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Someone I used to Know

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Bakugou could remember waking up to the usual morning alarm. The flash of blue cascading across his room as the number lit up 5:00 am. He could remember throwing back his bed sheets, sliding on his uniform- then proceeding to walk downstairs for his morning protein shake and granola bar. He could remember it was a normal school morning.

At least, it started that way.

"Bakugou! Hey Bakugou!"

Katsuki paused as he began to leave the dormitory, granola bar in one hand, his backpack strap gripped in the other. Honestly, he had little desire to talk to anyone, people should know by now to never to talk to him before 6 AM. But when he saw who was calling after him, Bakugou faltered. Pausing in his step he allowed them catch up with a permanent frown, hoping they'll catch the hint and leave.

"Oh, wow, who pissed in your cheerios this morning? Are you walking alone today?" There was a hint of a teasing tone in her voice, something he never heard directed at him before.

"What are you talking about round face? I always fucking walk to school at this time, alone or not." Bakugou hesitated, "though I'm surprised shitty hair and Dunce face aren't around bugging me to walk with them today. Fucking stalkers."

Uraraka seemed to falter at his response and she hesitated, " just thought you were going to give me some advice about yesterdays homework..."

Katsuki perched an eyebrow, "What? When the hell did you ever ask me for advice?"

"Yesterday.." Uraraka replied then frowned, "are your training again?"

"Hah..?!" She jumped at his raised tone; Bakugou turned around, "Listen, I don't have time for this shit, I need to get to class--" before he could close the door and walk away from the tedious conversation he heard a clamor of voices as the rest of 1A's class filtered into the main dormitory area.

"Hey Bakugou! Nice work yesterday!"

"You're up early aren't you Bakugou?!"

"Bakugou, good morning!"

"I'll see you later in class Bakugou!"

"Hey Bakugou I'm bringing snacks to class, I grabbed you one,-" Bakugou let the door slam shut behind him and heard a muffled Sato on the other side, "oh OK... I'll see you there then!"

Bakugou felt heat travel across his face, hands shaking from uncertainty. Where did all this sudden attention come from? When did everyone get so cheerful and...and nice toward him? What the hell was going on? Why was everyone acting so damn weird this morning? The blonde let off a huff of hot air, shaking his shoulders to physically release the tension gathered from his classmates unexpected cheery attitudes.

"Mornin' Katsuki."

Bakugou jumped, almost dropping his granola bar in the process. A face appeared in front of him, green hair traveled down past his ears; a wide grin outlined against freckled cheeks as Izuku hung upside down from the cherry poplar tree Katsuki was walking past.

"Ugh, fuck off nerd. What are you, a bird this morning? Why the fuck are you in a tree for?"

Izuku blinked and let out a cry of surprise when Katsuki pushed him against the shoulder- which in turn caused the boy to ungracefully fall to the grass with a huff. Izuku stood, shook himself, adjusted his book bag and then took off to follow the heated boy.

"Hey, hey what's with that attitude huh? Did something happen, are you OK?"

Katsuki perched an eyebrow at Izuku who raced to walk beside him, large green eyes filled with concern that made Katsuki's stomach twist- it made him sick.

"Of course I'm fucking fine ya loser, you and everyone else are the ones who aren't fine around here," Katsuki snapped, his fist explosively popped with his obvious agitation.

Izuku gave him a precarious look, biting his lip before picking up his pace when Katsuki tried to outpace him.

"Dammit, Deku, leave me alone. You know I don't like to talk to people in the damn morning."

Izuku paused, a frown plastered on his face. It was quiet for a moment and Katsuki thought that the nerd had decided to give up following him for the morning. His eyes traced to the sidewalk, both of them have came to a quiet understanding of one another ever since that night they duked it out in the training zone. Bakugou twisted his neck, still feeling the strain where Izuku punched him months ago. Since then the boy has yet to land a secure hit on him during any of their training sessions. All Might deemed it a great opportunity to learn for both he and Izuku if they were to practice training against one another. Bakugou didn't mind, not all that much. It gave him a chance to practice and beat the shit out of the nerd all at the same time. Though, Bakugou sighed, the meaning has changed, just a little bit for him. Yeah, Izuku drove him crazy, but he was someone who would always face a challenge. Always tried again. It was kind of a thrill. To see when he could actually beat him. Not that he would ever allow that! But... ever since that day- Deku has been more smiles in his direction, more praises, more... advice. Bakugou was hesitant at first when Deku asked him for advice for the first time. It caught him off guard. But really...he kind of liked it. Working together. At least, he'll always have decent competition with the nerd.


Bakugou jumped at the voice then paused on the sidewalk, almost halfway to the UA's schoolyard. Izuku had managed to catch up after all. Bakugou let off a "tch-" annoyed the nerd was trying so hard to grab his attention this morning. What was with that anyway? Even he seemed to be acting completely unlike himself and it set Katsuki on edge.

"Who are you?" Katsuki hesitated, then sent a glare in his direction. This morning was getting more ridiculous as the day moved on.

"What the fuck kind of question is that Deku? Did you wake up an idiot this morning?" Izuku leaned back against his heels as Katsuki threw a fist forward in his direction, "you know who the fuck I am, you trying to be funny? I thought that was half and half's job to have a dry sense of humor?!"

Katsuki felt his fist being pulled down from Izuku, large curious eyes gazing at him. Those big green eyes seemed to almost see directly through him and Katsuki felt a shiver race down his spine.

"So you're telling me that you're Katsuki?"

Bakugou hesitated after he heard his name ooze from a hesitant Izuku, arms crossed definitely. When did the nerd gain so much confidence? But the real issue...when did he stop calling him Kacchan? Wait, did he call him that earlier too? What...what the hell was going on? Bakugou felt his stomach twist hearing his first name fall from Izuku's pursed lips. Katsuki must have took too long to reply, his continuous silent stare giving Izuku the opportunity to continue to speak for him.

"Um, forgive me if I don't believe you..." Izuku continued then began to reach forward and touch his shoulder; Katsuki threw himself back a couple steps with a deep frown.

"Hands off nerd," Katsuki snapped, Izuku perched an eyebrow in interest.

"What got you in this mood anyway? You think you're suddenly tough shit because we train together now, hah?"

Bakugou crossed his arms mocking the boy in front of him, "well I have news for you punk, you can get as sassy and confident as you like, I'll always be a step ahead of you!"

