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Devil Comes This Way

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         “You’ll have to come later than ten, I know but we’re in the studio until nine, and I can’t always be sure that the others won’t want to go for a drink afterwards. I’m not ashamed!  You know I love you, but it’s just not the right time, I don’t know when! Please, I love you and I promise it will be soon, just please be patient a little while longer. I love you too.


          “I know what he said! Damn this isn’t what I want either but we can’t rush into things, it will just backfire in our faces if we do. Whatever! Seriously, if you can’t wait then maybe we shouldn’t be together…not like I can just scream to the world that I have a boyfriend. I’m sorry, this is just as frustrating for me as it is for you. Before Christmas, I promise, yah, I love you too.

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         Kyo surreptitiously watched Toshiya from his spot near the mirrors that ran the full length of the practice room. The odd smile on the man’s face, his constant attention to his phone, the stupid child like giggles. “Totchi, pay attention and put your damned phone down,” he had growled at the bassist, earlier in the day. Toshiya blushed, but did as he was told. “Sorry,”

          Who the hell is he texting? Kyo went through the list of common friends they had, members of other bands, but no one sparked any clues in his mind. “Toshiya! Who the hell are you texting? You’re not fucking paying attention!” Kyo snapped. “Um, sorry…just a friend I haven’t heard from in awhile, I’ll put my phone in my bag.” With another quick text, Toshiya walked over and dropped his phone on the couch. Taking a deep breath, Kyo pushed through the remainder of the practice session.

          Once Kyo had left for the day, Kaoru walked up and smacked Toshiya in the back of the head, “Idiot…you almost blew it! Unless you’re ready to go public, you’d better stop texting while you’re here.” Toshiya rubbed the back of his head, “Fine, I’ll stop.”


          Kyo stormed into the flat and slammed the door hard enough to send both Chibi and Sumo scrambling into the bedroom. “What the hell?” Mao yelled from the kitchen, but as soon as he saw Kyo’s face, “What’s wrong?” Wiping his hands dry, he came around the counter, “Did something happen at practice?”

          Kyo threw his bag down on the couch, “Toshiya,” he snapped, “I don’t know who he’s texting but it’s constant, like anytime we stop, he’s got his damned phone out and giggling like a fucking teenager and it’s annoying.” Throwing himself on the couch, face first, Kyo screamed into a pillow.

          “Um, really? You’re this pissed off over someone texting?” Mao said. A muffled “Yes” came from under the pillow. “Did you ask him who he was texting?” Kyo rolled over, “He said it was a friend who he hasn’t spoken to in a while, but what friend? I know all of his friends.”  Mao sat down next to Kyo, “Maybe it’s a new friend…like maybe someone he’s dating?”

          “Dating? Totchi? Please, the man wouldn’t know how to handle a relationship, he’s still too much of a child, with his stupid toys like that damned drone.” Kyo got up from the couch, leaning over he took his phone out of his bag. “Who are you calling? Mao reached over and put his hand over Kyo’s, “Don’t call Toshiya if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s none of your business if he’s dating someone.”

          “It is my business when it interferes with the band!” he said, “I’m texting Shin, if anyone knows he would.”

          “What’s up with Toshiya? Why the hell is he on his phone all the time and who is he talking to?

           “If he’s dating someone, he should at least tell the band, that way we know what to expect,” Kyo grumbled.

          “I have no idea, I don’t know who he’s texting, he hasn’t said anything to me, have you tried Die?”

          “What did he say?”

          “To text Die, but screw that, I don’t have time to fucking chase this shit down. I’m going to take a shower.” Kyo once again, tossed his phone into his bag, then left the room.



            Shiroyama Yuu was sweating, not realizing that helping Yuki with his physical therapy would be just as difficult for him, as it was for Yuki. “Can we stop now?” he whined, after a round of stretching Yuki’s back. “Quit whining, it’s only been an hour, Kita used to do this for three hours a day!” Yuki argued back.

          The day that Aoi and Yuki had gone to Ojisan’s for dinner, then had fallen asleep on the couch with Yuki still sitting in Aoi’s lap, had been one of their better days. Yuki woke just before midnight, Aoi snoring softly in his ear. “Yuu…hey, I need to pee…wake up.” Aoi’s eyes fluttered, “What time is it?”

          “Almost twelve, and I need to pee, can you please put me in my chair?” with a reluctant sigh, Aoi shifted Yuki off his lap, getting up to stretch his legs, “ready?” Lifting the young man easily, Aoi set him down in his wheelchair, “Need help?” he asked, “Nope, I’m fine, I’ll be right back.”

          While Yuki was in the bathroom, Rin and Sora had whined to be fed, Aoi opening cabinet doors until he found the food, “Okay, okay…I know you’re not starving, so hush.”  Pouring a decent amount of the dry food, both cats started eating. Grabbing his bag, Aoi waited for Yuki, “Hey, I’m going to head out…um, call me when you want to start therapy.”

          “Yuu, wait!” Yuki yelled from the bathroom. “Now what does he need?” Aoi sat back down on the couch to wait. A few minutes later, Yuki wheeled himself out to the living room. “Hey, um it’s late…do you just want to spend the night? You could um, just sleep with me, okay…or you could sleep on the couch.”

          This was a surprise, “Sleep in your bed? Just sleep, right?” he wanted to make sure he understood what Yuki was offering, “Of course just sleep! I’m tired and I know you are, so lets just go to bed…no molesting me though!”

          “Like I’d do that anymore…alright, I accept, because frankly I don’t feel like driving home, and sleeping on any couch sucks.” Going down to Yuki’s bedroom and giving Aoi a pair of sweats, Yuki put his pajamas on and got into bed. “You promise, no touching…”

          Aoi chuckled, “I swear, I won’t touch you, but you have to understand if you wake up and I’ve thrown my arm around you, that’s just like natural and shit…I mean we have slept together before, just don’t wake up and freak out on me.”

          “Yah, I guess, I won’t freak out, just don’t be poking me from behind, I can’t feel it so you have to be a gentleman and not take advantage…” The teasing went on for a few more minutes, until Yuki’s eyes grew heavy, “Let’s go to sleep,” he whispered. “Night Yu…” Aoi leaned over and kissed his boy on the forehead, more content than he had been in years.


          Aoi as Yuki’s therapist wasn’t always amiable; there were many days that Aoi would storm out and hide at Reita’s for a while, or Yuki screaming loud enough that Ayato had to come over and play referee.

          After one very intensive argument, Yuki’s screaming brought Ayato running, yet again, “Really? What is it this time? You guys need to stop fucking fighting!” Aoi was glaring at Yuki, “I’m leaving, let me know when you’re ready to work again… but if you don’t call, I won’t be hurt.” With a slam of the front door, Aoi was gone.

          “What the hell happened this time?” Ayato groaned, “are you sure this is going to work out? Maybe you should just call the doctor and get a new therapist.” Yuki ignored his friend’s question and comment. “Tell me what happened.”

          “I told him to touch my butt.”

          “Wait…what? Why?”

          “Why do you think? I wanted to see if I could still feel anything!”

          “Um, I’m sure Yuu took that the wrong way, didn’t he? Like you were inviting him to molest you, right?” Ayato knew Aoi wouldn’t have agreed to the touching.

          Yuki snorted, “I told him that we’ve had sex, if anything just touching my ass wouldn’t be a big deal and to get over himself, that I wasn’t asking him to fuck me.” Ayato walked up to his friend and smacked him across the top of his head, “Idiot…you don’t get it do you?”

          “Get what?”

          “Yuu’s trying to do the right thing, and then you’re asking him to touch you…exactly what Kita was doing…touching you in the wrong way.”

          “I didn’t tell him to feel me up! I just wanted to see if anything had changed, then he flips shit and tells me I’m basically allowing him to fondle me and that’s NOT what I asked him to do.” Yuki groaned in frustration, moving from the table down into his chair. “Go home Aya, you don’t have to play peace keeper today. I’m taking a shower then I’m going to bed.”  Yuki wheeled himself out of the room and down the hall, slamming his bedroom door behind him.

          Sitting in the tub, Yuki’s emotions finally got the best of him and he broke down and cried. The night he spent with Aoi after dinner at Ojisan’s had been one of the better nights he’d had since Ken’s death, he felt cared for, loved and secure. But in the light of how his therapy with Aoi helping him, there were more days of arguments, than not. “Why does this have to be so fucking hard?”

          “Because you’re making it hard, babe. Yuu loves you and it’s just as hard on him, so cut the guy some slack and quit being a brat.

          “Ken, shut up…you have no fucking idea how I feel…you’re dead and you have no say in my life anymore.” Yuki snapped back at the voice in his head.

          “You’re right, I don’t have any idea, and I don’t have any say in your life, but I’m telling you…Yuu loves you and you know it. Either accept his love or cut him loose, you’re doing nothing but hurting him right now.” Ken’s voice was gone, leaving no one for Yuki to yell at or blame.

          Getting out of the tub and drying off, Yuki got ready to get into bed, the thought of making dinner and maybe having a beer with Ayato, just made him more tired. Ken’s words were running through his mind, the man was right of course, even from beyond the grave, he was still telling Yuki what he needed to hear, not what he wanted.

          “Fine, if this is what you want Ken…who am I to argue with a dead man?”


          Aoi opened the door to his flat, flinging his bag onto the couch and going straight to the kitchen for a beer. “Little shit…I’m not going to fucking touch his ass to see if he can feel it! That’s not going to fucking happen!” Grabbing the beer, he sat down in front of the couch and turned on the TV, flipping through the channels to find something mundane that he could watch without having to pay attention.

          Leaning his head back on the couch, Aoi went through the days since he had spent the night with Yuki. The arguments started on the second day, with all thoughts of how nice it was to hold the young man in his arms again, gone. The light of day was a little harsh after they got up, both feeling awkward and unsure, even as Aoi made his excuses and went home.

          Working with Yuki on the stretches and other exercises, Aoi felt that the man was taking advantage of the situation, whining and complaining about what Aoi was asking him to do. “We just did this stretch two days ago! What the hell is wrong now?” he snapped at Yuki, “Stop yelling at me, I just don’t feel like I need to do that one, shit give me a break already, I let you spend one night and now you’re a fucking dictator!” That argument escalated quickly into a shouting match, bringing Reita from his apartment to break it up.

          Today had been no different, the therapy started out well but within two hours, Yuki was complaining and Aoi was growing more frustrated. Maybe Yuki should hire another licensed therapist, but how long would that one last before he or she tried something sexually questionable with the young man, then they would be back to square one.

          “Just forget it Yuu,” he muttered as he turned off the TV and walked into the bedroom. But that was the problem, he couldn’t just forget it…he still loved Yuki with everything he had, but how would they get back to that, Aoi wasn’t sure it was possible.

          He’d just drifted off when his phone chimed, “Really?” turning over he knew without looking it would be Yuki, probably just telling him to fuck off again.

          “Hey, I’m sorry about today. I didn’t consider your feelings when asking you to touch me like that. Would you please come tomorrow, if you don’t have to be at the studio? I think there are some things we need to get out in the open.”

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          “You don’t need to know specifics, you have the information, so just do your job and deliver them on the appointed day, and I want no harm to come to them while they are in your custody.” Masamoto Umeji slid an envelope across the table, “Here’s half up front, if you deliver all three, there will be a bonus.”  Picking up the envelope and putting it in his pocket, the man nodded, “I understand.”

           Masamoto watched as his chief of security escorted the man to his car, confident that he had chosen the right professional for the job. Returning to his desk, Masamoto went through the guest list once again, double checking who had already accepted the invitation. “You have not, why is that? What are you waiting for?” There was one name that had not RSVP’d, and it surprised the man, as he was sure that having Byou as part of the entertainment, would be enough to secure the man’s seat at the dining table.



          Chewing on the end of a pen, Uta went over the list for the fifteenth time, “What am I missing?” Planning their first major social event was proving to be more difficult than the young man had anticipated, “Acchan, would you look over this again? I’m sure I’m missing something.” Sakurai had been watching his lover, with a bemused smile. “Baby, I’m sure what ever you have planned is enough,” Uta glared at him, then shoved the piece of paper into the man’s chest, “alright, I’ll check again.”

          Planning a party for their friends had Uta worked up into a panic, “You don’t understand, this is the first real party we’re holding, everything has to be perfect!” Uta said. “It will be perfect because our friends and loved ones will be there, they’re not going to care if the plates don’t match, or we use plastic cups, Uta.”

          “They might not care, but I do!” he snapped back. “This is important to me, so please, either help me or leave me alone.” Sakurai bent over the chair Uta was sitting on, running his hands across his lover’s chest, “I’m sorry, no more teasing,” Sakurai kissed the top of Uta’s head, “Are we doing formal invitations or calling? If we’re doing formal invitations, would you like them to be printed up, or is this something you’d like to take care of?”

          For the next two hours, Sakurai helped Uta plan their first party, a late summer BBQ for their friends. “I think I’d like to do a fun email invitation, there are so many sites that I can use to create a good one.” Uta’s most difficult choice was who to invite, “how many would be too many?”



          In the light of day, Yuki revisited his argument…no his fight, with Aoi the day before. Had he truly been unreasonable when asking the man to touch him? According to Ken’s voice in his head, yes, he had. Yuki had to be reminded, by a dead man no less, that Aoi was still in love with him, and that he should either agree to having a relationship with the man, or cut him loose completely.

          Going over what he wanted to say to Aoi in his mind, he was sure that whatever he would plan, would fall short, if not flat completely. “You want him in your life, dumbass,” he muttered to himself as he got dressed. He had to admit, cuddling with Aoi on the couch, then sleeping with him later that evening, had been more than just nice.

          He had woken in the early hours before dawn, with a familiar pressure around his waist. Aoi had warned him that he may naturally throw his arm around Yuki, and he had done just that. Deciding that it wasn’t a bad thing, Yuki sighed and allowed the man to hold him, closing his eyes and drifting off.

          Now he was waiting for Aoi, well he was hoping that it would be Shiroyama Yuu that would appear, that it would be Shiroyama Yuu that he would want to spend time with again.

          For Aoi, the night passed painfully slow, after the text he received. “What does he want now?” he fretted. Is he going to tell him off and cut him out of his life? Getting a new physical therapist because of their argument the day before? Tell him he loves him? “Pfft, right like he’d ever say that,” Aoi snorted.


          Walking up to Yuki’s front door, Aoi looked to the sky and asked the kami for strength, then he knocked on the door. Yuki did the same, asking for strength, as he opened the door, “Hey, thanks for coming.” Yuki rolled his chair back, and moved over to the couch.

          “Yah I mean of course, I told you I’d come if you needed me.” Aoi walked over to the couch and sat down, putting his sweaty hands under his thighs. “Um, what did you want to talk about?”


          “There’s an us?”

          “I want there to be an us.”

          Aoi was confused, “Uh, what kind of us are you thinking?”

          Yuki sighed, “I want to be with Shiroyama Yuu, but I don’t want Aoi in my life at all.”

          Aoi chuckled, “You and me both, Aoi’s an asshole,” he cocked his head and looked over at Yuki, “When you say you want to be with me, do you mean like dating me?” This couldn’t be happening; he can’t be hearing this.

          “Yes, I mean dating you.”

          “How did we go from what happened the other day to this? Not that I’m refusing, I’m just kind of confused.”

          Yuki wondered for a half second, “I had a fight with Ken last night.”

          “Um, you had a fight with a dead man? Can you explain how that works?” Aoi wanted to laugh, but thought better of it.

          “I was feeling sorry for myself, mad at you, and Ken told me to grow the fuck up and stop being such a brat. He told me that I wasn’t playing fair, that you’re in love with me and that if I don’t want to be in a relationship with you, I should tell you.”

          Way to go Ken! Aoi shouted in his mind, “Well, he’s right – I am in love with you, but you’ve always known that,” he took another chance, “do you think this was Ken’s way of um, letting you go and telling you it was okay?”

          Yuki had thought that right away, “Yah…I do,” this was the time, “I do want a relationship with you, but we have to have some ground rules.”

          Aoi nodded, “I agree 100%. What did you have in mind?”

          “You’re going to date me, like real dates. We didn’t do that before, we just always stayed at your place, watched stupid movies, drink then fuck. That’s not dating. I want you to introduce me to your friends, take me out to dinner and things like that. I also would like you to continue helping me with my therapy. I honestly don’t want to go through another incident like what happened with Kita.”

          Aoi couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Anything else?” he knew there had to be other conditions.

          “Don’t expect sex, obviously I’m in no position right now to even agree to it, and honestly, that’s going to be something you’re going to have to earn. I’m not trying to be difficult, but honestly? What we had before was not a relationship, and frankly we jumped into the sexual part of it way too soon and that’s partially my fault for being such a fanboy over Aoi of the Gazette. I’d like to see us having a relationship like Reita and Ayato or Kyo and Mao… anything other than what we had before.”

          “Kyo and Mao? Seriously you picked those guys as role models? Dude, you’re freaking twisted.” Aoi laughed.

          Yuki reached over and smacked Aoi on the leg, “You know what I mean! They have a normal relationship, they’re married and it’s Kyo and Mao, not Kyo of Dir en Grey and some random guy.”

          They stared at each other for a minute, Aoi breaking the silence, “So, when do we start this relationship? Can I ask you out to dinner…maybe tonight?”

          Yuki blushed, “Can you stay for awhile and help me with therapy? Then maybe we can go to Ojisan’s tonight? Unless you want to go somewhere else.”

          “Ojisan’s would be nice, I’d like to see what he has to say now. And yes, I can help you with therapy today if you’d like.” Aoi’s next move surprised both himself and Yuki.

          Moving from the couch, he kneeled in front of Yuki, placing his hands on the man’s knees, “I promise never to hurt you intentionally, to always be there for you when you need me. I will always respect your wishes, but I can’t say we’ll never argue, because that asshole Aoi is still a part of me, who I will try my best to leave on the stage. Thank you for letting me love you again.”  Taking Yuki’s hand, Aoi kissed the back of it.

          Standing up, Aoi winked at Yuki, “Go get your sweats on, you still have therapy to work on today!”



          The invitations had been emailed to the guests, Uta had come up with a menu, opting to make about half of the food himself, “How hard can it be to make potato salad?” Sakurai had taken charge of the meat and the alcohol, “Not too much hard liquor, we need sober drivers,” Uta coming up with a designated driver plan. The couple had gone together and shopped for festive decorations, Uta trying to go over the top and Sakurai having to rein him in from buying a fire pit and hula skirts. “I could picture Yutaka and Davina dancing…oh! Let’s try to get Imai into a skirt!”

          Sakurai knew better than to try to encourage any of this, “Let’s leave the hula dancing for our own private party.” Uta slumped his shoulders in defeat, “Fine, hula dance and sex for you then.” A quick fondle in the aisle of the store, and the couple finished shopping.

          Everything was coming together, and the RSVP’s started to come in, “Hmm, everyone has responded but Isshi, do you think that’s because of Karyu’s grandfather dying?” Sakurai doubted it, “Would you like me to call?”

          “No, there’s still time, hopefully they’ll come, it won’t be a party without the boys.”

          Davina and Kato had accepted, as had Madame F and Ormond, “I hope she doesn’t wear work clothes to the party.” Uta mused.

          “Work clothes?” Sakurai raised an eyebrow.

          “Yah, stuff she’d wear at the club, you know; work clothes.” Uta giggled.

          “I’m fairly certain that Madame F has the appropriate clothing to wear to a backyard BBQ, whether Ormond does, is yet to be seen.”

          It was in fact, a problem for Madame F; wondering what one does wear to a BBQ. “Ormond love, help me choose an appropriate outfit for Uta’s little party, I have no idea what to wear.” Ormond smirked, “My lady, anything you wear will be appropriate, but I don’t think leather would be suitable for an outdoor party.” With her submissive’s help, Madame F was able to assemble an outfit that would not be considered work clothes.


          Hide and Yutaka were both excited to see their ‘son’ again, and especially excited that Sakurai was fulfilling part of his dreams. “Remember what he told us? The Christmas’, the, the backyard BBQ’s and spending time with his friends? Our Acchan is finally living his dream life and I’ve never seen him happier.” Yutaka said while he sat on the couch with Rima in his lap.

          “True domestic bliss looks good on both of them. I never thought there would be a day when I didn’t have to worry about either Uta or Acchan, but it looks like that’s been taken care of. Do you think I could get Uta to make me some peanut butter cookies?” Yutaka reached over and smacked Hide, “Are you saying that my peanut butter cookies are bad?” Hide blew a kiss to his husband, “I’m saying that I like Uta’s peanut butter cookies, I never said yours were bad, my love.” Yutaka stuck his tongue out at his husband and flipped him a middle finger, “Is that a proposition?”  The answer ended up being yes.



          Reading the invitation to Uta’s party, Kyo started to tear up, “Hey, why are you crying?” He hadn’t heard Mao come into the room. “I’m not crying,” he growled. Mao spun him around in his office chair, “Oh, you just randomly leak fluid from your eyes for no apparent reason?” Kyo frowned, “No…why do you have to be such a smart ass all the time?”

          “Why do you have to be so damned defensive when I ask you things? Why are you crying?”

          “Because we got an invitation to a BBQ at Uta’s, and I um…I’m just happy to see him living normally, is that such a fucking crime?” he tried to get up from the chair, Mao shoving him back down.

          “It’s no crime, if anything it’s a blessing. Koichi, Uta and I know you best, you love hard and you love forever. I would be disappointed in you if you didn’t get all weepy over something like this.” Mao sat in Kyo’s lap, “I love that you care for your friends so much, most people never see that side of you. You’re a little fluffy teddy bear.” Mao kissed Kyo on the nose.

          “I’m a what? Oh, you want to see how much of a fluffy teddy bear I really am?” In one swift motion, Kyo got up from the chair, keeping Mao in his arms, “You’re going to regret saying that about me, little boy,” he growled, “Oh? I don’t think I will…show me.” Mao whispered in Kyo’s ear. He knew exactly what buttons to push and what each button would do.


          Koichi rolled his chair out into the hall way, “Babe? Do we have anything going on next Saturday, like all day?” Tatsu was in the kitchen, prepping for dinner, “Not that I know of, why?” Koichi walked over and slid his arms around Tatsu’s waist, “Uta and Sakurai have invited us to a BBQ at their place, I want to make sure we can go and not have to worry about any other commitments.”

          “Hmm, nothing going on at the studio, no lives for a month or so from now, yah a BBQ sounds like fun, who else is going?”  Koichi started reading the names from the email, “Davina and Madame F? Do they know how to relax? I don’t see Ormond or Kato being the type to show up in board shorts and a t-shirt.”

          “I doubt that either one of them will show up in leather dresses either,” Koichi laughed, “Isshi and the boys will be there as well, I’m sure that will make the day more than just interesting.”


          Taka and Sato were having a similar conversation, “There’s going to be more Dominants and submissives at this party than straight people.” Taka laughed as he read who was invited. “Its not like anyone is going to be on duty, babe. It’s just a BBQ for friends,” Sato huffed, “there are an equal amount of music people that will be there.”

          Taka sighed, “It’s nice to see that Uta and Byou’s lives have settled down enough for them to enjoy something like this, and I’m sure Karyu could use the distraction as well.”  Uta had told Taka and Sato about the death of Karyu’s grandfather.

          “Kyo and Mao are invited as well, um… do you want me to be the designated driver this time?” Taka and Sato had fallen into the habit of switching off. “No, I think I’ll drive, you can have a few drinks…and I mean a few, and have some fun, but you have to promise to make sure to have food in your stomach before you start drinking, I’m not holding your hair while you puke.”

          “Isshi, will you please bring the boys to the BBQ? Oh? Well that’s good to hear, I’m sure it’s comforting for him to know that the store will always be there. Well, Davina and Madame F, Kyo and Mao will be there as well and the other members of my band. No, it’s very informal and honestly, Uta really wants your boys there, he thinks they all deserve a good time. I’m sure we can discuss it, once we get the boys together, yes, I agree, it’s as good as time as any. Good, we will see you next weekend then.”

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          Kaoru was given an ultimatum; go public with his relationship with Ryo, or the younger man was going to leave. “I didn’t sign up for this shit, how long are we going to hide? Seriously Kao, it’s been almost a year and I’m tired of being your secret boyfriend.” Ryo grabbed his backpack, “Call me when you’re ready to talk about this in an adult manner.” The slamming of his front door shook Kaoru’s heart.

          Their relationship had started with an offhand comment by Kaoru as he passed Ryo in the hallway of DCR records. Ryo had changed his style, now that Girugamesh had disbanded, and as he passed Kaoru in the hall, the older man paid him a complement, “Um, hi…you look good for someone who just lost his band.” Ryo stopped, “Thanks…I think?”

          “No, seriously, I like the new look, it suits you.”

          “Yah, thanks. I figured now’s the time to change things up, I don’t have to fit into the Girugamesh look anymore.” Ryo wasn’t sure how to take the compliment; flirting or just being nice? “What’s up with Diru these days? I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t paid much attention to the other bands.” This question led to Ryo and Kaoru chatting for about thirty minutes, which led to the older man to invite Ryo to dinner, so they could ‘talk about the bands.’  Flash forward to almost a year later, and Ryo leaving Kaoru’s home in a huff.

          Neither man was looking to start a relationship, let alone with another musician. But that’s what the result was after a few months of friendship and some playful flirting, it took one night, a homemade dinner and a little too much wine to push them past the friendship wall.

          “That was amazing, Kao. You’re the last one out of Diru that I thought could cook, well you and maybe Die,” Ryo reached for his glass of wine, “I thought Shinya for sure was the domestic type.”

          Kaoru refilled the other man’s glass, “Kyo’s a surprisingly good cook, mainly because Mao is not.”

          Ryo laughed, “Now there’s an odd couple, almost as odd as Ruki being in a serious relationship.”

          “I thought he was going to pass out the night you kissed him,” Kaoru paused, “but I can understand his temporary infatuation with you,”

          “Oh? How’s that?”

          “You do have some pretty luscious kissable lips; I can see why Ruki wanted to um… do what ever it was he wanted to do.” Ryo was blushing, looking at his wine glass, “Are my lips something you’re interested in?”

          Taking Ryo’s glass from his hands and putting it on the table, Kaoru pulled Ryo towards him and kissed him deeply, “I’ve been interested in more than just your lips for quite some time now.” Kaoru leaned forward and began to kiss Ryo, slowly reaching up to cup the back of the man’s neck, his lips moving against the younger man’s, slowly as he savored the feel of the kiss.

          Ryo’s fingers slid down to rest on the front of Kaoru’s shirt, pulling back from the kiss, Ryo looked into Kaoru’s eyes, “How long have you wanted me?” Kaoru reached up and ran his thumb over those luscious full lips, “If I’m honest with myself? Since the night you kissed Ruki.”

          “Ruki? You got off on watching me kiss another man?”

          “I wouldn’t say I got off on it, but it was fucking sexy as hell.”

          “Have you been watching me for that long?” Ryo couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

          “Um, maybe…I wasn’t stalking you if that’s what you mean, but yah, I noticed when you were around.”  Reaching out, Kaoru cupped Ryo’s chin, drawing him in for another deep kiss, the younger man moaning in Kaoru’s mouth.

          After a few minutes of deep passionate kissing, Ryo pulled away, “Where is this going?” Kaoru sat back, “Where ever you want it to go, I’d like it to go into my bedroom right now.”  Kaoru stood up and held his hand out to Ryo, “Take a chance?”

          Ryo took Kaoru’s hand, “I think I’d like that, but let’s not jump in too deep, just far enough for tonight.”

          He knew his boyfriend was right. It had been almost a year and nobody outside of Toshiya knew that he was dating Ryo. It had been easy to hide in the beginning, but as the months passed, Ryo was doubting Kaoru’s love as he kept their relationship secret, and now it was time for Kaoru to commit 100%.

          “I’d like to take you to dinner tomorrow night at the restaurant, be ready to go at around 8, I love you.”


          “Kaoru and Ryo haven’t gone public…yet, why are you in such a hurry?” Toshiya’s boyfriend was whining, almost in a tantrum over his lover’s lack of interest in making their relationship public knowledge. “Look, there’s the deal. Even if we went public, it would only be to the other people in the industry, no member of any band is going to the general public about their spouse or lover. It’s just not done, Jui, and you’re either going to have to deal with it or we’re going to have to break up.”

          Toshiya had explained more than once the secrecy that covers band members and their spouses or lovers, that it is not just a random issue, “It’s industry wide. Do you know how many people would flip their shit if they knew Kyo was married…to a man no less? Kao and Ryo have a different situation because Ryo’s a musician from a well-known band.”

          Toshiya had met Jui in a shop in Harajuku that specialized in different types of figurines from anime, manga and movies. Toshiya had been looking for a rare figure from his favorite anime and had found it, reaching up for the box, his hand collided with Jui’s who was also reaching for the box. “Oh, I’m sorry, please take it, you were here first.” Jui smiled at Toshiya, who was dumb struck by the attractive young man.

          “Uh, no it’s fine, please go ahead, I um can buy one on Ebay,” he stammered.

          “Are you sure? I can wait for another edition, this is my fave anime and she’s the last of the collection, I have everyone else but her.” Jui smiled.

          “Really? All of them? I don’t even have them all, I still need the male demon, how did you find them?” The conversation went on like this for a few minutes, until Toshiya bluntly asked the young man, “Hey, want to get a coffee, seems we might like the same anime?”

          It was obvious within ten minutes that the young man, Jui, had no idea who Toshiya was, until he saw a group of girls standing by a pillar, giggling and pointing at him. “What’s that all about?” Toshiya turned and looked at the girls, which caused a great deal of squealing. “They probably want my autograph, but they know I don’t like it when I’m approached in public, whatever. So, what’s your opinion on live action remakes?”

          Jui stared at Toshiya, “Autograph? You’re joking… why- I mean, who are you?”

          “Oh, I’m in a band, that’s all.”

          “Which band?”

          “Dir en Grey, do you know us?”

          “No, sorry, I’m not really into music that much, are you guys that popular?”

          Toshiya sighed, this is usually were the new friend walked away, “Can you come to my flat? I promise I won’t do anything weird or stupid, but it’s just easier if we don’t have an audience.”

          Jui knew he could take care of himself if Toshiya tried anything sketchy, “Uh sure, I have my car, um…text me the address?” He liked Toshiya, and they did have a lot in common but this new information might throw everything out the window.

          “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collection this large before! You have everything!” Jui was stunned at Toshiya’s collection of figurines. “Yah, I try to buy at least one or two a month.”

          Jui needed to know more about the band issue, “Your band is popular?” Toshiya nodded, “Yah, you could say that. We’ve been around for close to twenty years now, I’m surprised you’ve never even heard the name, do you really not like music?”

          “It’s not that I don’t like music, I just don’t pay any attention to it.”

          “There’s an old anime called Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku, that used one of our early songs.”

          “Hmm, never heard of it, sorry.”

          “Ever watch Inu x Boku SS?” This drew a smile from Jui, “Yah actually I like that one a lot, why? Was that your band?”

          “No, it’s a friend of ours, band called MUCC. Diru never really got into having our songs used for anime.”

          Toshiya and Jui talked well into the evening, with Jui only leaving because he had to work early the next day. “It was really fun talking to you about all this stuff, maybe I’ll see you at the store again.” Jui walked towards the door.

          “Wait….um, can I see you again, like not at the store or maybe we could text?” Jui smiled, “Sure, I’d like that.” Exchanging phone numbers, it was the start to Toshiya’s first relationship not centered around the music industry.

          Though now they were at an impasse of sorts, Toshiya really had no problems introducing Jui to his friends, but the younger man didn’t really realize that he would never be able to be seen in the general public together, ever. Jui had met Kaoru and Ryo, the only couple that they were social with, but it obviously was not enough for Jui.

          “Hey, what if we go out and I’ll take you to one of two places, where it’s safe? How about tomorrow night around 8?”


