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Rose in the Lion's den

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Almost half of the Tyrell army was marching towards King's Landing. Two rather powerful houses decided to tie the knots. The Dragons needed power over them, the Roses were after their own gains, both giving something in return. Margaery Tyrell, thrice widowed was to marry for the fourth time. The decision was made right after the Battle of King's Landing was over.

Margaery was in her carriage with all of her maids and ladies around her. "Lady Margaery, I have heard of his strength all across the Reach. He is also said to be very handsome with green eyes and golden hair. I've also heard that he is rather skilled from all the years with his sister." Rosanne, Margaery's closest friend covered her mouth and giggled with the other ladies.

Margaery wasn't in the mood to laugh so she just waved her off harshly and rolled her eyes.

"If you will excuse me, I would like to be left alone for a while, ladies."

The four of them got up and left her carriage. She sighed heavily as they were getting closer and closer towards Kings' Landing.


Queen and Khaleesi Daenerys I. of house Targaryen has offered the Tyrells the opportunity to wed their oldest daughter to the Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister. They needed control and power over him and his doings at Casterly Rock, which Daenerys gracefully left in his administration.

Her grandmother Ollena agreed before Margaery even had a say in it. She would be foolish not to agree tho. If this marriage worked out, The Rose would not only be Lady of Casterly Rock, the Westerlands but also Lady of Highgarden and Wardeness of the South since Tyrells didn't have any heirs besides her. There was more for their house to gain than to lose. Besides Margaery has lost all hopes of a normal, loving marriage after all of her three previous husbands have died. Margaery was well aware of that, but still she wasn't very content with it. If she was the one to decide, she would have stayed in the Reach with her family, friends and lovers. She was also aware of who the Kingslayer has been having sex with for the last two or three decades. Approximately after five hours the whole army stood still. Margaery woke up to the warm air and smell of salt lingering.

Suddenly all of her worries and fears overwhelmed her. They weren't more than half an hour from the place she knew all too well. She didn't want no Jamie Lannister, nor any man besides the ones who occasionally warmed up her bed these past months. The one with the black hair, or the blonde one, beautiful but worn out from all the battles he has fought all through his life. Now she fell into the rabbithole of thinking about them, the feeling of their skin against her all over again which was not very helping in her current state. It made her imagine what would be hapenning during her wedding night in their solar. She agreed to the marriage but she didn't expect to regret her decision so soon.


They stopped in the middle of the Red Keep. Margaery was wearing the best of her dresses, not blue, but pink like her cheeks. It was not silken but handsewn with the most expensive of fabrics in the whole Westeros. The dress was made hugging her slender, yet curvy body, with cleavage not leaving much to the imagination. She got out of the cariagge with her dress getting tangled between her legs, making it hard for her to get out. As pretty as the dress was, it was rather impractical. Her grandmother was already speaking with the queen on steps of the Red Keep, walking towards them she curtsied before Daenerys.

"Your grace." She said with a smile. "It is an honor to be meeting you."

Daenerys looked her up and down and genuinely smiled. Her hair was white like snow, braided into a complicated hairstyle. She had a braid for each battle she won. She was wearing a baby blue silk dress sewn in her own special kind of way. The dress hugged her big breasts and curvy body tight. It was a trend right now in King's Landing. Jon on the other hand had dark curly hair put up in a bun with loose strands, wearing black and grey clothes. Margaery thought to herself how pretty his face was. No wonder the queen fell for his charms. Next to them was standing Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys' most loyal advisor. She has seen him back then when she was in King's Landing, but now he looked rather attractive with the scar on his face and beard. After all, Tyrion was a married man now. When Sansa became Queen in the North, they decided to renew their vows. At the sight of him, Margaery imagined how funny Sansa must have looked next to her husband. Then Daenerys' husband greeted Margaery with a kiss on the hand, which brought her back to reality.

"It is an honor to be meeting you as well, Lady Tyrell. I hope the journey wasn't too tiring. I had chambers prepared for all of you. If you need anything, you can always come to me or ask Tyrion. I have been told that you are friends with his wife, Queen Sansa."