Deku stared as Bakugou shouted, the boy gazed around him as if to see if anyone had listened in to the suddenly loud conversation. When his eyes met Katsuki's again he tilted his head so slight his hair dipped into his big green eyes- making Bakugou's heart skip a beat. The sun's fallen shadows cast over the freckles that lined up across his cheeks. Izuku's silence was uncanny and the longer he took to reply, the lack of stuttering, muttering brought a sense of dread and unease deep in Bakugou's bones. Deku just stared, as if taking him all in. Finally, after what seemed to be forever, Izuku smiled, and Bakugou took a small step back in answer.

What the hell, who was this guy…? This wasn't the Deku he knew. The Deku he knew would have been blabbing apologies left and right. Instead he just got a bright gaze, with an even brighter smile.

"You're not from around here, are you Katsuki? Which begs the question... who are you exactly?"

Bakugou bristled, he just thought of that same question moments ago and he had the audacity to say that to his face!

"You tell me first, you fake."

Deku paused, "I asked first."

"Tch," Bakugou let an explosive pop escape from his palm in agitation.

"You're never this..." Bakugou hesitated, then dared to meet the boys eyes head on. The gaze held strong, and Bakugou felt his own confidence begin to waiver then shook his head in frustration. This was going no where fast, and his patience level was beginning to thin out as the conversation continued.

"Forget it, never mind. Leave me the fuck alone nerd."

Bakugou quickly turned and began to walk away until he felt a strong hand grip his shoulder.


Bakugou jerked back, then reeled on the boy who slowly pulled away his arm back to his side, away from the angered teen. They were not even an inch apart as Katsuki stared down his rival. Izuku tilted his head with a smile, "you're so loud, what's got into you... is everything alright?"

"Hah?" Bakugou was feeling the last of his nerves beginning to faze away as Izuku looked at him with concern. Actual concern. The boy knew better than to dare look down on him. To think he was weak or needed any help. He should know he could do things on his own. why does he keep asking?

"What the hell are you even talking about?! Seriously."

He felt his face heat realizing how close they were as Izuku quietly examined his eyes and he felt suddenly VERY uncomfortable. He could smell the spearmint from his gum the nerd was chewing just moments ago.

"I should be asking you the same damn question Deku. If that's even your name," Katsuki snarled then leaned in closer to the boy. Izuku continued to stare at him with those big green eyes, as if he was trying to unravel the worlds greatest mystery. Bakugou began to feel even more uncomfortable and wished the damn nerd would give up already and back away. Just like he always did. Like he used to. Because from where they stood, with one wrong move the two of them could potentially...


Bakugou hesitated, feeling in awe, as if time slowed down as Izuku's hand left a harsh sting across his cheek. Bakugou in response lifted his hand to touch the mark, feeling anger boil quickly under the surface. Did he just….did Deku just fucking smack him?

Izuku frowned at Katsuki's quiet, stunned reaction and replied, cautious, "so did that knock you back to yourself or…?"


Deku blinked, as if he didn't compute then shrugged with a smile, "I'll take that as a no.... Heh, oh well, I thought I was worth a shot."

Bakugou reached out and snatched Izuku by the shirt then lifted him with a menacing snarl.

"Worth a shot to what exactly? Pissing me the fuck off? Because it definitely worked."

Izuku's eyes widened a tad and before Bakugou knew what happened-- he was being grabbed in response and thrown over the boys shoulder.

With a loud huff Bakugou landed rough on his back, Izuku's foot on his chest with observant, calm green eyes.

"I'll give you three seconds. Where's the real Katsuki?"

Bakugou bristled and felt drool seep out his mouth from the anger that boiled over inside him. He was sick and tired of Deku challenging him as if he was on equal footing. But more than that he was tired of hearing his name again and again, as if the boy has always called him by first name basis. Bakugou felt his shoulders tense ready to leap forward and tackle Izuku.

"You're going to fucking die for that Deku and my name is fucking Kacchan! KACCHAN; and there isn't another one you dimwit!"

When the threat left his lips, it Katsuki wasn't entirely sure why it pissed him off as much as it did to hear him call Bakugou, Katsuki but in the heat of the moment it just rolled off his tongue like any other insult.

"You're the one who isn't real. I should be asking you the same damn question!"

Izuku's eyes flashed as if recognizing something and he lifted his foot off Katsuki who was aiming to grab him with explosive fists. Bakugou was just about to jump to his feet and strangle the kid... but the look he gave made the blonde hesitate for just a moment. Curious.

Large, green watery eyes quietly gazed at him, as if seeing him for the very first time.

"I haven't called you that...since we were little kids."

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“Don’t you think Bakugou is acting a little odd?”

“No bro, he’s totally opening up! So manly of him, so brave.”

“...So weird.”

“Kaminari that’s not nice.”


“Kacchan, can you...can you let go of me….?”

Kaminari rubbed his arm, a looming Mina standing over him as Kirishima stood next to Sero watching as Bakugou, THEIR Bakugou ran to Midoriya and tackled him with such a large hug the care bears would have been proud.

When Katsuki had chased after the group to tag along, they didn’t think much of it at first. The explosive teen usually walked with the group when they were leaving around the same time. No one voiced any concern when he asked about their training regimens or how they slept the night before. He was starting to come around a little bit more, wasn’t he? But this...well, this was something completely different.

“Wait-Kacchan-!” Was all Izuku had managed to get out before being shoved to the grass, falling with the other teen on top of him.

The green haired hero in training had little time to prepare for the massive grip and head on tackle when Bakugou spotted him on the path to school. Izuku had dropped his phone in surprise in favor of throwing both hands forward in a quick defensive stance. His eyes sparked a hint of fear, though, no one could really blame the kid, this wouldn’t be the first time Bakugou randomly choose to aggressively hone in on Izuku.

Thinking it was going to begin another famous fight between the pair of would be heroes, Kaminari whipped out his phone to catch the footage. But after a few solid seconds, with Izuku planted underneath Katsuki, the explosive boy had wrapped his arms around Izuku-to Midoriyas surprise and ultimately Kaminari’s disappointment.

“W-what’s the matter, what’s going on?” Deku stammered as he tried to pull out of the tight grip, his eyes tracing to the remaining class 1A students who stood on the sidelines. But they all housed the same surprised gaze as Deku.

Kirishima was the first to speak up, throwing out a hand, “Dude seemed fine just a minute ago, but when he spotted you well...”