          Kaoru got out of the car and handed the keys to the valet, as he opened the door for Ryo, “Kaoru-sama, Ryo-sama, please enjoy your meal,” the doorman bowed, “Thank you.” Kaoru nodded, putting his hand on Ryo’s back as they walked in. “Don’t worry, you know nobody is going to say anything really, not like we’re in the middle of Shinjuku.” Kaoru thought he was trying to calm Ryo’s nerves, when his own were strung tight.

          Ryo scanned the dining room for people they might know; Shinya was there with Miya, Sakurai Atsushi and Uta and, “Shit,” he hadn’t counted on Ruki being there with his boyfriend. “Hey, it’s alright, Ruki’s not so bad anymore, his boyfriend has him under control.” Ryo swallowed hard and nodded.

          Being seated against a wall, Ryo chose to keep his back to the dining room, letting Kaoru face the door, “Please just tell me if someone’s coming,” his boyfriend reached over the table, covering his hand, “It’s going to be fine, I thought this is what you wanted?” Ryo sighed, “It is, but you know how everyone is. This is going to be big gossip by tomorrow.”

          They ordered their meal and were settling their nerves with a glass of wine, then Kaoru leaned over and whispered, “Shinya’s coming over, he’s alone.” Ryo nodded, taking another long drink of wine.
          “Hello Kao, Ryo, how are you this evening?” Shinya had known for quite some time, but he had never said a word to anyone about what he had suspected, not even to Miya. “I’m happy to see you out, I was wondering how long it would take Ryo to kick your ass, Kao.”

          “You knew? How?” Kaoru was shocked, Ryo glared at his boyfriend, “Ryo, don’t be angry with him. I’ve known for a few months now, I might not say a lot but I’m not blind Kaoru, and just to ease your mind, I haven’t said anything about Totchi’s boyfriend, it’s no one’s business but yours. I just wanted to stop and tell you that I’m happy for you both.” With a light bow, Shinya walked back to his table.

          “He knows about Toshiya and Jui? How the hell did he figure it out? You never said anything did you?” Ryo wasn’t angry, just stunned. They could have made their relationship public months earlier.

          “I don’t know how he knew, sometimes we forget he’s even sitting with us, he’s so quiet,” Kaoru smiled, “But I’m glad he does, I think it will make things a little easier when we finally tell Die, who’s going to feel left out of course.”

          Enjoying their meal, Kaoru kept an eye on the door for any one else that might walk in, but groaned when Ruki started to approach the table, “Here we go…”

          “Hello Kaoru, Ryo, it’s such a nice evening, will you be going on tour anytime soon?” Ruki looked at Kaoru, “Um, not for at least six months, how was The Gazette tour?” They talked a little about the recent world tour, then Ruki said something that stunned them both, “I’d like to apologize Ryo, for my past behavior with you. I was a bit of an asshole and very immature, thinking with my dick instead of honoring your rejections. I just wanted to tell you that, I hope you have a nice evening.”

Ruki turned and walked back to the door, where Tomo was waiting for him. Ryo’s mouth was hanging open, “Uh, what the hell was that?” Turning back to Kaoru, they both laughed, “Weirder things have happened, but that has to be in the top ten.”




           Across town at the small ramen hut, Jui and Toshiya were sitting in front of Ojisan, after ordering their meal and Toshiya hoping that the mystic ramen maker wouldn’t have anything to say.

          “Ojisan, this is amazing! I’ve never had omurice this good before,” Jui was raving over the simple meal. “Thank you, young man.” Ojisan bowed, then turned back to his kitchen. “How long have you been coming here?” Jui asked.

          “Not long, although more than half the community are regulars here, mostly Tatsu and Koichi I think, but Kyo and Mao come here a lot too.” Toshiya was ready for a second bowl of ramen, “Ojisan, can I have another bowl please?”

          Standing in front of Toshiya, Ojisan crossed his arms over his chest, “This one doesn’t care who you are, it makes no difference that you are in a famous band, he loves Hara Toshimara, not Toshiya of Dir en Grey.” Then he turned to Jui, “You must understand Toshiya-san’s point of view, he is in a well-known band, the fans are shallow, they care nothing for his true life, only what they want to believe. Be patient with him.”  

          Ojisan returned to his kitchen, leaving Jui with his mouth open. Leaning over to Toshiya, ‘What was that all about?” Toshiya had never experienced Ojisan’s insights, but knew a great deal about them, “Kyo says if he says something to you, make sure to listen carefully, that it usually either is true or becomes true.”

          Jui thought about what the man had said, and a sudden feeling of guilt came over him. “Hey,” he nudged Toshiya with his shoulder, “I get it now, sorry about being an asshole, I don’t mean to push you for anything, I love you.” He quickly kissed Toshiya on the cheek. “I love you too, believe me when I say, I would love nothing more than to scream to the world how much I love you.”



          “I’m telling you I need more time. If you do not wish to work with me, then find someone else.”

          “What part of this is so difficult for you? You came highly recommended and yet you can’t even coordinate a simple job?”

          “If you want all three, then you will give me more time. Isshi is the main problem, he keeps those boys under lock and key and they are rarely out of his sight. The other two I could get at the same time, they work together and it would only take a short time to figure out their schedules.”

          Masamoto Umeji was unhappy, the plans were not coming together as easy as he had thought, though the problem with Byou was understandable; Isshi never let the boys out alone.

          Kimura interceded, “Does it truly matter what boys you get, as long as Byou is one of them? Taka is no longer a tender young thing, he’s older and has been married for years now. I’m sure Uta is probably used up as well, knowing Sakurai as we do. Why not focus on Isshi’s boys?”

          Masamoto cocked his head, a smile slowly spreading across his face, “I’ve never liked that fag, he doesn’t know how to handle his submissive, they’re treated like his own children,” he looked at the other man, “I think we may have a change of plans. Let’s focus on Isshi now. Follow his routines and his trips out of the house. If you come up with a chance to grab those three boys, do it. I don’t care what happens to Isshi, do what you want to him just make sure it can’t be traced back to me.”


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Chapter Text

          “Are you sure you want to cook? I can always call the restaurant and have something delivered.” Uruha was nervously wringing his hands, as he and Hal walked through the grocery store, picking up items for the dinner they had planned with Ruki and Tomo as guests. “I’m sure babe, it’s a simple meal and it will turn out just fine,” he stopped and snuck a quick kiss to settle his lover’s mind, “just let me do this, ne?”

          After a week worth of post-tour sleeping, Hal had brought up the idea of having Ruki and Tomo over as their first guests for dinner, Uruha instantly panicking, “But I don’t know how to cook well enough to have people over! Can’t we just invite them to go to dinner at the restaurant instead?”

          Hal stopped in the middle of the aisle, “Is that what you really want?”

          Uruha looked back at Hal, “I’m just worried that it will be a total failure,” Hal walked up next to Uruha, “babe, it’s going to be fine I promise, please just trust me on this?”   Uruha nodded, he knew Hal would never do anything that would embarrass him.


          Uta was rushing around the kitchen, slamming cabinet doors, and mumbling obscenities under his breath, all while Sakurai was outside cleaning the grill. “Where the hell are those small green bowls?” Groaning in frustration, Uta walks over to the patio door, “Acchan, the green glass bowls, where are they?”

          “Um, which bowls are you talking about?”

          “The small glass ones, they’re kind of a medium green, we used them for candies or something during the holidays, I need them for dessert bowls.” Uta stood with a hand on his hip, and tapping his foot impatiently.

          Sakurai smirked at his lover, “Give me one second and I’ll help you look for them.” Putting the cleaning brush down, Sakurai came into the house and went to the kitchen, “When did we last have them out?”


          “Okay, so it’s now almost September,” Uta looked at Sakurai, starting to become irritated. “What’s your point, Acchan?”

          Reaching for a cabinet over the refrigerator, Sakurai reached in and brought out two small stacks of green bowls. “Are these the ones? They were right there in the front of the cabinet.”

          “Thank you, and no I didn’t see them, if you haven’t already noticed, I’m short…like too short to reach over the damned refrigerator.” Uta snapped as he took the bowls, turning to put them in the sink to be washed. “You need to relax babe,” Sakurai tried to rub Uta’s shoulders. “Don’t touch me right now! I’m busy, I have to get this… WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

          Sakurai grabbed Uta by the waist, turning him around and putting him over his shoulder, “I’m going to help you relax.” With a screaming lover thrown over his shoulder, Sakurai Atsushi took matters into his own hands, and walked down to the bedroom. “We don’t have time for this, Acchan! The party is in like two hours, let me go!” Throwing Uta on the bed, Sakurai flopped down on top of the young man, “No, I’m going to force you to relax, this won’t take two hours, so just lay back and enjoy it.”


          Hide and Yutaka were the first to arrive to the BBQ, Sakurai meeting them in the genkan, Hide handing Sakurai a bottle of wine, “Where’s Uta?” Yutaka looked in the kitchen, Sakurai coughed, “Um, he’ll be out in a bit, he got a little sweaty and had to shower.” Yutaka raised an eyebrow, “Really, right before the party, Acchan?” the man just smiled, “He needed it, believe me.” Leaving the genkan door opened, Sakurai went to the kitchen to put the wine in the fridge, “Would you like something to drink? Beer or something else?”  

          “Stupid Acchan…” Uta muttered. He had tried to wiggle away from his lover, once the man threw him on the bed, but once Acchan got his pants off, that was it for Uta. The impromptu blow job had sent him over the edge, and he had to admit, it did relax him for that moment.

          “There you are! I was wondering how long it would take you to recover your senses.” Yutaka hugged Uta tightly, “He’s such a pest, ne?” he whispered in Uta’s ear. “Did he tell you?” Uta asked, “No, he didn’t have to. He just told us you were sweaty…I know him all too well.”  Uta giggled, “He’s ridiculous sometimes. But I was acting like a troll, so I guess I deserved it.” Yutaka put his arm around Uta’s shoulder and walked out to the garden.


          Sakurai looked up from the BBQ grill, a sudden flash from a dream he had before he had reconciled with Uta, it was that dream that he was now seeing. Davina was sitting with Kato under the large sakura tree in the yard, Sato and Taka were teasing each other over something silly, Koichi was in Tatsu’s lap, Imai and Yutaka verbally sparring over sports, and Toll and his wife playing with the cats as the pugs sat and watched from a safe distance.

          With the scene that unfolding before him, Sakurai had to cough and quickly wipe his eyes, “Acchan?” Uta had come out of the house, and watched as the man looked out over the garden. “What’s wrong?” he reached out and touched Sakurai’s arm. “Not a thing baby, I was remembering something that I had told my therapist about what I wanted from you…and today, my dream has come true.”

          “Are you happy?” Uta ducked under Sakurai’s arm, “Unbelievably so,” Uta tilted his face up and asked for a kiss, “I love you, Acchan.”  

          The party continued well into the afternoon, everyone raving over the food, “Acchan, this is excellent my friend.” Isshi had come up to the grill for another serving, “I think my boys will be in a food coma before too long.” Looking over his shoulder at Byou, Karyu and Ruimaru, who were sitting in chairs in the yard, Uta sitting on the grass in front of them. “They look happy, Isshi.” Sakurai noted. “I believe that Jiji’s death was a shock for Karyu, but with the letter Jiji left him, it seemed to dull that shock. He is of course sad that the man is gone, but he doesn’t feel abandoned.” Isshi sighed.

          “If we could only figure out the other problem, I know Davina and Madame F would like to speak with you about this before the end of the day, I’m not sure if there is any new information, but we should still discuss the problem.” Isshi bowed his head lightly, then balancing three plates, walked out to the grass and sat next to the boys.

          Twilight had come and the party was over, everyone thanking their hosts and promising not to wait so long for another party, “I’d like to have a BBQ before the end of summer at our house,” Koichi promised as he hugged Uta. Staying behind were Madame F, Isshi and Davina. “I think we should have the boys clean up a bit while we speak,” Madame F suggested, sending Ormond to gather up the young ones. Kato served the Dominant’s coffee, then excused himself and returned to the kitchen.

          “I have no new information about this Masamoto individual, though I have heard some interesting things about Kimura and Inoue,” Madame F glanced behind her, “I don’t want the boys to hear what I have to say.”

          “It seems that Kimura Asao has run afoul of the law in this country, and in America. There were some reports of shady business dealing with a company he represented and a lawsuit was brought, and a malpractice lawsuit as well.”

          “Is he barred from practicing law in either country?” Isshi asked.

          “My informants did not find that to be the issue, which means he somehow had the lawsuits dismissed or they were found not to be prosecutable and that’s what worries me. If he is shifty enough to get out of a lawsuit in another country, how easy would it be for him to fly under the radar, if you will…in our community? Has he that much power that someone would do his bidding without inquiring to why?” Madame F leaned back in her chair.

          Sakurai leaned on his elbow on his chair, his lips pursed as he absorbed the information. “What about Inoue? Any new information on his activities?” Madame F shook her head, “None that we could find. He’s in his office daily, or he is at home. There have been no trips to Mei, unless he is being taken from his house, and hidden in a car, which at this point I would not doubt.”

          Davina was oddly quiet through the discussion, “Davina? What are you thinking my dear?” Madame F reached over and patted her protégé on the leg. “I’m thinking that we can not let the boys out of our sight for even a moment. That perhaps we should curtail our visits to Vinyl Fetish for the time being.”

          Sakurai shook his head, “No, I believe we continue with our lives as they are, but with more awareness of our surroundings. If we stop going to the clubs, the boys are going to know something is wrong, no Davina…I don’t think that would work.”

          “Do we hire security Acchan? Do we ask Niihara to add security to his club? I think that’s a bit much and unfair to the man.” Davina argued back. Sakurai held up his hand and bowed his head, “No, of course not, and yes you’re right, that is unfair to Niihara.”

          “This still leaves us with no plan on how to keep the boys safe, and what of Taka? Have you spoken to him or to Sato? How do we know that Masamoto won’t go after the man?” Isshi added.

          “I will speak with Sato. Taka was terrified the day I spoke with him and said Masamoto’s name. I realize that Taka may not be the target due to his age, but we can not be for certain that Masamoto will ignore the man.”

          “Acchan, what of Uta?”


          Ormond and Kato were supervising the clean up with the four young men, “Why am I cleaning? This is my house after all…what is it that they’re discussing?” Uta whined. Kato narrowed his eyes, “As your senpai, Uta-kun, I will tell you that it is not for you to know what business your Dominant is taking care of at the moment.”

          “Sen…Dominant? What the hell are you talking about Kato? I have every right to know what my lover is doing.” Uta threw down the dishtowel in his hand, and started to leave the kitchen, “No Uta…I was told by My Lady that you are to remain in the kitchen until they are finished.” Ormond put a hand on Uta’s shoulder.

          This got Uta’s attention, “You too?” Ormond nodded, “Yes, me too.” He smiled at Uta, then winked. “It is community business and that’s all you need to know.” Uta’s shoulders dropped in defeat, “Fine.

          “Are you disobeying your senpai, Uta my love?” Davina had seen the small power struggle between the two submissives. “No, because technically Kato is not my senpai…he’s my ex, um…I’m not really a…SHIT! Davina you know what I mean!”

          Davina opened her arms, Uta walking into them and sliding his arms around the petite woman’s waist. “I love you Mistress, but your submissive…I’m not sure I like him all that much.” Uta turned to Kato and stuck out his tongue. Kato looked at Davina, who then winked. “Need I remind you Uta…that before I was Mistresses pet, I was your lover? Shall we tell everyone how much you liked it when I wou…”

          Tearing out of Davina’s arms, Uta reached over and slapped his hand across Kato’s mouth, “Don’t you dare,” he narrowed his eyes and growled. Ruimaru was giggling, Karyu and Byou were watching in horror as Uta talked back to their senpai. “You’re a naughty boy, Uta.” Davina shook her finger at her young friend. Uta just shrugged, “Like you didn’t know that before today? Please Mistress, do not play innocent with me, I know your secrets.”

          There was an uneasy silence in the kitchen, then a tiny giggle from Ruimaru…then Uta…Davina followed with an outright laugh, “I love you, dear Uta. Let’s reunite Isshi with his boys before you get everyone in trouble.”


          Snuggling in bed an hour later, Uta tried to pry information from Sakurai, “So what was decided? A new club or something?” Uta threw his leg over his lover’s hip, grinding against the man’s thigh. “You can continue to dry hump my thigh baby, but I’m still not telling you what was discussed, it’s community business and that’s all you need to know.”

          Uta pulled away, “Fine, I was going to let you fuck me into the mattress tonight, but now I’m denying you sex until you tell me what you were talking about.” Uta huffed and rolled over.

          Sakurai took advantage of Uta’s facing away from him to quickly slide his hand down the back of Uta’s pajama pants and slide a teasing finger over the boy’s hole. “Really? No sex…how long can you last?” he purred in Uta’s ear, “I can last as long as you…mmm, you can’t have se…you’re not playing…” After a few more seconds, there was no longer any denying Sakurai of anything, with Uta screaming yes and his lover’s name in the same breath, until the early hours of the morning.


          “I really like how you’ve decorated the master bedroom, Kou. Not too masculine, it’s very tasteful.” Uruha was giving Tomo the grand tour of their new home, while Ruki was talking with Hal in the kitchen.

          “I really can’t believe you got him to agree to this, I can only guess how nervous he was; he didn’t puke did he?” Ruki was proud of his friend, happy to see him in a normal relationship after years of denial and teasing.

          Hal was standing at the stove, “No, he didn’t’ puke but he tried to get me to have dinner catered by the restaurant, but I wanted to surprise him with this.”  With Ruki’s help pouring the wine, Hal had their guests sitting at the table as he was ready to serve the meal.

          The braised chicken, with vegetables, wild rice and roasted potato’s, looked like something that would be served at a high-end restaurant. “This looks tasty, Hal!” Ruki said before the first bite. Uruha was looking between the meal and his boyfriend, “Um, I didn’t know you could cook…this is amazing.”

          It was time. “I couldn’t cook, not before you left on tour.”

          “What do you mean you couldn’t cook? Is this some sort of weird magic trick where I bite into the chicken and it tastes like McDonalds?”

          Ruki almost spit his wine out, Tomo stifled a giggle behind his hand, “While you were on tour, I just took some online cooking classes and learned a few things. I wanted you to know that I will share equal responsibilities with cooking meals.”

          Uruha’s mouth fell open, he just stared at Hal. And without a word, he got up and left the table, going into their bedroom and closing the door. “Shit, guess I fucked that up,” Hal got up, “Go ahead and start eating, I’ll bring him back.” Ruki waved off Hal’s concern, “Go ahead, we’ll wait.”

          Hal knocked on the door, “Babe? I’m coming in.” Hal pushed open the door, where he found Uruha curled up on the bed sobbing. “I’m sorry…I just thought I would surprise you. Can we talk about it after Tomo and Ruki leave? I want to fix this, I never wanted to make you cry.” Hal sat down on the side of the bed, reaching out to push Uruha’s hair out of his eyes.

          Uruha rolled onto his back, “You don’t owe me an apology, but I definitely owe you one,” Hal reached out for Uruha’s hand, “You don’t owe me anything, I did this because I love you.”

          Uruha sighed, “Let me clean up a bit…” Hal leaned over and kissed his boyfriend, “Okay.”

          “He’ll be here in a second.” Hal assured their friends.

          Uruha came back and sat down at the table, “Sorry…I um just kinda freaked out.”   

          Ruki chuckled, “Like maybe you got a different boyfriend while on tour? The food’s amazing by the way, the online classes were totally worth it.”

          “No, it’s not the food,” Uruha looked at Hal, “it’s that he loves me enough to do something like this for me, and I’m still struggling with the fact that you love me this much. It’s just going to take awhile for me to not be such a head case.”

          Ruki snorted, “Pfft! Really Kou? You’re not a headcase, and I owe you an apology as well, well the entire band does. I’m sorry that we teased you so much that you started to believe you really were a headcase, but you can’t deny you have OCD.”

          The remainder of the evening was spent with Ruki telling tour stories, Tomo hardly speaking at all, and Hal constantly reaching out to either touch or kiss Uruha tenderly.

          “I think we need to go; I really don’t want to watch you guys making out,” Ruki and Tomo thanked their friends for the dinner and went home. “Are you that upset with me about the cooking lessons? Hal asked as they cleaned up the kitchen.

          “No, it was never about the lessons. It was that I have finally…and I know I should have realized this a long time ago, that you’re the real deal, that you love me unconditionally, and that I deserve that love.” Uruha confessed.

          Hal put a dirty plate in the sink, then took his boyfriend by the hand, telling him that the dishes could wait for the morning. He wanted to show his lover, just how unconditional his love was, and to prove Uruha deserved that love.

Chapter Text

          The physical therapy session for Yuki had been tough, much tougher than he had expected from Aoi, the man was truly a brutal taskmaster. “You need to do sit-ups, it will help strengthen your core, which will help your back.”

          “Strengthen my core? Seriously? How the hell do you know about that?” Yuki gasped as he did another sit-up.

          “I did some research on the internet about what kind of exercises would help you, and it specifically said sit-up’s for people with temporary paralysis, that it helps with their core. Didn’t that dipshit therapist of yours make you do these?” Aoi was finding it hard to believe that Kita had done anything to help Yuki, and that maybe the sexual abuse had started earlier.

          “No, he always had me lie on my back with my eyes closed, telling me to breathe deeply while he picked up my legs and stretched them out.”

          “Your eyes closed, huh…”

          “Why, what are you thinking?” Aoi shook his head, “Nothing, let’s just wrap this up so I can go home to shower. You wanted to go to Ojisan’s tonight, right?”

          Yuki flopped back onto the floor, “Yes…I still want to go to Ojisan’s, but I need to shower first, you’ll come and pick me up?”

          “No Yuki, you’re going to have to wheel yourself down there, of course I’m picking you up, smart ass.” Aoi helped Yuki off the floor, and into his chair. “I’ll see you in about two hours, good job today.”


          Reaching to open the door, Aoi was almost hit in the face, as Ayato was coming in. “Hey…careful now! You don’t want to damage my face, do you?” Aoi joked. “Oh god forbid the beautiful Aoi of the Gazette turns up with a busted nose,” Ayato laughed, “Is Yuki done with therapy?”

          “Yah, he’s taking a shower, I’m on my way out. Have a good afternoon.” Aoi bowed his head lightly then walked towards the parking lot.

          “Yuki? Are you still in the shower?”

          “Give me a minute!”

          Ayato sat down on the couch, Rin chirping as he ran down the hall, “Hey you little trouble maker,” he patted his leg, the teenage cat jumping into his lap, reaching up to nuzzle the man’s face, “Hey, has Yuu been behaving himself? No funny stuff?”

          Yuki wheeled himself out of the bathroom, “There has been no funny stuff as you call it, everything’s fine. I’ll be out in a minute.”

          “If you say it’s all good, who am I to argue?”

          Yuki moved from his wheelchair to his bed to get dressed, still talking to Ayato, “I wouldn’t say it’s all been good, he’s kinda brutal with my exercises.”

          This raised a red flag for Ayato, “How is he brutal?” he tried to keep the sudden anger in his voice under control.

          “He pushes me hard, way harder than Kita ever did. Like today he made me do sit-up’s, which are fucking hard!” Yuki paused for a moment, “but when I told him what Kita did for my legs, he got all quiet.” He rolled into the bathroom and started to comb out his hair.

          Ayato walked in and leaned against the doorframe, “Quiet? I don’t understand.”

          “Hand me that shirt please? He asked me what Kita did for my legs, he just had me lay on my back and close my eyes and try to breathe deeply, then he stretched my legs up.” Yuki pulled the shirt on, and recombed his hair, “There’s nothing weird about that, is there?”

          “Did you ever actually open your eyes? Could he have been doing something like touching you? Maybe that’s what Yuu’s concerned about.” The thought of Kita touching him in that way had never occurred to Yuki. “I um, I just did what he told me, I never opened my eyes, so I guess he could have been touching me.”

          Turning his wheelchair to face his friend, Yuki’s face was clouded with doubt, “Do you think he … I mean we know … shit, what do I do now?”

          “Nothing, unless you want to contact the medical board and tell them about what Kita did to you. He didn’t rape you, not that it’s a pass on him touching you like he did, but if he’s gone, can you look past that?” Ayato wanted to grab Yuki by the shoulders and make him press charges against Kita, but at what cost?

          Yuki shifted in his wheelchair, “I don’t want to deal with that, Yuu took care of it for me, I just want to move on,” wheeling himself into the living room, “Yuu’s taking me to Ojisan’s tonight, I guess you could say we’re officially dating again.”

          To Yuki’s surprise, Ayato was pleased, “Good, seems like Aoi has been shoved into the Gazette closet, to be taken out only on tour, and Shiroyama Yuu will be your everyday nice guy.”


          That everyday nice guy was now standing in front of the grave of Yokoyama Ken, possibly for the last time. Aoi wanted to talk to Ken one last time, to make sure that he made his intentions clear to the man. Placing fresh flowers down in front of the headstone, Aoi turned and sat down on the bench.

          “I wanted to come here tonight, just to say a few things to you. I’m going to start dating Yuki again, we’ve pretty much made our peace with the past, though I still think you were a better man for him. I guess we can’t do anything about that now.”

          Aoi scuffed his foot under the bench, “Yuki won’t be dating Aoi of the Gazette, I shoved that bastard in a dark closet, I’ll only bring him out when we tour. It’s because of you mostly, but Yuki as well, that I’ve found Shiroyama Yuu again. He’s a decent enough guy, has some decent values, and he’s madly in love with Yukimura.”

          Aoi knew that the tears would start, “Look Ken, here’s the thing…I promise you, and I’ve promised Yuki that I will never hurt him again, at least not intentionally. I’m going to keep him safe, help him walk again, I’ll try hard to make sure he never cries over either one of us, at least not in sorrow. I can’t guarantee that we won’t laugh and joke around over something you or I have done in the past that was stupid, though you might have a jump on me with that. I guess I’m trying to say that I promise to love him as much as you did, we won’t forget you, but I want him to smile when he thinks of you, and I want to say thank you.” Aoi got up and walked over to the head stone, dropped to his knees and bowed, his  head touching the concrete, getting up he walked to his car drove towards his new life with Yuki.


          Aoi barely got through Yuki’s front door when the young man started to complain, “What took you so long? I’ve been ready for an hour.” With his hand still on the doorknob, Aoi turned around and walked out, closing the door quietly.

          “What the fuck?” Yuki wheeled himself over to the door and opened it, Aoi standing on the small ramp with his arms folded across his chest. “What the hell are you doing?”

          “I’m giving you thirty seconds to change your attitude, then I’ll try again.” He reached over and closed the door, leaving Yuki stunned. “Whatever, he can stand out there all night.” Wheeling himself over to the couch, Yuki reached for the remote and turned on the TV.

          Aoi let himself back into the flat, “Are you ready to go?” Yuki ignored him, staring at the TV. “Are we going to play this game now? I thought we agreed that there wouldn’t be any of this kind of shit between us.”

          “You took almost three hours, I know it doesn’t take you that long to shower and get dressed, so why are you late?”

          He hesitated for a moment, then remembered what he had just said to Ken. “I went to the cemetery to talk to Ken.”

          Yuki was taken aback, “What? Talk to Ken…about what?”

          “About us,”

          “What about us? Why are you talking to my dead lover about us?” Yuki was confused. Aoi walked over and sat on the couch, and reached for Yuki’s hands, taking them in his.

          “I wanted to tell him that I will do everything in my power never to hurt you again, I promised that I would love you the way you deserved to be loved and I thanked him for loving you, and I promised him that I would make you happy again.”

          He was speechless. Yuki couldn’t think of anything to say at that point; not thank you, or you’re fucked in the head…nothing he could say would make any difference.

          “Can we go to Ojisan’s now?”


          “Are you mad at me?” Aoi asked as he helped Yuki into the car.

          “No, I’m not mad.” He was confused.

          “Oh, okay.” Had he made a mistake telling Yuki about going to the cemetery? He tried to make small talk, “I hope you’re hungry…maybe you could even have a beer since you’re not taking your pain pills anymore.”

          “Yah, maybe.” Aoi stopped trying.


          Dinner at Ojisan’s wasn’t what either men thought it would be. There was no joking nor teasing, no tour stories, just an uneasy silence between Aoi and Yuki. Ojisan tried to get the men to talk, but was met with a wall of non-committal answers.

          “Yuki-kun, your therapy is going well?”

          “Well enough, he’s my therapist now.” Yuki nodded his head towards Aoi.

          “Aoi-san, is he making progress?”

          Aoi shrugged, “I think so, it’s hard to tell.”  Ojisan turned around and walked back to his kitchen. “Ken-chan, you need to step in and help these two,” he whispered softly to himself.

          Hearing a chair scrape, Ojisan turned towards the counter to see Aoi helping Yuki into his chair, “Thanks Ojisan, perfect ramen as always, I need to get Yuki home,” Aoi bowed and wheeled Yuki through the door.

          “Did you have enough to eat?” Aoi was trying again. “Yah, it was good, thanks for taking me tonight.” Yuki had nothing more to say.  The drive home was just as quiet as the drive to Ojisan’s, Aoi sneaking side glances at Yuki, who was staring out the window.

          Pulling into the parking lot, Aoi got out to get the wheelchair, helping Yuki into it, “I can manage from here, thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Yuki started moving towards his door, “Yah, of course.” Aoi watched Yuki wheel himself into his flat and close the door.  Getting in his car, “Well, that was a fun date,” he muttered.

          Going through his nightly routine, making sure Rin and Sora had enough food and water, Yuki then got ready for bed, all the while his mind going over what Aoi had told him. The hope that both Yuki and Aoi had moved past the issue of Ken, had now faltered again. Suddenly Yuki’s mind started to buzz with the images of his dead lover, the fun they had and the scene of the accident, all this, looping as an instant replay from almost a year ago.

          The tears came, the deep sobs that wracked his body, the pleading with the kami to bring Ken back, the guilty thoughts that he had now forsaken Ken and replaced him with Aoi, “I love you, I don’t want anyone but you,” he cried as his eyes grew heavy with tears and exhaustion.

          He could feel Ken’s arms holding him as he slept, breathing deeply he could smell his lover’s scent. “I want to stay like this forever.”

          “Babe you can’t, you know that. I have to leave you…and now I can.”

          “Leave me? Why would you leave me?”

          “It’s time Yu, it’s been almost a year and you have to let go. Yuu will take care of you for me, he talked to me and promised that he would love you like I do.”

          “Wait! But I don’t want to be with him, I want you…please just take me with you.” He could feel Ken’s arms letting him go, the bed shifting as Ken got up.

          “Yuu will be the one that makes you happy, he loves you as much as I did. You’re safe with him, he promised me that he would protect you. It’s time for you to let me go.  I love you.” With a last kiss, Ken disappeared from Yuki’s dream.



          Choosing a table in a dark corner of Vinyl Fetish, the man had a clear view of the entrance. Getting a drink at the bar, he watched as the club filled. Tonight, was about establishing patterns, who Isshi was with, who did he associate with and for how long. He saw Madame F and her submissive enter the club first, stopping to speak to the owner, Niihara, then making her way to the other side of the club where the private rooms were located. The man made a note of the time of her arrival.

          Twenty minutes later, Mistress Davina and Sakurai Atsushi arrived, Niihara greeting them and directing them to Madame F’s room. Both Dominants had their pets with them, though he had been informed that Uta was not truly Sakurai’s submissive.

          It was nearly an hour later that the man saw Isshi and his three boys arrive at the club, “Fashionably late, eh?” he murmured to himself. Watching as Byou looked around the club, still holding Isshi’s hand, and the boy with the yellow hair whispering to his Dominant and pointing at the dance floor, Niihara approached them and led them back to the private rooms.  “So those are the entertainment, I can see why you’d want those three boys,” he made another note on what time Isshi had arrived.

          “It seems that we have started a new trend with my boys, Acchan,” Isshi looked at his submissives, who were all blushing with shame, “Oh? And what is that?” Sakurai knew, but he could play the game as well, Uta had already asked him before they arrived at the club.

          “My angel has persistently asked me if Uta could join them and dance tonight. It seems that they have taken to acting like Harajuku club brats whenever they are together.” Isshi laughed.