The small talk between these five continued until the whole party got out of their carriages. They had been waiting for a while before Daenerys offered them inside. On the way inside Margaerys' dad, Mace, finally asked with a frown.

"Ehm, my Queen I don't mean to be discourteous, but where is my daughters' future husband? I would like to meet with him before I give him my daughters' hand, I'm sure you understand."

“Oh my queen don't mind him, he's just an oaf.“ Olenna waved him off but it would be improper for

Daenerys not to answer. She sighed while leading them to their chambers.

"I'm truly sorry, my husband has told me this morning that Lord Jaime has had some complications along the way. I hope he will arrive soon and join us for the feast this evening."

They all nodded and went into their rooms. Daenerys called after Margaery, she thought they should speak together. Both women sat down in Margaerys' chambers and looked at each other.

"What did you want to talk to me about, Your Grace?“ Margaery shifted in her seat not very comfortable and tired from the long journey.

"Well my lady," Daenerys looked her straight in the eye, "You are to marry the Kingslayer as they call him. I have heard your marriages have been rather unfortunate, not even consummated. I was only married once, sold like whores are in brothels. I can understand this situation probably isn't something you would wish for."

Margaery could see the sympathy in the woman's eyes.

"Your Grace, if I am to be completely honest I don't believe I will ever be in love with someone. Only time I got love from a man was in the bedchamber, it wasn't even a husband so I don't have my expectations very high."

Daenerys frowned and sadly smiled. "I wish you will at least grow fond of each other, or at least be happy. He is rathergood looking, aging like fine wine as they say. If he is not pleasing you, you can always sneak out of your chambers." They both giggled at that. "My lady,I wanted to ask you if we could be friends. I know we only met but our fates seem to be moving in a similar direction and I think women should support each other."

Margaery smiled at her sweetly. "It would be an honor my grace. May I just ask, please call me Margaery."

Dany nodded and grinned. "You should call me Daenerys then. If you will excuse me now, I have some awaiting matters regarding the feast tonight."

The brown haired woman nodded gratefully and Dany left her chambers.



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The whole afternoon went by and around sunset, a dothraki servant knocked on Margaerys' door. Most of the day she was talking with all her handmaids, wandering around the Red Keep for a while, thinking about Tommen. Not that she was ever in love with him, but he was one of the kindest people in King's Landing. Poor boy, he thought she died in the Baelor's Sept along her brother Loras and he couldn't find any other solution to his unnecessary sorrow other than jumping out of his window. The thought haunted her, because it meant he actually loved her. 

"Lady Tyrell, the Khaleesi has sent for you. Ser Jaime Lannister has arrived and the feast is ready." The servant curtsied and left as quickly as she came.

Margaerys' maids spent the rest of the afternoon preparing her. They braided her thick, curly, brown hair into the Highgarden kind of style. She wore the pink robe again, with stitches of silver. It was made just for this occasion so she would probably never have it on again. Not that it would matter, since their House was almost as rich as the Lannisters.

She joined her grandmother on the way down into the hall. They were gossiping about other powerful Lords and Ladies. The feast room had two long tables for Lords and lower royalty and a big main table in the middle of the two other tables facing table for bastards and servants. Behind the main table there was a lit fireplace. The tables were full of food from chicken, beef to fish from the Narrow Sea. Margaery walked around one of the tables throwing smiles at Ladies of famous Houses of the Reach as Florent, Merryweather or Redwyne. She went towards her own seat which was next to Daenerys from one side and next to Sansa, the new Queen in the North. Sansa was sat next to her husband and then there was a free space for Jaime. As soon as Sansa spotted Margaery she rose from her seat and run towards her with her arms wide open. It was a huge surprise for Margaery to see Sansa again.


"My dear, come here!" Sansa hugged her tight and they stood there for a couple of minutes both quickly in tears.

"Oh my dear Sansa, I was worried I would never see you again." Margaery pulled back and

wiped her tears with a smile. They both sat down. Margaery looked at Tyrion with a nod and a smile.

"Well my path was rough as well as yours was. I heard you also had to flee this.. this" she stuttered

as she was trying to find a word suited for a queen.