“Yeah, his whole Deku radar went off again,” Sero laughed, “you guys remember when he would always target him? It was always ‘Deku this’ and ‘stupid Deku that’” The tape hero in training smirked with a cross of his arms.

“Yeah, but this seems a bit...different.” Mina replied with a frown.

Izuku struggled as he tried to pull himself free, his face colored a dark shade of pink as students began to walk by. Some of the classmates spotted the two first years and snapped photos as they walked past with obvious laughter.

“Well, this is going on the internet.” Kaminari commented, he swiped on his phone to his social media account with a snide laugh. Mina smacked him again, “stop it! Bakugou’s is not to your entertainment!” The girl paused, debating her word choice.

“I don’t know Mina, Bakugou did start it,” Kirishima replied.

“He always starts it.” Sero smirked, “it’s his Deku attention complex,” Sero teased as Mina was desperately trying to swipe away the phone from Kaminari’s hands.

Bakugou pulled away from Izuku and continued to stare at the boy who gave him a strange look in return. The green haired hero in training leaned away from the direct gaze.

“Uh...are you, ok? Do you need something from me Kacchan?”

“Kacchan…” Katsuki repeated the term out loud, as if was foreign to him. His gaze softened as he let go of Izuku then leaned back, one hand planted against the grass.

“No. I don’t need anything.” Katsuki replied quietly, Izuku could barely even hear him.

“Are... you sure?” Izuku asked again and Bakugou let his eyes rest back on Izuku. They stared for a few seconds before Katsuki tilted his head, blonde hair dipping into his red eyes.

“Strange.” He whispered.

“Huh? What is?”

“Usually...we’d be fighting right now.”

Izuku smirked, blowing out a quick burst of air in amusement, “oh, well, probably.” There was a sound of a few students playful screams as they chased one another into the UA building.

“But, I don’t think fighting uh...before class is a good idea, yeah?”
Bakugou’s eyes slid away from Midoriya, as if something concerning was deep set in his mind.

“Right, ‘spose so,” he stood up, brushing the grass off his pants.

“I...I mean if you wanted a hug, you could have just asked…” Izuku mumbled before turning to grab his backpack and phone from behind him.

“Yeah, totally, you can ask any of us bro, you didn’t have to scare poor Midoriya to death!” Kirishima bursted out with his signature grin.

“He didn’t...scare me.” Izuku replied after getting back to his feet alongside Bakugou, “well, not in a scary way, you just startled me is all. Been a long time since…” Midoriya fell silent, he bit his lip, eyes glancing away from the group toward the UA building.

“Bakugou, are you sure that you’re feeling alright…?” Mina started.

“What? I’m fucking fine, would you guys stop asking me that?! You are all acting really weird, do you know that? You act as if I don't do this all the time!”

“You don’t”

Bakugou hesitated when they all said it at once. He stole a glance back toward Izuku who offered him a bright, reassuring smile, “I mean, there’s nothing wrong with you...but they’re do seem...kind of...uh, not yourself.”

There was a pause as if Bakugou was processing the information and he turned to face Izuku, “so...we’re still friends right?”

The question seemed to catch the teen off guard, he stared at Bakugou, the others behind Katsuki glanced at one another quietly.
Izuku smiled at the concerned Katsuki, “yeah, of course we’re friends Kacchan. You never stopped being my friend.”

After a few moments of just standing there, Uraraka and Iida caught up from the dormitory asking Izuku if he was ready for morning classes. Izuku had nodded then waved goodbye to the others who also began to slowly shuffle inside, Kaminari and Sero rushed inside, fretting that they forgot to do their homework last night.

Mina and Kirishima hesitated, they glanced at one another before telling Katsuki they’ll see him later in class when he didn't move. Bakugou stood there, a few straggling kids racing to get in the door before the bell deeming them late to morning class. But he didn’t hear them.

“Kacchan…” Katsuki whispered.

“I don’t remember the last time you called me that…”

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"I swear on All Mights grave if you hit me one more goddamn time-"

Bakugou's voice rocked across the class 1A training room. A few heads turned his way as he let off another loud explosion into the air.

Midoriya leaned away, barely missing the enraged attack. He returned with a contagious smile, green hair dangled past his ears as he hung upside down- his legs intertwined with the cold steel bars above.

"We do this every day, what's wrong Katsuki? Or, er, I mean...Ka-cchan..." Izuku replying slowly, teasing, leaning away from another pop of an explosive close to his face.

"Hey! That time was really close! Nice job!"

"Fuck off!" Katsuki spat and took a step forward to grab the nerd from his perch and yank him down. But Izuku was faster and pulled up and away from Katsuki's outstretched hands.

"Too slow." Izuku giggled as Bakugou fumed from below. With a quick reflex Katsuki turned to propel himself up with his quirk, catching Midoriya off guard. Bakugou snatched the boy midair and the two teens flew across the mats. In a flurry of limbs the two boys wrestled against one another as they skidded into the floor and rolled across the mat as they desperately tried to pin one another down. A couple classmates heard the struggle and raced toward them in either concern or curiosity.

Between the series of various explosions and Bakugou’s yelling, Midoriya managed to snag Bakugou’s shirt and flip him across on his back in one swift motion. Izuku landed on the boy’s chest, two hands across his shoulders, his knee planted firmly across his thigh. Izuku leaned down closer into Bakugou’s personal space with a competitive grin, their breath hiked from the adrenaline.

“I...I got’’re a lot more aggressive, quick. I...I kind of like that.”

Katuski bristled from under Izuku’s strained hold against him and he struggled to free his hands so he could properly execute his quirk.

“Get the hell off of me you freak!” Katsuki snarled, almost rabid as he leaned forward, desperately trying to get out of his hold. If there was one thing Katsuki hate more than losing, it was losing to Izuku. The boy’s green eyes gleamed with a fierce light that it challenged every fiber inside him for another round. There was no way this was the same Izuku he saw just yesterday. The same Izuku who got knocked down by Asui during training, the same Izuku who couldn’t even figure out his own damn quirk after competing against class 1B. He looked exactly like his childhood friend but everything...everything was so...different. It pissed him off. It pissed him off that this look alike could pretend to be Izuku. As if he wouldn’t notice the damn difference. Yet this look alike had the teen’s looks and voice down to near perfect. He even had his quirk. Regardless, Bakugou wasn’t going to just sit there and take the defeat. No...he was Bakugou after all...and he will always fight to come out on top.