          Uta looked at Sakurai first before speaking, “I like dancing, I never got to go clubbing, I was homeless when I was a teenager, and well you all know about the other stuff. I’m sorry if I’m causing you problems, Isshi-san, it is not my intent to overreach.”

          “My dear Uta, you have nothing to apologize for, I allow it because I like to see my loves happy, and it does no harm to anyone.” Isshi looked behind him at the boys against the wall and smiled.

          The four Dominants had spoken at length about coming out to the club, their worry over Masamoto Umeji and his associates weighed heavy on their minds. Sakurai pointed out that if they stopped attending their normal Thursday night outings, that the boys would become suspicious. “No, I think we continue to attend Vinyl Fetish, and have Kato and Ormond on high alert, never letting them out of their sight.” Davina proposed.

          Madame F was in full agreement, “Nor do I think it’s necessary to warn Niihara-san. He has his internal security, he knows of our problems and there is also that lovely young Dominant, Moritaka and his pet. They know who Kimura is, and they will report to Niihara or myself, if the man is seen here at the club. We shall not live in fear; I refuse to let that horrid man cause any harm to our community.”

          Sakurai offered to attend Davina and after a few drinks and a stroll around the club, Uta and Isshi’s boys were allowed to dance, with Ormond and Kato watching over them closely. The problem was that none of them knew that it wasn’t Kimura that was watching them, but Masamoto’s hired man, and he was watching the boys. “I can see the reason you want him, Masamoto-san, he is quite attractive, as are the other boys.” He had called his employer to give an update, “Yes, it’s working out just fine, I will have all the information I need by the end of the night, then I will wait to strike. Do not worry, you’ll have your entertainment by next weekend, plan to send out the invitations.”

          The night passed quickly for the Dominants and their pets, the boys tired and sweaty from dancing away the night. “Thank you again, Isshi-san, for allowing me to dance with your boys, I appreciate it a great deal,” Uta bowed formally.

          As the crowd in the club started to thin, the man made his way outside ahead of Madame F and her group. He positioned himself across the street, but within view of the entrance to Vinyl Fetish, and waited.

          Davina and Kato exited the club first, the Valet bringing Davina’s car. Sakurai and Uta walked up to the valet next, Uta’s classic sports car waiting for them, a laugh from Uta and a squealing of tires as they drove off.

          Madame F and Isshi stood on the stairs just outside the entrance, a quick kiss for Isshi and each of the boys, and Ormond helped his Lady into her car and they drove away. The man crossed the street, now standing next to the building, his eyes trained on Isshi. Taking out his phone, he watched as Isshi’s car was brought to the curb, quickly writing down the license plate number. “Now I have everything I need, enjoy your life for the next week Isshi, it will be your last.”

Chapter Text


          Surprising his boyfriend had become Kaoru’s new mission in their relationship. The dinner they had together at the restaurant had only been marred by a visit from Shinya, (who already knew that Kaoru and Ryo were dating) and an impromptu but heartfelt apology for past behavior from Ruki. Tonight’s date night was to the local bookstore and then a treat at a bakery next door.

          Kaoru wore a large hat and had his hair in his eyes, a subtle way to keep the fans at bay, “If they only allowed us to live a normal life,” was an industry wide comment, but for the most part unattainable. For Ryo, his appearance was not that noticeable to the fans, now that he had shed the look, he had with Girugamesh. Without any makeup, Ryo’s appearance was hardly noticeable.  Moving through the aisles of the bookstore, the couple would sneak kisses when they could, Kaoru blushing when they almost were caught.

        “Just pick a book, Kao,” Ryo whined. Kaoru had stood in the art section for almost an hour, while Ryo wandered off. “Is there anything you actually need?”

        “No, I don’t need anything, but I always make sure there’s nothing new that has come out. Did you find anything?”

        “Just that Motley Crue book, and it was in English, other than that nothing worth buying.” Ryo spoke enough English to get by, but reading was an entirely different issue. “Are you ready then? I could really go for some cake and a cup of tea.”

      Girlish voices came from the next aisle over, “Is it him? Who’s the old guy he’s with, his dad?”

      “I’m not sure, but that is Ryo of Girugamesh, maybe it’s his older brother?”

     “I didn’t know he had a brother! Should we say anything to him?”

       Looking at Kaoru, Ryo’s eyes narrowed, “Fan girls,” he grunted. Kaoru had heard the comment about being Ryo’s dad, “I’m hardly old enough,” he muttered. Ryo had taken the comment as an insult, and quickly rounded the corner to face the girls in the next aisle.

       “That’s not my father, he’s a friend and you are out of line with those comments.” Ryo growled at the girls. “You should be more considerate of people.” The girls backed up, covering their mouths with their hands. Ryo growled again, turned around and grabbed Kaoru by the elbow, leading him out of the store.

      “Really? That was a little harsh don’t you think?”

       “No, it wasn’t harsh, it was exactly what those twits needed to hear. I’m done with freaking fans making rude comments when they have no true information. Let’s go to the bakery.” Ryo slid his hand into Kaoru’s and leaned his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder, “I’m sorry…they just pissed me off.”

       Kaoru was genuinely touch by Ryo’s reaction the the fan girls, he had never been one to make any sort of public display that wasn’t related to his band, and with Ryo defending him, he saw the man in a different light. Getting into their car, Kaoru leaned over the center console and cupped Ryo’s chin, “I love you,” he whispered as he brought his lips to Ryo’s, “don’t ever change.”


        With a strong storm approaching and the rain getting heavier by the hour, Hal had decided to make a quick run to the grocery store to grab some extra snacks, having decided that he and Uruha were spending the day playing video games. “We have to have snacks, don’t worry about dinner, let’s just geek out today.” He kissed his lover quickly then left for the store.

        It wasn’t only Hal who had the idea of running to the store to grab food; the lines were long and the people were wet. He tried to find the shortest line, but ended up behind someone that had a full cart, taking out his phone he quickly texted Uruha about the delay. What should have taken ten minutes, stretched out to twenty-five minutes.

        Making a dash to the car, he chucked the bag of snacks into the passenger seat and slammed the door. “Seriously, I’m freaking soaked!” Starting the car and turning the heat on, Hal slowly made his way home.  As he drove through the rain filled streets, he noticed his windshield wipers had an odd squeak to them. “Need new ones, I guess,” adding that to his ever-growing mental checklist.

       Pulling into the driveway of his home, Hal waited as the garage door opened, pulling in and quickly closing the door again. Reaching over to the passenger seat to grab the groceries, he stopped for a moment, “what the hell…” he could hear a faint cry, so tiny Hal wasn’t even sure that’s what he was hearing.

       He waited a moment… there it was again! Getting out and setting the groceries on the ground, Hal started to walk around the garage, looking for what ever was making the noise. Opening all the doors to the storage cabinets, looking under the table, he still heard the tiny cry.

     “Um, babe? What are you doing?” Uruha had heard the garage open, but not Hal. “Can you come over here and listen please?” Hal waved Uruha to where he was standing.

      “Tell me if you hear anything…” Uruha’s confused look changed as the sound was heard again, “What is that, is it coming from under your car?” Hal kneeled on the concrete floor and looked under his car, “It’s louder, it’s some sort of animal.”

     Uruha gasped, “An animal? Like a rabbit or something, and how is it under your car?”

     “It’s not under it, it’s up in the engine compartment,” Hal got up, “Pop the hood please.” Uruha quickly reached into the car and pulled the hood latch, Hal propping it up on the rod. Sticking his head in, he hissed softly, listening for a reaction. “Well?” Uruha was leaning over Hal’s shoulder.

    “I don’t see anything… wait! Oh shit,” Hal looked over his shoulder at Uruha, “you’d better go get a towel.” Uruha nodded, he took this to mean that whatever was under the hood, was probably dead, Hal knowing that seeing the mangled animal, would devastate him.

    “Here,” he handed the towel to Hal, “do I need to leave, is it bad?” The man had his arm stuck down into the engine compartment of the car, a grimace across his face. “Almost… gotcha! Don’t bite me,” looking at Uruha, “put the towel down on the floor.” Carefully laying the towel down, Uruha stands back, “Be careful…”

    Slowly withdrawing his arm from the engine compartment, what was in Hal’s hand was not what Uruha or even he had expected. “Is that a squirrel?” Uruha took a step back, “No…look, it’s a damned kitten!” A very small and very wet kitten let out a weak cry, “Oh god, it’s freezing!” Uruha grabbed the towel from the ground and wrapped the drowned kitten up carefully.

    “Do you know anything about cats?” he asked Hal as they made their way into the house, “Not really, and I know you don’t really like them, do we know anyone with cats?” Uruha shook his head, “Do you?”  Hal mentally went through his friends list, “Unless someone’s gotten one recently… no, I don’t.”

     Uruha could feel that the kitten was warming, the shivering bundle in his arms grew quiet, “Let’s look at you,” unfolding the towel, the face that stared up at Uruha was still a little wet, had dark blue eyes and a tiger striped face,        “Hello little one…what were you doing in our car?” The kitten responded with a tiny ‘mew’.

      Uruha’s eyes widened, “Kyo! Kyo has kittens…er cats and he gives them as gifts too. Here,” Uruha handed the bundle to Hal, “I need to call Kai,” taking out his phone he quickly dialed his band leader.

        “Hi, um, do you have Kyo’s phone number, it’s important. What? No why would I… really Kai, just give me the damned number, fine. Thank you…no I’ll tell you later.”

       “Hello? Kyo? Um, sorry to bother you, it’s Uruha. Well we have a problem and since you’re the only one I know with cats; we found a tiny kitten in our car’s engine. I don’t know, yah eyes are open and it’s probably four weeks old? You will? Thank you! Yes, I will.


          An hour later, Kyo and Mao were sitting in Uruha’s living room, Mao giving the kitten a once over. “Maybe five weeks old,” lifting up the kitten’s tail, “it’s female, where did you find her?”

          Hal explained about going to the store and hearing the noise on the way home, and then finding the kitten. “Most likely she climbed up there because it’s warm, a lot of small animals will do that, thankfully she survived.” Kyo took the kitten from Mao, “Aren’t you the brave little kid, but you look like you don’t feel too well.”

          Handing the kitten back to Uruha, “She’s sick, maybe a respiratory infection.” Kyo looked over at Mao, “We can take her home with us and take her to a rescue when the rain lets up.”

          “Wait…what? Take her?” A panicked look crossed Uruha’s face. “Is she that sick? Can it wait until tomorrow?”

          Hal reached over and patted Uruha’s thigh, “Babe, we don’t know anything about taking care of a tiny kitten, Kyo and Mao do. She’d be safe with them until they can get her to a special rescue.”

          Mao had taken the kitten back from Kyo, and suddenly he gasped, “Oh my god…she’s polydactyl!” he squealed. “Poly what?” Uruha got up and stood next to Mao, “She has extra toes, that’s what polydactyl means! Let me count,” Mao held the kitten up, looking at each foot, “she has 22 toes… you’re a lucky kitten in more ways than one!”

          Uruha held his hands out, taking the small bundled up kitten and holding her to his chest. “Is she sick enough to have to go to a vet tonight?” he asked looking at Kyo.

          “No, not tonight, but she should probably see a vet in the next forty-eight hours so the infection doesn’t become deadly.”

          Snuggling the kitten to his face, Uruha looked at Hal, “Can we keep her please?”


          Half an hour later, Hal and Kyo are filling up a shopping cart with kitten supplies. “You just couldn’t say no, could you?” Kyo teased Hal. “Nope, now we have our first fur kid,” he grinned, “You couldn’t say no either could you?” Kyo laughed, “I know what’s good for me, and it’s a happy contented Mao.”

          Back at the house, Mao and Uruha had the kitten on the floor, watching her explore the living room. “Her front feet look heavy, almost like she’d trip over them if she runs.” Uruha was laying on his side, his elbow and hand propping up his head. “Can you imagine what she’ll look like when she’s full grown?”

          “Thanks for coming over, I know we really don’t know each other, but seriously, Kyo was the only person I could think of to call. He’s given kittens as gifts…who does that?” Uruha blushed. “Kyo does…and someone even copied that! Someone left kittens on Yuki’s doorstep after he got out of the hospital, we all think it was Aoi, but nobody ever admitted it, and you’re welcome, we all belong to the same weird twisted community.”

          “Got a towel?” Hal called from the garage door, “Hold on…” Uruha jumped and grabbed two more towels out of the bathroom. “Is it getting worse?”

          “Yah, so we’re going to give you a run down of what you need to do, then I’m dragging him home,” Kyo pointed at Mao, “I don’t want to get stuck here with you two.” Mao flipped Kyo off, then went through the basic care for the kitten. Within an hour, Kyo and Mao had made the dash to their car and went home.

          Putting the small bowls down, Uruha put the kitten in front of the bowl with the wet food, the kitten immediately started eating, but growled when Uruha tried to pet it.

          “Wow, she’s like a little alpha female tiger…we should call her Alfie!” Hal laughed, “Alfie? Hey Alfie, do you like the food?” Hal reached down and ran a finger along the kitten’s back, getting another growl in response. “I guess that’s a yes, is that okay with you?”

          Uruha couldn’t believe just how quickly Hal agreed in keeping the kitten, without hesitation or questions, he said yes. “Yah, that’s fine,” he said softly, “We should set up where she’s going to sleep tonight, in our bathroom.” Hal hugged Uruha from behind, “You look surprised, is this okay?” Leaning his head back, he kissed Hal, “I’m surprised at myself, I never liked cats, but when Kyo said he would take her to a rescue, my mind screamed at me to say no.”

          The kitten had finished eating and was now sitting at Uruha’s feet, taking a much-needed bath. “She’s so tiny, and look at her feet! They don’t match her body at all. Alfie…do you like your name?” Alfie lifted her head, and mewed at Uruha. “I think that answers that question, let’s get her ready for bed.”


          The boys were disappointed with their Dominants for canceling the nights visit to Vinyl Fetish, all but Uta knowing when to keep their mouths shut. “Really? It’s raining, it’s not a typhoon, it’s not an earthquake, it’s a little water. Only sugar and shit melt in water.” Uta had been stomping around the house in protest of being denied the opportunity to wear his collar, cute clothes and dance with Isshi’s boys.

          “Stop it, you’re acting like a little shithead,” Sakurai snapped as he sat on the couch trying to read, “Fuck you. I’m just pissed that everyone’s decided it’s raining too hard to go out tonight,” crossing his arms over his chest, “Maybe I’ll just go by myself. Not like I won’t know anyone there…Niihara...WAIT! WHAT THE FUCK!”

          Sakurai Atsushi had enough of his young lover’s shitty attitude, slamming his book down he got up and walked over to Uta, grabbing the younger man and bending him over his knee, “I will not hesitate to spank you if you don’t stop,” he threatened. Expecting a struggle, he was surprised when Uta didn’t make a sound, laying still across Sakurai’s lap.

          It wasn’t until he heard a sob that he knew, he had gone too far. Helping Uta up, Sakurai saw what he had feared, Uta in tears. “Baby, I’m so sorry,” he held his arms open for his young lover to fall into, the sobs shaking Uta’s slender body. Holding Uta tightly, he scooped the boy up and walked down to the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed.

          “Look at me, Uta.” The boy shook his head, Sakurai tried again, “Uta, you know I would never hurt you like he did, I’ve simply forgotten the horrors you went through, it seems like it was an eternity ago. Please baby, I’m sorry.” Uta sniffed, his face still buried in the man’s neck.

          Uta nodded, but didn’t look at Sakurai, he just clung tighter to the man. “Um, I don’t think we’re going to get much sleep if we stay like this,” a small snort-giggle. “Maybe I want to stay like this, keep you trapped under me.” Sakurai took advantage of his position, sliding his hand up the back of Uta’s shirt, around the side to capture a tiny nub, that he pinched. “Really?” A low mewl sounded against his neck, at that moment, Sakurai knew that he had won.


Image result for polydactyl tiger striped kitten Alfie is MY new kitten, and yes, she's polydactyl with 22 toes. I don't have a picture, but she looks a lot like this kitten, maybe a bit darker. You all know how I am about adding cats to the story...everyone has to have one! Except Ruki...

Chapter Text


          “Did you call Isshi and Davina? Are they going tonight?”


          “Sir, will we be able to dance with Uta-kun?”


          “The red stilettos are being repaired, Mistress, though the black patent leather would also go nicely with the dress.”


          “I want you watching the boys carefully, also once we are in my room, I’d like for you and Kato to take a turn about the club, as well as informing Niihara of anyone you may suspect.”


          After a week of being cooped up due to torrential rain, the four Dominants and their submissives were anxious to return to their normal routine of attending Vinyl Fetish on Thursday night. 

          “Sir? May I please call Uta-kun to ask what he’s wearing tonight? We thought it would be super cute if all of us dressed similar,” Ruimaru loved dancing at the club, and the thought of all four boys dressing a like would please his Dominant and Sakurai, hoping for an exciting evening after the club.

          Isshi’s cock twitched at the thought of his boys wearing outfits that resemble something Uta would normally wear. “Angel, if that is what would make you happy, yes…you may call Uta-kun, but do not be disappointed if Sakurai-san disagrees. You know that Uta-kun can be vexing, as Madame F is fond of saying.”  Bowing first, Ruimaru gave Isshi a quick kiss, then left the room, happy to tell his co-lovers that their request had been granted.  

           “My dear Acchan, I wanted to warn you ahead of my angel’s call to Uta-kun…”



          There was another that was thankful that the rain had stopped, Masamoto Umeji’s plans for the previous weekend’s party had been canceled due to the inability of some of his guests from the south, to travel to the estate in Mei. The man hired to provide the entertainment for the event, had breathed a sigh of relief as he had not yet decided what method he would use to obtain the three young men, though he promised he would deliver.

          “They will be in your custody by early Friday morning, just have your end of the deal ready, I’m not sticking around any longer than I have to.”

          Masamoto grunted, “You’ll have your payment, just get them here as quickly as you can, and leave no evidence at the scene.”

          “The only thing that will be found, will be a body in the street, and dead men make lousy witnesses,” the man laughed.

          “I’m warning you, do not fuck this up.” Masamoto sneered, pushing past the man and leaving the room.

“Don’t worry…I’m not the one that’s fucked if they’re discovered.”



         Vinyl Fetish was crowded and in full swing by the time Madame F and the other Dominant’s arrived. As promised, Ruimaru, Karyu and Byou wore clothes similar in style to what Uta had on, much to the excitement of the boys. “Isshi, I must admit, it is quite attractive to have the boys dressed in the same style and color,” Madame F pointed out as they assembled in the senior Dominant’s private room.

         “It was my angel’s request, to coordinate their outfits with Uta’s, and I wholeheartedly agree…I was tempted not to come tonight once I saw my lovelies, but I was reminded quite vigorously that they had been locked away all week.”

          The four young men were holding hands as they were standing against the wall, Ormond and Kato trying hard not to laugh, “They are ridiculous, aren’t they?” Kato murmured to Ormond, “Yes, but we love them regardless.”

           Leaving the Dominant’s to speak privately, Ormond and Kato escorted the boys to the dance floor, then they took their usual spots to watch. “My Lady asked me to report if there is anyone here that may be suspicious, please do the same.”

          The man blended with the crowd; dressed in basic black on black, carrying himself as if he were a Dominant and stopping to speak to random people. This was all in a concerted effort to remain undetected and unremarkable by anyone connected to Isshi. He chose who he spoked with carefully; lower level and younger pseudo-Dominants, they were just playing the game, serious about nothing.

          Leaning against a pillar, a drink in his hand, the man watched the young people, not looking at any one dancer, and avoiding looking directly at either Kato or Ormond. Waving at Velvet as she passed, he ordered another drink, wanting to have something in his hand to concentrate on, instead of taking a chance and directly making eye contact with any of the involved parties.


          “It is indeed frustrating. I still have some inquiries floating around Europe, but as of today there is no more information.” Madame F was close to exhausting all her contacts in an effort to find out more about Masamoto Umeji and his cohorts.

          “What about Nakamura?” The rough Dominant was of concern for Isshi, the man had lied several times about his treatment of submissives. “I’m sorry Isshi, but there is no news on his current location.”  Isshi waved off Madame F’s apology.

          A knock at the door before opening it, Ormond and Kato returned with the four young men, who were sweaty and out of breath. “I am pulling the senpai card, my Lady and forcing these four to take a much-needed break.” Ormond narrowed his eyes at the boys, all of which dropped their gaze to the floor.

          Davina stifled a giggle when she saw Ruimaru peering through the hair in his eyes, “Isshi, I have a favor to ask of you. I’d like to borrow your angel tomorrow,” Ruimaru’s head came up with a tiny gasp, though he immediately looked back down with a stern glance from his Dominant.

          “I’m looking to add a few more large koi to the pond, and Ruimaru has an excellent eye for choosing the brighter more stunning fish. Shall I pick him up at noon tomorrow? I will have him back within three hours.”

          Looking over at Ruimaru, Isshi started laughing; the sad puppy-eyes were not convincing, “I’m not sure, Mistress. I have a lot of household chores that need to be done, they were all very lazy this last week.”

          Flushed red cheeks replaced the sad puppy look, Ruimaru being called out by his Dominant in that way, was a reprimand. Isshi let Ruimaru squirm for a moment, “Davina, if I agree to this, do not let my angel fool you into anything that would be seen as scandalous,” it was obvious to everyone but Ruimaru, that Isshi was teasing.

          “Ruimaru, come here.” Isshi held out his hand, then pulling the boy into his lap. “If I agree to this, you must be on your best behavior, or you will be punished when you get home,” Isshi’s Angel nodded, “Yes Sir,” he said quietly.

          “Shall we say noon, Mistress?”



          The hour was getting late and the man decided that it was time to put his players in place. Still not making  eye contact with anyone, he leisurely made his way to the entrance, bowing to Niihara, “Thank you,” was all he said, the proprietor bowing and wishing him a good night. 

        “This is the route he’ll take,” the man spread the map out on the hood of the van, talking to three men, “I’ll radio you when they leave, and I’ll be in the van behind them. Make sure to hit it just hard enough to get him out of his car, we don’t want the boys injured. Once Isshi’s out of the car, I’ll take care of him, you three grab the boys and stick those syringes in their thigh or arm if you can grab it. They’ll struggle for a few seconds, make sure to cover their mouth so they can’t scream, then put them in the van.”

          “What do you want us to do with the body?”

          The man shrugged, “Not my concern, leave it in the street, let the rats feed on the carcass.” The callousness of his reply was not wasted on one of the men, though he said nothing. “Go get in place, I’ll radio you as soon as I’m following them.”


          After another hour of dancing, Uta had to admit to Sakurai that he was tired, “I’m going to need a shower before I get into bed, I haven’t sweated this much since…” Madame F raised an eyebrow, “Since when, Uta dear?”  Uta blushed and buried his face in Sakurai’s neck.

          The group exited Vinyl Fetish together, Isshi’s boys and Uta hugging, Davina reminding Ruimaru to be ready at noon, “I don’t want a sleepy boy that may fall into one of the ponds,” she chided gently.

          Escorting the boys to the car, Isshi shut the back door, then got in behind the wheel. “I hope you are satisfied with tonight’s outing? Were you all able to exhaust yourselves dancing?”
          Looking in the rearview mirror, Isshi saw that Karyu already had laid his head on Byou’s shoulder, “Yes, Sir. Thank you for letting us dance.” Ruimaru leaned forward and kissed Isshi on the cheek, “We love you, Isshi.”

          The drive home from Vinyl Fetish normally took twenty or so minutes, without traffic and at that time of the night, the streets in the warehouse district where the club was located, were virtually empty. With thoughts of what was on his schedule for the week, Isshi guided his car through the city and into the suburbs.

          Looking in the rearview mirror, he could see that the boys were all….

          The screeching of tires and the sound of metal crashing into metal and glass breaking, shattered Isshi’s thoughts, the force of the impact had stunned him.

          Looking through the passenger window, he could see the front of a very large truck no more than two or three feet away. “Boys…” turning in his seat to check on the young men, he saw that Byou had a cut over his eye and Ruimaru had been thrown to the floor, all three were equally stunned as he was.

          “Isshi…what happened…Isshi…” Ruimaru was crying as he sat back in the seat, “A truck has hit us, I need to see if the driver is hurt, stay in the car.” Karyu cried and reached out, “Isshi, please… just call the police, don’t leave us alone…” Isshi patted the boy’s hand, “I’ll be right back,”

          As Isshi exited the driver’s side, he looked over the top of the car, “Shit,” he could see nothing of the cab of the truck, being hidden by the steam of water leaking onto the engine of the truck. Walking around the back of his car, he started to approach the truck.

          “Hello? Are you…”?

          Ruimaru was still crying, Karyu was unhurt and had taken his shirt off to help stop the bleeding on Byou’s head. “We need to call 119 Ru… Byou needs to go…” A sharp crack was heard, “What was that!” Karyu screamed.

          The back door was yanked open and arms were around Ruimaru’s neck and a hand over his mouth, a sharp pain in his leg and he was dragged out of the car. Karyu had pushed himself up against Byou, screaming and kicking at the arms and head of the man that grabbed him by the leg, slapping the boy hard enough to daze him, “Shut the fuck up,” he felt a sharp pain in his arm just as he was dragged out of the car.

          Byou was still dazed from the impact of the truck, he never saw the arms or the face of the man that grabbed him, the sharp pain in upper arm ignored due to the pounding in his head, he couldn’t hold a clear thought long enough to fight back.

          “Isshi…” Ruimaru whined, “Help me…Isshi please,” The mumbling earned him a slap to the face and another jolt of pain, this time in his arm, “Shut up brat, your precious Isshi is long dead,” the man grumbled as he threw Ruimaru into the back of the van, another man carrying Karyu was behind him.

          “Why is his mouth bleeding?”

          “Little shit started screaming before I could shut him up and stick him.” The man nodded, “Just get him into the car, the other one too,” he waved the man carrying Byou to hurry and get in the van. “Let’s go!”


          “What’s that up ahead?” A young couple on their way home from a date, saw the truck and the car parked awkwardly in the street, “Looks like an accident,” the man stopped the car, “stay here,” he told his girlfriend.

          Something wasn’t right, there were no people standing around, no obvious drivers of either the car or the truck, coming around to the back of the car, the man see’s a body in the street, “Shit!” Running back to his car, he grabs a blanket out of the back seat,

         “There’s a body behind the car, I can’t tell if he’s alive or not.” The girl cried out, “Oh god…where is the other driver?” She took out her phone and dialed 119,

         “There’s been an accident, but there’s only one person…he might be dead, he’s laying in the street, yes, we’re in 3-chome area of the warehouse district, thank you.” Hanging up she gets out of the car and hurries to where the man is lying in the street, “Is he dead?”

        “No, he has a pulse, but there’s a lot of blood, I can’t see where it’s coming from, did you call the police?” The girl nodded, “They’re on their way… is there anyone else hurt?”

        “There isn’t even anyone else around, there’s no driver for the truck, it looks like it was a hit and run, but that doesn’t make sense why this guy’s in the street.”

        Within a few minutes the police were there, pulling the couple away and having them stand on the sidewalk, “We will need a statement, please stay here.” A middle-age policewoman told them.

         The ambulance arrived and the attendants carefully put Isshi on a stretcher and loaded him inside, and quickly left the scene with the lights and sirens on. The couple explained to the police what they had found when they drove up, “There was never anyone else but the guy in the street, it was weird, almost like a hit and run, but how he got out of the car, I don’t know.”

        The police surmised that the accident wasn’t a hit and run, there was no blood in Isshi’s car, and no evidence of skid marks, the accident scene provided no additional information, as such the tow trucks came and took away both vehicles. With the on-site investigation complete, the couple were released and the scene cleared.



         The morning broke a little too early for Davina, mumbling that she preferred the rain darkened sky’s when she had a hangover. Kato had long been up, and had Davina’s coffee ready, the one advantage he shared with Ormond, no hangovers after being out at the clubs. “Mistress, you have an appointment today with Ruimaru, if you wish to honor that commitment, you need to get up in the next five minutes.”

       “I hate you, Kato, just let me sleep,” Knowing when he could step out of his normal role, Kato put the coffee tray down on the side table, then walked over and slid into bed next to Davina, “I seem to remember,” he nuzzled her hair, “a certain Dominant screaming how much she loved me, just a few hours ago, has that Dominant been replaced?” He licked up the side of the woman’s neck.

        Davina giggled, “You’re mean to me, you know that? You ravaged me last night, and now you’re bullying me into getting up?” turning over onto her back, Davina pulled Kato into a deep passionate kiss. “Fine, I’ll get up but it’s not because you told me to, I want to go look at fish today.”  A quick tussle and make out session, and Davina was up and in the shower.


        Taking her second cup of coffee in the kitchen, Kato prepared Davina a light breakfast, “I’m sure Ruimaru will convince you somehow to go out to lunch, and I’m positive you will agree, so a light breakfast for you.”

       “I love that little angel, so it takes very little convincing by him for me to spoil him, he deserves it. I would like a fairly substantial dinner though, perhaps a nice roasted chicken, and all the sides?”

       Kato bowed, “Consider it done. Is there anything specific you need me to do today other than the normal chores?” Making a list, Davina left the kitchen to shower and dress for her day.


       There was no next of kin to call for Isshi, as such the hospital took control over his surgery and treatment. The head doctor of the unit contacted the police, asking them to search the car for any additional identification for an emergency contact, also informing the police on Isshi’s injury,

        “Officer, the man was shot in the right upper chest, thankfully the bullet missed his heart and any major arteries, he will recover.” This changed the way the case would be handled, it was now in the hands of Detectives, the charge if the culprit was found would be attempted capital murder.

        The surgery to remove the bullet from Isshi’s chest was long and involved, due to the bullet being a hollow point, something that was not normally seen in Japan, and was often connected to the Yakuza. This detail as given to the detectives, along with the bullet that was extracted, to be tested. The attending surgeon telling police, “This was at close range, the damage internally is extensive and how this man did not bleed out is beyond what I can understand, he should have been dead on the street.”


       At the police station, the chief of police gathered together the detectives on the homicide squad and handed them the case file. “I have no idea what we’re dealing with here, no motive, no information from the other vehicle as it was unregistered and eighteen years old, with all identifying information like the VIN, was removed.”

      “The car was searched and no additional evidence was found,” he paused, “we are effectively dealing with an unknown man who was shot in the street and left to die. I want whomever did this off the streets as soon as possible.” The chief of police chose three detectives to head up the case, Aoyama Hideki acting as the lead. Handing the file to Aoyama, the chief also handed him a warrant, “Go to the man’s house and see what you can find, specifically emergency contact information, the man’s family deserves to know.”

        Little did Aoyama know how deep he would be involved in this case.



          Davina closed her phone, “That’s odd,” she had called to make sure that Ruimaru was awake and ready for their shopping trip, but there was no answer, the phone going straight to voice mail, and the same when she tried Isshi’s number. “Isshi you devil, I’m sure your scene last night was exquisite, I’ll give you another hour to rouse your boys or I’m coming over.”

Chapter Text


          “You’re joking…right? Move in with you, how is that going to work?” After spending a week with Kaoru due to the heavy rain storms that had swept through the country, Ryo was ready to go back to his own flat, that was until Kaoru surprised him.

          “No, I’m not joking,” there was a tinge of hurt in Kaoru’s voice, “I just thought it would be nice for … never mind, sorry I brought it up.” Kaoru turned his back on Ryo and left the room. “Wait…don’t you dare walk away from me!” Ryo ran up behind his boyfriend, grabbing him by the arm and turning him, “you bring this up, then you walk away? That’s cold, Kao, even for you.”

          “Asking you to move in with me is cold? Want to explain that?”

          “I want you to explain to me how you think living together is going to work, you can’t honestly say that this past week was a paradise, how do you think every damned day is going to be better?” Ryo knew that he had been difficult, but so had Kaoru, the man was overly moody even on a good day.