"Shithole, am I right Sansa?" They both laughed and sat back down. "Yet you

are coming back here to marry the one and only my godbrother Jaime Lannister." Sansa grinned at Margaery and she just sighed in response.

“So Sansa, I heard you are also a Lannister now.“ She looked at both Sansa and Tyrion and grinned at them happily.

“No my dear, although Tyrion is making me very happy, and doing everything to please me I decided to keep the name Stark. I don't want my family to die out completely.“

Margaery nodded at that knowingly. “Yes, I also considered that option.“ She looked down at Sansa again and noticed the small bump.

“Sansa, isn't there something you would like to tell me?“ Margaery smiled at the other woman as she blushed with a shy smile. Sansa looked at Tyrion whom nodded at her.

“Tyrion and I were planning on announcing tonight.“ Margaery looked at Tyrion, then back at Sansa. “Congratulations then, I hope your child is healthy and strong as both of you.“

They all kept the conversation running while Margaery was eating roasted meat with vegetables, complimenting one of the Dothraki since it was their traditional recipe. The guests kept coming in and then she saw Jaime. He wasn't shaven, his beard growing bigger with short blonde hair. He was wearing expensive clothes, as expected for a Lannister. His seat was next to Mace whom rose from his seat immediately.


“Good evening my lord, I hope the journey wasn't too tough.“ Mace held out his hand for Jaime to


“Good evening. There were some complications on the way but nothing too major.“ Jaime nodded and shook Mace's hand.

They both sat down and everyone at the table was looking at Jaime. Daenerys then started speaking with her husband again, Olenna was too busy arguing with Mace and Margaery just sat there staring at Jaime. Sansa gave her a little push while laughing with her own husband.

“Stop zoning out my dear. Are you that eager to get him to bed already?“ They were now looking at him intensely. He was just calmly drinking his wine and whispering something to his brother then smiling at Margaery politely but not very happily. When she saw the look on his face, she decided she would get drunk tonight. She thought she would enjoy herself the last night of being unwed.

Suddenly Jaime got up from his seat and asked for attention from everyone. “Tonight I would like to toast on my beloved younger brother, his wife and their expected child as well as on my future marriage with Lady Margaery Tyrell.“ He smiled at everyone including the Queen, Jon Snow, Sansa and Tyrion and then at Margaery with a soft nod while everybody in the hall stood up.

“To Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, their expected child and Margaery Tyrell.“ Everyone shouted and took a sip.


After that, she had a couple of cups with Sansa and Tyrion who drank like a thirsty man, and was rather dizzy. She excused herself to everyone, including Jaime who smiled at her sweetly with something strange in his eyes which at her current state made her want to rip off his clothing. She walked clumsily up the stairs meeting Arya Stark on the way up. Once she got into her solar she fell on her bed with her robe still on. While thinking of her future with Ser Jaime Lannister by her side she drifted off to sleep.


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“Marg, you need to wake up!!“

Margaery felt someone's hands shaking her hastily. When she opened her blue eyes, she saw Rosanne leaning over her trying to wake her up.

“Marg, it's already nine we need to hurry with the preparations, the seamstress is waiting for you.“ Margaery moved back on the bed so she could sit up. “My head hurts so bad, Ros.“ She put the palm of her hand on her forehead as her head was in agonizing pain.

“You drank too much wine yesterday. Here, have some water.“ She gave her a glass and Margaery sipped gratefully.

“Let's get up, I brought you some meal so you can break your fast and we need to get you ready swiftly.“ Margaery nodded at her and got up from the bed. There was a lot of food layed out on the table, so she picked on some fruits but she wasn't really in the mood for eating.


The sun was beaming inside of her solar making everything look so beautiful at that very moment. She didn't expect herself to be actually excited, but something turned within her and she was anticipating her wedding ceremony with a bit of anxiety within her.

“Marg, I will let the seamstress in. She will sew the dress right onto your figure, so I can do your hairstyle until she is finished.“ Rosanne smiled at Margaery who looked very nervous.