"Let him up Izuku, come on, stop teasing him so much," There was a familiar voice nearby, Bakugou immediately recognized the upbeat cheery tone that followed him around after class.

“You stay out of this shit for brains or I’ll-” There was a pause when his eyes caught a glimpse of the boy who stood just a few inches away. “-wait, who the fuck are you again?”

Izuku who still sat firmly across Bakugou equally shared a glance toward Kirishima, jet black hair dipping straight across his shoulders. Eijirou tilted his head with a smirk, his black hair tickling the back of his neck.

“Damn bro, Izuku, you really did it this time. Bro doesn’t even remember who I am. Also, what’s with that terrible nickname?”

Izuku beamed toward Eijirou, “Yeah...Katsuki hasn’t been feeling himself today.”

There was a quiet, “fuck you” underneath Midoriya before he was shoved backwards with a series of explosions, the one for all user landed harshly on his back, large green eyes stared at the ceiling.

“Ow.” He mumbled then blinked the haziness away from his eyes.

A shadow dipped in front of him; “Get up, best two out of three!” Snarled Bakugou. The explosive teen leaned over Izuku, his blonde hair dangerously close to entangling with Deku's, red eyes glinting a challenge.

"Uh, kind of spazzy too." Kirishima mentioned.

"Who the fuck you calling spazzy?" Katsuki snapped, eyes spared a quick glance in Kirishima’s direction without moving from his dominant position over Izuku.

"Uh, you bro..." Kirishima put two hands up in surrender with an apologetic smile when the teen narrowed his eyes in his direction. There was a flash of confusion that raced past the red orbs as he stared down Eijirou.

"What happened to your red hair?"

Kirishima and Deku exchanged quiet glances, Izuku gave a shrug, Eijirou tilted his head, black hair dipped into dark red eyes.

“Uh, you sure you’re fine man?”

Bakugou shook his head and grabbed a handful of hair with one hand, “I swear if someone asks me that question one more time...someone is going to lose a finger.”

Both Izuku and Kirishima simultaneously tucked their hands away from the agitated teenager, Eijirou took an extra step back with a hesitant, and nervous smile.

"Kat... Eijirou has never had red hair " Deku muttered from beneath the blonde. Katsuki was still leaning over Izuku, his face contorted in a variety of emotion as he processed the new information.

For a moment it was quiet between the three heroes in training. Izuku shuffled his shoulders forward, prepared to fight his way out from under Katsuki. But something snapped; Bakugou’s eyes fell back onto Izuku and for a moment the green haired boy hesitated, the look foreign on the explosive boy’s face. Katsuki reached forward and snatched Deku by the shirt and pulled him back to his feet alongside him. Then in one quick movement he dragged the boy away, Deku almost tripping on his feet crying out, “hey-! What the-”

Bakugou switched to grab the teen’s wrist and pulled a confused Izuku across the training room to the very edge- away from all the other students. Eijirou watched for a moment before having to defend himself against Sero who attacked suddenly from above the rafters.

Once they were far enough away to where no one could hear them, Bakugou flung the boy against the padded walls with a deep set frown, hands shaking. Deku stared at the blonde, he rubbed his arm where Bakugou dragged him, eyes curious.

"Listen nerd, I don't know where I am, but this isn't….nothing is fucking right."

Midoriya opened his mouth to reply and Bakugou slapped his hand over it, "just fucking listen to me. I swear to All Might that I'm not making this shit up. I'm somewhere completely different. Like…. look….fucking look!"

Izuku perched an eyebrow in interest, Bakugou's hand still over his mouth. As if to ask 'what?'

“Daddy issues is just using his quirk like….like it's fucking normal. Like he’s always used it."

Both of their eyes trained to Todoroki who stood far off, training against Yaoyorozu. She produced a variety of shields as he blasted her with fire attacks from afar.

Bakugou felt his hand being peeled away then a slow breath out.

"First off. Two words. Re-lax."

"That's one word dumbass, two syllables"

Izuku rolled his eyes, "Secondly, if you had a thing for Todoroki you could have just said so. I do have his number."

Bakugou stared at the glinted green eyes that continued to hold his own narrowed gaze.

"What the… what the hell is wrong with you? I’m fucking serious, I’m not playing around with your dumbass today Deku."

Izuku casually rolled his eyes with a hint of a smirk touching the edge of his lips.

“Ok, fine, I was just messing around. I’m not an idiot.” Bakugou closed his hands into a tight fist as Midoriya leaned back into the wall with a sigh then threw up his hands.

“We already had this type of conversation earlier today Mr. Angry all the time...ow, stop pushing-hey! If you hit me, I will hit back--Katsuki-!”

Midoriya was pushed roughly against the wall in emphasis of his growing agitation and thinning patience.

"Stop fucking with me. Does it look like I'm in a joking mood?"

"Honestly, you look like you're about to kill everyone. You should learn to work on that. The whole pretending to be Katsuki thing isn't going so well for you."

"Dammit! I am Katsuki, damn Deku!"

Izuku rolled his eyes, "yeah, sure, and I'm Kaminari." He brought up his fingers as if to zap him with an electric attack.

"You're fucking acting like him right now, so for all I know- you probably are." Bakugou snapped, a pop of an explosion blasted across the wall. Izuku’s smile faltered as Katsuki let go and took a step away with a heavy, forced sigh.

"Fucking-forget it.'s probably just a damn dream. Fucking haven't slept well in weeks."

Izuku rubbed his shoulders and tilted his head to listen to the boys monologue.

"Haven't slept well? How come?" Izuku asked, though Bakugou didn’t spare the boy a glance.

"Why do you care? You don't know me."

Izuku hesitated, the tone in the air changed dramatically as he tilted his head, eyes dragged across Bakugou’s now current slumped posture.

“Ah, still look just like Katsuki, and he is a very close friend of mine.”
Izuku tapped against his chin with his gloved hands, “If you are being honest, then well, something must have happened to you, or eh, him.”
Izuku paused, “personally, I don’t think this is a dream, because if it was, then I would have to be dreaming as well.”