          “It was just a thought, and by your reaction, the wrong thought. Let’s just drop it before we get in any deeper. I’ll see you later this week,” once again, Kaoru turned and walked into his bedroom and shut the door.

          “FINE! Maybe you WON’T see me later this week!” Ryo had had enough with his lover’s moodiness as it was emotionally draining. Picking up his backpack, Ryo left Kaoru’s flat, slamming the door in finality.

          Falling face first onto his bed, Kaoru winched at the slamming of the front door, but an instant wave of relief drained his body, and he had to admit, he asked Ryo to move in with him because he thought that was what his boyfriend wanted, “stupid idea Kao, you know you can’t live with anyone,” he mumbled into his pillow.


          Across town a similar conversation was happening, but the roles had switched; Jui wanted to move in with Toshiya, who was more than just disinterested in the proposal.

          “We’re together more than we are apart, unless you’re on tour, it just makes sense Totchi,” Jui argued after Toshiya made a non-committal grunt. “I don’t know, I like having my own space Ju, it’s nothing against you but I’m not really ready for it, at least not yet.”

          “What are you waiting for? Do we have to be dating for ten years before you’re ready? What’s really the issue Totchi, why don’t you want us to live together? Waiting for someone better to come along, maybe another musician?” Toshiya rolled his eyes.

          “Are we going to have that conversation again?” He had grown tired of Jui’s constant insecurities, the thought that Toshiya would dump him in favor of having a relationship with another musician, something that in Jui’s mind, made sense.  

          “I’m done,” Toshiya got up from the couch, “I’m going home.” Without another word, no kiss goodbye, Toshiya left Jui’s flat, leaving his boyfriend with his mouth hanging open.

          Taking his phone out before starting the car, Toshiya typed out a quick text,

          “Hey, do you have time to see me today?”



          The irony of the events wasn’t lost on either Toshiya or Kaoru; the prospect of having their lovers move in with them, and the rejection by one or the other boyfriend.

          “Did he give you a reason?”

          “Not really, my moodiness has always been an issue, but he knew that when we started dating and he was fine with it, and I believed him. Guess I was wrong.”

          “Guess it’s no different than Jui wanting us to live together, I don’t want to give up my independence, I mean this week was nice, but Jui got a little clingy towards the end, I just wanted some down time, then he flips shit and accuses me of wanting to date another musician.”

          Kaoru took a long look at Toshiya, “Have you thought about that? Is there some truth to what he said?”

          “It would make things easier, having someone that understands how we have to live.” Toshiya had thought about it…a lot. He loved Jui, but it wasn’t like they could lead a normal life, and though Jui said he understood, Toshiya was having second and third thoughts.

          Kaoru leaned his head back, “I thought Ryo was the one, you know? Guess I was wrong.”

          “Hey, don’t worry,” Toshiya reached over and put his hand on Kaoru’s, “maybe he’ll call today, then you guys can talk. Don’t give up so quickly.” He hated seeing Kaoru so depressed. Rolling his head to the side, Kaoru smiled at his friend, “Thanks, I won’t…I’ll call him in a few days.”



          The other parties involved, were also commiserating on their problems, Jui having called Ryo as soon as Toshiya had left his flat, “Ugh, I don’t know how to take all this, do you think he wants to break up with me?

          Ryo was having similar thoughts, “I doubt it, he would have said something by now. Can I ask you why you want to live with Totchi? You see him enough already…” Ryo wanted to understand the idea behind Kaoru’s request.

          “It’s the natural progression of a relationship, right? You start dating, you confess, you move in together, it’s just how things work out.” Jui was confused, he couldn’t believe that Ryo didn’t want to live with Kaoru. “Didn’t you two have fun? It was heaven for me to be locked up with Totchi for a week.”

          “You know how Kao is, moody, quiet…boring at times. It was fine for the first two or three days, then I just wanted to go home. I don’t think I could actually live full time with him.” Ryo was surprised at his own feelings.

          Jui laughed, “He’s the typical brooding artist, happiest when he’s unhappy,” Ryo wasn’t laughing.

Do you think you’ll break up with him?” Ryo didn’t have an answer.

          “What about you? Deal breaker with Totchi?” Jui didn’t have an answer either

Chapter Text




          Mistress Davina had been calling Isshi every half hour, without success, and she was now to the point of being scared. Calling Madame F and Sakurai, Davina voiced her concerns to the two Dominants, she asked Sakurai to join her, “I have a key to Isshi’s home, would you please meet me there? I’d like to check on them, something doesn’t feel right.”

          Kato was peering through the windows, as Davina stood in the driveway waiting for Sakurai, “I don’t see anything out of place, Mistress,” this was some comfort for the woman. “I hope Acchan doesn’t bring Uta…” her thought trailed off.

          Within a few minutes, Sakurai arrived, pulling his car into the driveway, Davina walking towards him. “I don’t like this, something’s wrong, Acchan.” Peering into the car, she was relieved that Uta was not with Sakurai, “He’s at work, he doesn’t even know.”

          Taking the key from Davina, Sakurai and Kato entered the house first, and were greeted by a screaming cat, “Emi…” Davina gasped as she entered behind the two men. The cat wound around Davina’s legs, obviously screaming to be fed. “Take her into the kitchen, Kato and I will look around.” Davina reached down and scooped the cat into her arms.

          “I’ll check Isshi’s room,” Sakurai said, “Go look in the boy’s rooms.”  Sakurai slowly pushed open the door to Isshi’s bedroom. Walking through the bedroom, there seemed to be nothing out of place, much to his relief. Leaving the room, he ran into Davina in the hallway, “Nothing…” he shook his head.

          “Mistress, Sakurai-san, there is nothing to be worried over in the boy’s rooms, Ruimaru’s room looks normal, several club outfits thrown on the floor, Byou and Karyu’s rooms are much the same.”

          Returning to the entry way, Sakurai reached to open the door when it was pushed open from outside, “Excuse me…” A tall youngish looking man in a dark suit was standing before them, “Who are you?” he asked suspiciously.

          “Sakurai Atsushi…and who are you?” Sakurai snapped. Aoyama recognized the name immediately.

          “Detective Aoyama, Tokyo police. Can you tell me why you are in this house?” Davina paled, “Where’s Isshi?” she asked in a shaky voice.

          “Shinohara-san was found lying in the street, at the scene of an accident, he had been shot.”  

          “Iss…” Davina starts to fall, Kato catching her just before she hit the floor. “Isshi…” she whimpered, “Where are the boys?”  

          “Shot? By whom? What do you mean at the scene of an accident? Where are the boys!” Sakurai reached out for Aoyama to grab him by the shirt, the man stepping back.

          “Boys? What boys?” Aoyama’s face filled with fear.

          “There would have been three young men with Isshi, where are they?” Davina said through her tears.

          “Only Shinohara-san was at the scene of the accident, there was no one else, not even the driver of the other car.” Aoyama took out his phone, “Excuse me for a moment.”

          Turning his attention to Davina, who was still sitting on the floor, Sakurai knelt in front of her, “Don’t worry, we’ll find the boys,”

          Aoyama walked back to the group, “You’re going to need to come down to head quarters, we’ll need all the information you can give us.” Sakurai closed the door and locked it.


          “We’ll take my car,” Sakurai told Kato, leaving Davina’s car in the driveway, Kato got into the back seat with Davina, who cried softly into Kato’s chest.

          “Kato, call Ormond and have him bring Madame F to the station,” Sakurai ordered the submissive, “Don’t worry Isshi, we’ll find them,” Sakurai hoped his was right.


          With Kato supporting Davina, they made their way to a conference room inside police headquarters. “Thank you for coming, please sit down.” The chief of police, Aoyama and three other detectives were in the room. Another knock at the door, and Madame F and Ormond entered, Madame F going straight to Davina who started to cry on the woman’s shoulder, Ormond taking his place beside Kato.

          “First, Shinohara-san is out of surgery and expected to make a full recovery. The surgeons were able to remove the bullet and repair the damage, Shinohara-san came very close to dying. We have the bullet and we are testing it as we speak.”

          The chief looked at Sakurai first, “I understand who you are Sakurai-san, and everything said here will remain confidential. Please tell me how you know Shinohara Isshi.”

          “He is a dear friend and an associate of mine within the BSDM community which myself, Mistress Davina and Madame F are high ranking members. We have known Isshi for decades, he is a valued member in our community.”

          The chief of police went on to detail the incident, and how Isshi was found, “a young couple came up on the accident, there were no other people in the area. Upon finding Shinohara-san in the street, they called 119. There were no other witnesses to the accident, and these boys that you speak of were no where in sight.”

          Madame F bristled, “There were three young men with Isshi, they are his collared submissives; Ruimaru, Karyu and Byou. They would not have left Isshi at the scene,” Madame F went on to physically describe the young men.

          “Do you have any idea where they may be?” Aoyama leaned forward across the table.

          Madame F and Sakurai exchanged looks, both nodding. “Masamoto Umeji is the most likely person, he is an abusive Dominant with a history of hosting parties of a sordid nature at his estate in Mei. He has two associates; Inoue Hiroaki, a man in his sixties who runs an international exports company, and Kimura Asao, an international business lawyer. Kimura has a distinct dragon tattoo on his upper arm.”

          Aoyama wrote the names down, “Why do you suspect this Masamoto, in kidnapping the three young men?”  

          “Masamoto knows Byou, he was his Dominant for a time. There was an incident at one of these parties, where the boy was severely abused and abandoned after the party.” Madame F said. “Any other information or victims that might be able to give us more information?”

          Sakurai nodded, “Another young man, Ohmura Takayoshi…he is the husband of Satochi, the drummer for the band MUCC. He also was Masamoto’s submissive years ago, and was victim to the same situation as Byou.”

          “Taka?” Aoyama stuttered, “Taka was…abused by that man?”

          The police chief looked to his officer, “Detective? Do you know this boy?”

          “Yes, I do…quite well actually. He was involved with the other three men, years ago, that had been attacking and raping various musicians, I was on that case with Fujioka.”

          “Is this enough? I want to see Isshi as soon as possible.” Davina had said nothing during the interview, crying softly on Madame F’s shoulder. “Just a few more things, then yes…I’m sure Shinohara-san would be pleased to see you.” With Aoyama and Madame F following, Sakurai drove Davina and Kato to the hospital.



          The pain was the first thing he could recognize, the burning sensation in his right shoulder, but he couldn’t figure out how to moan or ask for help, his mind was hazy and blurred. The voices he heard where none that he knew…Shinohara-san, was repeated by someone that might have been a woman, that person moved his arm and he knew he screamed, the pain flooded his body. Then there was calm and silence, the pain disappearing.

          Stopping at the front desk, the group was directed to the elevators, and told that a doctor would meet them in Isshi’s room. Going up to the fourth floor and walking to the room, the surrealness of it all was overwhelming; they were not really going to see their dear friend who had been shot…were they?”

          The reality of it came crashing down when they opened the door. A doctor was standing next to Isshi’s bed, a clipboard in hand as he looked at the monitors. Seeing Isshi lying in the bed was almost too much for Davina, she sobbed once, then started to collapse, Kato once again catching her before she hit the floor, then helping her into a chair.

          Aoyama introduced them, then stepped back to let Madame F and Sakurai approach the bed. “We have Shinohara-san medicated heavily, the injury was severe, the surgery to repair everything was lengthy, but he will make a full recovery.” The doctor reported.

With Kato’s assistance, Davina went to Isshi’s side, “Isshi darling, this is not the way to get my attention,” she cooed as she leaned down to brush his hair out of his eyes,

“We will find your lovely boys, do not worry, just concentrate on recovering fully. I’m going to have Emi come and stay with me, Acchan already has too many cats,” whispering words of encouragement, Madame F and Davina stayed in Isshi’s room, while Aoyama pulled Sakurai out to the hallway.

          “Do you believe Taka would have any further information to give me?” Aoyama was thinking of excuses to see the young man, something that Sakurai had no awareness of.

          “I’m not sure, but I doubt he would mind speaking to you, he’s very fond of Byou since they share a past.” Sakurai excused himself, going back into Isshi’s room, leaving Aoyama to contemplate his next move.


          “Taka? Detective Aoyama…yes it has been. Do you and your husband have time to speak to me tonight? Yes, I understand it’s late, but this is important and time is an issue. Yes, thank you.”


          “He what? You’re joking…who the hell would shoot Isshi?” Taka was sitting with Sato, listening to Aoyama give a detailed account of what had happened to Isshi, “The problem is, we don’t know where his submissives are, there was no sign of them at the scene of the accident.”

          Taka started shaking, “Masamoto has them…doesn’t he? Oh god… he’s going to kill those boys…,” Taka stood up and grabbed Aoyama by the shoulder, “Go find them! Now…you must find them NOW! He’ll kill them with the drugs…please…go find them, hurry…”

          Sato got up and took Taka by the hand, “Love, he’s going to find them, sit down with me, come on.” Leading this husband back to the couch, Taka leaned over and buried his face in Sato’s neck, “he’s going to kill them…he’s going to kill Byou for sure…Ru, Karyu…”

          “Taka look at me please,” the detective got up and sat on the coffee table in front of Taka, putting his hand on the boy’s knee, “I’m going to find them, alright? You must tell me though, is there anything you can tell me about the estate? The train station you left from, the exterior of the house, anything you can remember, please Taka…think!” he squeezed the man’s leg, this was as close as he’d ever be to the young man, he had always harbored feelings for.

          Wiping his eyes with a tissue, Taka shook his head, “I don’t remember the estate at all, it’s been so long…the train station was tiny and it took me maybe an hour and a half to walk from the estate. I don’t remember the name of the station…I’m sorry.” He hung his head, feeling like he was failing Isshi’s boys.

          “Don’t worry, that gives me something.” Aoyama got up and walked towards the door, “I will let you know as soon as we have the boys in our custody, thank you Taka...Sato-san.” With a last longing look, Aoyama left the house.


          Opening his eyes, all he could see was gray in the dim light of the room. Walls, floors…the door, all in an industrial shade of gray. His head pounding in pain, his mouth sticky and dry, it was all that Ruimaru could do to simply roll onto his back. “Isshi…” he croaked, “where…Byou…Karu, where?” Slowly sitting up, realizing that he was naked, Ruimaru tried to clear his mind enough to figure out what had happened.

          The accident, thrown to the floor, Karyu crying and Byou bleeding from a cut on his head. Isshi turning in his seat to check on them, then the man got out of the car, a sharp crack and then arms reaching for him and a stab of pain in his leg, then nothing. None of it made any sense. Now he was here in this gray room, naked, scared and confused.

          The jangling of keys and the scrape of a lock sounded, Ruimaru instinctively moved to the back wall. A large man wearing a suit and sunglasses entered the room, “I see that you’ve decided to wake up.”

          “Where am I? Where’s Isshi, where’s Byou and Karyu? Why am I here!” Ruimaru tried to sound strong and in control, but he knew better.

          “Don’t worry about those other boys, as for that faggot Dominant…you don’t have to worry about him anymore either, he’s long gone…you’re going to have a new master from now on.”  Stepping back through the door, the man brought in a tray of food and a water bottle, and a large pot. “This should hold you for awhile, and if you need to take a piss or shit…use this.” He threw the large pot on the floor, turning he left the room, slamming the door and locking it.

          Ruimaru looked at the food, the smell of it made his stomach churn. Picking up the water bottle, he drank it all. Sliding to the floor, the room started to spin, and that’s when he knew that some sort of drug had been added to the water. His last thoughts before succumbing to sleep, where of Isshi and what the man had said, that his Dominant was long gone, he took that to mean that Isshi was dead, and that now, the boys were alone, with no one in the world to save them.

Chapter Text

         After leaving police headquarters, and taking Davina to retrieve both her car and Isshi’s cat Emi, Sakurai called Hide on his way home, “I know it’s late but drop whatever you’re doing and come to my house, this is important,” was all he had told his friend, feeling that Uta would need someone to comfort him, Yutaka and Hide were the obvious choice. He waited in the drive way for his friends, before going into the house, he knew Uta would have a complete meltdown as he learned the fate of his friends.

        Yutaka and Hide sat on the couch, Yutaka was cradling Uta in his arms as the boy sobbed into his neck, “He was shot? Acchan who in the world would want to harm Isshi?” Yutaka asked incredulously. “We believe it’s Masamoto Umeji who ordered the kidnapping of the boys, Isshi was the only barrier between them, and he was disposable.”

       Uta was mumbling incoherently, “Ru…why Ru? Acchan why Karyu? You should have kept him…” he said between sobs. “Baby we’re going to find them, the police already have all the information we had.”

       “Who else knows of this, Acchan?” Hide asked.

       “Just Davina and Madame F, though I’m sure she’ll be making phone calls tonight. Ormond and Kato are just as worried, but right now, all we can do is wait.”

      Uta suddenly sat up straight, “Taka! Oh god, Acchan… do they have Taka? He wasn’t at work tonight,” moving from Yutaka’s arms to Sakurai’s, Uta grabbed his lover by the shoulders, shaking the man, “Where is Taka! Do they have him too?”

       Cupping Uta’s face, “No baby…they don’t have Taka,” he said softly, trying to calm the agitated man. “I’ll call Sato tomorrow, it’s too late to phone him now.” Uta’s legs were trembling, the will to stand left him as he collapsed in Sakurai’s arms. Rocking Uta slowly, murmuring soft words and petting his hair, Sakurai’s eyes filled with tears. The absolute terror, the inability to do anything at that moment, washed over the older man’s mind.

       “Acchan,” Hide patted his friend on the knee, “we’ll call Davina tomorrow, and see if there is anything we can do to help.”

       “I want to visit Isshi at the hospital,” Yutaka reached for Uta, “I think we should all go, ne Uta?” Sakurai turned his head to look at his young lover, the boy had fallen asleep, tears still staining his cheeks. “I’m going to put him to bed,”

       “What can we do? I feel helpless at this point,” Yutaka whined as he watched Sakurai leave the room, “We offer to help in any way we can, for Isshi, Davina, even Madame F. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take long to find the boys, that’s my greatest fear for them, that they won’t be found in time...”


          Opening the ramen hut for the day, Ojisan was anything but ready for work. He had woken in the night with severe pains in his stomach, his shoulder aching as if he had twisted it badly, the nausea was overwhelming, his mind screaming that his young friends were in trouble, but who? Mentally going down the list of young people he knew, he could not pin point who it was that was suffering.

          Hanging out the sign, wiping down the counters and prepping food, the single thought of pain and suffering, permeated Ojisan’s soul. He just could not shake the feeling that something was wrong…terribly wrong. After an hour of trying to chop vegetables, and almost cutting himself twice, Ojisan reached for his phone.

          “Kato-san, good afternoon,” he was surprised that it was Kato answering Davina’s phone, “What is happening right now? I’ve been ill since the middle of last night, but I can not pin point the reason, just that it involves the young ones. Of course, yes thank you.”


          Davina’s face was ashen, her eyes red and swollen from crying, “Mistress,” Ojisan opened his arms for the woman, who lurched towards him, crying out his name. “Ojisan, Isshi… the boys…” she said between sobs, leaving Ojisan to look to Kato for answers.

          “There was some sort of car accident, on the way home from the club last night, Isshi had been shot and severely wounded, we don’t know where the boys are…we believe that they have been kidnapped.” At those words, Davina’s sobs renewed in intensity. Leading Davina to a chair, Ojisan returned with a glass of water, “Mistress, what is being done to find the young ones?”

          “The police are involved, of course, and we have given them the names of who we suspect are involved and an imprecise location of Mei.” Kato handed Davina a tissue, “We just have no idea what’s happening to the boys as we speak! The man that has them is a monster, he’s an abusive … I can’t even call him a Dominant, he’s just a horribly abusive man.”

          Ojisan’s eyes grew distant for a moment, something that Kato noticed, but Davina was still drying her eyes, “Sir?” Kato reached out and touched the ramen maker’s arm. “Mistress, tell the police they are looking for an estate, the house looks like it should be in another country, it is not a traditional Nihongo home, but it is in Mei.”

          Even before Davina answered, Kato had taken out his phone and stepped outside, “Detective? This is Kato, Mistress Davina’s … yes. I don’t know how to explain this, but we have been informed by someone that has a certain insight, that the house in Mei will not be a traditional Japanese structure, he said it looks like it should be in another country. Please, Detective, take my word on this, the man is rarely if ever wrong with his insight. Yes…I will, thank you.”

          “I just called Detective Aoyama,” Kato told Davina, as he stepped back into the restaurant, “I have given him the information, he said he will contact us if they receive any news.”


          With glasses of champagne, the guests of Masamoto Umeji had started to arrive at the estate, each guest receiving a schedule of activities for the week long party, a description of the entertainment and a list of rules and regulations that was very short.  The guests were of different nationalities; European and Russian making up the bulk, but some Americans and one individual that was known quite well; Nakamura Taizo.

          Taking a glass of champagne and a copy of the schedule, Nakamura made his way through the house and into the large ballroom, where people had congregated and awaited a small speech to be given by Masamoto. Scanning the crowd, Nakamura took notice of which of the more severe Dominants were in attendance.

          Checking the information on the entertainment, he frowned at the lack of statistics; Male – 27, fresh. Male – 23, used but in good condition. Male – 24, used but in good condition.

          There was a lengthier list of submissives that would be available during the week. Nakamura was not interested in the female portion of the entertainment, they held no interest for him, only the young tender boys appealed to his most base desires. He was interested to know where Masamoto had found the boys, not that the man would tell him, but it was nice to understand what may be available out there for him as a permanent toy.

          “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my home and to our little event.” Masamoto stood on a small band riser, using a microphone. “We have a full list of events, with a final night of Nantaimori and Nyotaimori, with a few added extra’s for exclusive members.”

          Nakamura wondered who these exclusive members were, and if he was considered one of them; he had known Masamoto for years.

          “We have several rooms that have been professionally designed for maximum enjoyment, we also have ten bathrooms, with full sized bathtubs and showers, with some added hardware,” laughter rippled through the crowd, understanding exactly what Masamoto was eluding to. Ending his speech, Masamoto had his servants show his guests their living quarters for the duration of the party.

          The rooms themselves were set up for play time; each bed having restraints on the corners, the headboard had a hook for a leash, a closet held a variety of whips and other light punishment tools. The bathrooms were stocked with plenty of towels, lube and condoms, the bathtubs were full sized, and had rings for restraints. “You have thought of everything Umeji-san, let’s hope the entertainment is as well thought out.”


          Waking to intense pain was the first thing Byou remembered, his head throbbing and his face was covered in dried blood from the wound over his eye. His body felt unnaturally heavy; his right arm felt as if someone had punched him hard. “What the fuck?” he mumbled, his mouth was dry and sticky. Rolling to his side, Byou sat up, first realizing that he was naked, then as he looked around the room, clarity set in. He knew exactly where he was.

          Byou tried to stand, he knew that he had been drugged, he knew that for any possibility of escape, he had to make sure he had a clear mind and a willing body. Leaning hard against the wall, the young man got to his feet. Walking to the door, he stood on his tip toes and looked out the small window, seeing only another door across from his, “Ru, Karyu…please be okay.”

          A face darkened the window, the sound of keys and a scraping lock, making Byou back up quickly into the corner. A man in a dark suit, wearing sunglasses entered the room, “That shit must be time released,” the man carried a tray and a bottle of water, “Why am I here?” Byou demanded. “Shut your hole, slut, I owe you nothing,” the man snarled. Putting the tray on the floor, the man turned and reached just outside the door, bringing a pot in and throwing it at Byou’s feet. Without another word, the man dropped a water bottle then left the room, slamming the door and locking it. 



      “Get up,” a kick to the side, “Hey! I said… get up!”

       Karyu was jerked to his feet by his hair, screaming in pain and fear. “Come on, going to get you cleaned up.” A man snapped a leash to the collar around Karyu’s neck, “Ru,” he cried, “Shut your mouth!” the man slapped him hard on the side of the head, “Do not utter a single word, just do as you’re told.”

      Stumbling along a dimly lit corridor, Karyu was dragged into what he thought was a bathroom, shoved down onto a short stool. “Wash yourself, shave your cock and balls as well, shampoo your hair,” the man snapped.

      Picking up a shower hose, the man started spraying down Karyu with cold water, a squeal of shock was answered with another slap to the side of the head, “What did I say about making any noise? Next time I’ll cut your fucking tongue out.”  The man stood guard, watching as Karyu bathed and shaved, he knew that if he cut himself, he’d probably be punished for that as well.

     Throwing a towel and a hairbrush at Karyu, “Dry your hair, brush it out,” he complied as quickly as possible. “come on then… we need to get you dressed.” Yanking on the leash once again, Karyu was dragged back down the hallway, and shoved into another room. “Put this on,” the man threw a small bundle of black clothes at him.

     Unwrapping the bundle, there were less clothes than Karyu had expected; a leather thong that barely covered his cock, a leather hood that zipped up the back, a bar gag and a set of leather lace up arm restraints with buckles, that he didn’t understand how to put on.  

        Doing his best, he held up the arm restraints and looked at the man, questioningly. “Put your arms behind your back.” The man growled, Karyu did as he was told. As the man tightened the arm restraints, Karyu bit back a whimper, knowing that he’d be hit for it. Reaching down between Karyu’s legs, the man snapped a chain to the bottom of the restraints, running the chain up between his legs, to snap on the front of Karyu’s collar.

        “Here, drink this.” A water bottle was shoved at him, which Karyu thankfully drank, the drugs had made his mouth dry. The man took the bottle away, and put the hood over Karyu’s head, zipping it up. “Open your mouth,” the bar gag was shoved against his teeth, buckled tightly behind his head. Snapping the leash back on the collar, Karyu was led out of the room.

          Without being able to balance himself, Karyu stumbled a few times, once falling to his knees, only to be yanked up by the leash, “Watch what the fuck you’re doing!” As he walked, the walls started to sway, his vision started to narrow to a point on the floor; just put my foot down, again, again.

          He wasn’t aware of the ride in the elevator, the walk down the carpeted hall or the entrance to a room, with chairs arranged in a semi-circle. He struggled to keep his eyes open, the drugs in the water were starting to weigh him down, it took all he had to stay on his feet.

          “Thank you, Kozo.” A man with a harsh voice took Karyu’s leash, “I have here for your consideration and enjoyment, a man of approximately 27 years of age, but fresh, having only had one owner. Please, feel free to examine him up close and personal.” Karyu could hear the soft laughter, the man’s voice sounded far away.

          Disoriented, he struggled again, not to fall, he could feel that no one was holding the leash, but as he tried to raise his head, the chain hooked to the arm restraints tightened, there was no easy way to stand.

          “Aren’t you adorable?” a female’s voice, with a heavy accent, whispered in the young man’s ear, as she dragged her leather gloved hand across his chest, trailing the fingers down to his hip. Karyu was only concentrating on the woman’s touch, when a rough male hand grabbed him by the genitals, stroking his cock, “You’re a nice size for a pet, boy,” a man said in Japanese, “wonder how big you are when you’re hard? Shall I find out now?”

          “Please, Taizo… we need to save his energy for the event…feel free to sample one of the other boys or girls, if you are so inclined.” Karyu’s head snapped up, causing the chain to almost pull him over. Taizo? Had the man said Taizo?  

          There were a few more people that came up to him, grabbing and squeezing his genitals, someone stuck a finger in his ass, commenting on its tightness, someone bit his left nipple hard enough to make him cry out in pain, though this time he was not punished.

          “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our short program of entertainment, if you are still wanting a bit of fun, please go to the library, where we have another program ready to begin.” Someone picked up Karyu’s leash, gave it a hard snap and he was led out of the room. “You’re going back to your room, boy.” Said the man that had brought him to the room, “You just rest up and eat, the real party starts tomorrow night.”

          Karyu lie on the floor of his ‘room’, wondering where Byou and Ruimaru were, where Isshi was and why hadn’t he come to save them yet. Were they going to be able to live through this? The tears started, fueled by the hopelessness and despair, as he grieved for Isshi, Ruimaru and Byou…and the life they had shared.


Chapter Text

       “How sedated will they be? I don’t want a boy that just lies there because he’s too stoned for me to enjoy my scene.” Nakamura Taizo was ready for this first scene of the long weekend, with the boy from the opening day. “He will be suitably conscious, Taizo ole boy, it’s no fun without a struggle. Just go in and enjoy yourself, you have the next twelve hours to play.”

          Taizo originally had prepared to engage in a public scene in a large banquet room, but something in his mind warned him not to seek an audience. Informing Masamoto of his concerns, the host gave him permission to have his scene in private, “I’d like the boy we saw on the opening day,” he requested.

          “Taken a fancy to him? He is barely used…you saw how tender he is, I will have him in the room and ready for you at the set time, no worries.” Masamoto grinned, he suspected that Taizo wanted a private scene in order to decide if he would like to set up a more permanent situation with one of the boys.  After a lovely meal and a few glasses of champagne, Taizo excused himself, wanting to take advantage of the early hour to prepare for his scene.


          With a bar gag in his mouth, his wrists and ankle’s restrained, all Karyu could do is wait. His jailer from the night before had come for him, waking the boy with a kick, “Kid, get up, it’s your turn.” Karyu knew to obey, the blows to the head from the night before, had left him sore.

          He knew better than to speak, though he wanted to ask why, why was this happening? He stood mutely as the man raised his arms and strapped them to the cross, uttered no sound when his legs were kicked apart and spread, did not cry out when the bar gag was roughly pulled tight, he could taste the blood from the cut on his lip.

          The blindfold was the last to be put in place, essentially restricting all movements, the disorientation that came with it, created an unstable stillness in his mind. He heard the man leave the room, no goodbye, no have fun, nothing… just abandonment.

          Isshi. With his eyes forced closed, he could see Isshi’s loving smile, his tender caresses, his boisterous laugh. The exquisite scenes, with his co-lovers or alone with his Dominant. The sound of the shot, the pain and fear as the arms reached for him, Isshi laying on the ground, the loss of consciousness as the drug entered his body.

          All his thoughts would remain memories, as he was sure he would not live through what was being prepared for him, the Dominant that would be using his body for his sadistic pleasure, would end his life. He heard the door open, someone enter and moving around the room, no voice to tell him if it was male or female.

          Karyu startled at the first touch, wanting to cry but staying quiet. The drugs that had been in the water had worn off, and for the first time, he wished he had been given more; enough to block out what was going to happen to him. The fingers trailed over his back, down the crack of his ass, the man nuzzled the back of Karyu’s neck, breathing in the boy’s scent.

          “You should feel privileged, I requested you over all the others,” the man murmured into his ear, his fingers had now gently probed Karyu’s entrance, “you’re very tight… so fresh.” Pressing up against Karyu’s back, the man slid both hands around and grabbed his cock, stroking and massaging it to stiffness. Karyu didn’t know what to think, this man had seen him when he was brought out the night before?

          The man moved his hands from Karyu’s cock, to his nipples, pinching both the tiny nubs hard enough to cause the young man to whine, “Oh…you like this do you?” Maybe the man wouldn’t hurt him…maybe he would just fuck him and be done with the scene. If he pretended, he was enjoying the man’s touch, maybe the torture would be less. But this wasn’t Isshi, this wasn’t Sakurai, this was a stranger that had no qualms about hurting him.

          The man turned the Cross around, “You look beautiful all stretched out, but you’re bleeding…” Taizo saw the blood dried and crusted in the corners of Karyu’s mouth, “I’m going to remove the gag, do not say a word,” Taizo reached around and unbuckled the gag.

          “I want you to be able to suck my cock properly, and you can’t do that if your mouth is bloodied. There, doesn’t that feel better?” Taizo leaned in and kissed Karyu softly, an act that confused him. He could hear the man walking around in the room, the sounds of the sheets on the bed, being moved, the sound of metal scraping.

          Karyu startled again when he felt the man’s hands unbuckling his wrists, then his ankles. Taking Karyu by the hand, he led the young man to a bed, then gently pushed him down. As he raised his hand to remove Karyu’s blindfold, Taizo stopped. “Boy,” Karyu tilted his head up. This wasn’t happening, there was no way this was… Taizo stepped back. His heart was pounding, if this was who he suspected, it would be a huge problem.

