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Ghostbusters: Roz Venkman

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Rosalind “Roz” Venkman walked into the New York public library after being told by one of the professors at the university who her older brother worked at that they went to the library with one of his co-workers because of a ghost. As she walked further into the library she saw her brother, his two colleges, Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz, a middle-aged man, and a little old librarian lady lying on a table in an office.


“I don't remember seeing any legs, but it definitely had arms because it reached out for me,” The librarian told them.


“Arms?! I can't wait to get a look at this thing!” Ray said excitedly.


“Alice, I'm going to ask you a few standard questions, okay? Have you or any of your family ever been diagnosed schizophrenic, mentally incompetent?” Peter asked the librarian.


“My uncle thought he was St. Jerome,” She answered.


“I'd call that a big yes. Uh, are you habitually using drugs, stimulants, alcohol?”




“No, no. Just asking. Are you, Alice, menstruating right now?”


“What has that got to do with it?” The man asked Peter.


“Yes, Peter what does a woman’s cycle have to do with her seeing ghosts?” Roz asked as she walked into the office.


“Back off, man. I'm a scientist,” Peter told the man before turning to his sister, ”And to answer your question my sweet baby sister; you ever know.”


“Ray, it's moving,” Egon informed, “Come on.”


The three followed Egon out of the office and down to the basement. One by one, Peter, Ray, Roz and Egon come down the tightly winding, old iron staircase. Egon is in front, with PKE meter. Ray has a video camera. Roz and Peter in the back, Peter being a bored stiff. He starts making scary gestures at ray as the walk past bookshelves. Then they come to a tall tower of books.


“Look,” Ray said.


They walk closer to the stack of books.


“This is hot, Ray,” Egon said as he scanned the books.


Ray films the books, “Symmetrical book stacking, just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947.”


“You're right. No human being would stack books like this,” Peter sarcastically said.


“Listen!” Everyone went quite waiting for a sound, “You smell something?” Ray asked.


Roz gave Ray an are-you-serious look. Egon looks at the PKE and moves it in another direction before they follow him to a card catalog that’s covered in slime with several draws sticking out.


“Talk about telekinetic activity! Look at this mess!”


“Raymond, look at this,” Egon gestures to the smile.


“Ectoplasmic residue.”


“Venkman, get a sample of this,” Egon hold out a petri dish.


“Which one?” Roz asked.




“It's the real thing!” Ray excitedly said.


“Somebody blows their nose and you want to keep it?” Peter questioned.


“I'd like to analyze it,” Egon clarified.


There's more over here!” Ray points out. He and Egon continue walking.


“I'm getting stronger readings here, this way,” Egon said, he and Ray turn a corner.


“Come on,” Ray said, hurrying Peter up before disappearing behind the bookshelf.


Roz stayed behind and watches Peter scrape slime into a dish. Gets it all over his hands. Roz laughs while he groans and grunts. Flicks slime away. Wipes hands and feet on books. They turn a corner and Peter gives Egon the slime.


“Egon, your mucus.”


A bookshelf behind them falls with a crash and almost crushes them under a ton of books


Peter turns to Ray and asks, “This happen to you before?” Ray shakes his head no, “Oh, first time?”Ray nods his head yes.  


They continue following Egon but then he holds his arm in front of them to stop them as his PKE meter goes nuts as they get closer to something. They continue walking and then turned.


“It’s here,” Egon said. In front of them, they saw a legless librarian ghost with greyish-purple skin, hovering between the stacks about four feet off the ground and reading a book.


“A full torso apparition. And it’s real,” Ray said.


“So what do we do?” Peter asked. Ray, Egon, and Roz just looked at each other, “Could you come over here and talk to me for a second, please?” Peter pulls Ray by the ear back to where they had just come, Egon and Roz followed, “Could you just come over here for a second, please? Right over here. Come here, Francine! Come here. What do we do?”


“I don't know. What do you think?” Ray asked Egon.


Egon takes a calculator out of his pocket, but Peter slaps it out of his hands.


“Stop that!” Peter told him.


“We've got to make contact. One of us should actually try to speak to it,” Ray said.


“Good idea,” Egon agreed .


He, Ray, and Roz look at Peter. Peter groans and walks out to the ghost, and Ray starts taking pictures.


“Hello. I'm Peter,” He said. Ray continues to take pictures, “Where are you from? Originally.”


The ghost turns to him and holds a finger to her lips, “Ssh.”


Peter turns around and goes back as he says, “All right. Okay, the usual stuff isn't working.”


“Okay, I have a plan. I know exactly what to do,” Ray told them. They, except Roz, walk out closer to the ghost with Ray in front of them, “Now stay close, stay close. I know. Do exactly as I say. Ready, ready, get her!


The ghost turns into a raging demon-like specter and scares them. They run as fast as they can out of the basement, and eventually out of the library. The head librarian rushes out the door after them and chases them down the steps


“Did you see it?  What was it?” He asked.


“We'll get back to you,” Peter told him.