“Besides, this is...definitely reality, I’ve never had a dream as real as this one and I’m sure you could agree. So, there’s a few explanations for this.” Izuku leaned back, eyes cast upwards in concentration, “I already tested out your quirk, so I’ve determined that you are not a villain in disguise. That is unless said villain can successfully mimic both the persona and your quirk precisely. But even then….you would had to have trained with that quirk to get to the level you’re at when fighting me.”
Izuku hummed then continued, “but regardless, that theory doesn’t hold any value because your whole character is just...well…” Izuku smiled, eyes trained back to Bakugou who had chosen to gaze at him halfheartedly while he spoke.
“You seem very confused, and quite angry.”

“Tch.” Bakugou's’ eyes trailed away from the one for all user.

"A villain would try to copy your personality and probably fail hilariously. So really I don't suspect that anymore." Izuku hesitated, "I was with you most of yesterday, so I doubt you were attacked. But then again...I didn't see you after training…" Izuku paused and bit his lip in thought.

"So...that would leave a possibility of…"

"Holy Heroes Deku. Would you get to the goddamn fucking point? Shit, you are still Deku even if you're not Deku." Bakugou snapped.

Izuku paused and glanced up to meet the red eyes that glared at him, "interesting.”

“What is?”

“Uh...Katsu..uh...Kacchan, what else do I usually say or how do I usually act? You seem to think I act really different.”

Bakugou smirked, then crossed his arms, "Fuck yeah you are. For starters, you're pissing me off with this high and mighty attitude you got going on. Get off your damn high horse."

Izuku perched an eyebrow, "speak for yourself."

"Fuck off, second MY Deku would never have acted so damn calm all the time. You're way to confident and cocky."

Izuku smirked and folded his arms across his chest with a knowing smile.

"Go on."

“AND third…” Bakugou hesitated when he saw the glint in his green eyes alongside that half smile, "'re fucking enjoying this aren't you?"

Izuku feigned innocence with a roll of his eyes to the ceiling then smiled, "I mean a little praise never hurts. Come on, I did pin you down, what, twice in one day?” Izuku blew out a breath of air in amusement.

“Oh, that probably hurt your pride a bit huh Ka-cchan?" Izuku teased.

"You didn't fucking... pin me! What are we star crossed lovers? You didn't win was best two out of three…" Katsuki snapped.

"Yeah and I won two."

"No, the first one doesn't fucking count!"

"Aw... wasn't ready yet..?" Izuku placed his palm against his chin.

"Gods you're so fucking annoying!" Bakugou let off a blast from his palm across the mats beside them.

Izuku smirked, "whatcha going to do about it? Yell some more? That’s pretty scary stuff."

"I'm going to give you five seconds to shove that attitude up your ass or I swear I’ll-."

Izuku smiled as Katsuki locked challenging eyes with him. A couple of seconds raced by, then a flash of green as Izuku activated his quirk and leaped up. He pushed Katsuki against the nape of his neck as he jumped into the air. Bakugou fell forward into the wall where Izuku stood then quickly dashed away from the hothead. Bakugou whipped around and chased the boy across the training room. Explosions released left and right as Izuku giggled, dodging every attack then disappeared behind the training rooms personal rock wall.

"Fuck!" Katsuki screamed as Izuku was lost from his sight.

"You know, it would be a lot easier if you weren't always so angry."

Bakugou whipped around to see Izuku standing behind him, calm and collective. How? How did he do that?

He tilted his head, curious, "You're definitely not my Katsuki. So I want to help you figure this out. Besides, I think you're a lot of fun, even if you're a bit loud and rough around the edges."

Bakugou ground his teeth in frustration, "I didn't ask for your damn help."

"Great! After class come to my room?"

"Screw off."

"Lovely. It's a date. See you later Kats-uh-chan!"

"It's not a fucking...wait, what did you say? Say that again to my face!” Bakugou screamed as Izuku raced away and out of the training room which was relatively empty because most of his classmates had already left.


There was movement and Bakugou quickly whipped around. Todoroki was standing a few feet away holding a water bottle, quietly staring at him with his multi chromed eyes.

"What the fuck are you looking at halfie? It's not a fucking date. I don't care what you heard!"

Shoto continued to stare, a small smile etched in his features as Katsuki snarled his way. But he refused say anything in return as he quietly took another drink of water.

Bakugou flushed, "screw you icy hot. Screw this whole damn place."

Katsuki stomped away, face hot and heart pounding.

Chapter Text

Izuku really didn't notice much of a difference when it came to Bakugou. During class he sat quietly in front of him, just like he usually did. The first two class periods flew by quick when Midnight attended the lecture to teach them about proper costume design then All Might showed up for examples. The blonde sat in front of him silently through most of the lectures and only said a quiet 'hello' when passing papers back behind him. It seemed he was surprised Izuku was sitting behind him at all. Katsuki's eyes lit up for a moment after exchanging the greeting and it left Izuku  wondering why. But Kacchan didn't say anything else in class until the bell cut out for lunch.

Izuku had stood up, gathered his things and began to walk out when he heard Katsuki call out, "Oh, uh-I'll see you at lunch then!"

He paused mid step, curious and saw the blonde was hastily gathering his own things around his desk.

Midoriya looked around, then assumed Katsuki was talking to someone else and turned around to follow his friends out the door. It was strange to hear Bakugou shout so... calm. It reminded him a bit of Kirishima and he wondered if the redhead was beginning to rub off on him. Izuku didn't think much of it until Todoroki sat down next to him during lunch, the table shook from the movement. Izuku cast a smile in his direction as Yaoyorozu continued their conversation.


“So, has anyone else noticed how weird Bakugou’s been acting today?”


“Yeah, he asked me how my morning was. I was so stunned, I didn't even answer him.” Jirou mentioned as she opened up her boxed lunch with a 'pop'. Then muttered, "I felt a little bad, he looked kind of hurt when I didn't reply."


“He wouldn't shut up before class either.” Todoroki muttered as he opened up his instant noodles, steam escaping.


“Come on guys, he’s not that different.”


A pair of eyes landed on Midoriya who took a spoonful of rice, he perched and eyebrow when everyone at his lunch table stared at him.


“W-what?” Izuku mumbled through his bites.


“You can’t tell? He’s like...a whole different Bakugou. It’s super weird.” Jirou leaned against the palm of her hand, a single chopstick pointing in his direction.


Iida landed a hand on the table with mild force, “perhaps he has finally came to his senses and has decided to act the proper way with his fellow peers.”


He sat directly across from Izuku, Uraraka barely managed to save her juice from his hand as it smacked against the table.