          Taizo took a chance, “Isshi,”

          Karyu’s mouth dropped open, “Taizo-sama?” Taizo reached up and pulled the blindfold off the boy, “What the hell are you doing here?” he demanded, as Karyu scrambled away from him, cowering at the head of the bed, his arm covering his head defensively. “Please don’t hurt me, I promise I won’t tell anyone… please,” Karyu whimpered.

          “Where is Isshi?” he growled, “Tell me boy! Where is your Dominant?”

          Karyu’s tears fell onto the pillow as he laid his head down, “I think he’s dead, Sir.”  

          “Wha…what did you say? Explain!” Taizo was quickly losing control of his emotions.

          Karyu explained the night of the accident, the shot that he heard and the screaming of Ruimaru, Byou bleeding from his head, and the pain that he felt as he was dragged out of the car, “He was laying on the ground, he wasn’t moving. I think I lost consciousness at that point, then I woke up in a gray room, and I was naked,”

          Taizo sat on the side of the bed, “This can’t truly be happening,” he could not allow himself to believe that Masamoto Umeji would stoop to the level of murder in order to obtain submissives, for a party.  Resting his elbows on his knees, he rubbed his face roughly, then something flashed in his mind. He turned and stared at Karyu, “Byou? Where is he?”

          “I…I don’t know where he is Sir, I don’t know where Ruimaru is either, I haven’t seen anyone since I’ve been here.” If they had been at Vinyl Fetish on Thursday night, and it was now late Sunday evening, there was no way to know how the other two boys were being treated. Karyu sat up, “If you want to use me, Taizo-sama…” the young man was staring at his hands.

          At that very moment, Nakamura Taizo questioned his entire adult life up to that point, as an active member of the BSDM community and his practices as a Dominant, did he want to be an accessory to murder? How could it have gone so far as to have to kill someone in order to have submissive boys available for people that wanted to abuse them…horribly abuse them?

          “Boy what is your name?”

          “Karyu, Sir.”

          “Karyu, you’re going to spend the night with me, in this room. You will not be leaving in the morning, is that clear?”

          Karyu nodded, though he wasn’t clear to what Taizo’s intentions were. He remained still, not moving until the Dominant instructed him.

          Taizo couldn’t wrap his head around the thought that Isshi had been shot, let alone dead, “Are you sure about Isshi?”

          “No sir, but he wasn’t moving, he was just lying on the ground.”  Karyu laid back down, burying his face in the pillow and sobbed. As much as Nakamura Taizo did not care for Isshi, he did care about being accused and arrested as being complicit in the man’s death.

          Looking over at the boy…not a young man but a boy at that point, sobbing into a pillow, hit Taizo harder than he imagined. “Karyu,” he reached out and stroked the boy’s arm, “You may not believe me, but I am deeply sorry for all of this, and for being a part of it,” Taizo said earnestly, “you are not my submissive, it is not within my rights to even touch you, and I apologize for the way I’ve handled you up until now.”

          “Sir, you couldn’t have known it was me…I had a hood on that night, and tonight…you didn’t know,” Karyu whined, “please, just find Ruimaru and Byou, before they’re killed.” Taizo smiled sadly at the young man, “I’m going to do just that, but we’re going to have to be careful, and I’m going to ask things of you that I wouldn’t normally ask, do you understand?” At that moment, Nakamura Taizo started to seek his redemption.

Chapter Text


          “I hate hospitals, nothing ever good comes out of being in a hospital.” Uta was sullen and moody. It had been four days, and Ruimaru, Karyu and Byou were still missing. Aoyama had called with updates every day, but without any more information, they were still searching.

          “Stop it, Uta.” Davina reprimanded the man, “This isn’t about you.” Uta scowled over the scolding, apologizing under his breath. Stepping out of the elevator, the group made the short walk down the corridor to Isshi’s room, Hide, Yutaka and Uta bracing themselves for what they may see.

          “Isshi darling, you have visitors,” Davina said softly as she opened the door. Peering into the semi-darkened room, Isshi appeared to be sleeping, a soft cry from Yutaka the only sound, other than the rhythmic beeping of the monitors. Uta carefully approached the bed, “Isshi?” reaching out, he put his hand over the older man’s.

          The man’s eyes fluttered, “Angel…” Isshi’s voice croaked. Uta turned to look at Sakurai, but the man was already gone, “My angel…” he tried again to reach out for Ruimaru. Davina stepped next to the bed, “Isshi love, it’s Davina…open your eyes.”

          He could hear Davina’s voice, but not Ruimaru’s, where was his angel? “Davina…” the Dominant leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, “Isshi, the doctor will be here soon,” she murmured in his ear, “do you understand?” Isshi tried to nod.

          The doctor entered the room, nodding to everyone as he approached Isshi’s bedside, first checking the monitors, “Shinohara-san, I’m Dr. Nagita, can you open your eyes please?” Isshi heard the man speaking, “My angel…” he croaked, struggling up through the sedation and pain medication. It took a few moments for him to open his eyes, “Isshi…” Davina had stepped to the other side of the bed, giving the doctor more room to work.

          His shoulder hurt…no that wasn’t right, the entire right side of his body hurt, “Where…” his eyes blinked rapidly, “Davina, my boys…where are my boys?” She quickly looked at the doctor, who shook his head slightly, “Isshi dear, you were in an accident,” That wasn’t right, Isshi knew what had happened was no accident. “Did they take my boys?” Uta gasped, turning to bury his face in Sakurai’s chest, “he knows…” he whimpered.

          Isshi looked around the room, “Acchan… does he have my boys?” stretching out his hand to his friend, who was at his side immediately, “Isshi, we’re looking for them right now, we have half the police in the city, searching for those boys…we will find them, I promise!”

          Uta had been standing behind Sakurai, crying softly, when Isshi reached out for the young man, “Uta-kun…come here.” The young man took Isshi’s hand, “I’m so sorry, Isshi-san…” Pulling Uta towards the bed, he caressed the young man’s face, “You must help my boys…I trust you to take care of them when they come home, will you do that for me Uta?”

          Leaning into the man’s hand, Uta could do nothing but nod and answer with a soft “Yes.” Uta laid his head on Isshi’s shoulder, still crying.

          Hide and Yutaka had said nothing during this time, satisfied to stand back and let the friends reconnect, that was until Isshi saw them and smiled. “Hide-san, Yutaka-san…thank you.” Both men bowed deeply, “We care for you Isshi, you are a part of Uta and Acchan’s life, we will help you in any way we can.” Yutaka stood at the foot of the bed.

          “I believe that Shinohara-san needs a bit more rest,” Dr. Nagita said, “I will be back in a few hours to check on you.” With a curt bow, the doctor left the room.

          “You must find them, Acchan… bring them home to me please.”




          “That’s it? No discussion? You move in with me or we’re done? That’s hardly what I would call fair, let alone an adult decision, Jui.” Toshiya was stunned over the ultimatum his boyfriend just announced; either Jui moves in with Toshiya, or he would end the relationship.

          “I’m done with discussions, it’s obvious to me that you don’t see us as being in a long-term relationship, you’re not being fair to me.” Jui’s tears were barely being held back, as he stood in his kitchen, trying to be strong enough to walk away from his boyfriend.

          “It’s hard enough for me, that we can’t be in public together, or if we are, we have to act a certain way, I’m tired of that Toshiya, I want someone who loves me and cares for me, in private and in public…I can’t get that from you.”

          “Do you honestly believe that I don’t love you? You knew exactly what you were getting into when we started dating, you knew that I couldn’t be with you in public, that it just isn’t done. So now you’re trying to trap me by moving in?”

          “Trap you? What the fuck does that mean?” Jui sputtered, “how is living with you trapping you? What? So, you can’t fuck around on me anymore?”

          “Fuck… really? REALLY JUI?” Toshiya raised his voice, something that he rarely did. “You think me that kind of a person?”

           “How can I NOT think that? You don’t want me to move in…what are you hiding Totchi? Another man? Oh… I wonder, maybe you’re dating a woman as well?” Jui regretted the words as soon as they crossed his lips, “I um…I don’t think you’re…”

           That was the final blow. Leaving the kitchen, Toshiya walked into Jui’s bedroom, grabbed a few items of clothing, shoving them into his backpack, and picked up a leather valise full of music. He didn’t look at Jui, he didn’t speak to him, he just walked to the front door, opened it and left the flat. “He did not just…” Jui muttered angrily.



          Ryo banged on Kaoru’s bedroom door, “Quit being a fucking pussy! Open the damned door and talk to me like a fucking adult!”

         On the other side of the door, a brooding Kaoru ignored his boyfriend, the obvious issue at hand was Kaoru wanting more out of the relationship, and Ryo asking “can’t we just keep it like it is? Why does it have to be any more than     this?”

         “Oh, I don’t know… maybe because this is all that it is? You come over, spend a few days, we fuck, maybe have dinner, then you go home. Rinse and repeat for the last year. Isn’t this how being in love works? We eventually live together, maybe even get married?”
          “WOAH! Nobody said anything about marriage, Kao…that’s a bit deep isn’t it?” Ryo had no desire to marry anyone, let alone Kaoru.

Kaoru sighed, he knew that this would be the end, “Why don’t you want to live with me? I want the true reasons, Ryo…I’m entitled to know that.”

          Ryo thought for a moment, “I can’t deal with your moodiness, you brood more than you laugh and you’re so reserved I don’t think I’ve ever seen you let loose, even once in an entire year. You’re not social enough, you don’t want to go to industry parties, hell, you won’t even go to the HBG unless it’s an official DCR event.”

          That led to Kaoru locking himself in his bedroom, yes like a child, and Ryo banging on the door. “If you don’t come out here, I’m going to guess that means we’re through,” Ryo walked away, sitting down in the living room. “This is asinine, grown ass fucking man.”

          Kaoru had no intentions on leaving his room, Ryo had made it perfectly clear that he wanted nothing more than a fuck buddy, not a life partner. There was no room in his life for something that was temporary, or unfulfilling, and it was obvious to him, that Ryo was both.

          Ryo was fed up, “I’m fucking leaving!” he screamed down the hall, “anything of mine that’s here, just leave it at the studio…I can’t believe how fucking immature you are, Kaoru!”

          He winched at the slammed door, but felt no anger, a little sadness but mostly relieved; he didn’t have to pretend anymore, he could do what he wanted and not have to put himself out in public, when all he wanted to do is stay home and read or write. “Guess he wasn’t the one.” Closing his eyes, the best way to escape was just to sleep, he’d worry about the fall out tomorrow…or the day after.

          Just as his mind was shutting down, the chime on his phone sounded, “Great, now he’s texting me?”

          “Hey, I need to see you…I’m downstairs,”


          “Do you think they had been talking to each other and decided to break up with us on the same day?” Kaoru handed Toshiya a beer, sitting down next to him on the couch.

          “I doubt it, that would seem pretty low to me…seriously pre-plan a breakup?”

          “Ryo seemed to have everything he wanted to say, well to argue the point, well rehearsed.” Kaoru leaned his head back on the couch. “Guess we’re both better off alone…never seems to work out for either one of us,” he looked over at Toshiya, “how does Die, Kyo and Shinya make it look so effortless?”

          Toshiya almost choked on his beer, “Kyo? Effortless? Don’t you remember how miserable he was when Mao was all confused? Then, Kyo had to go over to Die’s and almost beat the crap out of him to get his shit together.”

          “Guess you’re right, I forgot about Mao’s weirdness, and Shinya doesn’t really count, he and Miya were instantly in love.” Kaoru sighed, “What do we do now Totchi?”

          “Sit here and have a few more beers, I may sleep on your couch…we get up in the morning and go to the studio.” Toshiya reached over and put his hand over Kaoru’s, “We just keep living, and don’t sell ourselves short, it’s obvious that Ryo and Jui weren’t the ones.”

          Kaoru smiled at his friend, the man was always the optimist, “You’re right…let’s have another beer or five…and don’t worry about sleeping on the couch, you can sleep with me…not like I’m going to bite.”




          Isshi listened intensely to Sakurai’s explanation of what had happened the night he was shot, incredulous that Masamoto Umeji would stoop so low as to try to kill him, just to get to his three submissives.

          “Aoyama has all the information we had, and Ojisan actually added something as well,” Sakurai had Uta in his lap, who was constantly reaching out to touch Isshi for comfort, “Ojisan told him that the estate is not a typical nihongo building, that it looks like it belongs in another country.”

          “I can’t believe he would try to kill me…that is psychopathic in nature.” Isshi closed his eyes, images of the boys, scared and hurt. “Has someone gone over to feed Emi? I’m sure she’s panicked by now.”

          “Davina took Emi to the manor, she said she’s in love with Kato,” Uta giggled, “Is always in Kato’s bed, Davina said more than she is.” Isshi smiled at the thought, but the smile was short lived.

          “Acchan, I need to get out of here, soon…I can’t be here when the boy’s come home…” before Sakurai could answer, they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

          “Shinohara-san,” Detective Aoyama entered the room, introducing himself, “are you up to giving me an official statement?”



          Tied to the bed, spread eagle, nude and face down, Karyu knew he had to play the part, he had to fake his scene with Taizo, and loud enough for anyone walking by to hear. Taizo had no intentions on touching the young man in a harsh manner, but he knew he’d have to make it sound and even look believable.

          Taking out a leather paddle, Taizo looked around the room to see if he could find something that would mimic the sounds of leather hitting flesh. Seeing a leather chair in the corner, he tested it once and was satisfied with the results. Moving to the side of the bed, Taizo brought out a small jar of makeup that was a soft red.

          “I’m going to put this on your back, make it look like I’ve been whipping you, just in case anyone comes to the room,” he explained, “then when I start hitting that chair, I want you to cry out, I want you to fake it so well that we won’t be bothered…no one will interrupt a scene.”

          They had sat up late into the night, discussing different ways to get Ruimaru and Byou, safely into the room with them, and at that point, Taizo would call the police. “I don’t know how I’m going to get them in here, if I ask for them specifically, that may alert Masamoto.”

          Nakamura Taizo had promised Karyu, that the boy would not leave his side, “I’m going to tell Masamoto that you are mine, that we’ve reached an agreement that I will collar you. He may want us to go through the signing of a contract in front of the others, but I will obviously not hold you to that contract…you’re Isshi’s boy, just as the others are.”

          Karyu dared to ask, “Why…why are you doing this for me…for us?
          “Because I am not a monster. I may have been too rough on my submissives in the past, I may even have questionable ethics as a Dominant. But I will not be an accessory to murder, Isshi did not deserve death and you did not deserve to be ripped away from him, drugged and kidnapped. No Karyu…I will not allow this to go any further than it has, this ends tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

          Alcohol is commiseration’s best friend, and the party it threw for Kaoru and Toshiya that night, was huge. With a twelve pack of beer split between the two, and a bottle of Suntory whiskey, it was a wonder that they made it into the bedroom at all, with Kaoru weaving down the hall, and Toshiya crawling on his hands and knees.

          The next morning, the sun was their enemy, shining brightly through the curtains that Kaoru failed to close before they passed out. Blinking his eyes rapidly, Toshiya wasn’t sure where he was, and there was a heaviness over his right hip. Turning onto his back, the room spinning out of control, Toshiya reached out to clutch the side of the bed, shutting his eyes to control the spins. Reaching down, he felt Kaoru’s arm slung over his stomach, he slowly opened his eyes to look over at his guitarist, who was still dead to the world.

          The weight of Kaoru’s arm was pleasant, he always liked sleeping with someone, the closeness was comforting. Even as he thought of Jui, he laid his hand on Kaoru’s arm, tracing small patterns with his finger over the tattoos. Jui. Well that was done with, he thought. Why did the young man have to ruin what they had? The excuse of being in a band was valid, his public life was beyond his control…he could not blend it with a private relationship, perhaps Jui was right in telling Toshiya to find another musician as a boyfriend.

          Looking at Kaoru, he thought that if having a relationship with another musician was difficult, he’d rather be alone, something he and his guitarist had successfully done over the decades, just taking random lovers…but that was tiring, fucking fans was never satisfying for long.

          “What the hell?’’ Kaoru groaned as he opened his eyes, instantly regretting it and clutching at Toshiya as he dealt with the major alcohol spins. “Don’t open your eyes so fast…just roll onto your back.” Toshiya patted Kaoru’s arm.

          “Oh god, I’m dying…give my guitars to Die, you can have my amps.” Suddenly realizing where his arm was…Kaoru jerked it away, “Sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

          “It’s natural, don’t worry…it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.” Toshiya smiled. “Do you want coffee or tea?” he carefully rolled onto his side, slowly sitting up.

          “Coffee, black as hell.” Kaoru muttered, watching Toshiya getting up. He had to admit, not having Ryo to sleep with, not fucking, just sleeping, would be the single thing he would miss the most. “What the hell does that say about me?”

          “Did you say something?” Toshiya was up and, in the bathroom, “It’s nothing.”

          Both men were vertical, but not necessarily alive, staggering like zombies after an apocalypse, into the kitchen. Toshiya put a large mug of coffee in front of Kaoru, “I think we might have over done it a bit last night, guess it was a case of drowning our sorrows?”

          “No, it was an annihilation of our senses, nobody with any common sense drinks that much.”  With bleary eyes, Kaoru looked up at Toshiya, “Sorry about um, you know…holding you like that.”

          Toshiya waved off his friend’s concern, “Like I said, it’s natural, if you hadn’t done it, I probably would have. Seriously, we had lovers for over a year, of course we would hold each other as drunk as we were. I didn’t hate it Kao.” The awkwardness between the two was palatable.

          “I need to get going, I have to pick up two of my basses at the studio,” Toshiya pushed away from the table, “since I’m going, is there anything you need from there?”

          Kaoru knew he would return to being a hermit, and he also realized he was low on blank sheet music, “No, not really…nothing that I can’t live without, thanks though.” Why did he just say no?

          “Okay, thanks for last night…well not the hangover, but everything else. I’ll see you at practice.” With a wave, Toshiya left the flat.



          Karyu had been perfect in his faked scene with Nakamura Taizo, the boy couldn’t have screamed more convincingly, leaving Masamoto to pause by the door, “Looks like you’re enjoying yourself, Taizo old boy.” He muttered as he continued down the long hallway. The faked scene continued into the night, Karyu crying out…but not from being whipped, as much as grief in the knowledge that Isshi was dead.

          Just before dawn, Taizo put the strap down. “That’s enough my boy,” he cooed as he released the restraints from Karyu’s ankles and wrists, “go wash your face, and I’ll order us something to eat.” Karyu nodded and struggled to sit up, his arms and legs strained and tired, “Could I please take a bath? I haven’t had one since we…”

          “Go soak in the tub, I’ll come and get you when the food arrives,” Taizo helped the young man to his feet, and into the bathroom, “take your time.” Karyu looked at himself in the mirror, appalled at the vision that looked back at him; deep dark circles under his eyes, his skin had an unhealthy hue, and his hair was a tangled mess of knots.

          Soaking in the large tub, sinking down until his hair was floating around his head like a halo, Karyu’s thoughts turned to Byou and Ruimaru, and what their fate had dealt them. “I hope you’re okay…” was all he could think to say.


          Nakamura Taizo had fought with himself over what he had planned, versus what he was originally going to do at the estate, and he was frankly disgusted with himself, “you’re no better than they are,” he wondered what would have happened, had he not found Karyu, would he have gone through the long weekend and went a long with what Masamoto had planned in the way of events? Had he become that truly depraved and indifferent to another person? The short answer was yes.

          Sitting down with Karyu, Taizo had a good look at the young man. “Karyu-kun, how old are you?” He asked, as he set down the bowls of rice and miso.

          “I just turned 27 a few months ago.” The submissive would not look at the Dominant. “How long have you been with Isshi?”

          “Not even two years yet, I was with Sakurai-san first…but it didn’t work out because he was still in love with Uta. That’s when he called Isshi-san, and I went home to live with him, Leda and Ruimaru.”

          As they finished eating, Karyu was having difficulty staying awake, his eyes heavy with exhaustion, “Karyu, go to bed, boy.” Taizo ordered him, “I can sleep on the couch.”  

          “No sir! I mean, I can sleep on the couch, you should be sleeping in the bed, it’s your room!” Karyu was almost in a panic. “Karyu, you haven’t had any decent sleep since you arrived, you need to sleep in a bed to rest fully.”

          “We can share!” Karyu gasped, he couldn’t believe he blurted that out, “I mean, if you want to.”

          Taizo saw at that moment, why Isshi loved this boy deeply; the young man was caring and considerate, and unselfish. “Alright, and I promise not to molest you, I’ve heard how hard Isshi can punch.” This drew a smile from Karyu, the first since he had been abducted.

          “What do we do about tomorrow, sir?” Taizo had given the young man a t-shirt to sleep in, “I’m still working on that, though I believe we’re going to have to take drastic measures to get Byou and Ruimaru into the room, and it may have to ask you to do things, you normally wouldn’t do in public. But let’s deal with that later, time to sleep.”



          Aoyama had left Isshi in the company of Davina, Sakurai and Uta. Hide and Yutaka didn’t want to get in the way, but made Isshi promise to call them if he needed anything, “You’re important to Uta and Acchan, that means by default, you’re important to us.” With a pat on the leg, Hide and Yutaka made their way out of the room. “Those men are both treasures, Acchan. You’re lucky to have them in your life.”

          Sakurai snorted, “Sometimes I’m happy about that, other times they’re annoying as hell, especially Yutaka.” That statement earned Sakurai an elbow to the gut from Uta, “Don’t you dare say shit about my parents! They’re loving and kind, YOU’RE the one that can be a pain in the ass sometimes.”

          “Touché, my love, I deserved that without a doubt.” Sakurai nuzzled Uta’s neck, causing the young man to squirm. They were interrupted once again, by Dr. Nagita, who had come in to discuss Isshi’s release from the hospital.

          “You’re going to need help Isshi, I don’t want you raising that arm any higher than your hip, if you do you may rip the sutures or damage my brilliant repair job that you’ll never see.” The doctor winked at him.

          “Isshi, it’s already been decided among us, you’ll be coming home with me to the manor, Emi is already there and I’m sure she misses you, if you can get her out of Kato’s room.” Davina announced smartly.

          The Dominant laughed, “Does that mean Kato gets to help me bathe?” he wiggled his eyebrows. “You may have him to assist you, but keep your naughty hands to yourself please.”

          “I will be releasing you in the morning, I have you scheduled for follow up appointments for the next two months,” the doctor paused for a moment, lowering the clipboard in his hand, “Shinohara-san, I deeply regret what you are going through, I am aware of the circumstances, as I had to give a statement to the police as well. Please believe me when I say that I want those young men of yours returned to you swiftly and safely.” The doctor bowed deep, “I will have the release forms ready for you in the morning.” With another bow, the doctor left the room.

          “We must get home Isshi, I need to get a room for you in order, and I will be speaking to the nurses before I leave, I want a list of items you may need.” Davina got up and kissed the man on the forehead, “If you hear anything from Aoyama, please have him contact me, I don’t care what time it is.”

          Uta leaned over and kissed Isshi on the cheek, “When the boys come home, I’ll be there whenever you need me, ne? I love you Isshi.” With another quick kiss to the cheek, Uta walked over to Davina and took her hand.

          “Isshi, try to have a peaceful night, if anything happens, I will come and see you right away, I have already cleared it with the hospital to be allowed to see you at any time, they understand the circumstances.” Sakurai patted his friend on the leg, “I will be back tomorrow.” He watched his friends leave his room; the sudden feeling of complete emptiness overwhelmed him. “Where are you my loves?” he whispered softly.





           There were 17 text messages and 5 missed calls, from Jui over night. Toshiya read the texts, which mostly consisted of ‘I love you,’ and ‘how can you just throw this all away?’, something that Toshiya thought was amusing.                 “Because I don’t want to live with you?” he said to himself.

          The calls had no voice mails, which he was thankful for, he didn’t want any drama. The fact that none of this was upsetting, proved that Jui was obviously not ‘the one’. Walking into the studio, he waved to the office workers and made his way to the DEG practice room, flipping on the lights to get his gear together.

          Putting his hardcase on the couch, and grabbing the bass, he was just lowering the lid when he heard the door open, “Guess you’re an asshole too…” someone growled. Toshiya turned around, only to be faced by an openly hostile Ryo, “Why am I an asshole?”

          “Jui said you refused to even consider living together, why? You have someone on the side?” Ryo sneered at him.

          “No, I don’t have anyone on the side, and whatever went on between Jui and myself is of no concern to you,” Toshiya argued, “I could say the same to you, you’re an asshole for not wanting to live with Kaoru, who by the way was devastated last night, we got shit faced and passed out together.”

          “Kao is not the type that is… he’s not social enough! If anyone should understand it would be you! You’ve been friends for over twenty years, how can you stand him just sitting around and brooding all the time?”

          Toshiya stared in disbelief at Ryo, “Is that how you see him? Brooding and anti-social?”

          “That’s how everyone sees him, Totchi! Ask Die, ask Shinya…ask anyone in your band and they’ll tell you the same thing! How can you be so fucking blind?” Ryo was hot under the collar, losing his temper quickly.

          Toshiya walked up to Ryo, towering over the smaller man, “You’re a fucking prick, you know that Ryo? You obviously never really got to know Kaoru, if that’s what you think of him.”

          The smaller man shoved Toshiya in the chest, “Back off me!” The shove barely moved the bassist, “Your precious Kaoru is a head case, it’s not Uruha that everyone thinks is a headcase, it’s fucking Kaoru! Ask around Totchi, other bands will tell you the same thing…or maybe they’re too scared to insult the great Kaoru of Dir En Grey? Go hang all over your bestie, maybe you should be the one to fuck him every night, I have better things to do with my life than wait for that fucking loser to grow up and act like a member of society.”

          Before Toshiya could reach out and slap Ryo, the man had left the room, leaving the bassist to stand and fume, his fists still clenched in anger. Letting out an explosive breath he didn’t realize he was holding, Toshiya turned to finish packing up his bass, then the door opened again, “Ryo, you’d better get the fuck…” Toshiya turned swiftly, ready to beat the shit out of Ryo, only to be faced with a puzzled Shinya.

          “Do I dare ask why you’re threatening Ryo?” he asked quietly. Toshiya’s shoulders slumped, “We just got into a huge argument over Kao, that’s all.” Slamming the case closed and locking it, Toshiya picked it up and went to the door, “Just FYI, Ryo dumped Kao, and I broke up with Jui.”

          As he walked to the door, Shinya reached out and put a hand on Toshiya’s arm, “I know you’ll be okay, but what about Kao?”

          “I think he’ll be okay. We got wasted last night, and I slept with him.”

          Shinya’s jaw dropped, “You what?”

          “I mean we slept in the same bed!!! God, no Shin…I’d never have sex with Kao!” he sputtered, “Shit… sorry that came out wrong. We just shared a bed, we didn’t have sex, that’s not even a thing. I have to go, I’m still hung over, I’ll see you at practice.”

          The tone in Toshiya’s voice said a lot to Shinya, as he watched his friend walk down the hall, shoulders slumped in apparent defeat, “Don’t kid yourself Totchi, I know better and have known you true feelings for a long time.”

Chapter Text


          “We have reached an agreement, I’m going to contract and collar Karyu, before the end of the week. Please remove him from the list of available submissives.” Taizo had Karyu on a leash, standing next to him. “Are you sure? There are others that have yet to debut, a few that are worthy of contracting.” Taizo had approached Masamoto late the next morning, Karyu trailing behind him on a leash, when the Dominant asked to speak with him. Masamoto could see the lash marks across Karyu’s back, the boy was staring at the floor, making eye contact with no one.

          Masamoto shook hands with Taizo, “Would you like me to draw up a contract today?”

          “I believe a gentleman’s agreement is enough for now. I have my own contracts at home, that I will be using.”

          Masamoto grinned, “How does it feel to know you are taking one of Isshi’s boys as your own? Satisfying, isn’t it?”

          “You have no idea, that fag never treated these boys the way they needed, he was much too soft.” Taizo had warned Karyu that he would be using harsh language against Isshi if the topic presented itself. “I can promise you that I mean none of it, I’m only using it in order to get you and the others, out of here safely.” Taizo assured him.

          “Would you be interested in the other two boys as well?” Masamoto had thought to keep Byou to himself, though the opportunity to savage Isshi by proxy, was much too appealing. “We have a lovely event scheduled for tonight, featuring both boys, and some other less attractive pets.”

          Taizo tried to appear disinterested, “Perhaps, though they are not as fresh as my boy, are they not? I’ll wait until this evening, and make my choices at that time.” With a sharp tug on Karyu’s leash, Taizo led the boy towards the dining room.  “Are you okay?” Taizo whispered softly, “Yes sir,” Karyu stayed in character, he knew he was going to have to behave as if he was truly collared.

          Arriving in the dining room, Taizo walked quickly to a table, dragging the young man behind him, “Hurry up you idiot, if you want food get your ass moving.” Taizo roughly shoving Karyu into a chair, cuffing him in the back of the head.

          A uniformed waiter appeared and took their food order, Taizo ordering the same for both, proclaiming loud enough for any to hear, “I won’t have you passing out on me, boy.” They were both suitably hungry, Taizo could hear the gossipy comments about what may have happened the night before; ‘the boy…look at his back, that must have been thrilling’, ‘he needs to eat to keep his stamina up, it’s obvious that the boy needs more punishment.’

          Leaving the dining room, the couple went back to their room to discuss Taizo’s plan for getting Ruimaru and Byou to safety. “I don’t want them to be subjected to what’s going to happen tonight,” this was Taizo’s major concern.

          “Sir? Do you know what time it’s supposed to begin?” Karyu was terrified that both of his friends would be horribly raped and tortured that night, something he knew would shatter Ruimaru. Taizo picked up the schedule pamphlet, to check for the time, “8:30,” he looked at his watch, “It’s 10:45 right now, that gives us just about nine hours.”



          With help from Kato, Isshi walked into Davina’s manor, stiff from laying in a hospital bed for much too long. “Really, Kato-kun, I’m capable of walking on my own,” he grumbled, “Isshi-san, do you wish for me to be inches from death?” Kato asked.

          “Inches from…whatever do you mean, boy?”

          “If something were to happen to you, if you stumbled or fell, my Mistress would surely kill me. If you want me to live, allow me to assist you to your room, please.”

          “Isshi dear, just let me coddle you a little while you’re here.” Davina having heard Kato’s comment, came to his rescue. “Don’t be cross with Kato, he’s doing what I ordered him to; get you to your room safely.”

          “Davina, I just got out of the damned hospital, I don’t want to lie down again, just let me sit in your parlor,” Isshi snapped. Davina crossed the room and stood in front of her friend, hands on her hips, “Isshi, there is no need to be so waspish, just tell Kato where you’d like to sit.”

          Isshi blushed in embarrassment. “Davina my dear, I apologize for being an asshole,” he turned to Kato, “I’d like to sit in the parlor please.” Kato helped the injured Dominant into the parlor, “Is there anything else I can do for you Isshi-san?”

          “I’d love a cup of tea, and perhaps a small snack, Kato-kun, thank you.”  The submissive bowed and left the room. “Davina, sit with me please.” Isshi patted the couch.

          Holding Davina’s hands in his, “I’m scared… I’m so frightened for my boys,” the tears started to trickle down his cheeks, “when they come back to me…” he shook his head, “how do I help them recover from this? Karyu has barely recover from Jiji’s death, Ruimaru… my angel is too pure for something like this to happen to him? How will I heal them?”  

          The Mistress reached up and caressed Isshi’s cheek, “With the love you have for them, with the shared love of the community and with the love of their senpai’s and kohai’s.”

          “Will it be enough?”


          Leaving Karyu to nap, Taizo had decided to walk the grounds of the estate, surveying the area, the road into the estate, anything that he could give the police as a landmark. 

          “Letting your new boy rest before tonight?” Taizo’s thoughts were interrupted by Kimura Asao, who was walking towards him. He bowed his head lightly, “Yes, he’s still fresh, my scene last night exhausted him, I want him awake for this evening.”