“My dear, come here. Do not worry, he shall be a good husband to you. If you do not fall in love with him, you can always just use his gold to make you happier. You will have children so you can spoil them, and yourself.“ She hugged her friend and caressed her hair.

“Let us get you ready, my dear.“ Margaery walked towards her seamstress, got undressed swiftly and let her do her job. The seamstress was using so many different kinds of expensive fabrics, all in the light colour of green with red detailing. She was no maiden so white would not be appropriate.


Her dress was supposed to be sewn the same style as always, Margaery loved to wear modest but still revealing robes. Rosanne took a section of her hair from both sides and braided them, then connected the braids on the back of her had and let the rest of her hair flow, while the seamstress was quickly but precisely sewing the robe on Margaery's body. Rosanne put tiny roses in Margaery's hair as a detail. Then she put a gold pendant in the shape of a rose with an emerald in place of the roses blossom. Margaery looked down at it and touched it.

“Ros, it's so beautfiul! Where did you get this?“ She looked at her friend with happy eyes and a huge smile.

“It's a gift from Queen Sansa and her husband Tyrion.“ Margaery kept admiring the beautiful pendant when the seamstress rose.

“My lady, the dress is done. Are you happy with my work?“ She stepped back so Margaery could look into the mirror at herself. Ros looked her up and down.

“You look stunning Marg. Like a queen. Oh my, I wish I could look this pretty on my wedding day.“ She sighed and admired Margaery's beauty.

“Thank you both so much, both the dress and the hair look beautiful as ever. I feel like a queen once again.“ The seamstress curtsied and left Margaery's chambers. Ros put on Margaery's maiden's cloak with the red and green colors.


Ros and Margaery were waiting for a while before an escort with Mace Tyrell in the front came for them both. Ros squeezed Margaery's hand assuringly before they all went outside of the Red Keep and into their carriage. The wedding took place in the Baelor's Sept. When they arrived there, Margaery could feel her legs trembling with anxiety. She stepped out with her father and they walked up the huge stairs and then through the long aisle. Margaery saw her friends, her family, or at least what remained of it, the Queen and her husband, then Sansa with Tyrion until she got to the front. Next to her was standing Jaime, her soon to be husband. She must have admitted to herself he looked as good as ever. They exchanged a polite smile both turning to look at the septon.

“You may now cloak the bride and bring her under your own protection.“ Mace took off Margaery's cloak so that Jaime could do as the septon said, put on a cloak with the Lannister colors on it.

“My lords, my ladies, we stand here in the sight of gods and men to witness the union of man and wife. One flesh, one heart, one soul, now and forever.“ Jaime and Margaery join their hands as the septon puts a ribbon around them.

“Let it be known that Jaime of the House Lannister and Margaery of the House Tyrell are one heart, one flesh, one soul. Cursed be he who would seek to tear them asunder. In the sight of the Seven, I hereby seal these two souls, binding them as one for eternity.“ The septon took the ribbon from them and stepped back. Margaery and Jaime then looked up on each other.

“Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Stranger“, then Jaime continued. “I am hers and she is mine. From this day, until my last.“ Then Margaery added,“I am his and he is mine, from this day until my last.“ Jaime leaned closer towards her face.

“With this kiss I pledge my love.“ He moved closer and at that she put a hand into his hair and pulled him towards her, pressing her lips to his. That was a moment of surprise for both of them. For her because she didn't expect to feel so much chemistry and from him at her sudden keenness. They kissed for quite a long time, none of them expecting to be enjoying the moment so much, both feeling lust, chemistry but also something sweet. Then the septon coughed a little and with that they pulled away from each other but still kept looking each other in the eyes. Margaery didn't even realize the whole audience was applauding, then everything was a blur. Everyone was congratulating her, giving them expensive gifts and leading them to the feast. From time to time she looked for him in the crowd.


She was seated next to him the whole evening, but since he had a lot of catching up to do, his seat was empty the whole evening. Margaery was bored from having a small talk with the Queen Daenerys, who didn't seem very interested in the conversation. The Queen was acting as a friend towards her, but since Margaery was a much better player she saw right through the act.