“I somehow doubt that is the case,” Uraraka muttered through the bite of her sandwich, pulling her food closer to her in an attempt to keep it away from Iidas overly dramatic hand gestures.


“Hey you! Wow, you uh, already sat down and everything huh?”


Izuku practically spit out his food across the table as an arm was flung across his shoulder. That voice, there was no way that could be who he thought it was. But as Izuku stole a glance across his shoulder, his eyes told him what his ears already have.


“Kacchan!” Izuku cried out, shoulders tense when the boy leaned further into him.


"Why so jumpy? What, I don't bite that hard!"


“Eh-?” Izuku stuttered, face flushed from the close interaction as the rest of the group at his table continued to quietly stare.


Izuku felt his body freeze under his pressure; Uraraka was leaning away from the other side, a frown plastered across her face as she chewed on her sandwich with sudden vigor. The blonde was pushed between the two teens as he leaned closer into Izuku.


"Don't even think about biting him." Uraraka replied, she snagged the boys uniform and pulled on it with a sharp yank.


Bakugou pulled away from him, casting a curious glance toward the brunette, "shit, it was just a joke, what the hell got you all angry at me?"


"I'm not angry." Uraraka muttered, her gaze stripped away from him.


"Did I fucking do something to you?"


Uraraka met his gaze when he asked the question but it faltered when Katsuki tilted his head, blonde hair dipping into his deep red eyes.


"Guys, don't fight," Izuku cried out and reached forward with a shaky hand to grab his water.


Bakugou sighed then leaned on the back of his heels as he straightened his back out.


“Well, anyway, I was going to tell you that I found that one training spot we talked about the other day, do you remember?”


Izuku took a sip of water as Bakugou casually spoke. When was the last time they had a relaxed conversation as long as this one? Especially around the rest of their classmates. Izuku's head was hazy as Bakugou mentioned the training grounds but his mind was more on cooling his flustered face rather than what the boy was saying to him.


"Though, I better get some food before it all runs out," Katsuki muttered before Izuku had time to come up with a logical reply. As quick as he appeared, he was gone, headed for the end of the lunch line.


Izuku felt his shoulders lean forward, still in the initial shock. His eyes traced to the back of Kacchan as he walked away. Izuku sighed and bit his lip, "guys, you uh, might have a valid point, I think something is wrong with Kacchan."


“See that’s what we’ve been trying to say,” Iida mumbled through his dramatic bites, throwing out his hand for emphasis.


“Yeah, then there's that whole video of you two hugging this morning.” Yaoyorozu pointed out, taking a gentle sip of her flavored carbonated water.


“Don’t remind me of that.” Izuku moaned, then proceeded to lay his head down against the table.


“Do you mean this one..?” Izuku looked over to Todoroki who sat next to his left; he swiped his finger across his phone to play the video.


“Yeah, that’s the one!” Uraraka teased as she finished her sandwich and leaned across Izuku to get a better look.


“UA’s famous Angry boy hugs Happy Boy, that title is hilarious,” Jirou snorted with laughter.


“Guys, you’re going to be the death of me.” Izuku moaned. The food that sat in front of him was no longer appealing to his rapidly diminishing appetite.


“Wow already over a hundred hits, I guess you’re going to be pretty popular here.” Tsuyu mentioned with a quiet "ribbit" next to Shoto.


“All for the wrong reasons. Midoriya don’t let this get to your head, you are here first and foremost to be a hero in training not a-”


“Iida, I don’t know what you’re about to say but, it’s not what you think. It was just a hug, nothing more.”


“He did latch on pretty tight,” Tsuyu mentioned as she moved over closer to Todoroki to continue to watch the video.


“Guys…” Izuku muttered as the rest of his table leaned forward to watch, curiosity getting the better of them.


“Well, maybe this is just...his time?” Yaoyorozu suggested with a smile, the other girls shared similar facial expressions then broke out in laughter to the boys confusion.


“Time for what?” Todoroki asked and the girls all waved him away to Shoto’s added confusion, “maybe it's just a phase.” Jirou supplied.


“Or...or maybe he’s a villain in disguise!” Uraraka cried out, lifting her hands up to produce horns as her fingers with a soft smirk. Her smile faltered when everyone quietly looked up at her, Midoriya’s eyes were wide in shock.


“Wait...I was just joking,” She replied, lowering her arms when she received a variety of serious looks.


“ that’s...a logical possibility,” Iida muttered quietly under his breath across from her. Uraraka looked over at the class representative who threw a hand under his chin in thought.


“Wait, you think Bakugou was taken over by a bad guy? Gods, the dudes luck with villains really sucks. He should think about wearing a rabbit's foot for good luck or something these days.” Jirou muttered through a mouthful of rice.


“It does make sense.” Todoroki agreed. Yaoyorozu leaned back into her seat after watching the video across from him, the hits section growing to 200 in the span of time they talked.


“But how? Security has been amped up twice as much, and he was in class with us yesterday. Did any of you notice anything suspicious?” Momo inquired.


The group shook their heads simultaneously, “he was just as loud and obnoxious as ever,” Tsuyu replied.


“Guys, I don’t think he’s a villain in disguise, Momo is right, the current UA security is too tight...and what would their motives be anyway?” Izuku asked while leaning back in his chair with a thoughtful frown.


The group gazed quietly around then Uraraka shrugged, “what have the league's motives been any time we’ve seen them?”


Izuku hesitated and fell quiet, biting his lip. He wasn’t interested in bringing up the painful recent memory that regarded his closest role model.


“Well, didn’t they want to get to All Might?” Todoroki asked, the others nodded slowly.


“So, it wouldn’t make sense to see them try to infiltrate here with the symbol of peace no longer, well…” Momo started. The table fell under a quiet understanding.


“Yeah.” Izuku whispered. The table went silent as they continued to nibble at their food, less of an appetite between them. They only heard the shuffle of their utensils until Yaoyorozu spoke up again.


“ anyone seeing this or…”


The group looked up and around from Momos inquiry to spot Bakugou across the lunch hall. His posture was more aggressive, facing a second year student with an obvious look of disapproval. The second year held a single cup of mint ice cream. From what they could tell with the conversation, it was the last one.


“You already have one, bug off first year!” The older boy snapped then angled away from Bakugou who seemed unlikely to back down.


“Aw, come on, do you really think you need that? Have you looked in the mirror lately?”