          “How does it feel to have the boy in your control?” Kimura was not entirely surprised when Masamoto had told him that Taizo had collared Karyu.

          Taizo wore his most convincing grin, “Revenge is best served with my cock up his ass, draped over a chair and screaming.”

          Walking through the large garden, Taizo pressed his luck, “What of the other two boys? The one with the yellow hair, and that cunt Byou, are they being offered as a main course or as dessert?”

          “Byou belongs to Masamoto, unquestionably. The boy with the yellow hair is being offered to everyone who would like a taste.”

          This was disturbing news, “Is Masamoto planning on collaring the boy again?”

          “As he sees it, he is still contracted, he never officially voided their contract from the last event. I suppose it depends on if he breaks Byou, a broken submissive is never one left hanging around, so I’m sure he’d be disposed of.”

          There was an instant stab of a cold knife in Taizo’s gut at that statement, “I wonder, would Masamoto consider signing the boy over to me? I’d love to reclaim him as mine, we had a temporary contract, but that bitch Madame F voided it without consulting me.”

          “A bit greedy, aren’t you?” Kimura said.

          “Not so much as greedy. I hate Shinohara Isshi, I always have,” Taizo growled,

          “He’s a flaming faggot of the worse kind, he is no true Dominant, he keeps those boys around as fuck toys, not submissives. He’s too soft on them, always has been. The problem is he has the backing of the elite of our community, and I would love nothing more than to be able to shove the fact, that I have his boys, under my control…in his face.”  Taizo spit on the ground.

          Kimura was taken aback at the viciousness of Taizo’s reply. “If that’s what you’d truly like to do, perhaps you should speak to Masamoto before the event tonight, though I doubt he will give up his time with Byou, he’s been waiting for that for over five years now.”

         After that exchange, Kimura excused himself and walked back towards the main house, Taizo watching the man carefully. “Let’s hope you bought that, if not we’re screwed.”


         He couldn’t get warm. Curling up in a ball, laying in a corner with his back against the wall, when the sedation started to wear off, he’d walk around the room, but nothing made him truly warm.

         Ruimaru had tried not to eat the food or drink the water that the man in the suit with the sunglasses, gave him twice a day, but it got to the point that he was too hungry and too thirsty to refuse. At least after he had eaten, he was comfortable, the sedation slowly taking him back down into the blackness, his last thoughts were of Isshi and his co-lovers.


        Byou’s confinement was not the same as Ruimaru’s, his sedation was almost constant. He had been taken out of his room and presented to his former master on the second day, shoved in a bathroom and forcibly washed by two young men, who were less than gentle.

        After having his hair roughly dried and brushed out, one of the young men applied some basic makeup to Byou’s face, while the other styled his hair in a high bun, “Oh, cute! Masamoto-san will love this!” one of the boy’s whispered  in his ear.

         Masamoto. He was going to be brought before his ex-Dominant, the man that abused him so horribly in the past, and left him alone with no explanation at this same estate, some five years ago. He wondered if he would die, it sounded so much nicer than what he was about to experience.

        He was dressed in some ridiculous costume that was nothing more than a sheer fabric skirt and leather wrist restraints, and lastly a blindfold.  With a leash snapped to his collar, Byou was led into a large room, and left to stand.

        He could hear someone moving around the room, the blindfold made it difficult to determine distance, the drugs causing him to sway. A rough hand touched him, causing him to jump, “Byou, so lovely to see you again, pretty boy. Have you enjoyed your life as a runaway pet?” Masamoto cooed in Byou’s ear.

        “I’m not your pet, you left me alone. Isshi’s my master, not you.” He knew this was dangerous, talking back to any Dominant was, and he was punished for it, Masamoto slapping him across the face, letting him fall to the floor.

        “Do you want to try this again, boy?” Byou was yanked up from the floor by his collar, “Who is your master, Byou?”

        “Shinohara Isshi.” He was slapped down to the floor again, this time Masamoto left him lying on the carpet. “Do you have a death wish boy? If you do, I will gladly grant it.” Masamoto straddled Byou, standing over him.

         “Who is your master?”

          Through a busted lip, Byou answered again, “Shinohara Isshi.” A flash of pain in his side, “WHO IS YOUR MASTER?”

         “SHINOHARA ISSHI!” Blood was freely flowing from his mouth, a kick to the back, causing him to cry out in pain. “It seems you need some discipline, Byou, you need to be reminded who’s contract you signed, who collared you.”

         “You left me alone, you told me I was ruined for anyone else, that voided our contract.” Byou refused to concede, he would never accept Masamoto Umeji as his Dominant.

         He sensed that Masamoto had moved away from him, he could hear the man opening drawers, then walk back to where he lay on the floor. Grabbed by the collar, Masamoto dragged Byou across the room, the friction causing carpet burns.

          “Take him back to his room, double the sedation, have him ready and in position at 8:15.”  He was roughly grabbed by both arms and forcibly walked back to his room. “You’re a stupid boy, you’ll get what you deserve tonight,” someone snickered in his ear, “wish I was there to watch.”



         Walking back to his room, Taizo was confident he had enough information, now it was time to set the raid up. He scanned the hallways, making sure that there were no random people walking around. Approaching his room, he quietly opened the door, peering in he sees that Karyu is asleep on the bed.

         Moving through the bedroom and into the bathroom, he turned on the water to fill the tub, he needed a safety net in place, if any unexpected visitors should arrive. Checking the lock on the bedroom door, he went back into the bathroom and locked the door behind him, sitting on the edge of the tub, Nakamura Taizo made his phone call.



        Isshi was resting in the room Davina had provided him. Kato had helped the man try to get dressed into lounge pants and a t-shirt, “This is so ugly Kato-kun, are you sure I can’t just wear a yukata?”

       “Isshi-san, am I allowed to speak freely?” Kato stopped. “Of course, boy, speak up.”

        “Personally, I think a yukata would be easier for you to wear, only because pulling a t-shirt over your head, trying to put your arm in, is going to be painful. If you’d like, I can let you borrow one of mine, until we can go to your house and retrieve one of yours.”

         Isshi leaned over and gave Kato a quick kiss on the cheek, the submissive’s eyes growing wide.

         “Please, Kato-kun, get me a yukata.”



         Detective Aoyama Hideki had grown frustrated with the lack of information he could find on any property, that fit the description of the estate, within the prefecture of Mei. There were just so many available resources he could use, short of going out and driving through the small cities himself.

         The phone on his desk rang, “Detective? You have a phone call on line one please.”

         “Detective Aoyama,” the man stood quickly, “Where are you? How long ago? Yes, please, thank you!”  Shouting for the other detectives on the case to meet him the in office of the police chief, Aoyama ran down the hallway, without knocking he burst through the door.

         “I just got a call from Mei, ten minutes ago they received a 119 call from Nakamura Taizo.”


Chapter Text


          Aoi watched as Yuki laid on the table, the doctor was testing his response to pain stimuli. “Oh! I can feel that!” He started to sit up. “Wait just a moment Yuki, I’m not finished yet.” The doctor continued, rubbing a small spiked rowel along different areas of Yuki’s legs, the young man squealing in delight that he could feel the doctor touching him.

          “That’s enough for today,” the doctor held out his hand so Yuki could pull himself up. “I’d say you’re right on schedule in your recovery. The reflexes to stimuli are promising, you have regained some feeling in your feet, and along the top of your thighs, your muscle tone is good, thanks to the physical therapy.”

          “How soon before I can walk, I mean…what do you think?” Yuki’s voice quivered. “If you continue what you’re doing, I would hope to see you back on your feet in three months, four at the most.” Aoi smiled at Yuki, giving him a discrete thumbs up.  


          Wheeling Yuki out to the car, Aoi kept up a stream of inane chatter, “I told you you’d be dancing by Christmas, and you’d better be, you owe me a dance, and didn’t you promise Reita one as well?”

          “Pfft, I promised nothing, you’re hallucinating,” Yuki snarked, “But if you insist on a dance, you’re only getting one.”

          The teasing back and forth felt good, it felt normal. Their relationship was anything but normal, there had been no advancements since the night Aoi took Yuki to dinner at Ojisan’s, much to the disappointment of both men.

          “I think he lied,” Yuki whined at Ayato, “I don’t think he really loves me.”

          Ayato sighed, this had been the daily tantrum for weeks, “Why would he lie to you? He had nothing to gain in doing that. He went to talk to Ken…that’s not something most people would do; talk to your current boyfriend’s dead lover.”

          “He hasn’t tried to kiss me, it’s just ‘friendly hugs’, like around my shoulders. He only touches me during therapy, I’m not saying I want him to fuck me, but … he could at least feel me up or something.”

          Ayato laughed, “Do you hear yourself? Feel you up? Like Kita did? Yuu would never do that, ever. Have you talked to him about this?”

          Yuki avoided Ayato’s gaze, “No,” he mumbled, “not like it comes up in daily conversation.”

          Ayato walked behind Yuki and smacked him in the back of the head, “Asshole, how is he going to know how you feel if you don’t speak up!”

          “Hey! That was uncalled for!” Yuki reached up and rubbed the back of his head, “I’m not saying anything, because … well just because.”

          Ayato walked to the door, “I have to go get ready for work, take my advice please, talk to him, maybe ask him out on a date.”

          Yuki huffed as Ayato closed the door, “Why do I have to ask him?”



          The Gazette practice room was crowded, all members and a few technicians going over the equipment, before starting on the new album. Uruha was showing everyone pictures of Alfie, Aoi gently teasing him about being a proud parent, “You’re as bad as my sister, she sends me pictures of the kids all the time.”

          “I bet her kids aren’t as cute as Alfie.” Aoi accepted that as a challenge, taking out his phone to compare pictures, “That’s not really fair, human babies and animal babies are equal in cuteness,” Ruki commented as he leaned over the back of the couch, looking at the pictures.

          “Any new pictures of Yuki?” Reita needed to start the conversation, “No…why would I have pictures of Yuki?” Aoi’s face flushed a bright pink.

          “Uh, maybe because you’re dating him, or um, because you love him?” Reita said. He was tired of Ayato complaining to him about the Yuki/Aoi problem, “Talk to Yuu for me please,” he whined one night after work. “They’re both too stubborn to talk to each other about this.”

          For his part, Aoi was as frustrated as Yuki, but like Yuki…he didn’t want to bring anything up, “He knows how I feel, he just doesn’t love me the same way, we’re just two friends helping each other out. Nothing more than that.” Reita had had enough. Putting down his bass and giving Kai a nod, he walked over and grabbed Aoi by the arm, dragging him up from the couch, “We need to talk, now.”

          Walking out to the parking lot, Reita shoved Aoi against a car, “Tell me what the hell is wrong, and don’t lie. What the hell is going on between you and Yuki? Ayato does nothing but whine at me every night, and frankly I’m tired of it.”

          Aoi looked down at his feet, kicking a pebble, “There’s nothing going on between us.” Reita reached out and slapped Aoi hard across the chest, “Stop it Yuu! You can’t bullshit your way out of this, what the fuck is going on between you and Yuki?”

          “Nothing’s going on, that’s my point. We went on one date to Ojisan’s, and that was an epic failure. Why would I try again? I’m done being hurt, Rei. I’ll be his friend and help him out with his physical therapy, but that’s it.” Reita saw a tear fall.

          “Why was Ojisan’s so bad? Yuki never said anything to Aya about it.”

          Aoi looked up, “I went to talk to Ken before I picked Yuki up. When I came to get Yuki, he pulled attitude with me about being late, so I told him why…then he just shut down for the rest of the night. He doesn’t love me, Aki…he still loves Ken.”

          “Duh, Yuu, he’ll always love Ken, but the man is dead, he’s not there to come between you.”

          “That doesn’t mean he loves me.”

          Reita was growing frustrated, “Has he told you that? Has he said ‘I don’t love you’?”


          “What did he tell you? Be honest with me, Yuu.”

          Aoi was scuffing his feet in the gravel, “That he wanted us to date.”

          “Then how do you get from that, to he doesn’t love you?”  

          Aoi shrugged.

         “Why are you giving up on this so easy? Didn’t you tell Ken that you’d make Yuki happy? You went through all this bullshit to prove to him that Shiroyama Yuu was a good guy, then you just give up on him when you have a disagreement? Shit…you’re kind of pathetic.”

        Aoi pushed himself away from the car, “Yah, I know I’m a coward and pathetic. Yuki deserves better than someone like me.” With his hands shoved deep into his pockets, Aoi walked back into the studio, leaving a fuming Reita to stand outside.

        “Fuck this, I’m done.” Taking out his phone, he made a quick call to Ayato. “Get his ass down here right now, I’m tired of all this petty bullshit.”


        “You’re coming with me.”


         Reita walked back inside the studio, heading for the front office instead of the practice room. Stopping at the front desk, he spoke to the secretary, who nodded and gave him a small piece of paper, and a key, “Thanks.” His phone chimed in his pocket, “Will be there in 10.

        Finding the empty room, Reita used the key and unlocked the door, “Yus,” turning on the lights, he peered inside; a couch, a few chairs and a small table. “This will have to do.”

       “When you get here, go down the hall, there’s a room on the right, with a little sticky note on the door, put him in there, send me a blank text when you’re here.”


        Going back to the practice room, Reita motions for Kai, “Hey, I might need your help, whatever you do, just help me get Aoi in Room 6, even if we have to carry him.” Kai giggled, “Sure, whatever you say.”


         “Why are we here?”  Yuki whined.“I have to pick up some stuff for Akira, and you needed to get out of the house, so just stifle it and enjoy the clean air.” Ayato wheeled Yuki into the studio, waving hi to the ladies at the front desk.

        “He said it was in Room 6, something about a backpack with stuff in it, oh, okay…this must be it.” opening the door, Ayato held it open for his friend, “Hmm, I don’t see a backpack, let me text him real quick.”

         Reita’s cell phone chimed. He looked over at Kai and nodded, “Yuu, come with me please,” Kai came out from behind his drum kit, “We need to talk.”

        “Talk about what?”

        “Don’t argue with me please, just come with me.” Kai said. Aoi looked around, none of the other members were paying attention to them. “Fine,” he grumbled and followed Kai.

         Ayato was checking his phone, pretending he received a reply from Reita, “Crap… hey wait here, I have to go out to the office again, I’ll be right back.” Ayato left the room.

         “Great, you drag me all the way here and now you leave me alone, thanks buddy.”

         Kai spied the room with the sticky note, “In here please,” with a look over his shoulder at Reita, the moment Aoi opened the door, Kai shoved Aoi in, then grabbed the door and locked it with the key. “Hey what the fuck?”

         Looking up, Aoi see’s Yuki, “What are you doing here?” turning around he grabbed the doorknob, twisting it and shaking it, “damn it… it’s locked!” he pounded on the door, “Hey, what the fuck are you guys doing? Unlock this damned door.”

          Yuki watched as Aoi struggled with the door, “In a hurry to leave, Yuu?” Aoi looked over at Yuki, “Um, not really, but why are we locked in here?” Yuki shook his head, “You’re fucking clueless, Aoi.” Using his stage name got Aoi’s attention quickly,

         “Wait…what did you just call me?”


          "How did I go from Yuu to Aoi in half a heart beat?” Aoi faced Yuki, still standing by the door.

          “The same way you went from ‘I love you’, to hands off and not saying anything other than ‘good job with therapy today, see you tomorrow’.” Yuki’s voice was trembling in anger. “You like giving me mixed messages, don’t you? You tell me that you love me, that you promised Ken that you’d take care of me, then suddenly, everything stops.”

          “You aren’t helping the situation either you know.” Aoi argued back.

         “What the hell is that suppose to mean? How am I not helping? I’m letting you help me with my physical therapy, you just went to the doctors with me, hell we even talked about dancing. All this and you’re still acting like Aoi, or like you’re afraid of touching me…I don’t know, you’re just acting fucking weird.”

            Yuki took his phone out and started texting Ayato, “You’d better get me the fuck out of here or I swear I’ll fucking never speak to you again!

          Ayato showed Reita the text, they were standing on the other side of the door, both trying to hear the conversation, “Just give them a few more minutes.” Ayato whispered.

         “I’m not afraid to touch you, I just don’t want to overstep your boundaries.” Aoi muttered under his breath.

         Yuki threw his head back and let out a loud ARRRGGGHHH! Looking back at Aoi, he threw that frustration at the man, “What boundaries? I told you I wanted us to start dating again, didn’t I? What does that mean to you…I thought it meant taking me to dinner, maybe to the HBG, then you bringing me back to my flat, giving me a kiss goodnight, and then repeat that on a regular basis…THAT’S what dating means!”

        Aoi crossed the room and sat on the opposite end of the couch, “You still love Ken, I can’t compete with that.”

         What happened next surprised Yuki as much as it did Aoi; without even thinking, Yuki stood up from his wheelchair and tried to take a step towards Aoi, reaching out to slap the man. “What the hell...?” As Aoi stood, Yuki fell into his arms and caused them both to tumble backwards and onto the floor, “you fucking idiot, what the hell are you trying to fucking do, kill yourself?”

        Yuki didn’t move, said nothing as he lay on top of the other man. “Are you okay?” Aoi tried to check if Yuki was injured, “hey, look at me.” Yuki shook his head, tightening his grip around Aoi’s body.

       Laying his head back on the floor, Aoi sighed, “what do you want from me…you have to spell it out for me, I’m not very smart you know.” He slid his arms around Yuki, holding the man tenderly, he could feel the slight tremors start, the hot tears soaking into his shirt. They laid there for awhile, Yuki crying silently, Aoi rubbing circles on the man’s back, kissing him softly on the side of the head.

       With a deep sigh, Aoi started to talk. “I love you; you really should know that by now. When I say love, I mean like stupid in love. Dumb dates at dumb places like Leisure Land, taking you to the restaurant and to Ojisan’s. Spending Christmas together, introducing you to my parents, my sister and brother.” Yuki had stopped crying.

         “Can you swim?” Yuki nodded, “Good, then I’m going to teach you how to surf at some point, when I take you to Mei.  I really want you to live with me, like in a healthy way. I promise no more movie nights, beers and fucking, that’s not a date.”

        “What if I want to be fucked?” Yuki muffled through Aoi’s shirt.

        Aoi smiled, “I don’t think we’re ready for that just yet,” he kissed Yuki’s head, “will you look at me please?” Yuki shifted, rolling off Aoi and laying next to him on the floor.

       “You have to understand; everything I do, I think I’m going to screw things up with you. I don’t know how to act around you. I can be your therapist, but I don’t know exactly how to be your boyfriend. I’m afraid of breaking you or doing something that scares you, something that Kita might have done. I don’t want you comparing me to Ken, because I can tell you right now, I’ll never measure up to him, ever.”

        Yuki bit his lip, “I’m not expecting you to be Ken, you can’t love me the same way he did. I want you to love me the way Shiroyama Yuu does, the goofy shit you do on stage, I want you to be looking at me when you play. I want you to kiss me and tell me everything’s going to be fine, that I am going to walk again and you’ll dance with me,” Yuki sat up on his elbow, “I’m not going to break, if you do something that scares me, I’ll tell you. I just want you to love me…is it really that hard?”

         “I don’t hear anything…do you think Yuki killed him?” Reita had his ear against the door. “Asshole,” Ayato smacked his boyfriend in the shoulder, “no Yuki didn’t kill him, they’re probably talking.”

          Taking a chance, Aoi slid his hand behind Yuki’s head, cupping it gently and drawing him down into a long languid kiss, leaving Yuki mewling against Aoi’s lips.  “Is that okay?” Aoi murmured as Yuki pulled away, “A little late in asking, don’t yah think?”

         Aoi slapped his forehead, “Duh… guess I should have asked…” Yuki answered the question with a passionate kiss of his own.

        “Are we going to get anything done today?” Kai shuffled up to Reita and Ayato, “Um, I’m going to say, no…they actually might be having rad sex right now.” Reita grinned.

        “AKIRA!” Ayato’s hand shot out, but Reita grabbed it before he could be hit, smirking…until Kai hit him in the back of the head. “What? Damn you two! No fair tag teaming me!”

        Kai leaned over and knocked on the door, “Aoi, I’m coming in whether your naked or not.” Taking the key and unlocking the door, the trio found Aoi and Yuki sitting on the couch together.

        “Anyone bleeding?” Kai smirked as he walked in. “No… why would we be bleeding?” Yuki was annoyed, but not angry.

         Reita grinned, “Well, it went quiet in here, we thought maybe Yuki killed you…” Ayato pushed past Reita, elbowing him in the side as he moved, “Everything okay? You’re not mad at me, are you?” he sat down next to his friend.

         “Not anymore, but you were an asshole kidnapping me to do this, you owe me big time buster.” Yuki nudged his friend in the shoulder.

         Kai had his arms crossed over his chest, “I guess we’ll cancel the rest of the day; I doubt I’ll get anything out of you that’s productive.” Aoi smiled, “Thanks leader-san.”

         Lifting Yuki into his chair, Aoi told the others that he would be taking his ‘boyfriend’ home.

         “Boyfriend? Since when?” Reita laughed. “Since about an hour ago, come on Aki…keep up with the program, damn that blonde dye is getting to your brain or something.” Ayato burst out laughing, “Oh my god… that’s epic! He called you a dumb blonde!”

        With a growl, Reita lunged at his boyfriend, “Remember who was a dumb blonde when we met?” Ayato skipped away, and ran for the door, jumping past Yuki and Aoi, laughing as he ran to the parking lot, Reita hot on his trail, leaving Kai to yell at their backs, “Have fun tonight you guys, but please, make sure you’re ready to work tomorrow.”  

Chapter Text

          It was a three-hour drive to Mei. Aoyama and three other detectives were on their way within fifteen minutes of the phone call. He was now on the phone speaking to the local police and gathering information, “Do you know the location of the estate? Good. How many men can you supply? Not as many as I hoped, but it will have to suffice. No, of course not, I greatly appreciate all your help, yes within the next two hours. Yes, thank you.”

          “Are you going to call Shinohara-san?” Detective Shiryu asked.

          “No, I’m going to wait until I have the three boys in my custody. It would do no good for Isshi to know what we’re doing; it may take hours and the man doesn’t deserve anymore suffering.”


          Karyu was sleeping soundly, as Nakamura Taizo reclined in a chair and watched the clock nervously. How long would it take the police to be in place? He had given the police the appointed time of 9pm, for the raid to begin. The phone call had been brief, and it took some convincing by Taizo, for the 119 dispatcher to understand what he was saying.

          Once he had closed his phone, his stomach started to churn; would he be able to pull this off? Could he get to Byou and Ruimaru before Masamoto and his guests?

          “Stop doubting yourself,” He muttered, “don’t have a choice.”


          Aoyama and the two other detectives arrived at the local police station in Mei at 7:30 pm. Standing in the meeting room, the police chief briefed the detectives on the situation.

          “This is a rough map of the estate; the drive leading up to the house, is lined with thick growth trees, we can easily park at some distance and carefully approach the house. We will be setting up roadblocks behind us as we move forward on the property.”

          The crude map was on the wall, Aoyama studying it closely, “Do we know where the boys are?”

          “From what Nakamura indicated, the house itself is multi-leveled, with a windowless basement under the back portion of the house, here,” he pointed at the map. “Here is the entry, the rooms are on the south wing. Nakamura said he believed that all the rooms were on the second level, his room is approximately here.” Detective’s Shiryu and Wagashi studied the map closely. “Are the boys going to be together in Nakamura’s room?”

          The police chief sighed, “No. This is the problem. Nakamura told us that at 8:30, there is to be an event in the main ball room, here.”

          “What type of an event?” Aoyama asked warily.

          “It is basically a sex party, that will include all of the guests, two of our three boys, and other young people.”

          “Two of the three boys? Who’s missing?” Detective Wagashi asked.

          “Nakamura has Karyu in his custody, and the boy is safe, the other two boys, Byou and Ruimaru, neither he nor Karyu have seen them.” The police chief knew this would draw a reaction, and he wasn’t wrong.

          “What the fuck? That son of a bitch! I swear if he’s hurt…” Wagashi reached out and patted Aoyama on the shoulder. “Boss,” Tilting his head back, Aoyama breathed deeply.

          “My apologies.”

          The police chief waved off any concerns. “Nakamura has said we need to be in place no later than 8:30, he believes that the boys will be safe at that point. He also warned us that there will be several types of drugs available for the guests; specifically, cocaine and marijuana, but also ‘poppers’ or amyl nitrate. We have taken that into consideration as I have assigned some of my larger police officers to assist us.”

          “Did he say if the boys will be drugged?” This frightened Aoyama for some reason.

          “He did not.”



          Masamoto wandered through the large room, making last minute changes, consulting with staff and organizing the party favors. “Make sure there are enough bottles of lube and I want a tray of condoms next to each piece of furniture. Also, double check the restraints, and the batteries in the vibrators.” He told his chief butler. “Oh, before I forget, make sure that scourge I like, has been soaked in water.”

          Inspecting the bowls, he dipped a finger in a small bowl of cocaine and rubbing it across his gums, “Quality…”

          “Sir?” a staff membered approached him, “When shall we sedate the boys?” Masamoto checked his watch, “Give it thirty more minutes, then sedate Ruimaru with the normal amount, and you know what I want done to Byou, but wait until 8:10, I want him just awake enough to know what’s going to happen.”


          Taizo had Karyu sitting in front of him, explaining what he had planned. “Listen carefully. There may be things that I will ask of you, that might be unpleasant and I’m sorry. But if we are to get Ruimaru and Byou out of that room as quickly as possible, you must do as I say!”

          Karyu nodded, “Yes, Sir,” he stifled a sob, “I’m scared, Sir. What if someone tries to…um…” Taizo sighed, “I can only say I will try my best. The police are here, and whatever happens, Masamoto Umeji and his accomplices will be sent to prison for murder, kidnapping and assault. You will never have to worry about this man again.” He reached out and caressed Karyu’s cheek. Looking at his watch, he knew it was time. “Remember to just do as I say.”



          Detectives Aoyama, Shiryu and Wagashi were in the back of the police van, as they were driven past the blockades and into a dense thicket of trees and undergrowth. “This is as close as we dare get,” the police chief warned the Tokyo detectives, “my men are already in place along the road into the estate.” They moved quietly through the dark, all involved wearing radio earpieces. Aoyama had discussed the procedure with the police chief once they were inside the home.

          “I’d like my two detectives to grab Masamoto, Kimura and Inoue first, I’m going to try to reach Nakamura in his room, so I can secure that scene. Please have everyone in the main room arrested and cuffed. I’m sure there will be young people in various stages of undress, and some that will be restrained by cuffs or straps. Please have your officers handle them with great care.” Aoyama had asked for extra blankets to be put in the van before they left the station.

          Creeping through the darkness, Aoyama and the others involved, made their way towards the large house, skirting the private drive and hiding in the dense tree lined road.

          The time was 8:25pm.


          Taizo had hated that he had to force Karyu to wear just a small leather thong, though he himself had on only leather chaps and an equally small leather thong, “If we came out dressed in anything else…there would be talk,” he told the young man. “It’s okay Sir, I understand, I just want to get Byou and Ru away from those people.” Snapping the leash on Karyu’s collar, the man slipped into his submissive role, looking down at the ground and his hands clasped behind his back. “Let’s go get the boys.”

          Leading Karyu into the large ball room, Taizo wore a decidedly arrogant expression, tugging on the leash sharply, “Pay attention boy!” he snapped loud enough for anyone to hear. Looking around the room, he saw Ruimaru immediately, the young man’s bright yellow hair standing out like a beacon. Nodding to other Dominants, stopping to speak softly to a few, Taizo finally saw Byou in a corner, he had to restrain himself from crying out or uttering a word.

          “Taizo old boy, so glad that you could join us. How are things with your new pet?” Masamoto Umeji was already either high or drunk, his words running together. “He’s suitable at the moment, though he will require some re-training when we returned home, you know that fag Isshi coddles his pets.”

          As if to prove himself, Taizo grabbed Karyu’s face roughly and smashed his mouth against the young man’s lips, Karyu instantly putting up his hands, which was rewarded with a hard jerk to his collar, causing Karyu to fall to his knees. “See what I mean?” Taizo jerked Karyu up to his feet. “Where is Isshi’s boy? The one with the yellow hair? I’m interested in that one.”

          Masamoto walked with Taizo to a spot against the wall. “This is the boy,” he pointed at Ruimaru who was bent over and strapped onto a bondage horse, reaching out and slapping the boy on the ass. “He’s rather fresh looking, I’m not sure how much Isshi actually used his boys, hard to tell since there is no scarring.”

          Taizo bowed his head lightly, “Thank you… where’s the other one? I’m eager to watch you discipline the brat.” Masamoto pointed to a far corner, “He’s hanging around over against the wall, I’m sure you’ll know when I start…I expect him to scream quite a bit.”

          Raising his head just enough, Karyu could see Byou hanging from a large hook in the ceiling, his arms uncomfortably strung over his head, the boy looked unconscious. “He looks more than a bit pliable, are you sure he’s awake enough to enjoy himself?” Taizo laughed, his stomach cramping at the sight of the young man.

          “I don’t care if he enjoys it or not, but I’m certain I will.” Masamoto through his head back and laughed, “If you’ll excuse me.” Taizo watched as the fat man walked away,

          “Son of a bitch,” he muttered under his breath. Turning to face Karyu, “Listen to me carefully, just follow what I say.”

          Yanking on Karyu’s leash, Taizo dragged him around to the front of the horse, then he squatted down in front of Ruimaru. “Boy! Look at me!” Taizo pulled Karyu down next to him, “Ru…it’s me… Taizo’s going to save us.” Ruimaru looked up, his eyes blurry with drugs.

          “Kar…help me…”

          Taizo stood up, yanking on Karyu’s leash again, “Prep him for me…” he snarled. Shoving Karyu towards Ruimaru, the boy reached for the lube. Taizo had walked back to the front of the horse, cupping Ruimaru’s chin in his hand, “I’m going to take you away from here, do you understand?”

          “Yes…please…” Ruimaru whined. “You’re going to have to let Karyu fuck you, it’s the only way we can get out of here safely, I’ll still need to get Byou.” Taizo leaned in and brushed his lips across Ruimaru’s, “Trust me boy…I want to get you back to Davina.” Ruimaru cried out as Karyu slid his first finger in, “I’m sorry Ru…” he whispered.

          Taizo looked towards the corner where Byou was hanging, seeing that Masamoto was already being rough with the man, but it also appeared the Byou was unaware of what was happening.

          He had to return his attention to his own submissive, leaning in he whispered in Karyu’s ear, “I’m sorry for what I have to do.” Pushing Karyu aside, Taizo leans over Ruimaru’s back, “Ruimaru, listen to me,” Taizo made a great show of reaching for the young man’s cock, “Karyu is going to start, I have to do this, I’m sorry.”

          He roughly pushed himself up, “Fuck him…and I mean fuck, not some pussy ass love making like you did with that fag Isshi!” he screamed as he shoved Karyu against the back of the horse. Taizo looked over at Masamoto, who had a scourge in his hand, he forced himself to smile and nod at the man, watching as Masamoto laid the first lash across Byou’s back, the young man screaming. “Ru, I love you,” Karyu had leaned down and kissed his friend on the neck, “I’ll try not to hurt you.”

          “Hurry up and fuck him!” Taizo cuffed Karyu in the back of the head, “Do you need me to show you how? Did Isshi keep you a fucking virgin for a reason?” Taizo continued with the verbal abuse, the slap to the back of the head, reaching around and tearing off Karyu’s thong. The other guests in the room were so busy with their own scene’s that they paid no mind to what was going on with Taizo, Karyu and Ruimaru.

           There was a small crowd gathered around Masamoto, watching the man abuse Byou, the drugs and alcohol were fueling the frenzy of sadistic abuse. Taizo gazed around the room, disgusted with what he saw; a boy being burned with a cigarette, a girl that had hot wax dripping into her pubic hair, the Dominant ripping it out with his fingers.

