassian felt his eyes water, “For what it’s worth, I love you too.”

Jyn’s smile was radiant.

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“You drool in your sleep, did you know?” Poe’s voice was full of laughter, “it would be almost adorable if I had been able to see you drool properly.”

Rey narrowed her eyes, “I do not drool Poe, I would know.”

Poe nodded, eyes sparkling, “Of course, you don’t drool, then... can you explain to me why I have a small wet spot on the shoulder you fell asleep on? Was it the Force?”

Rey blushed, “I- I’m sorry! Won’t happen again.”

“Don’t be my Jedi girl, I simply tease, you don’t have to apologize, besides, I did not mind you falling asleep on me.”

“I trust you,” Rey admitted, “that’s why I felt comfortable enough to sleep on you.”

“Well, I’m flattered.”

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Bodhi woke up and immediately groaned, Jyn was up again and was playing that damnable thing, annoyed, he threw off the covers and stood up and went looking for her, "Jyn, there is a lot of things that I tolerate, but you playing sad trombone music at 3 am is not one of them."

Jyn stopped, "I woke you up again, didn't I?"

"What do you think?" Bodhi said, "Listen Jyn, if you miss Cassian, just call him or text him or something but please, stop with the sad trombone."

Jyn placed the trombone in the sofa, and sat down next to it, "I don't know Bodhi, Cassian was really angry last time we spoke."

"But he loves, otherwise he wouldn't be angry," Bodhi said as he sat down next to Jyn, "you did throw out some important stuff that he was attached to."

"Fine," Jyn said, "I'll text and see how it goes, and I won't be playing the trombone again."

"Thank you."

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"Listen Cass, I know I fucked up, so, uh, I was never good at expressing my emotions, so, here’s a cake," Jyn said as she pushed a box into Cassian's arms.

Cassian took the offered box on reflex, and as Jyn was preparing to leave, he said, "Jyn wait, you don't have to leave."

"I thought you were angry at me," came Jyn's neutral response.

Cassian sighed, "I was more angry at myself," he rose his hand, stopping Jyn from saying anything, "yeah, you also didn't help, but it was mostly me the problem and I took it out on you."

"I fucked up, I threw away something your father gave you," said Jyn, "I mean, I should've realized what it was, but honestly it seemed like trash, but I am sorry about it, if I could, I would take it back."

"I know," Cassian sighed, "which is why I can't be angry at you, it's a mistake, shit happens; come one, let's have some cake."


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"Obi Wan," you whispered at the man standing in front of you, it was a surprise to you to see him alive, you knew that the Jedi had been killed.

He gave you a small smile, "I don't go by that name anymore, please, call me Ben; it's good to see you Y/n."

You both had met in Coruscant, you were an aid to your planet's senator and had formed a close friendship with Obi-Wan, and now, here he was, standing on your door, you moved aside and let him in, closing the door behind you, "I thought you were dead, how?"

Obi-Wan looked sad, "I survived, but I can't tell you how, at least, not yet... I am here because there is something I wanted to tell you, pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I ever had to do, I fell in love with you back in Coruscant, but being a Jedi, I had to let you go."

"Oh," you were surprised, Obi-Wan always been friendly, and while you had developed a crush on him, you, yourself had dismissed your feelings, he was a Jedi and he couldn't love you back, "oh, Obi-Wan, I had no idea! I fell in love with you too, but I never said anything because you were a Jedi."

Obi-Wan's smile was radiant, "We have a chance now, Y/n, we're free."

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"Tell her," Leia's voice broke Poe out of his thoughts.

"Leia, sorry, I don't know what you mean," he tried to pretend he didn't know what Leia was talking about.

Leia gave him an unimpressed look, her whole face read 'oh, really?', in the end, she said, "You have a crush on Rey, Poe, don't think I haven't noticed, you look at her with hearts in your eyes, we're in the middle of a war, tell her, you never know how much time we got with those we love."

Poe was silent, then gave her a nod, "You're right, I should tell her. I'm just afraid, I guess, afraid she won’t like me back."

"Don't let that fear stop you," Leia said gently, "war can be very unkind and terrible, love when you can, as much as you can and live without regret for tomorrow it all may go away, go now, use that courage you use for sassing generals you have and Poe, may you have luck."

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Rey was blindfolded, as Poe led her to a surprise he'd planned; she trusted him not to let her fall as he guided her gently, she could smell the scent of flowers, so she knew they were somewhere outdoors.

Then, they stopped and Poe let go of her hand, "Give me a second Rey, there is something I need to get, then, the surprise will be ready."

She nodded and waited, then, she head Poe say, "Ok, you can take the blindfold off Rey."

She did and gasped, they were in Poe's childhood home's backyard, but it had been transformed into a beautiful light garden, they were standing underneath the family's apple tree and Poe was grinning.

Then, Poe's face turned serious and he took her hand in his and knelt in front of her, her eyes widened as he pulled a small pouch and produced an engagement ring, then, holding it in front of her, he said, "I can’t imagine a day when I won’t be in love with you, I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Rey, would you marry me?"

Rey felt tears come up, but she smiled at Poe and said, "I will."

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"You know how you said, 'Welcome Home' right before we went to steal the Death Star plans?"

Cassian looked up from his datapad, "Yes?"