“Oh shit, he did not just say that out loud,” Ochako stated, her mouth partially open in shock.


“He’s right though.” Todoroki replied with a shrug; Iida looked over with a frown, “whether or not he’s right doesn’t excuse him from saying that to a fellow student!”


“Someone needs to go grab him, where’s the rest of the idiot groupies?” Jirou stated, then began to look around for the other boys in their class.


“Screw you, no one fucking likes you anyway faux hero, here, just take it.” Bakugou starred, perplexed as the ice cream was roughly shoved into his hands and the second year walked away with a closed fists, an obvious annoyed expression on his face.


“He deserved that.” Uraraka replied with a satisfied smile from the second years comment. The rest of the group turned around toward one another again once the drama settled away from their troublesome classmate. Tsuyu mentioned that his rude behavior was still quite intact, everyone nodded in agreeance.


But Izuku was still watching his childhood friend quietly from afar. Lately, the hot headed teen has been avoiding personal conflicts, especially after their suspension had just being lifted. Bakugou was currently if not even more of a target with his unruly behavior at the beginning of the class year. People labeled him as temperamental, uncooperative, and something far from the image many see as a ‘real hero’ these days. So seeing him act out in front of the lunch room was presently, well, a bit out of character. Did the second year say something to him to rile the blonde up? What was with that over the top rude comment too?

Izuku glanced toward the second year... that comment as well. Faux hero. Do people still really believe Kacchan wasn’t a hero in training? That he still pretended to play along and lash out and against everyone and anything in his way? Even after the villains took him in and refused to join them? People still labeled him? Izuku felt a flash of heat sear into his veins. Why? Why can’t people just see what he can see?

Yeah the blonde was loud, less than empathetic and could really put to use the term: ‘walk in someone else's shoes’ but he wasn’t a villain. Izuku has always known that. Even when they were kids and Katsuki would tell him to leave him the hell alone. Even when he pushed Midoriya away, Izuku knew. The other kids would pick on him alongside Katsuki, they would tease him for his dreams, but Katsuki would always be the one to tell him to give it all up. To confront him.


“You’ll just get hurt.” Katsuki replied with a pop of his fists.


“You don’t want to get hurt do you Deku..?”


The younger Izuku had wiped away his tears as he stood protectively in front of another kid Katsuki had fought with just moments ago. The fight was over who got to play on the swings that day. He had faced Kacchan like he always did, unafraid. Because he knew that Kacchan was never a villain. He may make him angry or sad...make him cry. But he never had that drive to hurt someone for the fun of it. He never laughed or made excuses. He fought other kids because he wanted to ‘win’. Because he wanted to be the best. When other kids stood up against him, he saw it as a challenge. Izuku realized this after he watched him for a long time. He saw when Katsuki would do an extra lap when the teacher only asked for three. He watched him hide in the library to study late in the evening when all the other kids wanted to play soccer. He watched him steal his friends cigarettes and burn them to a crisp when they tried to make poor choices. Katsuki also allowed Izuku to follow him and while they were never labeled as best friends, they were friends at one time. But as time continued to flow and the longer he chose to become a hero, the angrier Katsuki became. The more he lashed out toward him. He would push Izuku down and scream, “you can never be a hero!”

But Izuku would always get back up. Shaken, beaten, bruised- he caught Kacchans eyes every time...and it seemed to almost scare him. But Katsuki could never scare him in return. He couldn’t change his dream.


“You’re going to get hurt.” Kacchan said one day when Izuku was jotting down notes over another student during middle school lunch hours. Izuku looked up at Kacchan, he sat on the picnic table by himself, like he usually did. Katsuki leaned against the wood and watched him draw the current student in his notebook with a frown.


Izuku had paused and looked up at him. He was curious on why Katsuki was talking to him when he could be out with his followers testing out their powers like they did every day during lunch break hours.


“What do you mean Kacchan?”


Katsuki stared at him as if he was a moron and sat down across from him, “you’re a quirkless loser, you’re going to get hurt trying to chase something you can never be.”


Izuku stared at him, a little caught off guard by the calm attitude, though his red eyes didn’t meet his green ones when he looked up at the blonde.


“Well, that won’t stop me from trying anyway.” Izuku replied, his eyes traveled back to his notebook after a bit of silence between them. There was a loud pop, Izuku jumped as Katsuki slammed his hands on the table and suddenly stood up.


“You just fucking do these stupid things all the time Deku, you think you can do shit but just fucking can’t!” There was angry tears across the edge of his eyes and Izuku leaned away from him, partially terrified at the sudden change of attitude and partially curious as to what exactly changed.


“You think you can just be a hero because... because if you try hard enough you can magically get a quirk!” Katsuki snarled with tightened fists.


“One day you’re going to wake up and realize that it’s a stupid dream. One day you’re going to have a real villain in front of you…” His voice cracked as it raised, “and...and you’re going to be dead; do you want to know why?”


Izuku opened his mouth but no words came out, instead Bakugou continued to yell, a few students began to look over at the rising noise level between them, “because you’re a weak, quirkless loser! So just stop it already!”


Izuku had watched him storm away, leaving burn marks on the picnic table he sat at, completely speechless. It came out of nowhere. As if he was tired of his shit. As if what he did affected him in some way. Izuku had a hard time comprehending what that was exactly and why he bothered to have that specific conversation with him...and as demoralizing as it was, Izuku couldn’t help but think that all he was really trying to do was warn him. Bakugou had a way with words, that was for sure and not in a good way. But Izuku knew, deep down, he cared. Because if he didn’t...well, he would ignore him just like everyone else did.


Izuku felt the memory flash across him, angry swelling in his heart as his eyes targeted the second year. How dare they judge someone they don’t even know. Izuku’s fists tightened and he was debating on scrapping the rest of his lunch, his emotions beginning to turmoil deep inside.

But everything settled down when his eyes dipped back to where the blonde stood. He seemed to be lost in thought himself, standing in the lunchroom- then they locked eyes and there was a half smile cast in his direction.


Izuku felt heat rush to his face as he feared that he was caught staring at the blonde from afar and he took a moment to look back around at his table to see if Katsuki was directing that smile toward another student. But no one was looking his way.




Izuku jumped, eyes trailed back behind him, the rest of the table looked up simultaneously. Bakugou had for the second time that day walked up to their lunch table, his ruby eyes trained on Izuku as he held out his hand to offer the ice cream he just took from the other student just moments ago.