          For Karyu, it was impossible for him to have any sort of erection, he fumbled with it, looking at Taizo and pleading silently for an answer. Taizo growled loudly, grabbing a large vibrator and thrusting it in Karyu’s chest, “Oh for fucks sake, Boy! You can’t even get a stiff cock for this? Here! Use this on him… I may have to rethink collaring you after all. Pathetic boy.”

          Another scream from Byou, Taizo’s hair on the back of his neck stood, he could hear Masamoto striking the boy with the scourge, yanking clumps of hair from Byou’s head.

          “You’re mine, you deserve to be punished.” Every sentence was emphasized with a slash from the scourge and a slap to the head.

          “This is YOUR fault”

          “You should have come home after the last party…you need to be punished; you need to be reminded who your REAL MASTER is!”

          “ISSHI IS MY MASTER!” Byou screamed so loud that the room went quiet. Then Masamoto lost his mind.


          Masamoto stepped back and started whipping Byou with all the strength he had, screaming incoherently, breathing hard and sweating. The last slash of the scourge pushed Byou into darkness, his loss of consciousness was his savior.

          After Byou had screamed Isshi’s name, Taizo started walking towards Masamoto, stopping in front of the man. “I was hoping to use him tonight,”

          “Fuck off, he’s mine!” Masamoto’s spit flew from his mouth.

          “I want all three boys, and I will pay the premium.”

          “Bit greedy aren’t you Nakamura?” Masamoto was still breathing hard.

          “What’s your price, name it and it will be in your account by morning.” Taizo gave the other man a hard look, Masamoto knew that Nakamura Taizo was wealthy and if he was willing to pay…he was going to make sure to collect.

          “$200,000, US.” A murmur swept through the room.

          “I’ll have it in your account in an hour.” Taizo stepped past Masamoto, the whispers in the room increasing in volume. Cradling Byou in his arms, he looked to a servant to unhook the young man’s arms from the hook. “Thank you, I’ll be taking all three with me. It means more to me to have Isshi’s boys…than it ever will for you. I’ll be able to rub this in the faces of Madame F and that bitch Davina, and Sakurai Atsushi will be black with envy. Please enjoy the rest of your evening.” He nodded and walked to where Karyu was standing.

          “Unlock that bitch and bring him with you.” He growled at Karyu, who rushed to release his friend from his restraints. As he left the room, Taizo glanced at a large grandfather clock in the hallway; 8:57. “Hurry,” he urged Karyu who was helping Ruimaru walk.

          Arriving in the room, Karyu helped Ruimaru in, Taizo walking quickly and putting Byou down on the bed. “Lock that door, hurry!” Karyu ran to the door, slamming it…second guessing himself, he slid a chair in front of the door.

          “Ruimaru, are you okay?” Taizo cupped the young man’s face in his hands, “I’m so sorry that we had to do all this to you, are you hurt anywhere?” Ruimaru stared at Taizo as if he had a second head, “But you’re the mean man…that hurt Byou…I don’t understand?” Taizo looked at Karyu, “Explain to him what’s going on, I have to look at Byou.”

          Karyu ran into the bathroom and got a bathrobe for Ruimaru, helping him into it. “I’m so sorry I had to hurt you, Ru,” Kary cried, “But Nakamura-san rescued me first, he didn’t know we were here, but once he found out it was me, he stopped. He didn’t hurt me Ru, he’s not here to hurt us, but to…”

          All three men stopped what they were doing, and looked at the door. The sounds of chaos coming from beyond their room; men and women screaming, shouts of “POLICE!” and the rumble of footsteps running through the corridors.

          “NAKAMURA… NAKAMURA TAIZO! OPEN THE DOOR!” A hammering knock on their door, “’s Aoyama…open the door!” Taizo nodded to Karyu, who then carefully opened the door.

          “Nakamura Taizo?” Aoyama looked at the man that was hovering over Byou. “Yes, Detective Aoyama.” For the first time since he found Karyu, Taizo breathed easier. “We need to get this boy to a hospital, right now Detective.”

          “Let’s wait until things settle down a bit and we get everyone in custody, will he be alright until then?” Aoyama looked at the other two boys, then walked over to them, kneeling next to the bed,

          “Karyu, Ruimaru, I’m here to bring you home to Isshi.”

          “But Sir’s dead…I saw him in the street, he’d been shot.” Karyu couldn’t take this cruel joke.

          “No Karyu, Isshi’s very much alive and he’s waiting at home for you. He doesn’t know that we’ve found you, I wanted to wait until I was sure to have you all in my custody. Once we get to the hospital, I think you need to make a phone call, ne?”

          “Detective Aoyama? We have the main suspects in custody,” the police chief was standing in the doorway. “Let’s get these boys to the hospital to be checked out, they can ride in my car.”

          Taizo carefully wrapped Byou up in a soft blanket, the boy still unconscious from the abuse, his back was bloody and torn. “He’s going to need to be treated before we can release him to Isshi.” He told the detectives. “Let’s get him to the hospital.”


          At the hospital, the police took brief statements from Taizo, Karyu and Ruimaru. Byou was being treated by a doctor for the damage Masamoto did to his back with the scourge. Both Karyu and Ruimaru were given quick checkups, and talked to about the ill effects they might experience as the drugs left their bodies. Taizo was interviewed a little longer, and appointments were made for all to come to police headquarters in the next week. “I doubt there will be a trial, there will be none needed with your statements, and the evidence that we collected at the scene.” Aoyama told them.


          Taizo sat with Ruimaru and Karyu in an empty room as they ate their first decent meal in almost a week. Both young men had IV’s going, with just basic fluids for rehydration, “I hated drinking the water, I knew it had drugs in it, but I was so thirsty!” Ruimaru said through a mouth full of rice.

          “MMmmefftoof.” Karyu nodded, he wasn’t taking time to speak, the hunger was overwhelming. They were all concerned with Byou, it had been over an hour since they had arrived at the hospital. “The doctors are concerned about the damage that was inflicted on his back; it will be about another hour until he’s ready to leave.” A nurse who had brought them food, informed them.

          With a meal eaten, rehydrating fluids, and Aoyama giving them the information about what had happened to Isshi, Taizo finally handed Ruimaru his phone. “I think your Dominant would love to hear your voice.”

          Ruimaru’s hands were shaking as he dialed the phone,


Chapter Text


          The screams from Isshi upon hearing Ruimaru's voice, startled Kato so badly, he dropped the cup of tea he was preparing for Davina in the kitchen. “Shit,” he ran down the hallway, yelling for Davina as he entered the man’s room.

          “Angel? My angel? Where… how….” Isshi was sobbing, unable to speak coherently, Kato gently took the phone from him, “Who is this?” he demanded gruffly.

          “Kato-senpai, it’s Ruimaru…is Sir alright? I heard him scream.” Davina had entered the room and was now sitting next to Isshi, trying to calm the distraught man.

          “Ruimaru? Where are you? Who are you with? Where’s Aoyama?” Kato fired off questions rapidly. There was some garbled conversation over the phone that Kato could not understand, “Hello?”

          “This is Detective Aoyama, whom am I speaking to?”

          “Detective, this is Kato, Mistr…” Aoyama cut Kato off, “Let me speak to Shinohara-san please, Kato.” Handing the phone to the Dominant, Kato stepped back.

          “Shinohara-san, Detective Aoyama. I have all three of your boys in my custody. We are at the hospital in Mei.”

          “Are my boys… have they been…?” Isshi stammered through his tears.

          “Karyu and Ruimaru are fine physically. Byou suffered some injuries to his back, but he is being treated as we speak. We have arrested all involved, and the estate is being treated as a crime scene.”

          “May I speak to Karyu please, Detective?” Isshi whimpered. A muffled sound, “Sir?” a tentative soft voice, “Sir…it’s Karyu,” All he could hear was the sobbing of his Dominant, “Sir, please don’t cry, we’re okay… we’re not hurt, well Byou is but it’s not serious, please Isshi-san,”

          “Isshi, give me the phone,” Davina asked carefully. “Karyu, it’s Mistress…is Ruimaru with you?”

          “Yes Mistress, hold on a moment.”

          “Mistress? Is Sir alright, all I could hear was him crying, is he going to be okay?” Davina gasped, “Yes dear, he’s just in shock, we have all been so worried about you.”

          “Mistress, it was horrible, the things that were done to us…, I can’t tell you…” Ruimaru started to cry, “I want to come home, Mistress…please, we just want to come home.”

           Davina spoke with the detective’s who informed her that they would be bringing all three young men home, “We won’t be leaving for another hour or so, the doctors are still treating Byou, but I will text you when we’re leaving Mei.”


          Closing his phone, Aoyama glanced over at Karyu and Ruimaru who were leaning on each other as they sat together on a small couch, both boys looking as if sleep would take them at any moment. Waving one of the other detectives over, Aoyama led them out of the room. “I need to speak to Nakamura, please keep an eye on the boys.”

          Walking to a separate waiting room, Aoyama found Nakamura Taizo sitting in a chair, staring out of a large window, at the night sky. “Nakamura?”

          “Hmm? Oh, yes Detective, how can I help you? Have the boy’s spoken to Isshi?”

          “Yes, just now. His reaction…well I suspect you can understand,” he sat down next to the Dominant. “I will have to conduct further interviews, but I’m going to give it a few days before asking Isshi to bring the boy’s in. I will also need a more thorough statement from you as well.”

          Nakamura grinned, “I will obviously cooperate fully. I want to see those bastards hang for what they did. No ethical Dominant treats their submissives that way, and we surely do not commit murder to gain control of anyone.”

          Aoyama had to ask, his curiousity getting in the way of his better judgement, “This party, is it common to hold such events, to that degree of abuse? Right before we came through the doors, I saw things that I doubt I’ll ever understand, and people were smiling and laughing as if it was some high-class soiree, is that normal?”

          “To an extent, yes, but not to the degree of abuse that was being meted out, and the drugs were not normal by any means. Drugs are absolutely forbidden in an ethical Dominant/submissive society, and the users of such drugs are usually ousted and ostracized by the community. Word gets around fast, Detective, Masamoto and his associates would not have gotten far had they escaped.” Aoyama didn’t want to know about that communities’ practices on how they dealt with law breakers.

          Their discussion was interrupted by the doctor that had been treating Byou. “Gentlemen, I have done what I could to make the boy comfortable. I suggest that he be seen by his own physician when he returns home. I have sedated him to make him more comfortable for travel.”

          “Thank you, Doctor,” Aoyama looked at Taizo, “Let’s get these boys home.”


          “Isshi darling, it’s going to be at least three hours before the boys are home. Sitting here isn’t going to make the time pass any faster.” Davina huffed in frustration. Once she received the text from Aoyama, that they were bringing the boys home, Isshi grabbed a chair out of Davina’s parlor and dragged into the foyer, declaring he was not moving until the boy’s were in his arms again.

          “Davina, take this as you will,” Isshi snapped, “Kindly fuck off and leave me be.” Davina was taken aback at the hostility in her friend’s voice. “Isshi…” Kato came up behind her and gently took her hand, “Mistress, if you will join me in the kitchen please.”

          “Let him do this, Davina. Isshi-san needs to be in control of something…he has had no control all these days, if he wants to sit and wait for those boys, let’s leave him alone.” Davina smiled at Kato, reaching up to caress his cheek, “You’re a wise man, my love…much wiser than I.”

          Davina and Kato went about making sure that Isshi was comfortable, giving him a small snack and some tea, as he waited patiently in his chair. “Three hours feels like a lifetime,” he muttered to himself.

          It was nearly 2am, when Isshi startled awake, the sound of a car door slamming, and the scuffing of feet in the genkan, Ruimaru and Karyu coming through the door of the manor in a rush to get to their Dominant. “SIR!” Ruimaru yelled, running towards the man.

          “RUIMARU STOP!” Kato shouted, both young men skidding in their steps, “Careful boys, Isshi is injured.” Karyu covered his mouth, horrified that he could have hurt the man.

          “My boys,” Isshi stretched out his arm, Karyu and Ruimaru going towards him, tears in their eyes, carefully hugging him. “Where is Byou?” Isshi asked after a few kisses for Karyu and Ruimaru.

          A gasp from Davina, Kato and Isshi, as Nakamura Taizo walked in, with Byou in his arms, “Isshi, I brought your boys safely home to you. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to Byou before he was hurt, but I kept them safe until I could deliver them to you.” Taizo set Byou on his feet, the boy wavering as he walked towards Isshi, “Sir…” he slurred.

          Isshi stood, opening his arms for Byou, and carefully hugging him. He could feel that there were bandages under the boy’s oversized shirt. “Byou, love?”

          “Isshi, I’m sorry,” he mumbled. This broke Isshi’s heart completely. “You have nothing to apologize for my love, this was not your fault.”

          Davina and Kato helped Byou into the parlor and onto a couch, Ruimaru and Karyu walking anxiously behind them. For his part, Nakamura Taizo tried to slip out, but Aoyama grabbed him, “You owe him an explanation.” Taizo frowned, “No, I don’t. I delivered his boy’s; he doesn’t need to speak to me.”

          “He may not, but I do.” Davina stood in the doorway, “Come and sit with us, Taizo.” Knowing he could not disobey the woman; the man grunted and joined the group in the parlor.

          Isshi was busy fussing over the boys, all whom wanted nothing more than to sit in his lap, but Byou needed comfort the most, he barely noticed Nakamura Taizo walk into the room. It was only after Taizo stood in front of Isshi and bowed deeply, that Byou looked up.

          “Shinohara Isshi, I regret that I could not get to Byou any quicker than I did, I tried to get to him before Masamoto had harmed him.” He stood up. “I wanted to get him out of there, but I had to be so very careful, Isshi-san, I’m sorry.”

          Isshi looked up at the Dominant, “Where you to be involved in the party, tell me truthfully, Taizo.”

          “Yes, I was. I had chosen Karyu for a private scene and had him in my room. I will admit that I put my hands on the boy, and I would have probably carried through with the scene. Once I had him sitting on the side of the bed, I reached for the blindfold, and I stopped. I said your name, and that’s when I realized that I recognized him.”  Taizo moved to sit in a chair across from Isshi.

          “I asked him what he was doing at the event, and Karyu explained to me what had happened, the accident and the shooting. He said he didn’t know where Byou or Ruimaru were, that he had not seen them.”

          Taizo stopped for a moment, “Isshi, the fact that Masamoto Umeji had no qualms about committing murder, just to have your boys…it gave me pause to reevaluate everything I had thought I was as a Dominant, and believe me, it’s the damned truth, I hated myself at that moment. That’s when I decided to find the others and bring them home to you. I’m so sorry that Byou had to go through what he did, but let me tell you … that’s your strongest love right there. Every time Masamoto would demand to know who Byou’s master was, Byou screamed your name.”

          Isshi asked a few more questions, but it was obvious that the boys were tired and needed sleep. Aoyama stood and moved towards the door, “I will return in a few days to take further statements, but I want you all to just rest, you need to be in each other’s arm’s.”

          Leaving with Aoyama, Taizo paused for a moment and looked at Isshi, “I want you to know, I’m devastated about all of this. The fact that I could have become complicit in your murder, hurt my soul and burned my heart to the core. I don’t expect forgiveness from my past behaviors, and once all of this is over, I will be gone from all of your lives for good.” Taizo bowed and left with Detective Aoyama. Kato closed and locked the door, returning to the parlor.

          Davina motioned to Kato, “I want you to go and make sure that the Emperor’s room is clean and ready to be used.” Kato bowed and left the room. “Isshi dear, is there anything that you need tonight?”

          Byou was nearly asleep, Ruimaru and Karyu were leaning against their Dominant, Isshi smiling softly, “Davina, I need nothing more than my loves, I am completely content at this moment. All I ask is that you leave us be until early afternoon, then we will need to speak about what we shall do next.” 



          Shinya surreptitiously watched Kaoru and Toshiya from behind his drum kit, trying to gauge the men’s emotional state in regards to the recent demise of both their relationships, but there wasn’t anything to see. Kaoru and Toshiya had simply slipped back into their normal routines as if the last year had never occurred. There were no sighs of loneliness, no tears and no anger or frustration. Shinya had complained to his husband, but instead of supporting him, Miya had told his slender husband, “Let it go, they need to deal with this on their own, stop interfering.”

          “He’s watching us you know; he thinks he’s being sneaky.” Toshiya murmured under his breath to Kaoru. “Yep, I think he’s waiting for us to like, fall apart or something.” The two men knew that Shinya meant no harm, that the man was just concerned for his friends, but there was really no reason for his feelings, neither one of them looked at the other, in a romantic way.

          Shinya had tried to press Die and Kyo for answers, both men repeating what Miya had said, “Shin, just let it go. They’ll figure things out on their own.” Die whined, Shinya blatantly ignoring the man, “Have you ever seen them flirt with each other? On the bus or anywhere else?”

          “Flirting? Kao and Totchi?” Die started laughing, “they would be the last two, to ever hook up with each other. One’s a drama queen and the other is a spoiled child, you’re reading way too much into this.”  

          Even Kyo found the idea amusing, “Kaoru is much too serious to deal with Totchi on a romantic level.” Shinya didn’t find either one of the comments funny, “I know what I saw…there is something going on between those two.”


          “Hey, want to grab something to eat?” Toshiya stopped Kaoru as they left the studio, “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

          “Hmm, Ojisan’s? Jui and I went there all the time and I have to be honest, his ramen is the best in the city, even if he’s a little creepy.”


          With bowls of ramen and a beer sitting in front of them, Toshiya and Kaoru laughed over Shinya’s constant staring at them while they were at practice. “I almost asked you to kiss me or something, just to freak him out.” Toshiya giggled.

          “I know he means well, but isn’t it obvious that we’re both okay with what happened? Ryo and Jui weren’t … I don’t know, the right ones?” Kaoru had come to terms with his breakup literally by the next day, even after suffering through a major hangover.

          Toshiya almost choked on his ramen, “You know how he is, the mother hen, the concerned bestie that wants to hold you when you’re crying over lost love.” Ojisan stood in his tiny kitchen, listening to the two men commiserate over their breakups, there was something hiding in the background, that he could not see clearly.

          “Have you heard from Jui?”

          “Nope, no texts, no phone calls, nothing. What about Ryo?”

          Kaoru snorted, “I saw him at the studio today when I first arrived, he took one look at me and turned around and walked away, and he’s the one that said I was immature.” If Kaoru was honest with himself, that reaction by Ryo, hurt him deeply. “I doubt we can even be friendly on a professional level, but since he’s no longer in a band, I don’t think I’ll run into him much.”

          “I doubt I’ll run into Jui. My biggest concern is that he’s going to make it public that we were dating.” Toshiya sighed. “Hey, want to come over for a bit? I need a drinking buddy again.”

Chapter Text


          “Just be happy with one step please? You’re not even supposed to be doing this, what if the doctor finds out?”  Aoi stood in front of Yuki, his arms stretched out, “Will you just shut it Yuu, just help me.” Yuki snapped.

          “Are you sure? This wasn’t what I had in mind when I told you that I’d still help you with therapy,” Aoi whined. The day they had been thrown together at DCR studios, had ended with confessions, conditions and promises, spending hours just talking about what they wanted and expected from each other.

          That night they were lying together on Yuki’s bed, when he made his demand, “You’re joking, there’s no way I’m going to help you do that!” Aoi instantly rejecting Yuki’s idea of stopping the physical therapy and insisting that the man help him start walking. “No, I’m not joking. I can stand, we both know that. Now I want you to help me walk…stretching does nothing for me.”

          Aoi had argued that Yuki could be causing more damage, “Shouldn’t you ask your doctor first? What if you fall and hurt your back again?” Yuki stared at Aoi, “Maybe I was wrong…” he turned over.

          “Wait, please. I don’t want to go back to that, look at me.” Aoi reached over and pulled on Yuki’s shoulder, turning his lover to face him. “I’m worried about your health, that is my main concern,” he nuzzled Yuki’s nose, “I want to dance with you, remember? That’s what we’re aiming for, the DCR Christmas party at the restaurant. You’re going to have a full dance card that night, but we need to get to that point carefully, ne?”

          Yuki sighed, “Fine. I don’t want to tell the doctor though; can we agree to that? I want to surprise everyone, especially him.” Yuki kissed Aoi. “Do I have to dance with Reita?”


          The slam of the front door hurt Yuki’s feelings, watching as Ayato stormed out of his flat. The argument had been petty, and it was, Yuki’s fault, Ayato pressuring him to talk about how the physical therapy was going.

          “It’s going just fine, thanks.” Yuki snapped.

          “Well excuse the fuck out of me, why are you so pissy?” Ayato snapped back. Yuki didn’t want to explain that he had failed to take a step that day, not wanting his best friend to know what he and Aoi had been doing.

          “I’m sore, okay? That’s all.” He wheeled himself into the kitchen, “Do you want something to drink?” There was a hint of tension in his voice, as if he really didn’t want Ayato there, and of course, the man picked up on that. “No thank you, you’re in a shit mood and I have to get ready for work.” And without another word, Ayato left, slamming the door behind him. “FINE! BE THAT WAY!” Yuki screamed at the door.

          Aoi was the one that had suggested they not tell anyone what they were doing, “It’s going to piss Ayato off, which is going to piss Reita off, then Ruki gets involved and it turns into a shit storm. Let them think that you’re doing your regular therapy…then we can surprise them.” But Yuki wasn’t sure of the surprise anymore. He still couldn’t take an independent step; he could barely stand on his own and his frustration was becoming an issue.

          “Why were you so pissy with him?” Aoi asked later that day when he had come to take Yuki to dinner. “I don’t want to talk about it. Can we please just go eat?” Aoi shrugged and helped Yuki into the car. “Ojisan’s, restaurant or someplace else?” he started the car, “Restaurant, I don’t need Ojisan in my head tonight.”

          “Good evening Aoi-san, Yuki-san, please enjoy your evening.” The doorman greeted the couple as they entered the restaurant, “I’ll never get used to that.” Yuki muttered under his breath, “Yes you will, because I’ll be bringing you here frequently.” Aoi leaned down and kissed Yuki on the cheek.

          “I have a question for you.” The conversation had been mostly anything other than the argument Yuki had with Ayato, when Aoi put down his fork.  Yuki’s fork stopped half way to his mouth, “I don’t want to talk about Ayato, I already told you.” Aoi put his hand up, “This has nothing to do with Ayato, just about me and you.” Yuki nodded, “Okay…”

          “Would you go to Mei with me this weekend?” Yuki’s jaw dropped, “This week? Like in a few days? Are you sure?”

          “Yes, I’m sure or I wouldn’t have asked you. Is there a problem?” Aoi’s stomach knotted.

          “Well, yes…there’s a problem, I…I can’t walk being the biggest.” Yuki stuttered.

          “What does that have to do with going to Mei? My family isn’t going to care if you’re in a wheel chair or not.”

          “But I care! I don’t want them to pity me or treat me differently, can’t this wait until after Christmas?”

          Aoi reached across the table and covered Yuki’s hand with his, squeezing it gently, “No, because after Christmas, I can’t take you to the beach because it’s too damned cold, and my family won’t treat you any differently if you’re in a chair…seriously.”

          “You really want me to go, don’t you?”

          “Yes, I do. I want you to meet my family, I’ve met yours…well sort of, but at least I’ve spoken to them. Please, just think about it. We’d leave on Friday and be back by Tuesday at the latest. I can take you to the beach, there’s a fun little izakaya that serves the best udon ever.”

          “Will you still teach me to surf?” Aoi sat back, startled by the question. “Um, sure, but it will have to wait until next summer.”

          Yuki wore a cheeky grin, “Can I have that in writing?”



          “Isshi dear! You’re up earlier than I thought you would be, is everything okay?” Davina was sitting at her desk, going through the morning schedule when a haggard Isshi appeared in the doorway. “If you’re asking, did I get much sleep? The answer would be no,” the slender man came in and sat on the small couch in front of the desk, “I believe I will be taking Byou to the doctor this afternoon.”

          Davina shook her head, “No, I will be calling my personal physician and he will come to the manor, you don’t need to take those young men anywhere.” Isshi smiled in gratitude, “Thank you Davina. Do you think that Detective Aoyama would come to the manor? I really do not want to take the boys down to the police station, that wouldn’t be in their best interest.”

          “I will contact him as well, and depending on what the doctor says, will be when we schedule the interviews. I would however like to call both Acchan and Madame F, I know the boys would like to see Uta and I’m sure Madame F will want to see them as well. Do you have any objections?” Isshi smiled, “None my dear, Uta’s presence will be appreciated a great deal.”


          With the calls made, Davina ordered a light lunch to be prepared for Isshi and his young men, “Nothing too heavy, it seems they were fed irregularly, and the food was drugged as well. We don’t need them filling up and gorging themselves,” she reminded Kato.

          An hour later, the three young men were sitting at the small kitchen table, letting Davina fuss over them as Isshi and Kato stood back, leaning against the counter, “She’s quite the mom, ne?” Isshi whispered to Kato. “I think she would have made a wonderful mother, and she seems to enjoy spoiling them…and Uta as well.”

          The boys were oddly subdued; Byou not speaking at all, Ruimaru’s bright eyes dimmed and Karyu’s light spirit absent, all three young men constantly looking at Isshi, as to make sure their Dominant was nearby.  Kato was called away for a moment, by one of the security personnel, Isshi joining his young men at the table.

          With a rush of soft steps, and before anyone could react, Uta ran into the kitchen, throwing himself at and hugging Ruimaru tightly and sobbing, “Ru…I thought…Byou…oh my god, I’m so happy…Karyu, Acchan hug Karyu!”

          The kitchen grew quite crowded, as Madame F and Ormond had come in just behind Sakurai and Uta; Madame F went straight to Byou, lifting the boy’s chin with a long finger,

          “I’m so pleased you are safe, my boy,” uncharacteristically, the Dominant kneeled next to Byou’s chair, tears filling her eyes as she gazed at him, “I promise I will never let anything like this happen ever again, to any submissive.” She kissed Byou softly, caressing his face.

          The moment Karyu saw Sakurai, he lurched out of his chair and hugged the man tightly, catching him by surprise, “Acchan…” he wept, “I’m so sorry…” Sakurai looked at Isshi, who was also confused. “Karyu, why are you apologizing!” Taking the young man by the shoulders, Sakurai looked at him, “Love, there is no reason for this.”

          Hanging his head in shame, Karyu sniffed, “If I had just worked for you at the estate, if you would have never tried to contract me, maybe this wouldn’t have happened, Ru, and Leda would have been happy, I’ve done nothing but cause pain for everyone.”

          Sakurai shared looks with the others, both Madame F and Davina covering their mouths with their hands, trying hard not to cry. “Come with me, Karyu,” Sakurai took the young man by the hand and led him into the parlor, “Sit with me.”

          “You can not blame yourself for the actions of others, not Leda-kun or Masamoto Umeji. They were in control of their own lives, their own actions, not you. You’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve only ever thought of other people, including Jiji.” Ruimaru and Byou came into the room, sitting on the floor in front of Karyu, “Sakurai-san is right, Karyu…could you imagine not living with Sir? I loved Jiji as well, but he wanted nothing more than to see you happy…and that’s why he let you go.”

          “Ru’s right,” Byou whispered, “None of this was our fault, this is all on Masamoto. If Sakurai-san had never bought the estate, you’d still be unhappy and living alone, instead of with Ru and I…with Sir,” Byou looked down at his hands, “if anyone’s to blame, it’s me.”

          Davina had had enough. Stepping into the room she clapped her hands, “Alright boys, this blame game is over, none of you are are at fault, this stops right now,” looking first at Isshi then at Uta, “Isshi, I want you to go and get dressed, Uta…take the boys out to the koi pond, I will send Kato for you in a while.”

          Once the room was cleared, Davina sat behind her desk. “I believe we need to get a therapist involved.” She looked at Madame F and Sakurai, “This trauma isn’t just going to go away on its own. You saw Byou’s face, the boy is devastated and wrongly blames himself.”  Sakurai grunted, “Agreed, but I suggest having anyone but Maeta see them, that man is a disgrace.”

          “I’m sure we can find a suitable therapist for our boys. Would you suggest that Isshi also attend sessions?” Madame F asked.

          “Yes, if we can convince him. There must be someone within the community that can assist these boys in their recovery.” Davina looked at Madame F and Sakurai, “this will take time, but we owe this to our dear friend and those beautiful boys, to do whatever it takes to make them whole and healthy again.”

Chapter Text

          “What do we do now?”

          “Um, I don’t know…do you regret it? Because I don’t, not one damn minute.”

          “No, I don’t regret any of it either, but what about the others? Do we try this and see where it goes, and what if we do and it doesn’t end well?”

          “Let’s not kill it before it even starts, but I don’t think we need to tell the other’s just quite yet, ne?”

          A friendly night of drinking between bandmates, had taken a serious turn around two in the morning, after a fit of laughter over Kyo’s stage boners, “Remember Dozing Green and Kyo junior?”

          Toshiya and Kaoru were three sheets to the wind drunk, drop dead floor hugging drunk, so drunk that Kaoru couldn’t stop laughing long enough to answer Toshiya. “Kyo junior? What the fuck is that?”

          “You know, Kyo’s stage boners…that’s Kyo junior!” Toshiya giggled, “don’t you remember him basically jerking off on stage? Please… you can’t tell me you didn’t see ‘it’.”

          “I know that Kyo’s not the only one that gets stage boners…” Kaoru wiggled his eyebrows at Toshiya, “you don’t hide yours very well, Totchi.” The bassist giggled, “Who said I was trying to hide them?”

          After the day they had at the studio, with Shinya constantly watching them from behind his drum kit, Toshiya had invited Kaoru over to be his drinking buddy, something that the guitarist eagerly accepted, now three hours into their binge, both men were enjoying a drunken stagger down memory lane.

          “I heard that Kai gets stage boners all the time,” Toshiya slurring a whisper, then looked around the flat as if someone else might hear him, “I read a meme the other day, that during this last tour, he blew his load three times in one night… on stage! Can you imagine having to sit in that for over an hour?”

          Kaoru’s eyes grew wide, “Do you think Shinya does that? Maybe we should ask him tomorrow? Hey Shin, ever cum on stage?” Toshiya started to giggle, “Oh god, he’d probably faint, then send Miya after us for asking!”

          Without warning, Kaoru reached over and pulled Toshiya into a heated drunken kiss that lasted several seconds. As suddenly as it started, it ended, leaving Kaoru embarrassed and apologetic, “I’m sorry, I um… I mean…” Toshiya obviously didn’t mind the kiss, as he leaned over and pushed Kaoru back on the couch, stretching his long slender frame over the smaller man, “Shut up and kiss me.”



          Pulling into the driveway of Aoi’s parents house, Yuki’s nerves started to rattle just a little more. Turning off the car, Aoi reached for the door to get out, when Yuki grabbed his arm, “What if they don’t like me? I mean… you know, because I’m …”

          Reaching over, Aoi cupped Yuki’s chin in his hand, “They’re going to love you, please don’t worry so much.” He nuzzled Yuki’s nose.

          As predicted, Aoi’s parents, his brother and sister, instantly fell in love with Yuki, Aoi’s mom fussing over the young man while Aoi stood back and watched, “Yuu, really? You go from Pon to this?” Aoi’s sister nudged him in the shoulder, “how does that work?”

          “Hard…that’s how it works. I love him, so I had to take a damned good look at my life, and decide if I wanted to be alone, or in love. We’re both working hard at this nee-chan, and we’re going to succeed. Yuki’s going to walk again, and I’m going to be there right next to him, for as long as he’ll have me.”

          Without warning, Aoi’s sister grabbed him and hugged him tightly, “You’ve finally grown up, little brother. I’m proud of you,” she whispered in his ear.


          Taking Yuki on a short drive, Aoi wanted to show him the beach where he had spent his summer, surfing his days away, “It’s not that far, I can carry you down to the water,” he promised his lover. “Wait, you can’t carry me that far, I’m too damned heavy! We can just sit in the sand.” Yuki objected.

          “Just hush already, will ya? Sheesh, I’m going to leave you with my parents for the whole day if you don’t stop whining at me.” Yuki just huffed and stuck out his tongue.