Anger filled her up since she already had something to drink. Sansa and Tyrion have left since she was with child and got tired very soon. King Jon was sat next to the Queen so they didn't really have a chance to speak to each other. While Daenerys was talking about her precious ''little'' dragons, Margaery was wondering: “Why couldn't Jaime just sit with her, keep her company? At least pretend to be interested in his new bride.“ She excused herself to Daenerys that she needed some fresh air whom didn't really seem to mind at all. Daenerys was talking to her husband pretty much the whole evening, besides when guests complimented her. To both Margaery and Sansa, it almost felt like the Queen was worried when he tried to speak with other women. Maybe she felt threatened by Margaery, that could have been the reason he was always seated away from her.


Margaery got up from her chair, pushed it back under the table and while leaving she smiled at her grandmother. While walking out of the big hall, she and Jaime exchanged a look. She walked towards one of the big balconies overlooking Blackwater Bay and sat on the railing. The soft, warm, salty wind was playing with her hair. It reminded her of when she was younger. She used to walk around the gardens back in Highgarden almost every night.

The scent of roses, soft breeze on her skin, visible stars above her head.. it was overwhelming. It made her think about her brothers,Willas and Garlan. Suddenly she heard someone closing the door behind her. The person stood behind her for a while until she turned around.

“What a beautiful night, am I right?“ Jaime moved towards the railing so he could look at her from the side. “Almost too beautiful for a young, pretty lady to spend with a Kingslayer.“ It was a statement and she looked at him with a questioning look.

Avoiding what he said she asked: “Where exactly are we going to be living now? I don't wish to spend more time than what is needed.“ Jaime laughed at that. “Well then that's two of us. Since we have Casterly Rock we shall go there.“ She climbed off of the railing.

“That would be a pleasure, my lord.“ She smiled sweetly with one of those courteous smiles. “Just Jaime, and please leave out the facades. You are stuck with me til I finally die, you may as well be true to me.“ He just shrugged and looked her up and down. “Shall we go to our bedchambers? I'm an old man, I get tired very soon in the night.“ He grinned at her and she just nodded. They went back inside together, excused themselves and went to their chambers.


He let her walk in first and closed the door behind them. Their bedchambers were huge for guests' bedchambers. There was a huge bed in the middle, two balconys, huge sofa with armchairs, bookshelfs everywhere, two bathrooms. She didn't expect their bedchambers to be so luxurious. They both went towards their bed. Jaime sat on the edge and she stood in front of him, starting to také of her dress, untying the top. He also started to undress when he looked at her.

“Have you fucked many men, Marg? May I call you that?“ She looked up and stopped untying. Margaery looked at him with a puzzled look, but when she saw he was serious she continued. “Well, I was married thrice.“ She looked him straight in the eye. “

What about you Jaime? Only Cersei? Or was there any other woman.“





With that her dress fell from her body, revealing her big breasts. She looked at him lustfully and got on his lap. He looked at her beautiful face, her eyes full of need, the same eyes Cersei always looked at him with. Jaime couldn't resist touching her. Starting at her breasts, massaging them and pushing her closer on top of him.

They were kissing hungrily, his secret fantasies finally coming true. He had always wanted to fuck her. No wonder Cersei had always been so jealous of her. Margaery wasn't as beautiful as Cersei to him, but he still dreamed of her. She was young, beautiful and smart, smarter than poor Cersei. When he saw her with Joffrey he always felt like her beauty was wasted. On the other hand Tommen had loved her deeply, he died because of his love for her. Jaime wished Tommen could have spent more time with a woman he loved.

But then he focused back on what was happening. She put his member inside of her, riding it like a stallion. They were both moaning each others names out. After a while he spilled his seed inside of her and she climbed off of him.




“Did I please you my lord?“ She asked teasingly as she climbed under her duvet. “Yes, very much so. You seem much more experienced than I am.“ He grinned at her and put his breeches on. “I wonder if there is any blood on the sheets.“ She playfully smacked him and laid down. “Goodnight Jaime.“ He smiled a little.“Goodnight to you, too.“