“I, uh, felt bad about earlier today, scarin you and all…” he hesitated, “tis was the last one, you usually like this flavor right?”


You could hear the clatter of chopsticks as Uraraka missed her mouth from the rice she was starting on. Jirou and Yaoyorozu sat across from them, they stared, mouths agape.


Iida fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat then swallowed his bite of food, “I’m conflicted...because I’m not sure if I should be proud that he is offering Midoriya his lunch or upset that he is offering something he took from another student.”


Bakugou’s eyes darted to the class representative, “I paid him back,” he snapped then continued more quietly, “it was only a dollar anyway.”


Izuku shook himself and tentatively reached out to take the ice cream that was being offered inches from his face.


“Oh, Uh...I...yeah, sure.” Izuku stuttered as he took the product away from Katsuki, mint chocolate chip was his favorite.


There was a pause as Katsuki stood there, his eyes flicked across the table to Todoroki then landed back on Izuku who was still staring at the ice cream in his hands as if it were a bar of gold.


“Can I sit with you?”


Izuku was cut from his confused trance and looked back up at his childhood friend. Uraraka and the rest of the girls who sat with them at the table continued to quietly stare, unable to eat their lunch as they watched the rare interaction between them.


“Eh? Oh, yeah of course Kacchan.” Izuku replied with a smile as he set the ice cream down on the table in front of him.


The blondes eyes lit up with a sudden, “great!” Then proceeded to shove an oblivious Todoroki to the side which caused a domino effect as he was shoved into Tsuyu. Izuku starred as Bakugou proceeded to sit next to Izuku. The blonde had shoved Shoto away just so he could sit next to Midoriya.


“No, go ahead, I didn’t want to sit there anyway,” Todoroki mumbled as he shifted back in his new seat next to Katsuki. Shoto then turned to apologize to Tsuyu who hung off the edge of the next seat down with a surprised look across her face.


“Oh, well...I didn’t mean that....” Izuku started then trailed off as he watched Todoroki help pull the frog girl back into her new seat with one quick fluid movement.


“Wait, tell me, why are you even sitting with us?” Yaoyorozu interrupted, the girls were finally back to life from the initial shock.


“Yeah, don’t you usually sit by yourself or with electric boy and his pack of friends?” Jirou asked.


Bakugou tilted his head with a frown, “I sit wherever the hell I want.”


Ochako, Momo and Jirou all exchanged a glance with one another then shrugged.


Izuku looked between the girls uncertain expressions and he turned to Katsuki with a hesitant smile then lifted his hands up, “no-nothing’s wrong with you sitting here with us Kacchan, I promise, you can sit with us anytime you want. We’re just…” His eyes flicked over to the girls when he was lost for words.


“Concerned?” Ochako supplied, the other girls all nodded with her input.


Bakugou seemed taken aback from the statement and frowned, “what the hell, why? You guys are all acting really fucking weird today, do you know that?” He proceeded to open up his lunch bag then took a bite of his own food.


“Speak for yourself,” Jirou muttered then shifted her eyes away from him and back to her own lunch.


IIda shifted quietly in his seat before he spoke up, “well, if you need anything, anything at all, we’re all here to help each other as a class, right guys?”


Izuku smiled with a short nod, the girls glanced at Iida, Jirou rolled her eyes, Momo and Ochako gave shorter nods but didn’t reply. Bakugou looked up mid bite with a tilted head then muttered, “right, whatever you say.”


The blonde sat up straight and eyed the speed hero in training, “perhaps later today we should all get in a circle and hold hands and sing or something for bonding.”


“Ah, well I didn’t-”


“No, no, by all means, because class rep knows what’s best for us all.”


There was a sound of coughing as Jirou almost choked from her food, Ochako had spit out bits of her rice and was trying to reach for a napkin while snorting. This earned the girls a glare from IIda and he shook his head, “don’t encourage his behavior!”


This only proved to thicken the girls laughter, Momo joining in soon after.


“You’re the one being super serious!” Ochako laughed, “just stop, I want to just eat my lunch today!”


Iida huffed and crossed his arms, “I don’t get what’s so funny, I was just saying that he could always reach out to us if he needed anything.”


Bakugou rolled his eyes, the end of the roll landed directly against Izuku who had stolen a glance toward the explosive teen to see how he reacted from the attention.There was half a smile under those red eyes. A wave of surprise fluttered across his mind as he felt something deep inside heat and split across his chest. Izuku felt the edge of his lip lift in a return smile as he listened to his friends laugher in the background.


“It’s rude to stare you know,” Bakugou whispered, Izuku jumped from the sudden accusation and he quickly turned to look at his food, half untouched in front of him.


“Sorry, Kacchan.” Izuku replied and Katsuki smirked, “‘s whatever, I’ll let it slide” he felt the boy casually bump his shoulder into him. As if it was some sort of inside joke. Izuku’s eyes were glued to the table in front of him, his face heating up as the rest of the table continued to talk amongst themselves.

Something didn’t feel right about today, nothing did, and the longer the day rolled forward the more he felt something was wrong with his childhood friend. When was the last time he expressed interest in sitting next to him? Talking to him? Touching him? Besides the battles, the fights, the obvious interactions they had as students striving for the number one spot. This seemed more...personable? As if they had always interacted like this.

Izuku wasn’t even certain the boy who spoke to him was even the Kacchan he grew up with. Either he had a life changing, mind blowing moment last night or there was some foul quirk play involved. Izuku stole a glance toward the blonde who was eating his ice cream at the moment and frowned, regardless, if this continued to keep up he was going to have to figure out which one it really was. Izuku felt something deep twist inside, but....did he really want to find out?


There was a nudge against him as Katsuki shoved his elbow roughly into his side, “are you seriously not going to eat that? I had to fight someone for that you know.”


Startled Izuku’s eyes traveled to the untouched cup of ice cream and he sighed, “I know,” before he ripped off the lid and tossed it to the side in favor of a spoon. He took a bite and let the flavors of mint and chocolate settle harmonically across his taste buds.


His thoughts were a complete train wreck. Eyes trained on the dairy product in front of him Izuku felt his leg bounce in thought. Kacchan did mention training later today in a certain spot right? Perhaps he will get more answers during that time. Izuku felt his heart sink as he thought about how well their relationship had improved over the last couple of months between training together and sharing classwork. What in the world caused this drastic change in behavior...and what will it change between them?