          Parking the car, Aoi came around to the passenger side and helped Yuki stand, then scooped him up and started down towards the water. “I lived down here in the summer, I literally only came home to eat and maybe sleep. But my parents knew where I was, so they didn’t really care much.”

          “I’ve never been in the ocean; I’m not a very good swimmer and it just wasn’t something we did…we didn’t go to the beach when I was a kid.”

          Aoi laughed, “And you want me to teach you to surf? Um, you kind of need to be able to swim first,” he teased. “Fine, teach me to swim then.” Yuki laid his head on Aoi’s shoulder, feeling safe in the man’s arms. Dropping some towels on the beach, Aoi walked towards the water.

          Once they got to the waters edge, Yuki believed Aoi would set them down and they could just watch the waves, but the man kept walking… straight into the water! “Wait! We can’t… Yuu! I can’t swim, don’t…” but Aoi kept walking, going in up to his waist. “It’s a little cold, but it’s not like the waves are huge here, just relax.”

          Once Yuki stopped shivering in the cold water, his grip on Aoi’s shoulders softened, Aoi just swishing them around, “is this okay?” Yuki nodded, “Yes…it’s fine.” They stayed in the water for a while, but the wind kicked up and it was getting chilly. “Let’s go back up on the sand.” Carefully putting Yuki down on a towel, Aoi took the other and wrapped it around Yuki’s shoulders.

          “Warm enough?”

          “Mmm, thanks.”

          They sat like that for awhile, just enjoying the waves, and each other’s company, Aoi glancing at Yuki every few minutes. “Ready to go back?” It wasn’t the right time, not yet. “Mmm, yah. I think I need a nap.”

          Was it creepy that he was watching his boyfriend sleep? He had carried Yuki upstairs to his old room, both needing a nap after a trip to the beach. “We have about two hours until dinner,” he told Yuki. “Mmm, that’s long enough. Are you staying?”

          “Would I give up the chance to sleep with you?” Aoi wiggled his eyebrows. “Seriously? You’re thinking of that while we’re in your parent’s house? God you’re a pervert.” Yuki giggled, Aoi reaching over and tickling him. “Don’t get me all wound up, I want to nap!” he squealed as he tried to move away. “Fine, I’ll stop.” Aoi took Yuki in his arms, kissing him. “I love you…”

          Now he just watched his boyfriend sleep; the cute way he snuggled into Aoi’s arms, the soft snoring and little noises. “How could I have ever treated you so shitty?” he whispered. “You’re everything to me…you were everything to Ken.” He nuzzled Yuki’s neck, kissing the tiny earlobe. “I thought I lost you forever, I had lost everything else and it wasn’t worth living anymore. I just couldn’t compete with Ken.”

          “You weren’t competing with Ken; you were competing with Aoi.” Yuki whispered, startling Aoi. He turned over to face his lover, “You were never competing with Ken, that wasn’t ever an issue for me.”

          “You can’t deny that you’d still be with him if he hadn’t…” Aoi squeezed his eyes tightly, he wanted to stop the tears before they fell.

          “No, I don’t deny that, but that’s not what happened is it? I can’t live my life like that, I can’t wish for what I can’t have. You’re here, we started something that would have probably been really great, except Mr. Asshole Rockstar got in the way.”

          Aoi grimaced and covered his eyes, “Yah, he was an asshole, wasn’t he?”

          “Yah he was, for a long time,” Yuki pulled Aoi’s hand away from his eyes, “but he’s gone now, and he left you in his place.” The tears he had been holding back, started to fall, Aoi reaching over to push a strand of hair behind Yuki’s ear.

 “Do you know how much I love you?”  Yuki nodded, “Mmm, I love you too.”

Hearing those three little words sent Aoi over the edge, burying his face in Yuki’s neck, crying quietly. “You’re a big dope, you know that?” Aoi nodded, “Is that a problem?”



          The doctor bowed and left Davina’s manor, having come at her request to treat Byou’s injuries. Speaking to Isshi, the doctor revealed what the others suspected, “His physical wounds will heal nicely with minimal scarring,” he paused, “I’m more worried for the emotional trauma that all three young men have suffered. Byou’s is by far the worst, but Ruimaru and Karyu need counseling as well.”

          Davina had Kato make a light lunch for them as they waited for Detective Aoyama, who had called and requested a meeting to conduct further interviews with the boys, and Isshi as well. “I want to be certain that I have every piece of information going forward with the case, there can not be any mistakes so that every one of those bastards are put away forever.”


          With Byou by his side, Ruimaru next to Byou and Karyu on Isshi’s left, the Dominant faced Detective Aoyama wearing an expression that spoke volumes, “Tread carefully Detective, my boys are fragile right now.” Isshi warned the man.

          “Of course, Shinohara-san,” Aoyama promised. “I’d like to begin with Karyu; could you please explain the days you were there, up until Nakamura discovered who you were?” Karyu’s story was the least violent, with very little abuse meted out to him.  

          “I woke up when a man came and dragged me to a bathroom, he ordered me to wash and shave my um…” Karyu’s eyes filled with tears, “if I said anything, he slapped me or punched me in the side of the head. He gave me a leather thong to put on, and tied my arms in a restraint behind my back.” The detective reached over and patted Karyu on the knee, “You’re doing fine, take your time.” Karyu nodded.

          “The man gave me some of the water that had drugs in it, then put a hood on me, that covered my eyes. I was taken to a room… people started touching me,” he choked back a sob, “that’s when I heard Taizo-san’s name, but I had a gag in my mouth, I couldn’t say anything.”

          “Honestly, after Nakamura-san figured out who I was, that was the end to everything. He did put his hands on me twice, and kissed me once, but that was before he knew who I was, and he apologized several times,” he looked at Isshi, “he wanted to make sure you knew that, Sir.”

          Isshi leaned over and kissed Karyu’s head, “Yes love, he told me.”

          Aoyama smiled, the obvious love Isshi had for these three young men, was admirable. “Ruimaru, could you please explain your time at the estate?”

          “Um, basically the same as Karyu, but I was um… I was forced to perform oral sex on some men, a few hours after I woke up,” he hung his head in shame, “also, someone touched me and made me…” he buried his face in Byou’s shoulder and sobbed.

          Lastly Aoyama looked at Byou, “Is there anything that you haven’t told me that you believe is critical?”

          “I know I was raped several times,” Byou’s voice was dull and held no emotion, “once by a woman. Masamoto and Inoue forced me to perform oral sex on them. I was always in restraints, my wrists bound to my ankles, and I only ate once and the food was drugged. I was also slapped around a lot by both men.” The young man’s lifeless eyes haunted Aoyama, “Thank you, Byou.” He smiled.

          Thanking the group for their time, Aoyama made his excuses and left the Manor. “Isshi, why don’t you go and take a nap with your boys, I will wake you for dinner.” Davina hugged each of them. “Thank you, I think that’s just what we need.”

          “How will they ever recover?” Davina whispered. Kato put his arms around his Lady’s shoulders, “We make sure we are here for them when ever they need, we find a good therapist and we love them. It may take awhile, but I believe they are stronger than we think, and Isshi loves them dearly.”

          “I hope that’s enough to sustain them, Kato, and I’m not convinced that it is.”

          Lying in the large king size bed, Isshi had Byou and Ruimaru in his arms, with Karyu spooning Byou, “You were all very brave today, I want you to know how proud I am of you. We will get through this and we will go back to our normal lives, I promise.” Isshi leaned his head against Byou’s.

          “Sir, could we please move?” Ruimaru murmured softly. “Move? Whatever do you mean my angel?”

          “I don’t want to stay in the city any more, I don’t feel safe. What if someone else tries to take us or tries to kill you? No, Isshi…we need to move away from the city.”

Chapter Text



          The weekend spent in Mei with Aoi’s family had gone better than Yuki expected; Aoi’s parents adored him, his older sister thanked Yuki for helping to bring her brother back from destruction, “ I thought he was lost to us, Yuki, the thing with Pon was more than I could handle, I wanted him out of my life.” This declaration set Yuki back on his heels; Aoi’s abhorrent behavior almost cost him his family. “I’m so glad he came to his senses; I can tell he truly loves you.”

          He thought about what Aoi’s sister had said for the remainder of the weekend, Yuki looking at the man differently, “Why are you always staring at me?” Aoi caught him one evening as they sat on the couch after dinner, watching a movie. Yuki leaned his head on Aoi’s shoulder, “I’m not staring, I’m admiring you.”

          Aoi raised an eyebrow, “Admiring me? Um… can I ask why?”

          “You can ask, doesn’t mean I have to answer. Just take it as a compliment and leave it at that.” Yuki was smiling. That smile continued for the weekend, and he was still wearing it that afternoon as he got ready for Aoi to come and take him to dinner.

          Wheeling himself down the hallway, Sora trotted up to him and was crying frantically, something he’d never seen the cat do before. “What’s with you?” It was an annoying cry, reaching down to pet the cat, Sora did the unexpected; he bit Yuki hard.

          “What the fuck Sora!” he jerked his hand away, Sora running back into the kitchen, “Come here you little shit! You’re not getting away with…RIN!” The young cat was laying on his side, his little legs quivering and his paws flexing, the cat was foaming at the mouth, “Rin… what’s wrong, Rin!”

          Without even thinking, Yuki stood up and took two steps as he reached for the cat, then fell to his knees, “Rin, oh my god, what’s happening, Rin…” Sora was panicked, crying and pawing at both his brother and Yuki, “Shit…where’s my phone? Crap!” The phone was in the bedroom.

         Trying to crawl back to his wheel chair, Yuki started screaming for help; “PON! PLEASE PON! AYATO…ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!” He tried to pick Rin up, but the cat started to thrash around, “AYATO DIE, PLEASE…ANYONE!”

        Pulling into the parking lot, Die had just turned off his car when he heard the screams, “What the fuck?” He ran towards Yuki’s flat, and forced the door open, seeing the young man lying on the kitchen floor, “Yuki, what the hell are you doing on the floor?”

         “Die, help me, Rin…somethings wrong with Rin,” the young man sobbed, “What?” Die walked over and looked down at the young cat, “Shit, Yuki, he needs to get to the vet now, he’s having a seizure. Come on, get in your chair, I’ll take you.” Bending down and picking Yuki up, Die carefully put him in his chair, “I have to get a towel,” he said as he ran to the back of the flat.  “Let me wrap him up, you have to hold him,” Die carefully wrapped the young cat in the towel, placing him on Yuki’s lap, “Okay, let’s go.”



         Aoi didn’t see Die’s car speeding past him as he drove to Yuki’s apartment. He was looking forward to taking Yuki out to dinner, and hoping for a little bit of making out before going home, they were still not ready to commit to having sex, Aoi wanting to make sure Yuki was whole and healthy before getting to that stage of their relationship.

          Aoi let himself into the flat, greeted by a panicked Sora, “Yuki? What’s wrong with Sora?” He bent down and picked up the crying cat, “Yuki?” he walked down to the bedroom, “Babe?” Sora suddenly wiggled out of Aoi’s arms, dropping to the floor and running to the front door, still crying loudly, “What the hell is going on?” he took out his phone and hit speed dial, but hearing the ring tone of Yuki’s phone coming from the bedroom.

          “Rin?” he just noticed that the cat was missing, “shit, something happened to Rin.” He called Reita, “Hey, are you with Yuki? Shit…well, Rin’s missing and so is Yuki, no…his car’s not here. Okay, I will. Thanks.” Aoi tried calling Die, but it went to voice mail. “Die, is Yuki with you? Call me!” he snapped his phone closed.

          Frustrated with not being able to contact Yuki, Aoi started pacing the kitchen, tapping his phone on his chin, “What vet clinic are you at? Why don’t I know this?” Sora was sitting by the front door, still crying, “Sora buddy,” Aoi walked over and picked up the cat, “I’m sure it’s nothing bud, Rin’s going to be okay,” Sora head boop nuzzled Aoi’s nose.

          With Sora in his arms, Aoi sat down on the couch to wait.


          Die put Yuki’s chair in the car, and shut the lid with a sigh, “Damn it…” Yuki was sitting in the front seat, crying softly. “Yu…he’ll be alright, the vet said we got him here quick enough, that now they just have to stabilize him, don’t worry okay?” Yuki nodded, “I know, but I had to leave him…he’s going to be scared, he’s never been away from home overnight.”

          Die chuckled, “You sound like a mom…sending her kid off to summer camp.”

          “No, I don’t!” Yuki protested, “Okay, maybe a little, but is that so wrong? That seizure scared the crap out of me…and Sora.” Die reached over and patted Yuki on the leg, “I totally understand, really I do. Let’s get you home.”

          Pulling into the parking lot, Yuki gasped, “Aoi! Shit, I forgot to call him!” Die quickly got Yuki out of the car and pushed him towards the flat. “Aoi open the door!”

          Dumping poor Sora onto the floor, Aoi leaped up off the couch and jerked the door open, “Where the hell have you been? I mean…I know the vet but why?” Yuki immediately started crying again, “Rin…he had a seizure, I had to leave him at the vet’s over night.” Aoi looked up at Die, “I heard him screaming and came running over, I found him on the floor.”

          “On the…what were you doing on the floor?” Aoi helped Yuki out of his chair and onto the couch. “I was waiting for you, I heard Sora screaming and when I came down to the kitchen, I found Rin on the floor, I guess I just stood up and tried to walk, just a natural reaction.” Sora jumped into Yuki’s lap, putting his paws on his boy’s chest, “I’m sorry Sora, Rin has to spend the night away, I’ll bring him home tomorrow.”

          Yuki thanked Die for his help, promising that he would call him the next day after picking Rin up from the clinic.

          Aoi patted Yuki on the leg, “I’m going to grab something from Ojisan’s, we don’t need to go out and Sora’s probably confused.”

          “Can I get a rain check then? I still want to go out, just not tonight.”

          “Like you need to ask,” he smirked, “what do you want from Ojisan’s?”


          Kaoru and Toshiya were sitting at Ojisan’s counter, having come straight from practice. Keeping their relationship under wraps was surprisingly difficult; they couldn’t quite ignore each other, that would seem odd and tip Shinya off for sure, “He’s so damn sneaky, the way he watches everyone,” Toshiya complained.

          “It would be better for you both to stop deceiving your friends, they do not deserve this.” Ojisan had heard the whispered conversation, walking over to confront the two men. “It’s not that easy, Ojisan,” Toshiya snorted, “if we break up, it might cause problems for the others.”

          “Then do not start if you’re not willing to work through all the possibilities, Toshiya-san.”  The man turned and went back to his small kitchen.

          “He has a point Totchi,” Kaoru said, “honestly, do you see any of them pissed off over us dating?”

          Toshiya sighed, “No, not really. Shocked maybe, but not pissed off. Kyo and Die went back and forth for years before they finally figured out, that they aren’t right for each other. That didn’t make me think any less of either one of them.”

          Kaoru nudged Toshiya with his shoulder, “I’m okay with this, you?” Toshiya reached up and cupped the back of Kaoru’s head, pulling him into a quick kiss, “Ojisan’s right, it’s not fair to them if we hide this,” he leaned in for a lengthier kiss.

          “Irasshai Aoi-san.”

          Toshiya pulled away quickly, then looked behind him, “Shit.”

          Aoi saw the end of the kiss, but said nothing, “Hey Ojisan, can I get a pork chashu and a shrimp ramen to go please?” He nodded at Kaoru and Toshiya, “Don’t worry, it’s none of my business and I didn’t see a thing.” He winked at the two men.

          Kaoru shifted uneasily in his chair, “Um, thanks Aoi…it’s pretty new and nobody knows yet.”

          “Cool, I hope for the best for you two.” Ojisan handed Aoi the bag and took the payment, “You guys have a good night, thanks Ojisan.” Aoi bowed lightly and left the ramen hut.

          “Wow, I didn’t expect that reaction…or non-reaction, from Aoi.” Toshiya leaned back and breathed deeply. “Both Die and Kyo have said he’s changed, he needed to or he would have been kicked out of his band.”

          “Aoi-san has changed, he has found his true self, after years of only being Aoi of The Gazette. I can say with confidence now, that he will not reveal your secret.”

          The couple finished their dinner and made their way back to Kaoru’s flat, both deep in thought. Once they were inside, Kaoru took Toshiya by the hand and led him to the couch, sitting down and facing his friend and now lover. “I think we should tell the guys about this; you know it’s just going to get harder to keep it a secret, and honestly, I’m not sure I want to hide what we have.”

          Reaching out, Toshiya caressed Kaoru’s cheek, “Ojisan’s pretty convincing, isn’t he? And he’s right, we’re not being fair to the others. Hell, Shinya already thinks there’s something going on, he’s been creeping me out for the last week just staring at us.”

          “How should we do this? Tomorrow at practice?”



          “Honey, I’m home!” Aoi giggled as he called out as he opened the door to Yuki’s flat, but he was met with silence, “Yu?” Putting the take away bag on the counter, Aoi walked back to Yuki’s bedroom and slowly opened the door. Curled up on the bed, with Sora in the crook of his tummy, Aoi could see that Yuki had been crying. “Oh baby,” Sora looked up at Aoi and mewed, “Yah, I know kitty…I’ll be right back.”

          Putting the food in the fridge and locking the front door, Aoi returned to the bedroom, just taking off his pants and carefully sliding into bed behind Yuki. Gently putting his arm around Yuki’s waist, Aoi nuzzled his hair, “I love you.”

          “I love you too,”

          “Hey, I thought you were asleep, do you want to eat?” Yuki rolled over onto his back, “No, I don’t have much of an appetite right now, can we maybe have a midnight dinner?”

          “We can do whatever you want. You were crying again, are you okay?” he kissed Yuki’s forehead. “Mmm, but I do have something to show you.” Patting Sora to move, Yuki swung his legs over the side of the bed, then carefully stood up. “Hey, wait! Let me get in…” before Aoi could finish, Yuki took two small steps. “Um, can you help me turn around?”

          Aoi’s jaw dropped, “When did you start this?” he scrambled out of bed and went to stand in front of Yuki, “Today, when I found Rin on the floor, I was just so scared; I didn’t think. But while you were gone, I tried it again.” Holding Aoi’s arm, Yuki carefully turned and took the two steps back to the bed.

          Before letting him sit down, Aoi caught Yuki up in his arms and lifted him, “Baby, that’s fucking amazing!” Yuki giggled as Aoi rubbed noses, “It’s only two steps, but it’s a start, ne?” Putting him gently back on the bed, Aoi knelt in front of Yuki, gazing into the young man’s eyes, “I don’t think you can even begin to understand how fucking happy you make me…it’s lame and a cliché, but it’s true.”

          “You’re a dork, but I do love you.” Aoi laid his head in Yuki’s lap, Yuki running his fingers through Aoi’s hair, “I wasn’t sure I could be happy after Ken died, and I sure as hell didn’t think it would be you,” Aoi looked up at him, “But?”

          “But I was wrong, thankfully. I don’t know what I’d be doing if you were still Aoi The Entitled Prick Rockstar.”

          Aoi huffed, “I’m so not that man anymore, that guy’s a brilliant guitarist, but he’s a major asshole,” he laid his head back down. “Where do you see us in a year?”

          This caught Yuki completely off guard, “Um…I don’t know really. I’m not sure I can see that far into the future; I just want to be able to walk first.”

          Aoi looked up, “You’ll be dancing by December, let’s not forget you have obligations for the DCR Christmas party.”

          “Only if you buy me a sparkly red party dress,” he giggled.

          “Now who’s the dork? Come on, get your ass up and I’ll carry you into the kitchen,” Aoi stood up, “Coming Sora?” The cat ignored him. “Fine, no left-over shrimp for you!”

Chapter Text


          “Isshi dear, please just accept my offer and be done with it,” Davina glared at Isshi, “you said Ruimaru wanted to move out of the city, but is that truly realistic at this point?”

          Isshi had been shocked at Ruimaru’s requet, the boy’s nerves were beyond frazzled, “My angel, move from our home? You can’t be serious love,” they had been lying in bed after a stressful day of interviews by Detective Aoyama, when Ruimaru asked if they could move from the city, fearful of someone trying to hurt them, or Isshi.

          Once Isshi had told Davina of Ruimaru’s request, Davina immediately offered Isshi the use of any of her homes, located around the world. “It will give them a distraction of sorts, and allow themselves and you, time to heal from this ordeal,” she suggested.

          “Let me speak with them first Mistress, before I accept your offer.”


          “Any of her houses? How many does she have, Sir?” Ruimaru still clung to Karyu, Byou cuddled up with Isshi, the three young men still lying in the large king size bed in the Emperor’s room. “I believe she has four, Helsinki, Finland, Maastricht, in the Netherlands, one in Los Angeles and one in London.”

          Karyu looked at his co-lovers, then at Isshi, “Sir, how long would we be gone?”

          “A Japanese visa is good for ninety days, unless we were to apply for a special visa, that would give us anywhere between one to five years,” Isshi frowned, “Would you want to leave Japan for longer than ninety days?”

          “Would you give us time to discuss this, Sir?” Ruimaru had sat up, his eyes looking brighter than they had in some time. “Yes Angel, you may take as long as you’d like. It will take us several weeks to get our visa’s together if you decide that you’d like to go.”  



          The drive to the DCR studios was tense; Toshiya and Kaoru had talked about confessing to the others in the band about their relationship, “Ojisan’s right, we shouldn’t be hiding this,” Kaoru said, “we’re kind of being chicken shit, aren’t we?”

          Toshiya started laughing, “To hear you say ‘chicken shit’…” Kaoru smacked Toshiya lightly on the leg, “I know…you’re right of course, we do need to tell the guys, not like they’re going to throw us out of the band.” Toshiya tried to reassure Kaoru.

          Pulling into the parking lot of the studio, Kaoru leaned over and grabbed a quick kiss, “It’s going to be okay, I’m sure Shinya’s going to start pointing fingers and claiming he knew all along.” That’s exactly what happened.

          “I TOLD YOU!” he screamed after Toshiya and Kaoru made the announcement, looking at Kyo, “Didn’t I say that something was going on between them?” He ran over and poked Kyo in the chest. “Yes, Shin…you told us. Good for you, you’re perceptive.” 

          Shinya ran up to the couple and hugged them both, “I’m happy for you,” he said softly. “Thanks Shin…we’re pretty happy too.” Kaoru leaned his head against Shinya’s.

          “Fine, you two are now fucking, can we get on with practice please?” Kyo snapped.

          “KYO! They are not just fucking!” Die smacked the smaller man in the chest, “Sheesh, have a little tact,” Die turned to his friends, “I’m happy if you guys are happy.”


          Toshiya glanced at Die, both men nodded, and without much of a warning, they rushed Kyo, grabbed him and slammed him down on the couch, Toshiya straddling the angry man. “Totchi, so help me…if you don’t get off of me RIGHT NOW!”

          “You’ll do what, warumono?” Toshiya giggled, then gave Kyo a little ass grind. “I’m going to kick your ass Totchi! Then I’m going to tell Mao that you molested me and he’s going to kick your ass as well, get off me, you idiot!”

          Kaoru and Toshiya spent the next fifteen minutes teasing and molesting Kyo, and only stopped once Die whined that he now wanted to go home so he could molest Pon, “This isn’t fair…”

          Shinya returned to his drum kit, “So, when did this happen? You guys didn’t just suddenly say, hey…let’s date.”

          “Um, remember that little drinking episode and I ended up in bed with Kao, we uh, just passed out? Well after that we got together the other night and we got drunk again, and…” Toshiya looked at Kaoru, “He said something funny about you, Shin…then I grabbed and kissed him.”

          “Funny? About me? What was so funny that it caused you to kiss Totchi?” Shinya was truly baffled. “Uh…well, it has to do with Kai and something that happened during their last tour.” Kao shuffled his feet and looked at the floor. “I’m not going to tell you, but I think maybe you need to talk to Kai first.”

          “What does…” Shinya gasped, “if I talk to Kai and it’s about what I think it is… you’re both dead men, and I’m not holding Miya back.”

           Kyo had had enough, stomping over to stand in front of Kaoru and Toshiya, “Listen, I don’t care about Kai and his perversion,” he said in a dangerous tone, “I don’t care about Shinya and his, and I really don’t’ care about YOURS! What I care about is starting practice and then going home to my husband, so grab your gear and let’s get this over with, ne?”



          “Sir, we’ve decided on where we’d like to go.”

          Karyu had been chosen to deliver the message to Isshi and Davina, neither Byou or Ruimaru were in any condition to leave their room, still snuggled up closely in the large bed. Karyu had taken control over the trio of submissives, having experienced less trauma than his co-lovers, thusly he was able to make better decisions for the moment.

          “Oh, what have you decided,” Isshi had left the choice of where they would travel to, whether it would involve leaving the country or choosing a different city to live in. Karyu shifted nervously, “Well, Byou and Ru aren’t really ready to help decide anything, so I asked them if I could choose, and they agreed.”

          “And what have you chosen?” Karyu walked over and sat down next to his Dominant. “I think we should stay here, and if possible, could we use Sakurai-san’s estate, please?”  

          Both Isshi and Davina were surprised, “The estate? Are you sure Karyu-kun?” Davina asked, “Yes, Mistress, I’m sure. We just need to leave Tokyo for awhile, but leaving the country isn’t that appealing to us. Byou and Ru just want to stay home and sleep and I don’t think that being in a different country would help. If we could stay at the estate for awhile, I think it would be more beneficial,” Karyu looked at Isshi, “Sir, would that be okay with you?”

          Isshi chuckled, “I may have to purchase my own country estate, we seem to love the quietness of the unpopulated small towns.”

          Davina gasped, “Isshi! It’s perfect.”

          “What is perfect my dear?”

          “Buy your own country property! It would be a haven for you and your boys, a vacation get-away. I’m sure we can find you something suitable both in the house and in the cost, let’s see… somewhere near Acchan’s home?”

          “Excuse me, Sir.” Karyu bowed and quickly left the room. “I’m not sure about this Davina,” Isshi started to complain, but his concern was quickly waved off by the woman.

          “Isshi, think about it. Your own little sanctuary, a nice house with a decent size piece of property, possibly with a barn and we know what that barn would be used for.” Davina laughed, causing Isshi to flush a nice shade of pink. Isshi started to protest, but was interrupted by Karyu, who had brought both Byou and Ruimaru.

          “Mistress, Sir, can we talk about this now?” Karyu tugged his co-lovers over to the couch and sat down next to Isshi. “Please sir?”

          “Mistress has proposed that instead of asking Sakurai-san to borrow his estate, that I purchase my own property, and we can treat it as a vacation home of sorts. I’d like your input on this suggestion.” Isshi had always wanted to involve his submissives in life changing decisions, it seemed unfair to him regardless of the status in their family.

          For the first time since they were rescued by Detective Aoyama, both Byou and Ruimaru’s eyes brightened, “Could we have some chickens, Sir?” Ruimaru asked. “Yes, I’m sure we could arrange that…Byou?” Isshi was most concerned with Byou, the boy’s abuse had been horrific, “I’d like that Sir, maybe we could get some other animals?”

          With five voices all speaking at once, it took Kato to enter the room to calm the situation, “Excuse me, Mistress?” Everyone stopped and looked at the man, “Yes, Kato?”

          “There was a phone call earlier, from Detective Aoyama, he would like to set up an appointment to speak with you, Isshi-san, Madame F and Sakurai-san, sometime this week. He says it is in reference to Nakamura Taizo.”

          “Thank you, Kato, I’ll return his call shortly.” Davina had a feeling of dread anytime Nakamura Taizo was involved. Returning to finding Isshi a property to buy, Davina recommended Sakurai’s agent. “She was able to find his property rather quickly, I’m sure Acchan won’t mind if you gave her a call.”

          Karyu turned in his seat and looked at his Dominant, “Isshi-san, we have to be strong for Byou and Ru, I can’t do it by myself and I don’t think we can do it here at home. There’s too much going on in the city, it’s loud and Ru’s terrified that someone’s going to try to hurt you again, we don’t know how many people Masamoto knew that now may be looking for us. Please, Isshi,” Karyu broke protocol, “if you can’t afford to buy us a house, please ask Acchan if we can use the estate for a few months,”

          “Isshi dear, I believe you should listen to your young man; he may know what’s best for all of you.” Davina gently chided her friend. Isshi shook his head and chuckled, “Ganging up on an old man, shame on you all. Alright, I will ask Acchan for the name of his realtor and we will look for our own summer paradise, will that satisfy all of you?”



          Watching Sora approach his brother Rin, after coming home from the vet clinic, Sora did something unexpected; he hissed and hit Rin in the face, then ran down the hall to hide under the bed. “Sora!” Yuki snapped, “Come here, poor Rin Rin… your nasty brother had no right to hit you,” bending over in his chair, Yuki scooped the cat into his lap.  

          That first week after the episode with Rin, had scared Yuki, to the point that he had asked Aoi to spend each night with him, “What if he has another seizure, and I can’t get to him? What if something happens to Sora? Please, just say yes.”

          “Like I would ever say no, to spending the night with you. Yes, I’ll stay, and no, nothing’s going to happen to either of the cats.” Aoi was screaming in his head, the more time he spent with Yuki, the more optimistic he was about their future.

          It was ten days after Rin had returned home, and ten days with no seizures, which left Yuki breathing easier. Aoi was waiting for his boyfriend to end the practice of him spending each night, but there was never anything said directly, or indirectly. No hints of ‘hey you should go home now’, no subtle comments, all of which confused Aoi. Was he now living with Yuki?  He finally had enough of worrying, deciding to take Yuki to the restaurant for dinner, “Hey, I’m calling in that rain check tonight.”

          “Good evening, Aoi-san, Yuki-san. Please enjoy your meal.” The concierge at the restaurant held the door for Aoi to push Yuki in, “I swear, I’ll never get used to that.” Yuki muttered. “Yes, you will,” Aoi kissed Yuki on the top of the head, as they were led to their table.

          Laughing through dinner about Yuki’s progress in walking again, Aoi pointing out the obvious, “Um, you say it’s three steps, I say it’s one, in three parts. You have to admit, what you’re doing is so not walking.”

          Yuki leaned back in his seat, “Um, excuse me, Mr. Certified Physical Therapist, but I am taking steps, who cares if they’re tiny? At least I’m trying!” Yuki turned up his nose and snorted.

          “You’re more than just trying, you’re succeeding,” Aoi said gently, “I probably don’t tell you enough, but I’m freaking proud as hell of you. You’re working hard and it shows.”

          The smile that Yuki gave Aoi, was worth everything to the musician. “Well, you are a part of that success you know, you can be a real pushy bastard when you want to.”

          “Well, sometimes you need to have your ass kicked when you start whining.” Aoi snarked. “You ready to go?”


          He kept looking over at Aoi as he drove back to the flat, he was shaking inside, wondering if what he would say, would be met with happiness, or if it would turn out to be a huge mistake. But he knew that it was the next logical step in his long recovery of his life over the last eighteen months.

          Getting Yuki into the flat, Aoi futzed around with the wheel chair, and getting the cats fed, he felt like tonight would be the night that Yuki would want him to go home. “Hey, come sit with me for a minute, the cats can starve.” Yuki patted the couch. Uh oh, here it comes. Aoi knows this is the dump… Yuki’s going to thank him and then send him home.

          “You look like you’re going to cry…what’s wrong?” Yuki didn’t expect this to happen. Aoi just shook his head, stared down at his hands. “Yuu, look at me,” Aoi looked up, “it’s nothing bad, dumbass…it’s scary but not bad.”

          “Scary for who?”

          “Um, probably both of us, if I can even say it.”

          “That doesn’t make sense, how can it be scary for both of us? You’re going to just thank me and I’ll be on my way…right?” Aoi said sadly.

          Yuki was totally taken aback by his statement, “You think I’d do that after all this time? I thought we were done with that type of bullshit?”

          “We are done with that bullshit, but what else could it be? Are you going to propose to me or something?”  

          “Well, no, at least not yet,”


          “I was going to ask you to move in with me first, before I propose.”