"Well, I think I'm finally home," Jyn said, looking at him, glossy eyed. "I finally found my home at long last, and I'm glad that we lived, even after the war, I'll still have a home."

Cassian gave Jyn a small smile, "I'm glad you feel at home."

"I feel at home now, but home is not a place, my home, it's you."

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"Here, I have something for you," Cassian said as he looked through his bag, searching for the thing he'd bought for Jyn, "here you go."

Jyn's eyes glinted when she saw what Cassian was giving her, "You bought me brass knuckles? That’s so romantic."

Cassian snorted, "You said you didn't felt safe last night, and I know you can handle yourself on a fight just fine, but think of it as an added bonus, but please, only use them when you are legitimately afraid for your life."

"Oh Cass," Jyn tutted, "don't you worry your little head, when have I gotten in a fight over nothing?"

Cassian simply stared at Jyn, "Oh just about at least once a week," he deadpanned.

"You are simply not a fun boyfriend, but I'll forgive you for giving me the brass knuckles."

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"There's something different about you," Luke said one day while they share some food.

Leia tilted her head, curious, already knowing what was different about her, "Like what?"

"Your energy feels different," Luke said and then took a drink of blue milk, "your presence in the force feels stronger than before, as if it had, uh, multiplied."

Leia gave Luke a half smile, happy that they were alone, "I'm pregnant."

Luke's eyes widened comically, "Oh wow, force, congratulations?"

Leia laughed at his expression, "It's fine Luke, not the ideal moment, there's still too much to do, but, it's a good thing, I'm happy."

"Then I'm happy for you."

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Poe had been working when the earthquake hit, having years of experience it had barely been a minor inconvenience for him.

"So, how was your first earthquake desert girl?" He'd asked Rey the moment he got home.

"I don't know, it was weird, I'll admit it scared me, because before I had time to do anything else, I grabbed Beebee and got out," Rey confessed.

Poe went and hugged her, happy that Rey tucked herself into him, "But you're fine, everything's fine, it's just a little shake; thanks for getting Beebee tho. And you, how are you feeling? Better I hope."

"I couldn't leave him behind, poor Beebee was also scared, he was barking up a storm, luckily he calmed down after a few treats. Like I said, it scared me, but I am feeling better yes, I'm just glad that you're home in case it happens again."

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Jyn was shaking head to toe, no matter how many clothes she wore, she could still feel the damnable cold, she was not made for this sort of weather.

“Jyn,”‌ Cassian’s voice broke her train of thoughts, “I’ve got you some caf, I figure that you’d need it.”

“Thank you,” she took the thermos gladly, happy to have something to warm herself with, she took a sip, it was perfect, “you make great caf Cass.”

Cassian smiled, “I had to learn, living on the go and being on my own taught me some things, making caf is one of them.”

“I am so cold though, do we really had to come here?‌ I mean, I get why we came here, but Hoth’s weather will kill us.”

Cassian laughed, “Yes, Hoth’s weather is implacable, but it makes for a perfect base… do you want to go to our sleeping quarters and lay down? I’m sure Leia can spare us for the nigh.”

“Yes please, I’m both tired and cold, and you make for an excellent heater!”

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Poe was about to close down his coffee when a girl run and practically threw herself inside before he closed the door, “Are you ok?” He asked, worried.

“Oh yes, thank you,” the woman said, “just some people I wanted to shake off.”

“Fans?”‌ He joked, but he honestly didn’t recognize the woman, maybe she was one of those instagram influencers and some had recognized her.

Her face scrunched up, “No, I’m kind of a big deal, but I didn’t expect papparazzi to find me so soon.”

Poe blinked surprised, and more than a little worried “Papparazzi?”

“Oh, where are my manners, I am Rey Kenobi, Princess of Stewjon.”

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“You don’t look like a Princess,” where the words that escaped his mouth after she had introduced herself.

Rey blinked surprised, then laughed, “I left the tiara at home.”

He blushed, “No - no, I mean… well, I don’t know what I mean, I spoke without thinking and I’m sorry, so, uh, can I get you anything?”

“Something you can do quickly, I don’t wish to be trouble, I just need to call my bodyguard to come and get me.”

“Some hot chocolate then, specialty of the house, on the house,” he rose a hand stopping Rey from speaking, “a Princess in distress deserves a hot chocolate.”

Rey blushed and looked down, but her lips were curled upwards, then she looked up to him and said, “Thank you.”

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Cassian walked back into the room he shared with Jyn, saw her still laying down, and went and got a glass of water and a potion for Jyn’s headache, then feeling quite mischievous, he walked towards the window and opened the curtains, letting the sun enter, “Rise and shine, mi amor.”

Jyn reacted immediately, covering herself up and throwing his pillow above her head, “NONONONONONONONONONO! How dare you Cassian Andor do this to me?”

Cassian snickered, “It’s what you deserve for drinking so much firewhisky, at the party last night.”

“Don’t you dare lecture me Andor,”‌ Jyn groaned, still buried under pillow and covers, “I had to shut down Han after all his bragging.”

Cassian was still smiling, even if Jyn couldn’t see it, “You know what, I’m going to and make you a big breakfast, it might help you, and I left water and pain killer potion on the bedside table, I’ll bring the food up when it’s ready.”

“Thank you,” Jyn’s voice was muffled, “I knew I loved you for a reason.”